Friday, June 26, 2015

Sgt. Shannon Dildine Fired Over FaceBook Post

Screengrab via WCIV-TV/Facebook
Screengrab via WCIV-TV/Facebook
Police Chief Eddie Driggers condemned the officer, identified as Sgt. Shannon Dildine, in a strongly-worded termination letter obtained by WCIV-TV:
“Your posting in this manner led to you being publicly identified as a North Charleston Police officer and associated both you and the Department with an image that symbolizes hate and oppression to a significant portion of the citizens we are sworn to serve.”

Some points to consider:

1.  Free Speech

Free Speech was a bedrock in our country to protect the very things most people disagreed with.  It was for the outrageous, foolish, and especially, the contrarian, in historical context.

I am a defender of Free Speech, as it is the life blood for us all to live from.  Without it, we saw what the Nuremberg laws did to Jews in Nazi Germany.  Our president told us, before we voted him in, that he would be the most transparent president ever.  We now know that no president has ever done more in secrecy, including the by passing of Congress, than Obama.

2.  Symbolism.  To many, the Confederate Flag represents States' rights and not racism.  This is why the fight is so determined. To others, since especially it was used by the KKK, it symbolizes racism.

I see both sides and have an obligation to freedom, and to black citizens who are hurt by the propagandized meaning of the flag.

Also consider Precedent:

3.  Allowing a single incident to define practice without pausing to let 'cooler heads' prevail.

 The practice to ban something used by a murderer, in principle, would lead to the banning of the Islamic flag, initially, but with the same argument, the banning of the American flag.

The Unabomber had Al Gore's book in his possessions and quoted it.  The book was not banned as the Unabomber killed citizens.

For me, there is a small but very important issue here.  It is "small" in geography but there is a lesson here for all of us:

Would you want someone like Sgt. Dildine in your locale?

His picture shows an incredible lack of self awareness.  It is about the stupidest thing he could do, and it is uncharitable, violating the law of "do unto others."

How so?

A large number of people he was paid to protect and serve are black.  Point one.

Point Two:  Most black people believe the Confederate Flag represents a desire to enslave them.

Point Three:  Given the extreme emotions of the killing in Charleston, not only does this reveal someone who lacks the emotional intelligence to be a police officer, he has endangered, without cause, the lives of police officers and has needlessly angered black citizens.

He could have found a better way to protest the removal of the Confederate Flag, tactfully, and, perhaps, allowing emotions to cool off first, cognizant that he carries lethal force, and is paid to protect and to serve black citizens.

It is not only undignified, but it is deliberately provocative from someone who's uniform desperately needs to speak "peace and safety" to the locale.

I would want him fired for being an uncharitable fool; not for any other reason.

All things might be lawful, but not all things are expedient.

The Apostle Paul dealt with some extremely sensitive new Christians who felt that it was just awful to eat certain meats dedicated to idolatry.  Paul knew that it was just food and it was, perhaps cooked to rare perfection with garlic salt, great to eat.  He knew it was lawful, that is, allowed for him to do so.

He chose not to, as he thought it better to not offend here, on such a small issue, than to exercise his right to eat.

There were issues coming which were much greater in scope, in which he had to offend; especially one in which Cesar had declared that "no other name in heaven" was as high as his own.  He declared that anything contrary was high handed treason.

Paul picked his fights carefully.  We should do the same.  There are some fights we cannot walk away from.  As retailers pull the Confederate flag, the flag of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State are still legal.  This is an inconsistency and a natural illogic that flows from socialism.

I spent an entire summer studying Confederate history, and I understand what they believe the flag stands for: the rights of States within a willful union, not a club that if you join, you can only leave by death.

I read the history of the KKK, from books written in the period.  I also read of the resistant movement in the South that was not race based like the KKK but sought to protect themselves from the exploitation of carpet baggers and outright theft.  The two were not the same.

I learned "Uncle Tom's Cabin" but not about the New York City riot in which blacks were hung from lamp posts, reminding me that "history is written by the winners."

Issues are often more complex than what politicians and those who scream make them out to be.  This is why it is important that we do not react while emotions are so high, yet it is why opportunists jump in.

I want freedom for us all, including those I strongly and personally disagree with.

I would not want Sgt. Dildine serving in my neighborhood because he lacks the emotional intelligence to be a police officer.

I cannot imagine the pain of being a black citizen, calling 911 for help, and seeing Sgt. Dildine pull up, picturing him in Confederate underwear.

"Love covers a multitude of sins."


Tania Cadogan said...

The problem is this.

If the flag is offensive to certain groups of people, then, by default, all flags are.
The stars and stripes is offensive to those who wish America harm, the immigrants who want to bring America to her knees.
Will they then ban the stars and stripes to stop them being ofended?

What about state flags ?

I have no problem with the confederate flag.
When i used to do western reenactments as part of the Younger gang and at big shows, on the side of the south (i died bravely several times, sometimes in the same battle) the confederate flag was flown proudly.
One of my uncles and his wife still do the reenactments and living history villages and the confederate flag is everywhere.

By banning the confederate flag, it seems they are jumping on the bandwagon, after all they don't ban the American flag when it is brandished during a crime, they don't ban all guns because a criminal committed a hate crime, or the same with knives, ropes, pillows, sporks, hands or even bad cooking

America has the right to freedom of speech and expression, that means what it says.
If you want to display a hate sign, hate language, the daesh flag or whatever, you have the right to do so.
People may not like it, they have the option of ignoring it, after all they may show things or say things that upset or offend at least one person.

America is a democracy,millions have died to ensure it stays a democracy.

In this case i would sue the sergeant.

No crime has been committed despite what certain people claim or imply.

All it is is people jumping on the bandwagon and a knee jerk reaction to some some man owning a flag and killing black people.
Had he been pictured with the stars and stripes instead would they be removing flags and banning pictures of that?
Heck no.

This is just another attack on freedom of speech

Deejay said...

The cop who choked the man selling cigarettes in New York had been accused of having an aggressive manner. (before this man's death.) If the police department had fired that cop, the man selling cigarettes would still be alive and would have had his day in court.

Anonymous said...

The cruelest aspect of Eric Garner's death DeeJay, is that on that day, at that time, the man was not selling cigarettes, nor had he been that day. He didn't even have any ciggies in his possession. He was merely standing on his usual corner speaking with and smiling to his friends as they walked by. The fact that he had sold untaxed individual ciggies on a different day should have had no bearing on that day. On that day, the man was innocent, he would have had no day in court as he was committing no crime, there was nothing to charge him with.

His chokehold death was murder by cop; with the poor obese man warning and begging that he could not breathe until at last he died a strangulation death perpetrated by a killer cop and several of his buddies assisting in holding him down on a street corner until dead.

How this cop could have been judged not guilty is a lasting shame on our court system, or why he was even on the beat since he had formerly been found to be aggressive, there is no reasonable explanation for. There just isn't.

Anonymous said...

Note to Hobnob: I get so damned tired of reading some of your crap Hobnob. You are in the UK, is this not correct? How could YOU know so much about our flags in this country? The fact is, you don't, and certainly not the connotations implied with the display of the confederate flag and/or our individual state flags, OR our respect for the American flag whether you understand it or not.

Ditto for your many comments about titles and ownership of real estate in this country. Until you have studied real estate law in this country and in certain states, and learn our laws governing the use and sale of real estate in this country, you really should give it a rest.

God, one would think you think you are an authority in everything....! Sorry lady, but you really rub my nerves raw at times.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

from the snopes site for relentlessly gay comments section

Kris says:
2015-06-26 at 9:59 am

The GFM page is still active and can be viewed ONLY if you have the link. It no longer pulls up in a search of “Julie Baker,” “relentlessly gay,” or any other keyword associated with this campaign. GFM buried it. They may have a feeling it’s a fraud but since the police haven’t officially declared it a fraud, they decided this was the better option. The brief moment it was taken down may have been due to Julie herself due to the controversy. Remember, GFM makes $$ off these campaigns plus publicity. I wonder if GFM and the payment processors have to repay their cut if this is deemed a fraud by authorities and the monies have to be returned to donors.


I checked and i cannot find the site using either julie baker or relentlessly gay.
I do have it bookmarked and can access it via that way for now.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Discovery of remains of female toddler on Deer Island. Police trying to identify. Don't know if it relates to any cases on here???

Lemon said...

Note to Anne:

Stop reading Hobs' comments. Problem solved.
See how easy this is?

Nic said...

Opportunist is a good word to describe this officer. Why pick a fresh scab? I can't help but wonder what other parts of his life he's blown up.

Anonymous said...

Is she guilty?

Anonymous said...

Gee Bitter Lemons; it's nice to see that you know how to use more than one word: "Word", your usual forte' where few even know what you are trying to say.

See how easy that was?