Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shocking: Woman in Beating Over Parking Spot Goes on TV


the following video contains graphic violence and inappropriate language.

Please listen to the words of the man holding the baby. As police were searching for the assailant, both women called in live to WPIX 11, New York. This is shocking.

 Listen to the "interview" conducted live on television in New York. This is most unexpected, as both tell their "side" of what happened.

 The woman who did the punching speaks while the television program runs the video. Use your statement analysis skills to get to the truth.

 What questions would you ask?

 What are the known potential consequences to the children who saw this?

 What do you make of the man who kept the assault uninterrupted? What do you make of the interviewers asking who had the right of way parking in light of the severity of the violence?

 What do you make of the IR seeking to get "both to apologize"? Did the IRs do a good job? In Analytical Interviewing, we do not interrupt anyone, but on live television, they are up against hard breaks in time. What do you make of the IR saying "You were defending yourself. I see both sides of it."? "You ladies need to be held accountable for this." "I was talking to her the whole time like a mother to a child" said aggressor. "She put us in danger. She put us in danger. " Here is the difference between news, entertainment, and discernment.


Unknown said...

I can't get the video of the call in interview to play. It plays the advertisement, but no video. Anyone else had any luck?

John Mc Gowan said...

Cooke is the one who made the frantic call to 911, where he told dispatchers that he found his girlfriend murdered. The Baltimore Sun reported back in 2000 that an elderly neighbor saw Heidi Bernadzikowski when she arrived home from work hours earlier. According to the neighbor, identified as Reggie Evelyn, about 30 minutes after Heidi entered her home, he heard the sound of several people running around inside her house, which was located in the 2200 block of Codd Avenue in Dundalk, an unincorporated part of Baltimore, Maryland.
“I definitely heard some kind of noise. I assumed it was [neighborhood] children. I heard a noise like children running around inside, but I knew she didn’t have any children.”

An autopsy report later concluded that the young woman had been strangled to death. The community was in shock as they learned the details of her murder. People who knew Heidi say that she had a bubbly personality who was focused on making her life better. Despite her past problems, at 24, she had found a career that she loved, and a boyfriend whom she loved and trusted. Sadly, she had no way of knowing that he man that she planned to marry would be the same man who would orchestrate her killing — and all for money.

The police tried desperately to find something that would connect Stephen Cooke, Jr., to the case. But the investigation eventually went cold, until 2012, when DNA connected Alexander Charles Bennett to the case. At the time, the public didn’t know that Bennett was connected to Stephen Cooke. After tying up all the loose ends of the crime investigation, police moved in and arrested Stephen Cooke in 2012, along with Grant Lewis. Heidi’s mother, who was still living in 2014, stated that she was glad that they finally got justice in the case, and in their hearts they always knew that Stephen Cooke was behind it. Her parents took Cooke to court over the insurance money, just a few years after her death. Prosecutors say that Alexander Bennett was the one who killed Heidi in her home that day.


In part 6 of the episode "indiscretion" Heidi Bernadzikowski's boyfriend Stephen Michael Cooke, Jr takes the stand about his possible involvement in her death.

Defense Atty. LeCompte:

"Now, Steve, you've heard through testimony that you arranged for Hiedi's murder via the internet. Did you do that?.

Cooke: Not at all. Not at all. I didn't--I didn't have anything to do at all to do with Hieidi's murder.

As we have seen above he was involved in Heidi's death. Alexander Bennett was the one who killed Heidi whom Cooke hired. Note the unreliable denial of his involvement.

Then we have this.

Defense Atty. LeCompte:

Why are you testifying?.


I'm testifying because i want my family and friends, and i want Hiedi's family and friends too--to know the truth. And for 15 years, they haven't heard the truth. For 15 years, i've been blamed for some i didn't do. I didn't kill Heidi.

Although Cooke starts of using reflective language. Note The reliable Denial, "I didn't kill Heidi". He is able to say this because he did not kill her, he hired someone to do it. Yet above we have the Unreliable denial. He can not bring himself to say "I didn't have anything to do with Heidi's murder", the rule of 3, because he did. His denial is unreliable because he breaks the rule of 3.



1) "I", first person singular, taking ownership.
2) "Didn't" past tense
3) "Kill Heidi" specific allegation/event


Defense Atty. LeCompte:

"Now, Steve, you've heard through testimony that you arranged for Hiedi's murder via the internet. Did you do that?.

Cooke: "Not at all. Not at all. I didn't--I didn't have anything to do at all to do with Hieidi's murder".