Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Iman Asim Abdur Rashid Confession by Pronoun

Even in deception, we sometimes find truth, including confession. 

Behind every Islamic terrorist is the Islamic ideology. 

Behind the ideology is the koran. 
Behind the koran is the Mosque where the koran is taught. 
Behind the Mosque is the Iman who teaches the koran, carefully picking out those who are marginalized and have become devout, to carry out jihad. 

Islamic ideology is supremacist ideology that is sexually violent.  It is a political, military and religious ideology that examples the cult leader who was a murderous pedophile.  Sexual violence is at its core, and it follows through life and into its teaching regarding the after life.  It is a religion of 'coercion', and is immune to reformation, as it, itself, calls for death for those who criticize it even as its subjugation infiltrates society.  

Supremacist ideology's psychology must lead to violence. 


San Bernadino iman "never" met the killer, and now the Philadelphia Islamic terrorist was also unknown to the Iman. In fact, even in broken quotes, we get hints of taqiyya.  

Recall the Mohammedan teaching that permits lying to further the cause of Islam.   This was used last night by Barek Obama, including using both passivity and missing information.  

He does not attend the daily morning intelligence briefings, instead, he has claimed, he reads a summary on his iPad most of the time, in contrast to George W. Bush.  Islamic terrorism has "islam" removed.  

Last night after telling us how safe the country is and how wrong it is to stop Islamic supremacists from migrating to our country (while avoiding the killing of the Philadelphia police officer or the San Bernadino Islamic murders), Obama said:  

"As someone who begins every day with an intelligence briefing, I know this is a dangerous time.”

This avoids stating, "I begin each day at the Intelligence briefing..." as it would be a direct lie.  The purpose of passive voice?

What would most listeners conclude upon hearing that which is technically accurate?

Deception is found in intent.   

In Philadelphia at the mosque where the killer was taught devout obedience to the koran, we learned that the Iman was close friends with him, regularly having lunch with the killer and guiding him to the teachings of the koran.  He claimed to have not recognized even the photo of the killer.  When caught, here is what he said and within his words is the confession by pronoun:   

I know him as Abdul Shaheed.  We don’t call each other by the names we had before we converted to Islam,” Rashid said, claiming he did not recognize Archer, though he was a frequent attendee of the mosque and they had a personal relationship.
“He was intelligence [sic], and he was a regular dude,” Rashid told Reuters on Sunday.

Even in his initial denial we have additional information.  Although this quote is not complete, note the unnecessary addition:

said he "did not know Archer and was not aware if he had ever prayed there" giving us the hint of possibility regarding 'prayer'.  

But in his denial, we not only have confession by pronoun, there is something else:

I know him as Abdul Shaheed.  We don’t call each other by the names we had before we converted to Islam."
I did not highlight one important word in the quote.  Pronouns are instinctive but there is another element that works the same way:
Note he did not say "I don't call him by a name..." but "we" don't call each other by "the" names.  This is to recognize the knowledge of their "non Islamic" names.  

That he used the pronoun "we" to connect himself to the Islamic killer shows the unity and closeness between them.  
That he used the article, "the" to highlight the name also showed familiarity with the names.
His initial denial of not knowing the killer was deceptive, but his defense was also deceptive, while containing a confession by pronoun.  
Each Islamic terrorist investigation begins with dropping "Islam" and then the information that the terrorist had no connection to a mosque.  

The terrorist organization, CAIR, weighed in

“At this hour, it does not appear that he was an observant or mosque-going Muslim” in the local community, said Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American–Islamic Relations.
I’ve called numerous imams and mosques to try to see if the name rings a bell with anyone. So far it hasn’t,” he told Reuters in an interview.
"not ring a bell" is not to say not recognized.  


Anonymous said...

I caught the 'WE.' (Pats self on back.)
I didn't watch Obama address the nation because I can't bear to hear him talking anymore.

sidewalk super said...

You are not the only one !

rob said...

I third that!

Looks like Germans are ready to take action:
(I'm speaking of the people, not Merkel)

Denmark is speaking up also:

One of many things that bothers me about bringing them to the US, and putting them directly on welfare, a system that they have never paid a dime into, then at the same time telling people who have worked and paid in all their lives that social security and disability is about to run out.
Time for Americans to speak out to.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by 'iman'? Iman is a quality of a Muslim's belief that means "assurance and confidence."

I do not think that word means what you think it means. :)

Lemon said...

Islamisation: Germany’s Tele5 TV Channel Puts Muslim Star And Crescent On Logo


Lemon said...

Swedish Police Allegedly Kept Silent On Migrant Sex Mobs, Media Knew For Six Months, Govt For Two Years


“We should certainly have written and told people about this, no doubt. Why it did not happen I do not know,” Varg Gyllander, a police press spokesperson, confessed yesterday." . . .

“In the cases where we were able to apprehend suspects, they were with a foreign background, newly arrived refugees aged 17-20, who had come to Sweden without their families.”. . .

"However he said festival organisers say they did not have enough facts at the time to say anything definitive, and it would have been “totally irresponsible on our side to make anything public”. "


trigger said...

ISIS has brazenly told the world that want to take over the White House in America.

They have openly called for the assassination of police officers in all the Western civilized world.


Anonymous said...

Iman is the name of David Bowie's wife.

Anonymous said...

Good! Let them start killing police officers and then we'll see some action!

They won't coddle them out of fear of being presumed biased.

thinking out loud said...

Does isis not bother to read the newspapers here?
Do they not bother to listen to what is being said by
the white house?

Seems like isis shares bho's distaste for the police community,
doesn't it?

elf said...


Anonymous said...

I hear you, Rob. I think it's a slap in the face to elderly Americans in particular. When so many can barely afford to pay for their medications, heat their homes, and buy groceries (for example),this administration thinks nothing about THEM. It's not right. They must feel betrayed.

trustmeigetit said...

Totally agree!

So I don't get to retire now because the money I PUT INTO THE FUND is needed to support them.

We can't get our homeless off the street. Can't take care of the veterans that fight for this country but there's money for them.

These people would not do the same for Americans.

And bringing in a small person of the people suffering doesn't solve anything. It's only giving terrorists more access and more power.

Sad thing is, I don't see this ending. They believe in violence until they are the only ones left.

trustmeigetit said...

Bringing in a small "percentage" I meant.

thinking out loud said...

What I find tricky is the total cultural displacement occurring when peoples
from one geographic region are removed and deposited in another different
region that cannot be reached by foot and where they have no desire to
assimilate. It's beginning to seem as though this host country is going
to change so that immigrants we deliver into our door will like us better?
Whoa !

rob said...

to thinking out loud:
All the liberals are saying "Bingo!"

more thinking out loud said...

In addition, the host country is allowing radicals who will kill in along with
the other immigrants.
Do we want to take the chance of being killed ?
Do we have to sacrifice to show someone (and who could that be?)
our "good intentions" ?

Then I surmise that "who we are as a nation" is totally cowed into stupidity.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Exclusive: Steven Avery's former fiancée says he's a 'monster'

Michele said...

John - I was just going to post about Avery and his ex. These revelations are not a surprise to me or anyone who reads this blog, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Avery's former goulfriend is a drunk and changes her story frequently-depending on who is asking the questions.

Beverly Carter's murderer is alleging the successful broker and grandmother met him-a career criminal who instructed crime on Youtube-for sex though they sent a ransom demand to her husband and wrapped her head in duct tape and flung her into the trunk of the car.

It takes all kinds!

Anonymous said...

What's worse: Fox news is covering the story yet can't identify which state the homicide occurred in.

Anonymous said...

OT - Lonzie Barton's body has been found - in a garbage heap.


John Mc Gowan said...

OT: Of sorts


Would this come under "Contamination" in S/A?

False Memories
How false memories are created and can affect our ability to recall events.


"Framing questions"

Although they are referred to as 'false memories', often our memories are distorted only when we attempt to recall them. Perhaps the best known examples of this are two experiments conducted by U.S. psychologists Elizabeth Loftus and John Palmer in 1974.3

In the first experiment, Loftus and Palmer (1974) showed different videos of a car collision to different participants. Some saw a video of the car crashing at 20mph, others a video of a collision at 30mph and the rest a video of a crash at 40mph.

The participants were then asked the speed of the collision in a survey question. The question was identical for each participant except for the verb mentioned when describing the crash. Some verbs suggested that the crash was a minor collision, others a full-blown crash.

The experiment results showed that the verb used to describe the crash had more effect on the speed estimated than the actual speed of the car that the participants witnessed in the video.

In a second experiment, participants were shown similar videos of a car and later questioned about what they had witnessed. The question asked the subject whether or not they had seen any broken glass following the collision, and again, the verb describing the collision was altered to suggest varying degrees of severity.

The researchers found that the more serious the accident seemed in the question wording, the more likely participants were to recall having seen broken glass around the car.

Both studies suggest that the framing of questions following an event can affect our recollection of it, even after it has been remembered. Even seemingly slight changes, such as verb alterations in Loftus and Palmer's experiments, can create false memories of events. In fact, Loftus found in a later experiment that even the switching of 'a' and 'the' in a question can influence respondents' recollection of an object.

Loftus, Miller and Burns (1978) showed participants a number of slides of a car at a junction. They were later questioned regarding the scene. Some were asked whether they had seen 'a' stop sign, others 'the' stop sign. Lotus et al found that those participants asked about 'the' stop sign were more likely to recollect it than other group. The use of the definite article seems to assure people that an object exists without them needing to question its accuracy.4

All of these experiments support Loftus' misinformation effect on our memories - the manipulation of past event recollection by misguidance following it; a case of what the German psychologist Georg Müller (1850-1934) may have identified as retroactive interference of information on our memories (Lechner, Squire and Byrne, 1999).5

More examples:

Anonymous said...

It is strange how this is not in main stream news. Why is the FBI pretending to be ranchers and causing fear? Their is much more to this ranchers vs government land.

Anonymous said...

@ John,
Typically I can't remember an auto collision as I am shocked it happened in the first place. After the back of the head takes a blow to the head rest, though not injurious enough to fracture the skull, a throbbing headache is first and foremost preventing any recall of the accident. If others witness the event, it is a plus-unless they just came in from Texas. (get alot of "we" in statements)

Anonymous said...

anon@ 8:15
The '60s English calls for "there" in the sentence whereas you used "their."

The FBI, like alot of people, like to pretend to be something they are not. It makes them important if not obnoxious.

Vicki said...

John, I would think that's definitely contaminated..But you want to hear what they say in the free editing process, and then go back and ask questions of what they alone said, heard, what influefnced them to say such and such, and I think you could still to SA to get to the truth IMO...

John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

Can OT posts be banned ? It's so annoying when there are great topics like the lies of Islam and a lot of people go OT. Perhaps a sidebar widget for OT comments?
And seriously more people need to pay attention to how threatening the muslim mindset is towards America.
Keep writing these articles. They help my arguments with soft hearted libs.

Anonymous said...

OT Can people complaining about OT be banned?