Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Revisiting "Linguistic Archeology" by Avinoam Sapir

It has been quite some time since I first recommended the book by Avinoam Sapir on Genesis. 

"Linguistic Archeology" is a valuable book for analysts.  

The purpose of the book is to use his SCAN method (Scientific Content Analysis) to identify the author of Genesis.  It is a very lengthy, detailed book, without good chapter breaks (in some places the editing of paragraphs could be better) and the reader should not simply think of it as a lengthy proof of authorship.  Instead, it should be considered a "journey" into "Anonymous Author Identification" work, that it is, and consider it many many lessons of Statement Analysis, rather than a singular one. 

It is a book to be studied, rather than read.  

It is 600 pages of treasure, and for this, it is worth the expense.  As goes the phrase, "you get what you pay for", in this, I consider the paperback version and price to be a marvelous bargain. 

For the money, I have more than four decades of careful research and data building that addresses many principles of analysis, even though the singular theme sometimes seems far out of sight.  

It is a discipline study; that is, it is not an easy "How to catch a liar" book that is so appealing to the masses.  There is so much insight given into oft repeated stories that it would take many pages to simply review the work properly.  

The topic of "social introductions" is given in depth, and it is repeated often.  As I cover the simple on the blog, this is an opportunity for those given to study and formal training, to have insight into the complexities of human nature behind and revealed by the social introductions. 

The Bible's first "murder"? 

Not so fast. 

The ancient use of the word "son", versus the use of the word "child", alone, is worth the price of the book.  

I owe more than I can repay to the work and labors of Avinoam Sapir.  He shows that although the investigator may immediately begin to apply principles to statements, the ongoing monthly guided training is where the work begins for those who seek excellence. 

True enough, for causal readers, the "Lie books" are helpful  even as media and deception have become popular and accepted today, but for those willing to submit to the rigors of study and discipline, "Linguistic Archeology" is a paperback book that you are likely going to make it look  much like mine:  well worn, beat up, with lots of notes and markings. 

Avinoam Sapir is a rare genius and other than some editing, my complaint remains the same:

I wish the book had not come to an end. 

I don't think there is a greater compliment to an author than to have tackled his work, cover to cover, repeatedly, and left wanting more.  

No professional should be unfamiliar with this work. 

As I set the final "Statement Analysis Certification" for those who study in Hyatt Analysis Services, included is the CEUs from the University of Maine but the mandated:  

1.  Successful Completion of the course, Statement Analysis, including quizzes, tests, and final. 
2.  Minimum of Two Years of Monthly Ongoing Guided Training
3.  Successful Completion of Advanced Statement Analysis, including profiling and Anonymous Author Identification; 
4.  Publication of Thesis, including thesis approval from 3 professional analysts.  

Currently, I strongly encourage and recommend "Linguistic Archeology" though, perhaps, consideration should be given to elevating it.  

When a professional, in whatever field,  receives this Certification, his or her master level work will be of such that any company who hires them, or any police department that utilizes their work, or any professional need for analysis will show its own excellence:  The analyst is a professional who's work will speak for itself.  By this time, the disciplines, rigors and use of peer review, are now life long habits of best practice.  

They are those that practice professional excellence, which makes them so willing to help others.  They, too, share in the debt to Mr. Sapir.  

Hyatt Analysis Services for training

Don;t be satisfied with the surface; dig to mine the gold.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to get this book?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, anyone seen this under-3-minute video got posted yesterday on YouTube?


Anonymous said...

News stories related to above YouTube link:



Hey Jude said...

This guy - the store released video which shows the cake was tampered with after sale - the baker who made it is part of the LGBT community:


Hey Jude said...

Here is the pastor, allegedly being discriminated against:


The feeling that he had 'just resurfaced - a bunch of painful memories' - (a bit like that bunch of bananas last week.)

Anonymous said...

That Whole Foods surveillance video shows the cashier scanning ONLY the TOP of the cake box, where the UPC code was at time of checkout. Oh wow, that pastor guy is gonna be in a sh*t load of trouble now.

Anonymous said...

Comments underneath surveillance video on YouTube:

Tuco Ramirez41 minutes ago
5 hours AFTER he bought the cake he goes on social media and claims the
box is sealed, when 5 hours is plenty of time to remove label and make
new icing and write words on himself. If he really noticed this in his
car like he's claiming, he would turn car around and drive back to store
immediately, not wait hours, which gives him plenty of opportunity to
do all he needed to do to the cake himself.

FreakyLynx2 hours ago (edited)
The only way to stop this sort of nonsense is to bankrupt those who are abusing the system, sue this guy into oblivion.

I'd send him a new cake with the inscription "Truth Wins"

Seola3 hours ago
So busted. Unbelievably busted.

Anonymous said...

Am I right or wrong in thinking this guy's YouTube video showing his hate cake is not even a good example for statement analysis? It seems there is almost nothing for SA in his video.

Anonymous said...

Is that because he is telling the truth??

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 7 There is always something which can be analysed in any statement.

Anon at 7.05 - here (below my comments) is what he said.

I noticed he is sensitive about having ordered the cake - so, one question might be - whydid he order the cake? (Also what was the significance of 'Love Wins' ?- just a thought.)

He wants to show us the FAG insult - 'nice and clear' - nice? Someone who wrote it might want it 'nice and clear' - someone who was insulted by it maybe would not say 'nice' - rather just 'clear'.

He's also (very) sensitive about the box still being sealed., as he repeats it so many times, Also, near the end,it is difficult to catch but listen carefully, and he says 'I have'n not opened the box' - which is so near as to be a double negative that it might as well be one, but I am not sure. That's what I noticed, but there is sure to be more.


'Hello, I am Jordan Brown. Ah today is, um, April 14th, two thousand sixteen, ah it is approximately, ah, 5.50pm, ah, here in um, Austin, Texas. Ah, today, I went to Whole Foods, ahm, and I ordered a cake, um, I just wanna show you this real quick. Um, I ordered a cake, and as you see, on the cake, I had them write 'Love Wins'. When I got into my vehicle, I looked inside and I saw that they had wrote 'Love Wins Fag' on there. see it nice and clear. Also, it is still in a sealed box, as you see I, I have not opened up this box yet, it is still sealed, as you see right here. It is still sealed. This is everything on it, the price of it - everything, it's still sealed. This also, the receipt. I, I attempted to call them - I spoke to ah, his name was Jeff Newnas [sp?] - ah, the first time I spoke to him , um, he was extremely apologetic, ah, told me that he would do everything to fix it, um, he said that he would, um, request that we handle this uh, internally, and for me not to reach out to anybody. Um, I waited for his phone call, um, he did call back two hours later, uh and said there's nothing he can do, ah, and that his employee did not do this. My question is 'Who could have done this?' It's still inside of a sealed box right there - clear as day, from Whole Foods - 'Love Wins Fag' - it's still sealed. I have not opened this box yet, it's still sealed. I have'n not opened the box. Here's the receipt, again - everything on it - I purchased it today at 12.57. This is discrimination.'

Hey Jude said...

I like the idea of linguistic archeology, just so long is it is not applied to my ancient writings. :-/

Hey Jude said...

Why does he just want to show the cake 'real quick' - why not give us, and the cake decorators at Whole Foods, a really good look at the handwriting?

Tania Cadogan said...

The book Linguistic Archeology by Avinoam Sapir, is hard going.
It is not an easy read as in you can drift through what is written without having to concentrate on the story.

This is a book designed to make you think.
The initial chapters set out the basic story as to who was whom, who was related to whom, how and why.
It is the explanations as to what is to come.
The language is precise and Avinoam explains why the precision is needed and how it relates to what is happening.

I love reading and can whizz through a book in a couple of hours with ease.
This book forced me to slow right down and mentally underline and highlight particular words.

Unlike most of you, i am an atheist with a belief that there is no god or supreme being.

The book was written by a man with a devout belief in his god.
I have to assume his belief is genuine and there is a god in order to understand his writing and how the language used relates to the book of genesis and who's who.

My natural instinct would be to snort and say what a load of cobblers, especially when i see contradictions.
I have to put my disbelief aside (which is bloody hard) to see the book of genesis from the view of a devout and observant Jew.

boston lady said...

OT to the Gay Cake Hoax..

Hey Jude writes:

He's also (very) sensitive about the box still being sealed., as he repeats it so many times, Also, near the end,it is difficult to catch but listen carefully, and he says 'I have'n not opened the box' - which is so near as to be a double negative that it might as well be one, but I am not sure. That's what I noticed, but there is sure to be more.


This is what I picked up in watching the video. He was focused on telling the viewers that it was sealed and was not opened. And yet, he had his finger in the side of the box.. I'm glad Whole Foods is pushing back and not taking this abuse from the obvious fake hate cake deceiver. I looked at the word that he added and it is easy to also see that the writing is not the same. And, the "Love Wins" icing is thicker than the hateful word that was added.

I agree that Whole Foods should sue this person for slander and libel. I think both applies. Maybe it will stop others from trying to take advantage of a business because they believe the business will settle quietly, whether guilty or innocent , to make it all go away.

boston lady said...

I just counted from the transcribed above that he said SEALED, 7 times!! I'd say that makes that very sensitive.

He then goes on to say, " I purchased it today at 12.57. This is discrimination.' " Is purchasing it at 12:57 discrimination? That's what it looks like he said. I think he was rushing to make the claim that the writing on the cake is discrimination .. But we have to look at what is stated, not at what the statement means. Leakage everywhere.

elf said...

Why didn't the customer go back inside the store? When he got into his vehicle he looked inside and saw what they wrote (vehicle? They? ) He was still right there when he saw the cake so why wouldn't he go in and make a complaint then?
Also why wouldn't he check the cake when he picked it up? I've always checked cakes I've had made to make sure I'm getting what I pay for before I buy it.
I'm going with fake hate/scam.

elf said...

Fake hate cake deceiver <-- brilliant! Lol people need to leave the cake industry out if their squabbles!

Anonymous said...

Please, if possible, analyze this husband's statement in the youtube video below. A mom and fitness instructor was murdered inside a church in Midlothian Texas. Husband was going on a "fishing trip" when it happens. There's camera footage of the suspect (who IMO has the gait of a female) in police riot gear. Strange case:


John Mc Gowan said...

"Moonbattery" seem to have made their mind up that it is a "hoax", and have already entered it into their hall of fame, "Hate Hoax List"


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Sidney Moorer covers yard in signs depicting threats made to his family

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The day after Sidney Moorer’s pretrial, hand written signs lined the accused kidnapper’s front yard with his message to neighbors and Horry County officials.

Sidney Moorer was in court for nearly five hours Monday for his pretrial hearing. He’s charged with kidnapping and obstruction of justice in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

During Monday’s hearing, a judge ruled against Moorer’s defense team, saying if a trial happens, a forensic video expert may testify.

Sidney Moorer maintains his innocence and spoke exclusively to News13 about the impact the process has had on his family. Now he’s letting everyone who drives past his home know about the threats made to his children.

“My children don’t sleep well,” Moorer revealed during his one on one interview with News13. “My children’s grades have suffered; my youngest has night terrors, where he won’t sleep through the whole night without getting up, walking around, or talking in his sleep.”

Moorer’s message for Horry County now lines his lawn on poster boards.

“Where’s our protection order?” reads one sign. Another states, “Take pix. Post it and help change harassment ‘laws.’”

“It’s just amazing that people can be that hateful in one breath and then spit out the word of God the next,” Moorer explains.

In Moorer’s conversation with News13, he explained why he placed the signs outside his home.

“They threatened to set my house on fire, nail all my windows and doors shut, and walk away as we screamed to get out,” reveals Moorer.

Moorer says that’s just one of the many threats his family has received via social media and phone calls.

“My children, who are completely 100% innocent in everything, don’t know anyone, didn’t do anything, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t do anything, were threatened to be kidnapped, mutilated, raped,” says Moorer. “They threatened to drain their blood. They threatened to eat them.”

Some of the threats made through social media, which has played a pivotal role throughout the entire Heather Elvis case, are also directed toward Tammy, Sidney Moorer’s wife, who is also charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis.

“Tammy, your father died, your fictitious baby died, Nikki is next if you don’t confess.”

Another post reads, “The fastest way to get Heather back is to kidnap the person of interest’s daughter. Do you see this Tammy and Sidney Moorer?”

“All of this has been turned in to the police. The threats, the harassing, the stalking, the following, at my house. They have the video of people at my house, and they have done nothing,” claims Moorer.

News13 reached out to Horry County Police regarding the reports of harassment, but the department was unable to give specifics, and noted every report Moorer has filed with the department is being investigated.

“People can say whatever they like about me; I don’t care. My wife and children have nothing to do with anything. They didn’t even know anyone involved in this and they were drug into this anyway,” claims Moorer.

Plus Vt.


Hey Jude said...

John - 'Harrowimg hate crime' and 'the easily traumatized' - :).

BallBounces said...

OT Peter -- Heuristics for the Interpretation of Texts. A brief article with some good info. http://bogbit.com/heuristics-for-the-interpretation-of-texts/

Hey Jude said...

Re the harrowing hate crime -!I think the 'Love Wins' message is part of the agenda - it is a bit of an odd message to put on a cake - for what occasion was it intended - the gay cake hate crime, where 'love wins' (through expected outpouring if support) over the 'hate' of the insult that was supposedly added? It seems that way to me, and that Jordan Brown is none too bright.

C5H11ONO said...

I believe Jesus used discourse analysis.

Matthew 27:11
Meanwhile Jesus stood before the governor, and the governor asked him, "Are you the king of the Jews?" "You have said so," Jesus replied.
--Although in this translation there isn't an embedded statement of "you are the king...", but when you look at the Spanish translation...

Pilato entonces le dijo: ¿Así que tú eres rey? Jesús respondió: Tú dices que soy rey.
---Literal translation: "Asi que" - "So then" "tu eres rey?" "you are king?" - To which Jesus responded "Tu dices que soy rey" - "You say that I am king".

It is likely that "Jesus spoke Aramaic as his primary language, and that he almost certainly knew Hebrew and perhaps Greek as well."
--from this site: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/markdroberts/series/what-language-did-jesus-speak-why-does-it-matter/
--I personally think that whatever language it was, the common way of asking a question was to place the question with the pronoun first followed by the verb and then noun.
Some things may have been lost in translation.
What sayest you Mr. Hyatt?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tania, how can one get the book From A Sapir?

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi anonymous, you will need to contact the company directly and they will mail it out to you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tania.

Where on website is the book listed? I emailed inquiry last Dec & this week. No response received. Is it listed under another title in available material for purchase?

Tania Cadogan said...

I ended up phoning them directly and sorting out if Avinom would accept a cc payment since i was in the UK, he usually accepts payment by check for his book since it is separate from his business.

The receptionist i spoke was a lovely lady and very helpful when i explained where i was and if UK checks would acceptable in the States.

by telephone: 602-279-3113 / 800-727-3113