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Police Officer Tony LePore & Free Speech

A young man works with all of his heart through grade, junior and high school, often staying late, doing extra assignments, volunteering and working hard.  Through his hard work he gains access to one of our nation's most prestigious universities and, for the first time in his life, is away from home, a freshman, with all the hope and promise this brings.

At the end of one semester, his first, his joy has been taken from him as he has been bullied into silence in class after class because he spoke a position that "offended" the others in his class, including his professors.

He said something that was quickly labeled as "pro business" and soundly condemned.  

Once a talented debater on high school award winning teams, he must sit through class after class in silence.

Either be muzzled or face the wrath of his fellow students and the potentially life destroying grades by the very ones paid to encourage the free exchange of information to facilitate growth. Life can be lonely for a young kid far from home, and friends are critical, but even his friends are afraid of what association with him might mean.  

It's easy for us to say "tough it out" but we are not an 18 year old kid alone with no friends, with the majority looking at him as if he has just betrayed their lives.  

Polling now shows that more and more college kids want less and less free speech and if their feelings are hurt, someone must pay the consequences for "upsetting" them, or making them feel "unsafe."  Even applause is condemned as "sexist" and "bullying" by the myriad of hurt feelings of college kids.  As businesses have provided them with the very beautiful buildings they currently occupy, the condemnation of the same, should it continue, will assist in destroying business to the point where it will no longer be able to accommodate the incessant demands

History has been denied them, so they do not realize that the Freedom of Speech was designed to protect that which was labeled "treason" by the government.

Here is a police officer who has brought joy to the lives of citizens with his silly traffic stop dances, brightening the average day as people traveled to and from work, during holiday season, now terminated or not seasonally rehired to his job because his opinion disagreed with the government's opinion.

What was so horrific, hateful and dangerous to cause a man to lose his job after more than 30 years on the job? From

he joined a police protest against a Dunkins Donuts employee who wrote #BlackLivesMatter on an officer's cup. This put him on the wrong side of Providence's left-wing mayor, Jorge Elorza, who has pandered to the racist hate group.
A Providence Police officer went to purchase a coffee on Friday night and his cup had a message from the Dunkin' Donuts employee writen on the cup, "#BlackLivesMattter."

O'Donnell's Facebook post:
"So my coworker just went to get a coffee Dunkin Donuts on Atwells Ave in Providence. The worker was immediately rude, and didn't appear to want to serve him in uniform. Upon leaving he noticed what she wrote on his coffee cup...#blacklivesmatter. ? Would you drink it? My suggestion...absolutely not, go to Starbucks. When is this silliness going to end. But if the store gets robbed she'll be calling us immediately to help AND we will because that's what we do!!!!"

Mike Iamondi, Providence Police Patrolman and Providence FOP Vice President told GoLocal in a phone interview:
"We have to look at the possibility if "Black Lives Matter" is on the cup, is there anything else going into the cup? That is a possibility, given what's going on around the country. If a guy goes in for a cup of coffee at a place we know, where we're patrons at, and they've always been great with us, do we have to worry?"
So Tony was purged for standing up to the hate group which enjoys the support of Obama, Hillary Clinton and much of the leadership of the Democratic Party.
"Recent statements made by Mr. Lepore gave the inaccurate impression that he represented the position of the Providence Police Department," Paré said in an email statement.

"Mr. Lepore was not authorized to speak on behalf of the Providence Police Department and his actions were, in my judgement, a disservice to the Department and to members of the Providence Community."
In a post on his Facebook page, Lepore, a retired police officer, attributed his firing to the work of "political puppets."

"They degraded all the work I did for the street cops, and the work I did for the city for 30 years. They said it didn't matter," Lepore wrote. "Some people are political puppets. They don't care about the men in the street."
Lepore wrote that he was asked to turn in his uniform and Providence police patch, but he would design his own patch and continue to dance.
Considering that Tony Lepore had long since retired, he clearly wasn't speaking for the department. Nor was he ever in a position to do so. So the excuse by Jorge Elorza's minion is paper-thin.

On Facebook, he posted, "To the Providence Police Department: I am addressing the ones on ground floor. The real cops. I want to wish you all and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. I know the story, and so do you. Your battle is not only on the street, it`s also eternally. Be careful out there, and God Bless you all."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When the police officer got the cup with "black lives matter" written on it, he had an opportunity to go back into the building and seek out the person who wrote it. He might have reached out to that person a hand of friendship, sought to understand why they wrote it (was it a personal experience?). He could have taken the opportunity to assure them that all lives matter to him, that he sees it as his role to serve and protect all persons regardless of their color, and perhaps he'd have won one person over to seeing him as a human being instead of a figure.

Anonymous said...

did you miss news coverage of them blockading Chicagos stores Friday? hopefully the business will sue them for not allowing customers inside?

Anonymous said...

If I were the police officer who received that on my cup, my first thought/feeling would have been that whomever wrote it believed that I needed to hear that message. I would have felt like they were assuming that because I'm in a police uniform, that I don't believe black lives matter. And if the person who made my coffee thinks that I don't think that black lives matter, what might they have put into my coffee? I would have felt it as an attack, for sure.

Anonymous said...

at 4:01 pm.

thats ridiculouslly flawed reasoning.

Boston Lady said...

I'm so sick of Black Lives Matter BS. ALL LIVES MATTER. Police lives matter. The police were targeted with that RACIST statement on the coffee cup. They had every right to feel threatened. The person at Dunkin donuts was fired for what they did. And yes, I feel Black Lives Matters is a very racist statement. ALL LIVES MATTER.

This officer did not deserve to be fired because he spoke up.

Anonymous said...

There's a point where anti-hate speech becomes hate-speech.

There's a weird mind-set, and in my lifetime I've observed it for decades, starting with the "hippies" and their horribly distorted message of "love" and "inclusion" of all, and it's re-surging again today.

They like to post big signs in their restaurant/business saying "NO HATE SPEECH ALLOWED". (um, duh?)

Their message is anti-racism, anti-classism, anti-prejudice of any kind, and inclusion, but it is soooo distorted, to the point where they ARE everything they are saying not to be!

Below I'll list the qualities that go along with this strange human mind-set of the type I'm talking about (you'll see they are what they profess to hate):

> QUICK assumptions about people, based on their appearance.
> Exclusion of those whom they have applied a label to.
> Intolerant.
> RIGID in their thinking/views.
> ARROGANCE. They actually believe they are better than you.
> Make SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS about certain groups of people.
> Seem unable to think clearly / think on their own.
> Are filled with their own feeling of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Don't even get me started!

Anonymous said...

Dunkins' are there to serve coffee and donuts.
Cops are there to serve the public.
Neither were hired to waste time with causes and protests and jabbering their personal political views.

Anonymous said...

Oh and let me add to my 4:38 post: ALL those people like that, in my experience, are white people.

Anonymous said...

Further addition to 4:28 post: Maybe that's just because I'm white and mostly in my lifetime have only been around white people, but I just haven't seen black people acting like that. I have no reason to believe there aren't people of all races all around the world who might fall into that weird mind-set.

Anonymous said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Pastor Davey Blackburn Accused of Being 'Weak' in Choosing To Forgive Killers of Slain Pregnant Wife Amanda Blackburn

See more at:

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04 I totally understand your comment, ha ha. I added those additions b/c after I posted my post listing the qualities of the mind-set, after posting that my FIRST thought was I didn't want people to think I was referring to black people in the Black Lives Matter protests, so then I posted I was talking about white people. THEN I realized I was doing the exact thing I was complaining about (lumping together certain groups of people, in this case white people) so I posted AGAIN to say "I'm sure people of all races do this" or something to that effect. Ugh, forget it.

JMTO said...

I am so tired of only one certain group of people, no matter who, what color, what argument, shutting down anyone's opposing views. Period.

That police officer, who could be a very honest, law abiding and keeping police officer, who could go out of his way for ALL people, no matter what race, sex, or call he comes in on walls into get a coffee and is labeled as a police officer who needs to be told that "black lives matter."

How does any of the people at Dunk in Donuts know if he just saved a young black woman and her son from a twisted car accident?

How do they know he didn't stay with her and her son and hold her hand and calm them until firemen got there?
Only to leave to get coffee and be confronted with that?

Why because he is WHITE does he need to be told "black lives matter" when he already believes it to be true? Isn't that profiling? Would a black cop need to be told that "black lives matter?"


Without knowing him they assumed - and THAT is racist.

To most police officers, all lives matter, black, yellow, white - whatever.
No matter what is going on in this country, he defends it.
He doesn't deserve to be told that as if he is a racist white cop in need of reminding anymore than a racist black thug on a cop killing spree needs to be told he needs to apologize to all police.

It's ridiculous. He should be allowed to buy a cup of coffee in peace just like anyone else, without having to be reminded of what a few terrible people do in his job position.

And to fire the man who defended him, and pretend all of those years bringing joy to people in traffic instead of fanning flames of racism and hate, is just a horrible injustice, that if continues, makes me afraid for this country.

It is getting out of control.

Anonymous said...

zallwrite...........push the Red Bull back and it'll get better.

LO said...

JMTO at 5:47 -- thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Student is ostracized for uttering a "pro-business" remark? Really? True story?

Polls are showing "more and more college kids want less and less free speech if their feelings are hurt.."? Um. Ok. Got it.

It's one thing to put forward an opinion, to make a spirited argument, but if you're going to pass something off as fact in order to provide a larger and more compelling context within which to situate said argument, you need to cite your sources.

Otherwise, you've done little more than write an unnecessarily wordy Facebook meme.


JMTO said...

And this is where the argument lies.

Nobody should be writing ANYTHING on a cup of coffee ANYONE is buying.

Save your free speech and anti hate campaign for a blog, your own Facebook page, or Twitter. Your own- where your opinion can be given- and it rightfully should be.

You do NOT get to target ANYONE no matter what their color, sex, occupation, or status in life bc you work at a Dunkin Donuts and feel the need to.

When you are an employee you a representing someone's business.

Someone is coming in and buying something from you, and you are being paid to be courteous and kind, and to serve them decently no matter who you are.

You as an employee are not being paid for your opinions, or got feelings. Period.

Anonymous said...

at 8:32 pm beckster.

is it proper use of free speech utilizing graffiti on public or private property ? NO.
is it proper expression of free speech violating someone's food w/ politcal graffiti? NO. common sense says its improper. Obviously improper.

Anonymous said...

inappropriate, misguided idealism. flawed reasoning. who wouldnt suspect that the food itself was violated? common sense.

Anonymous said...

JTMO:47, I see your point but using your reasoning, no one should ever publicly go out and espouse any cause. If someone tries to tell you something about Greenpeace in an effort to get you to support it, do you assume they think you oppose environmentalism or are ignorant of it? Of course not. Have you ever gone out to get support for a cause and had someone smile and tell you you're preaching to the choir? We all need to give each other a break and not assume negative motives or insults where none are intended. When it comes to BLack Lives Matter, I saw an internet meme that I thought explained the point well. If everyone's dinner plate is full at the table except one and that one person says I need some, people understand that he is not asking for anything unreasonable, just to be treated like everyone else. When people say Black Lives Matter, they aren't saying that they are the only ones that matter but that police already treat white people as if they matter and ought to treat black people the same way. Does it mean every cop treats black people badly? No. But it is hard to deny police treat black people badly in many, many instances if you have your eyes open.

elf said...

#doh the article is and the author of that article referred to the black lives matter movement a racist hate group. Read for content.
I agree with JMTO. Writing anything on the officers cup was unprofessional. I don't go to McDonalds for political commentary, I go for a mcmuffin. The officer wasn't going for a civics lesson, he was grabbing a cup of coffee which he paid for out of his own pocket.
And just for the record- plenty of white criminals get the crap knocked out if them too by police. You know why? Cause they're assholes (sorry for the strong language but a rose by any other name..etc etc). If you're a punk out there dealing drugs and bullying everyone you come in contact with you choose to put yourself in line for an asskickin' and the color of your skin doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

common sense and decency. dont tamper w/anyones food. period. espouse your cause in a proper manner. how bout dialogue? and a man loses his career for espousing his concern?

Lis said...

Maybe the person did put something in the drink. The officer still had the choice to meet that person with equal bigotry or to overcome it with something better.

The only way people give up prejudices is to have the subject of their prejudices become real people to them. We do not practice bigotry against our friends.

Two examples:
Megan Phelps Roper came to her senses and left the Westboro Baptist Church after persons she continually insulted and attacked responded with kindness and befriended her

Zak Ebrahim, the son of a terrorist, rejected his father's ideology after persons outside their group developed friendships with him

We have a choice to hate and distrust those who hate and distrust us, or seek to love and build bridges. Only the second option will change anything for the better.

Romans 12:21
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Amy said...

Elf there are criminals of all races who are dealt with roughly by police, some justifiably and some not. But the number of cases of police abuse of black citizens who are not criminals is way, way too high to be the result of simple error. Take a look at copblock, racismreview, photographyisnotacrime,filmingcops and other blogs documenting police abuse.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sad to read. I fully support the argument that it should be against company policy for employees to put anything extra on their packaging especially anything political, racial, etc. But the harsh words about the #blacklivesmatter movement is upsetting. I suppose its possible some haven't done research on the origins of the movement and have only heard a few of the negative stories but part of me believes those are the ones who are already seeing what they want to see so it's probably pointless. I don't think it's too much to ask that people speak/act respectfully to each other. It's not about kids growing up and being "sissies" or having to cater to "hurt feelings." If you are able to look at things through the veil of white male privilege, then I suppose it would be easy to ignore the facts and sugar coat things and victim blame because who cares if it doesn't affect you, right?

I really hope I don't have to start reading all of the hate speech I've been seeing everywhere else. It's been nice to have fairly intelligent logical (mostly) discussions here without out all of the racial garbage being said on every other site.

Originally I was one who ignorantly said "all lives matter." A very intelligent person explained it to me by saying if you were having a cancer fundraiser and a bunch of people came storming in yelling "hey other diseases need funding too!" What would you say? Well probably you would say something along the lines of "yes, that's true but we are talking about cancer right now." We know all lives matter. We CERTAINLY know white lives matter. But we are talking about black lives right now. And they feel like they don't matter. They feel like they are being treated like they don't matter. And they feel like their kids are growing up to feel like their lives don't matter. (And my oh my if the Blackburn case isn't a perfect example of kids growing up to think their lives don't matter.) The movement was meant to bring awareness and uplift a group of people who need uplifted pretty bad right now.

Don't call it a "hate group" because a few ignorant people tried to use it for their own ignorant purposes. In the same way that you can't categorize all Christians in the same group as Newspring type Christians. A few bad apples do not ruin the whole bunch. I'm not religious by any means but I don't need to be to see the way they have twisted Christianity and tried to use it for their own purposes in the same way that you don't have to be racist to see how some people have attempted to use #blacklivesmatter for evil purposes.

BOTH employees attempted to use their employers to state their political and/or agendas. BOTH of them deserved to lose their jobs for that very reason. I fully support #blacklivesmatter but I wouldn't hesitate to fire ANY employee who used my company in that way regardless if the customer was a police officer, a black person, the president, or a homeless person.

JMTO said...

Those examples are the son of a terrorist and a member of the West Boro Baptist church that pickets soldiers funerals!

Are you telling me that it's ok to put something in this mans drink- this man who gets up everyday and chooses to protect and serve everyone no matter what race, sex, culture- whatever?
He is not representing the minority of dangerous white policeman any more than black gangsta thugs who rape and murder represent all white people!!!

He is getting a cup of coffee you are being paid to serve him!!!

I cannot believe what I am reading here- good riddance to those who cannot understand that when you want to make a statement- you do it on your own time!!!

You have the right to have your voice and opinion heard just as much as he or anyone else has the right to walk in and get a cup of coffee!!!

I cannot believe what I am reading here tonight!!!

Want to make a peaceful statement without labeling and profiling?

Write "peace on earth" on it!!!

That way you don't target someone who may or may not have just come off the call where he saved a young black mother and son- where he held their hands and waited for help and calmed them both- where he then got off the phone to call his wife and tell her how damn thankful he is that the good Lord put him there at the right time to be with them in their most desperate time!!!

And he deserves a damn cup of coffee after without being told what he and the majority of cops know and risk their lives for- black lives matter just as ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

These things probably didn't happen to this cop- but they happen everyday around the country- you just don't hear about it as much as the bad things a minority of them do!!!

I am just completely in awe that anyone should say "maybe there was something in his cup".....

So if that was your cup- would that be ok, Lis?

JMTO said...

*black people

I need to go to bed and stop reading these comments. I am too tired for this seriously!!

JMTO said...

Ok- on your time!!
Not at a business where you are hired to serve everyone in the same courteous manner!!

If it wasn't targeted just towards him and they were just trying to make a statement like you said- then "BlackLivesMatter" should have been on EVERYONES cup!

But I still don't agree with that- that is not what you have been hired to do!!

Anonymous said...
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JMTO said...

Lis said there may have been something in his cup as in- no big deal.
That's not what I said.
I said I can't believe she even said that!

I am outraged because I can be!

Everyone deserves a nice cup of coffee and maybe good conversation!

I will not sway your opinion or am I going to try to because it is a moot point.

But remember - the majority of these men and women risk their lives every single day putting those uniforms on- they kiss their families good bye and they never know if they will come back.
They don't have cushy office jobs- they took an oath to uphold the law and give their life if needed and most do!

You cannot condemn a majority of policeman for what a minority do- isn't that the same as racial profiling?

Where does it get you?

Everyone just needs to have a cup of coffee!!

Anonymous said...


I apologize! I misread that. Now I see what you were saying.

JMTO said...

Anon @ 1:25

You said:

"I suppose its possible some haven't done research on the origins of the movement and have only heard a few of the negative stories but part of me believes those are the ones who are already seeing what they want to see so it's probably pointless. I don't think it's too much to ask that people speak/act respectfully to each other. "

You are going to call people who don't agree with you racist- bc we only see what we want to see?

And then say you don't think it's too much to ask that people act/speak respectively to each other?

elf said...

Thank you for your comment, amy. I do not speak from internet experience, I speak from real life experience. I have seen the statistics also. I stand by my statement.
My opinion is that the whole black lives matter movement is racist. What the leaders of that movement are doing is negating everything that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died for. Those in the movement have segregated themselves from others with their hostile 'them or us' attitude. How many innocent people are hurt every time one of the black lives matter protest takes place? How many local businesses are destroyed? And are they using garbage receptacles for their empty drink containers or cigarette butts or other refuse? What about careers lost, like the officer in the article above, because of this protest movement? Or the officer wwho defended himself after being attacked by Michael Brown? Just casualties to the greater good, right?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Black Lives Matters is founded upon a lie.

Black Lives Matters chants death to cops

Black Lives Matters disrupts free speech...

Anonymous said...

someone has been asleep the past few years, Peter!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I saw that yesterday.

Here is a college president who has had enough:


Anonymous said...

i thought it funny that someone who reads here to see how you discern lies wants to call you a liar. talk about agenda huh?

the school thing is not even debated it is just off the charts

Sus said...

Darn, I added a comment here,. You surely wouldn't curtail my free speech. :-) I think I'm getting caught in Google, or something.

rob said...

In my opinion-Black lives matter-is a hate group.

The cop was spending his money and the clerk was being paid to do a job. Even if DD gives free coffee to cops, the clerk was being paid to do a job. I would have demanded to see a manager at once, and if the clerk was not immediately fired, I would have retained an attorney.

Our local college, after the Missouri incedent, have decided to do the same here, and have come up with a list of '12 demands'. Only one has been released publicly, and that was that the university had to have 'at least' the same percentage of AA professors as the student ratio. I want to see the other 11 demands, it is a state college and my tax dollars support it. I also want to see all sports groups have the same racial ratio as the students. Also the 'other, non-professor' employees.

When someone has a need, I don't look at the race before I decide if I want to contribute, and most needy people don't look at the race of the giver before accepting. So what happens when a house burns down, and the family has no insurance, but we all say, 'that's a black family, let them help.'

At some point there will be push-back. Then what? I say that I will not buy another ticket to a sporting event until the ratio is met? I'm sorry to say, but if you attend a college (or even a professional) game, the ticket buyers are 90% or more white. That is not because the tickets can't be purchased by AA's or that there is no AA's that can afford to buy them. But, they don't. When the tickets are no longer sold, this money making machine will shut down, and fast.

I'm so tired of this 'dialog on race' where no race can speak except the black race. And I will be called a racist for this post. And that is fine with me.

Sus said...

Ok, I wrote a long post last night because I tend to ramble. I'll shorten this one.

The BLM is a racist movement. The movement has shown that a Black life matters to them only when that life ends by a White policeman.

The BLM is an ineffective movement. The movement is not making us care about Black lives, which it states as its purpose. When the movement condones rioting, looting, and burning businesses in their own neighborhoods it tells us they don't care about themselves.

In my opinion if the BLM wants to be effective, then they need to pull out the weeds. Look at the statistics. Black men kill each other. In Peoria a baby was killed in his crib in a drive by...through the wall! Also, in Peoria, a fourteen year old having a slumber party was shot and killed, and his friends shot. Gang bangers burst into his home blasting. Whoops. Wrong home. In Chicago, Tyshawn Lee, 9 years old, was executed by rival gang members out to revenge his father. Also in Chicago, last year, another 9 year old killed because he didn't know the gang territories. He'd just moved into the area. A high-school student in Cincinatti is more likely to be shot than in his school than if he was in active duty in Afghanistan.

Why don't the above examples matter to the BLM? They matter to me. It seems when BLM shows Black lives truly matter, I will believe them.

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

why havent BLM and Mr Jackson been marching thru the warzone neighborhoods of Chicago demanding an end to the despicable gangs, drugs and murder?

Anonymous said...

I think BLM is concerned about black men killing black men. But a lot of the public focus is on the anger due to cops discriminating against law-abiding black men. It's about their fear to do normal things law-abiding white people can do for fear of being mistreated or killed. It's about the difference between having the same civil rights on paper as white people and having those same civil rights in fact.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is bureau of land management. Who is BLM?

Juliet said...

I wonder if KW suspected Davey was inside the home, or had entered and went outside again, while they were on the phone - maybe he heard Weston, or the dog, radio, a washing machine, timers, something which gave him the impression Davey was inside, but is not quite sure/doesn't trust his memory. Did Davey not finish the call properly maybe, and KW heard him enter the house, or something.

His tweet did look like an alibi - I said that early on, and that I wondered if Davey asked him to tweet.

Juliet said...

I watched/listened to Amanda's father sermon - he is of the 'in everything give thanks' school of belief, in which thanksgiving and a positive take on everything, no matter how devastating, should at all times be the appropriate response. That type of thinking allows a brutal murder to become an inoffensive sounding 'event' and a 'circumstance', out of which good must come, and for which reasons to thank God must be found - not only in the future, but from the moment in which Amanda died. They haven't gone as far as to say it, but probably the most fervent thanks-givers amongst them are actually thanking God for Amanda's murder, because somehow it's all part of God's 'plan'.

Within that mindset grief, misery, doubt or despair have no place - everything must be turned into thanks and praise, as anything less is accounted weakness and due to lack of faith. Feelings have to be denied and suppressed collectively in order for the church to 'work' successfully. The determination to give thanks in everything is why, in interviews, Davey and Phil say they 'want' to feel angry, sad, depressed, and so on - but they have honour-bound themselves into denying their instincts, in order to give thanks in everything, instead. It's the same sort of thinking with Davey 'choosing' forgiveness, and why feelings are disapproved of - no matter how irrational, crazy, wrong it may feel, one chooses to ignore the feeling and to give thanks, to forgive, to believe 'the best is yet to come', and so forth, instead.

I think, that's pretty much the mindset, quite slavish; if he is not involved, it could go a long way to explaining Davey's strange and unexpected response to the murder of Amanda and their unborn baby; he is glad, giving thanks, because God's plan suits him - it doesn't explain his failure to express surprise, let alone shock, at what has happened, nor account for why he has not expressed his love for Amanda, a desire for justice, or appropriate concern for Weston, but it can make some sense of why he has seemed from the outset to be dancing on Amanda's grave, and not seeing himself as he is seen. The mindset of the associated churches is the same, so all those people will also feel bound to be giving thanks in everything, -thus the muted response, the non outpouring of grief, which would betray doubt and lack of faith, whilst causing onlookers to ask WTF questions.

Anonymous said...

Davie posted on Twitter, 12/01/15 at 5:30 pm, EST:

"Amanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, "Well Done"

I don't know about other's opinions, but to me this seemed like a negative statement, rather than anything to praise her about.

A reply that he got was: Andrew Barker (Mr B) ‏@barkerswoof 23m23 minutes ago
.@daveyblackburn @lizgmarshall @watchkeep He missed out "well loved" that would have been nice. :)

That sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Another Davey tweet:

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Nov 25
My life is not my own, I have been bought with a price

Yes this can be a scriptural reference, but could also have a more literal meaning.