Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Islamic Terror Ramadan Murder Spree

As repeatedly seen in the last 6 years, Islamic terror against Jews, Christians, Muslims, women and homosexuals, is given a "pass" by our government's leadership.  Next, we see the extreme leftist becoming at league with terror.

The Southern Poverty Law Center published the names and towns  of women who refused to yield to the Sharia blasphemy laws, so that they Jihadists may locate and kill them.  If the terrorists are successful in getting one of these women, will the president call for the SPLC to be shut down?

Since Ramadan began 7 days ago:

67 terrorist attacks

14 suicide bombings

488 dead

499 wounded.

The common theme is the ideology:  What they believe they act upon.

This number will likely be much larger within the next 21 days.

Recall George W. Bush's 911 politically correct statement about the "religion of peace" being "hijacked" by terrorists.

Victims have been Muslims, Jews, Christians, and homosexuals.  Some where executed for giving coordinates to the U.S. for air strikes.  One man was executed for being gay.

The group "ISIS" competes with "Muslim Brotherhood" and other groups for control of the "Caliphate", or center of authority.

The wounded include women who suffered genital mutilation.

There have been 7 "Allah Akbars", which some have called for this phrase to be labeled as "hate crime" and made illegal.

In Nigeria, a 12 year old girl was used as a suicide bomber, killing 10.

In Charleston, a twisted gunmen entered a church and killed 9 people, including the pastor.

The President made a public announcement about the 9 deaths.  He used the murder to call for gun control even though it is unlicensed or illegal guns that do most of the killing in America.  These are weapons smuggled into the country, or sold illegally, and are used, in some locations, exclusively in criminal shootings.

 In contrast, an Allah Akbar took place in which 13 Americans were murdered by US Major Nidal Hasan.  He wounded 33 others.

Major Hassan then chased and shot Alonzo Munford, a black veteran, seven times in the back.  While being fired upon, he continued to yell, "Allah Akbar!" and called himself, "a soldier of Allah" and not of the U.S. military.

The President spoke, then, too, but only to caution Americans not to rush to judgement.  Inside of words of empathy, as in his Charleston speech, he lectured Americans about moving too quickly.    His state department  later had this classified as "work place violence."  He mentioned nothing of "hate crime" in the killing spree.

He also did not mention the fact that Hasan did not use his military weapon in the murderous spree, but his own personally licensed gun. The president did not call this "gun violence."

The contrast between the two murders is striking, yet in both cases, innocent people, black and white, are dead.

In August of 2013, Hassan was sentenced to death by a military tribunal.

It has not been carried out yet, and cannot be without an appeal to the military's commander in chief.

This week, Iranian parliament chanted, "Death to America" and a speech was given which began with saying that inspectors would be allowed.

It closed with qualification of its opening statement, saying that inspectors would be allowed, but not in military locations.

Thus, the "Death to America" chants.

Should any of the women mentioned in the Southern Law Poverty Center's hit list be killed, will the president call fro SLPC to be closed down?

Caution:  the video is graphic.


Alex said...

Peter, what do you mean by

"The Southern Poverty Law Center published the names and towns of women who refused to yield to the Sharia blasphemy laws, so that they Jihadists may locate and kill them. If the terrorists are successful in getting one of these women, will the president call for the SPLC to be shut down?"

Very disturbing if true.
And what are "Sharia Blashphemy Laws" and why would the Southern Law group publish names and town of women who refused to yield to them?

I am confused. Thanks.

Lemon said...

Alex said...

Lemon, Thank you!

I did not understand what Peter was referring to.

I am dumbfounded. That is repulsive that they made that list. It angers me! What is the point except to put these women in severe danger for simply exercising free speech?!?!

Red Meat said...

Let's be clear: the Southern Poverty Law Center is not calling this a "hit list"; right wing blogs and publications are the ones raising the specter of these women being murdered and calling it a "hit list"; the common thread we see in Lemon's links. If the #1 concern is the safety of these women, calling the SPLC's list a "hit list" seems to work against that concern. But that's not the main concern- scoring political points is.

Second, many of these women are in mass media, they intend to say these things for a large audience to get attention and sell books, like Ann Coulter who was called out for saying:

"“Someone needs to explain to me why gassing Arabs is such a bad thing. I mean, aren’t these the same people that attacked us on September the 11th? … I say we send them all the chemical weapons we have, and let them sort it out amongst themselves. Hopefully, when it’s all over we’d be left with some empty space to colonize.”

So, yes, she has free speech to say such things just as the SPLC has the right to free speech quoting her and criticizing her for it.

Here's another:

Cathie Adams believes that while Muslims are “extremely hospitable when you are under their roof,” as their religion requires, “Walk out of their home and you can be shot in the back.” ... She opposed funds for cancer research in Texas, falsely claiming that scientists would soon be “cloning humans, injecting them with diseases … and killing them.”

Yes. We've learned a lot here at SA. One of them is: if you tell lies, be prepared to be called out for it. That's what the original article does: call out liars and hateful statements of those who want publicity for their politics.

It being a "hit list" is squarely on those who call it a "hit list."

Here's the original link:

Alex said...

Red Meat,

I see your point, and I also despise Ann Coulter, because I find her statements infantile in general. Seriously, as far as what you even quoted her saying, why would that even get any air time? Some of the things she says are deeply moronic, and I don't understand why she is respected by anyone.

Ann Coulter said

"“Someone needs to explain to me why gassing Arabs is such a bad thing. I mean, aren’t these the same people that attacked us on September the 11th? … I say we send them all the chemical weapons we have, and let them sort it out amongst themselves. Hopefully, when it’s all over we’d be left with some empty space to colonize.”

*Cringe* This is typical from her on any subject. It's like listening to an angry 10 year old philosophizing about something. Profoundly moronic.

However, what need was there for the Southern Poverty Group to make a list like this? Do they believe these women pose some form of threat? What is the purpose of the list? To "keep an eye" on these women?
I understand what you are saying too about the fact that calling it a "hit list" could turn it into a "hit list"; however, as we have seen, ISIS is more than happy to declare that certain people should be killed and I can see where the Southern Poverty Law group assembling this list might be like yelling "Hey guys, check it out, these women HATE YOU!"
I'd say the list is counterproductive. Look at what ISIS is doing. Horrifying, spreading, recruiting, terrorizing. Look at what we are doing to stop them--basically nothing. They are the ones we need to be worried about. Not Ann Coulter--she is a lot of hot air.

Alex said...

And also, why have they put together a list of specifically WOMEN???? This is profoundly troubling!!! I wonder have they ever done this regarding any other group for which they are monitoring hateful speech? For example, regarding hate towards blacks, have they ever assembled a list of women who they feel are hateful? This is very troubling. Obviously, there is a deep element of sexism to create a list of only women. On a more disturbing level, women are deeply oppressed by fanatical Islamists. Right now they are being imprisoned and bought and sold as sex slaves. They are being genitally mutilated. They are being forbidden to have Cesarean sections. They are being stoned to death. Why in the world would Southern Poverty Law seemingly channel this type of oppression of women almost as if to say "Hey guys, these are women saying this kind of stuff. Take notice." ISIS is a group that strongly resembles the Khmer Rouge--they are absolutely grotesque and brutal in their treatment of human beings. The Western world needs to crush ISIS. That is my belief. It is like to list these women--are these people (Southern Poverty Law) not seeing the forest through the trees?

Red Meat said...

I agree with a lot of what you've said, Alex. The main difference in what you are saying and what these women have said, is that you have qualified the kinds of Muslims you are talking about. These women- in the statements they're getting called out for- are blurring the distinction between violent criminals and innocent Muslims who have not and will not commit a crime.

Here's another quote from the article. I'll leave her name off.

"after the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden: “Rot in Hell, Osama Bin Laden,” she wrote on her blog. “One down, 1.8 billion to go … many of ’em inside U.S. borders.”

almost as if to say "Hey guys, these are women saying this kind of stuff. Take notice."

Which is why it's odd so many are bringing attention to the list.

JC said...


Walk held in memory of 3-year-old Adrionna Williams as questions remain.

SWISSVALE, Pa. — Strangers moved to tears by the death of a 3-year-old Wilkinsburg girl, who was reported missing Sunday and found dead hours later, walked in her memory Thursday evening.

“How can you do that to a little baby? It put me in tears. I'm just sad,” Martha Fletcher said.

Fletcher and Chayla Green, who both have children of their own, did not know Adrionna Williams, but they told Channel 11 News they can’t stop thinking about the 3-year-old girl or her parents.

"I could never, ever want to imagine what (her mother’s) going through right now,” Green said.

The women took part in a march Thursday night to remember Adrionna. The 2.5 mile walk began at Turner Elementary in Wilkinsburg, where Adrionna was reportedly last seen, and ended at the makeshift memorial in Swissvale where the girl’s body was found.

Adrienne Williams, Adrionna's mother, was present at the march, but declined to comment and left quickly.
Four days have now passed since Adrionna was discovered lying on her back in a wooded ravine off Chalmers Way.

County police said they know the clock is ticking on this investigation but told Kaminski that they cannot make an arrest until they determine exactly how the girl died.
For those who continue to mourn a child they never met, an arrest can't come soon enough.

“I would love for them to catch the person who did this, and a death sentence is getting off easy to me,” Green said.

JC said...

Adrionna Williams: 2-year-old's body found 'placed,' family claims investigated.

When the lifeless body of 2-year-old Adrionna Williams was discovered by a dog walker in a ravine in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, on Sunday just 40-odd minutes after she was reported missing by her family, police quickly discovered that the placement of her body was not indicative of her having died at the location. It has also led authorities to believe that no stranger was involved in the toddler's death.

Allegheny County police Lt. Andrew Schurman stated in a news release, according to a June 15 Associated Press (via ABC News) report, "The investigation is ongoing and at this stage we do not believe the child was abducted by a stranger." He would later tell KDKA (Pittsburgh), "We do not believe the child walked there from her Wilkinsburg home. It's too far. We believe the child was placed there after her death."

Authorities did not release details surrounding the body placement or the state of the body of little Adrionna Williams, nor did they say how far the body was from her Wilkinsburg home. According to Fox News, the Allegheny County medical examiner performed a preliminary autopsy Monday but would not disclose the findings, stating that the determination of cause and manner of death would have to wait until more tests were conducted. In the meantime, Allegheny County Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation as a homicide.

Swissvale police Chief Greg Geppert, who was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene after the dog walker found the body, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the Adrionna Williams mystery was "very upsetting" to those involved in the case. He said the body had been found without any signs of trauma but there had been a "brush burn" on the child's face. She was near an apartment complex in a wooded area, her body resting on an embankment and near some piles of dirt.

“There’s nothing there as far as a crime scene or anything like that to indicate that she was killed there or anything like that,” Geppert said. “For her to be where she was at, she was absolutely placed there.”

Geppert said he and his officers heard on the police scanner to be on the lookout for a missing 2-year-old girl whose family had reported her missing at 7:05 p.m. (It was later revealed that Adrionna Williams' family had not seen her for thirty minutes when they made the 911 call.)

According to the family, the 2-year-old walked away from the house. According to WTAE (Pittsburgh), her body was found less than 2-and-a-half miles from her home in Wilkinsburg just over an hour later. This has given rise to police suspicion that she did not walk to the location by herself.

“Their claim is that she walked away from the house,” Chief Geppert said. “That is absolutely being investigated by the county police.”

WTAE also reported that the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office is currently looking into whether there may have been public surveillance cameras in the area that might have relevant information. The Sheriff's Office is asking the public for assistance in the Adrionna Williams case as well, especially if anyone has information regarding suspicious activity in the Swissvale area between the 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. If so, they are urged to call the County Police Homicide Unit at 412-473-1300.

There is now a makeshift memorial near wear the child's body was found. According to Lt. Schurman, Adronna Williams would have been 3 years old next month.

Anonymous said...

What's the best place to get new regarding current terrorist attacks in the middle east? For some reason i never hear about it on the radio nor The Drudge Report.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Sharia law blasphemy is anyone who insults Mohammad.

They have cartoons displayed to not insult Mohammad (that is a different issue) but to defy Islam supremacy.

In America, we have our favorites in life ridiculed in all manner. It is what we accept as freedom. Movies that Jews or Christians deem blasphemous are common, without any death penalty.

I do not seek to insult Muslims but I will not be held under Sharia blasphemy laws, in any manner.

I read the most disturbing report yesterday, where British police knew Muslims were planning sexual assaults of children for FIVE YEARS but feared being labeled "Islamphobic" or "racist" (though no single race is involved), and DID NOT WARN parents.

Girls, 12-15 were raped.

They are traumatized for life.

The Koran teaches, explicitly, things that are both illegal and immoral. It teaches, by example, pedophilia, given Mohammad's portray as "the perfect man."

Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, and so many other famous leaders all concluded that Islam was a military/social system masquerading as religion, was fatalistic, brutal, and has always produced static living.

To this, history is clear.
To this, daily headlines, when you can find them, show how many murders each and every day take place under the teaching of the Koran.

George W Bush said the opposite.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Let's Be Clear:

The Southern Law Poverty Center produced a hit list for Jihadists, though did not call it a "hit list."

The intention and sadly, the results, may be its own proof.

It is a "hit list", which is why they included the towns so that Jihadist can find and murder these women.

The most ironic thing is that should Jihadist get their way, the SLPC would be on their list, along with the gay rights and women's rights groups that are fearful of opposing Islamic teaching on homosexuality and women.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Pam Geller said:

“With three jihadis dead and two jihadis jailed in attempts to kill me, this is just encouraging more jihadis to come after me – and the other women this communist hate group names. At a time when jihad killers are moving actively against those whom they hate in the U.S., this is a quite literal hit list.”

Three dead and two in prison, it sounds like they are serious about killing her for having a cartoon of Mohammad.

This is an issue that all of us should be united on. We can disagree with what one says, but defend her right to say it without fear of death.


Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic.
I am posting this here so it doesn't get lost or missed on the relentlessly gay post

Written By Ben Ross Posted: 06/24/2015, 03:58pm

Baltimore resident Julie Baker, who made waves on the internet last week for posting an alleged note from a neighbor calling her colorful yard “relentlessly gay” may just be a con artist.

The Daily Caller notes that Baker’s writing style includes random capitalization and poor grammar, similar to the syntax seen in the note”

Most notably, both Baker and her supposed piece of hate mail show an eccentric approach to capitalization. The hate note incorrectly capitalizes words such as “others,” “children,” and “forced.” Similarly, Baker’s GoFundMe capitalizes words such as “home” and “relent.” This appears to be a long-term habit of Baker’s, as astute Internet observers have found old posts Baker has made on Facebook which show her repeatedly engaging in this sort of eccentric capitalization.

Police apparently tried to set up a meeting with Baker, and obtain the letter, but apparently she wouldn’t meet with police, and no longer has the letter in her possession.

Uh huh.

Baker also accused a nearby Presbyterian church of posting the letter, the church in question, however, recognizes gay marriage in its congregation.

The letter is the smoking gun. Anyone with a magnifying glass can trace the paper and ink back to a printer in Baker’s home, that’s why she disposed of it. This gofundme is almost as bad as the one that asked for people to donate a million dollars to the New England Patriots.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Yesterday, it was 488 dead since Ramadan began, 7 days prior.

Today, the death toll is: 564.

This is the result of an ideology that calls for death to those who do not yield to the Koran. The death list includes Muslims.

What is needed is what moderate Muslim mosques refuse to do:

Publicly refute the portions of the Koran that call for:

1. Death to "infidels"
2 Subjugation and physical violence against women
3. Death penalty for "blasphemy"
4. Death to Gays

This would be what some Muslims call a "reformation of Islam" where, across the world, millions of Muslims say, through their leader, that "these passages are not divine from Allah" so that this is no longer taught.

This is what Immans refuse to do.

This is why the violence continues through history, with no rival.


JC said...

Hi Hobs,

Game over for her me thinks!

JC said...

Hi Peter,

Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness.

Tania Cadogan said...

Oh Dear it looks like they finally blocked me of the gofundme site.

I'm not surprised , i wondered why it took so long :)

JC said...



open up a gofundme and say you need new a lawn mower because your garden is so big your's burned out and the neighbors don't like over grown grass lol. And a gazebo would be appreciated too :)

Tania Cadogan said...

I can't claim for a mower, i could though ask for a new greenhouse since mine got trashed by the winter weather and is mostly empty space with a roof oh and my staging is wooden and rotting due to all the rain that got in.
I will also need a pond for the local wildlife that visits and i have 6 wild hedgehogs to care for as they visit nightly and it would attract their dinner, plus one of them is likely to be expecting hoglets since she and Junior got it on :)

Cos i am raspberry rippled raised borders would be helpful oh and a big trough planter thingy for my vegs :)

somehow i don't think i'd get more than a few comments and hugs hehehe

Statement Analysis Blog said...

JC said...
Hi Peter,

Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness.
June 25, 2015 at 11:12 AM

this is what Pam Geller and the other 11 women are fighting against: the de facto imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws.

I hope others will weigh in on this.

The investigators feared public backlash as being called "Islamophobic" and "racist."

The Koran teaches deception to us, but not to one another. These pedophiles and rapists are imitating their leader. They immigrate to a country which holds women in a much higher regard. It is not about race, nor fear of Islam.

It is about seeing:

1. What the ideology is

2. How the ideology shows itself in life

Women are beaten, multiple wives are taken, and in Jihad, sex slaves may be had.

Mohammad, himself, is held to be the "perfect man."

He married a 5 or 6 year old girl, and consummated his marriage with her when she was 9 years old.

Hence, the lengthy history of rape.

For more information, google the rape capital of the world: Sweden.

You will see, horrifically, the squelching of information that would PRESERVE the lives of women, in the name of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" that is sickening.

People who draw the line between the ideology and the crime are in danger of

*loss of income

There are hundreds of "no go zones" that are "de facto", not official, in Europe. This is where Europeans do not dare go, police fear to go, and assimilation is despised by the immigrants.

In Zimbabwe, they continue to steal the farms from white citizens, who have been there for more than 100 years, and employ thousands. They steal the farms and deport them from the only country they have known.

Our President says nothing about Islamic rapes, nor the Islamic Supremacy that is taking away the lawful landowners in Africa due to the color of their skin.

I'd like to ship one of these extreme leftist to Zimbabwe, and have them hold up a sign saying, "We are humans too!", demand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and free housing, and when they are laughed at, they can scream "racism" all they want.

Nationalsim, so it seems, is the new "sin" of the Western countries, but in black countries, it is still sacred.

Up is down, left is right, and good is evil.

We sure got the change we asked for.


rob said...

Up is down, left is right, and good is evil.

We sure got the change we asked for.


Unknown said...

I would pledge my support, if you will only agree to post some pictures of the hoglets when they are born.

(That's all that matters right, that you post some pictures? I mean, that's all the Baker supporters wanted, whether she was lying about the letter, or not...they just wanted her to post them some pics, lol)

clyde crashcup said...

A close look at some of these utterly absurd and pretentious ISIS killings would reveal them to be the hoaxes and fakery our gut reactions tell us they are. This is like bad Soviet era propaganda writ anew. Awful and silly fake evil. I don't believe the photos or accounts at all. Dispassionate and objective investigation of them would reveal this to be part of the burgeoning fakery industry through the various intelligence agencies that pull the strings regardless of whom is currently holding elected office.
Fake events such as Sandy Hook, Boston Firecracker , Charleston and its goofy Storm Roof are the real story of our times. Many are viewing the evidence and being persuaded. We see fake blood, chipper amputees, absurd killers, "lawyers" convicting their own clients and offering no defense, "bombs" that explode upward but somehow amputate legs by the dozens, on and on. Fakery. The smart minds here should join the research with an open mind and see for themselves.