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Amanda Blackburn Murder Q & A Part Two

Question:  Is it possible that someone's belief system is so strange that it can make it appear that they are deceptive when they are not?

Answer:  It's possible.

Let's examine it.  It is vital that we learn the subject's reference point; his world, his ideology, if it should enter into his language.  The following is a broad stroked view of his ideology gleaned from his website and his own words, as in both writing and from video.  It is a very distinct ideology that is mixed with Christianity.  This is not meant to be insulting towards people of faith, but a view that helps us do what we must do in Statement Analysis:  Enter into the subject's 'shoes.'

If, for example, one yells, "Allah Akbar!" and kills someone, we ask, "What did this person believe that caused him to yell this when he killed someone?" and view Islamic teaching from the Koran.  What we believe, we act upon.

It helps us understand the use of words from the person's perspective.  This is why, for example, we specifically view the language of parents as different from the language of non-parents, when it comes to missing children.

It helps establish a reference point.

A.  Business

First, let's see a church planting as a business that must survive by paying its bills.  Unless people attend, it will not long survive due to having to pay bills.  Money will not fall from heaven and the electric company cannot be told that the purpose of the church is souls and not pay them.   They want and must be paid.  Pastors are often highly educated professionals who work very hard and should be paid appropriately.  Basic Protestantism says he should be married with children and that his marriage and child-raising should be an example to the flock.  Kids need shoes and bills must be paid.

The business should not supplant the theme, but neither can it be ignored.  Vows of poverty may seem noble but impoverished pastors' children make for embittered adults.  It is as unrealistic as ignoring bills.

So to put yourself in his shoes, please, for this exercise, view it as a business.

B.  Ideology in Context

The ideology of this is is not that of historic Protestantism nor Roman Catholicism.

The ideology he speaks of is called the "higher life movement" which is quite old.  In one form or another, it's basic premise is that you can rise above life's problems, experience "miracles" (suspension of the laws of nature) and be successful in all things.  It is like "the power of positive thinking on steroids."  Jesus is changed from Christ the King to a "personal relationship" with emphasis on "friend" and He is portrayed no longer in authority, but in crying, begging, and doing anything he can to get people to 'accept' him.  .  This is not a criticism or religious debate:

It is important that we listen to Davey's message to understand Davey's reference point and language. 

Success is the principle teaching of his business or company.

 Basically, they study what the 'customer' likes and tailor all their 'company''s' behavior to this end.  Studies are done on growing the company, presenting the product, advertising, what people like, what they do not like, and success is measured in number. They have meetings and implement "growth" strategies so that they can be successful. Jeans, pop music, and whatever the latest poll tells us we will implement to make the young start up company a success.

 It takes hard work.

The large crowd is "proof" of the success.  If you open a restaurant and have the greatest food but no one comes, you may be a talented chef, but you have failed.

Even while his wife was dead but a week, he was quoting the statistic of how many people tuned in for the "celebration" service, where they were told what to wear, (jeans)  how to react (laugh) and what to say to media.  We noted the controlling element in his personalty with Amanda from his video.

We speak of that which is on our minds.

Davey said he was "called" to a certain area and was sent with $100,000 in start up money, along with the first year's salary and everything is done for one end:  get people into the company.  The message is "edgy" and "hip" and "sexy."

It appeals to young people and as he talked about how bad his marriage was, it is for the purpose of showing how effective his "product" is, so that the worse the marriage the greater the power of his "product."

When he got home from his honeymoon, Amanda said, the marriage turned bad immediately and told us the reason why:   Davey was at always at work for his company.  This was her wording.

Davey's first public statement after the murder of his wife affirmed this very theme:  it was about him, and his job; the murder was not going to change this.

 Later in part two of the local interview, he said that Amanda "gave her life" for people to come to his business. This is frightening.

Sex sells.  

Davey presents his "product" with all the post-modern MTV-like dressings and he focuses repeatedly on sex.  Inappropriately, he projects not only himself into these messages, but actually uses it to tell his audience that he is unfulfilled sexually (to the shame of the murder victim) while addressing young people (resonating with them), dressed like them, with tight shirts highlighting his muscles.

It is grooming behavior and if this was a psychologist, his license would have a formal complaint against it.  It is grooming whether or not he intends it to be; using word pictures and his own theatrics to impress this upon his deliberately youthful audience.

However, "sex sells" and if you watch TV or go online, almost every commercial has some element of sex to it  Sex sells, and Davey is selling his product to get people into his company.  It matters little what the product is, sex sells, from good looking news casters to just about every product.  The research shows that sex sells and Davey is selling.

C.  Success

Everything he has said about his wife's murder has been related to success.  He owns very little.  This is called "running away from commitment."  Specifically, he should be telling us:

1.  What his thoughts are about the murder.
2.  What his emotions are about the murder.

This is heard in the pronoun "I" and is natural.  He does not.  Instead, it is "we think" and "we feel" and "we don't know" and "we are baffled."

The idea of "laughing" at a murder, and being above the human emotions associated with grief are in his words.

Are they because he is associated with the murder, or are they the words of someone who is, even in this critical time, still selling his "product"?

Everything he says relates to his product and the "success" of his 'jesus' who is there for you, have coffee with you, make everything alright, and so on.

It is a very appealing message to anyone going through a rough time.  As I quoted earlier,

There is no suspension nor negation of the human faculties in living the Christian life.  There is no time where we are above all the pressures, tension and conflicts in life.  Scripture does not teach this, neither does Roman Catholicism nor Protestantism.  In fact, the picking up of the pieces after the "miracle" is very difficult.  I once had a man who's wife had cancer and he spent his money to travel to Lourdes, France because his priest promised him the miracle he they went.  She died shortly after and his faith was destroyed.

He is selling an ideology that you and I can rise above everything bad:  our marriages, our finances, our sex, our disappointments:  everything.  He may exaggerate the bad to highlight the product.

Davey Blackburn is a pragmatist who uses his talent to bring in numbers, and from the abundance of what he thinks and feels, he speaks.  This is why:

'my wife just got murdered but my career is going forward!' sounded so bizarre to people.

'my wife murders was so that people would come to my company' as well.

Think of 'jesus', not as the Christ of Scripture and history (which is why confessions say, "crucified under Pontious Pilate', making the historical reference point) but that of a 'product' to which his company sells.  I write this without disrespect:  I am asking you to understand his reference point.

This product is what will draw people to the company and if people come to the company, he is a success.  The company that started this small company is one of the top ten companies in their field.

Success must permeate everything and what plagues most young people, especially young adults?

Marriage struggles and money struggles.  His 'product' will fix those things.

By making the sickness more severe, the cure is seen in a more powerful light. 

The author of "Amazing Grace" was not using hyperbole when he wrote, "Amazing grace!  how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!"

"Wretch", in context, was vulgar.  The author, John Newton, was involved in the indescribably wicked middle passage of slave trading.  He wasn't kidding or exaggerating about how vile he was.  He was truthful.  He hardened his heart to the groans and cries of human beings locked up as animals, chained together with no hygiene and a terrible survival rate causing some to conclude, depending upon where the slaves landed:  the middle passage was worse than the slavery, itself.  This was John Newton, thoroughly ashamed of himself; not boasting for a product sale, like we see in the videos.

A poor, uneducated minimum wager worker with a large family, including a blind child, wrote "Pilgrim's Progress", which was, at one point, the number one best selling book in the world, outside the Bible.  It is so brilliant that even today, readers think as they read it, "this guy is writing about my life!"

In it, he shows how much we all suffer in this world, and puts our attention and hope upon living through the hard times pressing on to the future, sustained by divine unmerited influence, through the suffering, trusting that it will eventually make sense. It measures the shortness of life compared to eternity.  Spurgeon said he read it more than 100 times.  Stunning.

These authors highlight making it through suffering while this ideology is to "rise above" and be successful.

Question:  What is success for Davey Blackburn?

A.  Keep reading and then listen.  Let the subject himself guide you.

For the "higher life" ideology (or whatever it may be called) "success" is this unrealistic and untrue over-reaching which nullifies natural human emotion.

It does impact his language.

Q.  Well, if he is just speaking hyperbole to make his product more appealing, than your analysis is wrong.

A.  Not necessarily.

Even with trying to make everything he says sound successful, he is still the husband of a murdered wife who, even if he is faking having no grief, has the wherewithal to talk about his career, instead. This makes it like analyzing someone mentally disconnected from reality, but he is not such.

The focus on his career, itself, is narcissistic, no matter the motive. 

Q.   Just how focused  is he on success in numbers?    Why do you say to listen to him?

A.  If quoting the exact number of 6,000 a week after his wife's death is not enough, listen to this video.

Let the subject's own words guide us to an opinion.

This is where he speaks of the pronoun "I" about his emotions, especially.  He is unhappy.

At near the 3.00 mark, please note his "success."

Each person has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary.  We do not interpret, we listen.  Let him guide you:

What is "success" to him? and
"What brings out negative emotion in him?" His wife's death? Or, is something 'worse' to him that can yield more emotion?

He said, "16 souls were saved."

This is to claim that 16 people he  knows will go to heaven.  This would be to fulfill what Christianity sets out to do:  save souls and it should be his ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment if it is a church rather than a business. It is enough to make a missionary who has labored for decades rejoice with the ultimate success:  even just one soul.

Not for him.  Not for Davey Blackburn's internal and personal understanding of "success" and what drives him.

He made this video to "tell you guys" his negative emotion.  By doing so, he allows us to

A.  Hear his negative emotions with pronoun usage
B.  Compare his negative emotions with his emotions (in language) about his wife's murder.

"There should have been 400 people at the afternoon service."

He said knows he should have been "celebrating" the 16 "saved souls" but the failure to reach 400 attendees precludes him from doing so. 

C.   He strongly uses the pronoun "I" to relate his emotions. This is in stark contrast to the death of Amanda. It also establishes that Davey Blackburn does, indeed, know how to speak for himself and express, for himself, his emotions.

D.  He was more upset about the lack of attendance  than his wife death.

He used more "heart" words for the lack of attendance (400) than he did over his own wife's death.

He was upset enough to make a video, rather than email them all.

The narcissistic tone is strong, and he uses hyperbole to report how "proud" he is of "you guys" setting up for his disappointment.  He said  "Attendance is the one thing we can't control."

This begs the question:  Is Life or death something he can control?

"Only God can control the numbers", and then sets out to control the numbers by chiding those who did not come.  Numbers.  Business.  Success.  Attendance.

Remember in part two of the local interview:  Amanda died so that people would come out to hear his product.

"I hate to tell you that my heart was disappointed...I was still hung up on the fact that we did not see 400 people there...

He used the lower attendance in comparison to the number of "souls saved." That which Christian missionaries would spend 40 years in rejoicing and in hardship, he used as a comparison to what disappointed him.

Some will begin to wonder if Amanda paid the ultimate price for being a "bad wife" and inadequate mother while providing some bizarre "girl gone" scenario for making his company grow and his product more attractive.

If you watched Blackburn on television and wondered if maybe he was void of human emotion, or above it, this video tells you that it is not so.  

Q.  Why is it important that you mentioned narcissistic like tendencies?

A.  Because when a spouse is murdered, the percentage of killers being the spouse is high enough to notice and narcissists are very difficult to please.

Davey Blackburn told his audience that his wife displeased him.
Davey Blackburn told his audience that this displeasure was related to his sex drive.
Davey Blackburn told his audience that the marriage trouble was related to his wife's pregnancy.

His wife was pregnant when she was murdered.
He was at the gym where he experiences sexual temptation.

Police must explore any connection of the shooter to the gym.

When a narcissist is disappointed, it is not a good thing for those around him.

Q.  He had plenty of money.  Why did you mention the life insurance policy?  Everyone has them.

A.  I mentioned it because he mentioned it.

Yes, everyone has them, or at least, most people have them.  If you believe that someone has "enough money", you do not know human nature.  Few people feel satisfied with what they have.  This, actually, is a Christian principle:  being both thankful for one's state, while within this position of gratitude, seeking improvement.

I don't know anyone who would not want a bit more in life.

Next, life insurance policies may not be the principle motive but it can give other motives impetus or traction.  If one is contemplating murder and sees no other way out and then realizes that if successful, not only am I free, but I am $100,000 may be just enough to push them over the top.

Q.  Will you analyze his Q and A video with Amanda?

A.  Maybe.  If he is guilty, this video will show up in court, I am convinced.

Q.  What do you make of Davey not talking about his last moments with Amanda?

A  This really bothers me.

When someone is murdered, we often hear the loved ones perseverating about the last moments together.  They lose sleep going over that last scene.

It also speaks to guilt, such as, "I was the last person to see her alive" followed by...

"uh, how do you know that for sure?"

This was the case of a man who killed his business partner and his family.   It is what alerted us to his guilty knowledge.

Q.  Are you certain he is not the shooter?

A.  No.

I wrote that police said he was not the shooter, but they must have evidence not available to us, as the public, or a good reason for saying so.  I do not know who the shooter is, and I do not know why they concluded that the hoodie wearing short person is said to be the shooter.  Perhaps they have reason.

Fox News analyst said today that he thinks that the pastor could be the shooter, citing statistics and the fact that they do not know the time of death.  He said that the pastor could have shot her and gone to the gym.  I think that this would be easier to solve, however, if they have a reliable statement about hearing a gunshot from a neighbor.  If the neighbors have conflicting testimonies, however, it becomes more complex.

Q.  Why do you say using the pronoun "we" is "running away from commitment?"

A.  Good question. With the above youtube video, I now have confirmation that he "ran away" from speaking of his thoughts and emotions because he has shown that he certainly can use the pronoun "I" when talking of emotion.

There are appropriate times to use "we", for example, when a husband and wife are seated together, answering questions together, but even here, if a personal topic is raised, biological parents will jump to "my son" or the pronoun "I", especially when talking of emotions. 

When a married couple says, "we thought", regarding intellect (not emotion) it is a signal that, if truthful, the couple discussed the topic enough to know what each other's thoughts are.

Emotion, however, is personal, and most often triggers the pronoun "I."

Sometimes when a topic is well discussed and both husband and wife have a strong connection to the topic, they might say "we feel" but it is rare, and it is when they are seated together, speaking as one.

Davey Blackburn was alone.

The murder of one's wife is the most personal of all murders, surpassing even the murder of a child.  This is because the husband and wife are united intellectually, emotionally and even physically, as "one" person.  The child murder is intensely close to, with even closer language from mothers than fathers (no matter how devoted) as the child proceeded from the woman' body.  Remove all PC language and this is what analysts see.

Therefore, Davey Blackburn should have told us what he thought, not what "we" thought, but even more so, to not tell us what he thought and then what he "felt", is not only to withhold this, but literally to have a powerful need to avoid answering this for himself.  In these topics, he does not want to be alone but must stand in a crowd of others.

Even if he was being interviewed with his mother and father and Amanda's mother and father and was the 'spokesman' for all, when it came to losing his wife and the mother of his children, he is likely to use the pronoun "I."

It is difficult for me to find words on how powerful pronouns are in revealing us.  It is not just unexpected that he avoided the pronoun "I", it is alarming.

Q.  What do you make of the home invasion in language?

A.  Robbery of where one sleeps is invasive.
      Robbery of where one has one's children sleep is even more invasive.
      Robbery of the same with an element of violence increases this sense of invasiveness.
      Robbery of the same with murder increases this sense more...
      Robbery of the same with murder of spouse increases this more...
      Robbery of the same with murder of spouse who is pregnant increases the invasiveness more...

      Robbery of the same with murder of pregnant spouse by headshot increases the sense of being invaded to the ultimate level.

I do not know if this could be any closer, perhaps, with the killing of the 1 year old, but suffice to say:

The language should match the reality of intensity.  

This is where you hear untrained but intuitive police say, "it doesn't fit."

They are right.

We take it to a higher level where we match the situation to words precisely.  A good example is found in some of the fake hate cases.  Charlie Rogers was attacked by 3 masked men who carved hate slogans into her flesh.  This is severely intrusive and personal yet her words were soft and passive:  they did not match the crime.

Intensity of the Crime:   High

Intensity of the Language;   low

In our home course on Statement Analysis, we cover this with the report of Charlie Rogers submitted to the FBI, in detail.

Davey Blackburn's language does not match the intensity of a home intrusion close up murder of his wife and pre-born child.

Q.   What do you make of Davey's low affect on Good Morning America?

A .  I am not a body language analyst, or expert.  Like most, I noted the low affect but it did not appear to be low affect due to depression.  In fact, he appeared quite happy to be one, used the Interviewer's first name and  if you take "jesus" as "product" to promote "company", you see how awkwardly he brought back each point to it.

He also used the word to avoid the question and take the topic on a tangent.  This is especially important when you view what topics warranted a change of direction.

Q.  Does all of this give Christianity a bad name?

A.  No.

Even if unrelated to his wife's death, most people have been shocked by the videos and believe he is inappropriate for young people.

Statement Analysis is applied evenly and its agenda is truth.

Each time a 'favorite' is analyzed, the reactions include, "you only analyze______; why don't you analyze ________?" which is an interesting way of saying,

"I can't refute the message, so let me smear the messenger" and is similar to

"If you don't agree with me you are "hateful" and suffer from irrational fear."

Everyone has an opinion.

At least with Statement Analysis people can say, "I have an opinion and it is that I don't believe this and here is why I do not believe this..." knowing that if the points that caused the opinion to emerge can be viewed, they can be corrected if wrong.

When someone speaks publicly, there is an expectation by the speaker and the listener that some will agree and some will disagree and  some will believe; some will not.

He may be offending people for Christ, but judging by comments, people seem to discern between him and Christianity.

Q.  Maybe Davey Blackburn just talks with the pronoun "we" as a habit?

A.  See the same video as above.  Here is a perfect example for his reference point:

Here, you will hear him use the pronoun "I" repeatedly when he speaks of intellect and emotion in particular. 

Davey Blackburn said his marriage was bad and pregnancy made it worse.  Less than one month later, his pregnant wife is gone, and he did not use language of disappointment.

If you are in law enforcement, human resources, journalism, or any field that warrants discernment between truth and deception and wish to study at home, this is an intense course:

Hyatt Analysis Services  with CEU credits from University of Maine for professional licenses.  Successful completion will allow access to ongoing training with professionals from around the country and abroad.


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Anonymous said...

WE'RE gonna fry these bastards, buddy?

Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't zeeb. Poor Amanda, this just keeps getting more horrifying.

Anonymous said...

Buddy ... IMPD investigators wouldn't publicly theorize about an unsolved case.

Anonymous said...

INDIANAPOLIS -- Amanda Blackburn was sexually assaulted, sources tell RTV6.
This new information was found by police by the DNA evidence.

buddy said...

I dont see why not Zeeb... sex assault is after all just another 'goody' savages may bring to the table ... it actually fills in some the timeline 'gaps' folks in here were positing

Zeeb said...

DNA evidence doesn't prove sexual assault...

Zeeb said...

Buddy, People who were just looking to make a buck by stealing stuff from a couple houses is one thing. Sexually assaulting and killing someone is a whole different level. Doesn't seem likely that people out to rob when people weren't home would just jump to Sexual assault and murder because the option happened to present itself. Not saying it isn't possible, but doesn't seem super likely.

Anonymous said...

So he banged his wife before she died. Husband and wife. No crime there.

buddy said...

A heck of a lot more likely then some the errant wildness being put forth around here. Stay tuned and you'll see.

buddy said...

See comment above mine for some of that errant wildness. lol

Anonymous said...

Buddy ... your IP address traces back to an interesting location.

Zeeb said...

Buddy, are you a member of NewSpring church, or one of the offshoots?

Zeeb said...

Does it trace back to south Carolina?

buddy said...

Go on, Cloiseau. lol

Anonymous said...

As an Indy resident, I'm outraged that there is a rapist/murderer on the loose and no public guidance has been given! No clear photos, no "make sure your doors are locked at night"??

buddy said...

Again, NO. I'm a former resident of that general area who knows people who still live there.

Zeeb said...

Anonymous @ 2:47

I agree. When did LE know about the assault? If they knew about the rape, (or really even if they didn't) and had pictures of the face of the killer/rapist and chose not to release them for some time, that seems pretty messed up and not in the best interest of public safety.

Anonymous said...

When a sexual assault victim has a forensic medical examination, the evidence collected from the victim's body and/or clothing, which may include the offender's DNA, is packaged in a sexual assault evidence kit (sometimes referred to as a "rape kit"). Additional evidence, such as body fluids left at the location of the crime (e.g., on bedding, furniture, or the rim of a drinking glass) may also be collected at the crime scene. The rape kit and the crime scene evidence samples are usually sent to a crime lab for analysis. If biological evidence is found, the crime lab attempts to obtain a DNA profile. If a profile is found, it can then be compared with a suspect's DNA sample. If there is no identified suspect, DNA offender databases that contain the archived DNA profiles of known offenders throughout the United States, as well as DNA profiles from other crime scenes in other unsolved cases, can be searched.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I was just wondering about Buddy's IP address...

Shannon In CA said...

What IS Buddy's IP address? I was willing to believe the "I used to live there line" yesterday but I'm getting suspicious again. The constant dangling of carrots is getting annoying. Either give information or go away, seriously. It's like you are getting off on playing with us.

And what is this thing about WE are going to fry the bastards? Why are YOU involved here at all? You don't even live in the area, so YOU have no interest in frying them other than you know some people that do live there. But it's not for YOU to have anything to do with this... that was a very personal statement. What are you hiding?

Shannon In CA said...

So I just read an article about suspects being questioned. Couple of questions on my end:

FOUR people? Were they all in the SUV? Why did that one guy walk around the neighborhood? That just seems odd.

It does seem weird, as someone else noted, that robbers would suddenly decide to assault and murder a woman. Most burglars aren't violent killers. They just want to steal stuff.

And this sexual assault was so minor apparently that they had to find it with DNA evidence? WHAT?? Usually assault is pretty obvious. Did they nicely put her clothes back on her? Something is off here.

I don't care who did it. I'm just interested in the entire story. If four random guys did it, then get them... I'm all for that. It doesn't explain the weird inconsistencies though.

Shannon In CA said...

Oh and also... if it's true that suspects contacted a law firm with FOUR LAST NAMES, SOMEONE is paying for that, I guarantee it. Law firms like that are expensive. Solo practitioners, who are also expensive, usually are "The Law Office of So and So" or "Jones and Pinter" or something like that. When there are four last names involved, it's a biggish firm and expensive and I doubt thugs can afford to hire them. Public Defender all the way. So what's going on with that, if true?

buddy said...

It's personal to me cause I grew up there and watched it go down the seven-gallon crapper. It USED to be nice, like so many other areas now taken over by criminals. These people are capable of just about anything, but many here just like to jump to the most sensational conclusion first. Im not sure what one needs to say to earn their bona-fides in here. Hello? A thug just broke into your house, and he has a gun. What next? Assume the worst! THAT is the most likely explanantion. jeeez

Unknown said...

The news said that THREE people are being questioned, and stressed they are not suspects. They have been in interrogation since this morning. Also, they mentioned that these three people might lead them to the killer.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is interesting....

Anonymous said...


nothing in that link... supposed to be a map?

buddy said...

sloan ask me whatever you want. all I heard today is that there was gonna be a lot of big info dropping--- today.

Zeeb said...

So assuming it was multiple people, and they go in the house, and they rape and murder Amanda. This was all done without forcible entry. So either Davey left the house unlocked at 5:30 am (pitch black out at that time of day this time of year in Indy), or Amanda got a knock at the door at that hour, and opened the door to 4 strangers who could attack her. Does it seem likely that she would open her home to strangers at that time of day? So him leaving the house unlocked seems more likely.

If I had left the door of my home unlocked, and it had resulted in the rape and murder of my wife and unborn child, I'd be pretty much inconsolable. I would not be physically ABLE to go on TV and smile.

trustmeigetit said...

Facet also said that police are not telling him much.

That means they are don't have any info to tell him OR they suspect him and are limiting what they share with him.

Anonymous said...

Buddy ... the only thing dropping today are word turds off of your keyboard.

Unknown said...

Hi Buddy, oh I have not much to ask, I just follow the media and see how things play off. Thanks anyway for offering up your time to answer questions.

Unknown said...

Where does his parents live? Is he there since he left on the grieving break?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Haven't caught up w/ reading above (real live gettin' in the way). ;) I'm not surprised by the sexual assault AT ALL, given the background info. That, I fully expected...the 4 suspects I did not. Let me preface this by saying, I'm NOT saying Davey is guilty.

I'm thinking about Davey's out of town trip last evening, along w/ the news release here
"It is unknown whether an arrest will come from the questioning, but the four are in police custody.

The four were found overnight at two different locations by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department."

The accompanying video states that 3 are being questioned; updated 41 mins ago, Yet all 4 lawyered up and it appears with the same firm.

I find the timing interesting:

Nov.17th Davey does the in-depth WRVT6 interview

1. Davey's GMA interview is announced-
LE releases less-detailed surveillance stills and states outright that they have better and more.

2. The GMA interview goes up, a FOX news reporter and well-known criminal profiler Pat Brown publicly question Davey's affect and the timeline, Peter's Statement Analysis hits, social media sleuthing takes off-
Instagram and Twitter pages start getting locked down and scrubbed; Davey (who was determined to preach like normal) announces he's taking a few days off to grieve, leaves town, and goes out to dinner with some Resonate Church leaders.

3. Overnight, four suspects are brought in for questioning-
Four lawyer up with the same firm?

To me this looks very much like a chess game. But then again, I guess most investigations are. ;)

Just an aside, the surveillance video they have must be very good because of LE's statement here (

"The person police are looking for is a black man with medium-to-light complexion, slim-to-medium build, between 5-feet-4-inches and 5-feet-9-inches tall. He was wearing light pants with a two-toned hoodie -- the jacket part was suede and the hood was lighter."

You'd need a clean, tight shot at surveillance video cam distance to tell the material was suede, IMO.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anon @ 2:51 P.M.- Very good post! In addition, evidence includes extensive photographing of the victim's entire body, as well as processing under nails for skin cells/blood, etc. (think self-defense here). Not to be graphic and without being too specific, trained medical personnel can generally determine with a pretty high degree of accuracy, the difference between sex, "rough sex", and sexual assault/rape. Rape is a crime of violence and generally presents differently than a "rough sex" injury.

Zeeb said...

Foolsfeedonfolly, That's what I was getting at with my comment about DNA not showing sexual assault. Other evidence, like physical injury shows that an assault happened. The DNA just shows WHO may have committed the assault.

Zeeb said...

So Buddy, you claimed to know that "Big stuff" was breaking today. Was that the sexual assault news? Or that 3 or 4 people are being questioned? Something else?

buddy said...

nothing specific... was just assured that today would reveal very important news

momofmany said...

CD makes gun/shooting/capping off references in several videos and social media posts. This is from his Instagram, 29 weeks ago. Apparently HIS reaction to the children's programming is what is important to him, and his solution would be to shoot what he doesn't like...

daveyblackburnMy little boy is so vocal when he watches these guys . . . And I generally want to shoot the TV - "YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW!!"

MmphisPat said...

When someone keeps going on and on about having secret details of a crime, he's either involved or, in the case of our dear Buddy, perhaps just entertaining himself by getting reactions from serious posters. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...


I don't know for sure, but in regards to your questioning how they knew suede material given the surveillance photos poor quality, I am almost positive that there were also eye witnesses in the neighborhood. Not witnesses to the crime, but to seeing this mystery person walking down the street. I'd imagine if that is indeed the case, that might explain confidence in material as well as the complexion of that individual. From that video near blackburn's residence, I couldn't say what the race of that person was or even if male or female. But have to believe an eyewitness would be able to make those determinations.

The public at this point has not seen statements from an eyewitness, so hard to say if they are used in combination w/ the photos to some degree or not.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @7:00 P.M.- Good point about eye witnesses! Now I'm curious-how far away could you stand from someone who is walking by and tell that their dark jacket is suede? Or how close would you actually need to be?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I wouldn't think you could tell that from, say, your kitchen/living room window to the sidewalk. I wouldn't think you could tell it from the garage nor the driveway either. I do think you could tell it from fibers left behind though, from the victim/her clothing, or where the assault took place . Got it. ;)

Unknown said...

Exactly, lol!

She's going to have a hard time proving she was so traumatized, when she consented to sex with him again "after his torturous behavior".

Anonymous said...

Why is it still being reported that Amanda had been sexually assaulted? Yesterday Lt Riddle IMPD spokesperson denied the previous report that they had determined she was sexually assaulted. He said they have DNA evidence in this case, and have not confirmed and are unable to say if she has been sexually ABUSED. The term being changed to sexual abuse says they are looking at a whole different scenario surrounding their physical findings. This is so key, why is it not being pointed out?

Amanda said...

He found his pregnant wife and mother of his son, sexually assaulted and shot in the head, with the baby nearby, in their home. He lost me from "There is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these."
I am suspicious of a husband and father who expresses no regret/guilt for an incidental failure to be there to protect his family. Haven't heard it.
He is carrying on his pastoral duties is he staying at the home too? He has expressed no fear.
An observation: other than 1 she is alone and holding the baby in, he is holding the baby in every one of the published pics.

Shelby said...

Every single person on here makes me sick. Commenting and analyzing real people who you do not know. The launch video was posted in February 2015. Months and months before any of this happened. Why would you compare that to his grief? The police have ruled him out. DNA evidence has been found. This is not an episode of law and order SVU. Not everything is a conspiracy. Please just consider how your comments hurt the real friend and family of Amanda. Please consider how her son is going to grow up one day and read about his mothers life and death. I pray to God he never sees any of these comments or articles. You don't have to like or understand how people's lives are transformed by their faith but you need to respect it.

Amanda said...

You don't prepare yourself for a murder you respond to a murder. To prepare is to know ahead of time.
The word circumstances is a euphemism for a sudden home invasion resulting in the brutal attack and ultimate murder of your wife and unborn child whom you found clinging to life. Circumstances like these could mean any occurrence. This event is much more tragic.
The entire statement is an equivocation. Of course no one is "prepared" for their spouse to be murdered, much less at home.  It seems like an appropriate statement but is actually ambiguous considering. It's a vague expression. It's devoid of emotion and weak.

Unknown said...


This is NOT a recent video. IT WAS MADE LAST FEBRUARY


Unknown said...

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. See the link below for more info.


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