Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fake Hate Scam: Relentlessly Gay And Go Fund Me

Julie Baker, of Overlea, Maryland,  claimed to have found a homophobic hate note threatening, in the name of God, Christians, and children, to call the police on her for being "relentlessly gay" and now is seeking money from Go Fund Me. 

Questions for analysis:

1.  Is this a legitimate threat?
2.  Can a profile of the author emerge?
3.  Is the fundraiser the author of the note?

With a goal of $5000 to buy some lights, in one day, $27,000 has been raised thus far.  Did this woman write the note herself?  If so, will she face prison for fraud?

Let's look at the note itself, and what the home owning fund raiser has written about what happened.  

I.  Note

"Dear Resident of _________ Avenue,

Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay!
Myself and Others in the neighborhood
ask that you Tone It Down. This is a 
Christian area and there are Children. 
Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the
Police on You!  Your kind need to have
Respect for GOD.

A Concerned Home Owner"

Here is is again, with analysis:

"Dear Resident of _________ Avenue,

The note begins with "Dear Resident", noting that "Dear" is a polite salutation, and "Resident" is capitalized.  

Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay!

Note that "Relentlessly Gay" has both capitalizations and is underlined in the original.  

"Relentlessly Gay" may be considered a "whimsical" phrase originally meant to be incessantly happy, even in the face of hardship.  It is one that a homosexual might use in humor.  It is not  an insult in the gay community.  

Myself and Others in the neighborhood

We have "Myself" listed before "Others" which is appropriate for one author.  "Others" is plural.  

ask that you Tone It Down. 

a.  "ask" is consistent with the polite tone of "Dear" 
To "ask" is to make request, not a demand.  

b.  "Tone It Down" is not a request to take down the lights.  

This is a 
Christian area and there are Children. 

The writer does not claim to be Christian, and both Christian and Children are capitalized.  

Note "area" is used; not neighborhood, nor town.  An "area" is often larger in scope than a "neighborhood."  This should be considered a change in language which should represent a change in reality.  

That the writer does not bring herself/himself to claim to be a Christian is an important point:  the writer would like to bring blame upon Christians.  This is likely a point of "fake hate" that we have seen recently in the news.  

Being a "Christian area" does not quote Scripture, nor use the word "sin" or "lifestyle"

The word "Children" is offered without explanation.  There is no warning against setting a bad example, or anything about endangering children.  This is to show a 'low commitment' to both themes:  Christian and Children.  The subject seeks to only arouse reaction and avoids any direct confrontation.  

Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the
Police on You!  

This is awkward.  First, there is a polite request to "tone it down" but now if it is still "up" (whatever this refers to), it will "force" the author of the note to call the police "on" the recipient.  

It is not known what could be reported to the police.  

This threat is not genuine.  

Your kind need to have

This appears to be another attempt to blame a Christian, which, again, suggests that the subject is aware of the political atmosphere and how Christians are "haters" 

Respect for GOD.

"God" is given all capitalizations, as is to add emphasis.  This also appears contrived.  

A Concerned Home Owner"

"A" is singular, telling us the author is one and not "Others" as it led.  

This is a "fake hate" message, appearing to be anti-homosexual, but is actually anti-Christian.  There is the change between "asking" and being "forced to call Police" 

II.  The explanation at Go Fund Me

"I opened my door, and found a note from my neighbor. Regarding a set of rainbow jar solar lights hanging in my yard that spell out "Love" and "Ohana".  They informed me that the neighborhood is "christian" and has "children" and asked me to stop being "relentlessly gay"....

Needless to say...  I need more rainbows... Many, many more rainbows…. 

So, I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More "relentlessly gay"  If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof! 

Because my invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up there in style!

Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!

Thanks for your relentlessly gay support!


 The Letter of Explanation  analyzed

"I opened my door, and found a note from my neighbor. 

We first note that the subject began with "I opened my door" and not, "I found a note."

The opening of doors has been found in the language of sexual abuse. Opening (and closing) of doors may indicate that the subject has experienced sexual abuse in her own childhood.  Children remember the opening of doors as something traumatic and important to them.  

Sexual abuse in childhood can lead to sexual confusion, as well as an array of mental and physical health issues.  Please see other entries for detailed information on childhood sexual abuse.  Consider this along with the "sexual identity" issues that are statistically linked to anonymous letter writing as a potential connection.  

Writers of anonymous letters are sometimes sexually confused. 
This subject uses a phrase that is associated with sexuality; particularly sexual abuse in childhood.  

We next note that the subject gave us an indication of identity with "my neighbor", using the pronoun "my", regarding neighbor.  Since the note is an offense, this is not something expected to hear from her.  She may assume it is a neighbor, but since it is offensive, would not it be more expected to hear distancing language between herself and the neighbor who wrote the offensive note?

"I found a note from someone claiming to be a neighbor" or something similar.  That the pronoun "my" is used here is not expected.  

Regarding a set of rainbow jar solar lights hanging in my yard that spell out "Love" and "Ohana".  They informed me that the neighborhood is "christian" and has "children" and asked me to stop being "relentlessly gay"....

Next note that the letter which "asked" and then would be "forced" is now "informed"
Note that in this "Go Fund Me" request for money, the word "Christian" is downgraded via the lower case "c" in "Christian."  This is significant. 

The Go Fund Me letter writer wants to appeal to pro-homosexual rights groups, just as the "note" wants to portray Christians in the negative light.  The two are consistent.  

The former blames Christians. 
The latter insults Christians.  

The two are similar in this 'appeal' for money.  Note also that the "children" are also given the lowercase change from the letter.  

Needless to say...  I need more rainbows... Many, many more rainbows…. 

"Needless to say" is something that we need her to say, and the ...indicates missing information at this point. 
"I need more rainbows" has the same punctuation, with missing information.  It may be that this person seeking money has other needs, which exceed the small amount of money the lights cost.  What is missing is tied to "many, many more" in regard to something other than the decorative lights.  

So, I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More "relentlessly gay" 

This is a direct appeal to gay supporters who may feel the same negative feelings towards Christians.  Fake Hate usually targets someone or a group with hatred.  When a false crime is reported, there is always a chance an innocent will be falsely imprisoned.  This is hateful.  In this case, the author has attempted to anger homosexuals against "Christians" who must protect their "children" from said homosexuals.  

She is rather clever in this technique.  

 If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof! 

Please note that a "rainbow roof" is also capitalized in the portion of a sentence where capitalization is not required.  This is a similar marking with the "note."

She does not say she will be a "Rainbow Roof" because she avoids saying what is "high enough."  This is not a commitment by her. 

It is very likely she has other outstanding bills.  

Because my invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up there in style!

Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. 

She wishes the target audience to know that she is a "widow", as she is raising money.  She said her youngest is in high school which may lead readers (potential donors) to believe that she has three children in college, and as a widow, the three college tuitions are a tough burden to bear.  However, she does not say this.  

That this is "Put simply" gives us an indication that there is more to the story than just being a widow and the mother of four children.  This is to suggest that there is a more complex way of viewing her family life, that she does not wish to share at this time.  This leads us to believe that there are questions as to her status, and who may, or may not be, supported by her at this time.  

"I WILL NOT" is all caps, like "GOD", while "Relent to Hatred" has, inappropriately so, capitalization within the sentence, just as the note did. 

Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!

Please note "whimsy" is used here.  Some may consider "Relentlessly Gay" to be a "whimsical" phrase.  

Note the order indicating priority:

1.  whimsy
2.  beauty
3.  laughter
4.  "love" is last in her order.  

She wraps these things around her "home" first, "yard" second, and her family is last.  

note the three !!! 

Thanks for your relentlessly gay support!


"Relentless" is repeated, not just from the note, and should be considered sensitive.  

This is a "fake hate" that seeks to show hatred towards Christians and manipulate homosexuals and gay rights supporters against Christians and is unafraid to even use "children" as a tool of hatred. 

There is enough here for police to investigate the Go Fund Me woman, herself, as the author, or someone close to her. 

The money seeker posted this update:  note the similarities, particularly in both language and capitalization:

Holy Relentless Rainbows!! This is.... I am Speechless! Thank you ALL so much!!
I am so,, stunned and shocked and grateful for the beautiful outpouring of support!
It looks like I can get some painting done!
I still want the rainbow roof! Because I want this house to be Seen From Space!
They want Relentless!? They got it!
Thank you for standing with me! 
Thank you Thank you So much!!


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't know what district she is from, but local police need to ask her to polygraph. I hope they are aware of this scam.

Angela said...

If it's a scam, then they'll find it out. People know her name, it's all over the news outlets in Baltimore. Obviously people will keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...

It's obviously a scam. A well thought out scam. No way it's just a coincidence both letters have the odd and random capitalization errors.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter,

Wow... nice job of psuedo-forensic babble made to look like an actual analysis. I'm sure the local PD will enjoy the hours of hilarity you bring with it.

So sorry that your right-wing homophobic reflexes can't let you leave well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Smacks of a scam. One report in the local City Paper goes further, to say she had been threatened before with having her house burned and she reported the threat. That should be on file if it is true. Would love to see someone check.

She also insinuated it might be people from the church across the street. I googled the church, and what do you know, Kenwood Presbyterian is a gay-friendly Church in the PC(USA), a liberal denomination that allows gay marriage. From their site: "Presbyterians are a diverse group of people- in age, in political/moral thought, in race, in sexuality, really- in any way one can be diverse. Sometimes that causes for conflict, although, within our local church, Kenwood Presbyterian, we are committed to sharing what binds us together rather than what fighting over what could pull us a part. "

City Paper article,0,4036384.story

Anonymous said...

Oh... and Anonymous who like to call people homophobic... I posted at 10:26, and am a bisexual woman. I don't appreciate someone using such an important issue to make moooney. Don't give her anything. Give to the ACLU or one of the many groups working against homophobia. Even if it is not a scam, it is a better use of your money.

Lemon said...

Due to breaking information, I offer this update to my hashtag:

Red Meat said...

Since you say "local police" and "bring"...are you local to the "incident?"

Anonymous said...

"I opened my door, and found a note from my neighbor".

The use of the word "found" usually tells us that a person is or has been searching. "where are my keys"? Iv'e "found" them. Why not say "I opened my door, and there was a note from my neighbor". I don't know why, but this does not feel right.

Anonymous said...

It's so well thought out...I wonder if one of her college age daughters came up with the farce. She never says what exactly she is going to do with the money, so there is 0 expectation on the gofundme page with the money besides...what? putting a rainbow in the yard? She declined almost all media interviews so her story couldn't be scrutinized. What's really sad is people on the comments supporting her, but asking for money any money for REAL PROBLEMS like cancer treatment, kidney dialysis, Make-A-Wish type vacations, dental treatment ETC. These people are so desperate for anybody to help them out even a little, and they see some person get 30 THOUSAND DOLLARS to put some rainbows in her yard or whatever. It really sickens me that people these days only want to help out if its something gone "viral" or everybody else is doing it or at the very least they can get credit for it.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous at 10:26

Is the link for records requests. $15 but I'd gladly pay to expose this scammer..not sure if just address and victim name will be sufficient to obtain the report. I think a date may be required. I will be calling tomorrow to see

Report Request Unit Phone: 410-887-2390

Anonymous said...

There must be something wrong with me as I don't find much that is so threatening about this note. I could read a hundred things into the note that aren't in it if I set out too, but the fact is, there are no physical threats being made towards either the home owner, Christians or children. Further, the writer of the note is stating her/his 'opinion' that the homeowner should be more respectful towards God, which is the writers' personal opinion, but I don't see a physical threat in this remark either.

The writer is only threatening to call the police if the gay decorations in the yard are not toned down a bit, and even this is not a physical threat that would cause bodily harm to anyone if the owner doesn't abide by the request. Calling the police wouldn't do any good anyhow, they can't do anything about an unsightly yard appearance; this would be a matter to take up with city code enforcement by way of filing a complaint with the appropriate department in that county. So, where's the threat that might cause harm to anyone?

Good heavens. How can anyone read all these insults into this tiny little note against Christians and children when they aren't in the note? I must have been wasting my time for several years, sitting here learning statement analysis to be able to decipher deceitful schemes and lies; to have missed the mark on being able to read so much into this little note that isn't even there.

In fact, I don't see that much of a scam here either. The woman makes no excuses for asking for funds to help her glorify her place in its' gay décor even more than it presently is. So, what has she lied about in raising the funds? IMO, she seems to be pretty much open about her solicitation of money to make her place even more obviously gay in appearance. I call this doing the Ivana Trump "get even" ploy. So, she is a widow with four kids, the youngest still a teenager. How do any of you know that she isn't? Why would she need to tell her familys' lifes' history before she can ask for money and if she doesn't she isn't being truthful? YES, I have obviously missed the mark on this one. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Peter,, I am serious about my post just above @6:49; I'm not trying to be a wise guy. I just don't get it, that's all.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @10:26 p.m., claiming to be a bi-sexual woman; why the hell can't you people shut the hell up about your nasty sex habits! Why do you need to broadcast what you are doing to yourself and others and allowing them to do to you in your filthy sex acts.

You have no pride. Not only that, you have a perverted mental problem in doing these acts then compounding them by advertising yourself as such. You could control yourself sexually if you wanted too, you just don't too, that's all.

You like being nasty. Some of us, ME in particular, gets damned sick and tired of having to think about your stinking sex acts. If you want to do these filthy things you could at least keep it to yourself. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. At this point, it's no longer a religious thing, it's a sickening and disgusting thing being thrown in the face of others PLUS bragging about it! Get help. You are thoroughly sickening and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

anon @7:12

Caps noted!

Sara said...

Wow! Just, wow! Seriously, is any one else here feeling like I am-- I want to just quit my job, send myself a fake hate letter, post it, ask for money, and fleece a bunch of idiots out of their hard earned money, so I have more time to do the things that I prefer to do, which does not include a job I dislike. Actually, I would not do that, but it's tempting. The people sending money anger me as much as the requester does. They're idiots. I usually feel sorry for people who are scammed out of their money, but these people? My gosh! Go ahead--be a doormat--you just lay on down right quick, ya hear!
And to think of all the Good that money could have done if placed in the right hands.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anoymous 6:49,

if you do not see the insult in "Children" and "Christian", perhaps you can ask yourself,

"Why did the author include "Children"?

There is no physical threat, either. In this, you are correct.

It is a fake hate that attempts to implicate Christians. If you look at one of the articles that posted it, it says that the homeowner was "threatened by Christian", in a thinly veiled attempt to continue the hate.

Law enforcement is investigating and is aware. She is up to 30K and may see prison time.

Go Fund Me is also doing an investigation. Even without training, they will catch her.


Unknown said...

Note the capitalized words: Home, Hatred, etc. Throughout the statement, the author capitalised these words suggesting increased inflection, or importance. The word Hatred is really strong for the sense of the note she supposedly received. With soft language throughout, the woman is including words from her own personal dictionary. Hatred was never mentioned in the letter, not was there any strong indication of such a powerful emotion. I feel that she is either mirroring language or perceived perceptions of herself from other people.

Her language throughout supports Mr. Hyatt's conclusion of sexual confusion. Perhaps a crusade to pull favour to deflect what she either perceives as ire toward her and her children, and instead desires to be viewed as a proud example. Maybe to protect her children, or indirectly belittle the bigots whom she wished to highlight in the fabricated note.

What's with all of the fake hate lately? Unlike pain, which is, legally, almost impossible to prove that pain doesn't exist unless there's lots of evidence proving range of motion reported to be impossible is being done. With regards to hate messages, it seems more like a cash cow, and less likely to be criticised publicly due to the sensitive nature of it: ethnic origin, sexual orientation, etc.

C5H11ONO said...

This one is so obvious it's embarrassing!

Note from Police:

You are under Arrest!
You have the Right to Remain silent,
Anything you Say may be Used against You in a Court of Law
You have the Right to an Attorney
You have the right, if You Cannot afford the services of an attorney, to have one Appointed

Do you Think She Will Understand that she wrote the note Herself once she Wakes up and Smells the coffee?

Unknown said...

Also, capitalisation seems to be present in the note as well as her language. Same word types are capitalised giving extra emphasis. The author of the note and the "victim" in this case are one in the same. Forced, Police, Home, Hateful

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Please keep in mind that anonymous threatening letters are the single most difficult ones to analyze.

That we have had two in a row where the author has been identified, with this one being relatively easy, don't be lulled into complacency; it is difficult work.

Anonymous said...,0,4036384.story

overland express said...

If only all the CVS looters, and the thugs roaming around Baltimore, realized that they can support any lifestyle they are into merely by posting a plea on the "Looking For Fools To Fund Me" site (sites)? Wow ! What a gig ! I hope these people do not vote again.

Andrea said...

Hey guys. If you're questioning this also, be sure to stop by the gofundme page every so often to leave a little reminder as to this fact. Some people won't realise that there might be something amiss here unless it's first pointed out to them. Make sure to "heart" any comments that you agree with, too, so that others realise that it's a legit concern going around. They blocked me completely from commenting yesterday, so please try and help me make up for that. Looking forward to hearing any updates you may have, Peter.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Andrea, i am posting every so often.

This time i left Peter's analysis of her statement and letter for perusal rather than the URL for the analysis( some people are event to lazy to press a button to see for themselves or are in denial)

So far, i haven't been deleted or blocked (fingers crossed)

I am looking for her facebook page so i can message her there.

Andrea again said...

Yeah, just saw you. I'm not sure if it'd be worth trying to message her honestly as it will probably go straight to her Other box. People don't tend to check that. Here's her page, though:

Andrea again said...

So they've just blocked my pal Dana as well. These people are absolutely shameless.

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks honey I did message her, she can do as she wishes with my message.

I hope she will realize the game is up and call an end to this charade.
it isn't just going to affect her with possible charges, it will also have an impact on her family.

Anonymous said...

It should be fairly straight forward to have the note analysed and the ink compared to that of any printers she has in the house. Heck, her computer may even contain the letter itself or a residual trace. She'll be caught before long.

Anonymous said...

It's blatantly obvious that this is a scam, but people want to believe the narrative. Everything is so intentionally vague in the note. If there would have been a threat of harm in that note, the letter would have been investigated by the police, which is what she didn't want, so that's why the biggest threat on there is "I will be forced to call the police," which is not a crime. But what is sad is the media running with this story despite all the red flags. Any mediocre journalist could get to the bottom this in no time. The funny thing is they are not. Surely some news source would have written an article pointing out the capitalization of random words. Very telling that so far they haven't. After the Dayna Morales story they should have learned their lesson. I won't stop until this fraud is exposed. Not just because this is an obvious scam, but because the media obviously has an axe to grind for recklessly reporting this.

John Dough said...

All they'd need to do is check her printer. Printers leave distinctive patterns on every page they print that forensics can detect. If the page matches than it is without a doubt a scam.

Always the same Andrea said...

This is so incredibly conflicting. It looks so damn obvious but then you have supposed "friends" come around, trying to convince you that it's all legit. But really, the typing is just too much. Too much. Yesterday I spent a decent deal of time scouring through her public Facebook posts and, really, it's undeniable -- she does the weird capitalising thing throughout her posts there as well. Check out my Facebook page ( to see some of the most blatant examples I found. Please do share it also. Remember, those are only the most obvious. It was really difficult to have to see each time. Kind of sickening, honestly. I can't wait til this is over.

Anonymous said...

$41,877 of $5,000 raised

It will be used for? more Rainbows.
or re-hauling remodeling her house.

Relentless Grifter or Relentlessly Keen

Anonymous said...

I'm 90% sure this is a scam....but even if this is legit, $42k in a few days for decorations??? First of all, its not like she received a signed letter from all her could be one person who lives 6 blocks over with a mental illness and hears voices of other neighbors. Or let's say it is all the neighbors on the block, but the houses to her immediate left and right do not care about the you are going to take an insane amount of money and make your house look horrible, thus reducing your property value and the property value of innocent people in your vicinity? Rude. Selfish sensationalism.

The real tragedy here is that the general populous can raise $42k in a few days to decorate someones house super tacky in spite/passive aggressiveness, yet there are people starving.....riddled with cancer.....and we can even raise a quarter of that amount in a month?

It is sad. We are all sheep. Sheep being led to slaughter. It will only get worse. Why won't people wake up??!?! A sad state of affairs.

Andrea again said...

Please heart this or whatever so that more people will actually give it some consideration.

I'm trying to work on something else, but as I told Peter, I actually have finger/wrist/hand problems so this is kind of like a punishment for me, really. On top of having to shift through her years of garbage, that is. God, so annoying.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it was a lot of work to piece that together, but it will likely help in realizing justice for:

1. Those she scammed
2. Those she slandered

thank you,


Tania Cadogan said...

Thank you Andrea, i have hearted this and posted a comment. Happy Sunday to you

Unknown said...

I have no idea if this is helpful, but I can't help but mention this information.

The Pink and the Black: Homosexuals in France Since 1968

This book was published in 1999 and has and entire chapter called, "We must be relentlessly gay". This is chapter 6 of this book. A man named Michel Foucault was French philosopher who stated in regards to use of the term gay. Sometime in the late seventies to early eighties he defended he use of this word as a positive one because "A positive assessment of a consciousness in which affection, love, desire, and sexual relations are valorized," for Foucault "homosexual" a term of medical and legal origin, reduced individuals to their sexual behavior, whereas "gay" reflected a way of life self-definition. Hence the slogan "We must be relentlessly gay" As Faucault explained, "sexual choices also ought to create ways of life".

He goes on to say:

"To be gay means that these choice involve every aspect of life: in a certain sense, it means rejecting the usual ways of life. It mean making sexual choice the impetus for a change in one's mode of existence.... I say, we must use our sexuality to discover, to invent new relations. To be gay is to be ever-changing. Let me add that we must not be homosexual: we must be relentlessly gay."

Reading about Julie Baker it is apparent that gay rights and reading are both very important in her life. She has long been a fervent supporter of gay rights with almost militant speech regarding them, also she prides herself on reading and educating herself and encouraging her daughters to do the same. I cannot say that she has read this book, but I will say that the phrase, "relentlessly gay" is a known used phrase in the gay community for many decades and is unique to that culture. The use of this phrase in a homophobic note is an very unusual choice.

Relentlessly gay is not considered a negative phrase and one unlikely to be used by someone who is homophobic. I would doubt they would coin the phrase on their own as it's a unique choice of wording, and it would not be known to a homophobic person being unfamiliar with gay culture.

Anonymous said...

Jive ass Julie just posted a long new message. She claims that she's been ill. Also the type has changed. She made mention of being scared. She should be! Hopefully she will be investigated. She might also have a criminal record. Maryland Court records are free and easy way access.

Relentlessly Gay said...

Always that one Andrea said...

Thanks so much for that, Peter. That means a lot to me. Let me tell you, I am seriously paying for this. I am hopeful that what I have come up with will be enough to do some damage. If wanted, I suppose I could upload any screenshots to my Google Drive or something. I really, really don't want to have to go through her timeline again. Please, no.

I have added some new images (which include some of the old ones) to my imgur account ( Check it out and, again, if appreciated, "heart" and share and such. If the link doesn't work, look for breakingthisdown -- that's me. Thanks, too, Tania, for the support.

Athena, what an excellent find. I mean, holy freaking sh1t. THAT needs to be brought up. My god.

Unknown said...

I've been posting warnings on the GoFundMe page too. Problem is the default page shows the comments with the most LIKES and not the most recent, so people who don't bother to go to Recent are just drinking the kool-aid....

Andrea Andrea Andrea said...

Very true, Cindy. Don't think that that had occurred to me. It's completely frustrating to see so many happy comments when so much seems to be wrong here. Good on you for fighting the good fight. If you get the chance (and find that you can appreciate it yourself), please whore out my imgur ( to get the word out. Seeing it throughout her Facebook really quite drives it home.

Jane of All said...

She actually didn't deny any interviews, in fact I was there for two of them and a few other channels had interviewed her that same day. She is not hiding, her address is all over the internet, if you have doubts, instead of pointing a finger, .at e you should just ask her yourself. She will greet you with a hug and tell you that this fundraiser will be going to more than just rainbows. She gives to the community, and now she will give even more. So instead of throwing stones, know the person first. She is genuine and one of the most kind hearted women you will ever meet.

Anonymous said...

It is a scam if the entire campaign is based upon a lie - in this case being bullied by her LGBT/rainbow'hating Christian neighbors. If the campaign had been based upon a woman simply asking for donations to make her home and property colorful, then I say more power to her; but, that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Julie's buddies are in overdrive at Snopes trying to get the "story" removed. Her BFF is probably doing all of the writing on her behalf since Julie's own speech/writing implicates her as the hate letter author:

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that the Eleanor who created that blog is the same one posting on Snopes and is the one who was actively contacting media directly and via Twitter (@EleanorJustice) to get this story viral.

Unknown said...

I think this is interesting...her daughter posted in the comments of the GoFundMe, in defense of her mother. Take a look at this statement in particular, "we did not start this fundme to be petty neighbors we started it because it inspire us to do more, we have always wanted to do these project and have planned to set up fundme's before, but there was never a good time or enough inspiration until now."

You've always wanted to do these projects? You'd planned to set up a fundme before?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


very astute.

More astute that you currently realize.

Your question is relevant: has she done "Go Fund Me" before?


Unknown said...

Always that one Andrea said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it. I feel strongly that this is where she took the phrase from. I also responded to Eleanor's retort on Snopes. She and other friend's of Julie have been actively trying to silence those that call fraud, so I felt it necessary.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Someone wrote to me, terribly sad,and somewhat angered, as he has been reading her story, across the country, and all the hateful, spiteful, and condemning comments about Christians.

Julie Baker got what she wanted. She is a hate monger for profit.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
It is a scam if the entire campaign is based upon a lie - in this case being bullied by her LGBT/rainbow'hating Christian neighbors. If the campaign had been based upon a woman simply asking for donations to make her home and property colorful, then I say more power to her; but, that is not the case.


"I need money to decorate my home."

Sadly, one woman wrote that she tried to raise $500 for a child's tombstone and could not, but this woman raised $40,000 on hatred of Christians.

Had Julie simply written that she wanted money to decorate her home, it would not be a crime.

She might have raised very few dollars, however.

Instead, she chose an easy target, one who is unpopular and has been targeted by our own president. She wants money to stop the hate, while she is propagating hatred.

Perhaps a few years in a prison cell might cause her to stop the hatred.


Anonymous said...

Julie has used GofundMe before but I don't believe it was specifically on her behalf. However, here's one she created to raise $5K for her daughters:

Anonymous said...

And then Julie's friend/PR mouthpiece got involved:

Anonymous said...

Paula Lee Andrese, the one who originally contacted Snopes to remove the story, has stated on FB that Julie has shut down the GoFundMe page.  Of course. we know it's because Julie is now worried about "getting caught" and not because she's an honorable person. If it was the latter, it would have been closed after hitting $5-10K.

The text is long-winded so I can't cut and paste but here's the link to the post:

Anonymous said...

Julie made another update:
I want to humbly thank everyone for their extreme generosity. Please now, take all of this good energy and help each other. I just learned moments ago that I could turn off the donations, and I am doing so because I there is plenty, more than plenty, above and beyond the goal. 
On a sadder note, the world is filled with hate and fear, as such I want to work to remove any doubt about the authenticity of the letter. Until then I am not taking a dime out of this account. 
Please carry on with flooding the world with rainbows and joy, be relentlessly generous, be relentlessly compassionate, be relentlessly vibrant and stay relentlessly gay.

Alexis Kennedy said...

Julie briefly wrote for my emag last year. As soon as I saw the alleged note, I recognized that unique "writing style" of random capitalization. In reviewing her unedited submissions, I am convinced she is the author of that note.

Unknown said...

This is almost laughable - the following Facebook post is by a friend of Julie's, praising her for being so unselfish as to turn off the donations (not at $5,000, of course, but at nearly $44,000).

"Today, Julie showed her true colors, in neon rainbows. She stopped accepting donations on her GoFundMe page....
How many of you would have taken that GoFundMe account to hundreds of thousands of dollars, because is there ever really enough? Well for Julie, there is....
Which brings me to the second realization about Julie. She's fearless AND void of ego and greed. P.S. For those who believe that Julie stopped her GoFundMe account as a direct result of the negative feedback, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to live inside your head. "

Unknown said...

If I hear the word "whimsical" one more time, I think I might start projectile vomiting rainbows...

From Paula Lee Andrese's blog: "She could have easily let that fund go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the world was ready for it. She could have purchased a new home for her family (yes, in B'more that could happen), or even invested in her kid's college education, but she didn't."

Actually, no Paula, she couldn't. As stated clearly in GoFundMe's Terms & Conditions ( "By using GoFundMe, Users are representing and warranting that all donations received are being given and being used solely for the purpose(s) stated within the content of the User’s campaign."

Julie's campaign was for some rainbows, not a new house. Not a college education for her kids. Unfortunately for her, Julie's friends proudly and publicly announced that she intended to use surplus donations for purposes other than stated in her campaign. You can bet if she'd changed the primary page of her GoFundMe to state, "We've got enough rainbows, now I'm going to start building bat houses! Who's with me???" donations would have tapered off rather quickly...

Julie's over-the-top friends aren't doing her any favors. If Julie were really fearless and void of ego, then instead of empty platitudes about fighting against hate and fear with whimsy and light, or hiding behind the lavish praise of her friends, she'd have met this head on. She could easily have acknowledged people's concerns and acted to address them, instead of simply trying to vilify the people asking legitimate questions.

Andrea?! said...

Thanks for sharing, Natasha. Especially the bit about gfm's T&Cs. I'm not familiar with gfm at all. It really looks like this has all blown up in their faces rather nicely. I am a content kittycat.

PS: I felt the same thing about the w word. Like, FnCK. Fnck, even her daughter used it at us! I couldn't believe you used it,too, though. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Case against Ms. Baker: Collection case

Complaint Status: DISMISSED BY COURT
Status Date: 10/19/2011
Filing Date:05/26/2011
Last Activity Date:10/19/2011

Case by Ms. Baker against Mr. Steers: Collection case

Court System: Circuit Court for Baltimore County - Criminal System
Case Number: 03K06004278
Judgment Against:
Steers, Kenneth Ray
Judgment in Favor of:
Baker, Julie
Judgment Entered Date: 05/16/2007 Other Fee: $0.00
Amount of Judgment: $1,200.00 Service Fee: $0.00
PreJudgment Interest: $0.00 Witness Fee: $0.00
Appearance Fee: $0.00 Attorney Fee: $0.00
Filing Fee: $0.00 Total Indexed Judgment: $1,200.00

Unknown said...

Yep, it was pretty amazing that Julie and her friends really thought she was entitled to use all this free money any way she pleased and that it was downright noble of her NOT to buy a new house with it. It is a good thing that her campaign was apparently shut down (and I am assuming she did not get those funds). Because if she had, then she and her daughters and friends would be giddy with delight at discovering this new and extremely easy way to support themselves. Even now, I would not be surprised to see her start up a new campaign in the near future.

Does anyone have confirmation on the status of the campaign and funds? The page is gone now, but I am not certain what that means, exactly.

Anonymous said...

"Julie Baker
29 mins · Baltimore, MD, United States

I have had a productive beneficial conversation with the police, they are satisfied with me. I am happy, they seem happy. The crazies can go suck gopher grundles."

Posted in RG group.

Andrea bo bea said...

Andrese is just as idiotic as the people that we oftentimes stand up against. It's really quite remarkable. I am my own person. I got into this of my very own volition, the result of my very own eyeballs and, every so often, the fairly careful assessment of the thoughts and findings of others. My agenda was my own. I will be glad not to have to read their garbage about love and laughter and whimsy (BARF.)in any case. Absolutely nothing will convince me that this was not done with intent to draw sympathy so as to completely BANK off of the indignation of the LGBT+ community, most especially with what little Faith said last night. Nasty.

Anonymous said...

And newsflash, Andrese. My disagreeing with you and finding you distasteful (True story.) doesn't make me a fncking troll, you dunce. Look up the word. Also, look up the word "incite." Incite and insight are not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Andrese has magical powers as a witch so you best watch your step!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Blogger Natasha Stephenson said...
If I hear the word "whimsical" one more time, I think I might start projectile vomiting rainbows...

This is so funny I almost...


Andrea said...

Good. Maybe she can use some of that witchy whimsy of hers when she kisses my azz.

Unknown said...

It appears that the people on the Relentlessly Gay Facebook are eager for the Snopes editor to declare the fundraiser legit. She responded to the group with the info that she must speak to Baltimore County police directly and cannot publish their secondhand version of what the police said. She asked for the officer's name and this is how Julie responded:

Julie Baker: "I would appreciate the officer not being harassed, they have bad guys to deal with, not filling internet pages. Kim, thank you for submitting changes, I noticed the conjecture went up really fast. The note was left money the 16th. I hope in the future the site does its best to get all of the facts before posting stories. There are many victims out \there of crimes that run the gammon of strange and difficult to believe, treating a victim like a sideshow attraction is cruel and dangerous and feeds sociopaths."

Looks like she is working hard, BTW, to improve her capitalization skills. And, lastly, the gofundme page is back up. Makes me wonder if gofundme did a superficial investigation and cleared it?

Unknown said...

Charles Manson? Did she really just try and compare you to Charles Manson, on the basis that you tell people to ask questions and look for the truth? Are you kidding me? Somebody's been watching too much Aquarius.

Well, whatever. She seems pretty proud of what is really a rather tepid and superficial response. Everyone knows the best way to win an arguments is to start comparing people to famous killers and calling them sociopaths. Er, wait, no...that's exactly how you DON'T win arguments. Ah, but I do slay myself...

Strawman, appeal to emotion, and ad hominem fallacies for the win.

And for the record, I started out a supporter of her campaign, but when I saw that she'd raised over $40k to paint rainbows and then planned to use the majority of it to make home improvements and build bee houses, I got a little indignant. It seems unethical to me to exploit a cause in order to get money for things that people would NOT have donated for, if you'd been honest. Or I'm a sociopath. Hard to tell. Fortunately, I only donate to people with dying cats, or terminal diseases, or houses that have burned down, so at least I don't PERSONALLY feel ripped off.

Emily Cohen said...

This is absolutely amazing! The exploitation is mind blowing. Although I probably shouldn't be surprised. After some seriously hard times as a single mom in grad school with my hours cut at work, I made a GFM to cover my cut hours for the semester. So I could, ya know, feed my kid and make sure the lights stayed on. I was told to put my studies and career on hold and do the right thing and get a better job. A couple close friends were kind enough to help me, but I became embarrassed and stopped sharing my GFM link because I was made to feel like a fraud. Now, seeing all this has made me really upset. Not that I'm looking for handouts, but this woman isn't any more deserving of 43k than I am, or anyone else is. And I am gay, and proudly out. I work with an organization that works hard to help support homeless LGBT youth that have been kicked out of their homes for being gay or trans. Those kids need help. They need a roof over their head, period! They don't care if it's rainbow. They deserve the help.

Andrea said...

"On 24 June 2015 we spoke to a detective at Baker’s local precinct, to whom we were referred by individuals connected with the Relentlessly Gay campaign. Although Baker had stated the previous day that police were “satisfied” with her claim, the detective to whom we spoke said that Baker was either unwilling or unable to produce the letter in question, and that she had maintained it was no longer in her possession. The detective also indicated that he had attempted to meet with Baker in person the previous day but was unable to do so."

Unknown said...

So she got rid of the letter. That right there is all the proof you need. IF the letter was legit and knowing that so many people doubted it, a genuine victim would never have disposed of it. A genuine victim would put it in the safest of places to bring out as evidence to support their claim. The ONLY reason to get rid of the letter is if it is fake and could be proven to be fake. She knows that the police can match letters to printers and ink, and so she had to get rid of it.

My god, I can’t even look at that relentlesslygay facebook group anymore. I went over there today to see if there was any response to the new snopes edits, and it was like being inside a scary rainbow dictatorship. Even some poor poster who simply noted that that she was leaving the group because there was too much talk of snopes and not enough about rainbows was declared a troll trying to stir up negativity. I think they will probably soon start holding public trials over there and people will start outing their friends for the crime of “negativity.” Yikes.

Unknown said...! I guess we know why she chimed in real quick about not "harassing" the detective...

Computer forensics could still find the file, but I don't know that they're taking this case that seriously.

Anonymous said...

I think the main stream media needs to do the due diligence before reporting on things like this. The only ones that have are Snopes and the Daily caller, but I think the news sites that reported this woman's word at face value need to be held to some kind of accountability. With all the evidence that's mounted up indicating that this a scam by simple lay people such as ourselves surely, "Journalist" could have found these discrepancies with little effort, but instead, they pushed this story as if they had all the evidence in the world that this was real.
. This kind on unobjective reporting needs to end on both sides. I have an idea. Maybe we should come up with a hash tag. Something like #FabulousFraudulent that will direct all the evidence against her. Sadly, people are getting angry at the thought of this Fraud being exposed, and they won't admit to themselves that this Scammer is a fraud unless the same media that peddled this story as truth comes out and says this indeed looks like a scam.

Unknown said...

I agree entirely. It actually has been a bit of an eye-opener for me that so many news organizations copied this story, but few questioned it AT ALL. Everyone just took that letter at face-value and reported it as a feel-good anti-hate thing and never even questioned it. I really was surprised at how easily that happened and I kept googling relentlesslygay scam and fraud, SURE that someone was going to actually investigate, and everyday all that came up was this site and snopes.

Unknown said...

It is such a shame. So many people want this to be left alone because it doesn't matter whether or not she lied, all that matters is what's come of it. I will always support LGBTQIA causes. Always. I have been critical of this because it is the opposite of that. This paints them in a negative light by it being fraud.

Being that it is fraud as many many people have suspected, the note is exactly what Peter Hyatt so eloquently explained. It is an attack from a LGBTQIA "sympathizer" on Christians. I put sympathizer in quotations because someone that truly supported their cause which is about obtaining equal rights and recognition for every person, would never use the prejudice directed at LGBQIA groups to commit a hate crime against another.

I have said before, and I will say again, this is a hate crime committed against Christians. Just as I don't need to be gay to recognize a hate crime, I don't need to be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion to recognize a hate crime directed at one of them.

If we, as a society want to come together and work together as it seems people driving this campaign want to be the champions of, we have to be willing to suss out prejudice and hatred, no matter what form it comes in, and address it. In this case, not supporting the person committing the act and being sure that they are appropriately dealt with under the law.

There has been so much negativity directed at those fighting for the truth in this situation. Why do we keep on? We do because this is a wrongful act that is damaging the very people that it is supposed to be helping. Julie Baker doesn't speak for the LGBTQIA community, they speak for themselves and quite well I might add. The last thing people who are fighting a genuine fight for equal rights and recognition need is to be used as a tool for home improvement. It cheapens their fight, their struggle, and the losses they have already suffered that the rest of the world can't even imagine.

Each time a state finally comes around to recognize the basic rights of the people in this community, it is moving towards a true Providence. Not in the sense of the all seeing eye of a god watching over us all, but watching over each other for each other. Walking together and supporting each other for the right reasons. Being aware of each other's needs and stopping one of our fellow man from being trampled.

I want there to be more recognition for this community, but this is not how it should come about. It should come from recognizing the amazing work they are doing on a daily basis. It should come by seeing the very real prejudices that they face for being the people that they were born as. All of the pain and struggle, joy and triumph are hard earned by the LGBTQIA community and should you want to be a part of it, should you want to support it, they will welcome you with open arms. The more people on their side, the more recognized as equal they are.

This is a secular nation. We are without a religion assigned to us through our government. What a beautiful and amazing freedom that we have. Christianity has a healthy presence here, it would be impossible to deny that. Each denomination, each church sets it's own doctrines. The church on Kenwood Avenue has taken a position of love, acceptance, and equality. That should be admired, celebrated! Instead there was underhanded insinuation that it harbored people who would commit this crime. I have heard no one bemoan their situation.

Unknown said...

What about the actual people living in that neighborhood? It was a neighbor that put the note on her door supposedly. The Relentlessly Gay house has attracted many people who are drawn to support this persecuted woman. How unfair is it to be a person living there under suspicion. Simply being a nearby residence puts them under suspicion. How was it fair to make them uncomfortable in their own homes and wonder about their own neighbors. This crime was committed against them, and if the money is used for the reasons that Ms. Baker has said, it is a continuation of that same crime.

If Ms. Baker wrote the note, then not one of her neighbors has complained about anything in her yard. Save perhaps the man that nearly complained of the poor dog she kept locked away in a kennel. She collects over forty thousand dollars and does what? I don't know her real plans, and while living near a rainbow house would not bother me in the slightest, some of the other suggestions I have read that might happen certainly would.

We all want to live in peace and harmony. We all want quiet enjoyment in our own homes and lives. To have that we must respect it for others. We must recognize true prejudice and address it no matter what form it comes in. A child with AIDS being denied entry to school, a black man arrested because he is black and therefore up to something, an Atheist for simply refusing to believe in god, whatever god that is, a Muslim woman for wearing a hijab, or a fabricated hate crime for the means of robbing people of their money.

Come together, I encourage it. Everyone who has spoken against this crime encourages it. Support the victims of this crime, and call the perpetrator to justice. Joy comes from rightness. By treating our fellow man as ourselves and not allowing them to be down trodden because they are not just like ourselves. Make this a call to action to love with all your heart every person you meet. If Michel Foucault's term, Relentlessly Gay, speaks to you, then be that. Do it for the real struggles he and his fellow advocates faced and lift others up. Helping others helps us all.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Julie Baker wrote the letter.

Similar answer I gave once on a murder case when asked, "How certain are you?"

My answer to the double homicide is the same here:

I stake my career on it.

Should she cash out, she runs the risk of not simply being arrested, but the risk of successful prosecution of potentially lengthy criminal sentencing.

The detective that told Snopes that she was not cooperative, being either unwilling or unable to hand over the note likely convinced some, but her own posted writing samples would not be difficult to prove to a jury of her peers that she is the author.

By withdrawing the money, she could be starting some events that she will regret for the rest of her life.

I will post something about "followers" in which there are some personality types who, even if Ms. Baker were to plead guilty, and admit being the author, would say "she did that because she could not get a fair trial."

It is a personality type that will not yield to truth. It sounds extreme but it reveals, usually, an agenda behind it. It is usually more than just pride, or a contrarian of nature. It is something deeper, and generally unreachable.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


regarding them not taking the case that seriously:

don't bet on it.

They have enough reports and enough exposure, including the Baltimore Sun and Snopes, to not want to be seen as incompetent.

They are professionals and would not like being humiliated. They take their work seriously. It is what they do: fraud. It would be akin to admitting that they were out-smarted.

She withdraws that money and...

She should do research as to how much time she could be looking at. It is enough money to give 1/3 to an attorney who may try to scheme with her.

The end of the matter is, however, that a jury of her peers (or worse for her, a bench trial) would look at the capitalization alone, besides all the 'leakage' about planning this and money, and wonder within about her destroying the note, and...

they would note that some of the things she posted were outright lies, including the original police contact, for example, and a jury would likely order the money returned to the original donors, and for Baker to move into her new residence...

a federal residence.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


you make a good point.

Here are some others:

Charlie Rogers hurt the movement for civil rights for gays with her fake hate crime. It makes the public more wary to believe an actual victim.

Christians have been maligned by her hatred. I am disgusted by the comments I have read. These are not simply undiscerning, but hateful fascist types who think that they can shout "homophobia!" at anyone who dare question them.

The problem is that this fascist action creates a defense and people with discernment (gay and straight) align themselves up against them.

No one likes a bully.

Charlie Rogers sought fame and 3 innocent men could have been falsely arrested for her fake hate crime. She also hated Christianity.

She carved a cross into her forehead and then told police that her father, a Christian, did it.

She is also a "hate monger" who is willing to lie to gain fame.

Julie Baker's hatred of Christians and her hatred of an innocent neighbor who could have been falsely accused, is obvious from her angry remarks. Out went the happy rainbows and peace for all, and in came the venom:

the same venom in her note when she wrote "Christian" and "Children", both in caps, until this became evident, and wrote again, without any such capitalization.

This is just as thin.

Hate has a cost. Hate has backlash.

There are those who know she wrote it, but still stick with her, due to their own motives. Some pride, some because they saw big bucks and could sell t-shirts and hawk junk in the name of a fake movement, while still others have deeper seated issues.

Regardless, she is no friend of their's, either.

The hate she has displayed has spread throughout comments.


Unknown said...


I agree with you. I have believed from the beginning that this is a terrible hoax and I also believe that it may have been a group effort between Julie and her friends. I can't recall seeing a single one directly say, Julie did not write that note. They are more apt to say it has been happening for years, or that they have known her forever, or everything she says is true, or misdirect by pointing out her near sainthood, but not a direct denial. That speaks volumes to me.

Julie wrote the letter, I suspect her friends have had a hand in it from the beginning, and I am glad to know you think the police will take it seriously. It makes me so angry to see people willingly ignore what this is. She is a thief, she is a liar, and she is a criminal. I will be very relieved when she is stopped and punished.

Your work on this has been admirable. I respect you for putting the time in and show it for what it is. If no one else has said it, thank you. You have done a great service.

Andreaaa said...

Someone mentioned using a hashtag. Why create our own when we can simply hijack theirs? ;)! That way, we basically force that absolutely absurd group of creepy hippies to see what we have to say about it? Especially those that maybe haven't been confronted with this other side? I've just started doing it on my Facebook. ^_^ They also have #‎relentlesslygay going on on Twitter. People are also using #‎relentlessly #gay in the same manner. I say go for it.

I have apparently stepped on one too many toes, because my imgur has gone from 25 hearts to -22 in just a few hours. I think that they are feeling the heat, and that feels pretty damn nice.

Unknown said...

I agree with Athena. You have done, and are doing a great service, Peter. I'm proud to be a part of the discussions on this blog. Your dedication to truth is inspiring.

This topic has erupted enormously, to the point where it completely overshadowed Ricky Jones, and the woman who drew her own injuries onto her face. It has erupted, I think, because of the way it not only captured the hearts of the people that donated, but also captured the wrath of people who try to protect others from people who are out to take advantage of them.

Peter, you also mentioned that there we have seen examples of two letters that you said may have made anonymous letters look easier than they are.

Do you have any examples you could share with us? Perhaps the most difficult anonymous letter, or case you've had, only hide the result, whether you found it was Deception Indicated, or truthful? I would be very interested to see how well we all do

Anonymous said...

How much did you donate? Lol!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I am hoping she withdraws the money.

Paula Lee Andrese said...

Well, Peter, and all others who follow your scam to uncover the "truth", I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Julie REFUNDED ALL THE MONEY.

The ORIGINAL NOTE is in the hands of the police, they have thoroughly interviewed Julie and have not pressed any changes.

Not that I expect you to publically apologize or that your cult-like following will see you for the person that you are, one to stir up hate and chaos simply as a marketing stunt, but I can only hope that the accuser(s) one day find out what it's like to be accused without ACTUAL FACTS.

You and your team did nothing more than speculate.

No research. No facts. No truth.

You are doing a disservice to all law enforcement officers who do real detective work.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Paula Lee Andrese said...
Well, Peter, and all others who follow your scam to uncover the "truth", I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Julie REFUNDED ALL THE MONEY.

The ORIGINAL NOTE is in the hands of the police, they have thoroughly interviewed Julie and have not pressed any changes.

Not that I expect you to publically apologize or that your cult-like following will see you for the person that you are, one to stir up hate and chaos simply as a marketing stunt, but I can only hope that the accuser(s) one day find out what it's like to be accused without ACTUAL FACTS.

You and your team did nothing more than speculate.

No research. No facts. No truth.

You are doing a disservice to all law enforcement officers who do real detective work.

Julie should have cashed in the money and see what charges she would have faced. They would have been formidable.
Her hatred of LGBT community was equaled by her hatred of Christians.
She hated LGBT community enough to steal from them and lie to them and she hated Christians enough to lie about them.

The analysis was not difficult, and I stood ready to testify but the money was refunded by Go Fund Me not by Julie, who refused to answer emails asking for the refund process.

Paula Lee Anderson, you stand with a hateful thief, and a willing participant in fraud. By defending her, you look foolish to those with no understanding of analysis, as even her most ardent supporters said that had she not committed fraud, she would have kept the $43,000.

While feigning to be against hate and intolerance, you use victim status for financial gain, and seek to exploit the good will of many.

Peter Hyatt