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Amanda Blackburn Murder Q & A Part Two

Question:  Is it possible that someone's belief system is so strange that it can make it appear that they are deceptive when they are not?

Answer:  It's possible.

Let's examine it.  It is vital that we learn the subject's reference point; his world, his ideology, if it should enter into his language.  The following is a broad stroked view of his ideology gleaned from his website and his own words, as in both writing and from video.  It is a very distinct ideology that is mixed with Christianity.  This is not meant to be insulting towards people of faith, but a view that helps us do what we must do in Statement Analysis:  Enter into the subject's 'shoes.'

If, for example, one yells, "Allah Akbar!" and kills someone, we ask, "What did this person believe that caused him to yell this when he killed someone?" and view Islamic teaching from the Koran.  What we believe, we act upon.

It helps us understand the use of words from the person's perspective.  This is why, for example, we specifically view the language of parents as different from the language of non-parents, when it comes to missing children.

It helps establish a reference point.

A.  Business

First, let's see a church planting as a business that must survive by paying its bills.  Unless people attend, it will not long survive due to having to pay bills.  Money will not fall from heaven and the electric company cannot be told that the purpose of the church is souls and not pay them.   They want and must be paid.  Pastors are often highly educated professionals who work very hard and should be paid appropriately.  Basic Protestantism says he should be married with children and that his marriage and child-raising should be an example to the flock.  Kids need shoes and bills must be paid.

The business should not supplant the theme, but neither can it be ignored.  Vows of poverty may seem noble but impoverished pastors' children make for embittered adults.  It is as unrealistic as ignoring bills.

So to put yourself in his shoes, please, for this exercise, view it as a business.

B.  Ideology in Context

The ideology of this is is not that of historic Protestantism nor Roman Catholicism.

The ideology he speaks of is called the "higher life movement" which is quite old.  In one form or another, it's basic premise is that you can rise above life's problems, experience "miracles" (suspension of the laws of nature) and be successful in all things.  It is like "the power of positive thinking on steroids."  Jesus is changed from Christ the King to a "personal relationship" with emphasis on "friend" and He is portrayed no longer in authority, but in crying, begging, and doing anything he can to get people to 'accept' him.  .  This is not a criticism or religious debate:

It is important that we listen to Davey's message to understand Davey's reference point and language. 

Success is the principle teaching of his business or company.

 Basically, they study what the 'customer' likes and tailor all their 'company''s' behavior to this end.  Studies are done on growing the company, presenting the product, advertising, what people like, what they do not like, and success is measured in number. They have meetings and implement "growth" strategies so that they can be successful. Jeans, pop music, and whatever the latest poll tells us we will implement to make the young start up company a success.

 It takes hard work.

The large crowd is "proof" of the success.  If you open a restaurant and have the greatest food but no one comes, you may be a talented chef, but you have failed.

Even while his wife was dead but a week, he was quoting the statistic of how many people tuned in for the "celebration" service, where they were told what to wear, (jeans)  how to react (laugh) and what to say to media.  We noted the controlling element in his personalty with Amanda from his video.

We speak of that which is on our minds.

Davey said he was "called" to a certain area and was sent with $100,000 in start up money, along with the first year's salary and everything is done for one end:  get people into the company.  The message is "edgy" and "hip" and "sexy."

It appeals to young people and as he talked about how bad his marriage was, it is for the purpose of showing how effective his "product" is, so that the worse the marriage the greater the power of his "product."

When he got home from his honeymoon, Amanda said, the marriage turned bad immediately and told us the reason why:   Davey was at always at work for his company.  This was her wording.

Davey's first public statement after the murder of his wife affirmed this very theme:  it was about him, and his job; the murder was not going to change this.

 Later in part two of the local interview, he said that Amanda "gave her life" for people to come to his business. This is frightening.

Sex sells.  

Davey presents his "product" with all the post-modern MTV-like dressings and he focuses repeatedly on sex.  Inappropriately, he projects not only himself into these messages, but actually uses it to tell his audience that he is unfulfilled sexually (to the shame of the murder victim) while addressing young people (resonating with them), dressed like them, with tight shirts highlighting his muscles.

It is grooming behavior and if this was a psychologist, his license would have a formal complaint against it.  It is grooming whether or not he intends it to be; using word pictures and his own theatrics to impress this upon his deliberately youthful audience.

However, "sex sells" and if you watch TV or go online, almost every commercial has some element of sex to it  Sex sells, and Davey is selling his product to get people into his company.  It matters little what the product is, sex sells, from good looking news casters to just about every product.  The research shows that sex sells and Davey is selling.

C.  Success

Everything he has said about his wife's murder has been related to success.  He owns very little.  This is called "running away from commitment."  Specifically, he should be telling us:

1.  What his thoughts are about the murder.
2.  What his emotions are about the murder.

This is heard in the pronoun "I" and is natural.  He does not.  Instead, it is "we think" and "we feel" and "we don't know" and "we are baffled."

The idea of "laughing" at a murder, and being above the human emotions associated with grief are in his words.

Are they because he is associated with the murder, or are they the words of someone who is, even in this critical time, still selling his "product"?

Everything he says relates to his product and the "success" of his 'jesus' who is there for you, have coffee with you, make everything alright, and so on.

It is a very appealing message to anyone going through a rough time.  As I quoted earlier,

There is no suspension nor negation of the human faculties in living the Christian life.  There is no time where we are above all the pressures, tension and conflicts in life.  Scripture does not teach this, neither does Roman Catholicism nor Protestantism.  In fact, the picking up of the pieces after the "miracle" is very difficult.  I once had a man who's wife had cancer and he spent his money to travel to Lourdes, France because his priest promised him the miracle he they went.  She died shortly after and his faith was destroyed.

He is selling an ideology that you and I can rise above everything bad:  our marriages, our finances, our sex, our disappointments:  everything.  He may exaggerate the bad to highlight the product.

Davey Blackburn is a pragmatist who uses his talent to bring in numbers, and from the abundance of what he thinks and feels, he speaks.  This is why:

'my wife just got murdered but my career is going forward!' sounded so bizarre to people.

'my wife murders was so that people would come to my company' as well.

Think of 'jesus', not as the Christ of Scripture and history (which is why confessions say, "crucified under Pontious Pilate', making the historical reference point) but that of a 'product' to which his company sells.  I write this without disrespect:  I am asking you to understand his reference point.

This product is what will draw people to the company and if people come to the company, he is a success.  The company that started this small company is one of the top ten companies in their field.

Success must permeate everything and what plagues most young people, especially young adults?

Marriage struggles and money struggles.  His 'product' will fix those things.

By making the sickness more severe, the cure is seen in a more powerful light. 

The author of "Amazing Grace" was not using hyperbole when he wrote, "Amazing grace!  how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!"

"Wretch", in context, was vulgar.  The author, John Newton, was involved in the indescribably wicked middle passage of slave trading.  He wasn't kidding or exaggerating about how vile he was.  He was truthful.  He hardened his heart to the groans and cries of human beings locked up as animals, chained together with no hygiene and a terrible survival rate causing some to conclude, depending upon where the slaves landed:  the middle passage was worse than the slavery, itself.  This was John Newton, thoroughly ashamed of himself; not boasting for a product sale, like we see in the videos.

A poor, uneducated minimum wager worker with a large family, including a blind child, wrote "Pilgrim's Progress", which was, at one point, the number one best selling book in the world, outside the Bible.  It is so brilliant that even today, readers think as they read it, "this guy is writing about my life!"

In it, he shows how much we all suffer in this world, and puts our attention and hope upon living through the hard times pressing on to the future, sustained by divine unmerited influence, through the suffering, trusting that it will eventually make sense. It measures the shortness of life compared to eternity.  Spurgeon said he read it more than 100 times.  Stunning.

These authors highlight making it through suffering while this ideology is to "rise above" and be successful.

Question:  What is success for Davey Blackburn?

A.  Keep reading and then listen.  Let the subject himself guide you.

For the "higher life" ideology (or whatever it may be called) "success" is this unrealistic and untrue over-reaching which nullifies natural human emotion.

It does impact his language.

Q.  Well, if he is just speaking hyperbole to make his product more appealing, than your analysis is wrong.

A.  Not necessarily.

Even with trying to make everything he says sound successful, he is still the husband of a murdered wife who, even if he is faking having no grief, has the wherewithal to talk about his career, instead. This makes it like analyzing someone mentally disconnected from reality, but he is not such.

The focus on his career, itself, is narcissistic, no matter the motive. 

Q.   Just how focused  is he on success in numbers?    Why do you say to listen to him?

A.  If quoting the exact number of 6,000 a week after his wife's death is not enough, listen to this video.

Let the subject's own words guide us to an opinion.

This is where he speaks of the pronoun "I" about his emotions, especially.  He is unhappy.

At near the 3.00 mark, please note his "success."

Each person has a personal, internal, subjective dictionary.  We do not interpret, we listen.  Let him guide you:

What is "success" to him? and
"What brings out negative emotion in him?" His wife's death? Or, is something 'worse' to him that can yield more emotion?

He said, "16 souls were saved."

This is to claim that 16 people he  knows will go to heaven.  This would be to fulfill what Christianity sets out to do:  save souls and it should be his ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment if it is a church rather than a business. It is enough to make a missionary who has labored for decades rejoice with the ultimate success:  even just one soul.

Not for him.  Not for Davey Blackburn's internal and personal understanding of "success" and what drives him.

He made this video to "tell you guys" his negative emotion.  By doing so, he allows us to

A.  Hear his negative emotions with pronoun usage
B.  Compare his negative emotions with his emotions (in language) about his wife's murder.

"There should have been 400 people at the afternoon service."

He said knows he should have been "celebrating" the 16 "saved souls" but the failure to reach 400 attendees precludes him from doing so. 

C.   He strongly uses the pronoun "I" to relate his emotions. This is in stark contrast to the death of Amanda. It also establishes that Davey Blackburn does, indeed, know how to speak for himself and express, for himself, his emotions.

D.  He was more upset about the lack of attendance  than his wife death.

He used more "heart" words for the lack of attendance (400) than he did over his own wife's death.

He was upset enough to make a video, rather than email them all.

The narcissistic tone is strong, and he uses hyperbole to report how "proud" he is of "you guys" setting up for his disappointment.  He said  "Attendance is the one thing we can't control."

This begs the question:  Is Life or death something he can control?

"Only God can control the numbers", and then sets out to control the numbers by chiding those who did not come.  Numbers.  Business.  Success.  Attendance.

Remember in part two of the local interview:  Amanda died so that people would come out to hear his product.

"I hate to tell you that my heart was disappointed...I was still hung up on the fact that we did not see 400 people there...

He used the lower attendance in comparison to the number of "souls saved." That which Christian missionaries would spend 40 years in rejoicing and in hardship, he used as a comparison to what disappointed him.

Some will begin to wonder if Amanda paid the ultimate price for being a "bad wife" and inadequate mother while providing some bizarre "girl gone" scenario for making his company grow and his product more attractive.

If you watched Blackburn on television and wondered if maybe he was void of human emotion, or above it, this video tells you that it is not so.  

Q.  Why is it important that you mentioned narcissistic like tendencies?

A.  Because when a spouse is murdered, the percentage of killers being the spouse is high enough to notice and narcissists are very difficult to please.

Davey Blackburn told his audience that his wife displeased him.
Davey Blackburn told his audience that this displeasure was related to his sex drive.
Davey Blackburn told his audience that the marriage trouble was related to his wife's pregnancy.

His wife was pregnant when she was murdered.
He was at the gym where he experiences sexual temptation.

Police must explore any connection of the shooter to the gym.

When a narcissist is disappointed, it is not a good thing for those around him.

Q.  He had plenty of money.  Why did you mention the life insurance policy?  Everyone has them.

A.  I mentioned it because he mentioned it.

Yes, everyone has them, or at least, most people have them.  If you believe that someone has "enough money", you do not know human nature.  Few people feel satisfied with what they have.  This, actually, is a Christian principle:  being both thankful for one's state, while within this position of gratitude, seeking improvement.

I don't know anyone who would not want a bit more in life.

Next, life insurance policies may not be the principle motive but it can give other motives impetus or traction.  If one is contemplating murder and sees no other way out and then realizes that if successful, not only am I free, but I am $100,000 may be just enough to push them over the top.

Q.  Will you analyze his Q and A video with Amanda?

A.  Maybe.  If he is guilty, this video will show up in court, I am convinced.

Q.  What do you make of Davey not talking about his last moments with Amanda?

A  This really bothers me.

When someone is murdered, we often hear the loved ones perseverating about the last moments together.  They lose sleep going over that last scene.

It also speaks to guilt, such as, "I was the last person to see her alive" followed by...

"uh, how do you know that for sure?"

This was the case of a man who killed his business partner and his family.   It is what alerted us to his guilty knowledge.

Q.  Are you certain he is not the shooter?

A.  No.

I wrote that police said he was not the shooter, but they must have evidence not available to us, as the public, or a good reason for saying so.  I do not know who the shooter is, and I do not know why they concluded that the hoodie wearing short person is said to be the shooter.  Perhaps they have reason.

Fox News analyst said today that he thinks that the pastor could be the shooter, citing statistics and the fact that they do not know the time of death.  He said that the pastor could have shot her and gone to the gym.  I think that this would be easier to solve, however, if they have a reliable statement about hearing a gunshot from a neighbor.  If the neighbors have conflicting testimonies, however, it becomes more complex.

Q.  Why do you say using the pronoun "we" is "running away from commitment?"

A.  Good question. With the above youtube video, I now have confirmation that he "ran away" from speaking of his thoughts and emotions because he has shown that he certainly can use the pronoun "I" when talking of emotion.

There are appropriate times to use "we", for example, when a husband and wife are seated together, answering questions together, but even here, if a personal topic is raised, biological parents will jump to "my son" or the pronoun "I", especially when talking of emotions. 

When a married couple says, "we thought", regarding intellect (not emotion) it is a signal that, if truthful, the couple discussed the topic enough to know what each other's thoughts are.

Emotion, however, is personal, and most often triggers the pronoun "I."

Sometimes when a topic is well discussed and both husband and wife have a strong connection to the topic, they might say "we feel" but it is rare, and it is when they are seated together, speaking as one.

Davey Blackburn was alone.

The murder of one's wife is the most personal of all murders, surpassing even the murder of a child.  This is because the husband and wife are united intellectually, emotionally and even physically, as "one" person.  The child murder is intensely close to, with even closer language from mothers than fathers (no matter how devoted) as the child proceeded from the woman' body.  Remove all PC language and this is what analysts see.

Therefore, Davey Blackburn should have told us what he thought, not what "we" thought, but even more so, to not tell us what he thought and then what he "felt", is not only to withhold this, but literally to have a powerful need to avoid answering this for himself.  In these topics, he does not want to be alone but must stand in a crowd of others.

Even if he was being interviewed with his mother and father and Amanda's mother and father and was the 'spokesman' for all, when it came to losing his wife and the mother of his children, he is likely to use the pronoun "I."

It is difficult for me to find words on how powerful pronouns are in revealing us.  It is not just unexpected that he avoided the pronoun "I", it is alarming.

Q.  What do you make of the home invasion in language?

A.  Robbery of where one sleeps is invasive.
      Robbery of where one has one's children sleep is even more invasive.
      Robbery of the same with an element of violence increases this sense of invasiveness.
      Robbery of the same with murder increases this sense more...
      Robbery of the same with murder of spouse increases this more...
      Robbery of the same with murder of spouse who is pregnant increases the invasiveness more...

      Robbery of the same with murder of pregnant spouse by headshot increases the sense of being invaded to the ultimate level.

I do not know if this could be any closer, perhaps, with the killing of the 1 year old, but suffice to say:

The language should match the reality of intensity.  

This is where you hear untrained but intuitive police say, "it doesn't fit."

They are right.

We take it to a higher level where we match the situation to words precisely.  A good example is found in some of the fake hate cases.  Charlie Rogers was attacked by 3 masked men who carved hate slogans into her flesh.  This is severely intrusive and personal yet her words were soft and passive:  they did not match the crime.

Intensity of the Crime:   High

Intensity of the Language;   low

In our home course on Statement Analysis, we cover this with the report of Charlie Rogers submitted to the FBI, in detail.

Davey Blackburn's language does not match the intensity of a home intrusion close up murder of his wife and pre-born child.

Q.   What do you make of Davey's low affect on Good Morning America?

A .  I am not a body language analyst, or expert.  Like most, I noted the low affect but it did not appear to be low affect due to depression.  In fact, he appeared quite happy to be one, used the Interviewer's first name and  if you take "jesus" as "product" to promote "company", you see how awkwardly he brought back each point to it.

He also used the word to avoid the question and take the topic on a tangent.  This is especially important when you view what topics warranted a change of direction.

Q.  Does all of this give Christianity a bad name?

A.  No.

Even if unrelated to his wife's death, most people have been shocked by the videos and believe he is inappropriate for young people.

Statement Analysis is applied evenly and its agenda is truth.

Each time a 'favorite' is analyzed, the reactions include, "you only analyze______; why don't you analyze ________?" which is an interesting way of saying,

"I can't refute the message, so let me smear the messenger" and is similar to

"If you don't agree with me you are "hateful" and suffer from irrational fear."

Everyone has an opinion.

At least with Statement Analysis people can say, "I have an opinion and it is that I don't believe this and here is why I do not believe this..." knowing that if the points that caused the opinion to emerge can be viewed, they can be corrected if wrong.

When someone speaks publicly, there is an expectation by the speaker and the listener that some will agree and some will disagree and  some will believe; some will not.

He may be offending people for Christ, but judging by comments, people seem to discern between him and Christianity.

Q.  Maybe Davey Blackburn just talks with the pronoun "we" as a habit?

A.  See the same video as above.  Here is a perfect example for his reference point:

Here, you will hear him use the pronoun "I" repeatedly when he speaks of intellect and emotion in particular. 

Davey Blackburn said his marriage was bad and pregnancy made it worse.  Less than one month later, his pregnant wife is gone, and he did not use language of disappointment.

If you are in law enforcement, human resources, journalism, or any field that warrants discernment between truth and deception and wish to study at home, this is an intense course:

Hyatt Analysis Services  with CEU credits from University of Maine for professional licenses.  Successful completion will allow access to ongoing training with professionals from around the country and abroad.


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Buckley said...

I like this Q and A format. Also, your answers are measured and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing your thought process.

Buckley said...

Also, I talked about this case and SA with a police officer here in Nashville, Tn. He didn't know much but was intrigued with SA and I shared your sites with him.

Anonymous said...

Im having trouble with the timeline for davey: left house at 6 am. Golden rule of gym is if it takes an hour you are doing something wrong.

How far is gym from house?

Left home for gym at 6 am but ambulance didnt get there until 8:30. That timeline doesn't add up.

KD said...

Absolutely fascinating.....the pronouns, the ability to convey emotion when it related to something that mattered greatly to him.... which makes me feel sick to the stomach thinking about Amanda....

Statement Analysis Blog said...

KD said...
Absolutely fascinating.....the pronouns, the ability to convey emotion when it related to something that mattered greatly to him.... which makes me feel sick to the stomach thinking about Amanda....

A number of people had asked about this very thing: could he be so entrenched in his "lingo" that EVERYTHING is "we"?

I had to honestly entertain that question.

While typing, someone posted a link to that you tube video and it put the question to rest.

He does use "I"
He does talk about his own thoughts
He does talk about his own emotions.

This affirms:

He "runs away from commitment in a sentence."


Anonymous said...

The gym is 10-15 minutes away from where the house is located.

KD said...

IDK Anon 4:55 - DB strikes me as someone who spends quite a bit of time getting his morning workout in (while trying not to be tempted by other hot bodies there)

Anonymous said...

He expresses disappointment in his flock for not carrying out the marketing campaign to the full extent. He utilizes Paul to spew lies, hence, the submitting wife and constant beat down.

I don't think he killed her or had her killed, that was god working to benefit him and his flock.

Jon said...

Man, I wouldn't be surprised if this dude is a bit... of a psychopath... or maybe just socially awkward where he's actually more comfortable in public speaking rather than one on one, more personal conversations. I'm going to term this inverse social awkwardness - IE, being seen as "normal" on the surface, if not extrovert, but when you start getting down to a personal level, the more awkward a person gets. These types of people find it hard to maintain close personal relationships imo.

His focus on his own sex drive, saying his marriage was bad and that the baby made it worse and other comments Peter has made all suggest to me a man that really didn't love his wife.

This may be shocking to some people, but I think it's completely possible that Davey is innocent and at the same time completely relieved that someone else has done this despicable crime for him to get rid of his wife and the child he never really wanted. He could be a psychopath and innocent at the same time.

Amy Smith said...

He's packed his bags and taking a mourning trip.

Skeptic said...

In the launch reflections video he just seems so real, so genuine. This is him, saying what he wants to say. He has good communication skills here, delivering a nuanced message - he was initially diappointed but upon reflection he was thankful. So now I can see him as a dynamic speaker, motivational even. In the tv interviews, nothing sounds genuine. No emotion. Struggling for the right words. He goes into a thing about why bad things happen to good people but doesn't deliver anything really - and you would think he'd have a ready answer for that being a pastor .... Or at leat some flowery language.

He doesn't want to tell his story. Somewhere he wrote something to the effect that the media had picked up on "Amanda's story." That seems so cold - isn't it his story, his sons story? For most people, an event like this would forever bookmark their lives - everything would be seen as "before," or "after."

CJ said...

Packing his bags ... anybody nab his passport?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who was involved with a "church" like this. This group had somewhat of an older less hip congregation but all of these "churches" are steep in false religion and mind control. The hedonistic message and hypnotic music are just a few of their tactics. They demand absolute submission to "leadership" by their members and have horrible ways of publically shaming people who don't.
My friend's husband was a very debautched sex addict that she caught going to all kinds of sources for very perverted sex. They went to their "pastor" and his wife for counseling and the husband blamed the fact that she would not have anything to do with the kind of sex he wanted. She was utterly shocked that they sided with him and instructed her to submit to his desires. Luckily, she got out when they publicly called her out for not submitting to her husband.

In that Q&A session he mentions the couple that's been counseling them and laughs about the sexual advice she got. She was clearly embarrassed and he tried very hard to get her to tell everybody what that advice was. When she flat out refused, he made some statement about her having a filter that he doesn't have. I think that congregation wants the hedonistic message that he gives and I think he has systematically turned people against her by publicly and privately lying and complaining about her. Most of it has probably been done very subtly. I think this was very dangerous for her considering the single women and especially teenagers could have easily been bequiled and desiring to please him.

CJ said...

This may be shocking to some people, but I think it's completely possible that Davey is innocent and at the same time completely relieved that someone else has done this despicable crime for him to get rid of his wife and the child he never really wanted. He could be a psychopath and innocent at the same time.

Not shocking at all, and an astute observation, Jon.

Anonymous said...

Was made after death? Video that is?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it is not shocking; I have written that all week.

A. He did it

B. He did not do it but is relieved to be out of a bad marriage.

C. We are nuts and he is a wonderful pastor who lost his loving wife and the videos do not show inappropriate anything

Most voted A.
A few voted B.

I voted C.

It is something that we must consider.


CJ said...


I was responding to Jon, and didn't do a good job of bracketing his quote in my reply.

Thanks for this series.

Skeptic said...

I vote C(1) - only the first part! To be spending so much time on this. Info in this blog is very interesting though because while I just intuitively felt that he is lying/misrepresenting I didn't know why. I didn't realize there is a whole science/art to analyzing statements. I can see where understanding this in detail would really pay off - if a person is a much better actor than he is perhaps. He's kind of obvious I think. But it's a good example case for how this works.

Buckley said...

"I voted C."

Statistically speaking, it is more often than others the correct answer.

kimisan03 said...

I'm going to speak like my students for a moment: Those Q & A videos are gross.

1) Are they in the actual train or something? Could he not bring his tripod with him? I guess Generation Y (me) and the Millennials think that public transportation is "hip" or something.
2) That "Q & A 3" video is 9:13 minutes long and contains a question directly related to wives, and he "lets her" (his words) speak for 2:06 minutes. Yes, he speaks for over 7 minutes on a topic meant for his wife.
3) Amanda does not nod in agreement, and in fact seems to make occasional facial expressions that seem to indicate she might not agree with him (pursing her lips, looking down, etc.).

I don't know what happened, but I just feel like those videos were off. Poor woman.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Kidding aside,

I don't know if it is A, involvement (hiring a shooter, etc) or
B: happy to be free of her,

but it is, for me, no other explanation for bizarre statements ---He is happy to be free from her and nothing matters to him more than success.

I am beginning to lean, however.


Carnival Barker said...

Amy Smith said...
He's packed his bags and taking a mourning trip.

Now at least the neighbors know they're safe.

Buckley said...


Megan Hiatt, 22, is still recovering in a Florida hospital after allegedly being shot by her boyfriend in a harrowing attack that killed her five-month-old twin daughters and her father. But she’s wasting no time in spreading the word about the warning signs of domestic violence.

On Friday, police say, 28-year old Gawain Rushane Wilson shot Hiatt, their five-month-old twins, Hayden Rose and Kayden Reese Hiatt, and Hiatt’s father, Travis James Hiatt, before turning the gun on himself at his home in Jacksonville, Florida.
Megan Hiatt, who is currently in critical but stable condition, was the only survivor. From her hospital bed, she asked her mother Melissa Bateh to speak out publicly about the shooting in order to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to help other women before it’s too late.
In the U.S., around three women a day are killed in domestic violence incidents. Experts believe there are often multiple warning signs prior to homicide attempts.

"A parent sometimes knows," Bateh told First Coast News in an interview on Monday. "I just knew in my gut that their relationship was not a healthy relationship."

Bateh said Wilson was controlling, taking away Hiatt's phone and refusing her access to the car. He would grab her and break her things, Bateh said, and was verbally abusive, calling her daughter fat. "The babies were three days old and he would ask her, 'So when are you going to start losing weight,'" she said.

Buckley said...


In an unimaginable act of cruelty, she said, Wilson forced her daughter to hold the twin babies while he shot them. "He wanted to destroy her world, and he wanted her to watch it be destroyed," Batech said.

Hiatt was shot around five times, she said, and lost part of a breast. Friends have set up a GoFundMe page for medical costs and funeral expenses.

While police wouldn’t speculate if Hiatt was moving out of her home at the time of the attack, a pickup truck with boxes in the bed was seen in the driveway on Friday. Women are at a higher risk of being killed when they are attempting to leave an abusive partner and during the period immediately after fleeing.
Wilson had a prior history of domestic violence.

According to First Coast News, in 2013 he was arrested for strangulation, for which he served two days in jail. Then nearly seven months after that arrest, a woman filed an injunction for protection against Wilson for repeated dating violence.

Strangulation is one of the best predictors of a future homicide in domestic violence cases. Research has found that if a woman has been strangled by an abusive partner in the past, she is seven times more likely to become a homicide victim. As Gael Strack, one of the nation's leading strangulation experts previously told The Huffington Post: "The minute you put pressure on someone’s neck, you are really announcing that you are a killer."
It's not uncommon for shootings that involve multiple victims, such as Hiatt's, to be related to domestic violence. A HuffPost investigation that looked at five years of mass shooting data found that in 57 percent of shootings in which four people were killed, the shooter targeted either a family member or an intimate partner.

Despite the heinous act, Bateh said she does not hate Wilson.

“I think, on some level, he was a victim at some point in his life to push him to this," she said. “It was the ultimate 'I’m in control'… an ultimate 'Screw everybody.'"

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

Josh Duggar is being sued by a porn star who claims she had sex with the disgraced reality star on two occasions earlier this year.

Danica Dillon has filed a lawsuit which was obtained by InTouch and accuses Duggar of battery, saying that he manhandled her in a way that 'felt as if she were being raped.'

Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, alleges these incidents occurred in March and April after Duggar approached her while she was stripping at a Philadelphia club.

The married mother of two is asking for $500,000 from Duggar.

Dillon first met Duggar, 27, at the Gold Club in Philadelphia in March while she was performing there as a stripper.

The 28-year-old said Duggar paid $600 for lap dances at the club and then followed her back to her hotel where he offered her $1,500 for her company and the two later had 'consensual sex.'

Once the sex began however, Dillon claims in her lawsuit that Duggar 'manhandled Plaintiff and physically assaulted her to the point of causing her physical and emotional injuries.'

A month later, Dillon alleges that Duggar came up to her again in order to 'apologize for the tortuous behavior he inflicted,' but when they had sex again 'engaged in identical tortuous conduct.'

As a result of this, the suit claims that Dillon 'is currently being treated for severe anxiety similar to post-traumatic stress disorder by a psychiatrist.'

Dillon's attorney, Marc Frumer, says that if Duggar takes the stand he will likely be questioned about his entire sexual history and past misconduct - including the fact that he molested five minors as a teenager.

'The defendant may be subject to [having to talk about] his prior bad [or] sexually abusive acts at trial,”said Frumer.

'They are all relevant if he takes the stand.'

Furmer added; 'The defendant has a history of sexual and physical abuse towards women, particularly those he perceives as vulnerable or weak.

'He has to be held responsible for his actions.'

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar could also possibly be called to testify for hiding details of Duggar's 'prior bad acts' according to Frumer.

Duggar entered a faith-based rehab program in Illinois in August to treat his infidelity and addiction to porn.

Entertainment Tonight spoke with a source close to the family who revealed this week that as a teenager porn was found on his computer.

'A Duggar family member once bought a computer from Josh and found explicit porn saved on the computer,' said the the source.

'They went to discuss what they found with Jim Bob and were told, "Not my son. It must have been on the computer before he got it."'

Family insiders said at the time that despite Duggar's adultery and his admission in May that he molested five minors - including four of his sisters - when he was a teenager, his wife Anna would not end their marriage.

'Anna will not leave him. As with her in-laws, she is turning more to her faith than ever. She and Josh are probably praying around the clock right now, I would assume,' a source told People.

'Maybe not publicly, ever, but privately, there will be some suggestion of whether or not she should have been more aware of the pressures Josh was under, of the issues he was facing, and how she could have better counseled him or helped him.'

It si not certain where Anna, who is raising her and Josh's four children all under the age of five as he is in rehab, is living.

It was revealed in October that the couple's home in Siloam Springs had been sold, so Anna could be living with her in-laws or her own family in Florida.

The Duggar family reportedly went to visit Josh in rehab last week, and it is not known if he returned home with them to Arkansas or stayed at the facility.

Read more:

Buckley said...

"but when they had sex again"


Anonymous said...

Less safe. Two unoccupied homes and no suspect caught with all the lookey-lous and louellas snooping around.

Carnival Barker said...

I wonder if Davey will be back by Sunday. What irony, the week the school auditorium -- I mean church would be standing room only and Davey's outta town.

Buckley said...

I wonder who's going along to help with Weston.

Sus said...

I think if he did it, he did it himself, rather than a hit.

He definitely feels he needs forgiven for something, and Amanda would forgive him. That was her nature, her journal tells him, and gee-golly, even her middle name is Grace.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Buckley,

Was Weston invited?

Buckley said...

Ah more of the unexpected!

Sus said...

I asked my husband for his reaction. He knows nothing about SA and never follows cases like I do. He says that's gruesome.

I showed him the interview of Pastor Davey. His reaction was that he's simply a weird Baptist preacher. They all use Jesus to cover their feelings. My husband was raised Baptist. Hmmm.

Juliet said...

Anon at 6.43 - I agree, he's turned people against Amanda, so they are strangely and quietly accepting of her murder - they know at some level this Is a 'desired outcome' for Davey. They pour out sympathy to one who is not grieving - there are none so blind as those who don't want to see. He's probably packed his bags and escaped to get away from the queue of young women desperate to step into Amanda's shoes (he's not likely to be into committing to another relationship) - off to find an unmonitored internet connection, and an ISP address which can't be traced back to him.

Shannon In CA said...

....alone? Would like to know.

Shannon In CA said...

In murders of a spouse? Isn't it statistically more likely to be the spouse who committed the murder?

Anonymous said...

Good news/bad news
Unbelievably proud...absolutely, absolutely proud (must mean more than unbelievably)

KD said...

He's getting out of town? He should not be allowed to leave the country!!! Is he taking his son? I don't think LE could would let him leave if they had any credible evidence on him?

KD said...

DB knows in his heart that Jesus, nee Perry Noble, wants to get his a$$ out of town before he incriminates himself and brings the whole bogus church to light....

Anonymous said...

His parting comment in this video to his congregation is "I love you" or somethng similar. We have not heard him say this about, or to, his dead pregnant wife, or about his son, until a later interview after many people began posting how odd and disturbing it was that he had not spoken of his personal love for them or their family bond.

He also does not stutter much or smack when speaking about something factual and objective, like when reading or talking about the bible literally, the text inside, not the interpretation...any subjective matter, his # of Ums and Uhs rises significantly, and it sure would be nice to see a percentage comparison of his baseline speech patterns across several love song or other videos he made, versus his TV news interviews. I'm guessing the bar graph would be just as disturbing, and a linear regression model even more so :(

Anonymous said...

I liked the way he shook his head back and forth in a "NO" motion while claiming how unbelievably proud and absolutely, absolutely proud he is before wading into them for their poor job of getting attendance up.

Whew! I can imagine the eggshells the wife how to trod upon.

Anonymous said...

I doubt hes taking his kid, the baby is probably with auntie or grandma, since he needs some adult alone time...
there is no alone time when you have kids to care for and play with and feed and diaper, unless they are sleeping...since Amanda was his primary caretaker, the poor baby will be going through Mommy withdrawals and will likely be inconsolable or upset until he bonds with another mommy figure

most of his whole world is gone, even toddlers are aware when mom never comes home again, and often resist comfort and even care from someone other than the usual primary, mommy

Anonymous said...

He talks about Amanda would say "forgive the unforgivable" but doesn't say that he would forgive. I feel like he is preparing people to forgive him. And already feels that Amanda has forgiven him.

"We have seen miracles come out of this mess" he calls the death of his wife a "mess". Why a mess? Not a tragedy or something else but a mess - something that needs to be cleaned up.

CathieD said...

It took me 4 tries to get through his video as I find his message and demeanor so off-putting. At approximately 5:40 he says something about how churches usually have "one big bang Sunday" and, again, "one big bang moment". He repeats the phrase "big bang" 5 times with the last time being at the end of the video. This from a dude who's wife was just murdered (executed) by a gunshot wound to the head. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the interview with Amanda's friend. It was the first time anyone talked about Amanda. Not the pastor's wife. And how they are seeking and praying for answers. Interestingly, there was no mention of Davey.

KD said...

Can someone post the link of the interview with Amanda/s friend?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue to me is that he entertained the questionof who would want to kill her when LE has said its a random robbery.

Anonymous said...

This video 7 years ago
Amanda and young female teens open talk
then added is Amanda and Davey talking privately
they commenting on the behaviors of teens /these young
females in particular.

Interesting how he himself has his own
predisposed observance of the young impressionable girls.

He does not offer *he being male, older, they are lacking a mentor
or require a teacher, in a teaching moment. He calls them whores.
Amanda at times, her face, " who are you, he across from her"
(in the negative) as he is candidly open of the girls of Fuse,
their church members. He is telling Amanda WHO he is.
Her face of confusion proves he baffled her at times.
Empathy not his strong suit, or it simply isn't within him.

Anonymous said...

The video posted on this where he tslks sbout his disappointment in church attendance was posted to youtube in february 2015.

trustmeigetit said...

Pat Brown talked about him on her blog. She too commented on his lack of emotion and use if "we".

Sadly I think he still has lots of believers.

lynda said...

Love this Q & A Peter, it's much easier to absorb what you're teaching for some reason for me.

Anonymous said...

weirdly I totally called that trip away. Is he pulling a Scott peterson?

Juliet said...

Why does Amanda's friend describe what happened to Amanda as an accident?

A. This is what she was told
B, She can't bring herself to say 'murder'

I think A is more likely than B, but I don&it know. Perry Noboe seemed to think it was an accident at first, too, from what he was told.
So, was it reported as an accident - but the police said, no, murder? Or was Davey just telling people it was an accident - strange. You can't accidentally shoot yourself in the stomach, hand and head, or be accidentally shot three times.

Juliet said...

Yes, I like the Q & A, too - not brave enough to venture into the chat room though. ;)

Carnival Barker said...


Do you have a link to her blog?

My World said...

1st Davey wanted to grieve for a few days and then get back to church. Now he's leaving town to grieve because he can't go back to his house? Has he not been in his house for a week now? I'm confused. All I can say is someone better keep a close eye on him. Just saying...

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt LE is following him. They caught Scott peterson during his escape, Jodi Arias as she's packing up her rental car, and OJ simpson.

Why do the guilty flee?

AMJ said...

Did anyone see this video of a robbery that happened about 9 miles from the Blackburn home? (I think someone said 9 miles but don't quote me on that.)

Made me think... LE has stated that they have more info on Amanda's case but they are being selective with what is released. Why would they give such a clear obvious picture of a robbery suspect but not a murder suspect?? If they truly think or have evidence pointing towards DB then it makes sense that they would withhold info or evidence and in the end that would make sense and explain why they were being secretive. Butttttt.... If this truly is the biggest coincidence in the history of ever and he is completely innocent, it will look awfully bad for LE that they plastered this burglar all over the news and not the murderer. I hope that makes sense lol any thoughts on that???

Dina M said...

Why do the guilty flee?

They want to escape -- on some level they are afraid of being found out and want to continue to live life on their own terms and not be locked up.

I think it is some sort of instinct animals have to flee a bad outcome. It may be subconcious -- even if the guilty are fairly certain that they will 'get away with it', something drives them to get the hell out of Dodge.

Dina M said...

I also believe that the authorities have him under surveillance. I don't think he will able to disappear.

Anonymous said...

Davey apparently went out to dinner with friends at newspring??? Check out bcoop on twitter

Anonymous said...

Well Crazy Davey is beating his feet. As so many other guilty people have done in the past. LE you better be tracing his every move!

Bottle Cap said...

Concur with Anonymous about Impossible Girl Week 3 video, what a trainwreck. Looks like there's been a long history of sexualizing church and a terrible attitude toward women from CD -- this video is 7 years old.

Starts out with a sexy dance (in church?) to the song Dangerous with appalling lyrics (see here

Then Amanda leading a group discussion with what looks like high school girls. "Why do girls do take pictures?" Kinda judgy, didn't know selfies were evil, lol.

Then cut to CD for the Big Judgment, he's like No wonder guys are looking at your boobs, you put them out there in your low cut shirts and push up bras!

Back to Amanda asking the girls to describe slutty attire. In detail.

Back to CD, who says girls that dress sexy are MAKING guys think about sex! Later, "You are screaming 'I am a whore' with the way you dress."

Rachel said...

Watching that interview with Amanda's friend is so interesting because it's exactly how, or usually, how a person reacts to the loss of a loved one. She did something that I think Peter or someone else on this blog mentioned, which was to talk about what she and Amanda were going to do right before she died (go on an annual shopping trip). Also, she talked about Amanda as a person, what Amanda loved to do (bargain hunt), and how excited she was about the pregnancy. NONE of this came from DB in the initial interviews he gave.

Anonymous said...

The tweet mentions he is out to dinner with DB, other pastors and "their teams" Who is there from Davey's team? The babysitter/former intern, perhaps?

He also says "Great friends who lead Great Ministries!" Really? That's it? I can't imagine how anyone could use that casual of a statement one week after your great friend lost his wife under horrific circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Quote from a websleuths administrator. Sounds like he/she has been spending some time here :-)

"If you're coming to this thread to criticize the husband, please don't waste your time. That's not what Websleuths is about, and it certainly isn't "sleuthing". Not only are you bashing a victim, you're doing a disservice to the WS community.

Suggesting a man is responsible for his wife's death because of his use of pronouns is anthithetical to the Websleuths tradition of focusing on factual information"

Rachel said...

AMJ: "Made me think... LE has stated that they have more info on Amanda's case but they are being selective with what is released. Why would they give such a clear obvious picture of a robbery suspect but not a murder suspect??"

Yes!! My thoughts exactly! The police officer said they have "somewhat of an image" of the person, but they won't release it. Why? Yet here they release this clear shot of another burglary suspect's face. Very strange. Also, the police officer said they want to safeguard the integrity of the investigation. If this is a crime in which they are trying to identify a murder suspect, then why wouldn't they release the photo? That is part of the integrity of the investigation, no? To identify this person? It doesn't make any sense to me.

I don't know. The police have said they've cleared DB so maybe they do really believe it was a random robbery. But for a random robbery, it sure doesn't seem to fit a lot of the hallmarks of simple robberies.

trustmeigetit said...

Looks like she only talked about this case on for that as well as her blog.

Anonymous said...


Amy Smith said...

DB tweeted tonight that 3 weeks ago he and Amanda "were in tears" on a train listening to a Steven Furtick video from Elevation Church. The first 2 minutes is Furtick on stage with his wife and he's talking about "sexy worship."

Anonymous said...

Blogger My World said...

1st Davey wanted to grieve for a few days and then get back to church. Now he's leaving town to grieve because he can't go back to his house? Has he not been in his house for a week now? I'm confused. All I can say is someone better keep a close eye on him. Just saying...

November 18, 2015 at 10:41 PM

He probably can't go back to his house yet, its a crime scene and is likely still cordoned off/sealed except to investigators...

bradbury said...

The house was already professionally cleaned. If I recall correctly less than 24 hours after she was shot. IMPD sent a crime lab team back to check the house for something even after it was cleaned. Maybe someone local could look but I don't have the impression it's been cordoned off.

AMJ said...

@ Amy Smith -- I saw that too. A quick 10 minute look up of just the word NewSpring on YouTube brought up some of the most disturbing things I have ever seen related to "church" in my life. I said this before, but this whole "church"/business they are running all screams Scientology to me. Every single one of the so-called "pastors" is dressed like a 20 year old, fresh trendy clothes, haircuts, and shoes and talks about the most asinine things imaginable. Clearly "saving lives" and "bringing people to meet jesus" is simply their business speak for $$$ in their pockets. Nothing more and nothing less. Same as Scientology. Scientology is famous for their "scare tactics." I live minutes from one of their headquarters in Florida. The way these members defend the church is really like nothing I've ever seen before. Has anyone ever heard about the head of Scientology David Miscaviage? (idk if I spelled that right, too tired to look it up lol) His wife Shelly went "missing" many years ago and has never been seen since. Somehow, she was taken off of the missing persons database, but no one has actually seen her. So she is either gone for good or he is hiding her. There really are some frightening parallels going on here. I almost wonder if maybe this goes a little deeper than any of us even imagine. I'm trying not to sound like I'm sitting at home in a tinfoil hat right now lol but it certainly wouldn't be the first time something like that had happened. And with DB's "sacrificial lamb" type comments its pretty alarming. I don't think it would be much of a stretch that these people might be capable of taking down anyone who stands in their way....

Lemon said...

Anonymous @11:25 said-
Quote from a websleuths administrator. Sounds like he/she has been spending some time here :-)

"If you're coming to this thread to criticize the husband, please don't waste your time. That's not what Websleuths is about, and it certainly isn't "sleuthing". Not only are you bashing a victim, you're doing a disservice to the WS community.

Suggesting a man is responsible for his wife's death because of his use of pronouns is anthithetical to the Websleuths tradition of focusing on factual information"

It is factual information that "the husband" [subject's own language] did, indeed, use pronouns. :-)
That is all.
Carry on.

PS Of course, I will not from the above quote, note the change in language from "the husband" to "a victim". If I did, however, I would note that criticism is to "the husband" while bashing is to "a victim".

Amy Smith said...

Along these lines, I can't recommend the new movie Spotlight enough. And this is my story

John Mc Gowan said...

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
6 hrs ·

He may be innocent and just excessively narcisstic and disconnected from his murdered wife and child and his living child, but there are so many things in this interview that are off.... 1) He uses "we" almost exclusively instead of "I" when discussing emotions. Who are we? And why aren't you expressing yours? 2) He is confused as to who would want to hurt his wife; hey, isn't it a simple burglary gone bad? 3) He smiles oddly when he speaks of no one wanting to hurt his wife, and 4) He says he wishes everyone could learn from his wife (present tense) how to be a perfect wife and mother (what?).

aud said...

Brilliant analysis. Balanced and fair.

He did it.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Updates:

FBI joins search efforts for Crystal Rogers

Update in Kyrian Knox investigation expected Thursday

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to share it here..but have any of you seen his Instagram post 31 weeks ago?
Why the hell would you use that precious baby who is clearly so sleepy and in need of comfort to make some useless expectations point?
And what are woman's hands doing in the bottom left corner? It seems as if they are not comfortable with what's going on. My heart aches for that child with only him as a parent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Bottom right corner.
Also. His Mother's Day post.. Does not even show the baby's face and there isn't a woman alive who would be please with THAT picture of herself.

Unknown said...

This man is a complete idiot. How can preach God's Word if he can't even mourn the gift God gave him, a beautiful devoted wife and growing life inside of her. It is his duty as a husband to protect your wife and to love her, something he failed her even in death. He is mocking God and that is something that I find hard to accept, and the fact that so many fall for him. He is sick in his head and needs to be looked at by Church officials. It disturbs me that he speaks to young people and guide them in his evil ways.

There are ways to talk about intimacy between a husband and a wife to encourage a healthy relationship. He merely showed the flaws in his marriage, thinking that others will learn from it.

People do not just give their hearts to God, it is a process and sometimes an experience that draws one closer to God.

I don't know if he shot her, had her murdered. Perhaps a deranged person murdered Amanda because of jealousy, and this person might be one that was sitting in on these "love song" speeches and thought to help the poor pastor out.

I am starting to think that there is no justice and it might take years for justice to be served in this case. Seems this murderer was clever and might get away with it.

Whatever the case may be, this man is a disgrace in his sexual grooming and grand standing using sex and hiding behind his perverted religious talk. He makes me sick. How he will take care of that poor little boy is beyond me. He only loves himself and if that baby cries for his mother, I can just imagine the anger that will grow in this useless husband. He is morally bankrupt. Rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

There is a video on the church website, second in the Demons and Angels series, where Davey starts out talking about guns (and he's blatantly sexist and insensitive in how he wants to raise Weston, per toys and gender, imo)....I apologize if this has already been posted and discussed.


Anonymous said...

The Blackburn residence is mortgaged only in his name:

A201200006575 MORTGAGE 01-20-2012 3:39 PM $123500.00 14 pages


Common Street Address

The deed is also in his name only:

A201200006574 DEED 01-20-2012 3:39 PM $0.00 2 pages


Parcel Numbers

Common Street Address

Anonymous said...

AMJ, you are so right! Look what NewSpring did to this guy who criticized them. They tried to destroy his life, ruin his career, adoption, and much more.

This is a cult, IMO. All the signs. Charismatic leaders, speaking in shared, made up catch phrases, intimidating away any dissent.

Unknown said...

Forgot to add... during one of his speeches, I think it was something to do with fighting and how to resolve it, he said that he and his wife had a fight. Then he asked his audience to put their hands up if they had a fight with their spouse/girlfriend. That is how he identified those with possible problems in their relationship. Then afterwards, he talks to these individuals. That is exactly how grooming works, and he used it.

This man has NO respect for any woman. It became clear in his interview where the woman was interviewing him. He would interrupt her with yip yip and almost get her to finish her question. He is rude and obnoxious. With the male interviewers he had a change in demeanour, almost 'careful' and on guard.

If it happens that he is involved in this crime, and he is arrested, a lot of skeletons will be falling out of his closet and we will be more shocked. I am sure there are people with plenty of stories to tell.

I read in newspaper online today that Amanda's parents are looking for answers. That makes me somewhat feel relieved that they are completely "at peace" with her murder like their vile son in law.

The turmoil he put poor Amanda through is unforgivable, and I am not talking about the murder, I am talking about her life with him.

Something I also wanted to say, I hope that if the murderer is apprehended and safely locked away, the death penalty will be on the table. Amanda suffered for hours before she eventually died. It must have been the most horrific final moments she had to endure, the pain and fear she must have gone through and for her body to keep fighting hours after the shooting, is horrid. Not only did she fight for her own life, but she must have gone insane at the thought of her unborn baby and her little boy in his bed. This is one of the cruelest deaths I have read about in a long time. The last time I was so taken by a murder was when Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander.

Shannon In CA said...

My parents live in Hemet which is right down the way from their head California location (the one with the production company and what is essentially their prison...a bunch of office trailers stuck together that people disappear into for months). I always expect to see someone who escaped from there when I drive down that road. It's deserted and it has happened before. People are brought there in a covered window van so they don't know there's a big town just like 3 miles away. And houses on that same road. Some who have managed to escape got recaptured and some have gotten lucky and been picked up by motorists. All true, I swear.

Shannon In CA said...

Have you read about Colleen ritzer? Her murderer (he admitted it) is on trial right now and it is horrific.

But what I really wanted to say is that I'm pretty sure she was unconscious for most of her ordeal, which comforts me somewhat. On the other hand, she definitely lay there close to a couple hours so it's possible she was aware somehow since she didn't die. Hopefully though she bled out enough or was hit hard enough to be unconscious. Not that that means anyone should get a lighter sentence because it's for sure still suffering. I just hope it was suffering she was mostly unaware of.

Anonymous said...

He tweeted this Monday:

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 16

daveyblackburn Retweeted FOX59 News

In the midst of our heartbreak I'm encouraged to see new evidence. Please help us find this man

Anonymous said...

His normal routine was to arrive at LA FITNESS around 5 AM. The day Amanda was executed, he was 1 hour late.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Apr 30

It's amazing how empty the gym is at 5am. Is there something better I could be doing?? 😏πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Anonymous said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Mar 5

Date night = Shooting at the gun range, wings, and being mistaken for a 19 & 20 yr old #MyBestFriend -

Anonymous said...

Peter, you wrote about his claiming Jesus was a "friend" and people could have a relationship with Jesus as if it were a negative thing. Most protestants believe this which is what makes them Protestant.They aren't required to confess to a priest but are able to go straight to God with their sins and ask forgiveness. It's scriptural.

Songs like "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" along with "Amazing Grace" are in the top ten on the countdown list.
Younger people like the more rock music groups, and I do, too. I draws them in where the environment is similar to their comfort level and they make friends and build communities within their church network. It's a good thing for many.

This one narcissist would never seen the light of day on mainstream TV had his wife not been a victim of a horrible crime in which many have already judged him and are awaiting his sentencing so they can photograph him on his way to prison and study him to see how they can improve the community.Many think NG is a Christian. Fact is, she and her type cause more depression, less justice, and force people to live in fear due to her following-cult-like.

Anonymous said...

The people who post the deed information will be posting the auto information, then the dog tags, then follow every post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Next they'll be in the mailboxes, calling friends and relatives to harass them (criminal harassment) and undoubtedly other church members that are apparently amused by this guy...the guy we aren't amused with. That's their prerogative. That's their freedom of choice.

Why look for a motive when no POI or suspect has even been named? Why do it?

His leadership style matches those of other churches. It's just his bodily talk that is so grotesque...and the fact they rewrote the Big 10....but, hey, not every church has to be Christian.

Anonymous said...

He's back talking on TV. Interviewed by Fox and Friends this morning.

Buckley said...

I was trying to be funny, Shannon Duane. There's a "standardized testing" mantra that if you don't know the answer, pick "C" because it's more often the correct answer over any one of the other choices.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, he'll be the next TV pundit. He cannot tolerate intolerance to his will and will beat down anyone not willing to see things his way.

He's not been accused of anything!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey is GUILTY! Will he use an INSANITY DEFENSE? Hope he gets whacked in prison.

Anonymous said...

If there is a vacant house or house for sell in the area it may be a good idea to have it swept for electronic devices as it's easy to see these commenters are dead set on making everyone conform to their will. They'll become the police intelligence through terror and harassment.

Davey is 15 minutes late...wonder what he's up to now? He's grandfather is from the bloodline which included a killer (fought in War).

The new social movement similar to Davey's where sex sells, Starbucks is the meetup, and everyone MUST provide safe streets for their children though black people get arrested or gunned down for walking or jogging in them.

Nope, this won't end well.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Crazy D's followers posting here now. Don't drink the purple Kool-Aid, sheepies!

Anonymous said...

"WE don't have anything to hide,"-Davey Blackburn

Amy Smith said...

Who is "we?"

buddy said...

Wish tv...Police have the black SUV... getting dna from the scene and the SUV.... closing in on these scumbags... more to come

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey hired a HIT MAN.

KD said...

Can someone watch this morning's interview and report back? I can't look at his face anymore.

Donna said...

"I love the fact that she's in heaven"... !!! But did you love HER?

How many times did he say "through this process"? 3, 4, 5, 6 times? It sounds like he's building something from IKEA when he says that!

Rachel said...

KD, Lynda is currently transcribing the interview.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Breaking 3 suspects being questioned

XianJaneway said...

He said it, right there, for everyone to see, after all of the "we" statments: "I love the fact that now she's in heaven w/ Jesus, and she sees the end result...." :(

Guys, he's horribly mentally ill. I won't say he's guilty, because I'm not a cop, and my ministry is to spiritually abused people right now. All I can say with certainty is, don't go to his church, or to any church like it/affiliated with it, because *you* will not be taken seriously, nor will anyone you love. You will always be second-place to whatever the "vision" is, and so will any "souls being saved." They will be, like in Davey's "launch reflections video" 16 people saved that you can't celebrate over because the freaking auditiorium wasn't full enough. This is sick. Regardless of who killed his wife, he is a sick pastor overseeing a sick "ministry" that will harm you if you go into it.

Tony Snow said...

Did anyone else notice the switch from WE to YOU? Only time in this interview that he did it.
Very notable. I can't wait for Peter's thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Normally the word "process" is used when a person is trying to manage several people.
When it is used repeatedly, it makes the person sound smarter. I've heard it on several occasions when trying to figure out a way to get something done. It is used by the person in charge of delegating, which is what this pastor does, and most do.

It's not unusual, just a modern day catch phrase until something better comes along. It's like trying to figure out which comes first and prioritize to be more effective.

Anonymous said...

They usually travel in threes. Which would make a victim unbelievable according to science.

XianJaneway said...

Tony Snow, yes, and it again made his suffering "universal." Nope, nope, and nope.

Anonymous said...

"There's no manual on how to respond to having one of your neighbors and friends murdered in her home," said Ryan McConnell, who helped lead the efforts""

I'll bet there will be a manual soon. How else will others be forced to respond accordingly?

Anonymous said...

Its possible he is unmedicalted bioplar and this has stressed him out and that is why he is coming off so weird. (i still think he is involved). A lot of hard xore christians wont take medkcine because god made them this way. Etc. would also explain his hypersexuality

Anyway. In the least he has a personality disorder and a mental illness in mu opinion.

Donna said...

In the F&F interview, I noticed how he shook his head when he said "everyone loved her". He wasn't one of those people who loved her.

Anonymous said...

That was tough to watch. I would think his wife died from a long term illness rather a shot to the head by some perp who is still walking free. This guy is crazy. Really all the people surrounding Amanda are a little bit crazy. DB got quite excited talking about God.

KD said...

DB is in Anderson, South I suspected - he's getting schooled by head honcho Perry Noble on how to "deal" with this "process"......

Anonymous said...

How many unsolved murders are there in South Carolina where he lived? He could be a serial killer. Personality is just like Ted Bundy's.

Anonymous said...

I'm not religious but I can't think of any mother who would be happy to be with Jesus than their own baby.

buddy said...

It's all coming out TODAY. Watch.

Anonymous said...

Now Wish TV says it's two people and they are not suspects but persons of interest

The reporting on this case has been so inconsistent!

CJ said...


Good choice of video excerpt.

To continue your analogy of church as a company, the emphasis here is market share.

In checking the stats on Resonate Indy's website, I was surprised to see that three years into this venture they still have NewSpring's attendance posted (30,000), not their own. I've also noticed the sermon videos never show the audience, and from the crowd reaction it doesn't sound like a ton of people out there.

Davey's sharing an anecdote about Perry Noble and NewSpring tells us what he is aiming for. In this industry (mega church) you do not have bragging rights unless your weekly attendance numbers in the 4-5 digits. To even be considered "mega" means 2000 minimum weekly attendance.

If Resonate Indy is on the same track as NewSpring, 2015 should be their breakout year. (Apparently in year three NewSpring's attendance ballooned from 300 some members to 1600+ by autumn).

Resonate Indy doesn't appear to be there yet.

KD said...

Buddy - I really hope it does!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Davey will flee the country if he knows an indictment is coming.

Anonymous said...

I notice that he never once says anything as to the danger of this person still being free. As a Pastor I'd have expected him to be concerned for the safety of his flock.

Anonymous said...

These are the people who comb the newly arrested files so they can track down people's family members and demand bail money...targeting the elderly first.

Anonymous said...

He should have tried to use these two national tv appearances as a vehicle by which to plead with the public to come forward with any information.
but nope.

Anonymous said...

not everyone who is grieving, has tragedy, or is a victim of a crime is expected to become a "brown shirt" so media moguls and "researchers" can relive WWII.

Anonymous said...

My aunt was also happy that my uncle was with jesus after he died BUT she cried so hard and said "but I still want him here with me" and also said or she wished she could be with him and jesus. She was despondent for herself even though she was happy he was with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Who has custody of his son now that he is back in SC cuddling with Rev. Noble?

Anonymous said...

"not everyone who is grieving, has tragedy, or is a victim of a crime is expected to become a "brown shirt" so media moguls and "researchers" can relive WWII."

People want to see justice. People want a vicious and cold hearted murderer off the street. CD's actions are drawing attention because his actions are SUSPICIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what caused NewSprings attendance to "breakout" it's third year?


Anonymous said...

I hope it wasn't some sort of community tragedy that 'brought people to Jesus'.

Anonymous said...

I think the church is South Carolina is a little less than 2 hours away from his parents' home in North Carolina. I think it's possible he and Weston are staying with his parents.

Anonymous said...

I have read all your posts and Peter's article above. Most I agree with in every way; however, I am not qualified to respond to any of them as I cannot bring myself to listen too or view any of these videos that are blasphemy to our precious savior, Jesus Christ. I viewed Davey's initial video and that's it. It is all pure evil and not of our Lord; all set up and instigated by the devil himself, the prince of the air. He destroyed his precious wife, a beautiful gift from Jesus, long before he (IMO) took her life. He is dead inside. If he thinks Jesus increased his ministry through her tragic murder he deceives himself.

Ministries like his are all about the money. Big money. They use any ploy they can to bring in the money. This includes firt, grooming their flock. How hard they work at not working and luring in the blind sheep! They will pay sorely in hell. Much of the Bible is written to them, begging them to turn from their wicked ways. But they have blindly found other scriptures they easily pollute and teach.

I will look straight ahead and not veer to the right or the left. Jesus is NOT our elder brother as these luke warm ministries are teaching, bringing him down to our level. He is NOT the head of the money table where they sell their goods. He rebuked those who 'sold' their wares and drove them from the temple. These will all be driven out too. In their deceit, they bring hellfire down on those who seek to find Jesus, believing their false doctrines. Finding and following Jesus is not about sex or money. It is not about Davey's unhappy marriage that he himself destroyed. He and his ilk utterly and totally sickens me, causing people never to learn of the precious love of Jesus. ABB

Tony Snow said...


Samantha V said...

Davey's statements reveal a lack of normal human emotion toward his wife and their marriage. He seems almost exhilarated. My mom recently died after a long battle with Alzheimer's. We lost her in increments over the course of several years, and it was tragic to watch her steady decline. At the end, it was a relief in some ways that she was no longer suffering. As Christians, we could rejoice that she was in heaven, whole again and happy with Jesus.

BUT, we were still sad! Even though we'd had such a long time to get used to the idea of losing her, and even though her life at the end was barely a life at all, we still cried and we still felt a tremendous sense of loss. My dad in particular was heartbroken, and he is a man of great faith.

It is simply not normal for a husband who loved his wife to be that composed and that OK with her sudden death. No matter what his beliefs are, it is simply not normal. Davey Blackburn may very well have had nothing to do with his wife's murder, but it's obvious he is weirdly disconnected from normal human emotions and does not care too much that she has been senselessly taken from him and their child. If anything, he seems almost excited about it.

lynda said...

Transcription of interview this morning..

8:25 AM this morning 11/19/2015 FOX Interview was 6 ½ min. long.
I: Joining us today is her husband, Davey Blackburn who is in Anderson, South Carolina. Pastor, thanks for joining us.
DB: Thank you very much, Steve..thank you for havin’ me.
I: You bet. When we first initially ran this story about what happened ya know, we couldn’t believe it. Uh, initially though, as is the case, they always look at the husband however, the police came out very quickly and said you have been cleared of all of that. But still in the very beginning, to have the suspicion hangin’ over you, what was that like for a, a, man of God to worry about somethin’ like that?
DB: (He’s been slightly nodding with furrowed brow and his lips thinned out, pressed together)
DB: Yeah, I mean we, I certainly understand that’s always the first place that they are goin’ to ahm, investigate, and so I..I..guess that was to be, to be expected on some level. Um, ya know, but on another level, um, just going thru the ah, this, this trying time as a, as a, ya know with our family it, it, it, was, it was definitely difficult, um, to kinda even swallow that, um, and, and, so ya know for us, we’re, we’re, we don’t have anything to hide and we trust the investigation that’s goin’ on and the, the, (Interviewer is nodding yes) the detectives have been extremely gracious thru this whole process to us…
I: Nodding yes, mmm, hmmm
DB: Um, they’ve been really great in how they’ve, um, kept us up to speed on things that are goin’ on so , so we’re really appreciative of that.
I: Well, ah somebody in the neighborhood spotted a gun that was on their lawn and took it into a fire department , and they’re analyzing this , ah, Pastor tell us a little bit about how this could be linked to your wife’s murder.
DB: (Chucks teeth) Well I, I’m, not , I’m not, su, sure about, ya know, the, the , ah, um, the viability of how it could be linked or how it couldn’t , linked, and so again, ya know the investigators are takin’ a look at that, um, they’ve assured us that they have the full breadth of resources at their availability, um, they’ve assured me that they’ve never, um, this kind of a blank a, a, check that they’ve been given to be able ta, ta, further the investigation, and so, we’re really confident and hopeful that very soon , um, some of these promising leads that they have will turn into , um, bein’ able to find the person, or the people, who are responsible for this.
I: Yeah, and one of the other promising leads is there is some video that shows some kinda grainy, it can make out somebody walkin’ , has that been helpful to the police, I, in this (video of perp) you can’t really see any of the guys features , presumably a guys features, ah, has that been helpful to the police?

lynda said...


DB: Well, I, ya know, I’m sure its been helpful to them, um , they’re, ya know, they’re, they’re the professionals , they do this, they’re very good at what they do, and so um, it’s not been helpful for us, we obviously don’t recognize a, who that is, and you’re right, it’s very obscure, so we’re not , we’re not sure, but again, we’re just, we’re trustin’ that they’ve got not just that but lots of different things to ah, to a, help in the process of, of findin’ this perpetrator, yeah.
I: They’re tryin to put all the puzzle pieces together to find out who murdered your wife
DB: Yeah
I: ..showin the pictures of you, you’ve gotta beautiful family, tell us about Amanda..
DB: Yeah, yeah, um, (laughs) Amanda was loved by everyone ah, most important thing about Amanda is that she was absolutely in love with Jesus Christ. Um, she loved Jesus (he starts gesticulating with his hands now like a preacher does, for emphasis on words) and because of that, because Jesus had changed her heart, and, and, Jesus was living inside of her , he was living thru her, she loved everybody around her, so she , she had this incredible way of seeing potential in people that, ah, most people didn’t see in themselves, an, and, I feel like she did this in everything in her life, ya know, one a, one a, the things that she’d been doin’ over the past 4 years was buildin’ this business where she restored furniture. She would take what looked to be trash and turn it into somethin’ that was, that was beautiful, that was treasure, I, I’d joke with her all the time, she’d have me pickin’ up furniture off the side of the road, and I’m like, Babe, you can’t do anything with this, and she’s like, just trust me, gimme time, I’ll, I’ll make it into somethin’ beautiful , and I think that’s what’s so, what’s so, great about, um, ya know, e..even, in what Jesus has been showin’ us in the process of all of this, is that we serve a God , Jesus Christ, who takes what the world says is a tragedy, what the world says is trash, and in time he makes it beautiful, and, and, I love the fact that now, she’s in heaven, and with Jesus, and she sees that end result because she was always the one that could see the end result in the furniture and in people before anybody else could, and so, man, we’re just, we’r, that’s what, that’s where we get hope in this whole situation. It’s a hope that doesn’t make sense , it’s a peace that doesn’t make sense, even to us, and I know ta the world , but we know that she loved Jesus, we love Jesus, and uh, we have that , that, perspective that has really helped us ta, ta, derive strength thru this whole thing.
I: Sure. Such lovely words about your wife. I’ve read that you had said that the hardest thing going forward is gonna be , ya know, just pickin’ up the pieces with your CHILDREN , and try to live a life without her.

lynda said...


DB: (Davey’s been nodding his head up and down while Interviewer speak
DB: Yeah, yeah, absolutely , ya know, I mean, she, we were expecting, um, our second, um, we were gonna name ha..her..Evie Grace, um, and a, um, an, and we have little Weston, ah, h.he’s 15 months old, and I think the, THE hardest thing, um, even just in the midst of dealing with loss, in the midst of dealing with um, losing the person that you feel like, ya know, completed you and we shared so many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and , and, there’s not one aspect of my life that she wasn’t a part of ..not one aspect of hers that I wasn’t part of, and so I think thru all of that’s really difficult just to start, to try to figure out what’s next, ya know, an, an, we’re, we’re hopeful in the fact that, that, re..really, throughout this tragedy, the best really is yet to come, that everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God, and so everything good moving forward , the Lord is going to provide , and so we’re hopeful in that, but, but, we’re tryin’ to figure out what that it looks like. What is the new normal for us? How do I, how do I father Weston , um, and grow him up to be, to be a man of God as well, and that’s exactly what she would’ve wanted in this process.
I: All right. Pastor we thank you very much for joining us today to talk about your wife and the investigation and we’re gonna keep folks posted on developments out, ah, regarding..
DB: (Interrupts) Thank you Steve
I: her murder, the senseless murder of your beautiful wife. Alright, Davey Blackburn, thank you.
DB: Thank you very much.

Buckley said...

That was a definite opportunity to deny. He didn't come close.

lynda said...

He has not issued one reliable are right Buck..he just had his chance and didn't take it.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to preach anyone a sermon who wants to hear it, Tony. It will be about the precious love of Jesus, how he suffered and died for us, how he longs to redeem us to his pierced side, how he waits at the door to forgive us of every sin we ever committed or even thought about committing, how he waits this very minute to rescue us from the jaws of hell if only we will turn to him, now, before it's everlasting too late; AND just how easy and simple it is to find him!

He is not far off at all, He does not demand money or anything else from us, He does not demand the wife be under subjection to her husband or any other man, or that the man lord over his wife; he does not demand we dress a certain way to please Him, or that we follow any doctoring, He loves and cherishes us as we are; all He asks is just our repentance and a turning of our ways to His way.

It is SO simple, pure and divine to find and follow Jesus. It begins down on our knees in repentance. There, you will find Him, waiting to forgive and hold you close in this evil, hard, cold, money scamming "valley of the shadow of death" we must walk through. But he did send comfort to us in our walk; we are not alone.

That's it. It's so easy, not hard at all. I want to add, I am so pleased to find there are many posting here who already know the love of Jesus, and they know these false teachings are doomed to hell, which is exactly where they lead too. It does my heart good just to know this. ABB

AliKat said...

I think I am in the "i'm not sure yet" camp... Something's very weird and off and not right with this guy and his reactions - that much I can say. however, I don't think I've read or heard enough to say if he did it poor had some involvement or knowledge about it or not. I'm not sure we've really heard a great interview from him yet. And I'd really be interested to hear that 9-1-1 call.

AliKat said...


Anonymous said...

We in a negative world.Constant negativity, constant blaming and shaming. His newfound enlightenment religion will meet people's needs-sad to say, but it is true.

Anonymous said...

all they have to worry about now is the amount of true christian rallying for the cause by placing toys, be they decapitated and hurling cell phone parts onto the property to let them know they are being "Watched" and if they don't conform to their cause, will, religion, etc. their throat will be slashed like this here little piece of plastic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the transcript, Lynda. Nope, no denial. That's because he can't. It amazes me however, how he can sound so godly when he wants too, pure as the driven snow. NOT. Coached.

Karl said...

Some "ifs": If DB's relationship with the overseeing church is stronger than his relationship with his wife, did the overseeing church arrange the murder? If DB reported to them that Amanda was hindering church growth was it important to get rid of her for the cause of the church (referencing his comment about her giving her life for the church)? If it wasn't him, then they might be a reasonable suspect.

This case has too many angles to it, or my imagination is running wild.

Lynn123 said...

Has Davey ever heard of the Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald case? MacDonald was fully supported by his father-in-law until MacDonald started going on all the TV shows-the father-in-law then spent the rest of his days trying to get him convicted and keep him in prison. MacDonald was convicted of murdering his wife and three daughters at Ft. Bragg in 1970. Extremely famous case where the murderer was very well-educated and very charming.

I would love to know how her parents feel about him going on these shows.

Anonymous said...

$1000 reward is soo insulting to this precious woman. You're talking about 30,000 +++ people that claim to be her church family. The financial resources of the church leaders alone could raise that reward tremendously. It's mind boggling that NOBODY in this group is seeing a need to increase this reward in any amount. Offering an amount that could allow someone the means to move to safety could make all the difference for someone who is fearful of coming forward. I can see the people who have not been drinking the bright colored, sickening sweet beverage not buying into this scenario, but the ones that are drunk on it should be pouring $$$ into the reward.

buddy said...

well I dunno bout his church but actually there are great many people close to this who are working furiously doing non-monetary stuff like the flyer campaign which is even greater than being reported. by the way.. more folks in custody... connections being made... more will be revealed today. stay tuned

XianJaneway said...

When he's preaching, he has almost *no* "um, ah, uh," or any of those phrases. The words come smoothly.

Also, I wonder about the use of the phrase, "...the viability of how it could be linked..." while discussing the gun. "Viability" is a pregnancy term. Could this be "leakage?"

GeekRad said...

Karl makes a good point. That could possibly explain no forced entry. Amanda knew the person from the church and let them in. And explain Davey's guilty knowledge.

CJ said...

To Anon at 10:14:

The story from the video is that when Newspring reached an attendance of 300, they moved into a new facility that seated 1100 and did a mass marketing campaign to get 1000 people in the door for an Easter service. The resulting attendance of 660 people was "extremely disappointing" as they didn't meet their projected goal.

NewSpring went back to their strategy plan, made "tweaks to the system" and that autumn the church grew by 1600 people within 6 weeks for.

That's the story.

It's all about the numbers:
the numbers of weekly attenders,
the numbers of regular members,
the number of donors,
the number of dollars.

More members = more money, bigger entertainment venue, more status (bragging rights with peers), more power.

This is the brass ring that Davey is grasping for and you can sense his desperation in the shenanigans from the stage.

He has carried out his part of the bargain (everyone attests to the fact of his strong commitment and tireless devotion to building his company). When is the Lord going to come through with HIS side of the deal?

Anonymous said...

What if he's just trying to say what he thinks a pastor should say to reassure his flock...and the difficulty we see is the dissonance between what he feels (pain) and what he thinks he should feel if he is a faithful Christian (happy?) I suppose that doesn't explain his lack of emotion.

KD said...

The parent church to DB's generates this much money and NOONE has offered to add to the paltry $1000 reward. That is a DISGRACE.

"The release of NewSpring’s annual report in February generated a bit of discussion about how much of NewSpring’s $34.3 million income goes to Perry Noble. NewSpring and Noble keep his actual salary under wraps, but we do know that he is extraordinarily well compensated."

Lynn123 said...

Why hasn't their church system offered a huge reward? Great question!

Tony Snow said...

People like CD, sadly, only serve to push people Away from Christ. While we don't yet know if he is in any way involved in his wife's murder, I hope his followers at least begin to question his qualifications as a leader.

Tony Snow said...


PrairieDawn said...

The additional gunshot to Amanda's torso (unborn baby), to me, makes it more personal - perhaps someone she knew, who knew about (and resented) her pregnancy?

CJ said...


The church hasn't offered a reward, because they already know who killed Amanda.

GOD killed Amanda. The person who pulled the trigger (already forgiven) was just God's tool.

(As offensive as this sounds, please be clear: THIS is the rhetoric that Davey is spouting right now).

Anonymous said...

CD blogged this gem on 12/12/08:

Thought For the Day

When you’re knee deep in crap, you CAN’T smell it . . . It’s only a passer-byer that can detect the foul odor coming from your direction. Start sniffing with their fresh nose (from the outside looking in) if you ever want to get out of your fesces-covered situation.

Also applicable: you can’t smell your own B.O.

CJ said...

(Not in those exact words, YET, but he is leading us by the hand to this very conclusion):

"I love the fact that now, she’s in heaven, and with Jesus, and she sees that END RESULT because she was always the one that could see the end result"

Anonymous said...

None of the four churches involved have offered to increase the reward money for finding Amanda's killer; neither Nobels' wealthy church, Davey's church, nor his pastor-father's church, or Amanda's father's church. That's FOUR churches people, not even including their big network of organizational churches.

How easily they could raise the reward money overnight to a puny $100K if they wanted too. Nah... they want any donations coming in for themselves. Greedy b'stards. All. The loss of Amanda and apprehending her killer doesn't matter to them as much as their own coffers do. She served her purpose, her time is over now. It's back to $ business as usual. Sorry, but that's the way I'm seeing it. ABB

ranger said...

That is exactly accurate, ABB.

Mickey q said...

I think he did it and I think he pulled the trigger himself.

Anonymous said...

What does this imply, if true?

-FOX 59 Jake Miller

Anonymous said...

O.H. M.Y. G.O.D. I cannot believe any supposed man of God could make such a comment as was posted above at 12:08 from remarks made by him back in 2008. THIS is a minister of the Gospel of Christ? People actually toss their hat into the ring and follow this man? Lord have mercy on us all. Charismatic my butt! He's not even smart, he's stupid. How he ever became a public speaker at all, much less the pastor of a church, is totally amazing. ABB

Anonymous said...

This is just so sad on so many levels for that child. He is going to grow up and see that his mother's husband and everyone in his father's company of "loving" do gooders didn't truly value his mother or the community's safety. Let's put this in prospective, I've seen financially struggling individuals manage to offer $1000 rewards for their pets.

Anonymous said...

I think that's his way of trying to preach a newer, hipper kind of gospel-
that whole 'sexy worship' nonsense.
(makes me vomit)

dch said...

Anon at 12:41.
Where does info about lawyers come from?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Potential suspects have contacted a law firm? Translation: They are hired hit men who would like to confess in hopes of gaining a lighter sentence.

Anonymous said...

I thought its referencing the suspect that were questioned this morning?

Anonymous said...

Bingo, Anon 1:10! They will burn CD to save their own arses. 20 years in an Indiana pen is better than 65.

Anonymous said...

How likely is it that more than 1 other person would be involved?

buddy said...

more like drug money.

Anonymous said...

Methinks these aren't your average thugs they're talking to....

Anonymous said...

Buddy, how do you know stuff that the media/LE haven't released? Are you LE?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @ 8:14

I find it interesting that you mentally equate forum users researching people's Social postings, with we're all breaking into people's mailboxes, stalking, harassing family members, invading their privacy, etc. That's not only an illogical assertion, but ludicrous and reckless as well.

If your concern was the potential to destroy someone's reputation, you had no problem disparaging the forum members here with your sweeping brush-stroked smear.

I too, am concerned about gossip, social feeding frenzies, and damaging someone's reputation. I've seen innocent lives destroyed. Therefore, I research carefully and verify before I post anything, anywhere. My Journalism instructors were critical with, "If you're going to state it as fact, you'd better be able to back it." ;)

I can't speak for everyone here, but when I sense deception (whether it's in someone's language, their behavior is unexpected in a given situation, or their behavior is inconsistent with the belief system that they're subscribing to or vocalizing), you can bet your last dollar that the first place I check is their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc.. Stalker? Hardly. There's a reason it's called Social Media. They've chosen to tell the world something about themselves and I'm listening. Everything they tweet, re-tweet, pin, post, and comment on gives me a fuller picture of who they are...or aren't. For the record, I would never hire anyone in any capacity whatsoever, without checking their "social" life thoroughly, as well as a background's called wisdom and discernment. Let's just say I've met a lot of interesting people in my life. ;)

Does that make me suspicious, trusting no one, holed up in my house,and anti-social? Hardly. Quite the opposite, strangers regularly talk to me in bathrooms, grocery store lines, etc. (much to the amusement of my family). They've lived with me long enough to know if I'm delayed, someone stopped me to talk. I'm an incurable extrovert and I'm o.k. with that. ;)

What I am is someone who cannot stand deception, particularly when it involves a person in any position of authority manipulating people's trust...whether that be a Congressional rep, President, Pastor/Priest, Doctor, Mechanic, Teacher, Cop, School Board Head/School Board, down to parent/step-parent/parent's significant other, etc. I hate being lied to and I hate it when a person willfully lies (outright or by omission) for selfish gain.

Anonymous said...

If it's true what anon@12:41is saying, this suspect is not stupid enough to talk to police without a lawyer and are not having to wait to be arraigned in order to be assigned a public defender. Knowing what retainer fees are running these days, I wonder if the "burglar" community has set up a legal fund and have had far more than $1000 donated.

buddy said...

not LE. I just hear some 2nd hand stuff from folks closer to this than the public.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:52, when my son suddenly passed on of a massive heart attack last year, I did not have life insurance on him, nor did he. Who ever thinks their son is going to die so soon and so suddenly? I guess we thought we had plenty of time to think about that. We didn't. Now I'm up the creek, funeral homes have to be paid in advance. Also, I had his 12-yr old daughter to raise. OMG, as if losing him wasn't bad enough; what am I going to do? My mind went into blank. Total wipeout.

All I could think to do; I went on his face book page and told his friends about his sudden departure, because they needed to know; with little more to say since I was unable to make funeral arrangements in advance, and that arrangements would be announced later. You would NOT believe the donations that started pouring in, and phone calls and letters with many, many donations from strangers and friends I'd never even heard of, in this country and out of this country. Some individuals donated several times with small donations, some with a few thousand; but you could tell many of these friends of his didn't even have much money themselves. One from Europe apologized that he had to borrow the money because he was in the hospital and would send more later, and did.

Some of these giving $10 at the time, were so crushed over his death that they just kept giving a little at the time. Two newspapers in the areas where he was well known picked up the story of his life and sudden passing and more people came forward. In just a matter of a few days I had more money than needed to handle his final arrangements, announced on his face book that I had enough money to bury him and stopped the donations, then they set up an educational trust fund for his daughter with thousands pouring into it.

Yes he was loved and respected, but the point iS: These church people would have no trouble raising a decent reward fund to help find Amanda's murderer, which would cost them nothing. There are some decent caring people in this world and they have no excuse for abandoning Amanda which is exactly what they've done. ABB

CJ said...

Fools feed on folly,

Well written.

LOL, it has taken me this long to figure out your moniker!

Anonymous said...

would this law firm just so happen to have ties with a certain church...?

KD said...

ABB - So sorry for your loss....hugs...

Anonymous said...

Steve Jefferson, a WTHR reporter, is saying on Twitter that sources confirm she was sexually assaulted. Oh lord.

Anonymous said...

Sexually assaulted? Davey's DNA doesn't prove anything. They were married.

rob said...

Looks like something is about to crack open.

Anonymous said...

If this is the type of law firm being reported, suspect/s are someone with intelligence and the financial means to lawyer up with high powered lawyers. I'm sceptical about this being true, I've never heard of LE or a law firm publizing the firm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you KD. It was, and is, an awful thing. I will forever be grieved over losing my beautiful son; it's almost more than I can think of, seeing him lying there in the throes of death, now gone. Why didn't I see it sooner, that he was soon leaving us? A tormenting question. But I AM comforted to know that Jesus IS with me, has sent to me, and this is not the end. Thank you for your comfort.

Wow. This is the first I've heard that Amanda was sexually assaulted? Why has this been kept close to the vest when there is a rapist/killer out there???!

BTW, I agree, FoolsFeedOnFolly writes very nice posts, always right on point. I enjoy (her?) posts.


Anonymous said...

I generally don't trust when "reporters" don't name their sources.

And if there was sexual assault, why isn't davey even MORE upset?

And if he wants so many people to give their lives to Jesus, then why does he not reach out in word to appeal to the biggest sinners who need saving the most, the KILLER(S)?

Anonymous said...

buddy said...

It's small consolation in the grand scheme but Yes, we're gonna fry these bastards. Bastards plural.

Suzanne said...

Sexually assaulted? Hmmm. Maybe this is why DB was "late" for the gym that morning. He can't concentrate unless he gets some first.

Anonymous said...

Buddy ... my homicide investigator pals said on the day of the shooting that Blackburn whacked her or hired someone to do it. This was not a random crime. She was targeted.

buddy said...

The same homicide investigators assigned to this case? or just pals of yours?

Zeeb said...

If she was sexually assaulted, that doesn't really fit with the whole "Random robbery gone bad" idea we've been fed all along, does it?

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