Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Showering" and Water in Statements

When a child suddenly becomes obsessed with hand washing, the astute teacher takes notice. 

When the non verbal mentally retarded woman suddenly became obsessed with showering, an investigation commenced in which it was learned:  one of the men caring for her had sexually abused her. 

The language expresses what is in the brain.  

When the reference to water, in any form, such as showering is made and it is unnecessary, the investigator must always explore the subject's need, or connection in some form, to sex and sexual abuse.  

We find it in sexual abuse victims' language, as well as perpetrators language.  We find it even in the language of teachers, investigators, social workers, nurses, and others who have interaction with sex abuse victims.  

Two things to consider:

I.  The Lack of Necessity to Reference Water
II.  The Context which produces Water in Statements 

Amanda Blackburn Murder

That the said, regarding the day of his wife's murder, that he was going home "to shower" is something that cannot be underestimated in importance.


His entire world was about to be destroyed with the love of his life and his unborn child murdered and HE THINKS "shower" in his language...


This is stunning.  I would have gone to the gym and have every possible person interviewed, looking to see if he met with someone, including males, that caused him to have a 'need' to be cleansed.  It may be unrelated to the murder, and, as some have pointed out, related to homosexuality, but an investigation like this must learn the truth.  It is not expected that a husband would feel the need to explain, in any way, why he went home, but to add in a reference to water in context of a murder is alarming.  

With this in mind, consider going back to his speech to his father in law's church.  The context is in front of a congregation shortly after his wife's murder. 

He began by first denying he was going to speak, and then by claiming to be in "submission" to his father in law.  This submissive posture, however, did not last long.  Once he was given the microphone and freedom to speak, he placed himself above his father-in-law (remember, it was this man's daughter murdered) eventually, elevating his own status to intimacy with Divinity.  

1.  He condemned his father in law
2.  He condemned his father in law's church 
3.  He received Divine revelation directly in a location and posture he felt necessary to add: 
4.  He was naked
5.  He was in the shower

Consider that it was not necessary for him to say "While I was in the shower...." to communicate the message.  In fact, it seems utterly unimportant besides unnecessary.  The message was one of 'historic' or 'history making' proportions. 

One might consider being given communication from the Creator of the Universe is something so amazing, unique and special, that the communication, itself, would be all that is necessary to communicate.  

Yet, he was in the shower. He had a need to tell people that he was in the shower while alleging to have had a conversation with the Creator of all living things.  

He was naked in the shower.  This was so important to him that he must tell his audience the location of this allegedly Divine revelation.  

Context is key. 

Two things to always remember:
I.  When water is unnecessary to include
II. The context of which this unnecessary language is produced. 

His wife is murdered along with his pre born child. 

This is the most personal and destructive life changing event that could ever face a man, and in his memory, while he recalls this for the public, he had a need to tell us why he was going shower.

He was not going home to see Amanda.
He was not going home because he lived there. 

In fact, he had no reason to tell us why he was going home; it, itself, is unnecessary which is why, in Statement Analysis, it is considered critical.  No one would feel the need to say,

"Well, after the gym, why did you go home?"

It is unlikely that anyone would have asked this. 

Technically, in Statement Analysis, this brings his travel to his home that day into a most "sensitive" element in analysis.  He has the need to explain why he went home. 

Generally, this tells us that the person had a different motive than the one given.  This is what analysts look for: the 'real' reason why the person did what they did, in a circumstance where they felt the need to explain 'why' when no question was raised. 

What about the brutal, bloody murder of your roommate?  This should be something that terrifies you and you may not ever want to be in that apartment ever again, or even be alone again.  For Amanda Knox:

..However, I admit that this period of time is rather strange because I am not quite sure. I smoked marijuana with him and I might even have fallen asleep. These things I am not sure about and I know they are important to the case and to help myself, but in reality, I don't think I did much. One thing I do remember is that I took a shower with Raffaele and this might explain how we passed the time.
In truth, I do not remember exactly what day it was, but I do remember that we had a shower and we washed ourselves for a long time. He cleaned my ears, he dried and combed my hair."

This is what is on the mind of the victim's close friend and shows the unnecessary element of water in a statement.  We find it regularly in sexual homicide statements.  

In the world of Satsuma, Florida, sexual abuse ran ripe especially among those who's own resistance is destroyed generationally and through drug abuse:

911: “OK when did you last see her?”

Misty Croslin: “Um, we like just, you know…it was about 10 o’clock- she was sleeping- I was cleaningand went on to explain that she was doing laundry.  

Remember the "Zuma Prostitute" scandal in Maine?

Here is the statement of the husband of the woman having sex in her studio with strange men for money:

I would get calls from her in tears,” he continued. “I would go to her in the afternoon and once again, I would have to pull her from the shower similar to morning routine. But this time I would pull her from a scalding hot shower and prevent her from scrubbing her body clean until she bled or burned.”

Here, even he has the need to mention, of all things he could have talked about, the shower in a sexually criminal case. 

The investigator should look for the two elements regarding water:

That its inclusion is unnecessary.  This deems it highly important to us.

The context that produced the unnecessary reference to water. 


Anonymous said...

What about "doing laundry"? As in the statement used over and over again as a ruse to either go do drugs or have gay sex..."You mind if I go do laundry?" Just a random excuse or should I be reading into this?

thousand dollars biotch said...

His wife is murdered along with his pre born child.

How much are you willing to bet me?
It was not said in the news, but from his language I am willing to bet his wife was or was nearly raped by her killer.(which wasn't him)

Anonymous said...

Davey just screams in the closet.

Bingo3 said...

Thanks for the insight on this language Peter. When he was speaking at his father n law church and mentioned he heard from God in the shower, I thought how odd!? Why would he say that? Why does it matter where he was? I later read your SA on it and gained much insight. That made me a lot more aware when he mentioned it again on his blog. Why mention that he drove all the way home from the gym (which has showers) to take a shower?!? I figured he was coming home because, well, that is his home. Hmmmmm.

Heisgay said...

Anon, I agree, Davey is gay and used Amanda as window dressing and was going through the "discard" phase of the narcissist. These undercover gays are so very sneaky and good at creating fog. My guess: Davey's homosexual activity has escalated fueling his desire to get rid of Amanda. He had found regular gay sex at the gym.

Anonymous said...

Possibly he had already really had a shower at the gym (his sole purpose of going there to clean himself on any forensic evidence/gunshot residue) and had to mention that to convince his "audience" he hadn't already had one at the gym????

Heisgay said...

Anon 9:56,
Interesting theory, especially since he did linger in the driveway chatting on the phone for 45 minutes, he must not have been too sweaty. He probably has his gay sex in the gym showers, so perhaps some leakage in the language. Gay sex, removal of firensic evidence in gym shower.

Anonymous said...

First question... when this first happened, he said he was running late that morning.... you're up at 4:30am and you're running late to go to the gym? How? Also... I don't remember the "going back home to take a shower" scenario, I thought he did that at the gym. I wish I could find the paper where I wrote down a timeline of that morning. I know this area and I remember thinking it should have took him about 15 minutes (more/less depending on traffic) to get to L.A. Fitness and then the workout seemed very short for someone who went daily.

Next question... if you're coming back home to shower, why are you taking your gym clothes to change in the locker room? Why wouldn't you just get up, put the clothes you're wearing to the gym on and then just change after you get back home and take your shower? Are we sure about him coming home to shower? I don't remember anything about that before, but I could be wrong. I do remember adding "shower time" into my timeline and it really cut his workout time down.

Also, questioning the time of the phone call with his friend because on his friend's twitter the time stamp didn't match up to the call time. And I found it odd that his friend had to tweet about the phone call on that day when he'd never done it before.

IMPD... are you reading this?!?!?!


Unknown said...

I buy that before I buy the comment above.

Unknown said...

You must have been hurt by an "undercover gay"...

Heisgay said...

Saint Theresa,

Davey Blackburn is gay. Amanda was his window dressing, you know to look like he was a picture perfect "preacher" and family man. Davey Blackburn is obssessed with his physique (very gay). He speaks ad nauseum about how Amanda didnt satisfy him sexually. Could this be because he craves a man? Likely, since he is gay. Gay men love to hook up in gyms or to find "exercise partners". Davey references a "shower" during the time his wife and unborn child were brutally murdered. Davey showed no sorrow over the loss of his wife. It's actually a rather simple equation. He is gay, used Amanda as cover and as he found regular gay sex, tired of the charade with Amanda and decided to get rid of her. You neednt believe me, I am merely stating the obvious based on not living my life with blinders on. There are some evil people out there, useful to be able to recognize them. Poor Amanda, naive and inexperienced as she was, could not see, until she was trapped in this gay man's deadly web. Her gut was telling her Im sure, but her mind was too inexperienced, she did not have the knowledge to recognize this predator until she was caught in his very gay web. It did not end well for her, sadly.

Heisgay said...

Also, I think that Davey may have a type of homoerotic relationship with God in his own mind which may be why he feels he encountered him in the shower...this suggests to me that Davey's reference to coming home to take a shower IMPLIES he may have been coming home to have an erotic encounter with, strange as it may seem, one of the home invaders. It's there in the language folks. And perhaps he did. After all, he did something for 45 minutes. Did they ever find forensic evidence on the alleged killer? Davey had some link with the home should be considered whether the connection was a homosexual connection. I think Peter is zeroing in on something, perhaps it will reveal the link between Davey and these men who broke in.

lynda said...

We know at least one or two of the invaders were linked to DAvey thru Facebook. Those links quickly disappeared making it obvious that the owners of those pages were aware that it did NOT look good that they were "friends" with DAvey.
I am still disappointed with LE that they dismissed DAvey so early as a suspect and let him go in the house and contaminate the scene before all evidence was gathered.
It took Davey only a few short weeks to ditch the "Amanda's husband" persona and develop a hip, edgy, look to ride the wave of popularity and sympathy that had come his way.I will never believe for a minute that God told DAvey in the shower that he took Amanda for the church to grow. I will also never believe that Davey has written by himself his last few blogs. Quite an improvement.
Does anyone really think that DAvey would be in a new house, traveling all over the world, taking beach vacations, etc. if Amanda wasn't murdered? Davey's life has changed alright, and it's for the better as far as he's concerned.
I also don't like the soft language he always uses when discussing what happened to Amanda. He always says "killed" or "taken" like it was some type of accident.

Bingo3 said...

TJ, excellent, excellent insights! WHY would you take your gym clothes if your coming home to shower??

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I called 911 "as soon as I could" means that there were other things that had to be done before this activity.

There were other things he had to do before he "could" call 911.

We look for any remarks about the 911 call references in a statement. In an emergency, there is no reason for the subject to tell us that he rushed unless there was a delay.

I had one case; attempted murder, in which the subject said, "so I immediately called 911..." signaling his need to persuade us that he did not delay. In fact, he had tried to revive his victim to no avail, forcing his hand to call 911.

In this case, he refused to polygraph and as goes guilt, he was incapable even in a lengthy interview, of brining himself to deny the assault.

The new explanation of "we" tells me:

he has a need to explain.

Anonymous said...

Also, the investigators could have asked him to tell them EVERY detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Don't they say somthing like that when they're questioning someones whereabouts?
What's happened in this case? I thought he was going to be arrested.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynda said...

Yes, "As soon as I could"

That is so glaringly obvious even to people not familiar with SA. Even with Davey reading this blog and learning what NOT to say, he still can't help himself. The kind of "coincidences" that have happened to put DAvey where he is now just do not happen. "As soon as I could"
...I had to overturn some items first
...I had to put an empty pack of cigarettes on counter first
...I had to make sure everything looked perfect for the "set up"
...I had to get a drink
...I had to go to the bathroom
...I had to wait for God to tell me what to do

when all I'm afraid the real "missing info" is "I had to wait till she stopped breathing."

Not once does he say, I had to check Amanda, I had to do CPR, I had to find my son. All things that would make sense in why 911 wasn't called immediately, he did not say and we can't say it for him. This case, along with Deorr's, cries for justice.

lynda said...

OT...Remember Rainn Petersen? The plot thickens. Yay! Bless those cops for not giving up!

flightfulbird said...

All of us wanting justice is the reason we are all still here. I am thrilled that Peter has begun to write posts again and that all of you are back and commenting on them. If the last few days are any indication then apparently there is going to be no shortage of fodder for us to read and analyze going forward (and if the blog posts by Davey + ghostwriter suddenly stop, that will speak volumes as well). . .

I echo what everyone else is writing. There was no need for Davey to say he came home to shower. I wrote somewhere that it is a given that someone is going to shower after the gym - I look like a drowned rat after I train, whether it's running or lifting. Why didn't he just say "when I got home". . . nobody would question why he was returning to where he lived !

Speculating now - showering at the gym would remove any forensic evidence of what had happened at home BEFORE going to the gym. Maybe he wasn't showering alone in the locker room at the gym. Or maybe there was no shower at the gym but there was sex of some type, hence the connection and needing to mention the shower at home.

Yeah, if he was awake and up since 4:30am, why the delay getting out the door that morning? Was there rough sex (hence the confusion on whether or not she had been sexually assaulted), was there an argument or fight where Amanda's tooth got knocked out (and his face got scratched, perhaps?) - then he had to go ahead and finish things off so she wouldn't have to find a way to explain it to her friends or parents? - and had to stage it to make it look like a home invasion and have these guys take the fall?

The only time I ever change into gym clothes AT the gym is when I am going straight from work or an appointment - if I'm going straight from home, I wear my gym clothes TO the gym. Especially at that time of the morning, I would crawl out of bed and into my gym clothes - much more momentum to get there and get straight into training without having to stop in locker room first.

I agree that Davey is gay - that would explain alot. That would be something that, if exposed, could/would really hurt or destroy his "ministry". I've been watching the DataLounge forum ever since someone mentioned it on one of the live chats here. I found that DataLounge is a gay message board covering all topics and that there are five pages there on this case, with extremely interesting posts, links, pictures. The posters there seem to clearly be able to recognize one of their own and they have no question that Davey is one of them.

About the 911 call - yeah, why even the need to say that he called 911 as soon as he could ? Any rational person would believe that that he called 911 as soon as he walked in the door. "As soon as I could" indicates a delay, of how long we don't know. The things Lynda mentioned above would certainly prevent him from calling immediately. Calling 911 "as soon I could' sounds like he was on a hike out of cell range or had a dead battery or no phone at all. Most importantly, why didn't he say to the 911 dispatcher exactly what he was seeing?

It was said that the 911 call is not being released because it is part of an active investigation. I've mentioned before that it does not seem that whatever Davey said in the 911 call would have anything to do with the case against the three in custody - but it could very well have everything to do with implicating him. Is that why it's not being released, maybe?

newname said...

why did my post get deleted? It was a theory about how Davey said he'd get rid of murder weapon but actually just dropped it in the neighbor's yard? I said that Davey prob hired the killer and that is why the other 2 home invaders were surprised the killer stayed behind. I theorized the killer and Davey were lovers and this is why the killer believed he would get rid of murder weapon, but he really just dropped the gun in the neighbor's yard.

Mimsie said...

I am very glad to see that Davey is still on Peter's radar. I hope the truth will eventually come out.

newname said...

If the intruder-killer came up the stairs where Amanda was, how did she end up getting past the killer and going down the stairs in front of him...she was attacked from behind going down the stairs. Would he not have blocked her way?

flightfulbird said...

Davey tweeted today "Face Timing into Resonate today from the back row! I love my church !"

Meg posted on Instagram today with the hashtag #ILoveMyChurch

These two are VERY close - using the same phrases from the start of all of this. Nothing is wasted, the best is yet to come, and now "I love my church". . .

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

newname @ 7:19 PM April 17, 2016

You may have missed the news briefing (Nov.-Dec.?), but the gun found in the neighbor's yard was not the weapon used to shoot Amanda, per forensic testing. I think we were all hoping it would be. I'm not sure how long you've been reading here- Have you seen the Affidavit For Probable Cause? (

Thank you for your second post! It made me realize that the Affidavit details a lot of things, but no blood trail evidence going upstairs or in another room. However, it does detail change found on the landing to the upstairs, which leads me to believe that at least one intruder was on the stairs at some point. Given that they went through the lady's bedroom dresser and closet two doors down, why wouldn't one of them have gone through Amanda's? None of that is detailed in the affidavit, but that doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't a blood trail or a ransacked bedroom. Reading the affidavit though, it reads as though the struggle was primarily in the living room, near the fire place.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

flightfulbird @ 3:54 PM April 17, 2016

I agree with your comment on the gym clothes. I wondered why Davey grabbed his gym clothes, instead of just wearing them to the gym. The only people I know who take a gym bag are leaving from another activity outside their home to go workout (i.e. work) or have somewhere to be immediately after (back to work, out on date, or to class). It begs the question, what was he wearing between waking up at 4:30 and "Read my Bible for a bit."?

"Read my Bible for a bit." implies a little while (lack of pronoun already noted= lack of commitment to the statement). So, if he didn't: eat/have a cup of coffee; see/speak to/interact with Amanda (she's conspicuously invisible language-wise); shave/shower/dress and only read his Bible for a bit...what was he doing for 2 hours before he headed out for a workout? If he was having sex with his wife, he wouldn't have been too embarrassed to say so. He'd been talking about that often, loud and proud, for months to his congregation and the rest of the world via video.

"Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout."- "Grabbed" implies in a hurry and with some force, yet there's a 2-hr time gap with scant details between waking up at 4:30 and him leaving. "Grabbed" implies in a hurry and running late. Note he explains the need for a change of clothes and why he's going out. The expected is that one wears gym clothes when they work out. Why was he not wearing workout clothes to the gym? Did he normally change into workout clothes at the gym? Did he come home in workout clothes that morning? Did he normally come home in his workout clothes? Was he wearing workout clothes when LE got there that morning? Did he look sweaty and disheveled from a workout? Did he perhaps change clothes before he placed the 911 call? Was that the delay?

"When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone."- Is the action "headed out" considered completed by "returned home"? I'm bothered by the 2 hr gap between waking and leaving (with its dropped pronouns, temporal lacunae, absence of Amanda, and scant details), the hurrying language of grabbing the gym clothes and leaving in conjunction with his leaving the front door unlocked, the shortened workout (based on his own previous Twitter posts detailing other workouts), the extended driveway phone call (nearly an hour long), combined with the casual "walked into". Being that he was leaving later than normal, grabbing his bag and leaving the front door unlocked, cut the workout short, talked nearly an hour on the phone outside his home, I would expect him to be hurrying into his house thinking Amanda was mad that he was late for breakfast or mad/worried that he getting home so late from his workout. Linguistically at this point in his story, there's no concern for Amanda and her feelings at all.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I wonder if Davey said "walked into" because he knew that someone else had walked into the house he left unlocked? "My house was broken into" is an outright lie and an attempt to sway his target audience...he knew it when he was typing it months later. He, himself, told the officer he left the front door unlocked. There was no "broken into".

The language bothers me here too. If the door or window had been jimmied open or a window smashed out, I would expect him to say "Someone broke into my/our house and shot my wife!"-not the softer "My home had been broken into...". Breaking and entering or a home invasion is a very personal, emotional, terrifying experience- I'd expect to hear that in his language. I'd also expect to hear (yes, months later) traumatic language about finding his wife...not the sanitized, dispassionate, impersonal, unemotional version he offers up. I know many people who'd express more emotion and passion over finding a wounded animal or even just an abandoned/lost one. Watching his "sermons", we know he has no trouble showing emotion.

Anonymous said...

Given what we know, or at least think we know, about his personality and how society is more willing to embrace gay people today than in the past, wouldn't it make more sense that Blackburn would "come out" rather than orchestrate the murder of his wife?
There are many people who would welcome a gay pastor and he'd receive a lot of attention, too.

Anonymous said...

The conversation in the shower with God doesn't alarm me because I've done the same thing. Different circumstances, of course, and no, God didn't respond, but I was very depressed at the time, and desperate to know if there was a God. The answer, for me, was no.
I expect many people have called out to God when they are in the shower or anyplace where they are vulnerable, emotionally or physically.
I still think a lot when I'm in the shower. In fact, I often sit in there, cover my ears and let the water drum down over my head. It's an escape, drowning out any outside noise and actually sounds like I'm in a rocket. I know how completely weird this sounds but I imagine I'm in a rocket heading out to space where I leave all thoughts behind. Analyses that, Peter! Or not. I like my trips to space. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing, I don't think gay people are under the same pressure to stay in the closet as they once were. Blackburn likes attention and he'd find a lot of that and support even as a minister. I think if Blackburn were gay, he'd own it.

Tania Cadogan said...

I am not sure that davey would come out of the closet given that he is a preacher.
In some churches gay preachers are nothing to be concerned about, in other churches, homosexuality is considered a sin and no gay preacher worth his salt is going to out himself to a congregation of parishioners when he knows they will denounce him as an abomination.

Even though he is the pastor of a fairly new modern church, being openly gay may still be a step too far for some of his flock.
They may suspect it, but as long as he is discreet they will tolerate him, especially if he gives a good sermon.

Davey is not in a church because he believes in a god, he is in a business where numbers matter.

Like all the mega churches, it is not down to a genuine belief, it is down to numbers.
Numbers mean money, a lot of money.
Numbers mean celebrity.
Numbers mean profits, huge profits.
Numbers mean big houses, flashy cars and private jets.

There are prosperity churches.
Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel, or the gospel of success)[A] is a religious belief among some Christians that financial blessing is the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations (possibly to Christian ministries) will increase one's material wealth.
They are based on interpretations of the Bible traditional in Judaism (with respect to the Hebrew Bible),[1] though less so in Christianity. Prosperity theology views the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver his promises of security and prosperity. Confessing these promises to be true is perceived as an act of faith, which God will honor.

Unfortunately the only people who actually prosper are the preachers.

I wonder if davey wants to be a part of that style of church.
He will have seen all the televangelists, his boss's lifestyle, he wants a piece of the pie.

To do that he has to be circumspect about his sexuality, he has to sell the product.
It is a franchise plain and simple and the startup money has to be paid back at some point.
I wonder how much he is in hock for?
I wonder how much the life insurance was for Amanda?
I wonder if the insurers have paid out?
Is the house now all free and clear of mortgage?

Perhaps he feels more secure as things seem to be going his way and he can't help himself but to brag and boast about himself and that he may have gotten away with murder.
He ego knows no bounds and his mouth knows no silence.