Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Statement Analysis: Ricky Jones and Hate Crime

superficial wounds, at best

Ricky Jones claimsto be a victim of a hate crime; a homophobic attack where he was not unconscious, forced to drink bleach, had a molotov cocktail thrown through his window, and had hate slogans carved into his flesh.  In Statement Analysis, we believe what someone tells us, unless there is compelling reason not to . 

                    Is this real?  In all the media posts thus far, lots of love, but no doubters...yet. 

utah hate crime rick jones delta dnt_00002704

We listen for the subject to connect himself to the event with the pronoun "I" and the past tense verbiage.  We listen for someone to tell us what happened and when one does, we believe them unless their own words tell us something different.  

We must hear fear and a demand that he, his family, and the community be kept safe by the capture of the suspect!  It is more important than...raising money.  

We also set up the "expected" versus the "unexpected" in analysis, making a list of words we expect to hear from the victim of such vicious crimes. 

Words we expect to hear include:

attempted murder, 
bad guys out there..." and so on.  These are the norms of such a vicious and personal attack.

"You've got to catch him before he finishes off the job of killing me!  What about my family?  What about the gay community at large?  What are you doing to capture him?!!"

We expect these things to be in his language.  We expect an urgency to catch the monster who did this.

We do not expect it to be an "event", nor do we expect it to be "sad."

Perhaps, if Charlie Rogers attends the "event", it might liven up a bit.

We also expect, in light of such a horrific attack to hear how afraid he is, for himself, his family, and his friends, and how desperate he is to have the attacker, or attackers, caught.  They cut him, tried to get him to drink bleach and tried to firebomb his entire home.  We expect outrage and a demand to catch the criminal before he really kills him, or others in the neighborhood.

Although the quotes are sparse, none of these elements exist, thus far.  If there is another lengthy statement and these elements are present, and he connects himself, verbally, to this attack, we will believe him.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me and want $50,000 to cover "expenses" and anything left over will be donated to a charity.  

Protests are spreading and support is coming in from around the country.  Is this a vicious assault or another case of "Fake Hate" where one is cashing on on the political climate?

The "Long Island Fake Hate" seems to have abandoned any "Go Fund Me" plans, but Mr. Jones wants to raise $50,000 to cover "costs", and if there is anything left over, it will go to charity. 

Please note that within his Facebook post regarding money, he called it a "sad event", rather than the language of assault.  He called this a human rights "campaign."

A vicious assault should have forensic language attached to it, yet thus far, it is missing.  Should an entire statement be written about what happened, we would know if it is truthful or not.  Here, there are sensitivity indicators that may be deception, but more important it what is missing:

language that connects him to the assault.

Note the order of his thankfulness:

1.  Financially
2.  Mentally
3.  Emotionally

Financial has come first.  The following is an article from CNN with Statement Analysis added to the quotes in bold type to differentiate it from the article.

(CNN)Rick Jones sent the employees home from his family's pizza restaurant and carried the garbage out the back door. 

Note that CNN reported that he sent the employees home first.  

"I thought it was strange that I didn't hear it close," he said. "I was knocked out and then suddenly someone was forcing my legs and hands down and trying to get me to drink bleach."

He reports what he did not hear, though we do not know if this was a result of a  question.  This is important because honest people report what happened, what they heard, and what they saw.  They do not tell us what did not happen, what was not heard,  nor what was not seen.  

Note next that he uses the word  "someone" does not specify gender of the attacker.  Was it a "man"?  Was it a "guy"?  Was it more than one attacker?  He only calls the attacker the gender neutral "someone."

Note the order of events.  

1.  I was knocked out
2.  Suddenly, someone was forcing my legs and hands...
He did not report coming to, and finding this happening to him. 

Note also "was forcing" and not "forced."

Jones, 21, woke up a few hours later in the hospital with a concussion, serious bruises and a message of hate carved into the inside part of his arms. 
"On one arm it said 'die' and on the other arm it said 'f*g'," he said. 

Please carefully note that "it said" is passive voice. Passivity in language is used to conceal identity or responsibility.  He would not know the attacker, which may explain the passivity, except that in a personal attack, even by an unknown assailant, passive language is not fitting:  

 He does not say "the man carved..." or "the attacker carved" or "cut"
Note also that "said" is soft language and does not fit the viciousness of the attack.  
This may cause some to consider if this was self-injurious, or if someone he knew did this.  

Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox issued a statement on Friday about the "hate crime investigation."

 Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker told CNN affiliate KSL.
The criminals did more than hurt Jones that night. They took $1,300 from the restaurant he owns with his three sisters, Grand Central Pizzeria and Grill.

Then the crimes started to hit home. Literally.
The following day, somebody went to the home in Delta where Jones lives with his parents and sisters and spray-painted the same malicious words onto the garage door.
More than a month passed. 

Molotov cocktail

On June 10, Jones woke up to the sound of a crash. Somebody had thrown a Molotov cocktail through his bedroom window. 

"It didn't explode but it started a fire that burnt the wall and some of my carpet," he said. "It actually landed on my bed. I ran and warned my family 'there is a fire' and I got a fire extinguisher and was able to quickly get the fire out."

Note that he ran and warned his family before he put the fire out.  

Also thrown through the window was a rock that "had some writing on it that referenced homosexuality," Dekker told KSL.

"Referenced homosexuality" is polite language.  

That same night the pizza restaurant was robbed again, police said. 
The thieves took $1,800 and vandalized the business, Jones said.

"They painted the words, 'You'll burn' and 'die f*g' on the walls," he said.

But who? Is it just "someone" (gender neutral) or is it a plurality of hate mongers?

Rick Jones told CNN he's left wondering who wants to hurt him.
"I've lived here my whole live with my family," Jones said. "Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I don't have any known enemies, but obviously I have one somewhere."
Here he tags the enemy as "one", with "known enemies" a generic or general term.  We do not hear:

Anger, rage, fear, or concern for other citizens as this dangerous hateful criminal (or criminals) is on the loose, posing risk to all others.  We expect to hear him call for justice, and the capture of the criminal. 
Instead, we have the priority of thanks:  money first. 


Tania Cadogan said...

Another liar liar pants on fire, we really should get him togeather with charlie rogers and the fake hate letter writer. it would be a blast

trustmeigetit said...

They are also hurting real victims.

The more fake crimes are reported the more people will start to question real crimes.

It's yet another crazy trend that is only going to further destroy humanity.

I like people less and less everyday.

Wendy said...

I searched online and couldn't find a 911 call, police report or anything from the fire department(assuming they were called)after he put out the fire from the Molotov cocktail.

The 'crimes' had no witnesses and there are no leads on the case.

Someone tries to kill you and you go on facebook thanking people for donations hint,hint.) No shock, anger, depression, fear, memory problems? Facebook would be the last thing I would want--I wouldn't want to draw attention to what happened, I'd be traumatized.

Time will tell if he staged this because he owed someone money, craved attention (ex-partner?) or the business was having problems. He certainly knew this would draw business.


Wendy said...


I was hoping the polite Lindenhurst hate crime/hoaxer would have responded back to your pm. It would be interesting to know how she reacted when she got it. She must have figured out that people were on to her hoax. LOL!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this. I didn't believe it when I first heard it and I'm believing it even less now. I think our victim's got some splainin to do, apologies to make, and donations to either pay it forward or return to senders.

Lemon said...

"On one arm it said 'die' and on the other arm it said 'f*g'," he said.

The passive language is a complete disconnect from the injurious actions of having words carved into a limb. It is like he is reporting something he has seen, not something he has experienced himself. Is this because his experience or perspective is "seeing" it through his own eyes, not being "done" to him? It is a bizarre sentence.

I think the expected would also include the weapon used, as the instrument of your pain would be seared in your brain, by fear. I hope there are more statements.

Anonymous said...

Correct, money first. I am not believing his stories, all three are too vague. If I'd had the same things happen to me that he claims happened to him, I'd be so frightened and hysterical they'd have to lock me up in the looney bin.

Nope. Not buying his stories. He might look like a panty-waist simpleton but he isn't. He thinks he's on to a good thing, get the money.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, it looks more like someone scratched the words "die fag" into his arm, and did not CARVE.

“I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he said. “Someone was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”

He uses someone (singular) and then changes to they (plural).

The pizzeria has been robbed 3 times. After the second time, the owners bought a new safe. WHY? Why not put in security cameras? Cameras would be more beneficial as you could just change the combination on the current safe.

It is odd the "robbers" took the time from robbing to scratch slur words on his arms.

He sets the stage for WHY he went outside and how they were able to come inside. If he was staying late to do paperwork, why would he take out garbage? This is something that would have been done prior to his employees leaving. It is also convenient that he let everyone go home early. How did the robbers know to commit this fake-hate crime on that specific night? Just a few things that make you go hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Actually, it could have happened that someone was hiding outside the restaurant and saw when the other employees left, leaving him there alone; then he steps outside with the trash and they've got the chance they were waiting for. IFF this actually happened; it may not have been the first time the restaurant was being watched as 'they' waited for their chance to catch someone there alone.

Yep, this could have happened in an actual robbery or hate crime; nonetheless I am not buying into his story on any of these three incidences he claims happened. If anything actually happened there IMO he set it up himself, including any evidence of the home intrusion with the fireball into his bedroom that he knew would not have caused any real damage to the house.

Freak. He's just found himself a money maker, that's all. IFF this is what he's done, I hope he lands up in the slammer. His little skin deep only scratches won't be the only pain he will suffer. He thinks the word 'fag' is hurtful, they know a lot more words and actions than just these few... They also know how to make him wear a dog collar, leading him down on his all fours, while making him bark, bow and heel. I don't wish all this evil on him on anyone else but if he's conning and hoaxing up this entire scheme then he deserves his punishment in the big house.

Anonymous said...


Vicki posted:

An Iowa teenager initially thought to be abducted by three people is now being considered a runaway, according to police.

Police initially said 16-year-old Karyn Renee Mehaffy was abducted by three people in a dark SUV on June 12 and they believed she was in the company of Wilfredo

Martinez Gonzalez, according to a Henry County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Sheriff officials did not issue an Amber Alert for Mehaffy, saying her case did not meet the criteria.

On Monday, police told HLN the teen was not abducted and her status is being changed to a runaway.

New information indicates that Mehaffy left willingly with Gonzalez and authorities do not believe she is in danger, according to police.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Wendy , she didn't respond which was no surprise to me, however on her facebook page it seems to have died a death and she goes on about her cooking and her business selling baked goods.
It is as if she is thinking if i don't mention it people will forget about it.
Look over here at my cakes, don't look over there at a possible police case against me.

Whether my letter to her played any part i do not know, she does know however that people didn't buy the fake hate letter and she knows why.

I have messaged ricky jones about his fake hate, again explaining why his story is unbelievable and what the penalties are in his area for filing a false police report along with toher charges such as robbery and arson.
I did advise him to come clean about what really happened and who is involved as the police, the courts and we the public do forgive when someone confesses the truth.
I explained people do dumb things, sometimes with the best intentions but being deceptive about something never works out well and they are always found out.

I left it open for him to message me if she wants to talk or ask questions, i don't judge i advise to the best of my ability as to his options and that in the long run although a hard lesson to learn, good will come out of it.

I hope he mans up and tells the truth, it wil be painful now and embarrassing, in the long run though he will be a better man for it.

I shall wait and see.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Methinks your letter to the woman put an end to the Go Fund Me plans.


Sara said...

I don't believe this is real. I am so sick of these fake hate crime people!!! It makes me so angry that they are making it harder for real victims to be believed. Yes, fakers harm real people, real victims. It's reprehensible.
Weird, ever notice how often the fakers utilize words being carved into or otherwise written on their flesh? What's up with that?

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter, i hope so.
I wrote it with the intent that she didn't dig a deeper hole for herself that would result in major consequences for herself and by association her family.

Hopefully my letter to ricky will make him think about his actions and the consequences to him and his future, also what effect they will have on his family and friends and the business

I have sent you copies of both to see if i have royally messed up with my intent or whether it is clear i mean well for them and they get things sorted out, start over with a clean slate.

Boston Lady said...

I am finding it very frightening that we are living in a time where "Truth" is no longer valued. You can be "Identifying as black" when you are clearly white. You can outright lie, and people will minimize and say "oh but look at their upbringing, they can't help it". I'm beginning to wonder if people even recognize a lie any longer. Ads mislead. Lies are twisted to be okay and accepted.

When I grew up, if you were caught in a lie or about to be caught, my mother would tell us we better tell the truth because the truth always comes out in the end.

But does it?

Anonymous said...

This woman's lie has become national news, she's attacked from most every angle (rightfully so), she's pressured to give up her position. And you question if people can recognize a lie or if truth fails to prevail?

If her lie prevailed you wouldn't be griping about "the time we live in" as if lies are something new. If anything, technology and mass media have made it much harder to get away with a lie and much easier for you to learn about it and share your thoughts.

Have you really read the story? Her mother did exactly what you say yours did.

Anonymous said...

I really dislike it when Keyboard Warriors meddle in people's real lives. Reminds me of 4chan /b/ and many other boards.

Tania Cadogan said...

When people are deceptive to the extent we have seen and are seeing, then they are meddling in the real lives of genuine victims.

They use social media as a way to get their version of events out and to start a fund for donations, either directly or through a third party.

Are they not also keyboard warriors?
Warriors are on all sides, good bad and indifferent.

When something is posted on social media then there will be responses whet6her they like it or not.
When they uses MSM to get their story out there, there will be responses and reactions whether they like it or not.

The moment you put yourself in the spotlight, especially when you are being deceptive, then people will note and comment and point out the truth whether they like it or not.

When they don't like it, we see them digging bigger and bigger holes, telling more and more lies to cover up the initial lie.

In my case i could have made my messages public, this would have caused them embarrassment and could have resulted in them being more deceptive and continuing to dig when common sense says stop.

By doing it in private they are made aware that their deception has been noted and where and how it is known.
The choice then is if they decide to come clean or if they wish to continue the charade.
They do know however that the truth will always come out.

Is not statement analysis itself meddling in people's real lives?
We pick up on the truth or the lie and make it known either in real life face to face via interviews or online as in this blog and others.

Are we supposed to ignore the liars?
Are we supposed to ignore the truth tellers when others say they are lying?

Some boards and blogs are a free for all with little to no moderation and flaming is part of the life of that community.
Other boards are moderated and polite discussions held on various topics and cases as applicable.

People today, especially the younger generation live their lives in social media where pretty much nothing is sacrosanct.
When you make your life public, there will be comments and actions both positive and negative, typed or skyped rather than face to face.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he give a pronoun to the attacker/s? He would know if it was a man or woman sitting on him forcing him to drink bleach. He would know if there was one or more attackers. Is this an interview? If so, this has gotta be the worst interviewer in the world. Did he/she not ask any questions?

The violent attack at his pizza shop, I would think, would leave tons of evidence.
The police already know. He did all this himself. He is filled with self hatred because he is gay. He does not want to be gay. He was a victim of a violent sexual attack when he was still very young. Mentally, he is paying the price, and for him that price is his life. Pray for him.

wreyeter72 said...

OT I'm suffering from a slanderous assault on social media. I want so badly to expose the person's lies - and statement analysis is definitely revealing (I have hard evidence of the lies, but it would require me to reveal FERPA protected documents, which is against the law). I can't respond directly as it would go against the wishes of my employer to "engage" the storyteller. I am tied in knots over this - someone can make up stories to further her agenda, allege I have committed wrongdoing in the process, and because of privacy laws, my hands are tied. I'm sure this isn't nearly enough information for anyone to advise on, but if any of you have ideas, I'm all ears and full of hope. (remember, I am a pr person for a school district, if that gives you any help)

Red Meat said...

If it's all work related, you have to do what your employer wants. Just make sure internals in the school system that matter know the truth. Depending on the type of info, you can share with some in the system to lay out your case. Who is closest to you that has a legitimate reason to know the info? Make that person an ally.

Remember, FERPA is protecting the student's privacy. The student's privacy shouldn't be compromised because of a lousy, dishonest parent or other employee.

Red Meat said...

Just to add- I've been a teacher, test coirdinator and data consultant (and parent) so I'm familiar with FERPA and school system BS- err- I mean bureaucracy. It sucks. Just cover your butt with your boss and trust the rest will blow over.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi wreyeter72

Firstly keep a detailed record of everything she says.
As it is social media take screen shots of her posts and any and all responses to her posts from anyone else who reads them.
secondly if she has private messaged you again take screen shots of the texts and your responses if any.

If it is via facebook as would seem, if she has messaged you privately save copies of her messages as well.

From personal experience, if they delete their account their messages will disappear though there will be a message saying as such where her messages were, if she reopens the account then they reappear which, in my case alerted me to the fact the troublemaker was back for round two.

Make sure your boss is aware of what she is saying, it is also worth having a word with local LE as well to give them a heads up.
I would also have a word with an attorney as to your options.

You can also report her to the social media provider and they have various options open to them regarding her account.

I know it is hard but your employer is correct in telling you to not respond to her.
She is attention seeking and craves being the centre of attention.

Dolazel is prime example of what i am talking about regardingattention seeking.

She started off claiming she was black, even to the extent of denying her parents are her bio parents claiming no one could ever tell as there were not witnesses to the birth as it was in the woods and her birth was registed weeks after the event.
For someone claiming to be so smart, she is incredibly dumb in that she apparantly has never heard of a DNA test.

Since her deception was found out and made public, i knrew then that she would play the gender/sexuality/victim card(s)

As predicted she played the victim card, she was beaten and abused as a child because of her skin color etc.
She was wanting to jump onto the next bandwagon where she could then stand up and take control and organise a group etc, the same as she did when she was 'black'

This too was laughed out of town.

The gender card wouldn't really work since nothing stopped her doing what she wanted because she was female, pretty much all that was left open to her was her sexuality.

She saw all the airtime and column inches bruce jenner was getting, even to his own tv series.
When he decided to become a female after announcing he was transgender, the media interest rocketed.
She was now on the front page of glossy magazines, she was getting her own tv show.
Dolazel thought i can't/ won't (for the moment at least) claim to be transgender, she decided instead to claim to be bisexual.

No one can argue about that.
Heck even if she isn't, she can roleplay it,the way she has roleplayed being black.

She can and will create a whole new reality if it means she is he centre of attention and can be the voice for whichever downtrodden minority she decides she wants to 'help'

Your 'friend' is the same, she wants to be the centre of attention, even to creating false realities in order to accomplish this.

If the allegations are untrue then she could face legal action and the consequences that ensue.

Talk to your employer and see if they will support you if you take legal action.
A cease and desist letter may be all it takes if it is made known that if it persists, legal action can and will be taken against her.
Threats to sue usually are a good way to get someones attention.

Tania Cadogan said...


If your employer is happy to help you, especially as the allegations involve your place of employment,then you should involve them and your union if you are a member.
If they do nothing then they themselves are aiding and abetting the person and this leaves them open to litigation.

Doing nothing is not an option in this case.

Normally i would advise ignoring the person who is writing the stuff online if it has stayed online , for example in a private group or in a chatroom.

If it has spread to real life, i tell the member to talk to LE, i advise you to do the same.
You are not the first and won't be the last to be in this situation.
They will advise you on your options.
Have a chat with an attorney and they will also advise you on your options.

I suspect your employer doesn't want you responding because it may paint them in a poor light.
They tend to quash anything that makes them look bad, it is all swept under the carpet, out of sight, out of mind.

From your post i suspect it sounds like either a student or a parent making the allegations.
The school has the obligation to support you and protect you.
The school has the obligation to investigate the allegations and if they are false, deal with them to the fullest extent of the school rules and, if applicable, the law.

FERPA generally prohibits the improper disclosure of personally identifiable information derived from education records. Thus, information that an official obtained through personal knowledge or observation, or has heard orally from others, is not protected under FERPA. This remains applicable even if education records exist which contain that information, unless the official had an official role in making a determination that generated a protected education record.

Hopefully all it will take is a strongly worded letter that tells them to stop with the false allegations etc or further action will be taken up to and including filing charges against them or suing them.

If they ignore the letter then stronger action must be taken by the school as they are your employer.

Good luck honey.

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00 PM. How do you know he was a victim of a very violent sexual attack when he was very young?

Anonymous said...

"I thought it was strange that I didn't hear it close," he said. "I was knocked out and then suddenly someone was forcing my legs and hands down and trying to get me to drink bleach."

He reports what he did not hear, though we do not know if this was a result of a question. This is important because honest people report what happened, what they heard, and what they saw. They do not tell us what did not happen, what was not heard, nor what was not seen.

If lies don't come out of a vacuum, then reporting that it was strange that he didn't hear it close, could mean that if he was abused as a child, the sound of the door closing would signify the end of the abuse, and therefore making sound highly important to him. In retelling his "story" he could simply be reliving what happened to him as a child. There would be no "sound" signify that a violent attack is imminent. If he is making it up, he may simply be reliving what happened to him as a child. This is why his language is not consistent with a truthful attack.

Anonymous said...

If Ricky Jones had liquid Clorox pressed to his lips, even if his mouth was tightly closed, some of it would have trickled down and he would have had Clorox burns on his lips and wherever the Clorox trickled. Clorox is highly toxic to the skin and if not washed off immediately leaves a permanent and sensitive scar that never goes away. Where's the Clorox evidence? His lips and face look perfectly fine in the above photo. No?

Anonymous said...

to anon at 10:07am
I have read many things here. Some things that stand out, are the effects of sexual abuse when very young. He is acting out in ways that harm himself. He also may have stolen from the pizza shop to buy drugs to self medicate. Self harm, self medicating and self loathing are what some victims of child sexual abuse experience years after the abuse. The reason I think it is violent, is because his acts are violent.

Also, I don't believe his story, for the reasons listed above.(Lack of assigning a gender or a number of attackers)

It makes sense in my mind. I should have added it's MOO. But really, everything here is opinion. I do not know the boy personally. I may be wrong, but my gut says he is doing all these things. My heart also feels compassion for him.

Anonymous said...

Also, if someone wants to help you after a horrible ordeal you falsly reported, by starting a GoFundMe page, how do you say no without looking like a liar? It looks like someone other than himself started that page.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If you are a victim and have suffered loss and want to start a "go fund me" page, there is but one thing to do:

tell the truth.

The truth 'sounds' truthful, and those who can analyze will find that the statement came from experiential memory.


Unknown said...

While reading this, I could almost feel the incongruity, and discord to the event. The "colour" of his words suggest to me to be of a person struggling with their own life. And with the proximity of all of these "hate crimes", I am curious if Mr. Jones had been ridiculed for his orientation. Social media provides a medium through which people can hope to achieve their 15 minutes of fame. Mostly, without any regard to the consequences, or impact on the REAL victims. It just muddies the water, and takes away from the tragedy of what victims have faced all because someone wanted some free publicity.

Putting myself in his shoes, automatically believing him, and scanning for what I would expect to see, one thing jumped out at me - why would someone seek publicity for this? As Peter says, there is none of the expected words likely to be seen in a case like this linking the victim to the crime. It does not fit that he is a victim, only that he feels entitled to some publicity.

Also note that he, at no time, refers to himself as victim. Nor does he state the expected " helpless, fear, etc" Remember that woman who had "three black men" break into her home, the her up naked in the cellar and cut hate slogans into her flesh? That's what this reminds me of. Sorry for rambling

wreyeter72 said...

Thanks all for the reasonable advice. I'm feeling much calmer about it all since I documented.

Tuesday said...

I love that you're calling people out.

Call me morbid but, why are they only scratches? Seems to me, if a person is going to do something as sick as carve phrases into someone's arm they would at least dig in a bit further, yes? This looks like an emo attempting to do some type of cutting only it's not even real cutting.

I hate to think anyone would do this type of stuff to themselves. It's really scary that anyone would have these fantasies and play them out to such a degree. Yet, it does happen and it seems to be happening more and more.

The best bust was that Desiree Jennings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpe1u4cKbTk
Too funny. The lengths these idiots go to. They should go to jail for all the time and wasted resources.

Unknown said...

The mother was disbelieving to begin with, and continually played down the events when asked, and was mainly concerned with her whole family's safety. I think at most, she didn't want to think her son could or would lie about something like that.

Matt Whan said...


In your analysis, you wrote "Note also "was forcing" and not "forced"

Does that mean, because "was forcing" is described as a process, not an absolute? Or is it passive language?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Yes, Matt, depending upon context.

"was forcing" shows an expansion of time over "forced", which is less time, and more direct. Apply this universally, while viewing context.

Interesting: Try to enter a statement from the subject's own reality.

In her most recent post, she has "corrected" all of her use of capitalization.

She is committing commerce or internet fraud, depending upon Maryland's laws. I understand why "fear", as an element, has entered her language.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I was replying to you, at first, but then was on the "relentlessly gay" fake hate...

I apologize if this confused you.


Anonymous said...

This was TERRIBLE writing! It was just blatantly ridiculous. He says when telling the truth, one doesn't say what they Don't see or hear. Yeah, EXCEPT when there IS an e pectation to listen for a sound that IS supposed to be there, but did not come, such as not hearing the door shut, which has notified you that it has shut Every single time until now, so That's what you listen for, or to Not hear. The whole article is just a bunch of random crap like that. People who ARE honest do half the crap you said liars do, and liars do the opposite of half the crap you said they do, because its all just chance, and half of liars have lied so much that they know to do what makes them appear honest. Completely pointless and inaccurate. Just crap.