Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fraudulent Go Fund Me Removed

This morning, the fraudulent Go Fund Me, "Relentlessly Gay" has been taken down.

After reaching more than $43,000 from a fake hate note, blaming Christians, Julie Baker's scam has come down.  It is not known if any charges have been filed as yet from Baltimore police.

Also being hit is the "Relentlessly Gay" group, which posted angry comments to those who thought the $43,000 would be better off spent on preventing gay teen suicide, or other charities, as it appears this group was beginning to start a "socio-business" venture with Relentlessly Gay t-shirts, Relentlessly Gay bracelets, Relentlessly Gay backyard lights, and so on.  

Regarding the analysis, and those who questioned Baker, they labeled as "hateful" detractors from the "cause" rather than people of discernment saving others from being victims of fraud.

Once the fund raising went past the $5,000 stated mark, a frantic feeding frenzy took over with militant language of competitive hostility.

Money has a way of doing this, and the use of "hate language" as a defense.

Lies are always destructive and even money donated anonymously is electronically returned to its rightful owners.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes truth has nothing to do with how people view things. Despite this latest, her followers on Facebook insist on supporting because it "united" them.

Here here for relentlessly fake victims and their ability to mobilize!


Statement Analysis Blog said...


They are united in their hatred of Christians; their hatred of the truth, and their poisonous desire to make money off the unsuspecting, kind hearted public.


Anonymous said...

Closing down the site doesn't prevent Julie from withdrawing funds. According to her friend Paula (posted on the FB group,) Julie indeed intends to withdraw the funds. It's funny that Paula then goes on to state that Julie will be providing updates on the project via Go Fund Me but Julie removed the site. I guess Julie didn't confer with Paula before taking it down. LOL.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason for the hatred of Christianity on her part - she's a practicing witch and so are a number of her close friends. Via her fraudulent letter, she pitted a group that she personally hates (Christians) against a group for which she cares to profit off the controversy and to get personal "revenge" against a group she despises. Since she's alluded to the fact that the area church was involved in the letter via a number of onterviews, I wonder if they could pursue a case against her for defamation.

Tania Cadogan said...
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Unknown said...

It says right on the support page for GoFundMe that, even if they cancel or take down their page, the money won't be automatically refunded, and the owner of the page has to contact GoFundMe directly. Same goes for withdrawals.

Unknown said...


Good points. My only thought is that she's received all of the free advertisement she could need. All she has to do is create more empowering trinkets, baubles, and clothing and sell it on eBay, and she's set. She could avoid touching a cent and have enough PR exposure to reap the benefits.

She may be aware of the repercussions and is prepared to leave the money, and live off the satellite incomes.

She has all of the free publicity, and now rigid fan base she could need to give a go at a startup business.

Tania Cadogan said...

Oops i hit delete

The moment she withdraws the fund or tries to she will face federal charges of wire fraud or internet fraud and that means some serious fines and i am talking tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and serious jail time as in many years.

Hopefully julie has taken on board the comments i, Peter and other naysayers have posted about the fraud and possible penalties and decide to shut the whole thing down and disappear until the interest dies down.

I also messaged her on FB pointing out her deception and how she gave herself away, that she was committing a serious crime if she tried to take the money and run.
I also pointed out that her children are the ones who are suffering and will suffer once the truth comes out, that their mom is a con artist.
I suggested that she close the site down and do refunds and hope that the Police, DA and courts are merciful and that she could make amends by doing voluntary work for a local charity or use any proceeds from the t shirts etc rt a local charity in need of a few dollars.

I hope lessons will be learned by julie, her friends who supported or encouraged the scam or told her to keep the money (I wonder if they could face charges as well, aiding and abetting perhaps or as an accessory)
Those who donated will next time do some simple checks as to the veracity of the claim and that they will still continue to be charitable.
Those who are thinking of a simiar scam will think twice when they learn what the penalties can be.

Whether she read my message or not i do not know

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Andrea!!! She hit them harder than anyone. That tedious facebook quoting and easy to understand visual and "relentless" messaging really drove it home.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder if her friends and possibly daughter could face charges as accessories especially since faith dropped her mom right in it when she said they had wanted to do stuff to the house but didn't have the resources and they had thought about setting up gofundme pages previously and then lo and behold they had a 'hate letter' which gave them a reason.

Don't you love it when your own family help drop you in it and provide a motive for a crime :)

Anonymous said...

For those here who reported the campaign as fraudulent, do we know if Go Fund Me stated they would investigate? The reason I ask is because Julie and her friends discussed the situation last night according to a FB post and she was going to proceed with taking the funds and provide updates via the fundraising site; but, that's now gone. I'm not certain that she took it down. According to an article, Go Fund Me will close a campaign themselves and refund the contributions:
"GoFundMe investigates every single complaint of fraudulent activity that we receive. In the rare event that we do find fraudulent activity on an account, we have the power to remove the account, refund donors, and ban the user from ever signing up again." I'm beginning to believe that Julie's been contacted by both Baltimore police and Go Fund Me regarding investigations into her campaign.

Anonymous said...

Iris Tibbitts is the one who was saying the most threatening stuff about Peter and his work.

Who is Iris Tibbitts?

Anonymous said...

Please quote what she's saying. Her FB page is only for friends...

Anonymous said...

Iris Tibbitts is a fangirl. She's not a "real" friend but someone who became a FB friend of Julie's after the story went viral.

Anonymous said...

It's not on Julie's personal FB page but the Relentlessly Gay FB group. The comment was made by Paula Lee Andrese in the thread she started when she announced that Julie had stopped taking donations. Here's the text:

"Paula Lee Andrese

Hey folks. I went to Julie's tonight, she's doing just fine. A bit overwhelmed, but also relieved knowing that she can start architecting her home and yard of rainbows! 

She asked that I not buy the paint. She doesn't want (need) anymore donations at this time. In short order, she'll tap into the GoFundMe account to do exactly what she set out to do, and then some. Rainbows galore! 

We discussed sharing the drawings of her plans on the GoFundMe page to keep her supporters posted on the status. 

For normal people, this kind of attention can be crippling. Julie just needed a little breathing room to regroup, deal with the overwhelming outpour of support, then get and stay focused on the matter at hand, which is sending a clear message to the neighbor(s) of Overlea that rainbows are whimsical and bring joy. If you want to call it being Relentlessy Gay, then Relentlessly Gay it shall be! 

Make sense?"

C5H11ONO said...

https://youtu.be/voM4uw9OkOs Julie Baker speaks
Julie and her twin daughters made the solar lights last weekend.

They love color so they choose to use jars of all different colors.
Baker says on Monday she found a note tucked into her door that read:

So Faith (my daughter)was like you should do a fund me page.
I thought yeah I could get $50 or $60 and make two more (solar lights).

And she's like heck mom dream big. Make it five grand.
We can paint the whole house," Julie says.

"We had no clue. It was a complete surprise it would go so big
and become such a phenomenon," says her daughter Faith.

--We means unity and cooperation. She is now including her daughter in the mix. Is this leakage. Is she beginning now to “share” the blame? Was her daughter in with her on the scam and Julie is sharing the blame now that the heat is on?

C5H11ONO said...


“I told my kids that one of the reasons I love rainbows is because they’re made up of broken light. It’s fractured, it’s cracked, it’s split into a million pieces, kind of like a lot of hurt people."

You are inclined to think she “told” them this after the anonymous note was left behind. She didn’t say she spoke to her kids after the note was left behind and said, “one of the reasons I love rainbows is because”… That is not what she said. She may have had this conversation in a different context with her kids at a different time. One that was not pleasant. I am inclined to think that her kids have approached her in the past, and I am inclined to think it is because of her appearance. This could have been her response. “Told” is stronger than “said” so it was obviously a conversation with tension.

Anonymous said...

I have had a productive beneficial conversation with the police, they are satisfied with me. I am happy, they seem happy. The crazies can go suck gopher grundles.


Anonymous said...

but did she withdraw the money???? haha

Unknown said...

I just read some of the mindless, and willfully ignorant comments on the "Relentlessly Gay" FB page, and I'm seriously disturbed by how idiotic people can be.

Even as many of them are now questioning, and/or acknowledging that the note was faked, they claim that they don't care because it, "still united people in love, tolerance, and humanity".

Umm, NO, it didn't. It did nothing but spread deceit, confusion, and hate.

They are also claiming that people pointing out that someone is lying is a form of bullying, (are we even on the same planet anymore?) and making comments such as:

"Nobody is forcing people to donate, so if you are skeptical don't donate, but if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."

Intermixed with the comments about not caring about being scammed, and bullying by skepticism, are comments made by those who are not so quick on the uptake, condemning the imaginary Christian neighbor, and bemoaning the 'hate' they are teaching to their fictional children.

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so pathetic.

Even more disturbing to me, is the idea that these people probably vote.

Anonymous said...

people have to report her to police.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If you are at the site, you may ask her the officer's name that she spoke to.

Then, put on your S/A lens, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare yourself for the answer.


Unknown said...

"At this time" which suggests she hasn't discounted the possibility of reopening donations.

Unknown said...

I could see the bullying accusation if comments read simply: "You're lying!" And nothing else. I've seen some of the comments analysts on here have posted and they're detailed and have no "neener, neener, neenerrrrrr" indicative of trolling.

You're right, Jen. It's astonishing how stupid people can be

Unknown said...

Lol everytime I refresh there's one less comment by some Pamela person

Tania Cadogan said...

Julie Baker
3 hrs · Baltimore, MD, United States

I have had a productive beneficial conversation with the police, they are satisfied with me. I am happy, they seem happy. The crazies can go suck gopher grundles.

We now know the police are involved, whether she initiated it or, as is more likely, the reports from myself and others required them to pay her a visit.
She makes no mention of why they paid her a visit or she visited them.

It is interesting,that she doesn't tell us they said she had done nothing wrong.
She doesn't say they are investigating the letter.
She doesn't say they are investigating the fund for fraud.
It is noteworthy on how much she isn't telling us

She tells us she had a productive, beneficial conversation with the police.
She tells us "they are satisfied with me".
She doesn't say why they are satisfied.
Satisfied no crime has taken place or about to take place should she try to withdraw funds?
Satisfied she is telling the truth?

Only that they are satisfied, what then is being omitted?

She goes on to tell us I am happy.
Is she happy that they aren't arresting her for wire fraud/internet fraud?
They(the police)SEEM happy which allows for them to be otherwise.

Deception by ommission

Strange then that, if the police are satisfied with her and seem happy in relation to the fund, why then has the gofundme page been taken down when the polite thing to do, even if the campaign is closed to donations, is to post updates as to how the money is being spent.

Could it be that after the productive and beneficial conversation she stopped the donations and removed the campaign page on the grounds that the nice policemen had told what would happen if she didn't and she tried to withdraw the funds?

State and federal charges are not a good thing to have on your resume, huge fines and serious jail time tend to have an affect on family life, work and friends.

It also means that she is barred from certain jobs.

If she is working she could lose her job (this is still a risk even if she does refunds and comes clean since she couldn't be trusted)

it also meant , if she did the right thing that she may not be banned from creating a new gofundme page , though, given they don't like it when people try to defraud others they may have banned her permanently

It was productive and beneficial in that if she didn't do anything dumb and refunded the money then she wouldn't face charges.
That is definitely beneficial to her and means no paperwork for them

Does anyone know someone who donated and if they have been refunded?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Go Fund Me makes money by traffic to their blog: percentages of money raised, and needs the publicity.

They do not simply cancel a fund raiser with "this URL no longer exists" type of responses. They shut it down.

Julie Baker wrote the note herself, and at this time, I do not know if she has been saved from federal fraud charges by Go Fund Me closing down.

Had she not been the author of the note, there was no reason to stop the donations.

My concern is that there have been two relatively simple "anonymous" samples for analysis in the past month that will give people a false sense of confidence. The work on anonymous letters is very difficult and detailed.

In the case of Baker, it was cartoon like with both punctuation and poetical language, which likely took readers' attention from the very essence of analysis: the profile itself.

Her statements posted on Go Fund Me revealed the statistical connections with analysis. Police would not have a difficult time matching the note to her, even without hiring an analyst.

It is up to an assistant district attorney if any charges may be brought against her as she has not collected any money.

The "fake hate" money raising theme is not new, and each one that has had statements has been analyzed and the truth known.

Charlie Rogers

"None Nigga" at Red Lobster

The "fake hate" by the Al Sharpton Wanna Be

The "fake hate" against black males today...

and no matter how much supporters shout "hate", the truth prevails. Remember how when a 13 year old girl was murdered, the killer and her boyfriend had their own cult-like following on Facebook. Their are deranged and desperate people everywhere.

The victim status may become thin when facing charges in a federal court. The 43K would not have been worth it had she spent years behind bars.

I don't know what kind of sentence that Julie Baker might have gotten in federal court, but at least donators get refunded through paypal.

wreyter72 said...

It's unfortunate this woman chose to use a fake hate letter to get attention - I like her lights; they're pretty cool. I could see them around a backyard pool. Did she buy them or make them? Perhaps she could have marketed them as "Relentlessly Gay Garden Lights" on Etsy, instead. Too bad it's so easy for people to tell lies these days...

Statement Analysis Blog said...


She could have used Go Fund Me for more lights but chose hatred for profit. People could have decided if they wanted to buy her lights or not, without the emotional manipulation. There would be little objection to the truth.

I do not think she might have raised much money, but I think the lights were under $10 or so.

Sadly, the hate mongers are out in full force.


Red Meat said...

The subject wrote a letter in which he apologized in the letter, and he took ownership of both the "ticket" and the "receipt" with the instinctive possessive pronoun.

He gives a 'sermon' of sorts, though he does not condemn racial slurs, but only does not approve of its use.

He feels the need to defend himself by his background, yet indicates that there is something else, perhaps, in someone else's household.

The subject was accused of writing the racial insult on the check from Red Lobster. He wrote a letter in which he was unwilling or unable to say "I didn't write it."

Therefore, I am not permitted to say it for him.

Peter- Did you change your mind and now think the waitress faked the slur on the receipt? I'm unsure why you are lumping it with the others.

Tania Cadogan said...

This made me laugh

Diane Dillon Markellos Personally I am still not happy with the snopes site, and anyone who knows me knows that is my go-to site for proof. They have not updated anything in a positive light in my eyes. No longer my go-to site. Live and learn.

Apparantly it is only her go to site until it affects someone she knows who tried to defraud the public of over $43,000

denial is a very powerful emotion

Tania Cadogan said...

Update: On 23 June 2015 the “Relentlessly Gay” GoFundMe campaign was removed from the crowdsourced fundraising site for unknown reasons. We contacted Julie Baker on 22 June 2015 about the campaign status but have not yet received a reply.

Read more at http://m.snopes.com/2015/06/18/relentlessly-gay/#86PiBege1vttDgWE.99

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter you will like this, you are Infamous


Red Meat said...


I support LGBT causes and think Julie Baker seems like a fine person generally.

Here on Peter's site, I am usually one of the last ones accepting (if at all) his conclusions from analysis; I need a high level of proof. I'm not shy about telling him when I think he is wrong.

Here, he is correct.

The content of the note, the rarity of patterns of caps on words that don't belong, as well as the lack of a denial from Julie and the increase in posts like "even if it is fake" on the site lead me to trust it is fake.

I wouldn't care except she lied about Christians- lied about a church that seems fairly progressive and open minded, relatively speaking.

As one who fights for LGBT causes, I resent that someone would lie to create empathy for the cause of equality and human rights. There are enough haters without creating fake ones.

Support your friend, but don't pretend in covering her lie that she is helping the LGBT cause; she's harming it.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Meat said...

"increase in posts like "even if it is fake" on the site"

By that I meant increase in members of the RG facebook group admitting their doubts by saying "even if it is fake".

Apple said...

Jen Ow!
You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Well, the campaign site is back up. Uncertain if the donate button is back in operation. Even if the state's attorney doesn't pursue criminal charges, anyone who donated due to the letter and feels duped can actually sue for theft by deception via small claims court. Plus, the IRS will be involved in 2016. Go Fund Me will be sending a 1099 to Julie and the IRS reflecting the funds raised as taxable income. I doubt that the IRS will be convinced that decorating her house to retaliate against the neighborhood is a valid tax-deduction.

Unknown said...

Hi Apple!

Unknown said...

It appears that the people on the Relentlessly Gay Facebook are eager for the Snopes editor to declare the fundraiser legit. She responded to the group with the info that she must speak to Baltimore County police directly and cannot publish their secondhand version of what the police said. She asked for the officer's name and this is how Julie responded:

Julie Baker: "I would appreciate the officer not being harassed, they have bad guys to deal with, not filling internet pages. Kim, thank you for submitting changes, I noticed the conjecture went up really fast. The note was left money the 16th. I hope in the future the site does its best to get all of the facts before posting stories. There are many victims out \there of crimes that run the gammon of strange and difficult to believe, treating a victim like a sideshow attraction is cruel and dangerous and feeds sociopaths."

Looks like she is working hard, BTW, to improve her capitalization skills.

Red Meat said...

If you are at the site, you may ask her the officer's name that she spoke to.

Then, put on your S/A lens, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare yourself for the answer.


The snopes editor is asking about it on FB and Julie doesn't want "the officer" (singular) bothered..."they" (gender neutral) have better things to do.

Unknown said...

Before Julie asked that the officer not be bothered, one of her friends posted this:

The police officer that left their card is W. Mueller 410.887.5040.

Red Meat said...

I'm glad you are very polite. Thanks for that, please also understand that I am not under investigation. I am grateful that police have stopped to state that they will keep an extra eye out to ensure the safety of my children, because you know, crazy people that are obsessed because I had a random act of harassment committed against me.
It was found in the morning, I chose to treat it with the respect it deserved, non. Just as I stated in the fund raiser, which poked fun at it and I hoped would help provide for more whimsey. It going viral was a shock.

"Random" act of harassment? I thought it was a neighbor with a specific grievance.

Note the passive voice in "it was found in the morning."

Tania Cadogan said...

She just can't keep her story straight.

It is telling that when the Snopes Editor asked for the officer's name (in order to validate the authenticity of the note and thus the fund or not) julie immediately gets defensive and says "I would appreciate the officer not being harassed, they have bad guys to deal with, not filling internet pages.

Committing fraud be it wire or internet makes her a bad guy and, since it has crossed state line and possibly even gone international, she is in deep doodoo.

The officer would not be being harrassed, it is in her interest to have the Snopes Editor speak to the officer and have them confirm the veracity of the story.

Guilty people, people with something to hide, who are being deceptive, do not their story questioned or investigated.
She knows that if the officer is asked he will either say the fake letter is genuine which would support her story and she would be shouting it from the roof tops to we naysayers or, he will say the letters was faked, she wrote it herself in which case it is game over for her as her deception is laid bare, especially on the Snopes site which has an excellent reputation for revealing the truth or the lie of a story.

She may be able to fall some members of the public, it is a whole different thing to fool someone who knows what to look for is a faked story.

I wonder Peter, if you did a show and asked her to come on and speak about the letter and the fund, with the opportunity to show she is telling the truth and why she should be believed, if she would agree?

blu said...

So....assssssssscccccllloooowwwnnn may be defined as one who will not or is unable to amass wealth via the defruading of gullible citizens? Yes! I too am an assssscccxlllloWNnnn.

blu said...

Tania great points!! Buy likely there is a third option and that would be that the investigator would say he cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. Jen ow...it's a bit of a hasty generalization to say that all crimes harm society. I can think of many crimes that were caused by definition but that actually benefited society in this case you are correct it could even be argued that it is hurt humanity and other more specific groups in society. it figures the imagination that anyone would come on here and argue that this woman has done nothing wrong by profiting from ally, and/or that we should not care. I care. I don't want someone to profit from a lie. if that makes me a small person then I am a small person who wants her to get caught. I also want her to stop using the word whimsy.

Unknown said...

"There are many victims out \there of crimes that run the gammon of strange and difficult to believe, treating a victim like a sideshow attraction is cruel and dangerous and feeds sociopaths."

Yet again she refers to victims but does not identify herself as a victim. Same way that Charlie Roger's did. If she does not say it, we cannot say it for her.

Matt Whan said...

Red Meat,

Did you also notice that she referred to finding the note as "treat it with the respect it deserves" specifically the word respect. You have interesting insights, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Red Meat said...

Matt- I think she's vacillating between making it a big deal and downplaying it. She fears for her children's safety (now where else did we hear concern for children?) and saying "I didn't make a big deal of it." Gone is the language about the person who left the note- now she has "naysayers" to direct her angst at. She shifts between "I'm all good with the police" (implying she's cleared) to "they aren't investigating me". Which is it?

Did anyone pick up on the Snopes editor's doubts about it all in her language? Noting the gofundme started the very same day she found it.

blu- if the officer says he can't comment on an ongoing investigation, that contradicts her assertion there's no investigation, right?

Andrea said...

I keep telling myself that I'm going to step away from all of this for a little bit so that I can do my freaking schoolwork, but there is just so much going on. I simply can't believe how much time and energy this is sucking away from all of us. It's only just begun, though.

I am the person who created Fabulously Fraudulent, which many of you have hopefully become familiar with by now. I am breakingthisdown (http://breakingthisdown.imgur.com/). I'm just wanting to let you all know that they purged not only me from the site (on 19 June) and Dana (the day after), but now Oliver. Dana had been copying and pasting my comments back onto the page when she was blocked. Oliver had been sharing the link to imgur account that I had created for the sole purpose of exposing how very fake this all appears. Please, share my imgur with your friends. Facebook. Twitter. Wherever. This can't be right. I'd ask that you mention that they are blocking people or share my link on the site itself, however they may retaliate by blocking you also and, really, we need all of the questioning voices that we can get on this. Peter and Tania, if you could mention it, though, I would really appreciate it. You both are simply too well-known by now for them to dare to block you, I'd say.

I'm at @burningparamour on Twitter. Please retweet my tweets -- there are two in particular. Now, I should really get going. Wrists are acting up.

@Anonymous June 23, 2015 at 9:53 AM, thanks a lot. That means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

There is no crime committed.

If she withdraws the money, a crime is committed.

that's what they are waiting for.

Andrea said...

"On 24 June 2015 we spoke to a detective at Baker’s local precinct, to whom we were referred by individuals connected with the Relentlessly Gay campaign. Although Baker had stated the previous day that police were “satisfied” with her claim, the detective to whom we spoke said that Baker was either unwilling or unable to produce the letter in question, and that she had maintained it was no longer in her possession. The detective also indicated that he had attempted to meet with Baker in person the previous day but was unable to do so."

Unknown said...

That right there is all the proof you need. IF the letter was legit and knowing that so many people doubted it, a genuine victim would never have disposed of it. They would put it in the safest of places to bring out as evidence to support their claim. The ONLY reason to get rid of the letter is if it is fake and could be proven to be fake. She knows that the police can match letters to printers and ink, and so she had to get rid of it.

Unknown said...

My god, I can't even look at that relentlesslygay facebook group anymore. I went over there today to see if there was any response to the new snopes edits, and it was like being inside a scary rainbow dictatorship. Even some poor poster who simply noted that that she was leaving the group because there was too much talk of snopes and not enough about rainbows was declared a troll trying to stir up negativity. I think they will probably soon start holding public trials over there and people will start outing their friends for the crime of "negativity." Yikes.

Unknown said...

So much for her stated intention to "work to remove any doubt about the authenticity of the letter. Until then I am not taking a dime out of this account."

It seems like it is going to be pretty darn difficult to authenticate that letter now, since she disposed of it.

Unknown said...

That's especially strange. Personally, I keep track of what is said to me, or sent to me throughout my life. In regards to my writing, my career choices etc. I like to keep them as mementos, reminders of what had been said by people who didn't believe I could do something or that I would succeed. I use it knowing I will one day prove them wrong.

My reason for saying that is the letter was the rallying point for all of those people. Why not post it? Frame it? As a reminder to her that THIS is what someone said when she celebrated who she is as a person, and that it caused all of this to happen. All the whimsy and rainbowy foolery. Donations are back open, possibly as a response to suspicions about her turning off the donations in the first place. She's effectively gotten herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. That is why lying causes so much stress on the human body, even a small lie requires dozens if not scores of other lies to keep it from being discovered, and to keep track of all of that currently exceeds the abilities of everyone aside from a few pathological liars.

All she can do now is ride the gravy train and hope it doesn't derail.

Tania Cadogan said...

Donations are off if you click on the make a s donations it says donations are complete.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Very.

Unknown said...

Barf! I love it!

Unknown said...

I cut and pasted Julie's facebook comment asking the snopes editor not to "harass" the police officer, but what I did not pick up before was this - she made a typo where she meant to say MONDAY and instead said MONEY, which, as someone pointed out over on the snopes site, is very telling. I had copied and pasted this, so I did not make this typo. Julie did. Note this very telling slip in the third sentence:

Julie Baker: “I would appreciate the officer not being harassed, they have bad guys to deal with, not filling internet pages. Kim, thank you for submitting changes, I noticed the conjecture went up really fast. The note was left money the 16th. I hope in the future the site does its best to get all of the facts before posting stories. There are many victims out \there of crimes that run the gammon of strange and difficult to believe, treating a victim like a sideshow attraction is cruel and dangerous and feeds sociopaths.”