Friday, December 4, 2015

Former Police Officer Fake Hate

We all give ourselves away. 

Here is another 'soft' letter with give away pronouns...He struggles to insult "these" (close) "black" (not n*****) and "people" (not insulting term, "animals", etc)    He did not do a good job hiding his identity, interests, background.  "Black Officers" is even polite. 

"Duty weapon"?  This speaks to his own background.  He revealed himself as black and with a connection to law enforcement.  

Bridgeport Officer Who Reported Racist Letter Wrote It: Police

A former Bridgeport police officer who claimed someone left a racist memo on police letterhead in his mailbox at headquarters in February admitted to writing the letter himself and has been charged with filing a false report, according to police.
Former Officer Clive Higgins reported that he found a racist hate letter in his police mailbox the morning of Monday, Feb. 9 and feared for his life because of it.
The letter, printed on paper marked with the department's official letterhead, started off with "WHITE POWER" and went on to say "Officer Clive Higgins doesn't belong here in this Police Department" and "These Black Officers belong in the toilet."
Authorities Investigate Racist Letter at Bridgeport PDAuthorities Investigate Racist Letter at Bridgeport PD(Published Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015)
A month earlier, Higgins was acquitted in connection with a 2011 police brutality case in which officers were caught on camera beating a suspect at Beardsley Park and shooting him with a stun gun. Two other officers were convicted, but a federal jury found Higgins not guilty.
"He's not getting his gun or his badge back. He didn't even support his fellow Officers in Court," the letter stated. "Where were you Higgins ?? You better watch your back.. We know where you live."
The report of the racist letter prompted the Bridgeport Guardians, a minority officers' organization, to hold a news conference, calling the letter "racial, insensitive and threatening." They said it was the most recent of at least three hateful notes to circulate within the department within a year.
State police were called in to investigate and reviewed surveillance from the station, which they said showed Higgins typing and printing documents just before going into the room where he said he found the letter, according to the report.
While Higgins said he feared for his life, surveillance showed him smiling and talking when he returned from the room, according to state police.
After investigators presented him with the photographs, Higgins began rubbing and shaking his head and admitted to typing the letter in the booking room himself and printing it out before calling the Bridgeport Guardians, according to paperwork filed in Superior Court.
When questioned during the investigation, officials from the Bridgeport Guardians said they had no idea who wrote the letter and that the person who did should be charged, according to police.
Higgins, who resigned from the department on July 6, has been charged with falsely reporting an incident. He was released on a written promise to appear and is due in court on Dec. 16. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.
Published at 1:24 PM EST on Dec 2, 2015


Buckley said...

How respectful to start off calling their intended "victim" "Officer..."

Tania Cadogan said...


rob said...

3 different situations.
First is a black female who posed as a white, and made threats against blacks.
Second is a white male who makes threats against blacks.
Third is a black male that made threats against whites.

How will the cases be handled? what will they be charged with? What will the punishment be?
And most importantly, will it be equal??

I'm waiting to see.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he's got resentment and psychological issues built up from this:

Excerpt: BRIDGEPORT -- He said he never stopped praying.

And then at 2:47 p.m. Wednesday, Police Officer Clive Higgins' prayers were answered.

That's when a U.S. District Court jury ended what a family member described as 13 months of hell. After deliberating for just 2½ hours, jurors cleared the suspended cop of any wrongdoing in the May 20, 2011, videotaped beating of Orlando Lopez-Soto in Beardsley Park.