Monday, November 7, 2016

The Canterbury Bible Publication

Regular readers of the Statement Analysis blog know that the blog advertises the instruction opportunities for formal education in analysis, but on occasion, we do promote some books recommended for those studying.  Here are two such offered for your consideration:  

Avinoam Sapir's "Linguistic Archeology:  Unearthing the Secrets of Genesis Using SCAN" is one such recommendation that we have made previously.  It is a book worth studying.  Here is a short quote from it highlighting what a gem it is:  

                                       "A Negative Sentence"

"We should realize that while at a certain point of time in a statement only one event can occur, the possibilities for what did not happen at a certain point in time are limitless. The quest is, why would the one who gives the information choose to include in an open statement of of the unlimited options for what could have happen but did not happen?  The conclusion has to be that such information is important for the person. If it is important to the person giving the information, it should be important to the one receiving the information.  There will be ties that such information does not seem important ifor the listener reader, but the readerlistner should not be guided by is or her own logic but by the logic guiding the text."  

This short paragraph is a gem. 

For analysts, this highlights why "that which is in the negative", or "The rule of the negative" is so important.  Among the endless list of things that did not happen, the subject has chosen to tell us this specific one.    

We must learn why.  

The work from Mr. Sapir is not always an easy read, as it is intended for those trained in "SCAN" (Scientific Content Analysis which is a strong foundation for both statement and content analysis) but one worthy of the effort.  

Although he has a set goal in mind in this work, its scattering of principle throughout is invaluable to students of statement analysis.  He also shows how statement analysis can be applied to the English translation, even while giving us Hebrew original wording when needed.  

If you are looking for a top of the line leather Bible, Schuyler has announced its most recent publication:  The Canterbury Bible.  

The Bible's teaching on human nature is something every analyst, investigator, and professional should carefully consider. 

The physiological descriptions, alone,  particularly under the analysis of Mr. Sapir, offer tremendous insight into relationships, patterns of behavior, speech, and other points of interest to readers here.      

Evangelical Bible  is a company selling the soon to be published "Canterbury Bible" from Europe with beautiful goatskin leather and top of the line binding.  

The leather will last generations.    We have one as well as some antiquated books, and once per year we use leather conditioner on them all.  

It is an expensive Bible, particularly the top goatskin leather bound ones, and the production numbers are likely to be low.  When these go out of stock,  it may be a long time before they are reprinted.  

In criminal analysis we study the basic ideologies that have influenced both western civilization and non-western civilization.  Although few may profess belief in Judaism or Christianity, they are by products or recipients of an ideology that impacted their culture and was handed down to them.  They often speak and make opinions, without knowing the origin of thought.  We study the ideology to understand the subject.  This includes threat analysis and anonymous author identification.  

For those who already read the Bible but in modern English language, consider the benefits of learning the "Shakespearean" language of the "Authorized version."  

With the change of language, it can be like learning an entirely new language, with increased depth.  Having to pause to consider a word's specific meaning (or sentence structure) increases learning. If such a pause is lengthened by research, including Hebrew and Greek, learning itself will increase.  It is a marvelous discipline. 

Similar to the assistance in statement analysis that comes from great volumes of transcription work, the level of concentration increases.  Once the language becomes familiar, it may lead the reader to works of literature that advance learning and increase personal reward, including works that may once have intimidated the reader. 

If you do not own a copy of "Linguistic Archeology" visit to purchase a copy.  It, too, is not inexpensive, as paperbacks go, but a marvelous bargain when one considers the wealth of information contained therein.  

For those interested in the Canterbury Bible or one of the beautiful Allan Bibles, contact Evangelical Bible.   Mr. Sapir's work is scholarly and his orthodox background reveals a deep respect for the Scriptures he analyzes.  Much inspiration may be gleaned from both, particularly from those stressed by the abundance of criminal activity and deception from the election season. 


Bobcat said...

That was a good sales pitch, Peter. I'm going to put one on my Christmas Wish List!

Unknown said...

Off topic.

Podesta brothers linked to Madeline McCann ?!?


Unknown said...

Sorry I had to edit the link.

Layla said...

Peter, Thank you for recommending this Bible. I will be purchasing it.

I find the older forms of our English language fascinating, and you are correct that reading a play or a story or a bible in either Shakespearean or Middle English does aid quite a bit in sharpening statement analysis skills.

What I found to be so interesting with Middle English, which is a very musical language that is just perfect for telling stories out loud, is that if an individual teaches themselves the basics of pronunciation and begins reading Chaucer's tales out loud, rather quickly one will begin understanding, almost as if by magic, the many unknown words within the language. Unlike any other language I have experienced, the rhythm of the language itself seems to "reveal" the meaning of the words. I am not talking context clues, as the syntax of the language is quite different, rather, the rhythm of the language almost magically reveals meaning.

One basic pronunciation feature is that in Middle English there are NO silent letters. So in a word like "Knighte", you pronounce the "K" and the "e" at the end of the word. The "gh" in the middle is pronounced essentially like a "k".
It's not that hard to learn how to pronounce.
And reading aloud is the key to learning these older forms.

Anonymous said...

White seattle school teacher dresses as michael jordan for halloween as he has for years. Students complain. Teacher suspended. And he apologizes. The complaint? Cultural appropriation.!!! Where did this ridiculous concept come from?

Anonymous said...

OMG.. Check out Donna Bs statement about a clear conscience following the CNN debate question to HRC debacle

Anonymous said...

Hillary had another stroke/seizure/clone malfunction today, and they put her on robot drugs. She seemed drugged up in Philadelphia but still did a robot freak out towards the end.

Nic said...

Scott Foval is losing it.

Nic said...

@ Anonymous, there is video on Scott Foval's Twitter feed, but just of her at the very bottom of the stairway.

Anonymous said...

Dear God in Heaven please stop robo-Hillary from taking over our country. Please reach down your Holy Hands and intervene and stop her. If I have to listen to her or look at her for 4 years it will be awful. Please stop this robotic woman. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's my belief that Madeleine McCann was drugged to sleep and had an accident while groggily looking for her parents who had gone to dinner. Perhaps a fall off of the balcony. Her parents, knowing they would lose their medical license if it was found they drugged their child, chose to cover up her death. I think she was put in a freezer and then cremated at a later date.

But wow, those sketches are striking. I may have to go over it again.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's commercial just made me feel like I not only don't want to be gay or straight or LGBT, I no longer want to be a part of the human race anymore. Thanks a lot Hillary. I hope you lose tomorrow. Your commercials are horrible and crappy and the sound of your voice makes me want to throw up. I hate you.

Anonymous said...

I have contacted Mr. Sapir's office twice, trying to buy his book. They never get back to me. I would think they would not want to pass up money. Do you know of another source to buy his book?

Anonymous said...

Vance, Hillary's commercial is full of all kinds of stereotypes. The most notable would be trying to present gay people as desexualized as humanly possible. I am quite serious about this. The gay male redhead appears pathetic and as a benign desexualized being. Her 2 main lesbians in the commercial are enormously obese...and it seems implied by her commercial that they are literally so enormous all they can manage to do is kiss each other on the cheek. Hillary does not give a shit about gays.

Anonymous said...

can i get one of these without the 'thou shalt not lie with man as with woman' in it?

Tania Cadogan said...

Saint Theresa said...

Sorry I had to edit the link.

November 7, 2016 at 9:00 PM

It is worth noting that several of the sketches used by the mccanns appear to show gerry and kate, gerry and russel o'brien, gerry on his own (the square faced on in the pictures you showed, and also kate rocking a George Harrison moustache.

Most of the sketches were bought and paid for by supporters of the mccanns , their so called private investigators and dear old clarence mitchell.
They also have on the mccann website sketches of the so called abductor as seen by tanner which was comprehensively denounced by Scotland Yard and nothing to do with the case.

Kate and gerry are responsible for the death disposal and subsequent cover up for the last almost 10 years. They have told us so.

The tapas 7 are also embroiled to one degree or another, payne being outright accused of paedophilia and enjoying bathing other peoples children to which he has stayed completely silent, not even refuting the allegations.
other have something to hide, enough to give the mccanns control over them.

What is the dirty little secret that dare not speak its name that forever joins them togeather?

Nic said...

Tania said,
Most of the sketches were bought and paid for by supporters of the mccanns, their so called private investigators and dear old clarence mitchell....payne being outright accused of paedophilia and enjoying bathing other peoples children to which he has stayed completely silent, not even refuting the allegations....
What is the dirty little secret that dare not speak its name that forever joins them together?

Thanks for chiming in, Tania. Frankly, I have wondered if there was a pedophilia angle in regards to Madeleine M's disappearance.

Food for thought, there is a Portugal connection (and a European Madam mentioned/connexion being J. Epstein) regards rumors being talked about.


Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Nic.

Unfortunately (for payne) i have him as one of the urologists for my uncle (stage 4/5 renal failure gfr 15%-Kidney function)

We don't like each other.

I take great delight in bringing in one of the statement analysis books i have as reading material and placing it it on his desk where he can read the title.

This could be why he is currently avoiding uncle and me.
Now we keep seeing the other urologist or a locum.

Uncle keeps asking me not to provoke him, i reassure uncle by telling him i am not provoking payne, i say nothing about his predilections even though the temptation is there to ask him if he still enjoys bathing other peoples children.
I also reassure uncle and tell him not to panic since he will be out cold or massively sedated on the table when they change his nephrostomy tube (which is now 8 months overdue a change and i am pi$$ed) and thus he won't know anything.
I am done with the nicey nicey, now i am ready to start making threats about negligence, malpractice and anything else i can think of (i have a vivid and fertile imagination)and i have no qualms about involving the hospital or the GMC.

His other urologist is a twonk whom i had to educate about fistulas now being possible via the legs ( he told us he was a urologist for 25 years, i replied if that was the case, why am i having to educate you on leg fistulas?) As uncle has dreadful arm veins form all the operations on his left arm (cellulitis) and multiple IV, Blood samples etc making them useless for a fistula, a nephrostomy tube in his right kidney that makes peritonal dialysis impossible leaving only his neck which is mainly for short term) or his leg.

In the mean time his congestive heart failure is galloping along well and it will be a case of which will go first since he refuses to follow his diet and fluid restrictions. I suspect he is stage three CHF , it will either be his kidneys finally packing up and them not doing a fistula or dialysis due to his heart or his heart packing up due to his refusal to accept he has issues and is terminally ill and claiming to be fine when he clearly isn't (usually resulting in a trip to urgent care and a week plus in hospital.