Monday, April 13, 2015

Wesley Hadsell Transcript Analyzed

The following is the transcript from another interview given by Wesley Hadsell, step father of AJ Hadswell, who's remains were recently found.  It has a great deal of information for police.    Thank you for the poster who put up the transcripts.  

IR:  is the Interviewer
WH:  Wesley Hadswell, the "subject" in the interview.  
Statement Analysis is in bold type, while underling, italics, color has been added for emphasis.  Analytical Interviewing seeks to do only 20% or less of the speaking with the subject doing 80% or more, and the interviewer careful to not suggest words or ideas to the subject. 

WH: Hey, Chelsea, how are you doing?

IR: Hey Wesley. I’m doing okay, umm, I’m sure you’re probably not doing that well.

WH: You what, now?

IR: I’m pretty sure you’re not doing that well. How are you?
It is difficult to build rapport without saying much, but is best for the interview so that the subject will not parrot back the IR's words.  "How are you?" is a good question because of the context:
a.  His step daughter is missing (at the time of the interview)
b.  He is incarcerated 
The question is directed towards him, and his well-being, so it is expected that he will answer how he is, and then minimize it in comparison to the well being of AJ. 

WH: I’m al-.... my faith is strong and my will is everlasting, so that’s the best a man can be right now given the light of the situation. 
His faith is strong, but we do not know what is faith is towards. If this is "faith" that AJ will be found and okay, he must say so.  He then adds that his "will" is not "strong" but "everlasting."  This is a term associated with divinity.  
He calls himself a "man" and a "man" who has strong faith and an "everlasting will" is the "best" a man can be "right now" given the "light" of the situation.  Note that he does not say what "situation" he refers to:
a.  AJ missing
b.  His incarceration
I do want to apologize to you for an indiscrepancy  I told you before. I can’t really speak speak on it, and understand why I may have not have told you before. Um, but please understand that it’s out there. I have spoke the words out of my mouth on a news show, um, didn’t deny anything,really. But anyone that came to my house and had a face and a kind word for my daughter knew the truth that I really didn’t put out there, because I figured that people who loved my daughter would understand.
Note the inclusion of "apology" in his language. 
Note the admission of an "indiscrepancy" (sic, that is, 'thus', or his word).  This is to recognize that he was seen misleading. 
"really" qualifies "can't", or limited, indicating that he wants to talk about it, and may, if skillfully guided to by the right questions.  
"I have spoken the words out of my mouth" sounds also like divinity, or a pronouncement of sorts.  Is this regional?  
Note not denying is qualified, again, with "really", as he explains why he did not deny "anything, really", because of the audience:
anyone who came to his house; 
anyone who had a face and a  kind word for AJ, knew the truth that he didn't "really" put "out there."  
He did not need to do this because those who "loved my daughter", past tense, would understand.  
To reference AJ in the past tense, specifically with the emotion of "love" is a verbal indication of knowledge or belief that she is dead.  
We now wait for him to express concern for AJ

IR: Uh huh.

WH: My heart just... my mind just.. things happened that I couldn't control. As easy as, uh... to think the actions of… uh, you know... that I normally do. My faith was put in the wrong place. I see now. But - regrets? No. Because, to me, my daughter is my world, my life. You know, I have five children and uh, still missing one. I’m missing all of them right now. Especially my little 3-year-old. I’m not sure how much you know the situation of what’s going on with social media right now, either, so…
At this point, I am concerned with the narcissistic "divinity-like" element.  "Everlasting will" bothered me, as did "the words out of my mouth", though this may be a regional type of speech that I am not familiar with, yet...
"I couldn't control" continues the theme of divinity.  "Control" is something fully attributed to Divinity, as is the giving and taking of life. Did he "take life", is something to keep in mind.  
Hyper-control is sometimes the language of abuse and domestic violence.  
Note "normal" is associated with control.  Liars (those who fabricate reality) often feel that they can "control" everyone and everything around them, which adds to the contempt they hold others in, with the expectation of being believed in their lies.  

IR: No, I don’t. I don’t know much of what’s going on. But, you know, I try to tell other people not to speculate too much, either, because we really don’t know the facts.

WH: Exactly. I am under advisement from my attorney now to no longer speak about anything revolving this whole case/situation, because if you do not speak a word, then they can’t twist it and turn it. As far as that goes, you know...

IR: Absolutely.

When one issues a reliable denial, there is nothing to twist.  "I didn't cause AJ's disappearance" is an example of a reliable denial.
"I didn't have anything to do with AJ's disappearance" is distancing language which avoids the direct, simple, reliable denial. 
Note that AJ missing has not been shown concern, but is classified as a "case" and a "situation."  This is strongly suggestive that he understands that he is in a "case" now, as a suspect. 
WH: And I do trust this lady. This lady here, she’s smart, she’s witty - she’s called me the female version of my mother.

WH: I told her today on my support page, Cecelia Johnson. I touched her five years ago and she told me that you shouldn’t go around touching women. And, uh, that was a [unintelligible] joke, and I was like “Oh my God.” So she made me laugh two times in one day...
Laughing is mentioned; no concern for what AJ is going through, or has gone through.  
IR: Well, thats good.

WH: So that is... more than anything is, to laugh right now, that is a blessing. To have any kind of emotion other than anger… I tell people I don’t see a reason to be angry with God, and yes, I stole that off A Walk to Remember.

IR: Hah.

WH: That is one of my favorite all-time movies. Yes ma’am. I’m just a man who loves his kids and will do anything for his family. I really, I.. I want the truth to come out. I want them to find answers because those answers, that truth, it sets me free as well. Maybe then everyone can [unintelligible] where they need to be for my family, and for my… I don’t need it.

Note "just a man" with phraseology of divinity above.  
Note the pronoun "I" is halted upon, with stutter.  This indicates an increase in tension.  
"I want the truth to come out", is not "I told the truth", or even "Here is the truth.  I didn't cause AJ's disappearance.  I want her found."

He wants them to "find answers", and not "find AJ", and the truth is now "that truth", which indicates not only distance from the truth, but that "other truths" in his personal dictionary exist.  This is likely in reference to discrepancy above. 
"Maybe then" reduces commitment, and what commitment is this?  It is about his family and for ___, self edited, and "where they need to be for my family..." avoids AJ entirely. 

IR: Right.

WH: I don’t need it to make me feel better. I know who I am and I know where I’ve been. I just don’t know where I’m going anymore.  Um, if you can respect that… you know?

IR: Well, I do.

WH: So.. what did you say, now?

IR: I can respect that. Is it okay with you if I use any of this conversation publicly?

WH:Yes, ma’am.

IR: Okay, good.

WH: Just, please, I’m trying to be as candid as possible with an issue you have with me, you know what I’m saying?

IR: Right right.

WH: Because my phone calls are recorded on both ends, with where I’m at, so I just want to apologize for that mistrust maybe you place in me but, I mean, I think in time you can appreciate the bigger picture. Me being here - I do nothing for my daughter anymore. You know? As far as helping.. or hurting. However people say it. You know?
note second use of "apologize"
note the word "that" distancing himself from "mistrust" 
In time, the IR may come to "appreciate the bigger picture", which is to justify a lie. 

"hurting" is different than "helping" and is part of his language, even when he references "people" indicating that it is something that needs to be denied. 

He does not. 

IR: I understand.

(over-talked each other)

IR: Well I’m sure you know that I put some money on your books to use for your phone.

WH: Yes ma’am, I greatly appreciate that. That is, in a way, it is a blessing because if I talk to you... my family situation right now... you know, I can't tell you everything on the record.

IR: I understand.
Note the IR does a good job saying very little.  Remember, the subject has the information, not us.  The more we speak, the less we get.  The more words we introduce, the more we are likely to teach the subject how to lie; and even how to use unreliable parroted words. 

We now look to hear empathy for AJ, specifically given: 
WH: My personal life has been destroyed, just so you know. I feel that my marriage is shot. my mom and my wife can't get along, they don't see eye to eye - they probably hate each other. That’s the best word to put it. And it’s not even that it’s the overall emotion, it’s the worry. My mom has lost a granddaughter. Now, she's lost a son temporarily. My wife has lost a daughter, she has lost a husband, um, there’s so much stuff up in the air. Um, social media has been somewhat kind but somewhat vicious. She’s being attacked right now on social media for doing things.
Note the focus is on himself, and not upon AJ, including revelation that his marriage is over.  
1.  "my personal life" comes first, with the emphasis, "just so you know", which mean indicate resentment or jealousy of attention being upon AJ
2.  "my marriage" is second.  It is "shot", which is his choice of wording.  "Shot."  
3.  "hatred" is powerful and it is his description of:  "not seeing eye to eye" and "not getting along."  This appears to explain his personal, subjective meaning of "hatred."  Even with "probably", he then says it is the "best" word for it.  
"My mom has lost a granddaughter" is a second affirmation that AJ is not coming home.  
"My wife has lost a daughter" is the third.  

He indicates that he knows or believes AJ is dead.  It may reach a point, in analysis, that I will drop "believe", as his affirmation is strong. 
Please note his use of the words "vicious" and "attacked" in his vocabulary, unrelated to AJ. 
IR: Right.

WH: People are just  people are just, you know, if you don’t give everybody the answer they want or they expect then they turn. I just wish everyone would realize that AJ is the sole focal point, and I wish that my name wasn’t “Wesley Hadsell.” I wish my name was nothing because all I care about is my daughter coming home and I pray she’s safe and, uh, everybody knows I'm in jail...

"all I care about" is explained:  "my daughter coming home" and "everybody knows I'm in jail" with prayer mentioned.  
1.  my daughter coming home
2.  pray she is safe
3.  everybody knows I'm in jail 
Note that coming home came before "safe"with the word "safe" in his vocabulary: 

IR: Right.

These short affirmations are best.  Nothing is needed to be said at this point; just let him talk...IR does:

WH: I'm safe, I'm not hungry, I'm not cold or hot you know? I'm just miserable. People can relate to being miserable, but the other emotions: the fear, the dread, the longing, the want-to-know… that’s the part that I can’t deal with.*deep breath* The prayers, the support the kind words,  that takes a father a lot more farther than guilt and accusations.
"I'm safe" uses the word "safe" but about himself. 
"I'm not hungry" refers to himself. 
"I'm not hot or cold" is about himself. 
"I'm just miserable" is about his own condition, and not AJ's. 
He does not say people are praying for him or supporting him, or giving him kind words, and that he, as the father, is being supported. This is distancing language, causing us to ask:
What is the content of such distancing comfort?
Answer:  when compared to "guilt" and "accusations."
Note that "guilt" is not only in his vocabulary, but comes before "accusations."
He does not say "accusations of guilt", nor does he deny the guilt, instead, by comparison, he affirms it, saying it is in comparison to "support" and "prayers" and "kind words."
This is to affirm that he posses guilt for something.  

IR: Right.

WH: So, it’s not easy... but… in here you have to wear a mask or they'll tear you apart, but I'm gonna tell you one thing: everybody in here, they respect me. They would have done the same thing. Nothing but support here. I haven't met one person who wants to chop me up and do evil things to me. 
While his daughter is "missing" he continues to focus upon himself, while referencing her as if dead, but also continues to introduce words of concern:
"tear you apart"
"chop me up"
"do evil things to me."
These are words of violent references. 

IF: I was gonna ask you that, if you were under any threats or anything while behind bars. Because this is kinda a high profile case - it’s gotten national attention.

WH: Yes ma’am it has, and the people here… they, they are nothing but supporters here, and that’s for everything to do with this whole facility. Um, I have not met an unkind word yet. People… my background speaks for itself.

He affirms that the entire jail personnel is supportive of him and gives the reason for this:
"my background speaks for itself."
What about his background would cause inmates to support him?
What about his background would cause jail employees to support him?

Inmates may respect or fear violence.  Jailers are more likely to look favorably upon someone who does not cause trouble.  

CH: Right.

WH: I’ve made mistakes, but, you know it doesn't matter if I did or did not give my life to the Lord. People change for their own reasons. Mine was more to the Lord. May 26th, 2006, I gave my life to the Lord. And that was the final time. Let me tell you, I’ve offered my life and everything up to the Lord many times.  Not perfect. He didn't tell me anything this time. He didn't help me. He didn't show me anything. I think he wanted to see actions, not words That’s what I believe. And, uh, I got my answers.
Note the ownership of "mistakes" in context with the missing person.  
Note the link to divinity.  Does anything show a 'link' to divinity outside the norm (deception/guilt) that suggests narcissism?
Note that "this time" Divinity didn't "tell me anything."  Note "he didn't help me" and "he didn't show me anything.  I think he wanted to see actions..." suggests that he not only believes divinity is speaking to him, but he must "prove" something to divinity.  
If divinity can let him down, what does he consider himself?  This is very important because narcissist can see themselves even 'above' divinity:  

It’s uncanny because May 27th, 1993 I lost my best friend: Timothy [unintelligible] - he died in my arms. He was doing pull ups and we were spotting him and, uh, he fell off the bar…. the third time he passed out by doing different stuff that year, and he did not come back around. We lost him. I named my son after him because that was a pact we made when we were kids. I’m a man of my word. Integrity: You can tarnish it, but you can't destroy it. Not when you're true with everything... but uh, I tell you that because May 26th, 2011 I was more worried about my daughter being born on May 27th. And uh, she was born on May 26th, 2011 and I think the Lord gave me my answer, you know?

Divinity might have let him down, but he "is a man of my word", which is to emphasize his own self, something pathological liars do.  Note "Integrity" is mentioned, but he does not say:
"I didn't cause AJ's disappearance.  I told the truth."  Instead, we note the need to declare himself, yet without pronoun connection to "integrity" while moving to the pronoun "you", with "you can tarnish it..."
"Not when you're true with everything" is not "I am true with everything.
This long response was void of AJ.  
When one is a narcissist, no one can measure up.  Everyone must be subordinate, as even when a narcissist "loves" another, it is often based upon what the other does for the narcissist, including brining 'credit' or 'glory' to the narcissist. 
This is sometimes seen with small or minor insulting of others, just 'making certain' that no one measures up to the lofty level set for self:  

IR: She’s a beautiful little girl, by the way.

WH: She’s awesome.

IR: She’s adorable.

WH: She is my fat kid - that’s what she calls herself. She used to climb in my lap and she would say: “Here comes your child!” and that’s her, that’s all her personality. Then one day she said “Here comes your fat kid!” and she looked at me and she’s like, and I'm her fat daddy. I tell you, you know, I'm a man but I'm a father at the end of the day no matter … you’ll see, you’ll see in the future here. people are posting about me, and I don't do that to take away from my daughter, AJ, I do that because I need faith. I need my friends to come together and to remind me that I'm this guy that did all this stuff for people and, um, that they still got my back… because I promised myself I wouldn’t be here in this bed again talking to something, anyone, on the phone. I would never lose control of my life again, and I broke that promise to myself, even though it’s for my family. It’s still hard to break promises regardless of what face you attach to it, you know?

Most parents would not consider "fat" to be funny nor appropriate for a child.  Note that in connection to being "fat" he uses the description of climbing in his lap.  Is this where she heard the word "fat"?
She would say, "here comes your child", using the word "child" which is closely associated with childhood abuse.  Is it likely that the child used this word?
Note the "fat kid" has "personality", which is sometimes used in a subtle but distinctly insulting manner. 
"I'm a man, but I am a father" is very alarming.  The word "but" is used to minimize or negate the first part of the sentence, via comparison.  What is the difference between the actions of a "man" and the actions of a "father"?  Why is it in this context?
"People are posting about me" is not only recognition of the fame he seems to enjoy, but the perfect time for the truth to "come out" and him to deny causing AJ's disappearance:
He does not, instead justifies taking the spotlight away from AJ. 
He "needs" friends to tell him he is not "this guy"; which is not a "man" nor a "father", which, in context of this entire answer, suggests the possibility of sexual abuse towards AJ. 
He lost control of his life. 
He broke a promise. 
Police should carefully investigate a sexual abuse of AJ prior to her disappearance. 

IR: Right.

WH: A promise is a promise and I don't break em lightly. I don’t… my word to myself... the first time I’ve ever broken my word. “My word was my bond,” that’s what we say. And I have broken my word to myself for the first time and it hurts but I would do it every day over and over for my kids. It hurts so bad that I can't even call my wife from jail. To hear the pain in her voice and the emotion and everything that’s going on with her, and I feel like I let my family down more so because I'm here so yes it’s..
Note the inner elevation, again, of his own word.  
note the reasoning for not being able to call his wife.  

I'm in prison, not jail, but I'm trying to become free on the inside again. That’s my goal.  and um kind words from people, like Cecelia Johnson... I touched her, not physically, but I met her on my bus ride back from Victorville, CA in 2010... February 17th. She was the first girl I talked to. Women scared me because of the accusations with my ex-wife… women scared me to death, and I apparently said something to her that made a connection with her and she reached out and posted on my page. I hadn't talked to that woman in a long time *laughs* It’s amazing how she found me in my time of need to touch me. 
his goal is not finding AJ, nor proving his innocence but getting "free on the inside again"
"I touched her, not physically" may also be seen as another divinity reference. 

IR: Well there’s a lot of people out there that do actually support you. There’s a Facebook page and everything of people rallying behind you. 
mistake in pandering the interview.  

WH: Yes and I know some people think it’s taking away from AJ, but understand that I want to cross-reference that with their page. But, um, you know, people have to do things that they’re willing to do, so...
The lack of focus upon AJ is evident to the IR.  Here the IR engages in moralizing, which should be avoided, yet she appears to be trying to lead him to making a denial: 

IR: Well AJ’s missing and that’s important but so many other lives are being affected, and some people think you've done something to her and others think you’re innocent.
The word "but" reduces the importance of AJ missing in comparison to "other lives being affected..."
This is appealing to a narcissist -follow the pronouns:  

WH: Yes, yes - people need to understand, that don't even know me, but have supported me, people need to see things about who I am, um, I'm sure when that page gets wind enough to the right people you'll see stories that will melt your heart because you're not gonna see people jump on there and say that Wesley Hadsell was a liar, a backstabber, a cheat.. I'm a man, I'm a man’s man. I shake hands, I say yes sir, yes ma’am. Thats how I was raised, and I give people respect whether older or younger than me, and uh, that’s what my dad wanted. That’s what my dad taught me to be. I can only be what my dad, you know, raised me to be because he’s not here anymore... and that was the hardest time of my life -- 

Wesley Hadsell is a liar.  He is a narcissitic liar.  His focus is upon me and he needs to remind us, and himself that he is a "man" and not a 'god.'  This need, itself, along with words that indicate "violence" and "control", when taken together, give a frightening portrait.  
Note the use of "Wesley Hadsell" as it continues to indicate narcissism. 
note the absence of a reliable denial.  


WH: I can call you back, too, if you’d like.

IR: Actually can you call back maybe tomorrow around the same time?

WH: Yes ma’am, yes ma’am I can try. I can get ahold of you through the channels like I did before - I have the right number now

IR: Yeah, I was told you wrote down the wrong number at first.

WH: Yes ma’am, but I don’t have a problem speaking to you. We have to keep this stuff off the table, but if you want people to know me, know my daughter, know our life... I have no problem putting a backstory to this... but this is about my daughter, for real, it is, so I do appreciate everything you've done. You understand? I do, Chelsea, I appreciate it.
The need to remind himself that it was supposed to be about AJ indicates the weakness. 

IR (with the conviction of a dramatic actress in a crime movie): I want to believe that you’re being falsely accused, Wesley, so I’m here to help.

WH: I understand. just have faith, in time we’ll find all the answers we need you know? Okay?
The conclusion of the matter is not simply that Wesley Hadsell is unable or unwilling to say that he did not cause AJ's disappearance; it is that he is deceptive. 
He has given verbal indication that he knows that AJ would not be found alive.  In deed, she was not.  
He has signals of guilt in this disappearance. 
He has signals of a history of domestic violence and perhaps sexual abuse of AJ.  His tangents are consistent with addiction.  


kitgyrl said...

"I have spoken the words out of my mouth" sounds also like divinity, or a pronouncement of sorts. Is this regional?

It is not regional. It is a phrase from a quote from the movie Rush Hour (2001) by Chris Tucker.

Tania Cadogan said...

everybody in here, they respect me. They would have done the same thing.

What is the same thing everybody would have done?

Does he mean breaking and entering?

Does he mean framing someone else?

Does he mean commit murder?

He doesn't rell us so we can#t assume

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

CRYSTAL, Minn. – Police have arrested the father of a 10-year-old boy whose body was found in the Mississippi River over the weekend.

Kris Fletcher of the Crystal Police Department confirms in an email the arrest of Pierre Collins.

Police have called Collins a "primary suspect" in the disappearance of his son, Barway Collins, who was missing for nearly a month. Authorities said the body of Barway Collins was found Saturday, about 10 feet from the river's edge in Brooklyn Center.

Pierre Collins has said he is innocent.

John Mc Gowan said...

"tear you apart"
"chop me up"
"do evil things to me."
These are words of violent references.

Peter i noted this under another article. I wonder what condition she was found in?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

thanks, kitgril

John, point taken.

He is a strange person.

Megan said...
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GetThem said...

WH: "...had a face. Leakage?

WH: My heart just... my mind just.. things happened that I couldn't control. ...the actions that I normally do. My faith was put in the wrong place.
- What "things" happened he "couldn't control?"
- Normal is not normal.
- Prepping for an alibi?

WH: "But, regrets? No. Because, to me, my daughter is my world, my life. You know, I have five children and uh, still missing one."
-No regrets? MY "world" and MY"life."

WH: I wish my name was nothing because all I care about is my daughter coming home and I pray she’s safe and, uh, everybody knows I'm in jail..."
- Me, me, me. In one breath he prays and the next breath it's back to him.

WH: "...but I'm gonna tell you one thing: everybody in here, they respect me. They would have done the same thing.
- Not SA-related, but it's interesting he finds himself respected in prison.
- "They would have done the same thing."

WH: "and the people here… they, they are nothing but supporters here.
- 2nd reference. What is going on in this prison with "respect"?

WH: "She is my fat kid - that’s what she calls herself.
- "Fat kid" is the first story he shares.
- Daughter's name not mentioned.

WH: "I would never lose control of my life again...It’s still hard to break promises regardless of what face you attach to it."
- Lose control again? 2nd reference to FACE.

WH: "Women scared me because of the accusations with my ex-wife…"
- Prior history of abuse?

Anonymous said...

How can a person talk so much and say nothing?? I can't understand his train of thought or even the logic of his sentences. He sounds mentally deficient.

Tania Cadogan said...

Things that caught me eye.

WH: I’m al-.... my faith is strong and my will is everlasting, so that’s the best a man can be right now given the light of the situation.
He self edits stopping himself from completing his first sentence, "I'm al-.."
what was he going to say?
I'm always?

My faith is strong and my will is everlasting.
Is he quoting from something?
If so does he feel he has godlike powers?
Does this mean he has the power of life and death?
I get the impression he does and his saying his will is everlasting is disturbing.
Did his will let him commit murder?
Death is everlasting, was this his will?
He doesn't tell us what his faith is or what he has faith in such as innocence.

so that’s the best a man can be right now given the light of the situation.
So is used to explain why something happened.
This is close, that is distancing.
The best a man can be is distancing, he doesn't tell us he is that man or that it refers to him.
What is the situation?
At the time he was arrested for breaking and entering and obstruction so why does his language seem to indicate something more serious?
Does he expect the situation to get worse?
His daughter is missing yet he doesn't refer to her instead it is a strange response to a simple question "How are you doing?"

I have spoke the words out of my mouth on a news show, um, didn’t deny anything,really.
This is sensitive, why dos he need to say he spoke the words out his mouth on a show?
How else would he speak the words?
Note the dropped pronoun in relation to didn't deny anything and the qualifier reallywhich weakens the statement.
What was he asked that he didn't really deny?

But anyone that came to my house and had a face and a kind word for my daughter knew the truth that I really didn’t put out there, because I figured that people who loved my daughter would understand.
But is used to refute or negate or even compare.
What about those that didn't have a face?
This is a strange phrase.
If you don't have a face are you wearing a mask?
Is it a physical mask or an emotional mask, a facade, pretending to be someone or something you aren't?
Those who had a face and a kind word, what about the faceless, do they not have a kind word?
What truth is there to be had?
Why didn't he put the truth out there?
Is it because to put the truth out there would have unwelcome consequences?
Did those who had a face and a kind word for his daughter know the truth which hadn't been put out there?
Were there consequences from those with a face and a kind word about his daughter in relation to him not really putting the truth out there.
Really is a qualifying word which weakens the statement.
Were there suspicions about his relationship with AJ?
He refer to the past tense loved
Do they no longer lover her or can no longer love her?
Does he have reasons to believe she is dead?
He apologizes which is always a red flag to be noted.
He apologises for a discrepancy, what was the discrepancy?

WH: My heart just... my mind just.. things happened that I couldn't control.
Is this an embedded confession?
(gerry mccann said a similar thing on his blog)
Again he self edits and says My heart just....
The heart is thought of as the seat of our emotions.
Did his heart rule his head?
My mind just...
Again he self edits indicating sensitivity.
Is this sensitivity in relation to what happened to AJ?
It would seem so when he then says "things happened that I couldn't control.
Is this going to be his defence?
It wasn't planned/premeditated?
He lost his temepr perhaps when he was rebuffed?
If he couldn't have her no one could?
Diminished responsibility perhaps?
Something happened and he lost control?
What were the things that appened that he couldn't control?

Tania Cadogan said...

As easy as, uh... to think the actions of… uh, you know... that I normally do.
Again lots of self editing making it sensitive.
As easy as what?
Killing a deer?
To think the actions of whom or what?
You know is used to convince and convey something that isn't said but implied leaving the interviewer to add their own words/ideas/feelings.
What does he normally do?
Why does he need to add the qualifier normally which weakens the statement?
what are his normal actions?
When does he do these normal actions?
To whom does he doe these normal actions?
What about abnormal actions?

My faith was put in the wrong place. I see now.
what is meant by this?
Is he having godlike delusions and is now disappointed that perhaps his chosen one let him down and had to be punished?
Does this perhaps relate to him thinking he would get away with the crime and he is disappointed he didn't?
If he sees now that his faith was put in the wrong place, where is his faith now?
Where should his faith be?

WH: Exactly. I am under advisement from my attorney now to no longer speak about anything revolving this whole case/situation, because if you do not speak a word, then they can’t twist it and turn it. As far as that goes, you know...
He has been told not to speak about anything by his attorney yet he cannot help but talk.
delusions of grandeur?
He has to have the attention the limelight, it has to be all about him even though by talking he is digging a very large hole which may incriminate him.

(I wonder if by pandering to his delusion of grandeur if he would confess, he would brag about how he did it and got away with it)
He holds himself in high regard, he has a huge ego and this will be his downfall.
He still hasn't mentioned AJ by name, she is an afterthought, secondary to talking about himself

Lily said...

Thank you so much for the analysis! This guy provides so much material. Justice for AJ.

slow down dude said...

i love this guy. his mind is going a hundred miles an hour. when analyzing this guys statements, keep in mind he likes movies. i bet a lot of what he says are one liners from movies just like kitgyrl said.

Bomb scare at West Port gripped parents with fear
Apr 19, 2007 - "Given the light of the situation from Virginia Tech, it was probably one of the scariest experiences I ever had," Gonzalez said. West Port middle ...
Given the light of the situation <--- i thought that was worded weird, looks like he was mocking that statement.
he is the type of person that picks up on stuff like that and uses it as humor.
I’m al-.... my faith is strong and my will is everlasting <---- i think he was gonna say i'm alright, but then the humorus line popped into his head, it didnt come up in google search but i bet it is something stupid someone famous said that he mocks.
such as "an indiscrepancy" was a viral mistake someone made but i cant remember.
this guy is a hoot. i know people like him, he is for real underneith it all. he knew what the cops and social media are doing and saying,, even this blog, so he throws you a bone, lots of them. it's entertaining. he does not care what you think. the more he messes with your heads the funnier it is.
as a whole, i watched some interview of him, and i know he is innocent of killing that girl.
bet his I.Q. is over 150.

Sus said...

Slow down dude,
Haha. There's a reason you can't find the saying, "My will is everlasting." Because WH substituted "my" for "his." That's right...he put himself in place of God. The usual line is "His will is everlasting."

I noticed as many of you do that WH uses lines from movies as he speaks. He also probably repeats back what he hears from others. It's just more proof he is a malignant narcissist. That's a telling trait. He mimics rather than act by conviction. And as you've noticed, he doesn't always use the adages correctly.

I'm not 100% convinced WH murdered AJ. I am convinced, though, that if he didn't, he knows who did and/or what led to her death.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Off topic

Would love to hear some thoughts on the recent statement from the suspected McStay family killer Chase Merritt. I know Peter has done SA on him in the past:

Thus far for the most part I have opted to refrain from releasing statements to the press regarding this case. I have done so as I have not believed that releasing statements to the press would help bring justice to my friend and his family. It is obvious we have a difficult road to travel before this justice can be assured.

We all feel the gravity of the situation, in that the entire family and its counterparts have experienced a horrific act of depravity. Joseph, Summer, Joseph Jr. and little Gianni all not here to find and see their injustice.

Although law enforcement has significantly made errors in their investigation which will become abundantly clear in the trial, they are the ones who must none the less take on this grievous task of finding and bringing to justice the person(s) responsible for the death of my good friend and his family.

I only ask that we all remember in this great country there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. It seems that some of us including law enforcement have forgotten this very important fact.

I only beg the place for this trial is in the courtroom. Outside of which the defendant has no right to compel the attendance of witnesses or cross examine sources of evidence. To do otherwise cannot be redressed by our courts, and therefore the defendant’s rights to a fair trial are destroyed. This is an evil which no defendant can contend.

My prayer is that through the upcoming trial and the devotion of all of us we will come to find the truth, and that the real killer or killers of my friend and his precious family will be exposed. If this is accomplished, I bear no malice.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

"My heart mind just...Things happened that I couldn't control.", in context with "...the actions know...that I normally do"; plus "My faith was in the wrong place."

Given the high degree of narcissism evidenced in this interview, coupled with his history of kidnapping the ex-wife (ex, as in rejected him), this paragraph is extremely alarming. Narcissistic men cannot believe that the woman they target could possibly reject them-after all, they are so sexy, handsome, intelligent,charming,etc. Look at his violent response to his ex-wife's rejection of him. Rejection of a narcissist like Wesley can be fatal for the woman. Given the context, his history, the numerous violent references,his obvious lack of empathy, and thinly veiled lack of concern for AJ, I believe "misplaced faith" was a reference to AJ. He put faith in her that she "loved"/"was attracted to him" (because he was fixated on her). His "faith" was "misplaced" when she rejected him and he killed her. He likely laid in wait for her and kidnapped her. She either died in the struggle or he abused her and then killed her.
It may be he groomed and molested her for years and she was getting ready to expose him, thus the "misplaced faith".
Just my opinion, having known a narcissistic sexual predator-who, incidentally, married a single mother so he could groom and molest her daughter.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

It's interesting that when he references "I've made mistakes...", it's followed by "May 26, 2006 I gave my life to the Lord. And that was the final time." He admits "giving up his life and everything to the Lord many times." Notice his next comment, "Not Perfect", has a dropped pronoun. Narcissists are really good at playing humble, but they'll never sincerely confess their faults/mistakes/sins/crimes. His excuse is he's "a man".
This "mistake" is different though. It's in his next sentence- "He didn't tell me anything this time.". Not only didn't he tell Wesley anything, "He didn't show" him anything either. So, why is this time different? Because unlike his ex-wife, AJ is dead?

Ivy said...

Hi Peter,

Haven't posted in ages, but still reading the posts on crime. Not sure if you have ever looked at this. It is Cameron Todd Willingham's police interview. Very interesting.

GeekRad said...

I have read this interview several times and I still can't understand a thing he is saying. I agree with the anon who said how can someone talk so much and say nothing. I cannot follow anything he is saying. He reminds me of my friend's son who completely fried his brain on drugs and makes no sense when he talks. And by the way, he is a notorious liar and has an inflated opinion of himself. WH strikes me the same.

C5H11ONO said...

"My mom has lost a granddaughter. Now, she's lost a son temporarily."

--He made a distinction between AJ and himself. His mother lost a granddaughter, but only him temporarily. AJ is gone, he is only gone temporarily. This is so awful!

trustmeigetit said...

I mentioned it before, but step dad made the comment below

“We kind of just hung out and stared at each other, you know.”

I have a feeling this was when she was dying. A parent and a child do not hang out and just stare at each other. Usually you see this either in a time of fear, like you were both in this bad place and just stared at each other. Or, in a relationship. When you are falling in love, you would stare at each other. I am a parent. I would not hang out and just “stare” at my son. That just is creepy to me.

Parent and child should not use this language. It does not fit at all. I really think this is when she was dying. She may have been unable to speak and they stared at each other until she passed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

excellent point, trust.


Anonymous said...

I just don't get it, why these step-fathers always refer to themselves as 'the father.' They are NOT the father, even when the child is adopted by them. They then become the 'adoptive father.' WHY WHY WHY do they always project themselves as the father!!!?

I also do not get it why the childs' mother allows them to refer to themselves as the father, even allowing them to become the spokesperson for her!

The helpless child has no choice in the matter as to who becomes her 'step-father'. These b'stards are no more the father than I am!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that line, "My faith is strong, and my will is everlasting", is from the Tudors, a series depicting the life of King Henry VIII.

I recognized it the first time I read it, but I wasn't able to verify it by web search. It was said by the character playing King Henry.

Unknown said...

I disagree, he is not intellegent, but he wants people to think he is. Actually, after listening to his multiple interviews, I would be surprised if he isn't mentally handicapped. His thinking is disorganized, and he is unable to communicate clearly, or without tangents.

Also, the fact that you say he is entertaining himself, messing around with people's heads, and throwing bones because he thinks it's funny, WHILE his step-daughter was missing/dead, says nothing positive about his intelligence, or his character.

Unknown said...

Given his love of lifting lines from movies, I thought he was quoting the Tudors, but you're probably right...more proof that he is a narcissistic nut. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Vicki said:
What do you all make of it when he says...
And I do trust this lady. This lady here, she’s smart, she’s witty - she’s called me the female version of my mother.

trustmeigetit said... mentioned something that Gerry McCann said that was similar, do you recall what it was.

To me, the inability to control "Things happened that I couldn't control" sounds more like sexual impulse. Sex offenders themselves usually admit they have no control over these urges.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi trustmeigetit

From Gerry's blog:

"Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand."

"An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."

"Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear."

trustmeigetit said...

Wow he was trying to excuse that type of behavior.

Always thought they were responsible for Madelienes death but always thought it was an accident while the child was drugged. This leans more towards him hurting her.

Still sure the kids were drugged since the twins didn't wake and were not "woken" since they may have been as to help had Madeleine been "kidnapped" but this sure changes my thoughts.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Truestmeigetit.

It reads like a mea culpa, an admission of guilt.

I did something bad or my wife did something bad and this is our excuse

Anonymous said...

I was wondering that too. And why was it so funny to him.

Anonymous said...

"I'm al-"

I think here he nearly said "I'm alright" as many people automatically answer when asked how they are, then cut himself off when he realised it was not an appropriate answer.

"My will is everlasting"

His will will have to be everlasting, because he is guilty and AJ is not coming back. This is like when guilty parents eg the McCanns say they will "never stop" searching for their daughter; they never can stop as they know she won't be found. An innocent parent would say that they won't stop looking until their child is found, not forever, as the parents of truly missing children can't bare to think that their child potentially won't be found.

Anonymous said...

And when he says (paraphrasing because on iphone) "that's my all time favourite movie, Yes ma'am, I'm just a man that loves his kids and will do anything for his family" he's trying to humanise and normalise himself and gain empathy. He's trying to look like a regular guy, a normal family man with integrity. An innocent man wouldn't feel the need to do this, he would be devastated and terrified for his daughter, and bewildered and aghast at being incarcerated. He would also be remorseful for causing trouble by aggressively inserting himself into the investigation by breaking into the neighbours.

Also, by talking about mundane things, he is attempting again to normalise himself, but also to provide light relief for the gravity of his situation. It gives him a break from the great stress of lying to the interviewer, and possibly a break from worrying about ending up in jail for the rest of his life.