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Statement Analysis: AJ Hadsell's Biological Father

This is very sad reading, as regret is openly expressed.  Does the biological father have an idea of what happened to AJ?

We know:

No suspect has been named in AJ's murder.
Her adoptive father, Wesley Hadsell, was arrested for breaking into a home and obstruction of justice.   Prosecutors have remained closed lipped about details.

Wesley Hadsell  claims that he was doing his own investigation.  Statement Analysis of his interviews show:

1.  Knowledge or belief that AJ was deceased prior to her remains being found.
2.  Combative, violent language
3.  Possible sexual abuse connection of AJ, perhaps even going back to when AJ was a 12 or 13 year old child.
4. Language of domestic violence and control issues.
5.  A refusal or unwillingness to deny causing AJ's disappearance.
6.  Deception indicated regarding tangent issues; likely stemming from the investigation.
7.  Language of a pathological or habitual liar (from childhood).
8.  Need to persuade that he was 'helpful' in the search for AJ, highlighting the very opposite of helpful:  obstructive.

On the Nancy Grace Show, early in the case:

GRACE: Hold on. I`m hearing right now, we`ve got Angelica`s dad, Wesley Hadsell, on the phone. Thank you for being with us. If your daughter can hear us right now, what is your plea to her or her abductor? 

The question is specifically addressed to the "abductor":

HADSELL: Basically that we just want her home and we just want her back home and she`s never 

hurt anybody. She`s always helped people. She doesn`t deserve this. Nobody deserves this. And if they would just let her go. 

Ask yourself: What would you say to your daughter's kidnapper?

"Let her go. Please. AJ is wonderful; please don't hurt her. Whatever you want, we will give you..."

We note that he uses "just", which is a word of comparison, indicating that it may be the sole desire, while considering other things. What things?

We note also, that as father, he used the plural "we" in his answer. If he is with his wife (AJ's mother), it is appropriate.

Additional information: "she's never hurt anybody" introduces the word "hurt" in association with AJ. Why?

Speculation: If the scenario is that AJ threatened to "hurt" her adoptive father by revealing something about him, and he had to silence her, she "never hurt anybody" because she was stopped from doing so.

Next, we note that he does not use AJ's name, nor a nickname; only the pronoun "she"

We also note that he lectures the kidnapper with not only AJ not deserving, but "nobody" deserves this. Would this be considered soft words to persuade a kidnapper?

Then, note the distancing language of "would" in "And if they would just let her go..." instead of a direct, "Please let her go..." appeal.

Does this short response show conviction of belief that AJ has been kidnapped?

GRACE: When did you last see her, Mr. Hadsell? 

This is a good question and it is direct.  It is directed towards Wesley Hadsell, himself.  He should answer with, "The last time I saw her was..." without equivocation.  The parent of a missing child is on alert and hormonal elevation brings clarity, especially since the innocent parent of a missing child is playing and re-playing everything in his mind.  Therefore, the expectation is:   clarity of thought evidenced in words. 

HADSELL: The last time we saw her was Monday a week ago, March 2nd, I think. 

Note the change of pronoun, directed at him, but answered with "we", and then notice that reduced commitment with the words, "I think" indicating that he does not wish to lock himself into an answer. 

That he answered with "we" is not expected, even if standing next to his wife, while on the phone.  It took an extra effort to change the question's direction. 

It takes less effort to parrot and answer a question directly, using the Interviewer's own words (which is why we are careful with our wording).  When extra effort is needed, for example, in changing the words, changing the pronoun text, or even avoiding the question:

it indicates a disruption in the speed of transmission:  sensitivity noted. 

That he reduced commitment with "I think" is not expected.   

The speed of transmission is slowed, making the topic:

The last time Wesley Hadswell saw AJ, a sensitive question to him.  

 GRACE: Everybody, you`re seeing a shot right now of a missing Virginia girl. Anjelica, A.J. Hadsell, she`s 5`6, 120 pounds. A mole beneath her bottom lip. Tip line, 757-664-7026. There`s a $3,000 reward tonight, her father Wesley Hadsell begging for you to bring his daughter home.

AJ Hadsell’s biological father: ‘I just regret not being part of her life’

Norfolk, Va. – What happened to AJ? Norfolk Police haven’t named a suspect and we still don’t know how 18-year-old Anjelica Hadsell died.
Those are questions her biological father wants answered.
For the first time we’re hearing from Mel Langer. The pastor and spokesperson for AJ’s family confirmed Langer is her biological father.

I’d like to know, really know who did it,” Langer says. “And hopefully get justice for what happened to her.

To "really know" indicates a play between two "knows"; that is, what he suspects or thinks happen, and verifiable fact.  This is a strong indication that he thinks he knows what happened, but awaits authoritative word on such. We are given more hints in the following statements: 

Langer lives in Jacksonville, Florida and spoke with NewsChannel 3 over the phone. For 18 years, he says AJ has been a distant part of his life — until last month.

I just regret not being part of her life,” he says. “I guess I didn`t try hard enough.”

Langer says his relationship with Anjelica’s mother unraveled soon after AJ was born.

On March 2, the day she disappeared, Langer says AJ’s mother reached out through Facebook, asking if he’d heard from AJ. However, Langer says they hadn’t talked since last year.

There was no contact in a year, but it is here reported that contact was made, through Facebook, on the day AJ disappeared, by AJ's mother.  This indicates:
Urgency on the part of the mother.  
It also tells us something else:  AJ's mother has spoken to the subject.  
This is likely where his belief in what happened came from.
Wesley Hadsell revealed that AJ's mother will not speak to him.  
In what the mother filled him in, along with what he has read on line, he may "know" but not "really know", that is, verified by law enforcement investigators, and suspects Wesley Hadsell's involvement. 

“I`m just heartbroken for me and my family is heartbroken because we didn`t really get to see her, spend time with her, you know she`s gone,” he says.
Last week investigators found AJ’s body outside a vacant home in Franklin.
“I`m kind of happy really, put closure on it,” Langer says. “Let her rest in peace. Don`t have to worry about everyday people talking about her missing and all that.”
Langer is the third man to play the role of father in AJ’s life. Last week, we heard from Zach Hoffer, who says he raised AJ for nearly 13 years.
I`m not known as her dad. You all know who is known as her dad and of course that hurts,” Hoffer told NewsChannel 3.
The dad Hoffer is referring to is Wesley Hadsell, AJ’s legally adoptive father.
Hadsell currently sits in jail for breaking into a woman’s home and obstruction of justice, both charges that are connected to his daughter’s disappearance.


Anonymous said...

What part did Zach Hoffner play in AJ's earlier life? No details were offered in this article. TY.

mmmagique said...

Zach Hoffer was with her mother (I don't know if they were married or not) for many years. He was AJ's "father" figure for the main part of her years growing up. I think the mother left him when AJ was around ten or eleven. (although I could be wrong about AJ's age at the time.)

mmmagique said...

Zach is also the biological father of the two girls AJ's mother had after AJ. Wesley is the father to the mother's youngest daughter.

C5H11ONO said...


It states Zach Hoffer was once married to her mother until AJ was 13.

"Zach Hoffer said hearing police had found remains on Thursday morning was very upsetting. “I was sad. I cried my eyes out. It just doesn’t seem right. Angelica is an awesome kid,” he said."
--Interesting that this man who came to the house where AJ's remains were found after knowing she was dead, still referred to her in the present tense. Yet her step daddy repeatedly refers to her in the past.

Unknown said...

Zack Hoffner had AJ from 1 1/2 yrs old until her 13th birthday. She was adopted at 14, (if I remember correctly), and he was not happy her mother brought a parolee in to the home.

Zach has a blog that he wrote long ago, and picked up again recently discussing his struggles with losing AJ.

He has spoken out quite a bit about his sorrow and the hurt from AJ being adopted by Wesley, just so she could have the same last name as her Mom. He felt it was a personal blow from AJ's Mother.


Unknown said...

Hi Peter, here is the original CH interview I've been looking for, thank you to Lilly for directing me to it! I'm posting it c&p, so the original transcriber's commentary is included.

CH: You’re on the air. Is that you, Wesley?

WH: Yes ma’am, it’s me. Sorry, I didn’t see you were ready.

CH: *weirdly laughing* It’s alright.

WH: *guffaws*

CH: Um, I’m going to let my listeners know that this is the father of missing woman Anjelica Hadsell. This is Wesley Hadsell. How are you doing tonight?

WH: Uh, as well as can be expected in the situation we’re in right now.

CH: I understand it's a very tough situation. You're going through a lot right now - not only with your missing daughter, um the details of the case that you’re having to deal with that you can't really release all of them I understand. And –

WH: Yes, yes.

CH: – On top of everything else that goes with being part of a case that gets attention in the media. It’s definitely not pleasant.

WH: No, no. There’s – it’s a double-edged sword and I do apologize if I’m not emotional to people’s standards but trust me, um, we have our moments. We’ve gained a little bit, uh, better control of ourselves, you know, when we’re around people; but I’m gonna tell ya, people that know us, our family, our close friends, they know – this destroys me, my wife. We have five children in all, you know, and uh our family is under attack from a faceless enemy right now because I guess I don’t believe my daughter walked away – drifted away like people have said in the media and Facebook posts. My daughter was responsible, she cared about us as a family, and, uh, she was, uh, an overall good girl. I know my daughter, so I will fight for her and I won’t stop until we do find her and bring her home, so…

CH: That leads me to my first question then, and that's very well said, and you can hear – I can hear the pain in your voice and if people don't believe that then I don't know what to tell them.

WH: Yeah, um, I can’t prove to people how I feel. You know? I was emotional so much in the beginning and I’ve learned to keep those feelings in check for my daughter, because.. IF she is watching, you know, we are her strength. And that’s the only thing I hold onto, is that when I talk to someone about her, she needs to feed off of our strength and if people don’t understand that mentality, that rationality… then God help them because I have my faith and I have my hope and no one’s gonna change who I am. That’s my character, that’s my person. It’s just, I’m here for Anjelica and there is no right or wrong way to deal with this in my eyes.

Unknown said...


CH: Well said. Now, like I said earlier, there have been some conflicting reports regarding when she was last seen, who last saw her, and all of the circumstances. Do you care to clarify on any of this?

WH: Yes ma’am. I can clarify this very clearly. I don’t understand why it is so muddled with the media. My wife left at seven o’clock in the morning March 2nd. She leaves for work, she drops her siblings off at school and whatnot. That morning I had actually dropped off the red truck for her so she could drive: she’s home from spring break and I knew she would need it on Tuesday. I didn’t speak with her, I left the keys in the mailbox – just for the truck, the ignition key only, not the door key. I left and then I heard from Anjelica. She did give me a phone call, so people know, she called me on the phone and asked to borrow money. She doesn’t ask to borrow money. I want to clarify, yes, she does not ever ask to borrow money. She didn’t ask to borrow money but her exact words were “can I get some money?” Let me clarify that, if I can, the reason she asked me to borrow or um get some money (in her words). Today was her boyfriend’s birthday. We had a birthday party for him and let me just say it wasn’t a party, okay? It was not a celebration. It was what my daughter wants. *voice cracks* I overheard a conversation between my daughter and his mother the week prior and I heard them talking about a GoPro. Now, I do heating and air. I don’t know what a GoPro is. I had to google it and it took me a few hours to figure it out. But I figured it out and when she asked if she could get some money I understood what she was probably asking, so I gave her $200 because these things are a little over that.

CH: Uh uh

WH: It depends on which way you go with them. I gave her a hundred dollars the week prior and I figured she still had it because she’s very good with money. She just doesn’t spend money loosely... so bottom line is that’s why I gave her the money. I left work at 11:53am and I drove over to the gas station - the police know all of this – the public does not know, so I’m going to release this information so people can stop attacking my family and my character. I met her, I would say, around 12:10, 12:15. [That’s on] record with the police department. We talked, uh, we didn’t really talk about much- we aren’t a talking kind of family.

CH: Mhm

WH: We kind of just hung out and stared at each other, you know. I asked her how she was doing, we talked about a little school, um, we are a family of few words with a lot of love. She departed my presence at I would say about 12:40, 12:45pm. I was actually late getting back to my job and I got reamed from my boss. Fact: okay, you know I’m not beyond reproach with my work either but my daughter called me, that’s something she don’t do, I dedicated extra time outside of my lunch break because 12:45pm I’m supposed to be on the clock for lunch.

CH: I understand.

Unknown said...


WH: I got back around 1:15, 1:20pm – fact. Boss reamed me. Okay? Now, this is something the media public does not know: About, I wanna say, and I can’t really speak a whole lot about this [unintelligible] fact, I know someone saw her after one o’clock departing, our neighbor she waved to. What happened was, it’s a kid, I can’t really speak a name because of the case, but the information is simple. The kid that we all know and love, we always wave to him, she saw him. I mean, they saw each other and then he brought to the police that at 2 o’clock he saw her pass by again. His words are “driving with purpose” and “not herself.” Those are his words, not our words. He went to the police on his own accord and he struggled with it. He came out later than he should have because he didn’t know she was missing to begin, and we didn’t report her until the next day since we didn’t know what to do exactly. Now 2 o’clock is the last physical sighting of her driving the red drunk back towards the house. Now this info is also not in the public - well not truthfully in the public - a minute or minute and a half later he recognized a white small compact car following her. Did not know this. Bottom line is my neighbor reported at 2:03 [unintelligible] 2 o’clock– he smokes, he doesn’t smoke in the house, he smokes on the porch –

CH: Mmhm

WH: He said a little after 2 o’clock he saw behind my red truck that was parked in my driveway a small white 4 door compact car. I understand that there is a person in the media right now, and I will mention her by name CINDY B, my brother has a white car. Yeah yeah, he does. My neighbor knows my brother’s white car, you know? My brother works. My brother was at work the whole day. I wanna clear the conspiracy theories, the b.s. involved in this. We have a serious situation here and I would appreciate people’s, ummmm, I would appreciate people’s help as far as helping push the police. Helping with the investigation, not hindering the investigation, not sidetracking the investigation.

CH: Understood

WH: The neighbor did not see my daughter. No one has seen my daughter after 2 o’clock – she came to the house, whatever. No one saw anyone get in or out of this white car. He said it was there a little bit after 2, he said 2:03, he didn’t have the exact time but a few minutes after two is what he said on record. Understand this: Justice, my second oldest daughter, comes home from school. We know for a fact she was in the house at 2:25pm that day.

CH: Mmhm

Unknown said...


WH: My 18yo daughter, Anjelica Hadsell, was not present at the home. The red truck was still there. Now understand this: that red truck was moved from the left side of the drive to the right side. I don’t know why. I can’t tell you why. I don’t have the fact. No one saw anything, but that is the fact of the last time that anyone saw her and the events that led up to us knowing that something wasn’t right, basically.

CH: Do you have any idea being in the area of anybody who drives a small compact white car?

WH: I did not at the time. I do now. We can speak on that on your other questions down the road if you’d like to, um, keep on track with the questions or not is up to you. I don’t really care how we do this because the facts are the facts. I have a wealth of facts, and I want to find my daughter

CH: Understood

WH: That’s my goal. That’s my bottom line goal and I can only release some facts out there. I can’t release names due to the nature of the investigation. God, I would love to release names.

CH: I bet you would. Um I was gonna ask you the media reports say that you found pieces of her debit card. Some say a friend found them and some say that you found them. Did you find them?

WH: All I can tell you about this is a person.. I can explain how it happened and what was described to me and the police. A person of interest found part of her credit card. Now, understand why I say a person of interest. Because the first person to find the pieces of evidence could be a person of guilt, it could be coincidence. I don’t really believe in a whole bunch of stuff, I believe in fact. The fact is that this person found half of her credit card – the bottom half, the part with her name on it. This was Thursday. Thursday afternoon the first week she was missing, I don’t know the dates I just know it was the first week that she was missing on Thursday. I got a call – I was at work out of town, not out of town, but an hour away. I wasn’t in my home residence, Norfolk home. But I was working and they called and said “so and so” found part of a credit card with her name. I didn’t ask questions at the time, rushed home whatever, the next day I organized a search party to search from my driveway up the road like you would be driving out of the neighborhood. That’s the only logical thing I can think do to. Now understand this, in that search party the searchers found three or four more pieces of the credit card after the evidence was found. I didn’t find anything. At all. It was searchers that found it I just happened to have the drive, the will to find out answers and we found more parts of the credit card. That doesn’t give us many answers, really, but it did hold a very crucial piece of an answer to me. And I did relay this concern to the police. The person that found the credit card... the piece he found, I could have pulled it out of my wallet and handed it to him, that’s how nice and pretty it was for lack of anything better to say. But, the pieces that we found were ran over, fractured, destroyed - been on the road. Now my brother was actually present [when the first half was found], and he took a picture of the gentleman – arms spread wide… tried to maintain as best we could, all the evidence we could give to police. Well, the next day we searched the same location. We used the picture that he took against the house and put someone about the same spot, took pictures, matched them up pretty well and let me tell you they searched three, four houses down on the same side, three four houses up on the same side. They found no more pieces that day... but the next day that’s when they found the additional three to four pieces of the credit card.

CH: Interesting. That’s very suspicious.

Unknown said...


WH: Very, very suspicious. Raised a lot of questions, a lot of doubt, concern, mostly fear for my daughter. All of this is about my daughter. Where is she? What is she doing? This solidifies more and more every day that she is not on her own, that she did not walk away. The texts were not real from her (supposedly from her).

CH: Now, in some of the reports that have been covering this case regarding the cell phone – oh, I’m sorry – the credit card finds, a 7-11 store is reportedly nearby this area. Have the police thought about looking at surveillance footage? Or are there even cameras?

WH: Yes actually there is cameras and and it’s sad because the police showed me a video on their cell phone [I can’t be bothered to type this part out. Saw a video of a girl who looked like AJ but he says it wasn’t. He describes what the girl was wearing in extreme detail while CH feigns interested grunts.] That was the only piece of information that they showed us in this whole case.

CH: Oh, wow, well hopefully they have more than that and they are on the right track to finding her and getting to bottom of what happened.

WH:Yes ma’am, yes ma’am.

CH: I know like you said you can’t name names –

WH: No ma’am

CH: And you cant share too many specifics but can you think of anybody who would want to harm her?

WH: Yes ma’am yes ma’am. You know I read your questions and I don’t really have to write the answers down because its all in my mind, burned in my brain. You know, you asked me former boyfriends or enemies, if they investigated any possible POIs or suspects. Let me say it like this: there is an answer in that question. Former boyfriend, exboyfriend, whatever, current boyfriend, enemies... my daughter didn’t have enemies. But lets say she had someone, and I can’t put them into context, but say she had someone who liked her… loved her, obsessed about her… information I know out here backs all this stuff up. Without going into detail, I won’t put them into a category but yes it is a category. I will just say that the current boyfriend is a great guy – he’s helped the family a lot and that could be raised into question or not. I wholeheartedly believe and I’m honestly sure the police believe he had nothing to do with this. He helped every step of the way he has just been there for us and the family. The police have interrogated someone. I will give you this. The same person has been interrogated four times. Three times because, let’s say they interjected themselves into the case without their finding anything. You probably get what I mean - how someone could interject themselves into the case – bringing themselves to the front line of the case. Do you understand what I’m saying?

CH: Yep

WH: Okay, without saying it out loud, but yes someone has brought themselves to the forefront. They did interview them three times. And let’s just say someone happened to see something that maybe they didn’t want them to see... maybe a friend, you know, was hanging out with someone. There was a search warrant executed on this person and their house

CH: Oh

WH: and lets just say that my daughters jacket, because I’m not going to beat around the bush, my daughter’s jacket that she was wearing when she saw me last, that someone recognized as she was driving as a dark navy blue color - something up top - obviously that’s the jacket, her Longwood softball jacket with her name stenciled in it, now that was found in this guy’s possession hidden in his house

CH: Oh

Unknown said...


WH: Now the police did verify that information, never showed us a picture. That was on Saturday the first week. Understand that the case moved this past Monday, you know, they brought some new detectives on board. The cream of the the crop.. “la crème la crème” [sic] was how it was put to me.. homicide detectives. I knew what they were saying. I said: just give me your card, I know you’re homicide cops. I get it. I do, I get it, ok? It’s been a week. I get it, you know, whatever – I have hoped, I have prayed... I get it. I’m getting angry now, but uh…

CH:I understand

WH: But lets just say I asked, they showed me a few pictures of stuff that was found I really couldn’t tell if it was my daughter’s stuff. It was just generic stuff that could be anybody’s. But they didn’t show me a picture of the jacket. I said: wait a minute, my wife told me you found my daughters jacket. Ok well, [the cops said] “we don’t know.” I said what do you mean you don’t know? It’s a Longwood softball jacket with her name stenciled into it. [the cops said] “We cant verify it’s hers because...” – I don’t know where he was going because I cut him off. I don’t have patience anymore. You mean to tell me this person of interest could have bought a Longwood softball jacket and had her name stenciled into it... because of what reason? He just calmed me down - “handled me” that’s what I call it. These facts you’re getting are facts the public don’t have yet. I’m tired of being attacked, I’m tired of publicly being attacked for my past because it has nothing to do with my future and my present. I wish people would respect our family, respect my daughter. You know, if you didn’t know us then you maybe missed out on something but my daughter was an awesome person. She helped people, she excelled, she inspired, she loved people. Her friends, I mean, I can’t sit here and tell you who she was but her friends and family can. So, yeah...

CH: And I-I-I-I agree. I’m not here to attack you for your past. Everybody has a past. In cases like these, this is probably your first time with a big huge deal like this, but the trolls come out full force. They’re always gonna be suspicious of everybody, no matter what. You could have a speeding violation and they’ll try to tie it in.

WH:Yes, it’s sad.

CH: Whats important is finding Anjelica. Do you think the cops are doing a good job? Do you think they could be doing better?

WH: I don’t have any experience with this, really, never had a problem with them doing their job before. You know its wham, bam, done. This case is sensitive, I get that, and I am honest to God trying to find the faith and the courage to give them that time. I could blow this case wide open. I could put the names out there, I could do so much damage to the case – that’s what I consider damage because my daughter, I have to hold my anger and not give in to these trolls because my daughter is the common goal. If I damage the case, how does that help my daughter? If people want to judge me, I’m sorry but I do honestly feel the police are doing their job the best they can because she is a missing person. There is no evidence of foul play. They have now publicly said they are not ruling out foul play. To me, that’s a small victory for my daughter because before they said there was no evidence of foul play. So, just those words. If people would listen to the media, just those words are hope that we’re moving in a direction. They may not offer that hope to most but to me they speak volumes for my daughter. I do believe they’re doing their jobs.

Unknown said...


CH: Is there anything you want to say to anyone listening right now before we end our call?

WH: No ma’am not really. The words I have to say is if my daughter’s listening she knows how we feel, she knows I have her back. The family’s not going to leave her, we aren’t going to forget her. We’re gonna be there for her and I do wanna say that if you had anything to do with this, anyone, if you can hear these words: you will be brought to justice whether legitimately or not. But if you had anything to do with hurting my daughter the media won't be able to handle the repercussions of this. That’s all I can say because they stole a piece of my heart, a piece of my family, and uh yeah justice will be served. AJ will be brought home.

trustmeigetit said...

Verb tense is one of the easiest SA rules to follow. Bio dad did as expected. Step dad failed time and time again.

What still makes me mad is the mom making a choice to bring this violent man into her home. Do as you please if it's just you. But as a parent, I will never understand why people would even consider dating someone like this. It's not like he stole something when he was 18. This man was convicted of violence to those he should have protected with his own life. This is not "father material" ever.

I hold mom accountable. It's like having a bad man at your door and unlocking and letting him come inside.


Unknown said...

I think this above interview is ripe for analysis. I wish the transcriber had included the info she said was "chatter, or too boring to type", because every word is important for SA, and he leaks every time he speaks.

Anyway, I look foward to reading everyone's analysis! Peter, I hope you have time to read through it!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it is one of the most difficult things to persuade a mother to do; use discernment regarding the man she lets into her children's lives.

I always say: interview the ex wife!

Hear the absolute worst and listen carefully: decide if she is reporting truthfully in spite of painful emotional connection, or if she is going so far to persuade that she is no longer being honest.

Ah, Statement Analysis!

It helps.


Unknown said...

Agreed! Also, as far as I know, Mom has yet to make any appeals, other than to scream at the media to get off her property!

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks for posting the transcript Jen.

Just a couple of things iv'e picked out in the first paragraphs.

CH: – On top of everything else that goes with being part of a case that gets attention in the media. It’s definitely not pleasant.

WH: No, no. There’s – it’s a double-edged sword and I do apologize if I’m not emotional to people’s standards but trust me um, we have our moments. We’ve gained a little bit, uh, better control of ourselves, you know, when we’re around people; but I’m gonna tell ya, people that know us, our family, our close friends, they know – this destroys me, my wife. We have five children in all, you know, and uh our family is under attack from a faceless enemy right now because I guess I don’t believe my daughter walked away – drifted away like people have said in the media and Facebook posts. My daughter was responsible, she cared about us as a family, and, uh, she was, uh, an overall good girl. I know my daughter, so I will fight for her and I won’t stop until we do find her and bring her home, so…

Apart from his pronouns being all over the place and past tense References. This disturbed me.

I don’t believe my daughter walked away – drifted away like people have said in the media and Facebook posts.

Did he strangle AJ and watch her "drift away" ?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, Jen.

Unknown said...

You're welcome! I think Lily originally posted it, so thank you to her too!

So much of this jumps out at me, it's hard to know where to start!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

There is a lot there; particularly about the last day. I am working on it.

GetThem said...

A lot of men in her life and none of them reliable. Weird comments from ALL of them, but the step dad is the most concerning.

Unknown said...

I was thinking the same thing GetThem.

At only 18, Angelica had been abandoned by her bio father, alienated from the man who raised her from toddler to teen, and then subjected to Wesley Hadsell...a narcissistic, violent, possessive, criminal drug abuser, with indications of inappropriate feelings/behaviors toward her.

It's pitiful.