Sunday, November 29, 2015

Statement Analysis: Donald Trump's Memory

Did Donald Trump ridicule a New York Times reporter with a disability?

Here is what he said:

"Somebody at the financially failing and totally biased New York Times said that, over the years, I have met Mr. Kovaleski.  Despite having one of the all-time great memories, I certainly do not remember him."

1.  "I have met Mr. Kovaleski" is not an embedded admission.  It is to quote another.

2.  The expectation is "I have not met Mr. Kovaleski" but is absent. An alternate expectation can be, "I do not remember meeting Mr. Kovaleski."

Another expectation, given the subject's base line, would be, "Yes, I met him and yes, I ridiculed him.  He said some nasty things and lied about me and..."

3.  The subject uses "not remembering him", with an appropriate use of "him" since he was introduced as "Mr. Kovaleski" already.

Therefore, we analyze the lack of memory.

4.  "I do not remember him" is strong, but immediately weakened with two additions:

a.  The call to memory:  "Despite having one of the all-time great memories..."
b.  The additional word "certainly"

a. is a pre-amble, but
b.  is to add to the reliable denial, making it "unreliable."

There is also the visible notation of the disability that would impact memory, but this is 'outside the wording' of his statement.

That the NY Times is likely scouring its files for a photo of them together, if found, readers will likely not be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't report to the media or the authorities so his statement is true, imo.

Is he making fun? Hard to say. The way they clip photos to fit their agenda, it may be since Trump is an animated person who often loathes the media, his body language was a jerking motion often displayed when going on a tirade about those using First Amendment speech to slur and tear down Trump and his motives.

I have not read the article in which the accused fabricator profited off Trump in some form or the other, but I am leaning towards believing Trump. Many media outlets are failing as the public can only afford so much BS on a single dime.

Trump isn't the only one to ridicule journalists-disability or not.They ridicule everyone else. Why not ridicule them?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trump says "You gotta see this guy" immediately prior to doing a very accurate impersonation of the reporter's disability, while quoting the reporter's words - watch the video:

By saying "you gotta see this guy" just as he goes into the accurate impersonation, while quoting the person he is impersonating, he is telling us he has met and been in the presence of the reporter.

By later saying that he wasn't impersonating him because "I certainly do not remember him", Mr. Trump is asking us to accept that it is mere coincidence that he did an accurate impersonation of the reporter while quoting him.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The point being is that he is not capable of making that direct denial. The language always reveals us.


Anonymous said...

Trump meets alot of people. He is on TV daily. To assume he'd recall each and everyone of them is quite a stretch. To directly deny could be a lie, too.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Anon @8:09. Here's my perspective on Trump. I intend to support him all the way. I have never supported a repug in my life, he will be an exception. I did vote for Regan on his second run and lived to regret it as he is the one who destroyed social security secondary educational benefits for widows and orphans when the orphaned child reaches 18 years of age; single-handedly destroying many college educations for our kids, but that's history now, we have to live with it.

Being a democrat, I had always intended to support Hillary but now that Peter has pointed out (authenticated) so many of her lies and schemes, she too is history. I didn't like the way she handled keeping that Weiner woman on board after all the Weiner ugly porn and web sex shenanigans. Now, I just think she and Bill need to fold up the show, go home and fight it out his infidelities to the end. Hillary isn't well anyhow, she needs to be looking after her health.

I don't believe there is presently any democrat, known or unknown, who could lead this country into any solvable resolutions of the massive problems we are currently facing, getting worse by the day, nor any other Repug either. This country only got worse under the Obama leadership, with racial problems worse than they were fifty years ago, only in different ways; prior to this, incompetent alcoholic repug GWB, crony Cheney and their crew destroyed our economy and many lives in a hoaxed up war. The beat goes on, while repugs have basically done nothing except stir the pot. Ditto for the dems. All leading us to more ruination.

Trump is indirectly known to me, in that my business correlates with his. I am familiar with many of his development projects. He is a thinker and a cunning manipulator; is sharp, ruthless, untiring, a mover and a shaker, is brilliant, always knows his next move, is up and on the ball, cold sober when the rest of the country is recovering from their cocktails from the night before. I admire these traits. FWIW, he's got my support.

He doesn't take incompetence lightly, or when anyone even attempts to screw him over. If Trump can't straighten out this country and hopefully some of our messy foreign affairs, at least to some degree, then it can't be done. Every other politician on board, repugs and dems, are barely competent to feather their own nest, mostly bald-face liars, and not even real good at that. Go Trump. ABB

Anonymous said...

In further reading additional posts that I had not seen prior to making mine, I see that it is entirely possible that Trump did impersonate the guy. Does he remember this or not? Good question. Possibly. If he didn't, he will. Nonetheless, I'm remaining in his corner.

I don't see where we really have any other choice if we ever hope for the possibility of seeing some real recovery brought back to this country. Even with Trump, there's no guarantee, but is there anyone else who even possesses the abililty? I sure don't see it.

It's my intention however, to stay out of all politics on this thread, I see nothing to gain by getting involved, only taking up more of my nonproductive time, when I need to move on to better pursuits. Have a good day, all. ABB

Anonymous said...

Trump's impersonation of the disabled reporter was just a few days ago. Now he is claiming that he didn't do the mocking impersonation, claiming that he doesn't remember ever seeing the reporter. HA HA!! Oooookaaaayyyy!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see an analysis of statements Bernie Sanders has made. SA certainly shows us a person's true character.

Just from studying online, with the majority of that being reading Peter's blogs, I have became much more aware of when someone is lying to me, and picked up on a friend lying last night. Now, I have to be careful not to be too analytical with everyone, LOL

Anonymous said...

Peter at 8:40 a.m., but Trump IS denying he was impersonating the reporter, claiming that would be impossible that he was impersonating him because he has no recollection of meeting him. AND it appears that A LOT of people are buying his absurd denial, in the face of the FACTS: the video of Trump, days ago, saying "You gotta see this guy" and then doing an accurate imitation of the reporter's disability.

Anonymous said...

Even people on this blog are expressing that they aren't sure whether or not Trump imitated the reporter, or are saying that they are going to opt of the side of believing Trump, since we can't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

When I was little, my mother would do things or say things, and then flatly deny it later. Other family members would never confront her or hold her to the truth. As the youngest in the family, it was devastating, enraging, a horror. Even those words are not strong enough. In any setting, when people are unwilling to be a witness, unwilling to see and speak the truth of what they saw/heard, is one of the worst things ever, I believe. It's an injustice on top of an injustice.

Anonymous said...

Got directed here by the latest article.

Just watch the Mark Dice video regarding this incident.

In summary:

- The reporter isn't mentally handicapped. The only disability he has is that his hand is deformed in a hook shaped manner.
- Trump's act of mocking the reporter appears to be a somewhat of a personal tic and he is seen mocking others including mocking himself in an interview he had alongside Melania years before the event even happened.