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Terrorism and IQ Examined


The links between IQ, poor impulse control and crime are standard, as are the statistics that show males raised without fathers are likely to have poor grades, substance abuse, delinquency and incarceration by age 30.  This all goes into criminal analysis. 
With the world wide outbreak of Islamic terrorism, the origins are being studied in greater measure.  Islam, as an ideology, is a criminal supremacist ideology that has religious overtones.  At its core is coercive violence.  To understand the power of Islam one may see its resistance to reform over 14 centuries, as well as its day to day impact upon the West.  We cannot now travel, nor enter entertainment  facilities without intrusive searches and delays.  The challenge can be to separate what politicians who propagate Islamic migration and the support they receive in main stream media, from the truth, often reported "on the ground" by citizens who's own governments seek to silence them.  Some have been threatened, fined, arrested and even incarcerated for speaking the truth about this ideology.  It is an ideology that calls for the death penalty for criticism of it.  

The numbers of victims, crimes, assaults, rapes and murder, are staggering, even when minimized by political narrative.  The "open borders" and lack of vetting continues, unabated, with almost universal world wide approval.  Those who disagree with the narrative are immediately labeled "nazis, Islamophobes, and racist" by the elite. The need for such labeling, itself, reveals the deception behind it.  

This is an article about the ideology and its consequences. 

Although we may differ with proposed solutions, readers here will appreciate the work and research of Dr. Sennels and its ties to both exploitation and terrorism.   

Effects of Centuries of Extreme Inbreeding Among Muslims: Low IQ, Violence and Terrorism

Taboo: Almost half of Muslims are inbred. How does that affect intelligence and health? And is there a connection to terrorism and violence?

By Nicolai Sennels, Psychologist

Lise Egholm, long time school leader in the Muslim dominated area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently warned against not talking about the widespread practise of inbreeding among Muslims“”A study shows that infant mortality doubles along with a high risk of congenital malformations, also that increased birth defect rates and inheritance of recessive traits are more common in consanguineous marriages. I think it’s time to express concern. We must talk about this problem. All parents want healthy children. Fortunately, we live in a society where our health system does much to ensure that a pregnancy ends with a viable child. What amazes me and has made me wonder for years is why we do not talk about, maybe they even ban, the many cousin marriages?”
While health systems in otherwise less developed countries in the Muslim world are openly discussing and warning against consanguineous marriages, it is considered politically incorrect in the West to problematize the vast genetic and societal problems resulting from this religious-cultural practise.

Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguineous (cousin marriages), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs.). In Pakistan 70 percent of marriages are consanguineous and in Turkey the percentage is 25-30. There seems to be no national data on Indonesia, but there are reports on 17 percent consanguinity on East Timor and a high level of consanguineous marriages in some areas of Java.”

Except for a few exceptions like Indonesia and Albania, roughly half of the population in the Islamic world is inbred, in most cases for generations.


The reason is partly religious. Muhammed himself married his cousin and according to the Quran, Allah allows sexual relationships between cousins (Quran 4:23-24).
According to Islamic law, Sharia, family honor is dependent upon the ability to control family members, which is another reason for keeping daughters inside their own blood-related family when marrying.

Also read: DANGEROUS REFUGEES: Afghans 79 TIMES More Likely to RAPE
Sharia law’s extreme restrictions on women’s freedom of movement and contact with men probably also makes it more natural to marry one of the few men they are actually allowed to interact with.
Health and intelligence
A long list of mental and physical complications are related to inbreeding between cousins. These include an increased risk of depressionschizophrenia, and mental retardation. Mental retardation (less than an IQ of 69)
in children of consanguineous marriages is five times more frequent than in normal marriages. On average, cousin marriages results in children with 10-16 points lower IQ. Social abilities, including empathy, are also less developed with inbred people.
The cognitive consequences of Muslim inbreeding might explain why non-Western immigrants are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the Danish army’s intelligence test than native Danes. When it comes to the production of scientific work, the Islamic world produces less than 1/10 of the world average. Low average intelligence in the population and prioritizing faith over knowledge may also be the reason why fewer books have been translated into Arabic over the last 1,000 years than there are books translated in Spain every year.
On top of these mental complications comes the increased risk of many diseases related to genetic disorders leading to severe syndromes, handicaps, painful diseases, and decreased life expectancy.
Terror and violence
According to the Danish police, cousin-marriage is a cause for criminal behaviour because of low intelligence. This claim is confirmed by criminology research that long has established a connection between violent criminal behaviour and low intelligence.
It is also likely, that it is easier to convince people with low intelligence to follow the Islamic scriptures’ hundreds of invitations and direct orders to harm, terrorize and wage war against people – including fellow Muslims, even family members – who do not following a literal interpretation of those scriptures.
Another link between Muslim inbreeding and terror concerns handicaps and mental diseases. Yusuf Yadgari of the Medical University of Kabul has autopsied the remains of suicide bombers and his findings support this theory. Yadgari found that close to ninety percent were suffering from severe illness such as blindness, cancer, missing limbs or leprosy. Many Muslim societies, including that of Afghanistan, have a low social acceptance of handicaps and severe illnesses. According to Yadgari, being physically handicapped or mentally retarded often leads to exclusion in a society like Afghanistan, and becoming a martyr might be the only chance of achieving social recognition and honour — if not just a way to end the pain of being socially isolated (which is especially traumatizing in collectivist cultures like Islam). Al Qaida’s use of people with Down’s syndrome to commit terrorist attacks might be another unpleasant side effect of the many chromosomal illnesses that result from inbreeding between first cousins.

Ban cousin marriages?

A ban on consanguineous marriages is a win-win policy.
It will save million of future children and their families from suffering. School leader Lise Egholm gives an example:
“One second grade class had a reading test. Fortunately most children did very well. However, a small Turkish boy only had two correct answers out of 40. The teacher was very concerned and asked me to attend the a meeting with the mother. I looked at the student card and wondered that the family apparently only had one child. The mother said there had been three, but two died as infants because ‘we have bad blood’. She explained that her husband was her cousin, his parents were cousins ​​and her own parents were blood related too. She also said, ‘You can not teach my boy much, but it’s good that he lives.’ Soon after he was referred to a special school. This mother also told me that it was the men who were stupid because they want that ‘we marry our cousin, so we get bigger pieces of land, but they do not understand what we women know: that it is dangerous for the children if their parents are blood related.’ These two examples are from Turkish families, but I have encountered similar problems with Pakistani people and in Arab-speaking families.”
On top of these issues, tax payers would save billions from not having to handle the many costly societal challenges related to consanguineous marriage. Integrating into advanced cultures with our high-tech work market is not easy with an IQ of 75 and decreased social abilities.
Finally, it is likely that such a ban would decrease the amount of violence in our countries.
Similar benefits would come from banning migrants with consanguineous background who apply for residence.


Knomye said...

They are "The Stoppers"of modern civilization,ANY "enjoyment/participation"of the west's ways is feared.

habundia said...

A very interesting read again. Thank you for it! I am not sure how you can ban such a marriage. Because these marriages take place in their own environment and not in western churches. So maybe those marriage can become against the law (if rules were set up), and you could send them out of the country.....but do you really think that will solve the problem? Even though the marriage would be illegal, it wouldn't prevent babies being born, s what would be the point? It's not these marriages that is the problem, but their (mostly men) thinking is. And if Allah said it is okay.......then what can be done? This is not a problem which is solvable by banning these marriage. But I could be wrong.

Laura said...

Is the article suggesting cousin marriages be banned in Middle Eastern countries where these marriages are done? That ia not going to happen.
The problem is all patriiarchal religions.
Unfortunately I can no longer understand Christianity either which destroys Jesus' entire message of redemption through love & forgiveness by projecting a Roman-Greco-Jewish beliefs about crime & punishment onto God Himself. Of course this
glaring contradiction is illogical & noone should be required to embrace a nonsensical reversal of Jesus message by the "infallible" Catholic Church. Jesus is the answer. Too bad Roman Catholicism has obliterated his message so terribly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. All of these social pathologies having to do with low IQ appear right here in the USA. What do we do about them?

Anonymous said...

Muslims will always have arranged marriages. Thats what they are taught/required to do. It is their "duty". I was involved with a guy who had an arranged marriage....they will throw love away to have their perfect fake little arranged marriage and make Mummy and Daddy so happy. But karma's a bitch & you find years layer they are still thinking of you & not so happy in their "arrangement" anymore but I have peace bc I told the truth whereas he lied and apparently that must haunt him but thats what happens when you LIE and if divorce happens I aint takin you back buddy! Do not come to me when you are lost and alone! Karmas a bitch & you lied and sold me right down the river for your perfect little Muslim life so make it work cause my heart is CLOSED!!!!!!

Saint Theresa said...

You guys are kinda missing the point.

I posted and linked to story and interview very similar to this about theee months ago.

Their low iq and inbreeding doesn't just apply to the USA. It applies to all Muslims all over the globe.

People need to wake up. And fast. Once Muslims reach 3-5% of a country's population you might as well start greeting people with the old "As-Salaam-Alaikum"... and if the Muslim pop gets to 10% you ladies will all be in humans and burkas and will be burkinis at the beach, betrothed to your cousin and going to sharia courts if you violate any of the prophets rules.

The low iq Muslims will keep giving birth and the men will keep raping the women they look down on as dogs so they ruin any bloodline, ultimately creating a Islamic globe. The Islamic state is just the beginning. Those with a low iq are soldiers for those Islamists who want the west and all it stands for demolished.

Look at Lauren southern. Her patreon account was terminated because it was deemed hate speech inciting violence. She was helping European citizens from stoping the ngo taxi service from bringing more "refugees" into Europe.

Unbelievable. The inbreds are protected by our government.

Saint Theresa said...

"ladies will all be in humans "

My bad. Was supposed to read "ladies will all be in hijabs "

Autocorrect. You suck. :)

Anonymous said...

Let people have their arranged marriages. That is comfortable for them. It is never going to change that is their duty.
I suppose we all long from time to time for the freedom of love. We long to be free of the prisons of own egos (which would include religion, status, color, ethnicity, vanities, money etc). Once one gets a taste of love, yes you will miss it, but a "comfortable" life has its own appeal. Why not? Love just sucks. You ask yourself what was the point of me even encountering love? Like wtf me and him had it, but whatever. Love just demands way too friggin much, it makes fools of us all, or tries to, and for what? A lack of comfort? For freedom? It makes no sense to me no matter how many times I scramble it around in my brain, being on new sleep regulation meds doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

Unknown, please enlighten us on the Zionist terrorism agenda? Start at the beginning. Where did it begin. What year? What happened? How would an intellectual operate the shadow state?

Casandra said...

Well the difference in IQ's in people hailing from different regions of the world is indeed something that can be scientifically tested and it explains a lot of what's going on in the world if you look at it from that perspective. Muslim culture, especially inbreeding, that has continued for hundred of years has had a lowering effect on the population as a whole. That's not to say there aren't any exceptions, but people with a muslim background score on average about 15 points lower than northern Europeans. This genetic difference between the groups - under the influence of cultural selection - has taken generations; it's not possible to solve this within one generation. Although it would be a good start to discourage consanguineous marriages.

The problem however, is that this is something we cannot talk about in a constructive way. On the one hand there are political ideologies where people think that there fact that all humans should have equal human rights also means that all humans are biologically exactly the same. This leads to policies that are based on ideological principles, not on scientific facts, which lead to disappointment and frustration.

On the other hand, if you talk about these facts to a broader public, people like Hogs think they are entitled to shout abuse.

Amyl Nitrite said...

I enjoy listening to Prager University videos. This one in particular struck a nerve as the speaker has a different opinion that makes sense too. His experience with religous extremists painted a different picture. They weren't poor and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Afghans are portrayed as knuckledraggin' Neanderthals, yet they've defended their country for centuries.

Look at what they looked like a few decades ago. A modern society that looked like Americans, Europeans, and others. Modern dress, architecture, etc.

In America people are forced to flee their homes if a group of children disagree on an action taken by an adult. They flee if they live next to someone merely accused of a crime because of 1st amendment rights over that of peace and sanctity.

It's disturbing how the higher IQed Anglos aren't faring much better.

Peter Hyatt said...

I receive reports from around the world and the "lens" is Statement Analysis.

A middle eastern report recently received said that a large number of Muslims are converting to Christianity.

What is causing this?

The observations are that many Muslims have no knowledge of the teaching of Islam but hate living the culture that is against progress.

Muslims are the first victims of Islam.


Peter Hyatt said...

Amyl, interesting link.

HIs findings are consistent with my own research and interviewing.

Islam in American prisons is most appealing because of its supremacist ideology. This allows the criminal to believe he is a victim of racism. President Obama used this to divide America, from Day one, and has had a tremendous impact.

Hostility from blacks towards whites is powerful. Middle class blacks are then lumped in, unfairly, but media avoids them entirely.

Identity politics has been successful in employing psychological warfare.

Muslim rioting at the Temple Mount came because Israel set up a metal detector. Islamic violence as a response to a metal detector that is necessary because of Islamic violence.

One thing the speaker did not address is this: Islam calls for violence towards anyone who seeks to reform it. The ideology, itself, is the danger.


Peter Hyatt said...

this followed.

He focuses on Islamism.

What Bat Ye'or explained, "moderate" or non violent Muslims always side with the Islamist when violence breaks out. Not because they want violence, but because they want to survive. Muslims kill Muslims at a higher rate than non Muslims.

Sharia must be rejected, even in the smallest way, including holidays that honor Islam.

"Creeping Sharia" is in America.

When the Islamic cop shot the Australian woman, as a cop, he should have cooperated.

He has not.

We are now learning more about him and why he was hired.

Islamophobia kills too, but not Muslims.


Anonymous said...

Great insights.

Just my own thoughts:
Some terror attacks like 9/11 required a diabolical intelligence to plan & carry out.
My opinion is that terrorists have been severely abused as children by their parents.
Anyone of any color who enjoys terrifying and maiming or killing ithers has been severely abused as a child and has low emotional intelligence (I want to say they have a lack of empathy but that is not accurate bc they actually know quite well that others are terrified and in pain and they enjoy that fact, yet it may be accurate to say they are emotionally twisted/damaged). If you look at the large numbers of so-called "honor killings" and other violence perpetrated BY FAMILY MEMBERS (!) it is easy to understand many of these families seem to enjoy terrorizing EACH OTHER! And of course it is done in the name of Islam. There is a youtube video which shows that after a Muslim man in the UK converted to Christianity, members of his community beat him with a baseball bat, shattering his wrist and kneecap. Then, someone sat outside his home making chopping gestures with an ax!!!! Apparently Muslims love terrorizing each other, so why is it surprising that they enjoy terrorizing "non-believers"? Its not. It makes perfect sense bc Islam itself is a religion of terrorism.

Anonymous said...

The Minn coop invoked his right to remain silent, as any other American can and should do.He will be tried and convicted (I hope) and charged with endangering the other officer. How could he know the other officer wouldn't have moved and been killed instead? Using the ambush in New York to justify the murder is ludicrous considering the people and population are different.

Most likely someone had some leftover 4th of July fireworks on hand and used that to scare people in the alley. Is the area known for violence and gunplay?

What of the woman screaming? Domestic violence nearby? Loud tv? Exotic cat?

He doesn't follow constitutional laws as many Americans are casting aside nowadays,too. Taking others to mental institutions for reporting drug activity is evidence of his training. Many people with mental health problems face the same day to day problems others have in society-drug dealers.

Peter Hyatt said...

The right to remain silent is weighed differently here.

Police are sworn to protect and serve and by routine, they cooperate.

Yes it is his right and no, it would not have been his right in Somalia.

We are learning more about him and that he killed a woman, across from his partner, given his culture and "religion" view of women, this is very concerning.

I am often accused of defending cops, but he broke protocol by not cooperating.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the complaints against him will shed more light, even the one that was dismissed.

To troll the alley where a possible violent crime may still be in commission without any cameras whatsoever is questionable on the part of both officers. It is their way of saying they are all knowing and the public consists of mainly lunatics out to get them.

ima.grandma said...

Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them. Awareness is critical! 

Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself. The only place you can begin is where you are and the only time you can begin is always NOW. 

Before a man can know, he has to be willing to know.
To view Muslim activity within your state: 
Navigate by selecting your state in the drop down box.

Anonymous said...

Imagrandma, Its so comforting to kmow youre keeping an eye on creeping Sharia for us all.

Baba said...

Muslim is beautiful religon of peace an d love. Islam means happiness and submission.
Qu'aran is book of peaceful prayers to Allah through his prophet Muhammod peace be upon him. Mugammed is a nice person, he was simply transmitting msgs fromm Allah.

Anonymous said...

I agree Baba I wish more people would learn about different cultures. Muhammed was simply transmitting msgs from cave to Qu'aran to spread religion of peace. Burkhas are for women to feel safe from prying male eyes.

Muslims DRINK PIG SPERM said...

Fuck off u HOG

habundia said...

Stop typing BOLLOCKS u CUNT!

Anonymous said...

CNN is covering for Pakistani rapists by refusing to release their names per request of a Pakistani official who "promised they (the rapists) will be punished".