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Crime Watch Daily: Ayla Reynolds Monday, May 23, 2016

The plight of "Baby Ayla" is highlighted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016.  

Here is the listing to find the channel and time in your area.


Crime Watch Daily is tentatively scheduled to air its episode on Ayla Reynolds this coming Monday (23rd) at 3 p.m. (Eastern Time). They locally broadcast on the CW channel, but it will also be available on their website: http://crimewatchdaily.com/
Also, A vigil for Ayla Reynolds is currently being organized by H.A.A.D. Enough:

The tentative date is June 25th at noon (Saturday) and is to be held on Violette Avenue in Waterville. Intense media participation is expected. Please come out and show your support for Ayla for an hour or two.

end of announcement 

In 2011, Ayla Reynolds, while with her biological father, Justin DiPietro, was reported "missing."

DiPietro claimed that someone broke into his house and kidnapped Ayla, though no evidence of break in, nor trace DNA was found.  He was given a polygraph and when asked about the results, he said, "I smoked it" which not only showed no concern for his daughter, but linguistically hinted at drug use.  

When he was goaded into speaking he said, "Contrary to rumors floating around out there, I have been cooperating with the Waterville Police."  The phrase, "floating around out there" strongly suggested the need to search water for Ayla's remains.  

Early on, he had referenced his 'missing' daughter in the past tense, giving indication that he knew she was dead.  Press reports told us that Ayla's blood, in significant measure, was found in his basement.  

Later, his mother, Phoebe DiPietro, gave us a lesson in body language analysis and insight into her own means of deception.  She withheld from the interviewer that she was not at her home the night of the "kidnapping", so when she was asked questions about a party that night or any noise, she answered, "no", while closing her eyes, and looking downward.  This video is still available on the blog. 

She also used distancing language to the child and case itself, using the 2nd person pronoun where something this terribly intrusive holds linguistic expectation of first person: 

"When you're waiting for the sheriff to call... when someone has your granddaughter and someone is casing your house..." as if the kidnapping of a toddler is something universally experienced.  

Statement Analysis of the public statements of Justin DiPietro have indicated guilty knowledge in the death of Ayla.

Justin DiPietro was said to be a bully growing up, and his mother exampled this very thing on camera when she attempted to bully Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds.  

Justin DiPietro, the chronically unemployed father, while unemployed, took out a life insurance policy, not for his child, but against her, betting that she would not survive.  Although he fathered another child with another woman, he did not bet against that child's life.  

It is interesting to note that he was in the home that night, with his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, and his sister, Elisha, both of whom have refused to cooperate, of whom police said were withholding information.  In spite of this jeopardy this revealed, both women retained, at that time, custody of their own children.  

Elisha DiPietro was asked about her polygraph result and would only say that "it was fine", but refused to answer if she passed or failed it. 

Justin DiPietro showed insight into behavioral analysis, first reporting his daughter "kidnapped" but then refusing to address the kidnappers to facilitate her return.  He sent out a message that he was "emotionally incapable" of speaking for her. 

When he did speak, noticeably absent was any concern of what Ayla might have been experiencing in the hands of 'kidnappers.'

The family of whom supported him and sold him the life insurance policy, asked a local journalist to "dig up dirt on Peter Hyatt" in an attempt to discredit the analysis, rather than address the conclusion of the analysis, itself.  

It is also interesting to note that on Maine public assistance, the cost of a funeral for Ayla would likely have either been 100% covered by welfare, or he would have paid approximately $300 to bury her.  Yet, the media reported that a large cache of drugs was recovered at an apartment in Portland where Ayla had been, belonging to Courtney Roberts' sister.  

Ayla's case has gone without adjudication to date, with no charges filed. 
"I'm emotionally incapable..."

The opinions here, and those expressed on Crime Watch Daily are personal and are based upon the public statements of those involved.  All persons are judicially innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.  


PattyCake said...

Thank you Peter. I have read all your analysis posted on
poor sweet Baby Ayla. I found your blog when Ayla first went missing. I have checked your blog every single day since. I believe it has been about 4 years now that I have been reading your blog. I love your work and I appreciate you using your time and expertise to bring attention to Ayla and of course all other missing and murder victims cases. God bless you and your beautiful heart.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thank you, Pattycake.

I have more analysis on the case to be published.

The case was never a "who done it", but a "how to prosecute" and we all wait for the state attorneys to take action. The family is beyond frustrated.


Tania Cadogan said...

Great news Peter, will i be able to view it here across the pond?

Zsuzsanna said...

I found the blog after the Amanda Blackburn murder, and have been riveted ever since. I agree with what you said - thank you for your blog, and being an advocate for these victims.

ima.grandma said...
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Anonymous said...

Justice for Ayla Reynolds!

Trigger said...

Thank you, Peter.

The more coverage Ayla gets the more people will take notice of her plight and demand justice.

lynda said...

UGH! Another parent murders their child and so far, gets away with it!! With a large amount of her blood in the basement?? That's not enough? It makes me sick.

IsMaineRetarded? said...

Shame on Maine for not proescuting. Hold DiPietro responsible, the parent who was present, and use strong circumstantial evidence. I believe Phoebe and Derek helped dispose of the body. WHY IS IT STILL UNKNOWN WHERE PHOEBE WAS THAT NIGHT????????????????? WHY IS LE HOLDING THAT CARD SO TIGHT TO THE VEST? OR DID PHOEBE JUST REFUSE TO TELL AND MAINE LE SAID "OK.".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the announcement of the show.

All enemies of Ayla within the diabolical crew.
They themselves Ayla's blood. Monsters, each of them.

added O.T. below of the same degree of anger and dismay.

Ayla's no justice is despicable.

O.T. somewhat, it is the pledged riddance of blonde blue children

The agreed upon (via authority/govts officials) they calling to rid the blonde haired blue eyed, German (their statement) from the human race. The now world is not
our home. It's been handed away, as the sheep clapped while they protested for equality.

Muslim Scholar Celebrates Extinction of 'Blue Eyed, Blonde Haired' Germans
Published on May 17, 2016


Islam scholar Lamya Kaddor said on German television that "being German" in future will not mean having blonde hair and blue eyes, but being a Muslim migrant and wearing a hijab.


Anonymous said...

@7:34 Imagrandma needs to take her bipolar meds ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Nic said...

Peter said:
The family of whom supported him and sold him the life insurance policy, asked a local journalist to "dig up dirt on Peter Hyatt" in an attempt to discredit the analysis, rather than address the conclusion of the analysis, itself.

Seriously? Wow.

Water seems to be the #1 choice when it comes to disposing a body. (Heather Elvis could be another case.) To begin with, it washes away a lot of evidence. Also, in water, the body decomposes twice as fast and nobody smells the decomposition.

Lis said...

"The case was never a "who done it", but a "how to prosecute" and we all wait for the state attorneys to take action."

Yes, we are all waiting. What in the world is the hold up?


She lived in the house, owned the house, yet does not have to say where she was the night Ayla disappeared.
This particularly upsets me bc when she used the phrase "Open Pandora's Box" it makes me suspect she discarded Ayla and transported her in a box.
Would it be on record if she crossed into Canada that night?
Where was she??????????
She was involved. Otherwise, she would be shouting from the rooftops where she was that night to clear her name.

Lis said...

The family of whom supported him and sold him the life insurance policy, asked a local journalist to "dig up dirt on Peter Hyatt" in an attempt to discredit the analysis

Makes you wonder who else they did this to, and whether it has anything to do with the delay in prosecution...

ISMAINEDUMB??????? said...

Poor poor Ayla. And wicked Phoebe does not have to give an alibi!
Ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game!!!!

WherewereyouPhoebe??????? said...

Phoebe did bully Trista publicly accusing Trista of taking Ayla saying "What did you do with her Trista!" a year after Ayla vanished when Trista had approached Phoebe to get answers about what happened to Ayla. Justin ignored Trista but Phoebe actually poured salt right into Trista's wound taunting her that she was responsible for Ayla's disappearance.
I have a feeling Phoebe is so integral to this case, so involved in the crime. After all, who disposed of her if not Phoebe?
And who knows, maybe Phoebe killed her also?

Justin remained silent while Phoebe actually accused Trista knowing full-well Trista is innocent. Why the need to deflect guilt Phoebe when it was your son Justin everyone suspected???????????


I can't believe that no one was arrested for Ayla's disappearance. There were 3 adults in that home when Alya "went missing". All 3 projected their guilt along with the lying grandmother.

Whatever happened to the "helpful" friend who was writing the fable about what happened that night? She was supporting the liar's family.

Justice for Ayla.

ima.grandma said...

thought for the day

were all just one great big "happy" family, arent we?

another one:

we all pay for the sins of our father, our grandfather, our great grandfather, our great-great grandfather, etc

and the list goes on

those fathers swing both way - theyre not particular - girl? boy? baby? as long as they get their supply - theyre satisfied

suddenly the world just got a little clearer

im not exactly ready to forgive their sins but they were also a victim at one time

the emphasis on the islamic ideology now makes sense

were going to destroy ourselves

it just goes on and on and on until finally - its just accepted

Anonymous said...

Imagrandma, What are you smoking?

ima.grandma said...
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ima.grandma said...

i forgot about "ammerman"

there are others, but i just cant stand another minute of discovery

ima.grandma said...

one more thing and im going to try to rest.

i wont sacrifice amanda

i just wont

the cycle stops now

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it should be online www.crimewatchdaily.com besides TV.

I don't know how much will be S/A, but perhaps we will see some movement by prosecutors.

ima.grandma said...

o.riginally posted 12/30/15

John's careful examination of words and actions created an unemotional detached view (12/29 @5:53 pm). DB opened the door when opportunity came a'knocking. His persona is one of an immature teenager excited after given a makeover by the cool crowd. Narcissism is his number one affliction. His desire for popularity coupled with his own words will eventually reveal truth. 

Pride goeth before the fall...

I don't want to hurt or offend ~ a most important point.

a doctrine-based interviewer vs. an agnostic interrogator
interesting contrast and comparisons 

revised  post 5/18/16

The group's careful examination of her words and actions created an unemotional detached view. 

Pam opened the door when opportunity came a'knocking. Her persona is one of an immature teenager excited after given a makeover by the cool crowd. Narcissism is her number one affliction. Her desire for popularity coupled with her own words will eventually reveal truth. 

Pride goeth before the fall...

ima.grandma said...

originally discovered 10/30/15 but too concerned to violate privacy of others, so info wasnt shared


BillieJean Ostrander
October 20 at 5:48pm
Thanks so much Paul! You made feel so comfortable & you gave me exactly what I wanted! I'll definitely be back to see you.

revised 5/18/16 now convinced the end does justify the means

another connector: tatoo parlors

ima.grandma said...

these will be helpful. john if youre the one organizing these, im sorry. i wish someone would give me some guidelines and direction.

you can find almost anything here


this one will give you all you need to know about the 501C3 (non-profits=churches)


im working on  javascript to break into firefox and mozilla to get more extension and data tables corrected. im almost into both. im having to resort to all sorts of run-around methods. im not able to access any youtube, flash, apps, etc. my ipad is a 1st gen with ios 5.1.1





this is a new one i havent found before today so i wouldnt give up






im not all the way in this one yet. its still helpful. it references all the way back to 1996










note: please tell me this really did happen. there for a few days, i questioned myself. you know amanda was killed the very same morning, i had my near-death experience.i didnt totally come to for a couple of days, but it does seem like i can remember hearing about this from nurses. i do question if this is a created story to help me reach a correlated analogy. its too coincidental.

peter, am i being gaslighted? you got through to me, if that was the point. im not yet quite sure about anything after i found a few things on the web. im not even looking anymore, im afraid of what ill find

my suggestion is to use their own methodology and strategy against them.

i cant remember exactly riight now. its something like belief, ministry, connect, donate

old vs new methods to capture new victims

ima.grandma said...

btw: i am connected to this particular case through the barrett line. my guess is im somehow connected to most of the cases around my region. particularly thruout oklahoma, arkansas, tennessee, texas, missouri

ima.grandma said...

my husband is connected thru the kentucky clan

ima.grandma said...

this one is a good one


Truth lover said...

There has been a systematic plan to exterminate all white people for centuries, and it isn't Muslims who are the main players. Google white genicide.

A certain "chosen" tribe believes in a (self-fulfilling) prophecy that either themselves or white people must go extinct.

ima.grandma said...
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ima.grandma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ima.grandma said...
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ima.grandma said...

i guess i m proving out to be a liar, but not intentionally. ideas keep coming. its hard to stop the flow

connection old way: AFB

connection new way: tatoo parlors

Anonymous said...

Taking life insurance out on kids should be illegal. Or only paid directly to the funeral home for burial expenses.

Anonymous said...

Has the mom been truthful?

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter Hyatt said...


it should be online www.crimewatchdaily.com besides TV.

I don't know how much will be S/A, but perhaps we will see some movement by prosecutors.

Thanks honeys

ima.grandma said...

key secret files

key programs

key files

here is one of my worksheets trying to get them open. i finally succeeded last week in opening the acts 29 and mars hill but this ones much tougher. i managed to get a few of the data tables balanced out and some addons thru javascript so ive made progress but im unable to complete the task. ive never programmed before so im just trying to teach myself thru trial and error.  i knew nothing about java so ive learned thru trial and error. this dang ipad is so extict, i have to travel back and forth from safari to notes.

i know it doesnt make much sense but if one of you wayback experts can work on these or tell me where im going wrong??? otherwise its basic math to me

































ima.grandma said...


















ima.grandma said...

forgot about adding colton levi clark, the little missing boy from seminole, oklahoma, he came up on the identifying list. i have a special attachment to this little boy. perhaps any missing child who's body hasnt been found in some time will somehow link back to an AFB.

newer ones murdered may link to the tatoo parlors connection

AFB "*.clark"  "*.singleton" "*.mitchell" "*.bowerman" "*.mccann" "*.anthony" "*.carter" "*.markham" "*.blackburn" "*.steed" "*.barrett" "*.driscoll" "*.noble" "*.myers" "*.huckaby" "*.anderson" "*.hagerman" "*.reynolds" "DiPietro" "*.elvis" "*.moorer" "*.mitchell" "*.bowerman" "*.walton"

these are the missing urls i found in the thunderbird search. there are others. at least three more that captured but cant save. it tells me they are excluded when i try to save them. ive tried a lot of tricks but no luck.



this file, among other different language files  keeps coming up associated with the AFB links

i have no idea what language


i restored several language translators the other day and placed them back into the acts29 and mars hill to break them open

key element: the different country, that comes up with the different combinations

because every match i identified had several  languages associated to it

i have 15 urls left here :


Anonymous said...

If I was a wild tiger, I would hunt and kill with my saber teeth all persons who commit abuse & violence against women, men, and especially children. As the wise wild tiger, I would always know exactly who is truly guilty or not, and I would therefore maybe not maul or kill anyone because I would see the suffering and brokenness in the perpetrators, and so would just give them a huge scare (like a big bite) and warning to NEVER do that again, and then I would just saunter away with my gigantic paws and saber teeth, with a glance back which says "I'm watching you."

ima.grandma said...

anonymous, bobcat, law enforcement

there you are

thank you

Anonymous said...


This is ima.grandma's daughter's FB if someone wants to alert her to ima.grandma's posts about their family. I don't feel comfortable doing it, as I don't know their situation.

ima.grandma said...

mr. klein & ms. tricia

i can help you with little deorr receiving justice. i hope you will allow me to assist.

olen, are you hanging out with those two?

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Imagrandma, I'm sorry for any pain you and other family members have gone through. I'm concerned that the very personal info you've posted might be used by someone w/evil intentions. Could you perhaps explain your findings/discoveries to the family members you mentioned, and ask if they feel safe w/the info being posted? I hope you feel less stressed soon. Hugs xx

ima.grandma said...

hmmm anon if you must, feel free to do so. there's no one i spoke about, that has anything to be concerned with. even the male abusers. they were first a victim before stepping into the abuser role. we are what we experience. its all we know. its no ones fault but religion itself. religions are responsible for all wars. religion will destroy the world. just like people will destroy themselves. no wonder the islamic people have no problem blowing themselves up. theyre mad all the time and hate filled. why not put themselves out of misery? especially when they could sacrifice themselves for the greater good theyve been taught to believe in all their life. its their culture.

ok i see where this is going. this has interesting possibilities for sure. hello my new friend anon

oh you people are good. really really good. thank you.

last night my revelation coupled with even the smallest amt ive learned here made me understand the words culture and ideology. without an understanding, i would never had understood what islamism is. i could have studied it for the rest of my life and never grasped the concept like i did last night. 

i had a major scream out last night. i screamed and screamd after i asked kim to take the girls upstairs. ive never hurt that bad in all my life. just thinking about all the pain and suffering entire generations of my family absorbed. i couldnt bear it. it was too much. i couldnt hold it in. it was the most painful emotional release. i knew my sons, roger jr, russell and husband would flip out. i wouldnt be able to explain it to them, still havent to anyone. yet, i couldnt maintain. i let it out anyway. it went on for an hour in rage. the next hour, just still until a peace came over. clarity.

ima.grandma said...

sew imperfect, common sense and concerned. you might be right. i should delete comment but save.

what the heck is going on? i thought this was private group. is it not? just to be cautious...

ima.grandma said...

until someone in authority assures me this is a safe and trusted environment, i will not share

ima.grandma said...
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My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Imagrandma, I'm both sorry the pain for you &yours experienced, but i am glad you were able to release your emotions in a safe space. The readers/commentors I don't believe are the issue, its not a closed group so anyone w/an interest in your family & an internet connection could google you & find your comments. Its probably fine, I'm just worried about you & your family's safety & privacy. It's like I just said to my teenage daughter about why she & her friend couldn't go out at night by themselves and walk around during her overnight last Fri. I explained that I trust her. I don't however, trust the world. Does that make sense? :-)