Wednesday, April 22, 2015

POLL: San Bernadino County Settles for $650,000

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Even as good law enforcement has to withstand the ugly down by few, San Bernadino County has settled a suit for $650,000 while the ink on the signatures hasn't had a chance to dry.

They likely felt that a jury would have given the subject much more in damages as the video evidence is overwhelming, not for a single rogue deputy, but for the many who's cruelty frightened a nation.
In uses of excessive force, we often find "there's more to the story", yet here, the suspect did not fight back, and the infliction of kicks and punches were not in self defense, nor in any combative manner.
San Bernadino sheriff stated that the deputies, all suspended with pay, will be "investigated thoroughly" by his department even as federal investigation is underway.

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1 comment:

GetThem said...

You were right, my first question was what else happened that wasn't on video, but my next thought is why are the still beating the guy? What is going on? Why is this happening? I can't understand how this became a gang mentality. I really believed that police would never do something so extreme and so BIZARRE to someone in custody. Their job is not to beat the crap out of a suspect/criminal.

A REAL investigation needs to take place by an outside party. Is this typical behavior for this department? If it was a one time event, what caused a gang mentality? If it is ongoing, I don't think they can be retrained to think differently and they must feel they are above the law. There will have to be a HUGE change in this department. A change that will not chaos in the community like we've seen in the past.

Actually, my first question was why didn't they grab the horse before it took off and got hurt!