Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"A Voice For Hailey" by Peter Hyatt

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the publication of "A Voice for Hailey" by Peter Hyatt.  This is the first in a series of books on Statement Analysis and missing children cases. 

This book is intended to tell not only the inside story of Hailey's life and death, but to teach statement analysis, especially for those who are familiar with its principles.  

It will come as a great surprise to many just how much information is gleaned from the statements of those closest to Hailey and how the mother, Billie Jean Dunn's appearance on the Nancy Grace Show, itself, revealed a great source of information, including where Hailey would be found, and what happened to her.  Nancy Grace did more for Hailey Dunn's cause for justice than is readily credited, and investigators will learn, step by step, how and why deceptive subjects can, and must freely speak, and how they inadvertently yield the information of not only what happened, but where the remains of a loved one may be found.  

The book will also contain never before released information about the death and details of the case, as well as  statements made by those closest to it.  

For investigators, it will teach the ins and outs of Statement Analysis "leakage" and how to best facilitate the flow of information in an interview.  

Can we trigger a subject to 'leak' out information while being deceptive?
Are there particular questions we should ask to obtain this information?

What causes guilty people to 'leak' out information?
Why do investigators too often miss this information?  
Can we know what information is leakage and what is a red herring or tangent?

This book will tell the story of Hailey and how Nancy Grace gave "voice" to one who could not speak for herself, but is also an instructional guide for investigators in using Statement Analysis to get to details which guilty suspects wish to conceal from us.  

This book is the first in a series about missing children and the lies told about their disappearance and will be followed with volumes about Baby Lisa, Sabrina, Baby Ayla, Maddie, Isabel Celis, Dylan Redwine, Kyron Horman, Jonbent, and other 'forgotten" children who's loved ones were entrusted with their care, but betrayed them and attempted to deceive the public. They are 'forgotten' in media, but not by all.  

Peter Hyatt's first book on Statement Analysis  "Wise As a Serpent; Gentle As a Dove" is available now at Amazon.com HERE in paperback and Kindle format.  


trustmeigetit said...

Very excited about this.
So frustrating that these victims are not getting justice and their murderers are walking free!

Unknown said...

Congrats! I'm looking foward to the release!

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Excellent news.


your voice has always been loud and clear too. Hopefully, someone now, has the preverbials to follow through, and bring justice for Hailey, once and for all!

Child Advocate said...

Peter, will it be available on Kindle?

Anonymous said...

I hope your doing some major reworking of your conclusions on the Celis case. You were blinded by your contempt for "Sergie" Celis and got so much wrong.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous said...

September 1, 2015 at 2:52 PM

I hope your doing some major reworking of your conclusions on the Celis case. You were blinded by your contempt for "Sergie" Celis and got so much wrong.


can you elaborate on your passivity


Child Advocate said...

IIRC, didn't "Sergie" start his 911 call saying "I want to report a missing person"? As a parent, I am very disturbed by that. His 6 year old daughter is missing, where's the urgency?

Anonymous said...


Peter: "They reported their child kidnapped but on the show, they did not use the following words:

getting Isabel back

or anything associated or expected with a kidnapping."

Becky Celis: "It's necessary, um, to do. And if it's anything close to
getting Isa home,

Isa back home *safely*, then whatever it takes. It's nothing we can't handle. We,

we want her back.

So whatever it takes

to get her back, we will do."


Boston Lady said...

I'm looking forward to reading your analysis! This is the case that brought me to your website and taught me so much of statement analysis.

Congrats Peter!

Anonymous said...

I was curious if anyone has heard much about diamond Bynum and king walker. There doesn't seem to be much urgency to find these 2 nor have I seen much from the mom of the toddler.

Child Advocate said...

Last I heard 2 days ago, Diamond's dad was upset no Amber Alert was issued for Diamond and King. King's mom stated she didn't even know if they were together. Ice been looking for direct quotes from King's mom and can't find much.

Child Advocate said...
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Child Advocate said...

Peter, will it be available on Kindle?

Tania Cadogan said...

I can't wait to buy this one.
Will you be doing one on the mccanns, i have the unfortunate pleasure of having payne as uncles urologist and the guy is a total twonk with no clue about anything.

Juliet said...

I've just got 'Wise As A Serpent; Gentle As a Dove' Kindle edition - I'm looking forward to reading it on a long journey this week, and am not allowing myself to start reading it before then. :)

Anonymous said...

leave it e, Peter. the travelling homicidal maniacs need a cause to ccreate crime and drama.

Just mentioning theearring inthe Dunn case tells whothey are.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward with great anticipation to reading your books, Peter; especially the analysis of sweet Hailey Dunn and those responsible for her gruesome murder. She became dear to my heart. I could have easily loved and cared for her as my own. Just wish I'd known her and had that opportunity. ABB

GeekRad said...

I was thinking about Hailey and Googled to see if there were any updates in the media. No, of course not. I look forward to the book. Hailey is what brought me to this website. I hope the release of the book lights a fire to move this cold case.
GeekRad (formally Local Anon in the Hailey Dunn Case)

trustmeigetit said...

Oh and I guess it's normal to crack a joke and laugh when you just think your child was kidnapped and she may be scared and being tortured. Yep, totally appropriate!

trustmeigetit said...

This is also how I first discovered SA after googling the case after watching Billie on Nancy Grace and being very bothered by her behavior.

I have been hooked since and meet go more than a day or 2 with out logging on.

There are many cases that I feel like aside from SA there's not much solid evidence to prosecute. But in this one I feel there is plenty.

The simple fact both Bille and Shawn lied about his location (at work) on the day they claim she went missing is at the top of that.

Add in child porn. There you have cause in my book.

trustmeigetit said...

Becky also said

"We've made it through worse"

I would love to know what "worse" thing they have made it through.

To me a kidnapped child would be the worst thing outside of finding out your child was murdered.

Trigger said...

Sergio Celis did not do the expected from a parent who cared about the fate of his daughter.

His sardonic laugh gave me nausea

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The Celis 911 call is the most bizarre I have encountered.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you provide the whole quote? In context it is incredibly clear what she means. Here, and without that context, it reads like you are manipulating her words to prove what you want to believe. You're in good company though.

impulsive said...

OT: not sure if you've heard about this Jimmy Snuka cold case where they made an arrest? Here is a link to his police interview from 1983:


I'd love to read your insight!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I cover the Celis "kidnapping" in detail.

Both parents are deceptive and show guilty knowledge of what happened to their daughter.


John Mc Gowan said...

Sergio Celis: Statement Analysis of Complete 911 Call


Anonymous said...

Where's the analysis of Becky's call?

Anonymous said...

Peter: "expert analysis from Kaaryn Gough confirmed what initial analysis showed: Isabel not only was not kidnapped, but never left that home alive and the mother, too, was covering."

Kaaryn Gough: "Kaaryn Gough: *"It should be noted that Becky Celis uses the present tense at all times when referring to Isabel. This strongly suggests she believes their daughter is alive."

[Sergio:]“It was just before she went to bed”—Kaaryn Gough: "The question was about the last time the subject saw Isabel. This strongly suggests the subject did not see his daughter after she went to bed."

Gough does not come to the conclusion Peter claims.

pointhunter said...

Is it out now? or coming soon?

Bubbles said...

Sergio Celis is creepy and disgusting. I cannot believe law enforcement/CPS couldn't get evidence on him. He must have those boys scared to death.

Anonymous said...

If any part is true, NG would not be cast as the "voice" for Hailey. I can think of no other reason these two aren't already in jail for the murder of the teen. Aside from worry of the media bankrupting the police dept., enough evidence is there to convict: teen in their care, drug use, neglect, porn, boyfriend quits job same day,and, most importantly, as his lawyer claims his interest in literature and the arts are the reason for the porn, his showing up in "Jail attire" would be enough to convince me what you see is what you get-regardless of what comes out of their mouth(s).