Friday, January 6, 2017

The Need To Assert: Personal Greatness

Commander McBragg as C Aubrey Smith 

"I am a good person" is almost a guarantee of some interpersonal or professional trouble.

"I am a great mother" is a signal of possible involvement with child protective services by one who has previously been accused of child abuse or neglect.  

Personal Greatness 

Barak Obama is the greatest president ever.  

If you don't believe this, just listen to him now;  he'll tell you.

The need to assert one's own greatness is a signal of weakness. In analysis, we seek to judge the appropriateness of the weakness, allowing it to reveal itself "weak" or "strong."  

In recent weeks, Barak Obama has taken to the world to tell everyone:

After the defeat of his hand-picked candidate, his dismissive juvenile taunts and insults,  with the complete world media shamelessly shilling for her, and his party's tremendous losses in the Senate, House and gubernatorial races, 

he would have beat Donald Trump in an election.  

After creating the power vacuum that led to ISIS, a great death toll in the Middle East, a mass migration to Europe by Islamists, arming Iran with technology and cash, as well as the various military humiliations we have endured (including the first naval surrounding of a vessel without firing a shot), 

he says;  The United States is stronger militarily, than it was 8 years ago. 

Where terrorist group Black Lives Matters visited the White House regularly, and received Soros back funding, and the complicity of main stream media, and tensions between races being extreme...

 Obama says race relations in the US are better now, than they were 8 years ago.  

And on it goes...all without a direct challenge from anyone in media, post election.  Media and elite complicity was seen in the Chicago 24 hour torture of a man with developmental disabilities.  It was classified as "youths" who have "made mistakes" rather than the racial supremacist crime it was.  The public outrage, using social media to out flank the deceptive reporters, caused the officials to 'change' the language to "hate crime."  

These are statements made, not in news conferences as a result of questions, but in "open statements" by Obama.  

This need to assert can reveal, in analysis, great weakness and even absurdity.  

Here is an extreme example.  

The defense of Amanda Knox, via hyperbole, is a good example of such, as "the investigation broke every rule of every investigation by every investigator in every country..." while repeatedly inflated the subject's resume, over and over.  This absurd level, rather than defend Knox, brings greater suspicion, while revealing the subject's own methodology, priority, thinking process, personality and...

likely some personal history in investigations.  It is not something that lends confidence to justice seekers within law enforcement.  One can only imagine what it was like being a subordinate of this type of personality and thinking.  

In Employment Analysis, there is an acceptable level of "need to persuade" because, after all, this is what a prospective employee is attempting to do:  persuade us to hire.  

"I am a hard worker" is a reliable statement.  It does not tell us the definition of "hard work" but tells us that the subject believes himself or herself to be  a hard worker.  Therefore, in the interview, not only can we ask, "tell us what 'hard work' looks like, allowing the subject to give us the subjective definition, but we can get even stronger insight by asking:

"Tell me about your co-workers..."

For one who says, 

"I am a very hard worker" we know that "hard work" is now sensitive as the need to call on the adverb, "very" is used. 

We ask the question, "why?" at this point. 

It is here we learn the cause of  the 'weakness' of "very" in analysis.  We tag it as "weakness" but this is a technical term.  'Weakness' that is justified is strength. 

"Tell me about your co-workers..."

When one says or writes, "I am a very hard worker", the subject is comparing himself to others.  In this question about co-workers, we often learn that there are two basic reasons for someone to assert that they are "very hard" workers:

1.  They are not hard workers. 
2.  They are hard workers who outwork those around them.  

In the former, the weakness is unjustified, but a statement of projection of laziness, while in the latter, the weakness is justified, showing it as strong, via comparison.  

Those who have been accused of laziness by an employer will often  write, "I am a very hard worker" on their employment questionnaire. 

Those who are hard workers who have worked alongside entitled, lazy and disinterested workers will write on their employment questionnaire: 

"I am a very hard worker."

The analyst is taught to discern which it is before the interview by context.  If the context is not clear, the answer must be found in the interview process if the analysis shows the subject worthy of an interview. 

Companies are saved much time by this screening process, but more so, companies are spared the impact of thieves, liars, and professional scammers; all of whom successfully gain money 

There is a strong difference between an assertion  of characteristics and an assertion of the person, as a "person", with no applicable characteristic. 

"I am a good person" is a strong signal that this subject has either been considered, or considers himself, "not a good person", that is, morally.  

Keep in mind:  this must be in an open statement; not in an interview, as in a response to a question or even an accusation. 

"I am a great mother" is found often by clinicians in Methadone clinics in the early screening process where the applicant is asked, "Tell us about yourself" in some form.  The association to some form of child protective services is evident.  

In employment setting, "I am a good person" is almost a guarantee for trouble.  

This person is very likely to have been accused of being immoral, with "morality" defined culturally and subjectively.  For one to make such an assertion today, with situational ethics and moral relativism, the analyst (and the company) should consider very carefully the origin of this claim.  

What is a "not good person" look like today?

This subjective understanding is going to be different than it was a generation ago;

This subject understanding is going to be very different than it was just a few years ago.  

It means to explore areas in which even the most insensitive conscience may be offended.  

Consider this from the perspective of a  company in need of a good, reliable worker:

Would you like to hire someone who:

is eradicate, almost like "Jekyll and Hyde" personality; getting along well on Monday, picking needless arguments on Tuesday with wild mood swings;  

may or may not show up;

early some days; alate other days and no show-no call yet another;

will work very well one day, but fall asleep on the job the next;

will appear very honest one day, but in an impulse, steal on the next day?

Yet, your government will not allow you to ask, "Are you using heroin?" in the interview, even though the government, itself, is not going to be subject to the same restrictions you are.  

With drugs comes neglect, theft, instability...and trouble. 

In an employment analysis, an applicant was deemed "language of addiction" in the conclusion.  

It took the applicant less than a month to fulfill the analysis.  

Addicts in recovery speak differently than addicts in danger.  Those in recovery reveal an almost 'forceful' truth and personal responsibility and use almost exclusively singular pronouns in questions dealing with accountability.  It is central to their ongoing sobriety that no one takes blame and no excuses are made.  This can translate into a rigorous employee in the right setting.  

Analysts are trained specifically to pick up deception indicators and once this is at a proficient level, analysts then move on to the advanced work of content analysis and psycho-linguistic profiling.  This is where they discern the subject's background, history of experiences, priority and personality traits.  

There may come a time where you can and should assert your skills.  The "need to persuade" is not the same as it is in a criminal statement.  We can, and should not think more of ourselves, nor think less of ourselves, but give an honest report of our skill set and what we have to offer a company.  

It is when the weight of priority shifts from truthful reporting to weakness that must be discerned to protect companies, departments, and even individuals from all manner of trouble. 

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Anonymous said...

When will the Hailey Dunn book be released

Anonymous said...


Will you consider this statement for analysis? It is a rant about a mom and what she encountered in the checkout line at Walmart.


rob said...

Peter, loved your article, agree with every word.

Anon, she's just another self-righteous saint that has to make up her feel good story of the day for attention. But she includes a photo so we'll all know how well put together she is. (sorry, I know you didn't ask me)

Anonymous said...


If you agreed with every word, did you not notice the bolded word? The use of the word eradicate rather than erratic puzzles me.

Long time lurker; first time poster.

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering about the Hailey Dunn book

happyuk said...

"With drugs comes neglect, theft, instability...and trouble. "

With substance abuse you also get massive denial and rationalisations, of which I've heard many ('It doesn't affect my work. I drink beer which is mainly only water. There was always food on the table. I only spend what is spare' etc).

I like this quote from Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's right hand man, in the book 'The Complete Investor'

“Everyone makes mistakes, but Munger has repeatedly said that staying away from the really big mistakes, like cocaine and heroin, is vital. As an analogy, Munger has pointed out that if you are floating down a river and there are really dangerous whirlpools that are killing many people on a daily basis, you do not go anywhere near that whirlpool. Munger also pointed to alcoholism as a major cause of failure in life. His point on substance abuse is simple: why play dice with something that can ruin your life forever? His timeless advice in every setting is to avoid situations with a massive downside and a small upside (negative optionality).”

Lucy said...

True. Look what happened to the Native Americans when the white man gave them alcohol. I dont believe alcohol is a depressant either (although it is very depressing). Alcohol always made me hyper. It shows you how little so-called "experts" know about this dangerous substance.

Anonymous said...

Initial reactions to alcohol do include hyperactivity, Lucy.
But the 'depressant' factor refers to the Physiological aspects that alcohol does to your body after ingestion.

Unknown said...

Off topic kinda...

This guy is asserting that he's "good" pedophile.

Lucy said...

Well, all I know is that when I used to drink alcohol, it would feel like a stimulant. I hear people say "I'll have a glass of wine to relax". Wine or any alcohol did not relax made me feel very hyper and full of energy and I think the reason why I would drink more than most people is because let's say I had a glass of wine...after drinking it, within minutes (2-3 min) I would feel like I was "coming down" and would therefore through no fault of my own, want another glass of wine to "come back up". Also, drinking only a few sips of wine would completely eliminate my appetite...whereas when others at the table were sipping wine to help them enjoy their meal, I would sip a few sips and would be literally UNABLE to eat (and I tell you it was after only a few sips, I would literally want to gag at the thought of eating food!!! I would even attempt to force feed myself and could not even swallow the food!!! So obviously people process it differently!!!). I have Native American genes and this may contribute, as they had no tolerance to alcohol when it was introduced by the white man, however, I think people of many genetic backgrounds have this same problem. Therefore I don't drink alcohol and I am much happier not drinking it. I also HATE feeling hung over!!! I think alcohol is a very dangerous drug, because let's put it this way, if someone never tried it, they will never want it, they will never miss it, and there would be no problem. I honestly don't think that scientists understand exactly how alcohol works on the brain.

Lucy said...

I just googled it, and it is saying that alcohol in small amounts acts as a stimulant and larger amounts act as a depressant, but that is not what happened to me when I drank. Large amounts would continue giving me more and more energy, and when everyone else would be like OK it's 3:00 am time to go home, I would still be filled with energy and be like "No way I'm not going home! Let's go to another party!!!" Everyone else would be more tired than me EVERY TIME. I can honestly say, I have seen how my brain does not process alcohol like most people's...basically large amounts would just continue fueling me with more and more energy so obviously my brain does not process it normally.

Lucy said...

My great-grandfather was full-blooded Native American, very handsome guy, although very flawed person...he was an alcoholic and he died from drunkenly crossing the street and getting hit by a car and it decapitated him. Obviously, alcohol is really not a good thing for Native Americans or anyone else predisposed to alcoholism.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

THE British wife of a “virtuous paedophile” has said her husband’s sexual attraction to young girls is a mental health issue and more help should be available.

Tabitha Abel’s husband Gary Gibson is a “comfortably out” paedophile who is aroused by girls aged between 6 and 12 but chooses not to act on his urges.

Father-of-three Gary, 65, has set up a non-profit organisation that offers help and support to non-offending paedophiles.

He says his own desires do not extend to young boys and he tends not to be aroused by older teenage girls.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, he explained: “When they pass 12 they tend to get into themselves, start to make themselves look older, and I like things natural so there we are.

“When they start wearing lipstick and stuff like that I don’t find it very appealing.”

Happily-married Gary, a former teacher who has also worked in the grocery trade, is a devout Christian opposed to watching pornography in any form.

He says most people wouldn’t think of him as a paedophile because he “doesn’t fit the standard profile”.

He added: “I don’t go around in a white van giving candy to kids in the park.

“I’m just a normal everyday person.”

He said the site receives around 100 new posts a day.

Gary has three children from a past relationship who are aged between 38 and 42, and he says they have come to terms with the fact their father is a paedophile.

He has candidly revealed that when they were born he made a pact with himself not to abuse any of them.

The loving dad, whose family has a dark history of incestual child sex abuse, lives with Tabitha in his native Oregon in the USA.

Astonishingly he says his wife reacted calmly when he told her he was a paedophile five years into their marriage.

Gary, who acknowledges he is “extremely lucky” in that respect, said: “She was very accepting.

“She was very supporting and accepting and was confident I had not done anything inappropriate.

“She was a little surprised but never said anything like ‘oh yikes’.

“She’s a medical (professional), she’s a nurse, so she sees it from a mental health perspective.”

British-born Tabitha, who was raised in Canterbury, Kent, met Mr Gibson while working in Oregon in 2004.

They married a year later and Gary told her he was a paedophile in 2010.

Tabitha, a retired nurse who was trained in Windsor, Berkshire, said: “He didn’t tell me he was a paedophile per say.

“He told me was sexually attracted to children.

“I don’t remember when I put the two and two together and said ‘he’s a paedophile.’

“I don’t consider him to be a paedophile because like most people I consider a paedophile to be a child molester – which he isn’t.

“It was a slow dawning.

“Paedophilia doesn’t mean that your a child molester, and I think that’s where people are caught out.”

Tania Cadogan said...


The pair chose not to reveal whether or not they have a normal sexual relationship.

Gary told the Sun Online how when he was younger his father sexually abused three of his sisters.

His maternal grandfather sexually abused two of his daughters and his paternal grandmother sexually abused at least two of her sons.

Gary has said he was never targeted himself as a youngster but that a counsellor once told him his mother had abused him.

His mother strongly denies the claim and Gary believes the therapist was trying to give him a "false memory".

Gary says his wife was supportive in helping him set up the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention International (ASAP) in 2014.

The non-profit organisation brings together mental health professionals and individuals who are sexually attracted to children.

It supports non-offending paedophiles who want to avoid acting on their urges.

Gary's belief is that paedophiles don't have to abuse children and can restrain themselves.

He said: "There are heterosexuals who chose not act on (their urges), there are homosexuals who chose not act on it.

"There are people who choose to be celibate and paedophiles can chose that too."
Gary is a member of online forums set up for non-offending paedophiles to share their experiences

Gary stresses that he is not therapist but he does provide "life coaching" to paedophiles in need.

He added that earlier this week a 16-year-old had reached out to him for help.

He continued: "Ninety per cent of therapists don't want anything to do with paedophiles.

"They fear will they be stigmatised.

"They are afraid they will be outed as helping paedophiles."

Mr Gibson has started a research project to study how aversion therapy might be used to treat paedophiles.

He is generally cynical about the affects and whether it is a healthy approach.

Mr Gibson said: "About 10% of gay people have found it successful.

"The majority found it made them worse off - suicidal or whatever."

Tabitha added: "I think education of the public is important.

"When I worked in a hospital I would speak to balanced people, I wouldn't necessarily say educated, but balanced people who were interested things.

"I would say don't just assume because someone's a paedophile they are a child molester.

"As a health professional I think education is so important.

"And this information needs to get out and people need to not jump to conclusions.

"By jumping to conclusions it tells people who are sexually attracted to minors not to access help or counselling."

Gary's sexual orientation has dogged him throughout his life as he kept it tucked away for years whilst choosing not to act on it.

He did not tell The Sun Online he had ever felt suicidal but did reveal he has had bouts of depression.

Gary says that his fantasies about children are not purely sexual and usually revolve around "grooming them" where he is "on their level" and can have the "type of relationship you would have with an adult".

He says his desires are "romantic" and not "purely sexual" but admits this might not be the same for other paedophiles.

He says he typically avoids "masturbating to scenes involving children" but he "doesn't beat himself up if that happens".

Gary said: "I don't feel bad it about because it's not reality, I can differentiate between fantasy and reality."

He reached a turning point when a relationship he was in broke down and he became single in the 90s.

Tania Cadogan said...


He explains: "I spent time in the South Pacific Islands where a lot of kids were running around naked.

"At the time I was also in counselling to try and get my life together while I was single.

"When I explained that to a therapist, told her about my attraction, she abandoned me without a referral."

Gary said this experience made him feel he was "more at risk than ever before" and he felt "totally abandoned and rejected".

The paedophile says he doesn't feel threatened by people in the town where he lives because locals don't know about his condition.

Gary says he has shared his secret with some of the leaders of his religious community and it has been accepted.

He says the worst treatment he has had was at the hands of mental health professionals when he studied for a Masters degree in mental health counselling.

When he "came out" to Tabitha in 2010 she advised him to become a counsellor to help other people "struggling with paedophilia".

He went studied at Walden University in Minneapolis but was dismissed "solely because of his sexual orientation" after he revealed he was a paedophile.

Gary took the case to the multi-disciplinary team in his community and received a mixed response.

He said: "About half of them realised I did not want to act (on my desires), but the other half, including people from child protection services wouldn't even talk to me.

"He said 'we don't do prevention'.

"Well obviously they should."

He added: "They obviously I assumed I was a monster.

"Just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off - waiting to molest.

"Most of the paedophiles I know don't want to do it.

"They don't want to hurt a child.

"They're not psychopaths, I know some that are.

"But the majority don't think it would be OK under any circumstances."

Gary, who says he has low self-esteem because of his paedophilia, said the experience left him anxious and depressed.

Researching and studying paedophilia has become Gary has become an obsession since he retired he has a member of three online communities.

The groups Before you Act and Virtuous Paedophiles bring together non-offenders who want to discuss their attraction to children and seek support.

Todd Nickerson, who uses the forum, is a self-confessed paedophile who said the condition is better understood as a sexual orientation.

He is also a member of a group called Visions of Alice.

Mr Gibson says he has no desire to "law the changes" around child sex abuse and said he and other members of the Virtuous Paedophile group are "anti-contact".

He describes members of Visions of Alice as being "pro-contact" paedophiles who believe adults should be allowed intimate relationships with kids.

Reflecting on his life as a paedophile, Mr Gibson said: ""The biggest factor for me has been low self-esteem.

"If people knew I was a paedophile they wouldn't like me.

"But overall my life has gone fairly well.

"Even though I have come out to a lot of people, they are all very supportive.

"I feel very comfortable.

"I am responsible for my actions."

Anonymous said...

President Barack Obama will reportedly have a big, beautiful wall around his new home in Washington DC.
According to spy photos from TMZ, workers are currently building a brick wall around the rental home where the Obamas plan to live after leaving the White House.

Must be alot of widows and orphans in neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What a liar. Notice how he just "happened" to be in the Pacific Islands, where children run around naked. I'm sure he has molested children.

Like all sickos and perverts he wants pity. Poor him. He has low self-esteem. Boo hoo hoo.

And of course he found some nutjob woman to stick by him. Just like these freaks who turn from a man into a woman and then their wife turns into a lesbian so she can stay with him/her/it. There is no end to how demented people can be--I am convinced of it.

Anonymous said...

If someone comes out and says they are that sick in the head, why wouldn't they want to be chemically castrated?!?!? Wtf!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's weird how all pedophiles are so manipulative. I was lured by a pedophile into the woods at a local park when I was a child, and I look back at what he said to me...I think he was visually able to spot me as being an emotionally neglected child who was rarely paid attention to, he very rapidly and efficiently gained rapport, found out my interests, lied about being in a position of authority...all within minutes. Pedophiles are master manipulators. Luckily I was able to flee from the pedophile before he could do me harm.

Anonymous said...

He lied and said he was working for the park and was put there to "keep an eye on things" and even had a fake T-shirt made up with the park's name on it! I believe pedophiles are highly manipulative and that is what makes them so dangerous. I also believe they enjoy tricking children--I got that vibe off the pedophile who lured me into the woods. I would not believe a single word the pedophile from Tania's article is saying--he is probably a pedophile who has and is hurting children.

Anonymous said...

The guy is full of crap because he is admitting that he is a predator. It is right there in the language. He admits he enjoys "tricking" children. He refers to this as "grooming" them and "getting on their level". What a loser. Just lock him up.

Anonymous said...


911 call details fatal shooting in Newton Falls

Newton Falls police released the emotional 911 call from the fatal shooting at the Newton Ridge apartments Saturday morning. It came from a woman in the apartment who said she was the girlfriend of the victim, 49-year-old Howard Smith.

CALLER: Please, my boyfriend shot himself, please
911: Where did he shoot himself at?
CALLER: In the head

Shaken and crying, the woman made the call to 911 around 12:30 Saturday morning. She said her boyfriend, Howard Smith, shot himself while they were lying in bed in their apartment on Ridge Road.

911: What happened, where were you at, did you just get home and find him?
CALLER: We were laying in bed and he was showing me the gun and he said it wasn't loaded and he was like pull the trigger and I said, NO. He took it and pulled the trigger and it had a shell in it.
911: So it was an accident?
CALLER: Yeah I think so, unless he meant to do it, I don't know.
CALLER: Hang on baby, please

The woman urged the 911 dispatcher to hurry because Smith was still breathing.

911: Where is the gun?
CALLER: It's right here, I've got it in my hand
911: Ok, don't touch it, just put it down
CALLER: Oh God, Oh God

Smith later died. Newton Falls Police Chief Gene Fixler says it is still an open investigation and they will hand everything over the Trumbull County Prosecutors Office to let them determine if any charges should be filed. An autopsy was performed on the body Tuesday but no word whether it was ruled accidental or intentiona

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment. Nancy Reagan was actively involved in astrology and utilized it to determine presidential planning. NO OUTRAGE!! And prez Reagan and nancy are almost considered saints. GWB's wife Laura killed her boyfriend long ago. SILENCE. As Gov of Calif Reagan signed the nations 1st abortion law. As a young man he was a model advertising cigarettes. Weapons in Nicaragua? He doesnt recall.

Anonymous said...

The Flint river has been an industrial sewer for 100 years. So, to save money Republican Gov admin shuts off Lake Huron water and switches to polluted Flint river for drinking water. Residents have been poisoned. The water is corroding GM factory components so GM is switched back at taxpayer expense but the residents are not.

Bingo said...

Today at the Alabama press conference for the Nat championship, Steve Sarkison, when asked about his stint in rehab, said "I am a good person." He then changed the subject. That stood out to me as a red flag. I then read this article and know why it bothered me. It always concerns me when a former addict gets into ministry (especially) or any high pressure position that involves being under the microscope. It concerns me as a Bama fan, how this guy will handle the pressure that is Alabama football.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for college sports. Shut it down. Instead why not focus on academia,sell off the arenas, and remove activist centered curriculum and invest in mental talent. Prohibit on campus identity based associations.

Bobcat said...


"I'd love to see him do Donald Trump, for instance, but he hasn't. Not once."


I have not read a full analysis. Provide a transcript and you may see an analysis.

Until then, here is a comment by Peter from 10/17/2016 at 1:24 PM

"When a buffoon like sleazy TV personality/business owner is my only choice for a vote, I am shocked."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobcat. We had to select the best one of two choices. Selecting DJT was determined the best option. Just based on the jihad attacks in UStates on BO's watch and race relations deterioration was enough to decide for DJT.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie said...
To Anonymous 1/7/17 and to Peter, That's what I said to Peter a couple of yrs ago or so., and which he seemed to have responded at a later date bysaying it's his blog and he can do what he wants. However, because he only does analysis of the politicians on the Left (save for sexual offences)

My feeling is that analysis of only one side..politically, IS a form of deceit as it is possible to lie, but only say true's what's missing that turns it into deceit as people who are paying attention can glean from it that it's the Left which does most all of the bad behaviors or the political party which is famous for lies. If Peter would spend some time doing analysis of politicians on the Right, I'd respect him, but I really felt/feel let down by someone who upholds the truth because he's giving only partial truth. I really thought a lot better of him & feel let down by him.

I'd love to see him do Donald Trump, for instance, but he hasn't. Not once.
January 7, 2017 at 2:27 AM

You'd respect Peter if he analyzed Donald Trump, just once.

Are you so narcissistic to believe that someone needs your respect, Jeanie? Really?? is this the narcissism of the left? I have read here for many years and seen him analyze both sides but mostly those in power.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are HORRIBLE people who lie about everything including the very nature of reality. Its also great how they reverse good and evil and then call other people Hitler! I think people are so sick and tired of hearing liberals' sickening bullsh&t.

Some of Donald Trumps "lies" I think are intended to help the United States and the world...for example, I do think he is playing Putin by saying how very smart and what a great guy Putin is...because Trump has the balls to interact with Putin knowing it is a very bad idea to have Putin as an enemy. I despise liberals more and more each day as they attempt to lead our country into the pit of hell. So sick of being FORCED to applaud for perverted transvestites and jump for joy over the harvesteing and selling of baby parts. I think MANY people are sick of liberals' disgusting beliefs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump is not lying about his "greatness"...he did become President against all odds.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have coerced schools into teaching kids they can choose their gender. WHY DONT LIBERALS GO TO HELL?

Their "safe spaces" are disguised mockery of their victims whereby their victims sit in front of a sign indicating to all that they are LGBTABCDEFG.
Everything liberals do is worthless and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

i think everyone is just so sick of the baiting and the goating somehow if Peter says donald trump lied about his girlfriend that will satisfy the person who is angry that peter analyzed hillary and learned that thousands of people died so she could look good politically? at my job i have had to be silent. do you know how this feels? some a hole wants me to call her "ze" and is causing a big shit storm over it. she thinks it is insulting to be a woman. her feelings are more important than our jobs and our freedom. the company is afraid to fire her because of a law suit in our state that voted hillary. no one cared how hillary sold out africans in africa for millions and millions they think that just because their teachers told them cllintons are pro welfare they are pro black. i am so freaking angry. my co workers all hate this nutjob but even those who like her are angry at the demands everyone well almost everyone voted for trump but they are afraid to admit it what has happened to our country. i have been out of college for 15 years so it was not that long ago freaking lliberals think they can take over this blog now? Peter i did not understand what you wrote about moral narcissist was but i am now seeing it "ze" thinks that she is so much "deeper" than everyone else and just wants to be called "ze" to get more attention for herself. we are "homophobic" for not agreeing with her, including my lesbian friend! ha ha! i am the only one who knows she is a lesbian but ze has already called her homophobic everyone kinda chuckles and asks why my friend does not get mad about it but only i know. i can't wait till she tells everyone that she is a lesbia. it is like this fun secret but i think she is waitng for ZE to file a complaint against her. then she can bring in her partner and make out in front of ze haha

Anonymous said...

"ze"??? Why do I have trouble believing someone at your workplace wants to be called "ze"?

Funny though!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can call her tse! She wont discern the difference. Ze or Tse sounds the same. Then go farther and call her Tse-Tse. The african biting fly.

Anonymous said...

we have not experienced that yet but have our share of social justice warriors all in wild competition to show who "cares" more than the next I will not call anyone any bizarre non English pronoun no matter what. If they claim it hurts their feelings I will claim that they hurt my feelings and are trying to ridicule my education, and if that doesn't work I will say it is an attempt to insult my heritage which is of the English language.

Anonymous said...

I saw this posted in part on your Facebook page and found it. holy balls.

Anonymous said...

If its disrupting workplace cohesion based on a triviality its Mgts responsibilty to intervene and stop the disruption.

Anonymous said...

Theres good and bad about Trump. At least he has a long career and history of big accomplishments with some failure. The current office holder has neither. Trumps past interviews are impressive. Some past conduct unacceptable. At least this time we had a history to follow when deciding. BO election is textbook perfect timing. His success was Repudiation of the republican party entirely. Just as BO and dems have been Repudiated thoroughly. Hopefully Trump is successful. He's not a phony.

Anonymous said...

it was corruption and destruction of America with globalism and jihad and media collusion versus....survival.

I would have voted for Jay Z over the obama-hillary syndicate. no one has done more destruction than barry and no one has used more risk to continue his destruction than the clintons.

Anonymous said...

Watch the 1988 Oprah/Trump interview. She basically goaded him to consider running for president. Watch Trump on Letterman just after the economy crashed. He was plain spoken and clear in opinions. How he's being re-created is malevolent. Michelle suddenly has lost hope? Thats pathetic. And on Oprahs show. Is it any mystery why democrats favor actors & fantasy?

Anonymous said...

Worst phrase of 2016: THATS NOT WHO WE ARE!

Best provocation and miscalculation award winner of All Time goes to Seth Myers for his 2011 Trump ridicule roast that payed off big Big BIG in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Take look see at mike moores twitter. Its like narcissistic safespace. Talk about covering up for the mistakes of their celebrity peers. So far have any of the liberal elite yet ostracized Seth for that arrogant taunt of Trump that really looks like it may have been the impetus to galvanize Trumps focus and determination. Would any serious and self respecting organization, other than, the liberal elitists not remove a root cause for their monumental failure? Has any celeb called Seth out for his mistake? All our old European allies are being destabilized and elite liberals say nothing but go on to provoke Russia. Friday was hollywood & saturday night live's last fling in the whitehouse. Goodbye.....

Anonymous said...

Can we expect that the new,
under construction brick fence
at bho's future residence will be
secure enough to protect us from him ?

habundia said...

When those people tell us "they dont act on their desire", what proof they have? Are we supposed to just accept what they say to be true?
It always makes me wonder. How do we know they tell the truth? How do we know they really dont/didnt act on their desire?
Itsnt it to much of a risk to assume they are telling the truth?
Just because they never have been caught in the act or caught by police...or no one ever admitted to be abused by them (millions of victims never tell)...does that mean they never "acted on their desires?" Or does it just mean "they never were caught and their victims have been succesfullied silenced?"
Based on what can we just accept they will not act on their desire or never have acted on their desire?
Are we supposed to wait untill some day they do act on their desire? With yet another victim who will have scarves and problems for the rest of their entire life?

And mastrubating on childrens images or with children at mind isnt that "acting on desire" then? Is it "normal" behaviour to mastrubate without a desire? What ever that desire is?

I am as many women on this planet been sexually victimized at different occasions. I am 42 and still have to deal with problems because of this happened to me.

Just like this man, child molesters, (padophiles) seem to me selfish bastards, who ONLY THINK OF THEMSELVES
Very narcisstic if you ask me. They think it should be aloud for adults to have sexual relation (awful wording for this type of act, but by lack of better description)
Do these paedophiles ever think of what the minor wants/thinks? What the minor themselves think of an adult who wants sexual relation with a minor to be "okay"?
Has this man ever read into any of the thousands of scripts that are out there of victims of these paedophiles (child molestors) and do they after reading still think that a minor wants to have a sexual relation with them too? That children themselves want to be in such a relation too? That only those who "dont have a clue" will condone their acts and children want them to abuse them?

As a victim i am biased for sure

habundia said...

If he had made a t-shirt then his manipulation didnt start the minute he saw you.
He probably had "keep an eye on things", and noticed your position at the park.

I am glad you got away from it before real harm was done (the fact he had lured you in at first is already doing harm, because it messes with your "trust" mentality)

habundia said...

I am glad to read it is in his words.

When these people tell us they dont act on their desires......they still end up telling us they kept being around kids in some way or the other.

Woman who stay with these man who openly admit to being a paedophile i think they are disgusting! If they also get children of these men and put their kids in danger by living with such a risk factor then to me they are probably once been a victim themselves of some kind of controlled abuse and have developed some kind of munchhausen syndrome (i believe its called that? Where you befriend with the abuser?)
And they somehow believe they can make them "better"
Or they are abusers themselves and find some recognition in their partner.

Its sick and wrong!