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Statement Analysis Live Chat

We are hoping for a new feature for your readers where you can chat live at certain pre announced times; particularly when interesting news is breaking and Statement Analysis is used to discern deception. This is a trial run for us...


Anonymous said...

Bring Karyn Renee Mehaffy Home: Iowa Teen Reportedly Kidnapped By Three People

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Peter taking some time off here on the week-ends.

A little time here, a little time there... Maybe even a whole day or two every now n'then.

Everybody needs a breather, even those with a mind that never stops thinking; even in our sleep. Trust me, it's impossible to explain to someone who can shut down like waving a magic wand, when for some of us it never happens so I won't even try.

Try Peter. Shut down and get some rest when you can.


Red Meat said...

Someone referred to this article in an older post. Good stuff. I can't repost whole article from phone and will c and p later... One flag I see is gender neutral "someone" and "they".

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Red meat, thanks for the info and link.

Something is well off here and i am thinking fake hate crime.

The family-owned Grand Central Pizzeria, which Jones runs along with his sisters and parents, has a policy in place for safety’s sake to never close up solo. “He sent his last employees home for the night saying, ‘I’ll finish this,’” Ricky’s mom Terri Jones, who works as a chef at the eatery, told The Daily Beast. “My son, being a male, was thinking he’s invincible.”
The one night the routine changes he just happens to have been assaulted and robbed with the obligatory defamatory comment carved into his flesh.
I wonder where it was carved, in which direction the writing faced and how deep it was.
If robbery was the motive how did they know that that night he would send his staff home?
If robbery was the motive why the defamatory comment in his flesh?
(Think charlie rogers)

“I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he said. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”
How did he know it was bleach?
Did he wake up just as they placed the container against his mouth?
Did he wake up during them trying to get him to drink bleach?
Why not describe what he remembers of the attackers, gender, color, anything they said?

To try means to attempt and not succeed.
I note the language he used
trying to force me to drink bleach.”
Why not say they were trying to pour a liquid down my throat/in my mouth?
If it was a forced action then drink wouldn't apply.
I would expect words like tried to pour bleach in my mouth.
Given the corrosive nature of bleach, the claim he woke up as they were trying to force him to drink bleach, what damage was done to the inside of his mouth and lips and throat?
Some of the liquid at least since he was unconscious or semi conscious would have gotten into his mouth and throat.
Was there any damage to the skin around his face from what is basically acid as it would and should have spilled (unless they were very careful/used a funnel.
If this was a hate crime why take the money?
If this was robbery why take only the money and nothing else of value?

He was left for naught for three hours of eerie unconsciousness on the floor after suffering a massive concussion, a goose egg on his head and a bruised jaw after being socked

Oh dear, the dreaded number three.
Why the story telling with the introduction of the qualifier eerie?

Then—not a week later, on April 30—Ricky Jones and his family were met with the same “Die Fag” missive, spray painted on their garage door, authorities told The Daily Beast.

“It was just five days later and they tagged our garage,” Terri Jones said

How did they know where they lived?
Again this makes me think of charlie rogers.
Given the original serious crime, why the deescalation to graffitti?

On Wednesday, a few days after Utah Pride Festival Weekend concluded, the Jones family was attacked twice again. Thieves tossed a rock into the restaurant and jimmied open another backdoor in the middle of the night to empty the safe again.
Why toss a rock into the restaurant and then jimmy open the back door?
Breaking a window would attract attention and set off an alarm, not something you want to do if you are breaking into somewhere.
Why jimmy open the back door and then toss a rock into the restaurant?
Neither make any kind of sense.

Tania Cadogan said...

“We changed the safe combination and somehow they were still able to steal everything inside,” she fumed of the safe that was tucked in the pizzeria’s back office. “We will be talking to the manufacturer of the safe because we feel like they sold us a faulty product.”
There we have it, an inside job.
The safe combination was changed and they still managed to steal the money.
How long after the combination change was it emptied again?
who knew the combination?
Who closed up that night?
Was any damage done to the safe door/lock?
Where was Rick that night?
They feel like they were sold a faulty product allows for others to feel otherwise.
Do they have suspicions as to who is involved?
What changes were made after the initial robbery?

“We were all sound asleep in bed and Ricky heard a crash and felt something land in the bed next to him,’ Terri Jones said. “It was a rock and then he saw flames on his floor and he jumped out of bed and started yelling ‘Fire!’”
OK now this is getting stupid.
He was sound asleep and heard a crash and felt something land in his bed?
If you are sound asleep you may hear something loud and unexpected but by then whatever landed on your bed would have landed by the time you were awake.
I know if i am asleep i don't feel my cats jumping on my bed or changing position.
You can only feel something land on your bed if you are awake/alert.
He heard a crash and saw a rock then he saw flames on his floor.
Umm wouldn't that be two crashes then?
Unless they were amazing shots and got the rock and the molotov cocktail through the same spot, something is off.
He makes no mention of smelling gasoline which would be strong.

The soda bottle filled with gasoline had landed setting Ricky Jones’s room alight. But the device failed to explode. “He jumped out of bed and took the extinguisher and began spraying the flames out.”
How lucky was that that not only did it get through the window intact, it didn't explode and ricky just so happened to have an extinguisher close to hand.
What was the container made of?
Glass it would more than likely have exploded and if plastic it would have melted.
persumably since it didn't explode, it will be available as evidence (prints,gas type etc)
Where was the extinguisher stored that it was close to hand?
How much damage was done to his room (any bets just a bit of carpet near nothing valuable?)

“The bottle, when it hit it the bed and broke off and fell to the floor, if [the soda bottle] had broken my Ricky wouldn’t be here… It’s only by God’s hand that he’s safe. I strongly believe he has kept him safe and will keep him safe,” she said.
It hit the bed and broke off, followed by if the bottle had broken my ricky wouldn't be here.
Which is it?
Either it broke or it didn't.

This leads me to ask the following.
Is ricky an activist?
Is the family business doing well or struggling?
How did they know which window was his bedroom?
Has business increased due to local support for a victim and their family and business?
Has any fund been set up by them or others for things like medical bills or repairs?

Has ricky taken a polygraph?
If asked did he accept or refused?
If he did what was the result?
Would he be willing to take a polygraph?
Have they spoken to the safe manufacturer?
What was the result?
What about ricky's friends?

I am not buying this.
There are too many convenient moments of luck.
This smacks of charlie rogers.

Red Meat said...

Rick Jones suffered horrific wounds after a vicious homophobic attack. Then the thugs went after his family.

Rick Jones may have suffered amnesia after so many blows to the head. But the words “Die Fag,” sliced into both of his scarred arms make it impossible to forget the first ambush.

It was April 25 at closing time at his family’s pizzeria just off Main Street in downtown Delta, Utah. Jones told his hands to go home.

Then the 27-year-old was suddenly cold-clocked, force-fed bleach, and robbed by bandits. Months passed. Then, this past Wednesday, Jones’s life was almost snuffed when his bedroom went alight at dawn immediately after some maniac tossed a Molotov cocktail that crashed into his window. Miraculously, it didn’t detonate.

The attack on Jones was particularly ferocious. But it wasn’t uncommon, unfortunately. Out of the almost 6,000 hate crimes committed in 2013—the last year for which statistics are available—20 percent (approximately 1,200 that year) were based on victims’ sexual orientation, according to the FBI.

This incident started with Jones thinking he couldn’t be touched.

The family-owned Grand Central Pizzeria, which Jones runs along with his sisters and parents, has a policy in place for safety’s sake to never close up solo. “He sent his last employees home for the night saying, ‘I’ll finish this,’” Ricky’s mom Terri Jones, who works as a chef at the eatery, told The Daily Beast. “My son, being a male, was thinking he’s invincible.”

Alone, and with a few duties such as batching receipts and tossing the trash outside, everything seemed routine until Jones was broadsided and outnumbered.

“I went out to take out the trash, and when I came back in I thought it was strange that I didn’t hear the door close,” Jones told Gay Salt Lake. “I turned around to shut the door, and someone grabbed me by the head and slammed me to the wall.”

In almost sicko ninja fashion, the robbers sicced Jones from behind. He never caught a glimpse of the invaders who proceeded to pummel him into unconsciousness.

The beach-blonde young man was tossed like a ragdoll against the wall and socked in the jaw. Jones managed to regain consciousness to see an intruder pinning him down. “I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he said. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”

Tania Cadogan said...

As an addendum, are there any pictures of him after the attack where he had bleach allegedly forced down him and the insult carved into his flesh?

Anonymous said...

Well duh. He would have known the liquid was bleach due to the fact that bleach has a very nasty and potent smell. No confusion there, Hobnob.

Anonymous said...


Adrionna Williams: Missing 2-Year-Old Found Dead In Swissvale Woods

Authorities have confirmed the body of Adrionna Williams was found in a wooded area in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Sunday. The circumstances surrounding the toddler’s disappearance and death are unknown. However, an autopsy will be performed on Monday.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Adrionna’s body was discovered by an unidentified woman, who was walking her dog near the Delaware Avenue Extension.

Although the Allegheny Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the 2-year-old’s identity, they have not determined her cause of death.

Swissvale police Chief Greg Geppert said the toddler was reported missing to the Allegheny County Police shortly after 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening. However, an AMBER alert was not issued, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Although each state has their own criteria for issuing an AMBER alert, the warnings are generally reserved for children who are abducted and are “at risk of serious death or injury.”

It is unclear whether Adrionna Williams met with foul play or simply wandered away from home.

According to official reports, Adrionna’s family claimed she “walked away from the house” and simply vanished.

Chief Geppert said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the toddler’s body, with the exception of a “brush burn” on her cheek. However, he believes Adrionna died elsewhere and “was absolutely placed” in the woods. Geppert confirmed Adrionna Williams lived in Wilkinsburg, which is less than two miles from the location where her body was found.

In the state of Pennsylvania alone, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children lists 71 unsolved missing child cases. Nationwide, there are currently three active AMBER alerts.

Myra Lewis was reported missing from her Camden, Mississippi, home on March 1, 2014. Authorities said there is reason to believe the 2-year-old girl is “in imminent danger.”

At the time of her disappearance, Myra was 2’10” and weighed approximately 27 pounds. She is described as a black female with black hair and brown eyes.

Malik Drummond, age 2, was last seen in the bedroom of his parents’ Searcy, Arkansas, home on November 23, 2014.

As he was diagnosed with autism, authorities believe the toddler simply wandered outside and could not find his way back home.

Malik is described as a black male with brown hair and brown eyes. At the time of his disappearance, he was three-feet-tall and weighed approximately 40 pounds.

A’Million Meshelle Shelton, 7 months, was reportedly abducted by her mother, Chantay Denise Myers, on May 12, 2015. Prior to her disappearance, A’Million was living in Houston, Texas, with her maternal grandparents.

It is unclear why an AMBER alert was not issued for Adrionna Williams. However, she was found less than an hour after she was reported missing to local police. Authorities hope Monday’s autopsy will reveal some clues about the toddler’s disappearance and subsequent death.

Anonymous said...

Obviously little seven month old A'Million could not have made it by herself within an hour to where she was found. No seven month old could crawl that fast, if they can crawl at all. Murder, obviously. Tragic ending for a sweet baby girl. So sad.

All of these abused, murdered, missing, neglected and abandoned babies are so sad, some of them used for kiddie porn then murdered, many of them killed by their own parent(s) and getting away with it. It makes the heart sick just thinking about them.

Anonymous said...

Hate Crime Statistics generally do not include black on white crime, otherwise the statistics would be off-center for political purposes.