Saturday, June 18, 2016

"It Never Happened" Passivity in Denials

Coo-Coo Ka Choo, Mrs. Robinson?

Here is a denial for 'analysis.'

A few  points first, however.  These are general points and do not impact the language of any of the parties.  

Sweden lists Islamic males as "youths" if they say "I am under 18" regardless of how they appear.  Most say they are 16 because they have learned:

a.  It takes time to process, so they do not want to turn 18 by the time processing (one year) is complete

b.  They get more money their hands did not earn for bring under 18

c.  They have access to teenaged girls in schools.  The sexual assaults in Swedish high schools mirrors its rape epidemic.  They admit 1 in every 4 European woman is raped.  Please consider what you have learned here about the impact of rape, through victims' language, and then consider your wife, daughter and mother.  Swedish men, castigated for being male for over a generation, do not know how to protect women, and the non-sentences, light sentences, and even victim blaming , including "racist", "Islamophobia" and even "you should not dress that way!" has come from its feminist leadership.  This combines to affirm the teaching of Islam that their males are "superior" to the "kuffar" (unbeliever) and allows them to fulfill the Koranic teaching on rape of infidel women.  

Many of these males have been found to be from their early 20's up to early 30's, of whom more than a few have traveled extensively throughout Europe, collecting "infidel money" as they go along.  Some have even posted their travels on Facebook.  

When found out to be adult, Sweden has either refused to cut their welfare benefits, or taken minimal action, including refusing to deport racists because "we are citizens of the world, not Sweden" and "Swedish women are not more important than Somali women."  

Here, we find the "youths" making one claim, with Mrs. Robinson making another, followed by...

"Let's go to the video tape!" for the results.  

Remember:  a Reliable Denial has 3 components.  If it has more than 3 or less than 3, it is no longer reliable.  

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  Past tense verb
3.  Allegation answered. 

Therefore, "never" is not reliable, though it may be true if asked, "Ever...?" but not by itself.  

I do not know if this was spoken in English or Swedish.  

Please note the quote, attributed to both victims, which makes an important reference in understanding the overall context.  The matron is caught lying and the two that had sex with her, reveal their own understanding.  

The example is good for basic analysis, but there is something else here that might be easily missed...

The matron of a shelter for unaccompanied child migrants in Sweden has been accused by two Afghani teenagers of forcing them to have sex with her on a number of occasions. The boys say she used a combination of threats and promises to entice them into sexual relations with her.

The two boys, Omid and Tariq, both in their late teens, arrived in Sweden last November and were placed in an unregistered migrant shelter in central Sweden. But according to the boys, the manager of that shelter forced them into sexual relations with her “four or five times,” threatening them with deportation if they did not go through with the acts, the Eskilstuna Courier has reported.

She is said to have told them: “If you do not have sex with me, I’ll call the Migration Board to report you,” and “I’ll ruin your case and have you expelled.” She is also said to have plied them with toiletries and clothes in a bid to bribe them into having sex with her.
The acts are said to have taken place at a hotel and also at the manager’s home, where she gave them alcohol. “She said ‘it’s good if you drink alcohol before sex. I like that’,” one of the boys told the paper, adding that he didn’t drink the alcohol as he doesn’t like it.

At times the boys say they were forced to have sex with the woman together, while at others, Omid had intercourse with her while Tariq filmed it. The recordings have been seen by the Courier, which has verified that sex acts can be seen taking place in the film. The boys have reported that she did not mind them filming the events, telling them that when they missed her they could watch the films.
They have also alleged that she brought other women from the neighbourhood to have sex with them.

Both of the boys are reported to have been deeply upset by the events, not least as sex before marriage is considered sinful in Afghanistan and can carry a death penalty. “If they found out about what happened in our homeland Afghanistan, we would be stoned to death,they told the paper.

But they are also upset that no help was forthcoming from the authorities, despite the boys reporting what had taken place to both social services and the police.

The manager forced us and used us for sex. She knew that neither the social services or the police would help us,” they said.
Omid says he is now suffering from depression, and both boys have expressed a wish to live with relatives in Sweden and resume schooling. “We just want to relax and live in peace. But we are afraid. Very afraid,” they said.

The Denial 

When contacted by the Courier the manager denied the charges, saying: “It’s lies. It never happened. There is so much mudslinging in this business.”

Note not only the passivity involved, but the tangent.   Note the missing pronoun "I" as well.   

Upon being shown the films of the sex taking place she accused the boys of blackmail, asking :“Why would someone agree to the filming of something that is forbidden?

The showing of the film is to raise the question, "Did you lie?" with the obvious.  The answer is a question, itself, which also seeks to change the topic (deflection).  

The home has now been closed by the authorities while police investigate the matter.


Anonymous said...

She did lie. She never said sex didn't happen. Only "it". And then "never" which isn't a denial. Lol first time for me, putting all I have read to use for the analysis. Am I close?


Unknown said...

Socialist indoctrination is no excuse to be dumb enough to ascribe the effects of Swedish social constructs onto Middle Easterners. They should have known better than to wrongly assume that people with violent tendencies and low impulse control will be grateful for their handouts and treat Swedes with respect and dignity.

I'm surprised about the victim blaming, considering that progressive people usually pride themselves on tolerance, acceptance and being careful not to let victims think they're being blamed for being attacked. A lot of thought has gone into changing the way people ask questions and speak to rape victims, so to see this flipped on its head tells me there's an agenda going on behind the scenes.

Not all is what it appears to be. If it were really just about helping people caught in a war torn environment, then by now they would have accepted that the attempted assimilation is a failed experiment, and they would have sent the rapists back to their homeland. The gates would have been shut, in order to protect their own innocent citizens.

They're failing their own people and blaming them for it. Why, I don't know, but maybe others have some ideas?

Hey Jude said...

She lied - but the boys are probably not teenagers, so maybe they are not quite so much victims as they claim. Their true age is immaterial - besides the unprofessionalism of engaging in sexual relationships with clients, she was, so far as she was concerned, caring for child migrants, and therefore was to consider them as such, no matter their actual age.

If the boys would be in trouble back home if their behaviour was known, it gives motive for them claiming abuse. Yet,why, as their behaviour would not be known back home unless they chose to make it known? I don't know about Afghan culture or how they observe their faith, only that it differs vastly from country to country, and Afghanistan is regarded as being amongst the most backward nations, and some areas very backward even by backward standards (that by Western standards) - but what is culture and what is religion there, what the boys say about stoning if their behaviour was known is true, I do not know. They cannot be too scared of punishment from their family, as they wish to live with those already settled in Sweden - perhaps 'back home' is a reason for them not to be returned to Afghanistan; they are saying they would be in danger if they were made to return home - people are not stoned to death in Sweden, not even by their own families.

Hey Jude said...

I know it's Islam, obviously - just not how extreme in the observance.

Nic said...

“It’s lies. It never happened. There is so much mudslinging in this business.”

I agree with Kelley. "It's" does not say what, there is no pronoun, i.e., "I", and "never" does not mean didn't. It is not a reliable denial. "Mudslinging" is a tangent and deflects from the action of rape of a minor. "mudslinging" is to persuade the investigators that the allegation's purpose is to tarnish her reputation. It is also used to disparage her victims.

“Why would someone agree to the filming of something that is forbidden?”

Answering a question with a question is dodging/sensitivity noted.

She is shown a video of herself doing these things, but does not defend herself by denying whomever is in the video having sex with the minor is her. There is no pronoun/past tense verb/ answer to the allegation. So there is no reliable denial. Deception indicated.

She is being accused of rape, but she answers with "somebody", which conceals identity.

She conceals the crime committed by referring to it as "something", she doesn't say it is illegal, she describes it as "forbidden".
So she acknowledges what was done to the boys was forbidden, but she distances herself from what it was and that it was illegal.

Deception indicated.

Anonymous said...

"someone" is universal language and gender neutral. she distances herself from the filming, though expected if she doesn't want to take responsibility. Stronger would be to use "i". “Why would "i" agree to the filming of something that is forbidden?”

Anonymous said...

the Roman Empire crumbled as it's inhabitants behaved more or less like these people.

Anonymous said...

She actually says "It would never happen." which probably makes it even less reliable?


Statement Analysis Blog said...

The Swedish government, notorious for deception, has admitted "70% of the children are adults."

If they admit 70%, what is the actual number?

I also have read a lot about the rape epidemic.

I think their admission of 1 in 4 is also more closely to the 1 in 3.

As a husband and father to two daughters, it is unimaginable.

The United Nations says America would be safer with less guns and more Muslims.

It feels like Nazism has taken over the entire Western media and governments.

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter Hyatt said...

The Swedish government, notorious for deception, has admitted "70% of the children are adults."

If they admit 70%, what is the actual number?

I also have read a lot about the rape epidemic.

I think their admission of 1 in 4 is also more closely to the 1 in 3.

As a husband and father to two daughters, it is unimaginable.

The United Nations says America would be safer with less guns and more Muslims.

It feels like Nazism has taken over the entire Western media and governments.

June 19, 2016 at 8:23 AM

Germany couldn't win two world wars using violence.
They learned the lesson and are now winning a war in Europe using politics and money with European countries eager to surrender and willingly joining and being conquered.
It was no surprise that france was one of the first to surrender, they were proudly upholding their motto of run away run away surrender!

Hopefully we in the UK will vote to leave europe to its own mess and take back control of our lives and laws.

Anonymous said...

Pattern of behavior:

Clintons Began Taking White House Property a Year Ago
February 10, 2001|From the Washington Post

WASHINGTON — President Clinton and his wife started shipping White House furniture to the Clintons' newly purchased home in New York more than a year ago, despite questions at the time by the White House chief usher about whether they were entitled to remove the items.

Anonymous said...

I have a related question; I'm not an SA student but I read your blog sometimes and appreciate your work.

One of Canada's premiers has come out to say she was sexually assaulted as a young girl. I'm suspicious of her statement, which includes, "it's as though they (the sexual assault incidents) never happened"...

Obviously, there is more to her statement, but is she possibly leaking out the truth? That they really never took place?


the Mark said...

The Elite, Authorities over the little People
Bilderberg Mtg our future, they own us, control us
IP addresses all consuming each person

The internet will become you - you won't even notice
it's already done, the Hive Mind near complete