Thursday, May 4, 2017

Anonymous Letter Cancels Parade

Analysis Question:  Should this threat be taken seriously?

We will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others. In case the message was not clear to you this is a sanctuary city and state and we will not allow these people to spread their views in East Portland. You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely.”

This letter has canceled a parade due to fears for the safety of Republicans. It is said to be from "antifa", the violent fascist movement that claims to be against fascism.  

Antifa, long known to Europe, is based of many smaller groups with reported financial ties to George Soros and other anarchist/communist organizations.  

They have a very systematic method of silencing free speech and use particular techniques to conceal the violence behind a wall of black clothing and covered faces.  Debates do not exist, but screaming/cursing, which increases emotional response, further heightening danger.  With this wall, one will come out, strike violently, and retreat back into the 'wall of black' to conceal the perpetrator from the police. 

In Berkely, it is reported from police, that they received "stand down" orders from above.  It makes sense as most law enforcement are not aligned with anarchy and lawlessness, by nature.  

It is interesting to note that the group is "anti-fascist" and in this presentation, they resort to fascist tactics to bully down difference of opinion.  This is the core of fascism.  It would be akin to the KKK broadcasting the "anti racism" rally in a black neighborhood, or declaring "Islam is a religion of peace; so submit or die."  

The fascist organization uses small weapons, pepper spray, fire works, and other readily hidden weapons.  They use smoke bombs to conceal, which is consistent with their hidden faces.  

“We will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade 

This sentence is to tell what they will do without qualifier.  There is no condition given here.  The language is strong.  

There is no hyperbole or exaggeration; common in false threats.  

The event has not taken place, therefore "will" is appropriate. 

The number "200" is also consistent with past Antifa violence in the United States. 

into the middle and drag and push those people out 

This is an accurate description of their front line tactics.  

Linguistic Disposition:  

as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others. 

"giving one inch" is a geographical term and in watching the video you see lines formed.  The group has had training and/or instruction in violence. 

Note the breaking down of people by identity including sex, origin and race. 

1.  lgbt
2.  immigrants
3.  people of color
4.  or others

None is capitalized.  This is not expected, particularly "lgbt" is most often seen in capitalization.  It is, however, consistent.  

The belief is "hate speech" when one is disagreed with.  This is consistent with the fascist justification of violence and disruption. 

Not giving an inch may also indicate the unwillingness of Antifa to debate or reason.  

This is a primal disconnect with communication that seeks only violence.  Note when video taped, they often engage in only name calling.  They are "against hate speech" and show it by using "hate speech."  

In case the message was not clear to you this is a sanctuary city and state and we will not allow these people to spread their views in East Portland. 

Note "East Portland" is capitalized.  This elevates the location.  

"This" (closeness) is a "sanctuary city and state", indicating that those who enter into the country illegally, even if they have committed violent crimes, will be protected in violation with the law.  This is consistent with lawlessness and anarchy.  Rather than work to change laws, the moral narcissism will decide which laws are "right" and which laws are "hate."  

You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads 

This is to give examples that the recipient can verify, including "downtown", which suggests the author is a local.  

The consistent use of "we" tells us the author is working with others.  An overuse of the plural suggests the opposite. 

Here is the only qualifier, or condition:  

so please consider your decision wisely.”

The politeness is not expected in the Antifa methodology of screaming curses.  

It may be passive aggressiveness and the desire to be taken seriously. 

Analysis Conclusion:

The threat should be taken seriously.  

What they threaten, they do with strong language.  The weakness is only in the polite conclusion and it is the only condition:  they do not demand cancelation. They tell what will happen.  This is a commitment to the activity.  

Questions for readers:

What is the sex of the author?
Was it written by one or more than one?
What do we know about the author's:

Personality traits?

the priority is plain:  silence free speech specifically at this parade. 

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Reader said...

Camera filming raw real, the streets of Portland, Oregon

One eyeball view, there is more uploads filmed by others.

Anonymous said...

Portland, USA

Step #1 Realize that all PotHead paradises will become lawless.

Step #2 Un-legalize recreational marijuana use in Oregon.

Step #3 After step 2, Declare Martial Law and send in Nat'l Guard.

Step #4 Establish outdoor barracks type prison,aka Joe Arpaio style, for the lawless.

Step #5 Notify the State of Illinois & city of Chicago that if their violence continues they'll be visited next.

Step #6 ditto for #Indy !!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the author is male, educated, white, and possibly not in the gay community. Perhaps a political science teacher that enjoys assembling armies of morons for a cause and social study.Many wear ski masks whereas the newcomers have a scarf or turtleneck cover pulled up over half their faces as they'd be outed first.Not many blacks in the crowd so I'd say they are professional protestors who try to infiltrate riots and create riots. If they were gay,a good old fashioned beat down would do them some good;they aren't.They want to control the streets in gang like fashion with little or no individualism-like East germany once.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

This statement gets straight to the point with clear, authoritative language. I think it's one author, male, in a high rank military position.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, to whom was the letter sent? And why would paid for, imported rioters send a warning?

Anonymous said...

female. white.

more than one person, less than three.

university student maybe graduate, educated but not intelligent.

has participated in this type of demonstration and in planning of.


Anonymous said...

I wish liberals would stop perpetuating the evil of racial discrimination by calling people "people of color". Race is not exactly a social construct, but it is insignificant on a spiritual level. I was made aware of this fact recently when I found out my best friend from ages 3-5 years old who I played with everyday (we lived in same apartment building) and who actually saved my life (I was 15 minutes away from dying) and who I remember very well was black. I remember this little girl very well--I remember the games we played, her voice, her personality, I remember her hair, her coat, but although she saved my life, and I have told that story at least 40 times over the years, it was only last year someone told me that she was black. How did I not notice that? I don't think I knew I was white, because I never looked in a mirror back then. I'm not even kidding. I don't think I knew we were different colors, so I didn't remember or know it was significant. My parents never said "your friend is black", so I didn't notice! Imagine if we could all live like that! And having told the story of this person saving my life every year at least once a year and only last year I found out my friend was black.

It's weird to realize you are telling people for 40 years the story of your friend saving your life, and you didn't ever realize the person was black. That was very enlightening to me of how insignificant race is on a spiritual level. I do owe this person a thank you for saving my life or I would have only lived to 4 years old, so that was a hell of a favor to me!

Anonymous said...

It's very sad to me when I think about racial discrimination now, and also the importance placed on race, and it is due to the nature of the life and death situation I was in. I was terrified, pure panic, the fear of death in my stomach.
I could not move an inch. My friend went above and beyond to save my life, and I still don't know how she did it. She really wanted to save my life and got help fast even though it would always take us at least 45 minutes to get back inside of the locked giant apartment building, waiting and waiting for someone to finally go in or out, so the door would open and we could get in, this was in the early daytime, noone was ever going in or out at that time. My father said she must have been banging and banging as hard as she could on the door and screaming until someone heard her. It's amazing to me. To this day I still don't understand how she got into the building within minutes. We should all live in peace and harmony imo.

Anonymous said...

These violent protesters are misguided. The only way around hatred is to realize our shared humanity. I can see that now.

Hey Jude said...

What is the sex of the author?
Was it written by one or more than one?
Sex of author: Female

Was it written by more than one person? I think, No, it was most likely written at the behest of the organiser, by a spouse or friend, who already has secured responses from two-hundred people to attend if the parade goes ahead

Background - quite young - twenties/thirties - possibly secretarial or some management

Experience - Follows instructions, yet also organises and gives instructions. Anticipates co-operation. I think the particular use of 'please' indicates it's someone with experience in polite coercion, here used somewhat threateningly. (No-one wants to be trapped by closed roads inside an area containing two hundred plus hostile individuals.)

Priority - I think the writer's priority is to follow the instruction to write the letter by whoever is making it, and it is that person whose priority it is to prevent the rally taking place or cause violence if it goes ahead

Personality traits - I don't know - maybe pliable

I think the writer is not personally interested in the protected groups, due to non-capitalisation, and vague 'others'. Possibly a spouse relaying the message on behalf of a husband who is involved in disruption of similar events - I think that because of the word 'espoused', and the first sentence sounds like the writer has asked another person what would happen at the parade, and was told 'we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out' - which part the writer has repeated verbatim - that's how I read it.

Anonymous said...

Is the letter genuine? Who received and published it? Theres no mention of that.

Colin said...

Could the lack of punctuation but the strong language coupled with words such as "espouse" lean towards an educated male who is used to power dictating this statement to someone less educated to write for him?

Anonymous said...

No references = Fake.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote the letter does not have English as a first language. I can tell by some slight oddities in word usage, it also accounts for the lack of capitalization in LGBT.

Anonymous said...

“We will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle (person who does not have English as 1st language struggling for correct word choice) and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others (most native English speakers would have said "anyone else" or "other minorities".

This sounds to my ear, especially the way the sentence is constructed "rush into the parade into the middle" like someone from the Middle East. The person is well-educated and is probably here studying abroad.

Anonymous said...

I think the writer is male, even though "people of color" tends to be used by females, I get a sense the writer is male due to the threat of pull and drag people etc. and that the "polite" conclusion is due to the writer having English as a second language.

Anonymous said...

I do not think this is a student. Quite possibly a former Mil recruiter that regularly manipulates teenagers and lies to young people about military careers.

Anonymous said...

"Can you tell what the writer is studying? Can he read and write Olde English? Is he a SJW?"

My ear picks up on the writer being English as second language. The writer also uses phraseology typical of those from the Middle East who have English as second language. I can tell the writer is educated due to their use of the word "espouse": the individual is intelligent, a student, these phrases could help identify what they are studying:

"will not give one inch"

"in case the message was not clear"


I'm thinking the writer may be studying to be a doctor ("in case the message was not clear"--this is an intellectual who is concerned with specific and scientific facts and concerned also with communicating those facts--perhaps a doctor in training) or maybe an engineer ("will not give one inch").

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 12:31 AM 5 May 2017

Very astute observations. Is the writer an exchange student from Asia or mid east? Or perhaps scholarship?

Unknown said...

This statement gets straight to the point with clear, authoritative language. I think it's one author, male, in a high rank military position.

I came up unknown when I posted this comment.

"People of color" is a term used primarily by US and Canada. It evolved from the term "colored people".
The author's usage of this term leads me to believe he's an older male who could not be bothered to polish his first draft statement. Personal gain is one of his priorities.


Unknown said...

I signed into my g+ but I still come up unknown​.

Anonymous said...

You may be right Esme. But maybe former military. Dishonorable discharge. Angry. Disorderly and harassing locals in Okinawa. Just wants to fight. Likes to fight. But the Man stepped on him for disgracing the nation. Probably an arguer. Thats why he wrote the letter, to provoke. Anything for an entanglement.

Unknown said...

I agree, he may be former military. You make some interesting points to consider.


Anonymous said...

You totally made that up about former military and didn't provide a single reason why you would think that lol. Nice try.

Unknown said...

I think former military is possible because he could have an active military mentality.

Lars Bak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lars Bak said...

If it was written by a military person, I would expect more "military accuracy" in the language: "attack" or the like in stead of "rush into" the parade; "pacify" or the like in stead of "drag and push" those people...

Lars Bak said...

Could " please consider your decision wisely." be some sort of disclaimer ("if you chose to show up we are not responsible if you get injured)? - The "please" then meaning "please don't make us hurt you if you are not a true fascist (by choise)".

Funny, by the way, that they use the necrophile language of longing to exterminate:

The only good indian is a dead indian
The only good n***** is a dead n*****
The only good jew is a dead jew

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lars. I would say this person is as far from military as you can be.

Those who think it is a military person have never served in the military and are makin presumptions and possibly projection.

Anonymous said...

lgbt first is taught about priority gay male?

Unknown said...

Used the word "please"...I'd say the writer is female.

C5H11ONO said...

--Order is important. The writer’s priority is lgbt, followed by immigrants, then people of color and lastly the category of “or others”. What is interesting is that the writer completely disregarded women, lumping them into the “or others” category. The writer is not considering women’s rights into his choice of those being hated upon.
--The use of the word “espouse” is not a type of word utilized by someone with a poor education. This person has a high degree of intelligence, although not necessarily a college degree.

--I don’t know the size of Portland, but this person views his power to East Portland even though they are warning those who espouse hatred towards his predilected groups that it is a sanctuary city and “state”.

--“drag and push”. The writer chose his words carefully. Although drag and push don’t come across as violent as they really are. The writer wrote a credible threat, yet he didn’t use the words associated with the violence the actual anarchists sent to perpetrate violence on the people do.

I believe the writer of the message is a male, with a high degree of intelligence, he is older than the younger males that know him, and do his bidding. He knows how to manipulate and has been successful. He is not the one that goes to ‘drag and push” those as we all know that is not what they do. He feels powerful because he gets others to do this for him and he therefore feels confident. He believes he has “power”, sadly it is limited to “downtown” and the police cannot stop him. If I were to believe that the “police” cannot stop me, then I am limited. He didn’t say, “no one can stop us”. This is a local male familiar with the city and has a group of younger males that perpetrate violence on others in order to push his agenda. Because lgbt was his first item, he may be grappling with his own homosexuality. Remember, if it is a “sanctuary city”, immigrants would be his first choice, yet he threw in lgbt. How do lgbt need a sanctuary city. They don’t. This is a closet homosexual that needs to lash out. He crushes on the young guys he sends to do his bidding.

Anonymous said...

Came across this article while reading about the Madeleine McCann case, so being from the UK I had no idea about about this place or the parade or any problems in that area. I want to contribute to the discussion with these points:

The photo appeared to depict mostly young men of university age, so the local colleges might be the primary source for collecting the participants.

The author of the letter doesn't sound like a 24/7 thug. I don't believe their normal life has involved violent confrontation or gang activity. More like this is a political activist who has gotten in much deeper since the election riots and demonstrations.

Over here there's a phrase called "social disobedience" where people plan an act to demonstrate some issue by having a sit in or creating temporary chaos in a street or a premises. This type of activity takes a lot of commitment and organisation. So this leads me back to the student idea, as somebody has the authority and enough respect from the the participants to get them motivated to turn up in uniform, at the right place and time with firm instructions about what is expected of them, which is going way beyond just turning up for a protest march. I don't sense the letter was written by the head organiser but by one of the next level down.

It's possible this could be lead by a professor and the author of the letter either a subordinate teacher or student. It strikes me as possibly female and recently committed to the cause. An SJW feminist liked those featured in many YouTube videos, because while the message of intent is robust, as others have mentioned the use of the word "please" strikes me as female (often it's little girls who are encouraged to "please" others more than little boys, although that's all changing now!)

This sort of organised violence is very frightening. The more success these people have then the more emboldened they become. What ever the parade was about I personally believe it should not have been cancelled and the army brought in to support the police. We can not afford to give in to these people.

Best wishes to Peter, thank you so much for publishing your work,from Lee in the UK