Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When a Liar Is Caught: Deceptive Responses

Question:  What happens when a liar is caught?

Answer:  The liar will both lie again, and go on the attack.

Liars do not like being exposed and it causes them to say and do things that reveal just how far removed they are from the reality of their own lies.

First, she needed money because of "hate", but then, she wanted donations to stop their increase because of "hate."  Then, she wanted them to be refunded because of "hate."

 Now, she wants the public to know that she didn't take the money because of "hate."

A liar is one who fabricates reality and holds the world, at large, in contempt.  The liar habitually walks in deception, and is not one who "learns from his mistakes" or changes his life.  When they speak, they reveal their nature.

We all lie, hurt over lying, and make amendments in life, going back to childhood lessons embraced where we were taught that lying was wrong.  It is part of growing up.

Liars are not so.

They were not taught so in childhood, and embraced lying as a means of never outgrowing the natural narcissism of childhood.  They build upon their own childhood successes, their entire lives, and put themselves above others, in all things, and in all ways.  They trouble households, businesses, and societies.  They use deception to separate others from their money and their homes, and, if needed, their lives.

Liars do not turn from lying.  Even in "mea culpa" the liar...

lies. Minimizes.  Denies.  Tangents.

Many of us tuned in to see Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah in which he admitted drugging.

Readers here knew before he spoke that the pattern of the liar is to continue to lie, minimize, and even when making an admission, it will be attended by lies.

We then saw the show:  he was still lying.

Even when caught, the liar will continue to lie, and then do what they all do:


When a liar is caught, the liar goes on the offensive.

We have seen this when the liar attacks police, often blaming others for their own actions; blaming judges, blaming jurors, claiming, not to have not "done it", but to not having their rights read to them.

Liars forever love to fleece others, even when they do not need the money, because it allows them to psychologically feed the very nature of a liar:  superiority.

Remember:  the liar holds you in contempt.
The liar holds me in contempt.
The liar holds the public in contempt.

The liar has full expectation of being believed, and the liar will often take the polygraph, believing himself superior to the machine.

The liar has had this success since childhood and the ego is firmly entrenched in its position.  It knows not the language of humility.

The contempt is seen in that the liar fully expects you, and the public at large, to be deceived.

When caught, you will not hear, "I am sorry.  I was wrong.  I lied.  I did so to steal."

Instead, you hear even more lies and more contempt.

Consider the scammer Julie Baker of the "relentlessly go-fund-me" scam.

She hated both the gay community and the faith community, all in one shining example where she wrote an anonymous threatening letter, implicating people of faith, against her sexuality for the purpose of separating a particular people from their hard earned money.

She "rallied" the gay community to donate a lot of money to her.

She got caught.

Police investigation showed what the analysis showed:  she wrote the note herself.

She was given a choice:  withdraw the money and face charges, or allow people to be refunded and we will not press charges.  We may argue with this, but this is what was done.

She chose not to risk imprisonment.  Police had solid evidence against her, including the analysis, other writing samples, which included the silly capitalization practice, but also that her other writing samples, included the same anti-Christian theme of her "anonymous" letter.

Her hatred towards people of faith was obvious, but what of her hatred of the gay community?

She knew, when she began her "go fund me" that the gay community would be the most active responders, which was true.  They were the target of her internet fraud.

It was the gay community that she showed the greater hatred towards, in her contempt of them, believing that by throwing the word "Christian" into her letter, they would be blinded by emotional response, and dig deep into their pockets and give the money their own hands had earned, and place it into her deceptive hands.   Her original goal was a few thousand dollars for what would cost about $50 worth of plastic lights.

She played them well to the tune of more than $43,000.

Some wrote in expressing frustrations that real causes could not get donations, even that a family who's house was burned down could not raise 10% of this amount, while this hate-driven letter brought in a bonanza of money.

Her prior written articles showed a seething anger towards people of faith, particularly Christians.  These articles did use the same capitalization errors that were in her "Go Fund Me" original announcement and in the "anonymous letter."

After the backlash began, she wrote again, yet this time, she dropped her capitalization.

In turning down the money, she took a passivity towards refunding people, refusing to refund them directly, forcing them to contact Go Fund Me, which did refund the illicit donations.  This angered many.

She then began her defense. It is interesting to follow her exposure as a liar, just as it has been with Lance Armstrong.  He lied in his interview, has continued to lie, and even had his girlfriend lie to police, switching seats with him in the car.  What does that, alone, tell us about his "lesson learned" from admitting using performance enhancing drugs?

Following the exposure of a liar is useful for study.

Here are the claims that followed the exposing of the scam, as they developed:

1.  No more donations as it is enough and there seems to be some "hate" out there. She did not want to appear "greedy", so $43,000 was "enough."

The first claim was that she had raised "enough" money, as if someone who is not wealthy would be suddenly satisfied after having gone more than 8 times her initial goal.  Why not stop at the initial goal?  Why not stop when the goal was doubled?  Tripled?  Why did it go this high?

This was not a credible statement.  Like the original theme, it contained the sensitive word, "hate" in her writing.  She was now having to be careful to Stop using Her illogical capitalization theme She had been Employing.

This was met with backlash as well as reports made to both Go Fund Me and the Maryland police (Internet and Commerce Fraud department) and it then reached a critical point where she would face charges should she withdraw the money.

Deceptive people will, in their own defense, say "off the wall" things, which reveal a disconnect with truth and reality. She then moved to the next deception instead of owning what she had done:

2.  Refunds due to tax consequences.

This was laughed off.  Think of it carefully, however, as it is not humorous, but it reveals with startling insight, the mind of a pathological liar and just how disconnected one can become with one's own lies.

'I'm not going to take $43,000 because I have to pay $13,000 in taxes and only be left with a profit of $30,000. Having the free and clear $30,000 is just too complicated.'

As goofy as it sounds, is as goofy as it is, but it shows how deeply a deceptive person will go in self defense:  to the illogical.

Julie Baker is not stupid.

The analysis showed an intelligent writer.

She knows simple math:

$30,000 post tax is better than zero money pre tax.

Yet, she did not see how this made her appear to the pubic, and did not mind floating this folly as it revealed just how far her contempt had taken her from reality. It is a strong signal of a pathological liar who struggles with perception.

 She does not consider nor see how ridiculous it sounds because her own lifetime of deception has so insulated her from a conscience, that she not only does not "see" how foolish this sounds, but does not care to see. Julie Baker is not alone in this manner, as liars, when caught, say some of the most illogical things imaginable.

We sometimes see this in professional athletes or celebrities who seem to have no connection to reality.

Lance was stripped of his Tour De France titles, so what did he do?  He took a narcissistic "selfie" with his collection of yellow jerseys. This angered people, and he did not realize how it would anger them.  Later, with the police accident report, he did not consider how he had told the world of his great new insight into his character:  simply put, he didn't care.  He would let his girlfriend take the rap.  If she has any insight into his character, she will run for her life.

Recall Michael Jackson saying he has "loved children all over the world" rather than say that he did not sexually molest a child.  This opened up the suggestion of just how many victims he may have had in his tours of the world.

It is like a bank robber saying, "I have withdrawn hundreds of times from ATMs without robbing them!" as a defense.  When caught, the liar will say things that appear utterly void of sense, yet not understand when this is pointed out.

It is illogical, and it is juvenile, but it is the liar's verbalized perception of reality.

When Billie Jean Dunn was pushed into taking a polygraph, she used drugs in an attempt to beat it, with eyes glazed over, in an even 'less affect' posture than is her norm; so much so that it was visibly recognized.  When she had to then take it sober, she promptly failed.  What would she say?

Would she say, "I told the truth!"?

No, instead she said, "At the police station, I talked to 3 people who said they failed it."

This was her defense? Later, this became an attack on police, which eventually degraded to name calling.

Baker, the commerce fraud, tells us that her earnings were too expensive in taxes??

It actually shows how desperately disconnected the liar is from personal responsibility.

3.  "Hate"

Baker wasn't done with her lies.  She has since gone in, especially with the loss of 'relentlessly selling trinkets' business down the drain, and claims that it is "hate" that caused her to lose the money.

Hate?  This was a word that she used repeatedly in her posting, revealing just how deep her own hatred runs, towards others, and perhaps, towards herself.  It is the one word that in Statement Analysis' view of repetition, seems understated in principle.  She uses it so often, that a skilled therapist may seek to uncover its roots.

Yet, the only kinetic  hatred in this equation was first her hatred of people of faith, and then her hatred of the gay community that she attempted to fleece.  One may speak or write of hate, but it was Baker, herself, who acted upon it, in reality.


Liars project their own lies upon others, and believe that everyone is a habitual liar.  Here, she held deep seated hatred, which would have been used against her in court, against people of faith as evidenced in her earlier writings, that caused her to then claim that she was, again, a victim of hate.

First, she was a "victim" of "hate" in the original letter, and needed money to overcome the hate, and then she was yet again a victim of "hate" in having to give back the money.

The "hate" in incessant.

Her supporters now say that she did not refund it due to taxes alone, but more "hate" with a single vague reference to a 'death threat' that is also a deception.

The sad result of this is that if she was threatened, for example, by someone who donated money, who would believe her?

This is what police often refer to in the "fake hate" crimes:  they worry that real victims may fear not being believed, the same as when immoral defense attorneys smear rape victims with "suggestions" of multiple partners, walking close to receiving bar discipline, but still getting that deceptive message out which is clear:

Victims may not be believed.

The underlining cause of "the boy who cried wolf" is deception.

As if the world is safe from her, we learned that she had her own daughters work on their own "go fund me" scams, with her own daughter, admitting in writing, that her mother was a liar.  Rather than teach them to be honest, prize the truth, work hard, and help others, she taught them that people exist for their benefit and that people should be exploited.  She taught them pragmatism in a new level:  they could both satisfy their hatred of one group, while exploiting, through hatred, yet another.

The pattern of exposing a liar is something law enforcement frequently sees, and that Human Resources may experience:  repeat offenders, with elevated levels of rage.

Richard Blumenthal was caught lying about his feet being in a foreign country during a war.  His mea culpa had little "mea" and no "culpa" as he blamed some gnostic-mystery person of showing up and  "mispeaking" his words and then turned on the self-divninity rage to tell the world how he would "not allow anyone" to damage his reputation, as if he controlled the world.

 His "mea culpa" echoes that the liar is the center of his or her own world and we are the subordinates there to serve the liar's needs.  This is how deception is linked to theft, murder, and a myriad of crimes.

Next up:  Human Resource professionals dealing with fraudulent claims


John Mc Gowan said...


Follow link to listen.

Berea police release 911 call from woman who accused Browns offensive line coach Andy Moeller of assault (audio)

BEREA, Ohio -- The woman who accused Browns offensive line coach Andy Moeller of assaulting her said he "tried to strangle me and beat me up" late Saturday at his Berea home.

The Maryland woman identifies herself as "Sandy" and says Moeller is her fiancé in a 911 recording released Tuesday afternoon by the Berea Police Department.

Audio of the 911 call has been included in this post.

The woman told a police dispatcher that she was unsure why she and Moeller began arguing. She was talking to her son on the phone when Moeller told her to "shut up," and the argument escalated.

"I hate to do this to him, but you know what, I'm glad I made it out of there in time," the woman told the dispatcher.

She said Moeller might have been drinking that night.

Berea prosecutor Jim Walters is in the process of determining whether Moeller will be charged in the incident, which happened about 9 p.m. Saturday.

Walters said in a statement Tuesday that "this review is likely to continue for a number of days. If charges are issued, an announcement will be made at an appropriate time.''

Moeller, who has been suspended indefinitely by the Browns because of the incident, may face assault charges after a female guest in his home filed a complaint against him, according to the police report obtained by Northeast Ohio Media Group.

The woman later told police that she wanted to drop the charges, but police forwarded the report to Walters for review.

The names of Moeller and the woman were redacted from the report.

It remains to be seen if the Browns will reinstate Moeller if he's not charged.

Moeller, who was also suspended in 2011 by the NFL for drunken driving, had three alcohol-related incidents between 2007 and 2011 and almost lost his job with the Ravens as a result.


trustmeigetit said...


Was hoping someone could analyze this. To me, I see no reliable denial for either quetions. But would love thought of others.

Its a case I just watched. I thought this guy DID kill his wife but he was aquitted.

Maher: "Did you kill Felicia?"

Randone: "Absolutely not," he replied.

Maher: "Did you beat her? Did you lay a hand on her in any way?"

Randone:"I've never hit Felicia," Randone said. "I've never hit a woman, and I just -- I just -- I don't do that. I did just the opposite."

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lemon said...

"She was now having to be careful to Stop using Her illogical capitalization theme She had been Employing." - PH


Anonymous said...

She said, "Moeller might have been drinking that night."

Wouldn't she KNOW, since she was there. IMO, hers' is not a reliable statement either.
Also, IMO, Julie Baker should still be prosecuted. Just because she didn't take the money is no reason not to prosecute her. She belongs in jail for awhile, just as all these scammers do who lie and deceive the unsuspecting public they deceive and steal from. Maybe then new scammers would think before they do these things. ABB

C5H11ONO said...

trust me,
Because we don't see the words "I didn't kill Felicia", I would say that these have been unreliable denials. This was a short snippet of the dialogue and it is unknown if anytime during the conversation the person uttered "I didn't kill Felicia", but with this snippet, the denial is unreliable. The person denied hitting her, but not killing her. In fact, the easiest answer to "Did you Kill (the capitalization is done in honor of the fake hater) Felicia" is "No I didn't", yet the person said "absolutely" which qualifies the answer "not". If someone replied "not" to a yes or no question how would you feel about the truthfulness of the response.

C5H11ONO said...

I think liars try to minimize their lies. For example, when Hillary was caught in a blatant lie, she berated the person asking her questions by looking down upon them and stating, "What difference does it make?!"

I would like to learn by way of statement analysis that when the dangerous liar responds in this way, how can the interviewer bring it back to the liar.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than living with a pathological liar, particularly a child pathological liar. You cannot imagine the evil and hatred this "sweet" child stirs up in the home against the parent(s) and other adults living with the child, lying, manipulating, deceiving and pitting them against each other. It is insurmountable and incurable. No matter the outcome, they have no conscience, they never apologize, admit to their deceit and lies, nor do they stop them. It becomes a living hell hole for those living with this child.

When called out on a lie, she just looks at you with no expression, with dead staring eyes as if you aren't even there. I know such a child who started her manipulations and evil lies, always distorting the truth, beginning at age ten.

She is beyond brilliant, is an extremely high achiever who uses it all to further her lies and achieve her sick and self-centered goals. There is no stopping her. I honestly believe that she would watch you die before she would back off, admit too, or stop her tactics. She is now 13-1/2; I do not see any hope for her or those who are subjected to her evil lies and distortion of truths as long as they are in the unfortunate position of having to tolerate her. It is a very sick situation. THIS is the life of those living with a child pathological liar. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB-the things you say about your own family are quite the window into your own soul. Stop ruining Peter's blog with your hate.

Anonymous said...

Peter and commenters, I'd like to get your 2 cents on a possible fake hate statement. There is someone on my Facebook feed who is known to lie and manufacture drama for attention. He has jumped on the "hate crime" bandwagon and I suspect it is for attention and sympathy. A recent Facebook update detailing a "hate crime" that happened to him went through 13 edits. All edits visible to the public. I believe this is an instance of fake hate. What do you think?


There are these moments when one wakes-up demoralized and forlorn beyond belief and then the world simply wipes away the insanity for a few brief minutes with a series of friendly folk and their simple 'hellos" and you feel utterly refreshed. "Wow that sure was nice," then you are quickly reminded that you are a "faggot" in the middle of nowhere because some rando-bro happens to screams it out of a passing truck on a peaceful afternoon. I just simply yet forcefully yell back "FUCK YEAH I'm a faggot and proud AND at least by your pathetic standards I have HUGE FUCKING BALLS," which apparently means WAY MORE to you and your repressed PATHETIC ASS than mine." Go flipping figure. Oh Central Kansas you never cease to amuse me on a daily basis.

After 13 edits. Edits are in bold:

There are these moments when one wakes-up demoralized and forlorn beyond belief and then the world simply wipes away the insanity for a few brief minutes with a series of friendly folk and their sincere greetings and you feel utterly refreshed. "Wow that sure was nice." Then you are quickly reminded that you are definitely a "faggot" in the middle of nowhere because some rando-bro happens to scream it out of a passing truck on main street on a peaceful afternoon. I just simply yet forcefully yell back "FUCK YEAH I'm QUEER and proud AND at least by your sad standards I have HUGE FUCKING BALLS, which apparently means WAY MORE to you and your repressed PATHETIC ASS than mine." Go flipp'n figure. Oh Central Kansas you never cease to amuse me or threaten me on a near daily basis. There is a dangerous fire in me and quite honestly this place is no longer worth my safety or life. The moral of the story is I'm slowly but surely going to go find a new home. I know I've said it before and stuck with it as a stubborn mook but alas it is truly time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is lying about his balls. Did you really count through 13 edits?

Anonymous said...

Wrong Anon @1:58. I do not have a family!!!! You stupid demonic sicko. GET HELP. ABB

Anonymous said...

13 total edits but I only compared the first and last.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article Peter about the contempt and disconnection from reality liars display. Would you guys like to see a good sample of this? Here is a text from a guy who I dated fairly seriously 20 yrs ago who 1st contacted a friend of mine through FB stating he wanted to sleep with me, then friending me, sending me a msg of how sorry he was he failed me in the past, etc. I made the mistake of hanging out with him a few times until I was informed by my friend that the "mother" he sometimes hung out with on weekends and couldn't see me when she was over or talk to me and would have to sneak away to texts was his "fiance". Here is his text when confronted with my accusation that his mother was really a fiancee after he texted me asking to hang out again that evening:

"Hah! Hilarious! You should never use (my friend's name) as a fact checker. I know she is your good friend. However, she has just clearly proven that she is, in some circumstances, a complete, braying idiot. And so, as I neither will tolerate aspersions cast on my character, nor have my platonic intentions towards hanging out with you misrepresented back to me, I must insist you relay to her my heartfelt desire that she go and f*ck off. By the way my Mom says hi! (TEXTS ME PIC OF A PUPPY which is supposed to be his "Mom"--there is no human in the picture just a puppy) That's her on my deck Sat with the new puppy she drove from ----- Friday to pick up. Please tell (name of my friend) the puppy also wishes her to f-ck off. Oh and that "fiance"? Also hilarious. We talked about this last time you were visiting. Remember? The one I told you it hadn't worked out with? Yah. That. So please tell (name of my friend) my ex-girlfriend also requests that she f-ck off."

That very night he admitted that he had been engaged to this "girlfriend". Turns out he still is!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:56, It sounds like manufactured emotion as well as someone who is pretending to be gay (for attention?) I noticed it in the first edit, but in the 2nd edit when he changes it to "definitely a faggot". Some people will do anything for attention, and on FB, gay people do tend to get a lot of support and certainly if they are persecuted in some way they receive a lot of support.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:50 am, What are the lies your pathological liar child is telling? I am very wary of believing your story, as I was severely abused by my mother as a child and was also called a liar starting when I was a toddler as well as being told I was "the devil" when I was 3 yrs old. Are the adults in the house treating this child well? Or is your child really an evil pathological liar at age 13?

Buckley said...

Which was the thread where we had a transcript of the sheriff in the DeOrr Kunz case and analyzed it? It seems it was not a DeOrr titled thread but OT. Is it the one with 400+ comments and I'm just missing it?


Buckley said...

Ebron thread...found it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, thought you might be interested in Bill Spedding's (POI in William Tyrrell abduction) denial video that he has just posted.


Bill Spedding, who was named by police as a person of interest in the disappearance of NSW mid-north coast toddler William Tyrell, has posted an online video denying involvement in the case.

Three-year-old William disappeared from his grandmother’s home on September 12 last year and has not been seen since.

Mr Spedding, who visited the home just days earlier in his capacity as a washing machine repairman, was investigated by police.

Mr Spedding appears in the video uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

“My wife Margaret and I offer the Tyrrell family our sincere commiserations in the disappearance of William Tyrrell,” he said.

“I wish to state that I have no involvement in the disappearance of William Tyrrell.”

“The media have reported that I was supposed to have attended the Tyrrell house on the 12th September 2014, this being the day of William’s disappearance.

“I wish to make it perfectly clear this claim is completely false”.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:56 on 09/09; I am so sorry about your abuse as a child. I too was punished frequently for things I did not do, accused by my siblings, and my mother always believed them over me, THEN I would get another whipping for lying when I had not lied, but she never believed me.

Her whippings of me were horrendous; today this would be child abuse but back in those days the parents of devoutly religious families believed and practiced "spare the rod, spoil the child." I understand what you went through, even today I have a hard time relating to any of my siblings because they could pretty much do anything they wanted to do and tell our mother I did it and she would believe them. They knew what they were doing, even sometimes laughing at me for the whippings I had to take that they caused.

Anon I do not have any close family any longer. The pathological lying child that I mentioned is not my child, although she is in the extended family and I love her dearly. Yes, she is a pathological liar, first showing signs of this behavior at the age of ten, quickly progressing deeper into her lies. She is a beautiful beautiful girl, so gifted and talented, more like a twenty year old woman than a thirteen year old, and highly advanced intellectually and academically. She could do so much with her life; it will be a huge tragedy if she doesn't.

It really is tragic, and unless she gets the right kind of help and therapy over a long duration, it is hard to imagine how her adult life and future will turn out, It is so bad that I certainly cannot presently see it coming to any good end. As it is right now she tries to destroy nearly everyone in her path sooner or later; and yes, the family does treat her well (probably too good for all the evil she stirs up), and makes every effort and concession to bend over backwards for her.

She was violently raped as a toddler over a period of time, beginning when she was just two years old. I SAW her injuries and I know that it DID happen; (and yes I DID take legal action). But THERE lies the problem that is destroying this beautiful young lady.

Peter has spoken of the psychologically and emotionally damaging lifelong effects child molestation and rape has on children many times; but dealing with a child like this one who is wiser and more intelligent than most of those adults she is in contact with is VERY difficult, whom she deceives so easily and convincingly.

I hope you can conceive of the truth; that a pathological liar can begin in early childhood as I have watched it unfold, having lived the experience with a manipulating child liar of huge proportions. It is irrelevant in the big picture whether you believe me or not; but Yes, some of her actions are evil as she hurts others with her manipulating lies and vast deceptions. Give examples? No I won't. If I thought it might help to fix her I would, but I know there is nothing further I can do. I took her to counseling earlier on and did all I could to help her when I had the opportunity but personally cannot do it now.

I am not presently in touch with her current guardian, I just know there is plenty of money in her trust fund to provide the necessary counseling she needs, but I do not believe her guardian has a handle on what is really going on with her and I worry that her life will get completely out of hand very quickly and soon if she is not paid very careful attention too, and then it will be too late for her.

God help her if she doesn't get the care she needs; and yes, I do pray for her often. ABB

lynda said...

When a liar is caught they lie again and then go on the attack. Absolutely TRUE.

Anonymous said...


A couple things you wrote are very troublesome to me. First of all, your explanation for why this child allegedly turned into an evil pathological liar is that according to you, the child was violently raped as a toddler, which is incredibly disturbing in and of itself. However, nowhere did Peter say that a child being the victim of sexual abuse leads to them becoming a pathological liar. Secondly, you say you "took legal action" yet do not say what the outcome of this legal action was. Was the perpetrator someone in the family? Was this person incarcerated? I would certainly hope so, as you say that the child had injuries which would have been more than enough proof to legally prove the child had been sexually abused.
It seems the child is now living with a "guardian" who you "are not in touch with". This suggests that the child was taken away from her family because the child was being abused and/or neglected, therefore, how do you know that what she is saying about her family are lies??? You seem to present a scenario that would suggest that this child's family has things profoundly wrong with it, yet whatever the child is saying about those in the family (you refuse to give examples) is seen by you as an "evil lie".

You wrote "As it is right now she tries to destroy nearly everyone in her path sooner or later; and yes, the family does treat her well (probably too good for all the evil she stirs up), and makes every effort and concession to bend over backwards for her."

Personally I am very wary of believing anyone who accuses a 13 year old of "stirring up evil". You wrote "the evil she stirs up". To look carefully at your language, one could ask, how can the girl "stir up evil" unless she is already surrounded by evil? In other words, unless the evil is already there? Unfortunately, I have lived firsthand the disturbing phenomenon that "evil" people often project their own evil onto those they victimize and also are easily able to convince others outside of the situation that the "evil" lies within the victim. Therefore, perhaps you have been sucked into this dynamic of seeing her as the "evil" one if the family is in fact projecting their own "evil" onto her and working to convince others she is the "bad" one.

Anonymous said...

You disgust me, Anon @7:43. Look, you nit-wit. I personally paid lawyers and LEGALLY took the child OUT of her circumstances via emergency custody where she was being sexually abused by her mothers' boyfriend as a toddler. I RAISED her for the next ten years until well after I started undergoing treatments for terminal cancer.

She was a perfect child, the love of my life, my very heart. My baby. AND a happy child until she started sliding into making up humongous lies, not only against me but also against her (ALSO) terminally ill father; AND AGAINST my many warnings that he could drop dead of a heart attack at any time. HE DID a few months ago.

OH YES, she DID deliberately keep him upset with her lies and schemes, and YES this IS evil. Hell, I haven't even told anyone else all the terrible things she did that kept him so upset as his damaged heart grew weaker and weaker until he could no longer take any stress at all in the end. I didn't even tell him most of the time when she was lying and conniving against him, unless he mentioned it to me. I would actually cover up FOR her with him.

Forgive her? Of course, she is still just a child and she WAS sexually abused which I have no doubt has led to her becoming a cold and calculating pathological liar.

BECAUSE I am so not well, I willingly gave over my custody of her several months ago to my son's half sister who lives in another state, who asked ME if she could take her; this is why I am not presently in touch with her. I want her to have a clean slate and the opportunity to start her life over in circumstances where she does not have grievous memories of her father, etc., just a few of the reasons I am not presently in contact.

You can drop off the f'n planet if you think you are entitled to any more info from me. You don't want to believe me, you can just go p'ss up a rope. How easily I could tell you to go to hell but since I don't wish ANYONE on the face of this earth to go to hell, since it IS a very real place; I will just drop it there, with you dropped in the bargain. Freak. Think whatever you like. ABB

Anonymous said...


Who are you in relation to the girl? Aunt? Uncle? Cousin?
It is very odd that you speak of having taken emergency custody (using lawyers) of the girl but you do not mention who you are in relation to the girl.
You are deliberately withholding this information.
Are you her father?
It is very hard to follow your story or your anger if you insist on being so vague as to who you are in relation to the girl or her mother.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:35
FWIW I am thinking ABB is her grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant 11:31pm.

Another Anon said...

FWIW, I was thinking: sockpuppet.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:18, I was thinking the same as far as sockpuppet.

I was trying to get ABB to talk a little more as I recognize the voice as being the same as a poster who had commented quite a few times very outspokenly about their hatred for Trista Reynolds way back when (same capitalized word usage, same tone etc.).

Every once in a while this individual pops up on here, they suggest they are female although I am not convinced of that as when their hatred starts spewing out it sounds to me like the individual may be male to. (But I have discovered that figuring out if an "anonymous" individual is male or female is something extremely difficult.)
But anyway, yes I agree with you: sockpuppet

Betty said...

ABB's story of the child liar fit my brother to a T. My parents were wonderful, loving parents to both of us but my brother was evil from a young age. A child's behavior isn't always a parent's fault.

Sidenote: I'm so very sorry you had crappy parents. I hope life has gotten better for you.

Betty said...

Your experience does not negate someone else's experience. I have lived firsthand the disturbing phenomenon of a lying, manipulative, destructive child. My brother began his terrible behavior when he was 9 years old. He is now 50 and he is a monster.

It happens. Just because you experienced the opposite situation doesn't mean ABB is lying.