Friday, December 4, 2015

Belief-Articulation-Action Part Two: Rape and Religion

   What we believe, we articulate, and what we articulate, we act upon.

Many crimes are solved on words alone; some solved by pronouns alone. 

Even when our actions go against our own belief, our 'compass' points back to the norm of belief.  This is why we listen to the words.

By the time you read this, a 45 year old woman may already be dead, due to religious belief where those who hold to a belief, have stated it, and acted upon it many times already.

The recent shooting produced some bizarre headlines, tweets and comments and satire: 

MSNBC Breaking News:   'The Planned Parenthood Center near by the shooting, is ok.  Repeat, the Planned Parenthood Center near by the shooting, is, at this time, reportedly okay. Stay tuned."

Huffington Post:  'Shooter may be homophobic Christian...'

"Police puzzled over motives of California couple shooting, of whom employees had just held a baby shower for..."

"Witness who saw weapons in the garage of suspect did not report it for fear of being labeled a racist."

We verbalize and then act upon what we believe.  What is in our "hearts", that is, the seat of the intellect and the emotions, is what comes out in our words.  Even when we fail to act upon our belief, we do not 're-set' but use the word "fail" and return to our norm.  This is when you may hear someone express disappointment in their own actions.  They seek to return to the standard of their belief.

We know what one's beliefs are by the very  words and can adequately predict what future actions may come from this.

This is precisely what is behind studies on recidivism.

If someone, for example, believes that life is something that operates outside of their control, their language will reveal this.
If someone else believes that they have much say in determining outcome, this will, too, impact language and action.  "If I work hard, I can get ahead", shows internal control.

This is also why delivering someone a "victim status" is not only counter productive, but dangerous.  If someone sees self as a victim with actions outside of one's own control, anger, frustration and a feeling of impotence could have some very negative, and even dangerous results. It is as if to make one stuck in passivity and preclude them from success.When one is empowered by unjust victim status, the one blamed, as unjust perpetrator, is thus tempted to become angry and to seek others who feel the same.

Us Versus Them is in developmental stage is very impressionable.

France?  They shut down three Mosques. Will this help?

To have a chance against recidivism in crime and parole boards, we listen for the words to tell us that the person took personal responsibility for without such, no change can be effected.

On 9/11, I asked, "Why do Muslims hate us so much?"

I knew a bit from history, and personal contact, but said this when I saw the video of Muslims celebrating.

It was several years later that I had more formal contact, including interviewing, as well as more detailed study into the criminal behavior of one who would kill others in the name of religion.

As I would come to understanding, limiting it to religious motives is a huge mistake.

The ideology is an all encompassing social, political, military and finally religious ideology that is at its core, a "supremacist" belief.

As details emerge from CA shooting, we have a report of one Muslim woman targeted, who had left the mosque attended by the shooter, and another victim was a gay man, also known to the shooter. A messianic Jew argued with the killer, two weeks ago asserting that "Islam is not a religion of peace."  The killer disagreed.  

The basic teachings of Islam come from the Koran, and the life of Mohammad. It is, like many ideologies, taught be precept and by precedent.  An understanding of the psychology behind it is key to not only identifying criminal motive, but in screening, and even prevention.

The mindset of 'external progression' versus 'internal' is a starting point.  This person sees life as going on 'outside of his control' and is noted in victim status.  Victim status quickly spreads and as it does, it is a powerful unifying force.  It "explains away" every failure and every imbalance in life.

The CA shooting bothered some because they were "moderate Muslims" on the exterior; that is, even their fellow employees threw a baby shower for them.  This would appear "normal" to the eye and give consideration that they would feel that the non Muslims were their friends.

As media was silent, the still free internet was saying, "this was a Christmas party.  Ask if it was a Muslim against Christmas..." and when police were busy giving the deliberately vague descriptions, they were broadcasting a Muslim name across the scanner.  It was not hard for the public to find out.

Let's begin with the crime of Rape and its relation to Islam.

Is this a case of belief, articulation and action, or some bizarre coincidence that defies odds?

Sweden is called the Rape Capital of the West and its statistics are here at Gate Stone Institute and they are shocking.  The rapes are of such an epidemic that all politicizing of the statistics still do not cover up that one in every four Swedish woman will be raped.

Sweden has seen a 300% increase in violent crime in the last four decades, but an increase in rape of 1,472%.  It is epidemic.  Almost all the rapists have one thing in common, even though they come from many different nations, different cultures, speak different languages and do not look alike:  they follow Islam.  Sweden is the most dangerous country in the West for women, and rape is so epidemic that it even opened the first rape clinic for men.

 Politicians have sought to change the statistics by making Islamic men born in Sweden to be counted as "Swedes" but it still shows that 5% of the population can commit 95% of the rapes.   When Swedes try to talk about it, they are ostracized, threatened with arrest or fines, and are called "racist", "xenophobic" and "Islamophobic."  The men and women both report, privately, being terrified of the ideology of Islam and what it has done to their once safe country.

Their politicians have removed guns and fences from the people, while themselves being protected by guns and living in gated communities.

Why rape?

It is difficult for most men to understand rape.  In more than 2 decades of interviewing men, the most common response from men that I found was profound puzzlement:  most all  said that under the scope of a violent scenario, they would not be sexually aroused.  As one once put it, "how can a man be aroused hiding behind a bush with a rock in his hand about to bash in a women's head?"

I have written extensively about rape  and language but will add here:  Although suffering can be mitigated, it is generally a life sentence of pain for the victim, and for everyone that loves the victim.  The suffering ranges form hyper vigilance, to suppressed immune system and the myriad of illnesses the body is incapable of fighting off, to never feeling safe again, to substance abuse, broken relationships, to...
and on it goes.  It is an assault of the deepest, invasive manner a woman can experience.

Islamic Rape

The life of Mohammad was one of violence, sexual violence, and hatred.  He invented a religion that not only was based upon sexual violence, but even its "eternal reward" is to touch upon sexual violence (the '70 virgins').  Mohammad was a pedophile in that he had not only many sexual slaves, but pre-pubescents.  Islamic apologists often refer to an earlier menstrual cycle in a culture of shorter life spans, which is true but he was specifically with 6 year old through 9 year old little girls.

Let's step backwards, first and do what statement analysis does:  put on the shoes of the subject.

The Koran calls for conquest of the world, by coercion,  not persuasion, and that the man is so superior to the woman that she is of "one half" his value.

Domestic Violence Impact 

Picture growing up in a home where women are considered 50% the value of man.  Think of how this impacts a child's thinking and what he is told, and what he sees.

The Koran calls for corporate punishment of the wife by the husband.  This is part of Sharia Law (which is contrary to democracy and incompatible) and courts in Saudi Arabia frequently allow for certain beatings of "disobedient" wives.

What must it be like to grow up in this culture?

Islam is an ideology, not a race, nor even a single culture.  What would it be like for a little boy in this?

The little boy is told, repeatedly, about his superiority and the women's inferiority and then he is eye witness to domestic violence.  It is not just domestic violence, but violence against his own mother, of whom he is born with natural affections and bonds towards.  This is a natural desensitizing.

Babies who witness domestic violence experience hormonal surge (fight or flight, incapable of either) but without the linguistic and reasoning capability to get the surge of hormones to quickly recede; leaving an imprint upon the brain.  Think of the damage.  Not only is this a recipe for PTSD symptoms, but the conflicting message:  seeing mother beaten, seeing her beaten by father, hearing its approval by their religion, with its constant daily repetition while he goes to school, she does not, and she walks behind him.  The lessons are deeply embedded in the boy.

Then, there is the Islamic custom of marrying first cousins. This began with Mohammad and was used as a way to build his  empire.What are the results of hundreds of years of this?

This has led to severe numbers of special needs children, and has overwhelmed the UK's social services systems, including the smallest population being the greatest number of children removed from their parents. One of the results of many generations of close in breeding is IQ scores and the lack of Nobel Peace Prize winners relevant to population.  Significant is poor impulse control. Among test scores, Syrian average is actually below the US designation for developmentally disabled while most Muslim countries test significantly lower than the world.

Here is criminal psychologist from Denmark on  the impact of inbreeding as he worked with Muslim youth in jails.  In our Western culture, Christianity taught "women and children first" and the notion of "turn the other cheek", in terms of personal insult.

Even in all Islamic countries, sexual abuse continues in statistics that are not similar to other nations. Here is an examination of the psychology behind sexual abuse to further understand.

Weakness versus Strength

At a holiday party, if you were to explode at the dinner table and cause a scene, you would be considered childish, for not restraining yourself.  We project this thinking on to others, who do not think this way.  They consider the one who stopped the fight, or walked away, as the "weak" one.

Violence was in Mohammad's life, especially towards Jews, but much of the violence was sexual violence.

What you see as weakness, the boy sees as strength.  What you see as strength, the boy sees as weakness.  

This little boy is now likely damaged by the upbringing of domestic violence, and has been told, by constant repetition within the most formidable years, that women are only one half the value of man, do not need educations, should be kept separate, and in particular, are of such a different make up from the man, that they must be specifically covered up.

The covering up of women increases the curiosity, while the teaching of women being of less value increases contempt.

Curiosity, contempt then meet...


If this were not bad enough, now enters religion.

The "kaffir" women are "unclean" and "lower than dogs."  Locally, a Muslim pharmacist refused to shake hands with women (including his left hand), but also refused to serve Jews.  Fearful of being labeled, the company made provision for him, especially for Jews.

Curiosity, contempt, sexual drive, and now religiously the uncovered woman is "kaffir" and their god has rewarded them with her as a sex slave.  Since she has refused sex, he will rape her.

This summer we saw many videos of the Muslim migrants as not the "women and children" main stream media reported, but young males and everywhere they went, there was rape and destruction.  One video showed a Muslim man throwing away his food, as he and other young men refused to eat it.  He said it was not fit for a dog, but only "for women."  Mohammad hated dogs (black dogs have 'evil spirits') and the poisoning of dogs is nothing compared to the rapes.

Rapes have been reported, in spite of a government clamp down in Europe, all over Europe at "refugee centers."

Videos showing the rapes are made by the perpetrators and at refugee centers, Social Workers said that they could not keep up with the number of victims, including Muslim women.

This view of women being "unclean" and "subordinate" combines with specified sexual violence from the life of Mohammad and the religious "reward" of "70 virgins" to show an attitude towards women that leads to rape.


One Swedish judge refused to deport a rapist.  Others, given "children status" have light sentences.  As to a "child rapist", the woman victim suffers for the rest of her life.  She cares not if he was 17 or 18, the violent personal intrusion into her own body and soul is the same.

Every week, there are, on average 300 people killed in the name of Islam, across the world.  No other ideology has been this violent for this long, 1400 years, and has built in resistance to reformation or change.  If you criticize Islam, you could be killed.  If you leave Islam, you are to be killed.  No matter how media and the Obama administration tries to cover it up, the public knows.

When the CA shooting went live, the average person waited for someone, anyone, to ask, "Is this Muslims?" but the narrative of silence would not allow for it.

One New York Paper did a front page of "prayer shaming", citing "hypocrites" for "only" praying when they should be doing something else.  MSNBC, in spite of the humorous post above, did actually mention Planned Parenthood and did not mention selling of body parts.

In spite of government censors and media compliance, we are getting news.

It is very difficult for a Swede to carry a gun, meanwhile, the Islamic no go zones, which have skyrocket from the hundreds across Europe to the thousands, have hand grenades, AK 47s, and a great deal of fire power.  One German official said that up to 1,000,000 weapons have been smuggled in among the "refugees."

The average Swede man does not know what to do and reports of vigilantism are surfacing as the government has refused to actually get into Mosques and say,

"If you teach this, you cannot live here."

He is not permitted to carry a gun.

Vetting of Syrians of whom Islamic countries refuse to accept?

 Do you trust your government's vetting?

We saw in the UK, the government's own admission, thousands of school girls were systematically raped with the police and officials' 'de facto permission' of looking the other way.  The girls were groomed, raped, doused with gasoline, threatened and when they did turn to police, were sent away.

Some were even called, "child prostitutes" by social workers!

Why did UK police refuse to stop this and save lives?

They were afraid of being called names.

The result was, and is, lives destroyed by an ideology that teaches, examples, and rewards the rape of women. The UK government has admitted to extreme numbers, signaling to the discerning eye, it is far worse.

Saudi Arabia, the "be heading" of the world, was named to the United Nations' human rights commission.

We are told that the killers often yell "Allahu Akbar" ('our god is greater') , and do so in obedience to the koranic teaching about violence, and then after say "this is why we did it", only to have the president of the United States to say, "no, that's not why they did it."

Ignoring their motive means more deaths.

By saying "Europe doesn't have these problems" is a lie.  Europe has far more killing than we do and the Islamic rape, murders by knifings and military grade weapons is done to a population that is not only unnamed, but the government has financial ties to media.

Each week, approximately 300 dead, 300 injured in direct obedience to the Koran, across the world.  They quote the Koran and obey the Koran and media then tells us it is not the Koran.

I am encouraged how more and more citizens, no matter their political belief, are seeing through both the propaganda and the direct lying of news.

72 terrorists, on the federal government's list, are now employed by the government.  Where?  In the Department of Homeland Security.  Who revealed this?  The "right wing, xenophobic, hater?"  No, a democrat politician from Massachusetts worried about our safety.

Our enemy is the ideology.  People do that which they believe, and when they say so, we should be listening.  No easy profile of "psychopath serial killer" but of religious devotee who became devout.

*It is very difficult to watch the videos coming out of Europe, especially from Sweden where Swedes have lost their country and are incapable of self protection.  Have you seen these videos?  Each day, there are new ones posted.

Each week, there are many sights your eyes will never be comfortable seeing, including gay men thrown off roofs, women stoned by a circle of angry men, as rock after rock is slammed into her head.

Next up:  Islamic violence against homosexuals and in spree killings. Is this predictable due to belief and articulation? 

Some questions to cover:

How do moderate Muslims handle the "radicalized"?

Why are we told that Europe is safe?  More people have died due to this ideology in France in just the past year than people have died in America in the last seven years.

Who does the radicalization?

Why are terrorists often middle class and educated?

What is taught in the mosques in our neighborhoods?

Do average Muslims want Sharia?

What can we do to stop it?

Dhimmi status will back down to constant "complaints" and "Muslim sensitivities" such as this.  The Western mind does not like confrontation so it is used, including threats of protests and threats of violence, which is why the politician so quickly caves in to the subordinate dhimmitude, even while not realizing it.  This endangers women.  

When a young male has a very low IQ, and poor impulse control, and has the belief that woman is of half the value of the male, and believes that uncovered women are "whores" and awards for them,  from their god, the rape epidemic continues.

When society is told that Islamic rape is not Islamic rape, the epidemic of sexual violence will continue.  When society is too afraid to even name his enemy, he cannot fight it.

It is not a war with Muslims, it is a war against a supremacist ideology that uses sexual violence at all levels of culture.

When we fought the Germans, we studied National Socialism.

Islam is an ideology that encompasses all of life.  It is cultural, political, military, and finally religious.

Lastly, we will look at deception:

If a religious dogma is to lie to infidels to further the cause of Islam, how can you recognize if one poses danger?

The latest ISIS memo spoke of the jihadists as shaving their beards and wearing crosses to lessen suspicion.


Tania Cadogan said...

n the man's advert i noted he referred to "learning about THE religion rather than the expected MY religion.

In the UK identifying muslims and islam as perpetrators of a crime , especially crimes against women if discouraged or ignored completely.

We read about schools feeding their students halal meat with consulting the parents first, we hear how fast food companies have stopped using pork products , particularly in his muslim areas, so as to not offend muslims.

The media, the judiciary, schools etc will turn themseelves inside out tather than admit a crime was committed by a muslim simply because they disagreed with the religion, race, nationalty or gender of the victim.

Social services screwed themselves into the ground rather than admit that child grooming and sexual abuse was motivated because they believe that women are inferior and western (non believers) ask to be raped by their clothes and behavior.

Any excuse is used except for calling it for what it is, religious hatred, religious intolerance and religious crimes.

We have people prosecuted and even jailed for calling out islam and demanding they be deported or prosecuted for hate crimes, yet muslims can burn poppies and demand the death of unbelievers and shout hatred of our country, our millitary, our police forces and nothing gets done except maybe a slap on the wrist.

Anything the US can do or the EU can do that is politically correct, the powers that be in the UK ( especially in labor controlled areas often with his immigrant and muslim populations) can do better.

John Mc Gowan said...



All About Narcissists

Statement Analysis Blog said...

"Mohammed is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are harsh
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29

John and Tania,

you both show courage in your analysis work and sometimes take harsh and unfair criticism from commentators.

I respect you both.


Anonymous said...

I am surmising from this post, that Muslim fathers will rape their female children. If they strive to be like Mohammed, devalue females, have little sexual impulse control, anger isuues from being a victim.

Of course, there is no statistics for rape of Muslim girls by their father. Why would there be? They don't even bother to keep records of the births of female babies.

Can we assume 99% of female Muslim children are raped? I'm leaving 1% in the off chance that a small percentage will feel it a wrong thing to do.

Does the Koran even teach this as a proper way to follow Muhammed?

Jenny said...

Peter, there is more truth in this post on this subject, than I have ever read in one place before. God help us. Thank you for having the courage to say the hard but true things.

Anonymous said...

Dearborn Mich. alot different than 20 yrs watch them wrecklessly speed thru town daily. tailgate. cut off other drivers. one car had a large sword decal with arabic writing under it on back window. wonder what it said? often wonder where the police are. why so much aggressive driving in Dearborn is allowed. google: Dearborn muslim soccer player kills referee during game in Livonia Michigan. Google: christian street evangelists harassed in Dearborn. police called by muslims. Went to the yearly fair in Dearborn on Warren Rd btwn Scaefer Rd & Miller rd. street vendors selling t-shirts of a cartoon character urinating on Israeli flag.

andrew said...

Excellent analysis, Peter. A bit depressing, but I suppose that comes with the territory in Statement Analysis...

We are reaping a whirlwind that was sown in the early 20th century. Most Americans know little or nothing about it, owing to our isolation, our naivete, our cultural Anglophilia, and the fact that we suffered comparably little compared with the rest of the West. I'm speaking of course about World War 1.

WWI was the religious and cultural suicide of what used to be known as Christendom. It had roots that went back to the French Revolution (and perhaps earlier, but that is another story). An entire generation of men were slaughtered, needlessly and in the most horrific ways imaginable. Belief systems, cultural and geopolitical institutions, the entire order of Western Civilization were gutted. Men who were lucky enough to come back from places like Verdun, the Somme, or Passchendaele did not come back unchanged. Unspeakable horrors (Bolshevism and Fascism) were unleashed on the world. The Roman Catholic Church and its Middle European heartland were bled out.

The entire purpose of the West was re-oriented. No longer was the traditional Christian faith enshrined in governments and in the hearts of the people. Instead, there was a mass movement toward materialism, mercantilism, the "good life." International and trans-national institutions began to arise that superseded the power of sovereign governments. The world was "made safe for democracy" without heed to the dangers democracy itself posed.

Scarcely 100 years later, the West finds itself in conflict with a belief system that it cannot even comprehend. As a civilization, we are now ordered around the material: the flow of capital, the enjoyment of leisure, the consumption of media. We are like a body that has been decapitated and yet continues to flail about as the blood and life flows out of it. Undead. Islamic civilization is ordered around the supernatural. They are fighting for (their idea of) God. We are fighting for Citibank, Hollywood, and Apple.

In case you can't tell, I am not optimistic about our chances. Lol.

And even if "we" somehow manage to win, what will we have won? A world made safe for pornography?

It isn't terribly inspiring. Men will die willingly by the millions for God. This wretched corpse that we call Western Civilization? I'm afraid the elites are not going to find quite so many volunteers this time around, not that they will bother to ask.

As a Roman Catholic, I see Islam as a great tragedy--a heresy that took root and separated billions from the light of truth. And yet I cannot help but feel closer in spirit to most Muslims than I do to our militantly atheistic, materialistic elites. At least the Muslims believe in something. At least they are willing to die for something.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is not people, it is not race, it is not culture, and it is not time specific.

It is an ideology that is spread by violence and by the threat of violence.

In countries where the Islamists are the minority, they scream for minority rights.

In counties where they are the majority, there are no minority rights.

It is an ideology that debases life. This is why Iran will use the bomb if it has the capability. This is why it is considered a "contagion" and Churchill referenced it as rabies. It is infectious and when sides are drawn, the moderate must side with the Islamic lest he, too, be targeted for violence.

Europe thought that rubbing up against European values and money would scrub off 1400 years of ideology. It has not.

In interviewing Islamic women in charge of elderly patients who were "kaffir" (infidel), there was nothing I could say to convince them to stop physically abusing them; even threats of arrest did not prevail.

The Islamist, from every nation and race, thinks differently than we do about life, death women, and violence.

Yesterday, 2 gay men were thrown off a roof in Syria after found guilty under Sharia Law.

Deerborn did not assimilate. The "victim status" is a powerful element. Deerborn will become a no go zone unless it is stopped.

Snopes had ridiculed No go Zones and under threat, Fox apologized.

Then, governments began to admit it.

Belgium has publicly stated that it has no control over one of its cities.

What does the CA shooter, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Paris shooters, 9/11 , and so on, all have in common?

They are different races, cultures, clans, tribes, languages, etc.

All are united under Islam.

It is the most powerful criminal ideology the world has ever known.

I am encouraged somewhat by Americans not buying MSM or "huffington post" or other nonsense, as they rush to justify Islam while claiming that white Christians are behind all the killings.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

To admire an ideology that begins with declaring women 1/2 the value of man, beating women, raping non Muslim women and then dying while killing so as to be rewarded in the afterlife with the rape of women, is frightening.

andrew said...


I'm not sure if your 10:59 comment was to me or not. If so, let me hasten to clarify: I do not admire the ideology. I admire the faithfulness to it.

Furthermore, I lament the fact that Christian civilization seemed to cave to materialism with barely any resistance.

Anonymous said...

I am anon at 10:30

My questions about the rape of Muslim female children is sincere. Is it frowned upon by Islam? Is it encouraged?

Anonymous said...


Over the course of a week, I have become addicted to your site due to DB. I am also someone who reads Huffington Post daily. I don't want to bury my head in the sand regarding your current article and I want to learn as much as I can. I spoke with a man yesterday whom I consider the smartest man I know. He is 88 years old and recently read the Koran cover to cover. He said it is so violent, and each chapter ends in drastic violence. My question is, does this mean all Muslims should be considered dangerous?

I am like a unicorn - a Liberal in Texas. Your voice is one of reason and thought, and that's why I really would like your opinion. Thank you!

andrew said...

@Peter 10:57

Most things in geo-politics became clear to me once I accepted a few things:

1) There is no more Christian civilization. It is dead, dead, dead, likely never to come back until the end. It is an absurdity to speak of "Christian countries" in this world.

2) It was not a natural death. It was a murder, long-plotted and skillfully carried out.

3) The remaining holdouts who are still educated in and faithful to traditional Christian doctrine are "public enemy #1" to our own elites in the media and politics. They must be marginalized, ridiculed, harrassed, and silenced in order for the elite's agenda to proceed unmolested.

4) Both political parties a well as both "liberals" and "conservatives" are used by the elites to continue to weaken and ultimately destroy the vestiges of Christianity. Our national politics are merely "bread and circuses" on a grand scale while the real work of secularization and internationalization proceeds behind the scenes.

5) Militant Islam is the greatest gift the elites could have hoped for. It allows them to justify: mass surveillance, militarization, and the elimination of civil liberties. It terrifies believing Christians. It provides their atheistic, secular constituency with a powerful rhetorical weapon to use against religion ("just look at how dangerous religion is in this modern world of ours..."). What a shame and a waste that all of these militant Islamists are "over there," eh? Just imagine what the elites could do if we had more of them over here...

If I were a skeptical man, I would almost have to believe that the elites *created* militant Islam for these very purposes.

Am I a skeptical man? Well, I chose St. Thomas the Apostle as my patron saint.

andrew said...


Thank you so much for providing this forum. It is a remarkable place where truth can be pursued and spoken without fear. That is quite an accomplishment on your part. I believe you are blessed and protected by the angels!

MsSkeptic said...

The bad ideas in Islam - jihad, martyrdom, subjugation of woman etc... - come directly from the Quran. These are very plausible interpretations of the text, unfortunately. Religious texts are open to interpretation, unfortunately.

Neither the Bible or the Quran says explicitly "do not murder, ever, under any circumstance" or "do not make a slave of anyone, under any circumstance." Why wasn't one of the Ten Commandments a condemnation of slavery? That would have really helped us out. Or how about just "wash your hands often" to prevent disease? That would also have been really useful information to have 2000 years ago, but it's not in there.

Beyond that, the Quran goes on to endorse really awful behavior; jihad, martyrdom, and subjugation of woman. The problem is that many people (the "extremists") are obeying the book. Of course, the moderates (thankfully) do mental gymnastics to say that the text doesn't really mean what is says it means. But they still endorse the book, and in so doing give tacit support to the extremists.

MsSkeptic said...

To Andrew, who admires faithfulness to Islam

Would you rather I be an atheist (I am) or a Wahhabi Muslim?

Which person do you admire more? Which person are you most afraid of? Who, given this choice, would you trust your children around?

Anonymous said...

Islam is an ideology.

There are three books that make up the holy literature of Islam:

1. The Quran (Allah's revelation to Mohammad)
2. The Haddith (Traditions of Mohammad)
3. The Sira (Autobiography of Mohammad)

The Quaran makes up 14% of Islamic literature
The Haddith and Sira make up the other 86% of Islamic literature

Mohammad wrote two Qarans... THe first one was written in Mecca (primarily peaceful). The second onw was written in Meddina (primarily violent "jihad")

In Islam priority goes to that which was written/revealed last. Aka violent Quran overrides the peaceful Quran.

Mohammad IS the perfect follower of Islam. He is the example all believers of Islam are commanded to emulate. Note not "was" the perfect but "is" the perfect as in still applicable today.

Islam is dualistic. It has two answers for every question. The audience determines which answer is given.

Read the Sira (Mohammad's bio) if you want to know how Muslims are allowed to live. Don't ask the CAIR representative or your friendly Muslim coworker what followers of Islam do or do not believe. Look at their books. Look to Mohammad. He is the only one who has authority on the subject. Go to the source. It is a violent hate filled ideology.

An excellent source of information on this is Dr. Bill Warner. Look it up. Read. Get informed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 12:27 well said.

The peaceful verses are said to "come before Allah changed his mind" and the later verses are to be followed.

Even those who wish to deny the violence say the host of Islamic scholarship throughout history has said the same thing as above. When a secular Muslim denies the violence, they put themselves in harm's way.

We must learn the source of specific crime.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
I am anon at 10:30

My questions about the rape of Muslim female children is sincere. Is it frowned upon by Islam? Is it encouraged?

This is a very important question. I know from Family that the claims of US Military about hearing boys raped is true. The US military leaders who had to give "stand down" orders were emotionally damaged by it.

It is psychologically a very rough area: Mohammad as pedophile and the "perfect" man.

Here is a link for you to help understand why, for example, the UK has found sexual abuse of children rampant in Islamic societies far above all others:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is to help you understand that belief is behind the words, which is followed by the action.

I will post others.

Report back on what your thoughts are...

After having worked with rape victims for so long, and have studied their language, this is a pressing issue for Americans as the president having confessed to being a Muslim, even the day after Islamic killing, is going to bring more people of this ideology into our country.

In the last importation from Syria since Paris, 127 were brought in. More males than females.

127 Islamist
0 Christian.



Kathryn said...

I am sorry to see a blanket assertion about Islam here, such as "it is the most powerful criminal ideology the world has ever known." I don't see critical analysis about scriptures of any faith, or about world history, in that statement. The Bible, considered by some to be of Divine origin in its every word, has its own violent scriptures advocating genocide even down to the killing of every last animal, taking (raping) women as spoils of war, dashing infants' heads against rocks, and let's be honest about the Love Songs study that Davey was teaching per Song of Solomon; Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Women are still silenced in church, refused ordination in many denominations, and gays are considered to be an abomination by some Christians. What criminal ideology supported Western colonial conquests? Countries like Great Britain and France divided up Middle Eastern countries as their spoils, with no regard for the people who lived there. Have you forgotten America's history with our indigenous people? Our history of slavery? Can you claim that we have not fostered violence and horror upon multitudes of people and asked God to bless it? More recently, in Iraq?

I am a Christian and yet I do not take every word in the Bible as divinely inspired because several passages directly contradict the assertion that God is Love (which I do believe). I do not count myself in with Christian fundamentalists who take all scripture literally. Likewise, there are many Muslims who do not hold the views that you've ascribed to them. While some Muslim majority countries do have an abysmal lack of human rights, it is not correct to lump all Muslim majority countries into that category. See Reza Aslan's interview on CNN with

I see a lot of cheap grace in nationalistic Christian ideology. It is certainly human nature to overlook our own nation's sins and never consider repentance for what we've done. We are able to claim that we are nonviolent and innocent because our institutions have done it all for us, and we looked away and went about our lives. To fail to own that or seek repentance is cheap grace.

maudes harold said...

I posted this elsewhere but am reposting because this was helpful for me to recognize, by his words, someone who is to be looked more closely.

I was reading an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about the interfaith communities welcoming refugees and came across this comment by a local Muslim former president of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake:

"The longtime Utah resident is not afraid of violence or physical harm, he said, as much as he is that his faith will be misunderstood and mischaracterized.

He and other Muslim leaders have made clear that the militant Islamic State group, or ISIS, does not represent Islam.

Hossain does not want to be "persecuted or have negative things said about him behind his back because he is a Muslim."

"Humiliation," he added, "is more damaging than if somebody harms me physically."

To me these comments speaks to the underlining dangerous ideology that Peter has been discussing. They are more afraid of their pride being tarnished, which, in their language, leads me to believe they will become violent to "untarnish" it.

The belief of "humiliation" as worse than physical violence leads me to believe that they don't fear being physically hurt and might be more prone to use it.

Mdkd6262 said...

@Peter Hyatt

I am overwhelmed by your dissertation and will be forever changed by it...

The one thing that stood out to me from the ensuing commentary is the revelation that the Islamic doctrine began with peace and ends in violence...

I immediately contrasted that to Christianity's doctrine where it begins with violence (Old Testsment) and ends with peace

They are the exact flipped mirror images of each other in that respect...

mom2many said...

I hope you will update us to what happens with the cold case show. I don't subscribe to cable TV but I would seek it out on the internet. There is a cold case I have followed from Illinois of the rape and murder of a young girl with a likely suspect that for political reasons was never charged. I will dig and see if I can post statements. I think it would be illuminating to read your opinion, at your leisure. The case is supposedly active in the local cold case division, and so there is hope that it may be solved, though it is old enough that time is of the essence before the suspect passes away.

andrew said...

@MsSkeptic 12:18

Your questions are sraightforward and yet not easy to answer. I will do my best.

1) I do not wish you (the atheist) or the Wahabbist Muslim to be anything other than what you are. My Catholic faith as well as my faculties of reason both govern me in this regard. All people must work out their own spiritual path using their own free will.

2) Whether I would entrust my children to you is a question not of your belief system but of my relationship with you. I do not know you and therefore cannot answer this question. I will say this: there are both good atheists and good Muslims whom I would trust with my life as well as the lives of my children. There are bad Christians with whom I would not.

3) Speaking only for myself, my admiration for a person depends heavily upon their faithfulness to their beliefs. I do not admire hypocrites of any stripe, though we are all guilty of the sin of hypocrisy at times. If an atheist comes to that position as an honest seeker after truth, they will have my admiration and respect, for what little it is worth. If a Wahabbist Muslim behaves according to the dictates of his or her conscience, the same will be true. I must say here, however, that I do NOT equate "Wahabbism" with "terrorism" any more than I equate "atheism" with "Stalinism."

4) Of whom am I more "afraid?" Well, on an individual level, I do not think I would have reason to fear either, based simply on beliefs. Fear is contextual and relationship-based, too.

The unasked question is, which world-system do I think is more damaging, secular materialism or Islam? To that I would answer unequivocally "secular materialism."

For one thing, it is not the Muslims who control the commanding heights in my own culture. Nor is it the Muslims who have established the world systems that endanger and marginalize my own faith. And although dangerously heretical, Islam honors Mary and Jesus and the prophets and therefore allows for at least some common ground.

If I look to the evidence of history (outside of our very narrow bubble of the last 20-30 years), I can find evidence that Islam is capable of producing flourishing, sustainable, and even tolerant civilizations. There is no historical precedent for a culture based on secular materialism. Perhaps ours will work, perhaps not. But it is entirely novel in the history of the world. I am not optimistic. There was an Austrian scholar who said that we in the West are living off the "whiff of the empty bottle." What happens when even the fumes are gone? None can say.

In history I also find concrete evidence that secular materialists are far more willing to slaughter on a mass scale than practitioners of the Abrahamic religions. Stalin: 40-50 million. Mao: 100 million. Hitler: 20-30 million. Pol Pot: 8 million. For the sake of preserving the peaceful spirit of this discussion, I won't even go into the numbers of unborn children. Suffice it to say that if one were to stack up all of the religious wars fought in the entire history of the planet, one would not begin to approach the numbers I provided above.

I don't know quite what to make of Peter's analysis. On the one hand, I don't want to be pollyanna about the threat that militant Islam poses to our society. It is real. At the same time, I can't help but think that he is judging Islam as a belief system rather more harshly than it merits. Religions are complex, organic, evolving things as we see in the Blackburn case. There is room for different interpretations. The Islam of Indonesia is different from the Islam of Iran, which is itself different from the Islam of Saudi Arabia. To judge all Muslims by the sternest verses in the Koran seems akin to judging all secular materialists by the writings of Karl Marx.

Kip said...


andrew said...

@Kathryn 12:54

I think you said it very well. There are indeed plenty of versus in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) that, if carried out, would be considered a horrific ideology indeed. You mentioned the slaughter of the Amalekites.

The danger, it seems to me, is in placing all of one's will and reason under the literalistic interpretation of ancient texts. As a Catholic, I am not bound exclusively to the Bible. I can freely draw also from the tradition of my Church, which traces its lineage back to Peter. I am also free to use reason and science to understand reality. Even the Pope has said, for example, that evolution is "more than a theory."

Kip said...


MsSkeptic said...

OK Andrew,

You had to bring it up. You just had to, so I have to address it. Hitler. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. You never win an argument when you bring up Hitler.

Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Even if you dispute this, who were the people who carried out his plans? Who killed 6 million Jews? German Christians, that's who. Germany was a Christian country at the time, Catholic and Lutheran a 50/50 split. So those that did the killing were Christians, many of whom knew every word of the Sermon on the Mount.

I'm sorry but you are not being intellectually honest in your answers to my questions. You know darned well that the world today would be a much safer place if all Muslims of the Wahhabi sect became atheists overnight.

Atheists are not flying planes into buildings. Atheists are not shooting up theaters with machine guns. Neither are Christians for that matter.

Kathryn said...

@andrew 1:22

Thank you. I think it is easy to give a pass to our own scriptures because they are so familiar to many of us that the stories told in those violent passages do not shock us. But someone who had never encountered them would find them very shocking indeed and might question our assertions that we practice a religion of love and mercy.

I agree with you that it is a danger to place all our reason and will under a literalistic interpretation of ancient texts. We have a couple of thousand years of church history and tradition to draw on, as well as reason and science and philosophy and literature. I believe that we should consider the testimony of scripture with all our faculties, and ponder these things in our minds and hearts.

maudes harold said...

This problem with this situation is that there is a Trojan Horse-like element with the immigration of Muslims.

Among those who wish no harm, are those who do.

How to best distinguish the dangerous? I’m not comfortable with the broad brushing of a religion, but as I’ve looked more into it, I realized there is reason to be concerned. It might just be an element, but it is an element based on an ideology that has me questioning.

At this moment, I am struggling to figure out how to have conversations with my nieces (ages 20-7). One of my sisters recently moved not far from the San Bernadino massacre and my high school classmate was on the plane with her husband and 2 yr old daughter that hit the 2nd tower on 9/11. It’s hitting closer and closer to home.

mom2many said...

OT: 1966 murder of 10 year old Debbie Fijan. Here are article links. I think by SA standards the accused is obviously guilty. Though there is precious little of his actual words in the articles, what is printed is money in the bank. I don't know why this case is cold. Unfortunately, the articles available are scans so you'll have to follow the links to read them, but they are quite short. Also, my memory was incorrect. Debbie was apparently not molested. The accused was charged, but then charges were dropped and he was freed. He later filed a suit against LE.,3245669&dq=loren+schofield&hl=en,4333023&dq=fijan&hl=en,2601323&hl=en,2479216&dq=fijan&hl=en

Here is the link to the Dupage County Cold Case Unit showing Debbie's case is currently in review:

With your permission, I will forward the link on should you choose to review.

maudes harold said...

Oh I forgot! I have a cousin in Paris-we got the fb notification thingy he was safe. It's hitting far too close.

Tania Cadogan said...

Likewise, there are many Muslims who do not hold the views that you've ascribed to them.

All muslims believe in allah and his prophet mohammed, the koran, the hadith areall the only truth and must be followed.
Muslims will follow sharia law over the host county's law.

Muslims will do as their faith tells them, if they don't they are denying mohammed and allah and that is blasphemy which will get them killed.

We have protests over here demanding sharia law become UK law, and, some judges are even allowing sharia law to come before UK law in relation to marriages etc, much to public outrage.

Violence will provoke a response by the host country and likely the limiting or banning of islam.
Therefore they simply immigrate into the target countries and take over peacefully from the inside, making demands and getting what they want at the expense of the host nation citizens.

Why emigrate to another muslim country, where they may not even be of the same sect, when they are commanded to go out and kill the infidel and take over countries.

Note also middle east countries refuse to take in immigrants because of the danger said immigrants pose to the host population.

Note also the vast majority of immigrants are healthy males of fighting age whilst their wives and families are left behind.

I have a few muslim acquaintances, i do not however trust them, I am an atheist and thus kaffir and would be murdered.

maudes harold said...

Anonymous said...

Islam is an ideology.

There are three books that make up the holy literature of Islam:

1. The Quran (Allah's revelation to Mohammad)
2. The Haddith (Traditions of Mohammad)
3. The Sira (Autobiography of Mohammad)

The Quaran makes up 14% of Islamic literature
The Haddith and Sira make up the other 86% of Islamic literature

Mohammad wrote two Qarans... THe first one was written in Mecca (primarily peaceful). The second onw was written in Meddina (primarily violent "jihad")

In Islam priority goes to that which was written/revealed last. Aka violent Quran overrides the peaceful Quran.

Mohammad IS the perfect follower of Islam. He is the example all believers of Islam are commanded to emulate. Note not "was" the perfect but "is" the perfect as in still applicable today.

Islam is dualistic. It has two answers for every question. The audience determines which answer is given.

Read the Sira (Mohammad's bio) if you want to know how Muslims are allowed to live. Don't ask the CAIR representative or your friendly Muslim coworker what followers of Islam do or do not believe. Look at their books. Look to Mohammad. He is the only one who has authority on the subject. Go to the source. It is a violent hate filled ideology.

An excellent source of information on this is Dr. Bill Warner. Look it up. Read. Get informed.

December 4, 2015 at 12:27 PM


Thanks for this! It's pithy presentation is perfect. It will help frame my conversations. Thanks for the heads up on Dr. Warner too.

andrew said...


Regarding Hitler, his own writings as well as those of his closest associates, tended more toward the occult than toward the Roman Catholicism of his youth:

In Mein Kampf, he wrote:

"antiquity was better than modern times because it did not know Christianity and syphilis

He found Christianity inconvenient on multiple levels, not least for having arisen out of the Judaic prophetic tradition. He loathed its deference to the poor and the meek. He called the Christian notions of sin, resurrection, and salvation "plain nonsense." He wrote that the idea of Christian mercy was specifically "un-German." Hitler was more interested in what he called a religion of "Blut und Boden," blood and soil.

This is not to absolve German Catholics and Lutherans for having failed to stop him, but it would be a gross mischaracterization to say that Hitler represented mainstream Catholic thought or theology at the time.

andrew said...


Believers and unbelievers alike commit unspeakable acts. You say that atheists are not flying buildings into planes or shooting up movie theaters, presumably laying the blame for these crimes at the feet of Muslims.

You seem eager also to implicate Catholics and Lutherans in the crimes of Hitler.

Should atheists then be exempted from the crimes of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot?

What about the school shootings at Umpqua Community College earlier this year? Should we blame all atheists for that as well?

No, I think that is not fair.

At the individual level, there are good Muslims and bad. There are good Christians and bad. There are good atheists and bad.

At the system level, the group I fear most are the atheists. That is one man's opinion--mine. I have provided you my historical, theological, and philosophical rationale. I don't, however, expect you others to share it.

mom2many said...

To make the mirror between 'christian' Hitler and muslim terrorist work, you would have to prove the case that Hitler was a devout Christian following the tenets of his faith, which directed him to purify his Arian race.

Here's one passage that would directly contradict what he was doing.

Matthew 13:24-30New King James Version (NKJV)
The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

Anonymous said...

I am anon at 10:30,

Peter, I read the link you posted. It is very disturbing on many levels. Not only are the female children in danger of rape, but the male ones, also. To marry within the family, arranged marriages, genital mutilation, on and on. More like a cult. A male's cult of pedophilia and mental illness. I can understand the reason suicide bombers are often women. What do they have to live for? I can not understand how love in any form could exist. Thank you, God, that I was not born into that ideology(cult).

Now, I'm very afraid. They have many children to our 2.5 (if that's even still accurate). Our President seems hell bent on letting Muslims in. Leave it up to me, and I would deport them all. ALL the Muslims. Buh bye.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hitler and Nazis were Christians is like a tweet from the Huffington Post or MSNBC.

Hitler imprisoned Christians, murdered Christians, and before this, he sought to regulate what Christians could teach. It is a sign of tyrants.

It is like Obama seeing someone murder who quotes the precise Koranic passage on:

a. Who he murdered due to Islam
b. why he murdered due to Islam
c. The method of murder as prescribed by Islam

and then saying,

"but it has nothing to do with Islam" with John Kerry and Hillary Clinton doing their best to keep straight faces.

The American people, both parties, see the lie for what it is. It is the lie that George W. Bush told before the bodies were even recovered, and it is the lie that Obama is telling, before the bodies are buried.

Here is my question:

How many more will have to die before all Americans say, "this ideology is incompatible with America" and demand that Mosques address this and call for an entire people who wish to live here to deny Sharia.

Right now, far more than many citizens realize, government workers are fearful of criticizing Islam while watching others praise it publicly so they may have political favor, gain access, promotions, etc.

There are more than a few in government who are saying that they must wait until after 2016 for promotion, for application, for so much else, because no matter who gets it, he will not have the unwritten command to praise Islam. In fact, many are hoping that the criticism of Islam will become "allowed" again.

I am not a gun owner, and I say this believing in the legal equality of man:

All politicians who demand Americans be rid of guns must not be permitted protection by guns themselves.
All politicians and even business leaders who demand in no borders must not be permitted to live behind fences nor be made secure by guns.

I believe that you, or the person next to you, male or female, young or old, has the same right to safety as does Barak Obama or George W. or Hillary.

Their life is not more valuable than yours or mine, or your children or my children.

They can choose not to live in the spotlight if they wish, if they claim this makes them more a target.

The deception in politics is more brazen than this country has seen in a long time and we are more divided as a people than at any time in my lifetime. The rhetoric makes it worse and worse.

The CA shooter argued that Islam was a religion of peace and was angry when he was not agreed with. So what did he do?

He did what the Koran taught him to do.

Why did he do it in such a large scale manner?

because the Koran tells him to. This is the "spectacular" manner to draw attention.

Why did he kill those he did?

Because the Koran specified including the Muslim woman (if true) who left his mosque, and the one man was like a "two for one", as both Jew and Christian.



It is a dark ages bloody violent ideology that has destroyed wherever lands it has settled.

Reading of Indonesia is perhaps the most frightening. The Christians and Buddhists die each week.

By next week, in obedience to the Koran, there will be, on average, 400 dead or dead and seriously injured people. As we get closer to Christmas, on average it could go as high as 600 or more.

Every week, in strict obedience to the Koran, this will happen in the world today. Obama lies about America being dangerous. We are still way behind the rest of the world, with now Germany and Sweden showing just how much criminal violence is leaking out in spite of Government funded and controlled media.

The good news is that more and more of us are waking up.

The bad news is that many more will die before we issue a direct challenge to the ideology.


Lemon said...

I purchased Bat Ye'or's "Understanding Dhimmitude" and am looking forward to reading it. I think. <<-- SA noted.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I do not intentionally avoid male rape. Sweden has opened the world's first rape center for men as the epidemic has gotten so bad.

I spent two years at Prep Seminary in New York. What I saw there, and what went on were things neither I, nor my classmates could even tell our parents. We would have been in serious trouble.

Needless to say, lives were ruined.

We are at war with Islam, not because we want to be, but because Islam has declared war on

Muslims who are secular

They are at war with us.

CAIR is a terror organization that uses the tactic that has been successful for several generations: claims of minority abuse.

I am grateful that only a few extreme media organizations refuse to acknowledge that CAIR is a terror linked group.

Islamic rape: see the post links above. It is something that impacts us all.

I live near (walking distance) an Islamic center. Since the shooting it has been very crowded. The recent videos of protests and yelling and demands show how two cultures clash:

We think that someone interrupting and screaming is weak, without a strong argument.

They see our call for peaceful dialog as detestable weakness.

Anyone today, especially in Europe, who tells the truth about the ideology must be prepared to be slandered and labeled morally deficient and intellectually disabled. It is the price they pay.

The behind the scenes threats would shock people. Robert Spencer, Roman Catholic, is barred from flying to the UK because he quotes the Koran while they regularly have guest speakers who speak for Sharia, and demand submission to the blasphemy laws.

You may not think you are at war, but it is not a luxury you may have for long.

If a Caliphate is established in Syria or Iraq, what happened on 9/11 will seem very small.

The "victim status" is a poison of the mind and it is a danger few understand.

When one person can literally stop 1,000 with just a complaint, the tyranny is already getting away from us.

I want people to be safe and healthy. If they choose otherwise, it is their business. But if they wish to impose it upon me and my loved ones, now I have little choice but to take a defensive posture.

I am grateful that more and more people are seeing through the lies of media. I am saddened by the boldness of the lies, and saddened on how divided we are. There are no more political debates between parties: they are line drawn in the cement enemies. Its all or nothing. Even the calls for tolerance are often with intolerant demands.

Selling baby parts. I shake my head in wonder as I consider how ghoulish the Nazis were to use Jewish skin for lampshades.

I know people think the MSNBC "breaking news" about Planned Parenthood was fiction: they really did link the CA shooting to PP.

I was a young boy in 1976 when our nation celebrated our flag. The destruction, debt, and weakness of the last 7 years may take a very long time to heal. I recently read that "allah akbars" have increased 4 fold since Obama took over. His mandates, especially in the 2nd term, to federal investigators has been to wipe Islam from Islamic crimes.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

No religion mandates coercion except Islam.
No religion specifies how to kill, how to kill, when to kill, but Islam.

Don't post here that all religions do. Budhist monks are not blowing people up, and unless you read the Huffington Post, Christian are not shooting people dead anywhere. Rabbis are not yelling "Shalom" while wearing bombs on their vests.

Post anti religion posts elsewhere.

Your quoted songwriter had an entire refrigerated room in NYC just for his furs while "imagining no possessions" and was beating women, including two wives while imaging no religion, too. There's lot of places you can post that nonsense.

The "guilt by association" is a form of deception and is not tolerated here.


elf said...

Peter, my boyfriend says that the Koran (Quran? Are they the same?) was based on the old testament, is that true?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Lemon, it is a very tough read....not due to wording, but content.

It is in easy chapters, as it covers lectures, but the sadness is very tough to read.

It echoed the Woman of Berlin "anonymous" author for me, with sadness.

She watched what became of her country, little by little.

First the demand for minority protection.
Then the complaints.
Then the protests.
Then the threats.
Then the violence with threats.
Then more violence.

Little by little, year by year, with more births and coercive "conversions", they destroyed, like a contagion, an entire country.

Sweden? Belgium?

They used to say that Swedes would be in the minority by 2050 and Sharia would be forced upon them, with their women covered or raped.

Even government supporters have pushed that date up.

Strange,but Sharia is the one thing that could unite Americans who are divided today, but we must hope this unity does not come too late.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

elf, portions of it were lifted from the OT, but some were taken from the Talmud.

Some of the science stuff is outright nutty, and the dominion themes are the most violent.

Here is a good place to start:

Islam 101

I admit that I cannot check every day. It is just too much. There are too many people who will be killed by this time tomorrow. There are too many lies told. They do not post videos of killings, though. Watching a recent one in which a gay man was killed he looked like he did not believe they were going to do it. His face was like, 'no way they go through with this..."

They did.

The be-headings are most small knife beheadings and the victims sometimes beg for their lives. In one, the Islamic killer rubbed the young man's head, almost 'affectionately' and I thought he was going to let him live.

He did not.

How can so many people do this?

They learn it in youth, the passages from the Koran are specific, and they think they are doing "god" service. It is their duty.

When people learn what actually goes on inside a mosque and how the jihadist is chosen, they will burn with anger.

When Muslims who are against this hear it is going on in the mosque, they fear that if they leave, they will be targeted.

I have not covered genital mutilations yet...this stuff is hard to stomach.

How are women's rights groups silent? I don't know. How do we explain this stuff to our children and grandchildren?

When Obama first signaled for us not to rush to judgment, I knew he had been told it was Islam. The reporters police and fire all fall over each other trying to avoid saying it was Islam.


Why are they afraid?

These are crimes we should understand and I think the upcoming 12 months are going to be very bad.

Germany has lots of Islamic violence, but little terror. They have tremdous rape, Islamic supermacy gang drug control, and all sorts of things...11 or 12 Muslim clans running Berlin, but few Allah Akbars.


they are voting on whether to assist bombing ISIS.

Imagine what will come if they vote yes?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I knew about this years ago;

Bacha Bazi:

our troops, also, suffered and continue to suffer to this day:

Careers have been ruined, and threats to ruin careers AFTER the military, has led to more silence!

Sustained said...

i found it! here are the women and orphans and the doctors and engineers for anklla mirkl or whatever her name is. She is going to be paying turkey to take in another 500 000 and owes hungary president apology

BDS said...

Hi peter france is going to close several hundred mosques after the 3 yesterday is this too late to save them? have you ever seen the vidoes at this sight?

Andrew said...

The question is "why?"

Why do ALL Western leaders--to a man--open their countries up to be destroyed in this manner?

What is the agenda?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

What About Atheists?

Atheists are a separate category and are not "people of the book" or the "N" word (Nazarene). They are exempt from the Jizrah if they convert. (see below)

Apostate Muslims (this is where different sects kill each other, will align with Kaffir (US) but once victorious, will turn against the infidel ally.


I am familiar with Bare Naked Islam. They do post some rough videos and have blaring headlines but I have not seen anything deception wise.

The mosques that they are shutting down include those that threaten muslims. This is something we should keep in mind. They share the same ideology and explains (a la Bat Ye'Or and her courageous work) that once a country is fully Islamic, the violence continues.

This is the outworking of supremacy ideology.
If you are supreme to the man next door, and he has more than you, it "must be by fraud" because "Allah would not do that to me" and the violence is bad.

In Indonesia, once the last of Christians, Buddhist and Atheists are killed, they will turn on each other.

Athiests are often forgotten in the massacres. They are "kaffir" rather than "people of the book" and are not spared but only if they convert (say a single sentence) to Islam.

If they say the sentence, they are "in."

If they then don't grow a beard, and cover up woman, etc, they will be targeted, but they are in a separate category from "people of the book." They are not taxed.

************************More on France closing down:

“According to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 more mosques will be closed because they are run illegally without proper licenses, they preach hatred, or use takfiri speech,” he said. Takfiris are classified as Muslims who accuse others of the same faith of apostasy, an act which has become a sectarian slur.

BDS said...

bega with cheap labor and the deals in the 60's. They profited big time. George soros --we have entire cities of extreme black unemployment and soros pushed for immigration because it was cheapr. they make money off it . Merkel hates gerany ad keeps referring to the nazis and punishment she hates german males s he said they wont reproduce so they needed them.

germany thinks they are going to get away with returning on achmed. hans and mohammad. andrew want to follow th money? find that german retirement article that was here.

ok andrew here it is:

i will tell you what i think of it too. I appertain you taking the time to read it and i will read it agait. it was posted here last month of something tell me what you think. thanks, man. BDS

Donna said...

Peter, what I said was that *people* create the religions and ideologies. What people do as humans comes first, conveyed through the religion/ideologies (including political), and is issued forth from that. *Radical* any-things can hurt us - I just read an article about a man who moved to an island and the cult he started ate only coconuts for 20 years - he ended up with rickets, and other health issues. That's radical diet-ism. It's definitely extreme and hurt him and the others in his cult. Buddhists have self-immolated; is that not a form of radical violence against oneself - suicide? "Anti-religion" to me is not necessarily a bad thing if you look at it in a deeply personal context. To be in touch with a deeper spiritual meaning/higher power/god or closeness with other humans is not detrimental. Not having a proscribed tenet or a larger "body" or group can be liberating spiritually. I've been to churches and gatherings in homes that felt too overwhelming to me, and thus prefer to follow another way in solitude. To me, that's the definition of "anti-religion" - being able to come to a place where you can feel spiritually good - in a way that is right for you, and where you can strive to be a better human while you are journeying through this world. As I've gotten older, I can see how people can take a vow of celibacy, or silence, and dedicate their lives to their god, or whatever ( I mean this in a PEACEFUL way) - "anti-religion" - a oneness with YOUR spirit and soul connecting to your higher power, to your god. That is incredibly special, and I celebrate that, Peter. I'm sorry that my post came across as being hateful, because it wasn't meant that way. I'm frustrated as he**, and I cry for the scary world that is ours now, and I just want people and our world to heal and comfort each other without it being a newsbyte or some catchy phrase that some CEO will turn a buck on. I see being "anti-religion" as finding the sacred and good part in all of us that we can help each other on our journeys. My spiritual beliefs are complex, I'll be the first one to admit. I think that if you come from a stance of being "anti" (ooh, I feel like "outside" or "astride" might be more of what I mean, rather than the "anti" you said in your post, and I've been repeating)-religion", it puts you into a mind and heart-set of being (I want to say 'purified', but I'm not sure if that's the right word) stripped to your core beliefs, and thus maybe having a more personal connection, rather than a collective belief. Sort of like... a custom suit, rather than an off the rack suit that might not fit "as well".


Donna said...


Do you agree that humans everywhere have things in common? We are all humans first; we have no religion as we take our first breath at birth - we learn it later. Our failings as humans (and how can you say this is deceptive??) is that we KEEP ON killing each other, whatever our creed. HuffPo doesn't need to say this, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, HLN, MTV, E!, CSPAN doesn't, my local paper doesn't need to say this for me to see it. I see it as/with human on human violence. At the end of the day, we have to be better humans to each other. We have so much in common with each other, whether it's my Christian friends, non-Christian friends, or whatever they choose to believe. We all need to eat, sleep and go potty. We all have *that* in common. If we can accept that (even that someone in a far-off place has to pee in the morning, just like me)- each one of us on this planet - then it is a way to build bridges so that our young people do not get killed in wars over X, Y, or Z. We've become so anti-everything/everyone that we do not see these commonalities anymore. We have de-humanized each other, even my fellow countrymen. Left vs. Right; starbelly vs. plainbelly, Coke vs. Pepsi, FOX vs. MSNBC, team vs. team - with wars fought and lives lost, and we keep repeating it. I'm scared that our world (collective, as humans) will be continually lurching to wars - and sometimes it seems like it's as regular and desensitized/dehumanized as washing your hair - like it's as easy as a soundbyte. What's wrong or 'guilt by association' with wanting that to stop? What's wrong with ME as a living, breathing, tea-drinking woman and mother wanting to NOT have continual bloodshed? We all start out good, Peter. What happens to us along our journeys has impact and influence, whichever way that influence goes.

Donna said...



I'm sorry for not knowing about JL's fur room - that is news to me, and I'd forgotten about the abuse. He was a cheater too. So was my father. Sometimes the message can obscure failings we're not proud of. Us humans can be bad at stuff, and slow-learners, but we keep on trying, and learning and trying. I trip and fall, and I have my judgmental moments, too, and then I get up and I try to do better. I'll quote someone else : "As truth is gathered, I rearrange". I see people who purport themselves (relatives) to be Christians, who are not very nice people, who don't seem to be 'practicing what they're preaching'. I see people who don't follow a religion who are very nice people. I see that both of them might yell at someone who cut them off in traffic and then do good things too. Humans are a complex bunch, I think you'd agree, especially with what you do! It all comes down to being on this planet together. The people living next door to us - yeah, they're annoying and have loud parties, but they have their lives and their own stuff to deal with. Just like me, just like you, just like everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

to Donna,
Very nice thoughts. But read a little more about Muslims and you will see that americans, as well as any other group of people I can think of, have nothing in commom. They are a "crude" people. Rape and kill their own children. Seek out innocent people to terrorize.

Confused said...

Hi Peter,

Great article. Only thing I wanted to add is that I am not sure that Islam in an of itself is entirely the cause of these homicidal maniacs. Over in the Middle East I think Islamic ideology is mixing with a cesspool of other very virulent factors such as the political dictatorships and torture regimes past and present that cause extreme damage to the psyche of some of these individuals and/or their parents. I also don't believe that we can draw a firm line between Christianity and Islam as far as domestic violence and sexual violence. I can state the obvious as far as the sexual abuse scandal that permeated the Catholic Church for decades or site domestic violence statistics that would show that although white Christian/Judaic men claim to uphold women's rights, many are beating and raping their spouses and receiving support from their churches as they twist it to be the woman "not submitting" or not trying hard enough, etc. You are correct to site the domestic violence as a factor in the nutjobs we see doing mass killings. It is said that the male shooter from San Bernardino witnessesed daily domestic violence from his father towards his mother and even had stepped inbetween to try to protect his mother. We can't sanitize the issue as being only Islamic as there are white Christian children witnessing their mothers be treated as being worth far more than half of the father's worth as well as they themselves as children being treated as pretty much worthless by these abusing fathers. Oftentimes domestic abusers find tremendous support for their abuse within our society both by friends, family members and the courts, so I am just on the fence about what the cause exactly is. If we look at ISIS they are slaughtering Muslims by the thousands, so I am not sure if the psychopathy is distinct from Islam itself although there is no arguing against the fact that the Quaran is an extremely violent text and mohammed was a war general. My son has shown me specific parts in the Quaran that advocate graphic and extreme violence against nonbelievers as I was having a discussion with him where I stated I wasn't sure that Islam advocated violence but obviously I was wrong. My only point is I think the factors may be more complex involving the dictatorship and torture regimes which were so prevalent in the Middle East. For example, Tsaernev, one of the Boston bombers, father was tortured by their government and you have to wonder if the psychic damage got passed down causing the son to be disturbed with no empathy?,

Confused said...


Incidentally it was a former Buddhist monk who led the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, who, incidentally, ISIS strongly resembles.

You are correct though in pointing out the violence espoused by the Quaran. It is right there in the Quaran. Mohammed was a war general who conquered people and forced them to join his religion. He also dressed in women's clothes when he was receiving his messages from God. There is no question that it is the very opposite of Christianity in it's war-like mentality.

lynda said...

Kathryn @ 12:54

Very succinct and I agree with many of your views.

Anonymous said...

you are exactly right. The Muslim ideology has been passed down for hundreds maybe thousands_of years. It is a mental illness that no person who is born into that life can escape.

lynda said...

Confused 8:01 Excellent take and valid questions

Interesting facts from the DOJ stats of 2011

Finally, you can't talk about prisons without talking about race. African Americans in particular are over-represented in prisons; though they are 13 percent of the population, they made up 38 percent of the population of state prisons in 2011. The crimes that landed them there, however, are not too different from their white and Hispanic counterparts. Eighteen percent of blacks in state prisons were convicted of drug crimes, compared to 15 percent of whites and 17 percent of Hispanics. That doesn't mean that one common complaint—that though whites and blacks use drugs at similar rates, blacks are much more likely to be arrested for it—isn't true, because it is. But blacks are also more likely to be arrested for other crimes. Blacks and Hispanics are slightly more likely than whites to be convicted of violent crimes, while whites are slightly more likely to be convicted of property crimes like burglary, larceny, and car theft. But the leading violent crime that lands blacks in prison is robbery, while the leading violent crime for whites is rape or sexual assault. More than twice as many blacks are in state prison for robbery as for rape, while for whites the proportions are reversed.

On another note:

Pew Research has estimated that immigration will cause the population of U.S. Muslims to more than double over the next two decades—from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030. This demographic change is entirely the product of legal admissions–that is, it is a formal policy of the federal government adopted by Congress.

Another major source of Middle Eastern immigration into the United States is done through our nation’s refugee program. Every year the United Stated admits 70,000 asylees and refugees. Arabic is the most common language spoken by refugees, and 91.4 percent of refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps.

I am interested if anyone has up to date stats regarding crime/race/religion/refugees for 2014?

Anonymous said...

They are a defective people. They do not belong with others not of their kind.

They will not assimilate anywhere they go. Muslims will never belong in the USA without wanting to destroy our way of life. So, they should all be deported back to where they came from, and just continue with the violence against each other.

You can Youtube all sorts of stories about what is going on in other countries (with the Muslim immigrants) to see what will happen here. It is like going down the rabbit hole of hell.

Abe said...

Wow can't believe the vitriol towards Moslems. There are 1.2 billions in the world. If they all interpreted the Koran according to your views the west would all be gone by now. If you look at "Western civilization" you can find the same level barbarity the Islamic extremist use now.
The stealing of land, resources, property and under Colonialism.
the annihilation of the Native American population to "settle" the west. The enslavement Of dark people for 400 + years. the reenslavement Of same people After Reconstruction up until the beginning of WWll.
People were bought, sold, raped and lynched at the will of the supposedly "superior Race". All of this was justified by scriptures in the Holy Bible.
I'm horrified by the radical turn to extremism by many Moslems but you will need a better example of an ideal cultural than recent Western society if you want win converts to your side.

OPN said...

The politically incorrect truth about Islam:

John Mc Gowan said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

Abe The enslavement Of dark people for 400 + years.

You fail to mention the fact that blacks were captured and sold by rival villages and tribes, that arab nations captured bought and sold blacks.

if you look at today, slavery is still rampant in various forms in many countries from the middle east, asia and africa.
It may have a new name such as indenture to disguise what is in fact slavery.
The middle east is reknowned for slavery although it is not called such.
Staf are hired from poorer countries, passports are confiscated and pay can be mimial whilst the hours are long, and the victims, for that is what they are, cannot even leave the country without the permission of their employers(owners)

I am tired of black americans using slavery and racism to explain their woes today, their perceived sense of entitlement.

In their case slavery was a blessing in disguise.

Had their ancestors not been captured and enslaved, a great many of them would not be alive today in the west, able to read and write, get excellent medical treatment, and all the perks of living in a first world country.

If their ancestors had not been enslaved and brought to the west, most would have died in tribal and village wars and interesting diseases, they would probably be illiterate and living in extreme poverty and the ones alive today would in all likelihood have never been born.

Slavery is dreadful.

It has existed for millennia and continues today and will likely continue for centuries longer.
It may have a fancy name even.

It however has given the descendants of those enslaved a life their ancestors could only have dreamed of.

I concerns me that in third world countries children (especially girls) are desperate and eager to learn yet prevented from doing so, to better themselves and, through them, their country.
Yet, here in the west, we have children who will not make any effort to make the most of the opportunities offered, who grow up barely literate and yet demand all the same benefits and perks as those who studied and worked hard, simply because of their perceived sense of entitlement stirred up by so called community leaders and civil rights activists who create discord to feed their own sense of entitlement.

Whites bought slaves from blacks who enslaved other blacks and sold them on.

andrew said...

So many of these comments indicate exactly the kind of de-humanization Peter has described as preparatory for committing unspeakable acts.

Even a novice analyst can deduce that some of you would have no problem if we were to engage in a war of extermination. To those, I ask: do you consider yourselves Christian? If so, how do you reconcile this with the life and message of Jesus Christ? To the atheists who feel this way, what part of your secular humanistic value system allows for this?

To criticize Muslims for severe verses in their Koran while ignoring the equally harsh and supremecist verses in the Hebrew Bible is the height of hypocrisy.

Abe said...

Slavery A blessing in disguise?!?
This is where the moral relativism comes in.
It's not ok for ISIS and Islamist to force their crazy ideology on the west but blacks people should be "grateful" the West forced their ideologies on them.
it was the stolen labor of black chattel slaves that built The US into a "first world" country. Their labor resulted in the US becoming the world power and the Mecca for generations of Europeans. Had they not come to the US more likely they would still be illiterate and living in extreme poverty.

Yes Arab and Africans sold blacks but the requirement by Europeans for free labor to "develop" the new world drove the demand.
The Europeans could have saved themselves the extra trip and brought white Europeans slaves with them. It was the underlying racism which made the atrocities acceptable to them.

Yes slavery has existed forever and still exist today yet
if ISIS offered you a young Moslem girl for sale tomorrow would you buy her? For her benefit of course.

Your repeating old tropes about black children not making an effort to work hard (lazy) and then demanding benefits they aren't due (criminal) is the same ideology that was used to justify every level of discrimination heaped on blacks since they arrived here.

Abe said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Abe said...
Wow can't believe the vitriol towards Moslems. There are 1.2 billions in the world. If they all interpreted the Koran according to your views the west would all be gone by now. If you look at "Western civilization" you can find the same level barbarity the Islamic extremist use now.
The stealing of land, resources, property and under Colonialism.
the annihilation of the Native American population to "settle" the west. The enslavement Of dark people for 400 + years. the reenslavement Of same people After Reconstruction up until the beginning of WWll.
People were bought, sold, raped and lynched at the will of the supposedly "superior Race". All of this was justified by scriptures in the Holy Bible.
I'm horrified by the radical turn to extremism by many Moslems but you will need a better example of an ideal cultural than recent Western society if you want win converts to your side.
December 4, 2015 at 10:56 PM

Who is seeking to win converts to Western society?


I am focused upon the ideology of sexual violence that is explicit.

To the Buddhist monk comment:

To point to any exception is a tangent. "Men are stronger than women" is met with the one female who plays football. What is the purpose? Principle is not established upon exception.

Back to ideology.

The "terrorists" are acting upon what they believe.

What they believe is written down.

It has been exercised for 1400 years consistently with more victims than all other ideologies combined.

It is the only ideology that prescribes death for disagreeing. If only 1% of the Muslim population carries out Jihad, it is still a massive army.

But what about all the millions who do not? This is something I will get to.

When Nazis took over Germany, what percentage actually carried out the vile killing of Jews as part of their ideology?

It was a very small percentage.

So, why do only a small percentage strap themselves with bombs? This is a great question for criminal psychologist on the inside of Islam.

Who are those chosen in their mosques to carry out jihad?

Jihad, including be headings and 'spectacular' killing is in obedience to the Koran and to rape and kill is to imitate the perfect man, Mohammad, according to all branches of Islam.

Indonesia is probably the single most dangerous place in the world.

Each week, across the world, about 300 people die in obedience to Islam. This is every week. How can we minimize this insane number by saying, "well, the SS and "special operations" were only 1 to 2% of Nazi. It is the ideology that they obey and they choose specific types to carry it out.

So does Islam.


Statement Analysis Blog said... Why Does Islam Create Monster?

The acts of monstrosity come from, not a rare "psycho" (Obama's word) but an ideology in which each Mosque involved which takes the religion seriously sees someone who is devout, but who is in need of recognition, suffers from depression, isolation, inferiority and so on.

This is the target of the Mosque for "radicalization", which is a word we, the kaffir, use only. Islamist use it in tacquiva , or to claim "Islamophobia" or draw a distinction from "Moderate" Muslim. There is no such thing, unless you speak of someone born a Muslim but has no interest in religion.

The religion teaches violence and it begins at home, with the mother. This is the single greatest de-sensitizing tool of Islam.

It is difficult for us to picture a slow decapitaiton with a short knife. It is almost unimaginable. If not for video, I believe most main stream media would call it propaganda to harm Muslims.

To get to that point, one must be desensitized towards violence. This is Muslim culture and all sects view women as the Koran teaches, only one half the value of man.

Here goes for those of you who wish to learn the criminal basis:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters
By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist

Psychopathic people and behaviour are found within all cultures and religions. But one tops them all — by many lengths. The daily mass killings, terror, persecutions and family executions committed by the followers of Islam are nauseating, and the ingenuity behind the attacks — always looking for new and more effective ways of killing and terrorising people — is astonishing: hijacking jumbo jets and flying them into skyscrapers, hunting unarmed and innocent people with grenades and automatic rifles in shopping malls, planting bombs in one’s own body, using model airplanes as drones, attaching large rotating blades to pickup trucks and using them as human lawn movers, killing family members with acid or fire, hanging people publicly from cranes in front of cheering crowds, etc. It makes one ask oneself: what creates such lack of empathy and almost playful and creative attitude towards murdering perceived enemies?

This is a question for psychologists like me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Studying the Muslim mind
Nobody is born a mass murderer, a rapist or a violent criminal. So what is it in the Muslim culture that influence their children in a way that make so relatively many Muslims harm other people?

As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, I had a unique chance to study the mentality of Muslims. 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. I was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with more or less the same social background. I came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people’s development and increase criminal behaviour.

I am, of course, aware that Muslims are different, and not all Muslims follow the Quran’s violent and perverted message and their prophet’s equally embarrassing example. But as with all other religions, Islam also influences its followers and the culture they live in.

One could talk about two groups of psychological mechanisms, that both singly and combined increase violent behaviour. One group is mainly connected with religion, which aims at indoctrinating Islamic values in children as early as possible and with whatever means necessary, including violence and intimidation. One can understand a Muslim parent’s concern about his offspring’s religious choices, because the sharia orders the death penalty for their children, should they pick another religion than their parents. The other group of mechanisms are more cultural and psychological. These cultural psychological mechanisms are a natural consequence of being influenced by a religion like Islam and stemming from a 1,400 year old tribal society with very limited freedom to develop beyond what the religion allows.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Classical brainwashing methods in the upbringing
Brainwashing people into believing or doing things against their own human nature — such as hating or even killing innocents they do not even know — is traditionally done by combining two things: pain and repetition. The conscious infliction of psychological and physical suffering breaks down the person’s resistance to the constantly repeated message.

Totalitarian regimes use this method to reform political dissidents. Armies in less civilized countries use it to create ruthless soldiers, and religious sects all over the world use it to fanaticize their followers.

During numerous sessions with more than a hundred Muslim clients, I found that violence and repetition of religious messages are prevalent in Muslim families.

Muslim culture simply does not have the same degree of understanding of human development as in civilized societies, and physical pain and threats are therefore often the preferred tool to raise children. This is why so many Muslim girls grow up to accept violence in their marriage, and why Muslim boys grow up to learn that violence is acceptable. And it is the main reason why nine out of ten children removed from their parents by authorities in Copenhagen are from immigrant families. The Muslim tradition of using pain and intimidation as part of disciplining children are also widely used in Muslim schools — also in the West.

Combined with countless repetitions of Quranic verses in Islamic schools and families, all this makes it very difficult for children to defend themselves against being indoctrinated to follow the Quran, even if it is against secular laws, logic, and the most basic understanding of compassion.

And as we know from so many psychological studies, whatever a child is strongly influenced by at that age takes an enormous personal effort to change later in life. It is no wonder that Muslims in general, in spite of Islam’s inhumane nature and obvious inability to equip its followers with humor, compassion and other attractive qualities, are stronger in their faith than any other religious group.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Four enabling psychological factors
Not only does a traditional Islamic upbringing resemble classical brainwashing methods, but also, the culture it generates cultivates four psychological characteristics that further enable and increase violent behaviour.

These four mental factors are anger, self-confidence, responsibility for oneself and intolerance.

When it comes to anger, Western societies widely agree that it is a sign of weakness. Uncontrolled explosions of this unpleasant feeling are maybe the fastest way of losing face, especially in Northern countries, and though angry people may be feared, they are never respected. In Muslim culture, anger is much more accepted, and being able to intimidate people is seen as strength and source of social status. We even see ethnic Muslim groups or countries proudly declare whole days of anger, and use expressions such as “holy anger” — a term that seems contradictory in peaceful cultures.

In Western societies, the ability to handle criticism constructively if it is justified, and with a shrug if it is misguided, is seen as an expression of self-confidence and authenticity. As everyone has noticed, this is not the case among Muslims. Here criticism, no matter how true, is seen as an attack on one’s honor, and it is expected that the honor is restored by using whatever means necessary to silence the opponent. Muslims almost never attempt to counter criticism with logical arguments; instead, they try to silence the criticism by pretending to be offended or by name-calling, or by threatening or even killing the messenger.

The third psychological factor concerns responsibility for oneself, and here the psychological phenomenon “locus of control” plays a major role. People raised by Western standards generally have an inner locus of control, meaning that they experience their lives as governed by inner factors, such as one’s own choices, world view, ways of handling emotions and situations, etc. Muslims are raised to experience their lives as being controlled from the outside. Everything happens “insha’ Allah” — if Allah wills — and the many religious laws, traditions and powerful male authorities leave little room for individual responsibility. This is the cause for the embarrassing and world-famous Muslim victim mentality, where everybody else is blamed and to be punished for the Muslims’ own self-created situation.

Finally, the fourth psychological factor making Muslims vulnerable to the violent message in the Quran concerns tolerance. While Western societies in general define a good person as being open and tolerant, Muslims are told that they are superior to non-Muslims, destined to dominate non-Muslims, and that they must distance themselves socially and emotionally from non-Muslims. The many hateful and dehumanising verses in the Quran and the Hadiths against non-Muslims closely resemble the psychological propaganda that leaders use against their own people in order to prepare them mentally for fighting and killing the enemy. Killing another person is easier if you hate him and do not perceive him as fully human.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Why Islam creates monsters
The cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and discriminatory view toward non-Muslims, forced upon Muslims through pain, intimidation and mind-numbing repetitions of the Quran’s almost countless verses promoting hate and violence against non-Muslims, is the reason why Islam creates monsters.

The psychological problem within Islam
The problem with Islam and Muslim culture is that there are so many psychological factors pushing its followers towards a violent attitude against non-Muslims that a general violent clash is — at least from a psychological perspective — inevitable. With such strong pressure and such strong emotions within such a large group of people — all pitched against us — we are facing the perfect storm, and I see no possibilities of turning it around. For people to change, they have to want it, to be allowed to change, and to be able to change — and only a tiny minority of Muslims have such lucky conditions.

Far too many people underestimate the power of psychology embedded in religion and culture. As we have already seen, no army of social workers, generous welfare states, sweet-talking politicians, politically correct journalists or democracy-promoting soldiers can stop these enormous forces. Sensible laws on immigration and Islamisation in our own countries can limit the amount of suffering, but based on my education and professional experience as a psychologist for Muslims, I estimate that we will not be able to deflect or avoid this many-sided, aggressive movement against our culture.

I do believe that we, as a democratic and educated society can become focused and organised concerning the preservation of our values and constitutions, can win this ongoing conflict started by the often inbred followers of sharia. The big question is how much of our dignity, our civil rights, and our blood, money and tears will we lose in the process.

Tania Cadogan said...

Abe :Your repeating old tropes about black children not making an effort to work hard (lazy) and then demanding benefits they aren't due (criminal) is the same ideology that was used to justify every level of discrimination heaped on blacks since they arrived here.

If you note, i did not specify black children

I concerns me that in third world countries children (especially girls) are desperate and eager to learn yet prevented from doing so, to better themselves and, through them, their country.
Yet, here in the west, we have children who will not make any effort to make the most of the opportunities offered, who grow up barely literate and yet demand all the same benefits and perks as those who studied and worked hard, simply because of their perceived sense of entitlement stirred up by so called community leaders and civil rights activists who create discord to feed their own sense of entitlement.

Community leaders and civil right leaders cover a whole gamut of race and nationality.

I made my post knowing it was controversial, it is also true.
In the UK with the various invasions we have endured over the millenia, romans (italian)the vikings, the normans(french) plus many other european nations all of whom brought slaves and enslaved us british.
They brought over new ideas and inventions taught them to us and often took us back to their homeland where they lived and died after reproducing, leaving their descendants in what is today a modern healthy and mostly wealthy country.

My own heritage is english, irish, scottish, welsh, romany, italian, norwegian and egyptian (that we know of thanks to our family bible)plus plenty of others since we got around a bit willingly or not.

Had my ancestors not been conquered, enslaved or traveled widely it is likely i would not be alive today or if they had managed to survive and avoided all the invasions etc i would likely be living in a 3rd world or an emerging country.

Us brits as a whole are a mongrel breed as a result of invasions, conquest,general raping and pillaging, and exploration of foreign parts and bringing back wives/husbands/children/staff and crew and even slaves.

Many children today in t6he west have a huge sense of entitlement, and, refuse to study since they will either become famous sportsmen (usually footballers) marry a footballer (premier league) become a model, become a reality star (look to the kardashians for that)become a pop star/rapper/filmstar or, live on state benefits popping out kids and appearing on trash tv such as jerry springer or our version which is jeremy kyle.

Why study when you can get free money or become famous for doing nothing?

if ISIS offered you a young Moslem girl for sale tomorrow would you buy her? For her benefit of course.
If daesh offered me a young moslem girl to buy then yes i would, it would be to her benefit in that i would immediately free her once i got her home and adopt her as my own, i would make sure she was treated for any injuries she had suffered , both physical and emotional.
She would get an education, she would get a life free from abuse or harm.
She would have a life which, under daesh would not have been allowed.
She would have a life full stop, unlike daesh who would in all likelihood murder her just because she was a girl.

She would get all the benefits a free country like the UK offered, she could be who she wanted to be,she could live how she wanted to live.

Her children and childrens children on down the generations would benefit, living a life we take for granted, which, had she not been sold to me, would in all likelihood have never happened.

Slavery is abhorrent,no one should be enslaved for any reason.
We are all here today, in which ever country we live in because of what happened in the past to our ancestors slaver or slave, honest or criminal, skilled or unskilled, man or woman.

andrew said...

The problem with condemning an entire people based on their ancient religious texts:

"The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts."
- Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the the dog more than the non-Jew."
- Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30

"Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therfore he will be served by animals in human form."
- Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

"A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal."
- Coschen hamischpat 405

"The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs."
- Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b

"Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human."
- Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b

"If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog."
- Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b

"If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell the Jew: "God will replace 'your loss', just as if one of his oxen or asses had died"."
- Jore dea 377, 1

"Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals."
- Talmud Sanhedrin 74b

"It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile."
- Sepher ikkarim III c 25

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah."
- Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands."
- Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God."
- Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

andrew said...

Now, if the argument is:

1) The West must severely restrict immigration from Muslim countries,
2) The West must have an aggressive program to promote European (read: Christian) values among immigrants to our societies
3) The West must vigorously fight radical, malignant forms of Islam
4) The West must not compromise its own values of openness, liberty, and tolerance in order to "accommodate" Muslim immigrants, and
5) The West must use all instruments at its disposal--its institutions, its control of global finances, its media, and even its military strength--to marginalize radical Islam and promote a more tolerant version of Islam

Then you have no argument from me.

You lose me when you selectively attack an entire religion for its sacred scriptures while turning a blind eye to the same faults in others.

You lose me when you groom people to accept mass violence against others.

You lose me when you ask me to shelve my Christian values in order to protect those Christian values.

Kathryn said...

So, three years ago I went to Israel-Palestine with a group from my seminary to meet with organizations and people on both sides of the conflict who are working for change and reconciliation. We were in Palestine. No one tried to kill us or convert us. In fact, while waiting at a checkpoint to get back into Israel, Palestinians kindly let us know that we didn't have to wait in the same line that they were waiting in; that we could get through faster in the line for people with passports. We said, "Thanks, but we will wait in the same line that you wait in." I will not forget the experience of going through checkpoints.

You insist that Muslims have some special propensity to become monsters. Where did ISIS come from? Some of our own military analysts admit that our actions helped to create them.

If you want to slap that monster label around, what about the psychology of a nation that invades a country illegally resulting in the killing of 500,000 to a million people and then goes, "Oops?" What is the psychology of a country that has overthrown governments and propped up regimes for its own interests over the last several decades from Central America to the Middle East?

I have Christians on my Facebook feed who tell others that they will burn in hell for all eternity if they don't accept Christ. Please examine that from a psychological perspective. Is that not coercion under the threat of a delayed (in this life) but never ending violence to come? It goes like this: God gives you free choice. But if you don't choose God, our God, you will go to eternal torment. Well, what kind of choice is that? What kind of Supreme Being desires to be worshiped under that kind of threat?

As for the Buddhist exception, with all due respect because I almost converted to Buddhism, there is not just one exceptional exception among Buddhists. Why are you ignoring what Buddhist monks are doing in Myanmar right now? I'm adding this for perspective because there is a belief being expressed that only Muslims have this special propensity for violence. My intent is not to denigrate Buddhists.

It's all too easy to tag others as monsters, without dealing with our own demons. It's all too easy to feel like we are exceptions in the U.S. because we have a vast military empire who has done our murdering for us.

I am not saying that ISIS is not a threat. But I refuse to demonize an entire people because of the extremists among them. And I have seen no sense of repentance for the wrongs we have done ourselves. Instead, they seem to be magically erased from our minds, brain washed out, as we pronounce ourselves exceptional.

andrew said...



I had a whole post in agreement with yours typed out, but it isn't even worth posting. You said it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I did not state that all Muslims should be killed. If they cannot publicly denounce their religion, then back to Arabia (or wherever)they must go. They can then kill each other all they want.

Anonymous said...

We are at war with isis. They do not care what we have done in the past, only that we have no future. They want to KILL us!

Abe said...

Well said!

Abe said...

If slavery is a given and acceptable you should have no problem being bought/sold as a slave to Isis. Since Moslems are coming to take over the world and they'll have all the wealth and power at least you will be on the winning side .

MsSkeptic said...

What do you guys think of the family of the San Bernadino terrorists? How about their attorneys? I think their denials of any knowledge are weak. The mother lived in the same apartment. What did she know?. This was an apartment/townhouse, not a 3000sqft house.

Kathryn said...

@Andrew 11:35

Thanks! I appreciate your post on ancient religious texts, with examples. I also think the post you had typed out would have been, or would be (if you still have it) great. Your posts are well written.

And, @Lynda at 10:09: Thank you.

MsSkeptic said...

Interesting that the Christians here seem to be more interested in examining their own religion than to acknowledge the real threat of Islamism.

What book would you rather see someone read on your airplane - The Bible or Quoran? And just for fun, let's through in God is Not Great(Hitchens).

It's as simple as the Venn diagram we all learned in school. Most terrorists are Muslim but most Muslims are not terrorists.

We need to understand and name the threat we are facing. How long will they be happy with 14 or so casualties? They are going to want bigger and better. And when it hits close to you, your home, you will care.

Islamist terrorists will kill you and everyone around you, and then kill themselves. What IS this? We need to study the ideology to understand.

andrew said...


Interestingly enough, the only ancient text I have come across that wasn't, at least on some level, a reflection of tribal chauvinism and violence is the Tao te Ching.

It is pure grace, much like the Beatitudes.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of ignorance here, and sanctimony. Thank you for telling the truth, Peter. Keep fighting the good fight.

Andrew said...


After gnawing away at the belief systems of Western civilization for the last few centuries, do atheists now expect Christians to turn back the Enemy at the gates?

Not going to happen.

We sowed the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. Or to put it in secular, scientific terms: nature abhors a vacuum.

Islamization is going to make many militant atheists rue their successful war against Christianity.

MsSkeptic said...


Islamists already see this conflagration as a holy war, do you really want to play right into their hands?

I don't see anything holy about any of this. The last thing we need are more people thinking God is on their side. Why don't you leave God out of it.

One of the problems with getting The West to take Islamization seriously is that the Islamic belief in Paradise needs to be addressed. Given that Islamists are convinced they will be richly rewarded in Paradise for their martyrdom, their lack of fear of death becomes "logical."

Are you prepared to tell Islamists that their version of Paradise is wrong? And how will you defend your own?

BTW, I know my tone here is a bit harsh but I wouldn't be responding if I didn't enjoy the discussion. I once saw a tee-shirt that said "Atheist, debate me." We may need our own blog.

Andrew said...


I will try to respond in a bit, when I have more time.

In the meantime, would you mind re-reading my post? I'm not sure that you read it the way I intended it, as I do not see this as a holy war. Quite the opposite, in fact.

My point is that your side--the atheists--have already won vis a vis Christianity. You have been attacking the Christian value system of Western civilization for a long, long time. Now you want to use Christians to fight a far more dangerous Enemy. I am telling you that this will not work. We are depleted. This is your fight, not ours.

When it is over, I think many of you will wish you had not worked so hard to destroy Christianity, since it was the best bukwark the West had against Islamization...

Confused said...


This is an interesting discussion and the psychological and cultural factors you have cited are important and compelling. I think that one missing factor relevant to the discussion is that people who act as these terrorists and ISIS do have something spiritually dead inside them that no amount of explaining can fully explain. These people have chosen (not one time) but day after day to give themselves over to evil. They no longer have inner worlds, their time is spent focusing on manipulating the outer world (which is why we can see they spend their time, as cited in the article you posted) devising creative and effective means to destroy and torture people. They have given themselves over to the devil (which yes, Islam does also
have "the devil" as a belief in their religion). I think people don't realize that some people do literally "sell their souls to the devil". It's not just a myth. It happens. I can't quite explain what the exchange involves, but I believe the person exchanges any inner life, and any ability to feel anything except delight in committing evil for what they perceive as power which is the ability to harm others and get away with it. There is always personal choice. This is not to say that Islam does not have messages and elements to it that encourage this type of thinking. It does, however, an individual really needs to willingly surrender themselves to evil (not once) but day after day to turn into one of these terrorists or psychopathic ISIS soldiers.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


keep your comment and observations close when the next article comes out.

You're gonna feel 'wicked smart' as they say here in Maine!


Rob said...

Anyone who questions what Peter is posting here should do a little research. You won't hear it on the nightly news. Just Google "rape in Germany and Sweden" and get ready to learn

Rob said...

Amen to all you wrote Confused

MsSkeptic said...


I re-read your post. I'm afraid I'm not getting it.

It's only like 1% of the country that call themselves atheists so I don't we how "we've" won anything.

I don't believe the truth claims of any of the religions that I know about. I don't believe the Universe works the way it is said to in any religion I've heard about so far. I am open to changing my mind should I come upon convincing evidence though.

Dangerous ideologies need to be attacked, not the people who already hold them if possible. It is not the fault of Islamists that they were born into a culture with outrageous beliefs. They have been indoctrinated since birth, what chance did they have? What chance would you or I have had if we'd been born into that culture? I don't think many of them are converts to Islam, they were born into it.

The extremists are not going to entirely give up their beliefs or convert to other religions. The best we can hope for is a more moderate, modern, interpretation of the religion. Muslims who we call moderates - but who I imagine are seen more as ultra-liberals in Islam - need to win this war of ideas. That is the best we can hope for.

Andrew said...



Kathryn said...


Regarding the Tao Te Ching, yes, pure grace describes it well.

andrew said...


I apologize if my point is not clear. I'll try to clarify what I meant in this post.

Your broader assertion, that we in the West must hope that a more moderate, tolerant version of Islam ultimately triumphs, is one that I share. There have been moderate forms of Islam in the past, and I see no reason why there will not be in the future.

What I mean when I say that the secularists have won is simply this: Christianity is no longer the organizing principle in Western Civilization. It is not a part of any official government. Christians have been all but banished from the commanding heights of culture: the arts, media, finance, government, higher education, etc. The number of atheists is growing. Church attendance in in serious decline. The future is not promising for any Christian denomination. In Europe, the churches and cathedrals are empty, except for Japanese tourists and a dwindling crowd of octagenarians. In some Euro-zone countries, there are more people who attend mosque regularly than who attend church.

This is the direct result of a long campaign against Christian belief in the West. It is a tragedy, in my opinion, and one that even the militant atheists who perpetrated it will someday come to regret. Atheists have never built a great civilization. Can they defend one? I guess we will find out. The certainly have the weaponry.

From my perspective, as a traditional Roman Catholic who laments the reckless destruction of Christendom at the hands of secularists, I cannot say that I feel any particular sense of loyalty to this new West. I look at the lives of the average Muslim family in the Middle East, and I do not see the incest- and rape-ridden dystopia Peter describes. I see instead people who, in terms of personal piety, probably are closer to what Americans and Europeans were 100-200 years ago than many Americans and Europeans of today.

This is not to say that I welcome Islamization. On the contrary, I abhor it. But neither did I welcome the destruction of so many of the traditions and institutions that helped build and support Western Christian civilization. It should not surprise anyone who has studied history, anthropology, or even evolutionary psychology that a society that has been stripped of its organizing principles leaves itself open to assault from the outside. "Nature abhors a vacuum."

So I hope that you can understand why someone like myself (a tiny minority, perhaps even a minority of one!) cannot muster quite the same fervor as you to defend the city gates against the barbarians outside. My city has already been sacked and your people. I do not recognize the place anymore. For me, it is now mostly a matter of "dhimmitude" under atheists or under Muslims.

MsSkeptic said...


The thing is, atheism isn't actually anything. It shouldn't even have a name. What do we call someone who doesn't collect stamps? A non-stamp collector? An absence of belief in this or that proposition is not enough to bond people together. This is why atheists (in today's world anyway) are not organized. To do so would be like herding cats.

Organized groups, with a solid structure of authority, might very well fare better in conflict. Is that the core of your complaint? That the authoritarianism of Christianity in times past was the only thing holding Western civilization together?

Secular liberal values that are already deeply ingrained in Western culture are worth preserving, don't you think? The ideas of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to peaceful assembly, a tradition of free inquiry and so on are not dependent on any one religion, are they? Why can't these be unifying principals?

Andrew said...


The fact that you cannot see that atheism is, in fact, a "thing" is simply indicative of how fundamentalist your position really is.

If Christians or Muslims were to make such a claim, they would be laughed out of the room.

Every culture, every civilization in the history of our species has turned toward the divine, the spiritual, the ethical. This is deeply ingrained in human nature.

Atheism wants to excise it and then say it was never there.

The unifying principles you mentioned are the direct result of 2,000 years of Christian culture. Now that Christian culture in the West has been poisoned root and stem, I have little confidence the fruits of that culture will last.

Freedom of speech? Our attorney general is threatening to jail anyone who speaks ill of Islam. And look at our college campuses. Free speech is dying.

Freedom of assembly? Yes, so long as the government has it surveillance systems in place.

Freedom of inquiry? Don't make me laugh. Who controls the flow of money that determines which inquiries get funded?

The problem I have with so many modern atheists is that they lack historical sense. They act as if these "liberal values," as you describe them, sprang into being out of thin air. They do not appreciate that these values are, in fact, an inheritance that was nurtured over 2,000 years.

And like most inheritances, it will be squandered.