Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another Fake Hate: Texas Woman Jumped By Three Black Men

Interesting points:

1.  Note the use of the number 3 in her claim.  
2.  Note the missing pronoun to begin her statement. 

Fake Hate only increases hatred, resentment, strife and divisiveness in our country.  

Police said she used make up to blacken her eyes and is "mentally ill."

Yet, even with the mental illness, she chose to indict blacks to only increase the racial animosity that is exploding in our country today. 

Yesterday, it was hate on Christians by "Relentlessly Gay" Julie Baker and her followers. 

Today it is hatred on black men by a white women. 

Why doesn't her mental illness cause her to do excessively kind things, like giving away too much money, or something that is not distinctly positive?

She knew to blame black males enough to make the claim.  She also knew to manipulate a photo with make up.  

Fake Hate is a lie and like all deception:  there are consequences that are far reaching. 

Please consider that three black males could have been falsely arrested and imprisoned. 

This is hate. 


Tania Cadogan said...

Sometimes it is too easy to spot the deception.

The dropped pronoun at the start, the 3 black men and her 3 yr old daughter, the badly applied eye makeup (though in fashion mags she would probably be described as wearing smoky eyes and rocking the latest trend)

I wonder what police thought when she wandered in looking like that?

Was her illness so bad that she didn't realise that stores are amply covered by CCTV?

What did she think would happen when she reported it?
My concern is what will happen to her daughter given her mom is creating hate and has mental illness.

I hope someone with some sense is looking after the little girl, i fear one day her mom may decide to get attention in a different and violent way.

Anonymous said...

"Just got jumped by 3 African Americans"


This can be used to minimize or compare. It can also be used for anything that has "just" happened. "I just got a call a minute ago".

I would be interested in knowing how long after the alleged "hit" she posted her status. If it was straight away then "just" is appropriate. If not, what is she comparing or minimizing too?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Aways note a statement that begins without a pronoun. Statistically, you now lean towards deception.

Anonymous is correct about "just"...

Does anyone recall:

"Just had three boats shooting at us."??


trustmeigetit said...

"She also knew to manipulate a photo with make up"

That was my first thought before I even started reading. Was that it looked like makeup and not like someone that was attacked.

trustmeigetit said...

Tiffany Hartley, right?

Boats also shooting instead of "men". Boats don't shoot.

Yet another that got away with murder.

Unknown said...

Exactly, she should have looked at more Google images to better create the image of her being seriously hurt.

Also the format for her statement is strange. She mentioned they hit her "and they were cussing". She also "very politely" asked them to lower their voices and cuss words, and that "this" was the outcome.

Her make up is horrible. More research (ie: Google images) would have helped her do the makeup better.

It appears you have stumbled on a new fad, Peter. What'll come next? Disco revival? I can only shake my head in response to these people seeking attention.

Unknown said...

Wait patiently for the GoFundMe to help bail her out of prison lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree Matt. The "cussing" usually comes before the assault. Cussing, swearing etc, the majority of times in assaults, then escalates to the assault if not diffused before hand.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for this poor soul. Clearly disturbed.

She needs help, as does her child if she actually has one.

Anonymous said...

It looks like she should try out for the band KISS.

Tania Cadogan said...

Julie bakers gofundme page is back up.
I reported it again and included Peter's analysis in the report as well.
I explained that LE have been informed and as it is fraudulent should she try to withdraw the funds she is committing state and federal wire fraud/internet fraud since it crossed state lines.


Sara said...

I notice the skin on her upper lip/underneath nose--this looks like possible chemical burns/dermatitis that occurs with "Huffing" (a form of drug abuse utilizing inhalants).
My gosh, I hope someone in her family steps in and takes her child until she becomes fit and able. So scary that a child is having to depend on this woman for their existence.

Anonymous said...

Lol it's easy to call this one out by the terrible fake black eyes. Come on.

Why doesn't anyones mental illness make them help people pick up garbage or volunteer for community stuff?

DaveMcG said...

Great observations. She makes this one easy for the novice SA student. Additionally, hear are some other thoughts. Getting beaten by three males should leave more injuries. While there is a limited view, her shirt doesn't appear to be ripped, torn or disturbed. I noticed she is still wearing a tiny gold necklace which one might expect to be ripped from her neck during such an assault. I also noticed that the assault began in the store (then cussing) and then escalated outside of the store. Seems odd that there is no mention of security, police or bystanders intervening or assisting in any way. Most importantly, she does express any fear or concern for the safety of her child during this assault.

Anonymous said...

I think for summer a more natural make-up tone works wonders.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really?? There is absolutely no swelling to either of her eyes...anyone who has had a black eye due to being punched in the face, (or two black eyes simultaneously, like I have) knows that is NOT what it looks like lmao. Crazy woman.