Sunday, April 19, 2015

Statement Analysis Course Offering

We are pleased to announce that our course in Statement Analysis and Analytical Interviewing Course next stage printing is complete and can now be offered to the general public, including:

Human Resource professionals, journalists, insurance professionals,  private investigators, writers, attorneys, social workers, therapists, counselors,  medical professionals, insurance investigators, business professionals:

in short, anyone who needs to know the truth from a lie.  Although law enforcement has an immediate need, those in business benefit financially when principles are applied:

*reducing fraudulent unemployment 
*discerning fake sexual harassment claims
*Learn how to weed out deceptive employees before you hire them.  Those who are deceptive in the interview process are likely to:

Put their own interests above the material interests of your company;
"fall" on the job;
Harm your company's reputation;
Bring morale down;
and on and on it goes:  liars trouble all around them.  

Included in the course:

100 page manual

4 chapter tests

CD Audio of more than 7 hours of audio lectures. 

70 Question final examination


Continuing Educational Units  (CEUs) for licensed professionals, through the University of Maine

Upon successful completion of the course, including the final exam, there is provided 12 months of e-support, including assistance with analysis, interview preparation and case strategy as well as preparation and strategy for:

Human Rights hearings
Unemployment hearings

Report the truth and document the truth.  In order to do so, you must first learn to discern truth from deception.     

The successful completion also allows for inclusion in one of our monthly online training programs, where detectives, business professionals, social service professionals, attorneys, and other professionals, work through live, ongoing cases, with confidentiality agreements.  Your department or business can have its own private monthly training. 

Regarding the course itself.  If lie detection was easy, everyone would be doing it.   

  This training is not easy, nor is this a "101" training course.  

It is in-depth and all tests and homework assignments must be successfully completed before the final examination is taken.  This may include re-takes and/or additional work.  The end result will be lie detection and content analysis second-to-none. It is both education and understanding as you are not only expected to memorize principle and apply them, but to be able to explain them.  

This is a game changer. 

When one understands the psychology behind a principle, the application becomes less 'forced' and more natural.  Learning is coupled with understanding and this accelerates the entire process. 

This course is now available for immediate shipping. 
Tuition is $395.

Paypal and payment plan available.  

In short, anyone who wishes to learn deception detection techniques will find career traction and a valuable addition to their resume.  


Tania Cadogan said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Time to start saving

Mary Library said...
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Unknown said...

How might I contact you for the package?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Matt, the details are at

I would love to have you aboard!