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Rainn Peterson: Child of Neglect

Negligence has serious consequences.

"Look how mature she is!" the mother boasts, as my stomach cringes and I leap to my feet to intervene.

The mother was boasting on how her 2 year old made her own breakfast.

It was an oft-repeated scenario.

When Brandi Peterson told the news that her daughter would go with anyone, including strangers, it signaled acute neglect, as the child did not have the loving bod that creates an element of natural and protective stranger anxiety, and likely had been passed around a great deal in her young life.

Now we learn that she has been found alive, about a mile from her great parents home, of whom had custody of her.

Why didn't the mother have custody?
Why didn't the father?
Why didn't the maternal grandparents have custody?
Why didn't the paternal grandparents have custody?

What caused custody to go all the way to great grandparents?  How much energy would a great grandparent have, to keep up with a toddler?

We have a lot of unanswered questions in this story but the common theme beneath it is neglect.

From News 21:

What seemed like a happy ending to the disappearance of a Trumbull County toddler hasn't been so happy for the child's mother.
Brandi Peterson told 21 News Reporter Lindsay McCoy on Monday that she has not been allowed to see
 her daughter Rainn since she was found in a field Sunday evening

A lone member of the search party on a four-wheeler found the the two-year-old alive but cold, about a mile from
her great grandparents home where she had last been seen nearly 48 hours earlier.

Since then, Rainn Peterson has been in St. Joseph Hospital in Warren where she is being treated for cuts, scrapes, dehydration and low body temperature.

Her mom says she has yet to see her daughter in the hospital

But Brandi Peterson says she has heard from Trumbull County Children's Services.

"They are taking custody of my daughter until the investigation is over. That's very frustrating. It's very upsetting because
she was at my grandparents house when she went missing,"said the mom. "I was not there. I passed my polygraph test.
 I cooperated with the police a hundred percent."

 The mom says that since she keeps hearing that there are no signs of foul play. “Then why can't I see her?” asked Peterson

Brandi Peterson says investigators search her home Sunday night, but took nothing from the house.

21 News contacted Trumbull County Children's Services who told Lindsay that they are attempting to arrange a meeting between mother and daughter.
Lindsay McCoy will have more on this story tonight on 21 News 6 p.m.
--- Mother statement interview reporter Baby missing- she sharing / what happened:


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Victor's interviews etc said...

These are quotes from Victor's interviews, as many as I have gathered so far. I am hoping for some enlightenment on whether his recall is from memory, and if it's consistent enough - I don't know, he seems to vary his choice of words quite a bit, yet it seems basically the same account.


“I stopped the four-wheeler, I looked over and I could see her hair, and I thought the worst, so I was devastated,” he said. “I shut the four-wheeler off, I yelled in a really authoritative voice … and when I yelled her name, she lifted her head and looked at me and opened her eyes. Then it went from total devastation to complete euphoria.”

The man who found Rainn Peterson alive in the middle of a field, says he's no hero, just fortunate enough to be the person to rescue her to safety.

"I'm just a guy that saw her, there were hundreds of great people just as caring just as capable as I was," Victor Sutton said.
Sutton says he searched an open field where others weren't looking Sunday night.

"All I kept thinking going through those woods is that she's waiting for somebody like me to get her, I always promised my kids I'd get them and I wanted to get her if I could," Sutton said.

He eventually noticed a patch of purple in the distance and jumped off his ATV.

"I look over at her and I could see her hair, so I knew it was a baby," he said.

At first he thought the worst, but continued to call out her name and that's when he noticed the first sign that she was alive.

"I yelled 'Rainn' real abruptly and she twitched, she lifted her head, turned to me and opened her eyes," he said.

Sutton says the 2-year-old was crying, cold, covered in flies, but says she wasn't "horribly wet". He stayed with her and called 911 for help.

"She was shaken and you could tell she had been through a bad experience," he said.

I could see her hair and then obviously she wasn't moving so I thought this is, you know, worst case scenario.

“She shook, she lifted her head, she turned and she looked at me and she sat up. So I went from literally from devastation to euphoria in about three seconds,” he said.
Published: October 6, 2015, 7:12 pm


All I kept thinking going through those woods is she's waiting for somebody like me [pause] to get her. And I always promised my kids I'd get 'em, and I wanted to get her if I could.

[newsreader voiceover - says Victor was searching an open field]

'And I looked over at her and I could see her hair and so I knew it was a baby, and of course I thought the worst at first. And I yelled her name, I barked it out like I do with my kids when I want their attention, and I yelled 'Rainn!', um, real abruptly, and she twitched, she lifted her head and turned to me and opened her eyes.'

Victor's Interviews etc said...

'Seeing her head lift up, and she turned her face to me, and she opened her eyes and she started crying - I went from total despair to total euphoria in literally a matter of three seconds.'

from video at

Posted 10:03 PM, Oct 5, 2015
Updated 5:47 AM, Oct 6, 2015

'I just was in the right place but it could've been anybody, literally. I didn't do anything special or unique, I just spotted her.'
[newsreader voiceover]

'I always told my kids and the kids in the community that you never ever give up, don't give up, I won't give up, and I swear to God I'll find you.'
[newsreader voiceover]

'And I yelled her name, and she lifted her head, and she turned her head and she looked at me, and uh, and I went from total despair to total elation in literally, in like, three seconds.'
[newsreader voiceover]

'She was disoriented and the grass was matted down where she'd been, she'd been sleeping there for a while - um, her clothes were dirty.'
[newsreader voiceover]

'It was like holding my own baby.'
[newsreader voiceover]

'I was hoping for it, and I was praying for it, and I was expecting it, only because that's what keeps you driving - is that you're saying it could be me so I can't quit. What if I'm the guy who's supposed to find her?'
[newsreader voiceover]

'And I'm glad that those folks have their baby back and I hope that she'll grow up to do something very special with this life.'

Transcribed from video at this link:
POSTED 7:40 PM, OCTOBER 5, 2015

"I was by myself down there and I was really looking for areas that... It didn't appear that people had been," Sutton said.

Sutton says he was following creek lines and moving slowly because he wanted to have a "meaningful" search for the child, while being aware of the time because he was losing the sun.

He saw a flash of purple. It was the color Rainn was last seen wearing.

The sighting gave Sutton pause.

"I stopped and then I looked and I could see her hair and obviously she was just laying there, and I initially thought the worst."

Once he turned off the four wheeler he was riding and yelled Rainn's name, his initial fear turned immediately to good feelings.

"When I yelled, she gave a shake and lifted her head and turned her face to me and started crying," Sutton said. "I went from the lowest low to the highest high in about three seconds time."

Sutton called the experience "beautiful."

Victor's Interviews etc said...

This link for the previous quotes:
6.51am October 6th, 2015


"She was laying there still. I thought the worst but I yelled her name and she poked her head up and opened her eyes so I was elated to know she was alive. I bent down to pick her up and she reached for me and was crying. I picked her up and put her on the 4-wheeler until I could get help out there," said Sutton.

Sutton told 21 News Rainn was slightly dirty but not as bad as he thought she would look for being missing for three days He says he called 911 immediately when he found her and they told him it was OK to lift her up and carry her to his ATV.


(quotes excerpted from the accompanying news report)

"I was in the first gear in the four-wheeler, looked over to the left and saw a patch of purple,"

"I stood up and looked over and I could see her blonde hair and she was just lying there, and I thought-- obviously I thought the worse and my heart was just instantly crushed,"

"I yelled in a real authoritative voice, trying to startle her if she was alive. And she raised her head, turned her face to me and opened her eyes. And I went from total despair to total euphoria."

"I knew if I got a hold of her, nothing or no one could hurt her at that point so I just wanted to get out there and grab her,"
"I hope one day to give her a hug, one day when she can appreciate it," he said.

Juliet said...

I'll gather the 'get' and 'find' bits into one post later - there are one or two missing still, including the one from the long interview..

Transcript: Long Interview said...

TRANSCRIPT of interview with Victor – the video is here:

I: Tell me how you just got involved with the search.
V: Well, it’s obvious that it was common knowledge in town that the baby girl was lost so – I went down Saturday night with a bunch of folks and we all got together as did - mean there was a ton of people down there and we searched and searched, and then again as a community Sunday, we just went back down there, I went down Sunday, um, in a different vehicle that I thought was smaller that I could maybe could get more remote lo-locations, so, but that’s what you do out here is when somebody needs something, somebody in this town, you just, you just come together and you just help, you don’t even think about it.
I: And you said you have kids yourself?
V: I’ve got two kids, yeah. I’ve got a little girl who’s eighteen and I got a little boy who’s twenty one so they’re still my babies uh, we always, you know, we always told ‘em that ‘I will find you, you just can’t give up, you have to hold on until I can get to you but I will get to you’, and I just kept thinking that little girl was waiting for somebody to keep that promise, and so I think everybody felt that way, that you know, she’s desperately waiting for somebody to find her. And so that just kept running through my head and I jus’, you couldn’t give up on that thought, so

I: Describe the conditions, too – I mean this was not a sunny day like today. What it was like searching out there.
V: Well, Saturday was really cold and really miserable and, uh, you couldn’t help but to think ‘Man, I hope she found some shelter somewhere or was laying underneath uh, a tree or in a culvert or somewhere, um, it was a tough night so – Sunday was much better, it was chilly in the morning but there was sun out at least, and it wasn’t, you know, the ground wasn’t totally saturated, so. You knew if she made it through the night that, you know, you had a chance to get to her on Sunday.

I: And you were kinda on your own when you found her. Tell me about that, you were on a four-wheeler.
V: Yeah, I was on a four-wheeler. I was just looking for locations where other people weren’t because ah, you know there was a lot of numbers of people out there, and I just was looking for places that maybe people hadn’t been – so I was looking for signs of, you know, foot-tracks or four-wheeler tracks, and if people had been there then I, I went to a different location.

I: So describe just kind of when you found her.
V: Well, I was going about – I was in first gear on the four-wheeler, and ah, I looked over to the left and I seen a patch of purple. And it caught my eye – there was a lot of purple out this time of year, a lot of the flowers are purple but this one was just solid purple – so I stopped, and I stood up and I looked over, and I could see her blond hair, and she was just laying there, and I thought, obviously I thought the worst, and then my heart was just instantly crushed. So I turned off the four-wheeler and I yelled her name like I do with my kids, and they can tell you what that’s like, but I just, I yelled in a real authoritative voice trying to startle her if she was alive, and she raised her head, she turned her face to me and opened her eyes, and uh, I went from total despair to total euphoria. And, she sat up, started to cry, I called 911, and she had a lot of flies on her – and sh- you could tell she had been laying there for a while, and I just was trying to get permission that I could go grab her, so that was – I could - she needed somebody, she wanted somebody. I knew if I could get a hold of her that nothing or no-one could hurt her from that point, so I just wanted to get out and grab her, so.


Transcript: Long Interview said...


I: What kind of condition did she seem like she was in?
V: She seemed reasonably well for a kid that’s been through all that, you know, but she was, you could tell that she was exhausted, and eh, you could tell that, you know, she had been out for a while, she was – she was dirty, not totally filthy, but uh, uh, she just, for me, it’s hard to describe because to me she looked beautiful, because she was alive, you know, and so, I think all these kids are beautiful, you know, so for me, she looked perfect, you know. But as far as her condition goes, I don’t know how you would judge it – but to me it’s - her being alive was perfect.

I: And I think you said to the other guy you’re hoping when she gets older she gets something out of this. What is that?
V: Yeah, well, my hope is that, you know, realistically she got a second chance at life, you know, no matter what the circumstances are, she’s supposed to be here, and I hope that as she gets older she’ll get an opportunity to look back at this day and say I’ve been left here on this earth to do something special. And I hope that’ll drive her, I hope there’ll be that something inside of her that’ll – she’ll want to make a difference, and live - have a great life, and help other people and do those things – so it’s a real opportunity. When you see these stories, they don’t typically end like this, so she’s unique and she’s special that way, so my hope is that she’ll take advantage of it one day.

I: Do you hope to, you know, be reunited with her? Have you – you haven’t heard from the family?
V: I have not, no, and I haven’t reached out to them, and I don’t expect them to reach out to me, but I hope one day to give her a hug, you know, one day when she can appreciate it – but I’m grateful, nobody’s more grateful, and uh, for her to be alive, and nobody’s more grateful for the way not just our town, but law enforcement, people from out of town – I mean, people are good, and you don’t always see that when you watch the news, you know – they typically, the stories tend to, to be levitated towards bad news, you know, and – but most people are good, and I think that was a great example what good is, especially in a small town.

I: And you know the grandparents, is that right? Tell me about them.
V: They’re great people, I mean they’re woven into the fabric of this town, uh – they just, I know, by knowing them, that no-one was more devastated about that girl being gone than they were. And I know no-one was more relieved than they could’ve been when they heard the news that she was alive. So I know I was crazy ecstatic, and they had to be that, expedientially so.

I: Do you know anything about her mom, or know her at all?
V: No, not really. I mean, like I said I don’t know the family – I know the grandparents but I don’t know the rest of the family that well, so - I can’t speak – I can’t speak to that, but I know it was a two year old little girl and - it’s a great story.

I: And I know you want to thank the other volunteers, too
V: Yeah, well, again, I mean, I’ve got friends and family, uh, the volunteer fire departments from the different communities – I mean these are, these are great people and you’ve got, in a town like this, you’ve got people that are great, you know – woodsmen, woodswomen, I mean, they know how to navigate these woods, they know how to track, they know how to see, uh, signs of things, and again, I just was the lucky one that found her, but it could’ve been everyone – they’re probably moreso, or more qualified to find her than I was, I just happened to be the one who did it, but thank God for people like them.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be doing something wrong. My comments disappear or don't appear. Am I doing something wrong? I compose comments, confirm I'm not a robot, and "publish" them. It looks like it's there, but the next time I visit the page, they're gone. Any advice? Fairly new here. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Criticalthinker -
I tried to respond to you yesterday, but my comment seems to have disappeared. I don't have time to redo the whole thing, so here is the gist.

I apologize - I did not mean to misconstrue your words. As for domestic abusers, I'm with you - along with his other lovely traits, was also physically abusive. And yes, he was a first rate liar who will never change. I'm just glad he's not my problem anymore.

As for Rainn's dad, no, I don't put much stock in him overall. I suspect that he has not been much of a father and has neglected the kids as well. I'd bet money that he and Brandii did drugs together. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. I was just pointing out the difference in his comments and Brandii's comments after Rainn was found. He said he didn't get to see her (Rainn) but that the important thing is she's ok. Brandii whined about how she (Brandii) was being maligned. Dad said, no he couldn't get custody but was just glad Rainn was ok because that was what mattered. Brandii whined about the unfairness of it. The father, for all his obvious failings, just seemed more sincere in his concern for his daughter than Brandii did.

And, no, I'm not convinced that Brandii was involved in the disappearance. I agree that she couldn't have dealt with a crying baby who was not being fed. IF she was involved, she put Rainn somewhere else for the time she was gone. She may very well not be involved in the disappearance at all. She may just be a bad mother. The broken laundry room sentence really bugs me tho.

It's still possible (albeit unlikely) that Rainn really did somehow get out and survive all that time. The world is full of unlikely, but true, stories. The doors, the fences, the possible diaper/pull up discrepancy, her condition when found all make it hard to believe that she really did just escape the house. But it is still a possibility.

I don't have my mind made up on any theory here. This story is still a complete mystery to me.


critical thinker said...

Sorry, just getting a chance to check in!

Juliet, Thank you for transcripting Victor's words!!! I will read carefully through the transcripts! I was thinking yesterday that one difficulty with doing SA on his words is that he is not being accused of anything or suspecting anything by his interviewers or interrogated (which we have looked at here in several cases, people's words under interrogation. Rather, he is simply telling a story in which he is the hero and the interviewer and community are celebrating with him. This makes it quite a bit more difficult I think to "comb through" his language.

CAthy, I agree that Brandii seems to be a ne'er do well mother. I too am not 100% convinced of what happened, and I do understand how troubling the laundry room door sentence is, it makes it hard to not believe that Brandii, may have in fact been involved. Maybe there was a "partnership" between Brandii and Victor. Who is the mystery guy she had said she was involved with recently on FB but would not say who it was??? What about when he is questioned about if he knows the mother? I did not listen carefully to his response and should have!
I do find her condition very surprising especially considering the way that her hair looked after being in pouring rain, no tangles. I think she was not out there, but I do agree with you, stranger things have happened.
I am with you--it is a mystery what happened.

Anonymous said...

Criticalthinker -
The mystery guy seems to be a guy with the Facebook name "Jazzy Jeff". Around the time that Brandii was posting about her "man" and "Jazzy Jeff" was commenting on her pics, the wife of "Jazzy Jeff", Jama Robinson, was posting about how her husband was a piece of poo (she didn't say "poo" obviously), that he cheated on her, and that she had to move. She told her friends to look at the "whore's Facebook". No SA there, just Facebook snooping. I don't know that it helps any. If accurate, it just further demonstrates her character overall.


Juliet said...

Bits I noted in Victor's long interview:

He explains his thoughts and reasons for taking a different vehicle - then in the same long sentence says 'you just come together and you just help, and you don't even think about it.' He already said he was thinking about it - though that might just be to say one doesn't hesitate to help. I just found it interesting he said it all at the same time.

'That little girl was waiting for somebody to keep that promise' - a person can only be aware of, and wait for a promise to be fulfilled if it has first been made to them.

'You knew if she made it through the night that, you know, you had a chance to get to her on Sunday.' - interesting - did anyone know Rainn had made it through the night?.(also get vs find - known location vs unknown).

He said he was going through the woods - he found Rainn in an open field. That's a bit confusing, but I don't know the geography.

' then my heart was just instantly crushed' - 'total despair to euphoria' - inserting emotions into the narrative, story telling - all the accounts of his finding her seem like story-telling, to me. Rehearsed to be the same, more or less, with different words each time - I wondered if he'd memorised a few synonyms for the purpose.

'I knew if I could get a hold of her that nothing or no-one could hurt her from that point' - he had already dialled 911 - sensibly she could only be in danger before she was found, before 911 was called, from that point on she was safe. The search was for a baby who had wandered - abduction had been considered unlikely -so the claim that he needed to save her from hurt or harm from anyone seems unexpected; he is speaking in the context of an ongoing search for her, with hundreds of approved background checked volunteers being the only people she was likely to encounter, or to have seen, even if they had not seen her. It is strange that he does not to speak directly to the elements (the expectedly life-threatening) but rather to 'nothing or no-one' hurting her - 'nothing is vague'' 'no-one' can only mean a person.

'She looked beautiful because she was alive'
'to me, it's - her being alive was perfect'
'Realistically, she got a second chance at life, you know, no matter what the circumstances are, she's supposed to be here'
He hopes one day she'll say '....I've been left here on this earth...' (Left, an action,by whom? - he does not say by God, though some might hasten to say it for him)
'...she'll want to make a difference, and live '
''s a real opportunity...'

I can't see into Victor's head, but some of the bits he shows are a bit troublesome, perhaps. It seems that way, to me - countering views would be welcome.

Juliet said...

Criticalthinker - I agree, it's limited, but he still said a fair bit of potential interest, especially considering he is so well rehearsed! I hope I have got him wrong.

Juliet said...

Cathy - that happens to me, sometimes with the comments - annoying when they' re lost, sometimes I find they are still in the comment box and they'll post at the second or third attempt, other times not - it could be a glitch or a Blogger bug. It's best to save longer comments before you try posting them - I always intend to, but hardly ever do, as mostly it works - it's so annoying when it doesn't.

Juliet said...

Incidentally, does anyone know what was inside all those little clear polythene bags which were in and upon Victor's four-wheeler? It's been bugging me. There is a blurry photo somewhere, but I can't find it - they all looked the same, and were filled with something dark - no clue. I think the vehicle belonged to Victor, anyway.

Juliet said...

I found the photo and zoom shows it's not little bags, it 's something in a plastic bag, or maybe it's a waterproof sheet, strapped to the vehicle - it was the strap which made it look like little bags.

Juliet said...

Maybe it's one of those foil space blankets for hypothermia. Well, be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I: And you know the grandparents, is that right? Tell me about them.
V: They’re great people, I mean they’re woven into the fabric of this town, uh – they just, I know, by knowing them, that no-one was more devastated about that girl being gone than they were. And I know no-one was more relieved than they could’ve been when they heard the news that she was alive. So I know I was crazy ecstatic, and they had to be that, expedientially so.

I: Do you know anything about her mom, or know her at all?
V: No, not really. I mean, like I said I don’t know the family – I know the grandparents but I don’t know the rest of the family that well, so - I can’t speak – I can’t speak to that, but I know it was a two year old little girl and - it’s a great story.

not really.

I mean,
like I said
I don’t know the family –

I know the grandparents
I don’t know the rest of the family
that well,
so -
I can’t speak –
I can’t speak to that,

I know it was a two year old little girl
and -
it’s a great story.

Juliet said...

'I just happened to be the one who did it'

Okay. Would he clarify - did what? Finding is not really a 'did it' - it's a bit more of a 'found her'. He does have an odd turn of phrase.

Juliet said...

Also, I have wondered about this from the first time he said it - would the baby not open her eyes before she turned to look at him? He says variously that she twitched/shook/gave a shake, but invariably that she turned her head towards him and then opened her eyes.

In one of his accounts quoted somewhere above amongst the rest : 'She lifted her head and looked at me and opened her eyes'. How did she manage that?

Anonymous said...

I: Do you know anything about her mom, or know her at all?

(No, not really. I mean, like I said) I don’t know the family –

I know the grandparents (but)

I don’t know the rest of the family (that well, so - I can’t speak – I can’t speak to that, but)

I know it was a two year old little girl and - it’s a great story.

Juliet said...

The bit where Victor wants to thank the other volunteers is interesting - first because it isn't really his place to thank them - that's for the Sheriff and for the family to do. It's not spontaneous, from the interviewer's question, it's apparent that he's already told her that he wants to thank everyone. Most interesting, he doesn't actually thank them. He lists them, praises and flatters them, saying 'everyone' could have found her etc - but then he finishes by telling the viewer to 'thank God for people like them.' I think he does that because he knows it's not his place, personally, to thank them, so he can't and doesn't, he just makes it seem like he does. So he maybe feels the need to strengthen his position by numbering himself amongst all those he in other interviews also describes as good, capable and caring people, being 'humble' in the face of all the better 'qualified' - professionals and volunteers, those from his own community, and further afield. Would that fall under the heading of 'tangent'?

Juliet said...

Link to the site which originally published Victor's interview - the interviewer was Sara Goldenberg.


Link to report about two children missing overnight and recovered - or how things more usually pan out.

criticalthinker said...

Juliet, Im so sorry I'm just getting a chance to look at this, just had a really busy weekend. I really like all of your observations especially your observation about the story-telling Victor throws in (despair to euphoria) and also I agree with anon's observations about the sensitivity of Victor (not) knowing the mother. I feel he is trying to hide the fact that he knows the mother. The question is why? I'm going to look through myself right now and post shortly. Sorry about the delay.

criticalthinker said...

Trying to comb through and comment on things I have not already commented on:

His use of the word "twitch" bothers me greatly, and I cannot put my finger on why. To me, his comment about 'yelling in a really authoritative voice" and then saying "she twitched", it conjures up a violent image. Like it sounds like the language someone might use if they had hunted an animal. It just troubles me, in fact, out of all the interviews I have read or seen with him, it troubles me the most. It is not an image which matches concern or finding a lost toddler.

"I yelled 'Rainn' real abruptly and she twitched, she lifted her head, turned to me and opened her eyes," he said.

(will post more)

criticalthinker said...

''She was shaken and you could tell she had been through a bad experience,"

Again, here, he doesn't say "she seemed shaken". He says "she was shaken", which is odd that he states it this way, and just sounds kind of violent. Am I crazy to think that?
He also points out in one interview that the reporter can ask his kids what it is like when he yells at them in an authoritative voice. So, it is as if at that point, he is boasting about how intimidating his authoritative voice yell is, so, that maybe why some of his other language strikes me as violent.

"she was shaken"

criticalthinker said...

"I barked it out"

'I went from total despair to total euphoria in literally a matter of three seconds.'

3 is the liar's number, which makes me question if the relief he felt was real, did he genuinely "find" her?

" I was by myself down there and I was really looking for areas that... It didn't appear that people had been," Sutton said.

I wonder since he cuts himself off, was he really thinking that he had looked for areas where people did not appear to have searched to place down baby Rainn so she could wait to be "found" (by him)?

"so I was looking for signs of, you know, foot-tracks or four-wheeler tracks, and if people had been there then I, I went to a different location."

he doesn't say he "went to search in other locations" rather "I went to a different location (and singular)".
This makes me think he actually placed baby Rainn down in that single location

Which leads me to: how Victor said that he had said to his kids "I will find you, you just can’t give up, you have to hold on until I can get to you but I will get to you’, (and he also says at one point that he told all of this kids in "the community" this same promise which makes it extremely sensitive) and after the specific quote I just quoted Victor says "I just kept thinking that little girl was waiting for somebody to keep that promise"

He says versions of the above quote many times, all very sensitive where he has told his kids, the kids in the community to hold on, don't give up, he will find them, and they are waiting for someone like him to get them and keep that promise.

I am convinced that Victor tried to find a place that hadn't been searched, placed Rainn down there, said those very words to HER ("hold on, don't give up, just hold on and I will come get you") and then went on his "slow, meaningful search" and "found" her.
Am I the only one who noticed in the 911 call that there is no sound of Rainn crying UNTIL Victor picks her up??? That could indicate that Victor had taken her and hid her and she is scared of him!!!

Juliet said...

Critical thinker - ha, no pressure. Yes, I agree that Victor had said those words to Rainn, how otherwise could she be waiting for someone to keep that promise that someone would come and get her? I think the reason why he was yelling her name is sensitive, too, as he doesn't need to tell us that's how he shouts at his own kids; he is trying to justify or explain why he shouted in a very particular way. I think she wandered off from wherever she was left, and from where he supposed her to be. He was yelling as a parent would for a child, whom he knew was there somewhere, but who was not responding, or whom he felt was hiding - he was yelling in a tone of exasperation or annoyance. I think he felt the need to explain it because it became apparent to him that somebody was nearby and had probably or maybe heard him yelling in a quite unexpected tone, and who might want question that later. We know a guy in a red shirt was walking across the field towards him as he made the 991 call. I think Victor described him as 'a gentleman' (maybe hoping him to be gentlemanly enough not to question what might have been going on, if he had heard him, and if his tone had raised any questions).

His language in speaking to baby Rainn is familiar, but strangers using terms of endearment towards small children is not unusual, so he may not already have known her or spent any time with her. But does she say she is hungry, to which he responds, 'I know, I know' ? - I really hope she is saying that (her family would know) because if actually, she can talk, she might, at some point - and little ones comprehend a lot more than some people realise, even if they can't verbalise it. I read an article today where a doctor or child psychologist said they'd likely be using play therapy and pictures to encourage little Rainn to play out what had happened during her time away from home.

I'm going to listen to the 911 call again, - I might transcribe it. I haven't got round to gathering all the 'get' and 'find's into one post - it seems superfluous by now - he uses find quite normally - 'get' was a slip, so he just had to go with it, then explained himself too much, methinks.

Juliet said...

It was the 911 call receiver who described the man in the red shirt as a 'gentleman'. Victor said 'guy'(I should have checked, memory is not so great). Transcribing the 911 call, though it's not that interesting, and so much background noise.

Victor's 911 call said...

Conversation recorded on October 4, 2015 at 18.23 on channel 28. [Duration: 7min 47seconds]
O: Where is your emergency?
V: Hey, I found baby Rainn and she’s alive.
O: Where is she – where are you at?
V: I’m on Peck Leach [coughs] – wait one sec -
V: [yells] Whoa!!
V: I’m on Peck Leach – just off of Route 45 – if they head, on Peck Leach, head west, just west of 45, just come on down.
O: Okay, hold on. Are you at the road, sir?
V: No, I’m off the road
O: How far are you, north or south?
V: I’m a thousand feet, I’m just north to the road
O: Okay, I think I have you spotted. I think I have you spotted on your phone
V: Okay
O: Alright, hold on. Umm.
V: Hi, baby, stay still
O: Is she okay? Does she need an ambulance?
V: Can I grab her?
O: Hold on – hold on
V: She’s got flies all over her
O: Hold on, hold on. There – she’s got what, sir?
V: Hang on a sec….
V: [yells] what? Huh? Okay
V: But she’s got, uh, flies all over her, but she’s okay.
V: I’m coming, honey
O: Okay
V: I’m just to the right of the plain, the plain… turn this way
V: Did you send somebody down Peck Leach
O: Okay, I’m coming – they’re coming. They will see you – okay. Is she in, what, describe to me what she is wearing, sir.
V: She’s in purple shirt and grey, grey pants
O: Okay, does she have her shoes on?
V: I don’t know - she’s got her feet in the weeds
O: Is she trapped in anything?
V: No. She’s just sitting here, she was laying down sleeping.
O: Okay. Child was found laying down sleeping.
V: Yes, there’s, there’s …poles, telephone poles running north to south…I’m right by ‘em
O: Hold on, let my – it’s - he’s right there, and that’s exactly where he told me he was
Unidentifed: Okay
O: And that’s where she is
Unidentified: He’s off of Peck Leach Road
O: Sir, you cannot hang up with me, okay?
V: I won’t hang up
O: What is your name, sir?
V: My name is Victor Sutton
Unidentified: North of – just -it’s like a straight line from north
[fifteen second silence in recording]
O: No, I know, there’s where it did [inaudible] and that’s exactly where he told me. Alright, and she was wearing
Unidentified: He was on foot in the woods
V: Yep, this is her guaranteed 100%
V: You’re okay, sweetie
O: Is she by herself, sir?
V: Yes
Unidentified: Hold on
Unidentified: Yes
O: Is there anybody else with you, sir?
V: No, there’s cars starting to line up, there’s two white vans on Peck Leach
O: Okay. There’s - he says he can see two white vans on Peck Leach. What are you wearing, sir?
V: I’m wearing brown bib overalls and I’m with the - I’m on a red four wheeler
V: You’re okay [inaudible]

Victor's 911 call said...

Unidentified: [yells] What? Yeah?
O: West of 45
O: Do you have a four-wheeler, sir?
V: Yes. It’s a red four-wheeler.
O: Okay. And you can see two white vans?
V: I see two white vans and there’s a guy in a red shirt walking through the field towards me.
O: And there’s a gentleman in a red shirt walking towards him. Okay, we’re sending the ambulance, too, sir please stay on the line with me.
V: Okay.
V: You’re okay, sweetheart, I swear you’re gunna be okay
O: Does she, can I hear - is that her I hear?
V: She’s just crying. Yes
O: Okay, I hear her
V: Thank God
O : Oh, I just got goosebumps
V: Oh, my God, me too – I couldn’t give up on this kid. Thank God.
O: Are you able to access her, sir?
V: Yes
V: You okay, baby?
V: Can I grab her? I don’t think there’s anything going on
Unidentified: Is he allowed to pick her up?
O: She’s crying
Unidentified: She’s crying. Yes.
O: Okay, sir. Yes, you may pick her up – yes, you may pick her up
O: He’s on his own
V: Baby [inaudible] – hang onto me
Sound of Rainn
V: Hi baby. Hi baby – sit there - sit there, honey
Unidentified: Do you want for him to head toward the road
O: Or do you want, uh, for him to keep the spot?
V: Hi baby
Sound of Rainn
V: I know. I know, honey. I know, baby.
Unidentified: Walking through the woods about 5.10
Unidentified female: About 5.10?
Unidentified: Yes [inaudible] heading north from [inaudible] GPS
V: You’re so pretty. You’re so pretty. You’re so pretty.
O: Can you, can you put your jacket or something around her, sir, to keep her warm?
V: Yes, she’s fine.
V: You’re okay. You’re okay.
V: I see the Sheriff right now.
O: Okay, sir, stay on the line with me.
Man in Red Shirt: You’re okay. Doing okay. You’re alright. It’s okay.
V: Oh, my God, talk about luck.
Man in Red Shirt: You’re okay, darling.
V: Honey, you’re doing so good.
Man in Red Shirt: You’re doing good, big girl.
Man in Red Shirt: Do you want to see some pictures of my baby?
V: Yes, they’re all here now. They’re heading my way?
Man in Red Shirt: Do you want to see pictures of my baby? Do you want to see the pictures [inaudible, a few words] look at that, her name’s [inaudible]. Do you have a puppy? Do you have a puppy?
O: Is that Deputy Sheriff with you now, sir?
V: He’s coming, they’re out there, about twelve of them running through the field.
O: They’re running through the fields.
Unidentified: No problem.
V: She is, I can’t believe it – she’s tough, she’s tough, huh?
O: Aww…
Man in Red Shirt: You’re doing good, darling.
V: She’s tough.
Man in Red Shirt: {inaudible} all this rain - you’ve been in the rain, we’ve had lots of rain. We’ve been looking for you.
Unidentified: We’re here to help you
V: Yeah
Man in Red Shirt: We’ve been looking for you
V: Look at all these people – you’re famous! You’re famous, ah? I’m going to turn her over to you..
O: Okay, can you please tell me if the Sheriff is there now?
V: Yes, everybody’s here.
O: Alright, sir, I’m going to disconnect with you. Thank you so much.
V: I want to thank you, and bye bye.
O: Thank you, sir.
V: Okay.

Juliet said...

Most of the 'unidentified' comments were background to the 911 call.

Toward the end there are a couple of unidentified comments, and while I think the Man in Red Shirt's comments are attributed correctly, some may be Victor's. I know the Red Shirt man showed Rainn pictures on his phone of his little granddaughter while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Interesting bits - he was on foot in the woods?

Juliet said...

I forgot to include the link to the 911 call

It seemed a long while before he asked the second time if he could 'grab her' - also he seemed over confident that she was fine. Almost casual, 'she's fine', so I see what others were getting at there now, along with his needing to be asked to put his jacket or something round her. From the photo, it appears he did not. So, desperate to find her, takes a while to pick her up, apparently does nothing about the alleged flies which were covering her, doesn't cover her for warmth - telling her she is pretty, and others that she is tough, is all that's necessary. It is a bit weird.

criticalthinker said...


Thank you for transcribing the 911 call! I am going to have a closer look it than I already have, but I wanted to comment on your comments preceding it.

You hit the nail on the head when you wrote how Victor yelled in his authoritative voice which made Rainn "twitch" and to "startle" her because he was angry at her because he thought she was hiding! When you wrote that, it clicked. That is exactly what he was doing. His language was conjuring an image for me of someone who was hunting an animal and the animal had been eluding him and was hiding and he was yelling at it to make it move so that he could see it. Even so, I still did not associate this with Victor thinking Rainn was hiding from him! I just felt it was almost violent in some way. But I am absolutely convinced what you wrote it right, and I am absolutely convinced Victor took her and placed her there after reading through the other transcriptions you posted.

The other thing that is very telling is the way he attempts to dilute what I believe he told Rainn which was to "hold on, don't give up, just hold on and I will find you" before he placed her there: he attempts to dilute this by saying he told his kids this and then by also saying that he told "all the kids in the community this". The reason he did this is because it is so sensitive and he (very transparently) is trying to detract from what an odd statement it is and the fact that it actually does give away the fact that he is the one who took her, placed her there, and then "found" her by diluting it ie. he told his kids that too, he told every kid in the community that, next will it be that he told "every kid in the world"??? Please! He did it!

I am going to look closer at the 911 call after dinner, but I have read through it, and a few things jump out

1) He absolutely seems way to confident that she is "OK". In fact you can hear at points, he actually downplays her condition such as when he seems to rebuff the operator asking him to put his jacket around Rainn.

2) He does not want to and does not put his coat around her. I believe it may be because he does not want to acknowledge to himself the distress he has put her in. He makes a comment like "she's OK". It is similar to the way he had commented that he at first thought that the flies were "sequins": in his mentally ill mind he is taking all of the ugly, bad effects on Rainn of his actions and either downplaying them or turning them into something else "wonderful". The flies are really "sequins". It is similar to how he keeps telling her she is "pretty", he is using that word, I believe to kind of try to wash away the miserable condition he has put her in and also how he comments that the experience of finding her was "beautiful".

3) I believe this guy is one sick puppy. When he is asked if he knew Rainn's mother his words betray that he did, that he was at least familiar with her although he denies it, his words are very sensitive. I bet that he knew Rainn also, probably not well, but had probably at least met her and was well aware that she did not have much verbal ability to "tell on him".

Anonymous said...

Here is the latest on Baby Rainn:

Article below:

"Rainn Peterson back with great grandparents as investigation into disappearance continues...

Two-year-old Rainn Peterson who went missing for two days last week is now home with her great grandparents who have temporary custody of the child.

But the investigation into what led to her disappearance is far from over according to the Trumbull County Sheriff.

There is plenty of talk and plenty of questions surrounding the two day disappearance of Rainn Peterson from her great grandparents North Bloomfield home.

Some that even stirs suspicion with law enforcement, about the condition of the child when she was found.

Sheriff Tom Altiere was interviewed by Lindsay McCoy on WFMJ Weekend Today.

"Did you say she did not have a dirty diaper? No she did not have a dirty diaper, it was a wet diaper. Does that raise questions for you? Absolutely," Sheriff Altiere said.

So what is law enforcement looking into in terms of this investigation moving forward?

"Well we're looking for results coming back with her clothing to see if there's any oher DNA on there. Anything else that we can find just looking at her clothing," Sheriff Altiere said.

And what about those lie detector tests taken during the most critical hours of the search for little Rainn Peterson?

"There's still some questions, but you know that it was a high anxiety time for these people. You could say one didn't pass, but really they didn't fail, so maybe at a later date when everyone calms down we can go back to that person and say look we want to eliminate you from this investigation. Would that include the mother Brandi Peterson, does she have to have another one (lie detector test)? No she doesn't. So nothing suspicious surrounding her? We could find no fould play on her behalf," Sheriff Altiere said.

The Sheriff also says the great grandparents were never on the radar, that's why they have temporary custody of Rainn now.

As for why they did not allow volunteers early on in the search? Altiere says they were in rescue mode, and they wanted to preserve any evidence. Unsure of exactly what they were dealing with at the time."


Anonymous said...

Interview with the Sheriff today 10/12/15 with WFMJ:


Anonymous said...

So based on this interview, the Sheriff seems to believe that this case is much more than just a little toddler sneaking out of the house, getting lost, and then being found two days later less than half mile from her home. He suspects foul play, but what thing/things are making him suspect this? What makes him so sure that Rainn didn't simply sneak out of the house, get lost, then luckily found two days later?

Interesting that the Sheriff alludes to someone who MIGHT be suspicious based on their LDT results and also as much as states that the GGParents and Brandii all passed their who is the person that the Sheriff is suspicious of (for lack of better phrasing)?

There has to be more that the Sheriff is basing his conclusions on. Investigating this type of "crime" is costly, there has to be more than a wet vs. "dirty" diaper. It appears that he is waiting for DNA results to come back, which could take a while.

I have refrained from making any comments on Victor, not sure what to think about him. I admit that some things are "off" but I don't want to attack a hero if he truly is innocent of any involvement. Peter, I was wondering if you are considering doing an analysis on Victor Sutton's full MSM interview? And also perhaps the Sheriff's interview from today?


Anonymous said...

fighter," Dora Mae Peterson said, Rainn's great grandmother.

Dore Mae Peterson says she just finished doing laundry and was on her way to bring Rainn upstairs when she noticed she was gone. She says Rainn has always been afraid of the dark, which made her frieghtened for the toddler as the hours went by and she was nowhere to be found.

Two things.
One) It sounds like GGM doesn't believe Rainne just toddled off into the night by herself . " IF she was out there all night..." IF.
Two) GGM was doing LAUNDRY, presumably in the padlocked laundry that was still locked when...after she went missing"

What a strange case. Someone failed their polygraph and it wasn't Brandii or GGM. I wonder who.

Anonymous said...


"If she was out there all that time, then that's what saved her, she's a fighter," Dora Mae Peterson said, Rainn's great grandmother.

Cornelia Norway said...

Jen wrote: "It has never occurred to me to specify that my children have the same father, when talking about them. Right? "

Well, I do this. Because no one I meet think that my children, born in 1990, 1998, 2000 and 2012 have the same father. But they do. I got married in 1988, and it is sad that society now think divorces are the norm.

ima.grandma said...

"I knew if I had her, nothing could happen to that kid, because I would protect her,” Sutton said.

What does this imply? Thoughts anyone?

Anonymous said...

"Officials are still trying to determine how the little girl survived for 48 hours alone and cold.
They have collected cell phones from family members and anyone possibly connected to the disappearance". Posted: Oct 13, 2015 4:00 AM, Updated: Oct 13, 2015 5:22 AM

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just thinking about Brandi's interview statement where she's discussing the doors in the house (beginning at 2:04

Brandi: "Yes, there's, uhm, you walk through the upstairs. You walk the upstairs basement steps and you walk through the livingroom and there's, uhm, there's an actual laundry room door, but it was locked with a padlock on it. It was still locked when my daughter, after she went missing. Uhm the only door that wasn't, was the house door and the garage door. Uhm, the house door was shut like always, but it was not locked-the garage door was, uhm, found popped open when my grandmother went to let my dog out after my daughter had been missing."

As she mentally walks us through the house, detailing all the possible doors, it's odd that she mentions the padlocked laundry room door. Although it's unexpected as the majority of people do not padlock a laundry room door-even those with small children. More unexpected though to me, is that Brandi would mention it all. I would expect her to not even mentally consider that door at all because it is padlocked. In other words how could Rainn possibly be there or have gotten out that way because 2 yr Rainn did not have the key nor could she carry bolt-cutters to cut the chain...and it was still padlocked. Not knowing the layout of the house, does the laundry room have an outside exit or ground-level accessible window? I'm curious about where the key was kept, who knew, and if anything in that area that was disturbed/moved/etc.

Brandi stops short of saying that the garage door was locked, yet she says it was found popped open. Found by whom? If it was found popped open when her grandmother went to let the dog out, I wonder why didn't just she say that her grandmother found it open? I wonder who determined it was "popped open" and at what point.

I'm having difficulty picturing the layout of the house because Brandi begins with "You walk through the upstairs...". Her statement here is very confusing, she starts with walking us through the upstairs, then she's in the basement walking up the basement stairs to the upstairs livingroom. She moves to the laundry room door, followed by the house door and then the garage door.

It's a two-story house, plus a partial basement, and an attached garage. I assumed that it was a basement garage with doors (garage door & basement door)leading into the basement of the home. However, it appears from the house layout sketches that the garage is on ground level and the basement is on the opposite end of the home ( Someone please correct me if I'm reading this blueprint wrong. Many thanks in advance!

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