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Theory: Blackburn Murder and Spousal Involvement

The following is a composite theory based solely upon the opinions of law enforcement professionals trained in Statement Analysis.  I call it "The Baker's Dozen" where those with a minimum of 5 years experience, and a maximum of 40 years experience all weighed in on the Amanda Blackburn murder.

They have no association with the investigation and have only gleaned the information from media.

They relied upon Statement Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, and their own extensive experience in investigating homicides, as well as home invasions.  

This is a short consensus of their opinion and what they think happened.    It is a narrative of opinion.  

All parties are innocent until proven guilty, including those in custody now.  Police have stated that they knew, "100%" (from media) that the husband of the victim was not the shooter.  Suspects are in custody in the murder. This represents private opinions on the publicly stated quotes and information. 

Picture a needle with -10 to the left, 0 in the center, and + 10 to the right.  0 is neutral, while moving negative to the left, indicates potential guilt of the husband, while moving to the right suggests innocence of the husband.  

1.  Statistics

Most homicides involving pregnant women prove out to show involvement by the man close to her and the pregnancy, including husband, ex husband, estranged husband, or boyfriend.  

Jealousy can enter such cases and lead to violence. 

Some shaken baby victims, for example,  were killed by the non-biological husband, who resented the child that he did not father. In this case, it is not known if there was infidelity on the part of the victim, but there was nothing in the statements to suggest anything but the husband being the father of the unborn child.  

That the number one suspect in the murder of pregnant women is a statistic not ignored by the investigators and all felt this was important to be open to. 

2.  Relationship Quality 

In domestic homicides, the quality of the relationship is always 'front and center' in the investigation. Since husband/boyfriends are the most likely responsible, investigators ask if there was a history of marital discord. If so, the percentages move in the specific direction of the earlier statistic. 

In this case we are told by both the victim and the husband that the marital relationship was in turmoil to the point of separation, and with specific elements. 

In domestic homicides, the husband is first viewed, and then the quality of the relationship is viewed, but investigators then look for something specific to happen to cause the violence:  this is a "trigger." When a stressor or trigger is found, it also moves the statistical needle to move. 

3.  Trigger

A 'trigger' or a 'stressor' is something that pushes the relationship to the level where violence goes from thought to action; a stressor is sought to be identified by investigators.  Many times the stressor is infidelity.  This becomes an underlying anger that suppressed, can eventually surface against the child (shaken baby syndrome above) where the 'cuckolded' husband is saddled with a constant living breathing reminder of his wife's infidelity.  It may be worse if the child is a boy and looks like the biological father.  Infidelity on either part can be a trigger.  If the husband has a new love interest, it could be a trigger in the bad relationship, just as if the wife has been unfaithful to him.  

Other triggers can include sudden loss of job, change of job, loss of support, death in the family, pregnancy, and so on.  Investigators seek to learn if something within the relationship has changed making a bad relationship now worse. 

In this case, the investigators conclusively pointed to the husband's own identification of the trigger:  pregnancy. The husband specifically named the pregnancy as the stressor or trigger that made the relationship disruption, though the wife identified the husband's career as the source of discord.  

All recognized the acute obsession the husband had with his work as well as the distancing language between him and the victim as extreme.  The initial statement as well as the consistent distancing language shown towards the victim confirmed the husband's and victim's assertions about the marital discord. 

4.  Behavioral Analysis 

All investigators were bothered by the following points of the case:

a.  The timing of the home invasion 
b.  The element of violence in the home invasion 
c.  The patterns of behavior by the husband 

That each Tuesday he not only went to the gym at the same time, but always had the same pone call, at the same time on the very date of the home invasion robbery.  
That on this particular date, the husband stayed out of the home for a full 40 minutes while his wife lay dying stood out, in particular, as 'taking the coincidence too far' for reason, to the investigators.  

Although the showing off of a gun in a 'sermon' stood out, powerfully, as a revelation of what was on his mind, just days before the murder, it was the additional and apparently unnecessary delay, in the driveway, that no investigator could dismiss.  They stated that they would need to learn that this, too, was his pattern, to reduce the suspicion based upon coincidence.  

All were also confronted with the husband's lack of fear of the uncaught killers, as if he had confidence that he could not possibly be the next target.  

All attempted to 'explain away' any of these points, to justify innocence.  Each attempt, including examining religious language, did not suffice.  That there was no call for justice was bothersome, but not so much as having a home invaded and a wife murdered:  he had no fear.  This coupled with not only distancing language, but was taken with the drive for the career, all stood out as behavior suggesting knowledge of the crime.  

5.  Intelligence of Husband

This was another universal point:  he is well above average intelligence and would not have been so foolish as to hire a hitman. 

 They stated that if he orchestrated the opportunity for the crime, he used this intelligence. 

All expressed concern about local law enforcement training and/or ability to conduct a thorough interview with the husband, due to his mastery of language and intellect.  They stated that a highly skilled interviewer was needed and most expressed some concern of local unwillingness to utilize federal assistance in interviewing.  

The intelligence was noted in the publishing and commercializing of the murder; he knew how to present himself and attempt to utilize the death for the future salesmanship, including calling the murder a "story" and "event."  It was also noted that in his attempt to gain authority over others, he revealed himself in the 'shower' statement, which should stand very strongly to investigators in how to strategize the interview:  they must use his intelligence to get him to reveal the truth.  

6.  A Powerful Secret  

All stated that the analysis of the 'hidden secret lie' was likely sexuality.  This was affirmed by:;

a.  The mentor's statement about "something very wrong" in which a female would rectify
b.  The "shower" statement, which they concluded not only an association with the psychological need for cleansing. 
c.  His mentor's own wording:  while avoiding speaking of Christ's Resurrection and specific details of the victim's own life and love of Christ, the mentor spoke in sexual terms about the physical attributes of the husband indicating that sex was on the speaker's mind.  
d.  The videos.  They stated that the videos showed not only one who frequently spoke about sex, but seemed to have a need to persuade his audience of his sex drive...for women.  Examples cited included the reference to the gym, his depersonalizing of the victim in his 'we have to have sex before dinner' statement, as well as his deliberate choreographing for the audience, including clothing, bearing and appearance.  

That one would 'live a lie' is associated with continual stress and ongoing resentment, which can build over time, and be pushed to action by a stressor or 'trigger' event.  The lie, if true, that is lived, is one in which bitterness never goes away, even during happier times and can grow with time.  

If the victim knew of this secret, a sense of impotence could come over the liar, himself, and build resentment, fearful of exposure at any time, with the sense of living in a marriage of "blackmail", even unspoken, while being silently coerced into submission, lest 'she tell.'  

This can lead to great fear of not only exposure, but fear of divorce. 

A divorce would cripple his career and was not an option.  

The last portion of deep embittered feelings in living a lie is the thought that happiness or contentment may 'exist with another', only increasing resentment of the victim, over time.  

This was something heavily discussed in light of the distancing language he used.  The language of distance was consistent with resentment.  

The 'correction' of language was noted:  whether he or advisors read the analysis, there were changes made after analysis was posted.  

It was also noted, though not heavily, that the distancing language with his son (and pre born murdered child) was consistent with one 'living a lie in life', full time.  Each point continues to push the needle in the negative, lower and lower. 

7.  Home Invasions 

All pointed to the crime scene as having elements of possible staging, if, for example, she was not sexually assaulted.  In cases where the clothing is removed without sexual assault, the perpetrator may have done this for the appearance of sexual assault.  

 Other elements noted included the unlocked door combining with the routine of the gym, and the phone call, coupled with what is known about home invasions:  most seek to go in and out quickly, undetected, and want either items to quickly pawn, or cash, which would suggest prior knowledge of the home (drug dealers have cash, for example) but home invasions do not always have such violence, and if met with resistance, the violence is generally not associated with the removal of clothing.  

Questions that arose include if these same perpetrators committed violence in other robberies, and if so, what was the nature of the violence, and what was the result of the violence, warranting answers. 


The investigators all stated that the nature of the case pointed to anything but random.  The details all point to orchestration.  

What was asked was to consider this possible scenario:

That if the husband is involved, he would have used his intellect to orchestrate it, and would not have simply sought out a killer to be easily traced.  

He would have had contact with members higher up in the gang, through schools, or the church, who would hear an opportunity that included a severe complaint against the wife. They would  be able to send low level criminals to the right neighborhood, and to the right home, at the right time, where not only would the husband not be home, but the door would be unlocked, there would be items easily available for theft and pawning, while a 'hated woman' would be alone, hinting, but not stating, that life would be far better without her.   

Understanding that someone was willing to allow his home to be vandalized was enough of an invitation.  With complaints about the wife, especially the sexual complaints (which included public statements) would be enough 'hint' to let a gang know where an easy robbery would result and young gang's ruthlessness (dedication to the gang) could be tested.  

That the husband remained on the driveway for 40 minutes instead of taking the call inside the house upon his arrival stands out as 'all too much'  to be a coincidence.  It is not known, but apparently possible, that had he gone in 40 minutes earlier, that the stopping of the bleeding, or hinderance of it, may have saved her life.  

As they stated, everything taken together suggests orchestration of this crime.  The details each fall into place and given his intelligence, he would have 'suggested' a good place for a gang to hit, giving the address, date and time.

They needed to hear motive.  They did.  

They needed to have:  

1.  The statistics of who does this 
2.  The marital relationship weighed in the negative 
3.  The presence of a stressor or trigger taking a negative further
4.  The Behavior of the husband immediately after the murder
5.  Examined the husband's intellectual ability to pull this off
6.  A Secret, but powerful lie that is lived evidenced 
7.  Home invasions examined and factored in

They factored all of these in, with all fulfilled.  


Most theories in a homicide are presented for debate; while other theories present themselves over time.  

This is the latter. 

All these elements factored in to produce a theory that they felt would be difficult to disprove in order to be comfortable professionally.  

Some theories are presented and then examined.  In this case, the theory developed naturally, with the post crime statements and behavior.  

When a theory is developed naturally, we attempt to 'punch holes' in it, attempting to disprove it.  They found the 'needle' consistently pushing to the left, unable to make strong arguments to the contrary. 

Police, thus far, appear satisfied that they have solved the crime and that the husband is not involved.   

There are those who do not have access to the information police have suspect the husband's involvement.  


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Rella said...

Thank you!

Samantha V said...

Davey Blackburn may be smart enough to have orchestrated a hit that (has thus far) fooled law enforcement. But he absolutely was NOT smart about how he behaved after the fact.

It was DUMB to go on TV and so immediately try to turn the focus onto the positive results of Amanda's murder. It was DUMB for a supposedly grieving spouse to appear so lighthearted and in command of himself. It was DUMB to come across as totally relaxed and free of fear when his dead wife's killers were still unknown and out there. Davey's public behavior alone is the main thing that has caused some people to suspect that he was involved.

A truly intelligent person would have known better and would have said nothing or very little to the media except to express shock, grief, outrage, and fear.

So yeah. Davey Blackburn may be smart in some ways, but in the important ways, he was dumb. Even if he had nothing to do with what happened to his wife, he behaved oddly enough in front of cameras to make a lot of people wonder.

Bobcat said...

"Orchestrate" is the word I've been thinking about too. I think DB is an evil genius who directed Amanda's death, planning out the whole "story."

I also think he watched her bleed instead of sitting in his car.

Anonymous said...

All of the above is why I call him "Dopey." It's his narcissism which makes him appear dumb to those of us who are not narcissists.

Bobcat said...

Samantha @ 6:41

I agree, for all his intelligence, I don't think DB was familiar with SA. He thought we would just take him at his word.

Now he knows we'll be following his words forever.

Anonymous said...

The CI saying he was "afraid to get scratched, and watched her her bleed" in my opinion was Davey telling someone higher up what to say. He had a blemish on his face in all interviews, as yesterday I said looked like a scratch rather than a zit, which I first thought in November.

Another though also occurred to me, with him conveniently naming the baby and his disgusted fake "I hope she did" answer about the dimples... Amanda was just over the time abortion is no longer allowed, I believe, so did he try and make her get one, and realized it was now too late?

I really believe he did this, and the clean up was either premeditated, or a quick set up, interrupting the 3 guys at the "first" burglary of the evening clear across town, and him going to the gym was to 1) create and alibi, and 2) shower and rid himself of gun residue and any other forensic evidence.

Bobcat said...

Anon @ 6:53

I also believe he could have done it and cleaned up at the gym. Larry Taylor was probably too drunk/high to remember much of anything, but just to follow orders and take the time, securing his place in the gang.

Anonymous said...

I would be VERY interested to see the gym tapes, to see if he walked in to the locker room and walked out, or his routine was the same as every other day.

Anonymous said...

Samantha V,

I would substitue "dumb" for arrogant.

Anonymous said...

post at 7:05

I would substitute "dumb" for arrogant.

Mdkd6262 said...

Peter -

I believe this theory is well-thought out and reasonable under the circumstances. I believe the 1st house that was burgled in Sunnyfield was also part of the possible plan as a bonus and as a holding area until DB left home. Also i think it's very possible that DB had a hand in inflicting the blow to Amanda's mouth and possibly even the 1st two shots delivered to her making the two shots heard by the neighbor possibly one missed shot and the 2nd one the one where he leaned over and watched her bleed. There's a major reason that DG refused to even enter that neighborhood again & that's likely bcuz DB set them up to take the fall & he wanted no part of it once he realized what was happening .

Knowing as much as we do about DB it's hard to imagine him not having some 1st-hand culpability regarding her injuries.

Also, beyond coincidence is the probability of them choosing the Blackburn residence (1:87 =1.15% chance) out of all 87 homes in that neighborhood especially in light of the fact that the Blackburn residence is at the furthest recess of the cul-de-sac that is at the furthest distance from either of the two entrances. And that doesnt even take into consideration all the homes, apts, and neighborhoods they had to choose from between point A and point B that morning.

I challenge anyone to download a map of that neighborhood and look at lot # 28 (Blackburn house) and lot #31 (neighbors house burgled) and ask yourself if you were a burglar would you pass over all the other homes and head straight to the back of the neighborhood and randomly burglarize those particular 2 homes and hang out doing it for a proven HOUR AND A HALF (5:36 when they disarmed the neighbors alarm until they were seen on video just past 7am leaving the neighborhood) on a weekday morning with daylight approaching when it's guaranteed to be heavily trafficked for work/school??? These FACTS alone defy all logic that this was a random crime... now couple that with ALL the other coincidences and strange behavior of DB both before & after that are easily verifiable and pair it with the theory presented here and I believe a solid case could be made against DB.

Pak31 said...

This was such a great post Peter. I'm convinced more than ever that DB is guilty. It's so hard to believe that ANY husband would do something like this but the analysis makes more sense. None of us know what his home life was like behind closed doors. Was their marriage as perfect as we are led to believe? No one knows but them. The whole secret thing has me convinced. I think that if he's not gay, he's bisexual. His family would do what they had to to "change" him. By becoming macho Davey, going to gym, marrying Amanda, he's doing what he has to do to be more manly. The other thing that convinces me is what Peter said about the Tuesday morning routine. Seriously, what are the chances that the day that DB goes to the gym is the day and time that the robbers picked his house AND the front door was open AND he didn't go inside right away. This case is killing me. Too many coincidences. One or two might be nothing but this case is full of them.

Sus said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this theory. DB is too smart to leave a trail by hiring a hit man. I knew from the beginning he either did it himself (which he did not), or he the contact is at least two degrees away from the shooter.

He is, however, manipulative enough to orchestrate a home invasion of his own home. If anyone thinks it doesn't happen, think again. I have sat in group with wives whose homes were broke into and set on fire by their narcissist husbands. My neighbor was terrorized by her ex. He had her and her sons scared to death by knocking on her windows in the night. Narcissists are crazy.

I agree DB put the bug in the right ear where there were goods to be had. Where no one was home. And where the husband (him) left home morning. I believe there may have even been something to leaving Taylor alone with Amanda. Maybe the other two were directed to by A Bull, I don't know. But they had to know he was likely to sexually assault her. He had proven that was his MO.

I also think DB orchestrated it to leave Indianapolis. That's what his language is showing.

Janine said...

Thanks , happy I'm not alone in my thoughts , great post !

Anonymous said...

and to Peter Hyatt,

nice choice of AB picture. For Weston's sake, hope this is resolved quickly.

BB said...

I still don't think DB is all that smart.

Anonymous said...

One thing that still puzzles me is what was he doing in the house until 6:11 that morning when he normally leaves home for the gym at 5:30? I do believe that something horrible was going on in there that morning and Amanda was fully aware that her husband was planning to murder her. My God, how awful to know your own husband is going to kill you, you are helpless and you can't stop him.

There is that unaccounted for 41-mins for him to pump the first bullet(s) or more into Amanda disabling her and setting the stage before he ever left for the gym that morning; where, as someone else suggested, he showered. I can almost hear her crying, pleading and begging him not to do it and pleading for him to help her as he walked out the door leaving her unable to move, to die alone.

I also believe he sat out in the car deliberately chatting away on his phone and waiting to be sure she was dead, or either came in and watched her bleeding out as he kept chatting on the phone, totally oblivious to her dying right in front of him; listening to her moans and waiting for it to be over.

There is no doubt in my mind that he is entirely capable of setting this up to make it appear to be a home invasion/burglary with the burglars killing her when he did it himself, and that it was he who handed off the debit card with the pin # and blue bag with computer to the burglars/invaders who followed the instructions they were given by their higher-up connection; but that it all comes back to Davey, the mastermind and instigator, even if the burglars did fire a couple of shots. The neighbors only heard two shots but four shots were fired. FOUR. ABB

Anonymous said...

I agree with you BB @8:32. Narcissists and sociopaths can be extremely clever but not smart; they are so clever hiding their secrets that they just appear to be smart. They have fooled many a good shrink; but always give themselves away on the weakest points they failed to consider while thinking no one else would notice. Always. They are very dangerous people. ABB

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the man is still walking free! I missed his Dec 23rd sermon, though it is safe that he and his ilk shared some magical fairy tale about a baby born to a virgin, as predicted, and since everyone was in town for a sold out concert the hotels were full and they had to sleep in a barn. Later, three wise men came bearing girts.

They'll get him sooner or later.

Concerned said...

Excellent analysis and worth waiting for, Peter.

Since we are certain Perry Noble's narcissism would force him to keep up with your words about him and DB, it will be interesting to see whether he continues his support of Resonate over the long run. I've seen no supportive words in weeks.

I didn't watch but I heard Meg Griffith was back at a Resonate service as Davey's sidekick. I remain suspicious of her involvement and hope a statement of hers surfaces one day for analysis.

Daft horse chestnut said...

Not to be daft, but I'm so confused. How could he have orchestrated this question I'm having trouble picturing that are you saying that he got together with the gang members and complained about his wife? Could someone please spell out exactly what this would have looked alike? Did he get to gether with the gang members take him out for lunch and say hey you looking for a quick pick up? I am so confused and it's very frustrating what is it that officers think happened, as in someone please paint a picture of what the orchestration scenario would have look like thank you

Dianne said...

We have to wait for the 3 thugs to talk in court. I wonder if they say "...she was on the floor dying when we got there"....Remember, just one of the thugs "killed" her or knows what really happened. Because the other 2 did not get back in the house. They must have seen her alive - if they saw Amanda alive- and then just the guy that sat in the house with her knows what really happened. So, if they so her alive in the house, that means Davey did not kill her.

If he did....the thugs must say that they already pleaded "not guilty". I think they have a reason to plead not guilty.

Even though you - we think- the prosecution is not going to believe him- the guy that they say- killed her..this is going to raise huge red flags for LE.... seems that Davey is getting away with murder. It doesn't matter what I and you believe, it is what LE thinks. And, I read in a previous SAs....LE doesn't think DB is guilty.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a long time coming before they get him. It is not going to be easy, not with LE having closed the file on him right off the bat and failing to pick up on any of the evidence. They really blew it, but it can still happen. ABB

Daft horse chestnut said...

Not to be daft, but I'm so confused. How could he have orchestrated this question I'm having trouble picturing that are you saying that he got together with the gang members and complained about his wife? Could someone please spell out exactly what this would have looked alike? Did he get to gether with the gang members take him out for lunch and say hey you looking for a quick pick up? I am so confused and it's very frustrating what is it that officers think happened, as in someone please paint a picture of what the orchestration scenario would have look like thank you

Anonymous said...

Wrote up a reply (hours ago) and then freaking lost power before I could send, and cold and pitch-dark here. Finally got power back. Sheesh!! Here's what I said:

The needle is too far to the left. I wonder if this will become a cold case which will be solved much later.

I've noticed from the start that his reactions to his wife's murder were so like someone who gets an anonymous gift.

He actually did seem noticeably surprised and genuinely happy. He really didn't know who (exactly) had killed his wife.

He gave interviews freely, with the confidence that comes from "not knowing" exactly who killed your wife.

But he betrayed himself in those interviews, as we can see.

Me2l said...

LE is not oblivious to SA. They no doubt have much more in the way of evidence than simply SA.

This may have been discussed somewhere, but was DB ever given a polygraph? I suppose he wouldn't have had one since he was immediately 100% cleared of suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Daft Horse, I would be glad to answer your questions but I think someone else can do a better job at explaining this to you than I can. I'm sorry, I think I might bungle it since it's a little lengthy and complicated and not so easily explained in one short sitting. Maybe another regular poster here will show up and explain it for you. Good luck. I think you will understand. ABB

lynda said...

Okay...haven't read the analysis or any comments yet..been working on his sermon transcription. I have transcribed the first 21 minutes thusfar. OMG..this man can prattle on, some interesting things tho. I will probably wait until tomorrow to transcribe more as my shoulder is burning from sitting at the computer! haha.

This is Davey’s Dec. 23rd sermon at Resonate. It is his first time preaching at his home church since Amanda’s murder. His LIP SMACKING is at the beginning, middle, end, everywhere! It's really annoying!

Man, aren’t we glad that we serve a God that in our weakness, he is strong. Where we don’t feel like we have breath in our lungs, he puts the breath in our lungs. We feel like we don’t have strength, he gives us the strength. I thank God for the fact that.. he sent his son 2000 years ago, in the form of a little baby to come and be with us and enter into our world, all of our world, every bit of it. The joy, the gladness, the laughter, and the weeping, and the sorrow, and the mourning. He experienced that with us Emmanuel God with us. Do you feel him with you today? In this place? (Applause) He’s here.

You may not even believe in ‘em. You may not even believe that he exists, but long before you ever decided what you were gonna do with God he decided what he was gonna do with you. You may not believe in him but he believes in you. So here’s, here’s what I wanna do. We’re, we’re gonna spend the rest of our time and I’m just gonna , we’re gonna have a conversation. Is that okay? Can we just talk a little bit? So I’m gonna invite ya to be seated, and I’m gonna keep the worship team up here for a little bit. And, uh, man, I just wanna welcome you from the bottom of my heart for comin’ and hangin’ out wit, with, us tonight. Um. there’s several faces I know, there’s several faces I don’t know. I don’t know if you’re, from outta town or, um, just comin’ in checkin’ things out. But, either way, we’re excited that you’re here. We’re glad that you’re here. And, uh, tonites gonna be a little bit different. We’ve had a, had a lot of things happen in our church, we’ve had a lot of things happen in our lives, and so, tonight, I just wanna have a conversation with you. Tonight I just wanna sit down and do what I’d call like a, like a, family talk. And uh, you may not feel like we, you, you, are a part of this family because you’re steppin’ in here for the first time but I’m gonna tell you right now that this family, it’s a family that includes everybody. And you may not feel a part of it but I’m gonna tell you that you are a part of it, you belong here. You belonged here even before you believe any of what we believe, and that’s ok. It’s okay that you set up, that you sit in here and you may not believe. In fact, we’re glad that you’re here

lynda said...


. But tonight, we’re just gonna have a little family conversation. And uh, and I wanna talk about if, if, if, you wanna take notes, you can take notes, I don’t really know wha..lemme tell ya, lemme tell ya what’s really difficult for me. Um, I, I, feel like tonight I’m supposed to tell you all of the things that God ‘s teaching me in this season. And I feel like there’s so many things, and yet there’s , there’s almost no words at the same time.
And so, you’re gonna have to give me a little grace tonight. You’re gonna have to just let me work my way thru this, and I just pray that what, the word that I feel like God downloaded on me a couple weeks ago as I was thinking about this, I just pray that it would makes sense to you, and that somehow it would minister to you. An, and so, if, if you are takin’ notes, I want you to write at the top of, of, whatever you’re, you’re worship guide or you’re notebook , I want you to write the title of this talk. This conversation that’s it’s, “Carrying Hope in the Midst of Hurt.” “Carrying hope in the midst of hurt.”

Because that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re carrying hope in the midst of hurt. An, and, you might have stepped in, into this place with a, with a, a kind of hurt yourself. A pain yourself and I was talkin’ to a friend the other day , he was talkin’ to me about some pain that he was experiencing, and he said, “Davey, I just feel like this is just so foolish of me to even tell you this pain I’m experiencing because of what you’re going thru right now, and I looked at him and said, Bro, you, you can’t compare pain. It’s futile. It’s like comparing a bee sting to a burn. They both hurt. They both leave residual effects. Everyone of us have been carrying some kind of pain or hurt in our lives. We all experience somethin’ that we didn’t see comin’. And so, so, wha, what I wanna do…my heart in all of this, I don’t wanna make this about me and my hurt. I want this to be a, about us. I want this to be about, about you and your hurt that you’re experiencing. Cuz I, we believe in a God that will come down in the midst of your situation and he will heal your heart and give you hope in the midst of your hurt. That’s the God that we believe in . That’s the God that we set our anchor into, and that’s what my prayer is for you…AND for me tonight. So no matter what pained you stepped in with, I, I, just wanna, I just wanna, give you a lens to, to look thru that pain with. We’re gonna, we’re gonna, just kind of read a story ( Off sermon to somebody on stage… you can take your microphone cuz I’ll probably run into that) We’re gonna read a story that’s very familiar to everyone. It’s the Christmas story. Ya guys know how mom makes you read the Christmas story before you open up your presents. When you’re really young, you’re really mad at her for doin’ that right? You just wanna open your presents.

lynda said...

Continued Transcription

This is kinda the story before the Christmas story. This is in Luke , Chapter 1, at the very end. Luke, Chapter 2 is where the Christmas story starts. And it talks about this woman, named Mary.
Raise your hand if you ever heard of Mary…yeah, ya don’t even have to gone to church to hear of Mary, right? The Virgin Mary. So, it talks about this woman Mary, an, and, I wanna talk about Mary in the context og carrying hope in the midst of hurt. N, now here’s what you need to understand before we jump into this, the context in which we’re talking about this , Jewish audience would have read this and they would've known the historical context. They would have known that this was a very difficult time for the people of God, or the Jewish people. They would have known there was a lot of oppression, there was a lot of depression, there was a, a lot of hurt and pain going on because the Roman government had come in and occupied the space, the nation of Israel. An they began to tax Israel in such a way that they couldn’t even pay for their mortgages, they couldn’t pay for their farms, they couldn’t pay for anything, and so what they began do, is they began to, um, the Jewish people began to sell their children to pay their debts. An so this was a very grave time , this was a time, this was why everybody was looking for a Messiah. Everybody was waiting with anticipation for a Messiah that was gonna come and rescue them from this oppression and from this hurt.
An, so, so, so, so in this moment, God decides in his soverneity to step into time, thru the person of Jesus Christ, an this is what it says in Luke, Chapter 1, it says, “In the sixth month of Elizabeth, that’s Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent an angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town of Galilee to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David, the virgins name was what? MARY. Okay, just makin’ sure you’re still with me. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are HIGHLY FAVORED , the Lord is with you. Now when I read this, I was like, yeah, Mary’s highly favored because she was so righteous, she lived such a righteous life, but here’s the thing, here’s what’s crazy, Mary didn’t do everything right, an you might have stepped into this place and you’re like, “well yeah, this is why I don’t go to church because I feel like in order to be accepted into church, in order to be accepted by God, I have to do everything right. No you don’t. No you don’t. Jesus came 2000 years ago stepped into our time and our space , to die on the cross and pay a debt for us that you and I have racked up with all of our wrongdoings. And he said that, in that when we receive him, he will declare us righteous, no matter what we’ve done. We will have rights standing in front of God, and so, so Mary, because of her faith and trust in God, she was favored.

lynda said...

Continued transcription

. And when we see this, we, we, think man, Mary’s favored so she gets all of these blessings. When I say the word, “blessings” doesn’t it kind of conjure up things inside of your head like, um, like a new car, right? If someone came to you today and gave you a brand new car you’d say, “Man, that’s such a blessing”, or a new home, right? We, we, think of blessings as material things but the problem is, oftentimes those blessings become the biggest curses . You, you, you know this intuitively, you, you watch celebrity after celebrity after celebrity after celebrity, who has everything that they could ever want, yet they’re always checked into rehab because they don’t have the hope and the peace of God in their lives. So, so, we see this favor on Mary , and I’m thinkin’ when I read this…Yes! She’s highly favored, God’s going to bless her.
But watch Mary’s reaction.
Verse 29 says, “Mary was greatly troubled”.
I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be troubled if I was Mary. God said I was highly favored of him. You see, I think, I think, Mary was so close to God that she began to recognize that oftentimes, oftentimes before hope can come…hurt comes. Oftentimes before the blessing can come, a burden comes. You see, this angel comes to Mary and says, “Hey, you’re going to have this incredible blessing in your life. And he’s not just going to be an incredible blessing for you, he’s gonna be an incredible blessing for the entire world. And Mary heard, you’re going to carry an impossible burden. Cuz it says she was greatly troubled…at his words. Wondered what kind of greeting this might be, it says in verse 30, the angel said to her, “Do you, do not be afraid Mary, you have found favor with God,” there it is again, you have found favor with God. (Now Davey goes into a sputtering mess..”well, well, wel, wah, how, wh, wh, wh, wh, why,) I, I know that there’s a burden about to come, whaddaya mean, ya keep sayin’ I’m a , I found favor with God, here’s, here’s the thing, sometimes Gods favor on our lives is that we’re going to be a conduit to bless other peoples lives. I think Mary understood that. And it goes on in this conversation and it says, he will be, you will, you will conceive and give birth to a son and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great. He will be called the Son of the Most High, the Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David. And he will reign over Jacob’s decendants forever , his kingdom will never end.
“How will this be.” ? Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin.” Hey listen, even the most righteous people doubt. Even the most righteous people doubt. When an angel is standing right in front of Mary and says, “This is what’s going to happen,” she says, “How? I don’t understand.” And we’re, we’re not in this place right now to say that if you’re following Jesus, you’re never going to have a doubt. So, we were just sayin’ about, give me faith. Give me faith so that when I have doubts, I can begin to doubt my doubts. Give me faith. She says, “How can this be , since I’m a virgin?” Verse 35, the angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on , the power of the most High will overshadow, so the Holy One will be born and will be called the Son of God.

lynda said...

continued transcription...( now DAvey starts going!)

. Even Elizabeth, your relative, is going to have a child in her old age. Now we don’t know how old Elizabeth is, but what we do know is that she was beyond the age of childbirth. This was like, impossible for her to have a kid. And the angel says, “ Here’s how you know your old cousin is going to have a baby, and it says this, an she who was said to be unable to conceive, is in her 6th month. Now lemme stop for just a second, just a second because I believe there’s some people in here, who you feel like there have been some things in your life that HAVE bEEN KILLED. THAT HAVE DIED. Maybe a dream that has died, may, maybe it’s a m maybe it’s a, a, a, job or career, that has died, maybe you have settled into something that’s less than what you thought you were gonna achieve at this stage in your life. Maybe it, listen, maybe it is a family member or a close friend, maybe Christmas is difficult for you. Because you just experienced loss and death and here is what I know about our God…He showed up to Elizabeth and he said, I can bring back to life the things that are dead in your life. I can revive what has been lost. One of the things the Lord has been showing me over the past couple weeks , is that the Lord himself, will restore what is lost in us when we put our faith, and our hope , and our trust in him because he’s our anchor, he’s our strength, and he’s the only one that gives, and can restore when things have been stolen from us. Maybe, maybe you’ve had trouble , listen, maybe you’ve had trouble having a baby. Maybe you’re just like Elizabeth. Everytime you go on Christmas gatherings, you go see family, they’re continually asking, and they’re just cutting open that wound in your heart. Where God is a God who revives. Your storce?(Intelligible)

He says this, Verse 37, yo..underline this because I have a billion times, for no word from God will ever fail. No word from God will ever fail. You know why that brings me comfort? Because God’s word says he’s near to the broken-hearted. God’s word says he’s gonna take our mourning, and he’s gonna turn it into joy. God’s word says he’s gonna take our weeping and he’s gonna turn it into laughter. God, God’s word says that , that after a little while of suffering, he will himself, restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish our feet. God’s word says that he works all things together for the good of all those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose. God’s word says that his mercy’s are new every single day. God ‘s word says that he gives us strength for today and hope for tomorrow. God’s word tells me that nothing is wasted, that he will bring back to life the things that are dead, and he WILL, LISTEN, HE WILL MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT ARE ASHES RIGHT NOW! That’s why I have hope in Gods word. (small smattering of applause) That’s why I underline this. Is no word from God ever fails.

I wanna talk to you about tonight. Cuz when you’re in that time of hurt, an you got trouble believing. You have trouble seeing. You think maybe God’s words have failed. Ya don’t think I’ve, ya don’t think I’ve asked God..God I, I feel like your promises, the dreams you’ve put in my heart for Amanda and I, I feel like they failed. You don’t think I’ve asked that? No word from God fails. We carry hope instead of hurt. So I’m gonna pray for us and I’m gonna ask the worship team to, to leave, let’s just, let’s just join our hearts right now let’s pray and continue our conversation, and I’m gonna tell ya what the Lord has been speakin’ to my heart about.

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continued transcription...

“We just thank you so much for this time we have together , thank you for intervening in our hearts, steppin in to our pain. Thank you for the ultimate picture of that 2000 years ago when you stepped in to this earth and we celebrate it as Christmas . What I pray in this moment right now that you would seek every heart in this room to you, and to you alone. That we’d hear from you in ways that we’d never heard from you before. I pray for the unbelieving heart in this room, you would do something to stir up the callousness of hearts. That it is, it is indescribably you. It is irrevocably (Davy pronounced it ear-ro-voca-blee) you. That not one soul can walk out of here not believing that you are God and you are good. Love you Jesus. We ask this all in your name. Speak to us tonight. In name we pray, Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you worship team.

You see um, I read this passage an I, I was, actually talking to Amanda’s dad about Mary. And um, he, we were sittin’ at breakfast and he looked across the table at me and he said, “Davey I know this may seem really sacrilegious but bear with me. He said, “I feel like, I feel like Amanda was kinda a Mary. And now if you grew up in a Catholic background, you just went, “WHAT?” Like, you can’t say that! Okay, well lightening has not struck, if it did, I’d be totally fine with that cuz I would be in heaven with my wife. You can laugh at that…that’s OK.
Amanda was one of the most righteous and Godly people I know. And oftentimes in this world we,we think that righteous and Godly people should see all of this worldly blessing, and oftentimes your taught that, that if you’re following after Jesus you’re always gonna be healthy, wealthy, and wise. And it’s just not true. There’s so much, so much blessing beyond this earth, beyond what the world can offer, that is available to those who, who follow after Jesus, and Amanda experienced and is experiencing, every single one of those. She was righteous, and I believe highly favored of God. And I’d also like to equate us as a church family…as some kind of form of Mary as well. Because for whatever reason, we’ve been given this impossible burden to carry. For, for whatever reason in my life, I’ve been given this impossible burden to carry, and it’s crushing. And it’s difficult.

And, and, when Mary found out that she was pregnant she didn’t react the way that most of us would think she would react. Wh, when we find out that we’re pregnant we get excited about that, right? For the most part. Right? Most people do. Some of you have been in situations where that’s not the case but we won’t talk about that tonight, we’re just glad you’re here. We’re excited, I mean we will do the craziest things when we find out that we’re pregnant. I, I ca , I’ll never forget when we found out that we were pregnant with Weston. Amanda took the pregnancy test, and then she began to take pictures of the pregnancy test and send it to all of her friends. With the positive button on it. Right? Isn’t it positive, isn’t that what it’s supposed to say? And I couldn’t, I didn’t understand, I’m like, “Babe, you just peed on that.” Okay? (smattering of laughter) Whew! Now she didn’t post it on Twitter or Instagram or FB, or anything like that, she just sent it to her closest friends. Some people actually posted it on twitter, instagram, FB and that’s just weird. We do some crazy, like you take the pictures, the baby bump pictures, ya know what I’m sayin? You’re like, this is 3 weeks, an, an, its, its, there like nobody can see it, but it’s there. This is 3 weeks, an this is 4 weeks, an this is 5 weeks, an then ya get really crazy about it an your like, this is 5 weeks and 3 days. This is 5 weeks and 4 days, this is 5 weeks and 5 days, this is 5 weeks and 6 days, and 23 hours, an ya, I mean, ya know what I’m sayin? It just gets really crazy. We do these crazy things when we’re pregnant because we know that this is, this is an incredible blessing. .

lynda said...

continued transcription...

But Mary saw it as something different. She saw it as an impossible burden. That, that’s what I have to read into it when I, when I read this because of, because of how she responded. Because look at this, look at this, this is part of the Christmas story that you and I really know., right? The wisemen, and, and, the Shepherds, an, and everybody comes an they’re following the star and they come to visit, they come to visit the baby Jesus in the manger. And some of you guys put that, put all of your, all of your house and that’s, that’s cool, and some of you put it out in your yard, and that’s cool, an, an, you know it’s great


This is where it ends for me today. According to the length of tape, its 113 minutes long!! What I transcribed is only 22 or so minutes!~ Yikes! I'm hoping the "worship team" comes in to sing carols!

Anonymous said...

Davey does so much "beating around the bush" in his sermons, it drives me crazy. Get to the POINT!! This guy doesn't make sense, period.

rosy said...

lynda said...
at 10:12 PM

Thank you Lynda. You've transcribed more than I could tolerate listening to last night.

Bobcat said...

I wonder if DB ever called Amanda godly before? We use that term here all the time.

I also heard:

When he was really young, DB was really mad at his mom for making him read a story before opening presents.
He couldn't pay his mortgage.
His dreams of a car/home/career are dead/ashes.
Amanda failed to live up to Davey's dreams.

Concerned said...

In light of how much Davey found pregnancy an unfortunate circumstance,
I'm not surprised that he is the first "preacher" I've ever heard
stress how troubled Mary was over her pregnancy.
He is quite obsessed with that notion, isn't he?
Might I add that I've rarely heard anyone worse at delivering a spiritual message.
No wonder Resonate was having its last gasp.

Anon "I" said...

Thank-you, Peter. Say he may have had a counseling session with someone from the rough side of town (perhaps someone trying to turn over a new leaf or a former student) and he/she/they revealed anger to DB about their current situation and how they felt helpless to solve it. DB could have agreed with their anger over some situation and sympathized. He likes to go off on tangents, so he easily could have said something like "I bet you felt like killing them!" He could listen intently. And, off he could be explaining casually how he was angry with his wife and how he dreams that someone would knock her off, strictly theoretically of course. (Wink, wink.) He could laugh and play at how it would all work out on a Tuesday morning and take it as far as jokingly pulling out paper and pencil to enhance his joke. He could have been sketching out his neighborhood, home, providing details of neighbors being gone, gym time, etc., and all in a laughing manner. Then, since he was "just kidding, of course," they could agree it was just for laughs and giggles and get back to the counseling session at hand. If someone wanted to thank him for his encouragement and immense help (perhaps providing them with relief of viewing their situation in a new light or of feeling forgiven and hopeful), they could feel like doing something nice for him.... and, looky here, he might have left his sketch behind. Whomever was helped by DB, might have been or known someone who dabbled in gang rhetoric. Bing, bam, boom, a Christmas present for Davey boy. All guesses on my part and IMHO. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I danged sure wouldn't be in the to be Mrs. DB #2, though.

Bobcat said...

Any good preacher would be DONE with his sermon after 20 minutes, and would have made his strongest point by 15 minutes in.

22 minutes in at a Christmas service and they haven't even sung a carol? Boo.

Concerned said...

Thank you for transcribing.
How you did it, I don't know!
We are ear-re-vok-ab-lee grateful!

Concerned said...

Anon "I" at 10:45

Or consider this: (all JMO, of course)
The old faithful intern, Meg gets a call in SC from Davey that things aren't going well with he and Amanda. She's threatening to leave him and out him for something which will destroy all the DaySpring plans "for Indy". Maybe Meg has been pining for Davey (which his manipulative self knows) and he lets her think there's a chance for her to be the new "Lead Pastor's wife".
She comes to town, goes to work for Resonate and becomes the live-in babysitter.

One day, something happens and she has to quickly move out. She needs money so she advertises a "fire sale" on her Etsy site.
She's been in Indianapolis long enough to have met some of the gang bangers whom Davey and Amanda went there to "save". (Didn't Davey say that?) They all drove around trying to pick up hitchhikers, if I understand correctly.

So maybe Meg, who would know about the neighbor working at night, shared a way the gang bangers could make some easy money without worrying about getting caught? Maybe there was even a stack of unreported cash waiting for them at the Blackburns'? (We've seen the FB pictures of these thugs with fans of cold cash, haven't we? Do most of the homes they rob have stacks of cash sitting around?)

JMO, again.

Anonymous said...

The more I learn, the more convinced I am, that you are absolutely right.
I think Amanda discovered something that morning that was going to expose his "lie" and he killed her. The rest was a clean-up. It really is what makes sense. These guys didn't know Davey. Their orders came from someone they would never give up to Police.

Hey Jude said...

'All expressed concern about local law enforcement training and/or ability to conduct a thorough interview with the husband, due to his mastery of language and intellect. They stated that a highly skilled interviewer was needed and most expressed some concern of local unwillingness to utilize federal assistance in interviewing.'

This is so depressing - I hope it doesn't mean what I think it means. :-/


Lynda, I haven't read it yet, but many thanks for the transcript. I'll stay up a bit longer to read it now.

lynda said...

Concerned said...
Thank you for transcribing.
How you did it, I don't know!
We are ear-re-vok-ab-lee grateful!
December 28, 2015 at 10:47 PM



Anon "I" said...

I meant in the line to be Mrs. #2. Thank-you, Lynda, I don't see how you got that far.

I was raised conservatively as far as behavior in the sanctuary. Does the clapping in church seem weird to anyone other than me?

Around 10:20 minutes in, the guitarist is staring at the ceiling. Is he looking for deliverance from DB? It's like DB wants people to assume the angel choir was singing behind his melodious words and its about to drive me bonkers.

lynda said...

Peter...I think I brought up this a long time ago. That maybe is a burglary Davey set up that went horribly wrong.

I also agree with all your experts. They minute LE let him leave town, no poly, no in-station interview, I knew all was lost with this police force. Unless someone rolls, he will get away with it.

After listening to as much sermon as I did...he's just flat out batshit crazy. When he starts talking about pregnancy and how for some its not a good thing, good Lord. SHUT UP!

Anon "I" said...

I wouldn't be surprised to find Meg somewhere in the equation, too. There doesn't seem to be much happening that doesn't feed into DB's coincidence file.

Hope's Food and Family said...

I don't know how you made it that far in. I have tried to listen to the Dec.23rd "sermon" at least 4 times! I keep getting turned off by the change of pronouns!
I agree with statement analysis. I didn't even know about statement analysis until this case. My meter has been pointing to the left for a long time. I hope Indy LE has been watching

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter!

Mdkd6262 said...

Thank you Peter and the "Baker's Dozen" for you time and careful attention to this matter and your guidance in sound analysis....

Thank you Lynda for the transcript....!!!! I just took an anti-emetic and made sure my vaccinations were up-to-date before attempting to read it.(humor intended for therapeutic purposes only)

TravelingGirl said...

Another theory to consider:

Davey and a gang leader somehow connected, whether it be through church, counseling, school, etc. They got close enough that they sat it up together, with Davey promising to pay (or did pay) the gang leader. (Did we ever find out if there was life insurance?)

The gang leader for some reason had a beef with his gang members, maybe he felt they betrayed him some way, maybe he wanted to get rid of them via prison. So the leader set up his gang members up to take the fall, telling them where to go and that the door would be unlocked. Perhaps Davey shot Amanda that morning, and knew that the blame would go to the burglars.

Boston Lady said...

Just a few comments before they fall out of my head. The analysis you shared is incredible, Peter. Looking objectively, I agree with the points made. But then I flip back and wanted to mention a few things that cause me to pause and become unsure if DB is guilty.

1. DB doesn't have an original thought. He parrots/mimics everything of his mentor PN. The statements "The best is yet to come" "Nothing Wasted" along with the sex discussions or sermons all came from the mothership of NewSprings PN. The same types of topics are used there. DB isn't able to make it as believable as PN.

2. The suspects have been involved in other home invasions. The last one Taylor raped the female and shot her. Not a life threatening shot. But based on the informants statement, he wanted to kill someone. The someone they noted was the woman in the apartment they robbed earlier that morning. So there is a pattern with these criminals.

3. Do the police have more proof that this was random? Obviously we don't know all of the evidence and only what has been given to the press. With that, yes the houses they hit were deep in the housing development but did they choose to be all the way in where it would be least expected that a home or homes would be hit?

4. It was stated earlier by LE that they believed that the criminals saw DB leaving at 6am and this was a crime of opportunity. Thinking the home might be empty. But, didn't they have 2 cars? If so, was one left in the driveway and wouldn't that indicate that someone was home?

5. They entered thru the front door. This doesn't seem random.

I'm 95% leaning towards DB's involvement but that 5% is bothering me. Now I'm going to read what Lynda has transcribed ...thank you Lynda ! ... and see if I can follow his sermon. DB does the repeating of what he considers the important points. Do they learn this at preacher school? :)

trustmeigetit said...

I think he may have sat in the car hoping someone had already called 911 and police were on the way.

I mean I would think gun shots would be enough to have police called. And the neighbors heard them but did not call.

Just one theory about waiting outside. Calling 911 and being the one to discover the body is a lot of pressure if your involved. It would be easier if someone else did that.

Regardless, I do think he was involved as do most of you.

Too many things fell perfectly in line for this.

concerned said...

Boston Lady at 12:04
Re: #2
I think you might be mistaken about Taylor shooting the woman he raped on the 3rd.
It was stated by the CI that he wanted to shoot the sleeping woman on the 10th but did not.
Please re-read the PC affidavits.

concerned said...

trustmeigetit at 12:08
I bet you're right. Davey probably hoped to wait for the police to come and finally lost his patience.

rosy said...

Boston Lady said...
at 12:04 AM
The suspects have been involved in other home invasions. The last one Taylor raped the female and shot her.

It didn't happen quite that way.

During the Nov 3 robbery the men did not shoot. "Taylor and Watson went into a 21-year-old woman's apartment and demanded money. Taylor is accused of sexually assaulting the woman with a gun held to the back of her neck." He did not shoot the gun."

Then during the first home invasion early morning Nov 10, Taylor, according to the CI, WANTED to shoot the sleeping woman in case she could ID then from the security camera video. This makes no sense from the point of view of identification. If police retrieved the tape, they would do the identifying. The sleeping woman never saw them.

If Taylor is feeble-minded (as some hints indicate), and/or if he was drugged out of his skull, he might have given that as a reason to kill that woman. Or, after his experience holding a gun to the head of the woman he raped, he might have been escalating in his impulses and looking for any reason to kill a woman.

If so, by the time they arrived at Amanda Blackburn's house, he could have found his reason.

Anonymous said...

Here’s where the terrific twelve’s assessment failed which led a flawed diagnosis of Davey’s involvement:

Criticism and blame are defense mechanisms used VERY frequently by narcissists and BPDs. Narcissist Davey’s abusive public criticism of Amanda doesn’t mean he despised her. Narcissists and BPD are very frequently abusive to those they love.

Boston Lady said...

This article has a lot of info laid out. However, there is another robbery where the woman was shot in the leg. I'll have to dig for it because I thought I read Taylor was going rape her. It's late so my mind is not with me ! I'll look tomorrow.

The first rape and robbery connected to the trio occurred on November 3, a week before Blackburn’s death, at the Westlake Apartments.

According to WTHR-TV, a 21-year-old woman was attacked and raped by two men while home alone in her apartment at about 10 p.m. The men broke into the apartment through unlocked patio doors.

rosy said...

I appreciate Peter's analysis and the terrific 12's contribution.

I think they are missing a pattern which needs to be considered along with the other arguments.

Taylor, Watson, and Gordon preyed on women who either lived alone or were on their own at the time of the home invasion.

This is true of November 3 (young woman alone in the apartment, her young woman roommate out, neither of their boyfriends due to arrive).

Also true on November 10 for the older woman, sleeping, from whom they stole the auto. If she had woken up they have overpowered her.

True again of the first, larger house they hit on Sunnyvale Court. The occupant was out (as they may have known she would be). In any case she was a single woman.

Entering the Blackburn's home fit this pattern. Once they saw DB drive off, they did not care if a woman was inside.

The trio may have gone to Sunnyvale on information about the woman resident, a legal profession. She had moved there because as recently as 2012 Indy Star Crime map rated it one of the safest neighborhoods. !" "Apparently the criminals don't cross Kessler!" she said. "They will after reading the Star article," a friend replied.

In 2012 she referred to a news story, "Standoff on Eastside ends with arrest," which starts: "Police went inside an Eastside home Wednesday morning and removed a man they said had brandished a gun at several neighbors before barricading himself inside the residence." A friend says, "Your most loved neighbor?" She replies, "I must admit, I clicked on the article to see if it involved my 'friends.'"

Kate said...

I think the pattern may have been disrupted when they ran into this teenage boy

rosy said...

Kate said...
at 2:03 AM
Yes, I saw that! Or, the pattern had been been established at that time.

rosy said...

oops: Or the pattern had not been established at that time.

Anonymous said...

Peter, One of your statements really stands out for me . "They stated that a highly skilled interviewer was needed and most expressed some concern of local unwillingness to utilize federal assistance in interviewing ."
This is HUGE ! Are they just being complacent because 2 thugs are in prison ?
Why do you think Indiana LE is not doing this ? With all the other signs of his possible involvement - being at the gym , being on the phone in his driveway , his lack of sadness and grieving, why wouldn't LE use every resource to investigate Davey ?
This is horrible . And this is not justice for Amanda .

Me2l said...

It would seem to be very careless of LE, but it's highly likely they know things we don't.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I emailed Indiana LE regarding above . Anonymous at 2:44. Received a response in 20 minutes !
This is their response .
"Our investigators are aware of Statement Analysis , however, facts of this case do not warrant this technique .The lead investigator on this case has years of experience working homicides and feels very confident in what he has presented to the Prosecutor 's office ."

Anonymous said...

Me2l at 2:55 , You are probably right , they know things we don't . Too many amateur sleuths , including myself .

Mdkd6262 said...

Interesting SM posts by Amanda...

1)AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace · 14 Nov 2012
Little Mel literally never leaves me.

2)AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace · 11 Aug 2012
To the girls that get all dolled up for the gym: look around...the guys aren't checking you out...they're checking themselves out.

3)AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace · 9 Nov 2013
Chicago...home of our first date, baseball team, honeymoon, anniversary trips, and decisions…

Notice in the 3rd post she designates Chicago as a place they go to make "big decisions" = sounds like the last so-called "honeymoon getaway" trip to Chicago Oct 27-29th, 2015 could have been to make a decision regarding her pregnancy...

Pedantic Pontificator said...

Anonymous said...
Here’s where the terrific twelve’s assessment failed which led a flawed diagnosis of Davey’s involvement:

Criticism and blame are defense mechanisms used VERY frequently by narcissists and BPDs. Narcissist Davey’s abusive public criticism of Amanda doesn’t mean he despised her. Narcissists and BPD are very frequently abusive to those they love.
December 29, 2015 at 12:31 AM

yEAH IM sure they have never dealt with a narcissist before!

Mdkd6262 said...

To clarify at 3:26

I inadvertently inserted the word "big" (my word) inside the quotes giving the false impression it was AB's word... wanted that clarified.

Mdkd6262 said...

Lynda -

I haven't gotten completely finished with the 2nd page of your transcribed post and it is torture to read.... I'm dating myself by telling this, however, a line from an old Peter, Paul, and Mary song (no religious pun intended)... keeps swirling around my mind as I read DB's huge load of hot air nothingness.. it goes like this:

"The answer, my friend, IS BLOWING IN THE WIND....the answer is BLOWING IN THE WIND."

Anonymous said...

Lynda, thanks for making it as far as you did into the transcript. What a chore lady! I'm sure your shoulders must have been burning and throbbing and everything else, but you did a fine job hon. Even with your own emphasis on his stammering. He may have a reasonably high IQ in manipulation but he does not have a mastery of the english language or the intellect to carry it off; he butchers it actually.

I read/scanned all that you have transcribed so far (hats off!) He is one lousy preacher. He twists the facts concerning Mary, which really are quite simple. He goes on and on about her being troubled, her failing to recognize that she was to be favored of God. He prattles on, adding a lot of conversation in with the angel that supposedly occurred, but nowhere have I ever read of this lengthy conversation she supposedly had with the angel. He made all this up as he went along.

Good heavens, it's really quite simple: Mary was just a young girl, barely a teenager, unmarried and had no experience with men; how could this be? Now she would be 'with child' and no way to explain it when she was a virgin. She would be looked upon as a wanton tramp by family, friends and community. Her nice boyfriend Joseph that she planned to marry someday would not believe or want her now. How could she NOT be troubled? Of course she was! Who wouldn't be. It took an angel to appear to Joseph and tell him not to be troubled about marrying Mary, that she was pure and righteous and that she was to bear the sinless Christ child, conceived by God. Joseph did believe and married her. Davey never did get a handle on it.

For all his worrying over 'his hurt', it is only the possibly of his getting caught for his part in Amanda's murder that is causing him this "hurt". Fool. ABB

Anonymous said...

"Possibility" not possibily. Dang it. I do that all the time. Sorry. ABB

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, understand; but to those who think LE knows more than we do, or that Davey could be involved in this is not being realistic. LE closed the door on his possible involvement the day Amanda was found dying in her home. They did not and do not have any interest whatsoever in pursuing Davey as a possible suspect and haven't from the beginning. None. They have made this clear repeatedly.

He will get away with his involvement entirely unless he confesses on his own, which he will not do, or commits suicide someday, also highly doubtful, or is involved in a new murder eventually that makes him a suspect; or unless a new LE agency is appointed who makes it their goal to investigate and apprehend him. This too is doubtful. However, it could happen eventually. I wouldn't hold my breath until then though. As it is now, they will never admit they were wrong in not investigating him right from the beginning, and in allowing him to destroy and contaminate vital evidence. They LET him get away and aren't about to backtrack now. IMO, it will take a long time to nail Davey Blackburn, if ever. ABB

Anonymous said...

BTW, this is not because he is so smart; it is because they were so stupid. ABB

Anonymous said...

It is really disappointing and hurts when we see these guilty people getting away with the murders they commit. Several we have studied extensively here on Statement Analysis that are walking the streets today, free as a bird.

I could name five or six (or more) right off the top of my head, never prosecuted, knowing they are guilty as sin; and knowing that LE ALSO knows they are guilty. Unpunished. No justice for the murdered. LE, some for their own personal reasons, have bungled these cases, now there is no going back. It is sickening, but there is nothing we can do about it. Nothing. There is little justice and in some cases, no justice for the brutally murdered. Not in this life. ABB

Unknown said...

Why is it that so many people see the red flags, yet LE don't? How can we all be so wrong and LE right? Why is the media not interested in what we are?

I wonder if Amanda's family really are at peace with everything, do they have have any doubts?

Sometimes it feels like allthese posts, comments, discussions are for nothing, that it is a waste of time.

I am feeling negative, and disillusioned with life.

Amanda's sister wrote such a beautiful piece of Amanda on her Facebook, and it shows how amazing Amanda was, almost a perfect human being. How could such a horrible murder have crossed her path? She didn't deserve it.

turner said...

Did LE search Davey's car? Did they go to the gym and check his locker, clothes, interview others at the gym there that morning?
If they truly cleared him, did they do it immediately & before they knew of the suspects? The search of the family and the last one to see her alive should take place immediately, no matter what.
I think it's too soon to say LE is not on to DB but if none of these things were done they would have to admit fault.....
The hardest people to deal with are the ones who dig their heels in with their original thought and just go with it because.

I find it fascinating, amazing really that these investigators find him so intelligent and so many here do not, including myself. I've seen kids who are highly manipulative but don't really know jack and actually struggle in school, probably because they can't keep their mind off themselves long enough to learn.

He's skilled at a few things like double talk and parroting, throwing his body around & gesturing to accentuate his words but he does not seem to have an original thought one!

His sermons make my skin crawl and expose more of this rambling idiot. Makes me wonder if he's ever set through an actual sermon. It's all his story with a few scriptures sprinkled in.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:07 They responded to you in the middle of the night?

Why do you space your puctuation like that?

M said...

Obviously, ALL cases warrant this technique.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Sloane, that none of these murdered people OR children have a lobbyist or advocate on the floors of Congress or the House seeking justice for our innocents? There is no one speaking up for them or seeking mercy and justice for them, not even for our pitifully abused children. They have no overseer, no advocate, no voice.

Nor does our civil and criminal justice system, not to my knowledge. There is no big brother protector for them. I don't know how people can say that we have the best court system in the world and be at peace with this saying, which may be true compared to 3rd world countries, when, if this is true, pity us all.

The media goes where the bucks are, seeking to justify their paychecks. If they get the bad mojo vibes on a crime that LE is ignoring or mishandling, for whatever their reasons are; they're either outta there in a heartbeat, or taking LE's side. By no means do they ban together and seek justice for a victim. It's not about the victim, it's all about themselves and which side their bread is buttered on.

None of our court systems have an overseer either. Their word is final, be damned if it brought justice or not. If one has the bucks and can afford expensive attys to fight for them, then by all means, do. But the money runs out and they are right back where they started from, trying to fight the system. Unfortunately, that old saying, "you can't fight city hall" still rings true today. And they KNOW it.

We might as well buck up and go on. This is the way it is. I'm just glad this isn't the end.

As for Amanda's family; had they been closer to her and really cared about her life with Davey, they would have been able to see through him long ago and would have realized she needed help getting away from him. They chose to blindly ignore it, including her brother and sister. Her family are "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" people who delude themselves. They don't WANT to know what they don't know. YES, Amanda was near perfect, a beautiful person, and deserved way better.

Davey's own family are do nothing people too. They HAD to know years ago that their son had a serious problem, but they too chose to ignore it. NOW he has taken part in killing a woman and his own unborn baby. NOW are they listening and looking? NO, they are not. He needs to be locked up, but are they heeding the warnings AND the evidence that is right in their face; and when he kills again, will they look THEN? No. If he were my son I would have already hired a PI to investigate him AND an atty, and would have him prosecuted towards justice for Amanda and baby Weston, and for the protection of the next woman down the line, instead of blindly accepting what LE claims is his innocence. They know better. There is no excuse for them not having him investigated and prosecuted.

This is a very sad situation, with Amanda paying with her life for an insane sicko devil husband who beat her down until he killed her, with no one to seek true justice for her. I imagine that Jesus is the only one who shed real tears of sorrow for her broken life, her pain and her brutal death. Sweet girl. ABB

Anonymous said...

Treezy, Wheezy, Alonzo and any of the other 7 Dwarves went to North Central - The middle school that DB worked at and coached baseball at are in Washington Township which feeds into North Central. My money is that they have younger brothers who had DB as their coach, and THAT is how they know each other.

This case wouldn't be the first time that a husband was cleared but then later recanted to orchestrating the crime later.

Me2l said...

Since I've been keeping up here with SA, I, too, have assumed DB's guilt based upon the analysis of his words. This analysis does, indeed, make him appear guilty. I can go with that, definitely, since SA is a legitimate investigative tool.

While it makes for interesting reading, all the theorizing, originating from a perception of DB's guilt sometimes is a bit over the top, though b

I doubt LE, even when employing the SA tactic, relies solely on it for a decision to prosecute, however. So how can we...a group highly influenced from the guilty perspective?

If we check out Twitter posts from AB, she neither seems afraid of nor distant from DB. In fact, she sounded quite in love with him, which is quite a different perspective than what is assumed here.

How do we know, and why do we assume AB was not close to her family? That, and a few other things appear here out of the blue and seem to be mentioned to support the theory of DB's guilt.

Having said this, it does seem as if there are too many coincidences to exclude DB as a suspect, so it's confusing that LE has so quickly and easily done that.

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Turner @7:54; seriously, I wonder how Davey ever made it out of middle school, with his bad grammar and English. His use of the English language is atrocious. I had a terrible southern twang, but realizing I might never make it in life butchering English the way we did, the first two college courses I took were in speech and English. This was in Erie, Pa with a tough prof who frequently put me on the spot, demanding that I make speeches before the class, AND correcting me in front of everyone. It was awful, and I almost came to hate her; but I DID learn the proper usage of the English language and to modify my accent and slang permanently.

But Davey got by with using some of the worst grammar I've ever heard and STILL graduated from college? AND speaks publically? Unbelievable. I wonder what else he flunked in? He actually bragged about the college he attended and criticized Amanda for her college. What a joke. I'd guarantee he would not be able to get an executive position anywhere and likely not many successful sales jobs. ABB

Me2l said...

ABB, some of the most atrocious misuse of grammar is found among the teaching profession in our public schools. It's inexcusable, and I've often wondered how it's possible to obtain a degree in higher education without the ability to construct a proper sentence.

Anonymous said...

ME21, it is pretty safe to assume that Amanda's family were not paying much attention to her OR to Davey; otherwise, they would have realized how evil he really was. They didn't. They looked the other way and still are.

Just listening to his sermons and watching his videos and the sex talk and his open and public dislike for Amanda says all they needed to know. None of this is acceptable by a so-called preacher in a church setting, much less as a yardstick in measuring how the husband of their daughter treats her, but they ignored it all? This says it all.

As for Amanda showing love for her husband, she did love him; but this is the way she was trained and taught as a minister's wife. That's all she ever knew. She had no defiance in her bones, not like me with my spot-on astutely rebellious nature; she was a much better Christian than I am or could ever be. I'm not a good Christian at all, try as I might. Alls I can do is repent and try, try again; but Amanda had more genuine stick-to-it-tiveness that I do, to the end. Unfortunately, it led to her tragic death. ABB

Anonymous said...

I don't know how they manage to do it, ME21 @9:55. When I was in Jr Hi, you weren't going anywhere until you passed English classes. You stayed during study hall and you stayed after school, but you DID pass or sit there again next year. Then came college in an area that far exceeded our twang and ridiculous accent, then I was stuck for sure. I have no idea how some get away with their bad grammar and English, AND graduate from college? How do they do it and teach in public schools? You got me there! ABB

Me2l said...

"ME21, it is pretty safe to assume that Amanda's family were not paying much attention to her OR to Davey; otherwise, they would have realized how evil he really was. They didn't. They looked the other way and still are."


This is what I'm talking about.

Why are we to assume he is evil? We do, because it is reinforced repeatedly here through a group of amateurs constructing scenarios, sometimes out of thin air. Eventually, they have been accepted as factual.

DB's guilt is assumed here through nothing more than our perception of his speaking, and it goes far beyond SA.

I have that impression of him, as well, but admittedly, my opinion has been greatly influenced by reading here.

If DB's guilt were THAT obvious, I don't think LE would just completely miss it. They must be privy to information we, a group who has NO access to evidence, would have.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Anon @9:25; this wouldn't be the first time a husband was cleared and later brought before the bar of justice for killing his wife. It DOES happen and this is what I'm counting on for Amanda; and BEFORE he kills again, having gotten away with this one. THIS happens too. Nonetheless, I'm counting on REAL justice for sweet Amanda, not only in the next life, which she WILL get in the judgment to come; but in this one. ABB

Anonymous said...

Respectfully ME 21, it's very easy to assume his evilness. Go back and listen to his sermons again, watch his videos, and convince yourself that a MAN OF GOD twists and distorts the Word of God like he does and tell me this is not evil. IT IS, straight from the bowels of hell. You don't have to be a Christian fanatic to know this; it's in everyone of his sermons and videos.

You can ignore the way he talks too and down to his wife and excuse this; but can you ignore the way he blasphemes the Holy Word of God and Jesus, even setting himself above Jesus and Moses? THIS is from satan, who also dictates the way he treats his wife. None of this is from God and THAT is evil. ABB

Nanaof4 said...

Peter's article states:
"Police have stated that they knew, "100%" (from media) that the husband of the victim was not the shooter. "

I have read this statement before and what sticks out to me is the statement states Davey was 100% NOT THE SHOOTER. It doesn't say 100% cleared or not involved, which is normal language of LE.

I understand this is from the media, so I don't know if that is the exact words used. If it is the exact words, IMO it speaks to LE's view so early in the investigation.

Rachael said...

Lynda, I am impressed with your resilience, and thank you for the transcription. It amazes me how he can go on and on and on without really saying anything. No meat, all starchy filler there.

I will have to go back to your posts later, I could only get through 4 before my eyes starting glazing over and everything read as 'blah, blah blah blah.'

Quick question: Does any of you think of cars, houses, and other material possessions when you hear the word 'blessing'?

Hope's Food and Family said...

I have a narcissistic sister, she has NO idea that she hurts others. Because it is always about HER! My sister despises me, for she feels that I am "better" than her. She uses that for leverage in just about everything and everyone. With my parents, she makes it about I was the favorite, with her children, she makes it about they would rather have me as a mother than her. She never admits the "WHY". She feels it is not her fault, that somehow we made those things happen to punish her

Anonymous said...

Nanaof4, the "100 percent cleared" statement was made by police. It did not include the qualifier "as the shooter." It was just 100 percent cleared, period. Hope that helps.

Ode said...

25 page Affidavit - nothing blacked out

Press Today, 12/29/2015 " New Charges" of another robbery, murder by Taylor, Nov 4th. Quite the reputation for ruthless, Taylor.

Jalen Watson, he one of the arrested. His sister interviewed. She shares of her knowledge, Jalen Watson was attempting a better path. Here where it's quite possible, enters " Youth Pastor" Davey Blackburn, how he " engaged and entertained" this sub-human crew, luring them into " his world" Grooming Watson, that Davey became a focal figure, Watson to bond with Blackburn?

In the affidavit, Davey sites the Swisher Sweets, his to quip they should not be there. Where were they supposed to be? one or more of these Boyz " smoked" with Davey? they had been inside the Blackburn Home prior? with him or without him? Fingerprints for a later date.

The videos of Davey and Amanda poignant in many ways: the Trip to Chicago, they seated at the bus stop / he says Train Station. Davey humbling himself by lowering his standards. Traveling by train or he was seed planting he is no different than "inner city" Indy raised, that he too could hang. Ie: he is broke.

This video, listen:

He INVITES via words, this a personal message? the house is open? while we are away (?) He made this video with intent to be seen. The beginning of the end, all is falling into place, his methods. He a Planner that " needs" to share why he does what he does, that when it happens, he is first in line. He gathering HIS rewards. Insatiable describes him well.

Rella said...

Hopes Food @10:54-

You said your sister despises you, for she feels you are better than her. Do you mean she feels that you "think" I are better than her? I have a sister who is exactly as you described your sister, but she feels that I "think" I am better than her. I don't think this. That is purely in her head. My sister also has a huge issue with the fact that her almost adult daughter talks to me about everything. She tells her daughter she is being "disloyal" to her.

Rella said...

Hopes Food @1054-

My second sentence to you should say do you mean she feels that you "think" you are better than her.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, more are interested in finding guilt in a narcissistic higher IQ preacher man-child whose wife was murdered by negroid gang bangers than a woman tortured, raped, murdered and burned by someone of lower intelligence. Why is that? Been seeing some in your neighborhood? A way of deflecting perhaps?

Justice Seeker said...

From the post, "That the husband remained on the driveway for 40 minutes instead of taking the call inside the house upon his arrival stands out as 'all too much' to be a coincidence."

How do we know that he stayed outside for 40 minutes? Has this been independently verified as true or are we going solely on the words of Blackburn. And if it is on the words of Blackburn alone, why must we believe that he is telling the truth?

Bobcat said...

It's because the preacher-man speaks disturbing language and I fear for any future wives. He is a disturbing man, regardless of what he does or does not get away with.

rosy said...

I agree with Me21 on this - an assumption of "evil" is being reinforced here along with other assumptions such as that Amanda's family paid no attention to her and didn't care about her. This is imaginary.

I've been impressed, persuaded, and almost convinced by the initial analysis of the statement "We have nothing to hide." Overall, DB's initial media interviews were disturbingly off-kilter, strange and so was intervention in his father-in-law's church.

Three things occur to me about this strangeness as possibly other than an uncontrollable display of guilt.

Firstly, DB has apparently exhibited strangeness from childhood up. In children, any strangeness may be met by bullying.

Secondly, as a student pastor, DB's boss, himself a strange barrel of fish, labeled DB "crazy."

Thirdly, in DB strangeness is combined with hucksterism.

In the USA, historically, cultural strangeness in proximity to crime has elicited lynching (Leo Frank)and so has hucksterism in proximity to crime (Samuel Bierfield).

Bobcat said...

Justice - those are the words of DB, to explain the timing of the 911 call. I think he was inside all along, checking on Weston, finishing his staging and watching her bleed --- while on the phone.
And the dog, the dog, the dog. I think the dog was drugged or might have waited in the car (and gone along in the car to the gym). The dog would have been barking like crazy if he was home - even shut in the garage - while the attack on Amanda was happening. Sad.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Yes! This is correct. I do not think I am better than my sister. We came from the same parents, had the same upbringing, same morals instilled in us. Same opportunities. My sister made several mistakes in her life pertaining to drugs (prescription) and alcohol. I do not think I am better than her at all. I have tried to help her through her addictions, and subsequent divorce because of her illness (addiction). Her oldest daughter has said on many occasions that she wished I was her mother, or that her mother was more like me. Instead of working on herself to fix the situation, she relishes the thought that I think I am better, therefore I am in the wrong and not her.

Anonymous said...

Don't y'all think it's likely that because a neighbor's security camera caught one of the suspects outside the Blackburn home, it also shows Davey pulling in his driveway and then later exiting his car when he says he did?

rosy said...

Anonymous Ode said...
at 11.02 Am

The videos of Davey and Amanda poignant in many ways: the Trip to Chicago, they seated at the bus stop / he says Train Station. Davey humbling himself by lowering his standards. Traveling by train or he was seed planting he is no different than "inner city" Indy raised, that he too could hang. Ie: he is broke.

I could show you FB posts by professional people who are proud and delighted that their campaigning on SM to for Amtrack to keep train service to Chicago succeeded. Taking the train is a hip thing to do, like walking the High Line in Manhattan. See

Deal finalized to keep Indy-Chicago Amtrak rail service
August 2, 2015.

Bobcat said...

Anon 11:35 - it that available somewhere? I'd love to see it. I'd also like to hear the 911 call.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Really? No one here on this blog has defended the criminals that are charged and are behind bars at the moment. There are a lot of us here that simply think there are to many conicidences that they acted alone. I think they should be held responsible in "Their" part of this breaking and entering, burglary and murder... But, I don't think they are completely responsible! I am still of the opinion that CD may have been the shooter 1st. Then cowardly, he couldn't finish the job. He seems to fail a lot, maybe he doesn't always finish what he starts?

Anonymous said...

maybe we need to be emailing the prosecutor's office. this is disturbing on multiple levels.

Anonymous said...

I still find it creepy that the day Amanda was declared dead (a day after she was shot), Davey had a donation page already up. He listed his address as Macon, In., not Indianapolis? If he did hire the king thug to orchestrate this, he would have needed quick cash. Otherwise, why the need to start asking for donations from strangers within hours of your wife dying? Most people need time to process the shock/grief that comes, especially if you were not expecting someone's death.

Ode said...

the follow up, part 3
* He in a teaching moment, his direct orders are personal.

He in reality is talking in the wind, he monitoring
himself with his hand held camera. This is personal to him, this very scripted subliminal by order commanding who he is talking to, not answering to. He is directly speaking to one who needs assurance? to carry out what?? He intense using words: lay down, die, death, WIFE. For God.

Amanda begins speaking at 4:35, she changes the dynamic. I stopped here. He is exhausting to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobcat. Are you asking if the neighbors surveillance footage is available somewhere? It's not that I'm aware of. But there are dozens of news articles that say, according to police, a neighbor's camera shows a suspect outside the Blackburn home.

Hope's Food and Family said...

I am still having trouble placing the dog Mel at the scene. If the dog was created overnight in the garage, and CD let the dog out when he returned home from the gym, that would be a mess to walk into! The dog most likely would have been all over AB! There was a statement from INdy LE that stated the dog was playful and friendly. When was the dog let out? Before AB was taken to the Hospital? After? There are quite a few questions concerning the dog. The dog was AB's... Not CD's. When I don't feel well, my lil pup is all over me. I cannot imagine if I was laying on the floor with blood around me what my pup would do! Why if CD came in the house, found AB in the condition she was in, let the dog out of his crate? Why would that take precedence over helping AB? I am very confused over this. What if anything was said in the affidavit about the dog?

JMTO said...

Thank you Lynda for your hard work with the "lip smacking" transcript hahaha!

I have to wonder, with Davey bringing up the whole "Mary" story, and that she was "highly favored" - but she didn't look at it that way that she felt like it was a burden, and then him bringing up Amanda, and how they felt finding out they were going to have Weston, and that her father said Amanda was like Mary ad Davey believes she was also "highly favored."

Ok for some reason watching him bounce around telling this story but not really get to the point- is he......

Is he trying to say that Amanda wasn't happy about finding out she was pregnant with Baby #2? That Baby #2 was a surprise and she felt burdened?
Without actually saying that?

Bc that is what I am gleaning from this Christmas sermon so far!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude said...

Me21 - if you look back through the blog, you'll find Peter talking about how a person's need to paint a rosy picture of their marriage and family life on social media often indicates that things may not be too good at home. I don't know which articles offhand, but he has mentioned it a few times through the Blackburn case.

Also, Amanda's social media was about presenting a certain image of Christian life as lived by the newly planted Resonate, in which she was heavily invested - Amanda wanted to believe it all, and to present that rosy picture, despite that Davey was not the man she had hoped for or wanted him to be; it was all unraveling fast but she kept on hoping and believing - as ABB said, it led to her tragic death.

I think it's all pretty complex, so would not be in too much haste to blame Amanda's family - they didn't know what we know about what her social media might really have been indicating; they are all very busy and probably did not have time to follow each other's rather long services and sermons online - they may have gone by her social media, and not have realised Davey was behaving badly towards Amanda. If, as is likely, they all consider the man to be the head of the household, then that was that, basically - I can't imagine that she would think to complain about Davey in lesser things to her father, as that would (most likely) be frowned upon, so unless Amanda was willing to communicate specific mistreatment, which she may not have wanted to do, out of loyalty to Davey, then Phil was probably not even aware of it - Davey would put on a good show in their presence, and she'd want her parents to not worry about them, and to think she was doing fine. Her mother was probably not on her radar as someone in whom to confide her troubles - at least from the Celebration video, we can gather that not causing her mom a moment's trouble was important , either to Amanda, or to her mother, and so she did not. Rather, she just kept on praying and trusting that everything was for a reason, and part of the growth process for her and for Davey - I think it is likely that she would not have wanted to complain about her husband to anyone, and was trying to deal with it in her own way, but she must have been desperate in eventually involving someone else (the mentor who received the browsing reports). I'm sure that from the moment she asserted herself in that way, she was in danger from Davey and, increasingly, she knew it. As Meg so strangely wrote, 'Amanda believed in Davey' - I found it strange that Meg thought she needed to write that.

Bobcat said...

Anon @ 11:53.

I know there are images of the suspect outside the home. My response was to a previous anon suggesting that there were also images of DB staying in his car for the 40 minutes before entering his home. If so, that would cancel my theory of him being in the house watching Amanda bleed.

rosy said...

Bobcat said...

It's because the preacher-man speaks disturbing language and I fear for any future wives. He is a disturbing man, regardless of what he does or does not get away with.

December 29, 2015 at 11:20 AM
I have to remind myself that there are quite a few disturbing (and disturbed) people in the world who never commit violent crimes. Some of these disturbing people happen to become victims of crime. And some of them happen to be close to people who happen to become crime victims.

It is I think because he is a "disturbing" man that he seems likely as a murderer, even though so far no material evidence links him to the crime.

Rella said...

Hope's @1134-

If you hadn't mentioned your sister divorcing, I would have thought you were my other sister!!! Yes, the addiction to prescription pain medication!!!! My sister has repeatedly forbidden her daughter to come to my house!!!! She thinks I have brainwashed my niece, but she fails to see that my niece is now old enough to see through her mothers crap. Its craziness here. I've never had anyone to talk to that knows from experience what I am talking about. I really think you have to have experience with a narcissistic drug addict to really grasp what their family members are saying.

Bobcat said...

Ode 11:44,

Can you point to a timeframe in the video - I can't stand to listen more than necessary.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm that person, Bobcat. I don't know for a fact the neighbor's camera shows Davey's movements ... I was asking if others think it's likely ... but it seems logical if the camera caught the suspect there, no?

Rella said...
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Anonymous said...

Just a theory, but i believe the dog was left with the neighbors that morning. The same neighbors who has been watching the dog ever since AB's death perhaps? I also don't believe the neighbors accounts of the time he/she "heard the gunshots". I believe AB had been brutally shot and injured well before DB left for the gym. Just my opinion...

Bobcat said...

Who gave the burglars the ATM Pin codes?

Bobcat said...

Anon 12:09,

It does seem logical, but it depends on the camera angle. The images we've seen show someone by the sidewalk, as if the camera faces outward to the street. It would have to be aimed at DB's driveway/car door/home entrance for images to confirm when he exited his car that morning.

Sus said...

Me21 and Rosy,
I agree that some commenters paint DB with a wide stroke. To them he is simply evil and everything he does or says is wrong. I have to think carefully what I am reacting to.

I disagree that DB is simply "strange" and has been from childhood. It is obvious he is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We have more sample in this case to observe that than I can ever recall having. We have his videos made at his church, his videos with Amanda, his SM, and his interviews. He is a narcissist. I recognize that. It is your choice to conclude that, or not.

Narcissists do not have the coping skills to handle life challenges. Especially ones which cause them to face their failures, or what they see as a failure. They instead use manipulation, blame, projection, etc.

In the videos made in October, something was building in DB. He was agitated. Which, in my opinion, means he was being forced to face something about himself he did not want to face. And that means he was going to break...or he manipulated his way out of facing it.

That is too big of a coincidence to suddenly have his wife die in a burglary gone wrong. DB no longer has to face whatever was agitating him. According to DB, God allowed it to happen. Why even Amanda wanted it.

Part 1

Anonymous said...

That's true, Bobcat, but police said there were at least two cameras that show the suspect, and we don't know from which one the images were released. I was under the impression that one of the cameras shows the suspect at the front door. I remember the quote from police that the suspect "tried to conceal his face as he entered the house" (or something to that affect). I'll try to find a link.

Sus said...

To my understanding the first news reports of video of the Blackburn front door were incorrect. The only videos are:
1. Taylor walking on the sidewalk. These were released, and taken several houses down from the Blackburn home.
2. Watson walking up to the camera in the second home to smash it.
3. All three at the first burglary on Nov 10
4. Watson at the first ATM with the pink sweater over his face.

All other sitings were by eyewitnesses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Lynda!

I just have a few things rolling around in my brain. Other commenters here can articulate much better than me, so I'll just throw out some things bothering me.

I don't think Amanda would have fought with intruders. Her baby upstairs, and pregnancy were important to her (obviously). I think she would have handed over her car keys, wallet, snacks, whatever, just don't hurt me or the baby. I think (because I would have)endured a punch, a hit, even rape.

Why does Davey assume people think of blessings as material things? Cause he does.

The front door was unlocked. Wow!!

Neighbors heard gunshots but didn't call 911. He was probably counting on the police being there when he pulled up. When they weren't he stayed on the phone...waiting and waiting... Unfortunatly for him, he had to go in the house and witness the scene. No words to express what he saw, and it must have been horrific!

The dog not being in a frenzy.

Irritating way of inserting ums, ahs, ands, uhs. I notice that detectives, when interrogating, do this also. Being a reader here for a long time, I have read many transcripts. What is the purpose to all the vocal stumbling? And if you have an answer to that, please don't let it be educational level. Is it a pause for others to think and catch up in their brain what is being spoken?

This transcripts show a near constant pronoun change.

Still no sigh of grief.

I can see Davy's family being relieved that he is in Amanda's hands now.(Many a family with a sociopath/psychopath/mental health problem are happy to let someone else deal with them). Not their responsibility anymore, but what about her family? Possibly they think it's just marital problems, and when you are married, you work it out, esp.if the other person is imperfect. You said VOWS.

Bobcat said...

Sus, if you are correct about video footage, it's DB's word when he exited the car and entered the house. I wonder if Kenneth Wagner remembers any sounds from the phone call.

If there was evidence of DB delaying the 911 call, wouldn't that make him negligent in some way?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Lynda. You are a storng strong woman.

Sus said...

Buddy, an insider who used to comment here, said an eyewitness saw DB sitting in his car, talking on the phone. Take that for what it's worth. Now, I can't imagine that witness watched DB for the full 40 minutes. I'm sure the witness saw him once, maybe twice in the car.

Anonymous said...

Taylor was just charged in another murder/burglary from Nov. 4th.

lynda said...

Rachael brought up a good point.

When I think of things I've been "blessed" with, they are not material items.

Love, children, friends, good health for me and my loved ones, etc. I don't feel blessed about a new car or home or fine things.

This case needs a good investigative reporter that doesn't give a crap about politics.

The politics in this town are playing a huge part, the "church" also. They've got 2 gangbangers they can place there and they're good with that. Their rate of solved homicides for this year is less than 50%. Closing this case rapidly boosts their numbers. There has been a change in leadership in the department and the mayor. It's just a no win for justice I believe.

I will say it again, the moment they did not take him to station for questioning, poly him, and then let him leave town...there was NO case against DB.

The only justice, if you want to call it that, will be that DB will never be the pastor of a "megachurch" that makes millions. He is tainted and crazy and this will follow him everywhere.

rob said...

A few things that I think-
I can't wait to hear the 911 call. If LE are sure they have the perps, lets hear it.
Why so violent? I can't hardly believe AB would fight back, until it came to the rape. (IF there was a rape)
Was the baby still upstairs, in the crib, when the EMTs arrived. Would a father not immediately go for the baby?
Have LE checked DB's phone? Does he really talk to the other guy every week, at the same time, for this amount of time?
Have they watched the video at the gym? Does it show him actually working out or just entering and exiting?
Why does no one seem to be grieving Amanda? A beautiful young mother. No grief (minor from her mother)
No fear, no grief, from a pastor, a husband, a father. That's what sealed the deal for me. Something ain't right with DB.

Rabbit said...

Involved in Amanda's death or not, Davey is freakin' nuts. From an article today:

“You think there are people who are too far? Who are beyond being saved? The enemy is the one who stole her life from her. He comes to steal kill and destroy because sin is in this world we now experience death. The enemy used a couple agents to make it happen. You know what the enemy wants us to do now? He wants us to cower in a corner and hide. He’s trying to take the breath out of us. Well, he messed with the wrong family. He messed with the wrong church, you hear me?

“The enemy is not any human being. The enemy is not who did this to Amanda. It’s not the two or three guys that did this to Amanda. The enemy is Satan,” he said. “We don’t fight a battle of flesh and blood. We fight a battle of principalities of the supernatural.”

Of his wife, he said, “she loved Jesus more than she loved anybody else, but because she loved Jesus, she loved everybody.”

Anonymous said...

I submit my four reasons for arriving at my conclusion, that Davey Blackburn is heavily involved in Amanda's murder and was the instigator and master manipulator. They are, as follows; however, not necessarily in this order:

1) Statement Analysis, which is only a fraction of my conclusion, however, heavily weighted. Peter has carefully analyzed this case in every way possible without giving his final conclusion until the last article posted. For as long as I have been reading here, (eight years +-)I have learned many misused words with in-depth explanations that he is right about. His carefully defined opinion does matter but does not lead to my final conclusion.

2) The Bakers Dozen that Peter conferred with in great detail. These are professional people of vast experiences in homicidal investigations, burglaries and home invasions. Go back to the article and read their qualifications again. These are not just little idle gossipers. Without exception, everyone of them sees Davey's guilt as being involved. I have always sought out professionals in my life and these are no exception. Their experience and professionalism DOES matter.

3) The vast and many coincidences from the time Davey left the residence, 41 mins later than his normal time of leaving for the gym, which this alone tells us something was going on in that house that morning; until he called 911, all too numerous to mention, and every word he has spoken, and his actions in subsequent interviews and recordings. Everything that happened that morning, as Bobcat says, the dog too, ALL points directly to suspicion on Davey's head. There is not one coincidence that does not point the finger at Davey Blackburn. I challenge you to find it if you can. They are so astounding they are glaring!

4) My statement that he is evil. He is. He is narcissist but is also sociopathic. But this alone does not lead to my conclusion that he is evil and a killer. There is a huge difference between good and evil and it speaks loud and clear. With all due respect, one would almost have to have their eyes closed not to be able to see it. If one knows the Word of God or even respects the Word of God and heeds His warnings, or if one has a discernment of spirit, one cannot but help to see the evilness and the lack of a fear of God in him, with total disrespect for God's Holy Word. I stand my this; Davey Blackburn is evil, through and through. His God is the father of lies. Amanda paid the ultimate price for it.

I will not be changing my mind. With all due respect for all other opinions; ABB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, Anon at 12:45.

Taylor is now accused of shooting and killing a man Nov. 4 because the man only had $10 when Taylor robbed him.

Anonymous said...

ABB ... that Davey left 40 minutes later than usual is nothing but an unsubstantiated rumor that's been repeated many times as fact.

Mimi said...

I think Davey saw the burglars and made sure they saw and heard him leave, left the door unlocked to help himself to his destiny...

Mimi said...

Does anyone know if the Nov 4th burglary and murder made the local news when it happened?

Sus said...

Part 2
DB was being forced to face something he didn't want to face. His agitation in October showed that. As an NPD he either breaks (which narcissists never do for long) or he manipulates the situation to his advantage. I'd like to add to us this seems devious. To a narcissist, this is coping. This is his way of creating homeostatis between the image within and the truth without.

I have two theories. They may co-mingle.

DB and Amanda have marriage troubles. They have from the day the honeymoon was over. They were counseled by DB's uncle and his wife. From them they learned to communicate (which most likely means Amanda is to follow her husband's lead) and for Amanda to be her husband's sex object. The problem with their marriage is one was a narcissist, but I digress. The "calling" to plant a church in Indianapolis put Amanda near her family and friends. It gave her stability in a tumultuous marriage. (See above: marriage counseling, and Amanda's tweet on her last anniversary). I'm sure DB thought it was his calling, also. But when the numbers didn't roll in, he would begin blaming Amanda. His friends are succeeding in other locations.

Then Amanda is pregnant for a second time and he is more trapped in Indy than ever. Remember, that Amanda was already nervous about break ins around their area. And Davey brought up getting together with the neighbors in his first statement. Why? I wonder if he cooked up an idea then?

My theory is at the neighborhood get-together they talked about break ins. DB used it to frighten Amanda. He wanted out of Indianapolis. She wouldn't leave. He went further to drop hints into the right ears about their neighborhood. For their neighborhood to be burglarized. It was all to scare Amanda into moving.

I don't think DB planned on Amanda being killed. That's why he's doing all the thinking and explaing later. To him, it's as if God has annointed his plan. God took it even further and allowed Amanda to die.

I think DB's guilt lies in that he orchestrated neighborhood burglaries.

Christina-Marie Wright said...

"We do crazy things when we find out we're pregnant..." He says "crazy" or "crazy things" three times, in regard to finding out about a pregnancy. He really believes "crazy" things are a natural response to learning about a pregnancy.

Thank you, Lynda, for the transcription.

Even after her death, Davey disparages Amanda, mocking her for taking a photo of the positive pregnancy test she "peed on."

Anonymous said...

Random off the wall thoughts that I think are me being crazy and I'm just bouncing them off said wall:

Do we know for sure that all four bullets were from the same gun? Maybe the first shot or two was with a silencer? One hit her, one missed maybe? Someone else may have finished her off with shots from a non-silenced firearm and those shots were the ones that were heard? Maybe someone was doing a merciful finish to an obviously actively dying and suffering woman? Four shots could have occurred with two or even four different weapons, for that matter.

The gun laying randomly in someone else's yard also bothers me. What are the chances of coming across a random gun right after there was a murder? WHY would whoever found this gun pick it up at all and take it in to a fire station instead of notifying the police? Really? There has just been a murder and I think this here gun just happened to be lying out here in the grass? Seriously? Or, else, I guess random guns lying around in yards are so frequent that the neighborhood watch advised ignoring it? I doubt it. Why weren't all these neighbors, who supposedly were tuned into safety, acting so complicit? The houses are so close together. Didn't anyone think strange people or vehicles or screams and shots were possibly a little bit of a problem? If it was out in the country and you hear shots, its probably someone practicing or defending their chickens. Two shots and a scream might warrant a little more attention, right? And, all this happened without a ongoing screaming child and crazy-mad dog barking up the neighborhood?

Only the debit card was taken? What, was the taking of all the other cards not allowed because THAT would have been wrong? It makes no sense.

Could CD have had an "in" with LE? Could he have been an informant of gang activity at the high school? He could keep open ears and interact with the gang members without appearing out of place. Has LE treated him like one of their own by clearing him so rapidly because they knew him as one of their own? Could LE be muzzled by a higher up? Someone up the food chain declared he was "innocent" and no more could be entertained e.v.e.r.? Or, could they be close-lipped while their officers work quietly behind the scenes or the FBI investigates?

Far fetched questions, I know, so please carry on and ignore my rambling.... :)

Bingo3 said...

I am just amazed that he was never called in for questioning. It sounds like they briefly asked him a few things at the hospital and that is it. Before I even read anything about the story I of course thought it was probs the husband since it was a pregnant wife. I then saw that he had been 100% cleared so I thought they must REALLY know he didn't do it. I have never seen someone cleared that quickly. Later, I learn that he said it was a head wound so(in my opinion) the police wouldn't come. That alone is enough for a 12 hour interrogation! WOW! What a head stratcher!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that both houses on Sunnyvale which were robbed had the same floorplan? If the robbers saw DB leave, how did he not see an unknown vehicle in neighbors driveway who he knew was not at home rhat time in the morning? Why does Meg's Etsy page say she was in the ministry for xx years, but now, well, she is not? is this related to why she left SC so quickly? DB sermon 12/23 - "all of our World, every part of it" doubling up to convince himself? He clearly sees himself as a "conduit" God is using through a hurt.

rosy said...

Candletree Circle, where Larry Jo Taylor allegedly shot and killed Rolando Gonzalez-Hernandez on November 4, is 10 minutes (4.8 m) away from Sunnyfield Court, where Larry Jo Taylor allegedly shot Amanda Blackburn Nov 10.

Both locations are dead-ends -- a cul-de-sac and a "circle" cul-de-sac. Candletree has apartment buildings not single dwelling houses. And where one resident on Sunnyfield claimed to have heard shots fired and a scream but did not call 911, more than one heard shots on Candletree: "Residents told Eyewitness News they heard gunshots Wednesday night, but said they often hear gunshots in the area. They also say it's not uncommon for residents to be robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot." One resident said his daughter's car was shot up last month in the parking lot.

I guess those "all in" for DB may argue that he heard about this shooting 10 minutes away and orchestrated and scheduled the murder on Sunnyfield for six days later.

Anonymous said...

Question: How do people know that Davey was never taken to the police station for questioning? I've seen it said many times here but have never heard it from an official source.

rjb said...

From Lynda's noble & self-sacrificial transcription above:

No word from God will ever fail. You know why that brings me comfort? Because God’s word says he’s near to the broken-hearted. God’s word says he’s gonna take our mourning, and he’s gonna turn it into joy. God’s word says he’s gonna take our weeping and he’s gonna turn it into laughter. God, God’s word says that , that after a little while of suffering, he will himself, restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish our feet. God’s word says that he works all things together for the good of all those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose. God’s word says that his mercy’s are new every single day. God ‘s word says that he gives us strength for today and hope for tomorrow. God’s word tells me that nothing is wasted, that he will bring back to life the things that are dead, and he WILL, LISTEN, HE WILL MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAT ARE ASHES RIGHT NOW! That’s why I have hope in Gods word. (small smattering of applause) That’s why I underline this. Is no word from God ever fails.

I can't help but wondering if this part of the sermon is helping to pave the way for what may be a too soon remarriage. "That he will bring back to life the things that are dead" doesn't apply to his situation if he's talking about Amanda; according to his belief system, she is alive in heaven. So how can his "dead" dreams be brought back to life except through a new wife and family?

turner said...


Anonymous said...

Headline: "Amanda Blackburn Killing Part of Eight-Day Crime Spree"

Sus said...

Part 3
My second theory is that DB was using drugs. Possibly amphetamines.

Sleep and non-sleep is in his language constantly. He tweets at odd hours. He rambles, then stops like he realizes what he's done. That's such a sign of being high. "Oh, is my weirdness showing?" He always has a cover and extend the high.

His language includes words used in the drug culture. He related to his congregation that he needed to get healthy. In his latest sermon he included "rehab." It was in relation to those who collect possessions like cars and homes. Strange that he had just released Amanda's journal with an entry where she wrote about their paid off cars and their home. Was this leakage?

DB was FB friends with Treezy, a known gang banger and drug seller. They unfriended each other. It is suspicious to unfriended each other. For DB to do so makes me wonder why he doesn't want it known he's associated with a drug seller? And vice versa.

Treezy was shot in October. His mother said he was robbed. Treezy said his "right hand man" turned on him. So what was Treezy robbed of? Is there some type of revenge going on? Treezy also said his boys wanted to take care of it for him.

I'm not sure how this all ties together, but I just get this funny feeling DB may have been buying drugs from someone he trusted. And got caught up in something.

I wish I knew who Treezy's right hand man was.

rosy said...

The timing of the home invasions on Sunnyfield Court has been questioned on grounds that burglars do not operate so close to daylight hours or in the morning rush hour with people leaving for work and school.

We know Diano Gordon, with an electronic bracelet on hi ankle while on release from jail for another crime, was re-jailed for a home invasion that he timed for noon.

We know a student home sick from school interrupted Larry Taylor in a home invasion at mid-afternoon.

Now we know Larry Taylor is accused of shooting and killing a 27 y/o Hispanic man Nov 4 on on Candletree Circle. His phone records show he was at the location, "between the hours of 4:10 and 8:56 p.m. that day." "Taylor's cell phone allegedly made several calls and received several calls while in the area."

It will be interesting to see if LE trace those who called him. Evidently his team (or his handlers) work all hours, round the clock.

Brings to mind the young lady hoping to steal on Christmas Day, but was afraid to try at Target.

rosy said...

Mimi said...
at 1:17 PM

Does anyone know if the Nov 4th burglary and murder made the local news when it happened?


Yes it did, the same day, Nov 4. I posted this already. It was updated Nov 15.

BB said...

DB is an immature douchebag who clearly shouldn't be preaching, but Taylor is one hell of a monster.

Bobcat said...

BB, well put!

BB said...

Anon @ 2:06 -- We don't know. There is so much we don't know. I've been saying this over and over. It is faulty logic to assume that what we, as the public, know is everything there is to know. Yes, there is stuff that we know we don't know, but furthermore, we there is stuff that we don't even know we don't know!

When you take only 20 pieces from a 200 piece puzzle and shove them together, you are going to make the wrong picture!

Stop assuming so much.

CJ said...

Sus, nice post. Davey's sermon on Dec. 23 supports your ideas.

Some examples:

When Davey talks here about their move to Indianapolis he stumbles. He starts to say "that's why she–" and corrects to "that's why she and I moved here." He also indicates that he and Amanda may have had different agendas for ResonateIndy. Her passion was to bring people to Christ. His was to "see Indianapolis turned upside down:"

56:14 "Here’s what’s so crazy about this whole thing. Amanda’s passion was to see people come to know Jesus. More than anything else on this, on this earth. (Long pause, drinks water). She loved Jesus more than she loved me, which is the right way, to do it, so if you’re surprised, I’d love to tell you about it, some other time. She loved Jesus more than she loved anybody else, but because she loved Jesus she loved everybody, and she wanted everybody to come to know Christ. And that’s why she–, that’s why she and I moved here, to see this city turned upside down."

Regarding marital discord, a little earlier in the sermon Davey inexplicably illustrates his point that "suffering produces a platform" with the example of a fight at school:

47:10 "When suffering happens in your life, people begin to lean in and listen. They begin to say “I want to see how he responds. I want to see what’s, what’s behind all of that.” Whether they’re skeptical or whether they love you they begin to lean in. When a fight breaks out in your life a lot like when a fight breaks out in school—right?—all the heads snap to watch.

Can I be honest with you? I thought I wanted it. I thought I wanted a platform. You’re a church planter, you want to build a platform to see people meet Christ, to have influence so that you can make changes. You can help to eradicate the wickedness and the evil in this world. Know what, guys? I don’t want it now. I don’t want it.

If you had told me a long time ago that the way that a platform was going to be built was that my wife’s life was going to be taken from me, I don’t want it. And now I don’t have a choice. The choice that I do have is how are we going to use this. The choice that we have is how are we going to use this. Are we going to make sure that this isn’t wasted?"

To jump from the topic of suffering to a fight breaking out in school with no explanation (and keeping in mind that ResonateIndy meets in a school) makes me wonder if the friction in their marriage was beginning to be apparent to coworkers (the people leaning in and listening).

He starts his second paragraph with the phrase "Can I be honest with you?" which plants the idea that he is being dishonest.

He follows this with "Know what guys? I don't want it (a platform) now." This comes across as inherently dishonest in light of all of his actions since Amanda's death, where he has exploited his newfound platform at every stage.

"And NOW I don't have a choice." The insertion of "now" here reads to me as ominous. The implication is that at one time Davy DID have a choice related to outcomes for Amanda. This is cemented by an odd verb tense preceeding this phrase. I would expect him to say, "If you had told me a long time ago that the way that a platform was going to be built was that my wife’s life was going to be taken from me, I WOULDN'T HAVE WANTED IT."

INSTEAD, he says "I don't want it." He does not deny wanting it in the past, only wanting it in the present.

John Mc Gowan said...

When LE counted db (lower case intended) out as a suspect, or POI (100%) so early on (this, in itself raised questions, for me as to why). This as due to the cctv footage at the "gym" Now, and this is my one and only reason why i believe LE haven't counted him out, for at least having some (whatever "some" maybe) involvement, all be they "100" sure. Why, again, why, will they NOT release the 911 call. I'm not savy with US laws. Does someone have to subpoena the DA, or whomever it is that can give the authority for it's release?

If, again, if. He has NO involvement, why not release the call.


Sus said...

Your examples give usual times of home burglaries...during the day, when homeowners are at work or school.

It is quite unusual to burglarize a home during the morning rush hour. Not because people are home, but because witnesses are on the sidewalks and streets.

Agreed, Taylor is a monster. Does anyone else think his "friends" were well aware of this? Why did they endanger themselves by having him along? Why did they leave him alone with Amanda knowing what he probably do? What he threatened to do?

I am convinced Diano Gordon was there under the direct orders of Alonzo Bull. They had what? Five calls between them? And they left Taylor with Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Sus, isn't October when you said his anxiety was rising? Drug supply cut off might
cause some anxiety.... ?

Anonymous said...

Davey referred to Amanda dealing with a recent "emotional issue" Any guesses what that was? Maybe she found out his use of drugs or steroids. Maybe he owed a debt?

Bobcat said...

I think the anxiety was due to the pregnancy and financial worries. DB gave a sermon about worry (and waved a gun!) TWO days before Amanda's attack.

Amy Smith said...

Christina Griffiths (producer at Fox 59 Indy) tweeted today:
So proud to be a part of this church. Listen to the Christmas service here!… @resonateindy @daveyblackburn

Sus said...

Rosy said..
"Brings to mind the young lady hoping to steal on Christmas Day, but was afraid to try at Target."

Of course that is Donae Mitchell, gf/wife of Alonzo Bull, of which you speak. I've been thinking about that post.

Donea puts up some shocking posts then deletes them. They are usually to get a message across...she needs weed, she needs a driver, don't snitch, etc.

So what was her purpose in that post? Target. There is a Target near DB's gym. It has a Starbuck's. DB (and Meg the babysitter) likes his Starbuck's.

Just Saying...

Amy Smith said...

About the 911 call:

@wish_tv: @BlisszNikki @Blueribbon22 The authorities are not releasing it at this time since it's part of the open investigation.

Anonymous said...

Sus, Bringing up Treezy and DB being fb friends... What if something did happen drug wise? Davey couldn't pay, there was an argument, I don't know, but something along those lines, and they were retaliating against him? What if he is innocent of planning this, but knows why it could have happened. Would that explain his weird use of pronouns? I think it could explain him saying she didn't have an enemy in the world. They weren't doing this towards Amanda, they were doing this towards Davey.

Or maybe he was involved drug wise, but there was no bad blood between them. Maybe they just knew where he lived and possibly knew he left for the gym every morning. He may have had an idea of what had happened and that caused his weird wording. But then you'd still be upset your wife was killed, so I don't know.

Yes, Taylor is a monster. He seemed to obey well, but when left alone, is a maniac.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank You, Amy

Anonymous said...

There's more vicious crimes occurring in America right now other than an obnoxious preacher. Take a look-see:

Kinda a theme, eh?

Anonymous said...

Of course, for those of you who care to keep up the dead horse beatings, this one's for you (btw, AB isn't the first to be murdered by negroid whatzname):

Sus said...

Thank you, CJ.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry. Guilty of not looking before posting that link. Guess you already knew about the other murder and decided to proceed anyway.

Anonymous said...

Amy Smith,
The woman you were speaking with on Twitter (Juanita Whitacre) who confirmed to you that she bought a t-shirt at AB's "celebration of life". Interestingly enough when I googled her name next to Davey Blackburn a post/comment from SA came up made by Kate which states this

"I grabbed the screenshot from one of the early gofundme's, they had raised $4360.00 before being shut down. A woman by the name of Juanita Whitacre wrote the following: "Leslie - I am sure you want to help, but the family has asked that all donations be sent through the church website RESONATE.ORG. Creating these gofundme pages is NOT what the family wants. Please contact them and ask. They will explain why. God Bless you for wanting to help, but there are ways the family would prefer."

Ms. Whitacre also seems to be friends of AB's family. Add in to the Fox59 producer being a member of Resonate and this thing gets spookier and spookier as it goes on......

Anonymous said...

At least you are bonding and building friendships that will last a life time.I can tell by the:
"We know" (you'll have the crime solved any day now)
"nice post" (you agree with what is written)
"Thank you" (your contribution to solving this crime is appreciated)

And, last but not least, "Puzzled" only describes me.


Bobcat said...

Anon 3:31.

I thought you preferred "conundrum"

Anonymous said...

This article was posted the day of the shooting. Several things caught my eye..Why the need to immediately refer to Davey as a "pastor"? Why is that so important to detail on the day of a gruesome home invasion turned shooting? Also this statement by Ryan McConnell. The day this woman was shot and it sounds like he had this statement prepared well before the fact

"Neighbors met at a nearby house Tuesday night for a private vigil. Around the corner, crime lab detectives were still on the scene past sunset for a crime that happened before sunrise.

"For something like that, such a brazen attack," said Ryan McConnell, the neighborhood crime watch captain. "It makes you scared. You don't want to live in fear."

Before the vigil, McConnell said some residents of the neighborhood saw a couple of odd things happen Tuesday morning. They have shared that information with police.

It's a new reminder to lock the doors and close windows, even when you're home.

"We are a close community. We all know each other. For somebody to come in and from the outside and do something like this, it just makes you feel vulnerable, because how do you really plan for something?" McConnell said. "For somebody to do something like that, somebody just out with bad intentions."

"We all see things on the news and think that's terrible. It makes you hurt for people, but it really hits home when it's somebody you know and know personally," he said.

JMTO said...

All this......

Thank you, ABB!!!
I concur!!!

Amy Smith said...


"How do you really plan for something?"

Who's thinking about how to plan for a random home invasion murder, Ryan?

JMTO said...

I agree with this.

It felt to me like he was disparaging her, again, talking about how "Mary" felt burdened with this huge blessing, and that Amanda is like "Mary," and highly favored by God.

The very first thing I thought of was that he was subtlety insulting Amanda- although making it seem like he was praising her saying she was "highly favored" - by insinuating she felt burdened by her pregnancy the same way Mary did.

He probably ran this story last her father, and said "but if i say this people will twist it and....."

And her father, Phil probably told him that he came up with the idea.

It seems like he is hiding behind her father now when he says anything so he can't be "blamed" for coming up with it.

Anonymous said...

Amy, as the neighborhood watch captain, he is in charge of whatever "planning" is involved for the neighborhood watch program ... meetings, sharing safety tips, etc. So while one cannot really "plan" for a random home invasion, I can see how that might enter his language.

Hope's Food and Family said...

Rella @ 12:05
My sister has tried that with both of my nieces, she also guilt trips them into feeling sorry for her. The eldest doesn't fall for it any longer. I wish there was a way to send you my e-mail!

Anonymous said...

Ryan McConnell is/was an additions counselor and currently works at The Damien Center here in Indy. His bio is on the website. He's cute. Maybe Peter should analyze his statement posted by Anonymous at 3:47.

Also, the address listed on Taylor's Chronological Case Summary belongs to his mother and her husband (not Larry Taylor, Sr.). Husband (stepfather?) is a Specialist at the Marion County (Indianapolis) Prosecutor's Office and involved in offender workforce development. He also served as a "Faith Based Coordinator" for the Prosecutor's Office from 2007 - 2011.

Those are two connections he could have to drugs and thugs.

Rella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Jude said...

Rabbit - he's trying to evade any type of responsibility by also relieving the three suspects, who somehow connect back or have taken a lead from him, of personal responsibility, too - Amanda's death is nothing to do with anyone, it's all down to that pesky Satan - well, that's convenient. If he orchestrated it, he imagines he can wriggle out of it by accounting it all to the devil, and just to be extra generous to himself, and on the safe side, it wasn't any of his doing if the suspects should be found to have been taking their lead from him, it's all down to Satan. That bit of the sermon adds to my suspicions - he's unbelievable in his lame attempts at self justification.

rosy said...

Amy Smith said...
at 4:04 PM

"How do you really plan for something?"

Who's thinking about how to plan for a random home invasion murder, Ryan?


Do you think Captain Edward John Smith planned for the Titanic to hit the iceberg?

Ryan McConnell was in volunteer charge of helping his neighbors plan AGAINST home invasions and violent crimes. In one night, those plans were smashed to pieces. He felt bad about it but he didn't want to carry too much blame. Nor did he want to shift blame onto the crime victims for failing to fortify and floodlight their homes, hire security guards, and keep K9 trained Dobbies. So he said, "No one can plan for this."

Anonymous said...

Wait what? Larry Taylor's stepfather works for the Prosecutors office? You've got to be sh*tting me!

Anonymous said...

I sh*t you not. I don't know what info I can put on here but I have the address, the property record card and the guy is on linkedin. The CCS has Taylor on an "Drive" but it is an "Ave". It's on the "mapindy" website.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this latest development.......

rosy said...

Larry Jo Taylor through the eyes of Haydee Yvonne (I guess she's the girl he advertised on Backpage). So young, so messed up.

Three Flipagrams by livingfornickking_x

Kate said...

In this video, Phil Byars speaks to helping someone "right now" with their porn addiction and that this person started his porn when he was 9 years old. Could be anyone, but the rest of the service is interesting as Phil speaks to how he wants all his kids to have a long, happy life.

On this youtube channel, not sure who the owner of the channel is, (must be Phil or Robin's sister?), but she has put up more than a few vids of Amanda when she was very young. Hard to watch, Amanda sure seemed like a feisty and happy little girl. But for those who haven't seen the vids, you can see them here

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
at 4:38 PM

If so, helps account for the shattered feelings at the LE press conference.

Early on, information said Larry Taylor had a terrible childhood, in foster homes. Local TV did a video short on a police and faith-based program to help troubled kids. I forget the name.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the neighborhood watch captain can plan for a home invasion. Research the number of blacks, compare to number of whites, divide by number of singles, and multiply by number of drug drops and drug addicts and presto...plan for it. It will happen!

T'ain't a thang in the world that can be done to stop it other than security system, reinforced steel door jambs, bump proof locks and security cameras.

Unless you've got a moron living in the neighborhood that would prefer to leave their doors unlocked and of course the occasional nutjob that thinks a picture of Jesus on the door will work better than all the above. In that case-move!

Anon "I" said...

Hey Jude said...
Rabbit - he's.... it's all down to that pesky Satan - well, that's convenient....
I actually (in my head) read the "well, that's convenient" in the SNL's old church lady voice. LOL

Anonymous said...

Haydee Yvonne's grandfather (grandpa) is Drill Instructor at Department of Corrections Michigan (Retired) and past Michigan Army National Guard. He posts Amber Alert notices and scripture verses for the day and cover photo of himself in front of an altar at Christmas time last year. He's a runner, climber, and takes long bike rides in cold weather. He "Likes" where he can, calling her "granddaughter" and commenting "Nice picture Hayley." He has not resigned himself to losing her.

Near the top of Haydee's FB page, a young man, I think Larry Jo Taylor, in blue high school graduation cap and gown, looks like he's discreetly exposing himself. Maybe I'm projecting!

John Mc Gowan said...

This maybe contentious for some. For me, religion has nothing to do with this. It is a smoke screen to hide behind, and a money making, popularity opportunity, for the narcissist that is db. He is on a hiding to nothing. Why?. Because, he is/was adhering to the words of the lord. And, as long as he sticks to this, there will always be an exit for him.

What do the courts have people do when taking the stand.

I rest my case Mlud!

rosy said...

^^^Nice picture *Haydee.* Cf: "Nice picture granddaughter, I'm praying for you, Love." "Peace be with you granddaughter Love grandpa."

This was about a month before Larry began his rampage. Do the couple come from similar backgrounds?

Anonymous said...

ABB, you have been corrected on nearly every thread here about DB leaving for the gym late, yet you keep repeating it as fact over and over.

It was info spread by a troll on a newspaper site. The troll also said another woman was shot that day in a burglary, the same day, which was a lie. It has NEVER been verified that he always left at 5:30 every day. So stop spreading that rumor as if it is fact.

rosy said...

Anonymous said...
at 6:17 PM

Anyone verify how OFTEN he went to the gym. Someone here today said only in Tuesdays. I don't see how he maintained those biceps on one day a week. Not an expert, though.

Anonymous said...

The new news about the Nov 4th murder makes it seem like Taylor was even more specifically chosen to finish off or kill Amanda, since he was now a known murderer, confident that he can do the job.
If it is a chain of gang members, and they are at the bottom, they may never talk.

Rabbit said...

Blogger Hey Jude said...

Rabbit - he's trying to evade any type of responsibility by also relieving the three suspects, who somehow connect back or have taken a lead from him, of personal responsibility, too - Amanda's death is nothing to do with anyone, it's all down to that pesky Satan - well, that's convenient. If he orchestrated it, he imagines he can wriggle out of it by accounting it all to the devil, and just to be extra generous to himself, and on the safe side, it wasn't any of his doing if the suspects should be found to have been taking their lead from him, it's all down to Satan. That bit of the sermon adds to my suspicions - he's unbelievable in his lame attempts at self justification.

December 29, 2015 at 4:41 PM

I agree. "The devil made them do it." Right. I guess that's one way to CYA. Maybe he'll offer to testify on Taylor's behalf at trial too. Sheesh!

The guy is all over the place. It's like he keeps throwing verbal garbage against the wall, hoping something will stick. God tells him in the shower that He planned for Amanda to be murdered in order to put warm butts into Davey's church seats. But it was Satan who inspired Taylor to murder her.

So... how exactly does that work? Was it some grand conspiracy between God and Satan? Why would Satan go along with a plan to bring people to Jesus? No disrespect intended towards Amanda but why would Davey even think in the first place that her murder would herald some historical event like no one has ever seen?

Amanda's a martyr, Amanda's Mary, the guys who murdered her were just Satan's puppets, Davey's happy that her death will bring people to his church because he "knows" Amanda would have wanted it.

Ugh. What a sad and depressing Christmas sermon.

Mdkd6262 said...

There was an interview early on of a neighbor who said that DB when to the gym everyday at 5:30am... Im pretty sure that's where that came from. Other info has come from DB's tweets, etc posting about being in the gym working out and for the most part they seemed to support the 5 0'clock hour as being his usual timeframe of being in he gym. As far as which days of the week, i was of he belief it was multiple times per week but oi have no particular source on that...

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