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Dept. Of Homeland Security John Kelly

Today, politicians use deceit in ways generally restricted to periods of time just prior to, or during war, or periods of historical abundance of wealth and corruption.  

The numbers the politicians have released have consistently been minimal compared to numbers police departments have deliberately leaked out. 

The politicians minimize to cover their importation of Islam into their nations.  

They race to see who is the most morally virtuous as they yield to an ideology that, whether practiced or not, seeks their own subordination.  Statement Analysis gets to the truth, and seeks to know what is behind criminal behavior, whether it be from the elite or from the violent perpetrator himself.  It begins with questions and questions guide it through its completion.  

                       Investigation of Crime 


This is the first most important question we ask in an investigation.  
If we can understand why, we can move into content.  The first sentence of a statement in an investigation is always important; and it is sometimes even the motive for the statement, itself.  


Why did the Islamic terrorist target young girls in Manchester this week?

You can get your answers from politicians and the media that does their bidding, or you can look into the ideology that yields the violence, itself.  In the end, you may see why John Kelly said what he did.  

Religion and Statement Analysis 

We view all religion as ideology.  We ask what its basic teachings are, who obeys them, who disobeys, who alters, who upholds, and so on.  Religion is an ideology just as other forms of societal ordering is, including democracy, socialism, communism, and so on.  Within the west, "leftism", itself, if an ideology where under the guise of morality, reason may be suspended to bring adherence or obedience. The benefit is only to the politician, or elected official, and any business that supports him.   It, too, has its devout followers, which is similar religious overtones and like all ideologies has consequences upon society.  One consequence of it is the combination of moral superiority with the suspension of reason:   a powerful combination for violence.  Historically, this violence generally came from the young males who were impoverished or struggling to support a family. They often fell prey to leaders who offered economic utopia, such as communism or socialism. In post Treaty of Versailles Germany, this socialism was distinct and national. 

 The violence we see today is often  from male and female and predominantly from the middle to upper middle class young who are, according to a recent study, mostly technically unemployed (though some are paid for the violent protests).  As an ideology, anarchism, supported by elitist in government, seeks to eradicate government.  The irony here is strikingly similar to what now follows.  

Islam is a criminal supremacist ideology with  religious overtones and distinct sexual violence as an element.  The ideology, itself, seeks to assert its dominance wherever it goes.  Its first victims are those born into it, without choice of leaving.  
Adherence (obedience) to this ideology is what brings violence to fruition. Politicians, with main stream media,  now call devout Islam "radical Islam." 
Our entire western travel culture has been forever altered due to the power of this ideology that operates without a single leader giving orders.  When one group is defeated, another takes it place.  The names and faces and even years change, but the ideology, itself, remains unreformed. 
The founder, Mohammad, used religious instruction to justify envy, through conquest, subordination, theft and sexual violence. This is found in the Koran as well as the Hadith.  Followers are not permitted to criticize ("blasphemy laws") nor to leave Islam.  
In other religions, the perpetrator of violence must defy (disobedience) its teachings to commit said violence.  This is the only  ideology that incorporates distinct religious beliefs with specifically described acts of coercive and prescriptive violence.  It's position as a "religion" is not only used to control  its subjects, but is used to  exploit democratic views on religious tolerance; notions that were not in context during the formation of its principles.  Whereas "freedom of religion" in the early founding of our nation was designed to protect various denominations, there is no context of Islam or other totalitarian belief systems within it.  
Recognizing it as a danger, past presidents have used various means of excluding followers of Islam from immigrating to the United States, such as questions about polygamy, rather than confront it as a "religion."  In countering it, prior administrations studied it, particularly when it came to war, including the Tripolitan War.  
Today, the anarchist ideology  of no borders and "multiculturalism" has removed the historical necessities of invasion by Islam in conquests, as nations have freely offered  money and entry to Islamists to enter their countries at will unvetted.  As Islam teaches that the non Islamist, the "infidel", is only to be allowed to live if he pays a "tax" (jizrah) or ransom for his life, to the superior Islamist, the social welfare systems has affirmed to the mostly young male arrivers their superiority.  It is a cultural shock to walk into an "infidel" nation and not be vetted, but be given food, living quarters and actual money for simply showing up.  No repayment nor work is required.  

Claiming civil war, they readily embraced the status of "refugee" fleeing war, even as 70% to 90% were males of fighting age.  The numbers have been a source of deception from the beginning, just as their sex and ages have been. 
The results have been the habitual pattern of history. Those coming from a violent culture to a peaceful culture set up the same cultural distinctive elements that brings violence, resisting integration.  The result is the violent culture within the peaceful culture and the requisite death and injury seen.  

 Because of this, politicians have sought to justify their claimed morally superior position of "no walls" by claiming that it is poverty, frustration, warming temperatures, and injustices from centuries ago, that leads to the violence and bloodshed of terrorism and that Islamic terrorism is not Islamic, even though the perpetrators make full confession of their crimes. 

The politicians know the motive of the crime more than the perpetrator.  

Deception Indicated.  
The irony comes from those whose claims are made while living safely behind behind walls and are protected by arms.  


The perpetrators quote the Koran and Hadith freely offering their motive, or the reason "why" they spilled blood, faithfully warning that more bloodshed will occur.  History bears this out.  

Sharia Law and Submission 
"Creeping Sharia" is a phrase used to describe the slow acceptance of this totalitarian ideology by small increments.  It is often where minor complaints are made, along with threats of violence, and actual bloodshed, which cause the initial minor acceptance of Islam.  As a supremacist ideology, logically, satisfaction can never exist.  Therefore, "Muslim grievances" are incessant.  They begin small and they demand that, as minorities, they be given special rights; the very same rights they deny to minorities in Islamic controlled lands. This includes holidays, food accommodations and enforced segregation.  This, along with the free money given to Islamists further affirms to them that which they have been taught since early childhood:  their own supremacy. 


Islam teaches that women's testimony is less than that of a man, the women is the property of the man, and that, for example, it demands women not be along unaccompanied in public. 

European elite  have rejected this notion, yet in many locales women have stopped going out at night; a de facto adherence to Sharia.  
When countries enact Sharia Blasphemy laws, under the various wording such as "hate crimes" and "hate speech", the implementation of the blasphemy law is in effect.  Some Europeans have been arrested for criticizing Islam under the false claim of "inciting racial violence", though no race is ever claimed.  Generally, it is a criticizing of mass migration policies that leads to legal difficulty for the citizen.  
Islam exists without a single strong charismatic leader.  National socialism needed Adolph Hitler and lasted less than two decades.  Islam, without a leader, has lasted 1,400 years.  
September 11, 2001 
In more than 30,000 terrorist attacks in the world since 9/11, the common denominator is not race, age,  socio-economic status, nor climate.  


Who is committing these acts of violence, routinely making "ramadan" the most dangerous month of the year for non Islamists around the world? 

What is the common denominator of these acts of seemingly senseless violence, against unarmed citizens, in all parts of the world? 

The common denominator is this:  
The killers accurately quote the Koran and Hadith as their motive.  

The motive is the same in all the attacks...more than 30,000 recorded attacks since 9/11's powerful destruction of life and property in the United States, including one of the West's monuments of culture:  the Twin Towers in New York City.  

This, too, is specifically addressed in the Koran which tells us that when the Islamist sees a non Muslim land, they are to note the "ruins" which speaks to the "favor of Allah" in destroying them.  

This irony leads to destruction to "correct" the inaccuracy of the Koran.  

Hence, the Eiffel Tower is a longed for symbol of the false report in the Koran, and must be destroyed.  

This is why ancient valuable artifacts are routinely blown up by ISIS.  

Islam and Sex 

What led to the massive sexual assault New Year's Eve that was not just Cologne, but throughout Europe?

Why are there all these "honor killings" of females?

Why do females cover up?  

These are all appropriate investigative questions that warrant answers.  

Mohammad had a 6 year old bride and consummated at age 9  and his name is the most popular Islamic name because he is considered "the perfect man" to imitate.  This is why Europe has seen the sexual assault, rape and grooming gangs against children that it has seen.  If the "perfect man"...

In Afghanstan, American soldiers were ordered to "stand down" at the rapes of little boys.  Today, some report nightmares that continue from this experience.  It is unknown the lifelong impact that these child rapes had upon its victims, but from what we know in the west, it is life destroying. 

With the value of women's legal testimony lessoned by Islam, outworking such as "genital mutilation" and overall sexual harassment is, for the Islamist, permitted in the Koran.  Like theft and supremacy, it appeals to the baseness within human nature.  
How effective is "Creeping Sharia"?  We need to look no further than the use of the term, "Islamophobia" as well as the "dhimmitude" status of politicians who, before the dead are buried, profess allegiance to fighting "Islamophobia", or the irrational fear of Islam. 
Sir Winston Churchill called Islam the "rabies of the mind" and saw its impact upon those in submission to it.  A rabid dog was wild, vicious unpredictable, scary and to be shot to preserve life.  With rabies vaccinations, this imagery is lost upon the modern mind.  
It is rational to fear that which calls for our subordination and death.  
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday said the terror threat is worse than most realize, saying some people would "never leave the house" if they knew the truth.
“I was telling  Steve  on the way in here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,” with "Steve" being a journalist. 
He noted there were four major terror attacks in the last week — in England, Egypt, the Philippines and Indonesia — "by generally the same groups."
It’s everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop. The good news for us in America is we have amazing people protecting us every day. But it can happen almost here anytime.

The FBI do not receive credit for the thousands of attacks that have been foiled, nor will this be known.  
Masked gunmen opened fire on a group of Coptic Christians driving to a monastery in southern Egypt on Friday, killing 26 and injuring 25 more.  The slaughter in Egypt is genocide.  
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a Monday bombing after and Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that killed 22 children and injured more than 100.
This is the result of open borders where no discernment on who is permitted to enter has been exploited.  

Dr. Hammond's study should be read:  here  It is sobering but keep in mind:  the numbers are no longer valid, especially since 2009 to present.  
Many Europeans enjoy the free movement and economic benefits of this free movement between countries, and have seen the good will it has promoted, but it has also been exploited to the point where, in Germany, citizens risk arrest to even criticize Islam.  Canada is not far behind.  
To criticize an ideology, they are told by politicians, is "racism", though no one race is identified. 
This is why former president Barak Obama sought to create a new classification of "race" known as MENA, or "Middle East North Africa."
It was to further enforce Sharia blasphemy laws by coercion. 
The violence against women is prescriptive within Islam.  
When a young boy grows up seeing his mother "disciplined" by violence, and he is taught to idolize a murderous pedophile, the resulting barbaric practices are expected.  
While the elite claims that "barbarians" no longer exist, or that they only need a job, they do not take into account the powerful de-sensitizing process of being raised in a system that appeals to our lowest primal instincts within human nature. 
Manchester targeted young girls. 
Young girls are being mutilated genitally in order to not enjoy sexual relations.  
The Orlando shooter targeted homosexuals.  
Both terrorists acted accurately upon the teachings of the ideology.  This in spite of U.S. government and the Obama administration's attempt to deceive the nation by giving out deliberately false information about the Orlando massacre.  They had his 911 call in which he accurately described and followed through with the belief system.  Main stream media gave us a false narrative (homosexuality, or the fear thereof) and even a false witness (false boyfriend), of which was debunked, eventually, by the FBI.  
The ideology of National Socialism (nazi) is commonly used today to condemn socialism that is "national" (though not international socialism) is both ideologically and historically pale compared to 14 centuries of a self-containing criminal ideology that has, in the past 50 years, mounted a major comeback in the West. 
Law enforcement agencies have been pressured into removing instruction manuals on Islam as an ideology, by the terrorist-designate, "CAIR" as well as the associates of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The FBI has reported that local mosques have not been universally helpful or forthcoming regarding those with deadly intentions. 
This may be due to many factors, but fear, itself, must be examined, as they are not permitted, by this ideology, to publicly criticize the Koran. 
This is why the West's pleading with Islamic leaders to begin a "reformation" falls upon death ears. 
94% of Muslims in Germany are against integration.  This may be, in some cases,  because it would go directly against Islamic teaching and put them in harm's way.  
Close sanguineous relationships within Islam have produced an abundance of children with developmental disabilities and has overwhelmed western social services.  
Consider the lethal combination of lower IQ, poor impulse control, supremacist ideology, and eye witness of domestic violence coming together and meeting testosterone.  
Then import this to the West where women are not covered.  
Then consider the Islamic teaching about covering:  it is to mark those who are not to "be molested."  
It puts a "bullseye" on women who, in the teaching and culture of many of these males, for sexual assault. 
No matter how politicians change the language, the ideology remains the same. 
The message from Department of Homeland Security John Kelly is that no matter how bad we think it is, it is worse. 
We may be grateful that we were not born into such an ideology and have empathy for those who were, but this is not a substitute for self protection.  
As it becomes acceptable  for European children to grow up with armed military in the streets, the demographics are clear as to the powerful shift and even population replacement that is taking place. 
Inevitably the lesson from history is clear:  there will come a time when those who desire freedom will have to choose to either fight or submit.  

It must be understood:  these acts of violence are neither random nor are they illogical to the perpetrators.  

They are willful acts of destruction of human life in specifically premeditated and orchestrated manner designed to show public obedience and submission to the ideology.  

The perpetrator, himself, is promised "reward" in the afterlife. 

There, the ideology says, he is permitted to rape virgins.  

If this is what he is taught about the afterlife, it is consistent that he should seek the same in the present.  

To the western mind, this is illogical, immoral and unfathomable.  

But to the western mind, strength is seen in self control, whereas within Islam, self control is seen as weakness. 

We need to know that which seeks our harm, and the harm of all those within its path.  Islam is a supremacist and dangerous violent ideology.  Most Muslims are not, but neither can they safely leave or even criticize this ideology.  

When a society tilts as the Islamic population grows, Muslims know more than non Muslims, the danger of resistance and sided with the Islamists, for example, in Egypt as it grew in Islamist population. 

The study of history shows the slow take over of this ideology and the submission of those who believe in "coexistence", which are "useful idiots" to the Islamists.  Even those, historically, who made deals with the Islamists, remained "infidels" and eventually paid for their capitulation through their children and grandchildren.  

Islam is known for 14 centuries of violence, not for culture, hospitals, theaters, orchestras, or advancements in science and medicine. 

Mosques that do not agree with the terror cannot speak out.  Some will say that the violence against non Muslims is "only" justified in lands that are under legal Sharia.  This is the closest I have ever heard in a public statement.  

When violence increases from monthly to weekly, and the death toll increases, expect popular reaction to become even further distanced from the elite, who remain concerned only about protecting their own status.  

Those who resist Islam are labeled by the elite "right wing Nazi" and various programs are set up to chase phantom "right wing Islamophobic violence" as deceptive tangents. They designate money for training against "right wing", while removing manuals regarding Islam, including the Koran.  

This, too, is likely to come to a change as Europe and America see how the policies of the elite that imported violence, unnecessarily, to their homelands.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran was paid ransom by the United States under Barak Obama, and given the freedom to build nuclear weapons, without regard to its publicly stated motive:

to destroy Israel as a nation, and to destroy the "infidels" and "Great Satan" (the United States) and western civilization.  

The western powers freely gave the means to those with the powerful religiously fueled motive.  

John Kelly told the truth.  

Muslims can decide to live under democracy and freedom. They can, if united with local citizenry, do what many have as individuals and embrace western freedom.  They, too, live in fear of Islam and they have the additional element of childhood tradition and cultural impact to counter.  The non-religious Muslim is a victim of Islam. They who abhor the ideology must be heard.  

As long as there are politicians in power willing to sacrifice lives for their own gains, there will be lies and death will result.  

As long as foreign governments continue to build mosques and pay the salaries of the iman, bloodshed will continue and escalate.  


Anonymous said...

Really smr?!
If liberals dont support Islam and embrace it's ideologies, HOW COME the women's movement marchers who descended on Washington DC after Trump got in, had plenty to say about tampons being taxed BUT NOTHING TO SAY about little girls being blown up by nail bombs at an Ariana Grande concert????
How come the only thing these liberals did was complain about Trump calling the bomber an EVIL LOSER???? Liberals are airheads & you are obviously one too since you seem to equate Islam with Christianity.

Anonymous said...

LGBT supports Islam.

Women's organizations support Islam.

Manchester chief supports Islam.

MSM supports Islam.

President Obama, Angela Merkel supports Islam.

BBC supports Islam.

Prime Minister May supports Islam.

CNN supports Islam.

Muslims support Islam.

Iran supports Islam.

ISIS supports Islam.

Al Queda supports Islam.

Boka Harum supports Islam.

CAIR supports Islam.

Muslim Brotherhood supports Islam.

Anonymous said...

people at Facebook are asking not to post for an hour because of Manchester.

The Islamists must be laughing their arses off across the cyber world.

Anonymous said...

In response to the 22 kids murdered in Manchester, politicians here are calling for Islamophobics to be fined for insulting Muslims.

I'd rather be insulted than have my kid blown to pieces.
_____________________________________________breaking news___________________________________


Katy Perry to bring her love to Syria. She is going to hug ISIS and make them feel her love. It is called the HUGS for Peace tour and it is to be held mid June.

In response to Katy Perry's generosity, American pop star, Madonna said she will join the tour, and offer satisfifcation to the Islamic soldiers in exchange for them to just be peaceful.

Madonna added that while pleasuring them as she did in the US election, she will give " lots of eye contact."

ISIS has accepted the former but respectfully declined the latter.

JenB said...

I'm a liberal, but have an off-topic statement analysis comment. Have any of you seen this news story? Supposedly two toddlers "took off" (mother's words - sounds derogatory to me and I can't imagine saying that about my little ones if they went missing) and she found them shortly after the 911 call, locked inside her car with her keys and cell phone. I can't find a longer quote from the mother yet. The story doesn't add up, in my mind. What do any of you think?

Anonymous said...

Liberals are airheads smr. If you don't believe me, ask them. For example, ask them what they have read over the course of their lifetime. You are going to find that most liberals have read UNDER FIVE novels not assigned in high school or college, or, if the individual does read, you can rest assured they will not have read any classics or anything provoking thought, understanding, insight, or deeper comprehension of the world and human nature. They will not have read anything not written in the later part of the 20th century and will have a superficial understanding of what they have read. Overall though, liberals generally have very limited exposure to literature...if you don't believe me, ask them what they have read outside of assigned reading in school (if they even took any classes requiring assigned reading of novels)--I guarantee they will not have read any classics that would require any type of intellectual integrity or development. Generally, the intellect of liberals is quite stunted in one way or it immaturity or actual developmental issues where the brain behaves abnormally (severe ADD, severe personality disorder, etc).

Anonymous said...

Also, why is it that many of the most outspoken liberals I know are constantly shuffling between psychiatrists and constantly changing "medications" with both talk therapy and medications achieving NO RESULTS (according to them!) Also, it's interesting because these deeply troubled individuals do not state what their actual "problem" is that leads them to shuffle between psychiatrists, other than vague descriptors. Is it possible that liberalism itself could be a mental disorder and that's why these trouble individuals never get the help or healing they need? Because the problem goes unrecognized. Does it need to be added to the DSM?

Anonymous said...

It's confusing why anyone "supports" Islam, particularly LGBT, since Islam hates them and is determined to exterminate them.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or do the released photos from the bombing look contrived?

after a stampede there is usually footwear left behind, lots of foot wear. the bodies all seem spread out in an unnatural pattern and the people beside the victims are not doing anything.

Anonymous said...

@3:43, About half the gay people I know are conservatives. Again, one needs to understand the profound mental disorder (resistant to talk therapy as well as even the strongest medications such as anti-psychotics) of liberalism can be found in both gays and straights...we are talking about brain dysfunction here, not sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

What does that have to do with how Islam views gays? They. Want. To. Kill them.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

My point was that not all LGBT supports Islam (although the majority of LGBT does). My comment was intended to illustrate the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder that effects people of all sexual orientations and is resistant to talk therapy & medication as well as it is resistant to consequences much as sociopathy...therefore it is easier to understand how many gays support Islam as linear, logical thinking is not a part of liberalism. When a mind is profoundly sick it does not understand for example, if I was gay it would be unwise to support an ideology (Islam) that hates me and wants to kill me. Liberalism is a brain disorder similar to rabies (profound disorientation, aggressive rabid behavior, self-destructive, etc.).

Anonymous said...

I am just now having time to read to the end of Peter's article and I see that he speaks of Churchhill calling Islam "the rabies of the mind"! Yes! And also this analogy perfectly describes liberalism.

As a child, I did see up close a rabid dog who was in the final stages of that point, the dog is completely disoriented, foaming profusely at the mouth, walking slowly and weaving back and forth most pitifully, clearly incoherent and out of its mind...unfortunately, this is amazingly similar to the way liberals minds operate on a daily basis only also incorporating the early stages of rabies where there is bizarre aggressive behavior.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
My point was that not all LGBT supports Islam (although the majority of LGBT does). My comment was intended to illustrate the fact that

Yes, your comment was understood. I veered off course slightly for an observation.

Anonymous said...

Madonna is a washed up hag who sets the women's movement back 5,000 years.
She is the epitome of lying evil liberal women who spread vicious back-stabbing lies.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: If someone says that they "didnt" do something without being asked if they did that something is that always suspicious? If the person volunteers the info "I didnt (blank)" without it being asked if they did (blank) and without this scenario ever having come up previously, would that mean they DID do (blank) or is it merely a sensitive statement or is it not a sensitive statement? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Didnt you ask this question b4?

Anonymous said...

No, this something else, different person. This is a female. Volunteering info "I didnt (blank)" without being asked, accused, etc. Im wondering if this is necessarily a sensitive statement due to it being volunteered and due to it being phrased in the negative "I didnt (blank)" or is it not sensitive/suspicious?

Anonymous said...

This happened a while ago...the individual (friend) started acting weird/distanced herself for a while from me after saying "I didnt (blank)" which, at the time I was thinking nothing of it like why would she have written anything to this person?.....when me and her reconnected a month or so later she broke out in tears for no reason....this isnt about sleeping with a boyfriend or anything...I think this person might have written some kind of lies about me to someone (as this person has written anonymous letters to 2 different people--one time pretending to be a guy that this lady had a crush on in a letter....the other time wrote to a female friend from a different email address tearing her love life apart).

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon @ 2:42

When she initially said "I didnt (blank)"
What was the topic of conversation.?

Anonymous said...

another off topic:
I am quietly oh so pleased that the new congressman from Montana
had the balls to deck a member of the out of control attack media.
Movies come to mind, Dirty Harry being the most prominent image.
Ah, the satisfaction.....

Anonymous said...

Mississippi. USA 5-27-17.

Mississippi shooting: 8 dead, including deputy sheriff; suspect in custody.

Suspect has long criminal history.
Suspect was known to authorities.
Authorities notified numerous times prior.
Charges dropped.
Charges reduced.

Over & over & over & over........

Anonymous said...

John McGowan, The topic was email.

Im pretty sure this ex-friend wrote something back to this person after they responded to a (funny) group email I forwarded to them making it so she had access to their email address since they responded...I said "That was funny what (blank) wrote huh." She said "Yeah I got what they did "Marie" (another nasty witch)...I didnt write anything back."

I am wondering if this ex-friend DID write something back to this person bc this person at a later point was accusing me of having done stuff I hadnt done and I was puzzled & still am as to why...

This "friend" who said "I didnt write anything back" was obsessed w meddling in people's lives for reasons I don't understand. She had written "Marie" a letter pretending to be a guy who Marie had a huge crush on professing love for Marie (who is not very attractive). Then, one reason I stopped talking to her is bc she told me she had emailed another one of her friends from someone else's email account (not her own) and pretending to be a different person reaming the friend out about her love life, and I was like OK this person is psycho...Im just wondering if volunteering the info "I didnt write anything back" especially since it was not something that necessitated a response as well as if she had responded, since it was a group email, I would have seen the response, therefore I just wonder if her saying "I didnt write anything back" is suspicious...whether she wrote something privately to this persons emai address.

lynda said...

Anonymous @ 3:44 PM said

Liberals are airheads smr. If you don't believe me, ask them. For example, ask them what they have read over the course of their lifetime. You are going to find that most liberals have read UNDER FIVE novels not assigned in high school or college, or, if the individual does read, you can rest assured they will not have read any classics or anything provoking thought, understanding, insight, or deeper comprehension of the world and human nature. They will not have read anything not written in the later part of the 20th century and will have a superficial understanding of what they have read. Overall though, liberals generally have very limited exposure to literature...if you don't believe me, ask them what they have read outside of assigned reading in school (if they even took any classes requiring assigned reading of novels)--I guarantee they will not have read any classics that would require any type of intellectual integrity or development. Generally, the intellect of liberals is quite stunted in one way or it immaturity or actual developmental issues where the brain behaves abnormally (severe ADD, severe personality disorder, etc).


Wow. I can't find the words to express my feelings about this post. Oh wait, how about "hate-filled, ignorant moron?" Yeah..that's the ticket."

Anonymous said...

@2:38, What do you mean by "oh brother..."?

Anonymous said...

@Lynda, Think what you want.
Explain to me why the mod of a liberal political page on FB is someone who has A) severe attention deficit problems B) viciously verbally attacks any non-liberal opinions including my stance that Trump did the right thing bombing Assad's airbase C) loves to scapegoat and nearly drove her own sister to suicide D) has been given a privilaged education yet cannot formulate coherent thoughts.

Last night ON A DIFFERENT PAGE NOT INVOLVING THAT PERSON, I observed 2 liberals mocking aborted fetuses saying "oh yeah your neglected abusive unwanted little life would have been so at least you can go straight to heaven" (this was in reference to a meme the other had put up which illustrated an aborted fetus going to heaven (intended to mock Catholic beliefs about abortion being a sin). Where do these liberals get off thinking their own lives are SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE than those that THEY deem UNWANTED?!?! The arrogance, the superiority on par with Adolf Hitler, the lack of irony where they deem others unwanted and their lives pathetic acting as if their own dirtbag lives ARE BETTER FOR NO REASON...THEY HAVE NO JUSTIFICATION THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING EXTRAORDINARY AND IN FACT ARE EXTREMELY FLAWED.
I'll let you know if I read anything intelligent and not approving of genocide written by a liberal.

Anonymous said...

More bad news in the USA.

Federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant was found dead on a Florida beach May 24, 2017.

Anonymous said...

6:03, I have no problems w comprehension. The point that you are not getting is that liberals are (with rare exceptions) ROTTEN PEOPLE. These LOSERS mock an aborted fetus, projecting their own feelings of dejection onto A FETUS--DOES IT GET MORE PATHETIC??? Explain to me their unbridled sense of superiority, their sense that they are wanted, their existence has been blessed, the universe delighted in their birth, but others are BENEATH THEM. BASED ON NOTHING BUT A RETARDED "UNDERSTANDING" OF REALITY SUGGESTING BRAIN DYSFUNCTION. Dont tell me they are smart. An inability to think in logical, linear manner is not considered even average IQ and is suggestive of profound intractable mental illness, hence the wandering from shrink to shrink medication to medication with no relief.
The narcissism is high. Usually Mummy and Daddy told them they were "better" than others (based on nothing). Liberals are dangerous....they are no different than Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Right, Im so arrogant for suggesting every human has a right to live and that those who feel innate superiority are deluded. Liberal thinking is not linear
Thought A: Should Trump A have bombed Assad's airbase?
Thought B: No, because if he didnt we could all have free college educations.
The possibilities for thinking are very limited on par with the level of a toddler. The ADD is pronounced. The narcissistic pathology profound.
Thought A: Is abortion tragic if not wrong?
Thought B: Hahaha that little unwanted neglected abused waste of life will go to heaven at least. (of course, no realization even that someone who has not been born cannot be abused or neglected--this is just another refusal to operate within reality when formulating "thoughts" or "arguments".

Noone should be expected to respect the distorted trainwreck liberals call thinking or "logic".
And yes, find me one that doesnt describe diffuse psychological suffering combined with a startling lack of insight that it is a result of their DISGUSTING TREATMENT OF OTHERS (AND THAT INCLUDES THE OPINIONS THEY SHOUT SO LOUDLY FROM EVERY MOUNTAINTOP).

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Time to hit the gym?

I couldn't resist.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

With 99% of the media, Hollywood and the political elite, you don't need to post here. This is an illogic + irrational free blog.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

When the Islamic terror argument turns to the religions, the need for diversion means there is no debate.

We can discuss how many Jews are yelling "Shalom!" and blowing up non Jews and how many Christians are yelling "What would Jesus do?" while strapped full of noms in a different article.


Anonymous said...

I think Peter and his foe should have an arm wrestling match! (Hehe just kidding :) )

Unknown said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

Peter Hyatt said...

When the Islamic terror argument turns to the religions, the need for diversion means there is no debate.

We can discuss how many Jews are yelling "Shalom!" and blowing up non Jews and how many Christians are yelling "What would Jesus do?" while strapped full of noms in a different article.


May 28, 2017 at 8:04 PM

Hi Peter, should that be bombs or were you hungry and thinking of food? :)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I made home-made BBQ sauce for the Memorial Day weekend. Could I really help myself?

Tania, any update on London airport that MSM not reporting?

I have read that there are still difficulties that suggest more than an IT error.

I see that MSM embraces fighting Islam with teddy bears, hash tags and 2 minutes of silence on Facebook.

That'll learn dem terrorists to mess around with the UK!

I also saw Manchester police chief posing with Koran.


Habundia said...

I wonder......are these humans really that ignorant to the think that with a hug and a kiss they will become their friends? The first thing that came to mind was a Judas kiss......not that I am a religious type, but I believe it is like the "the kiss of death" Grimreaper who's shaking you hand.
Trust is where criminals feed on. This is what they want, for you to trust them, so they can stab you in the back or shoot right into your's exactly what will give them the power they need to's like giving oxygen to a spark......I really don't get it.

To that hero who calls himself "anonymous", who bashed out about liberals, I would say.....if being liberal is an DSMIV/V worth desease, what excuse do you have for being ignorant?