Friday, June 19, 2015

An American Hero

The daughter of Ethel Lance is a true American hero.


Red Meat said...

Amen. That is true strength of the human spirit.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

NBC lead anchor Brian Williams will not return to his job following a six-month suspension for misleading the public about his experiences covering the Iraq War.

The former face of the Nightly News programme will instead be given a spot as a breaking news anchor on cable channel MSNBC, the network announced on Thursday.

"Brian now has the chance to earn back everyone's trust," said Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC.

"His excellent work over 22 years at NBC News has earned him that opportunity."

Williams was suspended without pay in February for falsely claiming he was in a helicopter that was hit by a grenade while covering the Iraq conflict in 2003.

Several soldiers involved in the operation said the presenter was in fact on a different helicopter that had not come under fire and arrived at the scene about an hour later.

Williams issued an apology and voluntarily took himself off the air amid mounting backlash over the false claims.

The internet responded mercilessly with a wave of ridicule - #BrianWilliamsMemories and #BrianWilliamsMisremembers were soon trending on Twitter.

Doctored images showed the anchor reporting live from the Moon landings, inspiring Martin Luther King and as Moses on Mount Sinai.

NBC imposed a six-month ban after the network said an internal investigation found that Williams "made a number of inaccurate statements about his own role and experiences covering events in the field".

It was an embarrassment for the network, particularly because it had recently agreed to a five-year deal worth $10m (£6.5m) for Williams to continue presenting its nightly newscast.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Williams said: "I'm sorry. I said things that weren't true. I let down my NBC colleagues and our viewers, and I'm determined to earn back their trust."

Lester Holt, who has been subbing for Williams since February, will take over the job full-time, the network said.

GeekRad said...

Tania, I listened to that interview and it was a lesson in Statement Analysis. He never said he lied. It was very interesting to hear how he avoided that.

Anonymous said...

The man is a natural born liar. He won't accept and admit his guilt now and never will. IMO, he will never command respect again like he thinks he will, nor will he be trusted, not without some serious reservations by those he will be working with in the future. I know I certainly won't be viewing him as worthy of trust or respect. MSNBC can shove him into a new slot with a new position, or whatever, but for me and many others like me, he's already shot his wad.

It's not a matter of not giving him a second chance, it's a matter of exercising common sense. I also don't expect him to last in his new position either. He must have held the upper hand in some unforeseen negotiations that we are not privy too to be able to stay there at all, even temporarily.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the ROOF shooting seems real. The family show no real emotions and even signs of duping delight. The narrative is confusing and specifically serves a political agenda. The news is being created to distract us and distort our reality. Google the CIA and Opertaion Mockingbird. They have never given up their manipulation of the media and have extended it into a barrage of staged events of which this is merely the latest. As fiction it would be given a fail for being too contrived and unrealistic. As new it is even more so...

Melinda said...

Anon 10:30,

I do admit there are some odd things like the 2 guards standing behind him look odd to me (like actors). But sadly, I believe the incident did occur. I don't think this kid is a monster although his actions are stupefying in their brutality (we can feel this sentiment come through in the forgiveness from the relatives and survivors from the prayer group, one even recounting how the group had told him they "enjoyed" him. I also do not believe that the root of this horrible incident in racism. AS a mother, upon first hearing the story and seeing the pictures of this malnourished (meth will do that) miserable-looking 21 year old who looks to me more like he is 17 0r 18 years old, my mother's instinct told me there is an evil father behind this pathetic miserable looking kid who committed this heinous act. Sure enough, reports on the father back up my initial instinct. His father was violent, offered no guidance, modeled oppression saying some things to Dylan's stepmother (his mother figure who the father drove away eventually with a violent beating) like "you are not a good maid but I'll keep you around. The father modeled dictator like behavior, threatening to cut off the family's electricity and take the car keys. The father did not seem the slightest bit affected by what his son had done shooting 9 people dead, or that his son is now being led down the legal path towards his own execution, parading around with no shirt on the next day knowing reporters would be taking pictures of his tattooed body and also his nipple rings. What breaks my heart is that Dylann has said after his arrest that he almost did not go through with his plans because the church bible group were so nice to him. The father should be in jail with him. The father is an evil father. Dylann probably hated his father listening and watching him abuse his mother figure and then beating her and driving her out of his life so that he was stuck, alone, with him, an evil brute of a man. Dylann probabaly wanted to hurt his father at times growing up because that would have been a normal reaction. Dylann turned into a ticking time bomb. Dylann needed something to hate. I don't normally feel any type of sadness for a shooter, but I feel some sadness for this scrawny looking kid who is now a dead man walking. They will execute him, but I believe the root of the entire tragic shooting was the despair and hatred bred by the father's violence and tyranny towards his family and "annihilation" of Dylann's mother. But of course, noone will mention this factor of the domestic violence and brutal father in the media, rather it is about "racism". Really? Look at the Dylann. He looks pathetic, miserable malnourished. He looks to me like he would have hated anything or anyone. He latched onto any "cause" to direct his hatred. The entire situation is tragic.

Melinda said...

Just to clarify what I meant to say: I think what Dylan hated deep-down was his own father. However, his psyche would not allow him to feel hateful feelings towards his own father, so Dylan decided to hate a more acceptable thing which would be blacks as it is known in the south there are hate groups who hate blacks. This is in no way to excuse his actions. He is responsible for his murderous actions. My mother's instinct told me that there was an evil father behind this story. I believe Dylan's father is not merely a bad man, but an evil man.

Lis said...

The video is incredibly moving. If anything can help the young man, this is it.

Anonymous said...


Happy Fathers Day to all

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nothing about the ROOF shooting seems real. The family show no real emotions and even signs of duping delight. The narrative is confusing and specifically serves a political agenda. The news is being created to distract us and distort our reality. Google the CIA and Opertaion Mockingbird. They have never given up their manipulation of the media and have extended it into a barrage of staged events of which this is merely the latest. As fiction it would be given a fail for being too contrived and unrealistic. As new it is even more so...

YAY, HI TO YOU!!!! I agree. so many red flags. so fake. meant to inflame shelter skelter type stuff and to push for gun confiscation.

Melinda said...

What do you conspiracy theorists believe happens to the 9 people who are only "supposedly" shot and killed? According to your theory, are they relocated somewhere far away under false identity and agree never to speak with their family or friends again? Also, what do you believe happens to the shooter (who according to your theory) didn't actually shoot anyone? Is he also an "actor" who has just agreed to pretend to be a shooter and then go live in a supermax prison, go through a lengthy trial and probably receive the death penalty? Please explain the logic of how these "minor" details fit into your conspiracy theory?

Anonymous said...

HI Melinda - I'm really not sure. (I'm theorist #2 on here) and I'm not even sure they were not really killed. I was just debating with another "conspiracy minded person" not on here about this and they were sure no one was killed and they were just off on an island somewhere. I just cannot tell. the island idea doesn't sound very realistic to me, but that doesn't mean it can't be true.

the way I see is these orchestrated events are sometimes more or less real. what I mean by that is I think sometime people are killed for real. but the shooter is set us, or even not the real shooter and a pro did the hit and then this other guy who fits the profile of who they want to accuse is used and then that person may or may not be into it. for example going back to jfk. I think that was orchestrated by the predators of the same people who pulled this off. (in simple terms the CIA but it's certainly more multilayered than that and I do not know who it is really) but with jfk I think it was planned on maybe levels and that pro marksmen were used but oswald was probably told to be in the book depository with a gun - perhaps he thought he was just a normal undercover decoy. and didn't realize he was being framed. so in that case a real murder occurred. and a real "actor" was also used but also really killed.

and in the case of Sandy hook I think there may have been some real murder in that school that morning. but I think it was two pro marksmen wo were running away in the woods that morning that did it and adam lanza was possible not even a real person but a false identity based off his "brother". but the mother was really murdered to help sell the whole story.

these things I don't know for fact but they seem most likely to me through research. and then in boston bombing I do not think anybody was killed at the bombing site, but I do think several were killed for real in the manhunt. again - not sure what it looks like through tons of research.

as for this shooting - seeing as the one victim is a senator, he's either in on the whole performance OR it was a hit on him for political reasons and made to look like this other stuff. too random for his young kid to realize he's got a senator on his kill list and to specifically want that. pariculary this senator was working hard to get body cameras on police made law. this may have angered some very high up people. or maybe there were other conflicts we don't know about. but when a top politicial is murdered and then there is ZERO crime scene preservation. and the "shooter" is super young has a bizarre motive and confesses right away -- and then the prez uses the whole thing to immediately push for gun control . I smell a rat .I smell a cover up a pay op and a hoax. but I do not know -- if people were really murdered or not. I'm baffled that there is no blood in ANY photo/ no survivor running out, no drying red palm print on the entryway of that all white building . apparently no crime scene to speak pf they are back to services and bibe study with zero changes - they said themselves, I'm baffled even if they decide not to preserve the crime scene how they can clean up the carnage that fast and have hundreds of people in that church so soon . i'm baffled by a lot here. a lot of things make me wonder was there real murder in that church. why is there not a drop of blood even on sidewalk from when they took one to hospital - supposedly. . nothing.

so I don't know. I guess I think maybe some people were murdered but Im not convinced it went down like it's being reported, that senator had to go somewhere.

Anonymous said...

the more I think about it - and considering Obama's speech following the shooting where he talks about personally knowing several of the victims including the senator - I think it was apolitical assassination. I mean IF high ups in the gov wanted to take out somebody else in the gov who was threatening their power in some significant way -- and no america is not a place where such things never happen -- wouldn't they think of a scenario almost just like this? (it has to be where no body will see - it can't look like the senator himself is the target that will draw too much suspicion - let's kill a few more birds with this stone -- something that can help us push for gun control and attract a demographic we are lagging with -- african american christians -- all christians might come along too and all african americans -- what a lot of birds!! ok. so we need a crazy kid. get a bunch of creepy selfies. get a manifesto. have his uncle identify him. have all church members forgive immediately -- reinforces non-violence - gun control and we are good!!! perfect crime.

sounds fantastic maybe, but it's also old as civilization that leaders take out other leaders and make a performance for the people to fool them into not comprehending what really happened,

Anonymous said...

some reason why it seems implausible : why would he go to a bible study were there are only about 12 people. why not go to sunday service where there are so many more potential victims?

why sit in bible study of an hour first, this is super bizarre.

how did he find his way to the bible study? how did he know when it was and who to expect to see there?

why on earth did he target these caring compassionate well spoken people? I mean really - he;s a white supremisent but he wants into this place where he's a scrubby kid compared to these very personable adults. he's gonna feel awkward like crazy. and not superior, if he wants to feel superior why would;t he target some group of rough looking young black men why looked more like the type who might "rape his women" as he said, instead of a group of actually mostly women who were all very much in control of how they presented themselves and acted .or if he wanted to go after "top" black people why did he never say anything about the president .is it not super bizarre for a white supremacist not to have a ton of rage for obama? i mean normal people do he should too. it just does not ring authentic.

Melinda said...

Hi Anon,

You've brought up some thought-provoking points. To be honest, I do think that there were other people behind it (I believe the father who bought his methed out son the gun is closely involved). My main reason for thinking this is that the Dad does not feel sad, the target Clementa Pickney is too high up for this kid to have "randomnly" targeted (it certainly was NOT random--the kid specifically asked to sit next to the minister), add to that the fact Pickney was supposed to meet with Hillary Clinton several hrs later (so this was timed). How did this meth addict (you can see the malnutrition from meth use) have the composure to sit there for an hour? I believe he was instructed to do so by someone who wanted the minister shot dead, not just injured, and I believe he may have been promised more meth if he succeeded in what he himself referred to as his "mission". I can not think of one other shooting where the shooter did not just go into whatever place and start shooting. This kid did NOT do that, he patiently sat in a small group and waited. It has a different element to it--that of a professional hit. I have other thoughts to, and will write more when I get freed up.

Anonymous said...

hi Melinda -- wow I didn't know victim was about to go meet with Hillary. perhaps the dad was part of it. yes I see so many things that make me think there is more to this, and the social intimidation he must have felt walking into that room is no small thing. sitting there participating for an hour first -- I do not believe it. no way.

one thing -- the photos in kid walking out if church and pf him being arrested show him in same clothes and shoes. yet there is not a drop of blood to be seen on his tan boots - nothing. shooting to death 9 human beings requires close proximity. and this will lead to blood splatter, there is no way he's going to exit that crime - as reported - clean. I'm not even convinced he did it, we have zero proof what really went on in that room. he may be the decoy/patsy. I mean who got him to pose for all those pics - some of which he's earring the same outfit as when he walked out of the church,

thanks for considering my posts!! it's nice to have open discussion. even when ideas can be "uneasy to take" at first - or ongoing etc. have a good day!

Anonymous said...

and then comes the clincher (or one one them) if there is any reason at all to suspect this is a pro hit, and there are many reasons to suspect - WHY are feds not investigating further, not scouring crime scene for dna of third parties - not doing all sorts of things you do in a thrurough investigation. this lack of curiosity indicates to me whoever orchestrated event has ties to those who might investigate event.

Melinda said...


You are correct. There should have been blood splatter on the alleged shooter. I have also not heard a peep about who (what store) sold the father or him the gun or whether it was attained legally (usually this info comes out right away in shootings).
The interview with the 2 children of the mother who was shot raises some serious doubts in my minds as they do not seem to be showing any normal signs of mourning 24 hours after the shooting. Also the son does use present tense initially saying his mother "is a God-fearing woman".
Another question I have is what is the likelihood this kid would have shot dead all 9 individuals that he shot. Again, this seems like a professional hitman. Why have we heard nothing about what his experience was with guns? Had he practiced shooting them? Used one before with hunting, etc? Again, all of that kind of info came out immediately with Adam Lanza.
Something about this story is very fishy.
Also, how odd that he supposedly asked an elderly bible study woman "Did I shoot you?" Then he says "OK good I wanted there to be one survivor to tell others what happened??? Wouldn't he have been able to tell that the elderly woman looked unharmed?
It is also said he reloaded 5 times. Considering he is so scrawny and was in such close proximity to these people would they not have jumped on him while he did not have a loaded gun?
Just so strange.
Something about this story is so strange. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Melinda said...

Also, if you have time check out daily mail online today. There is a picture of Dylann's father walking out of church after some kind of service to commemorate the victims, looking relaxed and smiling. I'll be damned if he wasn't somehow involved.

Anonymous said...

Melinda -great points.

yes -- there's no way what they say went on inside that church went on as they say it did. he was either just playing a scripted part, getting paid etc, and there was actually nobody killed, or he was just playing a part of however the murders went down he didn't actually do them - it was pro hit men and surely more than one. and the "witness" is part of the act. the thing that gets me wondering if anybody died at all is the son of that mother -- just not convincing at all.

but what of the Senator? I can believe he was assassinated. and maybe not even on location at the church, and this is all an act to explain it away. that seems most likely to me. and gives motive for the whole performance. or its also possible he is in on the act and thats why nobody is really crying. and it's all only to agitate racial tension and promote gun restrictions. not sure which is more likely, but I"m sure much if this is fraudulent.

i'll check out images of the dad, thanks

Anonymous said...

the dad is smiling oddly. dunno what to make of it, hard to know context, maybe he's smiling because church was welcoming to him. it doesn't seem to be obviously anything. but --- except -- yes - he should be one of saddest people around rt now . but I don't know maybe he's in shock, I don't know what I think of the dad.

Melinda said...

Hi Anon,

The Dad is a violent man--beat the stepmother. Emotionally and verbally cruel and manipulative to family, threatening to cut off electricity and take the car keys. Also had a private investigator stalk the stepmother after she left the Dad. So we can see from his behavioral profile, this was something that interested him was tracking another's movements. Another thing about the Dad, he was out of town 4 days per week every week to do "construction work" while married to the stepmother. That's certainly enough time for him to have had a double life or even a secret occupation.
The witness' words seem scripted, for if Dylann were planning to kill himself why would he not have done so right there in the church? Instead he fled, and supposedly the explanation for why he did not kill himself is that he ran out of bullets.
My instinct tells me Dylann is some type of patsy, set up by the Dad. Does Dad have ties to a white hate group? Certainly not outside of realm of possibility since there are 18 hate groups in SC. Possibly Dylann participated in the shootings or was simply told to sit there the whole time so that when the other hitman (?) did it the blame would be certain to be pinned on him?
I am also curious why there has been no inquiry into where Dylann got the patches on his jacket shown in one of his fb posts circulated by the media which are used by white hate groups. Where did he get them? They are not sold in stores. Surely, the government would want to investigate this so as to figure out if he was indeed linked with a hate group.

Anonymous said...

I think the a faction of the government in behind the whole thing. the CIA, NWO, whatever group of people. and I think obama is controlled by them, and is in support of them, I think obama is fully aware that this was an inside job/ political hit. I think he's playing his part too. I thin we can be certain some part of the gov is in on it because the federal investigation is soooooo lax. there's the indicator.

dad is clearly creep by what you say. however imo that may have just been a factor that made this kid vulnerable to outside corruption. hard to say, but probably dad was in on it or he's be a wild card of somebody who might be too suspicious, so for hat reason I think you are totally right dad has a part. but I don't think this was white supremacists groups. I think it was cia. who are surely racist in their own right - but with a different focussed agenda.

Anonymous said...

here is a really good article outlining theory that the whole thing was fake and for monetary profit. I'm not sure what I'm convinced of - but they sure made some strong points, and have done substantial research.

Anonymous said...

woah. watch philidelphia experiment 2. watch the little boy 8 minutes in, an actor, last name Graas. absolute spitting image of Dylann . people all over are saying it's the same person and I'm inclined to agree.

Anonymous said...

Also fishy about this is that there was an "Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program" taking place in Charleston, SC June 15 -19th.

On the left it says: "View our upcoming scheduled training dates" Click there and see the list.

This would also explain why the dash cam video of him being apprehended seems benign. Not to undermine the victims or their families of a tragedy, it just seems too many things are fishy with this. Why is our government giving the families so much money, for instance? Strange.


Anonymous said...

hi Amber - I totally agree, that arrest was amazingly bizarre, they all draw their guns as they step out of cop car and then put them away before they approach the vehicle containing a man supposedly wanted for mass murder, ridiculous. I think it's just people's instincts not to hold a gun on somebody when it's only for pretend. I think the shooter is a real actor and the others are amateurs. Orwell didn't even imagine a world as weird as we are aiming for, and still - what keeps it especially weird -- is so many people just don't see how weird it is. and think it's crazy others think they see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon @ 5:25pm

Peter always stresses to look for the expected and unexpected. The dash cam video was not what I expected. They seemed so calm. This was a suspected mass murderer, for crying out loud. As you pointed out, they seemed hesitant to point their guns at him. Is this expected when a police officer KNOWS the suspect has a gun and has used it to kill 9 people? After arresting him they take him to Burger King cause the poor kid was hungry? Really?

How many coincidences does it take before it's no longer a coincidence?

How often do families get to address a criminal BEFORE that criminal is convicted? The videos of the families, they just seem too stable. Now we have the usual with Obama and Hillary calling for tighter gun laws and even Hillary suggesting free speech leads to these types of crimes. I will never understand why they believe making it harder for good people to purchase a gun will somehow stop bad people from committing crimes? It makes no sense! Unless it's only because they wish to take away our power.


Anonymous said...

I'm correcting my above post about the burger king trip.


Anonymous said...

I think the whole thing is acted out, and quite possibly all acted out well before this event was supposed to happen, nothing in the images we are seeing of roof proves these images are live and not prerecorded.

I think a lot of the news stories are meant to swirl rumor and anger - and could jus be lies upon lies, like the burger king - perhaps that wasn't true -- but the much bigger part wasn't true either. they leave these little false stories about there -- and then you get to "disprove" the false rumor. but who cares if he went to burger king - really. I care if 9 people are really dead, I care why gov sent this church 29 mil when they don't give that to fallen war hero families or any other victims of countless unfair crimes. I care if the news is in on it and is part of this giant machine of manipulation. I care - how do they get all these people to lie. and what is the greater agenda??/

there was recently a supposed shooting on a beach in Tunisia -- it's a much more obvious fake, but when you research it - you can see -- it's a lower production cost version of what is going on in the us - these days like every week. in Tunisia it's the US CIA -- maintaining control - using psyops to make the people accept a military occupation (for their own protection). this kind of stuff is how the US occupies many areas around the world and has for a long time. but they are turning it on their own people no - for a while. our best first course of action is to relentlessly expose it for what it is imo .the more people who can see it - the more resistance and leverage we have as a people.