Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taken Too Soon: The Katelyn Markham Story

The  film is  set to premiere on Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 

 Springdale 18 Cinema De Lux https://www.facebook.com/Springdale18CDL/

August 16th is Katelyn's birth date.

Katelyn was reported missing by her fiancé John Carter.  His 911 call is here.

He then gave an interview on radio which is here 

The documentary will highlight the findings of Statement Analysis in both the 911 call and in the radio interview.  

The Hyatts hope to be in attendance.     


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Sidney Moorer Trial Stream (live)




Unknown said...

Congrats on the Markham documentary Peter! It's an intriguing case!

Off topic, Fake Hate?

Came across this article this morning, and I was immediately impressed at the politeness of this supposed "hate" note posted to the door of Syrian refugees in Arizona.

"Please leave before danger can happen".

"May our God forgive you...", etc.


Unknown said...

Trascription includes spelling mistakes and punctuation. See original photos in article for different colors/angles:

Side one:

"We do not like You living here! You need to move! You do not respect AMERICA or what our Contry stands for!"

"Please move before danger Can happen. You are Muslim and Not Welcome. Go Away Killers."

"America hates Terrorists like You!"


(Drawing of red heart) "Lov 2 all You Killed. They we good people!"

Side two:

"Shame on You Terrorist. May our God forgive You since most people will not. Cowards!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like typical grammar mis use by non english as primary language speaker

Vicki said...


Missing Teacher:

Deputies say Krista Perdue left everything behind: her purse, car keys, house keys and vehicle. That's something that worries investigators.

"I honestly don't have anything to say," said Sam Perdue, speaking outside the couple's home Tuesday afternoon. "She's been missing since Sunday night and the Tippecanoe Sheriff's Department, those guys have been awesome. They've worked very, very hard. I can't thank them enough for their efforts. They've been great to work with. We just all want her back and back home."

Horse Chestnut said...


What do you think of this statement from the husband?

Apple said...

OT refugees
This is difficult to read.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Police do not suspect foul play but the husband has a need to tell us that he did not sleep with her AND he has a need to tell us his location from last night.

lynda said...

OT Krista Perdue

Plus, husband is really going overboard thanking LE for NOT finding his wife. Does that still raise a flag Peter? I know it does when the missing is a child but does the same apply if the missing is an adult?

COngrats on the doc! I can't believe that BF is still walking around free.

Anonymous said...

Apple. If it weren't for your comment I'd not have read of the Idaho story. It should be front page news.

Trudy said...

He offers thanks and praise for LE who failed to find his wife.

"They've been great to work with" is past tense language. Has he finished working with them or are they no longer "great"?

"WE just ALL want her home" shares responsibility for wanting her home.

Anonymous said...

That is such a pointless analysis Trudy.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


ever consider that Trudy may be trying to learn?

It's easy to take critical shots...anonymously.

Why not offer her your correction of her post, instead?


Statement Analysis Blog said...


an analyst sent me the article. Idaho was deliberately chosen for the Islamic supremacists to be placed there.

We have a ruined city here in Maine that has become a slum where any criticism is silenced with "racist!" Landlords who tried to sell off their buildings ruined by the Islamic supremacists have been called "racist" and when the former mayor said, "We are going broke, please stop telling your relatives to come here!" he was called "racist."

It is now called "the arm pit" of Maine and it is becoming, block by block, a "no go zone" where Mainers cannot rent and walk safely at night.

I had the experience of interviewing Islamic women who regularly beat mentally retarded adults who had no fear of repercussion and no warnings nor threats penetrated them.

Prosecutors feared to take them on lest they, too, be called


It is not a complete "no go zone" but its getting there.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Where is Boston Lady while David Ortiz, 40 and with an unreliable denial or three, leads the leagues in everything?

Anonymous said...

Does LE take praise or rather over-praise as a red flag and unwarranted ingratiation to deflect scrutiny from one close to a missing person?

Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm sorry. I thought Trudy was being facetious.

lynda said...

I stated before that a friend of mine just visited St. Louis. She is aware of the refugee problem as she is a world traveler also and next to you, Peter..she is the one that first brought this to my attention. She told me that just outside St. Louis, there are now 14 no-go zones.

Anonymous said...

Detroit. The original no go zone

Hey Jude said...

Peter - Congratulations, I hope the Hyatts will be pleased with the documentary and that it will help move Katelyn's case forward.


John, thanks for the links to Sidney Moorer trial - I caught some of that this afternoon- hopefully it all will be available later on YouTube or somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just read the story of the 5 yr old girl assaulted by immigrant boys in Idaho. Cant her family sue the Fed Govt if the predators were relocated to Idaho from outside US? Cant state Governors refuse & sue to prevemt this?

Anonymous said...

If the story is accurate as reported by Breitbat, the crime may be sex asssult & racial hate crime. Horrible.

ima.grandma said...

Happy 20th Anniversary to Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den Project


It was 20 years ago that Roger McGuinn — whose musical credentials include playing with the Limelighters, the Chad Mitchell Trio, Bobby Darin, founding the Byrds and with them inventing folk rock, touring with Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — decided that on the first day of each month he would upload a recording of a folk song, create a page with lyrics, tablature, and a brief bit about each song and share it all for free with everyone.

That first song was one had first I heard my father sing, based on I think the same version sung by Woody Guthrie and the Almanac Singers, “I Ride an Old Paint.” That song was also sampled as part of Aaron Copland’s Rodeo and in Virgil Thomson’s film score for The Plow that Broke the Plains.” I still don’t know what a hoolian or houlihan might be or why one would throw it, but I love the simple tune and the way Roger’s Martin D-12-45 is played on this first Folk Den song.

Kenton Adler at the University of Arkansas, who was later to appear in the liner notes to the CD collection Treasures from the Folk Den, hosted the first Folk Den site.

It wasn’t long though before Kenton started running out of room and out of bandwidth. We had just been given one of the first Real Audio servers at what is now ibiblio.org. We offered Kenton some relief and Roger a new home for the Folk Den which while only a few months old was obviously a treasure trove in the offing and in the offering of free for all to hear music.

We later helped Roger move the Folk Den to the higher quality MP3 format — and all along he never missed a month. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with Roger on the Folk Den.

The 240th song for the 20th anniversary of the Folk Den is There a Meetin’ Here Tonight. In a personal note about the song selection, Roger says:

In 1960 The Limeliters hired me as an accompanist on banjo and guitar. One of the songs in their setlist was “There’s A Meetin’ Here Tonight.” Bob Gibson had rearranged and sanitized an old Methodist camp meeting song by taking the words “sinner” and “Satan” out. This is the original version as would have been sung in the nineteenth century in rural North America.
I thought this would be an appropriate way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Folk Den with one of the first songs I played professionally over 55 years ago.

elf said...

I live in sw Missouri and have noticed how cheap houses are up there.