Monday, June 5, 2017

Christopher Lockhart Husband of Missing Wife: Statement

hat tip:  John

The following is an article on the disappearance of Theresa Lockhart.   Commentary and statement analysis in bold type.

Analysis Question:  

Is the husband of Theresa Lockhart telling the truth?
PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — The man detectives have identified as a person of interest in a Schoolcraft teacher’s disappearance denies any involvement.
Christopher Lockhart told 24 Hour News 8’s Lynsey Mukomel over the phone Saturday morning he has given investigators all of the information he has on his wife, Theresa Lockhart, and that he has been cooperative despite their statements to media.

With no quote, please note that he has told them "all."  This is very important. 

Honest people who are missing a loved one do not ever feel that they have told everything as long as the person is missing.  They lose sleep and often contact law enforcement incessantly with such things as,

"I just remembered..." and "I was thinking that this might be important..."

It is incessant.  

On Friday the Portage Department of Public Safety named Christopher as a person of interest in their investigation.

They have deliberately put him on the defensive.  Since I do not know what interviewing/interrogation detail, I presuppose that this is part of an overall strategy. 

Theresa, a Spanish teacher at Schoolcraft Community Schools, was reported missing on Saturday, May 20, by school officials after she didn’t show up for work. Her car was found that same weekend just a couple miles from her home at a park-and-ride off of Angling Road.

Her husband cites a history with anxiety and depression, plus a potential non-renewal of her teaching contract after this school year as an explanation for her sudden disappearance.

Although we may feel that this is victim blaming, such is often done in very subtle ways and we do not know what questions were asked here.  

Journalists trained in Statement Analysis have a distinct and clear advantage over those without training, absent an agenda which perverts truth.  

Christopher said the district was trying to force her into resigning and she had been struggling the week leading up to her disappearance.

Dr. Rusty Stitt, superintendent of Schoolcraft Community Schools, told 24 Hour News 8 Saturday that Theresa initiated a potential resignation, however.
The district never received a formal resignation though and continues to pray she will return safely, Dr. Stitt said. Her contract runs through the end of this school year.

Her husband believes stress at work was too much and went on to explain that she received help in the past for her mental health without telling him.

When she left I assumed she was going to get herself some help. That’s why I wasn’t really too worried about it at that point in time because I want to keep her issues private.  I basically told them the same story I’m telling you, that she up and left. She’s done this before. I didn’t think she had a job to go back to.”

Here we find a linguistic indication of withheld information.  This statement alone should cause the interviewer to focus, specifically, in the short time period just before she "left", as he is deliberately withholding information.  

Regardless of her situation at work, why would Christopher not cooperate with police if he’s not guilty of anything? Investigators told 24 Hour News 8 Lockhart will not let them search their home.

“I don’t recall in any way that they asked if they could come in and take a look around. That was never asked of me…,” 

Withholding of Information 

Here, he begins his statement with what he does not "recall."  He then qualifies (the rule of the negative) with "in any way" and uses minimizing language of "take a look around", rather than "search."

Lockhart claimed. He said an officer originally took a statement a few days after she had been last seen, then detectives showed up in his driveway unannounced a few days later.

Here we see what is often called "full cooperation" in a statement.  Those who give full cooperation in a missing person's case do not always feel the need to state it.  

“It was at that point after talking to that detective that it was like, OK, we’re going to handle everything through a lawyer.  I’m not acting unusual. I’m going to and from work. I’m carrying on normally around here as best I can. The initial officer came in the doorway and I let him inI gave them the ability to contact her friends and her family but other than that I don’t see that there’s any other way I can help the investigation. Her car was found and returned. It’s in good working order… I’m assuming if something looked like had happened there, I’d assume they would’ve kept the car.

Here is what we know from his statement.  

1.  Ingratiation Rejection   "OK" 

This is where he sought to align himself, unnecessarily (linguistically) with police and now feels rebuffed.  

2. "We're" is him and someone else (attorney in context) as he does not want to be psychologically "alone" with police.  

3.  "Everything" is "handled" (keep this in mind as the statement unfolds)

4.  "I let him" shows authority/control over police.  

5.  "I gave them"shows authority/control over police.  

This is critical information.  

The subject gives linguistic indicators of control when no such control is warranted. 

This is strongly suggestive of domestic violence.  Not only does he show the language of control in an unnecessary manner, but he does it in context of police.  It is this same police that have named him as a Person of Interest in her disappearance.  This requires in depth analysis, but suffice for now, it helps give us insight into some elements of what life may have been like for Theresa.  

Key:  He exercised linguistic control over police while his wife is missing.  This is not about him letting police in or anything similar:

It is about him telling us what he did.  

Remember:  this is not reality; it is his own verbalized perception of his relationship with police while his wife is missing.  

Mentioning the car may indicate confidence that they won't find evidence in the car to indict him.  

6. Normality:  His statement about him being normal is also unnecessary as he belies that his behavior has been anything but normal for an innocent man.  This is why it enters the language.  

We observe behavior.  When someone needs to linguistically cause us to observe behavior, we are dealing with persuasion.  


He is now victim blaming:  

About a quarter of the way through the conversation Lockhart added their tenth wedding anniversary is this October. 

“I’m terribly worried about her, I don’t know where she’s at… I’m holding out hope that, you know, nothing has gone wrong. There’s no evidence right now to indicate anything is wrong.  Did something bad happen to her? Yeah, that’s absolutely possible. But could she also have picked up and left and, you know, drove off and decided I’m going to start a new life somewhere with somebody else or did she check herself into a hospital? It’s like all these other avenues are distinct possibilities.”

He does not know "where she's at" which is often used to describe relationship status, not locale.  "I don't know where she is" is stronger unless the body has been dumped in moving water.  

Lockhart said for now his attorney has advised him not to answer detectives’ questions.

Those who care nothing but the safe recovery of their loved one are not hindered by attorneys, nor by threats, coercion, warnings, or anything else.  Instinct to find the missing person takes over for the innocent.  Those who yield to their attorney have a need to yield to their attorney.  

I have seen family members of missing persons get themselves in trouble because this powerful instinct is difficult to control.

When you see it under control from the beginning, consider that the subject may not be displaying urgency.  

“I think the police just don’t have anything more right now and I guess they’re trying to shake some trees and see what falls out. It’s an attempt to embarrass me and put pressure on me.”

He knows why he is a Person of Interest, hence the weak assertion repeated in "think" and "guess." 

Consider the linguistic indicators of control and now add narcissistic indicators to it, as a portrait of this "normal" man emerges. 

In domestic violence, advocates often see "control" everywhere, and make consistent error in their attempts to protect women.  

We look not so much as for control (many couples say one person is better with money than the other), but we look for the verbalized perception of control.  This is far more effective than any checklist.  Remember:  most victims are not controlled by violence.  They are controlled by the threat of violence.  We look for linguistic indicators not only of control, but of narcissistic-like elements and de-sensitization.  Although this topic is too broad for a single article, even within his short statements, he gives much insight into his personality, including the lack of human empathy for the victim.  

Analysis Conclusion:

Christopher Lockhart is deceptively withholding information about what happened to Theresa.  

Even within this article we have a subject who is giving police (and now the public) the "one of two impressions" that every subject, innocent or guilty give:

The subject is either working with police to facilitate the flow of information, 

or the subject is not. 

Here, police have him rightfully named as a Person of Interest. 

For training in detecting deception, visit "training opportunities" at 


Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. Someone with mental illness that has up and disappeared before could have done just that again. Job problems, the blue eye shadow no one has worn since the '70s, and a controlling husband. Yikes!

"I’m assuming if something looked like had happened there, I’d assume they would’ve kept the car.”"

I would have inserted IT between like and had. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

And, I disagree that he has something to hide because he got a lawyer.
Police need a search warrant to enter homes and go through belongings; it's not a personality disorder to deny them access.

It may well be she was the victim of domestic violence and managed to flee unannounced.

Your bonkers said...

What's her eye mascara got to do with anything???? Your a Crazy idiot.

John Mc Gowan said...

But could she also have picked up and left and, you know, drove off and decided I’m going to start a new life somewhere with somebody else or did she check herself into a hospital?

Is he thinking of himself?

Anonymous said...

Anytime you are in a position such as this, you would get an attorney. (But not until you're named a person of interest/arrested.) This is part of the rights we have within the judicial system. That being said, I do believe he has a hand in her disappearance/murder. What kind of loving spouse would know their loved one was struggling with anxiety & depression, but let them leave & "assume" they're getting help. To me, that was the real red flag.

TiffGGGG said...

He expresses no concern for his missing wife. Did someone take her? Is she hurt? If she merely 'left', as he suggests, why would she not be with her car?

His language is very alarming. :/

Anonymous said...

He looks like a psycho. He has that all-American look at me I look like Greg Brady you can trust me I won't hurt you look. RED FLAG

Anonymous said...

Words used by Mr. Lockhart:

Hoping nothing goes wrong
Picked up
Drove off

Check into hospital
Shake some trees
What falls out

I would search treed areas accessible by an Avenue for Mrs. Lockhart.

Mr. Lockhart is a Manager at Pfizer, which has a massive manufacturing facility in Portage. One of the products he engineered is a gelfoam hemostatic.

John Mc Gowan said...


Missing teacher honored at Schoolcraft graduation ceremony

SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It was graduation day for the Schoolcraft High School Class of 2017. The big day comes just weeks after Theresa Lockhart, a Spanish teacher at the school, was reported by missing after not showing up to work.
Police announced Friday that her disappearance may be a possible homicide and Lockhart's husband, Christopher, is now considered a person of interest.
The school made sure she would not be forgotten during Sunday's graduation ceremony and Newschannel 3's Mike Krafcik was there.
Students wanted to honor Theresa Lockhart, who they say, played a big role at Schoolcraft High School, so they came up with the idea of ribbons outside in the school and inside at the graduation ceremony.
Madison Hybels, a graduating Schoolcraft Senior, said, “I think it's nice that we are doing something instead of sweeping it under the rug, which would be easy to do.”
It was a day of joy and happiness for the members of the Senior class at Schoolcraft High School, despite a persisting feeling of not knowing what happened to Lockhart.
Hybels said, “There's no closure for the school, there's no closure for the students., there's no closure for the family.”
Students and the school administrators wanted to keep Lockhart close to them and during the graduation a chair was reserved for Lockhart, who taught Spanish at the high school for the past two years.
Schoolcraft High School principal Ric Seager said, “We honor Mrs. Lockhart with a seat here at the table for us to celebrate. She's here in spirit.”
Teachers and members of the school's administration all wore ribbons in her honor.
Hybels said, “She was such a good teacher and such a big presence in the school system.”
School administrators said Lockhart was the director of the high school's chapter of the National Honor Society.
Almost half of the 88 Schoolcraft seniors were members and said she played a big role.
Hybels said, “She was super kind and inclusive, making sure we always knew what was going on, and had all stuff done to make sure we were in the National Honor Society.”
Since going missing, investigators said Lockhart has shown "no signs of life", but school administrators are staying positive. She might still be alive.
Schoolcraft Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Rusty Stitt said, “We want continue to be optimistic that she's in a safe place.”
Stitt did acknowledge Lockhart was considering resigning from her position, but never submitted any official notice and her contract at the school runs through the end of this school year.

Tania Cadogan said...

I gave them the ability to contact her friends and her family

This sounds strange.
It sounds like he is granting them a boon.
Almost like he gives them a super power.
I gave them the ability to walk through walls, fly, read minds, contact her family and friends.
He doesn't tell us he helped the police with the names and details of family and friends in order to facilitate finding out if they knew or suspected anything.
Instead it sounds like he gave them the barest minimum of information and left it to the police to do the footwork and find out who her friends were, her family contact details etc. It was the police doing all the work, he just pointed out the general direction.

To my ears this smacks of control, it is as if he is granting them permission to investigate, to talk to people who knew his wife.
He knew he couldn't refuse point blank since that would be incriminating as heck.
I wonder if his lawyer told him you can do this or that but DO NOT do that or this as it could leave you open to incrimination.

I wonder if he limited her contact with family and friends, controlled who she spoke to.
This sounds like the language of a controller, a perpetuator of domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic; Ive noticed a trend on FACEBOOK of people posting about how "enlightened" or "complete" they are and how that attracted great things into their life. I actually like some of these people but I am increasingly curious what SA would say about someone regularly posting about how enlightened or complete they have become due to "inner work", etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Off Topic; Ive noticed a trend on FACEBOOK of people posting about how "enlightened" or "complete" they are and how that attracted great things into their life. I actually like some of these people but I am increasingly curious what SA would say about someone regularly posting about how enlightened or complete they have become due to "inner work", etc.

June 5, 2017 at 8:13 PM

post an example of the writing.

Anonymous said...

If someone writes multiple "I used to think I would be complete if I met the right person but I learned once I became whole it attracted the perfect man", etc complete w pics of unfolding romance....Im just curious if that is really what happened, what they are describing....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not sounding good: Missing for weeks, marriage on rocks, husband has threatened to kill the missing woman.
May explain the anxiety and depression she had.
It is possible he was a saint when around her friends and family; holy hell when alone with her.
...shake the trees and see what falls out..." (Perhaps their marriage was based on who is the craziest-"nuts")

He mentions avenues. Perhaps he took her for a drive?

There is no mention of children. Would religion keep them together in an impossible marriage? Did she have no where(no one)to turn?

Trudy said...

"I'm holding out...". Is that an embedded admission that he is withholding information?

" I let him in…, I gave them the ability to contact her friends and her family but other than that I don’t see that there’s any other way I can help the investigation"

Wow! He's really exhausted all ways of helping, hasn't he? I can think of a few ways of helping the investigation: posting missing person fliers, NAMUS, local TV and radio, physically searching, Websleuths, Texas Equusearch, etc, etc, etc.

Trigger said...

This story includes many factors in other missing persons cases where the wife is the one missing.

wife has"anxiety and depression"

wife has fear of loss of job

marriage is "on the rocks"

husband strives to control information

husband has list of possible explanations for disappearance

husband tells story to police then shuts up and lawyers up

missing wife's boss denies husband's claim that her job is in jeopardy

husband has done "all" he can to help find missing wife

TiffGGGG said...

Looks like he was in fact a domestic abuser. I thought this was interesting since Peter found it in the language first. He was charged in Nov. for domestic abuse. Also...a peeping Tom....

The NEWSCHANNEL 3 I-Team ran background checks on him in both Michigan and South Carolina where he went to college. In both states, Christopher Lockhart was charged with being a peeping Tom. But there are also more serious charges on his record here in Michigan. Lockhart was ordered to have no contact with his wife last year. In November of 2016 he was charged with domestic violence against his wife, Theresa Lockhart. As part of the bond conditions, he was ordered to have no contact with Theresa. He was also ordered to remove all of his personal belongings from their Portage home. But just a few weeks later, records show Theresa Lockhart requested the "no contact" order removed. On November 29, 2016, the domestic violence charge was reduced to assault and battery. Christopher Lockhart initially pleaded guilty but just three months later the entire case was dismissed.

TiffGGGG said...

From Fox47 News: Police say she was last seen by her husband Christopher Lockhart. Police have named him a person of interest in the case. Neighbors say fights between the couple were so disturbing they began recording them.

In the first [audio] clip provided by a neighbor, gun shots can be heard. The recording was made on May 27th at 11:30 a.m. Portage police arrive to question Lockhart about the gunshots.

Portage Police: “Hey Chris can we talk to you?”

Portage Police: “We got a call around 11:30 this morning, neighbors saying they heard a couple of gunshots.”

Christopher Lockhart: “They didn't come from here (inaudible)”

Portage Police: “You heard it, too?”

Christopher Lockhart: “Yeah, I did hear it.”

Shortly after police asked Lockhart about those gunshots, investigators leave, and Lockhart does, as well.

Why did he answer the way he did? It sounds awkward. Wouldn't you just say, "Yeah, I heard it."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Tiffany, reading through the lens of S/A sometimes is like reading the news before the news breaks.

Thanks for posting the links.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! So weird that he said that rather than he gave them all the contact information for friends and family or even that he had ALSO contacted all of her friends and family looking for her!

Anonymous said...

He's been practicing his craft for a long time. It will be difficult to find her.

Mimsie said...

Christopher Lockhart's mother Olivera Lockhart passed away April 3, 2016. Theresa posted a message: "Vera was a wonderful mother-in-law who welcomed me into her family with open arms. She is greatly loved and will be missed. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord."

Mimsie said...

Lockhart’s LinkedIn account shows he is now a manager of the process engineering gelfoam program at Pfizer. According to the company’s website, gelfoam is a medical device that is designed to stop bleeding and absorb fluids many times its weight.

Anonymous said...

Her mother says she hasn't seen her in four years-around the time she suffered a stroke-and blames CL.

He has three peeping tom arrests (started young)aka stalking yet reduced to peeping tom.

Wonder what contact, if any, she had with friends if there were any left.

She's dead. Isolation is the first step in killing her.

Anonymous said...

"He was beside himself when I talked to him he was broken down in tears," (Her best friend says)

She clams his erratic behavior is due to the death of his mother.

What a poser!

elf said...

.  Did something bad happen to her? Yeah, that’s absolutely possible. But could she also have picked up and left and, you know, drove off and decided I’m going to start a new life somewhere with somebody else.....

this stood out to me. He asked a question then answered it. Almost like a confession

Anonymous said...

Ask Alice the maid what happened.

Anonymous said...

ask the hairy dude with the troubled tailgate...he'll know.

I hear there's a $100,000 reward on your head.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


do you have statements?


tread carefully said...

i think the man is suicidal.

trustmeigetit said...

My thoughts... for a new relationship... they could feel that way. The newness is exciting and you are on cloud nine.

It's when time has passed that changes.

Example... I have friends that have been married like 10 years. They post constantly how great things are and how happy they are but it's not reality. We know them well. Police have been called over their fights.

So that's just my thoughts.....

Anonymous said...

She has two stepkids from his first marriage. She is Catholic (she's a friend of mine). I don't know him at all, but came across this site and am mesmerized by the analysis. I do not at ALL believe she up and ran away. though who could blame her if she lived with him-- the audio recordings had me in tears of him screaming at her. :(

Lynne said...

Yes, I could walk a few miles from a parked car. If the story doesn't make sense, it's not true.

Anonymous said...

Were the police unable to confirm Theresa drove her car to the park and ride? I know there are many businesses along center st that have video cameras. There is a gas station and a bank right there near the park n' ride. I find it hard to believe they could not see her car coming down the road. If her car did not travel center st, you would have to ask why the driver wouldn't have taken the easiest route and then check the security camera's of people on the alternate routes; like 12th st, W.Q Ave, and Angling Rd. Did the Lockhart neighbor's camera show Theresa leaving at 10pm? Did it show him leaving at anytime?

Lissa10279 said...

That's what I have been wondering ... that camera showed him with the trash -- and the garage appeared to be in view then. It seems to be taking forever for evidence to make sense. It's been four weeks tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Is his ex wife still alive? I wonder what the story was there. I wonder if his kids think he killed their stepmother.

His behavior is so strange. I bet they have surveillance on him and that is why they caught him so fast with the drunk driving. They're probably hoping he'll crack and confess.

habundia said...

Anonymous said...

Christopher Lockhart committed suicide and left a note with map leading the authorities to finding her body.

Anonymous said...