Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Statement Analysis: "Amanda's Story"

The following are notes taken during a 6 hour session of ten experienced analysts and investigators looking at the murder of Amanda Blackburn. 

Some are short abbreviations and thoughts while others are longer, complete sentences and analysis.  

It includes Statement Analysis and commentary in the murder of Amanda Blackburn and is the summary works and thoughts preceded by the video of Amanda Blackburn's father.  It is suggested that the video be watched which will provide a reference point for a closed loved one's words connected to a brutal murder, while maintaining the basis of faith. 

 Police have stated that 3 gang members have been arrested and the identity of the shooter is known.  Police have also stated that Amanda's husband, Davey Blackburn, was not involved in her death.

The following is not limited to analysis as it includes external information, including information from the videos, media and the police affidavit.

First a video of what genuine emotional struggle sounds like from Amanda's father. This should be contrasted with the statements of the husband. He is:

a.  Closely related
b.  Faith based 
c.  A good example of "the expected versus the unexpected"  

Note the reality; the struggle and the desire to protect, yet limit himself. Note the genuine emotion in light of Scripture, venus the language of Davey Blackburn. This is a good example of being hit with a horrible tragedy and seeking to trust God. The religious terminology is so different than Davey's that it sounds like an entirely different religion or different 'god.'

"She's the love of my life. "

The video is in stark contrast to the words of her husband.  

Regarding some questions readers have had about language and analysis:  

Mentally ill statements will not be cohesive and will lack a visible priority.

Delusional people will produce direct fabrications of reality.  "I was talking to Satan last night who told me to kill my dog, Sam."  This is a direct fabrication of reality, or, an outright lie.

DB's statements show clarity and a singular and powerful priority. They do strongly suggest mental health disturbance (general) including anti-social and narcissistic traits within language which often show the inability to have genuine emotion, rather they must mimic or copy others, including in language.  

Pronoun Change 

The change from "I" to "we" is a powerful, intuitive indicator of a need to place guilt in a context where there are others around me,  which is then seen as 'reduced' overall impact. This is consistent from grade school on up.  

Someone with anti-social and narcissistic traits knows what he is saying but may be incapable or have a reduced capability to have genuine emotion.  This will trigger suspicion.  

Pronouns are instinctive, intuitive and reliable.  Entire cases are closed on pronouns.  Accounts from more than 50 years ago can reliably pick the pronoun usage.  Pronouns being in human speech from the earliest days, and the use is so extreme in repetition that they are "never wrong" and "incapable" of deception.  

The change from "I" to "we" indicates guilt.  

What is the source of guilt?

A .  He knows the shooter

B.   It is something else.

Police ruled out knowing the shooter.  The experts in law enforcement insist that this is an ongoing investigation and they will be looking for any possible connection including:

*Did the husband meet any member of the gang through counseling?  
*Does anyone in the church know 

Universal Guilt 

Universal parental guilt, or spousal guilt will not produce pronoun change.  

It is not "universal guilt" that, for example, a parent would feel, terribly, if he let his 10 year old walk to school alone and was thus murdered.  That guilt would be intense, but it is not likely to produce an immediate run to the plural "we" in a statement unless a specific circumstance existed:

 It would produce "we", for example, if he had been warned, "DONT let her walk to school alone!"

This could produce "we decided" versus "I decided" due to extreme nature of murder.  

But all parents feel guilt over children's death:  Many feel 'responsible' when children die from illness such as cancer.

The guilt of Davey Blackburn is powerful enough to produce a pronoun change.When the pronoun "I" appears after a series of "we" it is also "strong" and important.  

Allegation:  Murder of Amanda Blackburn 

I.               Initial Public Statement after Murder   This is important because it is his first thoughts (priority) and will not be impacted by news stories, analysis read, public, etc.  

Elements of intrusion and Equality in Language 

The level of intrusion will match language. 

Ex.  Baby Ayla kidnapping.  Phoebe DiPietro's language revealed knowledge that no one broke into her house. "When someone enters your house and someone is casing your house..."

The pronoun "you" told us:  there was no kidnapping.  Home is a place of safety but also of vulnerability.  It is very intrusive.  

How powerful are pronouns?

Police were stopping black males when Susan Smith used one past tense verb about her sons.  The road blocks and searching came to an end:  the boys were dead and she, crying on TV, was the killer. 

"Cayee loved the park." (Caylee is dead)

Experienced investigators trust pronouns.  

"Hailey wasn't allowed to go out by herself..." said while missing.  H was dead when the mother spoke this, allowing for people to continue to search.  

The place of murder was the husband's own home. 
The victim of murder was the husband's own wife. 
The language should reflect this, even as Amanda's father's language showed his close relationship with his daughter.

Where we sleep (location) is a place of vulnerability.  Sleep is mandatory.  Home invasion destroys security and this is reflected in the language.  We are incapable of protection while asleep making it most sensitive.  We always flag location of sleep; often a refugee from trouble, and often in the language of both Domestic Violence and Domestic Homicide.  

DB:  murder in his home, of his wife and his pre born child.  He was "one" with his wife, and this could not be more intimate.  She was shot in the head. His language is expected to match this.  

Even though media reported rape:  DB did not use language of sexual homicide. If he had come in and found her and thought she had been raped, it would have been very difficult to keep this out of his language; it is too powerful for innocent people and guilty people alike. No matter the case, he did not have knowledge of sexual assault.  

Coincidental Nature of the crime:

DB complained about his marriage, and stated that pregnancy made it worse. This was done publicly and repeatedly and often "the worst the pain the better the medicine" sales technique.  

Wife 12 weeks pregnant while murdered.  Investigators cannot ignore this.   Video tapes give strong connection to how bad marriage was.  

Video tapes:  bad marriage, sexual drive, inadequacy of victim (disparagement) and powerful drive to succeed. 

He even complained online:  Number of 400 people more important than 16 souls saved.  Numbers "coming" more important than anything.  

Number of 6500 in attendance more important than wife's murder. This was a bizarre "intrusion" into his account.  Amanda's murder is now "Amanda's story" even though no arrests were made at the time of statement.  This is to telegraph future plans of "telling Amanda's story."

Will the language support this?  Was he thinking of a book or made for TV deal while making this statement?  

Expected Versus Unexpected.  

Amanda's father:  All expected language.  No unexpected.  Consistent, truthful, close painful language.  

Davey:  Most all unexpected.  Sales pitch repeated.  Deceptively withholding his emotions.  Why?  Does he feel them?  

**Is Davey Blackburn incapable of feeling these emotions?  

Expectation of the first statement :  

"My wife, Amanda, was brutally murdered and..."

"I love Amanda"

"Amanda loved me and Weston, our son" 

List of expected words or themes from initial statement by investigators:  

1.     Intrusiveness
2.     violated
3.     angry* 
4.     possible revenge  (pastor)—vengeance but in subtle (conflict)
5.     horrific
6.     disbelief, denial, bargaining
7.     shock
8.     extreme language of emotion, sadness
9.     blame
1.  FEAR –of killer return, fear for neighbors, etc.  
1.  We MUST catch this killer
1.  helpless

What do you expect to hear about his wife?

“I love Amanda” not even “I loved Amanda” as it is just too soon for this?  

From Religious background:  I expect him to say “Amanda is in Heaven”

Q.  What would you think, if, he does not place “Amanda in Heaven?” 

Would this be subtle insult of the victim?-----

Men process death faster.  "I loved Amanda" although soon, is still appropriate.  His statement is void of this.  In murdered children, fathers go past tense quicker than mothers.  Some mothers hold on to present tense for years.  

Husband and Father is expected to speak personally for himself with:

1.     Emotions  “I”
2.     Violent Killer on the Loose must be caught, brought to justice--safety for Weston and neighbors
3.     I love Amanda; Amanda love (d) me
4.     Amanda is in Heaven, or a better place or safe…’reward’ the victim  or even ‘protect the victim’ even if the husband feels guilty for not being home. 

I.  First Statement 

I.               “It’s impossible to communicate all the emotions my heart has been forced to process. 

The statement does not begin with the pronoun “I”  which means the analyst should be on alert for possible distancing language.  The context of home invasion murder of a wife is “up close” and “personal.” This is not expected.  

“all the emotions”: He begins by telling us what he cannot do:  express “all” the emotions in his heart.  

Will he give “some” of the emotions with the pronoun “I”?  How about "I love Amanda with all my heart" as a single emotion?  

What is missing is the emotions, the pronoun “I” , and what “forced” this.  
We listen for “the murder of my wife, Amanda” in ANY terms…the “senseless death” or anything close.

Rule of commitment:  Pronoun “I” directly connected by a verb.  

The first thing someone says is always important.  The very first thing he says is in effect:  

'I am not committing myself to any specific emotion' which establishes priority. He signals here that he is not going to connect himself, personally, to Amanda.  

Formula for commitment is First Person Singular, past tense verb. 

“I thought” “I think” “I felt” “I feel”

He is speaking for himself, as his wife is dead.

 “Forced” while in context, speaking of a very violent intrusive crime. A "circumstance" (unexpectedly soft for a violent crime) is "forced" upon him by whom?  Life?  God?  

"Force":  was force used to break in to the home?  (no, door was not locked?)

My wife was such a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. 

1.     ISI:  “my wife” lacks her name.  This is not a complete social introduction, but it is also not a terrible one either.  Without a CSI, we cannot say = good relationship. Something is 'less than good' here.  

 Some analysts had not heard the videos where he complains about her and commented that there is something amiss in the relationship.  

That he takes ownership of her as "wife" is positive, but what is the context?  While his wife was the victim of a brutal intrusive murder, he does not use her name here with ownership. 

Context:  “of God” she is “beautiful, gracious, loving woman” is this for him, or for God?  We want to hear, "I love Amanda" and "Amanda was a good wife to me" and "Amanda was a good mother for Weston..."  

Will she be the same when he, himself, is the context, as seen with the pronoun “I”?  With "God" she is these things, but what about with the subject, himself?

"Such":  ‘comparative’ --- what might this be compared to?  Other woman?

“My wife, Amanda, was a beautiful…”in her walk with God, compared to with me, the subject, what was she?  

Next, he introduces his ministry or "career", or "work."

Question for analyst:  What is more important, his career or Amanda?

I have not only lost my ministry partner and support, but also my very best friend.

“I” and “very best friend” are far apart, with “ministry” coming before personal. 
He has introduced “ministry” ---“company” or “career  ---one and the same first.  

Be on alert that one who has not committed to emotions, has now introduced his career to the statement. 

Difference in the language of “loss” between cancer and murder.  "Lost" with sickness of cancer spreading out over time, but murder is always shocking, always unexpected (?) which means that this element will be in the language. 

It is not.  

“I, I, I” Discussed as principle.  No "stuttering we" because "we" already provides safety by number which will act as protection from anxiety.   

LSI…”stuttering pronoun” I  indicates an increase in tension stress, and anxiety, if it hits “9” by a non-stutterer, it means immediate hospitalization and an entire central nervous breakdown and is ONLY found in spousal murder—

I have not encountered a stuttering “we” before this case. The public speaking DB did not find 'solace' or comfort while 'hiding' in the crowd of "we" in the statement.  

 There is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these.

1.     The use of the 2nd person pronoun in a personal murder is not expected and is distancing language.  This is not a common, universal event. This is "unexpected" pronoun use.  

2.     ""Circumstances":  is soft, minimizing language and it is not expected (inappropriate)

3.     “These” is plural.  Are home invasion murders of pregnant women something that commonly or universally happens?  

Also, “these”, being plural, tells us that there is something else that was a “circumstance” BESIDES the murder. 

4.     Prepare is in the negative “there is no way…” making it elevated in importance.

This is an unnecessary statement.  Everyone knows that you cannot prepare for a home invasion murder. 

Which then leads us to ask:  

Why did it enter his language?

When we do not have an answer, the analyst should consider the possibility that leakage is presenting itself.  This is subjective and the word “prepare” should be noted and put off to the side for future reference. 

Did these circumstances have “preparation”?   Police have said that they have not found anything to connect this man to the murder. 

The subject has introduced the topic of “preparation” for murder in his language.

This is not expected.  No one "prepares" for murder unless they know about it already and have prepared a "story."  The word "story" so close to the UNSOLVED murder should not be in the language.  

As deeply as I am hurting, I am hopeful and confident that good things will come of this.

1.     The subject’s statement is written in a way which you must presume he is hurting in order for you to understand his communication.  He does not tell you he is hurting, instead he goes directly to the ‘degree’ of the emotion.  This is an assumptive statement and does not directly connect himself to the emotion.  What is behind this "hurt"?  He still does not say.  

2.     He avoids any specific designation of actual emotion.  We saw in the first sentence a lack of commitment to any specific emotion, stating that it was impossible to tell “all”, but how about some? 
3.     “The word but being missing, yet the topic, or theme, included, via comparison.’

4.     Scripture does not ever teach nor example, the exclusion of human emotions.  “Jesus wept”/ David mourned the loss of Absolam, his son…”

5.     therefore, is this an advertisement?

6.     Is this a hint of narcissism in language?  Psychological expert:  We must consider both anti social and narcissistic elements in this language.  

In the “higher life” ideology, he is “selling” a product that promises people various cures. Amanda Blackburn's father expressed getting through this, not 'celebrating' or 'laughing.'

What is the sales pitch?

It is that the deeper the pain, the greater the relief. 
The worst the marriage the better the marriage counsel he offers.  

People that are in pain, have reduced discernment and open to suggestibility.  Davey will "do whatever it takes" and no matter how bad life is, "the best is yet to come" slogans.  

 I rest in the truth of Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.

Appropriate use of Scripture if he assigns God as in control, even of death.  

“Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew.

Amanda—her life calling, or ‘career’ is to “love and serve everyone she knew.”

Q.   does this include Davey?
Q.  does it include the living child, Weston?
Q.  Will he mention the pre born child?   he does not mention the child. 
Q.  Does it exclude those she did not know?

Q.  Is he back to "selling" and advertising?  

Is “everyone”; yet, he qualifies this to be people she “knew.”  Will this be consistent?  

 Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.”

Even more” raises the level in comparison to loving everyone “she knew” to people she does not know. 

Regarding the subject’s career, what do you think of this statement?

'16 people came to know Jesus as their personal savior but I am disappointed that you did not reach the goal of 400 people in attendance...' from video  --not exact quote.  

These people would come to his church or his company. Nothing about Amanda's life work being to love him, or be loved by him, or Weston.  

Setting makes it even more troubling:  

This is a few days after his wife’s brutal murder, he let people know that his work was going on. 

Who does Amanda love?

1.     People she knows
2.     She wants people to come to his 'company'

Is he going to say, more importantly, that Amanda loved me, and our children?

“I know that in her death and legacy even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ.

Why did Amanda die?
Is Amanda some form of sacrifice?
Is he using Amanda's death to prop up his business?

Outside info from video:  Amanda said that the marriage went bad the day the honeymoon ended because he went "to work" and was so involved in his work that she was thinking of leaving him to go home to family.  

“even more” is to compare WHAT?  What number of people “coming” is he comparing it to?

Is this word in any way associated with “preparation”?  

We do not know.  We are listening.  We are taking notes.  We are asking questions, but why did he mention "preparation"??

*Will he keep using her death to advertise his business? 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt her desire for me would be to continue

This is an expression used when pushing back against doubters.  He is owning that at least one person disagree about Amanda's desire:  it is likely Amanda, herself. Will this be affirmed or weakened as we go forward?

“I know” is weak and “shadow of a doubt” is weaker because in order to be necessary there would have to exist doubt. 

“beyond a shadow of a doubt” which introduces the word “doubt” into a statement about his murdered wife. This is to acknowledge the need to persuade a doubter or doubters.  It is about his career, again.  

It is to weaken the assertion of his wife’s desire for him.

He is introducing the fact that Amanda brought doubts to him regarding him continuing his ministry.

*outside this statement he spoke to a group of NON PASTORS and NON pastoral candidates and “warned them” how wives can harm ministries or they can "sling shot" ministries.  

*Projection noted.  He 'told ' the audience that Amanda in life was more interested in him Davey, which hindered his work.  

There were doubts about him and his work from her.

*outside info:  She stated that his work almost caused the disintegration of the marriage and that had her family lived closer, she would have left him. 
*outside info;  his mentor noted something "wrong" with him, called him "Crazy Davey" but only felt better about him with Amanda's presence.  Did this cause him to envy her?

*He insulted her, humiliated her subtly and over talked her on the video.  Disrespectful and competitive towards her.  

He told us the marriage got worse from pregnancy and he was under sexual temptation at the gym and she could not or would not meet his needs. 

“…people generally only say “beyond a shadow of a doubt” when someone is questioning…”

what we’ve started here in Indy.

The word “we” here is about his ministry and started speaks to the beginning when it was him and Amanda.  This suggests unity at the beginning of the work. 
Did he need a “fresh start” ?

He has a fake poverty story he tells...again, the worse the pain, the greater the medicine selling technique that he uses. 

“we were broke” and “very poor” lived on mac and cheese,

This means that in some areas, “we” is indicated as positive. 

 I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.”

“our tragedy”

“our”:    Who is plural here? Amanda is gone.  There is no "Weston" here in context so...

does he have a girlfriend?
does he see himself and the church as married?
does he have messianic or messianic like complex? 
does he see himself as married to the church?

“tragedy”:  this might be acceptable, much later down the road, right now it is a brutal unsolved murder with a dangerous killer on the loose. 

With the plural:  
Is he sharing this “tragedy” not murder, with someone else?? 

“The best is yet to come” is a published slogan of “resonate” church, that resonates with young people  ---if you can, during lunch break, take a quick peek at some of the videos.

“The best is yet to come”

“truly” adds emphasis

Analysis Conclusion:  

It is his priority which comes forth plainly:  his career and work. 

He used his initial statement to advertise the church.

What is missing?

Love, and the death of his unborn child, and Amanda in Heaven.
Question for us:  Did Amanda NOT deserve heaven?  12:45PM

“still good” --- because His “goodness” might be in question if He “allowed” this to happen.  Is this part of Davey’s actual theology, however??

His mentor gets 16,000 people each week and changes the language with faux claims of knowledge of Hebrew.  They "do whatever it takes" and success is measured in numbers.  

He went to the memorial service and said this about Davey:

There was something very wrong with this young man. “

Random thoughts of analysts listening:

‘jesus’ ---“whatever it takes….”   “the best is yet to come”
“higher life movement”  ---------  negation or suspension of human faculties in rising above life’s problems”

Sex & money


Gnosticism ---Stoics

Is he “selling” and “advertising” so much so that it will continue?  

“100% not a suspect”  the need for emphasis by police while they knew his bizarre statement was attracting more than raised eyebrows.  Fox News called it "narcissistic" and focus on self.  They said he wants the public to know that while his wife has just been murdered, he is going on with his work. 

*Anti social traits examined.  Inability for genuine human empathy.  

Highly intelligent public speaker.  

Analyst:   "his life with her wasn’t that good" drawn only from statement as analyst did not see any videos.  ---Video 3 weeks prior to Amanda’s death.  He and Amanda did “Q & A” for the church. Detective:  body language obvious.  

Subject's complaints about her as both agreed bad marriage:
 –Amanda did not meet my sexual needs
                disparaged her.     “Date night”  “Davey”had to have sex first otherwise he would not concentrate on Amanda's conversation.  This is bullying, controlling behavior, that is highly insulting to her.  
He reduced her to body parts; “depersonalization” of his wife
“Controlling language”

Videos show "performances, including choreographing, costumes (sex appeal) and doing to the Gospel "whatever it takes" to make it "appealing" or to "resonate" to young.  Everything is about sex.  

Narcissitic language and extreme focus on his “career”

audience is young---late teens, early 20’s

“corrects” her
mocks her modesty
“bring the butter” in a “sermon” in a “church” alarming --many churches teach sex but ministers do not use themselves as examples and do not humiliate their wives publicly.  Had he been a licensed therapist he would have had formal complaint against license.  

The videos show a man obsessed with “numbers”

“salvation of one person in ten years, they rejoice! versus DB drive for numbers.  

Davey, using the pronoun “I” speaks of his disappointment. 

16 people were “saved” eternally ---but, ' got to tell you guys, I am disappointed because I set a goal of 400 people and you did not meet the goal…'  

She said:  The marriage went south when the honeymoon ended and he went “to work”

He said:   The trigger for the marriage getting worse was pregnancy.

He whipped out a gun for a prop and pretended to shoot someone.

He then said, ‘I warn you about marriage and the ministry.  A wife can slingshot you towards success or destroy it’ 

Less than one month later, she is murdered while pregnant and he does not grieve?

***The first analysis went on the blog.  Another statement was made by DB.  There are significant changes in the next statement, at first but then:  

Dear Resonate Family,

I cannot thank you enough for the unbelievable outpouring of love that you have shared with my family over the past few days.

negative – elevated, but it began with “I”, so we should expect him to continue in the first person singular. 

As many of you know, my wife Amanda Grace and our unborn baby have been tragically killed.

1.    complete social introduction
2.    mentioning of the unborn child
3.    “killed”

These were the three first concerns mentioned earlier.  

“Parroting language.”  Did subject become influenced by suspicion, criticism, analysis, etc?  

“I did not kill my daughter, Jonbenet.” 

unnecessary introduction for an artificial entry, or ‘use’

We are going to have church this Sunday, just like we always do.

“normal”:  this will be, IN HIS LANGUAGE anything but normal. Even young children know that when a story is told, "It was a day like any other", they recognize something extraordinary is about to happen.  

“We” :  himself and the church.  This is an appropriate use of “we”

"Dear Resolute Church" is to directly address them.  This is NOT NECESSARY and it is, therefore, very important.  The analyst should be on alert that the subject is aware that his audience is larger than just the church!  Will the rest of the statement affirm this concern, or deny it?
Is he really addressing just them?  

 In addition to meeting together at our normal service times, we are going to focus on celebrating Amanda’s life later Sunday afternoon.

“Celebration” very close to the murder;
It is a positive term
Would you celebrate while a killer is on the loose?

Is this just an advertisement for the “higher life movement” or does he have a reason to celebrate? 

Would you expect a murdered life to be celebrated:
a.    so soon?
b.    while the murderer is still on the loose?

Where is the shock, anger, rage, fear, denial?

 Please join me at Traders Point Christian Church at 5:00pm.

invitation at new location that holds many more people.
Does he expect many more people than “like we always do” to attend?
Remember, he specifically addressed this to people of whom he did not need to address, making it ‘sensitive’ to him. 

Does he know something that the people do not know?

 We are going to worship, share the gospel through sharing Amanda’s story, laugh together and cry together.

1.    worship
2.    share
3.    laugh
4.    cry

Analyst:  'It strikes me, personally, as very inappropriate, and most unexpected.' 

all agreed.  

"celebrate" so close to her death?  "laugh"?  Is this more slogan-ism selling?  It is unlike Amanda's father.  

Her heart would be that you invite as many people as possible to this celebration service that do not know the Lord.

Amanda’s heart wants numbers is the "perceived reality of DB"
Amanda while alive, loved people she knew;
Amanda while dead, wants people she did not know to come. 

'Amanda, while dead, is doing what she should have done while alive, for me, Davey:  bring me new customers for my growing business'

Question:  Is Amanda a commercial for his company?

This is not “Amanda” but “her heart”
Is this what Amanda did not want, but her “heart” did?
Another gnostic view:  2 different people in one package.

“I have a thin person inside of me dying to get out!”

 Amanda’s story has attracted national news.

Here we have the hint from "Dear Resonate Family" inclusion in his statement.  He is talking to resonate family but has one eye on the "nation" 

*Amanda is an “unsolved murder”, not a story. Story is a soft term of a ‘created’ element.  

We write and create and tell stories.  It takes time and it takes preparation.  

Think of leakage:   “preparation”?

I know that Jesus is going to make good come from this,

What would be, in his personal, subjective dictionary, that would define “good” in this situation?  What would be “good” from the murder of his wife and unborn child, leaving him without his “partner” and “very best friend” and his son, Weston, without a mother, (which, by the way, nothing of her as “mother” was in his original statement.  I pointed this out and his NEXT statement addressed “mother” too! 

What “good” will come?

Let’s see if he answers this for us:  

 so in the event someone from the media tries to speak with you, simply respond by asking everyone to join us in prayer for my family.

*Control.  He will now tell people what to say to media.  Don’t answer their questions, just ask them “all” (everyone) to pray for “my” family.

This is very important that he has now used the term, “my family” which he has consistently avoided and will consistently avoid it going forward.

This may be the only time I have heard this expression, “my family” and it is about “prayer” from the media. 

 You can let them know that we have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are still hoping and believing that great things are still yet to come.

“my family” needs prayer, but “we” have extremely heavy hearts.
He avoids saying how he, himself, feels.
He feels the need in a murder case to emphasize this with “extremely”, as if a murder could produce anything else;

anti-social/narcissistic traits within language  (control)

"We" instead of "I" is vital:  

The use of "we" when he should use only himself:  

This is to “run away from commitment” regarding how he, himself, feels about the murder of his own wife. 

His initial statement prepared us for this. 

Does he not feel what other humans feel?  Must he mimic, imitate or borrow language?


*Did the 2nd statement affirm or deny his use of commercializing his wife’s death?

*He did not say “I love Amanda” or “Amanda loved me”
He has not placed her in heaven, yet. 
Did Amanda so hinder his ministry that she did not deserve Heaven?

Free Editing Process where he answers questions on his own. 

Note any disruption in the speed of transmission, including pauses, “ums” and “you know”, etc. 

Stuttering is only observed in non-stutterers. 

II.  Interview Transcript

I: Pastor Blackburn, thank you for joining us this morning, we’re so sorry for your loss.

DB: Thank you George, thank you very much.

I: I know the community came together in a memorial service for Amanda over the weekend, what do you want the world to know now about your wife?

a.     recognition of the huge service, but the question is personal and moves away from what interests Davey (crowd) to the real issue:  violent unsolved murder with killer on the loose:

b.     What do you want the world to know about your wife?

  Males:  all state this is an easy question to answer and the language will include "love" and "I" and child.  

**It is an "easy question"  

*Would this question be easy if he had hired someone to kill his wife?

Or, if the subject has an intense guilt that is powerful enough to impact language, would it become a difficult question? 

DB: Oh my gosh, I wish I could tell the world everything about her, I wish I had the time to but, um,

Before he gets to time, he speaks of limitation.

He does not have the time. Why not?  What does he have the time to talk about?  We will listen to learn the answer.  

“but” is used to compare his lack of time and wish with what follows next:

I think what I would really want the world to know is that she loved Jesus with her whole heart.

a.     He speaks for himself, which is good.  This is commitment.
b.     “think” is to immediately reduce commitment and allow for himself, or others to think differently. 
c.     “really” want
d.     “she loved Jesus with her whole heart

                                  “jesus” is his product which is sold at his company. His 'jesus' and Amanda's father from video 'Jesus' seem different.  

Psych :  Is he talking about himself?  (Messianic complex)

“story telling?" 

 And she loved people,

Does this sound strange coming before mentioning “loving me”?  Or, she loved her son, Weston?  She loved her family??

This is not here yet…

and she spent her life pouring her life out to people.

“to people” not to me, not to her son…not to her family, but to “people” and this is not even "for people":

What is DB building here?  

She served people,

She served “people” and not “our son” or “her family” or “me”

The advertised “story” is in full bloom here. We will now listen for any planning he leaks out about selling or using this "story"

she uh, loved the people

She loved “the people” now, which is “specific” via the article, “the”

This is not the language of a husband but the language of a non-sexual relationship and we must explore the possibility of the language of selling her story. 

Since “people” is now specified, which “people” does he refer?

that were un loveable,

She loved the un loveable people.  I do not know if they would appreciate this title, but it is his language.  Who were these "un lovable" people?  What made them "unlovable"?

Question:  Would Amanda describe them as unloveable?

Observations from those who have seen videos:  Amanda was loving, Godly, genuine Christian wife and mother.   

Is this assertion that Amanda loved the "un lovable" people fictional story telling on the part of her husband due to plans to "sell" this "story" far beyond just using it to get on Inside Edition, GMA, Fox, etc?

gave hope to people who um, didn’t have hope,

“gave hope to people” and these “people” are those who did not have “hope” which is the language of “story building.”

Is he signaling a book, made for TV movie, Hollywood,  a reality TV show, and so on…?

“Amanda saves the world!” by Davey

“others” is only used when someone else, like FAMILY is priority. 

It does not seem from the statements made by Amanda that she would have classified "people" as unloveable.  This appears to be classic story building language by one about to cash in on her death.  Sales from such a book would far outweigh any monetary gain from life insurance and he has no emotional connection (using "I") to Amanda.  

didn’t think they had a future, and um, she just absolutely gave everything she had to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Amanda’s love gives “futures” to un loveable and those without hope.  Who are these people who are said to be without futures?  How did Amanda give them futures?

This is ^&O*(U$$*()    (unprintable)  

Is this guy  a slick salesman who is 'pushing the right buttons' with the public?  He has insulted people and ascribed Messianic like qualities to a young mother who was likely so busy with a child and a demanding narcissistic husband that she did not have time to give futures to the world of unloveable people.  

This is the language of hyperbole, which will get stronger as he goes on and he will show what it means to "get pronoun strength" coming up...

Question:  Who is an “un loveable” person?

Answer:   Murders, child molesters, killers, etc….   “Davey”?

Psych :  projection from childhood? 

But, after giving “absolutely” to people, un loveable, hopeless, futureless what eve was left, she gave it to JC, but…

nothing for Davey?  

“Perhaps he was envious of her relationship with God.”

“homicide” ---envy. 
Cain sacrificed and it displeased God.
Abel sacrificed and it pleased God.

Cain took Abel to the “field’ (where disputes were often heard in private) and something was said that caused him to kill his brother. 

Question:  is 'envy' in the language of DB towards Amanda?

Answer:   See what he praises Amanda for:  not stealing the spotlight from him.  

Also note “her Lord and Savior” and not “our Lord and Savior (from a husband)” may suggest that Davey disagreed with her philosophy of practical, hands on worship, which is often seen in helping others as maybe she did not agree with his "numbers first" mentality of success.  

I: We know the police in, have released surveillance photos, some surveillance videos overnight, what else have they been telling you about who might have done this and why?

                                              What have police told you?

Police reveal all or most all to family they KNOW are not involved, but withhold information from anyone who might talk, or might be suspected…

DB:  Um, ya know, the ah investigators um, haven’t given me ah, a, ton of details that um, they’ve given me the details that they’ve released to, to the public as well,

The public speaking subject halts on a sensitive topic and reveals that the police have not shared with him ANYTHING about the case. 

 an, an so we, we’ve been really tryin’ to do over the past week is um, is, is, kinda figure out , we, ya know, how to grieve the loss an,

Grieving the murder:   It is not “I”, nor “me” but “we”

The murder is not “my loss”, nor even “our loss” but it is “the loss”, which is so distant that it sounds like he is counseling someone in his church. 

Is he incapable of feeling emotions?  (sociopathic imitation of emotions)

Something caused a powerful change to cause him to go from “me” to “we” at a most personal point.  (Grieving)

an how to, how to move forward from here an how to work thru all of this ,

From his first statement:  he wanted to move forward before there has been a moment to yet grieve. This was noted initially, too.  

 it’s devastating to the family

"the family" is not "me" or "my family."

We cannot say that Davey Blackburn is devastated by his wife's murder because he himself will not say it. 

This is distancing language that suggests a need to explore if he:

a.     is incapable of emotion
b.     or has guilty knowledge of the crime
------has extreme guilt in something, enough to eject "I" from his language.  

Question:   If he was having an affair, is this enough guilt to produce pronoun ejection?   
   psych  please consider that the affair would cost him his career if recovered....
                   It is not “devastating to me”

The disconnect comes in the use of complex language AND a consistent priority. 
Clinical:  like a professional treating unrelated clients or patients. There is no connection to the pain or loss. 

an , and um, ya know the fu, funeral this past Sunday was just an amazing celebration of, of her life an, we just um, we were so grateful for, for friends and family comin’ to show support, and the nation um, there were over 6500 people tuned in across the world um, and, and, what was so great about Amanda is she was so selfless, that she didn’t want here life to be put on display ever, but she wanted Jesus to be put on display. We feel like that’s what happened at the celebration service, that Jesus was lifted up and people’s lives have been changed because of that.

In statements where he has no connection to grief, fear, or Amanda, he can accurately quote the number of people who came to see his company online. 

(This shocked those who had no knowledge of the case) ---how could the murder victim's own husband even care about such a thing??  how could he be so crass as even mention it?

Then, what is so “great” about Amanda is that she did not steal his thunder.  (his spotlight, his attention)  “Amanda was so selfless that there was only me to soak up all the attention.” 

Display  He is telegraphing his plans to capitalize on her death. 

: And it was such 

Here is cross talk 

DB: and, so , um , we’ve been …

I: It was such an outpouring of…

DB: Go ahead George..sorry

I: I’m sorry, sorry, I apologize

DB: Yes.  

I:  "Do you have any idea why anyone would want to hurt Amanda?"

Police said at this point:  the reason why is because she disrupted a home invasion robbery. 

DB:   "There's not, Amanda did not have an enemy in the world.  Um, I, I can't, I cant imagine any reason why, that's why this has baffled us as much as anybody and so we are trusting the investigators who have been so good to us through this process um, trying to keep us up to speed on what they have and we trust, you know, that they are they are doing the best they can and have all the resources at their disposal right now  to catch who did this."

a.     he avoided the motive police stated
b.     Stuttering on “I” increase in anxiety
c.     Who is “us”?  Who is “we”?  This change of pronoun comes after grieving and the motive for the crime. 
d.     He tells us in the negative that she did not have an enemy in the world, causing us to ask, “did he know of someone who, himself included, that may be considered an enemy?”
e.     He cannot “imagine” even though police have told him the answer. 
The question is not who would hurt Amanda, but “why” that causes great sensitivity to the subject.   

I:  "Investigators have also said that there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward even if they have information that might solve this crime.  What do you want to tell those people who might know something about this?

Fear of gang violence and retribution.  Maybe Amanda was killed because she recognized or could identify the killer.  

The Interviewer recognizes code of silence –fear of gang?

  Davey has not said anything about fearing the killer. Not once has DB expressed fear of the killer.  This is not natural when an unknown killer or killer who entered his OWN home and killed his OWN wife is on the loose!  

DB:  well, I mean, I, we would beg them to give any information that they  have.  Uh, we'd be extremely grateful for for that, you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do but I read Amanda's journal

                           What "topics" produced which pronoun?

Topic:  information produced “we”
Topic:   gratitude produced “we”
Topic:  emotions over murder produced “we”
Topic:  confusion produced “we”
Topic:  understanding produced “we”
Topic:   anger produced “we”
Topic:   what to do, produced “we”

Topic:  Story telling brought back the confident non stuttering salesman who not only read his wife’s journal, but is now telling the entire nation what was in it. 

The power to change pronouns is very strong. 

Davey Blackburn is writing a story to sell. 

Example of Hillary clinton:  it took 6 years and countless affair so eject "I" from her language.  It is a powerful thing to have "I" avoided or ejected from English humans:  We say "I" so many millions of times that there must be a powerful reason (guilt) to change it. 

He runs away from commitment. 

Did you do it??

entry just a few days before as she journaled every day of her life just a few days before she was killed and she put something in there that just spoke volumes to us that we are deriving strength from she said we don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future and that's Jesus, and so we are drawing our strength from that and Jesus holds the future and we can't see it clearly now but she can see it clearly now as she is in heaven with Jesus and we will see her soon."

This is crass commercialism for his upcoming book, made for TV movie, and ultimate success that drives him  

it is not just that he read her diary but that he felt the need to tell the nation!  

I:  Thank you (cross talk) can you mention how you are holding up through all of us, hey hey there've been you know, when you look at these photos and see all this has there been any other problems in the neighborhood did you did you or any of your neighbors recognize uh, that person , its kind of hard to determine who that person might be, that person in the photo?

DB   Yeah, Yeah, I mean it was such an obscure photo its I mean its extremely difficult to say anyone recognized it I mean our fam, our neighborhood was so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood that this devastated all the neighbors, you know we knew all the neighbors we had just lots of cook outs with them recently and uh, and so, you know, we're we're we're we're just as confused as everybody else...at this point. 

This is to run away from commitment.  
What is “it”?  “It” and not “him” in the photo??

Question:  Is it possible that Davey met one of these gang members in a counseling session?

I:  "Your little boy Weston is just 15 months old he won't grow up with his mom.  What are you going to tell him about her?

All:  easy question.  "I will tell him how much his mom loved him and how much he meant to her and how she loved his smile every day..."  (on and on)

Very easy question.  

Extremely telling response:  

DB:  "Yeah, yep.  I think that thats probably one of the hardest things in this whole process  is knowing

He tells us that this is a “process” (which may speak to his future plans) 
This is to affirm the "story building" and the story selling.  This could lead to millions of dollars.  

 that he is not going to grow up with Amanda,

Distancing language note. 

"Amanda" is not even his mom.  Yet, he changes her into "mom" but only when he moves away from personal Weston, and on to the "world", further telegraphing his plans to sell this deceptive story to the world:  

because she was the perfect mama, every mom in the world could have learned from her,

Hyperbolic language noted which is often associated with criticism of one’s motherhood up to even CPS intervention or threats. It is not likely that Amanda experienced CPS, but the increase is likely that the subject complained and criticized her, perhaps for "only" being a mother.  

It is very likely that Amanda loved being a Christian mother and the subject was not pleased.  Being a Christian mother is not 'world wide' and is not 'inviting people to come' and so on.  It is very much the impression Amanda Blackburn left with the nation:


not flashy, story telling, company building...

More hyperbole that is associated with deception and need to persuade:  Every wife in the world should learn from her what he, himself refuses to personally say about her:

 I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her and I know that there is going to be some stories that we're going to tell Weston as he grows up but I do know one thing that through all of this Amanda's hope and um her prayer is that Weston grows up and sees Jesus in all this and falls in love with Jesus.  

And that would be her hope through all of this and so as we're dialoging with him and trying to shepherd his heart as he grows up we're just going to continue to point to the fact that his mom loved Jesus and loved people and that's contagious and we just believe that that the Lord is going to do a great work in his life as well.

note there was no social into of Weston
note the word “with” between people indicates distance 
note the “dialoging” (clinical language with a two year old)
note the plural “we”again

Is he and the book going to 'shepherd' Weston?  Why not just say "I will tell Weston (not "we") that Mommy loved you with her whole heart and wanted you to walk in faith of Christ, too, so that you will be with her again, in heaven"??

Perhaps he is going to just give Weston an autographed signed copy? 

Loved Jesus and loved people, but not me…and…

what about Weston?  Not “your mother loved you very much, Weston!” 

"Thank you very much, Pastor"

DB:  "Thank you very much, George."  

IV.           Denial

Fox News gave him opportunity to address suspicion and deny.  

The interviewer said that this was difficult to ask but police must start with the husband and this must be very hard for him to deal with as a man of God but they must first clear the husband and then move out to other suspects:

This was the time for him to say “I didn’t kill my wife Amanda, and I don’t know who did.”

Had he said this, we would have concluded:  one selfish narcissistic heartless crass cold saleman who did not have guilty association with his wife’s death. 

"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate. I guess that was to be expected on some level," he said, adding that it was "difficult to swallow" at first.

“difficult to swallow”  ---could she breathe?

"to understand" is to accept.  This is not something we expect from innocent people.  HIS WIFE was murdered and there is nothing to understand!  Police, go find my wife's killer, now before he kills again!

Praise of police -ingratiating.  

Some info from the affidavit or media?  

Police reiterated that he is not involved and they have the shooter and two accomplices in custody.  She was not raped.  Her clothes were moved a bit, but rape now excluded.

**Did Davey Blackburn wait outside for an hour on the phone while his wife struggled to live? 

Or, is this another false report from media? 

"For us, we don't have anything to hide.”

“I have nothing to hide” is to invite searching.  The ‘I have a turd in my pocket’ sort of thing.

For him it was “We have nothing to hide” but he felt the necessity of emphasizing the plural with “For us,..”

1.     Who is “us”
2.     Who is “we”
3.     The lack of hiding is connected to at least one other person
4.     When someone says this, they are often thinking of something they do not wish to be known.

IF Davey counseled one of the gang members, he could be arrested.  But if he is not involved in her death he certainly is not upset by it and he intends to profit off of it.

She died at the hospital.  She was unconscious at the home and might she have survived had one hour of lying bleeding not happened?  3 gun shots to the head. 

Is it possible that the guilt he feels, being something strong enough to change pronouns, came from:

He was having an affair?

If so, is this enough to produce change in language?  

1.    Man is driven for success.
2.    Man says marriage is really bad and pregnancy makes it worse.
3.    Marriage not helping success.
4.    Man tempted while at gym. Man uses gun in performance + language of violence  

Wife is murdered.
Wife was pregnant
Man was at gym during murder
Man expresses no fear of killer for himself
Man avoids saying I love wife; wife loves me

Just a bizarre coincidece?

Question for detectives:  How long would it take for police to definitively clear him of any association with shooters?

Answer:  Weeks, at earliest, months at latest.  Possible cold case issue:  this is where police fail to find a connection, case is closed, and later reviewed by 'fresh eyes' in cold case.  Something sticks out to detective and he begins to dig and gets case re-opened.  This has happened many times.  Subjects who have passed polygraphs have confessed and been convicted years later.  

Analysis Conclusion: 

Analysis shows intense guilt, deception about emotions and priority of business success including the intention of exploiting Amanda Blackburn's murder for personal gain.  At the time of the statement, the subject expressed no personal connection to the victim, and no fear of the killer at large.   

Anti social, narcissistic personality can produce signals of guilt because the feelings are not real and must be borrowed and mimicked.   

Yet, we have one driven for success who is capitalizing on her death and signals planning and intention for the future of "Amanda's Story" which, at the time of the statement, was an unsolved murder.  

He is commercializing her death. 
He signals plans to capitalize on the murder and has, within a week of her death, already changed the language of murder (which he softened)  to "Amanda's Story" while no arrests effected and killer on the loose. 

He does not say "I love Amanda", "Amanda loves me", nor does he say that Amanda loved Weston.  Instead, he only attributes Amanda's love to
"other people"
"un lovable" people 
"people without hope" 
"people she gave futures to"
and other "story building" lines that indicate deception  and ascribes no love to himself, nor his son.  

The analysis also shows the acute coincidental nature of the murder and questions the use of the word "preparation" when combined with the distancing language, and future plans of "Amanda's Story" and how this will unfold.  

The analysis reflects his performances, including the disparagement of the victim, the obsession with sex, but predominantly, the obsession with "numbers" coming to his church.  The analysis shows this as the priority, while expressing no fear of the killer. 

That just weeks prior he complained of the bad marriage and connected the negative to pregnancy only to have her murdered weeks later while pregnant is the strong coincidental nature of the case. 

Some of the most bizarre aspects: 
In a sermon he did mention “life insurance”
In one video he pulled out a gun and fired it (air gun or pellet gun?)
Both he and Amanda give strong terms on how bad marriage was
He uses his own sex drive, while dressed in a 'hip' manner to 'resonate' with young people  

His obsession with numbers is noted in the "6500" number quoted in the same interview in which he will not connect himself, linguistically, with Amanda. 

His language did not show the language of sexual assault.  This suggests that if she was sexually assaulted, he had no knowledge of it, from any source, including police.    

The source of his guilt is not clear, but it is not 'universal' guilt that parents and spouses feel generally.  It is a much more powerful guilt.  

The guilt is strong enough to 
cause him to "flee" to the pronoun "we", while then, upon its removal (topic, contextual) causes the pronoun "I" to reappear.  

Would guilt over an affair be powerful enough to change language?  Analysts were mixed on this with all agreeing that it would if the murder was the result of the affair, while the possibility of such would produce guilt if an affair would destroy the career. 

In cases where this is indicated, we sometimes fine attempt to persuade of "great love", which is absent here. 

Psychological impact upon language:  

Anti-social personality (or traits) along with narcissism:
Inability to feel remorse; love, but can mimic the language of others. 

His language showed a man un phased by tragedy.  

Psch:  He may see this as a bump in the road of his career that will be behind me;

Pronoun “we” was produced in specific areas which he was not strong, but in the area of his greatest strength; advertising:  “I”

It is fascinating to see, in relation to Amanda, what he 'ran' from and what he 'owned' with the pronoun I.  Each topic produces a pronoun:  

As husband of Amanda, “we”
As father, this triggered the pronoun  “we”
Grieving?  This triggered the pronoun    “we”
Emotions?  This, too, though vague, produced,  “we”

Even motive produced “we” and he stutters on "we" which is most unusual.  "We" provides safety in numbers, therefore the anxiety should have already been reduced AND he is a public speaker. 

The change 

When someone consistently uses "we" but suddenly switches to "I" in Statement Analysis, it is always a call to "take note" of something very important.  It is a signal of instant importance and instant confidence or "ownership" and is always vital:  

The pronoun "we" is engrossing the murder, the motive and the emotions associated with the murder, but  when making this unsolved murder into "Amanda's Story" the pronoun "I" immediately returns.  

Therefore, this portion is his least sensitive and his most confident portion of his statement.  This statement about "Amanda's Story" was made before the dangerous killer was arrested.  This is something most unexpected for quite some time after the murder's resolution and significant grieving time has passed.  

Anti social and narcissistic indicators are evident within the language.  


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Anonymous said...

I can't help crying when I listen to Amandas father. I can feel his grief. It's not just his words, but his eyes, his facial expressions and the tone of his voice. I'm not an expert on body language or statement analysis. I'm just a human who can tell when another person is experiencing profound pain. Davey does not seem to have any grief at all.

BallBounces said...

I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.”

“our tragedy”

“our”: Who is plural here? Amanda is gone. There is no "Weston" here in context so...

does he have a girlfriend?
does he see himself and the church as married?

* * *

It is unclear to me how the murder of a man's wife could or would be construed as a tragedy to a man's girlfriend.

This statement is posted on the Resonate Church website. The most natural implication would be that the "our" refers to the members of the Resonate Church to whom this statement is addressed.

GeekRad said...

Well done Peter. I sooo appreciate your commitment to teaching us SA and keeping these cases intelligent, not just the media doing their outlet selling reports. There is no doubt in my mind if they finally make an arrest in the Hailey Dunn case it will be because LE listens to you. As you and bloggers here know, I don't always agree with th speculation and I do always respect the science of SA. Thank you for your commitment.

kimisan03 said...

"Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew. Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior."

Life's calling to serve is past tense. Her life's mission to bring souls to Jesus is ongoing. The celebration service brought in thousands, and she was already gone.

Anonymous said...

This church is located in a middle school and only offers one service in the morning on Sundays. That makes me wonder what types of counseling services they would offer and where they would take place--there's nothing on the website about counseling services. Also not clear whether DB did any other volunteer work--they seemed big on "showing their good works", but there's only the #ForIndy stuff which they put on display (and I'm sure it was about social media exposure more than anything else).

Anonymous said...

Anyone else can't view video?? Any other links to it? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04, I think you're missing that this is simply a learning forum, where we are given opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16, that very old painting was appropriate for the topic.

Lily said...

I find it curious that sexual assault language did not enter into his words. He found her with her underwear off and shirt pulled up. This is a sexual assault in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn mentioned in his interview with NBC. He was asked one more time the coolest thing about Amanda. And he laughs and says "I don't know can we write a book maybe we will one day." When asked about the coolest thing that was his response? Wow. Not she loved me. But that here is so much that you have to write a book to tell it all. He then says, "Gosh there are so many who want their life to be on display...they want their life to be about them...Amanda was the complete opposite of that." Very strange that he doesn't tell us about her immediately but uses the negative of other people as the reference point to her positive.

This is shortly after he tells the interviewer about the funeral service and the testimonies and says, "I guarantee you Amanda wouldn't write the story like that."

Relevant part begins at around the 7 minute mark in the video available at this link


Anonymous said...

Thank you again for this analyis. I believe the young pastor is involved with this murder.

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something. When did Phil Byars speak?

Layla said...

@Anonymous at 8:29pm.

Yes!! Someone recently asked me what I loved about my ex (someone I had recently broken up with), and though there were some bad feelings between us, I still smiled and spoke passionately and definitively about what I loved about him/why he was special to me. You'd think DB would have easily been able to say, "she loved xxxx, and she was passionate about xxx, and she made me feel xxxx", and you'd think he'd go on and on, and likely be teary eyed. But he didn't. And for me, never hearing him say, "I love her" or any variation of that, and the way he answered all the questions in such a disconnected and dispassionate, emotionless way, was it for me.
I am glad someone directed me to this site. I find it fascinating, and so educational. I wish I had known about SA when the Caylee Anthony case was going on.

Layla said...

@anonymous 8:43pm


It is all over the local news here. And, I believe her father and DB were also on Fox News today as well.

Sus said...

Amanda's father and DB also did an interview sitting side by side today. I believe it was Fox Insider.

The contrast between these two men is startling.

When asked what they want to say about Amanda their answers are so different. DB gave his pat answer on how much she loved Jesus. Her father spoke of how she was the sweetness in their family and how they loved her. DB actually gave him a funny look at that.

I also noticed a difference in the way they speak of God. It's obvious Amanda's father has a personal relationship with God, where (I'm sorry to say this because maybe it's not my place to judge) DB's seems forced or fake.

More than that, DB speaks to the strength God will give him. It's as if he will have the power of Jesus within him if he believes hard enough. Whereas Amanda's father surrenders to the will of God. He knows he has no strength and no power in the face of this loss. He counts on God to lift him up. They come from two entirely different theological views.

Tania Cadogan said...

Thank you Peter.
Is it strange that as i am reading through your analysis and notes, i can see you all listening, writing pausing and commenting and that even with out you adding the title of the person commenting i can tell what they are?

You have all picked up every red flag, the expected versus the unexpected, the retrofitting of his statements showing awareness of questions asked by investigators, the media and those of us interested in the case for whatever reason.

This indicates a strong narcissistic personality in that he has to/is compelled to check up on any mention of his name, to see who is buying his story and just as importantly who isn't.
That we we interested in SA have picked up on and questioned are dealt with, answered/responded to as he sees fit in an effort to silence the doubters, the non believers, those who would bring harm to his business.

Amanda's murder and the murder of her unborn baby is seen by him as a good marketing ploy.
He knows that by marketing her death and that of her unborn child, he is not placing himself of his son Weston in harms way. (gerry mccann business plan)

Amanda dead will be elevated to sainthood.
She will be the perfect wife and mother in death that he told us she wasn't in life.

In death she cannot contradict or deny, she will 'speak through him'
This is why he texted her, he will maintain a line of communication with his dead wife, she will inspire him to greater heights, it is not WWJD (what would jesus do?) it will now be WWAD(what would Amanda do?)

For him it is hitting the jackpot, people will come out of sympathy, curiosity, to check him out as the douchebag he is or as a young available man raising(for now)a child on his own.

Any reason is ok as long as it brings in bums on seats and money.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job!! One thing, it was not 3 gun shots to the head. (Head, arm or hand (not sure which they keep changing it) and torso) I wonder too, if she had not laid there for an hour while he was sitting in the driveway, if she would still be alive today? -TJC

Anonymous said...

Arrested suspect says he wanted to kill the sleeping woman in the first house because they were caught on video (that reason is not rational), but his accomplices talked him out of it. Perhaps out of the set of them, he was under instructions from the gang to kill the woman in the house he was robbing? Gang order would explain why his desire was to kill, and also why he isn't telling that he was instructed to kill and is instead offering a hard to believe account of Amanda inexplicably charging him (loyalty to ang or threat of gang retaliation against him in prison or against his family could keep him from ratting).

southerngal said...

The arrested suspect has not said anything. All of this info is from the informant. Please keep this in mind.

buddy said...

Peter said:
"**Did Davey Blackburn wait outside for an hour on the phone while his wife struggled to live?

Or, is this another false report from media?"

Not a false report. A neighbor verified seeing davey in the driveway on the phone and they waived at each other. I dont know exactly what time they saw each other.

~mj said...

"In some ways, it actually makes it harder because there's actually a face and a name to the events," Blackburn said of the arrests, though adding that he and his relatives "certainly feel relieved that these people aren’t going to be able to inflict the kind of pain that they did on us to anyone else."

From ABC News

~mj said...

"Everything goes in waves. There'll be one minute that we feel angry and one minute we feel lonely and one minute I feel despair and one minute I feel hope and one minute I feel joy," Blackburn said.

"Almost everything I see and experience reminds me of her and so there'll be something that will just trigger sadness.”

From ABC News

maudes harold said...

Excellent job Peter!

I am intrigued by the "preparations" aspect. Will wait to see what more comes.

One question: Is there a principle in SA relating to how many adjectives an analyst uses to measure his disgust?? :)

"Had he said this, we would have concluded: one selfish narcissistic heartless crass cold saleman who did not have guilty association with his wife’s death. "

I count 7. :)

Lemon said...

If embedded video link isn't working see this link:


Anonymous said...

Is it possible he had to read her journal to get "stories" to retell about a personal relationship with a best friend named Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Amandas father seems so grounded in his spirituality. I wonder what he thinks of DB and PNs crazy onstage antics.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I have a question- Given the violence inside the house, surely Weston should have been awakened and screaming/crying hysterically. Given that a neighbor heard a woman's scream from inside her own home, doesn't it seem logical that Davey, parked in the car in the driveway for an hour, should have heard Weston screaming and crying hysterically? If Weston slept through that, I'm crying foul-that somebody was drugging Weston with Benadryl or something.

Lizyanbudy said...

Ive been a quiet observer of this blog from early on. I check it many times everyday. It hooks you in!

Andrew said...

So the grand conclusion of this 6 hour session is that DB is....what, exactly? That DB is generally not a nice person?

Not that he is guilty of his wife's murder.

Not hat he was complicit.

Just a fairly broad attack on DB's character based on a few selective quotes and videos.

I'm sorry, but there is just too much conjecture and "model-fitting" here for my comfort. It smacks of cognitive dissonance: the narrative of the case is not fitting Peter's pre-formed conclusions and expectations and so he is simultaneously escalating the intensity of the attacks while opening "new fronts," so to speak.

There is also a fairly strong current of righteous indignation and condescension regarding Resonate's theology. While I share some of these objections, I question whether they are appropriate or enlightening here.

I guess I'm just confused as to the purpose of SA. If it is to offer insights as to the guilt or innocence of potential suspects, then it seems like we have exhausted its usefulness in this case. If it is to offer broad-based personality sketches, well, then I guess I just don't see the point. Why should any of us care if DB is or is not a work- and sex- obsessed narcissist if he is not guilty in Amanda's murder?

Anonymous said...

Just watched video. Woah, I really like Phil Byars!

~mj said...

The 2 ABC quotes:

The first one DB states that now that someone has been aprehended it is actually harder than it was when someone was not caught.

The second one he states what "we" feel, anger and lonliness and then shifts to "I" feel despair, hope and joy.

I cannot fathom under what circumstances after someone has been arrested for the murder of my spouse and unborn child - it would be harder for me than their killer being on the loose. Also, does this mean he doesn't feel anger and lonliness but he does feel despair, hope and joy?

Anonymous said...

and she spent her life pouring her life out to people.

"Pouring her life out". Could this be related to Amands bleeding to death, found her bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Interesting he refers to the murder as "events".

Again, the points he's making sound like he's being prepped on what to say.


~mj said...

@Foolsfeedonfolly - excellent point! It hasn't occurred to me that baby Weston was alone in that house, Amanda lay bleeding and DB was on the phone... If Weston was still sleeping, wow. I suppose it is possible he woke during the commotion, and he's a quiet baby and played alone in his crib. Just because none of mine would have done so, I suppose doesn't mean it isn't possible.

GeekRad said...

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I will be traveling and mostly unplugged so I want you to know my not posting is going to be lack of service, not lack of interest. I will have a lot of catching up to do when I get back!

Anonymous said...

After Peter's excellent analysis I'm a little embarrassed to bring up the one point that stood out to me the most:

"She's the love of my life. "

It's hard to explain but hearing Amanda's father say that brought me an inner sense of relief. Finally! I finally heard exactly what I had been waiting to hear - from Amanda's husband - but never did. Not only was it a simple yet powerful statement expressing love and closeness but also it spoke to the difficulty we have of "letting go" of a loved one taken from us. In Amanda's father's eyes she still lives. In Davey Blackburn's eyes she was dead even as she still lay in her hospital bed.

When my father died unexpectedly it took time before I could talk about him in the past tense. I constantly had to correct myself whenever I started a sentence with "My dad is..." Eventually my heart healed and now I'm able to speak of my father in terms of happy memories. I can't imagine how hard that transition would be if I was speaking of my husband whom I love and who is the father of my children.

What is it that Peter always says? "The brain knows what it knows."

kdk said...

Perry Noble is calling for an apology from Fox News for dragging DB's name "through the mud". A quote: "I would ask our church family to please continue to pray for Davey as he has had to deal with countless internet bullies who have been ruthless, ungodly and venomous in their accusations against him."



~mj said...


The conclusion to the matter at this point is that there is no conclusion. The point of SA has been made abundantly clear by Mr. Hyatt. If you still don't get it, perhaps you'd do well to practice flushing the judgemental, "he did it!" comments and sticking to the ones that only bring out the words DB chooses.

Not speculating on complicity or guilty knowledge of the crime. Instead of thinking in terms of if he is guilty of this crime or not, look broader. What are his words telling us and where are his words taking us?

Let it go where it does and that be that. Anything else that is spoken in the comments can be ignored.

You might enjoy SA more that way. There is so much to learn. We would be doing an injustice to SA to take one case, several judgemental comments and condem the whole process. :)

Anonymous said...

If he is "100%" cleared of these horrific crimes the it is the most amazing set of fortuitous coincidences for Davey.

Ended a bad marriage.
Freed him to now exercise his rather potent sex drive in other areas.
Puts bums on seats (his words)

The gang elders "ordered" the plebes to commit a hit.

Hmm...tangential connection?

Anonymous said...

It seems like DB has been "caught" in the middle of something. It could be something we haven't thought of yet.

Anonymous said...

Perry Noble is as dirty as they come - secret finances etc. DB used that org as a template...LE, FEDS, IRS should DEEPLY investigate the money in and out of both "churches"...

all this regardless of the murder and DB's level of involvement.

maudes harold said...


There is a language and covered content in SA that is based on science, lots of different kinds. This last post was loaded with the language/terminology of SA. Peter's posts are usually filled with more 'teaching' the elements. This last one was put together with more of SA language and less teaching so it might appear Peter is pulling out "new fronts." They aren't new fronts but rather principles within SA. If you've been a long time armchair reader you will recognize lots of principles that he has talked about in the past. With this case in particular, and ALL the videos and SM by DB alone, along with the linguistic indicators, there is an enormous amount of info to use, and Peter has watched a lot of it. I know cuz I've been following along since it started. It may seem like he is pulling out new fronts, but he's not. I think this post reflects a lot of info gleaned, processed and quickly posted. Keep reading PETER and leave the opinions of other posters aside if you must.

Registering your righteous indignation over others' righteous indignation just ends us up with another opinion that doesn't have much to do with SA, its' principles or its applications. Your posts are intelligent and well thought out, I hope you'll stay and participate. Reading regularly you will learn a lot more about SA from Peter's direct teaching of it.

southerngal said...

What?? @ anonymous 10:37 (and we are on central time = early night)

Anonymous said...

SA is speculation based on statistics - not "science". That said - there is nothing wrong with speculation - it's how the world operates.

So does LE have more up their sleeve, or is their investigation over? Does anyone have concrete info (not speculation - SA or otherwise) on that question?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Andrew said...

Andrew, dude. Have you not noticed that the whole entire world is stunned at this man's complete lack of humanity and attachment? Is it not obvious to you?

The question remains, was he somehow complicit or is he just an empty narcissistic personality disordered man who is unable to feel love and attachment to another human being?

Anyone who thinks this will draw others to Jesus Christ is fooling themselves. No one can relate to this.

Put your theology aside and listen to the man.

Sharon said...

Davey uses a lot of hand gestures when he speaks - even on the last Inside Edition interview. What, if anything, can anyone make of this? Any hand gesture experts here tonight?

~mj said...

Anon @ 10:51 (the 1st)

It has not been officially stated that the investigation is closed. That's about as concrete as we will get for now.

Anonymous said...

Amanda's father is as bizarre as Davey in that Fox interview. Talk about distancing! He's turned the interview into an opportunity to preach a sermon, complete with con man smirks, 'knowing' head nods, and serene faux philosophizing, so inappropriate in this instance. It is disturbing what religious delusions do to people, particularly if those people are narcissistically inclined.

I'm also struck by Davey's physical resemblance to Amanda's father.

What a strange and off-putting 'interview:' two religiously deluded narcissists using the death of their (supposedly) beloved daughter and wife to further their agendas.

This poor girl. I hope at least her mother loved her as she deserved to be loved, free from the burden of serving as part of the narcissistic supply for the men in her life.


Anonymous said...

Amanda's father did a solo interview and it was very heartfelt. He looked pretty destroyed.

I also noticed the resemblance between Davey and her father--I thought it was his father!

souherngal said...

DB - are you a MAN? God created man, not another God. My husband is a Christian, but he is also human. If someone did this to me, my husband would be like a caged animal, wanting to kill whoever did this to me and my unborn child. That is why we are human. . . .

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Peter will wait and watch and analyze future statements made by DB.
There will be lots more, you can be sure, as the dog & pony show ramps up.
Peter also goes back and reevaluates statements, finding better understanding with a second or third look.
He also pays attention to the "catches" that wise commenters here point out.
The new points today resulted from a meeting with his Tuesday group of other investigators, if I understand correctly.

The rest of us may get caught up in throwing around our theories but he never does. He promises that if he ever declares someone is guilty from their statements and they turn out not to be, that he will apologize and never do Statement Analysis again.

Sharon said...

"It doesn't quite work like on television," said Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson. "It's a process that can take weeks and into months in this case. So the crime lab has quite a bit of work to do on the case."

From here:

Sounds like this case won't be wrapped up any time soon based on this prosecutor's statement.

southerngal said...


been through this before.

Skeptic said...

DB's skin is positively radiant in his latest video. He may be wearing makeup. Who cares what you look like when you are giving an interview about your pregnant wife who was viciously murdered two weeks ago.

Boston Lady said...

Am I reading into this too much or do others see that every time Davey speaks, Amanda's dad looks irritated and sighs ? The contrast between the two men is incredible. Amanda's dad is soft spoken and sits quietly. He has a gentle spirit that radiates. Davey seems intense and is nodding his head while Amanda's dad speaks but his lips are tight and he doesn't blink. Plus I see Davey doing this bottom lip biting and I'm not sure if that is a habit for him or if he is using it to try to look sincere?

I do see Amanda's dad nodding slightly when Davey speaks but I see tension and then sighing when Davey falls to the Amanda loves Jesus statement.

Lemon said...

Fascinating walk through Peter. Thanks for all your time and effort on this case. It was helpful seeing the other analysts' contributions also.

Dano said...

Anonymous at 11:11 PM:

Where can I find that solo interview?

There is no heartbrokenness in the joint performance. These are two seasoned salesmen, doing the sales pitch for their product, Jesus.

Skeptic said...

Southern gal

I commented on your question on the previous thread, I'm interested on your thoughts

Sharon said...

Davey certainly dominates the interview, especially with his body language and hand gestures. He seems "bigger" than her father in terms of the amount of air each of them require.

Boston Lady said...

Whoops.. here is the link. http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/11/24/indiana-pastor-says-forgiveness-daily-choice-after-murder-pregnant-wife

One other quick comment. Davey has posted a you tube video of Nothing Wasted. I don't understand this. His wife has been brutally murdered and he feels like playing music? I keep hoping that he had nothing to do with Amanda's brutal murder but when I see the music posted online, it just doesn't sit right. How can he even be online at this time?

Lemon said...

Lizyanbudy @ 10:03

Boston Lady said...

Lemon said...
Fascinating walk through Peter. Thanks for all your time and effort on this case. It was helpful seeing the other analysts' contributions also.

November 24, 2015 at 11:31 PM


What Lemon said !!! I whole heartedly agree. :)

southerngal said...

@skeptic which one? I have LOTS of questions!!

Dano said...

Boston Lady:

The contrast between the two men is incredible. Amanda's dad is soft spoken and sits quietly. He has a gentle spirit that radiates.

Are you talking about the FOX interview with a split screen?

If that's so, my impression of it is very different. Amanda's dad and Davey are remarkably similar, IMO, both in appearance and demeanor. Unfortunately so. Yes, Davey is more animated, but both preach a sermon there for the glorious benefit of their audience and Jesus. If anything, Davey comes across more genuine. There are signs of authentic emotions in him, unlike in Amanda's dad.

I think this, in some extent, is what appearing on TV does to people. Being protected from reality and one's own feelings by religious delusions -- and grandiose ones, in the case of pastors -- is another thing at play here.

Anonymous said...

At 10:03 p.m., Foolsfeedonfolley said: I have a question- Given the violence inside the house, surely Weston should have been awakened and screaming/crying hysterically. Given that a neighbor heard a woman's scream from inside her own home, doesn't it seem logical that Davey, parked in the car in the driveway for an hour, should have heard Weston screaming and crying hysterically? If Weston slept through that, I'm crying foul-that somebody was drugging Weston with Benadryl or something.

Are you seriously suggesting that DB drugged the baby?

I've lurked here for a couple of years, and I love Peter's blog, but many of the comments on the posts for the Blackburn case are gross.

Sharon said...

Jason Young case in Raleigh, NC - lots of similarities to this case - he drugged his daughter. Unfortunately, it has happened before.

Skeptic said...

@southerngal two posts back: Blackburn Murder Change of Language

Anonymous said...

Lots of things "have happened before."

Layla said...

Amanda's dad solo interview...http://www.wthr.com/story/30596033/amanda-blackburns-father-i-want-to-be-more-like-amanda

I have not seen the joint interview, but in the solo one he strikes me as very sincere.

southerngal said...

@skeptic - hold on a sec and let me look

Anonymous said...

Original link was changed by the TV station. This one should work:



Skeptic said...


my comments on your question about all three suspects being outside the house in the middle of the invasion

Excellent question. When Taylor goes to the car supposedly she has only been hit in the face. She would have to have still had the strength to "charge" him after he comes back in - the reason he gives for killing her. All three are outside. Couldn't she have just locked the door? It doesn't make sense that both Taylor and Watson would go out, you don't need two people to carry a debit card

Dano said...

I must say that the possibility the baby slept through the horror is strange, but also comforting, if that was the case.

And didn't the Blackburns have a big dog? If so, my guess is the dog would be agitated by the presence of intruders and the violence they perpetrated. His barking would be heard by the neighbors, presumably.

And maybe even by Davey, as he sat in the driveway, chatting on his phone for nearly an hour...

That last bit is so mind-boggling to me, among all the others. There are so many bizarrely coincidental and hard to explain elements in this horrific story that it looks like a Greek tragedy. Or some cosmic cautionary tale about the evil of egotism and grandiosity of religious delusions, among other things.

Oh no not her again said...

Just for fun I looked it up on weather underground and if I'm reading it right, it was between 40 and 45 degrees out with fog and rain when Davey was sitting in the driveway talking on the phone.

I live in a warm climate and haven't lived in a cold one in years, but wouldn't it get pretty cold sitting in a car on a cloudy day in that temp range unless the car was running or he was bundled up pretty good?

I just don't get why he would do this. If it was a confidential conversation related to his pastoral work and therefore not appropriate for Amanda to overhear, couldn't he go in the house and into a room and close the door?

Makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:40,
Foolsfeed makes a good point. If indeed DB hired someone to kill his wife, a screaming baby could alert neighbors in an area with houses that close together. Amanda probably didn't let Weston scream on and on so someone might show up and foul up the plan. Remember that DB made a point of saying his favorite thing about Weston was that he slept 12 hours at night and took a 2 hour nap. Perhaps this was more leakage of his plan? Just thinking here.

Oh no not her again said...

Oh hi Dano, we posted about the driveway thing at about the same time. Great minds etc.

Dano said...

If he was talking to his mistress, he would want to do it while still in his car.

Dano said...

Hi, Oh no!

Anonymous said...

This thought came to me today. Two things I remember being told by a seasoned protestant pastor:
1) When he was young, he thought he would be standing tall in front of his congregation, i.e. the sparkling minister LEADing his flock. He realized over the years that ministers begin to stoop (he was a tall man), because they are SERVing their congregation. He was a servant, not a salesman!!!
2) He insisted on taking his vacations and said they were extremely important. One with the family, and one with only his wife. Some people questioned his commitment to serving the congregation, even going so far as to tell him "Satan never takes a day off." His response was "Think about that. Who will I become if I never take a day off?"

In an earlier thread/chat, someone mentioned DB talking about Jesus 24/7/365.

Satan never takes a day off.

Anonymous said...

oh no,
Davey had an office in the house, I believe. Seems like I saw it on Amanda's FB page. If it was chilly out, he could have just continued his call there, right? Unless he had something to hide....or it was too soon to go in?

Anonymous said...

It's just a freakin common expression.

southerngal said...

@skeptic - exactly! This is the most bizarre part of the report! I'm wondering if she was already shot by Davey before he left for the gym. MacBook stolen and not found. Curious. Most people google murder stuff. I wonder if Davey wanted these thugs to get the laptop but (thugs)didn't actually kill AB. Maybe they realized she wasn't dead yet and hit her in the mouth after Davey had shot her??? Remember the "You're not as clever as you think you are" delivered by police at the press conference.

JMTO said...

Thank you!!!

Amy Smith said...

The clapping is so annoying.

Anonymous said...

One of the main things I noticed about Amanda's appearance was her beautiful teeth. I bet people commented on them often. DB was so obviously jealous of her, would he break her teeth? The staging of a sex assault fits with his dissing her sexual purity, doesn't it? More thinking.

Anonymous said...

This case is maddening and addicting. In regards to Davey drugging Weston, he mentions it in one of his sermons. When discussing the photography session they all had, he spoke about how Weston wouldn't pose for the pic right and then 400 shots (pics) later and some "benadryl" and they got the shot. He then laughs and says no, it was ambien, then says haha, jk. It's not a stretch, in my opinion, that Davey would drug the baby. It is also quite a stretch that he just happened to be sitting in his driveway, talking on the phone, all the while his wife is laying there, dying. All the pieces fit so well in this domino game that it is too perfect of a crime. Has anyone heard a word from law enforcement as to whether or not they are even looking at Davey Blackburn? Did they even consider him or was Davey able to bs them immediately? Why won't any of these reporters ask the real questions?!

Anonymous said...

It's a scriptural reference Phil 2:17 and 2Tim 4:6

Skeptic said...

I've never committed a home invasion but it seems to me you wouldn't leave your prisoner alone at any time. They could get to a phone. Or in this case seems like she could have just run over and locked the door.

We don't know how many of the suspects are cooperating. If it's more than one, then the details of what happened and in what order will have to match up.

But, the biggest question now it seems to me is: if he's involved, why would they not give him up immediately upon arrest. Also, why would he want these guys - not exactly masterminds it only took police two weeks to get them. Wouldn't DB know that if the police get them, then they get him. They are facing murder charge with life sentence or even death penalty. Why would they protect him?

Anonymous said...

Peter thank you for your intelligent, fascinating, and professional work. For the critics of this site, please don't confuse Peter's clear SA analysis with all of our opinions, conjecture, and judging. He is not responsible for our comments. He's never said DB IS definitely guilty of murder for hire, just that his language indicates guilt of some kind, not sure for if for that or something else. He is simply analyzing the language and it makes so much sense. We may never know what DB feels guilty about. If it's never proved that he had a connection to his wife's killing, then his guilt for ...perhaps some of the things Peter and others have supposed, such as guilt for not loving her or caring more or having any kind of sadness for her death or being there when she needed him... is simply going to be between him and God.

On another note, the solo interview with Amanda's dad is so, so heartfelt. Really puts DBs issues in contrast. Her dad is honest, hurting, real, grappling in a way you'd totally expect. Haven't seen the split screen interview yet, but the solo one makes you really feel for the guy!

southerngal said...

He tricked them. Just going to steal a MacBook Pro. Poor black kids. Who will question?

Lizyanbudy said...

Thank you! :)

JMTO said...

I am glad you feel the way you do, Andrew.
It is a breath of fresh air to have a different view or contrasting opinion to sit back and take in.
We will not agree all of the time.

But if you are looking to turn people that are seriously here away from learning the SA principles that Peter teaches it's not going to happen.

If you feel the way you do, and you support Davey Blackburn, that is understandable. He has many supporters.

He also has many people scratching their heads as to his behavior before and after the brutal murder of his wife and unborn child.

They have arrested and charged two men in Amanda Blackburn's murder.

Davey Blackburn's language shows guilt.

While Davey Blackburn may not have killed his wife- that does not mean he is "not-guilty" of something.
His language shows it and it has been supported.

Different analysts along with Peter have all concluded the same thing.

It is amazing what SA can show in a persons language.
I am completely fascinated by it.

I have to ask, however, just what is your agenda?

I see many others are asking you to stay and learn.
If you want to learn, you will have to give up your tunnel vision a bit and open your mind to broader perspectives.

As I said before, people have been convicted, like The West Memphis Three- only to have their sentences overturned.

That did not happen bc people sat idle and didn't ask questions, nodded their heads and believed whatever they were told.
Those three are now free men, and rightfully so.

I hope Davey Blackburn had nothing to do with his wife's murder.

Because of his behavior, his treatment of Amanda before and his statements about her after she died, people are always going to wonder and have questions regarding his guilt or innocence.
This blog and SA is not the reason people around the nation were scratching their heads.
HIS behavior was.

If he is truly innocent however, he will move on with his son, his life, his ministry and keep the faith that the best things are yet to come.

In his heart he will know he did not kill his wife, and he will not lose any sleep over those who believe he did, because he knows he didn't.


Anonymous said...

I searched for Davey Blackburn demeanor and it listed your site. SOMETHING NOT QUITE RIGHT HERE. Triggers for me .. he left the door open! Would a devoted young husband concerned with protecting wife & young son do that and even more remember that he did that? DEMEANOR no signs of stress and trauma in him. 100 percent not guilty .. this soon in the case? PHOTOs ... she clings and leans into him but he stands out facing camera no sense of relationship there that is mutual... he is star. Muscles that are big in a pastor ... vain. Reminds me of Boston case where man shot wife and self she was pregnant. Same feeling as here when read story eventually it came out.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense.
Knew they would get 4 TVs at the other house so worth the 30 minute drive...
MacBook was just gravy.
Surely those addresses are written on a piece of paper somewhere.

Skeptic said...

I want to know what weapon she was shot with. Wouldn't it be interesting if it was the Blackburn's gun - and then that gun was stolen by the suspects? I also think the scene might have been staged to look like sexual assault. But don't we all know about DNA, autopsies etc? Haven't we all watched enough TV? How dumb do you have to be to not know that the police will be able to distinguish between an actual sexual assault and just put pulling off underware and pulling up shirt?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:41,
Welcome! You're going to love learning about Statement Analysis! Your instincts are good.

Sus said...

I finally have time to read through the notes well. I have a question.

Do I understand correctly that DB should have show some knowledge of sexual assault to his wife in his language? Since according to the affidavit, he found her with her panties beside her and her shirt pulled up? If so, why isn't it included in his language?

Anonymous said...

Very well said!
Thanks from all us head-scratchers.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with sex assault not being in DB's consciousness too. If I found someone I loved bleeding and unconscious on the floor naked from the waist down and with her top pushed up, I would be convinced she was sexually assaulted and I would never be able to clear that scene from my mind. I hope Peter explains this. To me, it just looks like more of DB's "Whatever!" attitude about this.

Skeptic said...

Davey Blackburn is totally innocent of any crime and I will believe that until shown otherwise. The following conjecture is only put forth in order to write a fictional story where the details of the case are the same as this one but the husband did do it.

teenage gang member tries to get sober, and does for a while through a 12 step program. He gets to step 4 where you write down all the things you've done that you feel bad about, and then read it to someone. That someone is the fictional husband in this story who is a pastor. Clergy are often suggested as listeners for the 4th step. Teenage gang member has told fictional husband of many serious crimes. Fictional husband then blackmails gang member. Fictional husband wants gang member to get someone to kill his wife. Fictional husband signals gang member that he is to commence plan by performing a shooting act during sermon so as not to leave phone records nor to be seen together before the murder. Gang member recruits other gang members to commit the murder, but through a web of contacts - perhaps calling in favors. Murdering gang members will divulge whoever instructed them but the web of contacts is too distant to prove who ordered the murder.

I guess you can make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Skeptic - the bullets are .38/9mm. A detective ID'd the gun from the bullets and fact that no shell casings were found as indicative of a revolver. PC says this would also be consistent with a .38/357. A photo on Larry Taylor's phone September 19 2015 shows him with a revolver "consistent with a .38 or .357."

Anonymous said...

Maybe he used the Blackburns gun, but that wouldn't jive with the story that he wanted to kill the other lady before they reached the blackburns. Of course, that story seems very, very far fetched and have to wonder if that isn't another gang related story. Now that they've got their big killers, it makes a person look back at the presser law enforcement gave, when they were so nervous and mixing up their words. I have to wonder why they were so nervous at that time if their leads were working out so well and the case was coming together like clockwork for them. Typically, when a big case like this is solved, you see a whole lot of "atta boy's" within the press conference and while they did give thanks to individuals and departments, I didn't see huge smiles and pumped out chests which could be indicative that the case is far from over.

Anonymous said...

What caliber of gun did DB show off on his Twitter as his Christmas present?

Skeptic said...

Yeah any self- respecting gang member his going to be packing his own gun. He wouldn't need to steel one if he wanted to use one. But I have heard that guns are frequently stolen in robberies. They're worth money.

Do you guys think my fictional story holds up? Could it realistically work?

Anonymous said...

What are the house numbers of the houses that were invaded? Maybe the first woman they were told to shoot didn't match the description because they were in the wrong house?

Skeptic said...

Perhaps the "code of silence" would come into play to help our fictional husband/pastor not be caught.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video of Amanda's father and Davey together and I see unity between them

M said...

Can anyone remember an innocent spouse who gave a lot of interviews without pleading for information to find the killer? I'm not being sarcastic. I'm wondering if there is an example.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that DB, being the narcissistic jerk that he is, undressed Amanda after he found her to check to see if she'd been sexually assaulted?

John Mc Gowan said...

$1000.00 reward. I may have this wrong. In all of the interviews with db he did not mention there was a reward, why? Was he embarrassed at the measly amount offered. Was he aware that an arrest was coming. Did he know the CI? Did he know that someone was going to grass on the 3 arrested, and he knew them. Therefor, he didn't want to give them a large amount of $. Has the reward been paid out? Is the reward linked to the arrest's?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Texas private investigation firm takes up Deorr Kunz Jr. case


It’s been more than four months since 2-year-old Deorr Kunz Jr. disappeared while camping with his family outside of Leadore.

Monday it was announced the family has retained the private investigations firm of Klein Investigations and Consulting of Nederland, Texas, to help in the search for baby Deorr.

Deorr vanished July 10, 2015. Since then several searches of the area have been conducted by local law enforcement, the FBI and other groups made up of family members and volunteers. All the searches have turned up no clues as to what happened to Deorr.

The team of private investigators will be led by Senior Investigator Philip R. Klein. The team says it took the case after a full review of the case and visiting with two members of the family.

Klein issued this statement regarding the case: “This case is a very sensitive and highly volatile case which has many in the public very upset and vocal. We want the public to know that we are coming into the case “cold” with no preconceived ideas of notions. We will allow the evidence to take us where the evidence takes us. As with all cases we ask for the public’s help if they have information that can help investigators.”

Klein Investigations and Consulting is nationally known for missing persons and child rescue cases. Over the past 18 years the team has been involved in more than 700 cases of missing persons and child rescue in three countries and 42 states in the U.S.

A tip line has been set up by the firm; the number is (409) 729-8798 ext. 3. Tips can also be emailed to helpfinddeorr@gmail.com. Callers can remain anonymous.

Local law enforcement asks that any tips about Deorr Kunz Jr. also be called into the Idaho Fusion Center. That number is (208) 846-7676.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to take up in the case of Kunz. He's been gone too long, the family stuck together, the PI gave up. Typically sheriffs are appointed for life. If they push him out of his job, I doubt he'd care too much. There's only around 100 people to shake down in the area where the child went missing. Where are the getting the money for their investigation? Sill chasing that battered up Buick with the stealthy old man? Absurd!No. It would be like chasing your best friend. There's no case there.

John Mc Gowan said...

There's no substitute for group analysis.

Anonymous said...

No, John, they'll have to rename the state intelligence "Idaho Con-fusion Center." It's just a foot in the door for more Texas takeover. The retired marshal stepped down, but not for long. He is intent on carrying out what he started.

They have to retire at 55. By 56 they can start their own drug smuggling, weapons, and professional opinion service. The goal is choking less fortunate out of their lives so they are forced to depend on them.

It won't end well.

M said...

It was convenient that DB didn't have Amanda's diary with him during the interview where his father in-law was sitting right next to him.

John Mc Gowan said...

Re group analysis. In the years i have been reading and learning SA. It never surprises me when a commentator picks up on a word or phrase that has been missed in the original statement analyzed. Peter, is generous with his comments when this occurs, and sometimes adds it to his article. Again, there is no substitute for group analysis.

I don't think we have heard the last of this. I don't know why, but, something is telling me, money, may play a big part in this tragic "story"

Anonymous said...

It is a story. Everything he preaches from the pulpit is a story. For this reason I fail to see why others think him the salesman. If anything, he bought into something that is moving his cheese off his cracker.

Making him a suspect is convenient for online gossips and red herring script artists.They will not connect him to the crime. Crime exists even when the purest are in the pulpit.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If one does not see the linguistic difference between Amanda's father and Davey, one wishes not to see.

Davey did not use language of sexual assault: this means he did not have knowledge of any sexual assault.

He has shown his priority: benefiting off her death and tipped his "planning" and "preparation" of seeking to cash in on her death with book, movie, etc.

He is incapable of expressing the very basic human emotions that Amanda's father did, and in the father's presence, he can mimic him only.

The shooter is in custody and it will be weeks, or even months before investigators know with certainty that there is no connection.

Meanwhile, Davey will be in capable of slowing down the quest for success.


Anonymous said...

I could not even see the video. I'll take your word for it. And, I believe little Davey will press on. Even so, that fact will not connect him.

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't entertain the thought DB undressed and staged the victim. The suspect was a rapist yet to happen.

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeedonfolly commented about Weston possibly being drugged with Benadryl. Davey commented in an interview about how great it is that Weston sleeps a lot. Huh? Plus, db family is in NC. There was a huge case here about Jason and Michelle young. He murdered her, she was pregnant, left the 2 yr old alive, he drugged her with Benadryl. I bet db heard about this case.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found a body language expert analysis?

Anonymous said...

Davey's creepy tv interviews remind me of Jeffrey MacDonald cracking jokes and smiling like a Cheshire cat on the Dick Cavett show weeks after the slaughter of his wife and kids. Up until that appearance his father-in-law was his staunch supporter. Like Blackburn, MacDonald's cavalier attitude and eagerness to forget and move on so quickly didn't sit right with the viewing public or the father-in-law who was ultimately responsible for having him convicted of the murders.

M said...

Peter - Is it possible to analyze what he read from AB's diary? I guess I'm asking if the words he read sound like something he would say - would it be consistent with his language?

Anonymous said...

I'm taking a lot of heat. I blabbed to everybody who would listen that DB was involved. Now I'm being made to look ridiculous. A perfect set of coincidences for him I suppose.

Someone mentioned money. Dollars to dough-nuts there are "irregularities" in the "church" finances. Renting an auditorium room at a school "for a long time to come" (his words) - no need for their own church...it's all too strange - all of it! I don't like what DB is selling - I ain't buying.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, his creepy tv interviews should get a senator involved for the purpose of throwing little davey in jail so he can remain in office and getting an author to write his story.The "study" of narcissistic personality should be on the educational agenda.

Watching lil' davey tells me he watches alot of TV. His crime talk, his action, his props, etc. People want relief from that environment. He is bringing it into his church-the lackluster growth proves it.

Anonymous said...

I got up at 6 and poured through the entire 6-hour-session notes posted here, every word, highlighting parts, and making my own notes while reading. Here are my thoughts/notes while reading the notes, just as I wrote them (notes don't amount to much, still thinking about broader stuff):

People in pain have reduced discernment - are more suggestible. Was extremely unhappy pre-murder DB influenced by someone, like PN for example?

"Sainthood" of deceased, used as brand/logo. Wildly popular restaurant here in town. Owner died (cancer) a couple yrs ago, and now her image is all over the restaurant's facebook page, and she is now part of the brand, and represents "love" and "mother".

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt" reminds me of a co-worker (social worker) who signs her letters to clients "I wish you nothing but the best." which sounds like she's talking to someone who doubts her good will towards them.

andrew said...

@JMTO and others:

Thanks for the kind words. I do like this blog, and from my extremely limited exposure to it so far, I think there is great value in S.A. It reminds me somewhat of another socio-linguistic "system" that I've studied in the past (and enjoyed immensely): process communications (PC). I won't bore everyone with the details, but PC basically teaches you to listen for certain key syntactical indicators that demonstrate the speaker's primary mode of thought. If one wishes to bond with then, persuade them, etc., one has to "enter into" their mode by using the same category of indicators. It was developed by a psychologist working with the NASA space program in the 1960's and 70's. The idea was: "how do we get all of these extremely talented Type A personalities to gel in a tiny capsule thousands of miles in outer space?" But back to this case and Statement Analysis...

My agenda--to answer JMTO's question--is twofold: 1) I don't like mob mentalities, and I see all the signs of one forming around this case. 2) I want to learn more about SA and test its validity. I tend to do this by being a bit contentious (i.e., taking opposite positions, poking and prodding around the margins to find weak points, etc.). Hence my interest in distinguishing between BPD and NPD and "guilt" vs. "shame." I wish Peter would address that directly. I am NOT trying to discredit Peter or SA in general. On the contrary, I am hoping that it is as valid as my intuition tells me it is. Peter seems like a highly skilled and ethical practitioner of SA, and I have enjoyed reading his entries. They are stimulating!

My one issue with Peter is that it seems to me that he is at times violating the principles of SA (as I understand them) by overreaching. I suspect this is due to a visceral dislike of Davey Blackburn and his theology and a bit of cognitive dissonance based on the failure of the case so far to conform to his expectations. FWIW, I happen to SHARE his dislike! I also shared his initial expectations--DB seemed as guilty as sin to me in his interviews.

But when he applies SA to things like the train video, the sermons, etc. and concludes based on this limited documentary evidence that Peter is "obsessed with sex and success," that the Blackburn's marriage was "very unhappy on both sides," etc...that strikes me as overreach. Personality is complex and changeable. There are days when people are happy with their situation in life and days when they are miserable. The situation hasn't changed--their attitude has. Likewise, marriages go through seasons. If Peter were given a private home video of the birth of Weston or a family Christmas celebration and applied SA to that in isolation, he might conclude something very different. But it still wouldn't necessarily be valid to make a blanket statement that the Blackburn's had a "very happy marriage" or that "Davey clearly prioritized his family above everything else."

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I ate at a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere once. Excellent place! They were so isolated they didn't even know someone had used their name and product for a franchise elsewhere. The woman offered the restaurant to me for a percentage of the profit. Me...a stranger. It was so isolated, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh I left off the last note I wrote:

"Rape in sermon"

That time when he pantomimed sweeping everything off the kitchen counter and picking up his wife and putting her on the counter and "taking" her, and then he repeated the sweeping gesture and addressed the women in the audience saying he noticed they all looked scared. Same sermon? Maybe a different sermon, when he tells women that their duty in protecting the purity of their husbands is to be willing to have "whole-hearted" sex with them, "even when you're not in the mood."

It's called rape!

Anonymous said...

@ Peter, I definitely see the difference in lingustics between DB and the father no doubt. But what I mean't was I see support as in Amanda's father doesn't seem to doubt DB. He looked comfortable sitting next to him.

Anonymous said...

HIS CHUrch website asks for $$ several times in relation to her death. AWful guy has insurance. Not a pastor but a new age positive thinking u create your own reality hawking self does it not God. This is not true faith. Guy is complete phony a wolf in sheep's clothing ...

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that CD is a depraved quasi-necrophiliac (AB was barely alive) who planted his seed one last time before he called 911?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this statement analysis and believe even if DB did not have anything to do with it, he likely lacks empathy due to Narcissism or Borderline Personality Disorder which may explain his robotic demeanor. BUT in saying that, some of these comments on here are just downright mean-spirited and undermine the integrity and professionalism of Peter's analysis. Your opinion of him shouldnt matter, only his behavior as it pertains to this case. Shame on you. --KAT

Anonymous said...

Speaking of props, I wonder how long it will be before Davey and his sweater start appearing for his interviews with Weston on his knee or broadcasting live from the soup kitchen he's volunteering at or the private photos get leaked of Davey laying at Amanda's gravesite.

Anonymous said...

Oh - another example of rape in sermon: "bring the butter"

John Mc Gowan said...

Re db's Body Language. Iv'e watched all the VT's and he never deviates. His facial expression's and gestures remain the the same. This i believe is his baseline. And i haven't seen anything from him to contradict it. I will however, say. The lack of emotion is just as important as the presence of emotion. db, falls into the former.

Anonymous said...

It is for this BS that others will denounce your "expertise."

Anonymous said...

@ Andrew - it doesn't make sense to me. We are not talking bout Christmas and the birth of their son. This would be something to celebrate. We are talking about the horrific murder of his wife and circumstances surrounding it... both the recent videos DB did along with his behavior and statements. That's more than fair.


when he applies SA to things like the train video, the sermons, etc. and concludes based on this limited documentary evidence that Peter is "obsessed with sex and success.

Peter has proclaimed his Christian faith on this blog before so no, Peter is not against DB for this reason.

If you'll notice 95% of us feel very smilier. We can't all be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Gathering of the "us" all in one spot?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:49 then go to another blog if it's BS.

Anonymous said...

I think I will. It's easy to see the whining and squalling is on the menu for this Christmas...like every other.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone watched the series "HAND OF GOD" DB reminds me of the Pastor on that show. It's a business and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:44, re leaked photos @ gravesite. noted, and keeping an eye out!

andrew said...

@Anonymous 8:49

The analogy between Christmas videos and the *pre-murder* videos (on the train, the "sex sermons" is valid. Using isolated pre-murder documentary evidence to paint a holistic portrait of the state of the Blackburn's marriage, Davey's life priorities, etc. is an overreach. I stand by that.

I don't really care whether Peter is a Christian or not, nor does it matter in regards to my criticism. I am a traditional Roman Catholic with an interest in Taoism. I have no truck with these new age, success-theology, performance-oriented churches. I dislike them intensely. But I don't doubt the sincerity of the people involved in them I also try not to let my personal feelings about their them impact my judgment. I could be wrong, but detect a strong current of contempt and condescension from Peter on this subject, and I believe it is affecting his analysis. For example, the "sex sermon" is practically a cut-and-paste job from other churches similar to Resonate. This kind of pseudo-edgy, hipster willingness to confront "real issues" is a hallmark of such churches. The fact that Davey is preaching this content says only that he is operating within the mainstream of his group, not that he is a sex-obsessed, controlling husband in an unhappy marriage.

I am going to try to restrict my comments to Peter's analysis since this is, after all, his blog. Others have wisely told me to ignore comments like the one above speculating that Davey may have raped his unconscious, dying wife.

Anonymous said...

After reading the notes from the brain-storming session, it's stunning to see the long list of coincidences alongside the language (pronouns) revealing deception/guilt. There's more to the story, but we don't know what that is. I hope one day we will be fortunate enough to find out. I don't think "It's none of your business" applies when someone (a pregnant woman & mother) has been murdered (in her own home). Nor does "It's none of your business" apply when the deceased's husband disparaged her and took biblicaly-authorized dominance over her, including rape (how much of a stretch is murder?). Men own their wives, dontcha know?

John Mc Gowan said...

It looks like the interview with Amanda's Dad, has been taken down!

M said...

John - I don't know much about reading body language. Are you a student of it? What do you mean by baseline?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On the latest Byars & Blackburn interview in Anderson, SC all of the photographs shown of Amanda, Davey, and Weston have Reaonate Church label on them in top right corner.

This is the first video/news article where I have seen the photos "labeled" as belonging to Resonate Church.


Anonymous said...

Amanda Blackburn, a woman of God, a woman who loved the people, a woman who might even posthumously save the world! How many hundreds of thousands of souls will be saved, as a result of all this?

Anonymous said...

gotta start thinking about titles

"Amanda's Story"

"She Loved the Unlovable"

"Nothing is Wasted"

"The Best is Yet to Come"

"Whatever it Takes"

"The Ballad of Davey Blackburn"

Anonymous said...


JenB said...

I apologize if someone has already mentioned this:

If I were to walk into my house and find a loved one naked from the waist down, underwear next to them, with a gunshot wound to the head, my assumption would be sexual assault. Even once the police told me no assault had taken place, that would still be in my mind because, at the very least, their modesty had been compromised -- being naked in front of a stranger is humiliating.

How is the language of sexual assault absent from Davey's statements, given that he found her half-naked and wounded? Is that due to narcissism (or other personality disorder) so he is unconcerned about Amanda's embarrassment or discomfort?

John Mc Gowan said...

M said...
John -
I don't know much about reading body language. Are you a student of it? What do you mean by baseline?"


certain people will stand, sit, or gesticulate a lot, or not at all etc. That is their baseline. If for example, you friend shakes your hand every time you meet him (baseline), and then all of a sudden stops. He has his deviated from his norm (baseline) It could be that he has a sore hand, he's heard someone say you don't like him, any numerous reasons. It's finding out what has elicited the deviation.

Your with your friend and you have suspicions he has stolen from you. He adopts his normal sitting position. You allude to the theft and suddenly he shifts in his seat. Again, he may have cramp etc, many many reasons. This is not to say he is guilty, we may have hit a hot spot, and it's made him feel uncomfortable. People get nervous innocent and guilty. Have you ever been pulled over by LE? You know you've done nothing wrong, but feel nervous.

Note when there is a deviation, a shift from the norm, when a certain topic is brought for example. Move away from the topic and talk about the weather fashion on so on. Then, again allude to the theft, and see if it causes the same shift from his baseline. if it does, we have hit a hot spot. Now be careful not to blame him. He may be guilty, or he may have guilty knowledge. Even if he has heard the rumors that someone has stolen, may cause a shift.

Body language is a mine field. Even the best, Dr Paul Ekman (Micro expressions) has said. Unless he is conducting the interview and asks HIS OWN question, he will not conclude deception

SA, is by far the most reliable science when it comes to detecting deception.

Amy Smith said...

"They're not spreading anything but hatred." #AmandaBlackburn's husband sounds off on social media rumors on #WAVE3News Sunrise @ 6:30. https://twitter.com/Jen_Lask/status/669471879799836672

andrew said...

I'm writing this as much for my own benefit as anything else. I want to try to keep my thinking as clear as possible about this case. This is a summary of how I see the case as of now:

It seems to me that there are really only two possibilities about the crime itself, based on what we know so far:

1) The police version that has been reported in the media--this was a random act of violence by 3 young men with no connection to the Blackburns.

2) There is a connection between the killers and Davey, which, if discovered, could indicate his involvement in the crime.

Peter's SA as well as the observations of thousands of neutral third parties have all picked up on deceptive language from Davey. That is what is fueling speculation about possibility #2. There appears to be no actual forensic evidence connecting Davey to the crime. Davey's unconventional theology, his preening stage presence, and his repeated interviews in the days immediately after Amanda's murder intensified suspicion. The fact that the majority(?) of in-home murders involve the domestic partner is ever-present.

Those who were convinced early in the process that option #2 was correct are now experiencing cognitive dissonance and attempting to "dig in" on their belief. This is entirely expected.

Part of the process of digging in involves rampant speculation about Davey's psyche and habits. This is also entirely expected.

ALL such speculation (e.g., that Davey is work- or sex-obsessed, that he is a controlling husband, that he is having an affair, that he secretly wished Amanda dead, that he is a narcissist or a borderline, that he has sociopathic tendencies, etc.) are at this point EXTRANEOUS to the crime itself and primarily serve the purpose of mitigating the cognitive dissonance being experienced by those who went "all-in" on option 2.

If at some point the police come forward with additional evidence suggesting that Davey was involved, then much of the above speculation will become relevant to the case again.

Even if the three killers are convicted, the police completely clear Davey, and Amanda's family embraces him fully, there will still be those whose cognitive dissonance is so powerful that they remain convinced "he did it." This is not a condemnation of those people, just an observation about human nature.

The SA being applied to pre-murder videos is "contaminated" by the analyst's personal disapproval of both Davey's behavior and theology. By contrast, the SA applied to his statements regarding the murder seems completely appropriate and objective.

lynda said...

Excellent Peter! It has crossed my mind that this very well could become one of the cold cases being solved years later. But if he is involved, he is involved with not the sharpest knives in the drawer..they might roll fairly quickly. I am also glad to see that at least some people are not buying this "100% cleared and that it would, in fact, take weeks or months to absolutely confirm he was not involved. the timeline is just a bit to tight/perfect for me..I will wait patiently for true justice.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"She Loved the People"

Anonymous said...

It struck me as odd that DB and PN both released vindication statements, after the arrests. PN even scolding the news and internet for suspecting DB, as if DB is now 100% proven innocent. Do they lack understanding that we already knew he wasn't the shooter (gym surveillance video)?

Anonymous said...

That statement by DB, to me, is very significant. I don't know why, but after the arrest of those 2 guys, that statement from DB seems to have an underlining message.

Anonymous said...

Just curious if anyone remembers how long it was in the Scott Peterson case before the girlfriend turned up?

Anonymous said...

"Legacy of Love"

Anonymous said...

"Trash to Treasure"

Anonymous said...

"Hope from Ashes"

Anonymous said...

I have not listened to any of Davey Blackburn's sermons, nor have I seen any of the videos of interviews including the latest one with Amanda's father, nor have I read this article in it's entirety, but I do have a few common sense thoughts that also relate to Peter's statement analysis, that are also not related to any timeline we have been given which may be inaccurate. Please, hear me out:

1) Do not believe that the truth of the circumstances of Amanda's murder lies with any one of the four suspects. Why would a murderer tell the absolute gospel truth? PUULeese! Consider your sources. One maybe, after much shaking down, but then only to his own benefit. Why would a thief, robber and a murderer tell the truth? Remember they also have brain scrambling from their drug usage. They wouldn't know truth, or entirely tell it, if it bit them on the butt.

2) Do not fall for LE coming out the first day and calling Davey Blackburn 100% innocent in Amanda's murder. Good heavens, have you lost your ability to THINK straight? Do you believe every ridiculous thing you hear just because it came from LE? There is no way on God's green earth he could be proclaimed 100% innocent within a matter of a few short hours just because he 'said so'. They played a game of 'know-it-all'; we know bigger and better than you do, and you fell for it.

#1: LE did NOT have Amanda's diaries and journals, and probably still don't, nor do they even know if those Davey possesses is ALL of her writings. That very day, they know he is 100% innocent? They have no way of knowing what her life was like and her innermost feelings and fears, including her very likely fears of her husband, or if he was cheating; yet then name him 100% innocent. Are you kidding?

#2: They did not polygraph Davey, and if they have subsequently they sure haven't said so. They had no idea as to his lies and evasions of truth. NONE. And they still don't. How clever of them not to even consider he IS a person of interest.

#3: They did not confiscate the cell phones or the land line phone. They did not search a single phone call or text messages that had been made and/or received by Davey & Amanda. They know nothing other than what Davey Blackburn SAID.

#4: Ditto! They did not confiscate any of the computers Davey and/or Amanda had access too. They don't even know if there was another woman (or women) he was involved with, (OR male partner!) who could also be a co-conspirator with him in Amanda's murder. They have no knowledge of his antics, conversations and lies that would possibly compromise the investigation or show guilt in evidence that could be on those computers. They think we are ALL stoopid?

#5: Do not believe LE as to whether Amanda was raped or not. There is a lion in the den here, folks. One cop slips up and said Amanda was raped; another comes right behind him and says she wasn't? Her position on the floor, nude except for her shirt pulled up, with her panties lying beside her indicates that she WAS raped. Are you so na√Įve that you would actually believe that a robber, murderer, who has broken into your home and beat you bloody and senseless, obviously planning to kill you; would make you STRIP DOWN, or remove your clothes himself, and not rape you? The one suspect says she charged him and that's why he didn't? The poor woman was trying to LIVE, and she 'charged' him? You've GOT to be kidding yourselves. Until toxicology proves otherwise, do NOT believe this LE garbledy-gook or the lying killer.

3) Some of you actually believe that LE is quietly investigating Davey Blackburn? Waiting for toxicology while they "keep it close to the vest?" Are you serious? Well then, you go right back up there and reread the items I listed above, and tell me, what exactly are they investigating??? NOTHING. ABB

Anonymous said...

Concerning a possible connection between DB and the killers:

It is possible the killers have never met or heard about DB. If members of a gang, they have their leadership which gives orders etc. One would have to look into the gang leadership structure and try to find a connection between the leadership and DB. It is possible DB had connections with a "high ranking" member of that gang who issued the "hit" allowing DB to have no connection with the killers and the killers being unable to "rat DB out" once caught. The killers themselves are disposable.

This video shows that DB sent his "resume" out all across the city of Indianapolis. He networked with many contacts when looking to start his church. Which is how he was able to network and get permission to hold their services in the middle school. He was substitute teaching full time... Did he meet a student there who had connections to gangs? Did he ever substitute teach a class in which the killers were students?


Anonymous said...

So what I’m learning is that I want all the benefits of a Godly, successful, and disciplined life, but I don’t want to go through the pain, suffering, and hard work that is involved.

Ezekiel had an incredible relationship with God, but he went through a ton of crap in order to be that close with Him (see Ezekiel 3:1-2, 4:4-8, 5:1, 24:15-24). God killed Ezekiel’s wife so that he could feel the pain that Israel was about to endure! I mean, what the heck! God allowed him to literally feel the weight of what He was going to do to the Israelite people.

I want THAT kind of relationship with Jesus, but it scares me to death to think about taking up THIS cross every day in order to be THAT kind of follower of Him.

-Davey Blackburn

Anonymous said...

How much did Blackburn know about gangs in his state? Does he have any connection to people higher up in the gang chain? If the gang member killed Amanda to cement his position within a gang he would simply be given a n address and orders, right? My point is, if this was a murder for hire, Blackburn would not approach a young gang member because it would be far too risky; he would rat out Blackburn because he would not fear him. However, if Blackburn were to approach someone much more powerful (a gang leader) with promises of a big payout, there would be a greater chance of his murder for hire not being discovered
The "code of silence" means everything to gang members. The killer would certainly fear repercussions from gang members and hierarchy if he snitched on the gang and if he simply was given orders he wouldn't know about Blackburn's involvement and so he wouldn't be able to speak of a connection (rat him out).
Look closer at Blackburn's ties to a life-long gang member. The killer may have been set up. Blackburn stands to make a great deal of money from book deals and movie offers, and someone else is counting on it.

I have to go to work now. Sorry if my post is not very precise or clear. It is in my head! Anyway, thanks to Peter and the other analysts for everything they do, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone on SA.

Anonymous said...

Man o'man...you're in some deep dookie now. You'd better PREY Mr. Blackburn made that post after all the cyberstalking.

Anonymous said...

I wish God would quit killing wives!

Anonymous said...

Predator in-the-making:


CJ said...

To Anon 9:31,

Let's add to this list the meglomaniacal vision for Weston.

"Amanda's Child Dramatically Impacts World"
"The Man, and the Faith, um, Brand, that Shook Nations"


"We prayed often, that, and, and I still do pray, that Weston would have a dramatic impact in this world, that he would be um the, the kind of man one day that, um, that that shakes, um nations because of his faith, because of, of his belief and trust in Jesus.

This segment begins at 4:00 here.

I went in search of this excerpt to respond to Anon, but came a way with a few more takes. First, Davey's laughter when asked by the interviewer what Amanda's vision was for Weston was unexpected, and made me wonder if a source of conflict in the relationship was that they had distinctly different ideas about parenting, and their vision for Weston's future.

Second, the use of "dramatic" here invites comparison to the section where DB talks about raising a drama-free daughter who is like her drama-free mom. Weston is valued for his potential dramatic impact, unborn daughter (not valued) expected to be drama-free.

and last,

Weston ... shakes.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I looked into DB's claim that he substitute taught in the Washington Township School District when they first arrived in Indianapolis.

This is very interesting. Maybe he did have contact with the killers. Could he have met them or their gang leader in one of the schools? Maintained contact with them and then used that contact for his benefit after being established?

Timeline with locations: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/timeline-the-murder-of-amanda-blackburn

1) DB substitute taught in the Washington School District in Indianapolis.
2) The Chase bank where the suspects went with Amanda's card was in Washington Township... 7 miles north of sunnyfield ct... Odd that there is a Chase bank just South of their House on the South Side of I-65... The suspects drove 15-20 min north to use the card... odd but not odd if they are familiar with the area and are comfortable...
3) The sebring was discovered ditched in an area between two sections of Washington Township.
4) The one suspect Taylor caused a disturbance in a target parking lot by "exposing" himself... This target in Nova, IN is in Washington Township.
5) Amanda's Chase debit card was used again at another Bank in the heart of Washington Township.

A lot of evidence points to the fact that these killers were probably residents of Washington Township and went through the school system... Taylor is 18 so in 2012 when DB started subbing, he would have been 15-16.. and in school... Or more likely DB could have met someone who was influential in the gang world while working the school system trying to network and gain influence in the local area.

Anonymous said...


God Goes on Killing Spree of Wives, God Says "Just Trying to Forge Godly Men"

Anonymous said...

ABB, I find it fascinating that you have such strong opinions about all of this without having watched a single sermon or interview and without reading recent articles in their entirety.

Also, do have anything to back up the many claims you made in your post at 10:16 a.m.?

How do you know what the authorities are or are not investigating? How do you know who has or hasn't been polygraphed? How do you know which phones or computers were or were not confiscated? How do you know they didn't "search" a single phone call or text message?

You say the authorities "probably still don't" have Amanda's journals. On what do you base that assumption?

Why do you question the ability of others to "think straight"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:58. Diano Gordon's FB page says he attended North Central High School. Which is located in Washington Township

Anonymous said...

I can see some of your New Yorker friends are trying to grab some "blessings" off this heinous crime. Maybe some Flo-duhs, too? Which part of the country is most likely to promote fatigues and guns?

They plan to annihilate the "toy-story" intolerant in between.

I hope you take this down and move on to another story or subject. I like Heather more than you.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. From what I've seen, his preaching is consistent with that type of church.

Amy Smith said...

@leoblair: Worship as a Weapon: The Eerie Message Blackburn Preached 2 Days Before Wife's Murder https://t.co/QH9dUtF3IL https://t.co/y2YBOSsnFl

Anonymous said...

During my younger years and while divorced; I met up with and knew quite a few married men who were on the prowl. They are all the same, one big show of showmanship, lavish spending, playtime, lying and sneaking around. Davey Blackburn is no different in his personal mannerisms other than he shows another side to himself which I've also seen. Stay with me here.

He cannot show or express love or even affection towards his wife because he has none. He thinks he is better than she is in intelligence and beauty, and in every other way. Sure she was a ministers daughter from a successful church family, which he was destined to marry one of these kind of girls regardless; however, in his mind, she was just a little nothing next to him, as he saw it, her only talent so far as he could see was playing mommy and housewife, and refinishing furniture which was a dirty job and an embarrassment to him; little did he know or care what a fabulous decorator she could have been.

He critiqued and criticized her in every way, including as a mother and wife, and sexually. Especially sexually. He made a nervous wreck out of her which made her try even harder to please him. Poor girl, had no way of knowing this kind of man can never be pleased no matter how hard she tries; her being a little lowly wife that he sees as being beneath him.

He would be ashamed to admit openly that he loved or cared for her, even in death; therefore he didn't and doesn't. He knew he could do SO much better and hated the fact that he was married to her. She was an embarrassment to him. He resented and despised her but knew he was stuck with her as it would have cost him everything to divorce her, especially his career. No thanks to her, he had every intention of becoming a big wealthy successful tv evangelist.

He worked out, toned and buffed his butt, and strutted his stuff on his 'stage', playing it up to the hilt. He wanted every young girl out there to know that "his wife could not satisfy" him; maybe they could. But there's more. Was this a show for another woman that he was wooing, possibly already having an affair with and wanted her to know how much he disdained his wife sexually and how attractive he was? Ahh... how hard it must have been for him to have to acknowledge that he had gotten her pregnant AGAIN, when he's already made it clear how much he hates sex with her! But the plot thickens.

Was this REALLY just a display for young women he was grooming; may the chips fall where they may? Or was it ALSO a display for possible male lovers, that he wanted ALSO to know how distasteful his wife was to him sexually, but being the deceitful man he really is, he wanted the world to think his interest was in female sex only, when in actuality he preferred men? WELL. I'm not so sure about that! Are you? Really sure? It is VERY important to a man who is well-known publically, particularly in the ministry, to cover up and hide his homosexual and bi-sexual preferences. Go figure!

I just know that he is so relieved of being rid of Amanda that he doesn't give a good damn how it happened; thank God it's done and he's out of it. Let the rest of the world pay homage to her, not his problem. Oh really? Not so sure about that!

However, I do feel that if any member of Amanda's family intends to reach the bottom feeder underbelly of the "REAL" Davey Blackburn, they'd better hire themselves a private detective as it is so apparent that LE has no intentions of investigating him and if anyone thinks they are, they are being just plain silly. I know I would. ABB

~mj said...


I respect your position. I also respect that you outline your position so clearly, without having to "insult" others.

1# you make the statement "there is no forensic evidence to link DB" and while it makes sense how you arrive to that statement, it is more accurate to state, "LE has indicated that DB is cleared and as far as the public is aware, there is no forensic evidence against him"

LE has stated they are still testing in the crime lab and they have not stated the investigation is closed. Therefore our statements should also remain open one way or the other as well.

2# SA on vids prior to the murder are useful to get a "baseline" of how DB talks, insight into his personal subjective dictionary etc. Very useful to SA. However, agreed that they are not useful in "picking apart his character"

3# I also agree that you will find ones that will never let go that they believe DB to be guilty of the crime specifically and will "force" anything new that comes out to fit their agenda. This is why Mr. Hyatt had an entire article some weeks back about agenda seekers and how they have no place in SA. Good observation.

Anonymous said...

You can pick apart anybody's preaching. The man has suffered a terrible loss and online and media pundits are exploiting THAT fact for their own brainwashing seminar.

Anonymous said...

ABB, you wrinkled up old faggot....let go!

andrew said...


Thank you, and likewise to you! If you want to see my irrational side, just get me into a discussion about my favorite sports teams. I'm afraid I cannot be nearly as objective where they are concerned. Isn't that sad?

To your points #1, #2, and #3, I simply say: "You are right." I agree completely with what you wrote.

The problem with point #3 is that *everyone* has an agenda. This is simply human nature. The agenda may vary in intensity, but it is always there. The best we can do, in my opinion, is to identify it and honestly declare it.

In my case, my agenda is that I dislike mob mentalities and have a constitutional tendency to take the opposing view when I see one forming. Maybe mob mentalities is not the best choice of terms, because it is so loaded and pejorative. Perhaps I should say "crowd consensus" instead? I don't know, but I'm sure you get my point. I mean no insult by it.

I also have an agenda of wanting to be intellectually stimulated by this new (for me) "toy" of SA. It is really, really cool, and I am enjoying playing with it.

Finally, I strongly dislike what I would call intellectual or social snobbery directed at groups of people. I am seeing Resonate church in this light. As I have said, I am a Roman Catholic and do not personally subscribe to their theology in any way, shape, or form. But I see far too much derision being directed at their deeply held, sincere beliefs, and it frankly pisses me off! Most of this is from commenters, but in all honesty, I see a healthy dose of it from Peter as well.

With all of that said, I fully expect people to take MY agenda into account.

CJ said...

RE No signs of sexual assault in DB's language, speculation:

Innocent scenario: Medical care providers and/or coroner and/or LE have reassured DB they see no signs of sexual trauma, and his faith in their authority (knowledge based on expertise, experience) is strong enough to overrule his initial impression upon finding her.

Guilty scenario: Gang reported back to him the actual details of the crime, which didn't include sexulilal assault. Their explanation is credible enough that he believes them, despite how the scene looks upon arriving home.

trustmeigetit said...

LE needs to see this!! Did you make a screen shot?

buddy said...

How's this for an agenda:

Drop all four or five or whatever of these debased bipeds back into this culdesac where they may be subject by our tender ministrations. The healthy, morally-correct remedies to their spiritual conditions will be applied -- quite liberally.
This time we will be ready.
That we have to exist cheek to jowl with terroristic garbage is the biggest tragedy of all.

Anonymous said...


I found the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1014819998559499&set=p.1014819998559499&type=3&theater

Links Diano Gordon to North Central High School in Washington Township where DB substitute taught...

Anonymous said...

anon 12:08

This could be why the DA had to look back at the other guy during that press conference when asked if DB had any connection to the suspects...

Anonymous said...

ABB,looks like you hit a nerve with crazy Davey or one of his sheeple. From previous posts I thought you were female correct me if I'm wrong. Your theory is plausible more plausible than the current scenario.
Anon 10:58 hopefully law enforcement figures it out and is investigating any links through student records

John Mc Gowan said...


i find it an insult that you refer to SA as a "toy." SA is scientifically sound, and has proven over and over again it's veracity. Peter has worked very hard to get were his is in his profession. He is well sort after by many professions including, LE, business's, SS to name a few. If you don't like it, i would suggest you go elsewhere.

CJ said...

Anon, 10:02,

Phil Byars, “I have seen the men and I do know their names”

DB: "In some ways, it actually makes it harder because there's actually a face and a name to the events.

Unexpected: DB uses singular: "a" face, "a" man.

Is he referring to the man who actually pulled the trigger? If so, wouldn't he say so, instead of relating this face and name to "events" (plural).

DB also uses nonspecific pronoun. Phil says "the" and "their." Davey says "a."

Is he talking about one of these suspects, or referring to another face, another name, one not yet found by the LE?

Anonymous said...

OMG. There is a post above @10:21 that has Davey Blackburn's name at the bottom of it. Was this a quote taken from his teachings? If it is, this is appalling and VERY misleading. Twisted and warped.

Neither Jesus OR God told us He kills women for the sake of one following Him, or that he kills women at all. Or anyone else. The commandment is: "Thou shalt not kill." Killing is the work of satan, NOT God.

He never told us that women are beneath men either, or that we are subservient to them, or that the husband is the rule over the wife. Jesus CAME to this earth to show us the way back to God and it was NOT made hard to follow. He never told us we have to follow Ezekiel, or apostle Paul or any other man; or anyone else. He warned us NOT to follow man. Many of these subservient teachings that demean women come from apostle Paul who was a MAN, not a Jesus. Is anybody listening?

If these so-called ministers of the 'gospel' would get back to teaching Jesus, and HIM ONLY, they might get somewhere that makes sense to a lost and dying world.

Taken from the teachings of Jesus: "Take heed that you follow no man lest you both fall into the ditch." "Take up your cross and follow me." "I am the truth, the light and the way." "No man cometh to the father but by me. "My yoke is easy, my burdens are light." "He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.."

Jesus made it easy for us to follow him! Why is everyone making it so hard? ABB

Anonymous said...

To those suggesting DB might have been a substitute teacher for one or more of the suspects or a gang leader:

DB was a substitute teacher at Eastwood MIDDLE School.

Larry Taylor's DOB is 2-10-97. He is currently 18 years old.
Jalen Watson's DOB is 4-12-94. He is 21 years old.
Diano Gordon's DOB is 8-31-91. He is 24 years old.

When Davey and Amanda moved to Indianapolis in January 2012, Gordon was already 20 years old, and Watson was 17 years old, so it's safe to say neither of them were in middle school. It's possible Watson was in high school, but, let's be honest, there's a high probability he had dropped out by 17.

The youngest of the suspects, Taylor, would have been 14 going on 15 in January 2012 -- possibly in high school by then but maybe still in middle school.

So the only way the scenario works is if Larry Taylor was a student at Eastwood Middle when DB was subbing ... or there was some other middle school student that DB somehow accurately predicted would be a future gang leader? Hmm.

Or -- are we to believe that DB was rubbing elbows with gang leaders when he was "working the school system trying to network and gain influence in the local area"? While trying to start a church? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Anonymous said...

1) He was an athletics coach, so he could have been familiar with family members or people who hang around games

2) same thing if he was also a substitute

3) I hired the older sister of a student to sing at an event. I had not met her before I hired her at the suggestion of her much younger brother. (Gorgeous singer btw. Connections can work out)

4) not all students are the appropriate age for the grade they are in, hence "social advancement" or what ever they call it when a 15 year old is still in middle school and they have to bump him out of the school...

5) people know people who know people... Etc. How to you find drugs for example if you want some? You ask someone if they know someone...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps whoever found the substitute information can post that. Substitute teachers for a district move around as needed so it is possible he was an athletics coach for one school but substitute taught at several district schools.

Anonymous said...

According to the Affidavit in regard to the 911call DB placed, it seems quite apparent that there was nothing in his language that indicated a possible assault or crime scene. EMS was dispatched on an "injured& unconsious" subject. EMS arrived and immediately requested police. As a retired paramedic, I can tell you that if dispatch has any concerns of a possible crime scene, EMS are informed enroute and told that police have been dispatched. Because FD had to request police, this indicates that they were blindsided by what they found on arrival. IMPD is being very strategic in not releasing that call. I believe had they released it, there would have been no ambiguity and the degree of public outcry would have had him majorly lawyered up and silenced by his attorneys.

I remember thinking it was odd that his close preacher friend received a text that gave him the impression that Amanda had bumped her head on a piece of furniture. Now it appears 911 Dispatch was under the same impression.

Amanda was found face down lying in a pool of blood, nude with her panties removed and shirt pulled up exposing an obvious gunshot.

DB has a degree in "Communications" how in H#!% could he or anyone for that matter fail to communicate ANYTHING from seeing a scene like that would alert people of the reality of the situation?

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

I agree with your post @ 12:11, John. I have been reading and adhering to many of Peter's statement analysis teachings and projections since early 2008, or 09. There have only been a couple of instances where I questioned a coupe of cases and even those two weren't ever resolved. Let's put it this way, he is certainly more right than he is wrong, that's been a proven fact; but this is not a game he's playing either. ABB

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