Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fake Race, Fake Hate: Rachel Dolezal a Civil Rights Hero?

Each day when we open up our laptops, as our parents opened their newspapers, we find a new example of deception.

In this case, it was not just self-loathing, but the anciently identified motive of greed.

The head of a local NAACP chapter lied about being black.

She says that, like Bruce Jenner, her reality is that she is a black woman trapped in a white body.  This is the illogic of subjectivity and arbitrary arguments.

How do you know if someone is male or female?

a.  You check under the hood; i.e., the scientific process of elimination.
b.  You ask them.

Since speech can be deceptive, we use the scientific process, which not only seeks verification, but the repeated standard of findings.

Each time we drop a ball, it falls to the ground, indicating gravity is in play.

When someone says, "I can fly!" and seeks to jump off a building, we intervene, in the name of humanity, recognizing that the person's perception of reality is not accurate; therefore, mentally, something is wrong.

If one should say, "it is her reality to believe she can fly.  We have no right to judge, nor interfere, it is very likely that injury or death will follow.

When a young woman suffers from the same subjective reality and starves herself, no intervention is cruelty.

Hence, it did not take long for the folly of main stream media labeling Bruce Jenner a "hero" for his mental or psychological illness.

Shall Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who invented stories of being raised in a tee pee as a black child, be now labeled a "hero" as well?

Or, is she a liar?

As readers here know, liars do inestimable damage  in life.

Fake Hate has its consequences.

Race baiters, including the likes of Al Sharpton and the President of the United States, use propaganda to build an "Us Versus Them" mentality, hoping to strengthen the "Us" side to a majority.

What he and other racists do not grasp is that, although there are plenty of self-loathers, history teaches us what human nature teaches us:

The "Them" don't like being "Them", and either join "Us", or...

strengthen themselves.

Hence, racial discord.  Racial animosity.  Backlash.  "Them" grows resentful of being blamed unjustly and begin to get a sense of "belonging", which all humans crave.

For 6 years, the "war on police" has only strengthened and more violence against those paid to protect us can be expected.  We have already seen the "backlash" where Baltimore officers pulled back from making arrests, strengthening the hand of the criminal.  The result?

More deaths of innocent black citizens in Baltimore.

NYC stopped "stop and frisk" on the major's orders and crime is up.

                                            Injustice is never defeated by injustice.

Hate is not defeated by Fake Hate.

Is Rachel Doleful going to be praised as heroic for her reality?

Does my 13 year old's argument about being 21 but trapped in a 13 year old's body hold up against the subjective measurement being praised by a society which, more and more, eschews success, hard work and responsibility?

Do not forget the 3 prong argument used in Propaganda today:

1.  My position is morally superior.  You are superior for agreeing with me.
2.  Those who do not agree are morally inferior, and are hateful.  We do not tolerate hate.
3.  We must silence the haters, either through social consequence or legislation.  In any case, freedom of speech must go.

In the bizarre twisting story of McKinney, Texas, a high school principal and a teacher have both lost their jobs for expressing their opinion on Face Book.

What can you tell your children about Face Book?

If you have grown children, they are better off not posting anything, in the event they post an opinion contrary to today's elite.

Rachel Dolezal is a liar.

Frizzing her hair and using bronzing does not make her African American, no more than 65 year old grandfather, Bruce Jenner is a real women because he is made up to look like a college girl.  It is an insult to women just as Dolezal is an insult to blacks.

In their own ways, they practice deception.  One is cashing in on millions for a "reality" TV show for a society that thinks that passing gas constitutes high humor, while the other thinks that making false police reports to start a race riot is a civil right.

Both askew science and embrace subjectivity.

Both are manipulative.

It remains to be seen if both will be able to continue to cash in on their deceptive ways in life.

A police report raises questions about reports of threatening hate mail sent to Spokane's NAACP president. Major Crimes detectives have concluded that the mail was never processed, despite showing up in the organization's post office box.
Rachel Dolezal, president of Spokane's NAACP chapter, said she found an envelope containing threatening mail in the post office box on North Monroe in February. The 20 pages of notes included pictures and lynchings and words like "war pig."
"I was immediately struck by guns pointed towards me," Dolezal told KXLY of the pictures in February.
Spokane Police took possession of the envelope and dusted for fingerprints. Investigators then went back to the Rosewood post office where the NAACP gets its mail in a locked box.
Postal workers told detectives the envelope had not been canceled, time stamped or imprinted with the bar code that directs mail to the right destination. According to the police report, the postal inspector told detectives, "The only way this letter could have ended up in this P.O. box would be if it was placed there by someone with a key to that box or a USPS employee."
Police then interviewed the three postal employees who put mail in post office boxes and none of them remember seeing the envelope. They all said they've never seen mail end up in a box without the barcode. All three said, at the very least, they would have canceled the stamps.
The detective wrote, "I have no reason to believe any of these employees were involved in putting the letters in this post office box."
Customers who rent post office boxes are given two keys; the locks are changed every time the box changes hands.
But the story doesn't end there.  Police are also looking into several other "hate crime" incidents reported by Dolezal:

KXLY4 made a public records request, which yielded three reports.
  • November 2009: employees at the Human Rights Education Institute reported finding a swastika stuck to the side of the building. Police interviewed Dolezal and dusting for fingerprints, but found no match. Security cameras which operated at the facility did not record what happened and the case was closed.
  • April 2010: Dolezal reported someone left a vulgar and threatening phone message, saying she favored the dark-skinned students in her class over the light-skinned students. Police determined it was a one-time call and they didn't have evidence to prosecute.
  • June 2010: Dolezal reported finding what she believed was a rope fashioned into a noose hanging outside her Coeur d'Alene home. She told investigators she felt threatened by the noose because someone had threatened her at work about her ethnicity. Investigators talked to a neighbor who owned the property. He told them "he hung a deer up there [about a year ago] and he believes the rope is from that time." He told investigators that he mentioned that information to Dolezal. Investigators say they called Dolezal, but she never returned their call and the case was closed.
KXLY was not able to find any of the other hate crimes which Dolezal reported in North Idaho. She also reported someone placed a noose on her porch in Spokane in 2009, but no suspects were identified and the case was suspended by Spokane Police.
When reached for comment on this story, Dolezal said she is disappointed that like so many other times she reported hate crimes against her and her family that the subsequent police investigations did not result in an arrest.


Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder what she will say if investigations result in an arrest...

Of her

overland express said...

Hero is rapidly becoming a nonsense word !

Wendy said...


I found this website on fake hate hoaxes:

Some of the cases you did analysis on: Red Lobster incident, waitress's lifestyle, etc. The amount and type of fake hate hoaxes is unbelievable. It makes you wonder about all the ones that publicized.

Rachel Doleful wouldn't be in this situation if she had been honest from the beginning. She branded herself as a liar and is in no way a hero. She deceived everyone.

Bruce Jenner isn't a hero. The people who fought for our country are heroes. The men and women that died in 911 trying to save people are heroes. Bruce Jenner is a whole other issue.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Jenner was born with male DNA.

Bruce Jenner will die with male DNA.

There is no such thing as a DNA transplant.

Bruce Jenner is a male and will remain one to his death.

Sorry old buddy.

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Goodness, I stopped reading when you called the POTUS as race baiter. That's too ridiculous to respond to. *sigh* On a lighter note, I avoided what was likely a lemon of a sewing machine on eBay b/c of all the dropped pronouns. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rachel X is no Hilary Clinton but she is a pretty good liar and the entertainment value is massive. I'm looking forward to Monday when she appears before the board and explains everything, that should be fun.

Wendy said...

Rachel Dolezal's letter to NAACP members:

“Dear Members,

As you probably know by now, there are questions and assumptions swirling in national and global news about my family, my race, my credibility, and the NAACP. I have discussed the situation, including personal matters, with the Executive Committee. I support their decision to wait until Monday to make a statement. the Executive team asked that I also release my response statement at the same time, which will be during the 7-9pm monthly membership meeting.

The national and regional NAACP have recommended this same strategy. I ask that all members of the NAACP respect this process as well. There are many layers to this situation. The Executive Committee would like to open up to paid members the opportunity to have questions submitted by email. The Executive Committee would vet and then choose which questions to address after my personal statement. My sons and I would appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support during the interlude. I will see you Monday!

In Your Service,
Rachel R. Dolezal
President Spokane NAACP”

So, they get to choose which questions they want answered. My guess is that she continues to receive support from the NAACP.

Anonymous said...

She seems to be looking forward to this!

Lis said...

She must be heartily resented by many who are earnest in the organization. She is making a mockery of it.

Some are saying it doesn't matter what race she is, the fact that she cares and wants to help is what matters. I disagree because she misrepresented herself and told many, many lies to get where she is today. If she had been honest about who she is and sought membership in the organization and sought to help race relations as the real (white) person she is, then it would have meant something.

It is always sad when someone has no identity and puts one on like a suit of clothes. Are they empty inside? Is there no one under the suit?

Yukari said...

With all respect, you are comparing apples and oranges here.
I have several friends who are transsexual and trans people, in general, are not hurting or causing harm to anyone. Most of them just want to live their life in peace and be accepted as the person they are, which is no different from what all of us hope for. Unlike the child who claims to be "21 on the inside" to gain the benefits of an adult vs. a minor, unlike Donazal who claims to be "black" to get attention and power, actual trans people are not out to put anyone else down, gain benefits, make money or win power from this aspect of their personality.(Individual exceptions allowed, just like in any group of people). In fact, being trans makes their life more difficult and often more painful rather than anything else. They did, or do, not "choose" to be transsexual the way many young adults "choose" to be adults when it comes to claim advantages but still children when it comes to responsibilities (which is where the "21 on the inside" thing fits in).
I don´t care about reality celebs, but it does not hurt anyone, or cause damage, to refer to a person by their chosen name, so why not accept that Bruce is Caitlyn now?

Yukari said...

What Dolezal did is a different matter entirely. First of all, there is the highly sensitive issue of cultural appropriation. As with other cultures, many aspects of African American life have a deep significance that outsiders do not get. Even something as seemingly inconspicuous as a hairstyle like rasta locks or microbraids is not just a pretty surface look but holds a meaning for those AAs who wear it and it is hurtful and offensive to them to see outsiders appropriate it. To give an example from a different culture, the wearing of Native American headdresses by hipsters has been compared to the wearing of an honoured military commander´s gala uniform with full regalia and medals as a Halloween costume (by Native Americans). It´s just something you don´t do if you have a shred of respect for the culture it originates from. And if you are sympathetic to the culture in question, like Dolezal could claim to be, you care to know or find out just what aspects of their lifestyle you can adopt and where not to go.
Next, like all fake crime claims, hers are hurtful to the victims of real hate crimes. Her living in "blackface" not only harmed the reputation, and thus work, of the NAACP; her fake hate claims are actually working exactly against the aims of the organization; adding oil to the fire the NAACP is trying to fight. Dolezal actually hurt people, including those she claimed she belonged to and whose interests she was representating.
So, well, point I was trying to make: your 13-year-old 21-year-old, Bruce Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Donezal are not on the same pages when it comes to the truth of their claims, their motivation and effect on others.

John Mc Gowan said...


Peter ive transcribed the 911 call from the incident below.

911 calls released: Pub owner allegedly holds black couple at gun point

Police released the 911 calls leading to the arrest of Kim Bruns, who owns the Orlando George & Dragon British Pub, and is charged with pulling a gun on Kayla Davis, 21, and her boyfriend.

OP: Emergency 911 Lisa

Caller: Yes i need a police, a car. At 6314 International Drive. I have a woman who just tried to rob me.

OP: What's the name of the store there?

Caller: It's George and Dragon Brithish Pub.

OP: Where she go to?

Caller: She's right here trying to call you. She said..she walked up to me and said excu..i walked up to her table and said would you like anything yeah she walked up to me and said i don't want nothing your service sucks and i'm not paying for my (Bleep)

OP: Does anybody have any weapons?

Caller: I do.

OP: Do you have a weapon?

Caller: I do.

OP: What kind of weapon do you have?

Caller: I a have a firearm.

OP: Do you have the gun out?

Caller: No i don't.

OP: Ok ok.

Caller: She just called me, she was not paying for my (Bleeped out) i had, i was terrible service and she was going to walk out on her bill.

OP: Ok we'll get some help to you over there, ok.

Caller: Yes and i through a glass at her.

OP: Ok.

Caller: And she's leaving now. She's a black lady, not that i'm am prejudice. But She's walking out telling me my service sucks. I asked them if they wanted anything and they said we just got here and we don't need nothing yet and then i come back he..oh i'm not paying for my my drinks i saw what you did and i said (inaudible) I don't even know what she's talking about, what i did. Because i asked someone to keep an eye on her because she did not..i did not (inaudible) the gentleman with her, only her, she knew that. I told her, i said if you're going outside and you have an underage person and i catch you giving hin alcohol, i will call the Police on you. So she didn't like that.

OP: Gunna send some help for you. Did she walk outside?

Caller: Yeah she is, she says i'm crazy, i through a glass at her. I'm tired of these people coming here and and telling me what they are, what they are not gunna pay for, my service is fine.

OP: Oh i think she is going to wait for the Police outside, why don't you stay inside and make sure you don't take the gun out ok.

Over talk ( Bleeped out)

End of call.

John Mc Gowan said...


Search for missing baby moves 12+ miles from her home, sheriff says
1-year-old missing since Saturday

UPDATED 7:45 PM EDT Jun 10, 2015

(In this article she does not mention of her baby's name)

PENDLETON, S.C. —The search for a missing Upstate baby was relocated Wednesday to an area nearly 13 miles from her home, Sheriff John Skipper said.

edar Grove Road, Skipper said.

Sheriff's Office officials said Cedar Grove Road is where Travis Jones, the live-in boyfriend of Wright's mother, has family.

Skipper said deputies brought K-9 units and four-wheelers to search the area in Townville, but by nightfall, the search had again turned up empty.

Investigators said Leaona went missing overnight or early Saturday morning from the Edgewood Square apartment complex where she lived with mother, Kiara Sullivan, and Jones.

In combination with an anonymous donor, Crime Stoppers of Anderson is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of the baby.

The nonprofit organization is also offering a $500 reward for information in the case.

A vigil was held Monday night outside the apartment where Leaona lived.

The crowd lit candles, prayed and handed out flyers.

Leaona's mother spoke to WYFF News 4's Mandy Gaither before the vigil.

"She was a sweet baby. I just want somebody to tell me anything, any little thing would help. I just want her back, back to me and my family. That's all that matters to me," Sullivan said.

Sullivan also said, "I never thought this is what it would come to."

To watch the full interview with the mother, click here.

"Going from seeing her and then she's not there. My heart, my heart is hurting," said grandmother Julia Sullivan.

Grandfather Walter Sullivan said Travis Jones, had been watching his grandchildren Friday night while their mother was out at her sister's bachelorette party.

John Mc Gowan said...


Walter Sullivan said his daughter went to check on her children when she got home early Saturday morning, but said Jones stopped her saying he had already taken care of them.

According to a police report, the couple said they woke up Saturday and noticed the front door open and the baby missing.

When Gaither asked Sullivan about waking up to the open door, she said: "I don’t want to talk about that. I just want them to bring her, that’s what I'm worried about. I want her with me. Don’t matter the condition. It would give me closure if I could see her."

Sullivan made a plea to the community for help. "Y’all could just drop her off anywhere. It doesn’t even matter. I just want her back. I miss her so much," she said.

Baby reported missing

On Monday, police released the 911 call by a woman who lives at the complex reporting Leaona missing.

The woman told the 911 dispatcher that a baby, who could not walk, was missing from an apartment.

The caller explained to the dispatcher that the child's mother told her she was sleeping and when she woke up the child was gone. The woman who called 911 told the dispatcher "it don't make sense."

According to Sullivan, she and Jones have been dating since November, and she called him a "nice guy."

"He (Jones) was good with my kids. He acted like he loved my children," Sullivan said.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office said Leaona was last seen wearing a white sleep shirt.

Pictures of search | Video of search | Corey Davis reports on search

Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said the baby's older sibling, a 3-year-old girl, was also at home.

Lt. Sheila Cole said investigators are unable to confirm how Leaona got out of the house.

Information from the public led investigators to expand their search to the waste transfer center in Pendleton until 10 p.m. Saturday.

WYFF News 4's Corey Davis said deputies blocked off the entrance to the Pendleton Transfer Center. The site is where trucks carrying garbage collected from throughout the community transfer the waste into other vehicles bound for the landfill.

John Mc Gowan said...


Deputies were wearing full body suits as they went back and forth inside the main building at the facility.

Skipper said garbage from the apartment complex dumpster was likely brought to the site.

"From history throughout the county, you know that when people come up missing, sometimes they end up in a landfill," Skipper said. "We always try to put this first on our list. That way, we'll know that if it wasn't in the truck then we don't have to go someplace else and dig later."

When asked if he thought the baby was still alive, Skipper said, "You can always hope."

Authorities continued to search the center on Sunday.

Investigators said Jones was arrested on a bench warrant connected to a family court matter.

According to officials at the Anderson County Detention Center, Jones appeared before a magistrate Sunday morning.

According to the detention center website, Jones was arrested for failure to appear following a misdemeanor charge. Skipper said the charge was related to past-due payments.

The sheriff said Jones won't be released from jail until he is tried on that charge, but he has not been named a person of interest in Leaona's disappearance.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office at 864-260-4400 or Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIMESC (274-6372).

John Mc Gowan said...

Missing child's mother makes emotional plea (Full interview)

John Mc Gowan said...

She does say her name in the above Vt.

Anonymous said...

Please don’t confuse and conflate transgender people with the deliberate deception employed by Rachel Dolezal. Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition and is not classified as a mental illness. Recent research indicates that its causes are biological and happen during development in the womb. And then there are those people who are born intersexed, with a sex applied at birth because our society demands it.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's not fair to lump transgendered in with this joke of a Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Well durn. Jeb Bush is going to use his stupidity and that of his brother as an asset! Will wonders ever cease... Not likely too.

Red Meat said...

"Bush" is noticeably absent from his campaign logo, so he's not completely embracing his roots.

That said, I find he's one of the smartest in the bunch running this time and much smarter than his brother. I am bothered by the whole "family connections" thing, but if in the general it's a choice between two "family connection" candidates, I'll have to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see this? CNN anchor calls man who opened fire on Dallas police station, "courageous and brave."

Carnival Barker said...

@ John,

Re: Missing Pendelton Baby,

"He (Jones) was good with my kids. He acted like he loved my children," Sullivan said.

She's speaking in past tense, like he used to be that way. He used to be that way before what? Before Friday night maybe?

Wendy said...

I didn't see your post about the website in the previous topic until now. (I found the same site later that day.) I didn't want to steal your thunder! You have a better eye at finding these unique sites.

Anonymous said...

well said

Tania Cadogan said...

An Aboriginal activist has accused Australian rapper Iggy Azalea of adopting a 'black' persona by comparing her to a US civil rights activist who has been outed as a white woman.

Rachel Dolezal, who is the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Washington, was accused by her parents on Friday of falsely portraying herself as a black woman for several years.

The issue sparked heavy backlash on social media from people across the world, including from Aboriginal activist and ABC comedy writer and actor Nakkiah Lui.

She controversially compared Ms Dolezal to Iggy Azalea saying they had 'a lot in common' and insinuated the Australian singer had adopted a black persona to boost her profile.

Ms Lui, who writes for the Black Comedy show, tweeted: '@iggyazalea meet #RachelDolezal, I think you'll find you have a lot in common'.

She followed up with a second tweet about Ms Dolezal when she wrote: 'In light of #RachelDolezal It should be acknowledged that Ethnjc (sic) Fraud a major issue in Aus Aboriginal community — w/ many holding meetings.'

'Iggy Azalea ran so Rachel Dolezal could fly,' said another Twitter user.

Azalea, who was born in Sydney, is engaged to US basketballer Nick Young. She has previously faced backlash online over racial issues, including from fellow rapper Azealia Banks.

In one infamous tweet last year, Banks coined a racist nickname for Azalea and criticised her for not speaking on black issues.

'Its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen... Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?' Banks tweeted.

Ms Dolezal, who has been a civil rights activist in Idaho and Washington and works part-time as an Africana Studies professor at Eastern Washington University, is now facing a city ethics probe for falsely claiming on an application that she was black.

Her parents, who are estranged from their daughter, spoke out on Friday saying heritage was Czech, Swedish and German, with possible traces of Native American.

The couple shared images of Ms Dolezal as a child - the 37-year-old sports tight, dark curls now but the photos show a fair and freckled blonde child.

Ms Dolezal has claimed in interviews that her parents were violent towards her, which they have denied. Instead, they say she has cut them out because she fears they will blow her cover.

She hit back saying: 'I don't give two sh--s what you guys think. You are so far done, and out of my life'.

'I actually don't like the term African American. I prefer black, and I would say that if I was asked I would definitely say that, yes, I do consider myself to be black.'

Read more:

I do consider myself to be black.'

There we have it, the qualifier word.

She gets round it by not saying outright "I am black"
She reduces the commitment and the stress caused by lying by saying she Considers
She allows for others to think , believe or consider she is not black.

LaDonna said...

Sorry Yukari, I don't see any difference between wanting to be perceived as Black, when you were born White vs. wanting to be perceived as a Woman, when you were born a Man. Sure, this Rachael chick, was looking for a benefit from "being black", but, really, how is that any different than a transgender woman leading NOW, or joining a sorority ? If men are not " pretending" to be women, but are actually women, why can't a white woman "really" be black. Now, I have a problem with Rachel talking about growing up black and facing racism, just as I would if Caitlyn talked about facing sexism as a youth being female. Let's face it, neither person's DNA comports with their self-identity. Why is one right and one wrong? Forget the individual Rachel, what if I just wanted to live amoungth blacks and be accepted as black? Would I be wrong? And Why?

LaDonna said...

Culturally, I , as a XX woman, am offended when a man, regardless of surgical status and feelings, tries to tell me they are just as much a woman as I am. I support any person wearing whatever style clothing they prefer. I don't agree with gender stereotyping. Years ago, women were not allowed to wear pants, cause that was "men's clothing". I think, like, pew you, I wear what I want. I don't think any one should be harassed for refusing to wear the Gender Stait-Jacket. I support gay marriage. I support gay adoption. I support gay/transgender civil rights. Your body, your choice. I will refer to a person by whatever name they choose and whatever pronoun they prefer-- to me, that's just common curtesy. But, I do not believe that transgender women are actually women. I don't care if the medical establishment says so, the same establishment used to say homosexuality was a mental disorder. In other words, the DSM has serious credibility issues and is often more reflective of culture than actual pathology.

D_Train said...

People who lead a transgender lifestyle are harmful. It sends the wrong message to society as a whole, to future generations that this is ok... it's not ok. It's not ok because it's rebellion against God. If you're born a male & you change that, misrepresent that, then it's directly against how you were created & it's 'playing God'. Think about it, would God approve of Bruce Jenner's gender transformation? No, He wouldn't. Only God's word is the last word on the matter. I can only pray Bruce allows Jesus Christ into his heart & finds true love & purpose in his life.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi D_Train.
I have a problem with your comment in that if you believe god's word is the last word on the matter, then presumably you do not accept any form of medical treatment since by default partaking of medication or an operation, you are rebelling against god.
God will either let you live and you will fully recover, you live but there is some damage or you die.
It is for god to decide whether you live or die.
By allowing doctors to interfere you are thwarting the will of god.
You could be destinied to die but because Drs removed your appendix/your cancer/did something to prevent you getting sicker you lived.

I am led to believe that those of faith belive god is perfect, he makes no mistakes, children are a gift from god, he created a child at the moment of conception.
If this is true, then surely anyone who is born gay or transgender or with a disabilty is as god created them.
They were created as god wished them to be.
If you claim that someone who is transgender and changes gender to he one they believe they are is doing it against the will of god, then by default you are admitting that god is perfect, that god makes mistakes.

Either god is perfect and everything is done with god's purpose in mind for not only the person concerned but those around them and the world in general.


God isn't perfect, he makes mistakes and oh dear here comes one now pretending to be a gender they were not born as> stone them.

It cannot be any other way.

The commandments tell you to love one another, i don't recall any tablets with get out clauses such as love one another except or gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, those who don't think they are any specif gender, blacks, whites, Jews, muslims, those from another country, men, women, cats dogs,spiders,fire ants etc.
You can't pick and choose the bits you like.
You can't pick and choose the bits that keep your life simple and happy and avoid all the ones that are inconvenient.

If you are a chritian you are commanded to love one another, that includes everyone whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not.
Today is is them, tommorow it could be you at the receiving end.

Think on that next time you speak about being christian and knowing what god thinks.

Red Meat said...

Dolezal resigns. Her twitter feed says she's starting the NAATP.

No admission of deceit, no apology:

Dear Executive Committee and NAACP Members,

It is a true honor to serve in the racial and social justice movement here in Spokane and across the nation. Many issues face us now that drive at the theme of urgency. Police brutality, biased curriculum in schools, economic disenfranchisement, health inequities, and a lack of pro-justice political representation are among the concerns at the forefront of the current administration of the Spokane NAACP. And yet, the dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity in the context of defining race and ethnicity.

I have waited in deference while others expressed their feelings, beliefs, confusions and even conclusions - absent the full story. I am consistently committed to empowering marginalized voices and believe that many individuals have been heard in the last hours and days that would not otherwise have had a platform to weigh in on this important discussion. Additionally, I have always deferred to the state and national NAACP leadership and offer my sincere gratitude for their unwavering support of my leadership through this unexpected firestorm.
While challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness, we can NOT afford to lose sight of the five Game Changers (Criminal Justice & Public Safety, Health & Healthcare, Education, Economic Sustainability, and Voting Rights & Political Representation) that affect millions, often with a life or death outcome. The movement is larger than a moment in time or a single person's story, and I hope that everyone offers their robust support of the Journey for Justice campaign that the NAACP launches today!

I am delighted that so many organizations and individuals have supported and collaborated with the Spokane NAACP under my leadership to grow this branch into one of the healthiest in the nation in 5 short months. In the eye of this current storm, I can see that a separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the NAACP.
It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the Presidency and pass the baton to my Vice President, Naima Quarles-Burnley. It is my hope that by securing a beautiful office for the organization in the heart of downtown, bringing the local branch into financial compliance, catalyzing committees to do strategic work in the five Game Changer issues, launching community forums, putting the membership on a fast climb, and helping many individuals find the legal, financial and practical support needed to fight race-based discrimination, I have positioned the Spokane NAACP to buttress this transition.

Please know I will never stop fighting for human rights and will do everything in my power to help and assist, whether it means stepping up or stepping down, because this is not about me. It's about justice. This is not me quitting; this is a continuum. It's about moving the cause of human rights and the Black Liberation Movement along the continuum from Resistance to Chattel Slavery to Abolition to Defiance of Jim Crow to the building of Black Wall Street to the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement to the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement and into a future of self-determination and empowerment.
With much love and a commitment to always fight for what is right and good in this world,

Rachel Dolezal

Anonymous said...

D_Train, have you thought about criminals? Just pick any old murderer. They were "formed" in the image of god were they not? Why do they murder then?

Tania Cadogan said...

A civil rights activist accused of falsely portraying herself as black for almost a decade has resigned from the NAACP.

Rachel Dolezal announced her resignation from the Spokane, Washington, chapter on Monday after cancelling a meeting where she was expected to speak about the claims.

"In the eye of this current storm, I can see that a separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the NAACP," she wrote in a statement posted on the group's Facebook page.

"It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the Presidency and pass the baton to my Vice President, Naima Quarles-Burnley."

Ms Dolezal, 37, has been a longtime figure in Spokane's human-rights community and teaches African studies to college students.

She identified herself as part African-American when she applied for her post on the city's citizen police ombudsman commission.

But her parents Ruthanne and Lawrence Dolezal have said their daughter is white and their family has Czech, Swedish and German ancestry with a trace of Native American heritage.

They even produced a copy of her Montana birth certificate.

Last week, the NAACP issued a statement in support of Ms Dolezal, saying "one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership".

But the Spokane chapter president had come under increasing pressure from local members to stand down.

Kitara Johnson, a member of the Spokane chapter who called for Ms Dolezal to resign, welcomed Monday's announcement.

"That's the best thing that can happen right now," she told the AP news agency.

"We are going to stand in unity and solidarity."

Ms Dolezal was elected president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP about six months ago.

On Friday, she issued a statement saying she would address the claims about her ethnicity at a meeting on Monday that was later cancelled.

Ms Dolezal's adopted brother, Ezra Dolezal, claimed she took him aside when he visited her in Spokane and asked him "not to blow her cover", CNN reported.

"She told me not to tell anybody about Montana or her family over there," he said.

"She said she was starting a new life ... and this one person over there was actually going to be her black father."

The controversy over Ms Dolezal's true racial identity sparked backlash on social media.

A series of online videos have since been widely shared, including one in which Ms Dolezal gives a lecture on the cultural significance of black women's hair.

She was also ridiculed over a post on the Spokane NAACP's Facebook page earlier this year which appeared to identify a black man as her father.

The city of Spokane is investigating whether she lied about her ethnicity when she applied to be on the police board.

Anonymous said...

Silly woman.

Sounds like it's over since it was announced this morning that she resigned her NAACP position.

This could also be the end of her teaching position.

Stupid woman.

Stupid silly woman.

just sayin' said...

Interesting resignation letter... She is clearly proud of herself!

Anonymous said...

According to the Smoking Gun, she unsuccessfully sued Howard University claiming that they discriminated against her for being white.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

John Mc Gowan said...
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Sara said...

Lol You beat me to the post, anon, about her suing Howard University for discrimination because she was WHITE. Lol

You, D-Train, professing to KNOW the mind of God. Hilarious. I'm gonna throw my bible away and just call you next time I'm wondering WWJD.

Wendy said...

"The dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal identity in the context of defining race and ethnicity"

She is the reason for the shift. It's not about her personal identity, it's about her getting caught being deceptive. No organization wants a leader/role model that misrepresents themselves and can't be trusted.

"I have waited in deference while others expressed their feelings, beliefs, confusions and even conclusions - absent the full story."
She was probably hoping this would blow over. She refused to explain why she did what she did. She goes on and on trying to deflection the conversation.

"It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the NAACP that I step aside from the Presidency and pass the baton..."
She doesn't own up to what she did, no rebuttal or apology. She goes on and on about how her accomplishments will now benefit the organization.

"..this is not about me. It's about justice."
Clearly it is about her.

"This is not me quitting; this is a continuum."
I believe she didn't have a choice and she had to step down.

Grandiosity, self-centered,admiration seeking,deceptive,and has clear lack of empathy. Dx: Narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Rachael did more harm to her NAACP chapter than she did good. Faking and lying in your cause does nothing to help the cause. It hurts and diminishes their credibility more than it could ever help them. They were made fools out of by Rachael.

Now they will have to go back to the drawing board to erase her many lies and deceits, as if that is even possible; plus waste time trying to pull themselves out of the mess she left them with and fight to start all over to make progress in their causes. Too bad.

C5H11ONO said...

I'm glad a liar was exposed! That is their ultimate nightmare! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

ta da ....! Right you are C5H.