Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Private Investigator Believes DeOrre Abducted

Private investigator helping family of missing Idaho toddler DeOrr Kunz, Jr.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The family of missing Idaho Falls toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr. is working with a private investigator to help find their son.
Deorr Kunz, Jr.Frank Vilt, a retired U.S. Marshal with years of law enforcement experience, said he’s been conducting his own investigation into DeOrr’s disappearance and he believes the two-year-old was kidnapped.
“I feel that he was abducted,” Vilt said in an interview with Tuesday. “Everything points to an abduction.”

"Everything" is all inclusive.  Police had previously stated that they did not believe he was abducted.  That "everything" is used, what factors does this include?

Vilt speaks daily with DeOrr’s parents, DeOrr Kunz Sr. and Jessica Mitchell. He said the couple has cooperated fully with law enforcement.

“I’ve talked to Lemhi County deputies and I’ve talked to Bonneville County,” Vilt said. “The parents are being very forthright and have nothing to hide.”

Vilt has visited the Leadore campground where DeOrr was last seen. He’s also spoken with folks who live near the area and says he shares his tips with law enforcement. Just days ago he learned something he believes may be useful in the case.

When [the family] went into town the morning after they arrived, they picked a few groceries up and bought some French fries for DeOrr Jr.,” Vilt said. “There was a man who was staring at DeOrr and this made Jessica feel kind of eery. I’m looking into it.”

It is interesting that Jessica did not mention this in her interview.  

Vilt says he has interviewed people registered on the sex offender list who live in Lemhi County and, according to him, all of them were cleared.
The private investigator has set up a national phone tip-line in hopes of finding DeOrr. The public is asked to call (888) 852-6505 with any information on his disappearance.
I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that these are grieving parents and I want to hope that they feel like I feel, that somebody out there knows something,” Vilt said.

What does he believe?

His belief is:

a.  "honest"
b.  "in his heart of hearts" and not just "in his heart"

What does he think in his "heart"?
What does he think or believe in his "head"?

This statement shows his own doubt. 


Trigger said...

I wonder if this private investigator is doing this service as a way to draw media attention to himself.

Is he working for free?

Anonymous said...

" ... I want to hope that they feel like I feel, that somebody out there knows something,” Vilt said."

He wants to hope? Does that mean that he doesn't hope, or that he does not think they have hope? Stronger would be, "... and I know they feel like I feel... " or something similar.

Anonymous said...

"Growing up in California, Frank served ten years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and nineteen years with the U. S. Department of Justice, U. S. Marshal’s Service until he was seriously injured on the job and received a disability retirement."

"In addition, Vilt was removed from his position of deputy U.S. marshal on charges of issuing bad checks, failure to pay debts, and inattentiveness to duty.   Nevertheless, the prosecution called him as a witness to testify to Lewis' anxiety following his spat with Mitchell."

Trigger said...

"I want to hope that they feel like I feel..."

Future tense statement about hope and feelings.

This man is not convinced that the parents feel the way he feels about finding their son. His statement shows lack of commitment.

"...that somebody out there knows something" An old cliche' without any real substance...a weak assertion.

I noticed that he was able to qualify himself with specific information. He did not do this for the parents of DeOrr Jr.

trustmeigetit said...

“There was a man who was staring at DeOrr and this made Jessica feel kind of eery. I’m looking into it.”

Reminds me of the McCanns. After the fact there was someone suspicious. Now I get the mind set of thinking back on everything... But to me, if you had an eery feeling about someone and hours later your son goes should be a priority to tell police.

trustmeigetit said...

Has anyone heard of a missing persons case where a PI found the person?

It's starting to feel more like "I want to look innocent while maiming control so hiring my own person"

Tania Cadogan said...

trustmeigetit said...

Has anyone heard of a missing persons case where a PI found the person?

It's starting to feel more like "I want to look innocent while maiming control so hiring my own person"

Exactly, and then specifying what they can investigate and that their investigation must be based only on the claim of abduction by tyhe p0arents, no other scenario can be looked at or even considered.
Reports must go only to the parents (the employer) and nothing can be discussed, mentioned or even alluded to if it contradicts the actual evidence at the scene, forensics, statements by anybody remotely involved or paints the parents in anyt6hing but a good light.
All photos etc must be handed over to the parents including all copies, negatives etc.
Any breach of the terms of employmnt will result in punitive penalties and proablycourt action.

Basically do as we tell you, look only at what we tell you to look, say only what we want you to say, announce publicly and often that we are in no way involved and if the police etc want access to anything you may or may not have they will need a warrant.

Our lawyers are watching.

Anonymous said...

Around 2:25 in the interview the P.I. says:

"He loved his son, that was his son, that was his blood, that was his heart, that was his life."

That sounds like he believes DeOrr is no longer alive and maybe why he only "wants" to hope that they feel like he feels, that somebody out there knows something...

Anonymous said...

Vilt v. United States Marshals Service, Department of Justice, 16 M.S.P.R. 192 (1983)

(30-day suspension proper where law enforcement officer kited checks and his failure to pay just debts to agency and hotel used by employees disrupted office operations).

Anonymous said...

"Vilt established a national tip-line this week. He says the line has received about 30 tips so far, from as far away as the Caribbean."

He accused LE of not following up on all the tips. So will he go to the Caribbean himeself to follow up on this one?

Juliet said...

Frank's not very frank, to the say least - his name doesn't suit him too well. :)

It's going to be a disastrous partnership, starting from the moment he opened his mouth on TV. Like Clarence with the McCanns he will only excel at making people doubt the parents story even more than they already might and wonder for whom, really, he is working.

What does that even mean - 'in my heart of hearts'? It's a ridiculous saying, phoney-speke. I have just the one heart, and it matches what is going on in my head because they are one and the same, albeit this claim disputed by the anatomy charts. When people go on about their heart of hearts it's a means of trying to bury away conflict and doubt deep in some non-existent place, rather than looking at and trying to deal with it - it's a form of denial and an attempt to distance oneself from uncomfortable thoughts or truths. 'I know, in my heart of hearts' means the person doesn't know something for sure and is not convinced by what they are saying, but also, and for whatever reason, are not dealing with it. One either knows and believes something, one doubts it, or one does not - there is no heart of hearts, only a mind or soul, depending on one's preference. If that's a bit strident, and offends anyone who uses that term, sorry about that - some use/abuse of language does just push our buttons in different ways. I think the heart of hearts, inside all the other hearts, needs to get real and have a word with itself.

Juliet said...

Anon at 8.25 - maybe he's just putting that out there to test the water. Nice in the Carribean, and it would all be nicely resolved by the time he got back - win, win. :)

Anonymous said...

or maybe somewhere without an extradition treaty?

Juliet said...

Trigger at 4.07 - well, if he's working for the parents they should ask for a refund, pronto. If he wants to draw media attention to himself as an inept PI - just 'why?' as he doesn't appear to be doing himself any favours. Would you vote for, or hire him, on his performance so far? I wouldn't. :)

Anonymous said...

"There was a man who was staring at DeOrr"

Ummmm...sketch artist? Like maybe a month ago?

Lemon said...

“I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that these are grieving parents and I want to hope that they feel like I feel, that somebody out there knows something,” Vilt said.

Like others above, the "...I want to hope...." stands out to me. He can't even say "I hope" only that he "want"(s) to hope.
Very interesting.
Why "grieving" parents? Why not "frantic"? Why not "desperate"?
(The 'grieving' parents reminds me of Baby Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley)

lynda said...

I transcribed this..

PI: "knowing Deorr personally from my association with him before in Mount Pelier? that, uh, I can't imagine him doing anything like that cuz he LOVED his son, that WAS his son, that WAS his blood, that WAS his heart, that WAS his life, that, uh, the parents would not be involved in anything sinister.So you start looking at the other people involved that were at the campground, look at the grandfather, the grandfather, uh, was in ill health on oxygen, the other gentleman, who Isaac was there, uh he was a POI so I think look outside the box. So I think there has to be another possibility and I'd RATHER think that, I feel, that he was abducted. Everything points to abduction.

He speaks in past tense so obviously, what's up with that? Why say " that WAS his son, that WAS his blood, that WAS his life, etc. He uses every example using the terms "THAT WAS...distancing language, he refers to Deorr as "THAT" which is odd language, yes? He states that he's "thinking to look outside the box because he'd RATHER think that he was abducted. What does he REALLY think as opposed to RATHER think? It's very disturbing to me that he refers to the child as "THAT"

Juliet said...

Lemon - I can believe they are grieving - either because they know or fear their son is dead, or because his absence, if they believe he is alive, still feels like a bereavement - I'd say it's the second part of that sentence he doesn't believe, though logically, I should believe he doesn't believe any of it, as it's all within his 'heart of hearts'. So, if it is the case that he doesn't think they are grieving maybe that's because they don't come across to him as particularly grief-stricken parents. Well, I think he shouldn't hasten to judgement on that, if it is his perception, as people deal with bereavement so differently. Also, the absolute reality of the situation may not have hit them quite yet, as the mantra is that DeOrr is alive, and they still don't have a body. So, even if he is dead, and they know where his body is, they are likely to be living in denial on one hand, yet also grieving on the other. I think it's a normal part of bereavement, but obviously everyone deals with it in their own way. Maybe he hasn't hastened to judgement, maybe that's why it's all stashed away in his 'heart of hearts', where all the wishful thinking lives.

Anonymous said...

"he LOVED his son, that WAS his son, that WAS his blood, that WAS his heart, that WAS his life, that, uh,"

"Um, they finally, yesterday, we were able to put that to rest"

Juliet said...

The PI doesn't think anything sinister happened, there was just a possibility of someone lurking in the shadows.

Well, that possibility doesn't sound in the least bit sinister, not in the slightest.

Tania Cadogan said...

“I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that these are grieving parents and I want to hope that they feel like I feel, that somebody out there knows something,” Vilt said.

If they think/believe their son was abducted and thus presumably alive why does he say they are grieving?

You don't grieve for a living person, you grieve for the dead.
If they believe he was abducted why have they not called out to the alleged abductor begging them to return their son unharmed, to leave him at a safe place like a fire station, church or whatever?

Even their own PI doesn't really belive the abduction claim with so much minimising and qualifing language.

A strong statement would be:
"These are desperate parents wanting their son back, someone out there has the information that will reunite them"

Instead we get a statement which announces to the world,
DeOrr Kunz Jr. is dead and there was no abduction, not something you expect your hired PI to say since it implicates you.

I honestly believe in my heart of hearts
He takes ownership of his statement which makes the statement it self strong, however the qualifiers in his statement then weaken said statement.
The use of the qualifier honestlywould imply that he is not or has not been honest, it is used to convince the listener the subject is being truthful and as such it needs to be flagged.

heart of hearts
The heart is considered the seat of emotions.
You only have one heart, here he tells us he has more than one by using the word heart
How many hearts does he think he has as he refers to heart of hearts
Are there other hearts that don't believe?

“I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that these are grieving parents
He weakens his belief in them being grieving parents.
Does this belief come from him thinking DeOrr was abducted rather than a victim of an accident or does he weaken his belief they are grieving parents because they know what happened and are involved in his disappearance?

and I want to hope that they feel like I feel,
He does not tell us how he feels emotionally in relation to the missing child.
He tells us “I feel that he was abducted,”
Therefore he hopes the parents also feels their son was abducted.
Why would he need to tell us he hopes the parents feel DeOrr was abducted?
What else could he hope the parents feel?
If They don't feel like he does then what other options are there?
Accidental death caused by him wandering off and falling into water?
Wandering off and falling prey to an animal?
Accidental death caused by the parents or other adult in the group?
Deliberate killing of DeOrr by the parents or other member of the group?
If it were an accident, why then the need to cover up the death?
If death caused by another member of the party why cover it up?
The only reason to cover up his death would be due to their own involvement.

He doesn't say I know that they feel like I feel,
He weakens it with the qualifiers want and hope
He only hopes they feel like he feels
This is further weakened by him saying want
He wants to hope they feel like he feels, does this mean he has listened to them and watched their behavior and has cause for concern?
They are not talking and behaving as innocent parents would in this situation?
Does he have a concern about a specific parent?

"that somebody out there knows something,”
Why does he need to add the qualifier out there?
Does this preclude someone within the group knowing something?
For someone to be out there there has to be a someone in here.

Would it not be stronger to say someone knows something?

Tania Cadogan said...


I want to hope that they feel like I feel, that somebody out there knows something,
He wants to hope to feel that the parents feel that someone out there knows something.
This is a very weak statement.
What he is telling us via leakage and qualifiers the parents know exactly what happened to DeOrr.

Did they hire him to help investigate the disappearance of DeOrr?
Was this willingly or was it expected by other members of the family?
If he was hired, who is paying him?
If he was not hired by the parents/family did he offer his services pro bono, perhaps with an eye on all the free publicity should he solve the case?

Since he knows the family already, can he do a proper job of investigation being impartial and going wjere the evidence takes him or, will he be biased and protective of his friends, ignoring anything that can or may incriminate them?

His own words tell us he isn't buying the abduction story.
Had DeOrr fallen prey to an animal then there would be blood and clothing in evidence.
No mention has been made of what predator wildlife is in the area such as bears, big cats etc.

There was a man who was staring at DeOrr and this made Jessica feel kind of eery. I’m looking into it.”
Why did she not mention it to LE?
is this him muddying the water? (think kate mccann and them being watched yet claiming she felt it was safe)

I would be interested to know his track record in solving cases.
How long has he been a PI?
Has he been involved im other missing child cases where it has been an abduction by stranger?
Has he been involved im other missing child cases where it has been a result of wandering off?

He has set up his own tip line, will he benefit from it financially?
Will he pass on any believable tips to LE?
Will he pass on all tips to LE regardless how unbelievable (really, the Caribbean)?
Will he pass on any tips that point towards the parents?

Juliet said...

The PI has already demonstrated his bias -he said he knew DeOrr, that he loved his son, and so he couldn't imagine he would have done something to him, or words to that effect. He's already not impartial.

Anonymous said...

Vilt, a former Kunz family friend who now works as a private detective in Montpelier, was critical of the Lemhi County Sheriff's office for failing to follow up on potential leads. One of them was a tip from a woman who said she saw a boy matching Kunz's description near Caldwell, Idaho. The boy was with a man in an older model tan Buick with Oklahoma license plates and had taken a ride with the woman to get gas.

“I'm not saying that the Lemhi County Sherrif's Office had tunnel vision, but they should have expanded their search and put out an amber alert," said Vilt.

Vilt said that had the Sheriff's Office acted sooner, he believes they could have gotten surveillance footage from the gas station near Caldwell.

“I've called the department several times and they've never returned my call," said Vilt.

Tunnel = leakage?

Anonymous said...

Vilt is a FORMER family friend?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Dad has repeatedly praised LE and SAR, and now PI is trashing them? I can't wait to hear Vilt says about the FBI.

As an aside, Backward Speech Guy's Facebook's has reverted to an old, generic one. Maybe he is cleaning it up?

Anonymous said...

"The parents are being very forthright and have nothing to hide.”

That's because they already hid him.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I looked at the PI's statement for answers. No need to discredit him personally.

The analysis of his words show that he, himself, is attempting to persuade his audience (and perhaps, himself) that the parents do not have guilty knowledge of what happened. Had he had criminal background, it might be different, so please refrain from personal attacks.

Also, for clarity:

I have called this "likely an unintended death", which means:

"likely", in that, I am guessing, and

"unintended" is not "accidental", in scope.

I mean that something happened that they did not intend, but may have caused, therefore, responsible for. I have more to work with in terms of words from the father, rather than the mother.

Unintended death can still mean one is responsible. I will review the article and see if I used "accidental", and if so, will change to "unintentional" or "unintended" death. My guess is that whatever happened to DeOrre was

a. unintended (unintentional)
b. as a result of Neglect

I think he was not watched and something happened to him, but this is a strange case in that most cases I have covered I have been able to be definitive, or at least, stronger in guesswork. Here, I am not.

Police had concluded that he was not kidnapped, but did not give us strong reasoning.
The PI has said "everything" in the case points to it.

This is quite a disparity in viewpoint.


Anonymous said...

Peter - But doesn't the PI's background and history (even the negative parts) speak to his credibility?

Anonymous said...

“When [the family] went into town the morning after they arrived, they picked a few groceries up and bought some French fries for DeOrr Jr.,” Vilt said.

Why is there a need to specifically mention the French Fries? This to me is sensitive. Could Little Deorr have choked on them or suffered a burn?

Anonymous said...

"french fry"
one of many slangs in the south for XANEX due to its shape and sometimes color

Juliet said...

Sorry, Peter, and your point is taken. I don't have the facility to delete my posts, but I would remove the offending posts if I could. :-/

trustmeigetit said...

I doubt if they were responsible for an "unintended" death they would tell the PI.

However the one thing that I think is clear, the PI is not convinced they are innocent.

He clearly has doubts despite what he is trying to make us believe.

Sus said...

Thank you, Peter! The PI is involved for one find an abducted Little Deorr. His background as a U.S. Marshal and his own kidnapped children show that.

I would like to know who brought him into the case. If the parents aren't involved, is he giving them false hope? Are the parents grabbing onto anything simply because they cannot find Little Deorr's body.

Your analysis shows unintentional death as a result of neglect. I can agree with that except for the death. I don't see the parents talking about Little Deorr as if he is deceased. It is as if he truly vanished for them at one point and they don't know how.

I can't help but wonder why everyone is omitting the fourth person at the camp. The omission seems suspicious to me. The parents did not mention him as being at the campsite. Ggp (through his daughter) said the friend was at the creek fishing, yet the friend lied to investigators. The sheriff did not release his name until forced to. Now a seasoned US Marshal who is trained to follow leads like no other, says,...
"The other gentleman who, Isaac, he was there. He was a person of interest. So I think outside of the box."

What is up with Isaac Reinwand?

ima.grandma said...

Sus, I notice he says "was" twice in those last two sentences. Then "so" and "I" in the next. Maybe he is smarter than the "average bear". Let's give him a chance to produce.

Sus said...

It bugs me to no end that he said "so" and continued with "I think outside of the box." connected to Isaac (first name familiarity) being there.

Is the PI actually looking into abduction to protect Isaac Reinwand? He certainly does not seem to believe the abduction theory himself.

I want to know if IR passed a polygraph, or if rumored, he refused to take one.

Anonymous said...

Reporter asks are the parents being cooperative ?

Suit: Absolutely

I don't need no stinkin' atty
I've got this, it's not like Caylee's in the woods

Aug 6, 2008 "Caylee" absolutely Don't remember me, don't you know
who I am " buy now" I am a 4th party of Noneya Business: Rosebud

Belated not forgotten, Aug 9th, Had she not been murdered by her
egg donor, she Caylee who should have lived
she would be 10 this year. We Remember you Caylee.

ima.grandma said...

Oh, maybe I should relook at that. I read it like he was going to go after Isaac.

Here's what I want to say. This is why I haven't given the father the thumbs down. I have only seen the "written word" as far as his interviews. This stupid iPad locks up everytime it goes to video. I'm basing my hesitation based on basic principles taught here. Not body language, not appearance, not tone and inflection - all of which may be part of the total picture. Only the written word. I may have learned something. That is patience and complete facts are necessary before giving someone the hatchet.

Amanda said...

The little girl in Tuscon Isabel's parents hired a PI because they said they believed the only thing that could have happened to her was kidnapping. Then they gave an interview on TV and never used any words like kidnapped, taken, search. In the only interview so far, Deorr's parents, particularly the dad was hyper focused on the search. Together they said search and rescue 5 times and a form of the word search 19 times. They talked about their son far less times than that and said find only about 4 times. I would be interested since the passing of time what the Kunz would focus on in another on camera interview.

ima.grandma said...

Hell, I don't know. Once I read your common sense approach, I might be wrong. Think I'll just be quiet for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Isaac Reinwand has quite the record. Rape plead down to assault then he repeatedly violated the protective order for the same victim. In high school he shot another student because he wouldn't play with him. Those files are sealed.

Anonymous said...

"In high school he [Isaac] shot another student because he wouldn't play with him."

What is your source for that information? Don't believe everything you see on Social media!

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the post a ways above that "French Fries" is a street name for Xanax. Xanax is sometimes used to treat PMS. Could it be one of the "female products" that was purchased? Maybe Baby Doerr consumed then some of it accidentally.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I didn't see any personal attacks or peripheral posts by you regarding the PI. You stated that he is biased and that is an opinion, and not a needless attack. A few anonymous posts were deleted.

Tania Cadogan said...

“Everything points to an abduction.”
I would ask what the everything is that points to abduction since LE clearly don't believe DeOrr was abducted.

It would be a rare coincidence that they happened to choose an isolated campsite that an abductor had also chosen.

That they happened to have a boy child with them and no other children.

That the abductor managed to abduct said child practically under the noses of not only the parents but the great grandfather and a male RSO friend.

That he managed to abduct the child without attracting any attention and with the child making no sound.

That he managed to remove the child from the camp on foot since no vehicles were seen or heard.

That he managed to get away far enough that the adults in the group found no trace of him such as dropped clothing or toys and heard nothing.

That he managed to remove the child so well that none saw or heard anything, that no trace was found of him away from the camp site even using tracker dogs.

That he did such a good job with the perfect abduction that not a single trace of anything relating to the boy has been found despite all the searching.

That he did such a good job of abduction even to setting the scene so the father seems to be implicating himself with his freely spoken words and sensitivity about his truck.
That he did have a vehicle ready that just so happened to be the same make and color as the fathers truck.

That he may even have had a cojones to take his victim who was dirty and upset to the store to buy candy as remembered by the staff.

The self same store the father and the family went to to buy feminine products and french fries only not at the time the cashier remembered.

When i look at it like this, abduction is an impossibility.

If there was no abduction then the other options have to be either he wandered off and got lost and died by falling into water etc or fell prey to local wildlife.
He met his death by genuine accident in the campsite and they panicked.
He met his death as a result of unintentional neglect and they panicked.
He met his death due to deliberate neglect, he was left to run around with no one watching him
He met his death as a result of some other event or crime.
His death was unintentional.
He death was intentional
Or even, he never made it alive to the campsite in the first place.

I wonder if LE have asked to polygraph the adults yet?
If so did they all take it?
Did anyone refuse?
What were the results if any?

Juliet said...

Peter - thanks. I made some derisory comments about him here, and also on an earlier post, and I thought maybe you took exception to one or more of those. I don't know where you might draw the line in regard to what is or isn't acceptable comment, but I will find out if and when you delete any of mine.:)

Anonymous said...

New post from Tanisha O'Neal Tompkins (cousin?)

Anonymous said...

Tanisha sure likes to use exclamation points, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Aunt Tanisha says that "we have full trust" in the police, etc. They also "did everything professional." This sounds like damage control for some of the PI's statements. But who exactly is "WE?"

Anonymous said...

She also feels in her heart that it is an abduction.

Anonymous said...

Notice that the pic in the Tanisha post has a monkey and what may be a blanket?

Anonymous said...

A classmate of isaac's was my source.

Anonymous said...

The parents took polys and passed. Isaac refused and also refused to search.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's been an official statement that the parents passed the poly...just comments from some family members. In fact, the Sheriff said he was not going to release the polygraph results.

Tania Cadogan said...

Bolded by me

Tanisha O'Neal Tompkins
July 13 ·

I just want to clarify a few concerns that u all may have. The search is not over for my nephew baby DeOrr!! There are still peopl up at the campground searching!! That is an amazing community! They came together as one to search every square inch of that place! I was there to witness and be part of the searches!! They exhausted every option for the search!! Again I was there to witness this and feel in my heart that is an abduction! As crazy as it may sound this is the only logical explanation! We found no trace of that baby in those mountains!! The search teams, firefighter, police officers, volunteers and so much more did everything professional and we have full trust in them! We could never repay any of them!!! The search is and will remain on til will find precious baby DeOrr!! Ppl are always going to talk, but unless u were there to see the setting of the camp and everything that was done for the search and continues to do, I would appreciate u just don't say or ask anything! The only thing that matters about all this in the end, is that my nephew DeOrr is brought home safe!! That all that matters!!!!

Juliet said...

Anon at 4.23 -Tanisha is DeOrr's sister, baby DeOrr's aunt.

Anon at 5,02 - that looks to be his blanket behind the monkey, though it could be a matching diaper carry bag. Design is of his blanket, has football/rugby and other things on a light blue background.

Anon at 4.42 - Tanisha has been acting as family spokesperson on her Facebook, so far as that goes, but has said very little the past couple of weeks. She was with DeOrr and Jessica at the campsite, and gave one interview from the campsite in the early days.

Juliet said...

Here's aunt Tanisha, while the reservoir was being searched.

It's just a snip of what was probably a longer interview, Jessica was also speaking to the reporter but the conversation hasn't been broadcast. FBI maybe have it, don't know how that works.

Anonymous said...

Tanisha: "The search teams, firefighter, police officers, volunteers and so much more did everything professional and we have full trust in them!"

But apparently Mr. Vilt does not.

Polo said...

"Again I was there to witness this . . " This sounds like a persuasive comment. She is trying to persuade her audience that she saw all the searching and therefore it must be an abduction.

"... and feel in my heart that is an abduction!" Feel in my heart is a weak statement, as we know.

"As crazy as it may sound this is the only logical explanation! We found no trace of that baby in those mountains!!" Why would this sound crazy to someone who's child (nephew) is missing? It wouldn't sound crazy, it would be a genuine, horrific FEAR!

Lastly, using the term "logical explanation" sounds again like she is trying persuade, perhaps, herself that this is the only logical explanation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:16 from 8/13: The Backward Speech guy created a closed group and moved all his Deorr "work" there. He did this not long after he encouraged his followers to engage in criminal activity. He seriously requested people call up LE and give a fake tip regarding the female RSO who lives in town. He said one of his reversals implicated the female RSO in the parent's cover-up of Deorr's disappearance. Another reversal apparently said something about "1000". He said LE probably wouldn't listen to him so someone should call LE and say they were in the bar in Leadore that the RSO owns and, while there, heard something about the RSO being paid $1000 to cover up the death and disappearance of Deorr by his parents.

This Backwards Speech guy is crazy and dangerous.

pineapple pear said...

What is an RSO and what is a reversal???

Anonymous said...

Registered Sex Offender=RSO
Backward Speech, they reverse the audio they have of a person and analyze it=think playing a record backwards and trying to make it out to say something.

Anonymous said...

PI has been very quiet lately. I expected him to comment/respond to Sheriff's recent interview.

Unknown said...

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