Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Refugee Celebration Day in Germany: The Myth of Radicalization

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the International Day of Migrants 2016 event in Berlin yesterday

AP Headline:  "Berlin Officials uncertain they have the correct suspect in truck attack."

Twitter response:  "Oh no, they got the wrong truck!"

The twitter response is appropriately using Statement Analysis in her response.  

BBC:  "Lorry kills 9 at Christmas market. "  This is followed by the article which begins:  

 An articulated Lorry has ploughed into a busy Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing 9 people and injuring many more police say. "

Twitter response:  BBC:  the truck did it.  

We all use Statement Analysis.  When one says "we", everyone considers the plural number, rather than singular.  The question is:

Will we use Statement Analysis properly,  or not?  It's use is inescapable.  

  Angela Merkel says feels the worst for the pro migrant Germans; that is, her supporters.  

How might this feel to the families of the dead and injured?

Likely how the heavily qualified boasting of Barak Obama felt to the families of Orlando, San Bernardino, and Boston when he said no terror attack took place on American soil on his watch that was "directed" from overseas.  Today, December 20th, 2016, he is releasing more than a dozen Islamic terrorists from Gitmo though investigators have shown those released who returned to killing.  

In analysis, we study ideology and its impact upon culture.  It is no insult to religious people, but an understanding of belief upon people, as seen in their words and deeds.  

Whether or not one believes an ideology, being born into its culture has its impact.  Being raised in a land means tremendous cultural influence from that land, even when cognitively denying it.  

Islam is a supremacist criminal ideology, with sexual assault as part of a religious undertone.  At its core, the Islamist is superior to all others, must conquer himself and all others to please its 'god' or final arbitrator of right from wrong.

 Islam's "god" or driving ideology, is distant, impersonal, illogical (he changes his mind) and has distinctive views of women and children that are contrary to Western civilization.  It's god said that women had less value, and its "perfect man" was a pedophile.  It's god said to strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers, and when you enter their land, you will see proof of him in their ruins.  When such ruins are not found, they are blown up to make the koran true. Hence, the Eiffel Tower, a mark of western ideological outworking, is long been targeted for demolition by Islamists.  

Judaeo-Christian ideology produced magnificence; whether or not someone "personally" believed in Christianity or Judaism.  

The religious and non-religious alike were given to advancement of the world, ingenuity, education, arts, literature, and so on.  Its "god" gave a list of "thou shalt not" and was personally involved in their daily lives, which grew even further when Christianity, the outworking of Judaism, held its "god" to have come to earth in the form of a person, which they celebrate at Christmas.  He, Jesus Christ,  taught the Westerns "Golden Rule"; respect for human life and dignity via reciprocity,  which Westerners often project into their investigation into Islam.  They fail to grasp that it does not exist.  Islam's god demanded that its followers "shalt" take from the "infidel", or non follower, and to not do so, was weakness. 

Literally, what the west calls strength (self control), Islam calls "weakness" that demands satisfaction.  This is why the FBI analyst failed when he dismissed the Orlando Islamist terrorist as a "victim of Islamophobia" because he claimed someone called him "towel head" or some other name.  The analyst, perhaps limited in accessing Islamic literature, did not see that this insult, along with a "life of sin" needed to be rectified.  Islam calls for the deaths of SSA and he, finally, was "obedient" to the demand.  

Islamic ideology is static.  It does not hold to reforming the world.  It holds ingenuity in contempt.  This is often seen in the passivity of language:  "the car will not allow itself to go" or "Allah willing" or "Allah has not allowed the car..." leading to a cultural fatalism that required foreign labor to advance oil for wealth.  

In lands pre Judaeo Christianity influence (ideology), explorers did not find hospitals, theaters, schools, and other distinctive elements of Western culture. In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, Jewish slaves brought with them ideas adopted by their hosts, while not embracing monotheism.   

 Early explorers, slave traders, missionaries, exploiters, and others who ventured into Africa found limited vocabularies and cannibalism, with the only reported "stores" being "delicatessens" of meats; some reported only 10% non human.  Slavers took advantage of the opportunity, learning that in many villages, up to 75% of the inhabitants were slaves.  The first hand accounts are riveting and explain why, historically, Robert E. Lee's great statement about slavery.  He saw the intentions of his fellow man as "evil", involving themselves in coercive labor, but the overriding good of his "god" (ideology) that would improve the lives of Africans, greatly, post slavery America.  

The failure to grasp supremacist ideology's cultural impact led German police into a posture:

1.  This "refugee" (false classification) is "non-religious", therefore, of not threat, in spite of his criminal history. 

2.  He had to be "radicalized" in order to do what he did, and told the press that he only recently came to Germany as a non-religious muslim, who just became "radicalized" or "devout" (obedient) to Islam's demands to kill non-believers.

3.  Berlin police told locals to "go home" and "not spread gossip."  This latter demand is adherence to Islam's "sharia" law; that is, death penalty ascribed for anyone who criticizes Islam.  Islamists consider it "blasphemy" for non-Islamists to quote the koran's call for specific death, terror and rape of "infidels." The various coverings worn by Islamists is to identify women who may not be sexually assaulted.  German and European authorities have been using "hate speech" to enforce non criticism of the elite's policies the favor Islam; hence, sharia compliance.  Recall the deaths from even daring to draw a picture of mohammad in Europe led to self censoring.  

Lying By Numbers 

German statistics tell the "good news" of integration:  more than 34,000 "refugees" are now working.  

They fail to report what percentage of "refugees" this really is, or that  many of these jobs are government jobs or menial low paying jobs demanded by the government.  But much larger is:  

     They fail to report that 97% are not working.  

It is 34,000 out of more than 1.2 million.

They fail to report that the men do not allow the women to work and the men, themselves, in great percentage, refuse to work for the "infidel"; especially for a female superior.  This is because of their ideology and view of women in general.  The supremacist ideology, taught since birth, tells them that they are to "allow" the infidel to live only if the infidel pays extortion, or the "Islamic tax", called "jirzrah."

Secularism or "Statism" as ideology 

Discovering one's religious belief is done by seeking to learn who the arbitrator of right from wrong is.  When one believes their government is their final arbitrator, or in practice, if the government is where one gains guidance in right from wrong, this is  called "Statism" or a belief in the "State" providing "salvation", that is, not only guidance day to day, but its god providing financial and even social security from the cradle to the grave.  

The government will register them at birth, educate them throughout, tell them what is right and what is wrong, and should they fail, the government will provide for them.  

This is the belief of Angela Merkel, Barak Obama and others,  where she, in Merkel's situation,  acting as "god" has "infinite wealth" to provide for all, and infinite "godly" wisdom to lecture the world, including Hungary and eastern European nations, on right from wrong, with hints of retribution, including war, for failure to obey.  

This is also a religion (ideology) of "higher morals" where those who are "infidels" are not labeled "infidel" or "unbeliever" but by newer terms:

 "racist, xenophobes, islamophobes, right wing, nazi, deplorables" and so on. 

 The divide between "believer" and "unbeliever" is stark.  The religious position "against" the "non believer" is an important aspect of ideology.  Judaeo Christianity is "religion of persuasion", while the secularism of "statism" is coercive in nature, including elements of violence and threats, as seen in the U.S.'s most recent election.  

The Islamic terrorist who acted in obedience to the koran (killing non believers at Christmas) and to ISIS (instruction to use trucks) was raised in this culture.  

The "non religious" aspect is one, from their point of view, in "need of redemption."  He can be "cleansed" from his "western ways" by blood; the blood of "infidels."

This makes the ideology so very dangerous:  he grew up believing he was superior, rejected the religious aspect, but found "redemption" and "honor" in "jihad", or "struggle" against self and the infidels he killed.  He is now a "devout Muslim."

Angela Merkel betrayed the German people and Europe by suspending the laws of both immigration and refugee status and publicly announced, in the most ostentatious act of moral narcissism that "all are welcomed" into Germany. 

They came. 

Out of more than 1,300 criminal complaints filed on a single night in a single city (Cologne), less than 1% have been successfully adjudicated.  Germany is in a rush to battle Sweden as the "rape capital of Europe."  

To understand supremacist ideology, particularly those who are both male and raised eye witnessing violence against their own mothers, is to divorce oneself from "western" thought and stop projecting western values where they do not fit.  

The irony is not lost on the Islamists where the hizrah, or invasion by migration, is welcomed by the political elite; those who's riches cause them to live far and safely from the Islamists moving in.  

Just prior to this latest Islamic attack, London had 1000 Islamists, over two days, shut down traffic, "protesting" that sharia must be the law of the land.  

Turkey, threatening to "flood Europe" with more Islamists (reports are that they have been quietly accomplishing this), had the Russian ambassador assassinated by "allahu akbar."  

Winston Churchill called it a form of "rabies" of the mind.  

Barak Obama "trashed talked" those who disagreed with the Islamic invasion saying they "were afraid of widows and orphans", while after each Islamic killing, scolded America for "Islamophobia" with language that attempted to deceive his followers into believing that it was really "the far right" who posed danger.  He gutted law enforcement trainings of Islam, placed Islamic instructors in prisons and in the military, while forcing law enforcement to answer to Muslim brotherhood boards of Muslims where they expressed "offense" at everything.  

The FBI has told us that mosques publicly condemn jihad, but privately refuse to work with them, while "CAIR", a terrorist-designated arm of the Muslim Brotherhood continued to file "fake hate" report after "fake hate" report.  

Somalis were given a high security tour of an airport; so secure that even the reports on it are redacted.  

Main stream media and politicians deliberately deceived the American public with reports of the Orlando Islamist terror attack of "homophobia" with CNN interviewing his "boyfriend" as headlines.  When the FBI reported a thorough investigation showed no links to SSA, media buried the report quietly, as to not upset the narrative from the White House. 

Germany:  International Day of Migrants 

The political elite declare it, and it is a segment of the public, led by MSM, that follows suit.  

“These are Merkel’s dead,” Marcus Pretzell, chairman of the Alternative for Germany party in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, posted on Twitter.

Merkel – who attended an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants the day of the attack – said she was “shocked and shaken” by the tragedy.

Studying truth and viewing religions (including atheism) from the perspective of ideology holds no personal insult to persons.  It views the basic beliefs, particularly the reference point for "right versus wrong", and the cultural impacts of said beliefs. 

When the leader of the religion murders, rapes and steals, so do the followers.  

When the leader uses deception, so do the followers.  

Human nature is religious.  

Even denial of such presupposes such. 

 Analysts look for truth and understanding of human nature to get to the truth.  When one begins in formal study, there is always the risk of discerning lie after lie, and having a personal view of human nature tempered by example.  

When one is raised in a world that is unequal but told he is superior, and this is combined with the desensitizing effect of domestic violence against his mother (as prescribed in Islam), the results are always violence. 

Islamic ideology produces exactly what we have seen in 1400 years; bloodshed and slavery hundreds of times greater than what the Europeans did.  When a European king wages war in the name of religion, or goes on slave conquests,  he must oppose the teaching of the religion to have done so.  When Islamists leaders produce war, bloodshed and slavery, they must do so in obedience to their religion or ideology.  

Islam and Freedom are Incompatible.  

At any time, one will find a good, kind Muslim.  We do not discuss Muslims.  We view the ideology, no different than finding the Nazi soldier who abhorred the national socialism he was raised in.  We study Mein Kampf, not the kindly soldier. 

Where violence is the norm, the "religious" and the "unreligious" still need to survive and protect themselves.  When war breaks out, one must always choose sides. 

The winds of war are blowing in Europe.  Unless there is a dramatic change to annul the patterns, history tells us that war is inevitable.  

There has been much anger directed at Merkel from the German far-right. File picture

Daylight footage from scene of Berlin Christmas market lorry attack
The lorry ploughed through a Christmas market, killing 12


Turner said...

It is a special kind of person like Merkel & Obama to progress such evil. It is hard to believe the movement of this ideology penetrating with this kind of speed and force is because people don't want to be viewed as mean. It's too illogical. Everything about their lives/beliefs is mean. I don't buy it.

Unknown said...

Why Islam why. Did they not feed you. Did they not house you. Did they not give you money. But you still killed them poor peaceful people RIP. From a British Christian.
Keep up the great work Peter thanks.

Anonymous said...

Speaking at a press conference Mrs Merkel said the government 'assumed' it had been a terror attack, adding that: 'We will find the strength to continue living life as we want to live it in Germany - in freedom, openness and together.'

She said: 'It is a terrible deed which one cannot understand. It took their lives; many people are injured, are fighting for their lives and fighting for their health, and in these hours I first and foremost think of these people - the dead, the injured, their families, their friends, their relatives.
WOW....maybe 'she cannot understand' since she doesnt live like the average German without armed security and in the open daily. Delusional or what?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe this? The Tunisian asylum seeker being sought for the Berlin attack was in process of being deported but was nit because he had no passport. Apparently a passport is needed to deport a terrorist from Germany but no vetting necessary to enter Germany. And,again, the alledged attacker was known to state security as a threat. They been 'trying' to deport him since July!!! TRYING???? Now the authorities must scour the entire EU travel free zone to find him or them. Germany just lets known threats walk the streets until they can deport?

Anonymous said...

OMG, the islamist Berlin attack perpetrator burned down a school in Italy? He's been arrested three times since being in Europe? DO THE LAW ABIDING HAVE ANY VALUE IN EUROPE?

Kitt said...


No surprise there.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Re: Barack Obama releasing Gitmo prisoners

Was Tuesday December 20, 2016 a magical day? Were the laws of time and nature suspended? These criminals had been judged in a court of law as criminal and dangerous to society. On Monday December 19, 2016, they were dangerous criminal killers. So what changed on Tuesday? Did each man become a model, law-abiding, respectful of all men and women, honest man of integrity, fully self-supporting, positively contributing member of society kind of man? So, what magic occurred between lights out at Gitmo and a press conference the next morning? An ideological agenda, in the guise of (or rather the abuse of) Executive Powers by an outgoing President in the name of Legacy...a President whose party failed to win the White House, Congress, or the House (or even a number of their traditionally held state elections)...a President bent on ramrodding his ideological beliefs down the throat of Americans via numerous "Hail Mary" Executive plays. The Team Obama Playbook: When you can't win playing by the rules, re-write them. If you get caught re-writing the rules, break them.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible event. How can you even describe these sickos calculated maneuvers...the fact they now use trucks to run people over? A brutal and soulless planning behind it.