Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Abdul Razak Ali Artan Statement

An Islamic  terrorist at Ohio State University wounded eleven people when he rammed a car into a crowd of pedestrians before jumping out and stabbing passersby with a butcher’s knife. 
Officer Alan Horujko shot the attacker dead in less than a minute.
Media was quick to denounce the "gun violence." 

“We are very fortunate that an OSUPD officer was there and took 

quick action,” Police Chief Craig Stone told the media. 
Six people were hit by the car and five suffered stab wounds. 

One of the principles of statement analysis is to believe the subject. 
 This plays well in court when challenged on the stand.  Attorneys love to attack believing that detecting deception has to do with unjust and unwarranted suspicion.  They are often baffled when they hear the opposite.  

Under a deposition, I recently testified, "I believed him.  I believed everything he told me."

The attorney was startled into silence.  

"Do you always believe what people tell you ?"

I knew what he was searching for.


Since he was silent, I thought it best to be silent too.  When an attorney takes to lecturing me in court, I do not speak.  He then demands a response. 

I always say, "Your honor, I did not hear a question." 

The transcripts are read back and, sure enough, there is no question to be answered. 

I believe people. 

 I believe what they tell me. 

They have to talk me out of believing them.  This is how deception detection is done. 

 Statistics show that people rarely tell a lie.  They do, but it is rare.  

In the above case, I went on to testify that the assailant in an attempted murder,  did not,  in the several hour interview, say he didn't do it.  
                    "If he can't say, I won't say it for him."

Recently in analyzing a Questionnaire, the subject, a job applicant,  was asked,

"Is everything here and on your application the truth?"

The subject wrote, "yes."   This is all that is required.  

The Questionnaire continues:  If you answered 'yes' to the above question, please tell us why you should be believed."

He wrote, "You shouldn't.  You can't tell if someone is lying..."

  From there he went on to advise on how to detect deception. 

When he told me that I should not believe him, I followed his advice.
 I urge law enforcement and human resource professionals to do the same. 
"When someone advises you not to believe them, take their advice."  

Deception takes place more than 90% of the time by withheld information rather than outright lying.  
Recently, Somalia immigrant Abdul Ali Artan took his car and attempted to run down students at Ohio State University, where students and faculty had rallied to bring in more Islamic immigrants.  
Islam is a supremacist ideology that has sexual assault designated as a reward for devout followers.  I do not discuss a Muslim.  I look at the ideology and the statement.  

He told the student newspaper, The Lantern,  in August he was worried about being visible as a Muslim "in the current environment. "

 We must consider "tacquia" as part of a context, making deception something culturally acceptable.  Listen carefully to what he says:  

I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media.  I'm a Muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen. But, I don't blame them. It's the media that put that picture in their heads so they're just going to have it and it, it's going to make them feel uncomfortable."

Listen to what the subject said:

"I don't blame them."

This is akin to a liar who says, "If I were you, I wouldn't believe me either..." of which I always say, "listen to his words; do not interpret, but listen.  If he allows for you to not believe him, this allowance is important to follow.  

If your daughter hears, "I wouldn't trust me if I were you" I urge fathers to affirm the manipulative love interest's words.
In a Facebook post shortly before launching Monday’s stabbing attack, Artan denounced American foreign policy and called on Washington 

to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah.

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the 

Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday."

The president of the United States told us that any attempt to hinder Muslim immigration would provoke violence. 

I believe him. 

Either let them in or they will become violent.  This is what coercion looks like. It is also part of an ideology of supremacist conquest.  

Statement Analysis 101:  Believe what one tells you unless their words overwhelmingly convince you otherwise.  

The faculty and students at Ohio State University believed that those who come in with this supremacist criminal ideology will "enrich" them with "diversity" and this "diversity" will make them "stronger."

The reaction was to denounce "gun violence." 

Today, some parents are very grateful for the campus police "gun violence" that ended the jihadist knife attack at the school.

Usually, within 24 hours of a jihadist attack, we get a lecture from the terrorist designate "CAIR" condemning us for "Islamophobia."

As Abdul Razak Ali Artan said,

"I don't blame them." 

I don't blame people for being afraid of an ideology that calls for their death or forced enslavement.  


Mimsie said...


Anonymous said...

Peter, could you please do an analysis of this Facebook post made by "Equality House"? Thank you.

Before painting the Equality House, Davis and I thought it would only be three weeks before the house was burnt down.
We even set forth escape plans. But something beautiful happened over the course of the last three years.... Nothing.

With roughly 150 visitors a day, the Equality House had never been attacked.

Then, in late 2016:

- Our Little Free Library was covered in feces.

- The KKK knocked on our door and told Davis and me that we would be killed if Trump were elected.

- Then, a few weeks ago, I was awakened by the sounds of 5 white guys spray painting "fuk f*gs" along the exterior of my house. They also left 7 bullet holes in my window.

I spoke with the Southern Poverty Law Center after the Equality House was shot, and they confirmed hate crimes are on the rise.

I've seen more swastikas in the last couple of days than I have seen in my lifetime outside of historical references.

But what scares me more than the bullets nailing my window and swastikas popping up on street corners around America is the absolute silence from far to many. This is no time to be complacent my friends. We must act.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

- Aaron Jackson

Please consider giving a donation to support the Equality House. All funds raised will go towards repainting the Equality House and adding security features. Click here to make a donation: goo.gl/T9vNrA

John Mc Gowan said...

ISIS Attempts to Claim OSU Attacker as Its 'Soldier


Anonymous said...

A fictional fabrication.

Anonymous said...

The UK DailyMail has 4 articles up now on Sheri P.

Zsuzsanna said...

"If your daughter hears, "I wouldn't trust me if I were you" I urge fathers to affirm the manipulative love interest's words."

You don't talk about your wife and daughters often on this blog, but when you do, it is always very obvious how much you love them.

Zsuzsanna said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

I spoke with the Southern Poverty Law Center after the Equality House was shot, and they confirmed hate crimes are on the rise.

No mention of talking to the police then.

It seems to me that the ones with the most to gain from all this alleged race hate are the clinton voters.

How better to get their point across and stir hatred and unrest than to claim such and such happened because Trump got in.

I don't recall hatred and civi8l unrest when obama got in, America's first black president.
Surely then would have been the time for all the far-right groups and white supremacists to go around vandalizing and threatening a race war.

It seems that if they could not win clearly and legally, then they will use every trick in the book and some that aren't in order to get their heroine clinton in.

She and they and pretty much most of the world thought clinton would be a shoo in, she wouldn't even have to campaign hard they were so certain.
She and they mocked and scorned Trump when he said he wouldn't accept the result given all the cheating and vote rigging going on.
He was painted as the sore loser.

Boy did they get a shock when he thrashed her.

Everything they were and wanted to be, their little idealistic world was no more.
Here was a man with no political or legal experience, he was a businessman that had made errors,lost millions, had insulted pretty much everyone and he got elected!

What they failed to realize or ignore is that he knows how the world works, he knows how business works, he knows how the public think, feel and want.
He is the voice of the people politicians had ignored.
He is the voice of the people the liberals had ignored.
He is the voice of the people the left had ignored.

The people have spoken and clinton and chums don't like what they heard and are hearing

Anonymous said...

Anon 4

T H A N K - Y O U, Officer Horujko.

Many thanks to you for "protecting and serving." Thank you over and over again.

Prayers for you and your family, the victims and their families, and brave LE and their families.

Our country is blessed to be served by officers like you.

Nic said...

Tania said:
I don't recall hatred and civi8l unrest when obama got in, America's first black president.
Surely then would have been the time for all the far-right groups and white supremacists to go around vandalizing and threatening a race war.

You are a wise woman, Tania.

Nic said...

Regarding the recount J. Stein wants to happen in Pennsylvania:


That simple process is gone. Elvis left the recount building after the five days went by.
Now, you may have been hearing from Jill Stein that the deadline to recount in Pennsylvania is today, November 28, 2016, twenty days after the election. You've been hearing wrong. The November 28, 2016 deadline is not for a recount. It's a deadline to "Contest" the election. And this is where we call Jill Stein out for conspiring to defraud the electorate as well as defrauding folks donating to her efforts.

The Pennsylvania Election Code makes a clear distinction between "Recounts" and "Contests". Article XVII (a) is titled "Recounts", whereas, Article XVII (b) is titled, "Classes of Nomination and Election Contests." These are two vastly different beasts.

The fraud comes with knowledge of the fact that Jill Stein's website has been collecting millions of dollars in funds for a "voter-initiated recount" in Pennsylvania. Triggering a recount was simple under the statute, and had she been timely in her efforts to enlist Pennsylvania voters, she might have been able to truly use the funds raised to make a recount happen in PA. But she's too late, and yet she's still defrauding people by claiming the money will be used for a "voter-initiated recount." That she may try to use the funds to "Contest" the election instead means that the funds were raised via fraudulent representation. There will be no "recount" under Pennsylvania law.

Jill Stein should really stop now and come clean with the electorate in PA

I find it incredibly rich that Jill Stein's call to action at her website fundraising page states, "Integrity Depends on YOU!" Jill Stein knows there will be no "recount" in Pennsylvania, but she took your money for a "voter-initiated recount". As stated above, recounts and contests are not the same thing. She is defrauding people, and she is tampering with the 2016 election results, and the electorate, and she is calling others into her fraudulent conspiracy, and placing them in legal jeopardy.

Jill Stein is aware of Prof. Halderman's analysis, wherein he states that the elections were "probably not" hacked, and she is still calling the PA voters to action, when there is no legal action they can take. Where is the integrity in that?


There will be no recount in Pennsylvania. There should be no election contest in Pennsylvania either. There are no facts that will support a prima facie case of illegality. Jill Stein should end this in a very public manner, return the funds collected for the fraudulent recount effort in Pennsylvania, and she should pray that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not have a prosecutor with the spine to make a proper example of her.

Anonymous said...

Gross hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

calling others into her fraudulent conspiracy, and (placing them in legal jeopardy).


Anonymous said...

OSU Diversity Officer: Jihadi Artan “was a BUCKEYE…find compassion for his life”.

Anonymous said...

SWEDEN BURNING: Stockholm in flames as car fire epidemic rages in 'no-go' zone
SHOCKING footage of cars burning out in Stockholm has emerged as the fire epidemic continues to spread uncontrolled throughout crisis-hit Sweden. Reported today UK's express.co.uk

Anonymous said...

The article states that 3 swedish police officers quit per day.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The number of "carbeques" is difficulty to obtain.

If you get your numbers from the "real" media.

If you get it from "fake media" you'll see what law enforcement is reporting from Sweden, .France and others:

It is epidemic.

Politicians are threatening law enforcement and doing everything it can to protect their migration policy.

Rape is a major part of Islam. It's even a reward for the afterlife.

Killings infidejs is an act of devotion

Should we be surprised when obedience to ideology takes place?

Should we be surprised that said politicians prefer shimmy tide over admitting the destruction their moral narcissism has wrought?

That their followers should follow suit is no surprise.

They are those who elect them.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

The morale is a threat to their mental health

One young man was given stand down orders in Islamic rape of little boys.

These are "pearls" in the Koran , for the pleasure of devout males (Hadith too)

The psychological impact of turning a blind eye is acute.

The man's training and intellect did not help him.

He continues to suffer.

Anonymous said...

We should stop hitting the hornets nests. And certainly stop inviting the hornets into our house.

Anonymous said...

Jill stein appears to have established
her very own political "foundation."
What a copy cat.

Applause for all the police out there
in bho's hostile, brain-washed territory.

rob said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We should stop hitting the hornets nests. And certainly stop inviting the hornets into our house.

No, we should destroy the hornets nest.
The start will be when we stop giving gov't benefits to immigrants that have never paid into the system. When the money dries up, they will look elsewhere. These people are not coming here to work or to fit in with our lives.

Anonymous said...

OT - Jill Stein update - she got's got a whopping ONE, count it ONE more vote in the recount in Wisconsin - this needs to be shut down NOW - as been has shown on numerous channels it was Clinton who went ballistic over Donald Trump possibly not accepting the vote outright and she hammered him over and over and let's not delude ourselves, Clinton and her team our behind this farce. Jill Stein and her campaign manager have admitted they won't commit to using all the money collected for the recount. This is her chance to stay relevant and grab a whole bunch of money while she can and the fact that she's lost any credibility, that's a price she's willing to pay.

Anonymous said...

the legacy of the Golden Age of Obama is a Senate that has flipped from 58-41 Democrat majority to 51-48 Republican majority; the House from 257-178 Democrat to 238-193 Republican; and state mansions from 29-21 Democrat to 31-19 Republican. Republicans now hold the majority in 69 out of 99 state legislatures. Americans are decisively rejecting il-liberal progressivism.

Anonymous said...

Duh. Rob, the hornets nest is far from our homeland. Its on the other side of the world.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous December 2, 2016 @ 4:09PM- I'm not sure where you live, but in the last 6 years I've seen my small town (of 24 yrs, population less than 40,000) build a mosque and rename the annual Christmas parade to the "Holiday Parade" (so as to include those celebrating Islamic holidays, per the Mayor). Within the last 12 months, 6 Muslim families have moved onto my block and a disproportionate number of Muslim businesses, restaurants, grocery stores have opened. In my "small" town, there are only 2 stores where I have not encountered a Muslim (one of which was a Christian bookstore, the other a more expensive grocery store). The platitude of assimilation is a joke.

One of my young, idealistic neighbors married a Middle-Eastern college classmate. His family came to visit and we happened to be leaving at the same time as they were one evening. We overheard his mother "coaching" his new wife with "how beautiful I feel when I'm wearing the covering". We saw the young lady out several months later and complimented her on her outfit(a well-made long-ish jacket paired with an ankle-length long skirt)...to which she expressed her thanks and that her "father-in-law bought all my clothes". Imagine your opposite sex in-law clothing you. CLUELESS: no idea that her new husband was kowtowing to his father and she was slowly being subjugated.

I've watched a Muslim father and slightly older brother together police a 13 yr riding her bike just a little ways on our street. I've witnessed the brother regularly ride his bike alone, with complete freedom, and him socializing with other guys on the block. I've yet to see the teen girl socializing with any other girl (Muslim or otherwise). The Muslim mothers congregate separately at the bus stop each day.

"It is a mistake to assume that the hornets nest is far from our homeland. Its on the other side of the world." They do not check their cultural customs or long-held religious beliefs at the border or the airport. They neither believe nor seek to conform to America's Democratic principles of Constitutional personal freedoms. They expect the culture to conform to their beliefs...the concept espoused by Mohammed during his first jihad. To understand Islam, it's important to familiarize yourself with actual historical documents, not revisionist history.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Peter- The Journalistic elephant in the room that I have yet to see covered here...who pulled the Fire Alarm that day at OSU and when? Security camera footage? No one is addressing the obvious in this event. Someone pulled the fire alarm prior to the students and faculty being assembled outside, awaiting an all clear to return to class...OR their would not have been a crowd waiting for this terrorist to plow into with his car. SMH

Anonymous said...

Look up Dearborn, MI and all of the problems there.

There have been no-go zones (muslim enclaves) in the US for years. A long time ago I read that a mosque caught on fire in one of these "zones", and the firemen couldn't get in to put out the fire because the Muslims were throwing rocks, bottles, etc at them. The firemen were trying to protect them! THIS is what they are all about and thanks to the Progressives, they are slowly and insidiously taking over, city by city, country by country.

If you read only the liberals biased news you wouldn't know what's really going on.