Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blackburn Murder: Path of Deception

Twitter users have called on Davey Blackburn to stop publishing Amanda Blackburn's private journal.   Read it here.  

Why does he do it?  The crass nature of his ambition, and ability to deceive tells us that he will do "whatever it takes" to accomplish his goals in life.  He always has.   

     Deception is linked to murder. 

This is very difficult for the average honest person to accept.  It is taught in Scripture, and it is taught in statistics and it is taught in Statement Analysis.  It is a progression, or pathway, of deception and its end.

It begins in childhood when the child is not corrected for lying and he grows stronger in lying so that each 'successful deception' only strengthens both selfishness, and contempt for others.  The liar is a murderer in training.  As one becomes desensitized to the impact of lying upon others, it is only the situation that arises that can lead to murder:  the liar will do whatever it takes for self to be satisfied and though the child liar's self only wants to get out of homework, the teenaged 'self' wants more, as does the young adult, and then, the adult.

 Liars get worse with age.

It is the path of life that actually gets stronger with age.

Deception is linked to theft and if needs be, murder.

Few people understand this, and this is why companies who screen for deception protect themselves from the myriad of fraudulent suits so popular today, and why homicide investigators must learn to discern deception.

'He lied about who's house it was, but that doesn't mean he killed her!'

Actually, it does.

It was the motive.

Statement Analysis showed the deception regarding the title deed of the home and linked him to the murder only to later learn:  he had no record of violence but had 50 years of deception and when his girlfriend saw through it, he killed her to take away her home.

In the Amanda Blackburn murder, I wrote that her husband, Davey Blackburn, would likely follow his obsession to the book world, movie world, and any other means of self promotion, as his language not only showed priority, but the leakage turned a brutal murder into an "event" in which "the family" was hurt, but then turned into "Amanda's Story", with disclosures from what is reported to be her personal diary.  He has already used lies to advance himself.  His cause is not the cause of Christ, but the cause of self.

Not only did Blackburn humiliate her in life, but continued to after her death, reading her personal journal, telling us that she was not well read, and than he won't be alone for very long, as his language of "moving on" came immediately and repeatedly.

He went from there to disparagement of the sufficiency of Scritpure, and turned a biblical story into his own "marching orders" with the delusional "God told me in the shower that I would be great in history" speech.

There is something else regarding this that should be considered.

1.  The coincidental nature of the case has been thoroughly explored
2.  The psychological profile of the husband has been mildly explored, including:

a.  obsession with work
b.  sexual projection
c.  subtle degradation of victim
d.  incessant marketing and self promotion

There is this that must be explored further:  the nature, design and pathway of deception.

Deception begins small but its end is murder.

I had noted that by going beyond the sufficiency of Scipture, he did so on the path of cult like status.

Once a leader or organization goes beyond their authority, the appetite for power is insatiable.  For some, it is generational, while for strong personailties, it goes quickly, even in one leader's life time.

The educated and intelligent man recognizes that in order to capitalize on his wife's murder, he had to go beyond the boundary of scripture for his own purposes:

He knows exactly what he is doing.

This is the key.

I wrote that in his statement about the quotes from God that he was "deceptive indicated" which has a specific meaning: in order to be deceptive, one must know he is deceptive; not wrong.  That he goes beyond the sufficiency of Scripture (demanding to be heard as one who has directly heard from God), he has shown a willingness to lie.

This lie must be seen for what it is.  Today, LA schools are shut down due to credible threat.

Q.  Why do many Americans fail to see Islam as the overarching criminal and lethal threat it is?

A.  Projection.

They see it not as a supremacist criminal ideology but as a religion.  For many Americans, religion is a "lifestyle" to be adapted into life.  They do not see it as that which formed the United States, or that is all encompassing.  It is compartmentalized and quickly overruled by most anything.

Americans project this view point onto Islam.  They do not grasp the slavery, mutilation of young girls, stealth jihad, view of work, itself, and so on.  They project themselves into another and fail to see. 

This is the point in lying.

A 15 year old girl is hired by her church to answer the phones from 5PM to 9PM and do basic clerical work.

While doing this, she is assigned the clerical duty of mail where people send in cash for prayers for their dead relatives.

She pockets a good portion of the cash each night, week after week, for the months she worked there.  Just a foolish teenaged thing, or an indicator of trouble to come in life?  Not only is 15 very late, but not caught, the consequences will increase in time.

Here is what most people fail to grasp and this failure will cost them dearly:

"Just because someone tells a few mistruths, it doesn't make them a murderer."  Cindy Anthony.

This failure to grasp the reality of deception cost someone her life; Caylee Anthony.

Regarding Blackburn and his 'divine revelation':  I pointed it out, not for theological arguments, but for another classification that is very closely associated with murder as part of the overall 'coincidental nature' of this case.

Not only do we have a husband madly driven for success with a wife hindering it, and all the bizarre coincidence pointed out by investigators, but we have a pattern of deceit that falls in line with the coincidence already examined.


We have noted that he had complained about Amanda, boasted of his heterosexual sex drive which Amanda could not satisfy, and that a steady stream of both distancing language and subtle castigating the victim has been seen.

We have noted the bizarre circumstances of being driven in his career, his wife's imposition to this career, and her sudden and violent removal from hindering his ministry.  He was at the gym, the place of his sexual temptation, when she went down and, we have been told, spoke every week at the same time to the same friend which also just happened to fall on the day of her murder...

like clockwork.

If that is not bad enough, there is then this:

On this particular one hour call, 20 minutes of the call was spent en route to the home, but for 40 more minutes of this weekly one hour call to the very same person was now spent in the driveway while Amanda lay bleeding out. 

What are the odds?

We have seen this, and the bizarre distancing language, lack of denial, guilty pronoun use and now, with his "vision" of Ezekiel, insulting of his father in law's congregation, and his personal "Isaiah" meeting with God (of whom Isaiah emerged humbled for service, but Davey emerged in historical importance) we have the category that, from his own Bible, is less than pleasant,and it predicts what may happen next besides the media and Hollywood assault with "Amanda's Story" blitz.

Liars versus the Errant

Blackburn did not have a Q & A with God. 

He is deceptive.

To be deceptive, one must know he is deceptive.  Statement Analysis does not pick up error; it picks up  the language that is used to deceive.

"I had this thought" previewed "God spoke to my heart" which then prepared for "God said, Davey..." which thus allowed the deception to be noted in the need to qualify it for later defense.

He was not done.

This is vital.

He showed that not only is he a liar, but a most purposeful and cunning liar. 

He wanted to show his authority.

It would not be enough to slogan Amanda's death to drum up business.  He knew he needed more which is precisely why he ambushed his father-in-law's church with the "authoritative insulting correction", which, in effect, said, "Your pastor has failed to feed you.  He has deprived you of nutrition and has fed himself while you have suffered famine and finally starved to death."

The emasculated father of Amanda took the spanking publicly.


Why would he allow a young kid who should have been grieving and incapable of doing much other than crying, to publicly insult and humiliate him and his entire congregation?

Davey knows why.

He had just played Moses in the mountain and returned with thunderous Divine authority.

Amanda's father is a victim of a lie, just as the congregation was.   Was Amanda, ultimately, the victim of a liar who so desperately wants success that he had her removed?
How does the father in law refute to his board, for example, that his flock is dead and he should not be fired?  Blackburn got his 'foot in the door' claiming divine authority while knowing that no such conversation took place, and no such vision was given.

My point about the sufficiency of Scripture was principly about the pattern of cult leaders who seize for themselves tyrannical authority, but there is something else that should not be missed and this comes from Christ, Himself, and how He spoke about people.  Cult leaders grow with success.  They don't back down.

Cult leaders are liars. They seek control over lives to exploit them and no one knows where the exploitation ends and the damage done.  Look at the 'date setters' in religion.  How many of them have actually said, "I was wrong; forgive me..."?

Even those who appeared to do a 'mea culpa' were embittered and sometimes 're set' the numbers and continued to arrogantly draw attention to themselves.

The authority, once claimed, is not returned, nor is it satisfied at its current level.  Like a successful thief, the score was big, but there will be the temptation for 'just one more' even bigger reward.


When you told your dearest Aunt Polly that she didn't look a day over 70, you are not a fabricator of reality.  You're not a liar and you must not think in terms of "all liars" are the same.

They're not.

Your son did not do his homework and lied about it.  You corrected him because you know

a.  Lying is wrong
b.  Lying has consequences
c.  Lying hurts people
d.  All children lie and must be taught otherwise.

If you do not correct him, you will be very sorry later in life, as will those who will be hurt by the liar you failed to correct.

In spite of all moral relativism, excuse making, delicate snow flake college feelings, and victim status, when a company hires a fabricator of reality, it is not "if" but "when" the liar brings his or her harm.

Liars who put their own needs and wants above others can, and do, graduate to murder.  The links of deception and murder are real, but often dismissed by social or white liars who fail to understand the threat and damage.

The liar who is 'successful' in childhood grows to continue to lie:

a.  He or she loses empathy for mankind
b.  Fears consequences less and less due to success
c.  Holds people in contempt; a growing contempt, as each successful lie 'proves' to the liar his or her own supremacy. 
d.  de-sensitizes 
e.  Increases selfishness.

This increase in selfishness along with the process of desensitization does things that just a few years before, he would not have considered.

Blackburn's message of 'jesus' has little resemblance to the Jesus described by John the Baptist.  This alone is enough to offend the senses, but it is something that matters to this case:  the driving force is greed.  He must have his numbers and a liar will stop at nothing because it is all he knows from childhood.

We have all remarked at the incredible lack of emotion he showed after Amanda's violent sexual murder.

We have all remarked at the incredible lack of emotion about his son or pre born child.

We all were shocked, as were police, at the calloused salesmanship so very close to her death and while the killers were on the loose. 

This is the path he is on, but he has given us insight into his history where he, himself, speaks of lying.

In his high school lie story, the lie he told had universally shaken everyone, from his own teachers and coaches, to faculty, to family, to...his peers.

In his remarks, he was left utterly alone, abandoned by all, including peer.

What is shocking about this is that a single lie can hurt this many people, including peer, yes, but there is something more shocking:

He showed no concern, or human empathy, for all the hurt he caused, as he, as an adult, looked back to high school.  His concern was only his reputation.  

This is a liar.  This is what they do and how they operate. 

They get worse with time as desensitization meets with continued success and an incessant growth of contempt. 

Where does the contempt lead?

This is not a white lie or a social lie:  this is one who's traits have become cemented into himself so that he is unafraid to lie using God, God's people, and the Bible. 

The purpose of swearing an oath upon the Bible was to so very heighten one's own fear of Divine Judgement, that one would be forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Blackburn is utterly unafraid to lie about his shower conversation with God.

Yes, we have noted the sexual connection to water and how in child abuse, sexual assaults and sexual homicides "water" enters the language.

Criminal psychologists, psychologists, and statement analysts, along with investigators, did not miss this reference from  a man who has coincidence standing firmly against him.

It is interesting as the Amanda Blackburn murder case has hit the news, how few people have felt that Blackburn was not involved.  Even among those who have stated that they believe he is not connected, their support of him ended there.  These have stated that he speaks the language of guilt and has something to hide.

Then there are those who, like me, identify the guilty language and behavior, and openly opine that they are not certain it is directly related to the murder.

It is not just the coincidental nature of the case that has drawn suspicion;
It is not just the emerging profile of selfish ambition that has fueled speculation.

It is now the factor of one who not only fabricates reality, but is unafraid of using his deception, boldly, to gain authority and control which will thus be used to further his goal of grandiose history making self.

Lastly, there is this to be known of liars:

Liars attack.

It is what they do.  Like the message of the 'pearls before swine' they 'turn again' and they attack.

Lance Armstrong, a liar since childhood, fabricated reality and when exposed, sought to destroy others.

Liars hold the world in contempt.  It begins early and even the kindly kindergarten teacher of whom the child has successfully lied to, is slightly devalued in the mind of the child and each successful lie means another victim, unworthy of the truth, incapable of discernment, further enhancing the ever growing self esteem of the liar.

Contempt grows and it grows.

Blackburn showed utter contempt of all that is holy when he expressed his personal emotional disappointment over failure to invite people out, comparing it negatively to those who claimed received eternal salvation.  This is far more telling than most realize.

He held his audience in contempt when he not only claimed to have intimate, name using conversation with God in the shower, but when he then turned and ripped his father-in-law's work, right in front of him, only to see the older man humiliated into accepting this subordination.  He ripped the congregation, just as he ripped Amanda, ever so subtly in the videos, and now, after death.

He knows what he is doing.

He will do the same to those who expose the deception, even as he trudges his way to Hollywood fame.

The path of the deceptive is an ever growing confidence, an ever growing contempt, and a bite that inflicts much damage upon those who dare question them.

This is the path of the deceptive.

Now multiply it manyfold by one who claims to have heard from the Creator of the universe and you have a liar with ambition that has allowed him to not only blaspheme the faith he claims to uphold ("Amanda gave her life so the church could live"), but who knows that this lie is used to sell.

We look forward to the 911 call, but even this, should it and a thorough investigation not link him to Amanda's death, will not cover that which has been made evident:

A liar with ambition who now claims divine authority.

It cannot end well for anyone.

Not only does coincidence bring suspicion,
not only does the language bring suspicion,
not only does the profile of ambition bring suspicion,

but the ability to fabricate reality while employing Divinity tells us that he is capable of that which many are suspicious of.


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CJ said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 21m21 minutes ago
Would love 2 see little pieces of Amanda's legacy all over the country.
Get your limited edition #FORINDY shirt 2day http://resonateindianapolis.com/shirts/

Anonymous said...

His lack of shock was the first thing that made me suspicious of him. All the subsequent behavior just confirms my initial suspicion. I have a deeply religious friend whose son was killed in Afghanistan. His son was in the infantry on a very dangerous deployment and when my friend found out that he had been killed his reaction was complete shock and disbelief. He physically reacted to the news by experiencing an intense and deafening ringing in his ears while the news was being delivered. When a love one dies a violent death, the human reaction is shock. Regardless of religious affiliation. That story involved the death of someone who was deployed to a war zone. Comparing that example to the blackburn murder, you would expect the husband's shock to be even more intense and apparent. But 4 days later he was on television using words like confused and baffled. Finding a person sexually assaulted and shot in thr head would be more than "confusing" to any person, let alone the victims husband. He wasn't shocked, though.

Rella said...

Very good article!

Unknown said...

Peter said "Blackburn showed utter contempt of all that is holy when he expressed his personal emotional disappointment over failure to invite people out, comparing it negatively to those who claimed received eternal salvation. This is far more telling than most realize." Bullseye!

I hurt for Amanda's parents.

Louise K said...

Amazing article

...and no wonder, for even Satan hides as an Angel of Light

2 Corinthians 11.14

Louise K said...

"Would love 2 see little pieces of Amanda's legacy all over the country"

- On his World Famous National Tour, I suppose...?

Beyond Tacky - he's just seen little pieces of Amanda's brain on the wallpaper...

Inappropriate at BEST

Private Joke more likely

Anonymous said...

bringing this over from last thread (which reached 1005 posts !)

mom2many said...
Thanks for answering my question about the movie, Flightful. There are probably mamy factors that would affect how much blood was present -- passage of time before medical assistance, caliber of round, point of entry, existence of an exit wound, are a few I can propose off the top of my head.

flightfulbird said
Definitely mom2many, all of those things would affect.

I love this forum.

This morning has brought alot of speculation about whether gunshot wounds were visible or not - but whether they were obvious or not, this was a situation where (from the affidavit) David Blackburn walked in through his front door and found Amanda Blackburn face down in blood on the living room floor and hid the truth about the real situation.

With all of the disturbances of belongings around her, duct tape beside her, tooth knocked out, and on it goes... I am sure he wanted to avoid police presence as long as possible and didn't want to be there when they arrived either.

The fact that they removed drywall and cleaned carpet and EMS had said it was a severe head injury indicate that this wasn't the situation I described in the movie which was just a really small head entry wound (surprisingly small, actually).

Either way, I hate to see us get bogged down in what type of wound it was when all of us know that DAVEY should've known it was crime scene and he failed to communicate that to 911 dispatch. Repeating myself I know, but it is whatever Davey said - or didn't say - that is going to be critical to analyze going forward. How much would all of us like to hear that recording right now !

I wonder if he had communicated accurately, if he would've been better off ? By trying to hide it, it implicates him even more.


Louise K said...

Davey assumed what They All Assume - that he wouldn't be doubted

He is a Lead Pastor for goodness sake!

Louise K said...

Two words

Barton Corbin.

Juliet said...

Amanda's journal entry about the bat is disturbing - it's as though she is trying to frame her fears about what Davey might do with the
bat, whilst also being aware that he's going to read it. He's not seeing what she really is saying, or trying to say to God, or more likely, (as God already knows the heart) what she may have been trying to cryptically leave behind in the hope others might see it. Poor Amanda - she lived in fear of Davey, I'm sure.

Juliet said...

Well said, Flightful.

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

He doesn't use the pronoun "I" in his tweet, which lacks commitment. Tweets are short, but "I" wouldn't take much space. And why does he want "little" pieces of Amanda's legacy all over the country. Why not "big" pieces? And the commercialisation makes me sick. "Limited edition".. salesman talk..

Louise K said...


someone who appeared to know, said the Tshirts aren't even made yet

They order once theyre sold

So Davey has the $$$

and no one has a tshirt yet

Girasol said...

Juliet @ 3.56

Really? I didn't see it like that. Came across more as yet another sickly-trite illustration of "God-knows-best-what-we-need-although-we-may-think-we-know-better" Davey wanted a certain kind of bat, he thought he had it, was disappointed when it wasn't what he thought it was, but it eventually emerged that the bat he received was even better than the one he was expecting...love you God.

I also think that one should avoid reading anything too much into these so called "prayer diaries" or journals. To my knowledge they are rarely anything close to a normal diary (as a forum for setting down and working out one's deepest and most unshareable thoughts). They are more a highly santitized self-motivational and correctional exercise...always compiled under the watchful eye of the big dude in the sky...and it seems also DB in this case.

Also on this diary question - not only did DB reveal contents against her apparently express wishes, the language he used suggested that she might have felt under repeated pressure from him TO show, publicise, reveal etc...

Anonymous said...

I noticed the left page ended with help and the right page ended with me in the journal entry. The rest of the right page is cut off.

GeekRad said...

His family and hers have to know Davey is a liar. It is so obvious. Even Perry Nobel says he didn't want to hire Crazy Davey at first. That limited edition T shirt is sickening! To exploit her murder for his gain. I don't know how anyone can't see through him. At least a few Twitter followers called him out on Amanda's journal post and the Christian Post published an article. I think Pastor Davey is wearing a bit thin for someone at the Christian Post. Maybe the networks will pick it up. I just don't see how he has everyone so snowed.

Girasol said...

YoMa @ 5.33

Yes this interpretation was suggested several times in earlier threads. But I don't think the term "testiphony" was used...it's a good one.

BB said...

That's not written like a journal entry. Why would she explain the whole story, as if to an audience, in her private journal? She knows the story and so does God, so why would she wrote it all out? Doesn't sound like Amanda wrote that!! WTF? Why why why would she tell some story about Davey's frickin bat in HER journal? I don't buy it. He thinks we are stupid.

Juliet said...

Davey does not know the limit of anything - isn't it weird that he has no conscience, no care, in publishing Amanda's journal entries on Twitter? That 'bat' one shows him in a bad light, at least from where I am looking, though he seems to think it shows him in a good light through Amanda's eyes - it doesn't. Amanda was afraid of him, and of his begged for bat - had he begged for the handgun, too? Amanda may not have been 'well read' but she was brighter than Davey in at least some respects.

When Davey says he does not have a filter, I think he means that he does not have a conscience, which is why he is able to lie with impunity and is unaffected by his wife's death and the horrible murder scene. He should still be barely functioning - but at no point has he seemed to be only barely functioning. There's something not right with that boy, as his mentor said - more, something deeply wrong.

Peter - the way in which he manipulated himself onto the platform at Phil's church, and his 'obedient' conveying of 'God's' visitation to him in the shower, just to confirm it was all hunky dorey and that the murderous designs upon Amanda were all 'His' (just in case anyone was thinking otherwise) - it's beyond wrong, it's crazy - yet I don't want him to be able to use an insanity defence should he be charged and brought to trial. He's too in control of what he is doing to be crazy, but it's not hard to imagine that would be the defence, and a jury might buy it. I keep thinking about this further abuse of Amanda's family, how he basically trapped or took Phil hostage on his own ground, then got the congregation to applaud his unsound (crazy) sermon through which Amanda, Phil, and all of them were insulted. It illustrates his contempt of them all so well. through this case, I am able to see what you mean in saying that liars hold others in contempt and consider themselves to be of greater intelligence than those to whom they lie. Previous to this, I was more inclined to see liars (habitual liars, then) as silly and transparent, sometimes nasty, or envious, depending on the lies; mostly none too bright, as sooner or later they trip themselves up, or are tripped. I think also, and on the same grounds, I have long underestimated the damage a liar can cause, because I think truth will always win out in the end - when the person who believes the liar later becomes the victim of the same liar, the light dawns. Also, I have sometimes given the benefit of the doubt, and attributed to misunderstandings what might have been lies, because it is a serious business, and as bad to label someone a liar on account of the misunderstanding, misinterpreting or misconstruing of a conversation or situation, as it is to lie - well, that would be to lie oneself, albeit on account of the same misunderstanding.

I get that in business settings, fraud, etc, people can't afford to wait a liar or suspected liar out, and depending on temperament, may not be willing to do that in a personal situation either - so being able to spot a liar and prevent the damage has to be a great advantage.

The idea of a link existing between the telling of lies and murder - that is still taking some digestion as to where lies unchecked can lead. Thanks for sharing all that, scary though it is.

Girasol said...

Settle down BB. The writing is the same in this diary excerpt as it is in various examples in Amanda's Twitter feed (weird Ms that look like Ys etc...).

Also for these folks, God can never get enough of us telling him how great he is (even though he knows this, obviously!)

Louise K said...

I worked with a compulsive liar and to this day I am convinced she murdered her husband, who died very young.

She got a huge payout and is living pretty ever since.

Mdkd6262 said...

Did it strike anyone else as weird DB in that coat giving his "I'm going away to get healthy" video speech?

All his other videos have an "im here to stay" energy about them but this one gave me the impression, "i've got all my belongings packed in my big new SUV and I'm on my way to Canada" feel to it....

Louise K said...

It is not impossible Davey FORCED Amanda to keep a set of journals as Pastors Wife, for Public Consumption.

The tone of the journals he has given us has been Entirely God Worshipping

Zero about Weston or the excitement of the new baby

I bet these were in her Personal Journals which likely Police have and maybe, just maybe, Crazy Davey had no idea about


Anonymous said...

Blogger BB said...
That's not written like a journal entry. Why would she explain the whole story, as if to an audience, in her private journal? She knows the story and so does God, so why would she wrote it all out? Doesn't sound like Amanda wrote that!! WTF? Why why why would she tell some story about Davey's frickin bat in HER journal? I don't buy it. He thinks we are stupid.

December 15, 2015 at 5:40 PM

I totally agree with you! You're right! Why would she write out that whole story? I wonder if the police have her REAL journal and Davey wrote out another one for the public to see with whatever he wanted people to think Amanda thought of him...?

Also, (I hope this makes sense) he could make the argument that we should not suspect him because he still has "Amanda's" journal, and if he were a suspect, why didn't the police take it?

Louise K said...

See my comment about the Pastors Wife Journal vs a Personal Davey is a Douche type journal.

Kate said...

I don't get why this flicking MORON continues to share Amanda's person journal. Why not share pictures of her great work with the furniture restoration? Why not put up a person pic of Amanda and Weston and talk about what a phenomenal mom she was. He could take 8 million different angles and instead he continues to invade her privacy, even after death.

I really don't know how Amanda's family is doing it. I have two brothers and they would be foaming at the mouth to get to Davey - if that were me. Davey's dad speaks about what a level headed son he has. Seems everyone around Davey enables him and lives in a land of denial. Where I am from, Davey's the kind of guy who walks into a room and everyone let's out a deep sigh under their breath, only to clear the room.

This case becomes so over the top frustrating because what seems like common sense to you and I, isn't so common sense to others. I can't, for the life of me, understand one person who would justify Davey's behavior leading up to Amanda Blackburn's death. I can't understand why a father, mother, brother, sister, friend would look at Amanda's life and think she actually stood a chance against this lunatic. The signs were blatantly clear and every single person surrounding Amanda, failed Amanda. Davey isn't the only one who should be feeling immense guilt, there is plenty of that to go around.

Louise K said...

Kate -

we are talking about people who are, by default, Primed to Believe

Vulnerable and gullible

The Daveys of the world avoid people like me, like the plague

People like US, should I say

the ones who don't believe the BS or fall for the Personal Charm

I said a while ago I believe Davey to be asexual but sexual in that he uses his physicality to seduce others into listening to him

He is aware he's a good looking man and uses this shamelessly

He charms and seduces the vulnerable of both sexes

NOT SAYING he had sex with them - but the Promise of Sex with Davey would be enough for quite a few gullible folk to think he was the best thing next to sliced bread.

His heavily sexual language shows me, if anything, he is a pedophile.

Some of his writings appear to be Grooming, no less.

Louise K said...

Then there's my Theory 2

That Amanda was about to Break Away from the Church entirely and take Weston and Evie with her;

This could conceivably be some sort of bizarre Honor type murder

Lord knows its happened before

YoMa said...

Oops, I've been following the comments as much as I can but missed that suggestion earlier. I guess the idea is old news! I can't take the credit for "testiphony". I saw it used elsewhere.

Kate said...

Louise, what's your take on the rest of the family? Amanda's dad had to have seen some of Davey's past sermons, one would think anyway.

I've heard it said that Daveyboy Blackburn is a good looking man. If you take the tan and muscles away, he's not that good looking, in fact, he's kind of homely. I guess it's all just a matter of taste and maybe I can't see past my disgust for him.

I think Davey swings both ways, hello Ryan McConnell :)

Anonymous said...

switch hitter!

Anonymous said...

I do think it is strange that Amanda would write out a whole story like that in her journal, even down to the name of the bat. She was obviously struggling with the lesson it was trying to teach her. She says help me and then the next page cuts off. Maybe she was praying about something to change or happen and wasn't seeing the results she was praying for. Would be interesting to see the dates on these.

If he wouldn't share these personal entries of hers while she was alive, why would he do so when she is dead? Oh that's right! For his own personal gain.

Louise K said...

Davey is tall and athletic and tanned and (arguably) well educated, with a good head of hair.

That puts him in the top 20% right there.

As far as Amanda's family -

I cant honestly judge BECAUSE I live in a largely Athiest society; when you live in such a heathen land as Australia, anyone who goes to Church is considered Odd and Inexplicable in the first place

People tend not to tell people if they are Christians

For example a guy I knew mentioned he is going to church with his new girlfriend. He had been going since Day 1 (probably been together 6 months now) and he never once mentioned going until I Actually Asked Him what hed done that morning in front of her.

He's slightly embarrassed. He doesn't believe a word of it either but he loves her and she believes, so he's going along with it to make her happy.

I don't even know what church it is, that's how close mouthed they both were about it all.

It's like admitting you're a Nazi or something. Something you don't do in Polite Society lol.

So basically I cant judge Pastor Byars, to me he seems cut from the exact same cloth as his son in law...minus gun waving

but they're both guys on stage with microphones who

1. get paid for telling others what God thinks
2. don't take Q at the end

Juliet said...

Yes, that's how it reads to me, Girasol - I think there's another layer of thought going on there, and that Amanda is afraid, and writing only as much as she 'acceptably' can, in the manner and style she can, in the knowledge that Davey, with his bat, will read it. I agree it's not her real personal diary - either Davey has destroyed it, or she was unable to keep one because of his intrusiveness, or she had it online in My Journal or similar, set to private, where he need never know nor discover it. I tend towards a real physical diary being discovered by Davey, precipitating the need for Amanda to 'give her life' aka as 'be murdered', #forIndy. Maybe the last straw, and he was already thinking that way. It's the weirdness of touring it round the tv interviews, and putting it online, as if he needs to convince people that's her real actual diary, when it isn't, it's a prayer journal - 'don't look there, look here', sort of thing,

Louise K said...

Amanda probably had her real journal online, passworded up the wazoo.

We heard about Daveys PC in its ubiquitous blue bag; but what about Amanda's?

Bobcat said...

This case popped in my head, but it's taken me forever to find it...
Kenneth Z Taylor "In A Child's Name"
Why are there so many dentists who are also killers?

Louise K said...

Dentists are medicos

Certain occupations attract more psychopaths

Folk who want to hold others (life, pain) in their hands

Anonymous said...

I've read that dentists also having the highest drug addiction rates and suicide rates of all docs.

Girasol said...

Hmm interesting idea. Would you expect this theme to run through the whole journal? If not it just seems even more bizarre that he would choose to highlight one passage that (a) was featuring him and (b) might be telegraphing something negative about him. Although as others have repeatedly pointed out, he seems to have no insights and no limits and consistently does the unexpected....

Also I wonder whether Amanda would have even had a "real" journal - I imagine that committing all that reality to paper (or e-paper) would have been too confronting, too stark a disconnect with the front she had to maintain. Of course I have no real idea!

Bobcat said...

OT - Steve Martin "I'm A Dentist"

Louise K said...

If she journalled about God you can bet your hat she journalled about Weston and Davey

Hes only showing us her Pastor Wife Journal

the parts she was required to keep so he could read them and Be Inspired

(she wrote the sermons in other words - or at least, some of them)

A True Helpmate.

Louise K said...

Did Amanda's lap top go missing

If not why not?

Anonymous said...

I would wonder if she kept a personal diary, separate from the one he keeps posting about, if she would even write her exact, real feelings in case DB ever saw it. She would probably want to paint a pretty picture a lot like she does on her instagram account. It looks like their lives were so beautiful and full of love, like people would like to believe their pastor's life is, then you listen to his sermons and their Q&A session and now see how he acts after her death. I doubt she had a personal diary unless DB would never, ever find it.

Anonymous said...

My guess about crazy davey's big lie is that it involves sexual activity, inappropriate, hidden before exposure.

Juliet said...

A blue bag containing a MacBook Pro and two books was taken - it might have been Amanda's laptop and private diaries, which went missing after Amanda was shot and before 'the peeps' arrived. What makes people assume it was Davey's laptop? Is it stated anywhere that it belonged to Davey?

M said...

Lynda - Obviously I was waaaayyyy wrong about that weird tweet re: that price guy.

It wasn't sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Amanda's real private diaries were probably placed in the brown bag (along with Davey's laptop), and have been destroyed.

Juliet said...

Peeps - perps. - auto incorrect

I reckon Amanda would have kept a private diary and written more honestly about her struggles with Davey, and journaled about Weston there - Davey must have had worries about what she would write, which is why he kept reading her journal. At some point early in their relationship he had quite likely come across a real diary, and from thereonin kept tabs, or tried to, about what Amanda might be writing -about him. It's all about him, so his interest in Amanda's journal is because it represents something about him beyond what is written - he didn't and doesn't care about Amanda - he cared very much about her journals. That's what he's showing us, anyway.

Rabbit said...

Not only is it shameful that Davey is exploiting Amanda's prayer journal for his own gain but in the latest tweet he couldn't even bother to show the entire entry. It's like driving down the highway and seeing a billboard - a little info and a phone number.

And he's pushing hard on the t-shirt sales - the proceeds of sales benefits him. Davey said Amanda died to grow his church, then he said that she died for Indianapolis. Did she also die to bring Davey a financial windfall?

Wouldn't it be more likely for Amanda to instead want those funds to go to a worthy cause? Maybe toys for underpriviledged kids for Christmas or Christmas dinner for seniors in Indy. Heck - even to buy a bus to transport church members who can't afford a car to Sunday services.

Amanda's probably choking on her pina colada up in heaven right now.

Anonymous said...

No way she had real private tell-all diaries sitting around the place if DB couldn't be trusted not to be intrusive.

Anonymous said...

*Blue bag

GeekRad said...

The problem is Kate, there is no common sense in the U.S. anymore. The Casey Anthony acquittal convinced me of that. We are raising a nation where everyone is a winner and no one has accountability. I interview a lot of young college graduates and hire many fewer than I interview. It is rare to find one who can think for themself. Read "the dumbing down of America". It is sad but true. We are too lazy a nation to get the facts. I can't speak for the rest of the world but it is a problem in the US. You made a good point, no common sense.

Juliet said...

Amanda could have kept a diary safely online so long as she cleared her history and cache - or she may have had a hidden corner for a physical diary - online would have been safer. Let's hope LE have found it and can get access to it, if there is one. I would be tearing that house apart in the hope of locating a diary if I were LE, and would have the online forensic investigators busy, too. If there was one, Davey has probably destroyed it - duct tape and a gun to the head might yield all types of information, not only PINS. 'Would you Rather?' - well, it was his idea, he can't expect people not to think of possibilities surrounding that, and duct tape, and a gun, and a sleeping baby.

Kathead said...

Can liars change? If yes, does what type of liar they are matter (rare liar that fabricates reality or liar by withholding info)?

Kate said...

GeekRad, I agree with you 100%, we are surrounded by it daily.

According to Daveyboy, both PN and Amanda received weekly report cards regarding his behavior online. He admitted there were apps to get around this. He appears to be quite net savvy. Law enforcement could look at those reports, but I'm sure Davey found a way around it. He spent a lot of time at Starbucks, how easy would it be to trace all of his activity through their ip? He was also on the road a lot, there would be so much leg work involved in tracking down all his internet activity and phone usage.

Davey was the mastermind behind all of this. There just cannot be that many coincidences and conveniences afforded in a case like this. Just my op.

Al said...

I wonder how long CD sulked and refused to speak to his parents, after they got him the wrong baseball bat for Christmas.

Al said...

OT - Lynda,

VD Kunz DID make a 911 call. Part of it can be heard on Jessica's 911 call. Also, Dispatch asks Jessica " is your husband calling too?"

i hope LE is continuing to investigate Little DeOrr's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Al @ 8:06 pm good question! I'm guessing DB just recently started talking to his parents?!

Per the #forindy tees: 450 were printed in time for Amanda's memorial service:


Yet, I see that the current campaign, as mentioned, runs out in about 22 1/2 hours, and then shirts will be printed to order:


I feel sick.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and, "All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go directly to Amanda's husband Davey and their 15-month-old son Weston as they try to move forward through this time."

All PROCEEDS go to DB; not profits.

(Gag me.)


Trigger said...

Well done, Peter!

M said...

I don't know if I can stomach listening to the whole thing, but I'm 28 seconds into the sermon DB preached at PB's church on 12/7/14 and he's already smacked his lips. lol

It's the pivotal sermon when the dry bones started to come back to life.

M said...

oh - 1:53 - he mentions a 'fire in your bones' :)

Anonymous said...

Kate said at 6:03pm
"I think Davey swings both ways, hello Ryan McConnell :)"

I think so too - I posted this on the previous thread earlier today, curious what you guys think of it.

"Maybe it's reaching, but I am also still bothered by neighborhood watch captain Ryan's statement - video link here -


He says -
"We've heard alot about the evidence. . . and it looks like it's going to be a very firm, solid case . . .

then says "we've been wrapped up in this for so long. . . it's been hard for us to really process things at times. ..but we're happy, this is the start - of a whole 'nother chapter (pause) for us."

So my thought - Ryan says "we've been wrapped up in this thing for so long" - this interview was posted November 23rd, just thirteen days after Amanda's murder happened - that's really not SO LONG. . . was it long time to be wrapped up in planning something or maybe being aware of something going to happen? And who was wrapped up - the neighborhood ? for thirteen days?

and "this is the start - of a whole 'nother chapter (pause) for us --- who is US? If one of my neighbors was killed, I wouldn't be thinking that the neighborhood was entering a whole 'nother chapter just because there had been arrests - it would take a really long time to feel safe again and I wouldn't be ready to rest easily so quickly. And I still wonder who "us" is - is he that bonded to the neighborhood.

I've read in previous comments that Ryan has been on some of your radar as well and I'm curious this morning after seeing this video again."


So what ! ? Do you guys think Ryan is involved in this? It would be very nice to be the neighborhood watch captain, probably trusted with passwords and alarm codes and everything else - who would think he *would* be involved. Ryan's sweater in the above-linked video matches (or is the same type and collar of) the one Davey was wearing when he hijacked Phil Blackburn's congregation that day.


Sus said...

My guess is that the first book we will see published by DB will be "Amanda's Journal".

The interview DB did not have the journal with him to read from was the one where he sat next to his father-in-law. That tells me he knows it is intrusive and disrespectful, and can stop himself when he chooses.

DB said Amanda did not like when he read them. That means 1. she told him that when she was alive. 2. He read them anyway. 3. He is not respecting her wishes,even in death.

My grandma kept a journal from the time she was a little girl to a few days before she died. They covered 1908 to 1991. The granddaughters wanted to go through them, but my grandma had asked my mom to burn them. My mom burned them. I keep thinking about this. My grandma trusted my mom to do that for her even after her death, and my mom honored her request. None of it written down. None of it in a will. Just love and trust.

DB has not said he loved his wife, and he is not showing it by sharing her private words.

M said...

He rambles and rambles...I'm just about at my limit and I'm only 5:38 in.

M said...

Using plenty of "I" not just 'we' and 'us'.

Anonymous said...

And any more thoughts about Weston being found alone in the house by the investigating detectives - AFTER EMS had taken Amanda to the hospital and we are thinking Davey went with the EMS crew. . .

It would be interesting to ask the EMS crew of Engine 12 if Davey said anything to them about his baby upstairs, not leaving him alone, or whatever.

Was he hoping he had been dispatched as well?

It really doesn't seem as though he would just walk out and leave him upstairs even if he had checked on him first - then again, so much of this is not as it should seem.

I wonder if the grandparents are aware that Weston was left alone that morning for who knows how long?


M said...

"whatever it takes" at about 14 minutes in. I don't want to take any more time to listen right now. Maybe one of you transcribers will work your magic!

Bobcat said...


I'd be very interested to hear Peter's analysis of Ryan McConnell's statement!

Anonymous said...

OT- Supposedly Isaac Reinwand reset his phone to factory defaults after Deorr Kunz went missing. That's just as suspicious as Jessica turning her phone off.

Anonymous said...

M, I think it has been transcribed and is floating around somewhere on one of these SA threads !


Sus said...

I'm sorry if this was brought up on the other post with over 1000 comments. I haven't had time to read them.

Does anyone else find the illustration that DB used, that Amanda quoted in her journal, utterly stupid??

Of course, DB would pick out a page that he thinks shows his brilliance. I don't think it does.

I think it shows:
1. DB's father is an ass. He couldn't get the bat his son wanted. He had to show he knows more.
2. Supposedly no one else knew about this miracle Rawlings bat? Then how did his father know? They all couldn't research like his father? What a bunch of BS.
3. No bat makes you a batter. More BS. And more narcissistic thinking. The best possessions build him up.
4. I doubt God cares about his batting average. His father isn't God. It's a poor analogy.
5. I bet DB was a dickhead to be on a team with. "Look at my new up and coming bat. You guys don't have one." Lol

Anonymous said...

I am still not sure that Amanda wrote all of these posts Davey is sharing. . . especially the one about the bat. She is talking to God in these journals, yes? Seems like she could've/would've said something like "when Davey got that bat for Christmas" and not explained the whole thing. . .

Also the one where she says she knows God is the author of "this story" - how did she know she was going to have a STORY !


Sus said...

What that bat story shows is...
Davey wrote it and he's a feaking idiot.


Amanda was truly bedazzled by him and knew nothing about baseball.

I'm thinking the latter. You can't see clearly when you are in "the narcissistic fog." They can make the most senseless things sound sensible.

I've been there.

GeekRad said...

Kate I agree. I am so sorry we are a bunch of dumb A's in this country

Anonymous said...

Like others, I wonder if that was Amanda's decoy journal. Her faith was real, so she could have written honest thoughts to God, but, stroked DB's ego by mentioning his sermons, as she knew he read her journals...and, she probably was intimidated by him and tried to please him.

Gosh, I pray the police found her "real" journal(s), whether hidden in the house or online.

Amanda had been an athlete and played most sports, so, I'm guessing she understood baseball. She was raised to look for the positive, and to search for meaning, so I'm guessing she wrote that journal entry...yet, at some level, always tried to stroke DB's ego.


Al said...

Did anyone read Peter's analysis of Aberoa's 911 call?

I expect Crazy Davey's 911 call will be similar.

There are many similarities between this case and the Raven Aberoa case.

Both "men" arrived home to find their wives fatally injured on the floor.
Both wives were pregnant with their second babies.
In both cases, an infant son was found unharmed in a crib in another room
The "window of opportunity" for the killer was 2.5 hours.
Both men had alibis that include "sportiness" (Raven was at a soccer match)
Neither house showed signs of forced entry.
Both had laptops stolen.
Both had questionable online behavior.
Both gave inaccurate info to 911 (Raven said his wife had been shot. She had, in fact been stabbed.)
Both "men" purport to be highly religious despite overt inappropriate sexuality.
Both indicate they are relying on God to help them move forward.

There are a couple of similarities that we don't know about yet, but I speculate will be discovered in due course.

1) Raven was arrested and jailed, subsequent to his wife's murder for EMBEZZLEMENT.

2) Raven asked for "my Bishop" during the 911 call. I wonder if Davey requested the presence of anyone from the church, during his 911 call. Time will tell.

M said...

flightful - I am sure you are right! As soon as I heard the 'pull my finger' comment I recalled reading it somewhere in the thousands of comments. Ya'll were nice not to tell me to stop posting from that sermon though. Such politeness this evening. : )

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

My personal opinion (if the journal entry is, in fact, Amanda's)- Amanda was mentally associating Davey to the hoped for bat. He appeared to be the man she wanted and once she got him, she was deeply disappointed to find he wasn't at all what she was expecting. I think the sermon gave her hope, in that she was trying to maintain her faith that "God knows what's best for us" and wanted to believe that Davey was the husband God had for her. IMO, that entry speaks to her faith in God that somehow He was going to surprise her and that her "wrong bat" would, in the end, turn out to be better than what she'd asked for.

I totally agree with Kate's post above at 5:55 PM- there's plenty of guilt to go around. Again, just my opinion here, but I believe Davey's family knew full well how Davey could be. In the name of "peace", or perhaps it was "maintaining appearances" or fear as a pastor hiding a disobedient/rebellious/lying son, or they were too afraid to confront the truth about Davey's bent character (or lack of character). Maybe they just were too worn down by continually dealing with their strong-willed son and failed to discipline him.

In our extended family, we have two Davey-like men: one family, one married in. At every family gathering we walk on eggshell with the family guy because the mother carries guilt (son born illegitimate). I've known him 30 years and he can do little wrong. This year, we've been instructed we can't talk about certain subjects because she doesn't want her late-30's son offended (she doesn't want to "lose" him). The in-law guy and his wife have been 23 years estranged, steadfastly refusing any and all attempts to resolves differences and reconcile. Now that he's positioning himself as a "world-wide pastor", he & the wife have begun to "reach out" to her parents. As a Mother and a Christian, the mom desperately wants to believe her daughter has finally come home and the father-in-law (a lay pastor) is impressed with the number of the son-in-law's preaching engagements. Meanwhile, the rest of us roll our eyes and shake our heads and keep our mouths shut.

The unspoken message in both of our extended families is "Appearance is everything." Hence Amanda's mom when she said, "That girl [Amanda] never gave me 5 minutes of trouble." Amanda's dad knew Davey wasn't as charming or squeaky clean as he appeared to be or he wouldn't have pointedly questioned both Amanda and Davey about their conduct after each of their face-to-face dates. Perry Noble knew Davey was too charming and full of himself too. Amanda worked very hard at keeping up appearances. I believe the second pregnancy was the tipping point for Amanda. Many posters above were right; Amanda wouldn't have needed to recount the bat story in it's entirety in her "personal" journal to God. Both she & God would have known the details. Just like the use of "you know" signals an awareness of the the audience/interviewer, Amanda's writing style shows an awareness that Davey will read the entry.

Concerned said...

Sus @ 9:34

Thinking about Amanda's diaries and wondering:
If you know someone is going to read your diary (and we know Davey read hers because he said so on video),
would you write your innermost thoughts and struggles?
If the person who often read your "diary" criticized you and pitched a public fit when you didn't comply with his wishes, wouldn't you just write what would make him happy in your faux diary and save yourself some grief?
I'm betting any real diaries, if they existed, left in the blue bag with the laptop. I would guess ole Davey dropped them in a dumpster with the laptop. He couldn't let anyone find evidence that he was still indulging in his old porn habit, could he? And maybe emails with the babysitter/girlfriend?

Hey, is 1000+ comments a record for SA, Peter?
Boy, does this show how much people really want to out this liar! He's in a category of his own!

Concerned said...

Anon @ 9:44

Great minds run together! Ha!

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

So, 450 T-shirts at $20-$23 each. Davey has the potential to pocket approximately $9000-$10,350 in T-shirt proceeds. Tax free? Hmm.

Girasol said...

I'm not even sure we have to invoke the narcissistic fog, although that may have added to the problem. I think this kind of journaling is fairly typical, the thing to do, within this type of christian subculture - all about earnestly desiring God and seeking his will and submitting to his lordship and blah blah blah. By and large such things are (whether written or spoken) are extremely self-conscious and ever-emoted, and the object lesson is a central feature. In this particular case I don't think it matters at all that this particular lesson featured a bat or baseball. In fact it seems quite innocuous and doesn't go into much detail, other than it was a story told by Davey (in a sermon?) to illustrate a lesson on the importance of relying on the divine plan, and that this seems to have made an impression on Amanda (in, I imagine, much the same way as any other illustration in any other sermon might). The bat story itself rings true to me as a relatively common way a status conscious brat of a teenager might react to disappointment.

I think Juliet's reading of some subtext may have some truth to it, but we would need to see the rest of the journal to be more sure of this. And the fact of his posting it, and it mentioning his name are all a bit off. But the specific incident in question, or the fact that she mentioned it in the way she did...I think not.

Anonymous said...

Her journal is HER personal walk with Christ and is a wonderful,amazing love filled relationship that many commenters will never see. Regardless of what he decides to do with it, in the end, God will have the final say.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:38
I haven't seen a commenter here who had any doubt about Amanda's sweet relationship with our Savior. We have all come to care a great deal about her and wish to see Davey Blackburn stop selling her to anyone with twenty bucks to spare. God will truly have the final say in all of it and for that we are grateful.

Concerned said...

What on earth does this quote mean?

from Twitter
Fake Driscoll Retweeted
"Pumped to speak on legacy with @perrynoble. He suggested our legacy in 5 words is "blah blah blah crying women." LOL

Bobcat said...

Sus 9:24
"I think it shows:
1. DB's father is an ass. He couldn't get the bat his son wanted. He had to show he knows more.
2. Supposedly no one else knew about this miracle Rawlings bat? Then how did his father know? They all couldn't research like his father? What a bunch of BS.
3. No bat makes you a batter. More BS. And more narcissistic thinking. The best possessions build him up.
4. I doubt God cares about his batting average. His father isn't God. It's a poor analogy.
5. I bet DB was a dickhead to be on a team with. "Look at my new up and coming bat. You guys don't have one." Lol"

Since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I won't argue about whether or not DB's father is an ass or not. However, he (father) did have a younger stepbrother Kenneth Murphy who could have given him tips on bats. KM "almost" played professional baseball. http://www.houghton.edu/news-media/recent-news/houghton-honors-rev-ken-murphy-with-pastor-of-the-year-award/77/

Bobcat said...

Concerned 9:56

I'm with you on the diaries. Amanda probably wrote one just for Davey to read.

flower said...

Interesting article Peter.

Some children actually learn to lie from watching their parents lie.
These are the most virulent liars of all.

Not sure if Davey learned to lie from watching his parents of from not being disciplined when he would tell lies.

But one thing is for sure, he is a giant manipulator.

Confused said...

I think Peter has it right. Davey is very exploitative. Selling Amanda t-shirts, essentially profiting from her death.

Have we seen anything parallel to this with a probable killer so shamelessly making money off of items with the deceased as the "brand" name?


My view remains the same that he resembles Ted Bundy more than Scott Peterson.
I wonder if the postings of Amanda's diary entries as well as the Amanda T-shirts represent a kind of "trophy" for him much the same way serial killers will take an item which belonged to their victim to remind them of their "kill".

I think there is an element of that going on, where he is "reliving" the murder each time he posts another one of her entries. At this point, why else would he be doing it?

Very sad, and like I said, I see a lot of similarities between him and Ted Bundy. I would be surprised if he doesn't kill again.

Concerned said...

Does anyone know why Davey's father left the Wesleyan church after a long career (see David Blackburn's LinkedIn page) and is now in a start-up "church" called NEXT in Brevard?
Before this he was with the Wesleyan Church in Brevard (and several other Wesleyan congregations before that).
His new "church" met in a school and now shares space with the Boys/Girls Club.

What is the brother's name and what does he do?

Concerned said...

Confused at 11:38

It's frightening to think that should DB get away with this murder, he will become even more invincible in his mind and may kill in the same way again.
I would not want to be the next woman who refuses to bow to his will and slingshot him to stardom.

Concerned said...

This definition nails Davey Blackburn, doesn't it?!
Let us hope his family members, friends, "church-goers",and neighbors are reading here. They can't help but see DB for what he is if they give up believing he is what he says just because they WANT to believe that.

There is no better manipulator out there than a Narcissist or a Sociopath–especially if they are “covert“. A covert Narcissist/Sociopath will (convincingly) pretend to have the same morals and values as the rest of society, all with the end goal of manipulating us into giving them access to whatever it is that they might want: sex, attention, money, food, clothing, shelter, status, etc. But the reality is that they don’t have the same morals and values as us. They don’t really have morals and values at all–even though they might pretend to. They might even go to great lengths to show the world that they have higher morals and values than the rest of us, by holding some sort of position of authority at their church, volunteering on a regular basis, verbally condemning those who exhibit any kind of morally or ethically questionable behavior, or going to great lengths to make sure that others view them as a wonderful person, friend, coworker, father, neighbor. But after time, those that really know the Narcissist begins to see that there is a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde duality about them–that their words drastically differ from their actions, all the things that they so strongly profess to be against, are the exact things that they are doing. (Bill Cosby, Jim Bakker and Scott Peterson are great examples of this type of behavior.)

In short, Narcissists are nothing more than emotional con artists

Concerned said...

Sorry, I didn't give credit for the quote at 11:50.

Anonymous said...

Perry Noble is Davey's "accountability partner" that received weekly updates to keep Davey from looking at internet porn admitted to having his own addiction to porn but Perry claims his addiction was conquered. http://www.charismanews.com/culture/44518-pastor-almost-quits-ministry-over-porn-addiction-but-jesus-delivered-him

If you can stomach it, take a gander at Noble's blog and Newspring site. Noble remains preoccupied with sex...

Here is just one exampe to get you started. After you watch the opening trailer...er I mean advertisement for Noble's "sermon" series, scroll down. WARNING: NSFW https://newspring.cc/sermons/sex-it-doesnt-have-to-be-grey


Concerned said...

Anon at 11:56
It wouldn't surprise me if PN, DB and all those student "pastors" have shared porn with each other.
Remember Davey making fun of how easy it is to get around those Internet accountability plans?

Rabbit said...

So... the fox watching the henhouse.

Concerned said...

I wonder if Kenneth Wagner's "church" plant success may have been another trigger making Davey angry over Amanda's failure to slingshot him to stardom.
Kenneth announced today that his Delaware branch of the brand is going to 2 identical morning services. That means he has so many buns in the seats, he's on his way to doubling in size. He would have known this for a while and, of course, shared it delightedly with Davey.
Can you imagine how upset Davey would have been to have his roommate blow him out of the water?

Girasol said...

Concerned @ 11.10

It is an account satirizing Driscoll and the like. His new friends include PN,and the writer is suggesting they share a similar obsession with their own reputation and a similar disregard for others, particularly women.

Concerned said...

Add to 12:10
....especially since God is talking directly to Davey.

Bobcat said...

Concerned 11:39

DB's father only has one sister that I have found. The "brother" was actually a younger stepbrother who became related after DB's father was already an adult. Ken Murphy is a stepuncle to Davey, was a baseball player, and is a pastor. http://www.cypresschurch.tv/about.html

Concerned said...

Bobcat at 12:19
So did Davey's father divorce his first wife or did she die?
He has been a minister his whole adult life so I would be surprised if there was a divorce.
(If gang bangers broke in and killed her...Yikes!)

Bobcat said...


DB's father is married to Brenda, his only wife. DB's GRANDfather's first wife Della Ann Norman Blackburn DIED in 1990 at age 53. That's why I'm curious as to whether her death was natural (due to health) or not. He remarried Martha Murphy (her first husband also died) and her sons are Davey's stepuncles.
I'm tempted to order a copy of the death certificate but it will cost over $30.

Concerned said...

The brother I was wondering about was Davey's brother.
Am I remembering wrong that he has a younger brother?

Bobcat said...

Oh, sorry to go off on a tangent. Yes, there is a younger brother Jonathan aka Jono.

Concerned said...

Thanks, Bobcat.
What does he do and where is he?

Bobcat said...

You can find him on facebook - he's friended with Davey.
I'm out for tonight.

Ali said...

CD has lots of super parables, featuring him and baseball, to share!

Who could forget the enlightening "see it through to the end" parable about how some team was losing baseball, and Amanda forced him to go home before the end of the game?

As he was leaving, he had a thought. What if his team had a sudden turnaround and they actually won? Wouldn't he be annoyed?

Well they did, and he was! I bet Amanda heard about that for a while! (Maybe she journaled about it and what she learned from it)

The moral of the story is clear.

Davey is an insufferable twat.

PS. I did not make this up. It's in one of his interminable video yaps.

mom2many said...

I finally watched the worship as weapon sermon video. In addition to the shocking telegraphing that has been discussed before, I learned that Davey's god is an insufferable know-it-all who likes to say "I told you so." Man so loves to recreate God in his own image.

Concerned said...

Reading this comment from the sheriff in Mark Seviers' case gives me hope that the wheels are turning in Davey's.

In the interview, Sheriff Scott said, "We have additional information to look through. We have additional evidence to work through and of course, Nancy, as a long time prosecutor, you understand the only thing more critical than making an arrest is making the arrest appropriately as such that it stands through the trials of court."

Al said...

Would love 2 see little pieces of Davey all over the country.#binliners

Juliet said...

Lol. #harshthat ^^^

Davey wanting little pieces of Amanda all over the country is strangely reminiscent of this:

'And when he was come into his house, he took a knife, and laid hold on his concubine, and divided her, together with her bones, into twelve pieces, and sent her into all the coasts of Israel. Judges 19:29 '


I think Davey's a maniac.

Girasol said...

Great call...had the feeling it echoed something disturbing and biblical but couldn't put my finger on it....

John Mc Gowan said...

3rd man charged in crime spree before Amanda Blackburn killing


Anonymous said...

Another great article Peter.

You have given so much of yourself and your time to this sad and profoundly evil murder. All murders are evil, but the murder of Amanda Blackburn exposes the far reaching scamming and greed, the fleecing the flock using blatant sexual fantasies and innuendoes,with gleeful prosperity preaching while 'keeping-the-eyes-closed'in the ministry throughout this country. It speaks volumes that you have put your heart and soul into this case which brings out an emotional reaction in all of us and to you as well; even as a professional, it is bound to have affected you and Heather on a personal level.

It would have to trouble you even worse than it has me, leaving me somewhat depressed not only in the knowledge of Amanda's troublesome marriage to a bullying,
sociopathic, narcissistic, pathological lying fake preacher, directly leading to her gruesome and brutal murder; but also in becoming aware of the ugliness and perversion of God's Holy Word by so many in the ministry. I always suspected there was a non-believing make-believe, money-scamming use of the gospels, claiming to know and serve Jesus when they don't; I just didn't really know how ugly and deep it ran, per'se, now I do. I don't know how any of them can justify leading people when they are not capable, competent or qualified; which is, to mislead them.

For lack of a better word I can only say that it is appalling to me, but actually goes much deeper. It makes me feel so bad and is depressing to me, as well as the realization of how sweet and simple Amandas life as a pastors wife should have been, but now knowing how horrible it was for her living with this man 24/7/365. This girl, trying to serve Jesus and seeking His will in her life, HAD to be walking on eggshells every day of her life and living in fear of her bully threatening husband. She KNEW she was in danger with him, she HAD to know, but kept on trying anyway; just did not know what to do other than keep on trying her best, let him have his way for the sake of hers' and Westons' peace & safety and pray.

You have worked so hard at this; I hope you will see the rewards from your efforts in time to come, one being with Davey Blackburn's arrest for his part in Amanda's murder. I hope that LE in Amanda's precinct is reading here and particularly your articles of statement analysis, as well as the many wonderful posts here where so much research has been done and authenticated, all that makes it easy to discern Davey's deceitful lifestyle and practices, but more particularly his involvement in Amanda's murder.

As for the families, I've given up on them actually ever doing anything in Amanda's behalf, since they haven't and never did in the first place. She really and truly never had anyone by her side who cared how she was living with this devil or who ever came to her aid. She was absolutely at his mercy. I cannot begin to guess why they looked the other way. I just know that she had no one; WHY is the question.

It is unfortunate that LE allowed him to walk off destroying and taking vital evidence with him in the beginning, but there is still enough investigating they can do to bring him to his knees. I just hope they do. If anybody ever did, he needs to be brought to justice and pay for what he did to Amanda and to Christianity, although I do not believe that it will change anything in the false prophet ministry as we now know it, or him being the foaming at the mouth, filthy raging dog that he is; he is already what he is, no going back. IMO, the best we can hope for now is that he pay for Amanda's murder. Again, many thanks, ABB

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Also Peter, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the free professional analytical work you have given us. It is immeasurable. And all for free.

I used to believe that I could get by easily on just using my common sense and could do it successfully, which I did; but I've come to realize that had I applied proven statement analysis to my common sense I could have saved myself approximately 50% of my efforts of always relying on my own common sense.

Now, I look back and realize that I let some things slide that I never would have had I been applying statement analysis. I trusted my good common sense and my own ingenuity and business savvy and experience, and got lucky; I got by without statement analysis but I see now where I could have made it a lot easier on myself.

To this day I can see some things that could have been done differently, should have been and would have been had I ever known about or been applying statement analysis. Mistakes can have far reaching affects in our personal lives as well as in business practices. I have been a blessed and lucky woman. Thank you again Peter, for all you have given us. It truly IS immeasurable. Sincerely, ABB

Anonymous said...

Girasol said...
Concerned @ 11.10

It is an account satirizing Driscoll and the like. His new friends include PN,and the writer is suggesting they share a similar obsession with their own reputation and a similar disregard for others, particularly women.

Perry Noble and Mark Driscoll are not new friends. The two have been friends for years.
Mark Driscoll is speaking at Perry's upcoming Leadership conference. https://perrynoble.com/leadership-conference

Mark Driscoll took Mars Hill, his own $25M church corporation, and ran it into the ground with lies and deception and finally was kicked out of his own church, but not soon enough before Mars Hill had to cease to exist as a result of Driscoll.

But according to Noble, Driscoll is qualified to teach this:

"By attending this conference, you will: transform your perspective on leadership and be equipped to lead in a way that cannot fail"

Will Driscoll be teaching on Result Sourcing your way to the Bestseller list? Intimidating staff? Threatening former members? Stalking critics? Disrespecting women?

Oh wait...


Hope's Food and Family said...

I have debated leaving comments here, simply because I am not trained in SA.
I have decided to leave this comment and hope everyone will forgive if I ramble, or my words are not as eloquent as most!
1. Keep going back to the sermon at Papa Byars church about the "dry bones". I noticed several body language poses by CD and PB. Firstly, the side hug when CD stood to say he was "afraid" to hand out the Bibles, then the lean into whisper in the ear of PB. Then when they walked to the front of the church, CD seemed to "take and talk over" PB service and sermon. (Yes, I watched the whole thing...cringing).

2. The placement of CD and PB hands on the table, when CD began to speak, PB leaned into (or ON TO) the table and braced his hand at the front of the table. Instantly, CD placed his hand VERY close to PB! PB senses the closeness, and moves his hand back still "holding onto the table. CD inches closer, this is done a few times, then I see a "look" on PB face and he leans almost over the back of table and places his hand far away from CD's hand.

3. I am not a body language expert, nor an expert on SA, but it was very ackward to watch that. I am hoping that PB and family are just holding on and keeping CD close to watch over their Grandbaby.

4. 911 calls! Ugh! I wish they would release it already. I am familiar with 911 telecommunicators, I know one and hear stories from her. I have a son that is a FF/Paramedic in a fairly large city. LE rolls on most "injury" calls. LE may or may not roll on Heart attack, distress breathing calls. My son states that if is all in the language and urgency of the call as to when the call is made to roll LE on medical calls.
That used to be the norm in the city my son works, but a new program was put in place in October of this year, that LE roll on EVERY medical call, due to the rising crime rate in the city of which my son lives and works. I know every department is different, so I won't dare say that this is standard LE/Medic protocol.

I journal, I have two. One is a prayer journal, one is my personal and very private journal. I have been married for 27 years, my husband knows everything about me, yet he would NEVER invade my privacy by reading my journals! I am sure he has ideas about what is within the pages, but he respects my privacy as I his.
I would be highly offended if my Brother-in-law, son-in-law etc. we're putting my deceased sisters writings, innermost thoughts on the internet for all the world to see! I would be calling him on it for sure, unless I was asked by LE to let it play out. It would still irk, and hurt me to the core.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Try to listen, but also watch... Watch hand placement, body language. It was almost like CD wanted PB to know he could step into that pulpit and "take over" PB's parishioners! He was showing his authority for sure in my opinion

Hope's Food and Family said...

^^^ this is what is confusing to me. As a parent, I would want to know my child was safe! Where was the child? What protocols are in place when a spouse has to ride with the ambulance to the hospital with a child alone in the home? I know LE was there, but, who would see to the baby's needs? Diaper changes, feeding, etc??

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is really scary about DB, to me that is, is the video in which he opens up his Bible and a verse speaks randomly to him-picking and choosing as it fit his agenda...growing numbers.

Some here are attributing the same grotesque tactics- quoting scripture though rarely ever exhibiting godliness.

Amy Smith said...

He posted more of her journal this morning.

Amy Smith said...

DB tweet: "Through the fire and the flood you will never let me go and my soul will sing, 'You have done great things'" - @elevation_wrshp

lynda said...

So, Alonzo Bull is the one that the thugs were talking to on the phone and the one who told them to go back and pick up Taylor, correct?

Alonzo's wife Donae Mitchell has posted:

Donae Mitchell
December 13 at 4:02pm ·
If you write my boyfriend, ever wrote him, find him attractive, had sex with him, think that you will ever get a chance, please I am begging you I am trying to change my life DO NOT like my pictures comment telling me how pretty I am or how cute my son is. PLEASE! Just unfriend me and do you I'm not with none of that weird ass shit. Thankyou, Good Day 😘
44 people like this.
Tosha Crowe
Tosha Crowe Iktr
1 · December 13 at 4:37pm
Donae Mitchell
Donae Mitchell I'm trying to change aunty. They don't want me to bring the Og's out of retirement!
1 · December 13 at 4:39pm
Tosha Crowe
Tosha Crowe Moms
1 · December 13 at 4:51pm

Og means "Original Gangsta"

Donae Mitchell
December 13 at 1:33pm ·
So blessed to have God loving and God fearing man. We pray together and go to church together to give God praise. We're a far cry from perfect, but God has us and we're trying 🙏🏼
31 people like this.
ShaQuana Shanae
ShaQuana Shanae Amen Baby Girl
1 · December 13 at 1:34pm
Alonzo Duguoise Bull
Alonzo Duguoise Bull 💯


So, Alonzo is definitely up to his ears in the Blackburn case, but they're "trying" to change by praying and going to church. What church would that be? Interesting that a preacher's wife was murdered and peoplle involved are going to church and praying.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Barrett posts a note from Amanda on instagram.

"I don't post this to show you what she thought of me. I post this just to brag on the friend that she was, and the friendship that I constantly feel the void of.."

not too subtle diss of DB in my view....


Statement Analysis Blog said...

He has 'corrected' his statements, but he is not going to stop, ever, exploiting Amanda. The only thing that would hinder him is arrest.

Even the article about people wanting him to stop: he hears directly from 'God'; he is not going to listen to any mere 'human' unless the human holds the purse strings.

SA newb said...

The excitement he is feeling is captured in the picture accompanying this blog entry. His excited joy over the attention he is getting cannot be hidden. He lies, but his presentation leaks the truth.

Can anyone give some insight as to why it took so long for the 3rd suspect involved in the earlier break ins regarding this crime to be arrested, Gordon? Why a month after the crimes and weeks after the other two involved were arrested, what delayed his arrest?

Anonymous said...

She may have been the only inspiration, the only reason the church exists, and the only one focused upon her Lord. If her journal teaches anyone about God, it's more than DB would ever be able to do in a lifetime.

People are focused on his capitalizing on her death. It's heinous, crass, and socially unacceptable according to many people's standards; however, how is it different from those utilizing the death of a child they never knew and trying to ostracize all the family members because some TV personality they assume are Christian promote their form of illegal harassment forcing them to fear for their lives?

Nope. Not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Even the article about people wanting him to stop: he hears directly from 'God'; he is not going to listen to any mere 'human' unless the human holds the purse strings."

They aren't just PEOPLE wanting him to stop. IIRC, they are women. In his mind, divorced, on the prowl, or married and wanting to have sex with him.

Might want to rethink that one. I only counted two. Out of all the people exposed to his rhetoric, that is a minute amount. He's a numbers fella.

Anonymous said...

What I find more than odd are commenters who have previously stated in no uncertain terms they are atheists, yet can pull up scripture to fit their agenda.

Sus said...

SA Newb,
In my view, Gordon is the the confidential informant. He is the one talking. LE was waiting for the DNA and other tests to be completed, to make sure his account is true. Now Gordon is charged with the burglaries leading up to Amanda's murder.

Amy Smith said...

It's not just two. The article only picks 2 who tweeted to use as examples. That's how journalism operates. A news story never combs through all of social media quoting every comment on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I'm such an amateur! But the appearance of a round-about social media connection of DB to gang members, who seem to be friendly with each other.....no matter how remote DB's connection is......would seem to be of utmost relevance and importance. I can't imagine LE would/could not quickly solve that if it exists.

Tania Cadogan said...

Confused said...

I think Peter has it right. Davey is very exploitative. Selling Amanda t-shirts, essentially profiting from her death.

Have we seen anything parallel to this with a probable killer so shamelessly making money off of items with the deceased as the "brand" name?

kate and gerry mccann and their good quality wristbands ( which has caused much amusement to all of us who know they are guilty.

Within days they had a fund up which gave the impression it was a charity (and still does though they do little to dissuade the belief it is a fund not a charity), trademarked varies sayings and sold t shirts, wristbands, luggage tags, wallet cards, car stickers, holiday packs, kate's book and even charged to download posters asking to help find Madeleine at the beginning.

Sus said...

Davey Blackburn tweet
"Jesus is a master surgeon. Though it may be painful, trust his healing scalpel."

This is the tweet that sent me further to the " he is involved" side.

A surgeon removes, or cuts out, diseased tissue. The scalpel does not heal. It cuts out that which is harming us.

DB not only accept Amanda's death. He went further to see a purpose in it. Now he is exploiting her on death.

But, more telling, DB views Amanda as the disease, or problem, that Jesus (a master surgeon) needed to cut out.

Note Jesus is "a" master surgeon, not "the" master surgeon. "A" puts Jesus as one of a collective. Could that be the "we" that DB tends to use? Did DB help Jesus "cut out" Amanda? It's sure sounding like it.

Anonymous said...

Go back and reread...someone posted something about a missing person or possibly deceased and wondered why they weren't having bake sales, T-shirt sales, etc. to raise funds to solve the crime.

Who would want that? Let's try to imagine: print shops, fund raiser orgs that peddle candy bars and the like, and almost any advertising outfit.

Who would not want the police be responsible for solving the crime, providing security to neighborhoods and educating the public? Let's try to imagine:media (old and upstarts), bloggers, people wanting to rehash old unsolved crime and use the assumptions to profile a new crime, vandals that need a reason to promote terror, vandals that hide behind research terminology, cause driven religions, people wanting to promote a cause using religion,political causes that utilize the terror to get people to come around to their way of thinking, perverts,gang members, stalkers,out of country entities, print shops, fund raiser orgs that peddle candy bars and the like, and almost any advertising outfit.

GeekRad said...

Hope, I noticed the body language as well. DB was deliberately invading PB's space and it made PB uncomfortable. Just part of DB's showmanship- my father in law and I are close, we are together in this.

SA newb said...

Thank you Sus @ 10:34
Your view seems possible.
The recent arrest indicates to me that the LE are still investigating, still awaiting various results and still probing the suspects for more info.
I don't think DB is off the hook. His behavior continues to be inappropriate.

mom2many said...

Gordon has been behind bars, too, all this time. He was picked up on a parole violation. Why they are just now getting to charges in the burglaries leading up to Amanda's and her unborn child's murder, I have no idea. But he wasn't walking around free, and I have noticed in other cases that when that is the case sometimes LE drags their feet on updating charges.

I just reviewed the original press conference when they announced charges against Taylor and Watson yesterday, and they also mention that Gordon was picked up on a parole violation.


Sus said...

I hope you are correct. Gordon has been under arrest for parole violations. LE stated his charges would wait until later.

My hope lies on Alonzo Bull's arrest. He was obviously involved. If we knew why he is not arrested right now, we would know what LE is looking at.

Anonymous said...

Bringing this over from the previous thread, curious to know your thoughts on this -

MzOpinion8d said...
Flightfulbird, when it said no one was found in the home except Weston, they just meant no one else was there, not that they FOUND Weston as if he'd been completely forgotten about. I seriously doubt DB was allowed to ride in the ambulance because they didn't know at that time that he wasn't responsible (we still don't know that!) and he couldn't have just left Weston there at the house.

December 16, 2015 at 8:26 AM

flightfulbird said....

Confusing though, because the affidavit should accurately describe the events of that morning.

Just trying to piece it together - this is cut/pasted word for word from the affidavit page 14 - caps mine for emphasis.

Affidavit says "At 8:44 Officers Richard Crosby and Larry Crowe arrived as Medics were carting Amanda Blackburn from the home. Amanda Blackburn had sustained severe head traume. Sergeant T Michael Wilson and Officer Carl Grigsby cleared the residence. NOONE ELSE WAS FOUND IN THE HOME, EXCEPT BLACKBURN'S YEAR OLD SON".

The Engine 12 crew was departing with Amanda when Officers Crosby and Crowe arrived at 8:44am.

Davey was not there at the house when these officers arrived, otherwise it seems they would've interviewed him there and the affidavit would've stated it. Whether he rode in the ambulance or not, he wasn't there when Metro Police arrived at 8:44am. Indeed, if officers had seen Davey accompanying the EMTs carting his wife toward the ambulance, the affidavit would've stated it.

Affidavit states that Sergeant T Michael Wilson and Officer Carl Grigsby cleared the residence.

Noone else was found in the home except for Blackburn's year-old son.

So it does indicate that detectives found Weston in the home, yes? If Weston was not in the home, they wouldn't have said he WAS in the home ! They would've said noone else was found in the home, period.

Nobody else was found, meaning Davey, perpetrators, friends or family - just Weston.

Again, just trying to piece things together this morning.


December 16, 2015 at 11:19 AM

So what does everyone think? And thanks to all of you who write on this board, for the time it takes. Just waking up and looking forward to reading what you wrote while I was asleep.


mom2many said...

Speaking of the press conference video, while this is not entirely statement analysis, I noticed that when reporters questioned (two separate times) the investigator and the prosecutor about ties between the Blackburns/their neighborhood and the gang, both men turned and glanced at someone behind them and to the left off camera. These two times were the only times such hesitancy was shown. Both times resulted in a non-answer. The detective states, "I don't know." The prosecutor states, "I think it is fair to say there is no reason that is the case." To me, the need to turn and glance for reassurance before answering these questions indicate that there is ongoing investigation into Davey Blackburn, and they are not willing or ready to reveal that to the public.

Sus said...

I don't think LE was dragging their feet on this one. The timing suggests DNA came in and it verified Gordon's account...that he was not in the Blackburn home.

If you look carefully at the account given, the words spoken, in the prob cause doc, the CI has to be one of the three arrested. And it has to be Gordon since LE states Taylor and Watson aren't talking.

Gordon says he did not enter the Blackburn home. LE didn't charge him with murder in exchange for his talking. They needed DNA to verify that before his charges, though.

lynda said...

LE has to find a link. Yes, the FB/SM stuff definitely links them together that they perhaps
"know" one another but they have to find something that actually LINKS Davey to the crime, not to just the perps. Phone records, money transfers, notes, texts, etc. If they can't, or if they have just a "circumstantial" case, it will be up to the prosecutors office whether or not they will bring charges. I think LE has probably already gone to the prosecutors office with suspicions and "small" links and the prosecutor has said, "I need more". I only hope they eventually get more. Even someone rolling on DAvey could be iffy. A defense atty. would tear a gangbanger to shreds on the stand. Especially if they received any type of reduction in sentence. I believe the next arrest is going to be Alonzo but if they worked solely on throwaway phones..could be tough.

Peter nailed it when he said "even when people tell him to stop, he doesn't" The longer Davey goes unscathed, the more opportunity to hang himself. He is so arrogant, and has God on his side, that he is becoming omnipotent in his own mind.

mom2many said...

A question for those who are monitoring Perry Noble's communications: Has there been any sign of his support of Davey since the branding meeting?

I had an alternative impression about the purpose of that meeting. I suspect it was not about Noble, et al capitalizing on Amanda's death. Rather, it was about how Noble extricates himself from this morass with the least damage to his 'brand' as possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if and when 7-11, Circle K, or any business where employees are regularly gunned down over a few bucks starts hawking mugs, T-shirts, and wristbands will people start to see the cruelty of this type selling. Why don't they do it? It's bad for business!

lynda said...

It also bugs me that for all his twittering madness, he never posts anything about Weston or even Amanda's dog. Pics, updates, etc. It's either about him or nothing. You would think he would "capitalize" on the fact that he is now a widower father..it would garner more sympathy for him if he posted about WEston and his/their struggles right now.

Does anyone know if Weston is even with him?

CJ said...

Credit to KK for his Instagram link. I followed it and stumbled across this.

A. Bull commenting on the arrest:

"yea smh I love y'all man smh shit s fucked up. I no they ain't on what the media tryna make em out to be."

(What else do you no, Alonzo?)

Rebecca said...

My grandfather, very astute when it came to human nature, used to have a saying that, roughly translated, was, "Who lies will steal, commit arson, and eventually kill people." Chilling words.

Louise K said...

Someone (allegedly) saw Davey and Weston in the local supermarket at 8pm.

Yes I find it odd too.

I found it a sign that his Narcissistic Supply is running SO LOW he has to take his baby to the supermarket when he should be in bed

Considering DB is essentially, unemployed, his sloping through the supermarket with Weston at that hour is

1. utterly irresponsible (DB already told us Weston Needs His 12 Hours A Night)
2. utterly inexplicable - no doubt the chiseled Pastor has an entire team of willing baby sitters/grocery fetchers

But no

DB had to go make a performance with Weston while buying (probably nothing)

This to me is an indication that he is NOT receiving the Glory and Followers he anticipated

If anything everyone has pulled away.

NB: Resonate announced DB was on "hiatus" - this was apparently news to DB

I don't believe he has the support of his own congregation even, personally

Louise K said...

And Yes I agree -

As unlikely as it seems

Davey apparently left Weston alone in the house to go with Amanda in the Ambulance


Who does this?

A man who KNOWS his son is safe and untouched upstairs....?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post the statement Davey makes about leaving town. How do we know he bought a $50,000 SUV?

Louise K said...

If I hear one more "le are dragging their feet" comment I think im going to SCREAM

Some folk have NO IDEA what LE goes through at this level

Likely a good % of those Detectives haven't seen their own family since 10 November

Likely a good % if LE are working flat out, around the clock

And All The Rocket Scientists are all "they've dropped the ball"

I give up

Ive TRIED AND TRIED to explain the sheer magnitude of a case like this

but no

No arrest in a month = lazy LE


Honestly its a frikkin miracle we even HAVE police busting their butts trying to solve stuff like this - they clearly get ZERO support while they do so, nothing but Armchair Detectives Critiquing what Honestly, they know three fifths of FA about.

The more planned a crime is, THE HARDER IT IS TO "SOLVE"

Solving a crime DOES NOT EQUAL knowing who did it

Solving a crime = being able to PROVE who did it

There is a lapse between the two, and its longer than an hour.

Life is not CSI folks.

this could take YEARS depending on how far reaching the planning goes

Louise K said...

Apologies for the Caps but ive really really had it with the CSI crew

If you want to slag of LE go to Websleuths

I have seen zero indication that LE haven't "got" this

INCLUDING the show of LE force at the presser

Including the "you think you're good but youre not"<<<<CLEARLY not speaking to a bunch of dumb caught burglars with all the finesse of sledgehammers

Louise K said...

Tania cadogan -

Madeleine McCann parents who ended up as millionaires.

Louise K said...

Kate McCann also never worked another day in her life.

She's been deregistered as a GP

Never worked a day after her baby "disappeared"

Is this because she

a. doesn't need the $ any more
b. doesn't have any support from her patients or apparently the Royal Institution of Medicine
c. hasn't missed a beat, doesn't give a rats bum


Anonymous said...

copied/pasted from CityData True Crime forum just now - some of it is old news but there is a really interesting question below - plus which we've not heard anything about the gun that was miraculously found on a lawn in the Blackburn neighborhood, yet turned in to a fire house 7 miles (or was it 7 blocks?) away ?!

"Davey's on hiatus, but he continues to post journal entries of his dead wife's diary.

Twitter Users Tell Pastor Davey Blackburn to Stop Posting Dead Wife's Journal Entries

His previous church in South Carolina was in big trouble (and likely is still being run by this Perry Noble character who officiated at Amanda's funeral):

Advance Indiana™: Davey Blackburn Mentor And His Church Have Been At The Center Of Controversy In South Carolina

And Davey had a website up until 2009: the last few entries (I didn't look much beyond that) involved oral sex and a program called "sexed." | whatever it takes . . .

What if he was having sex with one of the guys who killed Amanda?


Video of a vigil held in front of Blackburn home - I don't see Davey - also, police say a gun found nearby was not connected to the case - why would a gun just be lying around? Whose gun was it?"


Louise K said...

....wondering Just Who released the Crime Scene for Carpet Cleaning

wondering if the Carpet Cleaners were called but not allowed in

just because they were there doesn't mean the carpets were cleaned IYKWIM

Louise K said...

Also when I was a very small kid the family got a call from grandma who had managed to chop her own fingers off

I remember clearly the blood on her carpet as we entered the house

I remember nothing else; possibly we drove her to the hospital

But the blood on the carpet was the LAST thing on anyone's minds

For all I know its still there

(it was a patterned carpet)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here is the link to the CityData page - some links missing in my post above



mom2many said...

Louise, not sure if you are talking to me. I have observed that it seems that LE is not quick to process charges on perps already in custody for other reasons. It is no offense against them. It can look surprising on the outside, but there are often good reasons that the public are not privvy to, including the scheduling of hearings, speedy trial requirements, etc. If he is in custody, there is no need to add charges until there is a need, kwim? I don't think Gordon's updated charges have anything to do with DNA coming in, either. Why would it? He was going to get burglary charges all along and if DNA ends up putting him in the house, that can always be added later. I am glad he is finally getting charged. Maybe the ability to hold him on the parole violation was running out.

Louise K said...

flightful - I said from Day One the gun was ALSO staging

DB just went too far

Too many alibis, too much staging - not enough Honest grief

Bloody idiot

Louise K said...


I am speaking specifically of those who accuse LE of Dropping the Ball, Missing the Obvious, Screwing up the Crime Scene.

As I have mentioned before I have worked with and for Police

They NEVER get thanks

Both sides hate them - the side of the Perp they are after tries to discredit them and the General Public thinks an Hour Should Be Enough and LE Are Dropping The Ball

even though we have multitudes of examples of investigations taking MOnths or Years

Drew Peterson for example - same thing - LE dropped the ball!!!!

Right up until they arrested the arsehat

then it was all grudging respect for LE

some of whom had worked thousands of hours on the one freak


Anonymous said...

Very good tweet from James Duncan's page about a guy whose wife was killed - THIS is how you grieve when you lose a wife and have small children -




Louise K said...

Rebecca -

My dad, ditto, also used to have a saying

Something about bibles

its not for these pages but essentially translated to -

Waving a bible>>> whats the other hand doing

Anonymous said...

Copying and pasting the Facebook post by Matt Veinotte in case the link isn't working - it is such a beautiful tribute and is such a direct contrast to the way Davey is acting. Interesting that Davey said they were trying to figure out how to grieve. True grief doesn't have to be sorted out, it happens naturally. There is not a shred of similarity between this guy and Davey Blackburn.

In Memory of Linnea Veinotte
December 12 at 8:05am ·
12 December 2015 - Message from Matt Veinotte:

‘Thank you’ isn’t enough… and when I have time to reflect, I hope to be able to say thank you in a way that truly reflects how thankful I am to everyone over the past six days.

To the RPGF and Assistant Deputy Commissionaire Modeste, the staff at SGU and Steven Babiak, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers who were out looking for my wife; I thank you for everything you did to bring Linnea home!

To Russ Jarman Price and his wife Kitty (people I barely know), words cannot describe how thankful I am. You both remind me so much of Linnea. In my time of need, you drop everything and devote yourself to finding my wife. The Facebook page, the press releases and most important, your support is astounding. It is people like you that give me hope knowing that the world is full of great people like Linnea!

To Sara, Patrick and Heather, Debbie and Numa, John and Jan, Anya and Mark, Jim and Souad; friends have always been the most important part of our decision to live in Grenada! As painful as it is right now, Grenada is in the opinion of Linnea and I, the best place in the world to live and raise a young family. Thank you for everything you have done to add to our lives here in this truly special place.
To Robbie and Kathy; I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have you. Friends should never have to do what you have done for me over the past week…. I appreciate more than anything your honesty, your willingness to always help my family and the unconditional love you have for us. Like it or not, you are our Grenadian Family and I love you!

To my family, I am sorry…
It does not seem real; I am waiting and hoping that I’ll wake up from this 5 days of agony. I’m hurt… lost… angry… empty… and lonely.
It was my job to keep our family safe… and I failed! Now I have to look into the eyes of everyone that knows Linnea, especially our two little boys and find a way keep them safe, to give them love, and provide in a way that only she could do.

Linnea…. Lucas and Isaac are very fortunate… They get to call you “Mommy”! Yet now, at their young ages, they will not get the full benefit of a lifetime with their mommy. The love you have for Lucas and Isaac will never fade. It’s my promise to you - and it’s my commitment to them. It is extremely painful right now because every time I look at them, I see you. Your beautiful smile, the sparkle in your eyes, the kindness in your heart, the gentleness of your touch and the confidence in everything you do. I just want a kiss… to hold you and the boys… to tell you that everything is going to be alright… but I don’t know how.

Linnea has had such an amazing impact on the lives of so many people. She touched people in everything she did. Her love for the world was contagious. She truly made this world a better place…. And without her in it, it won’t be the same…not for her friends, not for her family and especially not for Lucas, Isaac and me!

continued next post -

Anonymous said...

continued from above -

Linnea always said how lucky she was to be surrounded by great people. Her colleagues, her students and most of all her friends, made her who she is! A select few have helped define who she became… her New Denmark friends, her Lunenburg High School friends, her Acadia friends (especially the 4B girls), her UBC friends, her Dalhousie friends and most recently, our family at SGU… I owe you everything as each of you has helped to mold Linnea into the person she is… the person that I love more than life itself. I have had the honour over the last 21 years to call Linnea my girlfriend, my fiancé, my wife, the mother of my children and best of all, my best friend. I am forever grateful to every one of you for touching our lives, especially Linnea’s! Linnea would often say, “’Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all”- Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

The support throughout this difficult time has been incredible! On behalf of our family, thank you!

It is my hope that everyone that reads this and knows of Linn’s love for the world, will share their memories, their stories, their pictures of the time they spent with Linnea. The most important thing to me right now are Lucas and Isaac. In the coming days, months and years, I hope to be able to use this page to remind both of my boys how amazing their mother was and how much she loved the world and everyone in it… especially them!

Goodnight Sweetheart, Sweet Dreams, Love You and Remember….

Just beautiful. So sincere and honest and sweet. Everything Davey should've said but hasn't.


Louise K said...

This is an excellent point flightful

Has Davey thanked LE who (apparently) rescued Weston?

Or EMT who pretty much saved Amanda's life (gosh darn it)?

Or LE who have almost immediately arrested The Shooter and his Buddies?

Nope. Not a Word...

No one exists to Davey but Davey himself

The rest of the world are bit players in the Davey Show

Anonymous said...

the contrast is amazing Louise K - seriously.


mom2many said...

Didn't he thank LE early on, before any arrests were made? I'll have to go back and look.

Kate said...

Davey did thank law enforcement, a few times if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha first reaction of Davey (and Ryan M too) when the arrests were made -


that it wasn't them. . .


Anonymous said...

mom2many, I just remember Davey saying that they had full faith in LE. In other words, he was not afraid when the perpetrators had not been apprehended, and he did not really plea with the public to come forward (until asked, and, even then it was a lame attempt).

Foolsfeedonfolly said...
"My personal opinion (if the journal entry is, in fact, Amanda's)- Amanda was mentally associating Davey to the hoped for bat. He appeared to be the man she wanted and once she got him, she was deeply disappointed to find he wasn't at all what she was expecting. I think the sermon gave her hope, in that she was trying to maintain her faith that "God knows what's best for us" and wanted to believe that Davey was the husband God had for her. IMO, that entry speaks to her faith in God that somehow He was going to surprise her and that her "wrong bat" would, in the end, turn out to be better than what she'd asked for."



Louise K said...

Did he thank EMT for their No Doubt Valiant Attempts to save Amanda and Everett's lives?

Louise K said...

Im mindful of the fact that

whenever someone prominent is arrested for their wife's murder

There is ALWAYS a hidden background of Domestic Violence

The wives are Frightened of their husbands Before They Get Murdered

The most risky time for any wife is when she's newly pregnant

There's something about a pregnancy that sends some men off tap

Perhaps the threat They Will No Longer Be The Most Important

A little girl would've been an absolute delight to Amanda

Not so much Davey perhaps - who sulks over a dented grill for 2 days

I simply cannot believe Amanda didn't confide in SOMEONE; where is her Best Friend?

I'm guessing Amanda had not only one, but a few women she's been friends with since childhood

Why are they so silent?

Because they too are Part of the Prosecutions Case...

I can smell SECRETS

Louise K said...

I think the Bat story was Amanda's Passive Aggressive way of Implying Davey is a sulker and a perfectionist.

Which is what he is.

Ive noticed over and over - the Phenomenon of Absolutely Beautiful Women Inside and Out, putting up with Douches

See: Laci Peterson

The reason this occurs is, bitches like me wont stand for the freaks behavior

Only nice girls get the Murdering Arsehats because only Nice Girls can tolerate them

The nicer the female is the higher chance she's married to a total douche

In my humble life experience

Kate said...

This is the interview where Daveyboy gives law enforcement props https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrWBlMAA0wA

Anonymous said...

The case they are quietly building. . . even when it seems like nothing is happening. They're on it. I hope there is more to this investigation than we ever could've imagined.

And yes please to whoever wrote yesterday that maybe we would get the 911 call for Christmas. I don't think it'll happen because the prosecutor's office said yesterday that it was part of their case - but it's so nice to think about !

"Uh, I just got back from the gym. . . .and. . . "


rosy said...

The whole church went astray, and sadly, Amanda with it. Both of them were led astray by NewSpring.

Today Davey B tweets:
Thanking Jesus for this reminder from Amanda's journal this morning -

Selfie of his hand holding up an undtated page in Amanda's handwriting, her comments on Exodus 9:16, New International Version, "But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

Amanda wrote, "I need this this morning Lord." She had been feeling "downhearted" and "wearisome" about the state of Resonate church.

Take a closer look at this verse that uplifted her, Exodus 9:16.

"I needed to be reassured that you aren't done w/ us. That you will fulfill your promises. And instead of becoming downhearted and wearisome while I wait for you to grow this church, I am going to praise you for the miracles + the life-change that we do get to see each week. Thank you for speaking to me this morning. That was the exact encouragement I needed to keep going. Thank you Father."

Weird! How so? In context, the verse make a dreadful warning to Pharaoh. The Lord has not raised him up to elevate him, he has been left standing for a little while. "For by now I could have stretched out my hand and struck you and your people with a plague that would have wiped you off the earth."

Following verses read: "You still set yourself against my people and will not let them go. Therefore, at this time tomorrow I will send the worst hailstorm that has ever fallen on Egypt, from the day it was founded till now." So it goes through all the plagues that fall on Egypt. The Lord keeps on hardening Pharaoh's heart until the firstborn have been struck down and again until, as the spiritual has it, "Pharaoh's army got drownd-ed in the sea one day."

O Amanda, don't you weep and don't you moan.

Louise K said...

"911 whats your emergency"

"oh hai. My name is Davey Blackburn and I am Lead Pastor at Resonate, Come Along Next Sunday, anyhoo I just hung up from my bff Pastor Kenneth, came in side and whaddaya know? There is my Best Wife @Amandagrace#forIndy lying on the floor but, and I mean but here, its only a tiny knock so you better send am Ambulance Only, she's fallen down the stairs clearly, she's kindof funny looking but who wouldn't be, Nope no Police, thanks, not required - there's been a burglary but nothing was stolen okies? See ya soon!"


Just no

even trying to do a joke one is difficult

He MUSTVE said Amanda has had a fall please send an Ambulance

Mustve instructed the 911 Operater it was merely a household accident

Mustve LIED in other words...minimized the hell out of it...

What, shes unconscious? Is THAT all he said?

mom2many said...

I think it has been edited out of the facebook post, but this article http://www.pulseheadlines.com/police-clues-amanda-blackburns-case/10522/ quotes: Davey Blackburn said on his church’s Facebook page last Friday that he “cannot thank you (the police and the community) enough for the unbelievable outpouring of love that you have shared with my family over the past few days. We are going to have church this Sunday, just like we always do.”

And that was the announcement for Amanda's Celebration/Funeral, a very premature time to thank LE.

Every journal entry Davey has shared seems to hint at uncertainty, worry or fear of the future from Amanda. Also, I don't think she confided in anyone. She had a tweet or status about learning not allowing others into her marriage. I got the impression she had confided in someone about something and it backfired, or that Davey caught on that she was complaining about circumstances and convinced her that their troubles should be kept quiet, between them. I wish I could find it, but I think it's been scrubbed.

Louise K said...

"oh hai. My name is Davey Blackburn Im Lead Pastor at Resonate I live at xyz I just walked in the door and found my wife unconscious! Please send an Ambulance straight away!" *click*

yeah, that sounds more like it

Kate said...

In the clip I posted above, the reporter tells Davey he was reading that the hardest thing for Davey will be picking up the pieces "with your children" and try to live a life without her.

Davey went on to explain they were expecting Evie and have Weston.

Does Davey have a love child out there? I continue having this nagging thought that Davey was in a similar situation as Scott Peterson. Girlfriend on the side, possibly a pregnancy or one that has already arrived. Davey was gone all the time, he admits this. Just what the heck was he doing with all his time? His sermons sure as hell didn't take 40 hours a week to write.

Anonymous said...

DB sharing that journal entry about the bat creeps me out. I think a lot of people including PN and DB thought Amanda was DB's "majic bat" to be a succesful preacher. When DB wasn't able to even get base hits (respectable # of bums in seats), he either decided to continue to use this bat using a different technique or maybe he thinks his "father(god)" has a better majic bat in mind.

Gordon could have been charged with murder because a death occurred during the commission of the crime. I think it's possible he's been offered lesser charges in exchange for information and that Bull being left out on the streets is a srategic move by LE.

Believe me, there is NO WAY that LE was talking to these thugs when they made the statement about not being as good as you think you are. Just snooping around on their instagram accounts, it's obvious these freaks are functioning from the "feed and breed" level of the brain.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys think he was gone before the police arrived?

It seems so from the affidavit, whether he rode along with EMS or not. Seems that they would've questioned him or at least mentioned that he was there if they had seen him there.

And I'm still sorting out whether Weston was upstairs alone when the sargeant and officer cleared the house and said noone else was found in the house except for Blackburn's year old son !

Seriously, if there was nobody else in the house when they swept it, they would've said nobody else was in the house. No exceptions.

small voice. . . right ?


Kate said...

Mom2many, I agree. Davey mentions this in one of his "sermons" and says if women are gossiping and talking among each other about their husbands, that is WRONG. Women shouldn't gripe about their husbands behind their back. When I first heard that, I felt like he was talking directly to Amanda. So, I agree completely with you, he busted her. I don't think Amanda had anyone around her that was truly interested in Amanda's well being. Not the Lord's, not Davey's, not Weston's, but AMANDA'S best interest.

Louise K said...

I think things were at financial screaming point in the Blackburn marriage

Amanda scrimping and saving, Davey spending and Not Providing

Add a new baby in and whaddaya got

A powder keg

Louise K said...


The evidence as its presented implies that yes indeed, Weston was left at home and Police found him in his crib.

Police may have been supposed to find a tiny body.

The kid sent to do a Man's job may have failed, which would explain why he hung around so long - trying to build nerve to kill Weston.

Anonymous said...

If that infant was left home alone then Indiana Child Protective Services would of been notified. So I highly doubt Weston was there by himself while Davey left with the ambulance.

mom2many said...

I am with you on the idea that they were not talking to the burglars with the "not as good as you think you are" line. For one, they sound like idiots when they say, "we will find [what you left behind]. We have found it." They left beer cans and wine bottles at the last house and the swisher sweets or whatever it is. It's no mystery that they left evidence behind! So, yes, they are indicating something else that was overlooked, in an otherwise seemingly meticulously orchestrated crime.

I would like to know if the feds are still involved as they were referenced at the press conference announcing charges on Taylor and Watson.

Louise K said...

So Kate and mom2many

if Davey had busted Amanda talking about him to her friends, it stands to reason Those Friends She Talked To Still Exist.

None of them have spoken out for Amanda

You can bet media tried and at least ONE of them would've been tempted (they pay for stories like this)

The only possible reason (imo) they've been silent - Police have asked them to be quiet = evidence.

Let's not forget this is still one of the biggest stories in the Nation, despite arrests.

Someone would've asked for an Interview from Amanda's BFFs somewhere along the line, or even a comment.

Nada = hopeful sign

Louise K said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If that infant was left home alone then Indiana Child Protective Services would of been notified. So I highly doubt Weston was there by himself while Davey left with the ambulance.

December 16, 2015 at 3:01 PM


by whom, exactly?

If IMPD did it there would be a Media shit storm "grieving Pastor loses son"

Anyway maybe Davey called a neighbor over, who knows.

I sure don't.

Kate said...

Just wanted to add this last thought before I have to go.

Remember, Davey Quackburn couldn't even bring himself to take the mousetraps out of the wrapper to catch the mice that were running around in his home. Daveyboy admits this in a sermon and states he did not want to tackle the mouse problem they were having.

If a grown ass man can't even set a few mousetraps, how is he going to protect his family? So this grown father of one, with another on the way, isn't worried about mice crawling around on his child when he is sleeping. Or the possibility of his child eating some found mouse poop.

So, the lesson for today is, it's okay for Davey to let mice run through his home with their disgusting filth and disease, but let something happen to the grill and you're dead meat.

mom2many said...

Not necessarily. She may not have worked up to sharing anything super sensitive yet. She might have tested waters with minor things to see what the reaction might be. And it didn't go well, so she posted on SM about her mistake.

Louise K said...


lol @ feed and breed

The Biggest Burglar Fail ive read of for a while

They go in, dawdle about, leave, return, stroll, drive and steal, takes them Hours, (fail) they were caught on cam Twice at least, (double or triple fail) then left freakin cigars behind

Raped/failed to Rape a victim, murdered yet failed to murder a victim

Either Beyond Stupid or

Set Up Themselves<<<< oh dear

Anonymous said...

Oh Louise K I totally hope all of your feelings and thoughts are right !

If a neighbor came over, would police have noted that in the affidavit? If a neighbor was with Weston when the house was swept, they wouldn't have said "noone else was found in the house ". . . "except". Something about that statement makes me think they put it in the affidavit intentionally.

Really reaching here, but would it be possible that one of IMPD found Weston alone, assumed that Davey forgot Weston and ran out in his devastated state to go with Amanda (or follow EMS) to hospital, one of IMPD took him to hospital without calling Child Protective Services - because of the situation and more going on at the time to sort out in their minds?

Weston gets to hospital safely with IMPD - Davey and family are grateful. Parents leave kids in hot cars all the time and go in to work and come out and find their child dead, whether they left them intentionally or forgot them.

And none of the family said anything to anyone, Davey admitted he rushed out and forgot him, everyone was concerned for Amanda on life support ?

I agree, I'm thinking perhaps they were supposed to find a body and not a living child.


Anonymous said...

And THAT would be part of a case as well. What if someone talks (eventually) and says they were supposed to dispatch the baby along with Amanda ?!

If Davey mentions his son upstairs to EMS, EMS would go check. If Weston was crying upstairs, EMS would've heard him and I'd like to think at least one of them would've run up and checked on him. If they find Weston dead, that opens a whole new can of worms. I wonder if Davey even went upstairs to check on him.

And I wonder now why Weston wasn't crying, that nobody was aware that there was a baby upstairs - it has been speculated that he was given something to help him sleep and be quiet. Is any of this making sense right now?


Tania Cadogan said...

I watched the perry noble videos on sex.

We all have to do unpleasant things to learn and that was one of mine.

I admit i skipped through all the singy singy stuff and non perry blurb.

He fascinated me, in that it was akin to watching a car crash, horrible to watch and listen to yet i was unable to look away.

I noticed with him, as with cd, lots of lip smacking and clapping.

I could see cd had picked up well the mannerisms of noble, it is all part of the sell.

I had to snort though when he spoke about the resurrection and said noone in the history of the world did what god did (predict his own death and resurrection and pull it off)

Clearly this guy is not at all familiar with modern surgery such as heart transplants where you know you are gonna die ( heart out and you are kept alive artificially) and then resurrected when the new heart is transplanted in and artificial support is taken off.
or those who are injured severely and die and then are brought back to life by highly skilled surgeons and sometimes sheer luck.

He also mentions he has a daughter who desperately wants a man one one day
She is seven

This is scary and concerning.

At seven all they want is dolls,pink and shiny.
No way will they say i desperately want a man one day.

If asked if they have a 'boyfriend' at school, they giggle.

Is this grooming i ask myself?

Sadly i cannot bring myself to say no, he is not grooming or being inappropriate.

You do not discuss sex and sexual relationships and introduce your 7 year old daughter into the sermon in your language.
Cd is a skinny version of pn, they are clones, same language style and habits

I also noticed that noble had both ears pierced and wearing earrings.
I know of very few males that have both ears pierced.
I know of many more that have one ear pierced.

I couldn't get past the vibes of his sexuality, he didn't come across as straight, there was something off with him and it concerns sex.

Louise K said...

There was nearly half an hour between Davey walking in the door and LE being called.

But yes, if the affidavit is correct, it appears that Weston was found alone, by IMPD.

The "burglars" sent a boy in to do a mans job.

The kid who shot Amanda possibly had not shot anyone before; certainly not anyone pregnant who has an extra couple of litres of blood racing through her body.

It would have been beyond messy.

If he was an inexperienced kid, he may have even vomited at the scene and had to clean it up.

He may have been left behind to murder Weston and Failed To Do So.

God Bless him if so.

This tends to fit with the amount of time he spent in there - he apparently disturbed nothing else except Amanda - he could've been trying to work up the nerve to finish the hit.


Lied and said he'd done it.

Davey and everyone else besides was told the Hit was Achieved - yet it wasn't - Davey came in to find Amanda gasping her last on the floor.

Davey didn't even go up the stairs imo - he assumed Weston was murdered too because that's what he'd already been told, also what he Paid For

Weston may be one Lucky Little Boy

Maybe that God Davey uses and abuses so much, stepped in somehow

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