Saturday, August 29, 2015

The War on Police: Darren Goforth

Darren Goforth

The war on police continues as police have been falsely scapegoated for more than 6 years, and children are taught utter contempt of authority.

Darren Goforth, in the prime of his life, ready to move towards seeing his kids graduate college, marry and have children of their own, has been murdered, execution style, without any ability to defend himself.

The suspect is in custody, but officials have not yet released his name or motive.

The demonization of the police by our president and main stream media, including the most deceptive use of statistics and propaganda techniques that would have embarrassed Josef Goebells, continues, unabated, with the conspiracy of the media who have access to the White House.

Race baiting, outright lying, and profiteering at the expense of the reputations of those who are paid to serve and protect, has emboldened the criminal element and seriously harmed the morale of law enforcement around the country.

Deputy Goforth's chief has asked the country to pray for his wife and children.

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said: 'I've been in law enforcement 45 years. I don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. It strikes us all at the heart of public service.'
Harris County DA Devon Anderson added: 'It's an act of cowardice and brutality the likes of which I've never seen.' 


BallBounces said...

The Obama admin has shamelessly and brazenly fanned the flames of racial animus.

Trigger said...

President Obama is to blame for all of this bloodshed and violence. He smugly race baits those who hate integrity and authority.

The buck stops at the White House. I pray that when he leaves the White House that his legacy of violence goes with him.

Trigger said...

I listen to a program called "The Briefing" the commentator is a man named Al Mohler who lives in Louisville, Ky. He said years ago that we would see a trend in America of the cold blooded executions of police officers.

New England Water Blog said...

Is she lying?

Unknown said...

Without even seeing the video of the incident, I see sensitivity in her account, regarding getting the money for payment, the throwing of the drink, and her supposedly 'shielding' her daughter, fearing for her life, etc.

I'd like to see the video, and I expect to see her using her daughter to shield herself, (as she over explains that part), and her being the physical aggressor as far as the confrontation while on the bus. (She basically admits that she took the first physical action against the driver, although she tries to justify it.)

I also question her entire account based on the fact that none of the other passengers stepped foward to pay her fare. If they were all defending her as she asserts, surely one of them would have helped her out with a few cents. Since nobody did, it seems that they apparently wanted her kicked off the bus too.

Why get on a bus, or anything else, knowing you don't have the money to pay, and then get an attitude when called out?

Anyone have a link to the bus video?

lynda said...

Spot on statement of where we are in America today Peter.

New England Water Blog said...

JEN OW, Here is the video of the fight.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

We'll, as I suspected, she was the instigator. She was taking the lid off the drink as she walked up, and it even went all over her daughter when she threw it! She wasn't the least bit worried about her daughter's safety, and she wasn't 'shielding' her from danger, as the little girl was between her and the bus driver when they were fighting on the sidewalk/stairs. (Shielding would be putting your body between the aggressor and your child, not what she did.) She spoke of being 'disrespected' in front of her daughter, but her behavior toward the driver was FAR from respectable!

The bus driver obviously stepped out of line considering that she was on the job, but this woman is not a victim in my opinion. The driver was reacting to her attack. Being pregnant doesn't entitle you to act like an out of control idiot without consequences.

It seems like this was a bit of a power trip for the passenger, as she said herself she was only 5 blocks from her destination, so was walking really such a tragedy? She can't claim she was unable, as she just came from swimming. She got on the bus with no intent to pay, and tried to force the driver to submit to her demand.

rob said...

Things are happening in this country that I never thought I would live to see. Obama does not have the ability to stand up and say what is happening is wrong. Maybe if Trump does, then at least Hillary and Biden will.
I am for equality for all. I am also for respecting authority.
Playing the race card in every instance gets old quick. What happens when the push back starts? When other people are tired of taking it? Then we all get a gun and see who wins?
Be a bad time to lose your rights to own a gun.