Friday, May 19, 2017

Analysis: Anthony Weiner's Court Statement

Regarding "full responsibility" in analysis, please see here how Statement Analysis classifies this well used phrase.  

Anthony Weiner has been previously analyzed to be seen deceptive.  Here, it is a "mea culpa" before the court and a prepared statement. Does he take "full responsibility" for sending sexually explicit text messages to an underaged female?

Recently, a secret service agent was sentenced to 20 years in prison after entering a guilty plea for sending messages to an underaged girl in the attempt to meet her for an illicit sexual encounter.  

Weiner has pled guilty.  It will be interesting to compare sentences and to see how he describes, in his verbalized perception of reality, his victim.  

Note his linguistic disposition towards his vicim;
Note any unnecessary information as very important.  

In a prepared statement we do not analyze Anthony Weiner; we analyze the statement, addressing "the subject" (author).  

“Beginning with my service in Congress 

Where a statement begins is always important as it can be priority and dominate the thought of the subject. 

Where does the subject begin?

*With his service in Congress. 

He does not begin with the pronoun "I"
He begins with "my service in Congress", which is used instead of a date.  He reminds the court of his "service" and the importance of such, with "Congress."

This is an unnecessary diversion from responsibility as it portrays him as one in service of others.  One may question if the subject, while in Congress, was in "service" to others, but for him, it is where he began his statement:  his priority.  

and continuing into the first half of last year, I have compulsively sought attention from women who contacted me on social media, 

It is unnecessary for him to tell the court who contacted whom; the others are not on trial.  Yet for him, the unnecessary information is a form of distancing himself from responsibility.  

He sought "attention"; not sex, in his language.  

and I engaged with many of them in both sexual and non-sexual conversation. 

Here the subject continues to build with innocent "extras" that are unnecessary.  He wants the court to know he "served" in congress and victims contacted him and now many of these contacts were non-sexual.  

Was it his actions something that brought destruction?

These destructive impulses brought great devastation to family and friends, and destroyed my life’s dream of public service. 

It was the "impulses" that did it; not him, nor even his yielding.  It was "these destructive impulses."  

He is now distancing himself even further from both responsibility and from his actions.  

And yet I remained in denial even as the world around me fell apart.

The world is "around" him.  This is a narcissistic phrase that is to say that things revolve around him.  It is consistent with his external "lotus of control" philosophy that like the racist Yale professor, they are victims of external forces conspiring against them, rather than personally responsible for their own behaviors.  
In late January 2016, I was contacted by and began exchanging online messages with a stranger who said that she was a high school student and who I understood to be 15 years old. 

It is very important to the subject to repeat that he did not contact the victim. He "was contacted" uses passivity, even further distancing himself from the victim and his actions. 

 This is a form of distancing language by shifting the burden of responsibility  to the teenager.  

If she had not contacted him, he would be okay.

If she had not lied about her age, he would be okay.  

Through approximately March 2016, I engaged in obscene communications with this teenager, 

The use of "with" between himself and this teenager is appropriately forming of distance. He does not see himself as unified with her.  In context of everything else he said, he may feel betrayed by her.  

including sharing explicit images and encouraging her to engage in sexually explicit conduct, just as I had done and continued to do with adult women. I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.

Here, the unnecessary "just as I had done and continued to do with adult women" 
This fall, I came to grips for the first time with the depths of my sickness

note:  not my "behavior", but my "sickness" is a form of distancing from responsibility.  

I had hit bottom. I entered intensive treatment, found the courage to take a moral inventory of my defects, and began a program of recovery and mental health treatment that I continue to follow every day.

He separates himself ("I") from defects.  His inventory, however, was moral, but his defects were not moral defects.  This is fascinating insight into the subject's thinking.  He is "courageous" and posses the high standard of "morals" needed to "inventory" or count, his moral defects.  He is so praiseworthy that he wants the court to know that he continues this "every day."  
I accept full responsibility for my conduct. I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse. I apologize to everyone I have hurt. I apologize to the teenage girl, whom I mistreated so badly. I am committed to making amends to all those I have harmed. Thank you.”

Analysis Conclusion:

The subject's verbalized perception of reality is that he is going to prison for an illness. 

He does not take any responsibility for his actions, but blames his victims, circumstances and an unknown illness for sexual inappropriate behavior with a teenager.  

Since he is not responsible, he cannot change his behavior, as he is a "victim" of others' behavior.  

The language here is consistent with other statements Wiener has made.  


Anonymous said...


Do you read an entire statement first, then go over it again using analysis? Or, do you start analysis the very first time?

Also, will you consider doing more of the exercises where you post a statement for us to analyze, and then post your analysis later? Those are very fun ways to test skills, for me at least.


Anonymous said...

Are any Democratic lawmakers starting to fear that they’re not going to find that evidence? The intelligence community is presumably always watching the Russian government as closely as they can. The FBI counterintelligence guys presumably track Russian agents on our soil as much as possible. You figure the NSA can track just about any electronic communication between Russians and figures in the Trump campaign. If there was something sinister and illegal going on between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the U.S. government as a whole had every incentive in the world to expose that as quickly as possible. They didn’t expose it before Election Day, they didn’t expose it before the Electoral College voted, they didn’t expose it before Inauguration Day … How many months have the best investigators in the United States been digging into this?

lynda said...

This man is just garbage. Lock him away so he can continue to "work" on his sickness everyday

Tania Cadogan said...

I will be disgusted if he gets months rather than a lot of years, especially given his track record and that someone else for the same crime got 20 years.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 10.07. The professor got a Yelp Elite badge - it looks like people nominate themselves:

She then, apparently, emailed her students to let them know she was Yelp Elite - so she was not targeted, she outed herself. Her students went to read her reviews - she might have predicted that - perhaps she thought they would approve. Yelp standards do not appear very high, if her reviews qualified and somehow were found to have met the stated criteria.

Amanda said...

"These destructive impulses brought great devastation to family and friends, and destroyed my life’s dream of public service."
He doesn't show attachment to family and friends, drops the pronoun altogether showing no possession. He does show attachment to his life. "my life"
the world around a good summation.

Hey Jude said...

'If she had not lied about her age, he would be okay.'

The girl did not lie about her age! - he knew she was only fifteen. It was her father who discovered the texts and reported him. The girl believes the contact was consensual because she initiated it - she does not seem to understand she was being groomed and exploited.

His 'sickness' is reportedly 'sex addiction', formerly known as lust. I think that is minimisation, as his offences relate to a minor and he was aware of her age:

'I knew this was as morally wrong as it was unlawful.' 

Amanda said...

Precisely why most states have an age of consent.

lynda said...


Interesting case. Zachary Bernhardt 8, has been missing for 16 years. He disappeared from his home at approx. 4AM when his mom reported him missing. I've looked for more transcripts regarding the 911 call but have been unable to find them. Here is a small exerpt tho that according to some of the things we have learned from Peter, I found to be disturbing.

911 call from mother...

“I can't find my son. I went to the pool, and then I came back and I got in the shower, and he wasn't here.”

The dispatcher asks, “And your door was unlocked when you went to the pool?”

Hanson replies, “I guess it was unlocked. Yes, it's my fault.”

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

JACKSON, Miss. – A Mississippi teenager charged with murder in the death of a 6-year-old told investigators that the boy was actually shot by another of the three teen suspects, according to an investigator's sworn statement.

The Associated Press obtained the sworn statement Friday from a source with knowledge of the case involving the death of Kingston Frazier. The boy was found shot to death at the side of a dead-end road inside his mother's abandoned car, hours after someone stole the Toyota Camry from a supermarket parking lot.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Rusty Clark said in the sworn statement filed in connection with the case that 17-year-old Dwan Wakefield of Ridgeland told Clark and another investigator 19-year-old Byron McBride of Pickens was at fault.

"During this interview, Wakefield implicated Byron McBride as the person who actually stole the vehicle and shot and killed Frazier," Clark's statement said.

When asked for further comment, MBI spokesman Warren Strain declined, saying "the court document speaks for itself."

Wakefield, McBride and 17-year-old D'Allen Washington of Ridgeland are being held without bail in Madison County, just north of Jackson, awaiting Monday morning court appearances. It's unclear if any of the three have lawyers.

Though all three are charged with capital murder, only McBride could face the death penalty. The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty for crimes committed by people younger than 18 in 2005.

Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland said Kingston was shot multiple times. District Attorney Michael Guest said authorities are still looking for the gun used to kill Kingston but are confident they have enough evidence against the three teen suspects to proceed without it.

"I do not believe that it is anything other than a crime of opportunity," Guest said, saying there was no evidence of any deeper plot besides stealing a car that Ebony Archie left running with her child inside. He said he didn't believe anyone else was involved.

Security video shows that after Archie left her car about 1 a.m., another car drove up and a man got out and then drove off in her Camry. Frazier was in the back seat.

Archie's family members told local news media Friday that she had picked up her son from his grandmother after going out with friends to celebrate her birthday and was going into the Jackson supermarket to buy party supplies to celebrate Kingston's kindergarten graduation, which was scheduled Friday.

"She feels guilty for the fact that she decided to go inside the store and leave the car running when she went inside the store," David Archie, Ebony Archie's uncle, told WLBT-TV.

The car was found eight hours later, abandoned in a muddy ditch about 15 miles (20 kilometers) north of Jackson in Gluckstadt. People continued to stream to the site Friday afternoon, with some leaving small memorials. One note said "Kingston R.I.P. Sweet angel fly high. You are loved and will be missed. Prayers for your family."

Guest wouldn't say if any of the men have confessed, but Clark's statement made clear that at least Wakefield has talked to investigators. Guest said investigators are gathering surveillance video from near where the car was abandoned, as well as seeking mobile phone evidence that could indicate the whereabouts of the suspects.

Breeland said an autopsy was completed and the boy's body was released to a funeral home. However, no funeral arrangements had been scheduled as of Friday afternoon.

Guest said Washington is currently under indictment for armed robbery in Madison County. Court records the other two men have no criminal history as adults.

Tania Cadogan said...

I could understand them stealing a car with a running engine, an opportunistic crime.
I cannot understand why they would then murder a 6 year old boy in a car seat in the back.

What would cause them to go from simple car theft to child homicide?
What would be going through their heads that would mean changing a few years in jail to possible death or LWOP?

Murder is a whole new ball game compared to car theft.
Child murder is a whole new ball game to murder of an adult.

Will drink or drugs be used as an excuse?
Will we see drink/drugs/abusive/deprived childhoods used as mitigating circumstances?

Shot once could be claimed to be an accident, multiple shots could not.
What was the motive for this, to shoot a 6 year old boy?
Debts owed?

Who made the decision to go from simple car theft to murder?

What was to be gained from murdering the boy?
Who would have gained?
Who shot him?
If more than one who fired the first shot?

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Archie's family members told local news media Friday that she had picked up her son from his grandmother after going out with friends to celebrate her birthday and was going into the Jackson supermarket to buy party supplies to celebrate Kingston's kindergarten graduation, which was scheduled Friday.

It's interesting, Tania. That in other articles, the family said she was going to pick up "medication" for a family member.

"On Thursday morning around 1 a.m., Ebony Archie went to Kroger to pick up medication."

"Medication" = Subjective.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder what their definition of party supplies is?

Anonymous said...

"The subject's verbalized perception of reality is that he is going to prison for an illness. "

Peter, could you explain this? I think his reality is he got caught doing something he knew was wrong and then minimized it using carefully selected words to keep from having to take any more blame than necessary.

Are you saying his reality is different than what everybody else can see was wrong? If so, wouldn't he just say, "I didn't do anything wrong"?


Anonymous said...

Tania, there is no need to insinuate the grieving mother of a murdered child is guilty of any improprieties when it has been made abundantly clear that this was indeed a carjacing/murder by deranged juveniles that think the world owes them everything and everything is theirs for the taking-including anothers' life.It may be true the area in which they live is conducive to such impaired thinking, but it's not their fault they have to live in it.

Anonymous said...

Tania, just look at a picture of the shooter. It's pure evil in his eyes. You'll see a lot of that when browsing pics of killers. One eye is off, more white at the bottom, or a void when looking straight on.Statement analysis is only one tool.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jude. I wondered why the students were following her.

This is typical instruction in today's finest educational institutions.
They all get together and work as a team to try to bring businesses down by excessive whining.

When I read YELP, I always look for those type comments and take them for what they are-a certain percentge of the population is going to react that way.

Anonymous said...

The story probably changed for more sympathy to bring in donations. I'd assume she was trying to make herself seem less neglectful in the beginning. As far as I know it's illegal to leave your child alone in a car in a store parking lot anywhere. I've also heard different variations as far as the time she was in the store.

Anonymous said...

The story probably changed for more sympathy to bring in donations.""

May be true. However, stories are just that-stories. They are subject to change as the artist sees fit to illicit information they can use against others and get them incarcerated for being imperfect humans.

Perhaps the child was asleep and she didn't want to wake him. Perhaps he was having a cranky day and didn't want to go. Perhaps she felt secure where she was.

If you are hearing many variations of the time she was in the store, I'd suspect they are merely guessing at what the masses want to hear.

Anonymous said...

The perv does not mention his wife,
nor does he mention his child.

John Mc Gowan said...


'I DIDN'T GET RID OF WIFE' Majid Mustafa, dentist hubby of mum Renata Antczak missing for a month, insisted he had nothing to do with disappearance hours before being arrested

Dentist Dr Majid Mustafa, 49, and a 45-year-old man were held by police this morning almost a month after his wife vanished

THE husband of a missing lawyer was arrested yesterday over her disappearance hours after telling The Sun: “I had nothing to do with it.”

Dentist Dr Majid Mustafa, 49, was held by police at 7am along with another man aged 45.

The arrests come nearly a month after mum-of-two Renata Antczak, 47, vanished from home on April 25.

She had told Mustafa in March she wanted a divorce and was planning to return to her native Poland in summer.

Asked before his arrest if he had any involvement in his wife’s disappearance, Mustafa told The Sun: “No, of course not. I just want to find her.”

He added: “I am working with the police. They are not stupid.”

On rumours his wife had met another man, Mustafa said: “Everyone can say what they want.

There is no reason for me to be under suspicion and no reason I should explain myself.”

He claimed Renata had been behaving erratically in the past three months and was lured away by a cult after becoming obsessed with alternative therapies.

Mustafa said: “We think they brainwashed her. But we still all love her and want her to come home.”

Strangely, Renata threw a party to celebrate their youngest daughter’s birthday three weeks early. But her husband dismissed her family’s claims she was unhappy in the marriage.

Mustafa, who owns a practice in Hull, said: “I’ve had a very happy marriage. We were a normal happy family until three months ago when all these strange things started happening.”

But Renata’s sister Danuta Szulc, 61, said she had been unusually reserved in a phone call a few days after Easter.

She added: ,.“It’s possible she had found a new man in Poland. She was coming back almost monthly.”

Police yesterday searched three addresses including Mustafa’s surgery and the family home, where they seized Renata’s Mercedes.

They said two men arrested “following new information” were last night still being questioned.

John Mc Gowan said...


Valley family desperately searches for missing woman

PHOENIX - Wednesday will mark one week since a Valley mom disappeared, leaving all her belongings and her two children behind, with no explanation.

30-year old Christine Mustafa was last seen by her boyfriend, who said she was leaving for work, according to Mustafa's sister Linda Donaldson.

"He said she left for work but I don't know how she got there because she had a flat tire on her vehicle," said Donaldson.

What had the family extremely concerned was that Mustafa left her wallet, her car, and her cell phone behind.

A family friend tells ABC15 her cell phone was found "submerged in water" in the home. Her boyfriend reportedly told police she had dropped her phone into the water.

Mustafa had six sisters, several of whom she spoke to on a daily basis. Donaldson said one of their sisters was expected to watch Mustafa's baby, while she went to work.

She added that Mustafa took great pride in her job at a local Walgreens, and was the type of person who never called in sick unless it was extremely serious. Last Thursday, she agreed to cover a shift for a co-worker, but never showed up to work.

"She wouldn't just leave her 8-month old child and disappear or vanish like that," said Donaldson.

Family and friends say they were trying to leave no stone unturned in their search for Christine. They say they had sent search parties out into the desert and mountains in the area where she lived, off Cave Creek Dam Road and Mariposa Grande in North Phoenix.

The family was also seeking information from Tempe based Evidential Medium Melinda Vail. Family members said Vail had picked up on several names close to Christine with no prompting from them, but they declined to disclose the information they had received during their meeting.

"I definitely don't think she just got up and left. She wouldn't leave everything, her daughters, her sisters, my mom," said Donaldson.

She explained that Mustafa had been close to her mom. The family was already dealing with the loss of one sister, so this came at a difficult time.

Donaldson said they were holding on to hope, but feared the worst.

Phoenix police have confirmed that this is an "active missing persons investigation.” The case has been assigned detectives, and police served a search warrant at Mustafa's home on Monday night. Police declined to tell us what they found.

ABC15 has learned that Mustafa's child is now in the care of the Department of Children Services. Police are looking for her boyfriend at this time.

If you have any information, please call Phoenix police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Jft96 said...

Shun the S#n u traitor.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the store pharmacy is open at 1am anywhere. Was the car unlocked? Running and unlocked?

C5H11ONO said...

Kimdotcom statement:
I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the @Wikileaks source. I was involved.

Anonymous said...

John, soon after discovering a deflatted tire, especially anywhere near a dentist, life is almost gone.

They called in the psychics promptly. Makes sense after reading the author of one of the articles had already killed her off by use of "had sisters" (the sisters would still be alive though the woman deceased).

Anonymous said...

Peter, could you please do a statement analysis on this? This family has lost 2 young children to a rare, undiagnosed lung disease. Some people are starting to mention Munchausen by Proxy. It does seem a bit suspicious, but no person should be accused of such without cause.

This article talks about how she gave birth but then two weeks later, one of her other children, a son aged 15 months old, dies. He was preceded in death by a sister, who died when she was two. The couple has an older son who has been in the hospital ER several times with asthma, but otherwise, he seems healthy. (Please also watch the video in the link)

Lincoln, Neb. (KOLN) - The Haifley family went through a roller coaster of emotions this past week. On Tuesday May 16th, Kendra gave birth to a healthy baby boy, however, less than 48 hours later she said goodbye to another.

"We just won the worst jackpot you could ever win," said Damon Haifley, father.

Kendra was seven months pregnant, with now two day old Stone, when she found out her 15 month son Silas was sick.

The family had no previous medical history, and up until Silas got sick, was a healthy baby boy.

"It was a very scary, daunting time, It started as one thing and morphed into, a long oxygenation, lung, gas exchange, disease, it's still unknown and nobody can do anything about it," said Damon.

This isn't the first child the Haifley's lost. Three years ago they lost their two-year-old daughter Isabel in a similar way.

"She was totally healthy until the day she got sick," said Kendra.

However, through this time of grieving the family still found hope, in Stone.

"We were extremely overwhelmed with a plethora of emotions, like extremely happy for the safe arrival of Stone but extremely sad for our child," said Kendra.

16 hours after giving birth, the family drove to Omaha to see Silas one last time.

"We took turns holding him, Roman (oldest son) held him and they fell asleep, and they slept together for a while and we read him books and then we decided it was dads turn to hold him and he passed away in his dads arms," said Kendra.

Anonymous said...

cont'd from above:

Link to their foundation's website, their story: (Note: she is alone with the children 6 months out of the year) Our family consists of Damon, Kendra (myself), Roman, Isabel, and our chocolate lab Baxter. My husband selflessly sacrifices his time working offshore doing seismic research. This allows us to life a life of comfort and for me to be able stay home and care for our children. For most people it’s a lifestyle they can not even begin to fathom. We spend more than half of our lives apart, however for us it has always worked. We are able to see the benefits and how much time it allows us to spend together as a family. When he is home he doesn’t have to work and he gets to enjoy every moment of the day with family. Our babies get two full time parents half the year, more vacation time than most people could dream of and instead of working an 80 hour week rushing by one another he can get the kids out of bed, be there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, naps, and everything in between.

The rest of the story is here:

Anonymous said...

con't from above:

Their go fund me page:

Fundraiser for their other child, Silas, just last month:

Mom is no stranger to news:

Dad's statement:

As usual I put things off until nearly the last moment and refused to accept help from those who actually know how to handle these sites after repeated requests, and set up our site in a new format on my own.

It was a long day looking through pictures of the last year. It started with my son Roman looking with me, reminding me of the funny details of each image (over 2,000) making us laugh together even though it was rough.

It got much worse as we got to the part of the year when Isabel began to get sick and then sicker. Hospital pictures arrive off and on then we are officially hospitalized. The long journey my wife and I spent living in the hospital is not an experience anyone should endure. Then the pictures of getting ready for the funeral.

I saw no reason to continue, it is all over anyway. I take a break. Return to the office and begin to realize all these items that surround me, all this donated merchandise, all of the help I have received from friends, family, and complete strangers is from a place of greater power than my pain.

People believe in this cause, and so do I, and it is our method of keeping the power of our sweet pea Angel Isabel Eternal. She is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Liberalism Worst Mental Disorder Ever said...

Peter, have you seen how liberals are whining and so sad that Trump called the Manchester bomber an "evil loser"? They didn't think it was appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Could you please provide a reference? 7:49

Anonymous said...

Instead of looking into the mother being a sicko murderer, have you considered the father may have absorbed chemicals into his very being and changed dna or brought in something on his clothes to cause the rare disease. What about the environment in which they live? Are there other cancers that are rare?

Or is this blog strictly about blaming others first and asking questions later?

Anonymous said...

John, it was nearly bewitching the way the text of the two Mustafas got intertwined and then unwrapped again.
Oceans apart and nearly the same thing happening. Odd. Very odd, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go

Bunch of liberals whining that Obama would have talked about the victims, not insulted the poor little terrorists who just happened to need a hug, those poor wittle terrorists who wouldnt have thrown together bombs full of NAILS, BOLTS, ETC and placed them next to CHILDREN if only the had a hug from a liberal. Those poor wittle terrorists didnt deserve to be called evil losers! Hey liberals, go get the terrorists an emotional support puppy!
These liberals are DISGUSTINGLY EVIL MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberals DELIGHT in evil & destruction.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is the thin and flimsy veneer liberals use to try to hide their diabolical urges. LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING PEOPLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberals can see the most horrid acts of Satan (children killed & maimed by nail bombs) and they are unmoved! Scary isnt it how cold their hearts are! Yet what DOES upset them is the TERRORIST who set off the nail bomb being called a "loser"! It is ASTONISHING how morally vacant liberals are. Breath-taking really. It's deeply frightening bc it's a dispassionate evil within the hearts of liberals....scary!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Manchester Bomber’s Father Says Son Made Regular Visits to Libya

Anonymous said...

@10:43, Your "logic" is twisted.

Do you remember 9/11? Was that not intended as a provocation to war? But that's right liberals didnt view that diabolical plot as anything more than terrorists needing hugs & view the invasion of Iraq as " needless & senseless" and warmongering.. REALLY?! It was horrible anyone died in Iraq, but dont embrace liberal dishonesty and pretend for one second that 9/11 wasnt a legitimate reason to go to war....that brilliantly diabolical plan (9/11) led to a desperate attempt to root out terrorism, that SUCKS that women & children died in Iraq.
Dont pretend for one second that you actually believe that the US responding to 9/11 is the moral equivalent of the nihilistic, diabolical and sadistic evil perpetrated by these terrorists who delight in MAIMING CHILDREN.
Liberals are so stupid they draw a moral equivalence between nihilistic sadistic maiming of children and responding to a DIABOLICAL ATTACK CALLED 9/11. Liberals WANT terrorists to enter this country. Liberals LOVE war. They want these terrorists to enter this country. They are not concerned with ANYONE'S safety!!!! If you think they are, you are INCREDIBLY NAIVE.

Anonymous said...

Liberals act like Iraq under Saddam Hussain was a paradise on earth bc they love dictatorships and to them, genocide and tens of thousand being tortured by a dictator is just another quaint "tradition" deserving of "tolerance". To liberals, that is just how these people "chose" to be governed bc liberals feel that the Iraqis are too stupid and primitive to govern themselves through a DEMOCRACY. Here again, we can see how the "tolerance" embraced by liberals is nothing more than a feeling of inexplicable superiority combined with UTTER STUPIDITY and a love for death and violence.

Anonymous said...
Salman Abedi whisked away by MASKED MEN during TV interview
Hours before the reported arrest, Ramadan Abedi had insisted his son Salman was completely innocent

Anonymous said...

@3:03 I don't know what you are reading into him being whisked away by masked men.
The father is a liar Im sure and probably knew both of his sons were involved with extremists. The masked men could just indicate that the Ariana Grande attack was sponsored by the Libyan government. Remember what Peter says about toquaeia...lies lies and more lies from Muslim extremists, Muslim governments.

Anonymous said...

Muslims delight in lying. "Reality" cannot compete with their lies.

Consider that Muslims (along with the Koran itself) claim that Mohammed spoke to Jesus while he was alive (the 600 year age difference again is no issue in the face of Muslim lying) and that Jesus told Mohammed that he was not God's son. So there you have it: Muslims LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH AND BEND REALITY TO SUIT THEIR SICK BELIEFS!!!!!!

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