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Examining Motive in Murder of Amanda Blackburn

In every murder, police, prosecutors and jurors like to hear motive. 

Police have, thus far, given us the following motive:

Known gang thievery with opportunistic or confrontational assault. 

The victim was without her clothing, yet we do not know if sexual assault is indicated, or if it was interrupted or if the clothing was a staging of a crime scene.  We know the gang robbed other locals, without violence or murder.  Amanda was shot three times, which indicates intent to kill.  

The motive for a murder is something that is needed.  Here are two possibilities to consider:

I.  Crime of Opportunity 

That is, unplanned murder where the victim was either an intended rape victim and/or she fought her attacker who then killed her.  This is what police have concluded to the media thus far. 

II.  Murder by Husband/Boyfriend For Self Preservation 

This is the statistical odds on favorite in the murder of pregnant women:  the husband  or boyfriend killed her during pregnancy.  If the husband, Davey Blackburn is linked to the gang in any way, police would then need to establish a motive as to why he would want her murdered.  

The following is a speculation based upon the language of Davey Blackburn, Amanda Blackburn, as well as two people most close to him, his mentor, Perry Noble, and his college roommate, Kenneth Wagner, with the backdrop being circumstances of the crime.  

1. Circumstance 

a.  Coincidence 

In public statements, Davey Blackburn stated that his marriage was bad, and that pregnancy made it worse.  Amanda Blackburn had publicly stated that her marriage was bad and that it went bad immediately following the honeymoon, citing Davey's work as the cause, and expressing a consideration of leaving him.  

She complained about him at work and he said that a pastor's wife can help or hinder the work, and her expressed complaint was to take him away from his work and focus him upon herself.  His words revealed an extreme drive to "success"and that success is defined in the number of people in attendance.  

               She and the pregnancy are now gone. 

Two days before her death, he brought a gun to church and used it in a public display. 
Amanda died at the end of a gun. 

He stated that he has sexual temptation at the gym, and was at the gym, on video, when his wife was murdered.  Police "100%" cleared him as the shooter.  

He was on the phone with his friend, which, we are told with emphasis, was every week at the very same time. This is to establish routine and designed to lift suspicion.

We then learn that this particular week, he stayed on the phone as normal routine, but while his wife lay dying, specifically out on the driveway for 40 minutes.  

b.  Sexuality

In public statements, Davey Blackburn asserted his sexuality, specifically, his heterosexual sex drive, and asserted that his wife was inadequately meeting his needs.  

The frequency of his assertion of his own heterosexual drive is such as to appear an obsession including the inappropriate projection of self into messages to young people.   

He does this while choreographing the videos in his appearance including tight fitting shirts to highlight his muscles while walking back and forth.  

Sexual Addiction

He speaks as one who is "addicted" to sex:  incapable of concentrating on dinner until Amanda "gives in" which is the language of addiction as well as de-personalizing of his wife.  This agreement was part of a "negotiated settlement" of intervention to save the marriage. 

To most listeners, he is both obsessed with sex and with success.   His own wording showed more passion about failing to meet  a numerical goal than  his words showed in his wife's murder. 

When his wife was brutally murdered, Blackburn spoke of his career.  

He did not initially mention the unborn child, and he used the murder, repeatedly, to advertise his church. Repeatedly, he showed focus on numbers, including control, telling audience to "invite as many as possible", what to tell media, and how to dress.  

He did not express fear of the unknown killer still on the loose.  

He did not say "I loved Amanda" or "Amanda loved me"; and his language was consistent with anti-social narcissism, along with signs of sexual addiction and control.  

He spoke about being sexually  tempted at the gym.  

He was at the gym when his wife was murdered. 

2.  Langauge of Guilt, Priority and Sex 

Davey Blackburn used the "language of guilt" in his statements about Amanda, and when asked to deny involvement, he refused, instead saying,

"For us, we have nothing to hide."

This language is the language of guilt, and it is to challenge investigators not only to find what he is "hiding" but that the "hiding" involves at least one other person (plural) and it is not Amanda. 

What do we often hear in homicides from guilty subjects?

a.  Distancing language, including incomplete social introductions, "that", failure to use name, and in this case, "the family was devastated" as if he was not in the family.  "Dialoging with Weston..." etc.  

b.  Subtle insulting of the victim --very slight negative statements, even in 'compliments' as if 'passive aggressive' is noted.  This is even in child killer's language where "the baby would not stop crying..." as if to blame the child.  In teens, "you know how hormones work" is to subtly insult the victim.  

What was the "best" thing about Amanda?

He told the nation that the best thing about Amanda was that she did not steal the spot light from him.  

This is directly related to: 

c.  Subtle justification of the crime, as if the victim 'deserved it' or 'did something'.  This is where the human brain seeks to reduce guilt. In his initial statement, Amanda was not said to be in 'heaven', but, he let everyone know:  his career was going forward.  This 'justification' is usually subtle but in this case, he tells us that Amanda died so even "more people would come", and while on national television in the context of talking about murder, he quoted the number of people who "came" or "attended" online:  6500.  Where most men would be close to incapable of speaking and would talk of how much love they have for their wives, he was working the statistics.  Amanda died to help his business. 

d.  Pronouns  

Even parents of small children know what psychologists know: We feel less guilt when we are 'hiding' in a crowd.   He instinctively goes to "we" consistently and repeatedly when it comes to the crime, to Amanda, and even to his own child.

When his mentor and best friend spoke, we learned more.  

Context:  Remembering Amanda in Christian Setting 

This is easily lost in the wording. Christianity's claim is the Resurrection of Christ as central to everything it says and does.  It is the dominant theme of Christian funerals, wakes, and memorials.  Its application is both immediate and plain: remembering the dead before them.  

When both Kenneth Wagner and Perry Noble spoke, a  stated goal was also to speak about Amanda, for she was, after all the victim who had died, and was the one being memorialized. 

                Both spoke mostly about Davey. 

Both spoke about Davey in negative context, while at his wife's  memorial service.  

Both portrayed him negatively, and both portrayed Amanda:

1. As at risk for marrying Davey 
2.  As one to fix whatever was wrong with Davey.

The mentor repeated there times that "crazy" Davey had something wrong with him, while the friend took the side of protecting Amanda; both in humor touched the same theme:  something wrong with Davey, which only a woman could fix, with risk to the woman, herself, noted by Wagner.  

Statement Analysis recognizes that humor may be intended:  we look at the words specifically used in the portrayal of a humorous statement.  Within humor, there is the same 'genesis' of language that is evident when one is not jesting.  You may search on humor in the blog to see examples of how, even comediennes do not suspend "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  Comedy does not negate this principle.  

What could be specifically wrong with Davey that needed a Christian woman to fix?

The mentor "knew" something was wrong with Davey and the female could fix it. Even in hiring Davey, he used distancing language, specifically to tell us that someone else approached him.  This is to be able to blame someone else should something very "wrong" surface about Davey.  


Could it be in the language of Perry Noble that it is homosexuality that is "not right" and needs to be "fixed" by this woman?

This must be seen in context of the subjects (speakers) who's language is examined.  To know their context, what might they believe about homosexuality, itself?

Concerning homosexuality, the Bible Old Testament (Judaism) teaches "thou shalt not" for thousands of years and the New Testament  has been studied for 2,000 years without this topic being in question or challenge.  Those who hold to the Bible as authoritative thus believe that homosexuality is prohibited as sin or transgression in the Bible.  When this became unpopular beginning in the 1960's and 70's, churches were thus faced with:

a.  Continuing to uphold the teaching of the Bible. 

b.  Ignore or Dismiss the teaching of the Bible. 
c.  Change the teaching of the Bible by altering language. 

In Judaism and Christianity,  gay men and women are free to disagree with these two major religions and may choose any other religion, philosophy or ideology they wish to:  There is no compulsion.  There is still something else that must be understood in context to examine this possible motive: 


The Scripture also says that not only was homosexuality something to be repented (turned) from, but specifically mentioned those who had done this very thing:  no longer homosexual.  This means, contextually, if this position is held by Blackburn's mentor and Blackburn's other friend, that "if this is wrong, it can be made right", theory will bring us to Amanda.  

Without certainty, I think Resonate church, as well as the mentor and friend's church, hold to homosexuality as a sin, transgression, or problem, needing remedy, repentance, or "fixing."   If this is accurate,  I now seek to learn if they believed Davey had this "wrong" that needed to be made "right" by a Christian woman.     

It must be understood from the context of the subject.  

Why did Davey Blackburn need to repeatedly assert that he has a very strong heterosexual drive unsatisfied by Amanda?

Listen to the language chosen by the mentor:

A.   "I, uh I first met Davey when he attended college. He attended Southern Wesleyan University which is close to the church where I pastor. And uh it was “Crazy Davey”, that’s kinda’ how I, um, referred to him in my mind, I don’t know if that’s proper or not 

B.  "I remember thinking about Davey, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, um, I remember thinking about Davey, um, s–, something’s not right with that boy. I know I’m supposed to say nice things but I, I like I said something’s not right. I thought it might be because he was an Alabama fan, um, and we still haven’t got that worked out, so there’s a matter of prayer that we’re going to have to take to the Lord, but I was like, something’s not right.

Note the need for emphasis in repetition (sensitivity) and the refutation of saying "nice things", with "but."  

C.  Then, we have the mentor's words about Davey which cause us to ask:

 What topic is raised by the mentor in his words?

Because  I’m like, Davey, um, Davey’s the kind of guy that I didn’t like when I was in school ‘cuz he’s beautiful. He’s a beautiful man, and if you’re a man you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like he walks in the room and he’s an athlete, and he’s chiseled, and he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful

When in school, there was a "kind of guy" (not "person") that he did not like and it was "because" of something specific:

"He's beautiful." In this short section, he said that Davey Blackburn was "beautiful" three times.
First, he is "beautiful"
Then, he is a "Beautiful man", with the introduction of gender specific "man"
Then he is, again, "Beautiful"    

This sounds like a female romantic description of a man, or a man's description of a female, including specific attributes included.  

Note the repetition  of "beautiful" and he goes into specifics:

a.  the way he walks into a room
b.  he is athletic 
c.  he is chiseled
d.  his smile
e.  his dimple
f.  he is beautiful again. 

Q.  Who introduced the physical beauty of Davey Blackburn?

A.  Perry Noble

Q.  Under what setting did Perry Noble introduce the physical beauty of Davey Blackburn?

A.  In a service to remember Amanda.  This is critical.  

Q.  What does Davey Blackburn's beauty have to do with Amanda's death?

Principle: When one avoids a question, by answering a question with a question, changing the topic, or refusing to answer, the question, itself, is "sensitive" to the subject.  This sermon began with a question: Isn't Amanda's life worthy to celebrate? 

In posing the question, we wait for him to answer with specific details about Amanda's life, showing it worthy of 'remembrance.'

Instead, he gave no specifics about Amanda, but many about Davey. 

This is Statement Analysis principle:  it is not only "unexpected", but it is an avoidance of answering the question, he himself, posed, about remembering Amanda.

It is "outside the boundary of the question" about Amanda, meaning that it is very important to the subject.  

Objection:  Are you implying that Perry Noble is sexually attracted to Davey Blackburn?

Answer:  No. In fact, I see the opposite.   It is to assert that while speaking of Amanda Blackburn's life, at Amanda Blackburn's memorial service, the topic on his mind is Davey's sexuality.  

Perry is not signaling that he, Perry is gay, which is why, in this description he feels the need for support and understanding by men when he says, "if you're a man...."

If Perry were gay, he would not have the need to support his statement.  A gay man would say another man is "beautiful" without the need for 'understanding. '

This topic, that is, physical beauty, is introduced not by "internet trolls" but by the mentor himself.  It was on the mentor's mind and the mentor causes the audience to consider the murder' victim's husband's physical beauty. He is thinking of Davey and sex, while he is attending to Amanda's death service.  

The expectation for a Christian memorial service:

1.  The Resurrection of Christ.  
2.  Specific attributes of Amanda to be 'remembered'
3.  Peripheral details:  prayer for the killers to be caught, others safety, and prayer for the victim's family. 

It is the last place you would expect such 'romantic' or 'sexual' detailed language to enter unless it is on the subject's mind.  

 Why is this on his mind? and...Why now?  Why here? 

 Please note the sentence, "if you're a man you know exactly what I am talking about" is not something a gay man would need to say.  Perry is not gay.  But sexuality is in his language because it is on his mind at Amanda's funeral. 

Objection:  This could be because, perhaps he worried that Davey was having an affair with a woman.

Answer:  It is a fair objection.  To this, however, I add that Davey's need to assert his sex drive, over and over, at age 30, might be related to what was "wrong" with him, that Noble knew.  An affair would be wrong "now", but Noble and Wagnor both refer to him years ago, in the negative context.  

Perry has told us:

1.  Something is very wrong with Davey. 
2.  Amanda can fix it. 
3.  Davey's sexuality in appearance is on his mind at Amanda's death remembrance service. 

This is his sequence.  This is being viewed in light of all that Davey himself revealed in his videos.  

It is that Davey Blackburn has a very strong need to communicate that he has a strong sex drive for a woman, even as he insults and humiliates his Christian wife. It is this important to him.  

Question:  Who might need to portray his heterosexual sex drive?

Answer:   Not a gay man comfortable with his sexuality, but a man who is struggling with his sexuality. 

The need to repeatedly tell his audience that he has a strong heterosexual sex drive for a female as projection may give us insight into something that his friend and mentor found very "wrong" that needs fixing. It may even be what is behind the tragedy of high school and the inappropriateness of college. 

Gay men often report a high level of sexual addiction and a love of gyms. They seek professional intervention for the addiction, and, like many others, battle a myriad of health issues at the gym with the 'healthy addiction' of exercising.  

Regular workout becomes addictive for all, but "gym" is specifically in the language of Blackburn both his location during the murder, and the place of his sexual "temptation."

Davey Blackburn has a strong need to show that he desires women and must have sex.  
He dresses in a way as to draw attention to himself.  
He portrays Amanda, sexually, as in the negative; not satisfying him, while depersonalizing her. 

His mentor said something was wrong and he needed fixing and fixing was in the form of a woman.  

In a Christian college, he lost two full letter grades for "an inappropriate remark" though he did not disclose:  

What would be so inappropriate as a single "remark" to cause a professor to knock two full letter grades?

In high school, he professed to have a specific reputation but told a single "lie" that caused his teachers, the rest of the faculty, his coaches, his parents and even his peers to abandon him.  

Is it the lie connected to sexuality?

Whatever it was, he stopped going to school there and his family picked up and moved to another city, with his father now changing churches. 

He did not disclose it and did not show any sympathy for parents, faculty, coaches or teachers:  only for himself.  


If Davey Blackburn is somehow connected to the killers, was it because Amanda was going to destroy his ministry by either leaving him, and/or "outing" him?

If Amanda leaves him;  he loses his ministry. 

If he is exposed as homosexual or bi-sexual and the church holds to this teaching in Scripture, he loses his ministry. 

If Amanda threatened his ministry, she would have to be silenced. 

Police are well aware of the coincidental nature of the case as well as all the public statements made.   

They will see if anyone connected to the three in custody has had  contact with Blackburn.

All persons posses the legal status of presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law, including the three under arrest. 



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Mdkd6262 said...


Its from a DB tweet from 10/14 where he has pic of him writing the "worship as a weapon" sermon where he brandishes the gun.

Anonymous said...

To clarify...when I wrote "it's possible", I meant it's slightly possible. I don't know where the swishers were found in relation to his line of sight. And yes, if he is involved, your reasoning is right on. He would definitely point it out to prove someone else was there.
As I think more about it...and again...hard situation to judge your own reaction unless you've been in it...I lean more towards being in a state of panic. Not noticing anything but my loved one in distress and focusing on getting help.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have told police. But the police need evidence of the connection.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have but the police need to gather evidence to prove what they say.

Anonymous said...

While the rest of the world is wrapped up in California, I am completely oblivious to everything outside of this case. Not including my family, work, obvious stuff, but the minute I can check for any new updates from Peter or anyone posting, I do.

With each passing day I become more and more convinced Davey played a role in all of this and I can't recall a time in my life where I've wanted to see someone arrested as much as I do Davey. And he follows a long list of many people (Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson etc.).

Keep up the great analysis Peter, you are spot on.

Anonymous said...

I also find it very interesting and strange that (as far as I recall) nothing has emerged from DB's own family, and no mention (from him, them, or anyone else) of contact with them after the murder. I did find a twitter account of Davey's dad at one point early on, but can't find it again. But I remember thinking how impassive it was, just a few days after...

Anyone have further info on this?

Red Ryder said...

At the CAIR press conference, Syed Farook’s brother-in-law Farhan Khan is present and delivers a statement. “I have no idea why he would he do something like this. I have absolutely no idea. I am in shock myself.” Khan does not answer questions from reporters. Executive Director of CAIR-LA says “We unequivocally condemn the horrific act that happened today.”
Regardless of his shock, the brother in law's statement about having "no idea" rings false. First he has no idea, then he has "absolutely no idea" making his statement doubly sensitive. He knows what motivated the attack in CA, even if he did find it shocking.
I wonder if the attack will end up being identified as workplace violence vs terrorism?

Red Ryder said...

“I just cannot express how sad I am for what happened today,” Farhan Khan, Farook's brother-in-law, said at a press conference Wednesday night. “I am in shock myself.”
Additionally the BIL "just" (minimizing) "cannot express how sad I am". Why can't he?
Knowing some SA changes how I understand the news. I appreciate direct quotes much more than I used to.

BB said...

Prior to Amanda's death, DB's social media posts, at least on Facebook, get almost no engagement. Sure, he gets a few likes, but almost no true interaction. Sane people pick up on his weirdness and flee. He was never going to be successful.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Oscar Pistorius Guilty Of Murdering Reeva Steenkamp, Judge Finds, Overturning Manslaughter Conviction

BB said...

I realize the problem may be mine, but who writes a love letter to Jesus? Who says "I love you" to Jesus? That's super weird to me. The almost-romantic expression of the relationship with God in "her journal" seems insincere, inappropriate and flat out creepy to me. Maybe it isn't what I'm used to, having regularly attended Methodist, nondenominational and Lutheran churches (with exposure first hand to Baptist and Catholic worship styles) but it seems super effed up.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Wife Stands By Colonel Husband Accused of West Point Rape: 'He's Not Capable of That'

The wife of a retired, decorated Army Colonel is coming to his defense after a former West Point classmate accused him of raping her 30 years ago.

Susan Shannon claims she was raped in 1986 by then-fellow cadet Wil Riggins at West Point Military Academy in New York. She said she never told anyone until she wrote about it recently on her blog.

But Riggins' wife, Nancy, is standing by him. She told INSIDE EDITION: “We've discussed this every day. We wake up talking about it and we go to bed talking about it. He is not capable. He would never do that.”

Shannon wrote in her blog: “I need to tell the story about a rape of a soldier. That soldier is me. The man who raped me, Wil Riggins, is now a Colonel in the Army.”

She said when she was a cadet she got drunk at a party and Riggins offered her a lift in his car. She said when she passed out in the car, she was raped.

In keeping with the Cadet Corps' alleged Code of Silence, Shannon said she never reported the alleged attack.

Shannon told INSIDE EDITION: “I remember him getting on top of me and unzipping my coat and him saying ‘This won't take long.’ I was saying like ‘What are you doing?’”

She says she confronted him about the alleged rape.

“I demanded of him, ‘Did you have sex with my unconscious body?’ And he smiled at me with a big smug face and he shook his head, you know he was not sorry, not at all,” she said.

“I thought no-one would believe me,” she continued.

Shannon said she dropped out of West Point soon after but Riggins went on to have an illustrious career in the Army and rose to the rank of Colonel.

He was under consideration to become a Brigadier General when Shannon publicly accused him of rape.

“I did not rape Susan Shannon at West Point at any time,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

“I did not pick Susan Shannon up that night. During our entire junior, first and second year semester, I had no social interaction with Susan Shannon at all,” he continued.

The Army launched an investigation in 2013 and found insufficient evidence to pursue rape charges against Riggins. The investigation effectively destroyed his military career and he retired from the Army.

Riggins has filed a $2 million defamation lawsuit against Shannon.


John Mc Gowan said...


He claimed to remember only speaking with her once, saying: “The only significant disagreement that I ever remember between the two of us was a time when and she yelled very loudly and was complaining that it was so hard to make the grades that were going to get her into medical school. And I made a comment: ‘Well maybe you don't belong at West Point.’”

But Shannon is not backing down from her claim, telling INSIDE EDITION: “I spoke the truth from my heart. I spoke the truth of what I know. I know exactly what happened in that car and so does he. I have the right to my free speech. And every woman who has been raped has a right to her free speech to tell her story.”

John Mc Gowan said...

“I did not rape Susan Shannon at West Point at any time,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

So close to a reliable denial.

A reliable denial must have three components:

1. The pronoun "I"

2. The past tense verb "didn't" or "did not"

3. The allegation specifically addressed.

When words are added to the Reliable Denial, it is no longer a reliable denial and weakens the denial.

Tania Cadogan said...

John mcgowan said...

OT Update:

Oscar Pistorius Guilty Of Murdering Reeva Steenkamp, Judge Finds, Overturning Manslaughter Conviction

December 3, 2015 at 4:29 AM


That's 15 years minimum

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Confused

Amanda wears her watch on her left hand which, if she were left handed would wear it on the right hand.

I'm right handed and i wear my watch on my right wrist.
It also made it easier when i was working, it made it easier when doing checks and note i could see the time as i wrote

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a more David Lynch scene in real life than this!! This is MORE David Lynch than David Lynch!!! Father-in-law and his son-in-law, side-by-side, 19 or 20 days since the murder of their daughter/wife Amanda Blackburn. WHAT is Phil Byars (the father-in-law) THINKING here????

To see the part I'm referring to, go to 1:32:30

Anonymous said...

What I meant about Phil Byars >>> It's his DAUGHTER they are talking about!! His son-in-law (standing next to him) has been widely suspected of being behind the murder of his daughter, a mere 19 days ago!!! How can even be in the presence of that guy??

John Mc Gowan said...

Lol Tania!

Pop the Champagne

Anonymous said...

Davey Blackburn told someone recently "I wish I could rip the face off of evil!"

Interesting choice of words - I'll be he does wish he could! If evil is faceless, makes it much harder to track it down, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot was going on in the home that no one new about. I wouldn't be surprise if Amanda wanted to call it quits and like most couples have another baby to see if it works. In this case I think Davey probably begged Amanda and agreed on another baby for her to stay and play along. Maybe even threaten about Westen. But within the 12 weeks it wasn't working. One thing to mention, if those indeed are Amanda's diary page, she was very much into god too. But once you become a mother things change.

Anonymous said...

God confessed to Davey!

andrew said...

I find it difficult even to look at pictures of DB. There is something in his countenance that is deeply unsettling.

Again, my mind wanders back to the notion of "perfect possession," in which a person has willingly given himself over to demonic evil in exchange for the usual things: money, sex, power, fame, health, protection. This is the one "unpardonable sin" of which Jesus spoke in the Gospels. It is unpardonable because the possessed does not seek and cannot seek pardon. They are fully united with evil. They are "already gone" in a sense.

The coldness, the ease with which he distorts Biblical truth, the absence of human emotion, the apparent obsession with sex/sexuality that some have noted, the Luciferian discipline he shows in his dedication to his "mission," the mental confusion evident in the people around him, these are all extremely troubling to say the least.

I wonder what an authorized Catholic exorcist would say about this case.

I don't say these things to exonerate DB. No one can be possessed without willing it so. The ordinary path is for the demon to enter bit by bit, slowly, over an extended period of time. In cases of perfect possession, however, can be rather abrupt. It is a complete submission of the will to Lucifer in exchange for the things he can give as Prince of This World. Terrifying. I pray for everyone around DB and for DB's eternal soul in the name of Jesus. For protection. For mercy. For healing. For truth.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Don't ever get married to someone who doesn't believe in divorce!

John Mc Gowan said...

DB over compensates with his constant banging on (pun intended) about sex!

Anonymous said...

Second note to self: Don't ever get married to someone whose God kills wives!

Melissa M. said...

@Anon 2:14 AM It was from his Twitter account on October 14 (this one had me very curious too for multiple reasons!)


"My blood is PUMPING already to preach this message in 4 weeks! Sometimes planning way ahead has its downsides 😁 "

I would love to be able to read everything he's scribbled on the page in the photo (the big one in the center, in all caps, circled twice, reads: "HOW DO YOU GET RID OF WORRY?")

Anonymous said...

Sometimes planning way ahead has its downsides.

Anonymous said...

Love your post at 12:10am, SLH. It is so beautiful, and true. Therein lies our hope, and Amanda's, and all those gone before her who were unjustly murdered, and the many who have suffered, living lives of pain and heartbreak caused them at the evil hands and schemes of others.

THIS is our hope, and it's real folks! It's all we have. There WILL be a day of redemption and punishment. There IS an all-seeing eye who is pure and divine, who never looks the other way, who is just and exacts His judgment on the wicked and evil doers, just as he rewards the righteous for their many works of kindness.

Amanda's gruesome death will not go unpunished, nor will her life of heartache caused by her false-prophet monster husband. They will not escape the wrath to come. Amanda rests in peace and will be rewarded for all eternity for her love and devotion to our Lord, and for her kindness to others. ABB

Anonymous said...

What do we worry about? Kids? Boom. Spouse. Boom.

Anonymous said...

DB and his FIL are wearing matching sweaters. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks and Cheesecake Factory. Oh yeah and Ryan's.

Anonymous said...

On DB and cross dressing...

ryan mccrary ‏@ryanmccrary 8 May 2014

I forgot about that time @daveyblackburn got me to wear @AmandaGrace's clothes on stage (@djacris)
1 retweet 5 likes


AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace 27 Aug 2009

@Daveyblackburn you will in no way come close to wearing girl jeans.
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daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 27 Aug 2009

I am sad to say that I'll now be wearing girl jeans like @pudgehuckaby and I'm sure my hot wife would approve!!
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Anonymous said...

Link to the photo. AB let these men wear her clothes? I wonder about this.


Anonymous said...

Andrew, he does bring to mind the case histories in Malachi Martins's "Hostage to the Devil" p1976. Powerful look into demonic possession. I am going to reread my copy.

Anonymous said...

To BB @4:33; it isn't weird at all. I don't recall ever having done this but I've known of a few who have at some point in their lives. It can happen. It depends on ones' level of closeness with Jesus at the time.

Let's look at it this way: If you have a friend living in your home, they are always there, you are aware they are there, you are busy and you don't see that friend but you know they are there; this friend gets into your car and goes with you everywhere you go, is in your room when you go to bed at night and there when you wake up, always waiting to help you; would you give them the silent treatment and never speak to or have a conversation with that friend?

Would you never talk to or confide in this friend, knowing your friend is standing close by; you would ignore your good friend? Of course you wouldn't. The same can apply to writing a letter of love to your friend, just as you might do with another close family member who lives in your home and loves you. Make sense now? ABB

Anonymous said...

Blackburn posted a photograph of Amanda's journal this morning. I read it & immediately apologized to Amanda. It's not right! Amanda wrote to her God, not to anyone else. How dare Blackburn take her journal and publish it for everyone to read. She was a private individual. I know Blackburn thinks publishing her words will inspire others (or at least keep HIM in the spotlight -using Amanda's death AGAIN) but where is the respect for his dead wifes privacy.

Anonymous said...

Here is the rest of the twitter conversation. How this took place in a church I cannot put my mind around.


daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 8 May 2014

@ryanmccrary @AmandaGrace @djacris YES!!! So great!
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AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace 8 May 2014

My leggings were never the same! 😩@ryanmccrary @daveyblackburn @djacris
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Anonymous said...

How it could have gone, if God had asked Davey before the murder, instead of after:

God to Davey: "Is it okay if I kill your wife?"

Davey: "Absolutely not! I like being married with 2 little kids and a congregation of 120. I like comfort."

God: "Oh darn, now I wish I hadn't asked first. Okay, I'll go kill some other pastor's wife."

Anonymous said...

...but God, in His infinite wisdom, knew that Davey would say no, so God decided not to ask first!

lynda said...


Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of MURDER! YAY! Justice for Reeva was a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

Your post Andrew @7:34; IT IS VERY TERRIFYING! I have seen this as it progressed and as the demons tried to posses the soul of another. It is a powerful, powerful struggle. It is so awful it cannot be described. I could try but others might find it hard to believe. It is NOT just a momentary thing, it can be non-ending and is a powerful struggle.

One would almost have to experience this to know it DOES exist and IS horrible. IF the Name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus for covering is not sought, the person can be possessed for all of eternity. There is NO WAY to escape satan and the demons without calling on the Name of Jesus. They are REAL!

Funny you mentioned praying for Davey. It occurred to me last night that I ought to be praying for him, begging for mercy and forgiveness for his soul as I know he is of the devil and the works of the demons. Momentarily, I had a moment of pity and compassion for him, and I could not have given myself this thought to pray for him unless it came from divine guidance, particularly since I DO know and have SEEN the horrible works of the demons. I think we'd better pray, Andrew. ABB

Anonymous said...

God to Himself: "Heh heh, I'll kill her without asking Davey, and then afterwards I'll ask him what he would have said if I had asked him first!"

lynda said...

All this talk and pics of Amanda's journals? This is what worries me that LE is NOT following the links. WHY doesn't LE have her journals?

Carnival Barker said...

Interesting that they didn't take Amanda's cell phone but took the one next to the head of the sleeping victim earlier in the evening. I wonder if there is any communication between that victim's cell and DB.

Anonymous said...

Lynda @8:58; this is because LE did not secure the residence or take anything that might have incriminated Davey at the time. They were only in the house briefly and announced him 100% cleared that same day!

Davey was totally free to walk, talk, take, use and dispose of anything as he saw fit in that house! That in and of itself should be a crime. He was allowed to have the house professionally cleaned the next day, and did!

You believe this shyt? They have not investigated one single shred of evidence that might have incriminated or implicated Davey Blackburn in Amanda's murder. How could they, when they allowed Davey to do and say as he pleased and accepted his word as gospel. They are a shame to LE everywhere, KNOWING that the husband or boyfriend is the first suspect of ANY murdered and pregnant woman.

Peter assures us that Davey IS being investigated by LE, as if he knows this to be a fact, and I want to believe that he knows what he is talking about; but what EXACTLY could they be investigating since they allowed Davey to have, remove, and/or destroy all the evidence?! It makes me sick to think about it. ABB

Anonymous said...

ABB, I hope you are wrong, but I can understand why you say it!

Anonymous said...

Provide the link/source confirming that LE allowed DB remove items at will from a crime scene under investigation and have it "professionally cleaned" the next day.

I'm calling BS on that one.

Misha said...


andrew said...


Yes, I know you are all too familiar with these things. I'm sorry for that, but I also know that you are protected by your faith in Jesus.

As for your moment of pity and compassion, I think you are right that it came from God. It is a reminder that, even if the worst of what we suspect is true, DB is still a human being with a soul. He is in grave danger.

lynda said...

ABB 9:16

Ugh..I have to agree. I thought I remember reading that the "crime scene" guys were there in the beginning, left, and then came back the same evening. So, went thru the scene twice. Are they under law to only remove things that are relevant to what appears happened? I'm saying can they do what is allowed under a search warrant and take anything they want or are they restricted. Yes, the cleaning is very worrisome, the best we can hope for is that they photographed extensively and took samples of EVERYTHING basically.

I also read from an insider that the dog was in the kennel which is a probability. But unless the dog was muzzled, it would have gone crazy barking unless it was kept in garage perhaps? If the kennel story is true, and the cops said the dog was very friendly to them when they came in..that means Davy let the dog wander around crime scene (around Amanda's body sniffing and licking? That's disgusting.

I am not sure any of that is true tho because in the PC, it stated that police contacted DAvey at 9:01 am at the hospital. Remember, only EMT was dispatched, not police. So by the time police got there was Davey gone with the EMT's on way to hospital?

lynda said...

Andrew said. "DB is still a human being with a soul"

Davey sold his soul a long time ago. Everyday is set before you good and evil..CHOOSE. DAvey has chosen his master poorly.

Anonymous said...

Worthwhile article - some stuff about DB associates which was news to me.

Anonymous said...

Annon at 2:08am....

I thought it was quite strange as well... I mean a man that is continuously tweeting after his wife's brutal murder is so strange. But last night I looked at every single picture on her instagram page and concluded she in fact loved to sun bathe every chance she could get. Although I think his tweeting is very very strange, I don't know if I see any harm in that particular tweet. Someone mentioned that she was fair skinned so it didn't make sense, but if you look at her instagram page you will see she loved to tan. I am in no way defending Davey but this was just an observation I made.

Also, if you need a good laugh check out Perry Noble's instagram page, he is one strange character.

ALSO, last night after reading everyone's comments I kept thinking about him leaving the door unlocked. I am a resident of Indianapolis, and I am terrified every single night in my apartment. I can't imagine anyone in Indy leaving a door unlocked ANYWHERE HERE! Even the upscale neighborhoods up north have home invasions ALL THE TIME, so no one here in their right mind would leave a door unlocked. Indianapolis' crime rate is at an all time high and everyone here knows it.

Anonymous said...

You can call BS all you want too, Anon @9:24, but it was announced by LE themselves that first day that Davey Blackburn was 100% cleared in Amanda's murder, and related right here on this blog site that he had the house professionally cleaned the next day. It was of vital importance to him, git'er done, right now, quick; considering that he had a dying and comatose wife plugged in on life support at the time while he laughed and danced around telling jokes with her sister.

LE had a little grainy video of a pants-dragging his butt perp in the neighborhood and a gun found on a neighbors lawn and apparently this is all they needed, saying "you're not as smart as you think you are" signaling they had already solved the case.

NOW, if you want to go back, hunt, search, dig and find links, go for it. I do NOT save links and I'm not about to start doing it now. And even if I did (which I DON'T), I wouldn't spend hours of my time looking for them for someone else.... ANYONE else. If it's really of interest to you, maybe you might want to think about staying on top of the case as it unfolds? ABB

CJ said...

Anon at 9:24,
"A local professional commercial cleaning company had already been called in and had left the home by Wednesday afternoon."

There was also a photo that appeared in the news a few days out showing a van with a security company logo in the Blackburn's driveway, as if a security system was either being checked or installed. I will look for it.

Shannon In CA said...

Everything he does impliedly insults her in some way. Crazy. So he reads a lot (according to idea if it's true) but then later says his wife isn't well read. Two disconnected posts...yet this is clearly another issue in his mind. I bet you anything she did read...prob just not things he thought were "good." I also bet he hardly ever reads. He can go to hell with this line of thinking. I love young adult books and can consume two a day if I can find good ones. But I've also read les miserables, catcher in the rye, etc, etc. but to him, I'd not be well read either. And neither would anyone else most likely. He is so infuriating.

Anonymous said...

The 100% line was not a direct quote from LE it was just Indy media again doing a very unprofessional job with this story as they have from the start. Just yesterday, several news stations were promoting those AB t-shirts for Davey and Resonate.
This isn't surprising as some of the Indy media are MEMBERS of Resonate church.

As far as all of the bizarre things DB is doing on twitter/fb, I suspect he is doing that to troll the people who have been criticizing him to incite a reaction. He is paying attention to these blogs, fb, and twitter pages.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, CJ.

As to security, a little bit late in shutting the barnyard gate after the horse is already out. ABB

Shannon In CA said...

Anon @ 7:28, I was kinda wondering if the people from HS and college are afraid to speak out, either bc they are scared of him or scared of saying anything with how things are in the media right now.

Anonymous said...

@CJ This is heartbreaking. Any evidence was scrubbed away. His laptop is missing. I feel doubtful there is enough evidence now to charge him with anything. It appears he will get away with murder.

As a Christian, this upsets me greatly. In his sermons and in his behavior, he distorts the message and meaning of Christianity. Lord have mercy.


Amy Smith said...

Anonymous 10:01

Streisand Effect

Anonymous said...

Is this true? He called the coroner before she was dead? He started referring to her in the past tense in public statements, before she was dead? He announced her death, before she was dead? He set up the fundraiser in her memory, before she was dead?

Anonymous said...

"Death sentimentalized is not death at all. The goal is to wring your heart out until there is nothing left of it. The goal is to rob you of your humanity so that when your neighbor is thrown in jail or mysteriously disappears or your son is blown to pieces in a distant land, you will smile and move on."

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back, Shannon Duane.

A'hole Davey Blackburn. He likely wouldn't consider me well read either, although I had thousands of books in my personal library of every kind and had read most of them, the others were there for reference; guarantee you thousands more than he ever had or read. But then, I don't need to prove my intellect or worth to anyone, where I've been or what I've accomplished, do you?

When I downsized, disposed of and sold a lotta stuff to move south, I sorted through every last one of my books and kept only those that I had a vital interest in, but mostly those I considered too sacred to toss or that had monetary value.

If I read Amanda correctly, she would have only been reading or keeping those books that were of importance to her. But this became another thorn in Davey's side, piling on more criticism of sweet Amanda, anything to insult her. P'ss on him, what does HE know about the real world, and particularly women? Not a damned thing. He can only glorify himself, and only then by hurting someone else. ABB

mom2many said...

As I was thinking about Perry Noble's "something is wrong with that boy," and what Amanda could do to make it right, I started wondering about possession, too. I'm not sure about the gay explanation. I don't think Amanda's presence would correct for that, either. I am sure PN is well aware of the well-known scandals of other pastors in this realm.

I thought about whether it might be NPD. But Perry himself is likely a narcissist, too, and would a narcissist peg another as 'off' because of that? How would Amanda correct that?

I am leaning toward something wrong with Davey's faith. He tries too hard. He's shallow and immature and tries to appear deep. On the other hand, Amanda appears to have had a sincere and deep faith. Over time, that would presumably deepen Davey's faith. So, that would correct this short-coming. The extreme end of that line of thinking, indeed, would be mistaking a possessed Davey's impersonation of a person of faith for a weak, true faith. Davey's high school lie could have involved dabbling in the occult, in direct opposition to his proselytizing (if the high school Davey was as active that way as college Davey).

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:18,
I'm not surprised. If you look at the Marion County Coroner's facebook page a friend of Amanda questioned the coroner concerning Amanda's date of death. Add in Davey being friends of the media and members of media being members of Resonate church.

Patty Jack
November 12 at 5:02pm
my friend Amanda Blackburn died Wednesday morning not today...
2Like · Comment
Marion County Coroner's Office
Marion County Coroner's Office We are not responsible for what the media reports...sorry. contact the media outlet
Like · Reply · November 12 at 6:10pm
Patty Jack
Patty Jack I did they said u relkeased her dying today. I was there when they pulled the plug...

andrew said...

@Anonymous 10:19

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Canada @10:04. This is very heartbreaking and destructive to Christianity. Sad indeed, even more than we can know. ABB.

andrew said...


Interesting idea about his high school lie involving the occult. That is very possible.

Anonymous said...

That is not a true statement made by Anon @10:19. Not true at all. ABB

Anonymous said...

What the??? That's messed

sha said...

He wanted baby disciplined for blowing raspberries? Seriously? I'm dumbfounded by that. When my babies and grand babies learned to blow raspberries I totally encouraged it and played the raspberry game with them. Now, sure, when they are older and can talk and feed themselves it's not so cute anymore and you can ask them to not do it at dinner....but a baby? Ugh. And you are not teaching a baby or toddler anything by slapping them or pinching them, besides the fact you're a mean person.

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Has this been confirmed? I keep seeing ppl comment about Davey punishing/disciplining his infant but where can I find proof of this?

Anonymous said...

Concerned said: "We waited patiently for a reliable denial and some sense that he is sorry Amanda died."

How do you issue a (reliable) denial when you have not been accused? It would be awkward to issue a denial after the media spread the rumor of your being 100% cleared.

BallBounces said...

Anonymous said…
What I meant about Phil Byars >>> It's his DAUGHTER they are talking about!! His son-in-law (standing next to him) has been widely suspected of being behind the murder of his daughter, a mere 19 days ago!!! How can even be in the presence of that guy??
December 3, 2015 at 6:29 AM

* * *

His son-in-law was cleared as a suspect by the professionals in charge.

Anonymous said...

In re the quoted statement made by anon @10:19, one would have to suffer the heartbreak and grief of losing a close loved before they could make any profound statement such as this, or any other statement pertinent to painful grief. Logically, grief cannot be defined.

Grief does not under any circumstances serve to make one cold and dead inside as it relates to other grievous situations that occur in our lives after grief that is so painful it has torn our heart to shreds and rung us out. It does not happen this way. Actually grief for a loss this severe does not end, it only goes through various stages of attempted repression; that is why I said the statement is not true. It can't be. ABB

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

50 days later, investigation into Brendan Creato's death feeling more like a cold case

Lawyer for child's father calls silence from prosecutor 'increasingly suspicious'

Anonymous said...

This remind me of Jeffrey MacDonald, the Green Beret Doctor, who murdered his pregnant wife and 2 little girls. Davey has the same narcissistic personality as Jeffrey MacDonald. It took a long while for justice to prevail - but it finally did. The similarities are amazing. Justice for Amanda!!!

Anonymous said...

The handwriting in both journal entry looks the same to me. My handwriting is not consistent all of the time and it's possible she wrote the one that looks a little sloppy as if she wrote it in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

That may be true Ball Bounces, all well and good; but at the time Davey was cleared it was not known or even suspected that he could have been involved. LE had no evidence or nothing to the contrary, he had not even been investigated.

Now a lot of issues have surfaced, publically and on this blog site, which makes me wonder too how Amanda's family could be so readily accepting and forgiving of all the crap that IS known concerning their SIL's treatment of their daughter. They are letting this smirking holier-than-thou freak run rough-shod all over the life, death and memory of their daughter!

Guilty in her death or not, this is HORRIBLE what he is doing to the memory of their loved one, while they stand by in acceptance. How could they???! I would want to beat him half to death with my bare hands, and might. ABB

Concerned said...

Re: PN's comment about Amanda correcting what wasn't right about Davey

When you read PN's statement from the funeral, note that the moment he decides Amanda fixes what's not right about Davey is when he sees her walk in.
Not when she has spoken.
Not when she reaches out to people, collecting phone numbers and prayer requests.
It's her very appearance that makes Davey seem less crazy.

What is that all about?
The fact that she's attractive?
Or just the fact that he had a girlfriend?
This may support the comments in the SA about Davey's sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Pistorius to be re-sentenced for murder charges.


Carnival Barker said...

Anon 11:16,
I made the EXACT same comparison a few days ago, including MacDonald's appearance on the talk show circuit when he was smiling and cracking jokes to the point that the host has even did he knew something wasn't quite right with him. That appearance proved to be his undoing because that is when Collette's father-in-law realized that Jeffrey had killed his family and began his decades long crusade to prove it.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:55
Please read Peter Hyatt's first Statement Analysis of Davey.
I think you'll find your answers there.
I am but a novice in SA but Peter has years of study with the masters of this discipline.
In the years I've followed this blog, I haven't seen him proven wrong.

It's surprising that, with all the comments left since last night, you picked that one to question.
I'm not offended, just curious as to why, with all the criticism levied in 12 or so hours, you chose it.

Mdkd6262 said...

DB's "shower-convo with god" routine at his FIL's church gives inspiration for a spin-off reality show...

WIFE SWAP2: The Dry Bones vs The Resonators

Concerned said...

Anon at 11:35
It's so painful to see truth about yourself or someone you have believed in revealed.
But sometimes it's a great relief to confess or to hear the guilty confess.
If I were Davey's friend, I would accompany him to the Indy PD and have him ask for a Lie Detector test.
That wouldn't necessarily clear him but it would go a long way toward quieting the accusers.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Saw that Ezekiel thing coming from a mile away! Oh what a surprise he starts yakkin' about Ezekiel first time he gets back at the pulpit. Said God had just given him the thought a minute ago! Did he forget he compared himself to Ezekiel (God killed his wife, too) several days prior to that moment?

CJ said...

Anon at 10:18,

No, this is NOT true.

The Affadavit for Probable Cause confirms that "At 7:55 on November 11, 2015, Dr. Timothy Allender declared Amanda Blackburn legally dead."

The autopsy was performed at 10:00 am on Nov. 12.

The news reporting was atrocious as to time of death, and if I were Amanda's family I would be furious at the coverage insinuating that the church and family were memorializing her while she was still alive.

The reason for the confusion appears to be the fact that Amanda was an organ donor. Once declared brain dead (at 7:55 on November 11) she WAS legally dead, however her body was kept on a ventilator for several hours until her organs could be removed.

The media initially ran with reports that she had died based on the church's and family announcements, then backpedalled and said that the coroner had reported that she was still on a ventilator and death was imminent.

Some media outlets even went to the extreme of reporting that she was taken off the ventilator, organs were donated, and THEN she was declared legally dead. This is factually, and legally incorrect. A person, by law, MUST be declared dead before organ removal can happen.

The media outlets, the coroner's office, or the hospital, got their facts wrong, and now they are blaming each other for the subsequent misinformation loop.

Anonymous said...

Mdkd6262 @ 11:40, Ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

That Ezekiel thing's been cookin' in his brain for a loonnnnnngggg time, I'd say.

Mdkd6262 said...

At anon11:35

What is derranged is...

selling T-shirts at your murdered wife/child's memorial service

Not shedding one tear over your murdered wife & child

Posting your murdered wife's private journal online

deriving so my pleasure over your murdered wife/child's murder

And using your wife/child's murder as a publicity stunt

Saying that the breath of Amanda was sacrificed to liven up a bunch of dry bones...

Now that's what's derranged....

Anonymous said...

Concerned: I have been thinking about a situation or circumstance/forum where DB could claim innocence where it didn't appear paranoid or unduly defensive. I can't think of one. For example, if George S. Of GMA had said "You realize that people think you are behind your wife's murder, were you?" I would have expected a denial.

But as the media tiptoes around the issue, it gives him no opportunity to refute. I don't really expect him to refute Peter Hyatt; he is not mainstream. The mainstream media is not speculating about DB's involvement. They believe (or are reporting as though they believe) the "100% cleared" rumor. (I personally think LE never said that he was cleared, but instead that a reporter went rogue with a misquote.)

BTW, I think it's very possible that he is behind her murder. But regarding his lack of issuing a reliable denial, I think given a public accusation, he would issue a denial, along the lines of what he has said already "we have nothing to hide." But when he said that, it was not in response to an accusation.

I don't think DB is gay, and the last 12 hours of speculation was not interesting to me and has been a lot of going around in circles from previously discussed stuff. Your comment begged a question I had a response to. :)

And I am dying to hear the 911 call. That would be very interesting.

CJ said...

Perry Noble and his staff, by comparison, supposedly knew Amanda had been killed the day before she was declared dead.

And as to that, I am going to venture a theory, and suggest that Perry Noble got a message on Tuesday that Amanda had been injured, which he immediately filed it away as a prayer request, thinking she had had a fall.

(Check his twitter feed for that Tuesday, nothing about Amanda).

It is on Wednesday that he exits his meeting and is told that Amanda has actually sustained a gunshot wound and been killed.

However, it doesn't look good to stand up at Amanda's celebration and tell folks that he heard news that Amanda had been injured and put it on the back burner for a day.

So he devises the following, and omits one word (in brackets). (Which for me would explain the sensitivity around the repetition of "Tuesday" in the intro):

"And Tuesday, this Tuesday, this past Tuesday, I got a text. And it said pray for, pray for Amanda and pray for Davey, because Davey just found Amanda on the floor and she’s got a head wound. And this is how it’s communicated to me, she’s got a head wound, and, um, they’ve rushed her to the hospital. And for me, in the world that I live in, I’m just gonna’ let you know, I thought, maybe she’s climbed up on the kitchen cabinet and she was trying to get something and she fell and hit her head, um, and that’s serious, and we need to pray. And [WEDNESDAY] I went into a meeting and I stepped out an hour later and somebody said something about a gunshot and I went no no no no no this isn’t a gunshot, this is um, she probably fell in the kitchen, and they had to kind of take me to the side and sit me down and say no no, no no no no no, it’s a, it’s a home invasion, and Amanda has been killed.

Anonymous said...

Only way we are ever going to hear that 911 call is either:

A) A reporter requests it
B) If DB is ever charged

Why? Because the 911 call was reported as a head wound and not indicating a crime occured. As evidenced by only IFD and EMS showing up. Reportedly, IFD and EMS had to contact the polices themselves through dispatch upon entering the scene. If DB is never charged, that call isn't being released.

CJ said...

Anon at 12:02,

AFAIK a private citizen could make a request.

Anonymous said...

Canada @ 8:24

I saw that too about the guys wearing AB's clothes, can't remember where the comment is, but I recollect that DB took her clothes without telling her.

What a twisted thing to do in 'church'.


Anonymous said...

Do the police have to tell us when they decide is "case closed"? I'm very ignorant on how those things work. If they haven't told us "case closed", then doesn't that mean it's an ongoing investigation?

Anonymous said...

During the last press conference, they said the investigation is ongoing. I presume it will continue at least until the prosecution of the two suspects is completed. And perhaps longer.

M said...

ANON @ 11:53

Yes. Read the comment under "Amanda's Story" from 11/24. The comment is on 11/25 at 10:21 and signed "Davey Blackburn"

He didn't speak at his FIL church until 11:29.

It was not something God just spoke to him while he was sitting in the pew. He either wrote that comment or ready that comment - and he does seem to often use other peoples' words withough crediting them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So what I’m learning is that I want all the benefits of a Godly, successful, and disciplined life, but I don’t want to go through the pain, suffering, and hard work that is involved.

Ezekiel had an incredible relationship with God, but he went through a ton of crap in order to be that close with Him (see Ezekiel 3:1-2, 4:4-8, 5:1, 24:15-24). God killed Ezekiel’s wife so that he could feel the pain that Israel was about to endure! I mean, what the heck! God allowed him to literally feel the weight of what He was going to do to the Israelite people.

I want THAT kind of relationship with Jesus, but it scares me to death to think about taking up THIS cross every day in order to be THAT kind of follower of Him.

-Davey Blackburn
November 25, 2015 at 10:21 AM

Anonymous said...

If Davey is watching his Twitter numbers (and I can't imagine that he isn't),
his Likes for sharing Amanda's Journal entry #2 are seriously down from the ones for
Journal entry #1.
Give that girl some peace, Davey, and let her thoughts remain private!
Respect her in death even though you couldn't in life.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:16

From the ID channel:

Some short clips from "The Dick Cavett Show" interview with Jeffery McDonald back in 1970.
Cracking jokes and laughing...

mom2many said...

Concerned @11:26

Have you ever been in the presence of a person of such great faith, you can sense it when they walk in the room? We can't know, unless PN tells us, what it was about Amanda that fixed Davey, but I wouldn't limit the potential explanations to just physical attributes just yet.

Anonymous said...

Re: Ezekiel comment and DB's 'epiphany'

I would think it more likely that DB read it here and then used it as a slap in the face, a kind of catch-me-if-you-can attitude.

I have seen (even personally) 'pastors' i.e. false teachers do this before. It's like something that is hidden in plain sight...either spoken blatantly or subtly implied.

It's the MO of a wold in sheep's clothing.


Anonymous said...

Wolf I meant...


Concerned said...

Mom2many at 12:47
I've known people with faith that blew me away but I could not see it when they walked into the room.
It took hearing their words.

I sure don't doubt that Amanda had a sweet spirit and didn't mean to disparage her.
I was looking at what PN said from an SA standpoint. If he doesn't say it, we can't say it for him.

Confused said...

@ Beckster,

Thank you, I will be checking the journal pages out in depth as soon as I get freed up.

Anonymous said...

Davey says Amanda was not "well-read"......

However from that Twitter pic someone mentioned earlier, apparently he thinks Meg Griffith is.


Anons anonymous friend said...

And just an afterthought .....

If Davey was in the shower and heard God talk to him about his wife, his bride, and Jesus bride, and the answer of "well, that's why I didn't ask you first"...

Why did Davey (if it was Davey) post a comment on this blog in relation to Ezekiel and the story of his wife dying, days beforehand (possibly the 25th? I have to try and find the comment again with his whole name at the bottom)

God must have spoke to him earlier and he forgot.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they release the footage of the Chicago police officer shooting the teenager b/c some regular guy (although I think he was a lawyer) requested that it be released?? Do 911 recordings work the same way? Could we somehow team up to request it??

M said...

Anon at 1:05 - it's just a few posts above yours. I already went back and found it and reposted it.

Confused said...

@ Andrew,

I appreciate your observations about DB possibly being demonically possessed.
It is nothing for anyone to scoff at, as Jesus cast out many a demon, demonic possession is a real thing.

I have known 2 demonically possessed individuals. It is a terrifying thing where the individual masquerades as a "nice" person, a Christian person while committing incredibly evil acts that nooone, except those who are very close to them would ever believe them to be capable.

The look in DB's eye is one RED FLAG he may be demonically possessed.
His mockery of the Christian faith while masquerading as a shepherd.

Those who are demonically possessed can have superhuman strength, awareness of events they are not present at, knowledge of ancient languages, terror of religious symbols. There are more subtle signs in some cases.

It sounds crazy but I wonder if, with Amanda's journal, he was actually writing the entries, and perhaps his handwriting changed as the demon emerged. The "love letter" to Jesus, if written by him could be seen as the ultimate mockery of Christ whereby he sacrificed Amanda in almost like a Satanic ritual offering, thereby mocking her actual love for Jesus. He has said publically that Amanda was so in love with Jesus and now she is with him in Heaven so all is good.

Mdkd6262 said...

New post up by Peter Hyatt!

rosy said...

Someone or last night posted links comparing photos of PB and DB seated for a TV interview. I can't find those links on the timelines. Would you please repost?

DB was wearing blue sweater and tan pants, with legs crossed.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Rosy, I still had those pix up on my tabs - can't take credit for finding them first !

Anonymous said...

Mdkd @ 11:40
Here's the links to the photos that you requested of DB and his FIL.

rosy said...

Anonymous said...

December 3, 2015 at 1:24 PM

Thank you! I searched my history for the TV station, forgot about FB.

Reason I'm interested, check Davey's shoes. One of the first clues I got to s/thing amiss or precarious to do with Davey's position in his and Amanda's religious and social world was, couple of years ago, hearing one of the other younger men laughing and saying, Davey those are gay shoes.

Where Davey goes to the gym, the other men ride Harleys and do Tough Mudder.

lynda said...

CJ @ 11:47 said..
"The reason for the confusion appears to be the fact that Amanda was an organ donor. Once declared brain dead (at 7:55 on November 11) she WAS legally dead, however her body was kept on a ventilator for several hours until her organs could be removed"


Future reference, you cannot be declared legally DEAD until you have no heartbeat for not less than 2 minutes or more than 5. It's the heart that "officiates" a death. Brain dead just means your brain is no longer functioning (In Amandas case it appears it functioned enough for her heart to still beat) People can stay on a vent for years.

M said...

I disagree about his clothing being that of a gay man. Those are hipster clothes.

JMTO said...

No this isn't confirmed.
I wrote a hypothetical comment of what could have happened that Amanda would have turned her back on DB.

Davey posted a picture of a copy of "Baby Wise" - with a caption under saying he "swears by these books!"

Baby wise is a controversial parenting book that teaches parents how to teach their babies to sleep through the night at a few weeks old.
It is the only book the American Academy of Pediatrics deem dangerous and unsafe to infants due to failure to thrive, dehydration, early weaning and attachment disorders.

In the book there is a chapter called "high chair incidents" that tell you what to do to your infant if they blow raspberries or feel the foods in their mouths, which is to forcefully grab their hands, put them alone in their cribs, etc for disobeying (as if a baby can understand that.)

It teaches to put your marriage first and child second and to never let your child come between you, yadayada.

The raspberries are just an example I wrote as a hypothetical what if speculation since they are in the book and he swears by it, one can only assume.

The book is basically the polar opposite of attachment parenting.

Someone posted the link to the pic he posted on here I will see if I find it.

rosy said...

M said...
I disagree about his clothing being that of a gay man. Those are hipster clothes.
December 3, 2015 at 1:55 PM

Indeed, but to my knowledge others around him perceive the style as gay. Instead of calling them on their homophobia, he preaches homophobia to "troubled" youths.

In reward, Mike Pence, and LGBT governor fo the year, attends Amanda's funeral.

Anonymous said...

I am so disturbed by DB. How can the people around him not see how off he is? His affect just screams fakey Mcfakey, freaky fakey. Ugh, guess I need to stop watching the posted links.

rosy said...

M said...
at 1:55 PM

M, he might like to a hipster, maybe a gay hipster maybe bi or hetero. He's cut himself off from that, couldn't find away around to make that choice openly while remaining a Christian. So he invented his own version of Christianity with help from PN's version.

I'm talking about righteous homophobia. If he is gay or has ever felt he might be, turning righteous homophobia on himself amounts to self-hate and turning it on others is cruel and hypocritical. In the traditional evangelical Baptist church world that AB grew up in, "liberals" are deplored and homophobia is treated as natural. Because of their homophobia, they snipe at the slightest indication that he is off their beaten path. What courage it would have taken to say, Gay shoes? So what? These are hip. He didn't say it, but he's stayed true to that style.

M said...

I grew up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church. I don't deplore liberals. I disagree with their politics.

Wasn't he raised in a Wesleyan denomination?

AB's dad is the Baptist preacher.

Either of those would be conservative and hold to a scriptural view of marriage, though.

My point was that one shouldn't read too much into the clothing. (notice my distancing language there - lol)

There are so many other things to find wrong with him. Twisting the word of God to fit his own preferences comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Seems like somebody could have at least praised her organ donation at the "celebration."

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I was a victim of a home invasion that turned into attempted rape and attempted murder (perp tried to suffocate me)- I can promise you AB was most likely scared out of her mind and the likelihood of her charging at someone with a gun pointed at her is non-believable to me. My husband, boyfriend at the time, was an absolute mess and neither one of us could sleep for years without waking up in nightmares, hearing noises, having flashbacks, etc. So for DB to walk around like he owns the place without a moment of fear or devastation for the brutal murder of his wife is unfathomable to me. He's guilty of something. I'm sure.

rosy said...


I'm interested in his motive and need to twist the word of God. His need began before adolescence. Now it's ballooned in delusion.

I know AB's Dad is the Baptist preacher. DB comes from a more liberal background. Through marriage to Amanda, DB put on a stricter "Armor of faith" than he grew up in.

His father is now a pastor in the NEXT church. In 1996 Charles Trueheart writing in The Atlantic said: "the Next Church movement makes many traditional church leaders, and many active Christians, nervous, because it implies a rejection of the tried and the once-true and the somehow holy; it also suggests to many people an unseemly market-driven approach to building the Kingdom of Heaven. But its obvious success in building congregations and communities alike is making many believers out of skeptics."

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
where is Davey's family? Wouldn't at least some part of the family travel to be with Davey and Weston if Davey and Weston could not go to them?
December 1, 2015 at 1:44 AM
Davey's mother, Brenda Blackburn, has built her career in early childhood education. What stands out is achievement and leadership. She's worked as a bank manager, teacher (including math), children's minister, adjunct professor, and currently as Instructor in Early Childhood Education, Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC.

A video she made to introduce herself to her student teachers (?) at Blue Ridge:

rosy said...

The early childhood teacher education don eby Brenda Blackburn, Davey's mother, is accredited by
National Association for the Education of Young Children

A far cry from the baby books Davey touts.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing that video. She seems like a lovely person.


rosy said...

Brenda Blackburn's professional portfolio website.

Several of the links are left unfinished. Click "Introduction" for "My Credentials" and side tabs.

C said...

"Davey Blackburn said he was not going to speak but his father in law told him to,"

I feel that is one smart father-in-law. Now there is a public record of Davey's thoughts and possibly motive for Amanda's death.

rosy said...

Unknown said...

December 3, 2015 at 7:07 PM

What happened to you and your boyfriend, now husband,is horrible. I can can imagine why you did feel the shock for a very long time.

In DB's case I agree with you. The shock of finding one's spouse dying in a pool of blood would shake most people to the core.

Anonymous said...

An interesting read on Christian Pundit, which speculates Davey's possible role(s) in Amanda's death, and MANY more chilling articles about very dysfunctional "Christian" marriages, wifely submission, and abuse. Horror stories. (Sorry if this link has already been posted).


Anonymous said...

I hope LE interviews the professional house cleaners very carefully.

rosy said...

Indy is overwhelmed right now with unsolved murders.

Barbara said...

@Louise K. re DB's teeth: Davey mentioned in one of his sermons that he had had his teeth straightened several times, but there was always one tooth that reverted to being crooked.

To me it's not that noticeable, in fact, I wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

I guess the crookedness of DB is just itching to reveal itself, tooth and all!!

Barbara said...

Anonymous @ 7:10 said...

Well, in other news, it's nice we now know that God asked DB, on the morning of 11/29/15, how DB would have felt if God had asked DB before Amanda's murder, whether or not DB would be willing to allow his wife to be murdered in exchange for the resurrection of God's church, and that DB replied to God: "Absolutely not. There's no way. I'm good. I'm good with being married, and having two little kids and pastoring a church of 120 for the rest of my life. I'm good with comfort." Oh, and the Lord said: "That's why I didn't ask you the question beforehand."

To see the part I'm referring to, go to 1:32:30


Thanks for the link.I watched the video from that time onward. It's the church led by Amanda's father, and Davey gets up and talks. It's very depressing for me to watch this, and to think that this poor woman (Amanda) was the daughter of one and the wife of the other.

All Davey can talk about is how God is going to use Amanda's death for God's glory, to increase the church, to win converts, to win souls, or whatever. (They use euphemisms, so it's not exactly clear what they're anticipating.)

I found it difficult to see Amanda's father standing there smiling the whole time. Davey says he would've said "no" if God asked him beforehand, but even so, he seems to admit that he's glad God is using his own wife's death to further his church. I find this whole video so off-putting. I can detect little grief in either Amanda's husband or father in this moment; it appears to me that Davey is trying to act grief-stricken, but it comes off as shallow to me, anyway. Davey may have grieved in private, but I just don't see it in the public appearances.

Davey does not present well, in LE terms. He is statistically likely to be involved in his pregnant wife's death. That doesn't mean that he's guilty of any involvement, obviously. Of course, any potential suspect should be lawfully investigated, and if appropriate, indicted and prosecuted, and only convicted by a lawful trial before a jury of their peers. Presumption of innocence holds until the point of lawful conviction.

I hope that LE is properly investigating all aspects of this crime. If probable cause merits it, I hope that LE is watching DB's movements and contacts. If probable cause merits it, I hope LE is tapping his phone and investigating him properly (financials, connections to the arrested parties, etc.). If there is no connection to the murder, then a good outcome would be for Davey to go back to his church and resume his life. He strikes me as a narcissist, but most narcissists are not criminals, and it is not a crime if he didn't really love Amanda and/or wants only to use her death to further his church.

May this case be properly investigated, solved, and prosecuted, and may justice be done.

Barbara said...

Confused said: "I find DB's "valley of dry bones", and his congregation who he viewed as "dry bones" being "brought back to life" by the death of Amanda a RED FLAG that he may be a dangerous psychopath whose fantasy life may include having omniscient power to decide life and death for people."

Yes, in the context of his wife's violent murder, all that death imagery is pretty out-there and disturbing. It doesn't mean he's a psychopath, but it bears looking into.

What I find most alarming is this sense of trading one life (Amanda's) for other lives (the church members). The literal nature of it. Rather odd.

Barbara said...

Anonymous said: "I'm just blown away that Davey is suddenly not friends with that Treezy guy on FB anymore."

December 2, 2015 at 9:44 PM


If it matters, FB has records. And many of us probably have screen captures (including me).

Hope's Food and Family said...

What chat are you referring to?

Pak31 said...

@Peter, this was one of you best yet. I'm am now convinced more than ever that DB is guilty. Here. Also to mdkd6262, what a brilliant post earlier. You hit the nail on the head. I agree 100%. Your post was so effective it made the justice for Amanda Facebook page. 😊

Anonymous said...

Ok, I need a catch up on who Treezy, Alonzo and Donate Mitchell. Who are these people in relation to Davey and the case? I had to stop obsessing about this case around Thanksgiving so I could have a life for a minute, so I'm a little behind!!

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