Friday, April 29, 2016

Blackburn on Fox News: "I Had No Idea"

"Had no idea somebody had been in my house" without the pronoun "I" may explain why he stayed out on the driveway as long as he did only on this particular morning. 


Those who felt that the husband of Amanda Blackburn may have helped facilitate her murder and who have doubted his story, will not likely have their opinion changed in his most recent interview.  
Fox News reported that at first he didn’t realize she’d been shot.
"Honestly, I think it was by the grace of God that I had no idea what happened. I honestly thought, she was three months pregnant, so I thought that something had gone horrifically wrong with the pregnancy," 
The use of "honestly" is a call to be believed. Would a truthful person need such a call?  This is to 'call in a reinforcement for what I am about to say I really want to be believed...' which is to show inherent weakness. The cusp of the statement is his claim that having no idea was by the grace of God, yet if he is deceptive, it speaks to Divine intervention, keeping him from knowing, that is not real. 

Does this suggest deception about "not knowing" or about the grace (influence) of God?

 It is a habit of the deceptive who feel a need to emphasize belief in what they are saying, rather than simply saying something that is true.  Here, where he uses it, he wants to be believed.  When it is repeated, it becomes even more sensitive.  
Note the lack of using her name as distancing language. This was a pattern shortly after her murder; something most unexpected from a spouse.  The "husband and wife" relationship is unique.  It is based not simply on biology, but physiology, that is, it includes elements of science that were deliberately designed for this purpose.  It is within this uniqueness that we find the "sharing of one internal dictionary" develop. No other relationships produce this.  As the male relates to the female, he does so from the unique position of male; as the female relates to the male, she does from the unique position of who she is, a female.  Then, in intimacy, there is a joining of the bodies, becoming 'one person', in which they 'know' each other.  This 'knowledge' is deep, often described as mysterious, and has been the topic of poetry, literature and music from earliest recorded history.  When a husband and wife are in a room together, they are at an advantage:  they can communicate without speaking better than any others.  The longer the marriage, the greater the sharing, but note that this sharing is an intimate sharing.  When murder disrupts this, there is a "tearing" or "destruction" that takes place (1) but there is also an element of "invasion" or "intrusiveness" (2) because "someone killed my wife" or "someone killed my husband" which is:

as if the killer got to the survivor's life.  This is what we hear in the language of surviving victims of murder.  The personal and intrusive nature of murdering one half of the "one person" is the expected in language.  It is as if the surviving spouse has been 'murdered', in this sense. (We hear this language in unexpected divorce cases where one has been deceived; lots of deep, personal language of 'theft' or robbery, as if the outsider entered into something and destroyed it, while tainting the innocent victim).

This is what the general population expressed in comments here and in news articles when Blackburn began his media tour.  Commentators were angry, though some struggled to explain why.  Christians, in particular, were offended (some embarrassed) at not simply the unnatural (unexpected) crass commercialization of the murder, but also of the 'empty' language; that which we call "distancing language."

This same 'angry' response was frequent when Baby Lisa's mother spoke publicly.  She went a long way (in language) without mentioning Lisa's name, in any form other than the pronoun "her" or "she."  It 'felt' unnatural because it is.  The mother-child relationship is another such physiological unique relationship that has its own language.

Blackburn angered people at both his lack of intimacy with Amanda, and his clear positive expressions over the publicity.

Another intuitive "statement analysis" done by the public was his constant retreat into using "we" rather than "I", even when alone.  When it came to the murder, and when it came to his relationship with Amanda, "we" was frequently employed, though nothing stood out as with some expression of guilt more than,
"For us, we have nothing to hide." 
Some stated that this was likely a mental illness or psychological disturbance stemming from his narcissism.  I disagree and have, in a previous article, showed why this was not the case.  As to the claim of "we" being "me and jesus", it would appear that this is no longer the case as he now speaks for himself.  
Note that he uses the pronoun "I" consistently, as his pattern, now, something he did not use when speaking of Amanda's murder, early on.  This is a signal of a need to psychologically share guilt.  
That he uses "I had no idea" is something that is difficult to believe since we have ideas about most everything in life.  Yet, when we take this statement ("I had no idea") with the unnecessary need to persuade that it is honest' use of "honestly", it raises a suspicion:  did he know she was shot?  He attributes this "I had no idea" to "the grace of God" and this attribution is only weakly asserted with "I think..."

Consider, for those new to analysis, the difference between two sentences:
"I locked my keys in the car."
"I think I locked my keys in the car."

The weakness is appropriate here, but when compounded, we must take note that the subject may not believe his own words.  
This is a very weak, and distancing assertion of not knowing that Amanda was shot.  Note the victim's name (his wife) is not used in many of his responses about her.  This is not expected.  What he says next may come as a shock to those who have believed his account:  
"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, man this is really bad, but if we can just get her to the hospital she's going to be OK. I had no idea there were bullet wounds.  Had no idea somebody had been in my house. Things didn't look right, something was up, but I think I was just in this cloud of shock."
Begin by noting his reference to time:  "When I found her", which specifies time.  As she is still breathing, there is an intuitive change in pronoun.

Note the connection or closeness between "this is really bad" and the fact that she was "still" breathing.

The only description of finding her, at this point, is that she was "still breathing", which is the only thing he credits as being "really bad" in his quick assessment of the situation.
Given the description of the crime scene, I would think that blood would be the thing that told me how bad this was; not that she was "still" breathing.

This word "still" speaks to the passage of time.

Please take very careful note in what he said about being on the phone that day, remaining on the phone but not going into the house.  He stayed outside for about 40 minutes talking when he could have concluded the conversation inside the house.  This is to describe the passing of time.

When he finds her, she is not "bleeding" but "still" breathing.
"Still" refers to passing of time.
Did he know someone had been in the house?
"there were bullet wounds" avoids saying "Amanda was shot" or bringing this personal to Amanda in any form of language.  It not only avoids using her name, but it avoids all responsibility of the shooters by passive voice.  "Bullet holes" do not get there by themselves.  Please note two things;
1.  Someone must shoot her in order to give her bullet holes
2.  She, herself, would have bullet holes.  Passive voice conceals this in a most subtle way.  "There were bullet holes" is passivity in Statement Analysis which is used to conceal responsibility.  

Note the re-introduction of the pronoun "we" here.  
It is startling to hear someone who relied so heavily upon the pronoun "we" when he was alone, and who later claimed the use of "we" was "me and jesus", to drop a pronoun. 
Yet he has returned to using the pronoun "I" in his statements yet here, while alone, with dying victim, he reverts back to what was cited shortly after the murder:  the inappropriate use of "we" in the pronoun.  
One may argue that he is talking about the rescue.  He does not state rescue.  
"Things didn't look right":  While his wife lay bleeding out on the ground, with a report that her clothing had been moved, or pants pulled down, the language "things didn't look right" does not match the reality.  This is concerning language as it minimizes the crime scene by one who is the spouse; that is, one who should be using up close personal and emotionally charged language.  

"I had no idea there were bullet wounds.  Had no idea somebody had been in my house."  
Dropped Pronoun

Pronouns are dropped when someone does not wish to psychologically commit to a statement.

Having "no idea" lacks credibility, as frequently cited in analysis, but whether or not you combine the two sentences with a semi-colon or keep them separate, when the sentence is spoken, the dropped pronoun becomes evident.  
This is to intuitively remove himself from the knowledge of "somebody" had been in "the" house; no, he uses it as "my house" and not the typically used by married couples, "the" house with the article used. 
This reduction in commitment about robbery via missing pronoun is noted. 
Also note "somebody" and not "the killers" or any form of identification.  "Somebody" is singular. 
"Somebody" is gender neutral.
It is soft language.

"I didn't know Amanda's killers were in the house" is not said. This is after the fact of arrests and police investigation.  
This is the type of language used when either;
the subject does not know the identity of who broke into the house or
the subject is concealing the identity.  
Please note that the suspects have been identified and arrested and are known by the subject at the time of this statement.

He does not say that he had no idea about someone in the house.  If he is unwilling or unable to say it, we will not say it for him.

For someone who has consistently used the pronoun "I" here, this dropped pronoun about someone entering the home is coupled with the fact that this same subject earns a living by his public speaking, tells us that he is not, at all, committing to "not knowing" someone entered his home.

Question:  Did police miss this connection between being on the driveway deliberately staying outside while on the phone, while the victim was "still" breathing?

For some that may have felt that the deception in his statements was limited to being relieved of the burden of being married to Amanda, or related to homosexuality, this particular point is difficult to ignore.

"Had no idea somebody..." is not credible.

He should have been administered a polygraph in spite of the strong alibi of being at the gym.  


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Anonymous said...

It all seems fishy and to point to guilt, but could this just clearly be a case of the "NEW CULTURE" in churches and their leaders. The pastors are no longer theologians who have gone to school to study the Bible. Many are people who say that have a calling, but yet they have not attended additional schooling to study and learn the Bible. He is very much the selfie culture product who believes God alignes himself with ones good. I have plans to prosper you....etc...all taken out of context. The story of Peter in the prison. We injest ourselves in all verses when in realty they are not about us----They are about "HIM" the one true God!

Anonymous said...

You feel that the extensive analysis done by Mr. Hyatt can be easily discarded and the actions of Mr. Blackburn fully explained by simply attributing it to "NEW CULTURE" and "self culture." I am wondering - perhaps you are one of the investigating officers that immediately cleared Mr. Blackburn of wrong doing? That would explain quite a bit.

Jo said...

"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, man this is really bad"

Why would her breathing be "really bad"? Wouldn't your thought be "good she is still breathing" Using "still breathing" sounds like his expectation was that she would not be. I would think he would just say "she was breathing" as that would be what was important at that moment, not that she was "still breathing". If he had hired someone to kill her, I could see why his thoughts would be "still breathing" and "really bad" compared to "breathing" and feeling good that there may be hope especially if he didn't realize she had been shot.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you're analysis shows me, especially with the dropped pronoun, that Davey, at the very LEAST, knew something. I don't know what it was, but this was not a surprise to him.

Jo Said,

"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, man this is really bad"

Why would her breathing be "really bad"? Wouldn't your thought be "good she is still breathing" Using "still breathing" sounds like his expectation was that she would not be. I would think he would just say "she was breathing" as that would be what was important at that moment, not that she was "still breathing". If he had hired someone to kill her, I could see why his thoughts would be "still breathing" and "really bad" compared to "breathing" and feeling good that there may be hope especially if he didn't realize she had been shot.


Great job Jo!

lynda said...

"Honestly, I think it was by the grace of God that I had no idea what happened. I honestly thought, she was three months pregnant, so I thought that something had gone horrifically wrong with the pregnancy,"


What does the Grace of God have to do anything. To make that statement, he is literally stating that God Graced him by not allowing him to have any idea upon finding her what really happened to her. God blessed him so he didn't know Amanda was shot. "Honestly" thought..Need to persuade that he only "thought" something had happened to pregnancy. Why? Is that what is foremost in his mind? That something would (hopefully) happen to a pregnancy that he didn't want? Otherwise, we would have to believe that he was close enough to her to know she was still breathing yet unable to comprehend that blood was not coming from between her legs,signaling a miscarriage, it was coming out of her face, head, and back. Does he think people will actually believe that? There is not a loving husband alive that would NOT turn over his face down wife. He would turn her over to check her breathing, see her face, give mouth to mouth, or CPR. So let's assume Davey turned her over, (If he did NOT, that would appear to me that he didn't want to or care too.) and saw her face. Her tooth was knocked out and her lip split. Davey would have to see this also. Is this supposed to indicate a miscarriage? Did he think a miscarriage would cause her shirt to be up and her underwear lying next to her? Davey mentions her breathing but does NOT mention that he checked to see if her heart was beating. "she was breathing and I feel her pulse" would be expected language. To completely drop any statement regarding her beating heart, is NOT expected to me. I want to know if Davey's clothes were covered in blood, as they should have been if he was a loving husband as he would have cradled her in his arms

Anonymous said...

When I came home, I saw Amanda on the floor, almost naked (chokes back sob), with blood all around her head. I dialed 911 while running up the stairs to check on Weston. He appeared OK and I ran back to Amanda (pause, emotion) with towels to try to stop the bleeding and a blanket to cover her. I was so scared, looked around and saw her credit cards scattered on the floor. Those thugs robbed her and took away my wife, Weston's mother, my life... OMG. OMG. My beautiful Amanda...

I was scared that whoever had done this was still on the loose.


What would you say if Perry Noble asked you to tell him what happened?

Fm25 said...

Db's tweet about dinner in living room bc kitchen being renovated: isn't that Meg standing up? Anyone recognize the others in photo?

Amy Smith said...

Davey wants us to believe that he thought a horrific pregnancy-related problem at 12 weeks would lead Amanda to be in a life-threatening condition in which she might not "still" be breathing?

Anonymous said...

Why would he be concerned about her breathing if he thought it was pregnancy related? Did he think that a woman can bleed out and die from a miscarriage?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! To the guy after me. I am a stay at home mom who find Hyatt's analysis interesting. I am not at all saying he is wrong. I was just asking if it was possible

Anonymous said...

I have read a lot of what Peter has written about Davey. I have also read hundreds of comments about Davey on this blog. I have only watched a few minutes of videos of his sermons (he makes me want to throw up). My conclusion is that there is very little about Davey that is what a normal person would expect. His appearance is odd; his clothing, his hair, his eyes, his body, his on stage persona. The way he speaks is odd; he stutters and stammers, he doesn't seem to have a filter between his brain and his mouth. All pretty strange for a professional speaker. He craves attention way more than any normal person.

My question is, are deceptive people usually this well rounded in their "unexpecteds"? (Sorry, I couldn't think of another word, so I made one up.)

Ellie said...

Ugh, just ugh. Between "Davey" and Trump...

Revisiting what Peter posted about Melania before, note how Melania says he shows her support. He *let's* her take a bath. This guy is a creep. I'm not a Cruz fan either, but he stuck up for his wife & called her the love of his life. Trump reduces his wife to no more than boobs. Its so sad. Free Melania!

Fro!m the GQ interview

"Melania is as fastidious a wife as she is a mother, which Donald appreciates. Things come easy with her. “I work very hard from early in the morning till late in the evening,” Donald told Larry King in 2005. “I don’t want to go home and work at a relationship.” To the twice-divorced Donald, Melania is terrific. He’s never heard her fart or make doodie, as he once told Howard Stern. (Melania has said the key to the success of her marriage is separate bathrooms.) He can trust her to take her birth control every day, he boasted to Stern; she’s just amazing that way. She has the perfect proportions—five feet eleven, 125 pounds—and great boobs, which is no trivial matter. Stern once asked Trump what he would do if Melania were in a terrible car accident, God forbid, and lost the use of her left arm, developed an oozing red splotch near her eye, and mangled her left foot. Would Donald stay with her?

“How do the breasts look?” Trump asked.
“The breasts are okay,” Stern replied. Then, yeah, of course Trump stays. “Because that’s important.” There are other pluses. He appreciates Melania’s restraint when it comes to Shopping While Trump. “She’s never taken advantage of that situation, okay, as many women would have, frankly,” he has said. (“I prefer quality over quantity,” Melania tells me.) Donald does his part to make things work, too. “He is a very understanding husband,” Melania once told an interviewer. “If I say, ‘I need an hour, I’m going to take a bath,’ or I’m having a massage, he doesn’t have nothing against it. He’s very supportive in that way.” She lets him have his space; she’s not “needy” or “nagging,” as she tells me."

GeekRad said...

Until I read the statement that she was still breathing I didn't key in on that. Could it be that Davey's actions, those of a guilty man, are because he feels guilty that if he had been home, instead of the gym she would still be alive. And that if he had found her sooner she could have been saved? He is certainly not one to take responsibility for his actions so I am wondering if this guilt is what we are seeing in his statements.

Bad Juju said...

GeekRad, I came here to say something similar. I've wondered if the need to share guilt is because he left the door unlocked (which was maybe something he did all the time).

I've also wondered if Davey saw the killers at the neighbor's house, thought they looked suspicious, but then went on his merry way with no regard to his family (or his neighbor).

ima.grandma said...

Jo said...
"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, man this is really bad"

Yes Jo, my thoughts exactly. Well said. "man, this is really bad" probably really did pop into his panicked little mind. He expected her to be dead by then and didn't have a Plan B ready.

GeekRad said...

Bad Juju, that is a good point. He could have seen them or something suspicious and feel guilty that his selfishness got Amanda killed- something he refuses to take responsibility for.

ima.grandma said...

Hi Geek :) What's the latest on Nurse Billie?

Ellie said...

If he was an innocent but felt guilty, wouldnt he say so? Like "I feel like dog poop BC I was in the car so long and *I* left the door open, maybe she would have lived had I done things differently..." He has a profound lack of empathy for what she (and Weston) went thru, and a surprisingly lack of survivors guilt.

Bad Juju said...


Rachel Bostian called 911 Wednesday evening asking for help for a 5-year-old child who had "stopped breathing."

"We were camping in the woods and he escaped the tent while we were sleeping and he was gone for a couple days and some kids got a hold of him and messed him up real bad and we didn’t realize how bad it was," the 29-year-old told the dispatcher.

The child, Alexander Stephens, died Friday morning.

At their arraignment hours later, the boy's mother Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, 26, and Bostian were charged with murder.

GeekRad said...

Hi Ima. Not a word. Even with the Texas rangers push, not a word. Clint was on TV a few months ago begging for people to come forward and LE to do something but that is it. People in Colorado City don't even talk about it anymore.

GeekRad said...

Blogger My Sew Imperfect Life said...
If he was an innocent but felt guilty, wouldnt he say so? Like "I feel like dog poop BC I was in the car so long and *I* left the door open, maybe she would have lived had I done things differently..." He has a profound lack of empathy for what she (and Weston) went thru, and a surprisingly lack of survivors guilt.

I think he can't say it because he can't except any responsibility. He doesn't ever see himself as wrong which is why he has the profound lack of empathy

Horse chestnut said...

Could he have been parked outside and seen them leave and waited a half hour hoping something had happened? While he might not have arranged it, it would allow for guilty knowledge and this sense of gratitude like he lucked out that it all went his way without him having to do anything but wait on the Lord so to speak.

Bobcat said...


"I think he can't say it because he can't except any responsibility. He doesn't ever see himself as wrong which is why he has the profound lack of empathy"


Incorrect. Please stop looking for reasons to excuse him.

Davey's 2006 Blog:

"I look back at a few years in high school that I put my parents through utter Hades. But my dad has always loved me unconditionally; despite the grief I may have caused him at one time or the other."

"I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands. I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that. They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk. It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents.

But, to be honest with you. I wouldn't change that situation if I could, because that situation taught me that I can't get away with lies, I can't get away with sin, and it has partially made me into who I am today. Here are three things the Bible points out that we have to do when confronted with sin in our life and the consequences of that sin."

Bobcat said...

Geekrad and BJJ:

Above are only two examples. I can find many, many more where DB expresses knowledge of responsibility, mistakes, and being wrong.

Bobcat said...

That Junior Year Lie was a big enough deal that the family MOVED from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa for Davey's senior year of high school.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Please consider going back and re-reading the analysis. I have added some things that readers may find important.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The poster, "Jo" above, regarding "still breathing" is correct. Good work.

Tania Cadogan said...

Jo said...
"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, man this is really bad"

Such leakage.

bad for who davey?
A live Amanda was bad news, what if she recovered enough to let someone know what happened?

I wonder if davey has been asked to take a polygraph as i would expect in such a case, especially given his statements?

if he was asked did he agree or refuse?

What would be his reaction if he was told the suspects had decided to talk?

Anonymous said...

"Had no idea somebody had been in my house."

I knew these guys that were in my house.

I expected Amanda to be dead. She was still breathing even after I talked to K.W. for 40 minutes.

Ellie said...

Maybe she was "still" breathing BC he was the one who shot her, and she was breathing when he left and "still" breathing when he returned.

Bobcat, I don't think the poster was letting him off the hook by saying he doesn't accept responsibility? I have to respectfully disagree abt the example you provided. He did not discuss/acknowledge the impact of his HS lie on his family ( who had to move) or his friends & teachers. Once again its all about him. I think you might be reading what he says & thinking you'd feel awful for hurting others, but we're supposed to accept his words and nothing more and Davey doesn't say that. My teen who has Aspergers struggles to understand *why* someone was hurt by his actions, but shows remorse over causing the pain. To me, accepting responsibility is 1) acknowledging you did something wrong/hurtful, and 2) acknowledging how it affected others. With Davey it appears to me he does little of the 1st and none of the 2nd. (There is a great book by the author of "The 5 Love languages" about the languages of apology & forgiveness that's a great tool to examine oneself.)

Can anyone think of a time he discussed how another person he knows was feeling? Not just that he hurt them, but any true internal emotions? If he doesn't have them himself maybe he can't understand them in others?

He's inspired me to purchase "The Sociopath Next Door." ( A reader commented on a Davey article abt it, thanks!"

Peter the section about how a survivor feels liked part of themselves was stolen was an incredible insight. I read it and went, "wow!"

Bobcat said...


Thank you for your correction and instruction! I searched my Word docs of DB's blog and sermon transcriptions for "felt" and "feeling". I only found four references to feelings of others, and two were biblical characters. One was Amanda and something she felt God called her to do.

This one was interesting:

“So Kenneth and I went over to Dustin’s apartment where we had an amazing conversation with him and his roommate Scotty. Both talked about how miserable and empty they felt living the life they were living (by the way I have been praying specifically for these guys to feel miserable until they recognize that they need a savior).”

One time he talks about himself influencing someone else's feelings and it's because he was praying for them to feel miserable.

Amy Smith said...

" an entire nation and world could experience revival."
How? Through Davey's book, movie and speaking gigs? Through his tight pants and jean jacket attire?

"greater story"

lynda said...

(by the way I have been praying specifically for these guys to feel miserable until they recognize that they need a savior)

Uh, What? He boasts that he prays to God that people feel miserable to "get" them to come to God? That's not how God works you crazy bastard!

I wonder what he had been praying for Amanda to "feel" in the days leading up to her murder?

Peter, do you think with Davey's language and his obvious sociopathic tendencies that he could actually pass a lie detector even tho he is lying?

Zsuzsanna said...

Ugh, everything about this guy is so creepy, and just screams "guilty."

It makes my stomach turn to wonder what Amanda must have gone through during the assault and aftermath, what seems like at the hands of her husband, knowing her son was upstairs and she was pregnant.

Speaking of praying, I have been praying specifically for DB to get caught. To think that poor little Weston is in his care - horrific!

Bobcat said...

I also searched sermons and blogs for "I love..."

The results, from recent sermons to 10 year old blog:

"DB: "I love..."
Brad Pitt
the person of (biblical) David
some nice Nike jogger sweats
Starbucks coffee
the South
watching teenagers have fun
TV show Seventh Heaven
image of Jesus POWER-WASHING my soul
getting body armor in Halo game
nice juicy cheeseburger
Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

The only tangible human on that list is Brad Pitt.

Katprint said...

OFF TOPIC: Liar's number "3"

Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, her friend Rachael Bostian and her friend's mother Ramona Bostian terribly beat the Theresa's 5 and 6 year old sons for two whole days because one of the boys supposedly took some food; the 5 year old died. From :

"In the 911 tape, Rachael Bostian said the 5-year-old “escaped the tent,” went missing for days, then was “messed up real bad” by three boys."

Not four boys, not five boys, THREE boys.

On the other hand, the two boys were beaten by three women; could the number three also reflect that reality as well as being the liar's number?

Anonymous said...

That was posted upthread, Katprint.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Lynda, sociopaths don't pass polygraphs properly administered using their own words. It is not about feeling guilt;

it is about disrupting the process of transmission.


PS: Brad Pitt has played make believe world leader for movies. I believe that this qualifies him for high office.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Blogger Amy Smith said...
" an entire nation and world could experience revival."
How? Through Davey's book, movie and speaking gigs? Through his tight pants and jean jacket attire?

"greater story"

The narcissist naked before God needing a shower....he is a criminal psychologist's dream come true.

Specifically: he is giving signals of deception about knowledge of someone in his house. He should have been polygraphed in spite of the gym alibi.

This is a major error.

Bobcat said...

I also searched "feel" in DB's old blog:

"I began to feel the tug of my rational side saying, "Davey, you really need to go to the library to do some work." But I just couldn't find the motivation to leave the conversation and go to the library right then. I began to feel guilty that maybe I was losing my motivation for school work (which may be true)."

"... right there in Newspring sanctuary, facing the wall, I felt God speak to me. His words were few but powerful, "You wanted to see Writing on the Wall, Davey. There you go." Before me were hundreds of people's names who did not know Jesus, and at that moment I knew what God was saying to me through the writing on the wall. "Davey, I'll take care of everything. You just be concerned about bringing people to me." I can still feel those words resounding in my soul right now as I type. It stirred me to the core and for the first time I "heard" God speak to me as clearly as writing on the wall."

"I asked you guys to pray for Amanda yesterday. (a relative died) I wish I could tell you how she and her family are doing after their loss. To be honest with you guys, I have no idea how to handle this situation. I feel so hopeless!"

"When I return to the same SIN I feel like a dog that has just vomitted, gone back and eaten the vomit, vomitted again, and then repeated the process with no relief!"

"I really feel God's presence on this (baseball) team, and I trust that His work is not over."

"Nothing felt right about today. I didn't feel confident on the field; I didn't feel like being around people (Great testimony, Davey! :( ). It was just one of those days."

"I could feel the Holy Spirit’s words flowing through me as I offered up answers to some of his questions."

Remember, he said "we have nothing to hide", which was an invitation to look.

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness Bobcat, wow. He prayed for someone to feel miserable? That blows my mind. That's quite a find & good research. I would be sad if my husband professed his love for a cheeseburger, but not me.

I have heard many prayers in my lifetime. I was raised staunchly Catholic, was married in the Presbyterian church, and raised my kids in a Covenant church. I went to church weekly & events & bible studies until i became agnostic last year. My husband's fam is very religious, my SIL works for Wycliffe ministries. That is to say i have heard a wide range of churchy people/religious groups prayers, from my Mil at dinner or a priest on Sunday. I have *never* heard someone pray for God to hurt an individual?! Has anyone else? I've heard someone pray for our troops to come home safely/be victorious and sometimes that a sports team would win, but that's not the same. To me at least ( i always have 2 qualify) asking God to turn someones heart toward him is much much different than asking God to make them miserable first so he can then turn their heart. Is he denying the Sovereignty of God, who is so impotent he cannot change their hearts w/out pain first?

Outside of Peter's blog do the general public dislike/suspect him like we do? I feel so sad for Weston and those who truly loved Amanda (snark alert: more than Brad Pitt or a cheeseburger.)

Bobcat said...

Search for "Feel" in DB "sermons":

4/24/16 (talking to Perry Noble)
"I’ll never forget those 24 hours, um, I feel like everything’s a cloud of except for those 24 hours where, family and friends came in and we just sat around her bed and we, uh, we worshipped."

"And so, in that moment, I really had to wrestle with this, and, what I realized was that, forgiveness isn’t an emotion. That I wasn’t ever gonna feel like forgiving them. Um, that’s just, just point blank."

"I just feel this incredible prompting right now that maybe there’s someone in this room who, you have a relationship with Jesus, but, but man, you’re, you’re, you’re activity has been defined by running to third base (Success).

"I just feel like there’s gotta be more than just trying to get the next car, trying to get the house."

2/21/16 (describing Amanda's death as a masterpiece)
"You look at the back side of a quilt, something’s been woven and it’s this quilt, and it doesn’t make a lick of sense what’s going on because the back looks like all of these strings and all these different things, but then you flip it over on the other side and it’s a masterpiece. And somehow I feel like that that’s gonna, phhhh, my eyes are gonna be opened to that, and it’s gonna make sense."

(Talking about Psalm 23, Verse 4 - Valley of the Shadow of Death)
"I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t feel like, I didn’t feel like when I go through verse fours that I feel like my cup is overflowing. I feel dry."

2/14/16 (Valentine's Day)
"Um, I get to rejoice in the fact that my, my Valentine is, is spending time with her first Valentine, Jesus, right now, so I can rejoice in that, but, something about today I just don’t, I just don’t, I don’t feel very good."

Ellie said...

Katprint, that's so sad. I saw that upthread & the word "escaped" jumped out at me. A little boy should escape *to* a tent where his parents are, whether he's fleeing a bee or heavy smoke from the campfire. Escaping/fleeing the tent means the child was not safe w/his family. :-( And they beat him to death over food? I read a lot of self help parenting books when our kids were younger. A book specifically about kids w/sensory integration issues made a point I never forgot that is abt all kids. Kids *want* to please their parents. If they're acting out there is an underlying reason, whether they're tired & hungry or they can't take the sensory overload of a crowd. If that baby took food its because he was hungry, and his nitwit parents killed him for it.

I need a mental vacation. I think I'll look at fluffy bunnies on cute

Bobcat said...

More "feel" in DB sermons:

"Listen, listen, this is so important when we begin to talk about being overwhelmed. Because the lie and the myth often times in church, is, ‘God will never put on you more than you can handle.’ You ever heard that before? God’s never gonna put on, anything on you more than you can, you can handle, you, so, if you’re going through something, he knows that you are strong enough to go through it. Ugh! Lie! You ever been in a place where you feel like, that, it’s like, this is just more than I can handle. I wasn’t built for this. You just kind find yourself in this place of being stressed. But I love the person of David because you can read through a lot of David’s, like, journal entries, his thoughts unfiltered in the book of Psalms. And you can hear how he’s in situations of being distressed, and I used to think that David was like, schizophrenic, like I used to think this cat was bipolar. I’m like, what is wrong with this dude, because there’d be moments in the Psalms you’ll read, and he’s like ’I feel you closer than, my own breath, I can taste you, like honey on my lips.’ He’s talking to God, right? He’s not talking to any…he’s talking to God, and I’m like, I’m like, man, I, that’s, man, he’s so Godly. And in the very next verse, he’ll be like ‘Where are you? Where’d you go? I’m alone!’ Right? And it flip flops back and forth, over and over, flip flops, flip flops, and I’m like, this dude needs medicine. Somebody get him a prescription for something, and then listen…

And then I went through something, where it made me feel like that. Moments where I’d experience the depth of God’s love, of his presence, of his peace, and of his healing like I’ve never experienced before. And in a moment, the switch flips, and I feel more alone, more in distress, more overwhelmed than I ever have in my life."


That's it, I'm out. If you want to read sermon transcriptions, they are here:

P.S. I'm sure Brad Pitt would have Davey's vote.

Ellie said...

OK, they shut down in January after 10 years. No fluffly kittens for a palate cleanse after Davey.

Peter, maybe you could post cat pictures after any posts w/ Davey's words? It'd be for our mental health?! :-)

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that there's another Davey Blackburn with posted photos of Perry Noble? (According to the bio, this Davey has a daughter and a different job...)


GeekRad said...

Bobcat, I do not want to excuse him. He is slime, cared nothing for Amanda and his comments about Weston make me sick. I am trying to reconcile SA with the affidavit. Believe me, if Davey goes down I will be amoung the first to shout wooohoooo. He is guilty of many things. I am just not convinced of him being a planning participant of her murder. I would love to see him go down.

Bobcat said...


"I am just not convinced of him being a planning participant of her murder."


That's interesting. I MUST step away but...

In the sermon transcriptions, DB mentions "God" ALLOWING Amanda to die.

DB says "God" could have stopped her death.

You could be right that maybe it wasn't DB's *idea* to kill/have Amanda killed.

But maybe he knew it was going to happen, and he let it happen.

That would explain the guilt.

Bobcat said...

But then I come back to
"it was a normal morning"
"it was a very normal morning"

He has talked about setting multiple alarms for a 6am wake-up time.

Why 4:30 on November 10?

The police can't pinpoint the time of the gunshots.

GeekRad said...

You have a good point Bobcat. I can't reconcile it in my head or heart because he is such a low life. I am a scientist who sometimes testifies for my clients. I won't testify unless I have the facts to support my testimony. I try to consider all the facts, and we don't have all the facts because LE dismissed Davey immediately and they let him clean and disinfect the house. I respect what you see and agree, they are huge red flags that LE and Amanda's family and friends should be looking at. Don't step away. LE and the defense attorneys for the thugs read this. You are helping them make the case should they decide to go there. Stay with it Bobcat.

smh said...

Does anyone have a link to an article or interview which confirms that staying outside and talking on the phone in the driveway was something DB did "only on this particular morning?" I don't recall it being said either way whether it was a habit of his or something unusual.

Heisgay said...

Good to see Peter's on this one.

I had difficulty posting before on my phone bc it's a piece of crap when trying to respond on another thread to Bobcat.
Bobcat shared parts of Davey's sermons which indicated to me that IMO Davey is involved in a mob-type liason with this group of thugs.
We are looking at Davey having a Whitey Bulger type involvement in the murder...Davey was either present and watched/participated in the murder or did it himself. Davey has power over the thugs due to the fact he has either killed or had someone killed who didnt follow his orders. Look at Whitey Bulger...there you will find your answers for the nature of Davey's involvement in this murder.

Bobcat said...


I'm not stepping away permanently, but I am going on Vacay and offline for a week or so.

I'll be back, but a lot can happen in a week!

Anonymous said...

Every photo of Davey Blackburn

No matter what photo

His face pisses me off

He is that guy who wrangles such reaction
nothing of him needs to be known, no questioning of his
character needs to take place.

Some people create such chemical reactions
*instant negative, putrid they are: upon the sight of them.

No different is Mark Redwine

Oh please said...

Heisgay -----

So you're saying Davey has killed and/or arranged the killing of other people in the past? Like who?

The police know exactly what time the killers were there and they know exactly when he was at the gym. How could he have "watched"?

Heisgay said...

And absolutely: Peter is right on with his pointing out the....'I knew something was terribly wrong...she was still breathing..."

Looking at the language I would say he has killed before. How can something be "wrong" unless it has gone "right" before...a more clean kill that he has successfully done...maybe to an animal?

"When I found her"
Why not say "When I came in" or "when I saw her on the floor/stairs"

He wants to be damn sure people think he found her.

GeekRad said...

Ok, hang in Bobcat and all. Don't let me not being convinced on the able to support conviction stop you. Peter don't stop, none of your stop. Keep the pressure on.

Heisgay said...

Oh please,

You dont know what time she was killed...cops are going on time given by neighbors who heard 3 gunshots. People run to look out windows when they hear gunshots...they do not run to a clock. You dont know he was at the gym.

From the language I would look at possibility of asphyxiation before gunshot wounds..."she was still breathing"....not she "was still alive"..."still had a heartbeat"

Anonymous said...

Looking at the language I would say he has killed before. How can something be "wrong" unless it has gone "right" before...a more clean kill that he has successfully done...maybe to an animal?

MmmHmm. Probably.

Oh please said...

Heisgay -----

We do know exactly when the thugs were there. In order for Davey to have "watched," he would have to be there at the same time. Your imagination is really something.

And there's no evidence he has killed animals, regardless of what Bobcat has said.

Bobcat said...

I'm not gone yet.

I didn't say he killed animals.

I posted quotes from DB himself which could indicate a history of cruelty to animals and fire-setting. Both pathological indicators.

I have a feeling there are some interesting Blackburn stories in Birmingham/Irondale, Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip to Indy, Bobcat!

Heisgay said...

Oh please,

Bobcat posted words out of Davey's mouth from which one can infer a tendency towards sadism towards animals specifically as well as a specific interest in fire.

How do police know exactly when thugs were there? Do they know precisely when thugs entered the house?

Davey telegraphed with his words knowledge of the injuries which would be inflicted on Amanda in the future including her tooth being knocked out. Is he psychic? Did he request his thug(s) knock out her tooth while murdering her? Extremely unlikely. The language guides us towards understanding he himself inflicted the injury therefore he had to have been involved as a participant in the actual physical murder of Amanda. He either killed her or he helped kill her. Period.

Hey Jude said...

Davey got an award for confronting reality and overcoming the ups and downs of life:

'Davey Blackburn returned to SWU with his son Weston to accept the Courage Award during last night's SWUPYS. The Courage Award is given to a student-athlete that has shown a remarkable amount of determination in academics, spiritual life and athletics, while maintaining overall balance in the face of demanding physical and mental challenges. This individual has confronted reality with a brave spirit to courageously overcome the ups and downs of life.'

Heisgay said...

Look at the embedded statement here:

"Honestly, I think IT WAS BY THE GRACE OF GOD that I had no idea WHAT HAPPENED."


What is the grace of God? The little coinkidink that thugs just "happened" to murder his wife while he was working on his abs and chatting in driveway and leaving door unlocked and he thought it was her pregnancy killing her?

"What happened"---passivity used to conceal guilt

Hey Jude said...

I can't find the pic someone posted yesterday. which Davey posted, of him walking into a room of student-athletes at SWU who appeared not to give him a rapturous reception - there was not a smile amongst them. Maybe he took it down -it was not image enhancing.

Anonymous said...

It's an award for STUDENTS, and the jerk went and accepted one. Pathetic.

Heisgay said...

There is evidence in this statement below that Davey conspired with someone in the murder.

"When I found her, she was still breathing, and I thought, MAN THIS IS REALLY BAD, but if WE can just get her to the hospital she's going to be OK.


He is talking to someone else here. He is talking to a "man" and then he switches to "we". This suggests at some point he discussed with either guy on phone or thug in house that "man things are really bad...that asphyxiation and gunshots didn't kill her...shit...and maybe I should have thought of better excuse than oh, her 3 month pregnancy killed her. Duh."

Heisgay said...

"Things didn't look right, something was up, but I think I was just in this cloud of shock."

"Cloud of shock"

Suggestive that at some point, Amanda went into "shock", perhaps after being strangled.

"Cloud"----unusual expression "cloud of shock"---
"Cloud" associated with "shock"
"Cloud": smoke, sheet, pillow

Did Davey suffocate her with pillow unsuccessfully previous to gunshots? Or use sheet to strangle her? In his head, he is picturing her being in shock and he is picturing a "cloud"--something white and puffy--could be a pillow.

Anonymous said...

That's what I call a "SA LOL."

Heisgay said...

"Cloud of shock"

"cloud of smoke" is the phrase he is drawing from

smoke coming from gun?

This suggests he was there when she was shot.

Heisgay said...


I understand, it seems humorous that I am tearing apart his language, but while I may miss the mark at times, at other times, I am hitting the bullseye and actually finding out what happened here in this case.

Heisgay said...

Seriously, just take it to the level we did with the DiPietros...just start tearing apart the language till you're finding what's coming out unconsciously...

Peter needs to look at "cloud of shock".

It is an unusual phrase and he is actually drawing on the expression "cloud of smoke"

I believe this indicates he was there when the gun went off and shot her--he saw smoke.

Alright, Im done. Over and out guys. Good luck with the case.

Bobcat said...

Perhaps he fainted at the sight of all the blood. Syncope can create a "cloud" effect.

Heisgay said...

Bobcat, that's interesting about maybe he fainted at the sight of all the blood.
Right...he's conveying something very visual but at the same time it can also convey dizziness...that's very interesting

Heisgay said...

One last thought:

Davey said

"I had no idea there were bullet wounds."

I feel she was assaulted previous to the bullet wounds. HIs language implies he knew there was injury (or wounds) to her, but "he had no idea there were BULLET wounds"...yes he is lying he knew there were bullet wounds but his language suggests these weren't the only wounds/injuries that she had...that he knew about.

Anonymous said... you went from "abuses animals and murders multiple people" to "faints at the sight of blood"?

Cloud of smoke ---> Smoking ---> Smoking something funny

snap said...

Correct. I was wrong. I ought not to have insultingly brought pagans into the comments; unfair comparison; unfair to pagans- I meant the ritualistic part and certain determinant prayerful aspects and some things that might be considered superstitious. I should have only mentioned wishy washy superstitious things Davey's type does: pray for what they want even if it is not what god seems to want; prayer for their will to be done, pray for their judgements to manifest; pray for what they think/feel/hope is best. Conversely, seems best to pray for what god's best and greatest will/intention be done----NOT our human assessment/whim/wish/desire. Seems kinda wrong to pray against god's wishes for us or pray for someone to suffer so we can be right.
Bunch of money making, brand conscious, charismatic, charlatans. I mean super cool christy people.

lynda said...

Peter Hyatt said...
Lynda, sociopaths don't pass polygraphs properly administered using their own words. It is not about feeling guilt;

it is about disrupting the process of transmission.

Thank you Peter. So the polygrapher, meeting Davey for the very first time, should have already done "background"? If there is media interviews, should the polygrapher have read those, studied his language, how he speaks and what words he uses repetitively? What certain words mean to Davey? Then, the polygrapher interviews Davey himself, asking pointed questions geared towards what he already knows about Davey's speech and language choices? He then formulates unique questions using Davey's own language and in doing so, will be able to tell deceit?
Does this ever really happen?
Do polygraphers spend this amount of time on the subjects?
If it doesn't happen in real life, how would one ever know if someone was deceitful?
Is this why polygraphs are deemed unreliable and not admissable in court?

Bobcat said...

There is also tachypsychia, fight or flight, MASSIVE adrenaline rush, which affects perception. He says "got in a workout" but doesn't say he worked out AT THE GYM. I hate to imagine what all went on that morning between 4:30 and leaving for the gym to get the alibi time stamp ... but I'm sure it WAS A HARD WORKOUT and Adrenaline was INSANE.

I'm also sure it was absolutely terrifying for Amanda 8-(

Heisgay said...

Davey said

When I came home, I saw Amanda on the floor, almost naked (chokes back sob), with blood all around her head. I dialed 911 while running up the stairs to check on Weston. He appeared OK and I ran back to Amanda (pause, emotion) with towels to try to stop the bleeding and a blanket to cover her. I was so scared, looked around and saw her credit cards scattered on the floor. Those thugs robbed her and took away my wife, Weston's mother, my life... OMG. OMG. My beautiful Amanda...

Notice he mentions the word "BLANKET" which suggests he sexually assaulted her. Would that be a normal person's first concern if their wife was bleeding out of her head on the floor, to get a blanket to cover her? I think there is a real possibility Davey sexually assaulted her in some way.

Davey said "I was so scared, looked around and saw her credit cards scattered on the floor."

This snippet above suggests Davey staged the scene and he is the one that flung the credit cards around the room.

Anonymous said...

Heisgay - slow down

Davey did not say that. That's not a quote.

Heisgay said...

Davey said

When I came home, I saw Amanda on the floor, almost naked (chokes back sob), with blood all around her head. I dialed 911 while running up the stairs to check on Weston. He appeared OK and I ran back to Amanda (pause, emotion) with towels to try to stop the bleeding and a blanket to cover her. I was so scared, looked around and saw her credit cards scattered on the floor. THOSE THUGS ROBBED HER and took away my wife, Weston's mother, my life... OMG. OMG. My beautiful Amanda...

Soooooo.....after finding his wife naked in a pool of blood, nearly dead....he summarizes by saying "those thugs robbed her and took away my wife..."

Why is that of greater importance that the "thugs robbed her"?

It all suggests staging of the crime scene. He threw the credit cards on the floor.
HIs language suggests the thugs were not the ones who killed Amanda nor sexually assaulted her nor threw credit cards on the floor. His language suggests HE did all 3 of those things, not the thugs.

Heisgay said...

Then who said it??

maudes harold said...

Perhaps Davey really is special.

He's the first person I've come across to find his wife dying from what he attributes to a possibly pregnancy related issue, perhaps miscarriage, bleeding from the head, shoulder and wrist.

An Immaculate Exemption Deception??

Anonymous said...

There was an Anon at 12:18 pm who posted what sounded like an "expected" statement and then:

"What would you say if Perry Noble asked you to tell him what happened?"

There is no reference to a Davey quote, and it doesn't sound like him either.

Anonymous said...

I took "cloud of shock" to explain his lack of comprehension of what had happened -why he didn't realize she had been shot and their home had been burgled--- similar to Hillary Clinton's "fog of war" excuse to explain her inconsistencies.

Heisgay said...

Anon 11:23,

I see what you are saying. So please readers, ignore any analysis on that.

To summarize everything else:

He killed her. He did it himself. (Is there any evidence the thugs were ever in his home except for grainy footage of man near sidewalk that looks like Davey?)
Davey attempted to strangle or asphyxiate her with a pillow unsuccessfully, she ran from him and he attacked her again from behind running to catch her as she ran down stairs. He knocked her tooth out just as he had telegraphed. This is VERY typical where the killer or abuser has been fantasizing about exactly what they are going to do when they attack their target.

Davey is a sadistic sociopath (not all are sadistic). And yes he is narcissistic which would complicate his pathology further. Chances are astronomically high (and it can be found in his language) that he has the typical triad (not all do) of behavioral pathologies found in the sociopath...animal torture, fire-setting and bedwetting. He is a dangerous person. I believe he killed Amanda himself and staged it to look like a robbery. All that he would have needed to know is that the thugs were robbing houses that morning to pull off this charade.

noisome said...

Immaculate Ascension.

(Amanda as a useful, shopworn saint to Davey's own ascendent Glory)

This is how the saints bios are relayed; a meek, righteous death, a calm resignation. Or wtf.

It's almost superfluous, when we note the occasions he compares himself to Jesus; it's almost daily! It's over the top, almost as if it were intentional trollery.

I still think this hipster-preacher thing is a huge inside joke between these closeted local yokels. It's like they enjoy hinting at it, even.

I wonder if the clergy of old had a similar schtick, in private communication amongst themselves. Because you know those lavish monestaries full of guts wearing the finest silks and velvets were totally hetero operations.

And my opinion of Perry Noble is that he knows something is fishy, but imagines he is savvy enough to spin it away into a fortune, I mean look at Davey! He's Incredible. The HGH and steroids really pushed him over the edge and into legendary "American" good looks. Before, he was a delicate poetic type.

Perry's a guy who came of age right on the cusp of the internet and I think he might not fully grasp the implications of the current and future analyses which he and his stable boys are bound to undergo, under pressure of unavoidable controversy and scandal.

noisome said...

guys, not guts, ofc.

Anonymous said...

You're using SA?

Oh please said...

Heisgay ----

So how did the thugs get Amanda's ATM card?

Anonymous said...

"typical triad (not all do) of behavioral pathologies found in the sociopath...animal torture, fire-setting and bedwetting."

This triad as a map to sociopathy has been discredited.

Heisgay said...


You are correct...I said not all have the triad.

Heisgay said...

Oh please,

Davey gave them the ATM card.
Doesn't that make more sense anyway than that they broke into a home and stole a single ATM card while leaving the other credit cards right where they were? Why wouldn't they have taken the others which would have given them MORE money? Most people have way more money on credit cards than in their ATM.

SA says Davey killed her. He telegraphed the exact injuries she would receive. These thugs are peripheral...doing their thing in the neighborhood, Davey utilized them to make them look like they did it.

Heisgay said...

When you see telegraphing, pay attention! Unless you believe the individual is psychic, the telegraphing of exact details of a future crime trumps whatever other bullshit is churned out by the telegrapher. THAT (the telegraphing) is the ultimate evidence.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that "churning out bullshit" entered your language.

Heisgay said...


Lol! Good one!

Well, I will leave you all for the night now...please continue trying to unravel the mystery of who killed Amanda after Davey psychically predicted all of her injuries right down to her knocked out tooth...who was it that did it? Hmmmmmm??? And oh geez if the police said he was in the gym the whole time, well then by golly he must have been in the gym (whether having gay sex in the locker room we don't know but surely he was right there in the gym somewhere) and if he said he was then talking on the phone with his gay lover for almost an hour well by George, of course he's telling the truth about his whereabouts. And of course a supposed "confession' from a drug-addicted black thug that we have not even heard or read a transcript of must be the key because police never ever try to just close a case or, gasp, force a confession, or gasp, get Thug A and Thug B to say "he did it".
Good night.

Lis said...

"Both talked about how miserable and empty they felt living the life they were living (by the way I have been praying specifically for these guys to feel miserable until they recognize that they need a savior)."

He does not even question that they were miserable because of his prayers, as if he dispatches God as an errand boy.

He tells God what to do-

"I prayed with the doctors, I was like Lord you're going to perform a miracle you're going to bring her back right now and this whole hospital is going to experience revival," the pastor shared.

That doesn't work, so-

"What I discovered [after they pronounced her dead] was that God performed a miracle on the other side of eternity for her […] he healed her," Blackburn continued. "I believe he did it that way […] so an entire nation and world could experience revival."

Sometimes peoples' loved ones die. It's part of the heartbreak and sorrow of this world. But in DB's world everything that happens, happens in superlatives. "so an entire nation and world could experience revival." "right now and this whole hospital is going to experience revival"

megalomaniac - Dictionary Definition :
A megalomaniac is a pathological egotist, that is, someone with a psychological disorder with symptoms like delusions of grandeur and an obsession with power. We also use the word megalomaniac more informally for people who behave as if they're convinced of their absolute power and greatness.

Heisgay said...

PS. My language above is not intended to be racist. What I was trying to say is that if you are a black drug-addicted thug you are generally not believed, irregardless of whether the other possible perpetrator is a white preacher who telegraphed the exact injuries his wife would receive days previous to her murder while he claims to be having gay sex or working on his abs in a gym and then chatting with a gay lover in his driveway for almost an hour while his wife bleeds out in the house.

Davey telegraphed the death of his wife right down to the knocked out tooth, and it's time to face that fact. Once the police have these thugs in there for armed burglary, rape, etc. a "confession" (where is the video of the confession?) means nothing. Not when held up to the light of the "telegraphing".
You be the judge.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

smh @ 8:15 PM April 29, 2016

"You said...

Does anyone have a link to an article or interview which confirms that staying outside and talking on the phone in the driveway was something DB did "only on this particular morning?" I don't recall it being said either way whether it was a habit of his or something unusual."
Nothing about having those Kenneth Wagner convos being held outside in the driveway, but I did find these interesting because outside of birthday messages to Kenneth and 1 salvation/baptism headcount, this was it.

1. daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 12 May 2015 (May 12, 2015 -a Tuesday)
I LOVE my weekly convos with @kennethwagner! It alwaays puts a spiritual shot of adreneline in my veins!

2. daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 10 Mar 2015 (March 10, 2015 was a Tuesday)
Everyone needs a friend like @kennethwagner! That boy knows how to breathe life into you!

3. daveyblackburn Retweeted SWU Baseball ‏@SWUBaseball 9 Sep 2015 (Sept. 9, 2015- a Wednesday))
Very excited for @kennethwagner as he begins a new journey for the Kingdom in less than 2 weeks! Awesome to see alums living out their call!

Kenneth Wagner ‏@kennethwagner 10 Nov 2015 (November 10, 2015-a Tuesday)
Love my weekly convos with @daveyblackburn! So refreshing to have a true friend to do life with.

This is the one and only time Kenneth references any weekly convos with Davey and it's on the morning of Amanda’s murder. Going back through Kenneth Wagner’s Twitter account, he has relatively few tweets to or about Davey or Resonate. Kenneth acknowledges Davey's birthday. Davey's salvation/baptism headcount tweet is immediately followed by a reminder on Kenneth's Twitter that pastors shouldn't be engaging in a numbers competition.

Anonymous said...

Analysis on this case has gone off the rails. There is way too much wanting to prove he's involved. There is way too much "I would have said it like this." His words prove he's quite different, emotionally, than others. Dislike for the subject is tainting the analysis.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Bumping this from early a.m. April 29, 2015

Recognize this anyone?

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 29 Apr 2015 NOTE THE DATE: APRIL 29, 2105

Great People Endure Great Pain
“It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.” – AW Tozer
This quote from well-known theologian, AW Tozer, has been sinking into my heart deeply as of late. We have so many people in our church who are experiencing REAL PAIN in their lives – loss, hardship, stress, anxiety, depression.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Apr 19 NOTE THE DATE: April 19[2016]
New blog post: Great People Endure Great Pain
I've begun writing posts to help our church wrestle more w/ what we discuss on Sundays. You can read today's here -

This is not a new blog post? He's revamping an old sermon, beefing up the violence factor, adding in the "event" with Amanda, and trying to pass it off as a fresh word or revelation from God pertinent to his situation because Davey sees himself as becoming one of the "Great People". He's been reading God's Generals and envisions himself right on up there with the likes of Billy Graham.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anybody know why Davey's doing the same series with the same title as Kenneth Wagner at UNITED churchDE?

A. (Service April 3, 2016-posted April 5, 2016)

B. (Service April 3, 2016-Video posted April 6)

UNITED Church ‏@UNITEDChurchDE Mar 28

Still in awe of what happened yesterday. So excited for what God is gonna do as we kick off Home Run Life this week!
Apparently, they were twins with the "Overwhelmed" series too...

A. Kenneth Wagner ‏@kennethwagner Jan 8
I am so excited to start this series @UNITEDChurchDE this week! OVERWHELMED

B. Resonate Church ‏@resonateindy Jan 27
Have you ever been stressed? Worried? Anxious? Don't miss our new series starting this Sunday! #overwhelmed

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Some of the theories (which are presented as conclusions) have absolutely nothing to do with SA but are more about building fantastical stories. These stories bear no resemblance to what is known to be facts of the case. Pure, wild conjecture is all it amounts to.

Where Peter's SA is riveting, the ensuing story tellers are a joke with their convoluted tales.

Anonymous said...

Gay sex? Chatting with a gay lover?

While anything is possible in story telling, your stories have no basis other than your vivid imagination. Until more is known, you're writing low quality fiction.

Anonymous said...

BTW, is your user name here "telegraphing" your sexual orientation?

Anonymous said...

In fact, no one may "have the triad", as its worth and validity have been discredited.

Fm25 said...

So, I didn't realize that db did several different interviews with pn on Sunday. I was just listening to the one on Newspring site which was a little different than the 9 am one I had watched previously. In this interview he does mention weekly call with kW from 7-8 every Tuesday. A couple of quotes that stuck out to me:
"Honestly, I don't really know how to describe the emotions that go through the you in that moment" I hear distancing. Honestly used again. Emotions that go through "you" - It shouldn't be too difficult to describe emotions here: terrified, worried, shocked.
"One of the reasons that we're not just completely devastated by this whole thing, although it is definitely devastating, is b/c Amanda was a gift, she was not our God"
I don't like this statement at all. Dehumanizes Amanda. Again puts davey at center of universe. We're not completely devastated: who is we? I am sure Amanda's family is completely devastated. This whole thing minimizes Amanda's murder. it is not as if she passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was attacked, beaten, possibly sexually assaulted and shot 3 times. He shows no concern for what she must have endured, only himself.

Anonymous said...

I've recently had flashbacks of early childhood trauma at the hands of a parent, and have begun speaking about it to a couple of friends, via email. I also have spoken to a couple professionals (doctors). The abuse has been a life-long disrespect and invasion of my personal boundaries, physically as a small child, and emotionally my whole life. A big part of it has always been invasion into my personal stuff - my diaries as a kid, and later, as an adult, identity theft with my bank rerouting my bank statements to be mailed all to her, stealing mail out of my mailbox, stalking, constantly driving by my house, going into my house when I'm not at home, stealing printed emails, calling my friends, establishing almost 'romantic' friendships with my boyfriends and husband, and sooo much more.

Apparently she's been doing some more snooping. Below is an email, cut and pasted in its entirety, that she sent me last night:

"It would sure be nice if you answered your phone. Are you afraid I would abuse you re too many calls? You better not think that because that would be FAR from the truth. Hope I hear from you tonight. Mom"

The email as it is makes no sense. What - i'm afraid she's going to abuse me regarding too many calls? What?

We have never EVER talked about her "abusing" me. That word "abuse" has never been in our conversations. And now suddenly it is?

Here's what I think she is actually saying; "Are you telling people I abused you? You better not think that because that would be FAR from the truth."

She has to put it in "code' because she can't admit to snooping, somehow getting the information that i am talking about her abusing me.

All my life, she likes to so creepily obtain personal information, and then let me know she got it without actually admitting to the theft.

She's sadistic, and feeds off of my suffering - - especially the invastion/'rape" aspect. It's like getting raped over and over again.

Bingo3 said...

From Peter:
The only description of finding her, at this point, is that she was "still breathing", which is the only thing he credits as being "really bad" in his quick assessment of the situation.
Given the description of the crime scene, I would think that blood would be the thing that told me how bad this was; not that she was "still" breathing.

This word "still" speaks to the passage of time.


I have been almost 100% sure he was involved but this statement of still breathing sealed the deal for me. He hung himself in my book. How much time passed? Maybe about 40 minutes and Oh crap! she was still breathing.

Truth lover said...

I actually think Davey could have requested them to knock her tooth out to match his "prediction" (or rather, his plan of how she would be killed). Davey may have requested the assassination to match his prediction with the intention of making himself look prophetic.

Truth lover said...

Holy crap, I didn't know Davey disinfected the house. Why on earth would an innocent husband want to do that? I would be too scared of ruining precious evidence, and would want the crime scene preserved for long enough that I felt sure the police had come to the correct conclusion.

Anonymous said...

still no reliable denial

Hey Jude said...

Here is the secomd video of Davey's Sunday at Newspring - his evening appearance (it's probably where the Christian Post quotes came from) - someone in the audience is screaming as though he is a rockstar when he comes on stage. Perry Noble introduces Davey at around twenty minutes into the video. It was uploaded four days ago. No comment - I haven't listened yet:

Anonymous said...

Okay, i posted above at 8:36, and just got this email (cut and pasted below) from her, after I emailed her i wasn't feeling well enough to take her out shopping today.

"I am very disappointed -- Do you have something re me you are not telling me. It is not even natural that you cannot speak to me on the phone -- What is it? I am your Mom - what is going on? If you are sick ok but even if you are sick you can talk to me on the phone.
I am not going to try to go out alone because my shoulders are really hurting today because of the difficulty getting the garage door open and also not good for my hernia and also rain is threatening.
Why can't you talk to me???? I am probably the best friend you will ever have."

Hey Jude said...

Sorry - this link is better - shorter video, icuts out the music and goes straight to the talk:

Anonymous said...

I am sincerely sorry that you've been treated this way by your mom. From the little you've described, she has shown much indifference to your feelings.

Maybe it's time to clear the air with her.


Fm25 said...

Anon @ 10:16, wow, I really feel for you. It seems to me your mother wishes to control you and since she feels she is losing that control over you she is becoming desperate and even manipulative. You are your own person and if you don't want to speak to her stay strong and don't play into her games. Speak to her on your terms when you are ready. Will keep you in my prayers as well.

stop_playing_dumb said...

O/T A few Dellen Millard jailhouse letters to his girlfriend appear in print. Lots to look at here:

Anonymous said...

Hasnt mentioned Job's name.

Heisgay said...

To those chalking up my analysis to "vivid imagination", ask Peter, someone with a robust mind (mine may be faulty I admit) how much weight he places on telegraphing? Peter is far too perceptive to overlook the fact that the odds are 99.9999999999% that Davey killed his wife HIMSELF by virtue of his telegraphing the exact injuries she would receive prior to her death. Do you people think Davey is psychic? Do you think God gave him psychic powers while he stood naked in shower conversing with God? Are you equating Davey with Jesus when you brush off the telegraphing and shrug your shoulders and say oh gee, maybe he's just psychic???? GET REAL.

Anonymous said...

Regarding gunshot wounds and blood....many times, gunshot wounds don't produce a lot of external blood. I think it depends upon the type gun used, as well as if the bullet exited or lodged, among other things.

I dropped a loaded 22 pistol, and it discharged into my knee; lodged there. There was no visual bleeding from the wound because the bullet sealed it, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone us discounting telegraphing.....only your interpretations.

You said:

"Davey attempted to strangle or asphyxiate her with a pillow unsuccessfully, she ran from him and he attacked her again from behind running to catch her as she ran down stairs. He knocked her tooth out...."

Really? Just as you claim no evidence of the thugs inside the house, where is the evidence for this theory?

Your fiction is nothing more than creating scenarios from nothing substantive.

You may it may not be right, but unlike Peter's SA, your stories sre just that....stories from a vivid imagination.

noisome said...

The possibility of coerced(or "telegraphed"?) confessions is a real one. It happens all the time. Look how much time the Central Park Five spent in prison! The system has not miraculously advanced since then, police procedure is still the same. They get the chosen perps to imagine some scenario, how it would play out, and then flip that into proof that they actually did this "scenario", usually by having them them sign, under duress or even in complete incompetence, a rewritten transcript of the "scenario". So this scenario is written by the police, and based on the basic early facts only, there is really no investigory vigilance in these early questionings.

I expect it will come out that the perps have the same hellish backgrounds and probably ADD ADHD or worse, undiagnosed bc of poverty. The most desperate of the desperate.

momofmany said...

Heisgay, I agree with you about Davey killing Amanda and I think he probably gave Weston some Benadryl to help keep him asleep that morning. I think Davey staged the scene and was confident that Amanda would be dead when he came back home. As far as his sexual orientation, I don't think he's gay. I think that he was sexually abused by a male when he was younger and has struggled with making sure that he appears macho and manly with a strong sex drive for women to make up for the shame and confusion of being abused.

Lis said...

To the Anon with the narcissistic mother- it seems like she is leaking the things she knows she is doing through her defensive statements. Are you seeing a counselor for help with the situation? It can be very tough to extricate yourself from someone who has always seen you as an extension of themselves. The behavior you describe is seriously overstepping your boundaries. There is a blog you might find helpful

Lis said...

I agree with others that some of the comments get bizarre when they have to do with conjecture not based on any statements or evidence and some of them creep me out.

Lis said...

To the anon with the narcissistic mother- she is not the best friend you will ever have. Her comments to you are so guilt inducing and controlling. I hope you can see that. I have known people who found they had to put their foot down and establish clear boundaries and refuse to take part in any of these kind of tit for tat conversations- some have had to cut off ties altogether because the narcissist would not accept any limits. It can be a painful process as you doubt yourself but you deserve to live your own life and your mother needs to learn to live her own life. Best of luck to you. You're not alone.

Heisgayprobably said...

Noissome, telegraphing is when an individual states what ends up happening before it happens. Davey stated in a sermon only a few days before Amanda was killed that someone in the Bible (anyone have exact quote?) said that when partner says something you dont like God will punch out their teeth.
This is WAY too specific to be a coincidence.
And absolutely, forced confessions are common! They happen all the time!
Momofmany, I think the scenario you propose is very propable. I agree the scene was staged right down to the only things stolen being Amanda's ATM card and Davey's laptop with the porn and whatever googling he did.
Interesting theory about him not being gay...what you are saying is possible in terms of overcompensation.

sore thumb said...

If Davey killed Amanda, why aren't the perps, their friends and loved ones shouting ftom the rooftops that they were framed for murder?

When the perps saw Amanda unconscious in the house, why did they hang out there while she lay dying, knowing it was a set-up? Phone records prove they were in the house, unless you think the phone company and police are part of a huge conspiracy.

Do you all think the police are lying? Why? Or stupid?

HIGP said...


I just believe he attacked her before the final attack on the stairs...hence why she was running from him. And yes, I do think that him stating "she was still breathing...something was terribly wrong" could mean he tried to strangle her at some point.
Also, did they ever find her tooth? What room was it in or did Davey clean up that evidence?

Anonymous said...

"Still breathing" translates to his strangling her? I know you believe that; you've stated it more than once. My question is, why do you believe it? Why strangling? That would be evident upon autopsy.

HIGP said...

Sore thumb, How do you know the thug accused of murder isnt denying it???? In fact, NOONE in jail for murder says they did it! They all deny it! If all 3 are being accused while Davey actually killed her, why wouldnt 2 of the thugs point their finger at one of thugs? "Secondly, the perps didnt "hang out" there--what is your evidence they did? They sure seemed in a hurry only grabbing ONE ATM card! Phone records cannot pinpoint someone to an exact house!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect a reasonable answer, other than, "I just believe it" ..... Or no answer at all.

Ellie said...

Anon at 2:11, while I agree some of us have wildly speculated, I think we're using each other as a sounding board to bounce ideas off each other. Yes, most of us dislike him, esp Christian s among us as Davey has created a god in his own image which is offensive. A god whose plan all along was to have Amanda murdered so Davey the incredible could shine. Peter has said that we all have biases, but we must acknowledge them when analyzing & let the subjects words guide us. Davey's words lead me to conclude he is a poop w/foreknowledge of the burglary. My bias leads me to wildly speculate that he is a murderous poop.


Anon above w/the abusive mother, your mom sounds like a clone of my mother. I'm so sorry for what you've gone through, and im sorry you have not had the mother you needed. If you cut off contact completely (as I did at 21) there will be a lot of grief & loss for what you never had. (I still have it at 37.) I would suggest setting more boundaries w/ her if you have not yet, such as changing your locks & explaining to loved ones what she has done & why you'd like them to have no contact w/her. Its hard for most people to believe that someone/specifically a mother could behave that way. You should expect that response & try not to be hurt by it. They've probably never seen the emotional vampire side of your mom. I suggest a great book called Toxic parents by Dr Susan forward & Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You also by Dr Forward. I have both & no longer need them. I'd be happy to pass them on. Or they're available on Kindle pretty cheaply. They & my counselor gave me the strength to cut her out of my life. I recently started attending a codependent anon group they have all over the us. (Coda) Children raised by crazy parents w/no regard 4 boundaries end up as adults w/ either 1)no boundaries so you're walked all over 2) walls so you let no one in so you can't be hurt or 3) sometimes walls, sometimes boundaries which can be confusing to loved ones as the goal posts change. There are also support groups for adults who were abused as children. Those who love you but had normal childhoods can try to empathize but they will never (luckily) fully understand. Having others to talk to who've experienced the same thing is normalizing & gave me courage to do what I needed to. My bff has a mom just like mine so we can relate to each other in a way we cannot to anyone else. I hope you either have a relationship like that or you could meet some people at the coda groups. You need that support, esp if your mother has infiltrated your inner circle.

It will get worse before it gets better, she'll throw everything at you & gaslight you as she grabs to hold onto you. I picture it like enforcing boundaries is throwing a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. (Or wherever you are ;-) I hope I haven't overstepped by giving you so many suggestions. I know the pain you're feeling, and I want to help alleviate it. Id normally pray for you but I'm agnostic now/leaning toward atheist, so I'll send good thoughts your way instead. If you need someone to talk to about her, you can email me I think thru my blogger/Google acct. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

More SA, I see.

This is absurd, even for those of us who do not believe DB is all that innocent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe DB had to show someone the tooth as evidence that he had subdued her, and she was in place for LT to come and do his part.

Anonymous said...

......but you're NOT analyzing, particularly SA. You're creating; creating scenarios and stories.

Great advice to the person with the manipulative mom, BTW.

sore thumb said...

You're wrong, HIGP. The affidavit says Larry Taylor's phone shows he was at 2812 Sunnyfield from 6:38-7:10 a.m., just like my phone at this very moment shows that I am at my exact address.

Sometimes, when police don't have a suspect's phone but only their phone records, they can only tell the area where the phone was pinging, not the exact location. That is not the case here.

Anonymous said...

Heisgay said...
To those chalking up my analysis to "vivid imagination", ask Peter, someone with a robust mind (mine may be faulty I admit) how much weight he places on telegraphing? Peter is far too perceptive to overlook the fact that the odds are 99.9999999999% that Davey killed his wife HIMSELF by virtue of his telegraphing the exact injuries she would receive prior to her death. Do you people think Davey is psychic? Do you think God gave him psychic powers while he stood naked in shower conversing with God? Are you equating Davey with Jesus when you brush off the telegraphing and shrug your shoulders and say oh gee, maybe he's just psychic???? GET REAL.

I know Davey did talk about Amanda's injuries but I can't remember where. Could you please direct me to where to find them? Thanks.

noisome said...

Heisgay, I know what telegraphing is, I was making a perhaps bad analogy to the police telegraphing, during questioning, what ends up in their coerced confessions.

No one knows what the accused has said at this point, I agree that we're taking it too far saying Davey physically did the murders. Even if he were only involved in the hiring, he's still just as guilty. To me he seems like the type to not get his hands dirty, in the literal sense. But this hunch comes from seeing him on video, his mannerisms and affectations, not from any statements he's made.

I think if we're to do an honest "analysis", of any sort, we should use all that we have, and this is a particularily rich case due to all of the "candid" - actually not candid at all - video footage we have of the possible suspect behind the arranged hit, if it's revealed to be that.

rosy said...

LT's phone showed police he left the Blackburn's house at 7:10 A.M. According to the Affidavit (p.3), DB "left the gym at approximately 7:10 A.M."

Was this coincidence? Isn't 7.10 AM a little odd for an approximation? Compared say to just gone 7, a few minutes after 7, before 7:15.....

HIGP said...

Sorethumb, So you are saying that the perp's phone had a history of exact addresses of where he had been? I have never heard of that, but if in fact it is true, then look at what anon2:57 says: perhaps Davey subdued her/rendered her near dead but needed one of the thugs to shoot her dead or at least lend Davey the gun. The scene has all signs of being staged right down to the gun being disposed of in neighbor's yard. Perhaps thug showed up to give Davey a gun and then Davey tossed it in neighbor's yard knowing thug would get blamed.

HIGP said...

Davey probably failed to kill her and so bought gun from thug paying for it with Amanda's ATM card. He himself probably got rid of his own personal laptop bc of porn and probably googling about how to kill.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't jibe. On one hand he's the superfast talking, never stuttering, speed reading encyclopedic bible knowledge violent talking preacher.

On the other hand he shows no emotion at the bloody scene of finding Amanda, stammers and stutters and "has no idea" about things. Not so, he is never without ideas.

I could understand not being able to talk about finding Amanda because it was so horrifying and he literally choked up every single time, but that's not what happens. He can't and won't stop talking.

He says, honestly, honestly, honestly, and then skips ahead to worship and building the biggest and best church in Indy and beyond. All with Amanda's blessing, of course.


Truth lover said...

A father who was convicted of shaking his six-week old baby girl in 2007, then had his conviction overturned and had his daughter returned to him from foster care in 2012, is now on trial for murdering her, aged 6 years old when she was killed in 2013.

He beat the little girl's head into a pulp, then he and her mother staged the crime scene to pretend that it was an accident. The autopsy showed that the poor girl also had bruises all over her body, an untreated broken shoulder blade from a couple of weeks before the murder, and a previous brain injury from 8-12 months before.

The emergency call recording is on the above link. There is also a harrowing video of the girl swaying and spaced out with her eyes closed, while her dad shouts and swears. She has a black eye and a bloody bamdage round her leg.

Anonymous said...

Momofmany, your theory of Davey overcompensating for possibly being sexually abused makes sense, as to him talking and acting macho, BUT, his perfectly styled hair, skinny jeans, tight shirts, and what looks to be Amanda's jean jacket give a different image, imo.

HIGP said...

Anon 4:45,

How very ironic and liberal-minded of you that you are criticizing me for my username "Heisgay" which was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek (whoah...please dont analyze that!) reference to Davey's failure to come out of the closet and using his wife as a beard WHO HE MURDERED. Yet somehow I am the bad guy for pointing this out through my username and it must mean that I am gay?!?! No, I am not gay. Please readjust your liberal thinking-cap.

Anonymous said...

the fact that the odds are 99.9999999999

Stopped reading here

ima.grandma said...

I copied the following traits awhile back but can't find the link to appropriately credit. My apologies to the author. This criteria matches up with Blackburn:

Arrogant/Overt Narcissist Pastor

Self-Concept: Grandiosity; preoccupation with fantasies of outstanding success; undue sense of uniqueness; feelings of entitlement; seeming self-sufficiency

Interpersonal Relationships: Numerous but shallow relationships; intense need for tribute from others; scorn for others, often masked by pseudohumility; lack of empathy; inability to genuinely participate in group activities; valuing of children over spouse in family life
Social Adaptation: Socially charming; often successful; consistent hard work done mainly to seek admiration (�pseudo- sublimation�); intense ambition; preoccupation with appearances 
 Ethics, Standards, and Ideals: Caricatured modesty; pretended contempt for money in real life; idiosyncratically and unevenly moral; apparent enthusiasm for sociopolitical affairs  

Love and Sexuality: Marital instability; cold and greedy seductiveness; extramarital affairs and promiscuity; uninhibited sexual life

Cognitive Style: Impressively knowledgeable; decisive and opinionated; often strikingly articulate; egocentric perception of reality; love of language; fondness for shortcuts to acquisition of knowledge

Also worth exploring as it identifies "Shame" as the motivating factor for NPDs seeking the Pulpit.

Heisgay said...

This poor girl Amanda lived in torment due to Davey's deception about his homosexuality, his public humiliation of her (constant public humiliation bragging about how she could not please him)...he reveals himself to be sadistic through these public humiliations. Should we imagine his private treatment of her was BETTER? No, it was worse. Did he terrorize her with threats or omens that he would one day kill her? Yes. He telegraphed publically a brutal assault against her. In private, he threatened her worse. She knew it would happen sooner or later. She knew. Davey is a monster. The frightening part is he has custody of his son.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I wonder how many people realize that what he said about not knowing somebody had been in his house is as critical as it is??

This is something that you will find in other guilty is as if to offer, without being asked,

"Hey, I need to convince you that I didn't know who was in my house, but I really did and direct lying is embedded within my brain to avoid due to being able to be confronted so here I go and I will do my best...."

all in less than a micro second in time.

Fm25 said...

Honestly, I know this sounds crazy 😜, but ifs his really was a mirder for hire, db could have been giving instructions through his sermons. Letting them know to take laptop bc of spyware, letting them know how it should be done (worship as a weapon sermon) I wonder if there was other information communicated through sermons that I may not have picked up on. Loke talking aboutgym scgedule, morning routines, talking about burglaries in area... May sound far-fetched but with all the telegraphing and "capitalizing" he's been doing It's more far-fetched that he wasn't involved.

HIGP said...


Absolutely. So critical. Especially since the natural instinct WOULD be to wonder if someone had been in the house if one comes home and finds their wife unconscious in a pool of blood.

Anonymous said...

HIGP, aren't you the one insisting the thugs WERE NEVER in the house? You seem confused.

Me2l said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me2l said...

If DB is as guilty as his words seem to reveal, I hope those words will be his undoing.

Amy Smith said...

OT: A youth group volunteer at Perry Noble's church has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor. The incident occurred at the Newspring Church campus in Florence, SC.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm far from liberal. I'm just using your methodology of discovery, aka, spinning tales from little to nothing.

HIGP said...


The thugs may have dropped off the gun and received payment of ATM card. If what anon says is true about the exact address being on the phone.
Are you referring to what I said to Peter? I was referring to Davey lying. His lie is that thugs killed her yet upon discovering her naked and unconscious in a pool of blood he claims he had no idea anyone had entered his house. This is typical when the actual murdering perp discovers the body: they do not express the expected that "shit someone broke in here" and they immediately describe moving to another location in the house and dialing 911. Some, depending on location of body in house, will claim they did not see the body until moving to another location to dial 911 upon discovering spouse "missing".

Anonymous said...

Here's another guy who understands living with a narcissistic mother

HIGP said...

I think the key is his choice of wording. He says "I had no idea someBODY had been in my house". Why doesnt he say "someone" or "anyone"...he says "someBODY"...What he is leaking is that he is denying knowing there was "some" "body" (meaning Amanda's dead body) in his house. I believe he killed her, left, and then returned.

Hey Jude said...

Peter, and all - I've done these couple of minutes from the evening Newspring interview of Davey Blackburn by Perry Noble – it’s the part addressing ‘what happened?’ – it’s interesting to compare with the morning interview.

PN: So, so, walk, walk us through, um - everything was going great and then that Tuesday morning in November happens. Walk us through that day, what happened and, what went on, and, how did you discover everything that was –

DB: Yeah. So, um, it was supposed to be a pretty normal Tuesday; Tuesdays are my long day, and so I, I usually get up really early. So I was up at 4.30 that morning, um, spent some time with the Lord right there on my living room couch, and then grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door. And, um, always have a conversation with my best friend who planted a church in Doverdale, where the other guy that was at that lunch, and um, so we always talk on Tuesday mornings from about 7 till about 8, and so as I was finishing up my workout I jump on the phone with him, drive back to the house, finish up the conversation with him, in the driveway, and I walk in, um, to , to discover my worst nightmare become reality. And um, uh, I found Amanda, um, face down on the, on the floor of our living room, and uh, in a, in a pool of blood – and uh, honestly, I don’t really know how to describe emotions that go through you in that moment, um. Uh, there was a lot of shock and a lot of adrenalin, and um, h-honestly, I didn’t, I didn’t know what had happened, and I think that was kinda the grace of God in that moment

Hey Jude said...


PN: You didn’t know she had been shot

DB: Had no idea she had been shot, had no idea. Some things looked out of place, but she was three months pregnant - and so I think the Lord had been preparing me – honestly, I can’t describe why this is – but the Lord had been preparing me, and us, that we were about to walk through a season of pain, so I had this fear that we were gunna lose the baby, I just did, before any of this happened, I just had this fear that we were gunna lose the baby – and so when I walked in and found her, I thought something had gone horrifically wrong with the pregnancy, ah – she was still breathing, and I was like, okay, if I just, okay, if I just get her to the hospital everything’s going to be okay, we probably just lost the baby right here, but – and so, but I didn’t know there were gunshot wounds, I didn’t know anything about it, and so, we’re just kinda in this blur, and, and, for the next, the next, couple of days, and really the next month was just a cloud or a blur. But I have some very vivid memories, and so, we got her to the hospital, and once we got her to the hospital they came in and they told me what had happened – that there were three gunshot wounds and one was to, to the head, and that they weren’t sure if there was any brain activity going on or not, so they were gonna do some tests. And um, and so, um, the – the thing that I’ll never forget is in those twenty-four hours where we were waiting, um, all of her family, all of my family, we gathered around her hospital bed and we didn’t know what else to do but to worship. Um, my sister-in-law actually just sent me a picture, uh, or a video, a couple videos of that, of us singing songs like ‘It is well’ – um, singing songs like ‘Turn your eyes on Jesus’ – and we just sat around her hospital bed and we just worshipped. I had just preached that Sunday a message on Second Chronicles, Chapter 20, where the Israelities are surrounded by their enemies, and they put the worshippers on the front lines of battle – and, and, the, the, the verse that stuck out to me in that passage as I was preaching was verse 12 that says ‘we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you’, and that became the theme for the next twenty-four hours and really the next several days and weeks for us is ‘Lord, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you’ – and in that moment we couldn’t, we couldn’t worry cuz it was completely out of our control, we, we we, the only response that we knew in that moment was to worship.’

Anonymous said...

A pool of blood? Possibly not much blood, since some gunshot (puncture) wounds do not bleed a lot.

HIGP said...

"Yeah. So, um, it was supposed to be a pretty normal Tuesday; Tuesdays are my long day, and SO I USUALLY GET UP REAL EARLY. SO I WAS UP AT 4:30 THAT MORNING um, spent some time with the Lord right there on my living room couch"

Anything following the word "SO" is extremely sensitive, moreso when there is a cluster as we have above.

1) He did not get up at 4:30
2) Perhaps he never went to bed. He says "SO I was up at 4:30" NOT "I got up at 4:30" ....He was already up at 4:30.
3) He spent time with the Lord right there on his living room couch
A) Did he sleep on couch that night?
B) Sit on couch after he rendered Amanda nearly dead?

He is lying about time you guys! Big time.

HIGP said...


"so I had this fear that we were gunna lose the baby, I just did, before any of this happened, I just had this fear that we were gunna lose the baby"

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude 7:59 pm
It's very obvious DB is reading Peter's SA Blog and comments.


rosy said...

"And so, Amanda and I were engaged at the time and so we just began this process of wrestling to the ground and and honestly killing a dream."
around 8:44

HIGP said...

Davey was up BEFORE 4:30 am, and in fact may not have gone to sleep.

I believe he injured her in some way as far back as the night before, judging from her journal entry from the night before...I have seen a photograph online of the journal entry and her handwriting slants dramatically to the left in that entry unlike in any of her other entries. This suggests to me that when she wrote that entry she may have been tied up or suffering from an arm injury or confined in some type of way that prevented holding a writing utensil and paper normally or comfortably. I believe his torment of her started quite a big BEFORE 4:30 am.

Anonymous said...

What's the source for the"had no idea" statements? Is there a video? Or is it quotes from articles? Link to either?

rosy said...

"Long before anybody took Amanda's life, she laid it down. She was surrendered, to whatever the Lord had planned for our lives, so that other people could benefit. And I'm really grateful that we had such a clear calling story .... I'm glad that we have a clear calling story because when the fights have broken out, figuratively speaking, in our time in Indianapolis, it's kept us in the game. Because we just go back to our call."
around 0:15

The way he talks about this is weirdly dissociated from the reality of Amanda's death by murder. He focuses on his church staying "in the game" when other churches fall out of the game.

He's also almost defiantly insensitive to the violence in his own diction. This is a characteristic of his that runs from his NS youth group (FUSE) down to today.

Anonymous said...

HIGP: He does say "I woke up around 4:30".

Hey Jude said...

HIGP - I think it was likely to have been a very bad night for Amanda. I'd like to know where the duct tape came from and if Amanda had been restrained, or was restrained when they found her. Davey is not saying; the press conference mood was so grave, I think there was more horror to the crime scene than has been made public. The coroner has released minimal information - just cause of death. I think Davey is preparing his followers to learn more, as it will come out at the trial. I think forensics can approximate how long Amanda had been bleeding - it's a bit concerning the clean up was so swift - hopefully it hadn't been done by the time forensics revisited the scene to look for more evidence.

Amy Smith said...

Megs: "@HannahAnnBoat we love hearing stories! Email us at!!"

HIGP said...

Anon 8:57,

No he does not. He says "I was up at 4:30"

Anonymous said...

Yes, he says "I woke up..."


HIGP said...

Hey Jude,
I agree, I think she suffered greatly that night. I had forgotten all about the duct tape...exactly, what was it used for? I have a feeling she was restrained at some point...perhaps for quite a while...I have a feeling he tortured her...the slanting handwriting, the missing tooth, the duct tape, the sado-masochistic undertones in his language as he speaks of Amanda as if she were masochistic, a "martyr", a "sacrifice"...Rosy pointed out the violence in his language and his seeming unawareness of how violently he speaks of makes me shudder knowing how profoundly he must have objectified and dehumanized her in his own mind.

Hey Jude said...


This is the link to the video from which the bit I transcribed comes - around eighteen minutes in:

Anon@8.57 - Here Davey says 'I was up at 4.30' - he does NOT say 'I woke up around 4.30'. (I don't know if he says that in the morning interview but he does not say it here, This is his most recent account - the evening video. It is in parts almost verbatim to the earlier interview - if it wasn't for the different outfit, I would have thought from the first few minutes it was the same interview and not bothered listening.)

Hey Jude said...

Anon at 9.12 - that is a different interview - your link is to the morning interview (beige jacket) - the evening one - 'I was up at 4.30a,m' - he is wearing a denim jacket. Check it out if you have doubts.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know if he says it in the morning interview..."

I gave you the link and the 3 seconds he says it. Are you saying you won't look at mine but I should look at yours? Are we picking the language we want and ignoring what we don't?

More importantly, which is Peter using? Morning or evening?

If we have two similar but somewhat different statements, which is more reliable for analysis? The earlier or later one?

Anonymous said...

So he first says "I woke up around 4:30" then later says "I was up at 4:30"?

Anonymous said...

Who is Hannah?

rosy said...

I have a hunch that the photo DB posted of himself and housemates sitting down to a meal at the circular table in his new house is a sign to his critics, a reenactment of a trope from Psalm 23 that he has referenced several times --

NIV: "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

rosy said...

Anonymous asked:
"If we have two similar but somewhat different statements, which is more reliable for analysis? The earlier or later one?"

I'd say the discrepancy is as important as either of them. Indicating revision, or uncertain story-line to start with.

Hey Jude said...

Yes, I wonder, too HIGP. What struck me today was how Davey didn't say, in the days surrounding Amanda's murder, that he loved her - and how, when he described meeting her, he avoided saying he loved her, he just knew he was going to marry her - yet on Ashley Barrett's Facebook, on the day Amanda officially died, he had no hesitation in posting that he loved Ashley and Derek.

In response to a tribute Ashley made to Amanda:

Davey Blackburn Ashley, thank you for this. I just keep reading this and weeping. I don't know how in the world we are going to deal with her being gone but I'm so glad I have you and Derek with me to do it together. I love you both so much
· 42 · 12 November 2015 at 12:13

He lost his 'ministry partner and his very best friend'. - on the day Amanda dies he only proclaims his love for Ashley and Derek. He did not love Amanda. He tells a crowd at Resonate 'I love you guys' - but when has he ever said, as in words from his mouth, that he loved and loves Amanda? Kenneth Wagner is his 'best friend' - I suppose that is not as great as being his 'very best friend' - maybe Kenneth should watch his back. :-/.

So, Davey dreamed, twice, that Amanda wanted to divorce him. Okay. I think that's just a way of trying to create the impression that he would never have harmed Amanda - he was utterly devastated at even just a dream that she didn't want to be with him. Another way of suggesting he loved her, yet without saying it, because he can't - which is weird, because he can tell other lies with ease.

Anonymous said...

Ok.......I woke up at 1:30 a.m. At work, I remember conversations with co-workers about this as well as what ungodly hour they were awake. During the course of the day, I said, "I woke up at 1:30", and I also said, "I was awake at 1:30."

I had nothing to hide, but I expressed it both ways.

Why do you think I would do that?

Hey Jude said...

Anon, yes, I have looked at your link now - he says he woke up at 4.30. That is the morning interview, and the one Peter is using. I transcribed, for comparison, the 'what happened?' section from the evening interview, in which he says 'I was up'.

I agree with Rosey - in other parts of the interview, there are also differences from the earlier one. It's worth checking out, if you'd like to spot the differences for yourself.

Areudavey? said...

Anon 9:36

Are we speaking to Davey? Are you Davey?
Tell us what happened that morning. We're all ears.

Anonymous said...

"Some things looked out of place BUT she was three months pregnant SO I think the Lord had been preparing walk through a season of pain" WTF?

"I had this fear we were gunna lose the baby, I JUST did, before any of this happened...I JUST had this fear we were gunna lose the baby....we PROBABLY JUST lost the baby right here, BUT and SO BUT I didn't know there were gunshot wounds. I didn't know anything about it."

He kinda, sorta JUST knew they were "gunna lose the baby" so that's ok. The lord had been preparing him.

"But and so but..(he) didn't know there were gunshot wounds.

Hey Jude said...

Ps - it's not about 'picking the language we want and ignoring what we don't' - it's about looking at the consistency or inconsistency in Davey's accounts of what happened, what might be added, what might be dropped as time passes - what might be missing altogether -ie Weston.

Ellie said...

Msdp, I agree he is clearly reading here. He's like a puppeteer frantically pulling strings/saying words meant to make his puppet appear to react like a normal human being. I read today in "The Sociopath next door" 1/25 people lack a conscience/are sociopaths. Dr stout says they can be charismatic people who draw you in, and they imitate the rest of us but truly have shallow affect/emotions and lack empathy.

Peter, yes that dropped pronoun sealed it for me, that he knew *something.* There are so many oddities/unexpecteds w/him, but as someone pointed out he rarely stutters except for talking about Amanda's murder.

Tmi alert! This morning my poor husband was hoping for marital activities, instead I read him this blog post, some comments, and a chapter of "the sociopath next door." Just as fun! :-) I don't talk often abt SA so his perspective was w/out knowing any indicators of sensitivity/deception.(except for dropped pronouns & the number 3) He said he was creeped out by Daveys responses, and asked how Davey could be so calm/blase about his wife's murder. Its funny BC when I tease him I call him Davey. He hates when people call him that, he's even OK w/ just being called by his last name, but says "A grown man shouldn't be called Davey." He concurred w/Peter that a spouses murder is a violation or theft of/from the surviving spouse, and was weirded out by the Davey tweet abt Kenneth calling him a boy. To me it suggests homosexual undertones, or a man desperately trying to hold on to his youth. My almost 90 yr old Mil has a great saying, "Growing old stinks, but its much better than the alternative!" ;-)

My son was a captive audience when I cut his hair for JROTC ball. His opinion is that Davey is guilty (though maybe he was under duress BC I had the clippers :-)

Hey Jude, thank you so much for your awesome work typing that out! I'm sorry you had to sit thru that!

IMA grandma, that seems to fit him perfectly!

Amy, can you explain the significance of the Hannah thing? I'm clueless. ;-)

I wish we had the online chat thing like in the past. It'd be even neater to have a forum so we could reply to specific comments. Peter could have a cooler forum than websleuths BC he has actual experience/credibility and allows us freedom to speculate. I imagine it must feel like herding cats trying to keep us focused on the statements.

Hey Jude said...

MSIL Herding cats, lol. :) I think Peter would like to keep his blog SA focussed but we are not always helpful in that respect. At least this format is prunable - a threaded forum would probably be a bit of a nightmare.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 10.07 - because you were already up and you did have something to hide? :)

Amy Smith said...

Megs was replying to this tweet by Hannah tonight:
A week later, the power & hope of Jesus in @daveyblackburn's story is still impacting lives. #Nothingiswasted

Megs was the live-in-nanny for the Blackburns in Indy. Before that, she was an intern for Davey at Newspring.

Hannah appears to be on staff at Newspring.

lynda said...

From Hey Jude transcript (Thanks Jude!)

"Had no idea she had been shot, had no idea"

Well that kind of seals it up, doesn't it? He dropped the pronoun twice, in a row. In the evening interview, he dropped it only once but that was because he did not repeat.

He did have an idea she had been shot. He did know she was shot. Why cover up that fact? In Judes transcription he does not say "still breathing" or anything about calling 911.

Peter, What is the conclusion then?

Did Davey know she had ALREADY been shot before entering or did Davey know she was shot when he came in and saw her, and if yes, why hide it?

Amy Smith said...

Is Megs on staff at Resonate now?

Fm25 said...

Thinking about what Amanda's last days were like. "Spent some time with the Lord RIGHT THERE on my living room couch" certainly sounds like he spent the night on the couch. We know Amber was in town and Amanda had spent they day before with her. We know they talked about how she "broke the news" about new baby to davey. We know in the weeks before they had been through the Love Song series at Resonate which no doubt brought some issues they had to the surface. I remember in the first q & a which was done at resonate Amanda answered a question about divorce saying something to the effect of if the person you were with was keeping you from growing with Jesus than it would be ok. I don't know her exact words. There was the q & a at bus station which was just painful to watch. In the 1st 2 segments davey read question aloud and then let Amanda answer first before adding his own thoughts in a much less sincere sounding manner. In the 3rd segment davey read the question about wives submitting to husband. Amanda seemed thrown off guard and it seemed that may be a recurring issue in their marriage. Davey answered first in that instance and Amanda just seemed sad to me. Looking back at journal entries around that time Amanda was clearly struggling with something. In one she quotes Jeremiah 18:4 which in some interpretations is felt to address divorce- that purpose in life is not gone after divorce, but ratherreveals a new road with new meaning and purpose. Would love to see more of Amanda's journal entries as just the snippets davey doles out lack context. Her last journal entry thanks God for letting her see the growth of resonate with her own eyes. To me implies she might not be there much longer. Davey would have us believe this was all part of Gods plan and shows her willingness to die for his fame and fortune, oops I mean for the historic religious revival that he was destined to lead. That is not the talk of a mother pregnant with her 2nd child. More likely Amanda was preparing to leave Davey. I'm not convinced he pulled the trigger, the men who broke in ( or more accurately walked through the unlocked front door ) seem good for that. I do think he may have raped and beaten her. I also think it's likely that he gave Weston Benadryl or something to help him sleep as I can't imagine he would not have been awoken and screaming with all the commotion. It seems motive and opportunity have been established. There was a link between the suspects and davey via an odd Facebook connection. Obviously that's circumstantial but it is a link. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

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