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Davey Blackburn: Life Insurance on Amanda

The "Celebration" drew more than 2,000 people to "Resonate Church" on November 15, 2015. This appears to fulfill the statement made about the meeting.  

That there were predominantly pictures of Amanda with Davey was not unexpected when viewed in light of his two statements made to the public. 

Amanda Blackburn was murdered days before in a home invasion robbery in which police said her husband, Davey Blackburn, is "100 percent" innocent.  He was at the gym when his pregnant wife was killed. 

When Davey Blackburn issued a statement, no deception was indicated, though the statement did not show any concern for the vicious head-shot killer on the loose, nor did he mention his pre-born child in the statement.  Given the position of faith, he did not say anything about his hope or belief for Amanda's status:  that she was in heaven. 

None of this, however, implicates him in her death. It raises suspicion, however, because it is not "the expected", even when the expected is viewed within a realm of faith.  

What was also noted in his statement was a narcissistic like focus upon himself.  

After posting this, I was directed to his church's website and youtube for his videos.  

In one video, filmed just a month ago, he and Amanda reveal how troubled their marriage was.  Both use language to indicate a severely dysfunctional relationship, and Davey speaks repeatedly about sex, including using his own example, for his mostly young audience.  There appears a strong competitive attitude towards his wife, as he corrects her, over-talks her, and humiliates her with personal anecdotes; mostly about sex, and specifically, his own sexual needs and drive.  

In other videos, he speaks about sex, not so much as biblical teaching, but his own sex life, with the emphasis upon his own sex drive, again, before a presumedly young audience, as he is theatrical, walking back and forth, dressed in tight shirts, as the self described 'unconventional' method.  He refers to his "bad" marriage, but repeatedly brings the topic back to one thing:  his own sex drive.  

He describes it with anecdotes, including having to schedule a "date night" with his wife, of whom he "fights" often.  He demanded "sex before dinner" lest he be incapable of "concentrating" on the dinner conversation.  He humiliates his wife and de-personalizes sex, all while reminding the youthful (teenaged) audience of his strong need, and his strong sex drive, again, while imitating voices, including his "British accent", with much visual additions, including gestures normally associated with actors on a stage rather than ministers. He constantly reminds his audience of the severity of the marital relationship while then moving on to his sexual needs, drive, and, in some cases, lack of fulfillment.  

When inviting people to the Sunday service, he wrote that it was a "celebration", though the killer remains at large, and that they would "laugh" together and "mourn" too.  

This is hardly the expected.  

Statement Analysis measures the typical "expected" versus the "unexpected" with presupposing that the speaker is truthful and innocent.  Then, when that which is expected is absent, the absence is analyzed, and the words that replaced the expected, that is, the "unexpected" words, are then analyzed.  

His statement showed its focus upon himself, as predominant, and did not even mention his murdered pre born child.  It was then used to draw a large crowd.  

The religious language is geared towards negating human emotion as if faith suspends the natural grieving process of which Statement Analysis takes note of, including:

Despair, shock, anger, call for justice, and lots of fear:

A killer entered his home, killed his wife and pre-born child, and may return to kill him and his child. If his faith is "above" feeling fear, what about concern for his neighbors, knowing the killer may return?  It too, is missing. 

In viewing  another of his 'performances' from the church's website, he makes a joke about a life insurance policy, not for he and his wife, but on her life. Given what has happened, police must look into this angle and clear him of any possible involvement.  

He speaks often of the gym:  he was at the gym, on video, at the time of the killing. Some have speculated that his personality may have undergone a dramatic change after building up his body, causing the obsession with sex that is found within his words. 

He said that her pregnancy was a cause or factor in their bad marriage:  his wife was 12 weeks pregnant at the time of her death. 

He spoke often of his "needs", which, in one video, he justifies as being "articulated", which suggested that since he made this clear to his wife, any lack of fulfillment would be her fault, and reminds the young audience that unless the wife "knows" the needs, she cannot meet them, labeling the problem of "unarticulated needs' being the man's fault.  

What we have is a narcissistic controlling immature male who, by speaking of his own sex drive before a young audience, may be grooming, even if inadvertently, as his words are designed to cause all focus to be on him, while his clothing and theatrics affirm. 

Then, after the performance, he is able to "connect" with the young people.  

Thus, for example, teenaged girls are told of his sex drive and sex needs, having just seen him display himself in his hip, young clothing, with tight shirts, strutting back and forth, entertaining them, inviting word pictures within their young minds,  specifically, of him and his sex drive

That any instruction would include personal example is expected, but when it comes to the private sex life of a husband and wife, this is not expected.  He uses it to insult Amanda, and to humiliate her, even mocking her own modesty.  The videos are very difficult to watch in themselves, but more so knowing Amanda's fate.  

If Blackburn is unconnected to the shooter, he is certainly a very troubled and perhaps clinically immature young male, of whom I would not allow my daughter to be anywhere near.  

Interestingly enough, Statement Analysis is first found in the Bible, itself, in the great Solomonic custody decision.  The Scripture also teaches that from the very "abundance" of the "heart", that is, the seat of the intellect and emotions, the words are spoken. 

On average, a person has about 25,000 words in their own vocabulary.  When speaking, they move into this dictionary and pull out which words, the syntax, the verb tenses, and location of each word in order to make sense. 

This process takes place in less than a micro-second of time.  

This allows Statement Analysis its great accuracy rate.  

When someone is deceptive, this rapid process has a small disruption in time, causing internal stress for the speaker, which shows up in the polygraph, as well as in the language.  

What we talk about reveals our priorities.  When we repeat a topic, the topic is important to us.  When we repeat a word, the repetition is seen as a "sensitivity" to the word.  

Thus, Statement Analysis will note the repetition of themes, and specific words.  

When we speak, we also "leak" out information which is what is on our minds.  When Casey Anthony spoke about her "missing" daughter, she said, "In my heart, I know she is close" and "check the familiar places..." as her murdered child was found less than a half mile from the home, in the woods familiar to Casey. 

Think of this location when Cindy Anthony threw out the search team and said, "George and I don't believe that Caylee's in the woods or anything."

"Contrary to rumors floating around out there..." Justin DiPietro. 

This is something that we all do, and it may be that should Blackburn agree to an interview on television, or if the 911 call is released, that we may have an answer to the question,

"Is Blackburn involved?"

Right now, we do not know the answer.  

Police should, upon arresting the shooter, make certain there is no connection to Blackburn, including any potential motivation of greed (life insurance) and marital discord, as his 'career' is paramount in his language.  I would not be surprised if we are told that only small items were stolen, but nothing of value.  This could signal that robbery was a cover for murder. 


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Anonymous said...

I would agree with everything written in this post except this: If Blackburn is unconnected to the shooter,...."

Perhaps Until...should police suspect,...etc.

No one, but you, has even implied his connection.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
I would agree with everything written in this post except this: If Blackburn is unconnected to the shooter,...."

Perhaps Until...should police suspect,...etc.

No one, but you, has even implied his connection.
November 16, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Are you certain?


Anonymous said...

No, I'm never certain of anything cause the Web is a large place.

I hope you conclude in your research that people can't work because they are easily distracted by idle gossip-that's scriptural, too.

Elizabeth Norway said...

Sometimes coincidences happens.
If he was unhappy with his wife and the new baby, then he will be happy now.

Anonymous said...

And, life insurance is no more an indicator of greed than auto insurance,home insurance, etc.
AAA sells insurance to provide assistance in the event a car breaks down, one is locked out of their home, etc. That does not mean people sabotage their own safety for attention.

What it does stimulate is hacking of Insurance offices to prove motive on cold cases or beat others out of medical care in the event of an accident.

Ode said...

Views, the wall: Security System
State of the Art

Floor is wood: vacuuming
additive with the view

The home spotless, this then easier
for forensic collection, what should not
be there, or this His house was of traffic
from his friends, collectively speaking.

this is Babysitter? instagram,

One week ago, dated image. Someone (was it her?)
Amanda who. A person had to prank CD, in order
to gain him to come home. A story of urgency, a flood within HIS house? as she wrote it.

This is what it looks like when you walk into your house expecting water to be everywhere and instead your friends are everywhere and you didn't know and it's your birthday and you're 30!! A shocked and delighted @daveyblackburn!! Happy Birthday friend!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
No, I'm never certain of anything cause the Web is a large place.

I hope you conclude in your research that people can't work because they are easily distracted by idle gossip-that's scriptural, too.

November 16, 2015 at 11:02 AM Delete

do you disagree with the suspicion? If so, why?

Is it okay for people to have an opinion? Is it okay to disagree with you?

Is it okay for some news programs to question the veracity of the statement?

What about police?

With a murder case, if they look into Davey Blackburn, are they violating Scripture, wasting time with "idle gossip"?

Lastly, what about you posting here: should you not, therefore, be working rather than posting about idle gossip?

It is so much better to simply disagree and state your reasons why. I have not concluded deception in Blackburn, but am concerned that he might be involved.

From watching his videos, I am concerned that he is not only obsessed with his own sex drive, but that he is projecting this among impressionable teenagers.

I believe in the authority of Scripture, and in the 10 commandments, as written and not re-written for money making purposes. Personally, I am embarrassed at the show this man puts on as he bears the Name of "Christian" for his own gratification.

You stumble in your condemnation but do so "anonymously." I would much prefer you consider taking a name, even a fake name, and posting your reasons why my suspicion is unfounded.

If you believe I am the only one suspicious, you have not listened to the news, nor do you have any insight into what police work looks like. Lastly, you do not understand human nature, specifically, as taught from Scripture as your reference point.

Consider posting why you believe my suspicion is off. I will listen to your arguments. If my suspicion is wrong, I will state it plainly and be glad that Blackburn has no connection to the murder.

As to the potential grooming of young people, I have seen enough video to be convinced that, in the least, he is wildly inappropriate and the grooming is "inadvertent." His misuse of Scripture, notwithstanding, the worst case scenario is that he is projecting his own narcissistic need for sex, conquest and recognition in the very place where young people should be safest.

Religion has always, and will always, be a place for scoundrels to prey upon others. It is also a place where the guilty go to be cleansed. The two often look like, just as, from a hill far away, goats walking among sheep appear all the same.

Go easy. If he in guilty in this, you won't need to apologize since you're anonymous. You get the anonymous muscle of condemning others for doing precisely what you are doing.


Elizabeth Norway said...

Many men are pragmatic about unborn babies. Amanda was three months along, most likely his thoughts were not with the fetus.
He seems like a real douche, though.

His lack of concern for his now motherless son is strange.

I will be pleasantly surprised if investigation shows he had nothing to do with the murder.

Thiss whole thing reminds me of the Knutby case in Sweden. Reverend Helge Fossmo had a young woman killing his new wife. After his first wife died in an "accident".

The Sheep said...

It seems like a bunch of us have questioned the connection, too. Peter has been cautious but to analyze the growing pile of questions is not unexpected.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
And, life insurance is no more an indicator of greed than auto insurance,home insurance, etc.
AAA sells insurance to provide assistance in the event a car breaks down, one is locked out of their home, etc. That does not mean people sabotage their own safety for attention.

What it does stimulate is hacking of Insurance offices to prove motive on cold cases or beat others out of medical care in the event of an accident.
November 16, 2015 at 11:07 AM

I am not certain what the last sentence means.

Life insurance policies can be a financial motive to murder. Is this something you cannot conceive of?

Baby Ayla went "missing" and was reported "kidnapped" by her father, Justin DiPietro.

When police and media approached him to allow him to speak to the kidnappers for the safe return of Ayla, he said he was "emotionally incapable."

Then he failed his polygraph.


we learned that the single, unemployed father of two had taken out a $15,000 life insurance policy, not for his children, but against, and against only Ayla, not against the other.

He sent text messages to the mother saying, "I hope nobody ever takes her..."

A few weeks later, surprise, surprise, Ayla was "kidnapped."

When asked about the life insurance policy, he said it was "just" in case she died; to pay for her funeral.

On welfare, his co payment, at most, would have been $500. Most likely, he would not have paid a penny.

Strangely enough, rumored to be in the low level drug business, his girlfriend's sister's apartment in Portland, where he had stayed with the baby, was raided by police with a $25,000 cache of drugs confiscated.

Drug wholesalers are not known to take payment plans, nor Visa. This debt had to be paid....

Yes, people do kill for greed. James said it a few years before our time.


Unknown said...

I agree about the videos Peter. I watched parts of several of the "Love Song" segments over the weekend, and I felt angry and disgusted for Amanda, particularly knowing how the story ends.

I also wondered how parents would feel comfortable with their teens hearing about his sex drive, sexual habits, and sexual needs, etc.

While sharing some personal anecdotes is expected, his repeated return to the topic of his sex drive and needs is over sharing, to put it lightly! Taken with his dress, language, and demeanor, he puts himself on a peer level with the audience, while he openly discusses his sex life, marital problems, etc. It's inappropriate, and creepy, and in my opinion he's being intentionally provocative to prove his 'hip' factor.

The Sheep said...

Sorry if I missed it but what exactly did he say about life insurance?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Elizabeth, I agree with your first post, but not your second.

Here is why:

I agree that most men are not concerned about pre born children at 3 months. This is a generalization I agree with.

The generalization doesn't apply to those of faith. Many years experience, as well as my own celebrations, indicate the opposite; many (most, in my experiences) Christian men are very 'involved' with the pre born, or unborn child. They read to the child, play music, and so on.

Many, myself included, play classical music, quietly for the baby, hoping that its complexities help trigger brain development. I often now remark that my 15 year old was "my youngest" to go to a Bob Dylan concert as she went a few months before birth.

These dads are often very comical, and rather old fashion, waiting hand and foot upon the expectant mothers and seeing to nutrition and rest.

Blackburn's lack of recognition, in THIS context alone, makes it unexpected.

As to your other comment:

You said that he may be uninvolved but the coincidence is before us, I agree: he spent considerable time and strong language to give us the information about how bad the marriage was, and specifically what caused the bad marriage, including pregnancy and his sexual needs.

He is very talented, handsome and intelligent and if he was in Hollywood and promiscuous, he would be praised for it. That he is part of a movement that changed the 10 commandments (which suggests being smarter than God, from their own reference point) and feels the message is so weak that it needs his 'dressing up' and 'unconventional methodology' speaks to ego.

My personal belief is that the truth needs no assistance.

I feel sorrow for Amanda's family, most of all, here. If Blackburn has no connection to the shooter, he is free from the unhappy marriage, which, itself, will saddle him with a life time of regret. It is a tragedy.

I hope my suspicion is off. It is not a Statement Analysis conclusion. If the 911 call is released, you may read me saying "deception indicated" or you may read me saying, "This call shows no prior knowledge of the incident."

My confidence is in the principles of analysis, far more than even coincidences, or investigations. I would not have any "cold cases" to work on if police were 100% right.

Elizabeth: interesting posts: thank you.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi - I came to this site from twitter because I couldn't believe there weren't other people out there that found this man, CD, to be at the very least a total narcissist, if not something worse. I agree with pretty much everything posted here thus far....

This was posted above, but the pic here from Instagram shows an alarm system in the Blackburn home. The police have said there was no forced entry.... This is very confusing? Unless that is not an alarm system but climate control...? Thoughts?


SC said...

The Sheep - Davey made an odd reference to life insurance on his wife in the Love Song 2 Week 2 video (start listening around minute 35).

Anonymous said...

Yep, the truth disappears.

Anonymous said...

This is why a person has to wait for a city worker appx 20-30 to decide that water may not actually run uphill when trying to detect a leak.

The Sheep said...

SC- yes, I'm asking for the language he used so I can judge/analyze for myself. Thanks for the specific time.

The Sheep said...

I heard him make a joke about the kind of life insurance he took out- after the joke about breathing and snoring. Is that the one? Because he doesn't say "on Amanda" in fact the joke seems to be about her killing him. Is there another place where he specifically says "on Amanda"? I agree it could be leakage of whats on his mind, but better to report it accurately.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I would not be surprised if the robbery was perfunctory: nothing of value.

This would signal a cover story for murder.


BallBounces said...

"Celebration" funerals. This is all the rage, to trivialize death and mourning. Did not Jesus weep at the grave of Lazarus, and groan inwardly?

I have often said, only half in jest, that it is worth becoming a Prayer Book Anglican for the funeral. It is Christianity at its best.

Anonymous said...

And, I have often said when told that mail theft was a federal offense: In what state?

Tania Cadogan said...

Why would someone say "the best is yet to come" when their supposed love of their life and unborn child are brutally murdered in cold blood?

Surely the marriage is the best thing to happen to the surviving husband in this case.

If the best is yet to come, what does this make the marriage?

Was this marriage the worst thing ever?

What is his definition of the best is yet to come?

Does this mean unlimited, anything goes sex with one or more partners?

Does this mean a secret relationship can now be made public in the guise of support and helping raise the surviving child?

What if he is gay or bisexual and the sectret lover is male?
Will it remain secret or will it be explained away and brotherly support as he could never marry another woman, nothing could replace Amanda?

Does the best is yet to come mean a life pretty much free of responsibility, financial expense and all that came with being a husband and father?

Does he foresee himself as a televangelist and all the 'perks' that come with it?

Does he see himself as free to preach his version of christianity, talk about his sex life and marital probles, blaming Amanda for everything wrong in their marriage without her denouncing his lies or restricting his behavior.

He introduced butter in relationship to Amanda, she didn't seem to understand what it referred to.
This does not surprise me if she was devout and avoided adult movies, lived a devout life.
It refers to a scene in Last Tango In Paris where Marlo Brandon uses butter as a lubricant and practically anally rapes his lover.

Was that something he wanted to try with his wife and she put her foot down and said no?
Is that something he has experienced elsewhere and enjoyed?

He sex obsessed, so much so that he actively brags about how much sex he wants and how good he is.
Boinking a pastor is seen by some as a badge of honor, something to be aimed for as they are seen as sacrosanct, off limits.
Is he advertising his availabilty especially now his wife is dead?

I cannot rule out that he didn't pull the trigger before he left for the gym, especially since he was, for the first time, 40 mins approx late.
Perhaps there was a burglar and they tried their luck, getting the fright of their life when they came across a shot and dying woman.
It wouldn't be the first time nor will it be the last.
He/she doesn't call for help as it would lead to akward questions as to why they were there and also the fear thhey could be charged with the murder.
There have been a fewrare cases where the burglar has called emergency services and then ran.
More so if they were young.
There is also the possibility that cd did the crime and set up the burglary, perhaps in the hope said burglar gets blamed for the crime.

Reports are that other houses were broken into prior to Amanda being shot.
I wonder if cd has had his prints and DNA taken?
I know i would take all sorts of samplrs from himto compare to any forensic evidence found in the houses, h just in case he set the whole thing up to cover a premeditated murder.

I am suspicious like that :)

Especially given the temporal lacuna of 40 mins or so.

Tania Cadogan said...


It also bugs me the time of the burglaries.
Who breaks into a house at that time of the day?
The owners could well be wide awake and getting ready to go on a run or the gym or work or any number of other activities.
Awake people scare wannabe burglars, they may be armed, they could fight back, they can identify the burglar.

They prefer the early hours when it is dark and the owners will be in a deep sleep.
There is less chance of detection, less chance of confrontation, less chance of being spotted outside, the dark helping conceal their identity and that of any vehicle they may drive.

This is why i can consider the whole burglary thing as a set up to cover the real intended crime.
Set up some young fool to take the fall, after all who thinks a pastor could murder his own wife?

What is clear is this is not big loss to cd.
He is happy she is dead, he can milk his loss for all it is worth, national and perhaps even international media, interviews, donations, sex.

He may not have pulled the trigger, he may well have, cnsidering she was still alive when he returned.

The 911 call will tell us a lot.

I also note no video release of the alleged suspect and the strangely worded comment from LE saying you are not as good as you think you are.

Is this a veiled threat?
Does it refer to his alleged role as a pastor?
Does this relate to something they have found which incriminates the killer?
Has someone contacted them and voiced suspicion?
Does it relate to something not found that should have been?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Before I comment, can someone give the full vacuum cleaner quote, its author and when it was spoken.

There is, perhaps, something that should be viewed...

Also, the changing of the 10 commandments and all the slick media, advertising and in short, the tailoring of the message is designed for one purpose: to grow membership. The message that God is going to make everything wonderful is very appealing and when your wife is murdered and you think you would be devastated, you will "laugh" instead, is also very appealing. If this was a business and not a church, I would applaud its business model, its pragmaticism and ability to earn money.

Sadly and regretably, it is a church.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


the time of the burglary is unusual. A detective text me:

"Most home invasions do not happen at that time. Most are people who rob drug dealers or people known to have large sums of money..."

he went on to comment, statistically, on who kills pregnant women: husbands or boyfriends, sometimes aided by the new girlfriend.

You have speculated well on the height of the shooter. Also, to conclude that the video is the shooter suggests that police know a bit more. Standing outside suspiciously in a hoodie is not enough to conclude the shooting responsibility.

Most readers here are familiar with the use of percentages in statements. I stop it there.


Ode said...

Perry Noble, mini Documentary video: Depression Anxiety Deep end

" I was a control freak" Interesting, his to survive, he sought outside help. Any attempts from him, to intervene within, the self centered grandiose Blackburn? did he or his wife attempt to help Amanda, was Amanda seeking outside help?

“I remember sitting across the table from her and saying, "(The) church is bigger than it's ever been. Our daughter's beautiful and healthy. Our marriage is good. In the world's eyes I’m successful, and I hate my life.”

“I'm going, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going and my attitude was, ‘I can do this because I’m superman. I can do anything. I mean, I can preach seven, days a week. I can do all this stuff.’ I really was a control freak during that time period. I wanted control of everything.”

But this ‘super pastor’ could no longer mask his depression and anxiety. Perry was preaching when he suffered the first of several panic attacks.

“I started sweating and I couldn't control my breath …it felt like my chest was closing in. I literally walked off stage and handed my keys to a friend of mine and said, ‘please drive me home. I can't drive.’"

Perry then started having suicidal thoughts. They began one day while he was sitting at a stop light. (I thought) ‘It would be awesome if they didn't stop and they just ran the red light and they hit me and they killed me and I wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore.’ And then one day it hit me, "well, if nobody's going to kill me, and I want to die, maybe I should just kill myself. I realized I had a problem when I started thinking about ways to do it.”

Shannon In CA said...

Tons of people are suspicious. Look at comments on news stories. And judge pirro, a former prosecutor said it's too early to fully clear him. Peter is saying the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Get a camra on your home and You'll see what happens at weird times and their reaction to the little red dot in the wee hours.

Someone may have to review their numbers.

Anonymous said...

I meant the "we" hours of the night.

SC said...

I haven't seen it mentioned on here yet but if anyone watched Nancy Grace last Thursday (did anyone else see it?), they had the head of the neighborhood watch on. He had mentioned that it was fairly common knowledge of neighbors that the first house that was burglarized that morning belonged to someone who was away quite often on business. I think he said that the house was two houses down from the Blackburn's (I could be wrong on that). I've tried finding the clip of the entire interview but with no luck...nor can I find it in writing in any news article. Just wanted to put that out there...since I found it to be pretty interesting that he said neighbors knew that the resident was away from home a lot.

Also there was a news article just posted on the Indianapolis Star saying that the police this morning said they still don't have a timeline for releasing the photos of the suspect...

rob said...

When I first heard this on the news, I thought, burglar shoots a woman in the head, something ain't right. Then I hear the husbands story, oh no, this really is not right. Then LE immediately says he is 100% innocent, and we got the guy on film. But no pictures on the news, not even those fuzzy, that could be anybody picture. But no caution to the community, no, be careful lock your doors, watch the kids.
He freely says something good is going to come out of this, yeah, good for him.
Then we see the videos, made before the death, nothing could tell you something is wrong more than that. With her moral upbringing and probably her family, can you believe she would allow this to keep happening, or would her parents? Now the families of the teens in those meetings will see them, what will happen to his flock? When the New Spring church sees them, the ones that have been supporting them, will the continue to support? Any time I see a church official obsessed with sex, lookout, it's not about God, it's about them.
I'm not saying he killed her, but something is definitely not right.

JMTO said...

I find this, from Pastor Davey's babysitters Etsy signs that someone spoke of earlier in a previous post, most telling.....

Taken 16 weeks ago.....

The hash tag for Amanda Grace is #nothingwasted
Nothing Wasted.

Pastor Davey repeats it on his social media sites.

His babysitter, MG, made a sign with the "Lumineers" song "Hey, Ho"
"I belong to you, you belong to me, you're my sweetheart"

With the instagram hash tag "#nothingwasted attached to it.

16 weeks ago.

Yes very telling to me.
If he was not involved, there is still something kinky going on.
He isn't devastated by it, and that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

3 Thoughts -
1. Does anyone remember the dateline where the two friends were neighbors. The older son staged a robbery of their home and the neighbors home and the neighbor was killed. All some kind of love triangle.
2. Someone needs to tell the husband to stay off of twitter not good for his image.
3. And Check out this instagram account. I calling the mistress. interned for Davey 5 yrs. ago, babysits the child now apparently lots of posts with him, and her dang etsy shop is nothing is wasted, the hashtag hubs keeps putting on his wildly inappropriate tweeting. Then 6 days ago she is posts a pic of things she is selling that say the best is yet to come.

JMTO said...

Amber Byars Wilkinson 8:02 pm
November 13th, Friday 2015
From Facebook
July 28, 2014 : I was sleeping at my grandparent's house when I got the phone call. Amanda's water broke! It was 2:45 am, and Davey had informed me that Amanda had showered and was currently vacuuming the house just to make sure everything was perfect for when she brought the baby home. My grandma got up and we sat in the kitchen talking about Amanda and the excitement of getting to hold her new baby today! I drove so fast to make sure I was there. When I walked into the room, there she was. In so much pain. I squeezed her hand and told her it was going to be ok - the nurse asked if she wanted an epidural and Davey and I giggled as she didn't even hesitate to answer "YES"! The epidural FINALLY kicked in and she was able to get some sleep. She looked so beautiful lying there. She was dilated to 10 cm but wasn't able to push just yet. After hours and hours of waiting to push, Amanda finally decided on her own that she was ready to push and despite being "completely ready", she pushed with everything she had inside of her. For two hours, Davey and I held her hand and cheered for her with each push. She never gave up. Each push was just as strong if not stronger than the one before. She not only amazed Davey and I, but the entire staff of nurses and doctors taking care of her. She gave one last final push as she brought the most incredible life into this world. Weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces, Weston James was here! I sat there completely in awe of what I just watched my sister endure. Through the tears and pain, she conquered. She fought with every ounce of her being. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but that it would be worth it all. I never respected her more than I did watching her in that moment. And oh the joy on her face when she held her precious baby in her arms. This day was one of the most AMAZING and incredible days of not only her life, but mine as well.

Part 1

Anonymous said...

if you click on the nothingwasted name it takes you to the official instagram page of the same name
Look at the tagline below that.......

JMTO said...

part two.

November 10, 2015 : I was sleeping at my grandparent's house when I got the phone call. Amanda was found unconscious in her home and now in critical condition at the hospital. It was 9:26 am and I threw on clothes and jumped in the car. I drove so fast to make sure I was there. A million thoughts flooded my mind and I couldn't help but think back to the last time I was driving to the hospital to meet Davey and Amanda. My heart and mind couldn't process anything. I was in complete shock, yet filled with total hope that God was going to perform a miracle today. We walked into her room. She looked so beautiful lying there. She had tubes everywhere and a bandage around her head, and yet that sweet face was the only thing we could see. I squeezed her hand to make sure she knew I was there, and I held onto that hand in complete and total desperation for the next two days. Davey and I, along with hundreds of others, sat by her bed and cheered her on with each breath of the ventilator. We wept and laughed and sobbed and giggled about memories of Amanda that flooded our mind. She was a fighter. She was going to make it. She had endured one of the most scary and helpless moments of her life, in her own home, and I know Amanda pushed and fought with everything inside of her. She was stronger than she had ever been. She rose up in that moment and protected the precious gift she brought into this world only a year before. And I sat by her bed in complete and total awe of what my sweet sister endured. Through the distress and fear, she conquered. She knew it wouldn't be easy but that it would be worth it all. And oh the joy on her face on November 11 at 7:55 am when she was able to walk into the arms of Jesus, holding her precious little Evie Grace in her arms. This was the MOST AMAZING day of her life.

I have always looked up to my baby sister. I always thought it was ironic that my younger sister would be the person I respected most. I loved her more than she would ever be able to understand. She helped me through this life in every way. She encouraged me, challenged me, held me in my most difficult times, prayed for me, laughed with me, endured every phase of life with me. She never stopped loving me. Her life meant more to me than words will ever be able to express. I talked to her yesterday in heaven. Through the tears and sobs, I could hear her sweet voice saying "Aaaaaaamber! My sister! Please don't cry. It's going to be ok. I know you're sad, but I'm in the presence of my Savior. The one place in this entire world I feel most safe. Most loved. Most fulfilled. Most perfected. My Jesus is here with me and Evie. He's squeezing our hands. He loves me Amber more than anyone else on the earth combined. I know it's hard, but I'm in the very place I've always desired to be. I'm home. My true home."

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace

I love you #amandagrace. More than you will ever know. ��

Anonymous said...

If you look at the tweet that CD posted on Oct 14th showing that he was preparing to "preach the big message" in four weeks (4 weeks would of been the week Amanda was murdered) with a similar phrase used by the church on the same day as Amanda's shooting. Look who favorited/liked that tweet.....The babysitter...Interesting...........

Suzanne said...

Who is CD? I'm lost.

JenB said...

I posted on the other thread, but thought it was interesting that apparently MG was living with the Blackburns until about 10 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

CD=Crazey Davey

Anonymous said...

Was she actually living there or just invited to have a family dinner? And according to that she said 1000 more so maybe she was still living there. She followed them from SC and doesn't appear to have another job except ETSY that ain't paying the bills.

Sus said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I usually take a more "cautious" approach, but for some reason Pastor Davey has sent my hinky meter sky high.

They should definitely look for a connection between the shooter "seen standing on the front porch" and Pastor Davey.

I also asked my Fed LE about this case. He said, "They cleared the husband? I would have looked into an affair with a member of his congregation." Hahaha

Tania Cadogan said...

cd is crazy davey the nickname given to davey her husband

John Mc Gowan said...

I like the way you dropped his christian name, Peter.

When i was at school. If my teacher(s) called me out by my surname, i knew, i was in trouble. lol. Paradoxically, if i got the full title (John McGowan) from my parents. Oh dear, i was grounded (not a phrase used when i was a kid) and all privileges taken away. My age then, privileges, were coloring in books and Jigsaw's.

JMTO said...

"Most days I completely fail at trusting Jesus. Even so, I'm thankful for the moments that I know I'm fighting to put my worry away and choose to worship. I'm believing today that I can look at the mountain and tell it to get out of my way! Thankful that with Jesus I can rest in his promises and his plans! I hope you can tell your mountain to get out too!"

The picture that goes with this instagram, taken a week ago, says......

"This mountain that's in front of me
Will be thrown into the depths of the sea."

Coincidentally, the theme song for the series "The Affair"
Is by Fiona Apple
Called "Container"

The lyrics are.....
I was screaming into the canyon
At the moment of my death
Echo I created
Outlasted my last breath

My voice it made an avalanche
And buried a man I never knew
And when he died his widowed bride
Met your daddy and they made you

I have only one thing to do and that's
Be the wave that I am and then
Sink back into the ocean

I have only one thing to do and that's
Be the wave that I am and then
Sink back into the ocean

I have only one thing to do and that's
Be the wave that I am and then
Sink back into the ocean
(Sink back into the ocean)


Wonder if she is a fan of the series?

Suzanne said...

CD = Crazy Davey. Ha,ha,ha. Thank you for clarifying.

JenB said...

She said something about last dinner until she moves out on her own, and there was this other picture:

"Nap time at the Blackburn House"

I am surprised this girl (or woman, since according to her Etsy shop she is "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving") hasn't expressed fear about how this could have been her, if it had happened a couple months earlier. Maybe in their church you can't express fear or negativity, or maybe she is just trying very hard to keep from making it about herself, at least publicly.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to say this in the most polite way possible, but MG dosen't exactly fit the description in regards to the alleged perps weight description.

Anonymous said...

Is it cool to critique/sleuth the babysitter this way? This seems to be getting out of hand.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Without too much:

He is "100% cleared" as the shooter. See the context where the video is mentioned.

I am in doubt as to his involvement, but I am not in doubt as to my concerns about his videos.

As to condemning the man who is in mourning,

1. He is not in mourning, he "celebrated" and "laughed" and used it to advertise his church, successfully.

2. He spoke publicly, not privately and invites discernment.

3. Any and every murder investigation is going to being in the smallest circle: the home. First, clear the hubby as shooter and move out to find the shooter.

4. Once the shooter has been identified, see if there is any link between shooter and husband, especially a husband who:

a. Openly talked about how bad their marriage was
b. How the context of negative marriage including pregnancy
c. How the dead woman was pregnant
c. How he even mentioned the life insurance policy must be explored
d. The gym must be explored
e. phone records going back the last few months means interviewing EVERY person contacted.

If he is all cleared on everything, I hope he moves to Hollywood and stars in movies and stops what he does in church.


Anonymous said...

yeah, lets stay "cool" in our comments.

JenB said...

Peter, where might a person email you?

Sus said...

I just watched the Indianpolis PD press conference through its entirety. A few things stood out.

•Like Chicago, Indianapolis uses social networking to prevent crime, specifically gang crime. The head of this dept spoke.

•The burglary, Amanda's murder, the stolen vehicle...nothing about this crime was on the radar. My own words..."a lone wolf or wolves."

•The first home was burglarized at 5:30. They have video from WITHIN the home. The vehicle pulled up (known by video) at a fast rate of speed, at around 6:00 am, and pulled out one minute later. Presumedly to load stolen goods as their were large items.

•At 6:11 Pastor Davey left his home, and according to police, the burglar saw his chance to rob another home. I am wondering why the burglar was hanging around for 11 minutes. Didn't he need a car at the Blackburn home?

•The sheriff said to the shooter, "How can you, how dare you, take and sell something from a dead person?" He must have robbed Amanda. It sounds like one thing..."something". Maybe from her person? It sounds personal. And it can't be large or video would have caught the vehicle coming back in.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Joey Buttafouco's wife, Mary Jo, was shot in the head by a stranger to her.

It ended up being Amy Fischer, 16 year old kid.

Investigators found that Amy Fischer was in a sexual relationship with Joey.

Joey talked about how he was not free to be with Amy because of Mary Jo.

Amy got the memo, and went out and shot Mary Jo in the head.

Joey was "100%" not the shooter when Mary Jo gave the police the description of the shooter, just as Davey Blackburn is "100%" not the shooter of Amanda.


Suzanne said...

Peter, I would be curious to know if there are any phrases used by "C.D" which may have also been used by Pamela Smart?

Anonymous said...

This tweet is so weird too... Firstly, they couldn't find a picture of JUST Amanda? It's her "celebration of life" event! Why is CD in the picture too?

And "wear jeans"???? Seriously? I imagine he's advising that guests don't need to dress up like they might for a traditional funeral, but it just seems an odd thing to put on an invite for an event regarding a women who was just murdered.

Anonymous said...

Forgot link to tweet:

Anonymous said...

Gemini said...

I do find his ending sentence of his statement to be odd. "The best is yet to come"... Then you look at the babysitters Instagram/Etsy page, and it's hard not to see a eerie connection. In the recent Instagram pic of him at the party, it doesn't look like he is wearing a wedding ring. I am so interested to see how this all plays out.

Shannon In CA said...

I heard somewhere she was shot around 6:45...not sure the source for that though. If true, it really begs the question of why the burglar waited around that long.

John Mc Gowan said...

If, and i say that lightly, LE have a vague description of the "alleged" killer and what he was driving. Why on Gods green planet, have they NOT, put together an E-fit and a national appeal to find whomever carried out this heinous crime.

According to what is being reported? Their is a killer on the loose. This killer, whom has NO qualms about what he /she has done is free to roam and possible carry out the same atrocity.

I am not a avid fan of Nancy Grace. I am, however, surprised she hasn't employed all her minions to get the husband on her "show"

Like her or not. She maybe able to get him to talk, without leading questions being asked (hopefully). If she does get him on her "show" lets hope she asks open ended questions. If not, and they are closed, we can note every word after the answer be it yes or no.

Shannon In CA said...

There we go. Gunshots heard between 6:45 and 6:55am. If that burglar watched CD leave around 6:11, what the heck was he/she doing between that time and gunshot time? I mean seriously.... Someone who tried to "hide his face" on the video hung around the neighborhood for at least an hour???? Seriously? It's just another suspicious thing. And they haven't said whether anything was stolen officially, which I find odd...

JenB said...

News story says she died Thursday, sister's post says she died 7:11 a.m. on Wednesday. I don't get the discrepancy even taking organ donation into account. Also don't get her husband making a statement about her death when SHE'S NOT DEAD YET. That is really unexpected.

Anonymous said...
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Juliet said...

Is it normal for a babysitter to tell her charge that she loves him? To me, that would be too familiar, unless the child was a family member - but maybe that would not be inappropriate to others? I don't know - we're paranoid here about other people's kids, but perhaps things are more relaxed in the US. The babysitter says 'I love you' to Weston, in one of the videos. To my thinking, those words belong to the mother, parents, family. The babysitter moved to help set up the church - is she married, were they already friends - she seems to have regarded Amanda as a close friend. Was Amanda encroached upon - did she want a babysitter, especially one who posted photos of her son on Instagram? I checked out Amanda's Instagram and Facebook, and she did not make a habit of posting Weston's photographs' -apart from posting photos of herself arcsocial events with family and her girlfriends, she's private, not one for airing her thoughts in public - I wonder therefore how happy she was to have her friend posting her son's photos and an 'I love you' video online. Is it just me, or is that way out of order? Not to mention wondering how happy she wasn't at those dreadful Q & A sessions.

The insensitivity of 'the best is yet to come' and 'nothing is wasted' is astounding - it's tantamount to mockery, and yet they are all going along with it. Even if those are church slogans, where is the thought that it would be most appropriate to suspend use of them for the foreseeable future? I can't get my head round the unpleasantness of what is going on there - it surely cannot be due to stupidity. Davey is intelligent. Is there no to end the disparagement of his wife - and what is wrong with the people surrounding him, that they don't stop it?

I don't know what the hierarchy is in that type of set up - I wonder if Davey is accountable to anyone but himself, and if there is anyone there who oversees what is going on. Is he his own authority? He shouldn't be - everyone in authority needs to be properly accountable to someone within a church.

I do believe that nobody is lost and nothing is wasted in God's greater economy, but used as slogans, that is just lazy - there is a time and place for everything, including a time to mourn - but that might seem like a waste of time for Davey. He'd need a few days to grieve, he said - he must have meant on Twitter, and while he set up the support fund which then turned into /Weston's college fund. Plain support for Davey and co maybe wasn't bringing in enough donations, but everyone loves a college fund for a child of a murder victim. Cynic much. The baby had better have a decent trust fund out of his tragedy, at least. No running total on the donation page - that could go either way.

I agree with what Peter has said - I also wouldn't let a young person near Davey Blackburn - he's a poor role model and a bad influence.

Anonymous said...

There is a very interesting post response to someone's question on the Marion County Coroners facebook page concerning the correct date in regards to Amanda's death.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The ideology of the church is a remake of Norman Vincent Peale's "power of positive thinking" and is an out shoot of the 'property' doctrine that became popular i the 80's and 90's, and included celebrity endorsements.

It teaches that faith, rather than brining people through suffering, rises above human suffering instead. It is very appealing.
It's god wants its followers to be healthy, wealthy and successful. Therefore, it must project a strong image of success. It has only little resemblance to Biblical Christianity. It measures success in numbers and dollars.

In order to how show you how "powerful" its god is, the "testiphoney" is used.

Person A says "jesus saved me from drugs" and the audience applauds. Addiction is a hell of a thing to overcome but this seemed so easy! An addict is led to believe in instant healing, and will face the inevitable let down to come.

Person B says, 'oh yeah? well, i was on drugs too, plus i was a prostitute and jesus saved me!"

Person C sees how wildly successful jesus was and how the audience goes wild and says, 'oh, well, that is good, you know, for you, but i was raised by a prostitute mother on drugs, and she was married to charlie manson, and i killed my father and look at me now! I am wonderful!"

The competition for success is acute. Davey mentioned that he was "given $100,000 start up money" and the old church paid his first year's salary..." and is driven by competition.

He puts on a show for his young audience. He wears hip clothing, tight shirts to show his muscles, struts up and down the stage like a rock star, while telling people how bad his marriage was, how pregnancy made it worse, how he has sexual temptation at the gym, and his wife must give in to his sexual demands otherwise he will not pay attention to her when she talks over dinner!

This is heartbreaking for Amanda or any woman who lives with this nonsense.

They measure success with numbers and money.

When he started this church, he HAD tremendous pressure to bring in people because otherwise it is not a real 'calling.'

I think of the Middle East Reformed Fellowship which assists, at the risking of their own lives, Muslims in the Middle East who are trusting Christ for their eternity for the past 50 years. They live hand to mouth, are scared to death of Islam and have little to call their own, other than the love they show Arabs seeking to flee from Islamic grips. Where they work, anyone who leaves Islam is condemned to death.
A single life enhanced is of great reward to these dedicated Christians.

For Davey, it is severe pressure to build, build build, which meant him constantly out of the home, according to Amanda, a young bride who wanted her husband. She said the marriage went immediately rotten the day the honeymoon ended.

He is a talented, but driven man and it appeared from his initial statement that "I" and "career" were foremost in his mind. That is what Jeanne Piro of Fox News was referring to.

Learning that he had a life insurance policy on Amanda could be something that will bring more suspicion upon him.

He is driven for success and even used his wife's murder for an advertising opportunity that paid off big time. See his statement where he acknowledges the "nation" is watching him.


Anonymous said...

Amy Smith whoever you are, keep doing the awesome job that you are doing on twitter!

Anonymous said...


RE personal item taken ... perhaps wedding ring?


Lots of confusion in the press as to TOD. Legally, brain death = TOD. Donor must be declared dead before organ transplantation can happen. Press initially ran with the family's/church's death announcement then (apparently) got reigned in by the county coroner who mentioned the ventilator and said death was "imminent."

Sister Amber mentions sitting with Amanda for two days, then says TOD was 7:55am Nov. 11 which would have been 25 hours after shooting.

Juliet said...

I felt some sympathy, but mainly The sister's post was like an exercise in creative writing - mainly I noticed the parellels in each paragraph, how carefully it had been put together/contrived - not easy during a time of grief. I might be heartless, but it didn't move me - I just got stuck on the style - the fact it had a style. I don't think Davey was a good influence - it seems some people are taken in by him, and in order to get Davey's approval one would need to collude with, or pretend not to notice, his abysmal attitude towards Amanda. I think it quite likely that Amanda was made miserable by Davey's psychological manipulation of some of the people she loved, and who loved her, but who were overly influenced by him. It's very sad - I hope he's not responsible for her death. Someone commented earlier that 'squeezed' was significant - maybe the sister sensed that Amanda was being squeezed out of Davey's life - probably not - that sounds too fanciful.

This babysitter though - is she married; does she have a crush on Davey; is she being groomed for step-motherhood - was that happening right under Amanda's eyes? How can she be Amanda's friend and yet post pictures of Amanda's son on her own Facebook? To me that is so weird, especially as Amanda did not post his pictures. I'd guess that would be due to not wanting him to seem like public property if she felt that way - that's an 'occupational hazard' for pastor's wives and families, and difficult if they are, or would like to be private, or more private, people.

The mystery deepens, or I just have an over-active imagination.

Anonymous said...

There is an instagram account of one of his most devout followers that I'm sure has caught LE's attention. The way this could have been so easily played in this situation is horribly sad. I think it's very possible that LE doesn't need to publish that surveillance tape. I think their statement "you're not as good as you think you are" is very directed and they are making sure they are going to get ALL the parties involved.

JMTO said...

Well- he might have to have the "perfect, trophy wife" with the perfect life, cars, home......even he might have to be perfect.

As to what he prefers.....
He might have different tastes.
Size won't be a factor, IMO.

Here's why......

His wife, just had a baby.
He is oversexed, can't get enough, on his mind 24/7, needs his ego stroked at all times, and he even goes as far after his wife's death to say he misses her watching him preach.

I don't think in his mind, he was quite getting the attention he felt he deserved. Definitely not the sexual attention.
She became a mother to him, and probably lost her sexual status in his eyes.

But another woman, a babysitter who has connection to him, connection to his son, WAS there to stroke his ego, give him lots of attention, she interned for him and at one point bought a jock strap and baby bib for him in the same day (uncomfortable much? See Instagram)
Who could devote ALL of her free time to him if needed while his wife was hunkered down, taking care of the baby and washing clothes - giving little Weston all of her free time as any good mother would.

So yes I could see him being with her.

Most of the time, men cheat with women that the wives turn around and scratch their heads thinking why?????

It was available.
Plain and simple.

JMTO said...

We are just brainstorming.
You might want to check out websleuths if this makes you uncomfortable- it is a little stricter on who you may or may not "sleuth."

If everyone is innocent then they will be completely cleared- so there won't be anything to worry about, right?

Anonymous said...

Early morning alibi?

Love my weekly convos with @daveyblackburn! So refreshing to have a true friend to do life with.

5:18 AM - 10 Nov 2015 · Details

Anonymous said...

OT Peter the NY Times is now admitting no go zones after Belgium leader says they lost control over the entire city of Molenbeek

KD said...

Anon - are you in Pacific time? When I go to tweet it says 8:18am....maybe called him on his way home from the gym?

Love my weekly convos with @daveyblackburn! So refreshing to have a true friend to do life with.

Anonymous said...

KD......I am in Eastern time zone (same as Indianapolis) and the tweet shows up as made at 05:18

Anonymous said...

Do Twitter times reflect poster's zone or viewer's zone?

I am indeed in PST.

Either way ... looks like the convo happened during the pertinent time frame.


I'm only anonymous because I'm a dinosaur, and don't do social networking (thus no accounts) at all. Until now.

JenB said...

JMTO -- Where did you see this jockstrap purchase post?? This gets more and more bizarre.

Juliet said...

Peter - thank you for the description of the church set-up - it does sound like a lot of pressure, and more like a business than a church. No real authority over him - so he'd probably see that as God, and that might not be too healthy for someone with an ego like Davey's. He could probably convince himself of God's will in anything. I think their catchphrase is 'whatever it takes'.

In my youth I attended some similar type of evangelical gatherings, nothing so slick and glitzy, where people were convinced they had been healed - also visiting teachers of prosperity teaching from the US - plus I read the Norman Vincent Peale book. It was all very exciting to my young self, but they were random occasional events, and not specifically targeted at the youth. I suppose a consolation is/might be that most people grow out of it and sooner or later see it for what it is - misguided,shallow, false, self-serving - still a lot of potential for messing with young heads in the interval. I'm an Anglican, but I always liked to check out the other camps, too. As we like to say retrospectively here, 'it's all part of the journey' and 'nothing is wasted' - Davey has rather spoiled the 'nothing is wasted' idea for the time being though.

It feels wrong to be so lacking in sympathy to a man who has just lost his wife - but it would be wasted, as he's not grieving. So strange, so sad.

JenB said...

List of things that annoy me and gross me out:
1. "...watching this generation go hard after Jesus." Just, no. No. This isn't a hockey game.
2. "...I get to do life with these people..." You get to LIVE life with these people. Let's try to eliminate some of the jargon from Christianity. It is off-putting and alienating.
3. When people call their baby/toddler sons "stud." Do you even know what you're saying? Stop it.

Anonymous said...

Considering the "butter" comment, I'd assume he'd be having a homosexual liaison with a car jackin' n-worder.

Shannon In CA said...

Why? It's a heterosexual sex scene in the movie referenced.

JMTO said...

Amen to your post @ 5:03 JenB!!!!!

I was just thinking that about the "do life."
What? I get to "do life" with someone?
Dumbest thing I have ever heard!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see Brokeback Mtn?

Anonymous said...

It would be very easy for anyone to mentally, spiritually and physically manipulate someone who is obviously either slow or has arrested developement. Then bring in the skill of the gorgeous sociopath(note I didnt say smart)being used with this person who worships them and has even painted, posted and published that they are willing to do "whatever it takes." Especially if this person has been led to believe, and stupid enough to think they are a part of "the best is yet to come" and will step in to the place left vacant. It sickens me to be almost completely convinced that someone has diabolically played someone like this, banking on people thinking that person is dilusional because it is so absurd there would have been any real romantic involvement. My gut tells me, and I hope and pray that LE is right about this person not being as good as they think they are.

John Mc Gowan said...
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JMTO said...

JenB - here's a link to the "jockstrap and bib" post.

It says "A jock strap and a baby bib? Thank you @daveyblackburn for making this internship as awkward as possible!"

She posted this 43 weeks ago, but the ORIGINAL date of this post was January 19, 2010.
She reshared it this year. So at the date she posted, they had not had a child yet, but he sent his intern out for a bib.....and a jock strap.

How much you want to bet the jock strap WAS for him?

I am sorry but no effing way would I even be remotely ok with my husband's intern buying a jockstrap for him, all the while what goes INTO that jock strap is on her mind and Davey knows it, that's why he sent her out to get it instead of being mature and getting it himself without embarrassing his young, pretty intern.

Actually if my husband did that he wouldn't need that jock strap anymore after I got done with him lol.

She reposted it this year.
Can you imagine what AMANDA must have felt like seeing that AGAIN???

Anonymous said...

John Lennon - Grow Old With Me

Grow old along with me
The best is yet to be
When our time has come
We will be as one

God bless our love
God bless our love

Grow old along with me
Two branches of one tree
Face the setting sun
When the day is done

God bless our love
God bless our love

Spending our lives together
Man and wife together
World without end
World without end

Grow old along with me
Whatever fate decrees
We will see it through
For our love is true

God bless our love
God bless our love

Anonymous said...

Just wow..plugging her business right after posting about how devasted she was by Amandas death. Thanks to the awesome Amy for catching this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the guy's a mess. What's worse is someone depending on the stability of a innocent young woman to straighten him out.
However, he is not on trial nor or the members of the church if they prefer to believe his rhetoric.

May they find her killer.

Anonymous said...

I heard read that Davey Blackburn will be interviewed on GMA tomorrow at 7:30 am. I can't verify it but it wouldn't surprise me. I'm sure he's thrilled for the opportunity to promote himself. What a jerk.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous JenB said...

"List of things that annoy me and gross me out:
1. "...watching this generation go hard after Jesus." Just, no. No. This isn't a hockey game.
2. "...I get to do life with these people..." You get to LIVE life with these people. Let's try to eliminate some of the jargon from Christianity. It is off-putting and alienating.
3. When people call their baby/toddler sons "stud." Do you even know what you're saying? Stop it".

November 16, 2015 at 5:03 PM

Hi, JenB

Brilliant comments. You made me smile :)

Never fear, JenB. Darwinian natural selection usually takes care of that :) There is still time for them to apply. (All late entries accepted)

Anonymous said...

From Davey Blackburn's twitter - daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 10h10 hours ago
"A good name is better than precious ointment." (Ecc. 7:1) @AmandaGrace wore "Love Spell" perfume & her name cast the same on all she knew.

Love Spell is a perfume from Victoria's Secret. I don't think the type of "love spell" that Amanda Grace cast upon people was the same type of "love spell" that the perfume is meant to cast. I just find this so inappropriate. It's easy to tell where his mind is at.

EmilyH said...

So CD gets his big national news moment on GMA. Tuesday morning. Should be interesting. Given the clearly documented sexual issues he is dealing with, it could be possible that a lovestruck teen that he has groomed through his sermons could have been involved somehow. The height and build description describes a juvenile. Maybe he knew about it, maybe he didn't and is just feeling relieved at this point. However, if it did involve someone he is remotely involved with, he will suffer the consequences whether he was involved directly or not.

The things he said from his pulpit were in the least disgusting and highly inappropriate if not grounds for removal. If I had a teenager in the audience, I would consider it child abuse.

lynda said...

So here is paste of Coroners Site regarding Amanda:

Patty Jack
November 12 at 5:02pm
my friend Amanda Blackburn died Wednesday morning not today...

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Marion County Coroner's Office
Marion County Coroner's Office We are not responsible for what the media reports...sorry. contact the media outlet
Like · Reply · November 12 at 6:10pm
Patty Jack
Patty Jack I did they said u relkeased her dying today. I was there when they pulled the plug..

Several things interesting to me.
1. They "pulled that plug" pretty fast. I assume that is due to them wanting her organs donated.Heart beating brain dead patients need to be harvested within a certain amount of time because even tho the heart is beating and suffusing organs, brain death causes widespread physiological deterioration to begin and the organs will suffer as time goes on. Many brain dead patients are no longer good donors because family will insist on 2-3 days on vent and by then the organs are no longer viable for donation.
2. While she was brain dead, intense medical support was going on to keep her organs viable and organize the transplant team. CD upon hearing that she had no brain activity (considering timeline) must have immediately said I want her organs donated.
3. They "pull the plug" and that does mean patient immediately dies. Some can linger for hours. If that happens, again, organs are not viable.
4. They pulled Amanda's plug and she must have had cardiac arrest very quickly. Protocol is not less than 2 minutes and not more than 5 minutes before a doc can pronounce dead after hearing last heartbeat.
5. Considering her sister said she died at 7:55 AM with a "look of joy" on her face, she was unplugged less than 24 hours after being shot meaning to me..her brain injury was massive. MASSIVE.
6. If we are to believe the FB post, coroner released the correct time of death and one outlet posted the wrong day/time/date and other outlets kept repeating the mistake. That right there shows that she was dead less than 24 hrs after shooting. Some people, using the wrong date that was reported have said CD was announcing her death before she was even dead and he was not. Media got it a whole day!

lynda said...


Media gets ALot of things wrong and they don't bother to retract or correct. I have a tendency not to believe alot of what's in the media. I've had personal experience with that myself regarding a crime and they got EVERYTHING wrong except that I was a woman!

I'm still leaning towards my theory of male/female hanging out at empty house that was burglarized until CD left and then jogged on over there. I am unsure if CD did the deed and male/female suspect went in and fired off a shot to further establish CD alibi by neighbors saying shots fired at this time, or that male/female suspect was the shooter. Police have not released the caliber of gun nor where on her head she was shot. I would think a head shot was up close and personal tho..contrary to TV, hitting somebody in the head with a bullet (unless you're an expert marksman) is difficult to say the least especially if victim is fleeing or fighting. We must keep in mind that coroner said COD was head wound but they did NOT say she wasn't shot anywhere else...only that what killed her was the head wound. So, she could have been shot several times (neighbors heard SHOTS, not shot) but then again, media could be reporting that wrong, the neighbor could be wrong, etc.

I have watched the tapes and am just sick to my stomach. He is grooming Peter...whether he knows it or not. He is getting all those little tweens and young woman all hot and bothered about his manliness and sex drive and unfortunately, they will probably line up to comfort him. It's sinister.

It is unexpected to not have the husband of a murdered woman to be tweeting throut the day and NOT tweet or post the crimestopper number for his wife's case, nor express fear for neighbors as murderer is running loose, nor does he ask for people to pray that perp is brought to justice and taken off the streets. That's just NOT EXPECTED as Peter says.

His "mentor" Pastor Noble even calls him crazy and that something was just not quite right with the boy" and now we know Pastor Noble rewrote the 10 commandments which lead us to question that if HE thinks CD is crazy, what yardstick is HE himself using as he appears not quite right to me either!

Peter's statement here is right every way. How people can read what Peter has written and dismiss it is beyond me. It's scientific and extremely logical. Not voodoo for Gods sake.

KD said...

Curious - say this does turn out to be a random act of violence. Is CD's reaction, interpreted via SM posts and statements - typical of someone with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)? Does anyone have experience in this area?

Lemon said...

I would like to hear the 911 call.

lynda said...

if that interview tomorrow is really true, CD can't help himself. He HAS to be on TV! Nationwide! Worldwide! At least Deorr's family got a clue and kept there mouths shut after Peter got a hold of their live interview. If people give CD enough rope, he will eventually hang himself because he can't help it! He IS smarter than everyone else, including police. I said a couple days ago..he was going to ride this to gather people to his cult and become the new televangelist extrodinare, becoming famous and richer than he ever thought possible. At least in HIS mind that's what is going to happen

Anonymous said...

So many perceptive comments! I agree--even if this guy turns out to be as innocent as a lamb regarding this crime, this incident has exposed some troubling, troubling issues. This church claims to be "diverse," but I have yet to see anyone over 30. News flash--the whole world is not made up of hipsters. Seems to me balance is needed between seasoned, wise, battle-tested older adults, and youth. A pastor should be above reproach and not inappropriately familiar and sensual with his congregants. I could NOT believe some of his shocking comments. If I had a teen or even young adult child attending there, I would be fit to be tied!

I think we're all gauging his post-trauma behavior in comparison to the norms we've observed. A man in our church lost his wife. Although it was expected, he attended church too soon afterwards. He was a shaking, crying, disheveled mess WEEKS after her death. It was horrible and heart-wrenching to watch-- almost as if we'd invaded his raw, private bereavement process. He has not attended church these past few months. I'm sure it's too agonizing and painful for him to attempt.

Remember the saying "Still waters run deep." The hip lingo, unceasing publicizing of every waking moment, and cliched slogans indicate a constantly babbling brook an inch deep.

lynda said...

It's official unless he cancels..GMA tomorrow

JenB said...

This blog post echoes the same sentiments everyone else from the church seems to share: The best is yet to come!

Once again, no call for justice, no blame, just a slightly sad death. Slightly.

Maybe this is just their church culture. If they subtly preach prosperity gospel, is the flip side that if bad things happen to you, you maybe sorta had it coming?

I believe God can bring good from anything, even terrible things like this situation. I believe this life is only the beginning. I do not blame God when bad things happen, although sometimes I question why God allowed this or that to happen. But I do believe people should be held accountable for their actions here on earth, as well as in the afterlife. I am puzzled by why this impulse seems to be lacking in everyone in Amanda's life. I really don't get it. Is anyone a part of this church or a similar one, who could shed some light on the thought process?

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I was struck by his comment that he needs a few days to grieve. Hey, this is not a bout with the flu!

EmilyH said...

Any information on what organization of churches Resonate is a part of? Aren't there any checks and balances? Who monitors what CD is saying from his pulpit and what he is doing when he is amongst his congregants?

Anonymous said...

This story bothers me a little bit, so I appreciate all your thoughts on it.

EmilyH said...

Ok I understand the source now. I thought that if perhaps his mentor watched his videos, he amy counsel him. The I read Perry Noble's Twitter feed. The day after he preached at funeral he spent the day telling religious why did the chicken cross the road jokes. Really unbelievable. Not one single mention of helping to find Amanda's killer. Its like they are all over it.

trustmeigetit said...

Does say this regarding him being on Good Morning America

"LIVE TUESDAY on Good Morning America: Davey Blackburn will discuss the case with the national ABC News crew. Tune in to RTV6 at 7 a.m. to watch that, with a preview to the Blackburn case on Good Morning Indiana before that at 6 a.m"

This could result in a lot more SA


trustmeigetit said...

Where did he say this? Do you have his exact comment. This is frightening. I know people who have a harder time with the loss of pets.

Anonymous said...

To Emily--From what I've read, it's part of the emerging church movement, a sort of departure from traditional church practice. Focus is on discussions , community outreach, Q & As rather than "sermons," and a loose rather than structured organization. I wonder about basic roles of deacons/elders, etc, as part of accountability of pastor. Statement of faith varies church to church. Some, I see, emphasize prosperity, success, and health.

KD said...

RE: Perry Nobles twitter - are all these people just NUTS??

EmilyH said...

It's interesting....according to the beliefs section on Resonate website ( ) the first core belief is "It's not about me" Very ironic given the incredible levels of narcissism oozing out of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Poor Amanda. Imagine the life she was living, married to this creep who constantly chastised, belittled and publically humiliated her. She could not win, no matter how hard she tried or what she did.

You are a minister's daughter, raised to be a minister's wife, you are so blessed; you have met and married a minister's son, also a minister; you are so in love, the bride of the year and you are off to start your life and new church together. You had a beautiful wedding and are a gorgeous couple. All is good and life is sweet.

Imagine returning from your honeymoon only to realize that your husband is not all he was cracked up to be, you are a public figure, which a pastor's wife becomes that very thing before the entire congregation and everywhere he goes and speaks, and you are being made a fool of; which she was. Being a pastors' wife is a big job if that pastor choses to put you on public display, which this one did 24/7. Amanda had no private life of her own. She had no secret place or person to share her sorrows of living with this man, only constant shame and rebuke.

He advertised his disappointment of her in everything she did, particularly where it hurt the most, sexually. He made her to know that she was less than a woman in the most hurtful way and it was all her fault. Over and over the poor woman swallowed her pride and continued to allow him to publically chastise her.

Amanda was living a dogs life. There was no way she could please this man. She was dogged if she did, dogged if she didn't, and it was all her fault. Did she have anyone to turn too, anyone she could share her heartbreak and disappointments with, a close girlfriend confidant, sister, brother, mother, ANYONE she could go too to discuss the horrible trap she was living in with this fool, with no way out? If she did, where are they? I only hear everyone's praises for glamour puss pastor Davey and their total devotion to him. Sure, they talk about how sweet she was, but where was their loyalty to her in helping her with her painful marriage?

It appears to me that Amanda had no one. The fact is, he WAS killing her already, whether he pulled the trigger or not. If there was any "the best is yet to come" it was for Amanda and she is in that best is yet to come place now, resting in eternal peace away from this low down low-life POS. ABB

Anonymous said...

To trustmeigetit: It was his initial statement. It's appeared all over the news. He says, "Thank you for understanding my need to take these next few days to continue to grieve for Amanda Grace." Perhaps someone quickly wrote it for him(?)

Anonymous said...

photos from the surveillance footage just released. Although it dosent appear to be very helpful. Interesting LE release this the night before Davey goes on GMA....

photos are on this FB page

KD said...

PD has released some pics. They are, well, see for yourself....

JenB said...

Hmm. I guess I have to assume the "black" and "slim" parts of the description came from eye witnesses.

The murderer can rest easy tonight!

lynda said...

Oh What the hell is anyone supposed to get from those pics? No wonder their begging for tips. How did they even come up with a black male? That could be any gender..anyone at all.

lynda said...

CD has finally spoken, kind of, maybe, half-heartedly, not really, about finding justice

aveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 23m23 minutes ago
daveyblackburn Retweeted FOX59 News
In the midst of our heartbreak I'm encouraged to see new evidence. Please help us find this man

EmilyH said...

No one was supposed to recognize anything from those photos. As I said on the FB post, that is not "the" evidence that they have. Assuming this was necessary before his big national debut tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very few people have one camera. I'd bet there are more views that show the face. I read the home he burglarized had interior cameras.Even if they did, if he walked in, then out would be....wait for it....the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

I agree Emily. Interesting that the perp appears to be on a phone, walking calmly, and without any items in hand..from what I can see.

lynda said...

Btw..when I do study those photos of POI..I see a woman, not a man. The leg length, the "bulkiness" looks intentional to make them appear bigger, the length of stride is short.

Carnival Barker said...

Wouldn't LE have already shown Jesus Christ Superstar pics of the murderer to see if he recognized him/her? If this is "new evidence" to him maybe LE isn't sharing info with him. I guess we can all draw our own conclusions about why.

SC said...

If the the person in the photos is on his cell phone...can't that be tracked? Basically from whatever tower the call is pinging off of and process of elimination? Maybe the cops wanted to let CD know that they picked up on this detail right before his national interview?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Just wondering if you've seen this blog - 'Nuff said (nodding agreement to Peter). Davey may bring back his blog "but it will probably be by request". Also, "If you want to follow my life/ it here (embedded link on blog)". It appears that pastor Davey thinks pretty highly of himself. Celebrity with a fan base? Gee, I thought Christians were supposed to be following Jesus. Any time pastors are consuming corporate growth/business principles/executive leadership books (i.e. Sutton Turner), I see red flags flying furiously.

Looking at Davey's instagram ( - I think I'm going to go pastor a start-up church in Indy. Golfing, Cubs games, gym memberships, nice house in a more expensive city than mine, beach weeks, and all on a single income with a toddler and a baby on the way. All this and they've only been married 7 years? I'd be taking a good hard look at financials if I were LE. I know several pastors in my area and either they've got a $60-$80,000 Mon-Fri job, their wives are $40,000+ at an outside job, or they're both working another job.

Browsing his postings here, he seems to have quite a bit of free time for a pastor a husband, a homeowner, and a Dad to a toddler. Thinking of the barbs flying back and forth in the Q& A videos (Amanda's frustrations of not knowing when to expect him home, his continuous references to the gym-backed by his Instagram entries, his impressive stack of vacation reading-5 "heavy" books), I'm going out a limb here. Starting your day at 4 (Davey's words per his posts) to hit the gym, along with all of his other interests and activities, doesn't leave much time to parent a toddler or relieve the stay at home parent who's taken care of baby all day, every day. Then expecting your tired wife to "meet your needs" before you take her out to dinner or a movie or whatever you're doing for Date Night is beyond selish and self-centered. He's deceiving himself and his church if he thinks he's "loving his wife as Christ loves the Church". Davey needs to grow up and man up. It's obvious from the topics he chooses to "teach" on, to the manner in which he addresses them, he's immature mentally and spiritually (at best). Also obvious is his obsession with his appearance-gym pics, referencing little Weston as a "stud" (video of him learning to walk by pushing the lawnmower), Amanda's frequent referencing him as a "hottie" and a "stud" speak to his need to hear and see himself as such. How many people want to hear their pastor publicly referred to in those terms? Appearances are the topic of sex carry a lot of weight in their marriage. When was the last time you and your spouse/significant other stood onstage at any church and discussed your personal sex life in frank terms and gave out advice?

Referencing Amanda's blog ( browsing through all the posts, Davey's rep for being inappropriate is well-known Notice how many posts she references him as "stud", "hot", "hottie", etc. Who is she trying to convince, herself or him? It speaks to his insecurity and ego, IMO. It reminds me of women who fill their Instagram and Twitter feeds with pics and comments about how great their marriage is. It's in stark contrast to those Q&A videos.

Sandy in PA said...

The person in the photos looks like they are wearing a popular brand of shoes/boots, but the heels look like something a woman would wear.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I also found it unexpected that Davey did not reference Amanda as an amazing mother to Weston or mention the unborn baby at all in his initial statement, yet there's this post on his Instagrm (

However, now that I've looked though, it's the one and only post on his Instagram that praises her as a mother.

Thinking of those Q & A videos when I saw the subtle sarcastic dig at Amanda on this post from 25 weeks ago here

*Davey's Instagram referencing the 4 a.m. mornings I mentioned above is here

Anonymous said...

The babysitter also mentioned bringing starbucks coffee to the gym with an LA fitness sign in the odd. She doesn't seem a "gym type"

Juliet said...

The surveillance images - is there video, too, to with the stills? I think they have released the least of what they have - there was more than one house with a camera, and if there is video footage, the person's manner of walking may well help someone to identify him. I wonder if the rest is not being released because they are not convinced that is the murderer - if some kid has been tipped off that there is an empty house to burgle, and that the pastor two doors down goes out to the gym early each day, he might be a burglar who walked in on a dying Amanda - if they're not convinced he is responsible they would not want him identified as a murder suspect - he may have been set up, and they might know that. They maybe want to help Davey relax/let down his guard ahead of his GMA appearance, all secure in the knowledge that the police really are not considering him as a suspect - so they put out a not too helpful pair of photos, as it wouldn't be good to find the subject being named on social media if he were identifiable and not the murderer. I don't know though, as some reports have it that the car may also belong to the guy in the stills - how is that a black SUV? A black SUV was seen driving round the area - maybe not his, an accomplice or coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Those droopy drawers have gangbanger written all over them.Doubt that is a female.

Shannon In CA said...

There was literally no point in releasing those pics. They are useless. I think, as you and others do, that they were released just to prove SOMETHING exists. Otherwise, they show nothing helpful.

So it could be that 1) they already think they know the person and don't want him to flee, 2) they did it to throw davey off. He thinks he's actually clear because they are concentrating on this other guy.

Yes...convenient this release happened right before his appearance on national tv. I wonder if they are reading this analysis. Can't use it but maybe it has confirmed suspicion that they are right to try to bait him until they've proved he really wasn't involved. I'm still leaning about 60-70% he is.

Shannon In CA said...

Timeline here doesn't work. See first comment under original post:

The article referenced says first home robbed at 5:30. At 6:00, car drove up and quickly drove off again.

So why only one suspect? No mention of multiples. But pics are of guy WALKING.

So I'm to believe guy walked to first home, broke in at 5:30. Lined up goodies for 30 MINUTES, called for car, which arrived and was loaded... And then waited until 6:45 am to shoot Amanda?

Those are some stupid burglars if so.

I'm not buying this timeline at all. Burglars get in and get out. They don't lollygag.

Unknown said...

On a quiet suburban cul de sac, a black man at 4:30 am robs a house of tvs and laptops which he puts in his SUV parked on this street, then hangs around until he sees Davey Blackburn leave his house at 6:15, neighbors report gun shots heard at 6:45. Um, burglars always get out of Dodge pronto, they don't sit in their cars outside the burgled house with the hot items in possession for ANY length of time. This is all very fishy.

Dina M said...

I don't know if this has been addressed yet regarding CD's 'butter' comment, but there is a 2006 movie titled "You, Me & Dupree" that includes an offscreen sex scene utilizing butter.

I think it makes more sense that the Davester got his sexbutter knowledge from that movie, and not the Marlon Brando one.

Shannon In CA said...

And someone on page 2 also questions timeline. If car drives off quickly, how'd they see davey leaving at 6:10? Unless guy was left to walk out and saw him...BUT WHY? Why not jump in car and leave?

Also, Sus, another poster here, said davey' neighbor said he left at 5:30 for the gym everyday for years. If so, burglars normally wouldn't have seen him leave. HOW CONVENIENT that that day he left AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME to be seen leaving. I'm getting more and more suspicious here.

Shannon In CA said...

It does make more sense. It's still weird.

trustmeigetit said...

I noted he appeared to be in no hurry too. For a robbery that had to turn into a murder, you would expect them to be running since the weapon was also a gun and those are loud.

And the lack of "stolen items" is pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

Untrue Shannon.
Some burglars have been known to take a nap, make Facebook posts, eat a sandwich, etc. It's not a 30 minute cop show.

I think he lives in the neighborhood and has friends do the exporting of goods. Often they work in rings especially when they can easily view incoming/outgoing traffic.
Some break in, steal computers and destroy other stuff they do not want. Others toss a room so badly they miss weapons. Some break into cars and steal dvd players and auto tvs, others merely want a rusty old wheelbarrow. Some hack for surveillance, others prod mailboxes. Some go through trash, others go through vehicle trash and let those being surveilled they are being "WATCHED" Others are dumb enough to sit in front of a camera and spoof a phone call to the intended victim.

It's amazing who shows up when one sells and gets out of such a hellhole.

trustmeigetit said...

Also interesting... If I just shot someone, I would be trying to jump fences, hide behind trees walls. He's just casually walking.

I almost wonder if this was just some teen walking and not our POI

EmilyH said...

I read that the people who were burglarized on the street were out of town. Perhaps CD knew they were out of town?

SC said...

EmilyH - There is a high possibility that he knew. I mentioned earlier in the comments that I saw Nancy Grace last Thursday with the head of the neighborhood watch being interviewed. He had said that people in the neighborhood knew that that homeowner was frequently gone on business trips.

Dina M said...

Yeah, I think this alleged POI could be a red herring of sorts.

I suggested this on another forum which was not as civilized as this one, and was met with a barrage of heckling, but I think it's a possibility:

I think the police know that the 'shooter' is not a threat to the public because they have already identified him, have talked to him, have him under surveillance (or in custody - could they keep that from the media?) and need the 'shooter' to incriminate the mastermind of the murder, much like Pamela Smart's teenage female accomplice was used via a wire/tapped phone to incriminate Pammy. From what I recall, they strongly suspected Pam from the start, but you wouldn't have known that by the way the police and media were initially presenting the crime.

I don't think the police want CD to become alarmed and:
1) flee
2)or; lawyer up
3)or; get desperate and crazy and kill himself (if he decides to off himself, I can see him taking the kid with him. You could argue that he wouldn't commit suicide being a "Christian" and therefore relegating himself to Hell, but if he orchestrated this murder, I find it hard to believe that he truly believes the Christian stuff.)

The police need something concrete to arrest him on, not just the word of some low-life he hired to kill his wife. I think they are going to try to get him on tape talking with his accomplice.

I just really think he planned this -it is so fishy.

lynda said...

I don't think the perp is on the phone. I think what he/she is actually doing is pulling/holding the hoodie to conceal their face.

Juliet said...

I don't know if anyone posted Amanda's Twitter yet, but in case not:

Again, not much of Weston, she is not into putting more than a few token images of him online by the looks of it, and those not close-ups. I think she wanted to guard his privacy. There are a lot of tweets going back years - an interesting one at the babysitter, (-kill. Jezebel.) I would wonder if she actually made that tweet herself or if someone got a hold of her phone - odd, but maybe it was some private joke they shared. Mostly church related, what a great guy/husband Davey is - she is chattier than I thought, but mostly projecting the expected image of happy, dutiful wife. The image they project is important to the lifestyle - successful, happy, attractive, active, fulfilled - so sad the reality was different.

Amy Smith said...

Who runs the Resonate Facebook page? There's a post at 7:00 am on 11/10, the morning of the murder. Where was it posted from I wonder?

Anonymous said...

You're right, life insurance on a young, married couple with a new family wouldn't naturally be suspect. What would be suspicious is if only the young, stay at home , wife has an insurance policy on her life. Why wouldn't the working husband ,out in the world a lot more, the provider for the family not have a policy on himself?

JMTO said...

Nice catch, Amy Smith.

My Facebook is saying 8:00 am eastern time, if that's the case, I am suspecting it was probably Pastor Davey at the gym. Making sure he established his alibi.

What's strange is that there are posts every single day almost, maybe with a day or two in between, up until November the 4th. Then, nothing until November 10th at 8:00 am.

After, there are multiple posts on 11/10 and after, some a few times a day.

So I'm wondering what happened between 11/4 to 11/10 that made the Resonate Church account go silent for almost a week.

Amanda and another trusted church members were monitoring Daveys social media and internet browser history.

Possible that maybe something happened on the 4th or subsequently after, and he was not allowed to use church social media as well.
While he was gone all the time, he might have been using the computer at church to go on sites, or could have just been using social media through the church to look at the internet privately. Maybe he got caught.

It wouldn't be the first time.
Look at BTK.
Dennis Rader was at large for YEARS, murdering, taunting police, harrassing towns people with his controlling ways as a dog catcher and compliance officer.

He was taken down by using his church computer.

If they have one, (I am sure they do) LE would benefit much from taking a good hard look at it.

Anonymous said...

It's a phrase used at Newspring Church frequently.

Anonymous said...

Warming up for ... Worship?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much ($) the total take tallied from Amanda's funeral service and celebration? Curious to know, was anyone running a tally? I'm sure the event would have been turned into big business like everything else these types of praise and worship, name-it-and-claim-it churches set up for bringing in the sheaves. Isn't everything they do geared towards bringing in more money?

It's a sorry shame God is used in such a manner. I can't help but believe that most of these ministers, many Christian mission operator scammers, pastors, preachers, priests and televangelists don't really believe in God, or hell, or the wrath to come; or believe the Bible they preach from.

I find it hard to believe that they've ever truly been born again (of the spirit), down on their knees repenting at the feet of Jesus, nor have they ever really experienced the knowledge of His complete and divine love and forgiveness. Like all the cults and their followers, they've hit upon a big money scheme and are playing church, with masses of followers who worship them and pour out their money without blinking an eye. It's no wonder atheists abound in this lost and dying world. Just look at what they have as shining examples thrown in their faces. Practitioners of the gospel who defy God at every turn, leading others to hell.

If they were true believers, they couldn't scam good, sincere, upright people who are seeking to find the right way, deliberately rewrite the commandments, pollute scriptures with their warped misinterpretations, molest and rape children, disrespect their wife or abuse their family, whine about their self-serving anxiety attacks, commit adultery or practice other deviate sexual sins the Word of God clearly teaches against; THEN twist the scriptures some more to justify themselves while hiding behind the very scriptures they claim to believe.

More than 50% of the scriptures are written as warnings to them/us, but are they listening? Are they capable of murder? Absolutely. Some of them are.

Just my thoughts. ABB

Lily said...

Yoo hoo, Juliet, can you transcribe the GMA interview? I just watched it and have a lot of thoughts. I'm interested to hear from others!

Anonymous said...

As has been true since the beginning, I was struck by his composure. Didn't seem to want to talk about particulars when George asked him about the other burglary, wife's enemies, etc. He did say, however, that family begs people to give any info to LE. Heavily emphasized faith in Jesus and the future. Said her final journal entry said she knows who holds the future. Don't know what to make of it. Everything he said was appropriate. Guess we need the experts on this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Shannon, some bait, or at least try to bait the homeowners dog out consistently in an attempt to "groom" the dog prior to a heinous crime-real serial killer-like.
Others may follow the victim to work and let them know they are being "watched."
They rarely work alone as there must be an "us" for that belonging feeling to exist.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting the instagram photo is "no longer available"

Anonymous said...

I just seen him on abc news Im sorry he does not look like a man who jus lost his wife and unborn child. His eyes were tearless clear as day: He's smiling saying that it was an amazing celebration. Wtf are u kidding me and the first thing cops do is clear his name and do the obvious just dump it on a black guy. The video was very unclear to us what nationality that person was white guys wear their pants hanging off their *** also. WHO EVER THAT GUY ON THE VIDEO WAS I BET MONEY HE SENT HIM THERE TO KILL HER. He did not shed one tear for a man who's wife and unborn child were murdered. He's cheesing, smiling the only thing he didn't do was whistle dixie.I wonder how much was the insurance policy on her life was????????? He degrated her on video and spoke openly about sex to underage children. He seems to be a sycopath ah heartless lunatic. A white man can committ all type of crimesin racist america the so called freedom fighters. This is a outrage!!!!###!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Instagram video an hour ago and now it's gone. I thought it looked liked a female in the hoodie.

Anonymous said...

Amy Smith, I have suspected that Davey himself runs the church FB and Twitterpage due to the wording of several of the posts from the church in comparison to Davey's statement and SM posts. However, i have noticed that the babysitter also has similar wording in her SM posts so it could be her as well. I don't know.

Also, someone on websleuths last night posted a youtube video from a Tuscaloosa news broadcast that included several additional images of the alleged suspects/burglers. It appeared to be two men inside a home (the first house that was robbed??) One was wearing a white hoodie with his back turned to the camera and the other appeared to be the second man that was seen on the street. Did anyone see that last night before websleuths deleted the post? I can't remember the news stations name.

Anonymous said...

The person who made the claim about the online suspects itinerary was someone not from the neighborhood. That person went on a news site, made the claim, repeated it several times, then carried it's own gossip to other sites as if it were the gospel.In their "we" mind, they are getting inside information by tricking the neighbors into gossiping to him/her.They will falsley accuse everyone in the area until all are suspects and are featured in their reality-show-like crime solving religion. They have a good reason to do what they do:their pure of heart is only trying to help the community in their unselfish way and through their charity work.They've already been absolved of their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think you could just look through Tuscaloosa news to find the same video. Why would websleuths have an inside edge?

Anonymous said...

It appears that posts and tweets are being deleted

Anonymous said...

The person on websleuths stated it was strictly a youtube video and that the video on the news website had been taken down. I'm not saying anything bad websleuths having an edge. I was just wondering if anyone else saw the post before websleuths deleted it, because I couldn't remember the news stations name...

Anonymous said...

Something seemed off to me... He talked like she was just a member of his congregation and not his wife and mother of his children. He referred to "the family" instead of my family or our family. maybe he is in shock and is just putting on his pastor face.

BH said...

Peter, I'm not an expert on anything in your field, so I won't comment on any of that. However, why do you keep referring to the audience as young/youthful/teenaged?

It is my understanding that Resonate Church doesn't have their own building, so they have a lease at a building that allows them to have their service there on Sundays. That building just happens to be a middle school (I've seen stuff like this at elementary/middle/high schools, movie theaters, etc).

I'm not under the impression that he's preaching to an audience of middle schoolers, just that the building they're using for their church service happens to be a middle school.

Am I understanding this wrong? Is he speaking to an all-teenage audience in these sermons?

SC said...

Here is a clip to the interview for those that might have missed it:

Shannon In CA said...

Yes it CAN happen but I hardly think it's the norm. And it still doesn't address what this guy was doing between 6:00 and 6:45. Just hanging out outside? Hiding? Maybe.

I doubt this guy lives in the neighborhood. Someone would've already turned in a short black man. Everyone has commented on the weird height. But you must be the anonymous who believes the burglar story. Most of us are suspicious, so of course you have a different opinion.

John Mc Gowan said...

Follow his pronouns.

Thanks for the clip SC

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone. Just watched the video and I hope a body language expert would charm in. He seems nervous, almost sedated. I am glad George asked him "Who would have done this?" I was waiting for him to say "Well, it was an intruder, that broke in and killed my wife." His answer was totally contrary to that. "She did not have an enemy in the world". If it was a burglar, the answer would have reflected that? Am I being silly?

John Mc Gowan said...

If you watch it with the volume down. You would never know he was talking about his murdered wife and unborn child. His lack of emotion is borderline sociopathic.

Unknown said...

John McGowan, I agree, it is almost as if he is the spokesperson for the family.

Anonymous said...

Most of you are members of an online sleuthing community and the personality profile of those excepted to do offline sleuthing must be suspicious. How else do vicious rumors and domestic terrorism exist? It would be difficult for someone with an ounce of integrity, common sense, and any sense of decency not to refrain from committing more crimes. Therefore the push to force people into committing crimes so they can solve them.

They used to like to keep people on the "grid". I can only imagine the purge after others realized how illegal it was. Now they post media links and email each other offline through the friends they've made by being community servers.

Anonymous said...

Imagine she is upstairs with the baby and the burglar downstairs going through drawers, unhooking TV cables, etc. 30 minutes pass and she comes down and he is surprised.A fight begins. He isn't winning. He pulls out a gun to end his anguish.

EmilyH said...

For those just coming on to this story via the GMA interview this morning, all you need to do is check out the Love Song blogs on the Resonate Church website to see what he truly thinks of his wife. Its incredible how revealing it is. I cannot believe that no one has advised him to take them down. Or maybe they have. Hard to know. It seems that he is surrounded by enablers who are infatuated with him.

Shannon In CA said...

No that's weird. As if a burglar would see her and say "oh no! I can't shoot her! What a nice girl!"

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent point. I'm not an expert by any means, but have some knowledge of body language and I noticed while he was saying she didn't have an enemy in the world, he shook his head slightly from side to side indicating a lie.

Juliet said...

Lily - I haven't seen the GMA interview - is it online anywhere? I have been to the website - best it could offer was sign up for an email with when it will show on TV in UK. Meh. It looks like video,or clip on the Indy local news site but when I click nothing happens - had the same with the Resonate Church videos a day or so ago, but they played eventually. Yes, I would transcribe if I could access it - there's a fair bit on the Indy site, but maybe it was a longer interview and there's more? I'll look out for it, anyway- perhaps someone else will have time to do it in the meantime.

Shannon In CA said...

A fight he is losing? I don't buy that.

Shannon In CA said...

I'm sorry, what? You consider this an online sleuthing community? It's not. This blog rarely gets this much interest and I think this story has been popular here because people who have never heard of statement analysis found it by googling davey...because he is is suspicious to just random people. Lots and lots of random people. We've all said we hope he's not involved. That it was just a bad marriage. But he keeps doing and saying suspicious things.

Like when asked on GMA "who would do this?" He says "she didn't have an enemy in the world." How is that a answer? A burglar wouldn't care how nice she was. It's not an expected answer. It's like a need to persuade that this is so random! How could anyone do this? Except a burglar wouldn't know her to be her enemy or not. So her having no enemies is just irrelevant. And not an answer. That is suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Only link I could find with GMA interview.

EmilyH said...

GMA interview observations - I was confused as to why he kept changing the word "I" to "we" It was deliberate and he made the correction several times. Possibly he and his people have monitored social media sites like these that have called out his extreme narcissism and that was an effort to take the focus off of him....for once. However, I think it backfired.

John Mc Gowan said...

Here is another link to the VT this Morning.

dch said...

That was creepy to watch. He didn't seem remotely upset until he TRIED to look upset near the end but he couldn't pull that out very well.
After being asked what CD wanted the world to know about Amanda, it was all about her relationship with the Lord and not a word about her being a mother.
Then when he was asked about what LE has been telling him, CD basically says that they've not told him more than what they've told the public. He didn't seem very interested in what LE has said and then went on to change the subject. Quote "It's devastating to the family." Was it not devastating to him???

Juliet said...

I found it on YouTube - l'll transcribe it later if no-one does it in the meantime - I won't have time to begin it till late this evening, my time.

Lily said...

Here's another link

Hope you can do it, we would all appreciate so much!

klv said...

I just listened to his interview. WOW.

His pronouns are exclusively plural-- we, us -- except on 2 occasions: When referring to his son (though he mixes in the we's and us'es there too, especially for the child's future), and also interestingly when he says "I read Amanda's diary & she wrote that she didn't know what the future holds but..."

I guess that entry was significant to him, eh? He used it to further his optimistic religious message, but I wonder if Amanda could have been referring to the status of her marriage.

The plural pronouns may be more than just speaking (HIDING, imho) behind his church.

lynda said...

Okay, I transcribed the interview..someone let Peter know please..

I: Pastor Blackburn, thank you for joining us this morning, we’re so sorry for your loss.
CD: Thank you George, thank you very much.
I: I know the community came together in a memorial service for Amanda over the weekend, what do you want the world to know now about your wife?
CD: Smiles, Oh my gosh, I wish I could tell the world everything about her, I wish I had the time to but, um, I think what I would really wan…the world to know is that she loved Jesus with her whole heart. And she loved people, and she spent her life pouring her life out to people. She served people, she uh, loved the people that were unloveable, gave hope to people who um, didn’t have hope, didn’t think they had a future, and um, she just absolutely gave everything she had to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I: We know the police in ? have released surveillance photos, some surveillance videos overnight, what else have been telling you about who might have done this and why?
CD: Um, ya know, the ah investigators um, haven’t given me ah, ah, ton of details that um, they’ve given me the details that they’ve released to, to the public as well, an, an so wa, we’ve been really tryin’ to do over the past week is um, is, is, kinda figure out , wa, ya know, how to grieve the loss an, an how to, how to move forward from here an how to work thru all of this , it’s devastating to the family an , and um, ya know the fu, funeral this past Sunday was just an amazing celebration of, of her life an, we just um, we were so grateful for, for friends and family comin’ to show support, and the nation um, there were over 6500 people tuned in across the world um, and, and, what was so great about Amanda is she was so selfless, that she didn’t want here life to be put on display ever, but she wanted Jesus to be put on display. We feel like that’s what happened at the celebration service, that Jesus was lifted up and people’s lives have been changed because of that.
I: And it was such
CD is still talking so Interviewer and CD are talking over each other
CD: and, so , um , we’ve been …
I: It was such an outpouring of…
CD: Go ahead George..sorry
I: I’m sorry, sorry, I apologize
CD: Yes.

klv said...

I noticed that "to the family" also. It seemed awkward. Why not say "to OUR family"?

Distance, much?

lynda said...


I: Do you have any idea why anyone might want to hurt Amanda?

CD: (Makes dismissive noise while turning his head) There’s not, there’s …Amanda didn’t have an enemy in the world, um she , I, I can’t, I can’t imagine any reason why um, that’s why this has baffled us as much as, as anybody, and so we are trusting the investigators, they’ve been so (Lifts and spreads his hands) good to us thru this whole process, um, tryin’ to keep us up to speed on what they have, and uh, we trust that, that ya know, they are , they are doing the best they can , and they’ve told us they have all the resources at their disposal right now to, um, ta, ta, catch who, who did this.

I: Investigators have also said there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward. Even if they have information that might help solve this crime, what do you want to tell those people who might know something about this.

CD: Well, I mean, I , mean, we, we would beg them ta, ta, give any information that they have , uh, we would be extremely grateful for that, ya know, um (chucks his teeth),’s really hard to sort thru all of the emotions of what we’re feelin’, ah, about all this, absolutely we, ya know, eh, eh, eh, we, we, we’re confused, we’re, we don’t understand why, we um, ya know there’s, we’re angry, we’re, we’re, we’re not really sure what to do but, um, well, (smiles ahh) I, I, read Amanda’s journal entry just a few days before…she journaled everyday of her life, and just a few days before she was killed, she put somethin’ in there that just spoke volumes to us that we’re deriving strength from , she said, (hands spread apart in front of him now bobbing up and down) we don’t know what the future holds but we know who holds the future, and that’s Jesus (one hand striking downward for emphasis on the word Jesus) and so..we’re, we’re drawin’ our strength from that an um, and, and, we know that Jesus holds the future and we can’t see it clearly, but she (moving hands downward to emphasize words) sees it clearly now because she’s in heaven with Jesus and we’ll, we’ll see her would just..

I: I cannot imagine..

CD: Yeah

lynda said...


I: I cannot imagine how you’re holding up thru all of this, had there been , you know when you look at these photos a, when you see all this , had there been any other problems in the neighborhood ? did you or any of you’re neighbors recognize that person that’s kind of hard to determine who that might be , that person in the photo?

CD: Yeah…yeah..I mean, it was such an obscure photo it’s, I mean its shouldn’t be difficult to say that anybody recognized it, I mean, our fam… , our, our, a, neighborhood was so close, and it was such a see…seemingly safe neighborhood, and so this has devastated the en.., all the neighbors, we knew all the neighbors, an, and we had just had lots co cookouts with them recently, and um, and so,ya know, wer..wer..wer..wer..wer..wer..just as confused as everybody else…at this point

I: Your little boy Weston, just 15 months old, he won’t grow up with his mom, (CD closes his eyes, grins a bit, shakes his head up and down, says “yeah” yeah…

I: What are you gonna tell him about her?

CD: Laughs, I think that’s probably one a the hardest things in this whole process is knowing that he’s not gonna grow up with Amanda because uh, um..she was the perfect mom, I wish every mom in the world could’ve learned from her, I wish every wife in the world could’ve learned from her, and, um I know (hands up again) there’s gonna be so many stories that we’re gonna tell Weston as he grows up, but I do know one thing thru all of this , Amanda hope, and um, and her prayer would be that Weston grows up and sees Jesus thru this and falls in love with Jesus (softly clapping his hands together) and um, that, that would be her hope, thru all of this, so, so, as we’re dialoging with him and tryin to shepherd his heart as he grows up um, we’re just gonna continue to point back that her, his mom loved Jesus and loved people (one fist is striking downward for emphasis) and that’s contagious, and so, we believe that , that, that, the Lord is gonna do a great work in his life as well.

I: Thank you for joining us

CD: Thank you very much George.

trustmeigetit said...

The only thing I really caught by just the one quick listen I had time for was when he commented about this by saying "it's devastating to the family".. He never said it was devastating to him our "our family". But "the family"

And just watching him, he almost looks cheerful?! Like someone survived an accident rather than an actual death... AND...even if he hated her and was not involved in the murder, I would expect some sadness for his son losing his mother.

Instead, there is like a slight smile at some points. It was like he struggled to look sad but it comes across more like hes being stern.

I hope for once LE Is paying attention

Lily said...

Thanks so much Lynda! I posted a note to Peter in the comments to his newest post.

I think the strangest comment to me was about "dialoguing" with his son. No idea how to apply SA to that.

dch said...

"Grieve THE loss".
"Devastating to THE family".

What's up with THE rather than my or our.

Lily said...

And it's devastated all the neighbors ... but not him.

klv said...

Lynda thanks so much for the transcript! You are FAST!!

I notice reading it that he does use the personal "I" pronoun in the beginning... but my quick peruse shows the word "wish" ("I wish I..") always close by.

He's not real. convincing.

klv said...
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klv said...
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