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Amanda Blackburn Murder: Mentor Statement

The victim continues to be insulted.  

In Statement Analysis, we often find victims insulted, though only in subtle ways.  In many years, the only exception I have encountered was in the Heather Elvis murder by Tammy Moorer's open aggression towards her victim.  That is the exception.  Mostly we find subtle 'justification' via insult, even in child homicides:
"the baby would not take her food"
"you know how teens and hormones are..."
"if she would have just stopped crying..."

The human brain is quite good at shifting blame away from itself.  Sociopaths are no different:  they seek justification. 

In the many videos from the Amanda Blackburn murder case, we find degrading and humiliating insults from her husband, including depersonalization, sexual inadequacy, and so on.  

Even as she is now gone, this was sent to me today: 

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4 hours ago
Amanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, "Well Done"

This is to continue the subtle insult that is consistent in the videos. 

Two subjects close to Davey Blackburn who have spoken publicly are his mentor, Perry Noble,  and his best friend and former college roommate, Kenneth Wagnor.  

Both subjects have indicated 'concern' or suspicion about the husband in their own language.  

Here is what the mentor said. 

Statement Analysis listens to the words chosen, even in humor, as all words have an origin.  

In the public statement of his friend, he showed a genuine linguistic connection between himself and his wife, and the pain they felt in Amanda's murder. This is far more than the husband showed.  The friend/pastor spoke truthfully about pain, grief and loss, yet he showed his own doubt or suspicion, sensitivity over the alibi, and finally, in humor, showed his concern for Amanda, herself.  

In hindsight, those who felt that Davey was not good enough for Amanda have much of their own pain to deal with as their jokes in the form of 'warning' now echo in light of her murder.  

In Memorial services, there is an expectation that the focus will be:

a.  On the Resurrection of Christ from the dead; 
b.  On the attributes of the one being memorialized, which is Amanda.  

These are the expectations given the religious setting.  

Here is what the mentor said: 

On behalf of Davey and Amanda and his family I would like to thank you for taking some time out of a Sunday afternoon not to attend the funeral but to attend the celebration of someone’s life. So–, some people have funerals and some people have celebrations and in the 28 years that Amanda was with us she gave us a lot to celebrate, would you agree?

The subject signals that he will be "unconventional", which, once practiced, becomes the 'conventional.' This is a typical "us versus them" dichotomy where "some" go to "funerals" but "some" go to "celebrations." 

That the victim, Amanda, has given them reason to celebrate is put in the form of a question.  Therefore, we should expect this question to be answered throughout the message.

I want to thank those who are tuning in online and watching on Resonate church’s website . Um, I want to thank this church, Trader Point Church, for being just an unbelievable accommodating host and the way that the big C church has came together and has rallied around Davey and his family and supported them has been just a snapshot of what the body of Christ can be like when we decide to work together and rally around one man and his name is Jesus.

Please note that the mentor is well aware of the audience and reveals this awareness in his "thank you", prior to telling us what it is about Amanda that his question posed.

It is interesting to note that the subject associates "rallying" around "Davey" and "rally around one man", who would appear to be "Davey" but is, instead, "Jesus."

The indication of his connection is found in the unnecessary wording, "and his name is..." which shows a 'need' to explain who this is. 

Although his wife's killers were on the loose, the husband began to immediately capitalize on her death.  In his very first statement he not only failed to express love for her, but he expressed no fear of the killers, nor his unborn child, but he did invite people out.  The drive for success showed up in subsequent public statements and he even expressed personal disappointment when "16 people" had their "souls saved" because they "failed" to reach his set numerical goal for attendance.  We see now, in the mentor's own language, the same theme.  

Note "the big C" church.  

We now see if he will answer his initial question where he tells us about Amanda's life that is worth "celebrating":

I uh I first met Davey when he attended college. He attended Southern Wesleyan University which is close to the church where I pastor. And uh it was “Crazy Davey”, that’s kinda’ how I, um, referred to him in my mind, I don’t know if that’s proper or not but tha–, I have to remember people in certain ways, so he’s Crazy Davey, and um he came up to me one day and said, “would it be possible for you and I to, to go to lunch some time? I’ve got some friends, and they want to talk about starting a church". And um I took them to a, to a restaurant called Ryan’s, I’m not, do y’all have Ryan’s up here, Davey? It’s where I took starving college students who I wanted to impress but I didn’t have to spend a lot of money. 

Here we are not given any information about the Resurrection of Christ, nor about Amanda's life, but about "Davey."  This should be seen as a priority - as it gives specific information about Davey, but not Amanda.  

Next, what does he tell us about "Davey"?

a.  Note the inclusion of "I", not in relation to meeting Davey, but the inclusion of "I" where he, himself, pastors. 

b.  Note the introduction of the name or title, "Crazy Davey" is not only to rhyme with "Davey" but is in a derogatory sense of illogic, often used in humor.  Statement Analysis looks at the words used in humor.  What is it about him that has caused him to call him "crazy"?  Is it just the alliteration?  Or, is it something else?

We let the subject guide us to see if there is something "crazy" relating to mental health. 

"Someone would have to be crazy to have sex with her" and would have to be "sick in the head" said a suspect in the investigation of the rape of an elderly mentally retarded woman.  This led to,

"Do you have a mental health diagnosis?" which led, in the follow up interview, to an admission of a mental health diagnosis and eventually, a confession to the crime.   

"Crazy Davey"

1.  The mentor tells us the origin of this phrase:  "in my mind."  This is how he remembered Davey.  It was his phrase, a mnemonic, and

2. He recognizes the negative connection with, "that's proper or not", allowing for it to be "not" proper.  

The next portion of the statement has the focus upon him, and his desire to impress with the appearance of money, while saving money.  This is an insight into his "success" driven form of Christianity, which is why "unconventional" enters often the themes within the church:  "Conventional" Christianity does not focus upon money and numbers.  This is a form of "pragmatism" that does "whatever it takes to sell" and focuses upon numbers; however, in the subject's own language, he reveals that even when talking about building a church, the appearance of money is a priority.  Conventional Christianity, such as in mission work where one labors for years to save one soul, and rejoices over it, while Blackburn expressed more personal disappointment over the failure to reach "400 people in attendance" than he did over his wife's murder.  The mentor shows the similarity here.  We wait to see if he will return to Christ's Resurrection from the dead ("conventional Christianity") and "celebrating" Amanda's life.  

And they were highly impressed with me, and um, and we, we ate, I think they, uh, ate lunch and dinner, we tried to circle it around a time when we could have two meals ‘cuz they were college students, and Davey and his friends, they asked lots and lots and lots and lots of questions and they left and, um, 

Please note that there is no "Christ" (see the best friend/pastor's statement) and no "Amanda", but the focus continues on the mentor, himself, who acknowledges that "money impresses" where conventional Christianity would be impressed with knowledge, commitment, devout living, care for others over self, and so on.  

Note the use of "we" here:  the pronoun "we" connects him to the students who were "impressed with me"; which is to say that he will unify himself with those who he can impress.  

The setting, perhaps, needs to be reminded:  this is a memorial service for remembering Amanda, within a Christian context.  Thus far, it is void of both. 

He now reveals why he felt that Davey was "crazy":  

I remember thinking about Davey, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, um, I remember thinking about Davey, um, s–, something’s not right with that boy. I know I’m supposed to say nice things but I, I like said something’s not right. I thought it might be because he was an Alabama fan, um, and we still haven’t got that worked out, so there’s a matter of prayer that we’re going to have to take to the Lord, but I was like, something’s not right.

To learn what is important to someone, listen for pronouns and listen for repetition.  

"something's not right" is repeated three times here.  
"that" indicates distance (rather than "this", which shows closeness).  

This means that whatever he thought made him "crazy" caused him to distance himself from Davey.  

That he repeats it three times tells us how powerful this remembrance was.  This is to express acute concern about the mental status of Davey.  

This should be seen in the admission that it may not be proper for him to think this. 

Next the "fan" language:  even an attempt at humor is rebuffed by the word, "but."  
He uh, he graduated from college and I had a staff member approach me and said, um “there’s a guy named Davey Blackburn that we need to consider hiring on our staff.” 

Please note that the mentor further distances himself from Davey.  He does not take ownership of hiring Davey, but gives the additional and unnecessary "layer" with "a staff member" who thus can be 'blamed' as the initial meeting led the mentor to the acutely sensitive (repetition of 3) of something being wrong, not about the scenario nor the idea of a new church, but with the person, himself, Davey.  

I was like “Who?” He said, “Davey Blackburn, (unintelligible) those, he said “Crazy Davy”. And I was like, “Oh, we could hire Crazy Davy? Umm, okay. Maybe, I don’t know. And um, I, I didn’t know because there wasn’t, there was something just not quite right about him and I was just, I don’t know what this is, and so we went through some interviews and he passed and, um, I found out he was engaged. 

It was in the interview process that he "passed"; this is, specifically, in communication. 
When someone speaks of a sociopathic personality type, or even an anti-social personality type, they often remark what a "charmer" the person was; the person had the ability to talk some out out of their own convictions.  The charmer manipulates via language and has a powerful energetic presence but beneath it utterly lacks any true empathy for others:  he will micmic language and even attempt to cry, but "out of the abundance of the heart..." the words continue to reveal narcissistic thinking.  'It is all about him' the person says. 
People often feel like they cannot win an argument with the type and "he could sell air conditioners in Alaska" types.  

And one of the things I love to do is, as the pastor when we’re interviewing people, I love to meet the interviewee and, and their spouse, because, um if somebody joins your organization, that’s great, but if they bring crazy into the organization then they bring crazy to work with them every day. And so, we just try to identify crazy right from the start.

Note again the emphasis of self.  He was known as pastor, and instead of speaking of Amanda, he said "where I pastor" and now here he needs to assert himself "as the pastor" and the one who not only uses the appearance of money to impress, but to control the interview by orchestrating, "as the pastor" the spouse's inclusion.  

Please note the phrase, "bring crazy" is to further emphasize his concern about Davey's mental health impacting his own business (church) within his language.

And um and I was like, “Davey, I want to meet your fiancée, and, um, that will kinda’ be the final interview.” 

This is to further emphasize that bringing "crazy" would be a mistake.  

And he said “Okay.” And I never will forget where I was, I never will forget the first time I saw Amanda, and they walked in and I said, that thing that’s, hasn’t been quite right with Davey just got made right once she walked in the room. She truly was the person that completed him and made him a better man. And the thing I, the way I’ve described Davey and Amanda the past several days, is when Davey and Amanda walked into a room, you knew who Davy was, right away because he’s magnetic, he’s charismatic, he has that personality, and you would recognize Davey but you would remember Amanda when they left.

Here, the mentor tells us that Davey needed to be fixed, and completed and that this burden would fall upon Amanda.  

He then goes on to describe Davey as people often do with sociopathic personalities:  "magnetic" and "charismatic" and the distancing, "that personality." 

You "knew" Davey "right away" when he entered the room, but would "remember" Amanda when they left.  

We have yet to hear what it was about Amanda to be memorable, but we know:

1.  That the subject is impressed with money
2.  That he subject knew Davey had something wrong, acutely so, and that
3.  Amanda was needed to "fix" or "complete" that which was "wrong" with Davey.  

He continues with the pattern of charming sociopathic personalty description with:  
‘Cause Davey was working the crowd 

Davey wasn't "ministering Christ", or even "talking with people" or "meeting people."  He acknowledges that Davey was "working" the crowd.  This is salesmanship for selling, which includes solicitation for votes.  

and he was saying “hey” and he was giving high fives and handshakes and hugs like he should do

This is to show approval of the behavior, and the acknowledgement of the unconventional nature with "like he should do"

and Amanda was getting phone numbers and prayer requests 

Note the order:

1.  phone numbers
2.  prayer requests 

This is to help build the business.  

and giving people her number and saying, “you call me if you ever need–,” and Amanda was the kind of person that would sit and let you talk about you for thirty minutes and smile and nod the entire time. 

What "kind of person" was Amanda?  
Here, he praises her for listening, smiling, but not saying anything.  This is especially interesting as the subject was Davey's mentor, and the Q and A video shows this very thing:

Davey corrected, over talking, interrupting Amanda 

Later, in praising Amanda, Davey specifically praised her for what she did not do, that is, to take away the spotlight for him.  

They made an incredible team. And they wer– served on our ministry staff for four years and it was unreal the ministry effectiveness they had.

We have not heard the Resurrection of Christ, nor have we been told, in the affirmative, any of Amanda's traits that should be celebrated.

But then, they called me one day and said, uh we need, we need to chat. And so um we stepped up from Ryan’s to the Cheesecake Factory, because, because that’s how we roll. And, uh, we, we actually sat in the Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta and you and Amanda sat across from me and they said “We, we gotta’ go to Indianapolis, we gotta’ go start this church. We gotta’ go start this church.”

How did the mentor feel about the student breaking away?  Is this  part of memorializing Amanda?

And uh, I knew it was true, you ju–, you guys had just lost Peyton Manning, you all were in desparate need in Indianapolis, you were hurting and um, I’m like, God, they need healing, and so, Davey — it was so funny, I never will forget — Davey and Amanda sat their, and they, they logged, we, we all cried, and and they were like, we’re gonna’ go do this, and um I heard them both articulate with, wi–, we want to see Jesus make a difference in Indianapolis. And um, so our church, uh we, we sponsored ‘em and supported em, and um we celebrated that night but I knew, I knew I knew that they were going to come up here and they were gonna’ make a difference. 

Note the halting (repetition) on the pronoun "we"
Note the crying
Note the need for healing, even within humor. 
Note the body posture enters the language unnecessarily, signaling an increase of tension for the subject as he recalls;
Note "we're gonna do this" is Davey/Amanda ("they") 

This is to strongly suggest an initial disagreement.  Since he puts himself ("I") so strongly about the church, it is interesting to hear him say,

"our church, uh, "we, we sponsored and supported them" with the emphasis (and halt) shared with the church and not "I"

Note the word "but" after the celebration .

Please note that it was shortly after the start of the marriage (honeymoon) that Amanda said the marriage turned bad and that she contemplated leaving him due to his dedication to work and not to her. 

Please note that he has not given in the affirmative any personal attribute of Amanda to celebrate. 

And uh, and so I’ve got to watch that. For the past three years I’ve got to sit in the stands and watch them work together for Christ to, to make a difference. And it’s been remarkable, the birth of, Weston, of, uh 15 months ago was amazing ‘cuz I’m like, Davey, um, Davey’s the kind of guy that I didn’t like when I was in school ‘cuz he’s beautiful. He’s a beautiful man, and if you’re a man you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like he walks in the room and he’s an athlete, and he’s chiseled, and he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful. 

Here we have a 'passive aggressive' revelation as he gives the negative within the positive package. 
Note the language of "beautiful" and he goes into specifics:

a.  the way he walks into a room
b.  he is athletic 
c.  he is chiseled
d.  his smile
e.  his dimple
f.  he is beautiful

This sounds like a description that a female might give in romanticizing a man. 

 Please note the sentence, "if you're a man you know exactly what I am talking about" is something that is used for emphasis, highlighting the need for emphasis. 

Men reading this may be puzzled as to its meaning as it sounds either like a woman's romantic fantasy; not like a man's, which explains the unnecessary qualifier, "if you're  a man..." and may suggest homo-eroticism.   

For those who condemned commentators speculating if this murder has any elements of sexuality in it, please note that it is:

1.   The videos of Blackburn that tell us:
a. how strong Davey Blackburn's sex drive is
b.  how inadequate Amanda was in satisfying his sex drive
c.  how Blackburn, in teaching about sex, uses himself as the example
d.  how he dresses and choreographs himself

The need to repeatedly tell his audience that he has a strong sex drive for a female as projection may give us insight into something very "wrong" that needs fixing. 

Now, we have a description of Davey by his mentor that many men will "not understand" and will ascribe to a female love interest, or homosexuality.  

That "if you're a man..." is unnecessary language, it makes it, within Statement Analysis, "doubly important."  

It is not the language of a gay man; a gay man would not feel the need to ask for support from those who "if are men."  Gay men would be comfortable saying another man is "beautiful."  This makes the assertion very important.  

Was it the mental health or sexual behavior of Davey Blackburn that he did not like in school?  This is not supported by the language.  Being "the kind" he did not like in school is, in context, with the physical description of Blackburn. 

He used a generalization of "if you're a man", conditionally, the reader may question why the subject felt this necessary to the assertion.  

Most men do not call other men "beautiful", nor do they reference "dimples" in a man.  

When listeners/readers are confronted with such language, they should not be condemned for the obvious.   

And then Amanda wa–, was beautiful, right? 

"And then" is the second, or after thought and Amanda's beauty is first given as a question, before an assertion: 

She was beautiful, she was stunning, when she walked into a room you had to pause and notice, and I’m like, two beautiful people are gonna’ have a baby and this baby is going to be beautiful. 

Davey's "beauty" is given details, while Amanda's is not.  We do not know what was "stunning" about Amanda, but we do know, down to the physique and facial structure, what he finds "beautiful" about Davey.  

This is to say:  Davey is more in his mind than Amanda, even though the context is supposed to be on Amanda.

Why is he more focused upon Davey during this memorial of Amanda?  

And so of course they started posting pictures, and I’m like, yup, it’s a beautiful kid. Beautiful kid. Beautiful mom, beautiful dad, beautiful kid, and we got this, we just celebrated with them, they got to come to, um our our summer youth camp this summer, and it was amazing. Everything was great.

And Tuesday, this Tuesday, this past Tuesday, I got a text. And it said pray for, pray for Amanda and pray for Davey, because Davey just found Amanda on the floor and she’s got a head wound. And this is how it’s communicated to me, she’s got a head wound, and, um, they’ve rushed her to the hospital. 

He has now been informed of a head wound and next he feels the need to explain his thought process.  Please keep in mind that he has strongly asserted an acute problem with Davey, to the emphatic vague "something's not right":

Will his first thought be an accident?

Or, will an accident scenario show sensitivity indicators suggesting that he was concerned about "bringing crazy" since Amanda was supposed to "fix" "that boy"?

And for me, in the world that I live in, I’m just gonna’ let you know,

When someone gives a weak assertion, it is often an appropriately weak assertion:

1.  "I locked my keys in the car" is without weakness and is an assertion of strength. 
2.  "I think I locked my keys in the car" is to weaken the assertion because of the lack of certainty.  It is "appropriately weak."
It allows for himself, or others, to think otherwise.  

When someone says, "for me, I thought..." is to use the unnecessary "for me", which indicates not only the appropriate weakness of "I thought" but to indicate knowledge that "for someone else", this is not their thought. 

And for me, in the world that I live in, I’m just gonna’ let you know

He qualifies his appropriate weakness with "And for me", telling us that "others" have said contrary, but he is not done there:

"in the world I that I live in" is to further distance himself from these others as they "live in a different world" than he does; this is the second qualification or preparation before saying "I think" or "I thought";

Yet, he is not done there. 

"I'm just gonna" is to use "just", which is used to compare two or more thoughts ("it isn't $15,000, it is "just" $12,000) is to further qualify and weaken. 

It is at this point where he gives the accidental scenario: 

 I thought, maybe she’s climbed up on the kitchen cabinet and she’s tried to get something and she fell and hit her head, um, and that’s serious, and we need to pray.

Here is the scenario:  

"I thought she hit her head...." is qualified or modified with:
"maybe" which weakens it, but the preamble is key:

"As for me"
"in my world"
"I just gonna..."

Which builds us enough weakness to conclude:

The subject is seeking to suppress  his doubts that "crazy" did what he has long worried about:  something unthinkable. 

For those not trained in Statement Analysis, many may say

"Who is he trying to convince?  Us, or himself?

 And I went into a meeting and I stepped out an hour later and somebody said something about a gunshot and I said no no no no no this isn’t a gunshot, this is um, she probably fell in the kitchen, and they had to kind of take me to the side and sit me down and say no no, no no no no no, it’s a, it’s a home invasion, and Amanda has been killed.


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Unknown said...

Dear God in heaven....

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Wow, I never thought about any of that. I learned so much. When ppl were originally pointing out that it was weird that the funeral was called a celebration of life, I didn't find that weird at all bc that's what my church did growing up and a few other churches did. BUT they definitely focused on who died for sure. Every funeral I've been to focused on telling stories and remembering the things we loved about whoever passed. If there was reference to the family at all it would be to tell us to pray for them, serve them etc but not really tell stories about them. This is super weird!

BB said...

It was all about DAVEY. It was supposed to be a celebration of Amanda's life. But it was about DAVEY being a "beautiful man" and "chiseled." How does this man, PN, have any followers? If this speech were presented in a class, it would be a big F because it wasn't what was assigned. The purpose was to celebrate AB. He did not do that. Disturbing and pathetic.

Concerned said...

Wow, just wow, Peter!
Once again I see how much I don't know about statement analysis! I knew I was creeped out when I read PN's "eulogy" and now I know the specifics of why. It was no eulogy at all.

I don't know if you've seen Davey's Sunday performance at the church where Amanda's father preaches. I don't have the link but it's all over yesterday's comments.
Thank you so much.

BB said...

PN's complete lack of accountability or seriousness is obvious. He thinks he can just bloviate randomly off the top of his head and people will love it and praise him. He is either not capable of more, or he is phoning it in. Either way, he FAILS.

buddy said...

I talked to neighbors who attended this service. They voiced their displeasure.
To that I replied, welcome to Modern Megachurch, where everything is hunky dory, and all manner of stuff is performed in questionable taste. Shaking of heads and quiet ensued.

rob said...

Yeah, this is definitely the Davey show, and Amanda had a small walk on part in it, and can be easily replaced. Poor, poor Amanda. Please let the grandparents have that baby.

rob said...

I do think PN expressed enough doubt in DB, that should he go down, PN can say he always had doubts.

R.L Haley said...

I have attended Jehovah witnesses memorials (my husbands side) and they hardly talk about the person who passed, its all about their doctrine,and it makes me so sad,but I have seen it before. I feel horrible about Amanda's murder,and that last thing he said about her (not well read not worldly)kinda of a slap,I find all his statements very strange even when keeping his "faith" in mind.

Sus said...

I noticed that in the video played at the service, Amanda's mother prefaced her complimentary comments about her own daughter with, "I'm not just saying this because I'm emotional right now."

Wth?? These people are not permitted to grieve or to feel a negative emotion. Even Jesus lived on Earth as a human and experienced human emotion.

My new hashtag :-) #letamandasmothercry

John Mc Gowan said...

Pastor Davey Blackburn Says His Murdered Wife Amanda Is Sun Tanning in Heaven


Shannon In CA said...

Da et also said Amanda is sun-tanning in heaven. WHAT???

Shannon In CA said...

Davey, I mean. Don't know what happened there.

OPN said...

IMO, the nickname crazy Davey arose from Davey's hypomanic behavior. It is exhibited on the videos and in his lack of impulse control.

Amy Smith said...

DB must be reading your posts:
His tweet from 2 hours ago- "Would love you to watch Amanda's Celebration of Life Service & tell me how her life has changed yours"

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like PN thought any more of Amanda than as a tool to help fix Davey to be church employable.

This was the best he could find to say about her, speaks volumes ...
Amanda was the kind of person that would sit and let you talk about you for thirty minutes and smile and nod the entire time

mom2many said...

I apologize for reposting, but I think my alternate scenario got lost on the other thread, and I really would like some feedback whether it would explain Davey's unexpected statements and behavior.

Here is my attempt at an explanation that might account for Davey's odd reaction to Amanda's murder:

What if Davey blames Amanda herself for her death? Amanda was pregnant. It is common in pregnancy to need much more sleep than usual. Perhaps her usual, pre-pregnancy routine was to walk Davey to the door and kiss him good-bye, then lock the door herself. Perhaps she had pushed her morning devotions until later in the morning, and this was a point of contention between them, with Davey passive-aggressively deciding to not lock the door himself. In this way, Davey believes she brought this "attack" upon herself. If she had properly submitted to her husband, in his mind, this would not have happened. Proving the point, the house next door was locked up and the gangsters left them alone.

"For us, we have nothing to hide," in my theory would reference he and Amanda both. What is hidden, is that they argued about her breaking her devotional/walk Davey out/lock up routine, and fatal consequences resulted.

I believe this would align with Davey's narcissistic behavior including his lack of emotion. He probably also blames her for leaving him now as a single parent. A good mother would not have done that. Lastly, he may also be disgusted that she 'allowed' herself to seemingly be sexually assaulted, his virginal bride that had only been with him alone.

What do you think? Would this scenario provide sufficient cause for his unexpected statements though he is unconnected to the actual perpetrators of the murder?

And an addendum to explain the lack of fear: Davey is a narcissist. He only feels for himself. He did not fear the killers because he was no longer in the neighborhood, so they could not affect him.

Unknown said...

Once again, even if Davey is 100% innocent, the "big C church" needs to be all over this story. If they suppress emotion after a violent shooting, what do they do when a parent loses a child in a car wreck? Or when someone is facing a decision about where to go to college? Or bankruptcy? Or the fact that your spouse cheated? What kind of environment is this when the s**t hasn't hit the fan?

Amy Smith said...

In the PN-DB world, women have no value independent of men.

Donna said...

I keep learning more and more about SA. Very illuminating. Great post, Peter Hyatt!

Unknown said...

Amy, was this post up then?

John Mc Gowan said...

Amy Smith said...

DB must be reading your posts:

His tweet from 2 hours ago- "Would love you to watch Amanda's Celebration of Life Service & tell me how her life has changed yours"

Note the dropped pronoun lacking commitment. Does he really want people to watch it, with Amanda in mind, or him, or not at all, and it's just posted to make him look good?

Unknown said...

It bothers me so much that these two men masquerade as 'Pastors', or men of God. It's offensive.

Amanda's name barely made it into Perry's musings, and self congratulating pontifications, at her own memorial! How can her family and friends NOT be offended by this?!?

Thank God Perry Noble got around to to telling everyone how impressed Davey, and his lunch guest's were with him, when he took them to the all you can eat buffet known as Ryans! That really spoke to me, and offered comfort in understanding this senseless tragedy. *eyeroll*

Amy Smith said...

While you're at it with the story telling, buy this souvenir tshirt to help DB "navigate what's next."
Resonate Church tweet: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will help Davey & Weston navigate what's next #GivingTuesday

Did DB lose his job? Does "what's next" cost more than he's been making as a pastor? Does he need money for a lawyer?

Sus said...

I agree that DB would blame Amanda for her own death in this scenario. It's the NPD way. I have always said DB's post murder statements do not surprise me. It's his pre-murder videos. He pretty much telegraphed what he wanted, and that was rid of his wife and in what manner. Then it happened in that manner. That's difficult to explain away.

CJ said...

Well done, Peter!

OPN said...

Thank you, Peter, for using your valuable time to analyze this.

Pray for Amanda's family. They had the horror of Amanda's murder compounded by creeps. They had had to sit through their daughter's eulogy which focused on Crazy Davey, Perry Noble, and money. Nauseating. Lord have mercy.

For those people reading Mr. Hyatt's blog who aren't Christians and those who have left Christian churches, please know that what occurs in Perry Noble's and Davey's churches isn't typical of all Christian churches. There are many Christian churches that have resisted secularism and heresy. These churches keep the Faith undistorted, just as the apostolic church received it.

Anonymous said...

Xian, you are right, good questions.

Anonymous said...

DB posted link to AB's services at 8:30am, Peter posted his newest SA at 10:30am....don't think they are related, do think DB is trying to drive traffic to his website.

John Mc Gowan said...

His Facebook!

Davey Blackburn
3 hrs · Twitter ·
Would love you to watch Amanda's Celebration of Life Service & tell me how her life has changed yours:

Celebrating Amanda | Resonate Church
Amanda Grace Blackburn was a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. During a home invasion on November 10, 2015, Amanda suffered a gunshot wound and was left critically injured. The next day Amanda and her unborn daughter, Everette “Evie” Grace Blackburn, passed away as a result of her injuries.…

BallBounces said...

"... it is an attempt to suppress his own doubts, which he publicly airs with his story."

Why not email him and ask him directly? Same for Kenneth Wagner.

Anonymous said...

Peter, i think one of my posts wenr poof. It was about Dr. Teresa Sievers and this case.

I tuned into the funeral to see the train wreck. I had pegged DB early on and wanted to see if he made a spectacle of himself and I was stunned that there was nothing in this celebration of Amanda about amanda!!! I missed some videos in the beginning. I was so mad on behalf of Amanda that she was so easily and readily discarded so we could all get on wifh the Crazy Davey show.

John Mc Gowan said...

Amanda's last prayer journal entry on Monday, Nov 9th #NothingIsWasted #ToJesusBeTheGlory

Journal entry in link below:

Amy Smith said...

DB tweeted #Nothingiswasted during her funeral.

mom2many said...


Yes, the telegraphing is creepy! Do you suspect he initiated a hit directly, or that an unstable congregant took it upon him- or herself to resolve Davey's worries? Or is this just the biggest of all coincidences?

Do you, or anyone, remember where it came out that Amanda was nervous about area burglaries? Did Davey spread that, too (particularly, before the murder)?

Anonymous said...

Why does the sitting posture indicate increased tension?


MDB said...

The strange thing about the eulogy is that all of DB's statements indicate that his desire is to see AB's death cause lots of people to have their lives changed by the gospel (to put it generously) - and, yet, the gospel and the promise of the resurrection was remarkably minimized in the eulogy.

I've seen tragic deaths where the loved ones wanted the gospel to be made known in the memorial, and the deceased was properly memorialized and the whole message was saturated - dripping - with the gospel. It's not like it's a hard thing to do. This eulogy was neither - it brought honor to neither AB nor Christ.

Concerned said...

There is irony in the fact that Davey chose Amanda because she would take a backseat to him, content to sit with the "crowd" and look adoringly as he "preached", yet he was actually allowed to do that only because the Mentor thought she made him seem less crazy. Her mother spoke of how Amanda was never any trouble. I believe that is so.

I don't think marrying Davey was her choice. Remember how Amber's boyfriend wanted to fix up Amanda and Davey so he could spend his life hanging out with Davey? Amanda, in spite of her misgivings (which probably brought on giving up Davey for Lent) went along with the plan, the double wedding...all of it.

Davey showed right after the honeymoon that being a husband who loved his bride like Christ loved the church was not going to happen, in spite of his rhetoric. It appears that Amanda was increasingly unhappy, finding herself not too interested in sex with a selfish and unloving man (duh!). Time passed, she gave birth, Davey's "Lead Pastorship" emboldened him, another pregnancy happened and probably Amanda decided to opt out, the most dangerous time for a woman.

We all know the rest. Now there is just the sorting out of how Davey was involved so he doesn't do this to another innocent young woman who just wants to serve God and be loved. How much support did he get from these other off-kilter men in ridding himself of her? We may not ever know that because the distancing started right there in PN's eulogy, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

In the affidavit Amanda's cell phone was next to her bed but she was found in the living room. I wonder if Amanda was already up, or heard something. My phone is glued to me, next to my bed at night and near me during the day. I know a few times my husband has left early I might get up to lock the second lock. Did we ever find out the floor plan of the home? I think Davey will slip something, people who talk to much, can't always remember what they say.

Anonymous said...

@Amy Smith:

I read your Twitter feed though I'm not a twitterer...I appreciate your boldness.

Why do people have to "watch" Amanda's funeral in order to tell DB how Amanda changed their life?

If they knew her, they'd be able to testify to that without conditions...

I'm still wondering why the sitting posture indicates an increase in tension?


Concerned said...

Excellent posts, MDB and Andrew!
Thank you.

Concerned said...

In the interest of allowing for the unlikely possibility that Davey is completely innocent, please insert "or terribly unlucky" after "Davey was so involved" in Paragraph 4 of my post! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Could Davey and Perry be homosexual lovers?

Amy Smith said...

Excellent question about why would people need to watch the funeral service to tell a story about AB. It's really the "crazy Davey" celebration anyway right?

John Mc Gowan said...

Quick OT Updates:

Civil suit filed against Sidney Moorer postponed until January 2016

Father of missing toddler Malik Drummond arrested on murder charge

Sus said...

I don't know anything about Amanda being scared of other burglaries. I do know that it is common for narcissists to induce a frightened state in their victims.

What I saw on those videos (made in October) was a narcissist heading toward some type of psychotic break. DB was agitated. He was rambling, more like ranting. He had all types of nervous tics and habits.

If you listen to his words as he's ranting, you can see where his agitation is coming from. "Jesus had the perfect ministry on Earth. Apostle Paul was able to minister because he was not married. I'm meant to have the perfect ministry." You can see it happening on that stage. He's splitting. His mind tells him he should have the perfect ministry on Earth because he's just as great as Jesus or Paul. To a narcissist, their inner world, their mind, is all there is. But...the outer world wasn't going that way. Then DB has to tell himself God wants the outer world to go that way. He can't gave the split. He has to make it so. Thus his wife has to be sacrificed to make the outer world agree with his inner mind .

Sorry for the long explanation. That's what I saw in layman's terms.

Anonymous said...

Yes MDB ...I have lost loved ones who were believers, one to a car accident...all were believers, and the gospel was clear in each funeral.

We do not grieve as those who have no hope (we have hope because of Christs resurrection) but we DO GRIEVE!

That is so lost in this situation. It's all about them and their persona (DB and PN)


Anonymous said...

anon 12:19. Agreed, Amy Smith's twitter feed is very informative. I don't know where all of us who have questioned this odd behavior would be without her twitter feed, The Justice For Amanada Blackburn Facebook page, and Peter's Blog. All three have done such a great job regarding this case.

Tania Cadogan said...

Did anyone else on hearing the phrase the big C church think of cancer and tumors?

Cancer is known as the Big C.

I still think davey is gay or bisexual and noble is the same.
Given the way he described davey, there is a sexual attraction there,
Was this acted upon?
It could explain perhaps he ran back to noble when Amanda and her unborn child were murdered, seeking comfort from a lover?
Why noble and not Amanda's family or his own family?
What is the connection between davey and noble that it surpassed the connection between ones immediate family?

It is all about them and not about Amanda.
This isn't a church.
This isn't any form of christianity.
This is a business.
This is a cult.
This is akin to Scientology only on a pauper level.
This is poor man's televangelism.

They have seen the money to be made selling god.
Buy the special bibles, buy the special prayers, buy the special jewelry, buy the courses,buy your way to heaven, if you spend enough you will walk right through the gates and sit on the beach getting tanned and drinking virgin cocktails.
Buy buy BUY!

As i wrote the lat sentence it struck me.
Why introduce virgin anything?
This made me think then of sex and islam and 72 virgins.
Davey and perry are fixated on earthly delights in heaven, sound familiar?
There is none of the floating around worshipping god and working in his angelic call centre helping those on earth, flagging prayers that need further consideration.

Nope none of the helping god,living in his light,glorying in him.
Nope it is all about looks, getting tanned, living the life they always wanted, living it up and taking it easy, whilst drinking cocktails (i suspect theirs won't be virgin anything, it only applied to Amanda who was a virgin when she married davey, and excuse my crudity, she sure as heck wasn't by the time davey got done with her)
It is how they think.
I know i am dabbling my toes into the cesspool that is their thinking, i can't help it, it is what they are telling me about themselves.

I wonder how many interns, students, volunteers they have sexually harrassed, a comment, an accidental contact, testing the boundries, pushing their luck, always with an explanation and apology.
The not so subtle grooming in their sermons and videos to see who bites.

They are dirty, tainted, soiled.
It is who they are.
They smell bad.

Anonymous said...

I found my lost post: buddy already replied to it.

Bringing this over from last post:

I still think its possible DB checked in the gym, went out a back or side door, went home, came back to gym, went back in back or side door and then walked out the front door. That would be an example where someone was seen on video timestamped in and out at fixed times but who was actually not there the whole time,

At any rate, the Dr. Teresa Sievers case in Florida shows how long it may take to implicate the husband: she was murdered in June and the DA just released documents showing his involvement and their intent to arrest him. So that took around 6 months. Mark Sievers was not the one who did the murder; he was up north with HER family at a family gathering while Dr. Sievers left a day early to go home and see patients. MS hired his old friends to kill her. Her head was smashed in with a hammer. The crime scene was staged to look like a break in.

6 months is plenty of time for Davey to leak and leak and leak.

Buddy, go read the Bonita Springs article about how they gathered evidence against Mark Sievers.

Anonymous said...

Sus, is that a direct quote about paul not married?

BallBounces said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4 hours agoAmanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, "Well Done"

* * *

As a previous poster on a previous thread pointed out, this is an adaptation of lyrics from a song:

I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to you enough
To make a mark on things? I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who blessed your name
Unapologetically and leave that kind of legacy

Not well traveled, not well read
Not well-to-do or well bred
I just want to hear instead
"Well done good and faithful one"

Nichole Nordeman -

I understand that including "not well read" sounds like a put-down, but, overall, quoting these lyrics in the context of the song as a whole, was a tribute to Amanda.

Amy Smith said...

@daveyblackburn just tweeted: I'm beginning to understand on a whole new level what Paul meant by "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

mom2many said...

I wish we had a like option. I have nothing to add, but I want you to know I appreciate your insight. Peter's blog, together with you and other longterm commentors, is so helpful in learning SA techniques.

CJ said...

I'm getting the rest of the memorial service transcribed. I will add time stamps to the rest for ease of referencing:

... and I went no no no no no this isn’t a gunshot, this is um, she probably fell in the kitchen, and they had to kind of take me to the side and sit me down and say no no, no no no no no, it’s a, it’s a home invasion, and Amanda has been killed.

[39: 20] I would love to tell you in that moment that my faith was rock solid, that I quoted a couple Bible verses and, um, went out and walked on some water and prayed an amazing prayer, but I, just like you when you heard the news, thought, no, no no, no God, no, I mean not her. I mean, other people, yeah, I know that other people die in situations, I mean people die every day. We live in a world where eternity is reality and we’re all going to step into eternity one day but this isn’t her time God, she’s 28 years old, she’s got a 15-month old, I’m, I found it my obligation to inform God of his creation. And so I’m telling God “No,” and I’m, I’m crying, I’m complaining, I’m confused, I am bothered, just like many of you were and many of you are still are today. And for those of you that have questions and concerns and doubts let me just say, I fe–, I feel you. I don’t know why.

Every once in a while the theologian who has all the information will step up and offer reasons why. But I want everyone in this room to know that we will never fully know why this side of eternity. And we’ve got to be okay with that because that’s part of the mystery of who God is. And when we can fully explain God He ceases to be God. And there’s some things that He does that we don’t understand. The Bible says clearly His ways are higher than our ways and I don’t understand when He chooses to do something like this; I just know that He does.

So I was talking to Davey on the phone, and Davey said, um, I said “I’m gonna’ be there, what do you want me to do?” And he says, “I want you to preach the funeral.” I said “Do what?” He said, “Yeah, I want you to preach the funeral.” And I was like, “Umm, well, okay.” And I hung up the phone and I just said “God, what do I say?” There are going to be hundreds and thousands of grieving people. What do you say in the midst of a tragedy? What do you say when somebody’s life has been taken from them? So you, what do you, what do you say when something like this happens? And I just really felt the Lord lead me to Romans chapter eight verse 28. And I didn’t like it at first, um ‘cuz I don’t always like where the Lord leads me, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a pastor say that, but I don’t. I don’t like where He leads me. And so Romans 8:28 the Scripture says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Emily said...

Uhhhh, cause Amanda's death is Davey's gain? wtf. He does not make any sense.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered if DB has splitting or what they call "alters" (alternate personalities/multiple personalities) and that is where fhe "we" comes from. I have worked with eating disordered women and there are some with severe trauma in their backgrounds (like ritual religious abuse including sexual abuse within the religion) and they refer to the other parts of themselves as "alters". When an alter comes out, you can tell because that personality has a distinct wording and writing style.

It comes from severe disassociation during severe abuse.

So the question would be, since DB's dad has been mentioned as the rescuer, what kind of mother is his mother? I'm not accusing or expecting an answer. DB mentioned in the hally birthday dad post that he dad was commited to sticking with DB's mother no matter what, and that left me wondering what that implied.

And also with DB's seemingly pathologic focus on sex: was he sexually abused?

But this is me as arnchair psych, and I am not qualified...

All speculation of course

Sus said...

For those of you who are keeping track:

Remamber Alonzo Bull seems to have had something to do those burglaries that morning. His "wife" sure was quick to point everything away from him.

Treezy Jones was a common Facebook friend to Bull and DB, though he and DB are not now.

Treezy was robbed and shot five times sometime before November 26. His mother says he's lucky to have lived. I can't help wondering if he was meant not to not.

CJ said...

[41:54] Now there are lots and lots and lots of things that all of us did and did not know about Amanda Blackburn, but I know two things about this young lady today. She loved God and she was called according to His purpose. I watched her follow Jesus. [Turning to Davey] I didn’t know she gave you up for Lent. That’s legit, man, that, that’s, I’ve never heard that in my life. [Turns back] But the call to follow Jesus was something she took seriously. But when I saw this verse, I was like God, I don’t, I don’t like this verse because it says that you can take something bad and turn it into something good and I just don’t want to talk about that, and um, and so I kind of put it to the side, and the next day Davey and I spoke on the phone for about thirty minutes and I was just talking to him, I said, “Talk to me about Amanda, talk to me.” And he just lit up. I would–, I , lis–, this is what I told people about Davey: his world has been shaken, his faith has not. His world has been shaken, but his faith has not.

So I as the pastor on the other end am receiving encouragement from the grieving husband. And he began to talk about how Amanda loved to restore things. He began to talk about how Amanda loved to just fix things up. This is a table that Amanda restored. These are two chairs that Amanda restored. This is a high chair that Amanda restored. And I asked Davey, I said, talk to me about, talk to me about the furniture thing, because I don’t really remember her being into the furniture thing when she was in South Carolina.

And he said, it all happened when we moved. We all had, we had to pack up everything, and Amanda just sold everything we had and we moved to Indianapolis and she started — and he said, he said, Perry, she started buying junk. And I was like, what are you doing? And she would, she would pick up just junk at a yard sale and bring it home and Davey would be like, that’s junk, and, and she would say to Davey, “Trust me. Give me some time, let me invest some time, and by the way Davey, you’re going to invest some time, because you’re going to sand it down, and in time I’ll take that piece of junk and I’ll turn it into something beautiful.” And she did. Over, and over, Davey told me, he said “Perry, she sent me to the side of roads, I was driving down the road the other day and she saw some furniture on the side of the road Davey, go get it,” and he, okay, and he’s going out and he’s picking up this furniture, and it looks a little sketch, you know, ‘cuz he’s throwing the furniture in the car and he’s coming back and every time Amanda got something in her hands that the world looked at and said that’s a piece of junk, that’s a bunch of garbage, I don’t like it, over time, she was able to take something in her hands and turn it into something beautiful and desirable and usable.

And when I thought about that and the metaphor of how God takes situations and circumstances that we think are trash and junk and garbage and we walk in going “God, I don’t like that,” and God says “Trust me. Give me some time and trust Me,” because what you call trash God calls treasure. And God says, “I can take the tragedy and I can completely turn it into triumph.”

Sus said...

I'm sorry about all the typos. On my phone.

CJ said...

[45:35][Gestures to table on stage] And this is a metaphor of that happening. I asked Davey about this table, I asked him about that high chair, and he said “That high chair was such a piece of junk when she got it. I was like, we are not putting our kid in this high chair.” But now, after some times in the hands of a skilled craftswoman, the high chair is something desirable.

You know this comes, this comes from Amanda’s relationship with Jesus. It’s just a metaphor of what Jesus does for me and you. One of the things that I loved about her is that every time you saw her Jesus radiated out of her. Jesus just, just showed up when she showed up. It was so amazing the way she carried herself and the way she represented Christ even in the way that she restored things, and the reason that we get to celebrate Amanda’s life is not because she was just a good person (and she was a great person). It’s not just because she was a great wife and a great daughter and a great daughter-in-law and a great mother, because she was all those things. The thing that made her so great was her commitment to this man named Jesus.

Sus said...

I want to make it clear what I put in quotes was not a direct quote from DB. I was only giving an example of what he was thinking. I should have stated that.

This was discussed in the earlier posts.
DB stated that Jesus had the perfect ministry on Earth. The context was such that it was evident DB thought he should also. If I have time today, I will search back for it.

DB spoke about Paul in the Q & A vid. He went on a tangent about how not everyone should be married.

Sus said...

Thank you. Peter will tell you. I am the Pollyanna here. I always look for honesty till deception stares me right in the face and I can't ignore it. I don't know what happened here. I can't find truth in DB.

Mdkd6262 said...

When i first heard this news story about Amanda's murder there were 2 things that told me something's not right...

1) DB's initial stmt that rang alarm bells that he had been preparing for her death well in advance

2) i saw his "mentor" PN being interviewed by the press in which he says the 1st thing he thought when he heard the news was "well that sucks". Who says that regarding a friends murder?????

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily:

"To live is Christ and to die is gain" is a direct scripture reference. It is from Pauls letter to the Philippian church (Phil 1:21)

Paul was torn between wanting to live to see the fruit of his labor for Christ, and to be with Christ (which would mean death), which he says is "better by far". This is the hope of the Christian life, and the hope offered by the gospel.

If she was 'in Christ', then she IS better off, BUT I think he is using Christian language/Scripture to minimize the horror of her tragic murder, and to make himself look spiritual. (From what I have observed)

Hope this is helpful,

Tania Cadogan said...

BallBounces said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 4 hours agoAmanda was not well-traveled, well-read, or well-to-do but the moment she stepped into eternity she heard, "Well Done"

* * *

As a previous poster on a previous thread pointed out, this is an adaptation of lyrics from a song:

I want to leave a legacy, how will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to you enough
To make a mark on things? I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who blessed your name
Unapologetically and leave that kind of legacy

Not well traveled, not well read
Not well-to-do or well bred
I just want to hear instead
"Well done good and faithful one"

Nichole Nordeman -

I understand that including "not well read" sounds like a put-down, but, overall, quoting these lyrics in the context of the song as a whole, was a tribute to Amanda.

Hi Ballbounces.
He didn't tell us he took the words from a song, i can't do it for him.
I am unfamiliar with the song and thus would not know the context, nor that it was even taken from a song.

He uses it for what it is, a put down.

Maggie said...


It is my understanding that Treezy was FB friends with Davey, but not directly with Bull. They had friends in common. Also, I don't think Treezy was beaten up but his friend Breezy Montana (who is also friends with Bull and his gf) was.

Anonymous said...

Was Treezy Davey's link to Cheese? and then Cheese told the guys where to rob, knowing that sending someone like Larry Taylor and the Kill Squad would probably more than likely end in a 187. Were these teens were just pawns on a much larger chessboard? Cheese knew the right one to send, probably didn't even give him them any other instructions besides "rob this house" -- knowing the rest would take care of itself (the unlocked door, dog put away in the garage, etc.)

Sus said...

My mistake. Yes, Breezy was friends with DB, but not now. I know nothing about beatings.

Treezy's mother said on her Facebook that Treezy was shot five times. She told it on November 26. You can find her commenting on his pictures.

CJ said...


Do you have a source for your info about Treezy being shot?

I have been wondering why Alonzo was not charged as an accessory after the fact. He communicated with the suspects during commission of a crime. He had factual knowledge of the crimes (according to CI, suspects got together at his place afterwards and Larry talked about murdering Amanda). The black vest (coat)? worn by one of the suspects was in Bull's apartment, as was a Taurus handgun that Gordon and Watson had left after the crime.

Is Alonzo the CI?

Anonymous said...

I found insult in Crazy Davey's words because it indeed is an insult. He's not well read, who the heck does he think he is to point out his DEAD wife is not well read? You don't consider that an insult?! Just par for the course? I get covering Davey for his millionth stupid stunt, what I don't get is trying to spin it into something it's not. It was a direct and calculated insult, in my op.

Sus said...

No, I'm almost positive (how's that for a qualifier haha) the CI is Diano Gordan. The third burglar who did not enter the Blackburn home, who refused to go back into the culdesac to pick up Taylor.

Concerned said...

I'm not convinced Alonzo wasn't wearing his own jacket and participated in the crime. He matches the description better than Larry Taylor.

Just a thought:
Maybe Treezy Riphellrellandliljay Jones, the gang banger, dropped Davey as his Facebook friend because he didn't want to be associated with such a lowlife. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Can someone here familiar with SA tell me what is significant about the sitting posture? Why does it indicate tension?


CJ said...

Anon at 12:37,

Your scenario isn't necessary for Davey to be directly involved.

The suspects committed the first robbery at approximately 4:30am then took an hour to do a 30-minute commute to Sunnyfield to be caught on camera at Davey's neighbor's house.

This timeframe suggests a window of opportunity for Davey to meet with the suspects before he left for the gym.

I'm actually surprised that there haven't been more questions about Davey's alibi for the hour between 5am-6am.

Anonymous said...

Can confirm this was true - Treezy was mutual FB friends with both DB and Alonzo Bull, who the perps were with before they went on their crime spree the night/morning of Amanda's murder.


"Treezy Jones was a common Facebook friend to Bull and DB, though he and DB are not now."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to add that Treezy is also no longer FB friends with Alonzo.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Can someone here familiar with SA tell me what is significant about the sitting posture? Why does it indicate tension?"



I hope this helps:

Body Posture in Statement Analysis

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Can someone here familiar with SA tell me what is significant about the sitting posture? Why does it indicate tension?

December 2, 2015 at 1:26 PM >

Anonymous: if body posture is given when it is not necessary, it is an indication of a possible increase in tension or importance. If it is necessary, it is not a signal.

Here are two examples:

"My boss said be here by 8am." is a straight forward message from the boss about time. Note the change here:

"The boss stood and told me to be here by 8am" uses body posture, distancing language ("the") and stronger communicative language of "told" instead of "said."

Sitting can be similar:

"My daughter did her homework."

"My daughter sat at the table and did her homework" suggests a more serious 'stop running around the house and sit still" type of scenario that may have taken more effort on the part of the parent.

We would not think she laid down on the table, so it is unnecessary, making it important.

Even "My son did his homework at the table" is different than "my son sat and did his homework at the table"

I hope this helps you and others.


Anonymous said...

Not well-read is absooutely an insult. Go tell that to someone and see how they respond to you.

Sus said...

The source for Treezy being shot is his mother. She said on her Facebook that he was robbed and shot five times on his way to work. You will find her commenting on his page to find her fb page.

Anonymous said...

Peter and John:

Thank you for the information and the link...I will read the blogpost.

Am I correct in understanding that ANYTHING unnecessary in a statement is important then, and worth paying attention to?

Thank you for your help,

Unknown said...

When I first heard Noble's memorial speech, it strengthened the idea of Davey's guilt/association for me. I think I posted this back then, but I'll repeat due to the volume of comments.

Noble's portrayal of Davey is overwhelmingly negative:

He reveals that the way he identified Davey internally was as, "Crazy Davey". Initially, this seemed like 'kidding', but was repeated, and reinforced throughout his speech.

He distances himself from hiring Davey by revealing another staff member initiated it, and that he continued to have doubts even after Davey "passed" the interviews. (Passed suggests a 'bar' was set to overcome, and Noble leaned toward NOT hiring him.)

He reveals that meeting Amanda was the thing that basically 'saved' Davey in his pursuit of the position.

He doesn't own that Resonate is a subsidiary church of his, and in fact he explicitly states that Davey and Amanda "told him" they were starting it, and in turn they "supported" them.

As I listened to this, even without in depth analysis, I felt Noble was making it very clear that he wanted to establish distance from Davey, and lay out some background information about how he came to be associated with him, so that if/when Davey was implicated, he would have already expressed that he "knew something was wrong with him", and never wanted to hire him to begin with.

Anonymous said...

CJ - Yes! What was Davey up to before he left for the gym? Was Amanda up? Why is Davey's workout cut so short that day? What does the surveillance reveal about Davey at the gym that morning? If I am looking at the time line right, Davey left the house around 6:11 am and returned at approximately 7:30? 20 minute drive to get there, 20 minute drive to get home. So he had a pretty short work out that day? Especially depending upon what time he took his usualy Tuesday morning phone call. If he took the phone call @ 7:00, that would make his "work out" even shorter.

Kip said...

I concur with much of what Amy Smith, Mom2many, Concerned, and Sus have posted today. This has been one of Peter's best SAs.

Barbara said...

Peter, long-time reader here (especially regarding the Amanda Blackburn case). First-time comment. I've only read a little of this blog-post so far, but the first thing that jumps out at me is "big C church." The most common connotation of "the big C" in our culture is cancer, isn't it? Does Pastor Noble think at some basic level that his church is a cancer on society? Spreading to other states, possibly bringing death and destruction? Just asking the question here, as that was what "the big C" brought to my mind. I'll be reading the rest of the post as and when I can. (Your posts are long! Not complaining, just stating facts!)

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update on a previous article:

More questions emerge over Trump's 9/11 celebrations claim

CJ said...

To follow up on my post of 1:27,

If Davey ordered a hit on his wife, then it is not only logical to think that he was directly involved in the the physical preparations for that hit, but illogical to think he would have left important things to chance. This would include:

1. Confining dog
2. Disabling or restraining Amanda (otherwise, what would keep her from noticing the front door was unlocked and locking it herself? Or hearing invaders and picking up her phone to call 911 from the bedroom?)
3. Ensuring Weston is going to be asleep, not crying, and not traumatized by the crime. (What if he wakes up early, and Amanda decides to pop him in a stroller and do an early morning run with Mel?)
4. Leaving the house unsecured.

Leaving too many things to chance means a wasted opportunity, and also the possibility that Amanda not only survives but sees that Davey tried, unsuccessfully to kill her.

This, to me, is what it means to decide that Davey is guilty.

I'm not there yet.

Anonymous said...

Davey doesn't listen with then intent to understand, Davey only listens with the intent to reply. This is very evident in the Impossible Girl video. He doesn't listen to what Amanda is saying at all, you can see his mind racing. Have to wonder if Davey has been or is currently on any medication. He seems to be a strong contendor for ADD at the very least.

CJ said...

Ball Bounces,

It is the difference between what one professes about oneself — "I am not well-read" is an attempt at humility — and what one says about another.

Saying "you are not well-read" in any context would be considered extremely rude, even if factually correct.

The only way that I see this would work out to be complimentary to Amanda is if Davey was quoting a tweet or journal entry from Amanda where she had penned the lyrics to this song in reference to herself.

Mdkd6262 said...

Here is link to PN interview in response to murder (11/12/15):

Anonymous said...


I agree with what you said about PN. He did the same thing in the fiasco with James Duncan...blamed Newsprings' bullying on a rogue staff member, and then fired him. It's his MO.


John Mc Gowan said...

SLH said..

Am I correct in understanding that ANYTHING unnecessary in a statement is important then, and worth paying attention to?

In Statement Analysis, the shortest sentence is best. Every additional word which can be removed from the sentence is called an "unnecessary" word, making it, in Statement Analysis, doubly important as it shows sensitivity.

For example, if I said, "I am happily married" it would be a straight forward statement. If I said I was "very happily" married the additional word "very" would indicate sensitivity. We do not know what causes the sensitivity; perhaps the subject didn't expect to be happy, or was previously unhappy. But if the subject said, "I am very, very happily married" and even on to "I am very, very very happily married" we might, along with Shakespeare, ask, "who are you trying to convince; you or me?" as the sensitivity is magnified by repetition.

Anonymous said...

How would this scenario work?

Davey & Amanda wake up early - their usual time.
There's an argument, most likely about sex
Davey snaps, gets the gun and shoots her (this has been building for some time)
Amanda holds her hand up... thus the hand shot that traveled to the bicep
She freaks, runs down the stairs, where he shoots her in the back
He knows now he has to kill her so he follows her downstairs and finishes the job
(It's too early for the neighbors to hear these shots. They're still sleeping)
He tries to figure out what to do. Finally calls someone, "Help me, I killed Amanda"
This person is wealthy and knows how to pull strings. Sets up a staged robbery.
They come and don't even go in the house, just fire 3 shots into the ground, per instructions. These are the shots the neighbor heard at 6:45. One of them screams like a woman.
Davey carries on with his gym, albeit, late.
The guys leave with a card that was left for them and the pin.



Concerned said...

Anon at 1:51
Performance-enhancing drugs to build muscles faster would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

TKC, yes, crazy. The forensics can calculate a pretty tight time frame with the blood and exposure to the environment. I don't believe Davey pulled the trigger, but I do believe Davey had something to do with the sexual assault, hence the back peddaling.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. That helps! It doesn't tell us why the information is sensitive, but indicates that it is sensitive for some reason.


Concerned said...

Jen Ow and Anon at 2:00
You are so right!
And PN threw off some of the blame for the Christmas Eve "Ten Commandments aren't real rules" sermon onto the Israeli tour guide/teacher and onto his staff who heard God tell him to do it.
so this isn't too unexpected from him.

Turtle said...

Totally agree that this guy has/had a thing for Davey. First occurred to me in his admission that he wanted to impress him, which I thought was a little odd.

It's possible that what is "wrong" with Davey, though, is just this guy's conflicted view of him as an object of desire (he made Davey responsible for his attraction to him), and that's what Amanda "corrected" and normalized.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please give me a solid reason why they would clear Davey almost immediately? I've heard it said it was to throw Davey off, but with this much time passing, it just doesn't make sense. If law enforcement isn't looking into Davey and the defense ends up uncovering all of this, how incompetent will that department look? I have a HUGE fear they are not looking into Davey at all.

Mdkd6262 said...

In this interview he is visibly shaken and affected. Also notice the contrast of his early betrayl of DB where he's not distancing himself totally from DB like he is a few days later. Here he is still trying to believe in DB and convince himself that gte ONLY reason DB could be reacting to Amanda's death the way he is is bc of Jesus... he's hoping thats he only reason. He was shaken by whatever DB told him on tte phone look at his facial expression when he describes it...

Anonymous said...

This shooting happened at the same time that A. Bull's gf threatens snitches & some other person threatens to expose what he can proove with a couple screenshots. Also according to gf's instagram they conveniently take a road trip out of town right around that time. Are they even still in town or are they on the run?

Anonymous said...

James Duncan has pointed out that PN's timeline is sketchy.

PN said he got a text Tuesday morning that Amanda had a head wound, then an hour later got a message from a staff member that she had been killed. She wasn't dead yet.

Miscommunication? Or not...


Concerned said...

I don't think that's far-fetched at all.
They could have been told to rob the knowingly absent neighbor's house, then to enter the Blackburns' house to get the MAC and the debit card. Maybe they even grabbed the opportunity to set up Larry Taylor, the known snitch who wasn't part of the Kilt Gang nor intimately connected with these guys.

Maybe they were already out early robbing the apartment across town and Alonzo (I think he went along) met up with Davey somewhere along the way as others have suggested.

I'm looking forward to Peter's upcoming post but this sure is killing my productivity here at home! He needs to hurry because I have a Christmas tree to decorate! : > )

Anonymous said...

I wonder if PN got that text from the same person who called Kenneth Wagner that something happened to AB the night prior to when she was allegedly shot.

Anonymous said...

It must have been the devil himself who came up and shot Amanda Blackburn. I can't imagine how low you have to be to kill an angel face like that. One baby upstairs, another in her womb and someone is so enraged they punch her in the mouth, scratch marks on the cheeks and shoots her THREE times. That is one ugly crime in it's own right, add everything else in and it becomes your worse nightmare. It is so personal, so hateful, so violent that it's hard to imagine Davey Blackburn is not involved.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:09

I have the same thoughts/fears, that they are possibly not looking into DB's culpability for some reason.

I would love to know what, if anything, DB said to investigators when/if they questioned him.


rosy said...

Reposting here from another page.

Anonymous rosy said...
December 2, 2015 at 2:12 PM


you nailed it. Looking forward, with dread.

BTW: "he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful."

This was picked up following Amanda's Celebration of Life by the interviewer for local TV channel 13. She chuckled with Davey over "the dimples" (in relation to Weston or the unborn child).

In real life, Amanda was the one with dimples. Davey has smile creases. In photos I mentioned to you, Amanda's dimples are visible, Davey's are not.

mom2many said...

I have considered a similar scenario. What trips me up is the length of time that the burglars phones can be traced in the area. There is very little missing from the home despite the length of their presence there.

I have mentioned before, the one thing I anticipated being reported missing from the home was Davey's laptop. I suspected it would be, given that what was taken from the neighbor home included a laptop. Indeed, the Blackburns are missing a laptop. I'm not clear if it was recovered. I believe it was not.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ word. (Anon 2:18)

And TKC, not crazy at all.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't/hasn't the IMPD released the Davey Blackburn 911 call?

Anonymous said...

The laptop won't be discovered because it would incriminate Davey.

Anonymous said...

From DB Facebook;

Davey Blackburn
Yesterday at 7:50am

For those who knew Amanda well, you know she's sun-tanning on the shores of Heaven sipping her virgin pina colada . . . Loving paradise!

Rebecca said...

The "funeral sermon" is bizarrely unlike any I've ever heard. What I would expect from a more normal pastor:

- brief anecdote about first meeting with Amanda, minus all the blathering on about Perry & Davey
- admission that he didn't know Ananda as well as he knows Davey, and explanation why
- "when I think of Amanda, I'm reminded of..." Followed by personal reflection and anecdotes. If he never interacted with her or observed anything worth retelling, then, "I'm reminded of something I was told about Amanda..."
- interesting info learned from others about Amanda, like the furniture restoring, but also other things that help people remember what sort of person she was: "Her mother told me this wonderful story about when Amanda first accepted Christ..."
- things like, "Amanda was a woman of prayer and kept a prayer journal", "Amanda was so excited about this pregnancy and looked forward to Weston having a younger sibling because..."
- "We know where Amanda is today because..."
- "What Amanda would want all of you to remember is..."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:17

I know!...

And how does one go from being shot/injured to being dead.

There is the possibility of miscommunication, but in a church setting, when someone is sick or hurt or in an accident, usually the information is passed along to pray for their recovery, not usually mistaken for them being dead.

Unless of course, DB expected her to be dead.

mom2many said...

Also bringing forward the BabyWise discussion from the "Reasons why Davey was not involved" post. I believe it was Mdkd6262 that found the pic with Davey and the BabyWise book.

mom2many said...

About BabyWise and sleep training:
The sleep schedule quoted by Davey first clued me in that they were familiar with the BabyWise/Ezzo methodology. Here are two links that are favorable to the BabyWise methods: and Notice the immediate conflict on when this training is to begin? The method has been edited so many times because of the significant health consequences that were tied to the early versions. The Christian course, Growing Kids God's Way, instructed the parents (when I took it) to disassociate with other parents using other parenting methods, as if the 'clingy', 'needy' kids they projected result from other philosophies will infect your children like a virus. Later on, as the children grow, this isolation is necessary because the parents are not to introduce any reference or talk about sex until the night before the wedding. But, back to the training articles linked, you will notice that there is quite a bit of hedging and appealing to other methods to temper the BabyWise recommendations. Given my experience with the materials, I think this is the articles' authors modifications to BabyWise, not true to the intentions of the Ezzos. The entire purpose of the training in BabyWise is to enforce parental control in all things--hunger, sleep, with whom to associate, choice of daily outfit, etc.--and to break the will of the child.
December 2, 2015 at 10:31 AM

mom2many said...

I forgot to mention the most damning thing about the Ezzos and their methods: the fractured relationships between the Ezzos and their adult children, the Ezzos control tactics and character flaws, and the two churches he was associated with that declared Ezzo unfit for public ministry:,

A said...

Christian Post does not believe Davey is innocent. If you look through many of their stories on this case have thinly veiled sarcasm. In this one, they include his insulting tweet and this "And in an apparent exemplary show of his Christian heritage"

Note: apparent exemplary show.

Concerned said...

Anon at 2:18
And we can't forget who "preached" his fantasy about punching a girl in the teeth and 2 days before the crime enacted shooting away his "worries". He also "preaches" on video about a rape (not actually mentioned in the Bible story) befalling a wife who denied sex to her husband. The list goes on!
If someone (Andrew, where are you?) can come up with another person whose behavior predicted this act against Amanda, I will entertain more possibilities of DB's innocence.
I'm glad I won't be in the jury pool.

Anonymous said...

I think laptops have very little value in a theft. They are cheap and only last 3 years these days. The only value for a lap top to be taken is so that LE can't go through the hard drive.

Dano said...

Why is he more focused upon Davey during this memorial of Amanda?

Yes, it is astounding that Amanda's memorial became all about Davey. Everything is always all about Davey, isn't it.

Even God is so smitten with Davey that He granted his unspoken wish to free him of this ball and chain that Amanda and their unborn baby were*. The man's beauty and charisma are just so irresistible.

OK, low blow, that; but the coincidences of this case continue to look suspicious.

Sus said...

Was anything from any of the burglaries that morning recovered? Besides the pink sweater left in the stolen car. I can't find that info anywhere.

John Mc Gowan said...

Davey Blackburn
1 hr · Twitter ·

I'm beginning to understand on a whole new level what Paul meant by "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

Is he leaking marbles?

mom2many said...

I have five sons. I would be horrified, HORRIFIED, if any of them even fantasized about hitting a woman, not to mention so hard as to knock her teeth out, not to mention relayed their fantasy publicly! Such a son would be told off quite harshly in public, as his statements had been. Where is Davey's mother? I view my role as mother to instill breeding and refinement in my sons. Also, they have sisters with which to practice gentlemanly behavior.

Lemon said...

"Most men do not call other men "beautiful", nor do they reference "dimples" in a man.

When listeners/readers are confronted with such language, they should not be condemned for the obvious. " - PH


Anonymous said...

I still can't get over the fact that the celebration of Amanda's life (which still hasn't happened) has been reduced to the selling of tee shirts. ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE???

Mdkd6262 said...

For clarification.... what I refered to was his creepy interview where he was asked to tell about Weston and he declared that he was great and what made him great was that he "sleeps" then added specifically that he sleeps 12 hrs every nite & two 1-1/2 to 2 hr naps per day. Thats ALOT of sleep for a 15 mo old plus my radar when off about how controlling he seemed about it hen he goes on to talk about Weston knows ehen hes being bad and pushes the envelope... this is he one chance on natl TV to say great things about your beautiful son and thats ehat u highlight!!!!???? After that I was thinking maybe he was trying to enforce the BabyWise method in an attempt to control Weston

Rachael said...


It stuck out to me as odd during the introduction that no reference was made to Amandas family, only Daveys. Why would that be? How could her family fall by the wayside?

Oh, my bad. This has NOTHING to do with Amanda, this is the Davey show.

I'm so sad for her. It's bad enough that her memorial was available for live stream, when by all accounts she was a private woman. But to then use that time to talk about how 'wrong' and 'beautiful' her husband is? Excuse me while I puke.

mom2many said...

Someone else must have posted about finding the picture. I remember the comment WAS posted, because I remember I asked for a link to it if it could be found again.. I'll try to find the reference.

rosy said...


you did not address the chronological discrepancy in the mentor's assertion that he heard about Amanda's injury on Tuesday morning, and when he came out of a meeting an hour later heard she was dead.

The mentor's dating of this sequence is emphatic, with three mentions of Tuesday:

"And Tuesday, this Tuesday, this past Tuesday, I got a text. And it said pray for, pray for Amanda and pray for Davey, because Davey just found Amanda on the floor and she’s got a head wound." On the same Tuesday morning:

"And I went into a meeting and I stepped out an hour later and somebody said something about a gunshot and I said no no no no no this isn’t a gunshot, this is um, she probably fell in the kitchen, and they had to kind of take me to the side and sit me down and say no no, no no no no no, it’s a, it’s a home invasion, and Amanda has been killed."

On Tuesday, he could not have heard that Amanda had "been killed."

All reports said Amanda was shot on Tuesday Nov 10, taken off life support on Wednesday, and pronounced dead by the coroner's office on Thursday.

The earliest anyone said Amanda had been killed was on the Wednesday. People prayed for her all day Tuesday.

Until between 9 and 10 am on Wednesday Nov 12, friends of the family continued posting on FB, "PLEASE keep praying for Amanda ...."

Did the mentor not any of the news until Wednesday?

lynda said...

Tania @ 1:10 pm

Perfectly said! Kudos.

Perry's description of CD (which is way weird and creepy) is not expected during a eulogy for a dead wife.

Perry, to busy fawning all over DAvey's good looks and body did not MENTION ONCE, about what kind of mother amanda was, how she was with Weston, or that she was pregnant when she was murdered

Mdkd6262 said...

@mom2many (2:42)

Would love to see that picture!!!

Concerned said...

Joh at 2:32
Bowling-ball-sized marbles!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we ain't seen all Davey's dimples but someone else has?

Shut my mouth!!

Lemon said...

SLH @ 1:26:
From PH archives (use the 'Search' feature on the blog:

I.  Body Posture.

I start with body posture because it is the simplest to understand. Remember, it is not what happened as much as it is:  what is important enough to the subject to mention it; this includes sitting, standing, and laying down.  Does it really matter whether someone says "I sat down to read a book" or "I read a book"?  

Watch the difference in 3 different sentences all giving what seems to be the same message:  

"My boss said that I should be at work at 8AM" is plain.  Now look at it again:

"My boss told me that I should be at work at 8AM" is a difference that must reflect a difference in reality. 

The highlighted words are "said" and "told" which subsequent interviews will reveal:

a.  "said" is often softer, and represents a two way conversation.

b.  "told" is often stronger, and represents one way conversation. 

It is safe to believe that the 2nd sentence represented a more authoritative moment to the subject.

Now move to the next level:  the same statement with body posture:

c.  "My boss stood and told me that I should be at work at 8AM"

1.  This statement, due to inclusion of body posture, is likely coming from memory and a truthful statement.  The subject appears to be 're-living' the event. 

2.  This statement likely had an increase of tension or stress in the subject. 

Remember when someone speaks the truth, they are "re-living" what happened and a truthful person works from not only memory, but experiential memory, which has an association with emotions (which are not included).  By using analysis, you can now enter into what the person (subject) speaking has experienced.  This is a small and simple sample.  

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Amanda was brain dead before she was pronounced "dead" on Wednesday. I presume DB had been told this very early on at the hospital Tuesday, thus the reference by PN to being told she had been killed. Remember, DB was calling her dead before it was pronounced by the Dr.

"Suffered a head wound...and killed"...Such a nice way to say she was shot and murdered.

Sus said...

I don't believe for one minute those tvs were hauled out in the stolen Sebring. That would mean Watson and Gordan traveled around town and went to two ATMs with stolen goods in the back of their car. On tape! Sure.

Someone else came in to pick up the loot. As they did at the first burglary. LE mentioned the dark SUV entering the cul-de-sac at 6:00 and leaving one minute later. They told this at the first press conference. Phone calls are made through out the morning to one number from Gordan's phone. It has to be the pick up SUV. Then Alonzo Bull admits Gordan called him and he told them to go back for Taylor because he's family. Well, well, well...and where is that number? One of those five. Has to be.

The question then, is why is Alonzo Bull not arrested right now? Why is the dark colored SUV mentioned at the press conference not mentioned in the probable cause document?
Are they letting Bull hang himself? See who he associates with? I sure hope so. I don't think Bull is DB's contact. That's to close. My guess is at least one more degree, if not two, between Bull and DB.

All a guess, but DB's original contact has to be someone who is sold on his spiel. That their church needs to grow. For the betterment of Indy. And Amanda was the sacrifice. Or DB convinced the contact that Amanda was a whore having an affair, and the baby wasn't his. That's a typical narcissist ploy. He would have worked on that one awile.

mom2many said...

It was Anon/Canada @2:56 on who posted about Davey holding BabyWise.

Concerned said...

I need to go back and read the PC affidavit about Davey's missing MAC.
I don't remember reading that it and the bag with books were recovered.

Some of you have spoken of Davey having some time before he went to the gym.
Maybe he took the MAC with him and pitched it in a dumpster.
Wow, someone may have found it and they have no idea it's evidence.
Of course, he could say the robbers dumped it but why would they steal it and then throw it away?

Sus said...


Anonymous said...


I have to say that this analysis is enlightening about certain things, but it does feel like it's stretching too far towards a pre-conceived conclusion.

First, I think something is wrong with davey and I thought that from the first time I saw the videos.

But, is he is crazy in a way that is similar to a Jim Carey or a Chris Farley, John Belushi or a Robin Williams. All of those guys I might describe in the same way when first meeting them. They seem hyperactive to a certain extent. Any of those guys paired with a quiet personality might be seen as a form of balancing. Not saying that is factual, but I think it's rather common for people to speak this way about BIG personalities.

If someone says Jim Carey is crazy. Do you take that as being literal ? I hear people say their friends are Cray Cray all the time and they are often saying it in an endearing way. They might also say it in a very literal sense, but wouldn't you agree that you have to look deeper to the intentions ?

So I get the concept of what you are saying, but mental illness is a bit different than a BIG personality. You have attempted to connect mental illness to davey in a way I think is a bit of a stretch. Not that I would say that isn't possible, but as I said the same assessment could be made about many comedians and people with BIG personalities.

Another aspect I think you read to much into is the "if you're a man" part. It's common for both men and women to be jealous of people who are attractive and have BIG personalities. Go watch Louis C.K. on Jimmy Fallon and Howard Stern talk about how he didn't give Jimmy Fallon a job because he was very aware of how good looking the guy was and funny etc. He was jealous. To suggest that people cannot recognize how attractive a person of the same gender is and be straight is kind of a goofy stretch.

I think to some degree you are placing too much emphasis on the way things are worded. Comedians often do this kind of thing for comedic effect. Not saying Davey or Perry are comedians, but when I hear them speak, I get the feeling they think they are. Not at all uncommon for even real comedians to be misunderstood sometimes because someone takes what they say too literally or miss the intentions of the words.

So the question is would you find it reliable to do a statement analysis of this sort if we were talking about a comedian's words or someone who was making a joke that INTENDS to use words in this manner?

Overall I think in general most religions are oppressive to women and seem to celebrate them just following orders and being in the background. So this analysis could likely be done with 90% of pastors and their wives, imo.

Still believe Davey could be involved in all this, but I also still see you being reckless and maybe placing too much faith in some aspects of your analysis and possibly not accounting for other reasons people choose to use words.

Perry is as big of a crazy as Davey imo. So not trying to defend either of these clowns. But I do think the analysis itself is flawed if you aren't factoring in intentions outside your seemingly narrow scope.

What I do think you are spot on about is that Perry is distancing himself from Davey to some degree, just in case. But just like everyone else he probably does indeed get that gut feeling.

So, very possibly a spot on analysis, but I question if it's right to evaluate some words too literally when someone might be doing that for comedic effect.

I don't know if Davey is guilty or not, but this is another analysis that has me leary of people placing too much weight on what I see as a tool. It's reckless imo.

Sus said...

I need to clean my house. I need to decorate for Christmas. I need to bake and shop. I spent yesterday at lunch with a friend discussing this case.

For those of you new to narcissists...this is what they do. Suck you in. Everything is on DB. I can't stop focusing on him, even from afar.

Let me out. I want to bake cookies. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sus said:

"Then Alonzo Bull admits Gordan called him and he told them to go back for Taylor because he's family. Well, well, well...and where is that number? One of those five. Has to be.

The question then, is why is Alonzo Bull not arrested right now? Why is the dark colored SUV mentioned at the press conference not mentioned in the probable cause document?"


We don't know about life insurance policies, but I do have one question about a "hit" situation....would DB have had the money to pay for such a thing? Not knowing what the going rate is on a hit these days, I assume it is in the several thousands or more??

Barbara said...

CJ: The dog not barking is really troublesome to me. The baby may just be a placid, well-behaved child. It's possible he drugged the dog and/or (less likely) the baby.

The dog not barking reminds me of that Sherlock Holmes story, I forget which one, where "the dog not barking in the night" was a crucial clue.

Anonymous said...

I can't find it now, but even in the original - from Nov 14 or so - social media posts about Amanda's life celebration they couldn't even use a picture of JUST HER. Guess who else was in the picture? IT'S THE DAVEY SHOW PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

@redwing - The dog not barking for sure. Also, I don't understand the neighbor who hears two gunshots and a woman screaming but does not call 911? Or even the 911 non emergency number just to come and do a check on the street of anything out of the ordinary? People call that number in my neighborhood all the time, for way less nefarious reasons.

Anonymous said...

All of those big personalities you mentioned seem to have had some mental illness.
Didn't John b and Chris F die from their addictions and Robin w killed himself and Jim C has spoke of his depression?

Doesn't do much to support your point.

trustmeigetit said...

Another odd post...

Davey Blackburn
2 hrs · Twitter ·
I'm beginning to understand on a whole new level what Paul meant by "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

Anonymous said...

Did Davey have help from any of his neighbors? The local press certainly did enough stories on the Blackburn neighbors. Just can't imagine those homes being that close to one another and nobody calls the cops after hearing three shots and a scream, as was stated above.

trustmeigetit said...

I've watched cases where the hit is paid after the life insurance check is cashed.

trustmeigetit said...

Wish we knew about the dog.

Depends tho...I know some dogs are timid and may run.

But the photo I saw of the dog seems unlikely the type.

Their dog looks similiar to mine and my dog would have caused a lot of harm to someone. My dog is particularly protective to me (I'm a woman) and has growled at strangers just for speaking to me.

Also, unless the dog was locked away from her, I would also expect him to be covers in blood. Again all dogs are different but if any of us sit on the floor our dog is all over us. I would expect at least bloody paw prints all over.

And where is that 911 call already...

I feel like they are not looking at Davey at all.

Anonymous said...

Best is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

I, too, feel like LE are not looking at DB at all.

trustmeigetit said...


I would have called.

And it almost makes you think Davey also expected neighbors to make that call to police... Got home and sat in the car not sure if cops had been called already. A stretch but did cross my mind

Concerned said...

Anon at 3:19
Maybe it's important to keep those closest to the link with Davey out of jail and not lawyered up.

I'm convinced that's why they've let Davey think they aren't just slightly sure he's not involved but...
100% not involved. (Flag that 100% as sensitive!) As someone here said, what does 80% involved look like?
They might as well have said he's very, very, very not guilty. Means nothing except, wait and see.

If Davey and Alonzo shut their mouths, the flow of info could stop. I don't know about Alonzo but Davey sure can't shut down his babbling and the marbles keep leaking. However, Donae Mitchell is having a not-very-good day on Facebook.

Skittles said...

Anon 3:11... I tend to agree with much of what you said. Specifically, that SA doesn't always seem to account for times when the speaker is trying to be "funny" or make some exaggerated point as a public speaker. In this particular case of DB/PN, both men are serious public speakers. By serious, I mean, it's a main part of their schtick. It's their profession. They gain audiences not only by the content of their message, but by their "gifts" in public speaking. It's a huge part of their personalities, and has always seemed to me to be part of the reason DB just can't seem to shake this public charismatic persona even after Amanda's tragic death. Hinky meter is still off the charts for me, but at least to some degree I would expect DB to be a bit "on" all the time. (although he is far TOO "on" IMO, so I've not excused it fully by any means)

With these "entertainers" of sorts, a lot of their public speaking is done to do exactly that- entertain. So there is humor, self-deprication, shocking unexpected twists, etc. in their storytelling so that they capture attention and get their ultimate point across. I think SA can be tricky to use at all conclusively when one is dealing with someone in such a role as entertainer. So, while I greatly appreciate this blog and the concept of SA and all of Peter's great work on this case, I do think some of it is failing to take into consideration some specifics of context of the subject.

For example, Peter says,

"Here is the scenario:

"I thought she hit her head...." is qualified or modified with:
"maybe" which weakens it, but the preamble is key:

"As for me"
"in my world"
"I just gonna..."

Which builds us enough weakness to conclude:

The subject is seeking to suppress his doubts that "crazy" did what he has long worried about: something unthinkable."

I think the subject here is just doing his storytelling as a dramatic public speaker. Trying to be entertaining, trying to create drama for the sake of capturing the audience's attention, etc. I think he specifically here is trying to lay out a mental image of himself and how he's just kind of sitting around in a non-violent world thinking it's always like his personal everyday cushioned experiences and would never in a million years have thought Amanda would have been SHOT. I think he is merely drawing a contrast to show how shocked/stunned he was that violence of that nature could actually affect someone close to HIM- and in doing so was trying to relate to the audience to show them that he can understand how they'd be feeling the same thing as well. I do not conclude PN is seeking to suppress his doubts about DB's involvement.

Anonymous said...

The role of social media in all of this is fascinating.
It's front row seating to a Dateline Investigates that won't be aired for another year or so.

GeekRad said...

I thought the CI is Alonzo Bull's wife and that she is protecting Alonzo. CJ, I had the same thought, why has Alonzo not been arrested as an accessory to the crime so he may be the CI.

Anonymous said...

Someone described CD and PN as "boy-men" and I would say this is pretty accurate. Both of them just strike me as "gollee look at me, I got me a church to pastor!"

CD needs to go by David, not Davey. The moniker "Davey" only serves to underscore the immature and sacrilegious way he "pastors" his "church". It makes a joke out of Christianity, sacred scripture, discipleship and the central Christian theme of putting others before yourself.

He's cut from the same cloth as boy-man PN, but not as slick or as gifted in the marketing and promotion side. These boys spend so much time on Twitter drawing attention to themselves that I honestly do not know where they find the time to adequately prepare their Sunday sermons.

The Pajama Pages blog provides fascinating insight into the PN empire (calling it a church denigrates the word church too much), which I am sure Davey boy was trying to emulate. People like that are turning worship into a business, and when that happens, bad things arise. Which is where we find ourselves today in discussing this murder.

What Davey will realize someday, probably far off, is how much Amanda did for him and provided the support foundation for any "success" he might have experienced. His personality and antics are bizarre, childish, superficial, etc., and without her rock solid support and grounding, he will flame out very fast.

Start going by "David", quit dressing like an over grown skater dude (same goes for PN), get off of Twitter, quit butchering scripture to serve your superficial purposes, and learn humility. And Pray. Pray alot.

Anonymous said...

Does PNs attention to Crazy D's attractiveness necessarily mean PN is attracted sexually to Crazy D, or is it a testament to the value PN has placed on being sexually attractive.
He is willing to give that to Crazy D., I've seen pics, Crazy D wins in looks vs his mentor. But instead of being sexually attracted to Crazy D, maybe Pastor N is giving Crazy D want he knows he wants, to be told how attractive he is.
Bet there's tons of stuff Crazy has on his mentor, and you don't want to get Crazy mad. He's not right.

Concerned said...

anon at 3:46
When I look at the hyped-up comedians, it seems they were much more likely to kill themselves than to kill their wives and it seems they had to take increasing amounts of street drugs to maintain their edge.
Depression seems to be their common denominator which has a huge component of hopelessness and helplessness. Davey seems to be the antithesis of that.
Many comedians will tell you they found that making people laugh in school was their route to acceptance which they lacked in any other way. Davey seems to have many of the characteristics they lacked.
Just my thoughts after reading lots of biographies for what that's worth!

Anonymous said...

Fifty bucks says Perry is anon @ 3:11


Huff said...

Anonyous wrote

May God have mercy on your soul when you stand before him and are judged for your murderous slander of an innocent man. on Kenneth Wagnor Statement Analysis

What is murderous slander? Peter, does this mean that the person knows something?

rosy said...

Re hit men -- according to one or more confidential informants, the gunman was Larry Taylor, aged 18.

Am I right in recalling that Larry Taylor has not confessed to the crime (as yet)? Is it true that details so far rely on information no closer than 3rd hand?

One of the gang members told a CI that Larry Taylor wanted to shoot the woman who slept through the first burglary, because he thought they had been seen on surveillance. Yet the woman herself did NOT see them, so why shoot her?

One of the other gang members told the CI that they talked Larry Taylor down from this. That makes them look less violent than Larry Taylor, yet they did not take the gun away from him. Moreover they left him alone with Amanda with the gun.

One of the other gang members told the CI that Larry Taylor told them that after he shot Amanda in the back of the head, he leaned over and watched her bleed.

Do we have any other evidence so far this chilling action?

Larry Taylor has said he was "too messed up" to remember what he did. Empty wine and beer bottles were found left on the floor in the house they invaded immediately prior to walking through Ab and Db"s front door. Empty packaging from Swisher Sweet (used for blunts) were left on the counter in AB and DB's kitchen.

Larry Taylor has 2 crimes in his history from what I see in news reports so far -

1) exposing himself to a woman in a parking lot while driving round in a car

2) taking part in a non-violent burglary. A young man was in the apartment, home sick from school. Hearing the break in, he hid, then steeped out. The burglars put everything back, tried to wipe off their fingerprints, and left.

SMH over this as the rap sheet of na alleged stone cold killer.

Concerned said...

Anonymous at 4:00,
I would add that these guys, including the mentor should stop with the vulgarity and euphemisms if they want to be taken seriously as ministers.
They love to say "flippin'" so they can almost say the F-word but not quite. (Yes, You, Kenneth Wagner.)

Just go through their words and see how often they love to shock the audience with inappropriate words.

mom2many said...

I found the BabyWise pic Canada was alluding to on Davey's Twitter. Here is the link: If that doesn't work, it was posted Mar 27.

Concerned said...

Skittles at 3:46
Please read more of the principles of Statement Analysis and you'll find that people, in spite of their goals and in spite of their audience, leak what their brains are thinking. They choose words from their internal bank because they are the ones that rise to the top. No question that these men perform and try to entertain for a living but the truth leaks through.

And when they repeat these words more than once they are highlighted as sensitive.
I have a lot to learn but this much is now clear to me.
Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...


Every single one of those "bros" is a's depressing that people are looking at them to improve themselves/know Jesus.

GeekRad said...

Rosy, according to the affidavit Taylor only admitted to possibly riding in the Sebring and possibly stopped at the sunnyside address because he was so messed up he could not remember. He later said he never exited the car until he made it to Chees's address. The CI is the one who said Taylor told the group he killed Amanda. He has plead not guilty so has not admitted it to LE.

Anonymous said...

Could Chees be Treezy? The one who was mutual friends with DB and Alonzo Bull on Facebook?


Concerned said...

Anon at 4:21
It's downright heartbreaking.

I expect the man-children to really get hyped up now that the Mentor is in the hot seat of Statement Analysis.

Huff Post said...

the news wont ask the witnesses if the men were yelling allahuh akbar or if they appeared middle eastern.

shooters on the run.

rosy said...

mom2many said...
I found the BabyWise pic Canada was alluding to on Davey's Twitter. Here is the link: If that doesn't work, it was posted Mar 27.

December 2, 2015 at 4:18 PM

Whoah! I apologize to Canada and withdraw my comment to the effect that perhaps Amanda was into the book more than Davey. Without checking, I mistook the photo reference, taking it to refer to one of a coffee cup with books in the background. This is an upfront unmistakable recommend direct from Davey.

I would still allow the possibility that Amanda approved of this too.

Add to this shepherding. Davey speaks constantly of "shepherding" Weston. Sounds so sweet. Check out Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp. Including Chapter 11, "Embracing Biblical Methods: the Rod."

Poor child.

Anonymous said...

No worries. He posted a pic of "Becoming Babywise Book Two"

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Mar 27

I will swear by these books!
0 retweets 1 like


momofmany said...

TKC at 2:00 PM -

I agree with your scenario!

BallBounces said...

CJ said...
Ball Bounces, It is the difference between what one professes about oneself — "I am not well-read" is an attempt at humility — and what one says about another. Saying "you are not well-read" in any context would be considered extremely rude, even if factually correct. The only way that I see this would work out to be complimentary to Amanda is if Davey was quoting a tweet or journal entry from Amanda where she had penned the lyrics to this song in reference to herself.

* * *

CJ -- I agree completely with what you said. In fact, it's uncomplimentary no matter how you slice it, and at the very least it shows huge insensitivity on DB's part not to recognize this and exclude it from the quoted lyric.

rosy said...

GeekRad said...
Rosy, according to the affidavit Taylor only admitted to possibly riding in the Sebring and possibly stopped at the sunnyside address because he was so messed up he could not remember. He later said he never exited the car until he made it to Chees's address. The CI is the one who said Taylor told the group he killed Amanda. He has plead not guilty so has not admitted it to LE.
December 2, 2015 at 4:21 PM
Right. That dawned on me with eztra force after seeing this news report.

"The man accused of killing Amanda Blackburn has had at least two run-ins with the law in the past 14 months: once for indecent exposure; and once for burglary.

In September 2014, Larry Taylor, Jr., and two other men broke into a unit at the Cloverleaf Apartments on the west side of Indianapolis. Unbeknownst to Taylor and his associates, a teen had stayed home sick from school that day and was inside the apartment at the time. The teen . . . says he heard a commotion at the doorway and hid in his closet.... He says Taylor and the others were excitedly picking through his room for things to steal when he exited the closet, catching them off-guard.

"They came into my room. They saw my stuff I had. They were talking about it – they were so excited to take it," he said.

When they saw him, the teen says the men began "wiping their fingerprints off" things, and said they wouldn't steal anything."

mom2many said...

Rosy, I don't know what Amanda's view was. I did see a pic posted on Davey's twitter just before or just after the book pic with Amanda wearing Weston in a structured baby carrier. Here is a quote from BabyWise: "Mothers who are constantly attentive by way of baby slings, shared sleep, and demand feeding, all in hopes of fostering security, too often accomplish the opposite" (p. 46).

Anonymous said...

Canada here...

I remain creeped out by the use of the word "stud" by DB to describe Weston and MS male students. Also, his father/son "dates."

Am I reading too much into this? Is he "merely" complaining about watching his own child?

(with pics of Weston)

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Mar 6

Here's my date for tonight #dadlife

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Sep 5

Daddy/Son date this morning! These are quickly going to become my favorite thing!

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Jun 30

Just received this from @amandagrace . . . Teaching him early!! What a stud!
0 retweets 1 like

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 27 Sep 2014

Wanna know the definition of STUD?

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that " man and his name is Jesus", and variants thereof, are clicheed conclusions to paragraphical expression that have become crystallized in American Evangelical speech habits. A Google search of such phrases leads me to believe so.

But he comes oh-so-close to saying, " man and his name is Davey".

Also, as a northerner living in the south (USA), I have noticed people repeating another cliche, "that boy just ain't right" (with variations), and it seems to me the use of the word "that" in this particular context may similarly be an expression that has crystallized. Does that still count as distancing language?

Even so, Perry later juxtaposes "there was something just not quite right about him" against "I don’t know what this is", suddenly switching to "this" even though Davey is "that" boy. I think Perry knows exactly what was "not quite right" about Davey. I think Perry knows Davey is a narcissist just like himself.

Just as a side note, I had a little dark fun comparing the relationship between Perry and Davey with the relationship between the Dragon and the Beast of Revelation 13, as reflected in Perry's language that ranges from condescension to adulation.

Perry's address also reminded me of the countless tedious Best Man's speeches delivered at wedding receptions these days., what with the uncomplimentary content, cheap praise (so cheap it can sound ironic), and the occasional homoerotic overtone. DAE?

Anonymous said...


Mdkd6262 said...

@Mom2Many at 4:18

I knew in my gut that DB was referring to the discipline regimen in that interview - the words he chose were creepy... that was my greatest fear for Weston. The picture of the book and the enthusiastic endorsement of it by DB makes me nauseated and sad.

IMO: DB is a control freak and terrorized Amanda and Weston behind closed doors... Amanda took it for years putting up the good fight to be a holy wife and she may have bought into the BabyWise concept on the surface & at the beginning but DB's strict demand for it's merciless enforcement is where her maternal instincts were kicking in and she began to oppose Crazey Davey defending Weston and his anger and rage became unbearable.

The pics of Weston seeming to continually plead with his mom for protection from this monster haunts me.... there's a video also where they are playing with him trying to get him to turn over for the first time and DB is talking to him and Weston completely ignores him and keeps going toward his mom.

Babies are drawn to the voice of a loving father... DB was not a loving father. In that interview he clearly shakes his head "no" when he's saying yes he loves Weston.

For Weston's sake, I implore LE to investigate this psychopath and bring the truth to light....

Carnival Barker said...

Amanda was shot from behind on the stairs. That tells me that instead of heading out the door she was going for her son and knew full well that if she did make it up the stairs she would be trapped with no way out. And she did it anyway.

And then to hear that Kenneth Wagner calls Davey a "hero" when that poor defenseless woman did the most selfless and heroic thing a mother can do is just another reason these people make me sick.

Why aren't her friends and family acknowledging this woman at all????

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm down the rabbit hole of New Spring over at Pajama Pages.

Holy Rage at the Spring, a post describing how New Spring members harassed a blogger who was critical of Noble and other similar church leaders.
Twitter exchanges were quoted that detailed some of the harassment.

This struck me as odd,

"Maxwell: @garylamb wanna schedule another gang land beating? I have someone in mind and I need a redneck that doesnt care to come along."
This is from 2009 I think.

Was it a common practice for some 'church leaders' to set up 'gang land beatings'
And the 'Red neck that doesn't care' reminds me of LT.

Did Crazy D get the idea from his previous church leaders way of dealing with things?

I know, it's very conspiracy theory, but it struck me as odd.
At the very least, the Churchs method of harassment is pretty telling of the values New Spring was promoting. Is 2013 when The Blackburn's moved?

Not a Robot said...

I apparently have too much free time today - I put the text of Noble's "eulogy" into a text analyzer. Davey is said 21 times...Amanda only 14. Beautiful gets the next top spot at 12 times, and church makes an appearance at 8. I cut and pasted only the top 50 here to save space.

The site I used is .

1. and 120 8.4806
2. i 54 3.8163
3. to 49 3.4629
4. the 35 2.4735
5. a 29 2.0495
6. we 28 1.9788
7. was 27 1.9081
8. um 25 1.7668
9. davey 21 1.4841
10. they 21 1.4841
11. that 17 1.2014
12. you 17 1.2014
13. he 16 1.1307
14. of 15 1.0601
15. in 15 1.0601
16. like 15 1.0601
17. this 14 0.9894
18. amanda 14 0.9894
19. no 12 0.8481
20. beautiful 12

Carnival Barker said...

The dog plays a HUGE role in my mind. Davey gets up to go to the gym. What's the first thing you do when you get up? You let the dog out. So I guess we are to believe that he let the dog out and then locked him back up? Fine. So if the dog is locked up during the attack when Davey called 911 he then decides that's the perfect time to let the dog back out just in time to be in the way of all of the EMS people coming in and out of the house? It makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lemon:

I read your info about statements and posture, but there are so many posts...I do understand it better now.

Often I find something is off with a statement, but I don't really know why, and couldn't articulate it. SA is very useful I think.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:00
"Conspiracy" is entirely appropriate.
When we're looking at guilt in the present, we have to look at past behavior, right?
What the Mentor's "church" did to that professor's family is scary.

It makes you wonder where Maxwell is and what he's doing now, doesn't it/

trustmeigetit said...

My best friends dad had a "celebration of life" when he passed.

At no time did anyone talk about his wife, how they met etc. they shared stories and photos of him. Yes several had family members, wife, kids, grandkids but it was about him.

These people are so beyond weird. I first skimmed this and didn't realize where he spoke. I was thinking it was just a church event.

He spoke nothing about the kind of person Amanda was.

This is awful.

KD said...

Agree about the dog, Carnival.

Re: the New Springs supported harrassment = in line with man-child behavior....

I simply cannot understand how DB's closest friends seem to have moved on with their lives, not a step out of pace.... If my best friend's spouse had been violently murdered nary 3 weeks ago I could not imagine posting inane shit on my social media feeds like how awesome Krispy Kreme donuts are or how you have to try this lunch spot. Or can't wait to go hunting! Or GO Clemson! Or all of the other things his so-called BFFs are spending their time pontificating about in their SM. At the very least, I would remain silent on social media for a good period of time to show RESPECT for the HORROR this woman went through and that her family is now going through.

It's abhorrent.

Confused said...

Peter, Excellent analysis and I commend you for also not shying away from bringing to light some factors in the case which may not be "politically correct" to talk about.

To answer the question you posed, I think the "crazy" that the mentor had picked up on was his gut telling him that DB is a dangerous psychopath. I commend you for breaking down with SA the process by which he struggled to convince himself that Amanda's "wound" was from an "accident" and not from the "crazy" within Davey.

I think Davey's demeanor/manner of speaking, even the look in his eye (which is very can see this in the photo where Davey is pictured next to the mugshots of the 2 who were arrested and how much crazier his eyes look than even theirs) resembles that of Ted Bundy. What alarms me about this is that Ted Bundy had a voracious appetite for destruction, and using statement analysis, it is alarming to hear Davey say to the congregation that he had pictured the congregation as a "valley of dry bones"...unfortunately, this may tell us that his thoughts are quite murderous. Another unfortunate thing which may be worth mentioning is that Ted Bundy was a necrophiliac. I found Davey's description of the "valley of dry bones" coming alive and his graphic description of muscle tissue etc reattaching to the dry bones to possibly reveal the thought process of someone who may have killed before (possibly animals) and revisted the burial site. Regardless, this is someone who is fixated on disturbing things and whose narcissism is such that he feels comfortable revealing these thoughts under the guise of scripture.
Stay on him, Peter. I think he either killed Amanda or had her killed. Something in me tells me he did it though, because I think he may have telegraphed the element of wanting to "punch out the teeth" of a girl who says something you don't like during the gun sermon. He says those words in the gun sermon and Amanda was punched in the mouth and her tooth was knocked out. What are the odds he just so happened to mention that specific act of violence days before it is done to his own wife?
The fact that those close to him recognized the "crazy" is a factor also with many serial killers. it's actually a myth that everyone thought they were "great guys"...oftentimes they are very charming, but those close to them often sense the "crazy" quite strongly while others only sense the charm.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:00--yes that Pj Pages blog is fascinating. Great inside look at how these businesses operate. The post on not letting children into the service is interesting to say the least. Can't have the screaming kids messing up the overly produced motivational speech and rock music. They say it's because the service is "adult oriented" where they discuss real problems (addiction, porn, adultery) and don't want to expose the kids to that. Is this praise and worship or group counseling? You can talk about those things in the presence of kids by dressing up the language a bit--adults will get it. If you need to go into graphic detail or inappropriate innuendo (as CD did in his videos), then that should be a Wednesday night adults only session. The tithing article is interesting too. These folks are a complete caricature of Christianity--they've turned it into a business and it's tragic.

Sus said...

I will go back through the probable cause and see why I was so certain Gordan is the CI. I'm not saying he's telling the truth, though.

Gordan is telling the story. For himself. He didn't enter the home at the first burglary. He didn't enter the Blackburn home. He got out of the Sebring when Watson went back for Taylor.

And he's telling it for Alonzo Bull. He's not including Bull in his story except to say Bull was nice enough not to let their family be left there. Wonder if that was a slip on Gordan's part, or if they are stupid enough to think it covers the phone calls. In exchange Bull has his customary fb cover of "free d loc."

They are counting on Taylor taking the fall. Watson may not go along with his charges. And heck, Gordan may be talking more than we know. LE certainly wouldn't tell the public. Which explains why that SUV isn't in the probable cause, yet they know about it.

Cheese is a separate person. What hs did DB sub at? Cheese played football in hs. I've seen a pic with him and Larry Taylor. Cheese has two Facebooks.

Anonymous said...

Good info, Sus. Thx.

In the affadavit it's definitely obvious Gordan is the CI....but, of course, doesn't mean he's telling the truth, like you said.

What on earth does "Free d loc" mean?

JMTO said...

Just my speculations......

Amanda probably could put up with all of Daveys insults and put downs, but she was NOT going to put up with them after she became a mother.
She wasn't about to have him treat Weston the same.

She might have even looked at the Baby Wise book and heard other parishioners talk about it with glee, and thought well maybe....

Everything changed when she became a mother.

Her focus
Her drive
Her love
Her attention

All given to baby Weston.
Not Davey boy anymore.

When he looked out into the crowd when he preached, he found Amanda staring down at tiny Weston instead of paying attention to his sermons.

When he wanted to go and have a romp, or run around Indy chalking everything he found her too tired and wanting to watch some Netflix in some sweats.

She was fine when she could give him her love, attention and adoration, but couldn't handle it when Weston came along and "stole" it all.
Her heart included.

He wanted Weston to be disciplined for blowing raspberries at the dinner table.
"High Chair Incidents"
Smacking the hand of a infant, pinching, and leaving them alone in their crib to cry not having any clue what they did wrong.

Can you imagine how hard that would be to sit through?
I couldn't do it.

I surmise Davey boy wasn't home all the time, so Amanda probably threw the book out the window. Which would then irritate him to no end.

In the end, he saw that she was disobeying him by not following the books orders and putting Davey first and foremost, and knew she would do the same in regards to their second child. He had no control over her after she became a mommy.

She was no longer his bride.

Her heart belonged to Weston and he was jealous.

Anonymous said...

DB subbed in the Washington Township district, which INCLUDES North Central High School which is where Gordon attended. Church is held at Northview Middle School which is included in North Central's campus. He also taught/was baseball coach at Eastwood Middle School also apart of Washington Township Schools. Not sure about where Watson/Taylor attended school.

Anonymous said...

Anon 05:25

"Free D-Loc" is slang for "Release Diano Gordon from Jail"

Concerned said...

What is Cheese's Facebook name or names?
How about Diano Gordon AKA D-Loc?

Concerned said...

JMTO at 5:26
I would bet you're exactly right.
A woman can put up with a lot until that Mother Lion instinct is activated.

Anonymous said...

One of the Davey-defenders posted yesterday that inner city "pastors" are all over the place interacting and trying to save scary people. This was in defense of his Facebook friendship with Treezy Riphellrellandliljay Jones, who is quite the gangbanger. So is Davey not quite so concerned about Treezy's soul today since they're not FB friends any more?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that atupid book babywise is still around. 20 years ago people were trying it in my area: all were selfish parents who said the kids were going to have to fit into their lives and their schedules and not the other way around.

It makes sense a narcissistic dirtbag like DB would do that to his son so that he could sex his wife up all night and forget he had a baby.

I hate him so much I'd spit in his face if I could. (Yes, I probably need to take a break from this for a few days)

Oh, and M..

They are starting up with this #forindy BS again, so I guess anyone in the city who wants to take senior pics or wedding pics, etc, has to deal with "the chalking of seld-aggrandizement" again all over the city. What a bunch of jerks. I can't get over how DB and his dbags lol (DB &DB from now on lol) think they own the city and they just do what they want.

Hopefully the snow will take care of that..

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