Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Intelligence Claim Against Donald Trump Analyzed

Anonymous Letters reveal the author through the lens of analysis by revealing four things:

1.  The writer's background
2.  The writer's personal and professional experiences
3.  The writer's priority
4.  The writer's personality traits

For the analyst, there are two basic questions to ask:

1.  Is this real?
2.  Who wrote it?

The claim by MSM is that this is an "unconfirmed" "intelligence report" written by an alleged "former British Intelligence agent" making the claim. 

Can we know if this was written by a former British intelligence agent?

What can we know about the author?

1.  His background
2.  His experiences
3.  His priority 
4.  His personality 

This is whether or not the document is real (actual intelligence report) or a fraudulent document. 

We allow the statement, itself, to identify the author by the four elements above.  

"However, there were other aspects to TRUMP'S engagement with the Russian authorities.  One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit TRUMP'S personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable 'kompromat' (compromising material) on him.  According to Source D where s/he had been present, TRUMP'S (perverted) conduct in Moscow including hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers' (urination) show in front of him.  The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to."

Some considerations:

This is just one page, as it begins with "However", indicating previous work.  This reduces the ability to work the priority, though we still may learn the priority of this portion of the statement.  

The report is alleged to have come from a "former British" intelligence officer, given to a British ambassador, given to John McCain to use against Donald Trump.  McCain alleges that he "could not" determine if it was genuine, so he gave it to the FBI.  

This places the context during the primaries, not the presidential election.  

The locale is stated to be Russia, at the Moscow Ritz Carleton.  This presupposes that Donald Trump would either 

a.  be ignorant that the hotel would be under complete surveillance or
b.  knew it and was incapable or unwilling to control his behavior.  

That it would be carefully recorded is something 'expected' in the setting where a politician visiting Moscow would know.  

"However, there were other aspects to TRUMP'S engagement with the Russian authorities.  One which 

With "However", we recognize that what follows is to be compared with "engagement" that took place prior to what is about to be reported.  

"other aspects" tells us that besides this (urination by prostitutes) 

"One which" tells us there are, in the language, "others" besides this. take it from here.   What do you see?  I have underlined a few to assist...There are strong signals, in just this one page, of not only it being fraudulent, but to reveal personal detail about the writer.  

Put your thoughts in the comments section. 

had borne fruit for them was to exploit TRUMP'S personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable 'kompromat' (compromising material) on him.  According to Source D where s/he had been present, TRUMP'S (perverted) conduct in Moscow including hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers' (urination) show in front of him.  The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to."


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Jon said...

I don't know if I'm letting my confirmation bias blind me, but it sounds like someone telling a fictional story...

But then I'm already aware that a poster on 4chan has already claimed responsibility for making this story up.

Unknown said...

I am quite new to this site and while being able to follow your analysis I find it hard to make many of the details you find on my own.

I see it as a crude smear. I doubt any professional spy would write like that. All the perversions would be listed yet only one crude one was with allusions to other unmentioned ones.

the author of this has perversions of his own and needs to put emphasis on perverted (need to convince).

the last sentence "TO RECORD ANYTHING THEY WANTED" .. the author is indicating he could add what ever he wanted.

Bobcat said...

Is this is the reported chain of custody?

1. "former British Intelligence agent" reports what Source D told them
2. British Ambassador
3. John McCain
4. FBI
5. MSM

The inclusion of "perverted/perversion" is important. Would an intelligence report include the agent's personal indictment of perversion, or would it simply report facts and events?

"including" is present tense.

Pathetic journalism. They don't care about false accusations and are dangerous to society.

Bobcat said...

Regarding the chain of custody:

How did the report jump from the former agent to an ambassador?
How did the report jump from the FBI to MSM?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

"obsessions and sexual perversion.
compromising material.
defiling the bed
golden showers

The authors internet search history would make for interesting reading!

Anonymous said...

jojo said...

I think if this was real then there would be no need for the author to point out the factors that should be obvous. Ie (urination) (whom he hated) I think that would be easy judgment if the story was plain. It's like overkill on pointing out the obvious. I'm unsure of the personality or person.

Bobcat said...

How often does an "editor" end sentences in the word "to"?

There is a sentence in the fake report that ends in to.
There is a sentence in the tweet to staff that ends in to.

I think Ben Smith wrote it.

He spent years reporting in Latvia prior to 2001.

So pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The author spells the word "born" as "borne": this indicates pretentiousness and/or likely the individual is from England or perhaps Ireland where they would see often English words with the Shakespearean or Middle English spelling of nouns with the "e" on end on signs etc. "wanted to" instead of "wanted" at the end of a sentence sounds like how the Irish speak.

John Mc Gowan said...


'CNN never did that': Tapper fact-checks Trump

Bobcat said...

If he wrote it, Smith's "intelligence report" reminds me of an article back in November (which was related to a different fake hate story) where a reporter felt the need to define expats in parentheses. It is so unbelievably condescending to the readers.

Anonymous said...

The cadence of the language ie. "one which had borne fruit to them" sounds distinctly like the way the Irish speak--I had a close friend from Ireland.

Anonymous said...


The individual comes from Irish Catholic background--probably from Ireland...this is reminiscent of how the Irish priests spoke in Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes".

Who is John Smith?

Anonymous said...

"borne fruit"

This is someone very familiar with Catholicism
very religious
Im going to say the individual is possibly homosexual...very religious guilt language and focus on alleged Trumps "personal obsessions/sexual perversions" and his hatred of Mrs Obama.....Is the writer a homosexual angry with Ireland as well as Trump's unwelcoming attitude towards gay marriage/gay rights?

happyuk said...

Bobcat - well spotted about the Ben Smith thing.

This all reminds me of 'smeargate' - a political scandal from 2009 in which Derek Draper and Damian McBride plotted to post false rumours on the Internet about the private lives of prominent members of the British Conservative politicians and their spouses. A series of emails by Damian McBride were intercepted that discussed plans to set up a blog which would be used to post false rumours. "Absolutely brilliant" was one of Drapers responses.

Draper was a former political lobbyist for the Labour Party, pretend psychotherapist and general all-round dimwit. McBride was a British political advisor, a former Whitehall civil servant and former special adviser to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Both ended up falling on their swords.

I am wondering if Ben Smith is also being briefed some some anonymous government official in the same way as Draper was and if BuzzFeed is being used for exactly the same purpose - a state funded smear mechanism?

Anonymous said...

"borne" born, or to bear fruit, are one in the same. They are grammatically correct.
Context is key

"However, there were other aspects to TRUMP'S engagement with the Russian authorities One which had (borne fruit) for them was to exploit TRUMP'S personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable 'kompromat' (compromising material) on him.

It's the "fruit" that is important. "Subjective Personal Internal Dictionary"

Bobcat said...

fruit = gay

His father is a judge in New York whose middle name is Sherlock and he TEACHES Sunday School. His mother is Jewish. Ben identifies as Jewish. Ben is married to a woman from Latvia and has three children.

Listen to Ben Smith speak:

See him gaze at Obama (scroll down)

Kimberly Smith said...

Yellow journalism. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's a fraud. It's possible it could have been contrived by the Trump team themselves as another layer of smoke and a few more mirrors to continue to place doubt in the media and US security institutions.

The document has been around awhile. Interesting it was released hours before a big event. Why not let it consume his first post-election news conference instead of talking about policy and governance?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

"defiling the bed"

Sticking to SA principle (articles) if i'm right.

If the definite article "the bed" is not already introduced, going by this release, it is not. Then, it Has me wondering if the author, is entering into his/her own experience. Thus, there is no need to introduce "the" bed. In his/her mind, they know who's bed it is. Therefore, no introduction needed?
Possible their own, or whom they shared with?

John Mc Gowan said...


"the bed"

reading it again, does sound right, to use, "a" bed in the sentence structure, would read awkward.
I retract my previous comment above.
I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:00, Have you ever spelled "born" as "borne"?

Have I made my point?

Anonymous said...

"fruit" does not equal "gay" in the context of "borne fruit"....this reminds me of "fruit of thy womb"

The writer is from a Catholic background, although, yes, I think he is gay.

"defile" the bed implies there was some "purity" to the bed, which there wasnt

I wonder if the author himself has cheatedin his own marital bed, maybe with a male prostitute (which basically describes any gay male imo).

Anonymous said...

"golden showers" implies gay, a perversion which goes with gay conduct

he does not specify male or female prostitutes, but linguitically it sounds like male bc how else would they pee "onto" the bed, aiming onto the bed?

Alex said...

I thought the word "engagement" sounded odd. Engagement describes a face to face meeting or something more personal. "Encounter" seems a better choice although still a little personal.

Also, "recording whatever they wanted" sounds odd. I thought in this type of situation every word and action is recorded then edited.


Anonymous said...

OK, so Trump would hire a group of prostitutes to pee all over the bed drenching it in urine, and the hotel staff would think nothing of that? The smell would be disgusting. And did Trump then allegedly sleep on the bed? Yeah right.

Why is the writer putting that in there about a "golden showers" show, prostitutes, defiling bed? This makes me think gay male/transgender.

Why does he specify that Trump hated Mrs. Obama rather than President Obama himself? Could the writer be a woman and mad about Trump's remarks about women? Or be a transgender? So that he identifies with Mrs Obama and admires her fashion etc.?

Good Looking Righty said...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Good Looking Righty to our will fit right in here!

Anonymous said...

I think the writer's use of the word "official" could mean that he (I am leaning towards he) is not himself in a position of authority...almost as if he looks up to authority figures, meaning, simply, he himself is not one.

Anonymous said...

Dear stament analists. Do it seem fishie to y'all that new prez is in a crap storm? Me too! Is old prez sucker punchin on way out? Not even yet his 1st day on new job an the Lefters an Acturds is thretining an complaning an marching an interuping and they be demanning how things gonna be!! Cant they rememmer what happind to ole Soddim and that Gumorruh?

Anonymous said...

The writer's use of the word "kompromat" while explaining what it means in parentheses could suggest the individual is NOT familiar with the Russian language...almost like he is trying to sound "wordly" and sophisticated. My sister speaks fluent Russian, having studied it in college, yet never uses Russian words.

A skilled writer would have worded it like "in trying to obtain "kompromat" the Russians sought to gather compromising information...he would have worked it into the context.

I wonder if that is actually correct that kompromat means "compromising material"?

Anonymous said...

Well I was kinda right..."Kompromat" is a 2 Russian words multilated and condensed together...

Anonymous said...

9:48 seems to be from the very deep South

Anonymous said...

The lefters and their acturds seem for reel about anarkie. Now I sees how bad they all is. So many just dont want any accountbilly.They run wild and keep doing bad. They reel good at the manipulading. Charlee sheen is you for reel? Arnt you scared for being so bad?

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Trump news conference...I can't tell 100% if Trump is telling the truth ( I hope he is, and I would say I am 90% sure he is telling the truth).

He says it is "fake news, false news"...around 49:00 gets very angry at certain news organizations.

He issues denial "It didn't happen". (regarding golden showers)

He says "They're not going to find anything" or "I don't think they're going to find anything" (I can't remember which) regarding any dirt on him regarding golden showers.

Is "it didn't happen" reliable?

You always hope to hear "I didn't do that".

Just curious what others think if they watched news conference today.

Anonymous said...

What did Charlie Sheen say?

elf said...

No. Golden showers are not just a gay thing. Weird straight people do it too.

Anonymous said...

Dint charlee Aksed for god to take trump?

Anonymous said...

I googled and saw Sheen said he didn't like Trump for giving him fake cuff links for his wedding present lol.

Elf, I'm sure you're right, although I'm sure it is far more popular among gays. In fact, I think it would be very unlikely a straight person would be into golden showers. Some of gay men's accepted practices are absolutely disgusting and they revel in degradation of their partners (unless they are the submissive beaten-down partner). Their gay culture seems full of VERY disgusting stuff, and I don't care who wants to say that it's natural...explain why they are known to have sex with thousands of partners in bathroom stalls, is not a normal...Gay marriage...I don't believe for a second that any gay married man doesn't cheat left and right on his partner I'm sure as in most dynamics there is a more submissive partner (who may not cheat as much)...give it time...a year at most. If I thought these people were normal but just had different leanings I would have no problem with them...however, how can that be possible when they reduce sex to such a disgusting act with anonymous strangers? They also seem to revel in the more disgusting they make it the better.


t said...

engagement with Russian authorities...engagement, in this writing seems to be an action or battle. this presupposes that Trump was in some type of battle or action against/with the Russian authorities.
The next sentence starts "ONE which had borne fruit for them". One what? The previous sentence places all the action, grammatically, on Trump. Now the possession of action shifts to the Russian authorities. Syntactically and grammatically, these two statements do not flow well...perhaps a break in the storytelling.
The following paragraph highlights the writer's need to talk of deviance again and again. Trying to convince the reader that something untoward happened.
The last sentence works fine until "record anything they wanted to". If Russian authorities are keeping surveillance records, indeed they would record at all times when a high profile person was using the room...not be discriminatory about what they are recording. "anything they wanted to" seems to be unnecessary information and convincing.
I am thinking that this is probably fake news again, but who is behind it is very hard to say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Isnt the timing suspicious? Retaliation. HRC just before voting and Trump just b4 inauguration as farewell speeching. One side desperately trying to convince its Russia.

Anonymous said...


Good points!!!

The writer also speaks of Trump's alleged "obsessions" and "sexual perversions" as if this is a "given", as if Trump is already renowned for his sexual perversions. Much the way someone might casually refer to Charlie Sheen's "promiscuity".

I do feel that the writer could be a gay/ transgender activist. It is someone who feels entitled to direct that kind of malice at Trump where he casually refers to Trump's "perversities and obsessions" as if Trump is famous for his perversities and obsessions. It makes sense if the writer is doing some kind of projecting, if he himself coming from a group (gay/transgender) which is sometimes criticized for it's perversities and obsessions. Also, why does he use the word "obsessions"?

Interestingly, Trump pointed out that he is a "germophobe" as part of his defense from these accusations. He is known to be an obsessive hand-washer. I am mentioning that bc the writer uses the word "obsessions".

Anonymous said...

Peter, this comment section suggests that your readers are stumped. We need some help from you on this.

My thoughts:
1) This clearly feels like it's written by a Trump enemy, not an objective reporter/intelligence agent. The value judgments are unnecessary and unsupported. I agree with one of the commenters who points out that alluding to perversions without describing them is fishy for a factual report. If his perversions are known and exploited, why won't the author name them? Because they are made up. "Perversions" is a smear, not a report.

In today's press conference, Trump didn't give a reliable denial. Here's a snarky mention from WaPo of Trump's comments:

"He had no comment on The Horrid Unsourced Thing We Aren’t Supposed To Write About, other than that (a) he knows that there are tiny, tiny cameras in every single hotel room when you go abroad and always conducts himself accordingly (does this raise more questions than it answers?) (b) the aide in question never went to Prague and (c) he is a noted germaphobe, not the Greek God Zeus. He could not believe that BuzzFeed would publish such a thing."

While overly snarky, this is not inaccurate (I listened to the press conference.) I do think Trump has every reason to be annoyed to even get these questions, but a reliable denial should have been easier.

Anyway, please elaborate on your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:54, Thanks for sharing your opinion on the news conference.

Do you think Trump's "It didn't happen" has some validity as a denial?

I wish he had issued a more reliable denial...perhaps could it be complicated by the fact it might be awkward to say "I didn't have prostitutes do golden showers"? NOt trying to be humorous but just wondering about how a better denial should/could have been stated.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:00, Have you ever spelled "born" as "borne"?

Have I made my point?

January 11, 2017 at 7:16 PM


Borne is the correct spelling in relation to carrying or transporting something.
Born relates to giving birthing.

Borne is the past participle of bear

Anonymous said...

He's being sucker punched for promoting the birther issue. Its payback time.

Anonymous said...

Point made at 12:04

t said...

anon 12:01
Thanks! Yes, there seems to be TOO much emphasis on sexual perversions and the like -and it appears that no one, thus far, has heard/read of any such history with him.

I think your theory is quite valid. This could be a "your governmental orders for the week...go write something nasty and see where it gets us", kind of thing. It really is hard to say. The writing indeed points to either someone not in the diplomatic profession - saying this because of the whole style of writing-or it is as you theorize, which is very plausible, given the language - but I am still skeptical of this being someone in government or a journalist.

Or maybe it is someone that was fired or "done wrong by" that was once part of a Trump company? The language doesn't seem to speak to that, but I think it should be considered.

This is a tough one!

Anonymous said...

What does it take to get fired from the fbi?

BallBounces said...

"Anonymous said...
The author spells the word "born" as "borne": this indicates pretentiousness"

* No, it indicates he knows the correct spelling for the past tense of the verb to bear in all senses not related to birth.

"Anonymous said...
Anon @6:00, Have you ever spelled "born" as "borne"? Have I made my point?"

* The only correct spelling of the past tense of the verb-object to bear fruit is borne fruit. Born fruit would be a spelling error.

Please see

Anonymous said...

And trump was having too many PR successes with carrier and ford and a real hope for russian and US allies. He's being sucker punched just like israel. US being defeated in Syria so gotta make it look good on the way out.

Anonymous said...

The real men in world leadership maybe dont respect Bho. You know the ones whose countries arent being over run with migrants and libs.

Anonymous said...

Tania, "borne fruit" implies giving birth to/producing fruit. According to what you stated, the correct spelling would be "born". You wrote that the spelling "born" is used when referring to giving birth.

Anonymous said...

One idea that popped into my head:

the word "engagement"

Is it possible the writer could be a jilted ex?

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Look at the writing that way:


"personal obsessions" (why would someone who does not know Trump use that expression "personal obsessions"? Imo this implies intimate knowledge of Trump.) Perhaps that he was obsessed with another woman or women?

"Mrs. Obama (whom he hated)"---someone who is bitter and feels he "hates" or mistreats women

"defiling the bed where they had slept"---why would someone unknown to Trump use this type of language--this is the language you hear when someone has been cheated on in their own marriage bed--the word "defile" in this context implies "ruined the purity of"

Reread the the writing sample with that in mind that the writer could be an angry wife, ex-wife or ex-lover of Trump's.

Anonymous said...

That might be the key to this whole thing:

"Mrs Obama (whom he hated)"---again, this is not something known to the public that Trump "hated" Mrs, Obama---this again suggests the writer KNOWS Trump personally.

BallBounces said...

"That it would be carefully recorded is something 'expected' in the setting where a politician visiting Moscow would know."

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. Are you suggesting or asserting that the author is saying that politicians visiting Moscow would be expected to know that they were being recorded at this hotel, or that the author is suggesting Donald Trump in particular (who was not a politician) would have been expected to know this?

The statement that alludes to recording says, "The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms...". It says it was known, but doesn't say by whom. The author's intended sense could be that it was known to intelligence agencies, or perhaps the author's intelligence agency, in particular. There is no mention of politicians, or a politician, in the statement.

Unless I'm missing something...

Anonymous said...

"borne fruit"=pregnancy


"personal obsessions"

"defiling the bed where they had slept"

Anonymous said...

Why does the writing tell us that the info came from "Source D" (a woman or man who was present at Trump's alleged golden shower party) while implying that it is also recorded on camera? Who is Source D? The info is coming from Source D.

Anonymous said...

A Huge example of fake news - Bigly.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I thought about it, and I don't really care if Trump did Golden showers on a bed slept on by Obama. Who cares? How does it effect anyone or anything? Compare that to the evil things liberals do every day. Peeing on a bed, oh well, who cares? Liberals celebrate harvesting baby parts while they drink wine and eat salad. Seriously, noone cared about that. So if Trump has golden showers on a bed in Russia. like, who cares? I really don't think anyone does care, bc the country is sick of evil liberals running the show.

happyuk said...

The references to "obsessions", "perversions", "bed", "bed wetting", "urination", and the like - a firm indicator that the author had and still has psychological issues, probably sexual related.

Over-strict parenting is related to bed wetting. Possible sexual and/or parental abuse. Does the author have a stammer I wonder. To me this shouts that the author is directly accusing others of what he (yes, HE) is still struggling with.

happyuk said...

Oh and I also think the author is British. MI5 and MI6 have previous form in this kind of thing in either concocting smears with which to discredit or in recording the various 'weaknesses' politicians as a means of getting them to do their bidding.

happyuk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
happyuk said...

Ha! I might have been right...

Steele has been described as 'reliable, meticulous and well-informed' by one source, but another told The Times he is 'slightly more showy and less grounded in reality than you might expect a former SIS person to be'.

happyuk said...

Steele's company: Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.

"London based, but with a global footprint, our core strength is our ability to meld a high–level source network with a sophisticated investigative capability. We provide strategic advice, mount intelligence–gathering operations and conduct complex, often cross–border investigations.

Enhanced due–diligence, anti–money laundering, asset tracing, fraud, IP protection, and exploring whistleblower allegations.
Real–time source reporting on business and politics at all levels.
Complex litigation and dispute resolution support and advice."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Consider that, yes, it is a fake and the nature of it as a fake, in this one page only, is obvious. It is goofy at one point telling us things that are UNNECESSARY.

The author is writing a fake note.

THIS tells you something about himself.

Another hint:

look at a word he repeats.

Parenthesis is like a "private conversation" in analysis. 'You know, between you and me' type.

In repetition, ask yourself:

IS this necessary?

If it is not, elevate it in sensitivity and ask:

Why does he have a need to persuade me....?

It will help.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

A few observations...

among those circling the shark's blood (getting closer)
(cant use anonymous)

happy uk, bobcat, elf, John, Alex, jo jo and lothers....

I don't always get the time to read many comments, but this type of work is complex and readers often contribute more than they realize!

Comments and observations:

Ballbounces: anyone and everyone would know, if they are a person of any prominence or worth, that what they say in an expensive hotel will not be private. It is goofy.

t --you are off but actually really on target for normal analysis, which is impressive. You are "believing" the subject, which, when followed up, produces results. This is why I needed to reveal that it was a fake first. This now becomes your starting point. The anonymous who responded to you, I wish had chosen a name as it gets closer, but needs tweaking.


Anonymous writing ---think of it: the author often has something to "hide" behind being anonymous, far more than just the letter itself! It is often private and can express deep personal confusion.

Those I wish I copied:

kimberly smith:

John Mc Gowan said...

Outrage at BBC claims of SECOND Russian 'dirty dossier' on Trump amid claims they are trying to derail his presidency before it starts
BBC claim that former MI6 spy 'not the only source' about Trump sex tape
Paul Wood says ex-agent spoke of 'more than one tape' on 'more than one date'
Tory MP accuses corporation of bias - others say they're in 'Get Trump mode'
President-elect refused question from BBC journalist at press conference

Anonymous said...

Greetings everyone!
A couple of observations I’ve made…

1. The first sentence talks about “… other aspects to TRUMP’s engagement…” rather than “… OF TRUMP’s engagement….” TO indicates something externally directed inward, whereas OF indicates coming from the subject. TO instills distance between TRUMP and whatever is attributed to TRUMP. In this case, it may be that the author is writing about “aspects” of the TRUMP’s engagement in the abstract: a discussion or suggestion of what could have happened, or could have been planned or done, rather than referring to something that actually happened in which TRUMP was present and engaged.

2. “Russian authorities” become “FSB” at the end. What’s the reason for this change in language? Are the authorities TRUMP engaged with different from the FSB? “Russian Authorities” is also very vague: That could potentially be anyone in the Russian government, from the President to the Mayor of Moscow, to a customs official, etc..

3. The author makes sure to tell us TRUMP is sexually perverted and has “personal obsessions”, but the issue of actual sexual arousal is not mentioned. If the idea was to capture Trump in a compromising position with prostitutes urinating on a bed formerly slept in by the Obamas, it would also necessarily include a description of TRUMP’s sexual arousal caused by this perversion: namely a direct observation that he was masturbating. Otherwise, it’s a perverted act but there’s no sexual gratification or connection that would shame or compromise TRUMP. We don’t have that here, which makes me think that author self-limited how far he or she was willing to take the ruse.

4. Of the people named in the statement, “Mrs OBAMA” is the most respectful and socially correct introduction. She’s also the only person who has an emotional statement attached immediately following her introduction (whom he hated). The “President”, while appropriate, is denied the name of the man who holds the title, and “TRUMP” is curt, clinical, and denies him a proper social title (Mr.)

5. This makes me think the author has an emotional and sympathetic connection to Mrs. OBAMA and the “defiling” of her dignity and marriage by TRUMP’s “perversions”. This connection to the “marriage bed” and the intimacy there is decidedly feminine in nature. The author feels sorry for her and may possibly have experienced a similar defilement of her intimate spaces. I think the author is possibly female or an effeminate male.

6. The only person who “employs” prostitutes is a pimp. It would be more appropriate here to say that TRUMP “hired” or “paid” prostitutes as a customer. Not sure what to make of that…

7. Whereas I believe this is a false narrative, I do think the author has at least seen or read formal reporting before, based on formal names being in ALL CAPS and the ambiguous reference to “SOURCE D” as s/he to safeguard the source’s identity. Also, everything in the narrative after SOURCE D is introduced has to be attributed to SOURCE D, and not the writer. That, and the fact we are not told that this event was actually in fact recorded, makes me think the writer is knowingly providing a false narrative and is building in “wiggle room” for denials if he or she is ever significantly challenged on it.

Anonymous said...

How convenient that McCain was personally selected to protect the nation by hand delivering the Trump slam. Trump challenged the McCain brands main selling feature of POW. Trump is experiencing vindictiveness. Trump easily steamrolled the 16 weak status quo republican candidates and went on to tell Hill to her face she should be in jail. He then defeated her, upsetting the entire status quo establishment. Both sides seem unwilling to take ownership of their failure and now scapegoat Russia as facilitating Trumps victory. Bunch of bruised egos.

C5H11ONO said...

“golden showers” (urination) – I read an article where it indicated various cultures to be into particular sexual acts. The way sexuality is expressed and acted upon is highly influenced by culture. If this is a fabrication, wouldn’t golden showers be important to whoever made the story up. Let’s say it is not an American, but either an American living in Europe for a long time, where Golden Showers are more culturally done. Or someone from Europe. They even had the need to explain what it is. Is this person aware that readers will not know what that is? I suspect it is someone that doesn’t live in the US, just because of how they spelled things and the words used. Using “borne” is uncommon in the US, but not in UK? How about using the word “kompromat” would suggest someone that has come across it. I have not ever come across this word. Because of the etymology I assumed it was “compromise”, but again, not a word an American would have used.

Did this person speak to Source D directly? He didn’t say he spoke to Source D, but in order for the writer to be truthful, he would have included another source as the person who provided the information to him/her? For example, if he/she didn’t speak to the source directly wouldn’t they have had to write something to this effect, “According to a colleague’s source, who was present”? If I wouldn’t have spoken to the person directly, I would have had to insert the unnecessary information. This person stated, “According to Source D”, where I learn that this person and Source D know each other. The writer, therefore is also in close contact with a person that engages in this "perversion". The writer therefore is also as perverted. If this is a fabrication, then the writer and Source D planned to record and tape Trump in a “compromising” situation.

The writer states, “President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated). He adds the unnecessary information “whom he hated”. This is additional information and it is common knowledge that they all dislike each other. Obummer and his tranny wife hate Trump too. But, he wants the reader to know his personal knowledge about Trump. I have never heard Trump say, I hate Obummer. I know he doesn’t like him. Now, if I have had personal conversations with Trump, I might be able to glean the level of dislike and increase it a notch.

I think the writer and Trump know each other.

C5H11ONO said...

What about Larry Sinclair and his allegations? He claims that on November 6 & 7, 1999 he "engaged in homosexual acts with then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who during these trysts not only procured cocaine for the author, but also smoked crack cocaine while being fellated." This is perversion too! How come all these years this guy has been speaking up about it himself, not as an "anonymous Source D", yet the media hasn't been publishing this information.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

some interesting posts...

John McCain "could not" tell it was fake??

I don't have a statement but that strains credibility.

Amyl, is Larry Sinclair still alive?


Anonymous said...

Why dont you stop using the term golden shower and tell it like it is. The depraved act has nothing innately good so stop sanitizing it utilizing the two words that separately are good. Its a pornographic term. How often will you mention it? Enough already. The story is fading away. The info revealed is limited. So drop it.

Marliese said...

John McCain was praying it was all true. LOL

I think Larry Sinclair is still alive. Have you ever analyzed his statements? Now that would be interesting.

C5H11ONO said...

Yes he is. Here is link of his formal statement:

Layla said...

Hi, I am the anon who responded to "t"...I am Layla...I was posting as anon bc I was writing/posting hurriedly.

I am very interested to learn more about the writer of the Trump statement--interesting discussion with many thought-provoking ideas!


Reading the document, it immediately feels fake. For the writer to add their own personal feelings takes this from an objective intel report to a personal attack. Additionally, it reminds me of a crazy story about President Bush where he supposedly kidnapped and raped a woman in her kitchen for hours. This was a false report.

It is most concerning that our media ran this as if this was all true. The left is all worked up and using this fake report as support that Trump is unbalanced, crazy. The media has an obvious agenda. Frankly, it is very disturbing. They are reaching new lows printing this bs.

This country is in serious trouble. People are unable to discern truth and they believe whatever the media reports. Nothing is fact checked.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why dont you stop using the term golden shower and tell it like it is. The depraved act has nothing innately good so stop sanitizing it utilizing the two words that separately are good. Its a pornographic term. How often will you mention it? Enough already. The story is fading away. The info revealed is limited. So drop it.

There is a difference between urination as a means of expelling waste water and urination as part of sex play.

This is identified by the phrase "golden shower" which indicates it is a part of sex play as opposed to simple elimination of bodily waste.
Unfortunately as part of this fake story which is being blamed on a British ex spy and also claimed by 4chan it is the term that was used whether we like it or not.

Words used can identify much about the writer since they come from the personal internal dictionary, the same as spellings of particular words can indicate if the author is British, American, Australian or Kiwi as a native English speaker and if English is a snd language, which country it was learned from (darn those U's)

Layla said...

I think the writer may be "leaking" (no pun intended) the fact that he dislikes Trump's "personal obsessions" (ie. building a wall, outlawing abortion, outlawing gay marriage, transgender bathroom rights) and feels compelled to lump these things in with the idea of "sexual perversity"? The writer could be gay/transgender and oppose all of Trump's stances/ "obsessions".

I cant help but think of how the one thing that seemed to "bear fruit" for anti-abortion activists was the secret videos of Planned Parenthood doctors casually discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs/tissue. Most viewers found it shocking and obscene...I know I personally felt nauseus when I viewed them (and I have a strong stomach). Is the writer trying to turn the tables by presenting an image of trump enjoying "Golden showers" the image of which seems obscene, disgusting and somewhat nauseating?

Anonymous said...

The extract appears to have a lot of unnecessary padding around the alleged 'action'. The additional information is also incredible. If Trump engaged the services of prostitutes then that is the scandal and not what they were allegedly up to with (or without) him.

The assertion that Obamas previously stayed in the same room/bed is a complete irrelevance. The report makes out that Trump was somehow 'getting at' (putting one over) Obama. This is incredible on so many levels:

1. Was Trump that obsessed with getting at Obama (and his wife) in 2013?
2. Even If he was, how would wetting the bed AFTER the Obamas slept it achieve this goal? The Obamas would be oblivious to the act and even if they found out, I doubt they would be in the least bothered (and more likely to laugh).
3. The bed will have been slept in by many other famous ('important') people. How does the Source know that Trump was trying to get back at Obama and not one of the other famous guests by this alleged act?
4. If he wanted to get at another person (Obama or other) then wetting the bed that Trump has to sleep in himself is a very peculiar way of doing so!
5. Were the Russians going to blackmail Trump by threatening to tell Obama that he got prostitutes to wet the bed he slept in?

The report puts focus on the Obamas. Why are they even part of the report? The connection to them is so tenuous and completely lacks any evidence. To compound the unnecessary inclusion of the Obamas, a further unsupported (and irrelevant) assertion of Trumps dislike of Michelle is included. What is the connection between the author of the report and Obamas? Does he like or dislike them? Why?

Regarding the alleged act, Trump does not sound to be physically participating but only watching. Is this credible? He pays multiple prostitutes to wet a bed that Obama slept in and just watched!

Regarding the FSB (ex KGB) control of the hotel, it states it "was" which strongly suggests it is no longer. When did it cease being under their control? This is critical. The FSB took over from the KGb in the early 90's and the alleged act happened in 2013.

Mention is made of concealed recording devices in the rooms (when the hotel was under the control of FSB) and there is only an implication that there are recording of Mr a Trump exist. The statement does not say that any such recordings exist and we should not make this leap. If there were recordings then it could be expected that tgis would be unambiguously stated. It is not.

The MSM are boldly saying that an ex MI6 agent was the author of the report. This is according to their anonymous sources! I suggest that this allegation is taken with the other half of the bucket of salt that needs to be taken with the statement itself. The references to Obama suggest the author is more likely from the other side of the pond!


Anonymous said...

There is no difference. The bodily function has one puropse. Only one.

Layla said...

Anon, Interesting points!

Re: Mrs. Obama, it is fairly well-known that Melania admires Michelle Obama as well as her speeches....Im thinking a female who hates Trump would be more bothered by the fact Melania likes/admires Michelle Obama and may have wanted to tarnish this by specifying that Donald "hates" Mrs. Obama.
A female angered over the fact Michelke Obama was admired and emulated by Melania Trump. Is there any possibility Hillary wrote it? (I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek but maybe we should look closer at the language to figure out what their profession could be ie. Hillary=lawyer, politician.

Anonymous said...

How long can you speculate in cicles about actions that may be fictional?

Anonymous said...

I love how when Trump refused to take a question from the cnn reporter, you hear the reporter's whining, high-pitched voice "Mr. President-elect that's not Appropriate!" Where does he got off telling the President-elect what is appropriate?

Whining men like that are ruining the country and leaving us vulnerable to ISIS.

CptKD said...

No kidding!
I thought the same thing ...
With the addition, that I hope it's not been while 'at work'¡! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You can be sure people are going to try to take Trump down due to his unapologetic stance on abortion...we can expect to see much worse than this golden showers fake news. Multi-billion dollar industry in jeopardy, as well as the industralized killing of black babies and deeply entrenched culture of death and celebration of homosexual values including killing babies....people will try to take Trump down...this is only the beginning imo.

CptKD said...

Thanks, Elf!
You are correct in that, 'Golden Showers' are NOT "a perversion which goes with GAY CONDUCT"!

There ARE many 'Heterosexuals' that practice 'Golden Showers', too ... And not just 'men' either!
'Women' have been known to partake in the 'giving' of them, just as much as they have in the 'receiving' of them!
It is an 'equal opportunity' WATER SPORT!!
Landing on the Spectrum, typically under 'Fetishism'!

CptKD said...

Anon - Why 'gay male/transgender'?
I'm curious to know, why you keep being drawn to this particular 'Identity'?

Tish said...

"The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to."

Concealed cameras cannot record 'anything they want to'- they can only record what actually occurs in front of the camera. It is strictly limited to what occurs in front of the camera.

Who can record 'anything they want to'? Movie makers can when they produce a scene. To record 'anything they want to' implies control of production and manipulation to get what 'they want'. 'Anything they want to' = creating fiction.

The cameras 'were' in all the 'main rooms'. The writer does not identify what a 'main room' is or that the Presidential Suite was a 'main room'.

Trigger said...

Did the hotel "record" all of the guests that resided temporarily in the Presidential Suite?

The information is vague until it gets personal about Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

The following statement is from Carl Berstein interview on CNN. Yes that Carl Berstein.

Let’s talk about what reporting is,” Bernstein said. “It’s the best obtainable version of the truth. That’s what that story is — the best obtainable version of the truth is that the chief intelligence officials of the United States of America saw this material, thought that it deserved investigation, thought that it ought to be brought to the attention of the president of the United States and to the president-elect. That is the best obtainable version of the truth.”

Bobcat said...

I am wrong about Ben Smith of Buzzfeed authoring the report.

Christopher Steele was hired by political opponents of Trump.

I wonder how much he was paid.

Anonymous said...

And without confirming its true or untrue, publishing it for the world to read?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, because I was detecting linguistically some kind of broken "engagement/marriage/bond" within the writing.....I just googled, and Christopher's Steele's wife died at age 43 leaving him with 3 young children to raise.

Anonymous said...

He may have slept with someone after his wife died and felt slightly guilty like he defiled the bed where they HAD slept.

Anonymous said...

Look what I just found:

Wow, did I call that one right or what?

Layla said...

From the above link:

"The opposition research firm that hired a former British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump is the same shady outfit that was hired by Planned Parenthood to put a positive spin on videos showing the sale of baby parts."

Sick world we live in. But as I said earlier, they are going to try to take Trump down for trying to get rid of their multi-billion dollar industry.

Layla said...

Also from link: This same research company that hired the spy to produce dirt on Trump also produced a fake "forensic report" on the Planned Parenthood baby parts video falsely claiming they had been manipulated. Apparently Hillary supporters are the ones that ultimately were interested in whatever "dirt" they could dig up on Trump.

"In 2015, Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS to produce a “forensic report” that looked at videos released by the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the purchase of fetal tissue.

As The Weekly Standard reported, Fusion GPS pushed the report to Politico, which reported that the videos bore evidence of “manipulation.” There was no evidence that the videos had been manipulated, though they had been edited."

Layla said...

I very much doubt that the spy himself authored the report...I think someone from the company who hired him did. He was hired to allegedly dig up dirt, not author the report. Or, the info could have first been passed into the hands of a Hillary supporter who authored the report, and possibly even a high level Planned Parenthood person still bitter about the damage the videos caused to their company.

Anonymous said...


If he turns up dead, your suspicion about Hillary may be right.

Anonymous said...

@12:08 Yeah you're not kidding...maybe that is why the spy is now in hiding (fear of Hillary).

Anonymous said...

It's definitely gotta be Hillary behind this. How ridiculous is it that at that same news conference Trump was getting grilled about whether he agrees that Putin hacked to help Trump win and also being grilled on whether Russia has "compromat" on him?! How stupid are our intelligence agencies that, even if they did have that info about the compromat (which I believe is made up) that they leak it for the whole world to see to weaken our country?! This is definitely Hillary's work. The other thing I am very skeptical about is whether England has any legitimate spies. What are Christopher's Steele's qualifications? Can he speak Russian? What exactly was his spywork in Russia? It seems he was just living in a house there with his wife and kids. What did he do to "spy" on people? Climb buildings and peek in windows to eavesdrop on their conversations in Russian that he can't understand? Did he hang out in bars and approach KGB people drinking beer and ask them in English "hey do you have any videos of Donald Trump watching golden showers defiling Obama's hotel bed that he slept on previously? Seriously, he was just openly living there in Russia as an English person. CAn he speak Russian? I just think the whole thing sounds like such bull. Supposedly, he is well-respected in spy circles...OK, if he's such a great spy how come everyone in the entire world knows who he is?Apparently, he is still a "spy". How can you be a spy if everyone knows you're a spy...he is NOT a former spy...he is supposedly an active spy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Russians, I'm a spy. I can't speak Russian or read Russian, but I am a spy. Do you believe me?

I can't find anything on the internet stating that Christopher Steele speaks Russian. The concept of him being a spy sounds like such bull. Like did he fool the Russians into thinking that he was "one of them" while speaking English? Or was he just like "Hi, I'm a spy. Can I spy on you?"

The whole thing is bull.

Anonymous said...

The whole dossier can be read here:

On page 3 is the word "behavior". This is the American spelling. All other non-American English spelling (particularly the UK) of the word is "behaviour".

This further supports that the author is American. It is almost incredible that this is a top story around the world and it is being portrayed as a legitimate dossier (but without a shred of evidence). In the UK, alleged associates of the alleged author are allegedly vouching for his integrity according to news reports.

As an outsider (of the U.S.) I find it very peculiar that the MSM run with a story about a confidential document (which miraculously got into the hands of a journalist) and portray it authentic yet the MSM (anywhere in the world) have not remotely mentioned that a Sheriff in the U.S. concluded (after years of investigation) that Barrack Obama's birth certificate is a 100% forgery.

"Journalists" appear to doing a disservice to their profession as they are merely acting as stenographers by publishing what they are told

Nic said...

"However, there were other aspects to TRUMP'S engagement with the Russian authorities. One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit TRUMP'S personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable 'kompromat' (compromising material) on him.

Describes intent of “set-up”, not what happened.

According to Source D where s/he had been present, TRUMP'S (perverted) conduct in Moscow including hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia,


“perverted” (in Moscow)
Does not report facts, imparts judgemental impression. DT is only “perverted” in Moscow?


“whom he hated”
past tense, DT no longer “hates” OB?

and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers' (urination) show in front of him

DT paid four prostitutes to pee on a bed. So there is supposed film of DT watching prostitutes pee on a bed. I think it would be more perverted if they peed on DT as a prelude to whatever it is this report eludes but does not report about.


The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to.”

past tense, the hotel no longer records clients?


Anonymous said...

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's English language Press TV is reporting that world powers have approved Iran importing as much as 130 tons of uranium.

Great news!

happyuk said...

I wonder if this was somebody pro Trump that put this out given that it is so patently fake. Then when the truth comes out about it being fake all these media entities and other vested interests that chomping at the bit are all left with egg on faces and thoroughly discredited

Bobcat said...


"...Steele was initially hired by FusionGPS, a Washington-based political research firm, to investigate Trump on behalf of unidentified Republicans who wanted to stop Trump's bid for the party's nomination. The BBC said on Wednesday, "He (Steele) was compiling this report on behalf of initially Trump's opponent Jeb Bush," referring to one of Trump's 16 opponents in the 2016 Republican primary.

The BBC subsequently said on Thursday that its correspondent misspoke.

Bush's spokeswoman, Kristy Campbell, denied any involvement between Bush and Steele.

"It is absolutely not true that Governor Bush had any knowledge or involvement with this gentleman and his allegations," Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told Reuters by phone. "It’s nothing we’ve ever seen before."

Steele was kept on assignment by FusionGPS after Trump won the nomination and his information was circulated to Democratic Party figures and members of the media.

Steele's dealings with the FBI on Trump, initially with the senior agent who had started the FIFA probe and then moved to a post in Europe, began in July. However, Steele cut off contact with the FBI about a month before the Nov. 8 election because he was frustrated by the bureau's slow progress.

The FBI opened preliminary investigations into Trump and his entourage's dealings with Russians that were based in part on Steele's reports, according to people familiar with the inquiries.

However, they said the bureau shifted into low gear in the weeks before the election to avoid interfering in the vote...."

Why would Steele care what the FBI did with the report as long as he was paid?

Pathetic "journalism".

John Mc Gowan said...

Woman caught in videotaped tryst explains the art of Russian blackmail

MOSCOW -- Neither of the people in the grainy video of a secret affair knew they were being filmed by a tiny camera hidden in the bedroom.

It shows Mikhail Kasyanov, a former Prime Minister who was openly critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Natalya Pelevina, his lover and a political activist.

CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer asks Pelevina what makes her so certain the Russian security services were responsible for recording the tryst.

“I just don’t imagine anyone else having the technical abilities to do this kind of complicated job. It was an operation,” she tells Palmer.

By the time the video was leaked to national television, the camera had been removed and its hiding place in the wall patched up.

“When the film came out and the very first frame I saw, I saw myself... in that bedroom… everything became clear,” Pelevina tells CBS News. “I felt numb.”

The aim, she says, was to discredit her as she had challenged Putin.

Russians are familiar with this tactic. They call it “kompromat” an amalgamation of the Russian words “compromising material.” It’s an old trick in the country, used to ruin anyone who challenges the Kremlin and its vested interests.

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, who has worked in Russia as an oilman, says the values here -- particularly the way politics is played out -- are very different to those in the U.S.

“I agree,” Pelevina tells CBS News. “In any other country, I would have sued the TV channel. I would have sued the secret service, even though it’s very hard to prove that they’re behind it, of course. Still, in a different country I would have done something about it.”

“In Russia,” Pelevina adds, “it’s impossible, and pointless.”

It could also be dangerous; against its opponents inside and outside the country, Pelevina says, Putin’s government plays hardball, and it plays according to its own rules.

Nic said...

happy UK said,
wonder if this was somebody pro Trump that put this out given that it is so patently fake.

I say that whomever "leaked" this story (because that is what this is) hates, BO and hates DT. This "intel" was in the FBI's hands supposedly back in November? But both BO and DT were just recently briefed of its existence and then it ends up in the news?

Look at the timing of this "leak": the night of BO's farewell address -- which should have garnered him at least a minimum of 24 hours of 'goodwill' news, and the night before DT's first meeting with the media wherein he was going to be discussing his appointments and 100-day plan and where he and his administration are regards his platform.

Did BO get his at least one-day of splashy and favourable reporting? No. He was blown off the headlines. Was DT's agenda with the press as planned? Barely.

The only thing "unknown" about the "leak" was who would bite. Quel surprise - CNN and Buzzfeed.


Anonymous said...

Maybe correct Tania...maybe

Nic said...

Peter said,
What can we know about the author?

1. His background
Male, late 50's, 60's, early 70's, government worker, interest in espionage, probably likes to watch movies like the Bourne Identity, fancies himself a writer.

2. His experiences
Someone high enough, connected in government to make this piece of trash a briefing. Someone who understands the effect of Cold War propaganda on the mass.

3. His priority
To pander to/ignite fear in a demographic who grew up on a diet of Communism and Marxism ideology. A demographic who lived in an era where neighbours spied on and reported on each other/bullied each other with the threat of accusations of being a Communist; and where famous people were blacklisted if they were thought to be a Communist. A demographic who grew up in "intolerant" times where being homosexual meant you lost everything, including your family.

4. His personality
Secretive, homophobic, hides his own nefarious activities; lot of skeletons in his own Closet.


Nic said...

According to Source D where s/he had been present, TRUMP'S (perverted) conduct in Moscow including hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated) had stayed on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers' (urination) show in front of him.

I would like to know if the author is homophobic. It is alleged in this story that Trump hired prostitutes and that he was "unknowingly" compromised. So is it much of a leap to believe that it was DT and the prostitutes in the room and nobody else (except who was watching on the other side of the lens)? Why not identify the prostitutes, most specifically, the sex of "Source D"? Source D means one of four sources/"witnesses"?

What I find interesting about this story is that the whole world watched Trump campaign last year and yet no one reported on him being in Russia. However, the author bundles, "The President and Mrs. Obama" (importance, seats of "honour"), Russia, bed, perversion, and defile in the same sentence. Two other words are interesting: perform and show. Perform and show go hand-in-hand with "acting", which is also pretending or faking for a living. The prostitutes were performing, so there is watching.

Watcher goes hand-in-hand with pornography.

Maybe the author enjoys watching perverted pornography.

The author injects the word "exploits" into the story. What is exploited in the realm of prostitution (and pornography))?


Nic said...

"borne fruit"

This makes me think of the expression, "low hanging fruit", also known as "easy pickings". Did whoever conspire to smear Trump consider him "low hanging fruit", or the task itself, "easy"?

"fruit" in the context of "personal obsessions"/sexual perversion (mid-century attitude towards homosexuals)/kompromat makes me think of "dingle berries" (balls).


Nic said...

where he knew President and Mrs. OBAMA (whom he hated)

President does not have "Mr." or "the" in front of it, or Obama after it. (personal slight?)

Hate is beside "Mrs. Obama"...and!!! "whom he hated" is extra wording in the third person (conceal) making "Mrs. Obama" sensitive.

The word "hated" is in the past tense, the tense/perspective in which an author writes. Past tense also means an action that has stopped.


Nic said...

Anonymous, January 12 at 10:18 said,
How convenient that McCain was personally selected to protect the nation by hand delivering the Trump slam.

Indeed. Hiding in plain sight (self-identified). Shot over the bow?

Someone, also, whose relationship with The Obama's is effectively, over.


Anonymous said...

It has already come out that it was a billionaire Democratic who paid the company to dig up dirt on Trump...once Trump received the nomination, the donor did not want the info...However some of Hillary's people DID still want the info to try to smear Trump.

We still don't know who actually wrote the dossier.

The company who dug up the info is the SAME company who was paid by Planned Parenthood to try to put a positive spin on the harvesting and selling of baby organs. These high level Planned Parenthood people should BE IN JAIL for what they were and are doing! Check out one of the video where a female doctor is munching on salad while she talks about crushing fetuses the correct way to harvest whatever organs they want to get. Additionally she mentions how she frequently will change a fetus from head-first presentation to feet first to harvest more organs. ARe people so stupid they do not realize that babies do not normally go into head-first presentation until at least 7 months gestation? These people are butchers who should spend the rest of their lives rotting and jail and that is where THE LAW of the land says they should be, but Obama protected them!!! These people are very powerful, they are committing federal crimes and all should be in jail doing VERY lengthy jail sentences...yet these evil people got NO PUNISHMENT and the people who secretly shot the videos got in trouble.
Once Trump takes over, he is going to make changes that WILL outlaw abortion on a federal level, and these organs sellers will no longer be able to do what they do (although abortion may continue in certain states). Do the math. The lady says she sells each organ from between $30-$100. When Trump takes over they will lose billions of dollars even if abortion never gets outlawed in a single state simply from the fact Trump WILL prosecute anyone selling organs. There is no way Trump would view a video like that and not call a spade a spade and pat those butchers on the head and says "God bless you." like Obama did. Obama even investigated and prosecuted the people who secretly shot the video.
I believe Planned Parenthood wanted the "dirt" on Trump. There are people doing organ harvesting/selling committing federal crimes who are going to go to jail for many years once Trump takes over. These are the people who used the same company to have them write a fake "forensic report" on the videos that were leaked out on their highly illegal activities falsely claiming the videos were manipulated. Of course these people are going to fight Trump, smear Trump, they have so much to lose, billions of dollars and the fact that if they end up being prosecuted they will all rot in jail. That is where the law of the land says they should be. It was only Obama keeping them out of jail!!!! Nothing else!

Anonymous said...

These people know that it is only a matter of time till they are tried for their heinous crimes. THAT evil salad-munching woman said she turns babies from head-first presentation to feet first to murder them the right way so she can sell their more of their organs! What a fucking b&tch! She is killing third semester babies!!!!!! That is illegal to turn a baby like that!!!! God is angry. These people will be tried for their crimes just like the Nazis. And they know it. They know the law will catch up with them. They have committed so many federal crimes and still are. They will try to bring Trump down! I hope everyone of those people ROT in prison.

Anonymous said...

Think of what Trump said about the fake report...he said "This is like Nazi Germany" wtih people publishing false info. Think...what about our society is most like Nazi Germany? The high level Planned Parenthood people who know that eventually they and their evil butchering doctors who deal in organ sales will ALL be tried in court just like the Nazis were for their war crimes. They have committed countless federal crimes...this is not my opinion...this is the law of the land saying that. It is only a matter of time till they are tried and incarcerated. That is the motive, I bet, for whoever wanted the "dirt" on Trump--they are scared bc they are all going to spend life in jail.

Anonymous said...

DailyMail 1-13-17
Jeb Bush DENIES BBC claim that he ordered the dirty dossier - so if it wasn't him, who paid the shadowy research firm which started filth file two years ago?

Nic said...

Getting back to "why" (to exploit), who gains from "exploiting Trump"? Not the Dems, they've been voted "out" on all levels. Not Dem backer$, not for the next four years, anyway.

So someone from within the Republicans. Trump knows The Establishment (Dem/Rep) are his enemies. The voters will keep their feet to the fire. Who else could be working both sides of the floor. Someone who has history in DC, someone who talks out both sides of his mouth (works both sides). He, too, is public and in plain sight.

Nic said...

Anonymous at 2:07pm

I think all you have to do is go back in the reporting to see who backed HRC, keeping in mind that they are a billionaire, and you will at least have a short list of suspects.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Think of what Trump said about the fake report...he said "This is like Nazi Germany" wtih people publishing false info. Think...what about our society is most like Nazi Germany? The high level Planned Parenthood people who know that eventually they and their evil butchering doctors who deal in organ sales will ALL be tried in court just like the Nazis were for their war crimes. They have committed countless federal crimes...this is not my opinion...this is the law of the land saying that. It is only a matter of time till they are tried and incarcerated. That is the motive, I bet, for whoever wanted the "dirt" on Trump--they are scared bc they are all going to spend life in jail.
January 13, 2017 at 2:01 PM

I cover this in an upcoming article for employment analysis



From NBC news, a pretty telling update on this "spy".

"Nobody is saying he believes in any of this," West said. "What he was hired to do was write a series of reports based on info he could glean from his contacts. His contacts are very good but they're more in the business community than the intel community."

**** So this spy would put out lies? That's what this states. Nobody is saying he believes in any of it. Interesting spy! ********

Nic said...

Regarding pronouns, they are either third person or concealed. This statement is essentially hearsay. Nothing reported is observed in first person.


Nic said...

Boston Lady,

Just seeing your update. No kidding. He is distancing big time, even downplaying his sources.

Nic said...

Today's technology makes it easy to deceive. I would "circle file" any reported scandal on Trump from hereon in. For example:

Watch a man manipulate George Bush's face in real time:

Nic said...

^^Further to my above post, not only is video of George Bush manipulated, so is video of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Interesting timing: Yesterday (the day following Trump's press conference in which he showed he was standing strong against the fake story and cnn,) the baby parts provider for Planned Parenthood dropped their lawsuit against the whistleblowers and now face a criminal investigation.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I look forward to reading the article!


On Twitter, the left is raging today. They are pointing to this lastest fake news story and crying that Trump is illegitimate because of Russia's interference. There is a Representative Barbara Lee who has posted notice that she is boycotting the inauguration and then there is the Women's Movement who are organizing a giant march during the inauguration. I'm so disgusted by the actions of the left who are continuing their never ending temper tantrum of losing the election. It's actually more than disgusting, it's frightening. This continuing display is breeding violence and it is going to explode.

This is not the world I'd envisioned growing up.

Anonymous said...

If you click on "original source" at the end of the article I linked, the video StemExpress trued to block is on there. I only had time to watch a min or two, but the when the criminal inquiry is done (just from what the lady says in first 2 min) many people will be tried for federal crimes...she says they get fully in tact fetuses "a lot" and ship them to their lab. This is a SERIOUS federal offense. I hope all these people rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

Could someone manipulate Josh Earnest's face to wipe off that smug smirk he uses each time he lies?

Nic said...

Boston Lady,

I've been reading the same reports.

Maybe this will hearten you -- it does me:

"Because there will be roughly 10,000 total “troops” on the scene that day, encompassing roughly 1,000 U.S. Marines, 5,000 National Guard troops, 3,000 federal officers and at least 1,000+ D.C. police officers. (My estimate of 10,000 is quite conservative. Realistically, it’s probably more like 15,000 in all, including thousands of undercover agents from various law enforcement departments and agencies, both state and federal, including the FBI, US Secret Service, Treasury Dept., DHS, etc.)"

Anonymous said...

This is the video that they wanted blocked. The lawsuit was dropped yesterday. Cooncidence? I think not. These people belong in the lowest depths of hell. They make Hannibal Lecter look like a pleasant person. Our country will NEVER be great till justice prevails against these demons.

Nic said...

Thank you, Anonymous @ 7:54pm.

I am so misinformed. I thought Planned Parenthood was "anti" abortion... full term keep/give up for adoption. I had no idea they were in the business of harvesting and selling tissue and organs.

This whole US election has been an education. A very dark education.


Nic said...
Boston Lady,

I've been reading the same reports.

Maybe this will hearten you -- it does me:

"Because there will be roughly 10,000 total “troops” on the scene that day, encompassing roughly 1,000 U.S. Marines, 5,000 National Guard troops, 3,000 federal officers and at least 1,000+ D.C. police officers. (My estimate of 10,000 is quite conservative. Realistically, it’s probably more like 15,000 in all, including thousands of undercover agents from various law enforcement departments and agencies, both state and federal, including the FBI, US Secret Service, Treasury Dept., DHS, etc.)"

January 13, 2017 at 5:50 PM


Thanks Nic.. I know I shouldn't be surprised by the rabid left and their spewing but I am. Not even basic civility is being followed. So many are so self absorbed they can't see past their own reflection. They don't take the time to try to learn about the other views. Of course they are supposed to espouse the view of acceptance, tolerance, and yet they are the most intolerant and non accepting of anything that is not their view. There is no ability to debate because they melt down into a defensive angry mean attacking mode.

I'm praying that we can get past this craziness. I really hoped that after the election, things would settle down but that has not happened. It's escalated. I'm grateful that I found this blog at the end of 2010 and have been able to learn so much about finding the truth in statements. I am going to take Peter's official statement analysis course. It will be a gift to me for 2017 :)

elf said...

I think your prejudice is showing. There are a LOT of different fetishes in the world, and lots of different people that choose to indulge in them.
You won't succeed in statement analysis if you let prejudice affect what you see.

Anonymous said...

Elf, To me it is not a matter of is a matter of utter stupidity and people who come up with stupid problems. Life is MORE than complicated enough...I can't even understand how people can complicate sex by coming up with fetishes...for example...let's say someone who can only get turned on by feet or shoes?!? Or someone who needs to watch a golden shower?!? Do these people have no REAL problems, so they need to make some up? Like regular sex isn't good enough for them (obviously they must be terrible at it if that is the case!) so they need to look at a shoe instead?! I think that is the problem...same with transgenders...they don't have any REAL problems and NEVER have, so they have to make something up to be a big problem, like...gee, ya know I think I'm the wrong gender! I need to look at shoes! I need to watch a golden shower. I have absolutely no tolerance or patience for people like that, it sickens me to hear about it, because of how self-indulgent and ridiculous it is, there are people starving in the world, people with actual problems, it absolutely disgusts me to hear about people's made up or porn-induced "fetishes".

Anonymous said...

Same with cross-dressers/"transgenders"...absolute nonsense generated in the mind of someone with absolutely no problems. Seriously if that person was fighting cancer, do you think they would have a single thought of needing to buy women's clothes and wax all the hair off their body? And have time to create a whole personna and turn into a "she" in their free time if they had nauseua from chemo or any other human problem?!? Individuals who do this cannot have any normal human problems. What if they even were just interested in something in read a book? Seriously, these people are the definition of self-indulgence. I will call it what it is. Retarded.

Anonymous said...

What about Mark Redwine's diaper-wearing, feces-eating fetish? Is that just a personal choice or a sign he is sick in the head? I say it means something has gone very wrong in his brain. I think people have every right to be prejudiced against deviant, disgusting behavior.

Anonymous said...

These types of freaky people can do what they want. I have every right not to want to hear about it or know about it, and I am certainly not obligated to accept it as normal, because it is NOT!!!!! I don't find it interesting, I find it a sign they have NO REAL PROBLEMS AND NO LIFE OF ANY KIND otherwise how would they even have time to dress up in a diaper?

Anonymous said...

It's like if someone enjoys hitting their thumb over and over with a hammer. I Don't want to know about that! I think it is crazy, I think it is insane, I think it is demented, and I would rather not know about it. That is how I feel, if that makes me "prejudiced" than yes I am prejudiced and proud of it!!!

t said...

Anon... don't live in the world of social media if you don't want to hear, see or know about "freaky people". There is an OFF button for a reason.

New England Water Blog said...

anon at 1:53, I'm sure you can find a site for prudish and sanctimonious moralizing but this is not it. This is for Statement Analysis not high and mighty judgments.

Anonymous said...

Update: Liberty News is now saying Planned Parenthood is behind the Trump dossier.

Anonymous said...

t, Thanks for advice. I dont get my info about the world from social media though.

New England. Blog, Are you serious? Im allowed to my opinion and it contained hardly any moral judgement. You called me "prudish" for criticizing Redwine's fetishes? How can a person be called pridish for thinking fetishes are stupid when they dont even have anything to do with sex? Mark Redsine eating feces or someone doing golden showers---these are not sexual things except in their sick minds.

Are you some kind of liberal? Liberals need to learn: Just bc you accept something doesnt mean other people have to. Repeat it 3 times and remember that.

My belief is people get these fetishes from porn and other mental problems.

Anonymous said...

I even said that people can do what they want, I just dont want to HEAR about it. I know liberals like to shove their perverted beliefs in people's faces and expect a parade thrown for them also, but they have no right. Noone needs to celebrate their perversions k.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Head of US Intelligence calls Trump and tells him that US intelligence were not the people responsible for leaking the dossier.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Moral narcissism is something taught in analysis. It is a dominant point in Employment Analysis.

The moral narcissist believes her morals are superior to others, and holds contempt for all other views. She is a slave to emotion and her standard is as variable as human emotions.

With her lofty view of her own emotions, how long until a co worker does not share her lofty opinion of self?
How long until a customer disagrees?

Then, you have the first conflict.

Then, because emotions are so easily changeable, the absurdity continues until an employer has to deal with...

57 genders.

Everyone is offended at everything and insurance rates go through the roof and payouts are done rather than deal with histrionics.

The moral narcissist sees her own morals, ethics, political opinions, etc, as superior to all others.

1. Contempt for others. Those who disagree are mentally ill (phobia) and immoral (hateful).
2. Competition is the second level. This is where the moral narcissist 'competes' with other moral narcissist on

who is the MOST moral?

who is the most victimized?

They see disagreement as utter rejection of self. This is why, even when an attorney says, "you don't have a legal position here..." the MR will not quit the cause. The distress is so acute, that she is filled with resolve to gain "redress" from the company.

I hope to publish analysis on "grab her by the p****" and our reaction.

We all feel a certain pull towards moral narcissism ---we want to feel good about ourselves. Many men are narcissistic as they grow in success in business (some women too) but with powerful emotions, more woman are prone to the moral narcissism.

It impacts us all and the more we are aware of it, the more we can attempt to use logic and reason over emotion.

This is behind such things as "hey, wait 24 hours before hitting "send" on that email" or why we used to prize self control, rather than poor impulse control.

By the way, this is why the moral narcissist will not say "I disagree with point A of your analysis", opting instead for assigning "hidden" motive, which only reveals their own bent.


Anonymous said...

Sorry...this is more precisely what the head of Intelligence told Trump about the dossier:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper called Donald Trump [Wednesday] night and expressed his “profound dismay” over the continued leaks about Trump’s intelligence briefings.

Clapper also reiterated to Trump that the scandalous dossier was “not a U.S. Intelligence Community product.” (More on that below.) In addition, Clapper told Trump that he did not believe the leaks came from his people, and he reassured the president-elect that the intelligence community “stands ready to serve his administration.”

Anonymous said...

Great post Peter. You are right in that we all feel a "pull" towards moral narcissism. I think for me, certain things from the left feel complicated, exhausting and overwhelming to me. When I watched 3 undercover videos of PP to see what they might be scared of coming to light the last one actually caused me to throw up and have to sip water for 2 hours to settle my stomach. Liberals who support these things need to understand when people throw up when watching these videos they need to address that and understand that when something makes someone sick to their stomach they will not normally "like" what made them throw up. I feel
compassion for people whom I believe are misguided but it probably doesnt come across that way. As far as transgender, I know a man who has recently transformed into a woman, and my initial feelings were "hey water makes you happy", however in my fb feed I would see pretty constant complaints like she is outraged that she had good car insurance price as a man who didnt have any accidents and wants THAT back now that he got into an accident as a woman lol. She is mad that her girlfriends parents find him/her controlling and it probably bc they think he/she is an "it". Daily before and after pictures of their transformation. Constant complaining about prejudice with no specific examples. So I do feel if something makes someone happy and it isnt hurting anyone, go right ahead. Sometimes I just find it exhausting to wrap my head around certain concepts but that doesnt mean the person is immoral, however maybe these people could explain things better to make it easier for people to understand and to decrease moralizing reactions. jmo

Anonymous said...

Also, regarding some liberal beliefs, it is one exhausting nauseating thing after the next including calling someone a "prude" for criticizing someone saying they think people who like fetishes of golden showers or Mark Redwine's fetishes are gross. To me and to most people would find those types of practices disgusting and yes mentally ill. I think that is narcissistic to demand others share their view of something which is reppellant to most humans and animals--pee and poop. But again it is just anither thing we are told we must accept and think is "cool" or there is something "wrong" with us. Transgender men almost universally believe their wives should be OK with their journey and even expect them to TURN INTO lesbians to accomodate their gender change. This, to me, is mind-blowing in its narcissism. I say if someone does something that is not hurting anyone, then go right ahead, but please do not think for a second that other people have to like the same things especially if they are universally repellant for survival reasons like pee or poop fetishes.

Anonymous said...

And I am sure Mark Redwine got his fetishes from porn bc who could think of something that disgusting in their own head? Millions of men brainwashed by porn to think violent, disgusting or repellant things are "normal" and that there is something wrong with their woman, man or transgender partner if they do not like those same things. No there is something wrong with THEM.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Theres only indirect relation to PP.

CptKD said...

Trump didn't 'DO' the 'Showers' - He 'watched' while prostitutes engaged in them!
Further, the actual act of a 'Golden Shower'does not consist of urinating 'on the bed' - It is in fact, on 'another'!
Now as distasteful as that may sound to you & I - There are some, who practice in this 'Fetish' ...
Similarly, there are folks who care - Those who don't!
As there ARE 'Sick & Evil' people in the Country, Outside of it - Around the World & Who even run It!

All that said, I can't help but find your comment, really full of 'fumfah'!
I guess that's to be expected though ... Since you obviously didn't 'read' what was provided!
As it explains, Why you chose to remain 'Anonymous'!

Unreal ...

Anonymous said...

Could she have written the dossier?

People like to retaliate towards others with what they feel was done to them. Listen to how she speaks of what she feels was done to poor little PP. "Political smear campaign" "Entrapment".....she is also quite precise in how she speaks...

Anonymous said...

At 2:34 Cecile Richards "aspects of our work"

Trump dossier "other aspects of TRUMP'S engagement"

Anonymous said...

People may find this interesting: An ex-CIA agent doing a little SA of his own--talking pretty in depth about the language and writing style in the dossier, etc and also specifying it is a private, unclassified document.

Anonymous said...

Just site the evidence showing DIRECT relation to PP. Not just he worked for a company that PR'd for PP.

New England Water Blog said...

Anon at 1:26
Where is Redwine mentioned in your post I commented on, I don't see that name there?

As for moral judgements, I found them in your words here: " I have absolutely no tolerance or patience for people like that, it sickens me to hear about it, because of how self-indulgent and ridiculous it is, there are people starving in the world, people with actual problems, it absolutely disgusts me to hear about people's made up or porn-induced "fetishes".

My point is that this is an area of study in which neutrality would seem to be essential. Actually are views may not be all that far apart but how can you study this subject if you can't set them aside. Peter Hyatt seems to be a very moral man but he sets a great example here by maintaining a neutral and non-judgmental focus on the words being used and nothing outside that.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I believe PP was behind it. Before I even knew that the same company that did the fake forensic reports for the PP video scandal, something jumped out at me.
I dont remember where I read it (it had to have been a national news source though) an article discussing how much trouble they are in with threats of being defunded and the video scandal was introduced by saying how the pro-life movement has been trying to get them defunded for decades but that finally one thing that had born fruit for them were the undercover videos in terms of making people (public and government) question their activities.

Look at the section of dossier at the top of page. There is a quality of almost a mirror image of the language phrases used in reporting on PP undercover video scandal.

"aspects of his engagement" "aspects of their work"

"employed a number of prostitutes" "employed doctors who did bad things"

"Mrs Obama (whom he hated)" (Threats to defund PP are always spun as "hatred for women/women's reproductive rights--the dossier author emphasizes Trump's alleged "hatred" for Mrs, not Mr, Obama)
"perversions/personal obssesions"

"borne fruit" (mention in national news that pro-lifers undercover videos had finally "born fruit for them" in their fight against PP)

"cameras that could record anything they wanted to (accusations that PP video was manipulated...they were just making it look like "anything they wanted to

Anonymous said...

Also, notice the word "exploit" (Trump's perversions) to gain "suitable kompromat (compromising material)

"exploit" implies victimization
"compromising material" (PP videos)

Anonymous said...

The dossier section above actually portrays Trump as a "victim" of spying/recording secret video sere it not for the mention of
"sexual perversion"
"defiling the bed where they had slept"
"hatred for Mrs Obama"

Anonymous said...

"perform" a golden showers onto the bed
"perform" an abortion

There is some masculine language, but I get an overall sense the writer is female.

Anonymous said...

The writer is fixated on Trump being an alleged "pervert"...Peter said what is in parantheses implies the writer saying "between you and me"....the writer tells us Trump has sexual perversions and then writes of his "(perverted) conduct" in's like the writer is saying "while youre reading this, keep in mind that Trump is a "pervert".

Anonymous said...

@ Captain Kd I am just now seeing you wrote

"Anon - Why 'gay male/transgender'?
I'm curious to know, why you keep being drawn to this particular 'Identity'?"

I'm not "drawn" to that "identity".

For me, having grown up with one parent who pretended to be "saintly" and was actually quite "evil", I don't like people or groups of people who seem to function around secrecy or having "double identities". I like people who are what they appear to be. So, if someone is openly gay, that is fine with me, because they are living as how they are (gay). Someone like Bruce Jenner freaks me out, because I think that's crazy that he built a family with a wife and had kids, etc and stayed in it for how long (like 20 years?) and then all of a sudden, he's like "I'm a woman!" He also said that his 2 kids he had with Kris Jenner "got in the way" of him turning into a woman!!! I just think that is totally just confirms the fact that noone can be trusted...someone can pretend to be good and they are actually evil, and they will keep it well-hidden. Someone can appear to be male, marry, have kids, but they actually have been viewing themselves as female the whole time and after 20 years just declare that the whole thing was a farce. I actually very much like gay men who are openly who they are but I think it is just tragic that so many of them lie and exploit people and many of them seem to live lives based on putting up ads saying how they are marrried but want to meet gay guys while their wife is away for an hour (that is as common amongst gays as it is for a straight person to eat cereal in the morning).. I guess maybe heteros act that way too sometimes, cheating or living double lives or whatever gay guys do. It is from my childhood, I don't like people who present themselves as totally different than what they are while maintaining a secretive personality that only comes out when noone else is around. That is my opinion, sttaight guys who cheat etc or maintain double lives freak me out just as much, but at least society frowns on that whereas how can society congratulate a man who marries for 20 years, has kids, and then says "Hey I just thought I'd mention I'm actually not a man! I'm a woman and Im going to turn into one now!" To me, probably from my childhood, it seems almost psychedelic like what the hell how can someone be all this weird shit all rolled into with Bruce Jenner, hes not a woman and he can't even say if he wants to be with men or how can people not know what gender they are or what sexual orientation? I see other people who like celebrate this kind of stuff but for me, I find it scary, because how can you ever trust whst someone says they are or feel or believe or even trust their actions? Anyone can be hiding a double personality imo, there is no way to know for sure a person's true nature (good or evil, etc). I don't know...that stuff freaks me out...just the idea that someone can be completely different than what they present themselves as is scary to me.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

"borne fruit" strikes me as flowery language not employed in technical or analytical writing, but more used in entertainment writing, story telling.

"sexual perversion" and "perverted" are the author's own feelings about the acts he'll later describe, as well as/ or are being used to elicit a specific response from the reader. If this was an objective report, he would have been neutral.

"whom he hated" - a shortcut with implications that readers who share the author's views of Trump will get without having it explained. Signalling to a type of person with the sort of political views that would lead them to think a certain way about Trump because only a particular sort of person could possibly hate the couple (bigots, regressives, right-wingers etc.).
I would expect from a professional security analysis something a lot less cosy and informal than this short nod to the reader, like a footnote explaining why it is relevant he chose the same room that the Obama's stayed in. There should also be a reference or citation to back up the assertion that Trump hates one or both of the Obamas. Also I would expect some form of obvious conclusion with respect to the significance of that room being one the President and First Lady had also stayed in from a security point of view (cameras etc.). Instead, the cameras and microphones are brought in at the end of the piece in an ominous and suspenseful way, separate from the information about the room and what happened in it when Trump stayed there. This dodgy dossier is alleged to be a collection of memos. If true, perhaps that could account for the informal and unprofessional way it's been written and compiled?

Use of "perversion","perverted", and "defile" rule out this being a /pol/ ruse imo (since it was referenced in an early comment). Their favourite term is "degenerate" and "degeneracy" when it comes to sex acts outside of missionary for procreation (whether each individual really feels that way or not, it's their "thing"). They have been taking advantage of the fake appearance of this document though, knocking up "screenshots" in the style of the document that describe even more outrageous things than in the real one.
One thing about ruses from places like /pol/ on 4chan, they will slip in an in-joke or two that fellow anonymous posters will get so they can be in on the ruse when a piece makes it into the public domain and reported as real. If this came from 4chan/pol/ as has been claimed in some places, the aim would be to make it knowingly fake to those familiar with the board culture and its memes, while having the media and officials believe it to be real because they're using the right signalling to slip past their targets' bulls.. detectors. All I'm getting from the section in this post is signalling for the intended audience, and no hint of /pol/.

Error 400, hope this doesn't multipost...

Anonymous said...

Cati, Interesting observations.

What are you referring to (is that in the rest of the document) with authors favorite word being "degenerate" for sex acts outside of missionary/procreation?

That would match up with the whole tone of "between you and me, he's a pervert".

First thing that comes to mind---Is the author hyper-religious?
However, this seems extreme by today's standards of even the very religious...

I think it is someone "feigning" an attitude of "prudishness"/hyperreligiousness. WHY? What would cause someone to do that?
Perhaps trying to cover up their own immorality...although it may not be sexual immorality the writer is trying to hide imo.

I think

Anonymous said...

I read some more of the document. It is kinda written like a cheesy spy novel with the author fixated on how blackmailing info is attained ie. "eavesdropped conversations"

"intercepted phone calls"

"cameras and microphones that could record anything they wanted to"

Anonymous said...

You're speculating about fiction?

Anonymous said...

3 discrepancies in document rendering it invalid:

Anonymous said...

We're speculating about the writing to figure out the author, and I'm sure you already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Really? What if the writer has not included anything personal? Thats fiction. It can contain a little reality but then exaggeration. Thats how it causes suspicion. The fiction writer used trumps known behavior and exaggerated it to plant doubt.

Anonymous said...


This dossier was put together before Trump's love of tic-tacs and woman-grabbing was known.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh is saying that a donor and strategist for Planned Parenthood WROTE the Trump dossier.

Anonymous said...

Dont bite the messanger. Rush Limbaugh is confirming what I theorized....that PP was not only behind the dossier, they also WROTE it. I was right.

Anonymous said...

Rush is a smart guy and he doesn't fabricate stuff. He wouldn't say it if he didn't know it to be true. If I were him I wouldn't want to say the name of the person either. Of course it was them. They are on tape saying they have lawyers (and they do--they have very high-powered lawyers) who create "layers" to protect them against been found out for doing partial-birth abortions (illegal) as well as trafficking in organ sales as well as saying they feel totally confident they are protected from getting caught. OK. These people are in SOOOO much trouble when this shit gets investigated--they've been blocking it with lawsuits and other litigation that has now collapsed. They will be charged with countless homicides, dealing and haggling for higher prices in organ sales (both of those things very illegal) as well as conspiracy to cover up crimes, and everything else. They disrespect the women they "serve" and obviously life itself. I digress, but Rush says it was them, and yes of course it was them. Give it time--it will come out.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I just googled, and it looks like Congress' Criminal Investigation Report into PP just came out today or yesterday regarding their criminal investigation into PP, and let's put it this way...they are in very deep shit.

Anonymous said...

People are enraged at what was in the report. It is absolutely disgusting--who is protecting these people from prosecution?!?! They must have their hooks so deep into WAshington and government.

If PP is not prosecuted, and shut down, I bet this will lead to a civil war.

And I bet there is going to be violence at Trump's inauguration between the PP protesters who are there to protest Trump and people enraged at what came out in Congress report on PP. That is some sick shit.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Well, who wrote it? Whats his/her name?
January 15, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Stay away from the name and look for attributes.


in particular.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Here is an example of profiling, though more from action:

It is a powerful article and it should not be missed.

I wish I wrote it!


Anonymous said...

Rush is claiming "We found that out today". (Not sure if it reliable, but here he is weighing in on the dossier".

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:15 PM

Rush is almost always right. He also makes a big deal of admitting mistakes.
If his facts are wrong, he'll let his listeners/readers know.

Anonymous said...

@1:37, Interesting, thank you for the info on Rush. Ive listened to him here and there, and he seems thing I liked about him is that he seems to treat people who call in with opposing viewpoints respectfully and addresses what they have to say. But I havent listened to him enough to get a broader idea of if he ever admits it if he makes a mistake etc, so thank you for info.

Bobcat said...

I don't like to listen to Rush, especially since he went deaf. His voice has changed and his sound engineers do their best, but he sounds too nasal now. However, I have enjoyed his perspective since the late 80s. Now I check his website every day for transcripts. He can still be annoying sometimes, but as I stated before as anon...He is almost always right, and often hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I agree Peter, Rush does off on lengthy monologues often about topics that are not the most interesting for the day in the news...I think maybe he just likes to hear himself talk. He can be is funny how he made fun of the Trump spy report being called a "dossier", especially after having looked at it closely here on Statement Analysis, it was very unclear how the report got elevated to that status of "dossier"!

Glenn Beck did used to be good, but had gotten a little nuts that last time I heard him!!! He seems a bit unhinged or something!

It's interesting how much these conservative radio guys got under Obama's skin!

Anonymous said...

OMG.....Read what michael moore posted to facebook. OMG.....ITS INCREDIBLE. How isnt it treachery?

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore is a babbling human hamburger. His stupidity is unforgivable.

Oh yes Michael Moore, you liberals are fighting for what Martin Luther King stood for by your demonic worship of the institution created by Margaret Sanger who stated "We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." Oh you're right! You are such a hero Michael Moore, standing for everything against racism!
Oh and you mentioned the disabled, Michael Moore! Yeah you libs care so much about the disabled...tell how much you care about the disabled to the Down Syndrome baby aborted for being disabled and sold in pieces to the highest bidder so "research" can be done to cure things like diabetes in fat-asses like you who consume non-stop McDonald's.
Michael Moore can go to hell. Liberals are so profoundly stupid, yet their evil ways are truly unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:11.

I was shocked to read it. Moore says trumps illegitimate & he told his audience in ohio just 'b4' the election that trump would win.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding right Anon?

You think anyone here needs Rush Limbaugh to think for them?

Anonymous said...

Isn't his Facebook posting of that letter INCENDIARY?

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