Thursday, February 23, 2017

Murder of Amanda Blackburn Crime Wire

Peter Hyatt on "Crime Wire": The Murder of Amanda Blackburn 

February 23, 2017, Peter Hyatt will be a guest on "Crime Wire" live broadcast, and will be taking your calls and questions at 9am to 1030AM EST.  

Amanda Blackburn was a victim of a sexual homicide in which arrests have been made. 

Questions, however, remain in one of the most bizarre 'solved' murder cases of recent years. 

Peter Hyatt will share analysis of the case, including deception detection techniques, and what this may mean for justice.  

Imagine Publicity Blog  :  broadcast of the show on Madeleine McCann 2016.  


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Kate said...

Bingo, that is a huge resource, thanks for letting me know and I will be using it for follow up vids if you don't mind. He did say, "Like william wallace who had his wife killed. He has so many slip ups like that but the vid was getting too long.

Thanks guys for the nice words about the vid, but really you all need to take credit for staying with this case. If Peter didn't have this forum, chances are slim I'd be kicking that out.

Did you notice the part where Davey speaks to the life insurance? Now he, the Byars and everyone else who knew Amanda, knew she lived for Jesus, Davey all but says she was sacrificed for Jesus. We know now every minute of Amanda's day was spent following the lord and his word. So how come when speaking about death, does Davey say, she'd probably go back to Elkhart to be by her family, but lo and behold, she'd want Davey to spend every minute growing the church and spreading the good word. I don't believe that story for a second. It makes no sense, just another way to pat his ego and indicate she was too weak to carry a church by herself?

DE I hope you connect that angle, if you need any help or leg work done, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can include the house he bought with the life insurance money in the next video? Or is that something that can get taken down? I'd love to see a video featuring DB's new lifestyle: cars, house, trips, etc.

Kate said...

Anon, Thanks, would love Amy's link. I had it at one time but now I can't find it. That's a great idea about Davey livin' large! In the video, I put in where he was thrilled to receive an online donation of $20,000, so I'm thinking some of his money is being filtered in that way as he continues to beg for money.

Davey loves to reference his trip to Israel and talk down to the little folk about all his worldly wisdom. But he is right, his church "grew" by default - Amanda's death. Once the people went and listened to him preach, they didn't come back. Who would? He has his few steadfast follower's, but other than a sympathy nod, he's not making much traction.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at KM's FB and she posted a pic of herself on April 30 where she is looking out at the ocean:

She seems to be wearing the same top that she had on in a pic on Davey's "I just popped the question" blog, where she is with the Byars family in a beach photo. They are all in swimsuit attire. In the April photo, Kristi is wearing beach pants and her hair is also the same as the pic with the Byars, ie no highlights that she had for the engagement photos.

We know she doesn't live near the beach so not like she was able to take a quick trip there. I was wondering if these pics were from the Seaside trip that Davey took with the Byars in October 2016? It definitely wasn't the October 2017 beachtrip, as KM posted that pic in April.

mom2many said...

This quote from HE's Christmas Eve transcript would make a great intro for a video on Davey's lavish lifestyle.

"If you’re influential and you’re prominent, you write books, you make movies, you do all these things, you travel across the world - you speak, you do these engagements - and Jesus did none of it."

Also the clip from his Dave Ramsey appearance where he's boom, at Baby Step 10.

Hey Jude said...

Good job on the video, Kate - several of those clips I have not seen before.

The William Wallace bit does invite the question why Davey chose to phrase it in that way - 'had his wife killed' - but William Wallace didn't have his wife killed, as in cause her to be killed, she was murdered, and the Braveheart story is, I gather, of the revenge he wreaked on account of her murder. There was a discussion earlier on Robin's choice of words, when she said something like 'they had some men come into their house' - not sure exactly how she put it, but some took it to mean 'they' had caused it, others that she was saying that was what had happened to them - she was speaking of Amanda and Davey and the alleged home invasion.


I believe the reason Davey said Amanda's intention would have been to go home to live with her parents if anything happened to Davey was an explanation/excuse for any anticipated questions regarding why there was no similar sizeable insurance policy against Davey's life - she'd just go home and be supported by her family, because that was what she wanted, or so he claimed. I very much doubt there was a comparable life insurance policy to help Amanda financially in the event of Davey's death.

Kate said...

Hi Mom2many, that would be a great intro, thanks. That clip did stick out to me, he did sound like he was belittling anyone who wasn't as worldly as him, including Jesus. When he added that Jesus hadn't traveled more than 100 miles from his home, he really made it sound, (to me), like he was patting himself on the back for being better than Jesus.

HeyJude, there was a William Wallace who went to trial for murdering his wife. He was convicted and sentenced to death, but it was overturned. I found that a bit interesting and wondered, since Davey constantly proclaims Braveheart as his fav film, if he had looked into this man as well.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Amber is building a fortress to hide in after she tells clearly what condition Amanda was in on the morning of 11/9/15.

Bingo said...

Here is the blog from Amy Smith about the house purchase, etc.

I will link Marketing a Murder next

Bingo said...

Also, here is the clip where DB talks about Amanda giving her life for the church and Weston having a bit of chaos

Here is the clip where he calls himself an overnight success and also where he says even tho he thought it was pregnancy gone bad, he took mental snapshots to tell police.

Bingo said...

This is the one where he calls people who question him Pharisees.

Amy Smith tells in the blog, where in the video where CD says his craziness

Anonymous said...

Kate is the only commenter here who has added convincing information

Very interesting

Kate said...

Bingo thanks, I will get over to those. Sorry if it's been talked about already, but have you all seen the service Robin and Phil Byars gave at Faith Church? Where Phil convincingly proclaims how much he truly loves Davey and how he prayed for someone exactly like Davey to be in Amanda's life? I'm pretty convinced the Byars back Davey 100% and love him very much. Robin speaks to taking Davey's advice and moving forward.

Anonymous I think you may be misinformed, everyone here has added so much, it's a fantastic group with far more reaching skills than I have. It's more the other way around.

Hey Jude said...

Kate, yes, Phil and Robin's event was discussed here over quite a few comments - I think it may be earlier on this thread - if so, it's not in the first two pages of comments - I have only checked that far. If there is another Blackburn Analysis post between the time of that event in Feb 2017 and this one, it could be on that, if there is one - though I think it was a while before anyone here became aware of that event. Bobcat might know under which Analysis it was discussed - I think it was Bobcat who discovered the video.

QED said...

4:38 Hi Brenda, So you're convinced now? Very interesting. The rest of us have been convinced for the last two years. What was it, specifically, that convinced you?

Thanks Kate, for your videos and comments. Great job. I agree, it is a fantastic group. Thanks you Bobcat, Bingo, Hey Jude, Flightful, Concerned, Sirensong, Mom2many, Foolsfeedonfolly, Amy and everyone else who has contributed, and special thanks to Peter.

QED said...

Kate @9:33, many of us have been baffled by Amanda's family's continued support of Davey Blackburn. It seems inconceivable that they they are ok with his treatment of Amanda. Freddy Kassab was supportive of dr. geofrey Macdonald, (the son in law who murdered Freddy's pregnant daughter and two granddaughters) until he had a close look at the case and the glaring inconsistencies and obvious lies in Mcdonalds story. Freddy went from being supportive to persuing justice with a vengeance. I had hoped Phil would have a similar realization.

That being said, his "what kind of kiss was that?" message was all about the horror of betrayal from those closest to us, and Judas. It seemed, at the time, it might be directed at Davey.
Flightful, on Oct 22 you said Quote: "Yeah, -" behold I am doing a new thing" - what's that all about? Is Davey preparing us for a new girlfriend?" You must be psychic!

Kate said...

Thanks HeyJude, I will go back and read up.

QED I agree and as the family states, they haven't gone through this type of pain before. Robin said she had never lost anyone close to her, so maybe that has something to do with it and the thought of Davey having anything remotely to do with it, would tip them over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Acts 20:
28 Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God,[a] which he bought with his own blood.[b] 29 I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. 30 Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. 31 So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.
32 “Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. 33 I have not coveted anyone’s silver or gold or clothing. 34 You yourselves know that these hands of mine have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions. 35 In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”
36 When Paul had finished speaking, he knelt down with all of them and prayed.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 6:
5 “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites! They love to stand up and pray in the houses of worship and on the street corners, so that everyone will see them. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. 6 But when you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.

7 “When you pray, do not use a lot of meaningless words, as the pagans do, who think that their gods will hear them because their prayers are long. 8 Do not be like them. Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him. 9 This, then, is how you should pray:

‘Our Father in heaven:
May your holy name be honored;
10 may your Kingdom come;
may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today the food we need.[a]
12 Forgive us the wrongs we have done,
as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us.
13 Do not bring us to hard testing,
but keep us safe from the Evil One.’

Anonymous said...

Hebrew 13:
1 Keep on loving one another as Christians. 2 Remember to welcome strangers in your homes. There were some who did that and welcomed angels without knowing it. 3 Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them. Remember those who are suffering, as though you were suffering as they are.
4 Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery.
5 Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.” 6 Let us be bold, then, and say, “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?”

7 Remember your former leaders, who spoke God's message to you. Think back on how they lived and died, and imitate their faith. 8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 Do not let all kinds of strange teachings lead you from the right way. It is good to receive inner strength from God's grace, and not by obeying rules about foods; those who obey these rules have not been helped by them.

16 Do not forget to do good and to help one another, because these are the sacrifices that please God.
17 Obey your leaders and follow their orders. They watch over your souls without resting, since they must give to God an account of their service. If you obey them, they will do their work gladly; if not, they will do it with sadness, and that would be of no help to you.

Anonymous said...

"Due to the extremely uninformed and grievous "counseling" practices and the agendas we both experienced at LBC while under duress, I cannot emphasize enough to the community and staff of Lakeside Bible Church to consider very carefully and seriously the value of getting properly, professionally informed about the truth of sexual abuse and trauma against children; get educated on how to best offer support and protection to victims and their families who have endured it; and to consider referring victims and families to counselors who are profoundly experienced and knowledgeable regarding such."

vs. "Biblical Counseling" expert and "infamous family meeting" leader Phil Byars:

Q: Do you think our loved ones, that we have lost, watch over us? Can they hear our prayers?

"I hope not. Amanda’s never seen me in the shower, and I don’t want her now, seeing me in the shower. That kind of creeps me, that question creeps me out. I’ll tell you the truth, you know. Everyone in heaven was watching us 24 hours a day. Just think about it for a second. That’s sick. I don’t think. This is one of those questions we don’t know.

"See the problem is, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. And I was desperate. And I sat in that room, that hotel- the hotel room, and I just, I, Robin was in the shower. I’m thanking God she was in the shower, because the, the, the- The ugly cry that came out of me, sounded so horrible it shocked myself. And it was like, hell itself was screaming up out of the depths of my soul."

Anonymous said...

During the interviews, some even rubbed their hands together at the memory, like cartoon villains.

TJ said...

Bobcat and/or Everyone,

Did Davey take a beach trip with the Byars after the October 2016 trip to Florida? The black top Kristi is wearing does look like the black top in the beach family photo with the Byars. Since Kristi posted her beach profile picture in April 2017, it appears that she was with the Byars before then. This would shred Davey's blog about not going on his first date with Kristi until mid-May of 2017. I don't think any posters on this blog buy the story that Kristi randomly chose Davey's Crossfit, even though there were Crossfits closer to her house, and then decided to go to Davey's puny church but not speak to him for several months.


I was looking at KM's FB and she posted a pic of herself on April 30 where she is looking out at the ocean:

She seems to be wearing the same top that she had on in a pic on Davey's "I just popped the question" blog, where she is with the Byars family in a beach photo. They are all in swimsuit attire. In the April photo, Kristi is wearing beach pants and her hair is also the same as the pic with the Byars, ie no highlights that she had for the engagement photos.

We know she doesn't live near the beach so not like she was able to take a quick trip there. I was wondering if these pics were from the Seaside trip that Davey took with the Byars in October 2016? It definitely wasn't the October 2017 beach trip, as KM posted that pic in April.
December 29, 2017 at 11:38 AM

Anonymous said...

Did Davey wear the red tights from his Incredibles Halloween costume on 11/9/15?

Anonymous said...


Like Davey's "puny" church, Amanda asked the Lord to please help her because she felt "puny" and tired in October 2015.

Did Davey tell Amanda she was puny?

TJ said...

Just curious "Anon" at 11:51am. Which female were you talking to in this IG post from October 2016? When you were discussing golfing at a public course?

Vee said...

Davey Blackburn is a liar. He lies compulsively. He has lied about Amanda's murder, of course he is lying about his relationship with Kristi. Like all liars, he holds the world in contempt, and expects even his most outrageous and demonstrable lies, to be believed, without question. When Davey Blackburn is called out on his lies (as Amanda did) he continues to prevaricate, either by continued denial, or, even more insidiously, by pretending the lie was for teaching purposes only, (think parable) or to achieve some greater good. Davey Blackburn believes that the ends justify the means, and by ends, I mean anything that Davey Blackburns's black heart desires. (Sex, power, money). Whatever it is, Davey will insist that his lies are somehow in accordance with the divine will of God.

Unfortunately, it is not against the law to lie about when and where you met spouse, on public media. There is more mileage, IMO, in cataloging DBs lies about Amanda's murder, than his lies about his relationship with Kristi. It is interesting, though. I notice he mentioned meeting Kristi's father (prison chaplain to Amanda's alleged murderers!) long before he mentioned meeting Kristi- though he had to have met her first, right? - so he has lied by omission as well as the direct lies about their unlikely meeting at crossfit in September of 2016, and Resonate church.

Kate said...

Vee, I agree and sooner than later, it will be revealed. I wonder why he felt the need to cover up how long he has truly known Kristi? I could be totally wrong about that, but it seems to me it's all a bit too convenient. It was interesting how Davey could validate Weston calling Kristi, "mommy" by stating he had a mommy in heaven and a mommy here. With Natalia, he didn't justify anything. Even though Natalia has a dad present, here, on earth. He just breezed right on past that one and focused on how easy it was for her to shift into.

I found a video of Davey where he speaks to finding Amanda in more detail. He had a few slip ups, especially when he started saying, "blood everywh----" to "blood around her". if you haven't already seen it, I put it in my unlisted vids so only those with a link can view it. The first two interviews of Davey were not edited at all, if you see cuts in the tape, it was from the source. I just added a few clips at the end.

Hey Jude said...

Hey @resonateindy don’t forget ... there’s no church tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you next week!!


No-one willing or available to cover for Davey? Pastor just cancels church. That's not a serious pastor thing to do - unless the roads are impassable.

Anonymous said...

The church is still meeting at the middle school. They don't have a building after years of meeting at a school. DB even talks about how schools don't like to house churches for long, but since he worked at a school, he knew the people there. I wonder if they still feel the same way about him, now. Especially five years down the road and he still needs the school?

I would think it would be a conflict of interest for a school to host a church that who knows what could happen at with the high-profile murder and what not. I hate to say it, but look at some of the recent events making the news lately. What would happen to DB if the school kicks him out of using it for his church?

Hey Jude said...

He smiles when he says, 'I lost my wife - and my - how do you say it?'

He doesn't say 'my baby'.

Thanks for posting the link, Kate. I don't recall seeing that video, have read transcripts or partial transcripts - I remember the butterflies and flowers bit. He is so polished and glib, self satisfied, thankful for how good God always has been to him, while poor murdered Amanda lies with her baby in her grave - or while she sips pina coladas on a beach in heaven, cheering on Davey and Resonate, as though heaven would not have unbound her. Whatever, Davey - just whatever. No-one ever sent him on a sensitivity training course, that's for sure. However he puts it, and he keeps on saying it one way or another, it always comes out sounding as if Amanda was extensively overlooked by God's goodness, while Davey was protected by God's grace even from knowledge that his wife had been beaten, sexually assaulted and shot three times - he didn't know until doctors and investigators asked him 'a bunch of questions'. It's like an insult to Amanda when they keep on about how good God has been to all of them - why don't they find something else to say?

Anonymous said...

Davey has stated more than once "she was pregnant with OUR second"


Kate - thanks for the video snippets. I have most of them transcribed already. The one from 12stone provided an excerpt that, upon review, showed more dropped pronouns regarding Davey's drive home from the gym and time with Amanda before he finally called 911.

Davey would have arrived home to his driveway by 7:24 AM
1) (X) finish up the conversation with him in the driveway.

2) (X) finished the conversation in the driveway
(X) hung up the phone and walked in, to my house, and uh.

The 911 call was placed at 8:22 AM

Almost an HOUR until he called 911 "as soon as he could"

Hey Jude said...

A tentative attempt at analysis on one of Davey’s statements concerning the morning and day of Monday, Nov 9th, 2015. I began this months ago - revisited it and am more confident to post it now. Correction and/or feedback is welcome.

‘And I remember like, getting up, and having all this, to-dos in my- swirling around my brain.  I'm like, I got- I gotta go do this, I gotta, drop this thing off, I gotta run this errand, I gotta, take care of this, I gotta go meet with this person, right.  So I get up, get my shower, you know, get ready to go.  Weston’s up, she’s up with Weston, and she’s kinda taking it slow, Monday morning. .
And um, I don’t really remember much about our conversation, honestly.  I don’t remember much about what was going on.  All I remember is I had all these things in my head of all this stuff that I needed to do, all these, uh, this agenda that I needed to take care of.  And so I, you know, rush into the bathroom while she’s, getting ready and I, kiss her goodbye, and I, walk out of the house.  And, n-and I spent the rest of that day, doing things.  ( ) Pushing the ball forward.  ( ) Building a church.  ( ) Meeting with people.  ( ) Pouring myself out.  [3 second pause with finger over mouth] -
( ^from Bobcat’s transcript)


‘And I remember like, getting up, and having all this, to-dos in my- swirling around my brain.’

‘having all *this*, to-dos’

- ‘to-dos’ is plural, but they are a *this*

‘swirling’ around in his brain could be a water reference, as in ‘swirling’ down a drain, shower outlet, or a washing machine.

‘I'm like, I got- I gotta go do this, I gotta, drop this thing off, I gotta run this errand, I gotta, take care of this, I gotta go meet with this person, right.’

‘I’m like’ - he is not clear as to whether he was really thinking or saying those things as he was only ‘like’ . As this is in the present tense, he may not be speaking from experiential memory.

I gotta - go do *this*
drop *this* thing off
run *this* errand
take care of *this*
meet with *this* person

‘The five repetitions of ‘gotta’ and ‘this’ make very sensitive what he has ‘gotta’ do - the more repetition, the greater the sensitivity. It is very vague, for a 'to do’ list - only Davey knows what *this* is - he avoids specifics - drop off what, where, what type of errand, who he had to meet. As he was describing his day, he might be expected to say who he had to meet, if not by name - friend, colleague bank manager, a man about a dog, etc.


Hey Jude said...

‘So I get up, get my shower, you know, get ready to go.  Weston’s up, she’s up with Weston, and she’s kinda taking it slow, Monday morning’

As he is describing his day, I think the shower reference is not out of place. The ‘you know’ says he is conscious of his audience and wants them to believe he got up, got his shower, got ready to go, and that Weston and Amanda were up - again it is spoken in the present tense, so he may not be speaking from experiential memory.

‘…Weston’s up, she’s up with Weston, she’s kinda taking it slow.’ He does not say why ‘she’s kinda taking it slow’. He says, ‘Weston’s up’ before saying ‘she’s up’ - his attention is first upon Weston being up, and his name is repeated - this makes Weston being up sensitive to Davey. Throughout, there is no mention of Amanda by name. What might cause him to not refer to Amanda by name? ‘Kinda taking it slow’ is not ‘taking it slow’.

‘Monday morning.’ The audience already knows the reason he is talking about the day is to account for Monday. I wonder if ‘Monday morning’ are extra, unnecessary words? If so, it would make them doubly important. I am not sure if those are extra words, but all of what he said can work without them.

Next he goes into the past tense.

‘And um, I don’t really remember much about our conversation, honestly.  I don’t remember much about what was going on.’

He doesn’t ‘really’ remember much about their conversation, ‘honestly’. ‘Really’ and ‘honestly’ are a need to persuade that he doesn’t remember. By saying he doesn’t remember ‘much’, he suggests he does remember some - he does not say what he does remember about their conversation. As this sentence is in the past tense it is likely to be true that there was a conversation and that something ‘was going on’.

‘I don’t remember much about what was going’

‘I don’t remember’ in an open statement is a signal that information is being suppressed by the subject. *

‘All I remember is I had all these things in my head of all this stuff that I needed to do, all these, uh, this agenda that I needed to take care of.’

‘All these things’ are *this* stuff and *this* agenda which he needed to take care of.

There is a change in language from ‘gotta’ to ‘I needed to do’ - ‘all these things’ become even more vague - they become ‘this stuff’, and are now also ‘this agenda’. Errands and dropping things off are not usually described as ‘this agenda’. Agendas are business like and focussed. Davey tells us he had an agenda which he needed to take care of that day - he also makes the agenda into ‘this stuff’ - vague and non-specific.


Hey Jude said...

Next, he reverts to the present tense:

‘And so I, you know, rush into the bathroom while she’s, getting ready and I, kiss her goodbye, and I, walk out of the house.’

‘And so I, you know’ -
‘And’ at the start of sentence means there is missing information.
‘so’ - he is explaining the reason why he rushes into the bathroom - because he has ‘this agenda that I needed to take care of.’

‘I, you know’ might be an attempt to persuade his audience that he usually kisses Amanda goodbye when he goes out, or that he did kiss her goodbye.

Davey says ‘got ready/get ready’ in relation to himself going out.

One ‘gets ready’ to go out, and also one ‘gets ready’ to go to bed.
It is more usual to say ‘get dressed’ if not going out, or going out later. (From Amber we know that Amanda was not going out till later in the day, to meet her at the playpark.)
Therefore, I put a question mark round the time Davey says he rushed into the bathroom to kiss her goodbye whilst also thinking about ‘this agenda I needed to take care of’.

More sample would be needed to know if and when Davey says ‘getting dressed’ or if he always says ‘getting ready’, regardless of whether staying in or going out, or going out but not until later.

‘I kiss her goodbye’ might be similar to ‘I told her I loved her’ - he feels a need to inform the listener that the relationship was good. As it is in the present tense he may not be speaking from experiential memory.

‘…and I, walk out of the house.’

He ‘rushes’ into the bathroom and kisses her goodbye, because ‘of this agenda, that I needed to take care of’ - after which he is no longer rushing, as he ‘walks’ out of the house.

‘Walk out’ - mention of body posture means an increase in tension.

‘And, n-and I spent the rest of that day, doing things.  ( ) Pushing the ball forward.  ( ) Building a church.  ( ) Meeting with people.  ( ) Pouring myself out.’

‘Doing things’ is again non-specific, (it’s maybe like when a teenager says he or she has been doing ‘nothing’?) He says, ‘doing things’, to the first three of which he doesn’t attach a pronoun:

Pushing the ball forward.
Building a church.  
Meeting with people.

I don’t know what ‘pushing the ball forward’ means -is it similar to ‘set the ball rolling’ - which is to initiate something?

‘Building a church’.


Hey Jude said...

Here he avoids the ‘my’ and ‘our’ pronouns he usually employs when speaking of his church. He was not building ‘my church’ or ‘our church’, but ‘a church’. Was it ‘doing things’ which produced the distancing, turning the personal ‘my church’ into ‘a church’?

.‘Meeting with people’ - the earlier ‘meet this person’ becomes ‘meeting with people’. There is no pronoun - therefore he doesn’t actually say that he met with anyone. A phone call, or saying hello to someone on the street could be ‘meeting with people’.

Here a pronoun:
‘Pouring myself out’ - he does not say how he did that, or what it means. I think he means it to be understood that he spent the day giving selflessly of himself, but at the same time he is unwilling or unable to specify how.

As he is giving an account of the day, I think it unexpected he doesn’t give any indication of what actually he did, or the person he says he had to meet with, or those he met - not even, ‘my worship team’ or ‘my assistant’, or ‘making pastoral visits’ etc.

He is distancing ‘doing things’ from his church, which becomes just ‘a church’ rather than his usual ‘my’ or ‘our’ church.

‘Pouring’ could be another water reference - water swirls and can be poured.
References to water can be an indicator to explore for the possibility of sexual abuse in the subject’s childhood, or as an adult victim or perpetrator - I don’t know enough SA to comment further on that.


My conclusion is that Davey’s account of what he did on Monday 9th Nov is unreliable. He is suppressing information about what was going on in the home. He speaks in vague terms about what the listener is meant to understand to have been the specifics of his day, which may indicate deception. ‘Gotta’ and ‘need’ is not to say that he actually did them. He does not, by his verb tense and missing pronouns, commit himself to what he says he needed to do, or to the things which he said he did - (pushing the ball forward. building a church,  meeting with people).

*‘I Don’t Remember’ in an Open Statement

Hey Jude said...

End ^

Re: present tense

PTSD:  It may be that the event is "live" and "present" for the subject.  We see this in extreme cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as in combat vets.  They will speak in the present tense because the violence, for example, is as present today (often in nightmares and hyper vigilance) as it was when it happened.  The key is to listen for consistency in language.  


I still wonder at times if Davey is like he is due to trauma, and because he was not in love with Amanda and if there was a near impossible series of coincidences, and if he is an opportunist by nature, he set immediately to turning Amanda's death to his advantage.

I wonder could the trauma of finding Amanda be 'live' and 'present' for Davey, accounting for inability to talk much about Amanda, or describe anything relating to finding her properly - if he disocciated and is still disocciated when it comes to Amanda and to the baby. It does seem he has completely switched off what happened to Amanda, empathetically - can he maybe not take his mind there, or does he really feel so little?

I don't know why I even keep thinking like that after watching the videos, especially the extended interview ones again - but it is like he is somehow SO detached from reality, and so focussed on his church, that what happened to Amanda is not real to him, and he just doesn't get how he comes across to the viewer and listener.

Say he did really walk in on that scene, yet in complete expectation of finding Amanda making breakfast, listening to Elevation worship songs, Weston toddling around - might he not freak out and dissociate, throw himself into effective denial - find comfort in Romans 8:28, the hashtags, consume himself with activity...believe it was his Levi Lusko moment because yes, he had just happened to be reading that book with Amanda on their 'romantic getaway'. It becomes clearer, just how much Davey doesn't do romance, as evidenced by his 'get someone to take your girlfriend to the ballet on your first date', courtship of Kristi blog - yet he likes to think he does romance. Life can be stranger than fiction.

What if they weren't on speaking terms because of the baby, and that stupid gun sermon - what if Amanda was intending to leave him, then argued, and he doesn't want to admit of a lot of things, and was in a way so relieved he couldn't pretend otherwise, yet still can't deal with the horror, so always he seems sketchy?

Because - too many coincidences, and those so unlikely. Worship as a Weapon. The unlocked the door. The conveniently off-any-route 'home invaders'. His idling on the driveway. The alibi phone call and tweet from his BFF. His premature acceptance of Amanda's death. The insurance policy. Serendipity.

Mostly I agree, that as Peter's investigators said, "No-one gets that lucky" in the series of coincidences.

Hey Jude said...

Bobcat - Davey already said he had finished the call - why does he then say he hung up the phone? Unnecessary information, as it's assumed that when a call is finished the phone is 'hung up' or put in a pocket, or whatever. If it's unnecessary information, it makes it doubly important.

How do you hang up a cell phone? I think you just finish the call without 'hanging up' the phone. A landline phone is hung up.

Is it in that clip he said he 'decided to come back home' - rather than 'go home' from the gym? If he was at home when he recounted that, it would sound right, but he wasn't at home. He also wasn't at home when he decided to'come home' from the gym. As he was talking about what he decided when he was at the gym, I think it would be expected that he would say he 'decided to go home.'

Bingo said...

Thanks for sharing that video,Kate. I just started watching it and already red flags about the bag. He got up at 4:30, didn't leave until 6:10 but didn't prepare enough to grab a bag so he could shower at the gym? The only thing he seems to have done is spend some time in the Word? What did he do for almost 2 hours that caused him not to prepare?

But what about all of the accounts before where he grabs his bag and heads to the gym? Pathological liar

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

I need to create an alias name besides "Anon" because I post on here quite frequently. Here's the thing, I have tried to like DB. I want to like him. I want to believe his story. I went to his church. And what I saw was not a man who is "invested" in his church. What I saw was a man who wanted to show off. During the week, he's not investing in the church. He's off doing speaking engagements and working out at Crossfit, and bragging about his latest vacation.

For the longest time, I didn't know he had bought such a lavish house. That just added to the doubts about him.

People at the church are either young couples who think Davey is "cool," high school students who do have a good youth pastor, or older people. There is a group of older people. Many people at the church who are older have been affected by tragedy. They "resonate" with that fact.

DB picked someone to marry who is completely different than Amanda was. She's not some sweet Christian gal like he would like for us to think. She planned to get DB. She likes to flaunt herself, unlike AB. Where do you think Natalia got her Beyonce-like sass? I'm sure she's nice (to those she wants to be, just like Davey is). I have other things I could share, but I don't want to say too much, because it would reveal to DB who I am.

The church meets at a middle school. If it grew when Amanda died, it sure has slowed down now. DB has teams of volunteers who do all the work. He just comes and preaches and leaves. He doesn't take an interest in getting to know people there. He's unapproachable and doesn't follow-up with people. He has his "teams" of people for that.

He's not trying to build the church. He's trying to get famous. What still really bothers me is that he moved the church to a large auditorium, I think it was the same year that Amanda died. The church fills up barely a 1/4 of the auditorium. Thoughts from a former insider.....

Kate said...

I am so grateful for this discussion board. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year. I also hope 2018 brings renewed interest in Davey Blackburn and if nothing else, the trial(s)takes place and Davey is exposed for what he is. Cheers!

HJ thanks for transcribing again, you are a champ and it makes for such an easy read, thank you for all your time spent on it. Bobcat and Bingo, yes! That's what I was hoping you guys were seeing too. He says he was "frustrated" because he hadn't packed a bag for the gym, but he doesn't indicate being pressed for any time, rushed for anything at all. His fake story about not realizing Amanda had been shot 3 times and how he kept insisting he thought something was wrong with the baby/pregnancy. Yet his very first sermon that was released (or one of the very first) was called "VITALS", 10/3/2012.

Davey is very anxious for his book to be released. He really believes it is then, that the entire world will hear Amanda's story and turn to Davey, I mean, the Lord. Davey has no understanding that once the trial begins, IF the trial begins, people will then be able to connect the dots and he will be running scared. I believe the surveillance in Davey's neighborhood shows a whole lot more than just 3 slugs wandering the hood. The 911 call will be revealing as well and of course, the surveillance from the gym. Davey has been fortunate with the delays, for now.

mom2many said...

Good analysis, Hey Jude.

What struck me immediately upon rereading the quote was the first sentence where he halts his speech at "my" and turns to "swirling in my brain." What was he originally going to say? Lots of people keep to-dos in an app, in their calendar, in their device. Did he delete his to-dos for that day? If examined, would his device have indicated that data had been removed, covered up? Did he stop himself from indicating that he listed to-dos physically, so he would not have to provide them for investigation?

Kiss goodbye indicates betrayal. I believe that he left to set up her betrayal.

I have, too, wondered if shock accounts for his oddness, but I then trip right over the Worship as a Weapon sermon, with its uncanny prescience of the crime, and it's unique, excited one-month before allusion on social media. That's too much for me to swallow.

Kate said...

Hey Jude said.....What if they weren't on speaking terms because of the baby, and that stupid gun sermon - what if Amanda was intending to leave him, then argued, and he doesn't want to admit of a lot of things, and was in a way so relieved he couldn't pretend otherwise, yet still can't deal with the horror, so always he seems sketchy?"

That's where I'm at. But wouldn't Amber know all this? Do you think Amanda confided any of this to Amber or anyone?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Amanda would leave Davey, especially being pregnant. I think she continued to have trouble with him to the point that she thought she needed to share the information with his mentor or someone at church.

Anonymous said...

I sent this to Kate, but wanted to share here also. Maybe someone has already discovered, but I hadn't seen it before. DB's dad write about the brother, Jono, almost dying in a pool as a child. DB bought a house with a pool.

Anonymous said...

Excerpted from DB 2018 year end Podcast

DB: “… and then, of course, we’re praying that the book releases in 2018 —
Cohost —yes!
DB: [Chuckles]
Cohost: Yes, we are!
DB: I know we’ve had a lot of delays in that, a lot of holdups, and just so the listener knows, the reason is, is because, Amanda’s trial, um, and now it’s a couple of trials, actually, um, that has continued to be pushed back and delayed, you know, just for with things with the judicial system. And so we’re trying to honor the process of that, and not release the book until after all of that’s, over.
Cohost: Right.
DB: And, we want that season to have its season, to have its attention, and, um, and then, after that is over then we kind of let it breathe and then we can release the book, and help a lot of people. And so, um—
Cohost: And so, I guess, in that, we’ll be prayin’ that the trial happens, right?
DB: Yeah, exactly. You know, it’s one of those things where, um, you know, I, I wrote a blog post about this, that it was really difficult to step into that, that one hearing where we saw one of the guys for the very first time—
Cohost: —right—
DB: —and so God’s been preparing our hearts as a family to step into that season, that’s gonna be a tough season to step into, um, but all of us feel like, hey, we want this to kind of ha-, find some closure, and, um I know it’s not going to fully give us closure because of the permanence and the fact that Amanda’s gone,—
Cohost: No
DB: —it doesn’t reverse that. Nothing about the sentencing changes what happened, but at least, um there’s a, there’s a little bit of, like, being able to, to move forward,
Cohost: Right
DB: …and um I believe we’re going to talk about that a little bit later in the podcast, umthat idea. But it, but we’re all hoping for that season to come soon. So right now it’s scheduled for around April, when the, the trial’s scheduled to happen, and uh so I mean, hopefully, I hate to put dates out there, because we’ve put out dates a lot,
Cohost: Noooo, [chuckles]
DB: But it just keeps changing. That’s kind of our world right now.
Cohost: Right, it is.
DB: We get these dates, and then we start scheduling things around it, and then it changes, and so, that’s why sometimes, you know, in 2018, especially, you’re going to see some shiftiness, and that’s why it’s hard to put something down concrete. Um, but one of the best things you can do, is we try to keep people updated on the blog,
Cohost: Yes!
DB: and so not only am I writing stuff that I’m feeling, as I go through certain seasons, but also just information to keep you guys updated about that, so you can go subscribe to the blog at ¬¬¬_____________, and that’ll keep you up to date. Every time a blog post is posted then you’ll get uh notification about that. So, those are a couple things we’re praying for, for you know the, the “Nothing is Wasted” arm of ministry.

29:50 ….We’re also hoping to, within the, with the book, I haven’t talked about this a lot, putting out a small group curriculum, uh putting out messages, I’m writing thr-, four messages to go along with the book so that churches can be served well, with that. So, it’s just a lot of fun that we’re looking forward to in 2018 and uh I hope you guys are, are with us in that journey.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys watched the sermon where DB talked about how his original plan in high school was to be an orthopedic surgeon?

Anonymous said...

Emily's voice is not well-suited for podcasting.

That's a freebie.

Kate said...

Hey Anon, I sent you an email, sorry for the delay. I haven't found the thread that discusses Davey's brother/pool but I know it's here somewhere.

Does anyone remember when Davey was speaking to the tragedy in Sandy Hook and God told him he was lucky he wasn't the killer? He being Davey? WTH? Okay I do not remember that, so just picking my jaw up off the ground because I missed that part.

Anonymous said...

End of year podcast, cont,d:

Cohost: The next question is, how do you give yourself permission to move on after you’ve experienced grief, tragedy or crisis?

DB: Whew! That’s a loaded question.
Cohost: It is.
DB: That’s a loaded question. Umm, wha-, so, uhhh, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of things I could commentate on this. Umm, because it is a tension, that you manage. Uh, and, and one of those things that helps with the tension sometimes is verbiage, because we actually talk about how we’re never going to move on from this—
Cohost: Correct.
DB: —this is a marker that has forever marked our lives. Um, especially s-, gr-, tragedy this grave, I mean, it’s a, it changes everything about you. There’s a very, you know, it’s, it’s like, we, we reference a lot of things as before Amanda passed, s-, a-, since Amanda passed, I mean there’s a lot of those references in our community, in our circles. And so it’s impossible to move on. In fact, I don’t think it’s healthy to move on. But I think what you’re supposed to do is move forward.
Cohost: I like that.
DB: To move through, and move forward, because, you know Psalm 23 talks about, ‘though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. It doesn’t say, ‘though I get out of the shadow of the valley of death,—
Cohost: Move past it.
DB: —move on from it, or, it says, I walk through it, and God’s with us when we walk through it um, and and there’s so much that He’s doing in us to change us through it, but we have to walk though it. And at some point you do get through it, but that valley shaped you. And it marked you. And so there’s this tension that you have to manage, you know, on one side of the tension you have uh, a lot of folks who just, you know, won’t move on. They get stuck in their grief. Um, whether it’s because they have found themselves in this vortex of grief that they just cannot get out of, OR its because they um really LIKE wallowing in it. Some people really enjoy wallowing in, in self-pity.
Cohost: Right.

Anonymous said...

Podcast, cont'd:

DB: Here’s what I would say to the first person, that has found themselves in this vortex, and it seems hopeless, um, Jesus’s life was marked by a tragedy and a victory, a tragedy and a triumph. The tragedy was that he was nailed to a cross. The triumph was that three days later, after he went through the tomb, right? He went through death, three days later he was raised from the dead, He was resurrected. And that should be the overlaying template for our lives, is that, Jesus, because th-, the same power that raised Him from the dead lives inside of us as Christians, we don’t have to stay in the grave. We don’t have to stay wallowing in our defeat, in our tragedy, in our trial. Um, we will go through it, Jesus said we will go through it, uh but the key is to go through it and to come out the other side in triumph. And for some people that takes, a lot longer than others. I think, um, you do, you do yourself and you do other people a disservice by judging how long it should take somebody to move forward, um because there are some people who move forward healthily in several years. Several years. And then there are some people who move hel-, forward healthily in a short amount of time, or what you would suppose to be a short amount of time. So I don’t think we should ever impose our, “oh my gosh I can’t believe this person’s moving on, I can’t believe this person’s moving forward,” or “I can’t believe,” you know, on some level it seems like to me that it seemed quick to, for, you know, only after two years ta, or a little over two years to get remarried, but on some levels it felt like an eternity. “Cause those two years like, what people don’t understand is they, tha-, I didn’t, like, they didn’t walk through those two years. They saw it from a distance. And they kinda saw updates every once in a while. Um but for me, I woke up every single day to an empty bed and was faced with the reality that my wife is gone and the, the mother to my son was gone. Every. Single. Day. Day in, day out. So I was forced to confront it every day. I was forced to wrestle with the reality of that every day. So when you’re forced into wrestling with it, you have to wrestle with it, and you have to go in it, and um— but when you’re not, when you’re watching it from a distance, it’s easy to prejudge, “oh man, that, that person’s moving on a little bit too soon.” Um, so again, you do yourself a disservice.

Anonymous said...

Podcast, cont'd:

DB: So what I think for the person who’f finding themselves wallowing in it, what my counselor said, is we want to weep without wallowing. So we want to embrace the season of weeping, because we have to—
Cohost: Right. Feel it!
DB:—yeah, we need to feel it all, we need to let it all—, you know, um scripture talks about how there is a season for mourning. Right? Mourning, m-o-u-r-n, i-n-g, there’s a season to do that, and that’s a good healthy stage. Um, there was a, there were seasons of mourning that God laid out for His people the Israelites. The Jewish custom of mourning w-, um there were a couple different stages. One was um, you, if you were, a friend, a friend of yours died or someone in your community or someone, somewhat close to you that was not either, not a spouse or a kid, you mourned for a week. You stopped everything that you did and you mourned for a week, and then you went back to life. If you lost a s-, a kid, you mourned for an entire year.
Cohost: Wow.
DB: Which is interesting, an entire year for a kid. What’s really interesting to me is wh, when you, in Jewish culture when you lost a spouse, you mourned for 30 days. So actually less than losing a kid. Um, and and and here’s why I think that’s the case, because I think that God’s desire for us and M. O. for us is to yes, weep, not wallow, but to also find victory. And to recognize that He, He restores. I Peter 5 tells us that after you suffer for a little while, so it says you’re gonna suffer for a little while, there’s gonna be some mourning, there’s gonna be some weeping, after you suffer for a little while the God of grace Himself will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish your feet, is what it says. And so, um, God doesn’t like send somebody else on His behalf to go do it, He actually comes in Himself and He does it, He restores you. But that’s the, that’s the thing, He wants you to not just sit in the tragedy, he wants you to get to triumph.

Hey Jude said...

Mom2Many - thanks, and yes - I quite missed that.

Looking again:

'All I remember is I had all these things in my head of all this stuff that I needed to do, all these, uh, this agenda that I needed to take care of.'

In addition to 'swirling in my brain' he says he had all these things 'in my head' - unnecesssary words, stressing that the to-dos were in his brain/head. Unnecessary to say, because unless he had said they were written down, the listener would assume they were things which were on his mind rather than a written list. If they are unnecessary words, that makes them doubly important - so yes, one would question if there was an actual 'to do' list, an agenda, which word relates to a written set of objectives to be achieved in co-operation with others, or to a secret aim or reason for doing something.

Would 'in my brain/in my head' and 'agenda' amount to leakage that there was also an actual list?


'All I remember' - I think that is like 'and that's all' - where there is something more that is not being said. it's not all he remembers, it is all he intends to say.

TJ said...


I was more concerned about the Byars allowing Davey to lie publicly about when he met Kristi. It seems like she was with the family on that Oct 2016 trip to Florida (Phil is wearing the same shirt in Amber's video of the vacation that he is in the pic with Kristi on Davey's proposal blog). Guaranteed Davey is going to lie but how can the Byars sit back and allow the lies? At some point, wouldn't they start to question things and put the pieces together, or are they afraid of never seeing Weston again if they verbalize their concerns.

Hey Jude said...

Kate - thanks. I think Amber knows more than she is saying, yes.

Anon - thanks for your inside info on Davey and Resonate.

Anon - thanks for your transcript of the New Year podcast.

Davey is such a case with his self-justifying talk of 'restoration' .

Amanda has not been restored to Weston.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you know it's possibly for people to wear the same clothing more than once though. Especially for men.

Anonymous said...

Does it ever occur to any of you geniuses that the Byars know much more about the murder than all of you combined? Do you really think you have all the information....the evidence?

Your thought processes are seriously lacking and are a source of constant speculation, but it appears you value your conjecturing as legitimate “investigative ability” (which is very minimal, BTW).

I’m curious when you will finally admit how off-base you are and have been from the beginning of your blog posting.

I’m also curious if any of the cases Peter has analyzed here have been solved thanks to his statement analysis.

I seriously doubt it.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Davey floats the delayed book release as "... we’re trying to honor the process of that, and not release the book until after all of that’s, over.". Davey is the sole of author of the book, so who is the "we" he's says is trying to honor the process?

Watch what Davey actually says:
DB: "I know we’ve had a lot of delays in that, a lot of holdups, and just so the listener knows, the reason is, is because, Amanda’s trial, um, and now it’s a couple of trials, actually, um, that has continued to be pushed back and delayed, you know, just for with things with the judicial system. And so we’re trying to honor the process of that, and not release the book until after all of that’s, over."

DB: "…and um I believe we’re going to talk about that a little bit later in the podcast, umthat idea. But it, but we’re all hoping for that season to come soon. So right now it’s scheduled for around April, when the, the trial’s scheduled to happen, and uh so I mean, hopefully, I hate to put dates out there, because we’ve put out dates a lot,
Cohost: Noooo, [chuckles]
DB: But it just keeps changing. That’s kind of our world right now.
Cohost: Right, it is."

DB: We get these dates, and then we start scheduling things around it, and then it changes, and so, that’s why sometimes, you know, in 2018, especially, you’re going to see some shiftiness, and that’s why it’s hard to put something down concrete. Um, but one of the best things you can do, is we try to keep people updated on the blog,
He's not trying to delay the book release to honor Amanda or the trial process- He/we (he and his publisher) are trying to schedule the book release in conjunction WITH the trial- the publicity will generate increased book sales and they both know it. Which is why Davey's frustrated that "Amanda's trial" has now morphed into "a couple of trials"- which involves more people, more judicial processes (evidence entered, examined by both sides, contested by the defense, motion hearings on evidentiary exclusions, availability of witnesses, jury selection process, etc.). Davey and his publisher are frustrated by the delays- Davey expected to already be profiting from his book, both financially and publicity-wise. The delays are a source of aggravation, not because he wants justice for Amanda, but because they're impacting the release (publicity) and sale of his book. They're also impacting his agenda to package and market a church/small group "grief counseling" curriculum to capitalize on his book sales. I've always believed Davey's actual "calling" is as a salesman. He hasn't disappointed me yet.

I'm also intrigued that he ever graduated as a Communications major-he's a very poor speaker. He cannot verbally communicate a single cohesive sentence from beginning to end. He often introduces a main idea, only to lose it among the frequent fractured sentences. I'm curious if this has always been his "preaching/speaking style" or this has developed since Amanda's murder (markedly prominent self-censoring). He does it so frequently that I'm beginning to think that if he's not self-censoring, he's having a serious medical/psychological issue that needs to be addressed (bipolar?). Even in a scripted, practiced podcast, with a hand-selected Co-Host, he's all over the place verbally.

--It's also interesting that the words "hold-ups", "Amanda's trial", and "shiftiness" enter his vocabulary in the context of this podcast.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

RE: Anonymous December 31, 2018 @ 6:35 PM- I have to tell you that I'm amused that you're here often enough reading to deem it "constant speculation", as you put it. I find it kind of sadly amusing that you're so personally vested in mocking the posts and insulting other posters- posts that you clearly feel are worthless (literally)-yet you devote time to read them and mock the posters. Doesn't that kind of strike you as a worthless pursuit? Especially as your critiques change nothing? Isn't that kind of what you're accusing the other posters of, making posts that change nothing?

If you're really interested in effecting change, as opposed to just ridiculing other posters, you might gain a little more traction by engaging in dialogue of actual case facts. Surely, you've read everyone else making their case for Davey's involvement. So, lay out your case for his innocence, point by point. Offer up point by point rebuttals, (backed by Davey's own words with links), if you're really interested in getting posters to see both sides.

I don't know if Davey had anything to do with Amanda's murder or not. I don't know either of them or anyone involved in this case personally. I wasn't there. I do find a lot of things about this case too coincidental, statistically. I do wonder how Davey got a Communications degree- Marketing yes, Communications, no. I suspect he's a strong visual learner, as he seems to favor mind-mapping and various visually-oriented planning devices/styles and has a pronounced need for order.

Vee said...

That podcast! Does crazy Davey really have a degree in communications? He is virtually incoherent.

Cohost How do you give yourself permission to move on?
DB: It's impossible to move on, in fact, I don't think its healthy to move on. But I think what you're supposed to do is move forward, to move through and move forward....
Cohost: move past it
DB: move on from it.....

Me: Hahahahahaha. WTF? Crazy Davey is non compos mentos. He reminds me of Kodos from the Simpsons.

"My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!"

He is such a tool.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:35,

Yes it has occurred to me that the Byars know a lot more than they are saying.

They are concealing information to protect:
A Predator who is still on the loose

Vee said...

I sincerely hope crazy Davey does not attempt to counsel the truly bereaved. In a staggering display of insensitivity (and outright contradiction) he asserts that everyone grieves differently and nobody should judge another for how they grieve - or the length of time -(though he weirdly trots out the Jewish prescription - a week for a friend, 30 days for a spouse and a whole year (!) on a dead kid.) - then has the audacity to suggest that some people enjoy "wallowing" in grief. How do you even distinguish between somebody who is "Embracing the season of weeping and somebody who is "wallowing in grief"? And who is the arbiter of that distinction? Crazy Davey, apparently. Unbelievabe. Sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Q: What significance did "Would you rather?" play during Amanda's torture and murder? What choices were given to her?

Vee said...

Brenda, the angry LOL troll very rudely said: quote:

"I’m also curious if any of the cases Peter has analyzed here have been solved thanks to his statement analysis.
I seriously doubt it."
What the? Is she for real? She obviously don't understand what statement analysis is. It's like saying she's curious to know how many cases have been solved thanks to the use of polygraphs. It doesn't make sense.

Statement analysis and polygraphs don't "solve cases". They indicate deception. Statements by Justin Di Pietro, Vernal Kunz, and John Carter (to name a few) have indicated deception, (and they have refused or failed polygraphs,) but the cases remain "unsolved."

During the Kunz case, there was a freak who professed to do "backwards statement analysis". We called him backwards guy. The idea was that playing spoken statements, backwards, revealed a hidden "truth". It was ludicrous. Guess what I did, Brenda, LOL troll, angry Anon. I noped on out of there. I didn't obsessively return, over and over again, to deride the site owner and posters. Why waste your time on something you don't believe in and people whose opinions you don't respect? It seems a bit pointless, if not outright obsessively masochistic and self defeating of you. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:34 PM (the poster that knows Davey), how long has he been seeing Kristi. A poster in-the-know posted on Datalounge that they saw Davey and Kristi together quite a lot before they went public with their relationship and also questioned the timing, as Kristi's divorce became final in October 2015.

Also, do you think his close confidantes - Megs, Ashley, Derek, Zack - have suspicions about his involvement in the murder?

And, does anyone question his new-found wealth?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:49, I was the DL insider poster and have switched to this blog now. I don't know how long DB has been seeing K. I wish that I did, but he kept it a secret from the church as well. Megs, Ashley, and Derek are in his inner circle. Zach used to be, but I think he has doubts about DB. Two sermons he preached gave glimpses to his doubts. I will find those and post those tomorrow. One referred to DB's incessant love of Crossfit. The other referred to how the church would have grown if he were in charge instead of DB.

Regarding the new found wealth and if people doubt it....most people are turned off by his preaching style that they don''t stay long enough to know where he lives. They do hear about his vacations and see his new "look." People don't last long at the church. The people that do stay there are close to Davey, or close with someone who knows DB, so I wasn't able to wager if others also are wary of the new-found wealth. It's a small church, so it's like a small town. You don't want to be the odd man out.

What are the rules about life insurance money? If you put the money in a house is it safer from being taxed than if you do not? Could he justify the house by saying he bought it to avoid taxes?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Insider @11:05 PM. Generally, life insurance proceeds are not taxable so he kept all of that cash. By putting the house in his business's name and not himself personally, it not only hides the true owner of the home, he protects the home from creditors in case he is ever convicted of her murder. He could be sued personally but nobody could touch anything that he put into his busi9ness unless they try and prove a fraudulent transfer, which would be difficult. He most likely got a double indemnity payout, so the amount of the policy would have doubled. I'm guessing he received $1.5 to $2 million dollars, all tax free.

Kate said...

Here are some old clips of Davey I put together, if you want to revisit him in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Woah. Thank you Kate. 11:21. My blood ran cold.

Bingo said...

Hey Insider. I really am interested in hearing your experience. I always wonder what it is really like at Resonate. Do you have an idea of how many people actually attend? Davey seems to try to push his agenda on his church that Amanda dying has caused this amazing growth and interest all over the world in Resonate. Does he not realize that people can look around and see that there is no growth? He says hundred of thousands of people listen online weekly. Very doubtful. I watch every once in a while to see if he reveals anything but I just can't even watch more than 5-10 minutes. Even the inner leadership of the church seems to have shrunk to about 1/3 the size that it was when Amanda was there. It seems to be down to just the few people who are paid on staff. The summer before Amanda died, there was a picture of the leadership on a retreat and it seems like there were more like 30 people in the inner, core leadership. How in the world does the church support itself? He must have collected a ton of insurance and a ton of donations. Wow. I wonder what he pays his staff. If his church is mostly teenagers, really how can that pay for a staff of 8 people? Davey should really just be preaching on Sundays while working full time at another job with volunteers leading worship. Instead, he travels all week and plays golf and pays an assistant and a staff. What the heck does Meg do? Resonate barely posts on social media, they don't seem to be doing anything during the weeks except have occasional meetings about intercepting youth that have not been intercepted. It is baffling to me. I assume she probs just does his menial work like running errands, laundry and helping with Weston. I wonder how long Zach will stay? He seems to have a true heart and talent from the little I have seen of him. He needs to get the heck out of there. I think Davey just keeps the church running for his tax benefits and to say he has a full-time job while he golfs and travels all week.

Bingo said...

Here is the latest staff picture of Kristi and Davey sitting on the sofa (throne like) with staff around them. It is just all so weird to me.

Anonymous said...

Insider, if you know, how much does the church get annually in donations? Do Derek, Megs, Ashley and Zack have other jobs or is there only source of income their Resonate salary? And any truth to what a poster said about Davey giving money to Amanda's family after he got the insurance payout? Sounded like "hush money".

Did you ever see Davey around the inner-city gangbangers that went to the high school next to Davey's church?

Anonymous said...

1) How many people actually attend: The maximum number per DB is 300. Most likely I would say around 150.

2) Growth: DB preached about growth towards the beginning of AB's death. He doesn't seem to preach that so much anymore. He would say something like "it's in God's hands and timing."

3) Inner leadership shrinkage: Yes, I agree.

4) How does the church support itself: Low rent, some attendees make good money, other than that, not sure

5) The parents of the teens attend and give money

6) What does Meg do? -Watch Weston, hold DB's phone, stand next to him when people come to talk to him, respond to his social media, emails. She also works for his ministry: DB ministries

7) For Indy: projects involve picking weeds in a certain area they are focused on, sometimes some more in-depth home improvement projects

8) Annual donations: no clue

9) Derek full time, Zach full time. Ashley is not paid. Meg full time. Idk if they have other jobs. I'm assuming Zach doesn't. Idk about Derek.

10) Don't know details of the money DB gave to AB's family.

11) Do I see DB in inner city? I don't go there myself, so idk.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Insider!

This video has probably already been posted and analyzed but at the 2:40 mark, Davey says that he was reading Amanda's journal and she "felt certain feelings she knew would destroy her and everyone around her" and that she prayed "help me to know this to be true."
What could she possibly have been referring to?

At the 11:00 mark, the interviewer says that even though the suspects have been arrested, Davey had not seen their mugshots? So LE didn't bring him in and ask if he knew these guys? He basically said he wasn't interested in seeing the mugshots because he was still 'grieving".

Lumpy said...

6) What does Meg do? -Watch Weston, hold DB's phone, stand next to him when people come to talk to him, respond to his social media, emails. She also works for his ministry: DB ministries


Meg should be paid at least six figures for all the time she puts in on social media (including writing blog comments under multiple pseudonyms).

Kate said...

Has anyone looked around for the original presser given by police when Amanda first went missing? The very strange press conference? I have searched everywhere, including the le website, but all I can find are snippets from it. Has it been scrubbed?

The second one still remains, when they announce the arrests, just unable to locate the original that news outlets dubbed "strange".

Kate said...

Sorry not missing, when Amanda was first reported shot.

Anonymous said...


Here's part of that creepy presser. This website seems to have a lot of video on the murder so they probably have more.

scroll to the bottom of the screen and there are 3 videos. It's the middle video

Hey Jude said...

Kate -The full IMPD Press Conference is here - it's over 50 minutes, also covering other crime in the area, it takes a while to reach the part where they speak about Amanda's murder - it's in two videos, the second and third.

Kate said...

Thanks Anon. Thanks HeyJude, that's it exactly - I owe you one! :) I don't know why it wouldn't pull up in my search engine, but thanks to you both.

Kate said...

Insider, from an outsider looking in, it appears Davey and Amanda fought and they fought a lot. By Davey's own admission, Amanda made him more angry than anyone had ever made him. Did they ever show this tension in public?

Did you or anyone around there ever suspect Davey of cheating on Amanda?

Thanks for taking your time to answer the questions you are able to answer.

Anonymous said...


I wish I could answer that, but I didn't know Amanda. I went to the church after she passed. Wish I had insight for you.

Kate said...

No problem, thanks for the reply.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what time the burglary at Jacola Searsbrook took place? The APC says 4:36am but it also says she woke up at 4:30 am and had already been robbed. For some reason the APC doesn't note the time that the suspects were caught on camera at Jacola Searbrook's.

Also, it has been mentioned here before, that DGs phone did not move to Sunnyfield until 6:25, but a suspect (one) is seen disabling the security cams at Allison B's almost an hour earlier. What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that DB had some people skills at one point in time. Probably felt like he had to be cordial since someone else besides his church was paying his salary.

letter from our 8th grade baseball coach - davey blackburn
Hello Parents!
First of all I just want to say that it is an honor to be able to coach Eastwood baseball again this year. We’ve had some massive transition take place in the athletic department over the last year and we’re really excited about the direction we’re headed! We feel like with Jamie Tutin at the helm and the great coaching staff he’s put together in all sports, Eastwood will soon become a staple in Indianapolis sports!
A little about me: I played baseball on scholarship for 4 years at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, SC. After graduating college, I became a youth pastor at a church in Anderson, SC called NewSpring Church. 3 years ago, my wife Amanda and I moved here to Indy to plant a church called Resonate Church ( We’ve been highly involved in the life of the Eastwood community since we moved here. We just had our first little boy, Weston James, back in July and we’re enjoying every bit of that!
I have a couple goals for your son this season. First and foremost I want him to become the best person he can be. I want to help instill character, integrity, perseverance, and the grit required to be successful on and off the baseball field. Secondly I want to coach him up in the fundamentals of the game so he can have the best chance possible to play at the next level. My experience and interactions on and off the baseball field growing up really helped shaped who am I today. Doug Vinton, a teacher here at Eastwood, will be coaching the 7th grade team and we’re really excited about partnering with you in the shaping process of your son!
I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about when we’re cranking up the season and how we’re doing it. The reality is not everyone who comes out for the team will be on roster, but we want to give your son the best shot to show off his ability and potential. Because of that we’re going to do things a little differently than we have in the past. Please refer to the practice schedule and instructions on the next page for more details.
We will hold a parent meeting after selections have been made to give you the game schedule.
Thank you guys again! I’ve included my contact info if you need to get in touch with me! Would you each do me a favor and send me an email so I can begin compiling a contact list to better communicate to you! Look forward to meeting each one of you if I haven’t already!

Davey Blackburn – 8th Grade Coach
Cell Phone: 864-552-0126
Eastwood Practice Schedule

DW said...

Anon @9;42PM, we've discussed the inconsistency of the cell tower pings and that is the main reason we know that the murder did not occur the way the APC says it did. DG and JW didn't get to Amanda's until well after the other burglary on Davey's street. LT also wasn't on Davey's street until well after the neighbor's burglary, either. DG and JW left well before Amanda was shot, as they were at the first ATM stop before neighbors heard shots and a scream. The APC says that one suspect is seen on surveillance video at the neighbor's, disabling the alarm system, but thgey have never released photos like they did of Jacola Searsbrook's burglary.

LE early on alluded to surveillance video a neighbor had that showed a dark-colored SUV that is seen on surveillance video speeding down Davey's cul-de-sac and a few minutes later, speeding away. LE theorized that because the TVs and other items stolen from the neighbor's house were fairly large, the SUV was most likely loaded up with the stolen goods. The SUV has not been mentioned since the arrest of the 3 suspects.

Kate said...

If this has been posted before, I apologize. It looks like Phil Byars did have a little familiarity with family tragedy.

At first I thought it was about Amanda. Kind of eery.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on DataLounge, apparantly Perry Noble is starting a weight loss program. The website looks like some kind of a joke.

Anonymous said...

Who is "Cheese" the house they went to after the murder.

Anonymous said...

This sermon a few months before Amanda's murder is another indicator of how much Davey likes violence. He talks about how much he likes guns, talks about how he was going to spank Weston because he was playing with a doll until Weston took the doll and smakced the doll against the ground several times, and then talks about how Kenneth and his other college roommate shot Davey point blank in the back with an airsoft gun and it caused Davey to hit the floor in the fetal position.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of neighbors with phone numbers who lived near DB and Amanda.

Anonymous said...

Closing the Gap sermon shortly after the 42 minute mark. Zach talks about how he thought he could do a better job as pastor.

Anonymous said...

Davey and Kristi at Crossfit together in October 2016. When he's talking to her in teh first video, they don't look like strangers.

At the :19 mark, you can see Davey and Kristi talking in the background
October 29, 2016

October 7, 2016

October 10, 2016

Hey Jude said...

Kate - I found the press conference by googling 'IMPD Rick Hite Amanda Blackburn' - it was the first result. It didn't come up when I googled 'IMPD Press Conference Amanda Blackburn' - just many links to extracts. Names sometimes bring up better results than topics - Google can be frustratingly counterintuitive. You don't owe me one, rather thanks for the videos. That 2012 compilation is such a shocker - he should not be 'teaching' young people.


Insider - it's very interesting to hear from a former Resonater. I’m not surprised to hear Davey avoids engaging personally with the congregation, and that new people do not stay long.


That sermon where Zach got all conflicted, and seemed obliged to publicly repent of his conviction that he would make a better leader for Resonate than Davey. I just watched it again - thanks to whoever posted the link. See the jibe about there really being positions in which someone can take unlimited holidays? - that’s quite near the beginning, so he was resentful of Davey when he spoke, despite what he went on to say. I think, with Davey's 'jokes' about the popping of caps in a greeter’s head, and them ending up in dumpsters, Zach regretting his opinion about his leadership potential would have seemed the most expedient way forward. He has to be invaluable to Davey as the youth leader.

Did he really say that when he was a kid his mother used to say, ‘I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it?’ That would have to make for a hair-raising upbringing. It was a strange thing to bring up during a talk about his position to Davey within Davey’s church, which is their ‘world’.

Zach likes and talks about guns a lot. I find that disturbing, but I know gun ownership and collecting guns is not unusual in the US. Is it usual for church leaders to go on about their guns though? Derek posts pictures of his guns - it makes me wonder if they are both a bit scared of Davey. It doesn’t seem appropriate, to me - but then they do have a pastor who found it appropriate to show them how to ‘shoot’ away their worries. I’d feel like I was in the Wild West if I was part of Resonate. I’d be like, keep your guns ready, sleep with your boots on, and never sit with your back to the door…well, ‘kinda’.

They say ‘like’ and ‘kinda’ so much - and that they’re ‘just being honest’, or asking, ‘can I be honest with you?’ - which makes them sound as if normally they are not being honest.

Anonymous said...

DW @ 9:56. It didn't go down like the CI said, that's for sure, but the APC has left holes in the prosecution case that a defense attorney could drive a truck through.

Anonymous said...


In other words, the crazy theories here (CT) aren’t backed up by the evidence.

Sucks to be you incompetent investigators.

Anonymous said...

“Zach likes and talks about guns a lot. I find that disturbing, but I know gun ownership and collecting guns is not unusual in the US”

Careful. You’ll be categorized as a crazy liberal (CL) on this right-leaning blog.

Hey Jude said...

Perry Noble, when he was a pastor, to church members who didn't like the music:
"I think you officially suck as a human being."

Now you can join his private Facebook diet page for $7.

Hard times - how come?

(Save $7 - eat less, move more).

I'm a Trump supporting crazy liberal, then, Anon - and I've got a gun. Categorising people is lazy. :)

Bingo said...

Thanks Anon for sharing the Crossfit vidoes. So they just happened to be side by side in all the same classes in October 2016 but didn't have a conversation until 4 months later. Another lie. Just when Davey decides to rip off that ring is when this Carmel beauty walked into his life. Yeah, right. It wouldn't take someone purposefully trying to investigate this story to see how long these two were actually involved. She elusively started attending his church at about the same time as the ring was off but wouldn't talk to the pastor. Oh paaalease. The crossfit video sharing caused me to go back and read that self-serving, narcissistic post about him being internationally known and interrupted constantly for pictures, which brought baggage to a new relationship. Gag me! The on and on made up lie of how they actually met was just comical. How long was Davey having this affair before Amanda was executed?

DW said...

Agreed, Anon at 7:27 AM. We have said that if what's in the APC is all that the prosecution is basing their charges on, then yes, a good defense attorney can and will drive a truck through the prosecution's case. LT may be a patsy in all of this and may not want to "sing" but his attorney has an ethical and legal obligation to defend him vigorously. Since he wasn't in the gang, he was an easy target to pin everything on. The DNA evidence, the surveillance videos, the cell tower pings and call logs (including Davey's) should bring more clarity to the defense's theory that this was not a random act of violence but a contract hit. Still don't know what JW told prosecutors but since he wasn't even at Amanda's when LT was there, if he tries to say that he was inside with LT and Amanda, the cell tower pings and ATM receipt at the first failed attempt will completely refute that.

And it was nice having a breather last night from Angry / LOL Anon but "Roll Tide", right?

DW said...

Anon 1t 11;14 PM, suspicion is that "Cheese" is Jeremy McGee, the gangbanger that worked out at Davey's gym. His mom lived walking distance to where LT says he was dropped off. One would assume that LE has this information, or is at least trying to find out who received the stolen goods from Davey's, as it is such a critical part of the investigation. Maybe Angry / LOL Anon, since they brag about being privy to evidence us "fiction writers" don't have access to, can tell us if LE has Amanda's computer and books?

Anonymous said...

IA- Insider Anon here-

So, there are numerous sermons of DB talking about his LOVE of Crossfit. Literally every sermon last Winter and Spring was about Crossfit. He would say something like, "Do I talk about Crossfit too much? I don't care, I love it." All the while, that's where he was hitting up K.

Follows the same type of pattern with his talk about guns in his sermons, foreshadowing what would be to come. DB's right, we could write a book about this story.

Bingo said...

Oh Kate, that video where he says "God is saying get that tampon out of my face." And how he needs all of the filters and can't be alone because he craves porn so much. Oh my gosh, why the heck didn't someone stop him?? Tell him to get the heck out of preaching. Trying to teach about Jesus by talking about farts and killing a frog. He doesn't like to get caught and he hopes Jesus can't know all the bad things he is thinking. He had to clean up dog throw up because Amanda wasn't home to do it. He talks about the dog throw up for 5 minutes! And the grand finale! God speaks to Davey directly and says "Davey, Be glad you weren't the killer that clipped all the kindergarten kids at Sandy Hook". Did I hear that correctly?? The sound was bad so I want to make sure that is actually what this demented man said. Then on to how he wanted to harm people because he didn't get his way and he lusted after a woman that wasn't his wife. He ends it with God saying "Davey, you are the worst of sinners." He did come to the true conclusion on that one.

It just saddens me that someone didn't speak truth to Davey. Or maybe they did and he wouldn't he hear it with his blind ambition. His ambition and drive to be famous at something he was not called to do eventually cost Amanda's life. I wish she could have gotten out and her family would have tried harder to save her. They had to have known Davey was off his rocker but had an image to protect I guess.

Anonymous said...

Another thought, where is K's daughter while she's working out at Crossfit? It doesn't look like they have a place for childcare, looks like a small place. Anyone want to call and inquire about childcare? DB had live-in help, so did K drop her daughter off to him before they went to work out?

Anonymous said...

Thanks DW. I was listening to the videos posted and couldn't remember who DW was. Any luck finding new connections between Jeremy and Jamaal?

Kate, those videos you've posted recently are the most telling ones yet. Are they going to be in the next You Tube showcase?

Where do we think the trial will be held? Indy would be too close to home I would think to get a "fair trial."


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:14 AM, the daughter is in a lot of Crossfit videos:

Weston, however, is not. Davey said he would bring Weston so that Weston and Natalia would have play dates but I haven't seen Weston in any of the Crossfit videos.

Anonymous said...

IA, I'm assuming it stays in Indy, unless Davey is eventually charged. The IMPD, like Davey, is all about numbers: "We solved x number of crimes this year, an increase of ___% over last year". The IMPD gloated about solving this case so quickly, which is why they don't seem to want to look for a conspiracy. The gang guys that are the suspects won't have the same considerations that someone like Davey would have if he were ever arrested.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That pic above was posted twice. The first date was April 14, 2017, which would have been before Davey and Kristi supposedly started dating.

and these from March 25, 2017, before their "first date".

Anonymous said...

I feel sick after looking at those photos. How in any sense is that appropriate for a pastor, let alone a "grieving" one. If he wants to be that way, fine. But don't be a pastor.

What possesses a woman to do Crossfit? It looks so manly and like a recipe for back pain. With all the ways to work out, why would a single woman choose that?

Kate said...

Bingo, yes. The part you mention where he talks about God talking to him, but in all these vids, podcasts and interviews, he usually always prefaces with, "and god said, "hey davey....." if I hear him say it one more time I'm going to lose it. I thought of making a compilation of Davey and his conversations with God, but I don't want to offend anyone either. I am mainly making these vids for us here and for anyone who researches this case in the future. Evidently, Davey can speak with God whenever it suits him or is convenient to him, veiling him with God's protection in case anyone questions his story. Davey also had an in with le and local media, can't forget that. You heard right when Davey said God told him he was lucky he wasn't the shooter. I am working on boosting the sound now.

Anon, I wanted to include the clips on part four of the series, but with Davey, we may be looking at a 10 part series, lol. Youtube likes to bury these kinds of videos, but if I would label the video something like, "God told Davey Blackburn he was lucky he wasn't the shooter of Sandy Hook" we'd be seeing a lot more hits, a lot more interest and hopefully, more pressure on le, more pressure on the trial(s) and most importantly more pressure on Davey. If the trial takes place in April, it is necessary to do as much as we can. I doubt it will take place though, as another poster said above, any decent attorney will be able to blow this case wide open.

Anonymous said...

Kate, we should release the Sandy Hook one at just the right time. He's booking his book tour, if he hasn't already. Surely these people who book him for appearances will google him first. He makes me sick. I am so thankful for this blog.

One thing I've been thinking about, is what if AB found out that DB was communicating with K or another woman? What if she saw messages on his phone and inquired about them. He probably lied, and she kept probing. What if she got pregnant in an effort to save the marriage, to bind him to her even more so.

Then, she finds more info on his phone that clearly points to another woman. She says she has to talk to his mentor about it, so he can get some help. Possibly threatened it with telling elders at the church. At the same time, K's divorce is final and he is mad that he has not now make Amanda's pregnancy public that she's this far along. He can't deal with the combo of K and AB at him.

AB alerts KW to the situation, hence the extended conversation in the car about how wrong AB is about the info she discovered either on his phone or computer about his affair.

Bobcat said...

It appears the trial dates for April have been cancelled, and there is only a conference actually scheduled at this time. If you look at the case log, there are two cancellations, each one followed by a booking. My interpretation is that when the clerk entered the bookings and then cancellations in the same day, the computer organized them alphabetically per day. Each "cancellation" appears before what is "scheduled" due to alphabetization.

The point is, trial dates are Not scheduled for April.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

So we know Kristi was going to Crossfit as early as Sept 5, 2016

Anonymous said...

I still see a trial for Larry Taylor.

Kate said...

Thanks Bobcat, I had only been going on what Davey said, I'll pay more attention to the court docs.

Anon, yes, good idea to wait a bit to release it. They are taking pre-orders for the book, it's killing him that he can't release it now. I've often thought about an affair scenario. He speaks to his guilt with other women often and his self admitted porn habit would only be a gateway to a real affair. The darker question I have (and it's probably waaaaaaayyyyy out there), could it be possible or is it just plain nutso to wonder if Davey may have fathered another child out there?

Anonymous said...

Kate- you're fine. I would be very disappointed with LT didn't get a jury trial. I've been thinking about how funny it would be if all of us SA people showed up, dressed like we were going on the Price is Right, with shirts with DB quotes on them and his crazy mug. LOL.

Did you say you are going to the trial?


Kate said...

Yes, if the trials take place, I will be there. I have plans to film and document it all, then will upload it daily. If they don't allow cameras in the courtroom, I'll take notes and follow up that way, filming the outside of the courthouse and whoever is there. I hope to see other SA'ers there :)

I called the gym, the lady who answered said she was not on sight and just a service they hired, so she didn't know if they offered daycare. A lot of pausing and apprehension, or she just had no clue what she was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Kate- that's awesome. If I didn't know DB I would go, but I do. You go girl! I love your dedication to this case.

Maybe FB message them? It says they reply "instantly."

Kate said...

I don't have a fb account otherwise I would. I used to have one, but they removed it because I set it up as kateslate and in that it was set up under "personal" they kicked me. I should have set it up as a community or organization.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bobcat will or someone else on here. I have one, but I know DB, so don't want to use it.

Kate said...

“After my wife passed away I looked for things to help me process the pain. Crossfit has not only provided an excellent way to get in shape but also great relationships, a clear plan, and a healthy outlet to help me heal from my tragedy as well as provide consistent relief from the daily stresses of leading an organization and single fatherhood. I now travel quite a bit to share my story and always drop in to boxes out of town. I haven’t found any box’s programming, atmosphere, and community that compares to Dash’s.”

Anonymous said...

“Anonymous Anonymous said...
Kate- you're fine. I would be very disappointed with LT didn't get a jury trial. I've been thinking about how funny it would be if all of us SA people showed up, dressed like we were going on the Price is Right, with shirts with DB quotes on them and his crazy mug. LOL.

Did you say you are going to the trial? “

Idiot. Do you think the murder of a young mother is a joke? I’m sure her family would find you hilarious. It proves previous statements I’ve made...... but this is nothing more than a game...a hobby to you suck f****.

You’re worse than davey.

Ohtheirony said...

You guys do realize Kate is a Sandy Hook "hoaxer," right? I don't know if they're still there, but back when she first started making DB videos and people here were praising and worshipping her, her YouTube channel included numerous videos she made about Sandy Hook being fake and all the grieving parents being phony crisis actors. Truly deplorable. She tried to deny this when it was pointed out here a couple of years ago, even as the videos remained on her channel for everyone to see.

How ironic she now has something to say about DB's Sandy Hook comment. But by all means, you guys keep on worshipping her, lol.

Anonymous said...

Did your videos get yanked? Also, someone posted on Datalounge the Sandy Hook video and it's no longer available?

DW said...

I am going to the trials as well.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if DB will rent a space out near the courthouse to sell his books and t-shirts!

Bobcat said...

"You’re worse than davey."


Amanda would likely disagree with you.

Amanda was hiding in the master bathroom with Weston on Monday morning.
Davey incapacitated Amanda into a position of surrender, in front on Weston.
Amber says she spent almost the whole day with Amanda.
Nobody called 911 until a day later.

I think those protecting a predator are not worse than Davey, but are submissive, defeated, brainwashed cowards.

Amanda was not a coward, but a victim of years of inferior 'counseling' that required her to submit to a tragic end.


*TRUTH* said...

Some of you will remember Kate's old YouTube channel with the DB vids was called "kateslate11." YouTube removed her account because of the defamatory, nutjob stuff she was posting.

Read the comments on this video:

It is a repost of one of Kate's old Sandy Hook videos. You will see Kate herself comments there (with her new account) about the removal of her old account. She mentions her Patreon account, which is here:

Nothing but Sandy Hook hoax videos on that Patreon account.

But, hey, as long as she's willing to say bad things about DB, you guys are A-OK with her claiming the grieving, heartbroken parents of Sandy Hook are just actors, right? Those little children didn't die, right? It was just a big ol' hoax, right?

And you'll keep giving her the clicks she so desperately craves.

Anonymous said...

So what that Kate is interested in current events and the accuracy of them. She's not guilty of killing anyone. That has yet to be determined with DB. Anything that Kate posts comes straight from a source linked to DB. Nobody cares what other work she is done. All we care about on here is justice for AB.

We can tell you're getting anxious for the trial, DB/Brenda/AngryAnon. Something must have struck a cord with you.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Kate! Obviously you are getting close or you would not be the subject of the recent rants of CD and his mommy. I don't think they like you digging into when he met Kristi or sharing with everyone CD's scary sermons. It seems like CD and his mommy have been stalking you for awhile. Talk about sick f***s! Remember when DB/Brenda/Angry Anon tried to say they only come by this site once a week? LOL

Anonymous said...


I’m me. No one else.

But the othet anon is right on. The myopic, obsessive dedication to davey’s guilt, whether he is or not, is beyond sick. It also shows you to be not so bright.

Lousy investigative work.

BTW, speaking of which, Peter, where are you in this ridiculous thread? Are you too embarrassed to show up now?

Anonymous said...

Kate is a joke

But then, apparently, so is the owner of this blog.

Terribly disillusioned.

Kate is Lanza's BFF said...

How brave of Kate up to show up to comment in support of herself rotflmao.

"Kate, people think you're disgusting for the things you say about Sandy Hook, so you must have struck a 'cord'! Keep up the good work slandering the grieving parents of Sandy Hook! You're our hero!!!"

Anonymous said...

Nothing is Wasted, y'all. Jesus forgives everybody, no matter what. He's using this to show us the best is YET to come! 2018! Best year yet. #ForIndy. Intercept some youth, y'all, let's go.

flightfulbird said...

The myopic, obsessive dedication to trying to shut down this discussion is beyond sick. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Anonymous at 6:00pm, would you hazard a guess or give a concrete explanation of

(1) how Davey could honestly say (and keep repeating) that he had no idea anyone had been in his house when he walked in from the gym on Tuesday November 10, 2015 and found everything strewn around and Amanda lying in a pool of blood


(2) how Davey could say (and keep repeating) that his first honest thought when he saw Amanda in the condition she was in was that Amanda had just lost the baby right here, um, but if we get to the hospital she'll be ok


(3) why Davey only said to his dad and everyone else to whom he spoke that morning that Amanda had fallen and "has a head wound", with no mention of the baby- if he really honestly thought it was a miscarriage.

Until these three questions are answered, YOU should be embarrassed to keep coming here and trying to quell our discussion and our quest and search for the truth about what happened to Amanda.

Clearly we are getting closer to the truth because you are appearing more and more desperate with every post you write.

To Bingo, Bobcat, Concerned,DW, FoolsFeedOnFolly, Hey Jude, Kate, Trudy, anonymous insider at Resonate, anonymous posters who continue to shed light on this case, and anyone I failed to list - please stay here and keep sharing your thoughts. Thanks to all of you for taking the time, for taking this seriously and for not getting chased away.

No question, if the trials were in California, I would absolutely be there. As it is, I will be glued to Kate's transmissions of it, whether written or video or both.

Anonymous said...

We all now know that both Davey and his mommy post here, and they tag team this thread with their constant criticism of anyone and anything anti-Davey posted here. Y'all are too obvious. Your rage jumps out of the screen. Sorry if you thought we would all just sit back and watch you enjoy your Robin Leech lifestyle but that is not happening. Amanda's parents may have blinders on but we do not. And we will not quit.

Uh-oh SpaghettiOs said...

Oopsie daisy! Looks like there's some copyright infringement going on with Katie's new channel. Using Resonate's videos without permission? Uh-oh spaghettiOs! Since Davey's mom is here, I'm sure she'll let him know to report it. Shucks!

flightfulbird said...

Oct 22

daveyblackburnThere is nothing quite like vacationing with some of my favorite people in the world. I'm thankful this family will always be family to me and Weston! "When you walk through fire you shall not be burned and the flame shall not consume you . . . Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?" Isaiah 43:2,19

Dec 18

daveyblackburn I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬

QED said...
Flightful, on Oct 22 you said Quote: "Yeah, -" behold I am doing a new thing" - what's that all about? Is Davey preparing us for a new girlfriend?" You must be psychic!

December 29, 2017 at 11:49 PM

I have no doubt that Davey was preparing us for Kristi - at the time I wrote the post I also said a new boyfriend which was a very real possibility. The initial post on the very first DataLounge thread "Smoking Hot Pastor's Wife Killed After Failed Robbery" said their first thought was that Davey was a closet case (queen) who tricked the wrong guy.

From the Crossfit videos, it looks like Kristi was in the picture for a very long time before Davey actually came clean about a new relationship. Whether or not Kristi was along on this beach vacation where he posted the picture and used the Bible verse to describe the "new thing", it is an (another) interesting coincidence in a case riddled with them that he used the exact same Bible verse in the Instagram pic of his wedding dance.

Davey is full of shit if he thinks we believe his long blog post about seeing but not approaching this girl at Crossfit who also showed up at his church and that everything happened the way he said it did.

The fact that Kristi's father is the prison chaplain for those in custody makes it impossible for Davey to say he had no idea how he would ever connect with those guys to share the gospel with them. If he already knew Kristi when he said this in his appearances in 2016 and knew her father was the chaplain, he would have way more than an idea how he could do this. Another lie. IF he knew. And I believe he did.

And as far as taking time to grieve, uh, the loss - and how long does one have to grieve before they can find someone else with whom to share their life - poor Davey, waking up to an empty bed all those mornings and realizing (or rejoicing?) that Amanda isn't there - but consoling himself that she's in heaven and wouldn't want to return to earth anyways.

flightfulbird said...

Missing part of quote in December 18th Instagram post above - the same exact quote on beach vacation (was Kristi his new thing and was this his veiled introduction of her, preparing us for a new girlfriend/wife) as on their wedding day Instagram.

Dec 18

daveyblackburn “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬

flightfulbird said...

Kate, would you be able to repost your DaveyBlackburn3 video somewhere where we can see it without it getting taken down - it disappeared before I could watch it and from what I've read here, it is very interesting and sheds a lot of light on the person Davey is.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Another click for Katie! Good job, flightful. The parents of all those dead children really, really appreciate you showing Kate some love <3 <3 <3

flightfulbird said...

I meant the video that's about 8:37 long with clips of Davey from Resonate in 2012. . . YouTube says it is unavailable.

And the father Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook was flat-out laughing right before he went on camera at a presser and then had to quickly conjure up tears and a broken voice talking about his daughter who supposedly had just been killed. Same with the teacher / crisis actor who hid all of those children in the bathroom - that same person has been on the scene on video in other tragedies, playing a different role.

But whether Sandy Hook happened as described or not - and Kate's videos - are not the subject of this thread - so feel free to roll and scroll and disregard - there is no point in attempting to derail this thread with discussion of Sandy Hook, for there are countless other threads on the internet for that.

The subjects here, among others, are Davey Blackburn's conflicting statements, along with his actions and lack of grief and the statements he made on social media and his appearances and demeanor in the television or media blitz immediately following Amanda's murder - and the sheer enormity of the coincidences surrounding this case.

And this isn't going away. In THIS case, the husband himself has given information against himself. It's not rocket science to know that Davey is lying about that morning. It can't be both ways - he describes what he saw but then his statements about what he THOUGHT about what he saw directly contradict it.

No normal person - and especially someone who is into movies and television as much as Davey is - would see the scene that morning and not realize it was an active crime scene, that intruders had been in the house and that Amanda had been assaulted and shot.

So why did he say, in all these appearances over and over and over and over and over, that he had no idea anyone had been in his house and that he thought Amanda had just lost the baby ? And why did the 911 dispatcher only send a fire truck to an active crime scene ?

I will keep asking this until I know the answer. Here's hoping the 911 call is released during the trials so we can hear exactly what Davey said when he had to sort out on the fly what to say to the dispatcher. I will forever believe that he was expecting to call for a coroner, that he was absolutely not expecting to find Amanda still breathing.

One would certainly think, with three gunshots including one at close range to the back of the head, that cruising on the driveway for an hour talking to Kenneth Wagner should've been enough time for Amanda to enter the party portal of heaven, no?

Et tu? said...

Et tu, flightful? Wow. How many Sandy Hook hoaxers do we have here? Bobcat? Bingo? Jude? ... Do you believe the dead children are fake? Do you support Kate's Sandy Hook nonsense? I will take your silence as a resounding "no."

And has flightful really been Kate this whole time???

I genuinely hope you get to hear that 911 call, flightfulkate. I know it will be the single most important moment of your entire life. Maybe you'll even celebrate by coming out of your parents' basement for some fresh air and sunlight!

QED said...

Why do you think crazy Davey lied over and over about mistaking gunshot wounds in the upper body and head for a pregnancy mishap? He set it up to look like a "botched" robbery, so why didn't he just tell 911 about the obvious crime scene and exact nature of Amanda's injuries?

IMO, his reasons were the same as Raven Abaroa's reasons for telling 911 that his pregnant wife had been shot, when, in fact, she had been stabbed, by him.

It's a con by a liar in an attempt to appear innocent.

If R Aboroa "had no idea" that Janet had been stabbed (as evidenced by his claims to 911 that she'd been shot) then how could be the assailant? Do you follow me? It's as if his ignorance to the type of injury somehow supports his innocence. It's the same with Davey Blackburn, all wide eyed, saying he thought 3 bullet wounds in the upper body and head, a tooth knocked out, and underwear removed, contents of a purse strewn about, duct tape etc gave him "no idea" that someone had been in the house and were instead commensurate with some kind of pregnancy mishap.

He's stuck with that bullshit "no idea" story now, and the way he tries to cover it up is to say that God protected him comprehending the blindingly obvious.

Kate said...

Hey Flightful, I put it on private for now, that anon poster cracks me up though, all other vids remain, no copyright infringement as we are well within our rights when Davey posts his public spew. I will repost it, just need a couple of minutes.

Anon, wasn't even going to reply back to you, but here it goes. Who cares. When Sandy Hook went down, I had questions. If you expect me to run away in shame or to somehow be embarrassed, you're wrong. I was out grocery shopping, my apologies for not answering you IMMEDIATELY. I hope you can learn to have an adult conversation instead of trying to point fingers at everyone here. Try your best to stay on topic. A lot of us have different backgrounds, different education levels, different ideas and different viewpoints. Doesn't mean we can't agree on Davey potentially being involved with the murder of his wife. I may have asked questions about it, but I sure as hell never said God told me I was lucky I wasn't the killer. Sheesh, and you're upset with me? Lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL Kate-

What do you mean that we all on here have different levels of education? Are you agreeing that these posts are as far fetched and fictional as the rest of the world does?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this thread since it's beginning. I've disagreed with some stuff big time (Amber's involvement and Davey posting here)but the angry anon has just 'stepped up' their game and showed their desperation by claiming/threatening about the 'copyright' infringement and the attempts to distract/deflect with the Sandy Hook stuff. A real, noticeable change in energy from sarcastic trolling to a real need to stop the flow of info.

I might be starting to be convinced it is actually someone from Davey's camp....

QuitDeflecting said...

But you did say a bunch of grieving parents were phony crisis actors, Kate. Heaven forbid you ever lose a child, you might understand why what you do is so hideous. Quit trying to minimize what you've done. You did that, not DB. "I might be bad, but I'm not as bad as DB" is a sorry-a$$ excuse. Vulture.

Won't run away in shame, but puts videos on private. Rotflmao.

Lemmings abound said...

Good for you, Anon 8:45! If you're convinced, it certainly must be true!

If you disagree with Amber's involvement, have some balls and stand up to bobcat instead of being a lemming.

Kate said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Kate-

What do you mean that we all on here have different levels of education? Are you agreeing that these posts are as far fetched and fictional as the rest of the world does? January 2, 2018 at 8:41 PM

You best stop wasting your time here and go do damage control on "the rest of the world" because clearly your view of this case is skewed beyond belief. Every single news outlet that posts this story is followed by comments of anger towards Davey. Thousands of comments wondering how and why le cleared him in under 36 hours. You ought to count your lucky stars that no one went full steam on Davey when it happened or he may very well have been put behind bars back then.

If people were "far fetched and fictional" here, I wouldn't be here. Unlike yourself, I enjoy spending time around people who think outside of the box and I would never waste my precious time posting on a board, insulting people, simply because they have a different opinion than I do. You really are sweatin' this out, aren't you? Because why else would you be here if you weren't?

Anon 8:45 said...


I have registered my thoughts and feelings on that subject before, but I am not the Bobcat-monitor, nor am I interested in controlling her and what she writes.

All that stuff can be tossed aside, the timelines, phone pings and et al, not so much. And that is precisely what has your ire up. That became very clear today. You're scared, not just angry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because this blog is crucial and the be all/end all reality for you.

Seriously? Get off your couch and do some leg work. It’s the only way to know the truth. Posting on a blog is the lazy, cowardly approach.

Anon 8:45 said...

I am simply an observer, Angry. I have contributed nothing towards this but my reading time, a few comments and interest in what does happen.

You, tho, appear to be wholly ensnared by these threads on Davey. I've certainly observed that. Many have. That is just as interesting as this case.

flightfulbird said...

the angry anon has just 'stepped up' their game and showed their desperation by claiming/threatening about the 'copyright' infringement and the attempts to distract/deflect with the Sandy Hook stuff. A real, noticeable change in energy from sarcastic trolling to a real need to stop the flow of info.

Yes, the desperation is definitely palpable in the newest anonymous posts- there's a reason. Nobody would invest that much time trying to derail the thread unless they had a vested interest and reason to do so. Just like nobody (us basement dwellers) would invest as much time making videos and writing transcriptions and sharing thoughts and writing dossiers and sending emails if we didn't have a vested interest in finding out the truth about what happened to Amanda.

Amber's "why did it have to happen in front of Weston" (oopsie) - "I mean, I know he was upstairs, but. . . " was a big slip - she didn't stick to the script.

Thank you QED for again pointing out that the botched robbery, "I came home from the gym and found Amanda had been assaulted and shot and was close to death" story would have worked. It totally would have worked IF Davey had told the truth about what he walked and saw that morning.

It would have worked IF Davey hadn't misled the 911 dispatcher by only reporting Amanda "injured and unconscious" (in whatever words he used, that was the impression the dispatcher as well as Detective Perkins got from what he said).

Detective Perkins rolled into Methodist Hospital to scope out the nature of Amanda Blackburn's injuries and found that she had ACTUALLY been shot in the head and was not expected to survive. Actually shot - compared to what he thought from what Davey indicated and/ or said.

The Cleveland Browns receiver who dropped the pass on fourth and two with 1:46 remaining (that would've given them a first down on the eleven yard line for a chance to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and avoid a completely winless season) will be going over that drop in his head for the whole off season, maybe forever.

I wonder how many times Davey has wished he could turn back the clock and just tell the truth about what he saw - instead of weaving this tangled web which he now has to keep straight in every appearance, in every blog post, to Amanda's family and friends . . .

oh wait . . Amanda's family and friends apparently aren't questioning why Davey's accounts of that morning don't add up. They have their heads stuck in the sand - or they fear losing all access to Weston - or both.

Actually I think Zack W has his questions.

Anonymous said...

So.....anyone asking questions, pointing out your discrepancies, or just simply disagreeing with you is ”trying to shut you down”? My, a little paranoid, don’t you think? Unless, of course, you’re such a sensitive flower that questions make you wilt. It’s particularly revealing that you think you’re doing detective work by never leaving your big chair while posting your theories in this blog. Do you honestly think you’re investigating? How naive can people be?

Anon 8:45 said...


And yet YOU keep coming back, like a moth to a flame.

Why? What do YOU have invested in this?

That's a serious question, not just a way to deflect, like you are so fond of.

Really. What do you have invested in this? To what end has your time been spent? You're obviously not stopping anyone here.

Anon 8:45 said...

Seriously, Angry.

I was with you totally in the beginning. The Amber stuff made me sick with no basis in SA. I thought the 'Davey posts here' was true delusional vanity. But, over time, YOU have made me think it's far more likely that you DO have an invested interest in this other than it being a splinter of disgust in your brain. Especially with the timeline, phone pings and Davey's ever changing stories of finding Amanda.

Why do you care so much?

THAT is becoming it's own story. Do tell.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be lumping all anons together. Typical of a limited mentality. I post here about once or twice a week, usually on weekends; however, I’ve been on vacation, so I’ve been here a couple of times other days.

You, on the other hand , are here posting daily. Why should I not be here, but you should should (and much more frequently than I)? You seem to be very bothered by anyone questioning you. Sometimes that’s an indication of a lower intellect. Sometimes it’s self-doubt.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you always on vacation, Davey? Some honeymoon you're having. Guess you didn't get that free upgrade this time.

Anon 8:45 said...

Why do you care so much?

THAT is becoming it's own story.

Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:47

Nothing sinister. I have a personality flaw (I suppose it could be called). I love to pick at and annoy people like you. You see, I neither know nor care whether or not DB is guilty. Matters not one bit to me. He may be. It has nothing to do with him but had to do with the lack of higher order thinking among you “geniuses.” I love to exploit it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:47

Nothing sinister. I have a personality flaw (I suppose it could be called). I love to pick at and annoy people like you. You see, I neither know nor care whether or not DB is guilty. Matters not one bit to me. He may be. It has nothing to do with him but had to do with the lack of higher order thinking among you “geniuses.” I love to exploit it.

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...


I didn't know you were such a big football fan. Your strong focus on Davey having "No Idea" reminds me of his 4/2016 Q&A with Perry Noble. What's your favorite cookie?


Meg is picking apart Davey's lies one by one. She will get to Amber soon enough. It's a hard one to realize, but after the urge to vomit passes... maybe her respect for Amanda as a lovely lady will lead her, at minimum, into a new career far away from "churches" like Resonate and Newspring.

Unlike most assistants, who normally know EVERYTHING (and keep silent) about 'the boss', she has realized that he is NOT AWESOME. She is the VP of NOT AWESOME.

It's hard to stay loyal when you can't give full support. Zach is also interesting.

Three cheers for Dalton getting away.

Anon 8:45 said...

LOL Angry. Work on your reading comprehension skills.

Well, you might not be Davey, but you both like to exploit. Tho Davey hasn't admitted it as overtly as you have.

Carry on. I'll go back to sitting back and continuing to watch others pull your strings.

Anonymous said...

.....while using various screen names.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Amanda Cookies,

Dalton got away? Who's that?

-Blackburns for Life

Ping-a-lings said...

Are people here fantasizing that the phone pings have changed since the day the thugs murdered Amanda? Or since the warrants for phone records were obtained? Orrrr since the judge ruled there was probable cause to charge the thugs based on the affidavit? Or maybe since one of the thugs pleaded guilty and rolled over on his cohorts?




Anonymous said...

Why does anon 8:45 keep saying the same things over and over? Too much wine with dinner?

Anon 8:45 said...

Do tell!

Anon 8:45 said...

Do tell!!



Sweet Amanda Cookies said...

Blackburns for Life,

Dalton's an innocent. You leave him alone.

QED said...

Angry LOL Anon Brenda@ 9:57 and again @10:00, said: "I neither know nor care whether or not DB Is guilty. Matters not one bit to me. He may be."

That says it all, really. Davey Blackburn may be guilty of orchestrating the murder of his pregnant wife and it " matters not one bit" to her.

That's something a lot nastier and more insidious than a mere " personality flaw". To call it a personality flaw is a major understatement. Peter himself has asked her why she can't allow people to discuss this case in peace, and whether she can see her own projection, but she refused to answer the question. If she neither knows, nor cares, about DBs guilt, her obsessive posting here is strange, to say the least. If, as she says, DB "may be" guilty, then she is allowing that the posters, here, "may be" correct. Right?

It is illogical to post such tirades (against SA, Peter, and, the various posters), so obsessively on a blog, about something you just admitted you neither know, nor care, about.

Does it really "matter not one bit" to you that DB may be involved in Amanda's murder? That's reptilian level, cold. I don't think its true, though.

Anon 8:45 Verified said...

My last comment was at 10:06 PM.

Angry, you must be worried if you're resorting to desperate and juvenile tactics as pretending to be me, tho telling you keep repeating "Tell"

Curiouser and curiouser

Anonymous said...

Sweet Amanda Cookies,

You brought Dalton up. I don't see how he was anything to do with this, other than being in charge of Resonate's money, formerly.

-Blackburns for Life

flightfulbird said...

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...


I didn't know you were such a big football fan. Your strong focus on Davey having "No Idea" reminds me of his 4/2016 Q&A with Perry Noble. What's your favorite cookie?

Transcriptions and link to videos from Davey's 4/2016 appearances with Perry Noble, for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of reading or hearing/seeing the stuttering and stumbling when Davey has to discuss that morning when he found Amanda. . .

Davey - And um, and so I, I left for the gym, and, got a workout in, and came back, walked in my house, and, and found Amanda, and honestly, um, I, I think it was by the grace of god that I had no idea what had happened. Um, I honestly thought she was three months pregnant so I thought that something had gone horrifically wrong with the pregnancy, and so, um, I think the lord prepares your heart for things when you’re about to walk into a really tough season because, prior to this, our entire leadership team, both Amanda and I just had this sense that we were about to walk into a season of pain, and uh I, I, thought it would be that we would lose the baby. I really did, and um, we hadn’t really experienced any kind of pain, um, certainly not to this magnitude, and so, when I found her, I, I, basically, she, she, she was still breathing and I went and I said, man this is really bad, but if we can get just get her to the hospital, she’s going to be OK. Had no idea that there was, that there were bullet wounds, had no idea that somebody had been in my house, um, things didn’t look right, it didn’t, something was, was up, but I think I was just in this cloud of shock.

Further down on the page -

Davey - And uh, honestly I don’t really know how to describe emotions that go through you in that moment. Um, uh there’s a lot of shock and a lot of adrenaline and, um, I honestly, I didn’t, uh, uh I didn’t know what had happened and I think that was kinda the grace of god in that moment —

Perry Noble: You didn’t know she’d been shot.

Davey: "Had NO idea she’d been shot, had no idea, some things looked out of place but she was three months pregnant, and so I think the lord had been preparing ME, honestly, I can’t describe why this is but the lord had been preparing me and us that we were about to walk through a season of pain, so I had this fear that we were gonna’ lose the baby. I just did. Before any of this happened I had just had this fear that we were gonna’ lose the baby. And so when I walked in and found her I thought something had gone horrifically wrong with the pregnancy, uh, and she was still breathing and I was like, okay, if I just get her, if I just get her to the hospital everything’s going to be okay, w-, we probably just lost the baby right here but, and so, but I didn’t know there were gunshot wounds. I didn’t know anything about it. And so we’re just kinda in this blur and, and for, the next, next, you know, couple of days and really the next month was just a cloud or a blur.

Seriously - anonymous or anyone else - I know I'm yelling now, CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN AND RECONCILE DAVEY'S STATEMENTS ? ! ! ! Reading them again, watching them again on video - how stupid does he think anyone is? Perry Noble was even in disbelief at what Davey was trying to sell, from the body language of covering his mouth.

flightfulbird said...

And this was only two appearances on one day - Bobcat's blog documents many more instances and multiple (transcribed as well as on video) appearances where Davey has said over and over and over that

(1) he honestly had no idea anyone had been in his house

(2 he had no idea there were bullet wounds

(3) his honest thought was that something had gone wrong with the pregnancy

Davey or someone close to him - please explain ! We are waiting.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Quick unrelated question tot he current discussion- Davey has made a marked point of saying that "Weston was upstairs", "Weston slept through the whole thing", "Weston was cooing softly behind his closed door", etc. Davey never volunteered any of that until John Q. Public began asking about Weston on public blogs like this one. Davey's penchant for detailing what he doesn't like/his stressors in his sermons, with pregnancies and anything interfering with his "needs" being high on his list, is well-documented. His contempt for Weston and disregard for Weston as a human being are obvious also, with Weston's normal childhood issues/mistakes/behaviors being fodder for Davey's stand-up comedy routine.

IF this was a contract hit, given the way Davey demeans and belittles Weston publicly every chance he gets, I can't see Davey wanting to parent Weston himself. Davey is so narcissistic, he cannot stand Weston getting any attention, so he continually undercuts him in public among his family and the Church. Sad and sick. Then again, knowing his own parents and Amanda's family so well (as well as Meg, Ashley & Derick, and his "team"), he knew he'd never have to actually single parent Weston. He certainly wasted no time making Weston a pathetic photo prop to garner both donations and sympathy. I have to wonder if he actually didn't check on Weston right away because he wasn't expecting Weston to be alive and that's why he keeps asserting over and over that Weston was sleeping/upstairs/softly cooing (even though toddlers that age don't coo).

Side note: I think if Davey isn't already worried about Weston, he may become so as Weston ages. As much time as Amanda spent one-on-one with Weston, he was likely very verbal for his age. As much attention as Weston got from Davey's family and Amanda's (as well as live-in helper Megs), Weston was way more cognizant that Davey thinks. Davey's "softly cooing" belies how little time Davey actually spent with Weston, how clueless he was/is about Weston, and how detached Davey was/is from his son.

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...


I cheer when anyone gets away from Davey alive and sane.
The farther away from Davey, the better.



Reptilian level, cold. Kind of reminds me of Dad Blackburn's blog about Jono drowning and being saved by a nine year old, while Mom and Dad weren't paying attention. Dad repeatedly disparaged the heroics of the nine year old, like he didn't want to give him credit for saving his son. That thumb was on Davey as a child.

Anonymous said...

SAC- I agree. Dalton was one of the best Resonaters out there, glad he escaped too.

Anonymous said...

DB had another couple, his cohost for the Podcasts, living with him after Derek and Ashley moved out. That girl runs the whole church, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Blackburn is laying low in the hills of NC for reason.

I wish Davey would start the laying low part of his life.

Sweet Amanda Cookies said...

Hasn't Emily moved out of the mansion to make room for Kristi? I also cheer for anyone who gets out of that mansion sane and alive.

Trudy said...

Confession: I can't stop dreaming about DB strutting around in those nut-hugging pants. Oh my!!

Anon 8:45 Verified said...

Me too, Trudy! It's like we're twins ... Or even the same person!

Curiouser and curiouser!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Amanda Cookies,

Girl, that name is too good to abbreviate. I'm still laughing at it. Yes, Emily made it out of the palace, only to get downgraded to Kristi's shitty Carmel apartment. It really was not a nice one, but DB loves to talk about finding himself a "Carmel Mom" because Carmel is known for its wealth.

flightfulbird said...

I have often wondered what Weston remembers about those two days in November 2015.

I have also often wondered what will happen when he is old enough to Google his dad's name.

Repeating myself for sure, but here has always been a definite need for Davey to persuade that Weston saw nothing that morning, that he was up in his crib, still upstairs, behind the still-closed door, yes cooing softly (as in, not upset in the least from whatever he saw or heard going on downstairs). Amber forgot - "I know he was still upstairs, but. . . " (I bet Davey could've strangled her at that point).

All the more reason that Bobcat's scenario of Weston being up with Amanda that morning and his seeing what happened makes sense. That, or that Weston was actually sitting by Amanda when Davey walked into the house from the gym.

And whoever wrote upthread that Davey said in one of Kate's recently-linked videos that he wished he had time to grab things so he could shower at the gym - what the hell was in his gym bag that he has emphasized so many times that he grabbed on the way out the door?

Energy bar, sports drink (unlikely for a less than thirty minute workout) - gloves (maybe) - water bottle (probably).

Gym clothes? - Davey says he grabbed his gym clothes- vs - grabbed his gym bag . . .

I would still like to know if he was wearing gym clothes when he arrived at the gym or if he cut into his training time to change in the locker room once he got there (which would be a colossal waste of training time if he was already late getting out the door for whatever reason and knew he had a phone call on the tail end of his workout).

Vee said...

Since every mention of his first wife's murder by Davey contains a reference to the gym, the gym the gym the gym; doesn't it seem especially creepy that he claims to have met and courted wife number two in a gym, of all places? Sort of taunting sociopath level creepy? It does to me.

I find the story of him spotting Kristi 10 months after Amanda's murder and ogling her (in a way that, she later told him, was not as subtle as he'd hoped) reprehensible.

What did poor Amanda write before she was murdered? Something about girls who dress sexily for the gym are wasting their time because the men are too busy staring at themselves in the mirror to notice them. I guess she was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Considering Weston has a very hard time potty-training and has been raised by a whole slew of people, his child hood has been less than peachy since Amanda was executed.
DB doesn't make time for. He's too busy working out, going on leadership retreats, and speaking gigs. Now he gets to have a new Mommy. He's in some rich private school. So let's hope that poor boy can have a normal child until TT Amber can raise him. Remember DB talking about how he calls her TT, like "titty," instead of Aunt?

How do kids work? said...

"Repeating myself for sure" ....

If signatures were allowed here, that would definitely need to be yours, flightfulkate.

I know children are a gigantic mystery to you, judging by some of the questions you've asked about them ... like you've literally never spent 5 minutes with a child in your whole life ... but it's unlikely Weston remembers anything. Whether he was able to tell them anything useful THAT DAY, who knows, but it's highly unlikely he recalls any of it now. Sorry to disappoint you.

Vaverra said...

I wonder if Davey thought KM was at the gym "to work out or to be worked out" as he put it.

QED said...

Oh no. Raven Abaroa is out of jail! He got out at Christmas. He took an Alford plea, which is essentially a guilty plea where you admit that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you, but you maintain your innocence, for what it's worth.

There are so many similarities between Abaroa and Blackburn.

Kate said...

Yes, the gym. The gym seems to be the common denominator of this case. It just so happens, Davey knows the owner, so the owner kept the gym open late for Davey and that's how he met his lovely new bride. Bet that story goes much deeper. How often did the owner open the gym just for Davey? Inside and outside surveillance? Sign in/sign out log?

The FOIA requests on this case will be insane. There was a great deal of neighborhood and business surveillance as well.

Were all of Davey's guns checked? The very fact that Davey owns any guns at all is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Thinking outside of the box here, could there be a chance that DB was on drugs and he owed the gang money, so they came after his home and wife? I just don't quite get the need to execute her by a shot to the head.

Anonymous said...

e: Amanda Blackburn Unsolved Homicide
Post by Randie on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:01 am

I hope I can post this here. It is someone elses comment is very profound.

(Almost every morning for over a month I have woken up thinking about some aspect of this case.

This morning I am thinking about Larry Taylor.

Answer me this: why continue to take along a younger person on your burglary crew who has exhibited that he can’t stay on task and is committing violent crimes that you could be charged for if caught?

We know very little about him. At eighteen, he is the youngest of the four (inc. Jalen, Diano, Alonzo) has impulse control issues, and in general seems to be a loose canon.


We know of one previous charge for Taylor for exposing himself in the parking lot of a retail store. (Summer of '15?)

Nov. 3: Jalen Watson shows up for a burglary, Larry Taylor shows up for a rape. According to the witness, Jalen repeatedly argues with Larry, telling him (shouting) “Stop. This is not what we are there for.” Taylor stops while Jalen is in the bedroom, and continues when Jalen leaves the room.

Nov. 10: When the three suspects realize they have been caught on camera with faces uncovered in the San Clemente apartment they are robbing, Taylor unaccountably wants to kill the apartment owner, and (according to the CI) has to be talked out of this by his mates.

Nov. 10: According to the CI, Watson emerges from the Blackburns and tells Gordon that there was a woman inside and Taylor hit her in the face with a gun. After the ATM transaction they don’t want to go back to Sunnyside Court to pick Taylor up. To persuade them, Taylor (on the phone) says that if they don’t come for him he will kill Amanda. In another call with Bull (presumably) they are instructed to go back for Taylor as he is family.

Back to my question: why continue to include Taylor with his loose canon behavior in your highly successful crew and risk being caught and held accountable for his behavior?

ANSWER 1: You are really that young, stupid and believe in your own infallibility. (We ain't gonna get caught.)

ANSWER 2: The rewards of a life of crime are huge. Doing time if you get caught, no big deal. The inside is just an extension of the outside, you have family to look out for you no matter where you end up or for what reason.

ANSWER 3: Marching orders from higher up. Big brother telling you Larry is family, he goes where you go. You follow orders.

If a criminal organization is operating a hit crew (crime by request) along with a burglary operation, what does that look like? We see in three instances that LT shows up with a different agenda. Is it his own agenda, or did he get different marching orders?)

Hey Jude said...

Could the robbery spree that culminated in Blackburn's murder also be a gang crime, perhaps even an initiation?

When asked Monday, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Sgt. Kendale Adams emphatically said no.

"Gangs are fluid," Adams said. "There was no known gang activity connected to this particular crime."


Hey Jude said...

^ I believe him.

Kate said...

Strike while the iron's hot, right?

Hey Jude said...

^ 'To persuade them, Taylor (on the phone) says that if they don’t come for him he will kill Amanda. In another call with Bull (presumably) they are instructed to go back for Taylor as he is family.'

I don't believe any of what the CI says - but for those who do - they went back for him - LT had allegedly threatened to kill Amanda IF they did not go back for him. They went back for him.


Was Davey really on the driveway all that time? How did he finish his call and 'hang up' his cell phone before walking into his house. You finish a cell call - you hang up a landline telephone.

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