Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ricky Jones: Fake Hate

Ricky Jones, 23, owner of a pizza parlor, reported that he was a victim of a hate crime and has a "Go To Me" Fund with more than $11,000 raised, with a goal of $50,000.

His hashtag is "help stop the hate."

He said that he was attacked, after he sent the employees home, beaten unconscious, and had hate slurs carved into his flesh, and bleach poured down his throat.  Then, his house was firebombed with a molotov cocktail that failed to explode, but did burn.

It is similar to the attack by 3 masked men who broke into Charlie Rogers' home, carved hate slurs into her flesh, and set her house on fire.

She also was given great sympathy and money, but eventually landed in jail for her false report.  It may be that he got the idea from her, as he has copied two specific elements of her "crime" report:

1.  Hate slogans in the flesh
2.  Fire burning

Another similarity between the two is that media is not questioning his account, just as it avoided any questioning of Rogers' account.

What happened to investigative journalism?

It took a few more news articles where he reported what happened to show enough signals of deception for me to be comfortable with "deception indicated" as he is concealing the identity of the attacker.  This tells us that he either did it himself, or worked with someone else, but it is a false police report.

Ricky Jones is also deceptive about what happened to him, and is perpetrating another "Fake Hate" claim with the clear goal of money in a small community.

He is getting the predictable responses, which have included comments about how the attacker must be a "Christian" as the angry responses turn against people of faith.  I do not know if Mr. Jones knew that people might blame Christians or not, but lying is inconsistent with "help stop the hate" since lying is to counterfeit the currency we exchange in life.  It breaks trust, destroys lives, ruins businesses, and falsely imprisons.

Lying is destructive.

There is always a cost to lying.

For Ricky Jones, should law enforcement catch on to him, there may  some serious consequences, especially since he is raising money under false pretenses.

There is also the continual divisiveness of our nation, and the endless gaming of the politically correct system where the ultimate victim is truth.

I do not know if the local law enforcement will bring forth charges, but should the FBI investigate, it is very likely that the Go Fund Me campaign will end quickly.

Help stop the hate?

What will Mr. Jones do if police erroneously arrest someone?

Who will stop the hatred and possible ruination of an innocent man?

People have been falsely imprisoned before and it could happen again.  This would be an extreme case of "hatred" of an innocent man falsely accused.

Is Jones certain that no one will be charged?

The false flag is one that does, in deed, wage war, but not always as expected.


Lemon said...
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Lemon said...


Anonymous said...

I reported it as fraud on the gotome fund sight...hope it saves peeps some money $$ :-)

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Tania Cadogan said...

He could face charges of robber, accessory to robbery, arson, filing a false police report and , since he created a gofundme site would that count as fraud of somekind since the money was obtained by deception.

Since we know he is deceptive and the charges he could face are pretty serious, it is in b his best interest to come clean now before he digs himself into a deeper hole and ends up doing some serious time.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It seems that the "fake hate" crowd likes two things:

1. Money
2. Hating on Christians

I see there is another "Go Fund Me" about being "relentlessly gay" of which I am relentlessly suspicious about.

She has raised $24,000 so far, to get a few backyard lights at a cost of about $12.49

Not too shabby!


Lis said...

The idea of hate slogans getting carved into someone's flesh seems preposterous to me. Do people really do that? It seems like something you'd only see in the movies. Of which I think some of these people have seen too many.

Wendy said...

I think they consider their carvings as tattoos. what people won't do for attention, money, pity, and financial gain.

I wonder if he'll write a book on his struggles and claim to fame.

Unknown said...

Charlie Rogers' accounting of her supposedly racially fueled attack is what this case reminds me of.

Bleach is an odd thing to use. Since it is poisonous, we are led to believe that the "attacker" wished to cause death? If that's the case, none of his "injuries" are indicative of that. I would think that a person who premeditated such an act (who REALLY carries around, or has easy access to, bleach?) Would cause vicious wounds, not scratches. Profile seems to me as though the "victim" in this case feels unclean, and/or has been ridiculed. Possibly religious? I'm not bashing religion, I'm merely stating that there are times when sexual orientation has been looked at as "unclean", or unnatural.

Also, I would expect someone who has been victimized to be more selfless. Instead of raising money for his own " costs" I would expect someone to donate the money to charities in the hope of protecting other victims.

I have seen nothing of this selflessness, and people list things in order of importance. I was not expecting money to be the first on his list.

Great topic, Peter.

Unknown said...

Also, aren't victims, who were unable to see, or identify their attacker and thus would use passivity in their description "someone" for example, hasn't it been documented that victims often describe their other senses? Smell, taste, etc?

Anonymous said...

Matt, the guy was there alone. If anyone meant too or wanted to kill him they easily could have. There were THREE of these people? Ain't no way. According to his claims he was being held down in a helpless position; if anyone wanted to pour bleach down his throat they certainly could have. At the very least they could have done some damage to his mouth, lips and face with the bleach yet we have seen no evidence of any toxic bleach burns. He wouldn't have even been able to move or squirm out of their reach while pouring the bleach in his mouth or on his body. This little sicko fake blankety-blank is a flat out liar. 'Nuff said.

Sara said...

Lis-- yup! I also noticed the claims and proof often involve the carving of messages into the "victim". These stories always remind me of the first FAKE hate message I ever read about--Tawanna Brawley--FAKE hate message written in Feces on her body sometime in the late 1980's /early 1990's.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a photo of the face of a guy in prison who had raped a little girl. A large carved word, cut into his skin by another prisoner, was on his forehead. His entire forehead into his hairline was all red, swollen, festered and infected. Nasty looking terrible injury. This wound certainly should leave a permanent scar.

It was on the internet, likely others here saw it as well. Something like this would be what one could expect to see if any of these people who claim they were cut into actually were.